My 2014 Research On ISIS–What Is The Truth About ISIS?

[Thanks to my friends at Countercurrents, the following article was preserved, perhaps my most important piece of research.  It was mysteriously deleted from NoSunglasses.]


What Is The Truth About ISIS?

By Peter Chamberlin

04 September, 2014

A detainee appears before the Multinational Forces Review Committee. This is one of Camp Bucca’s programs that help detainees to reintegrate into Iraqi society. (Department of Defense photo/Pfc. Amie J. McMillan)

An instructor provides a mathematical lesson to detainees at the theater internment facility in Camp Bucca, Iraq. The class is part of the educational opportunities available to the detainees to help them get a better job and serve as an example for their community upon their release. (Department of Defense photo/Pfc. Amie J. McMillan)

What is the truth about ISIS?

Is it an ISIS/ISIS a pseudo-gang, working for the CIA, or is it merely a bi-product of the US/Saudi strategic union? There has not yet been another serious explanation put forth, other than this, to explain their meteoric rise to sudden terror stardom in 2014, when they were “being kept on life support” in mid-2012. Despite the non-serious explanations offered by some serious mis-informers to the contrary (State Dept, Al-Arabiya), “bank robberies, extortion and kidnapping” do not explain the sudden mobility, or capability to mount continual operations, by a small army of thousands of men, with an apparently limitless supply of modern weaponry, spread-out over 2-1/2 states (still working on Lebanon). Such an army could NOT exist without a state sponsor.

In trying to use the Internet as primary (only) source, we first learn that there are many questions that are nearly impossible to answer effectively there, because of the constant “scrubbing” (deleting) of information that is embarrassing to the owner of the Internet (USA), or to its minions. It is not even necessary to delete articles there to hide them, a simple extra space or extra letter in the title link will nullify all further links made back to the article of embarrassment.

In addition, researchers must rely upon Google Translate to unlock all articles in the foreign press, effectively turning most translations into gibberish. For an English researcher wanting to locate specific articles in Arabic, or other tongues, there is also that annoying foreigner habit of adding their own letters to words (words with multiple spellings), thus making a nearly impossible task even harder.

Nonetheless, I continue to pursue the origins of the “Islamic State” or the history of its leaders, looking for the smoking guns to tie the movable “false flag” to its state benefactors. From the evidence that still remains on the Web, I soon discovered that the ISIL leadership (photos and history below) has links to Iraqi internment Camp Bucca…but, this is a story with many holes.

By my own “guesstimate,” ISIS is the result of a failed US Army behavioral modification program at Camp Bucca, Umm Qasr, Iraq, between 2007 and its closure in 2009.

If it is true that alleged ISIS leader “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” was ever in Camp Bucca then he went through the Camp 134 Process, subjecting him to a “behavior modification” process, part of a “proactive counterinsurgency strategy” for detention operations (according to Detention Operations, Behavior Modification, and Counterinsurgency, from the US ARMY COMBINED ARMS CENTER). If al-Baghdadi or other ISIS members were at Bucca, they were herded through a dividing process, which identified the “unreconcilable” insurgents, in order to sequester them away from the general population. “Moderates or former extremists moving toward moderation” were separated for special treatment intended turn them away from extremist beliefs, before “releas[ing] them to return to their homes as “moderate missiles of the mind.” The mission at Bucca was to

“modify the behavior of detainees so that when they reenter Iraqi society, they are no longer threats to the Iraqi government and coalition forces but rather agents of change for the future of Iraq.”

Before pursuing the question of the truth about ISIS, we must ask whether this behavior modification process successful, or did it have an unanticipated opposite result? It seems pretty obvious from our perspective that graduates of the ISIS program went on to become the world’s most notorious terrorist army, a grave threat to world peace? Was this the result of a failed overt detainee/prisoner strategy, or was this the intended result? Was the US Army training terrorists at Bucca, or did its proactive counterinsurgency strategy for detention operations” to turn the prison system into “a legitimate arena for counterinsurgency actions“ backfire miserably, producing a generation of terrorist-jihadis like the world has never seen?

Consider what follows to be “hole-filler” in that storyline, hopefully helping readers to link the terrorists back to their state sponsors.

ISIS: Who is former Imam Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and the top ISIS leaders?

Saudi Al-Arabiya provided the graphic answer below (making the text automatically suspicious). Click on the photo or the Arabiya link to view readable text.–

1- Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—-BUCCA
2- Abu Ayman al-Iraqi—-BUCCA
3- Abu Ahmad al-Alwani
4- Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi—-BUCCA
5- Haji Bakr—-BUCCA
6- Abu Fatima al-Jaheishi

What is significant about Camp Bucca?

It was the primary site for an experimental US Army behavioral modification program, Task Force 134, “Detention Operations Process,” which got into detainees homeS and their lives, as well as reconditioning their heads.

DR AMI M. Angell–rehabilitation programme leader at Camp Bucca.

“I think our efforts were successful. In fact, so successful that three previous Al Qaeda operatives [see confirmation by Dr. Angell] went through all the programs, were released, and then returned to work the programs as civilians.” (1)

“They were guided by a psychiatrist and art instructor nick
named Picasso – once an Al-Qaeda operative and a detainee at Camp Bucca.” (2b)–[“They discussed issues such as violence and Iraq’s future, before expressing their feelings in art.” ]


“The spare time led some to start radical religious classes so some moderate detainees were converted into extremists. ‘When we came up with rehab programmes as a solution, the American military was very against it,…They didn’t understand why we are spending money on rehab when we are going to leave the country eventually.’–“The Art of Rehabilitating Terrorists” (2)

“The rehab programme won the support of US Marine Major-General Douglas Stone. Initial funding was enough for ‘religious rehabilitation’ for only 30 detainees. She brought in well-respected imams to teach them about the Quran. ‘We saw a thirst for education as the other detainees all wanted to know what the 30 learnt,’ said Dr Angell.–[confirmation comes from former Bucca detainee Adel Jasim Mohammed.via Al Jazeera (below)–ed.] ‘Because many of them were uneducated, those who went for the classes were shocked to learn that what they had thought of Islam was flawed. ‘They didn’t question what people told them and didn’t even understand the reasons for many things, from washing hands and feet before prayers to why they pray.’ (2a)

“They discussed issues such as violence and Iraq’s future, before expressing their feelings in art. They were guided by a psychiatrist and art instructor nick named Picasso – once an Al-Qaeda operative and a detainee at Camp Bucca.” (2b)

Through Dr. Angell’s program, a “moderate” Imam was brought in to teach religious classes at “Bucca Freedom School.” He was given a list of religiously inclined detainees and allowed to pick 10-12 to mentor closely, with allegedly moderate ideas. Those special students were allowed to hold religion classes for hundreds of students. For all we know, that list of religious trainees formed the basis for the “Islamic State.” Again, intentional, or the biggest “cluster-fuck” of all time?

US Iraq jail an ‘al-Qaeda school’–“Former inmates of Camp Bucca say military prison was training ground for extremism.

Adel Jasim Mohammed, a former detainee of Camp Bucca near Umm Qasr, said that US officials did nothing to stop radicals from indoctrinating young detainees at the camp.

“Extremists had freedom to educate the young detainees. I saw them giving courses using classroom boards on how to use explosives, weapons and how to become suicide bombers,” Mohammed said.

“For the Americans we felt it was normal. They did not stop them [the radicals].”

…In 2005, an extremist was sent to our camp. At first, Sunnis and Shias rejected his teachings. But we were told that he was imposed by the prison authority,” he said.

“He stayed for a week and recruited 25 of the 34 detainees – they became extremists like him.”

Was this visiting scholar of radical Islam the same man who now calls himself Emir of the self-declared “Caliphate”?

Abu Bakr Baghdadi allegedly took the helm of “Al Qaida In Iraq,” after the death of the terrorist leader known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in June 2006

The combined real and fake histories of Abu Bakr Baghdadi paint a portrait of an Iraqi from Ramadi in Anbar Province, who was allegedly a scholar of Islam with a master’s degree and a PhD in Islamic studies from University of Islamic Sciences in Baghdad. He was allegedly captured by American forces sometime in 2003, before allegedly being released to the Iraqis in 2004. All articles repeating the claim that Baghdadi was held at Camp Bucca until its closure, can be traced back to this article from The Daily Beast. There is no information to be found on the Internet to fill in the gaps about his his time with the Iraqis, revealing where (or even if) he was held, but we know for certain that the only known photo of the man whom the Western media call “al-Baghdadi” came from the Iraq Min. of Interior. We cannot know for certain that the man held and released by American forces back then is the same man who now calls himself “Caliph Ibrahim.”

How ten months at US run Camp Bucca in 2004 transformed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a ruthless foe

“Many of us at Camp Bucca were concerned that instead of just holding detainees, we had created a pressure cooker for extremism.”–James Skylar Gerrond, a former compound commander at Camp Bucca in 2006 and 2007

Critics of the facility say it had in effect become a terror training institute, run by resentful inmates under a strict interpretation of Islamic law.

“It is al-Qa’ida central down there,” said Sheikh Ali Hatem Suleiman, a tribal leader from Anbar province. “What better way to teach everyone how to become fanatical than put them all together for scant reason, then deprive them?”

[SEE: Behind the Scenes: Walking amid 2,000 al Qaeda suspects ]

The Battle Behind the Wire–Rand Corp].

Reform School for Radicals, Marisa L. Porges
July 1, 2011

To varying degrees, these initiatives also include religious education, from one-on-one meetings with local religious leaders who discuss ideological sources of radicalization to group sessions that review the Quran and Islamic law. In Iraq, the “Countering Extremism with Enlightenment”, or Tanweer program, was modeled after early efforts in Saudi Arabia. Clerics and social workers led a religious dialogue to advance moderate views of Islam while promoting civic duties associated with Iraqi democracy.

US risks fanning violence as it opens gates of Iraqi detention camps–April 19, 2009

On Aug. 19, 2009, a series of massive car-bombs announced the rebirth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)–Scores dead as Baghdad rocked by series of massive explosions

Sept. 17, 2009, Camp Bucca Detention Center Closes in Iraq…thousands of inmates are set free in southern Iraq, near the Kuwaiti border.

“An Air Force C-17 carrying the last group of 180 detainees lifted off from the Basra airport headed to Camp Cropper.”


The following is also taken from the July 22, 2008 al‐Qa`ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq. Analysis from West Point expert on Iraq, Dr. Michael Knights–

” AQI is a wounded organization….foreign fighters are now trying to leave the country.”

That was Dr. Knights’ opinion on AQI in July 2008, the following is his assessment on July 31, 2012–

“The Sunni insurgencies (plural) are being kept on life support.”

“It is clear that AQI has benefited from an unprecedented infusion of trained terrorist manpower. Many of the released persons spent time planning inside detention facilities like Camp Bucca and Camp Cropper, specifically so they could launch a smarter, stronger insurgent effort one day.”

In this testimony by Dr. Knights before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on December 12, 2013 (SEE: The Resurgence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq), he referred to a previous article that he had written on February 24, 2012 for the West Point Center for Combating Terrorism (which has apparently been erased from the Internet, for some reason), called “Back with a vengeance: Al-Qaeda in Iraq rebounds.” This article is cited frequently by researchers who search for the roots of “Islamic State.” It described a spent organization, headed for the great dust bin of history, far different from the supercharged terrorist organization that is tearing across Iraq and Syria, as described in Knights’ August 27, 2014 testimony (SEE: ISIL’s Political-Military Power in Iraq).

The following excerpts come from that erased assessment–

“By the middle of 2010, Al-Qaeda in Iraq was dead on its feet. The organization suffered critical setbacks in late 2006 and early 2007 as Sunni Arab tribal militias – the Sahwa (Awakening) – turned against Al-Qaeda. In parallel the U.S.-led military effort protected the Sahwa and executed high-tempo remorseless counter-terrorism operations that ripped Al-Qaeda in Iraq to pieces. The group’s foreign volunteers and money started to dry up. Al-Qaeda cells began to process of disintegrating into local criminal franchises that now kidnapped and extorted to pay their salaries rather than fund insurgency. In April 2010 Al-Qaeda in Iraq lost its two most senior leaders – AQI emir Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and war minister Abu Ayyub al-Masri – and stood in the verge of “disintegration” according to the US commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno. In a press conference on June 4, 2010, Odierno noted: “Over the last 90 days or so, we’ve either picked up or killed 34 out of the top 42 Al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders.”

“By early 2012 it was clear that the deaths of AQI’s senior leaders were a watershed event that unfolded just as the movement sought to find a new way to operate in Iraq. Numerous processes have unfolded since Al-Qaeda’s defeat in 2006-2009, including the release of large numbers of experienced militants from U.S. detention facilities, changes in the balance of foreign and Iraqi fighters within the movement, the withdrawal of U.S. forces, and determined attempts by Al-Qaeda in Iraq to learn from its mistakes. These changes crystallized in the year after the deaths of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Ayyub al-Masri, culminating in a successful re-launch of the movement in April 2011 and a significant recovery of operational space within Iraq’s Sunni Arab communities. The movement appears to have rationalized its near-term objectives and synchronized its propaganda with the mounting concerns of Iraq’s Sunni Arabs.”


Members of the Islamic State of Iraq terrorist group and the Levant (EIIL) affiliated to Al-Qaeda, captured in Iraq, confessed to having direct links with the government of Saudi Arabia.


Majid al-Majid was Saudi chief of the Ab.Azzam Brigades in Lebanon until his arrest and death in custody of Lebanon’s Army.

“Funding for the Sunni insurgency comes from private individuals within
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.”–Iraq Study Group Report

al – Qa`ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq,

“Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt were the source of most of the foreign fighters detained in Camp Bucca, Iraq….As of April 7, 2008, the United States was holding 251 foreign fighters at Camp Bucca, Iraq. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria each contributed 19 percent of those fighters. Libyans comprise only 3 percent.”
“Foreign Fighters contributed approximately 75 Percent of suicide bombers between August 2006 and August 2007.”
“The plurality of suicide bombers entering Iraq between August 2006 and August 2007 were Saudi.“]

“Sheikh Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi” was installed as head of Mujahideen Shura Council, the precursor of “Islamic State” in January of 2006. Was this the same man as Abu Bakr Baghdadi, even though he was supposedly incarcerated at Bucca at the time? Abdullah Azzam Brigades was spun-off from AQI in the process. A precursor to Al Nusra Front, “Al Nusra wal Jihad fi Bilad al Sham” split-off from AbAzzam in 2005, taking initial credit for the assassination of Rafik Hariri.

Lebanese officials say Beirut suicide bomber, his accomplice are Saudi citizens

Atrash Investigation: Two Saudi Suicide Bombers on the Loose


Why is it that no researchers have asked the question “How did AQI suddenly acquire enough money and equipment to turn a failing terrorist entity into an “Islamic Caliphate” overnight?” Even if they did bully the Free Syrian Army and take their weapons,pull-off a “string of bank robberies,” kidnappings and extortion, AQI could never have come up with enough cash to run an army, or to buy a fleet of shiny new Toyota trucks, or to become one of the best-paying employers in the Middle East, without being on some state’s payroll.

“Fake News” Is A Ticking Suicide-Bomb


The Pathologization of Dissent

“political dissent is being gradually pathologized (i.e., stigmatized as aberrant or “abnormal” behavior, as opposed to a position meriting discussion)/”

“Fake News” Is A Ticking Suicide-Bomb

The simple truth is this, we have reached a moment of truth, the surprise Trump upset of the Establishment has not only exposed the perennial elitist control over the American corporate media and the entire political process, it has proven conclusively that the majority of that media has been actively engaged in a nationwide process of organized deception and perception management for the purpose of creating a false national narrative and the illusion of massive popular support for the Establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton.  This false narrative came crashing down with the Trump win.  The false news narrative, painted for us on the canvas of our minds in brilliant technicolor, was composed of hundreds of bits of Western “fake news”, stitched together in a bizarre patchwork quilt of “called nightly news”, then presented as “real news,” with the intention of subverting American Democracy. 

In an organized misinformation/disinformation campaign that can only be described as “conspiratorial,” politicians, govt spokesmen and national news media sources, from both sides of the aisle, have been combining their efforts to create the illusion of a free democratic election, supported by “fair and balanced reporting,” in an operation which more closely resembled a military psychological warfare operation than a presidential campaign. 

It has now been made obvious to all who care to see, that the American electoral process is neither free nor Democratic.  Power and money have corrupted the process for far too long, when alleged political opponents feel compelled to publicly break cover, exposing the so-called “two party system” as the fraud that it has always been, in order to defeat the one man who has challenged Establishment control over this country.  In taking-on the Establishment, Trump has accused the Oligarchy of fraud on an unprecedented scale.  The Fake News of the nightly news media is merely one element of that wholesale fraud associated with our electoral process.

“Fake News” accurately describes the entire spectrum of American news that we have become accustomed to over the years, drowning us in politically-slanted garbage that the “legitimate,” “Mainstream News” has dreamed-up and bombarded us with for decades.  This new concept of “fake news” which has been introduced by the left-stained media is no doubt a CIA-formulated combination solution to both the crumbling credibility of the American corporate press and the simultaneous discrediting of the liberal Democrat Party. 

Unnamed CIA sources have leaked to the press “news” of a secret report claiming Russian electoral interference (SEE: Joint Statement from the Department Of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security).  Any CIA involvement in domestic politics is clearly illegal.  A CIA report on Russia and Trump, intended to support a political claim by the Democrat Party is clearly CIA meddling in domestic politics and the electoral process.  This “all or nothing” moment smells like another CIA “Plan B”, throwing the country into chaos, in order to compensate for the failure of American fake news to stampede the American electorate into the Hillary/Establishment/Banker corral.

President Trump’s rattling of America’s true seats of power (HINT..not in Washington) has caused the American Oligarchy to become unhinged, forcing them to resort to “Plan B” (probably for the first time since Kennedy disrupted the CIA plans), hoping to regain their control over the American political process.

[This letter has been written by Democrats, signed by 5 Democrats, in order to accommodate an unfolding Democrat scheme to void the recent election, in favor of the evil witch.]


It has been made abundantly clear that Obama and the Democrats intend a fight to the death over this “Fake News” issue (SEE: Just Before Trump Takes Office, Obama Plans Release Of Intel On Russian Hacking). 

Whose idea of fake news will win the war of semantics to set the definition of “fake news”?  The Mainstream Media has named most of the alternate press on the Internet as “fake,” whereas the individuals who make up the alternate news simply define “fake” as anything provably false, unsupported by facts, or otherwise unverifiable by available open resources.  In a rational world, news sources which actively seek true over false news would easily win-out over the mainstream press, which conceals true news reports in favor of twisted truths and organized deception. 

During the exhaustive election cycle, many new false paradigms have been generated through social media and fake news sites.  Add these to a whole world of false paradigms which have already been generated over many decades by the Pentagon and CIA.  Into this massive, storm-swept sea of illusion, we have the “red herring” of “fake news” tormenting delusional sheeple on the nightly news cycle, in an attempt to derail Trump’s mandate to investigate the wholesale failure of the national press. 

How can a lying national press be trusted? The Democrat Party, which poses as a defender of human rights and the Free Press, is prepared to ride that CIA red herring into a brand new, full-blown era of McCarthyism, as every media source which doesn’t parrot the Democrat Party line will soon be censored, so that the REAL “Fake News” (Nightly News, etc.) can continue its mind-numbing masquerade as the only real news sources.



National exposure of the miserable failure of the mainstream media to stampede Hillary Clinton into the White House has been like a curtain suddenly dropping, exposing a subversive media pulling our switches, demonstrating their capabilities to control the American political process in a conspiratorial attempt to control the outcome of our “free election.”

The elitists of the American Oligarchy harbor utter contempt towards the common folks who compose the American majority, evidently they are sickened or repelled by our opinions, and our needs.  Hillary boldly expressed that elitist contempt in her “basket of deplorables” remark, further clarifying that most of us are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”

Witches and warlocks of the realm of constructed illusion, like the Clintons, have begun to badger the simple-minded with the new mantra of “We must stand up for our democracy,” because fake news represents an “urgent” threat to our “Republic, if we can keep it.”  (Little wonder that neo-conned Democrats now sound like Republicans, even picking-up old Republican slogans.)

Those of us who have made it to the official “FAKE NEWS” list (and those of us who aspire to make that list) must prepare ourselves for the political fight of the century, an ideological fight over truth and lies, focused upon defining particularly important words like Democracy and Free Press.

To some degree the “legitimate” press and Internet news sites will be trading places in the minds of the American people.  The Mainstream Media has delegitimized itself with its false, slanted pro-Hillary, anti-Trump reports.  If the Nightly News can no longer be trusted to pursue truth in news, we are still free to turn to foreign news sites.  If the Democrat red herring succeeds in destroying American democracy then any reports which are not mantras of the Nightly News will be considered as “fake news” under currently proposed remedies.

One goal is to blame Russia for Wikileaks, in order to discredit all Wikis as “fake news,” so that all of those embarrassing cables and emails can disappear.  Discredit Trump in order to invalidate the electoral college.

Clinton has recently emerged from her lair to make her stand against “fake news”, blaming Russian news sources for her stinging defeat, no doubt holding-out false hope of overturning Trump’s win by Jan. 20.

Mr. Trump won because he accurately read the popular will of the American people and then boldly challenged the Liberal Establishment, shining light upon many things that the Gatekeepers DID NOT WANT EXPOSED.  In their feverish “kamikaze” attacks upon Trump during that contest they have failed to keep hidden that which the cooperative liberal press has always kept hidden, destroying the credibility of the national news media in the process.

Tipping point…

The worldwide web has grown so big that it has become unmanageable for the government, the content of the Web can no longer be monitored or shaped by the Empire’s gatekeepers, to sweep explosive truths from the Internet. The Empire is losing control over the conversations of “We the People” and therefore, the Internet must either be shut-down or the conversations must be brought under strict govt control, at least for us common folks, who keep rattling the cages…scaring the shit out of our Keepers.   Fake news will become the new “hate speech” (The Term “Fake News” Joins “Hate Speech” As A New Tool for Ideological Speech Suppresion).

Evidently its time for fireworks.  We are entering a period of unprecedented instability, all turning on the works of one man, a Russian expatriate, Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of CrowdStrike website.  Dmitri Alperovitch is a nonresident senior fellow with the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council.  Atlantic Council is a “consolidation of the U.S. citizens groups supporting the Atlantic Alliance”–[i.e., “NATO”–ed.]

* * * * * * * * *

All known unclassified reports claiming Russian hacking of DNC servers are based upon the technical evidence obtained for the DNC by the CrowdStrike website.  CrowdStrike was allegedly able to track their prey back to two sources, which Alperovitch claims are associated with Federal Russian sources, but not to the agencies themselves.  If traced back to Russian hackers, but not to the Russian govt, then how can Moscow be penalized for the actions of its private citizens, any more than the Saudis have been penalized for individual Saudis supporting ISIS/Al Qaeda?

Alperovitch Dmitri 175

Dmitri Alperovitch

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative

[My research into Dmitri Alperovitch produced the following post on Demitri from an unusual, anonymous, one article, website with a bizarre name, Sibisim Gerbilism.]


“The hacks began on or around 4/1/2016. The DNC became aware of the hacks later that month. At some point, they brought in a cybersecurity firm named CrowdStrike to investigate. On 6/14/2016, the DNC made a public announcement that their server was hacked. A hacker or hackers named Guccifer 2.0 claimed responsibility. At the time of going public, the DNC blamed Russia.”

“The co-founder of the cybersecurity firm that investigated the DNC hack is a Senior Fellow at a NATO funded think-tank and he happens to conclude that Russia, NATO’s #1 enemy, is behind the attack. You’d think that Alperovitch’s ties to the Atlantic Council would warrant, at the very least, a mention from somebody – anybody – in the corporate press. So far, I haven’t come across one publication that’s cared to note it. But it doesn’t end there.”

“On 6/14/2016, the Atlantic Council published an article entitled “DNC Hack: ‘No Certain Links’ to Foreign Governments, which cites Beau Woods, deputy director of something called the Cyber Statecraft Initiative which falls under the Atlantic Council’s auspices. The article further reveals our hero Dmitri Alperovitch is part of this initiative. It goes on to state “there is no hard evidence of a direct connection between the hackers and the Russian government” while keeping the door open to the possibility. Ultimately, it concludes by quoting Woods as saying, “The bottom line is that we don’t know.” Interestingly, this article stands in contradistinction to another article published on the very same day by the Washington Post, where the author cites none other than Dmitri Alperovitch as the source pointing the finger at Russia. So which is it? The Atlantic Council and CyberStrike appear to be at odds.”

“If we hop back to the donor list of the Atlantic Council, we uncover a host of Armenian, Georgian, Romanian, Turkish and multi-national fossil fuel companies. The European market relies heavily on Russian oil and natural gas. Western Europe is the biggest buyer of Russian fossil fuel. Among the host of fossil fuel companies funding the Atlantic Council is the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), a proposed natural gas pipeline that will connect the Southern Gas Corridor from Turkey to Greece and onto Italy. BP, another Atlantic Council donor, has a 20% stake in TAP. Along with the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline, TAP will serve to cut Western Europe’s dependence of Russian fossil fuels. This will greatly serve NATO’s interests, dealing an economic blow to Russia.”

[Fake news often begins as fake email spam which is believed by the receiver and then passed-on to others, without bothering to confirm or refute it from other sources, preferably the original source, or as close as the researcher can get.  The following example is one of Alperovitch’s first public accusations against Russia, in 2007.  Since then, Dimitri has served as NATO/US “go to guy” for pointing fingers at foreign govts.]

“Russian botmasters, who are behind Storm”, 29th August 2007, Dmitri Alperovitch

Storm Trojan floods e-mail boxes,  Jan 19, 2007

“230 Dead as storm batters Europe,” or “U.S. Secretary of Sate Condoleeza Rice has kicked German Chancellor,”

Operation Shady Rat

Kaspersky’s thoughts on Shady Rat

Russian expert founds CrowdStrike

Alperovitch article at CrowdStrike

“These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” the transition said in a terse, unsigned statement.
“The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.'”

Just before Donald Trump takes the presidential oath of office next month, the Obama administration plans to release a full report on Russian connections to cyber attacks during the election, officials said Friday.

Trump has cast doubt on the Kremlin’s involvement in politically charged hacking and fake news efforts prior to this year’s election while leading members of Congress have called on the administration to share what it knows about the Russian connection and pushed for a wider investigation, leading to a potentially fiery showdown over the issue. And such a public divide between the president-elect and intelligence agencies is unusual and dangerous, say experts.

“To evaluate Congress’s response appropriately, we would like all Members to have a comprehensive understanding of what the U.S. Intelligence Community knows regarding Russia’s involvement in these actions and attempts to interfere in our election,” the lawmakers wrote this week in an open letter to President Barack Obama.

Officials sometimes purposely share with Congress “only what is necessary for them to perform proper oversight,” partially as a safeguard against unintentional leaks, says Chris Finan, a former White House cybersecurity advisor and CEO of Bay Area security startup Manifold Technology. But in this case, Finan says it was more likely that intelligence agencies are still working to establish precisely how various efforts to influence the election link back to the top levels of the Russian government.

“They’d want to try to find deliberate command and control links—instances where people were directed by a Russian official,” he says. “I think that there’s probably a lot of interest and focus in, are these proxy groups operating on their own based on what they thought Moscow would want them to do or were they acting on a directive from somebody in the Russian government.”

Prominent Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced a bill on Wednesday calling for a bipartisan commission to investigate Russian attempts to influence the election. Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings cited October statements from intelligence officials blaming Russia for hacks targeting Democratic Party servers and subsequent leaks of embarrassing emails.

“The head of the National Security Agency said there is no doubt that this was a targeted and conscious effort to achieve a specific result,” Cummings said in a statement. “And the Intelligence Community also said that they believe that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.”

Prominent Republican senators including Arizona Senator and Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Tennessee Senator and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker have also all expressed interest in investigating Russian hacks, despite the president-elect’s skepticism. House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, has also recently publicly condemned Russia for the attacks despite his support for Trump.

While Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have both hinted at the possibility of retaliation for the alleged Russian hacks, it’s likely that at this point in Obama’s presidency any further responses will be left to the Trump administration, Finan says.

Trump said in an interview with Time magazine, which named him 2016’s “Person of the Year,” that he doesn’t believe Russia interfered with the election and thinks intelligence agency conclusions may have been politically motivated.

Trump’s statements drew a strong rebuke from Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, who called his comments “enormously damaging to the country” and to intelligence officials.

“Notwithstanding the abundance of evidence that Russia hacked our political institutions during the Presidential campaign and dumped documents in an effort to meddle in our political affairs, President-elect Trump’s comments this morning continue to contradict our intelligence professionals and carry water for the Kremlin,” Schiff said in a statement.

Schiff declined through a spokesman to comment further on the matter, and a Trump spokeswoman didn’t respond to an email seeking comment.

Such a divide over the legitimacy of intelligence reports is highly unusual, particularly when conclusions within the intelligence community seem so unanimous, Finan says.

“Not only is it unusual—it’s incredibly dangerous,” he says. “To question the veracity but also to question the professionalism of our intelligence community, that is potentially very damaging to morale and it’s going to put the nation at risk.”

“Good Taliban” Sajna Group Blows-Up Army Centerpiece School In Tiarza Right After Gen. Abbasi Visit

school-bombing WANA

“Good Taliban” Sajna Group Blows-Up Army Centerpiece School In Tiarza Right After Gen. Abbasi Visit

Peter Chamberlin

Two weeks after the latest Pentagon/CIA assault upon a tribal jirga, and attempt to kill Sajna Mehsud, his group blows-up a highly symbolic, Pak Army-built girls school in S. Waziristan.  Why would one of Pakistan’s “good Taliban” stage such an assault upon progress in his own area, especially just one month after the Tiarza Road opening, after it had been shut-down for 7 years, due to constant terrorism?

According to the quote given below, there were 14 Mehsud tribal elders killed there, along with four Waziri elders, in the latest attack upon Sajna (SEE:  Senior TTP leader still alive? Drone ‘targeting’ Sajna kills 18 militants)–Feb 03, 2016.

“Of the TTP men killed today, 14 belong to the Mehsud tribe and four to the Wazir tribe.”

The Wazirs meeting Sajna with the Mehsuds were no doubt representing the militia of recently-killed Waziri big boss, Mullah Nazir (SEE: Paramilitary Pretense, Who Controls the Predators?).  It is remarkable that Sajna had managed to persuade the leaders of the forcefully-displaced Mehsud tribe to meet with him and the Wazirs, knowing that both sides were working to establish peace and to build cooperation with Pak Army development efforts to build FATA.  For accomplishing this, the CIA pronounced a death sentence upon him and 18 other men, which the Pentagon carried out.

This is NOT THE FIRST TIME that drones have attacked Sajna meeting with an ongoing tribal jirga, and NOT THE FIRST TIME that Sajna has been prematurely pronounced dead from a drone attack.  On NOV. 25, 2015, after he had been elected the new chief of TTP, the NY Times announced Sajna’s first execution, “Pakistani Taliban Commander Reported Killed in Drone Strike in Afghanistan.”  A dozen tribal leaders are reported to have shared his death that time around.

Then, Pakistan accuses US of ‘scuttling’ Taliban talks with drone strike, summons ambassador, was the official Army/govt response given to this particular drone assassination:

“The government of Pakistan does not see this drone attack as an attack on an individual but as an attack on the peace process,” Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar, Ali Khan said. 

“Brick by brick in the last seven weeks we tried to evolve a process by which we could bring peace to Pakistan and what have you (the US) done?  You have scuttled it on the eve, 18 hours before a formal delegation of respected ulema (religious scholars) was to fly to Miranshah and hand over this formal invitation.”

Yesterday, a showpiece Army-built school for girls within the S. Waziristan Development Zone was blown-up, with the known spokesman for the Sajna Group claiming credit.  If Sajna had really been the pro-govt “good Taliban,” then why would his group have struck against the centerpiece of govt peacemaking/development?  This is what the Wazirs and people like Sajna and his dead boss Wali ur-Rehman, and the likewise executed Mullah Nazir had been working so hard to build for their people, but the Pentagon opposed it every step of the way, with every drone at its disposal.

Pakistan had a deal in place to exchange development for peace, but the Pentagon did not want Peace in Pakistan, it wanted WAR.  The Pakistani Taliban had to continue attacking the Pakistani Army, until the Pak Taliban agreed to cut their ties with the Afghan Taliban.  Neither the Pak Army, nor “peaceniks” like Sajna could be allowed to scuttle America’s war against the Pak Army, for that is exactly what we are witnessing.  But Sajna, or the surviving members of his large militia have NOT attacked Pakistan’s peace project in order to please the Americans, since Pakistan’s FATA development projects, including the highways, were built with American money, along with matching funds from the UAE.

Yesterday’s attack upon the Army girls school was obviously a revenge attack, for two attempts upon his life and for killing his brethren.  For the last attempt to kill him, there were allegedly four drones firing Hellfire missiles upon the Jirga location (SEE: US drone strike ‘kills 40’ in Pakistani tribal region – BBC News–Mar 17, 2011).

 Peter Chamberlin

Mehsud group announces separation from TTP

D I KHAN :  Mehsud Taliban group has announced its dissociation from Tehreek e  Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Current lighting an organized conspiracy of the TTP gang went into the invisible hands  (TTP) spokesman. Azam Tariq.—Mehsud group announces separation from TTP

“We considered kidnappings , extortion, any property damage and explosions are haram.”

Feb. 20, 2016

Militants blew up part of a newly constructed government school in Pakistan’s South Waziristan region late on Friday night, a spokesman for a wing of the Pakistani Taliban said on Saturday, the latest in a string of attacks on educational institutions.

No one was hurt in the blast in Pakistan’s restive tribal belt, but 18 labourers working on the site were abducted, said Azam Tariq, a spokesman for an arm of the Pakistani Taliban known as the “Sajna” group, which claimed responsibility for the attack.

[Article on website infested with malware, had to use a proxy service to get the following article opened.]

Development: GOC head visits South Waziristan

express tribune

WANA: General Officer Commanding (GOC) Major General Azhar Saleh Abbasi visited Tiarza area of South Waziristan Agency and inspected the progress of development schemes. He also held a detailed jirga with tribal elders.

The development schemes included mosques, a hospital, middle and high schools, water supply schemes, a sports stadium and reopening of Band Kota Bridge after a period of eight years.

All schemes have been executed after the repatriation of internally displaced persons (IDP) who were forced to abandoned homes for military Operation Rah-e-Nijat in 2009.

Abbasi accompanied by high-ranking officers such as Brigadier Wajid Aziz, Commandant Major Saadat, Assistant Political Agent Nawab Safi and others visited almost all the schemes where officials briefed the GOC about the execution of the projects.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 18th, 2016.

State Terrorism Is State Terrorism, Even When It Is Made By America

[This is a blast from the past, one of the first articles posted on No Sunglasses, 8-19-2008.  The message remains the same,

war criminals
even though Barack Obama has since replaced the Bush dictatorship and multiplied US state terrorism exponentially. 

When read in tandem with the following piece, the message seems highly relevant today (SEE: Escaping The Age Of Mass Delusion—Humanity’s Only Hope).]

If We Could Speak to the People, What Would We Say?

Peter Chamberlin

If we could reach beyond the news filter that keeps real news from the
American people, what would we say? If we figured-out how to get one message
out to the people, what could we say that would actually motivate them to
take a stand for themselves, for their families, for their country and their

The same studies that power the social planners claim that barely 10% of any
group of people follow reason, meaning they cannot be reasoned with. The
same studies also predict that a clear majority of any targeted population
will respond to fear in a shock scenario. We might try reasoning with the
sleeping sheeple, but we would have better odds if we tried to scare them
awake. If we can convey a true image of the evil being done with our
consent, then we might shock the people into the harsh light of reality.

Our leaders are about to allow the economic collapse of the United States,
without telling you beforehand, or helping American citizens to make
emergency preparations.

Their solution to the problem is to seize control of the post-collapse world
militarily, eliminating everyone who gets in the way. This military solution
accepts a very large loss of human lives as necessary “collateral damage” to
the brave plan to take control of the world. When the American people are
overwhelmed by the economic catastrophe, they will hardly notice large
planned population reductions.

All of this is an acceptable solution to our government. For those who try
to protest after the “hammer goes down,” there are hundreds of detention
camps, capable of holding thousands of dissidents, waiting to accept your
silent screams.

But until we get to that point of no return, steps are being taken to reduce
and eventually eliminate all protests to governmental violence.
The Constitution is being reduced piecemeal to a powerless piece of paper.
The courts are bowing down to executive decrees.

Mankind is being kept in check by his own fear. In the face of fear we react
like herd animals, bunching together in search of elusive safety, making us
easily manipulated by those who have mastered the psychology of fear.

Terror is a key element of American politics. Votes are obtained by
frightening the people into your corner, or away from your “unsafe”
opponent. Candidacies are won and lost by negative campaigns of lies and
half-truths that paint your opponent as an unreasonable madmen and yourself
as a heroic messianic figure. US leaders depend upon political terrorism to
get their way in the world, from the local level of “Homeland Insecurity,”
to the international arena, where acts of bloody terrorism are routinely
committed to frighten the locals into political compliance.

“Terrorism–n. The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a
person or an organized group against people or property with the intention
of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological
or political reasons.”

State terrorism has been an integral part of American government for many
decades. Beginning with the terror campaign of carpet-bombing and
fire-bombing of civilian centers in Germany at the end of World War II (and
the a-bombs), American and British scientists have studied the psychology of
mass fear. This wholesale terror campaign was a new type of warfare,
targeting civilians, instead of concentrating on government centers. The aim
was political terrorism, to turn the citizens of Germany into political
tools to be used to force the German government into submission. By studying
the socio-economic repercussions of the fire-bombing, the American and
British psychologists and sociologists learned how to herd entire
populations through the tactics of fear.

Acts of violent terrorism for political and economic gains have continued
since “the Great War,” against both friend and foe.
Historically, American terror operations like “Operation Gladio” have been
aimed at our allies in Europe even more than against our enemies.
In “Gladio,” (as in all American terror campaigns committed under the banner
of “democracy”), public figures and officials are assassinated, attacks are
carried-out upon police and military forces of sympathetic governments,
trains are bombed with great loss of life, and “madmen”
go on public shooting sprees, all for the sake of scaring European national
opinion into America’s corner.

As always, American terror is hidden by the use of proxies and mercenary
forces, who are blamed for attacks committed covertly by our military and
intelligence agencies. The “war on terror” itself is probably the world’s
longest-running terrorist operation, intended to create the impression that
American-sponsored terror attacks are really the work of a new non-existent,
highly-organized global terrorist adversary. In simpler terms, the United
States government
is the center of world terrorism. Our own government, our
against terrorism, is responsible for most terrorist attacks upon innocent
people in the world, that thousands of American troops are defending
against. American-trained forces are killing American soldiers who then
retaliate further against innocent civilian populations where the terrorists
choose to hide.

“Our government” is not really ours at all, having long ago surrendered our
national sovereignty to a consortium of global financiers through the
Federal Reserve System that controls the US.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

In the process of bringing the US under the control of the international
financiers, represented by the Rothschild interests centered in Europe,
American industry has been destroyed (except for the military-industrial
, needed to pound the recalcitrant world into submission), while the
sham called “democracy” was constructed to create the impression amongst the
unruly people that they actually have power. When the self-appointed
American aristocracy allowed the common man the “right” to vote, it was done
to stave-off more violent opposition and to deceive with the impression of
shared power. Today, decent folk, believing in the illusion of “fair
elections,” remain a real obstacle to saving American freedom from the
hidden dictatorship, which owns all the candidates produced in the
“two-party” system. As long as the majority believes in the system and
continues to empower its candidates, the dictatorship can remain hidden. In
order to expose the hidden machinations of the secret dictators we have to
burst the bubble of illusory democratic power.

At the same time, the fact that the dictatorship wishes to remain hidden,
playing the game of democracy, pretending to seek the counsel of the people,
then they are vulnerable. If they choose to continue the charade of
democratic government, then they have to limit their actions to those which
appear to be “freely” granted by the people through their “representatives.”
As long as those representatives hold the seats of power given them by the
overlords, they will answer only to them. But if enough people call the
representatives to task for failing American democracy they can at least be
forced to publicly answer the charges of failure. If the masses put the fear
of democracy and righteous retribution into the minds of the Congressional
slaves of the money-powers, then they too will begin to retreat from their
open support for measures calling for more war and less freedom. If the
people fully use the First Amendment powers to make democracy work then we
can turn the tide against the center.

They cannot openly carry-out the violent measures required for creating a
world dictatorship and a permanent state of war, taking the brazen violent
steps that have been planned, such as launching nuclear first strikes, or
using biologic attacks to “cull the herd.” As long as the real terrorists
are pretending to be democrats they must act accordingly. Until the world
rises-up against the American imperialist forces in sufficient numbers to
frighten the American people into becoming willing participants in the
genocide of half the earth, other lesser, though equally as threatening,
provocations will continue to be found to frighten us into authorizing the

By placing the will of the people into their formula, they have created a
time lag between cause and effect, where the planned actions must be
preceded by a provocation that motivates the people into consenting to their
own destruction. By incorporating a basically moral people into a completely
immoral plan for world domination, the master controllers have constructed a
flawed plan that depends upon a scientific effort to change good people into
bad. In a country as religious-natured as this one, the great leaders may
have falsely calculated that they can make a nation fear so much for its
life that it would sell its soul for a little peace of mind.

American state terrorism has also been directed against the citizens of the
United States themselves, through more subtle “silent weapons.”
For the entire duration of American terrorist operations against the world,
our government has waged war upon the minds of its loyal citizens through an
arsenal of psychological, economic, and legislative weaponry. The purpose of
these attacks has always been to destroy the American economy and the minds
of the people, while using the economic destruction to justify the full use
of the American military power against the rest of the world.

American leaders consistently work against American interests, while
enriching themselves and their wealthy sponsors who reap opportunity from
our Nation’s demise. In order for these anti-American power-brokers to force
the world into a global dictatorship with them at the helm, they have to
play the “democracy” card, while simultaneously undermining it. Our leaders
have to persuade us into allowing them to destroy democracy in the name of
preserving it. We the People have to be persuaded to peacefully allow the
planned destruction to take place before it can take place. We have to
accept our bleak fates, before it can become our fates.

But the scary truth about the American state terrorist acts that have been
committed so far is that they have provided the needed practice for the
despicable acts that are yet to come. The American war upon the human race
will utilize every weapon in our arsenal, once the way for their use has
been cleared. Weapons of mass destruction come in many forms. In a war for
control of the earth’s resources it would seem more logical to use the
weapons that kill, such as biological weapons, as opposed to those which
merely destroy everything. Instant Death is about to enter the world through
American hands.

The tragedy of our time, perhaps the ultimate tragedy of all time, is
roaring down the highway of life right at us, or is the greater tragedy the
weakness of the mind of man which is allowing this to happen? If we have the
power of change within us and we do nothing, inaction is an act of suicide.

We have to overcome this innate human weakness to prepare our fellow man for
the things that are about to befall this battered planet. So many things are
avoidable in this existence through the use of foresight; if only it was a
common human trait. Any sane person who sees oncoming danger will
automatically step out of its way. As a rule, we humans rarely choose to
step out of the way. Mankind has never been called “sane,” by anyone’s
definition. We must secretly harbor a deep desire to become “road kill” on
the cruel highway of life.

The Indian Art of Turning Jihadis Into Anti-Jihadis and the War On Pakistan

The 2009 terrorist attack upon the headquarters of Pakistan’s “CIA” (the ISI), was carried-out by at least one “anti-jihadi,” a man who had been supported by the ISI along his entire jihadi path, but, in the end, he apparently reversed a lifetime of belief.  Why would a deeply religious man attack the people responsible for helping him to find the path to God in the first place, the men he had fought beside in “holy war”?  He would not.

Something, or someone managed to “flip” this jihadi, motivating him somehow, to embark upon a path which is clearly in opposition to the teachings of Islam, while publicly maintaining his faith.  Would a man of faith even be capable of such hypocrisy and hostility to Allah?  Not likely, not if he understood his own actions.  The key to creating a functioning anti-jihadi is probably in deceiving true believers into thinking that the acts they undertake are somehow, in the service of God.

All known Islamist anti-jihadis have endured lengthy prison sentences in the hands of their avowed enemies.  Has science, or pseudo-science developed the ability to “flip” the minds of imprisoned men, forcing them to embrace the opposite of their own beliefs?   Could a mind be re-educated in such a way that the person would consciously accept a correction in beliefs?  Could the mind of a caged “Islamist” accept that he had been taught wrong, because of his basic error in entering a path of killing fellow Muslims?  If the devout, though ignorant Muslim could be shown that they had been misinformed by ignorant and evil men and tricked into embracing “jihad,” would that compel them to turn on their deceivers, those who had corrupted their faith?

On Sep 26, 2003, AsiaTimes reported that India had produced a secret army of anti-jihadis in Kashmir, known as Ikhwan-ul Muslimoon, or simply “Ikhwan.”   It is significant that the same name that was later used by the Saudi Islamic Brotherhood and now by all Sunni Muslim Brotherhood terrorists (al-Ikhwān al-Muslimūn).  Does this tie Indian intelligence to all Ikhwan terrorism?  How did India manage to turn all of those jihadis into anti-jihadis?  Does the presence of an anti-jihadi in the ISI HQ attack directly implicate India in this act of counter-terrorism?

Like the Manchurian Candidate scenario, it would be far better to take control of the enemy’s soldiers, rather than to go to the time and trouble to train soldiers of your own.  Infiltration would no longer be necessary if your men were already on the inside.  History proves that a Manchurian science does exist.

The ISI attack, was carried-out by professionally-trained guerrillas, and at least one of them was trained by ISI subordinates.  Maldivian Ali Jaleel had a long history with Pakistan and radical Islam; he has been documented as a true jihadi.  There is no known explanation for his break with a lifetime of belief in his participation in this anti-jihadi action.

The United States District Court, Portland Division has just convicted the only person arrested in the world for this deadly blast at ISI HQ in Lahore, Pakistan, May 27, 2009.  reaz-khanjpg

Portland, Oregon sewage plant worker, Pakistani expatriate Reaz Qadir Khan, was found guilty and sentenced Friday to seven years and three months in federal prison, for being an “accessory after the fact,” and for providing financial means to one of the ISI terrorists and support for the family of Maldivian suicide-bomber, Ali Jaleel.

header indictment

All of the other known suspects in the suicide attack, along with at least 35 ISI (Pakistan’s top intelligence agency) employees/agents died in the blast.  The evidence revealing Jaleel’s identity was in his video confession.

Ali Jaleel, aka Mus'ab Sayyid

It is not known what evidence was used in the trial to link Khan to Jaleel, despite their age differences and the fact that they were never obviously in Pakistan at the same time, apparently.

The following background on Khan and Jaleel comes from an investigative series of reports produced by  Bomb plot in Lahore does not explain the linkage between the two men either, except for their unexplainable emails.

Reaz Qadir Kahn was the only living person convicted for the terror attack, found guilty of “conspiracy to support terrorism” and financially sponsoring the dead Maldivian terrorist.  By trying Qadir Khan in American courts for supporting terrorism, instead of extraditing him to Pakistan, where he had already been sentenced to life in prison in absentia, American intervention saved him from the harsh penalties of the Pakistani justice system.  This is very much like the case of another known Pakistani/American terrorist, DEA agent, David Headley, who was saved from much deserved Indian justice.

Where Headley was proven to be an American spy, Khan has not yet been tied to the CIA directly, only through his American citizenship.  There have been no known cases of Americanized terrorists, who had not been under the watchful eyes of at least one American intelligence agency, so it is unreasonable to speculate about Khan dodging America’s surveillance net.

If the terrorist counter-jihadi Ali Jaleel was from the Maldives, close neighbor to India and Sri Lanka, then he may have been easy for Indian agents to intercept or to misdirect.  Missing from open source govt and press reports is any reference as to how Jaleel met his partner or how he managed to finance those trips.

We are left guessing as to American intentions in preventing Kahn’s date with Pakistani justice, never hearing anything which might implicate either American or Indian intelligence in this obvious act of state-terrorism.  The scant sources of evidence in the case document a clear-cut path, similar to that tread by countless jihadis before him, first travelling from his home country to Jamia Salafia madrassa in Faisalabad, Pakistan, in 1995.  After that, he was taught martial arts skills, either by Kashmiri instructors or by Taliban in the training camp he attended somewhere along the Durand Line between 1998 and 2001.

Jaleel’s path differed from other Islamist militants only in its final destination, in that he attacked his own handlers, dying in the suicide-bombing at ISI HQ in Lahore.

“Sometime in 2004, Jaleel told a friend he was leaving the [Maldives] with four teenage followers. The plan was to reach the Afghan front lines by way of Pakistan, the friend recalled.

The journey would be perilous. Pakistan’s army launched a bloody ground assault in the tribal areas near the Afghan border in March that year. In June, the first known U.S. drone strike within Pakistan’s borders killed a tribal leader [Nek Muhammad, in Wana], although Pakistan initially claimed credit.”-Bomb plot in Lahore)

Mr. Khan’s resume reveals a fifteen-month period coinciding with Jaleel’s trip to Pakistan, beginning in June, 2004, when he took time out from work, his whereabouts during that time are unknown.

India has always been content to silently fight terrorist fire with terrorist fire , understanding the value of silence and restraint in the face of provocation, which serves to confuse and redirect public awareness of any moves made by Indian intelligence or military to counter the provocation (SEE:  Remember the Ikhwan?).

India’s dalliance with anti-terror terrorism did not end in Kashmir with the Ikhwan fighters (which only served to spawn new Pak agency outfits, like Lashkar e-Taiba and others), despite loud, repeated public denials of continuing guilt.  Even today, proud Indian spokesmen, such as Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar let slip the truth about government policies,

“Removing a thorn with a thorn approach to tackle terrorism ( kante se kanta nikalna”).

Even when they do speak of this policy, they speak in code, or using metaphors.  That is how a state both denies its past usage of terrorism, and brags about it indirectly.

By comparison, Pakistan’s “commandos/terrorists” have openly celebrated their victories, like their win at Kargil (SEE: General Gambit), with audacious public celebrations, even daring the public display of high-value severed heads, taken from Indian officers.

India may have perfected the pseudo-scientific mind-craft capability to turn some captured terrorists into tools, but evidence points-out that most of them were simply bought-off.  The majority may have joined the anti-jihad for reasons of revenge or personal animosity to current terrorist leadership.

“Militants who surrender and then become recruits for one of the paramilitary groups are apparently motivated by the pay and the opportunity to carry out attacks on former rivals without risk of being killed by the security forces. Ikhwan-ul Muslimoon, for example, has targeted Hezb-ul Mujahedin forces as well as members of Jamaat-e Islami in its attacks. Some recruits may have been rejected from a militant group; others may have family members who were victims of militant violence and join the state forces out of a desire for revenge. Some paramilitary recruits join for the chance to engage in other crimes with impunity.”  INDIA’S SECRET ARMY IN KASHMIR

Parrey, known as the “king of counter-insurgency” operations in the Kashmir Valley, was credited with having broken the back of the militancy in the Valley in the mid-1990s. A militant who received training in Pakistan, Parrey surrendered to the Indian security forces in 1993. Along with some other surrendered militants, he then formed a pro-government militia – the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen – with the blessings of the Indian government. “Friendlies”, as the Indian soldiers called these “pro-India militants”, gave the intelligence network and the counter-insurgency operation in the Valley a big boost.
“It was the logic of setting a thief to catch a thief that lay behind the Indian army’s strategy of using the surrendered militants” to fight the Hizbul Mujahideen and other Pakistan-supported militant groups in the Valley, a senior army officer told this correspondent some months back. After all, these were once militants, many of them armed and trained in Pakistan. “They knew who was who in the various militant groups and understood the mind of the militant far better than the armed forces did.”The downside to India’s Kashmir ‘friendlies’

Whatever the power of persuasion which was used to fuel India’s Ikhwan army, it did not simply pass away after this round of Kashmiri hostilities, it was taken underground.  Taken underground means taken to the CIA.  This is a more reasonable explanation than India’s official truth, that it does not practice state-terrorism.  It is impossible to believe that India simply threw away a winning counter-terror strategy which enabled them to split their Islamist attackers and to manipulate their ranks.  This particular form of psychological warfare is a powerful tool, which enables its practitioners to weaponize human nature, turning a man’s beliefs against him. Indian intelligence was successful in creating a “reverse jihad” out of former jihadis, reinserting brainwashing captured and surrendered militants turned mercenaries back into their native environments, unnoticeably.  To have acquired such a psywar capability to mentally manipulate fighters and jihadis into joining the enemy, to fight an anti-jihad against the jihad itself, is no small thing; it is the stuff that all spy agencies dream of.

The hallmark of an efficient intelligence agency covert operation is the total absence of any physical evidence to support any charges which might later be raised of “state terrorism.”  An effective operation would be finished-up with a thorough “cleaning” of all forensic evidence, leaving nothing tangible to corroborate any charges which might be made later.  Such thoroughness would ensure that the covert killings linked to the killers only existed within the minds of its participants, all of whom are either dead or cowed into silence, or bound by various oaths of allegiance.

Such are the secret operations of India’s RAW intelligence services.  India’s barely noticed secret operations are quiet, standing in stark contrast to the boisterous, braggadocio of the Pakistani pro-Army chorus.  Pakistani cries of self-defense, or charges of “Indian terrorism” are drowned-out by the loud international anti-Pakistani chorus of character assassination, automatically generated by the media slur campaign.

Everybody automatically ties Pakistan to most terrorism, most of us believing the false media projections of Pakistani guilt for every terror attack in that part of Asia, or associating all Tribals and militants with the term “Taliban.”  Looking behind the media mirror, we see a nation that has been besieged by the very terrorist hordes it helped the CIA to create.  Pakistan has been fighting a very serious anti-terrorist war against a new army of anti-jihadis (Pakistani Taliban) in the FATA regions since their rebellion against the Afghan Taliban.  The militant terrorists comprise small armies.  Formed under the command of Baitullah Mehsud, most of them were drawn from the Mehsud Tribe in the Wana region.  Mehsud’s rebels joined in strategic alliance with the terrorist progeny of Sufi Muhammad and his son-in-law Mullah Fazlullah from the Swat/Peshawar enclave in late 2008, or early 2009.  Since that time, the Pakistan Army has  suffered a hundred or a thousand times more terrorism than India ever has.  Pakistan probably loses more innocent lives to terrorism in one year than have died in India since the advent of modern Salafi-terrorism, yet you would never get that impression in Western media.  Indians and their American sponsors expertly manipulate popular opinion to play-up popular themes, like Indian victimization, while spinning true reports about India and state-sponsored terror to implicate Pakistan, or the Army or ISI.

After the post-2001 Kashmiri battles, hostilities erupted in Balochistan and in South Waziristan.  The more radicalized Taliban “students” that the Pakistani madrassas pumped out, the more candidates that became available, or susceptible to India’s anti-Taliban efforts.

It is unknown how deeply the Indian spy agency was involved in the process, but the majority of the anti-jihadi recruits came from India-sponsored Northern Alliance forces around Kunduz, Afghanistan, an area long under the influence of India.  A large number of the men recruited to join anti-terrorist leaders like Abdullah Mehsud (after his release from Guantanamo in 2004) were either Uzbeks or disillusioned former Taliban, who were left behind to suffer the indignities of General Dostum and Gitmo, after the Kunduz airlift to Pakistan.

Top candidates for anti-jihad graduated from these Indian/American mind control programs and were then released into Afghanistan, where they mysteriously acquired limitless sources of cash, weaponry and recruits, before their reinsertion back into the Tribal Regions of Pakistan.  With the loyal Pakistani tribes embracing the released Taliban with open arms, apparently, no one bothered to question the reconditioned terrorists about their freedom and good fortune.

The Mehsud militants, just like all targeted militant Sunni outfits, used their reprogrammed influence upon other militant groups, to pollute the ideological integrity of the Tribal Islamists.   Using their recommitted mercenary cadres to commit acts of “false flag” sectarian terrorism, intended to implicate all Taliban,  the anti-jihadi leaders waged war upon Shia and upon other factions, particularly those allied with Maulvi Nazir. with the intention of igniting the anti-jihadi “civil war” first in the tribal tinderbox of Wana, intended then to spread to all of the restive FATA Region.  By early 2007 there was a virtual mini-war underway within Wana, fueled by punitive attacks committed upon pious Muslims by self-appointed, Wahhabi/Deobandi-influenced, Shariah-pushing Uzbeks, most of them from the IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan).

These acts of “Islamist” terrorism served to obliterate the ideological purity of the radical Islamist factory in Pakistan, which had always supplied fresh fighters to the Taliban fighting the fore Afghanistan, to the war in Bosnia, to assorted adventures in the MENA region.  Painting over the “Holy Warrior” imagery employed around the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was easy, using faithful puppets to ensure daily scenes of mass-murder, drawn in shades of bright red, using brushes dipped in puddled pools of spent, wasted human life.  Now, the factory’s terrorist output is turning against the factory itself, planning to explode it, using sabotage from within the Taliban movement.  Such is the purpose of all or part of the Pakistani Taliban, the TTP.

This is where an anti-jihadi movement might actually help to implode Pakistan’s Sunni terrorist union.  By taking the jihad to the jihadis, in such a way as to challenge the moral legal ground staked-out by the Taliban, thoughtful, sincere counter-jihadis can easily refute the false Taliban message.  Wahhabi/Deobandi claims of divine privilege to slaughter the unbelievers is not from the Quran.  It is NOT a message meant for our time; it is a vestige of a people seeking to establish earthly order through the creation of self-defined Law (Shariah).

Even though there is no real evidence to tie India to actions of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), we can measure the success of the anti-Taliban Mehsud by the fact that everybody automatically assumes now that every act of terror is tied to Pakistan.  Most of us are willing to believe every false media projection of Pakistani guilt for everything in that part of Asia, or associating all Tribals and militants with the term “Taliban.”

Then there are the mysterious murders of Taliban trainer and mentor, ISI colonel, Sultan Amir Tarar (also known as Col. Imam) and ISI agent Khalid Khawaja, who were killed trying to deliver to Hakeemullah Mehsud a list of

14 senior Punjabi Taliban commanders…were getting financial assistance from Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)”, according to Khalid Khawaja.

In an infamous video gone viral, Col. Imam was murdered by one of Hakeemullah’s men, after a long harangue by Mehsud.  The two elderly former ISI agents were on their way through dangerous Tribal country to deliver the list to Mehsud, yet some mysterious, new group, calling itself the “Asian Tigers,” kidnaps them, only to deliver them to Hakeemullah.  Khawaja was accused of being a CIA operative, the charge for which he was killed.  Just another bizarre incident in the land of Jihadis and anti-Jihadis, along with jihadis pretending to be anti-jihadis, and vice versa.













Obama, name the enemy that we will be fighting for decades.

We no longer fight “al-Qaeda,” since we are allied with al-Nusra in Syria.  We claim to be hunting al-Q in Yemen, yet we help the Saudi air war to destroy al-Q’s enemies.

Obama’s policies are compound failures, doing untold damage, until they are corrected.  Allowing the Pentagon to dictate American foreign policy has been Barack Obama’s greatest mistake.

Judging from the overall tenor of ongoing American and international foreign policy debate, that world peace is in danger because of new tensions between the US and Russia.  Cast aside for a moment, the question of fault or guilt in this reversal of world events, the fact remains that popular opinion now holds, that the so-called “nuclear clock” is now advancing, after being frozen in time, because of world events.  If our then Sec. State Hillary had devoted one-tenth of her time pursuing “partnerships for peace,” there would have no political destabilization of Ukraine, Syria and Libya.  After all, even the Russians are also signatories to the PFP program.

Her machinations against Russia and against Europe caused the Maidan revolution and the civil war which was to follow.  How is it that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could screw things up so badly in just over one year, that the US would cast aside years spent striving for US/Russian friendship and cooperation, in favor of reviving the “Cold War”?

By 2010, the “Peace Dividend” accrued after the end of the first Cold war had been squandered and Obama was pursuing a path of war against Russia and every nation friendly to Russia.  Why was it deemed necessary within the confused American administration to pursue a program of fomenting “regime change” (the new euphemism for “color revolution”) from Mali to Ukraine, without first giving due consideration for the negative fallout which would obviously follow such an overt policy of aggression?

Weighing the costs of continued peace-making with Russia and China vs the cost of a tragic World War, should have persuaded the elegant lawyer from Chicago and his Arkansan partner in crimes against humanity against a path of war.  Arms control treaties signed during the Reagan era are being walked away from, even though this gives Russia an excuse to modernize its nuclear arsenal.  Obama’s first-term choice to  abrogate his  authority as Commander-In-Chief to the Joint Chiefs, accomodated Pentagon ambitions to assert “full-spectrum” dominance over the entire world, but it neutered the American Commande-In-Chief.

This full-spectrum of control would rely almost entirely on the principle of “private contractors,” meaning that proxies and corporate entities would be assimilated and and contractualized to fight the Pentagon’s resource wars for them.  But, early on, the Pentagon handed the entire “Islamist” recruitment program over to the Gulf monarchies.  Qatar, especially, apparently sought-out the most radical Islamist killers available, just like in the original Afghan Jihad against Russia.  These types make excellent killers, but they are almost impossible to control.

The plan to assimilate all of the compliant armies of the world is centered upon the “Partnership for Peace” program and similar military-to-military exchanges, including acts of apparent Pentagon largesse in the gifting of obsolete weaponry to enable diplomatic bribery.  All of this is envisioned to be run by US Special Forces and their ragtag little “Lily Pad Armies,” who will fight their resource wars for them, and eventually guard precious pipelines yet to be built, since the rest of the regular Army and Nat. Guard seem to suffer from moral compunctions about fighting this kind of immoral, dirty war, which will have no foreseeable conclusion.  In order to enable this worldwide war of assassination, run by the professional killers of SOCOM, directing proxy armies in multiple wars to monopolize world energy markests’ expansion, American foreign policy must be wrested from the weak-willed, the suicidal, and those suffering from PTSD guilt.

Spec Ops wages undeclared war against those who resist US dominance, anyone who fights the “inevitable” American takeover of their country.  This is the war they want to fight; this is the war which the war on terror has been mutated into.  Any man who would take-up arms and fight against American domination is deemed a “terrorist” and the enemy.

The Pentagon objective is to return in force to their former sheltered cloister in peaceful Europe, while the “Lily Pad Armies” fight their resource wars for them.  The Pentagon is extremely ambitious (“gung-ho”) about its plans for remilitarizing Europe, even though their all-volunteer force is worn-out from 14 years spent “out of country.”  As a result of Pentagon plans to take American armor right up to the Russian border, Russian President Putin is justified in moving nuclear-capable missiles, Russian troops and armor right-up to the chosen frontier with Eastern Europe.  Even under the hawkish eye of George Bush, peaceful US/Russian frontiers were expanding and being reinforced.  What has happened since, under Obama, is that he has caused this horrendous reversal.

Just as Obama now seems to be awakening to one aspect of the dangers of his policy of trusting Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria (because they have caused him to lose contol of the river of Islamists now flowing into the Middle East), he must also face the facts that his policies elsewhere have been just as wrong, especially in Ukraine.  He must also reverse the flow of American forces and private contractors into Ukraine, for the purpose of removing the presence of Russia from Eastern Ukraine.

Stopping the Islamist Highway into Syria will require coordination with all of the local players.  Turkey must stop letting them across.  Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE must stop helping the insane jihadis who have been invited onto the Islamist Highway into Syria, just as they must disrupt the financing and supply of “Jihadi pioneers” looking for the highway West to Damascus.

Ethnic cleansing in Donbass, Ukraine, or religious house cleaning in the Middle East, it is all the same, echoing the same failed Obama policies that authorized the flow of Islamists and foreign fighters into Syria.

Obama, The Devil, Is Luring the World Over the Nuclear Threshold In Ukraine

Peter Chamberlin

So many of us are still so childlike in our belief in “America,” the ideal, that we continue to sit in silent awe on the sidelines, waiting for someone, anyone, to explain to us how it is that our America consistently produces presidents who eagerly tear through the world like bulls in china shops, destroying heirloom governments without hesitation, in their zeal to create new, subservient mini-states.

Did George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have similar war ambitions?  Would they have exported war and instigated artificial revolutions to destroy nations, in order to control their energy markets (SEE: Cold War-style confrontation between US and Russia focuses on energy rather than military)?

Would the founding fathers have admired Obama and Bush as they have so outrageously used and abused the nearly sancrosanct ideals of Democracy and “human rights,” using them as “war-bait” (a set-up for war) for luring unhappy, but unwarring nations onto the path of destruction?

There was no war in Iraq, nor in Yemen, in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, nor in Ukraine, before Bush and Obama created them from thin air and unstable populations.  Were these “Noble Acts” on America’s part?

Do you think the citizens of those countries, who participated in Obama’s insurrections regret their actions?

Is there more or less terrorism in those countries now, or in the world in general, than there was before American hands created all of these conflicts?

By trusting the world into American hands all of these years, the world has been put into a very bad, very dangerous position.  All national economies, except for those of the OPEC countries, have been run into the ground, with most of the world operating solely upon the power of inflation and pure speculation.  The power of imagination can only get you so far, before someone has to stop and take stock of the reality of the situation.  You can see that reflection being expressed today by regretful diplomats and spies, like former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, who once served as Obama’s regime-change ax-man, only to recently denounce those policies as “singularly unsuccessful.”

Those faulty policies are still in place, still doing more damage, still pushing and prodding to turn Syria into some type of regional war.  Escalation of existing hostilities in either Syria or Libya will endanger and damage Europe, just as it would the entire Middle East.  The flow of refugees from the burgeoning war zones emptying into Europe would quickly turn into floods, or tsunamis of starving, dark-skinned refugees, into a weary, frightened, white European populace (SEE: THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS).

Why is it that American forces cannot stop chasing the rabbit of terrorism all over the globe for just a short while, long enough to give all of us a chance to catch our breath?  Why must the US Congress hurriedly pass another war authorization for an entirely new war against ISIS (which we helped the Arabs to create)?  What is it about Barack Obama which compels him to seek, or to create new conflicts wherever American forces can demonstrate their superiority over all other forces?

For those with eyes to see, it is plain to see that Obama is pushing one European country after another into dispute with Russia, with the intention of forcing Putin’s hand and pushing Russia into open warfare with its former satellite nations.  This is being done with obvious malice, under a design which risks igniting nuclear war in Europe, which could never be contained just to Europe and Russia.

Obama is gambling with all of our lives, risking nuclear war over oil, nuclear and natural gas markets…and that is really all that ALL OF THIS is about…Who will provide the gas to heat European homes…who will supply nuclear power to light European homes.

Using national armies to sieze markets is a crime against humanity…Supporting the use of national armies to seize energy markets is a moral sin against our species and our Creator.