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My 2014 Research On ISIS–What Is The Truth About ISIS?

[Thanks to my friends at Countercurrents, the following article was preserved, perhaps my most important piece of research.  It was mysteriously deleted from NoSunglasses.]


What Is The Truth About ISIS?

By Peter Chamberlin

04 September, 2014

A detainee appears before the Multinational Forces Review Committee. This is one of Camp Bucca’s programs that help detainees to reintegrate into Iraqi society. (Department of Defense photo/Pfc. Amie J. McMillan)

An instructor provides a mathematical lesson to detainees at the theater internment facility in Camp Bucca, Iraq. The class is part of the educational opportunities available to the detainees to help them get a better job and serve as an example for their community upon their release. (Department of Defense photo/Pfc. Amie J. McMillan)

What is the truth about ISIS?

Is it an ISIS/ISIS a pseudo-gang, working for the CIA, or is it merely a bi-product of the US/Saudi strategic union? There has not yet been another serious explanation put forth, other than this, to explain their meteoric rise to sudden terror stardom in 2014, when they were “being kept on life support” in mid-2012. Despite the non-serious explanations offered by some serious mis-informers to the contrary (State Dept, Al-Arabiya), “bank robberies, extortion and kidnapping” do not explain the sudden mobility, or capability to mount continual operations, by a small army of thousands of men, with an apparently limitless supply of modern weaponry, spread-out over 2-1/2 states (still working on Lebanon). Such an army could NOT exist without a state sponsor.

In trying to use the Internet as primary (only) source, we first learn that there are many questions that are nearly impossible to answer effectively there, because of the constant “scrubbing” (deleting) of information that is embarrassing to the owner of the Internet (USA), or to its minions. It is not even necessary to delete articles there to hide them, a simple extra space or extra letter in the title link will nullify all further links made back to the article of embarrassment.

In addition, researchers must rely upon Google Translate to unlock all articles in the foreign press, effectively turning most translations into gibberish. For an English researcher wanting to locate specific articles in Arabic, or other tongues, there is also that annoying foreigner habit of adding their own letters to words (words with multiple spellings), thus making a nearly impossible task even harder.

Nonetheless, I continue to pursue the origins of the “Islamic State” or the history of its leaders, looking for the smoking guns to tie the movable “false flag” to its state benefactors. From the evidence that still remains on the Web, I soon discovered that the ISIL leadership (photos and history below) has links to Iraqi internment Camp Bucca…but, this is a story with many holes.

By my own “guesstimate,” ISIS is the result of a failed US Army behavioral modification program at Camp Bucca, Umm Qasr, Iraq, between 2007 and its closure in 2009.

If it is true that alleged ISIS leader “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” was ever in Camp Bucca then he went through the Camp 134 Process, subjecting him to a “behavior modification” process, part of a “proactive counterinsurgency strategy” for detention operations (according to Detention Operations, Behavior Modification, and Counterinsurgency, from the US ARMY COMBINED ARMS CENTER). If al-Baghdadi or other ISIS members were at Bucca, they were herded through a dividing process, which identified the “unreconcilable” insurgents, in order to sequester them away from the general population. “Moderates or former extremists moving toward moderation” were separated for special treatment intended turn them away from extremist beliefs, before “releas[ing] them to return to their homes as “moderate missiles of the mind.” The mission at Bucca was to

“modify the behavior of detainees so that when they reenter Iraqi society, they are no longer threats to the Iraqi government and coalition forces but rather agents of change for the future of Iraq.”

Before pursuing the question of the truth about ISIS, we must ask whether this behavior modification process successful, or did it have an unanticipated opposite result? It seems pretty obvious from our perspective that graduates of the ISIS program went on to become the world’s most notorious terrorist army, a grave threat to world peace? Was this the result of a failed overt detainee/prisoner strategy, or was this the intended result? Was the US Army training terrorists at Bucca, or did its proactive counterinsurgency strategy for detention operations” to turn the prison system into “a legitimate arena for counterinsurgency actions“ backfire miserably, producing a generation of terrorist-jihadis like the world has never seen?

Consider what follows to be “hole-filler” in that storyline, hopefully helping readers to link the terrorists back to their state sponsors.

ISIS: Who is former Imam Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and the top ISIS leaders?

Saudi Al-Arabiya provided the graphic answer below (making the text automatically suspicious). Click on the photo or the Arabiya link to view readable text.–

1- Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—-BUCCA
2- Abu Ayman al-Iraqi—-BUCCA
3- Abu Ahmad al-Alwani
4- Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi—-BUCCA
5- Haji Bakr—-BUCCA
6- Abu Fatima al-Jaheishi

What is significant about Camp Bucca?

It was the primary site for an experimental US Army behavioral modification program, Task Force 134, “Detention Operations Process,” which got into detainees homeS and their lives, as well as reconditioning their heads.

DR AMI M. Angell–rehabilitation programme leader at Camp Bucca.

“I think our efforts were successful. In fact, so successful that three previous Al Qaeda operatives [see confirmation by Dr. Angell] went through all the programs, were released, and then returned to work the programs as civilians.” (1)

“They were guided by a psychiatrist and art instructor nick
named Picasso – once an Al-Qaeda operative and a detainee at Camp Bucca.” (2b)–[“They discussed issues such as violence and Iraq’s future, before expressing their feelings in art.” ]


“The spare time led some to start radical religious classes so some moderate detainees were converted into extremists. ‘When we came up with rehab programmes as a solution, the American military was very against it,…They didn’t understand why we are spending money on rehab when we are going to leave the country eventually.’–“The Art of Rehabilitating Terrorists” (2)

“The rehab programme won the support of US Marine Major-General Douglas Stone. Initial funding was enough for ‘religious rehabilitation’ for only 30 detainees. She brought in well-respected imams to teach them about the Quran. ‘We saw a thirst for education as the other detainees all wanted to know what the 30 learnt,’ said Dr Angell.–[confirmation comes from former Bucca detainee Adel Jasim Mohammed.via Al Jazeera (below)–ed.] ‘Because many of them were uneducated, those who went for the classes were shocked to learn that what they had thought of Islam was flawed. ‘They didn’t question what people told them and didn’t even understand the reasons for many things, from washing hands and feet before prayers to why they pray.’ (2a)

“They discussed issues such as violence and Iraq’s future, before expressing their feelings in art. They were guided by a psychiatrist and art instructor nick named Picasso – once an Al-Qaeda operative and a detainee at Camp Bucca.” (2b)

Through Dr. Angell’s program, a “moderate” Imam was brought in to teach religious classes at “Bucca Freedom School.” He was given a list of religiously inclined detainees and allowed to pick 10-12 to mentor closely, with allegedly moderate ideas. Those special students were allowed to hold religion classes for hundreds of students. For all we know, that list of religious trainees formed the basis for the “Islamic State.” Again, intentional, or the biggest “cluster-fuck” of all time?

US Iraq jail an ‘al-Qaeda school’–“Former inmates of Camp Bucca say military prison was training ground for extremism.

Adel Jasim Mohammed, a former detainee of Camp Bucca near Umm Qasr, said that US officials did nothing to stop radicals from indoctrinating young detainees at the camp.

“Extremists had freedom to educate the young detainees. I saw them giving courses using classroom boards on how to use explosives, weapons and how to become suicide bombers,” Mohammed said.

“For the Americans we felt it was normal. They did not stop them [the radicals].”

…In 2005, an extremist was sent to our camp. At first, Sunnis and Shias rejected his teachings. But we were told that he was imposed by the prison authority,” he said.

“He stayed for a week and recruited 25 of the 34 detainees – they became extremists like him.”

Was this visiting scholar of radical Islam the same man who now calls himself Emir of the self-declared “Caliphate”?

Abu Bakr Baghdadi allegedly took the helm of “Al Qaida In Iraq,” after the death of the terrorist leader known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in June 2006

The combined real and fake histories of Abu Bakr Baghdadi paint a portrait of an Iraqi from Ramadi in Anbar Province, who was allegedly a scholar of Islam with a master’s degree and a PhD in Islamic studies from University of Islamic Sciences in Baghdad. He was allegedly captured by American forces sometime in 2003, before allegedly being released to the Iraqis in 2004. All articles repeating the claim that Baghdadi was held at Camp Bucca until its closure, can be traced back to this article from The Daily Beast. There is no information to be found on the Internet to fill in the gaps about his his time with the Iraqis, revealing where (or even if) he was held, but we know for certain that the only known photo of the man whom the Western media call “al-Baghdadi” came from the Iraq Min. of Interior. We cannot know for certain that the man held and released by American forces back then is the same man who now calls himself “Caliph Ibrahim.”

How ten months at US run Camp Bucca in 2004 transformed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a ruthless foe

“Many of us at Camp Bucca were concerned that instead of just holding detainees, we had created a pressure cooker for extremism.”–James Skylar Gerrond, a former compound commander at Camp Bucca in 2006 and 2007

Critics of the facility say it had in effect become a terror training institute, run by resentful inmates under a strict interpretation of Islamic law.

“It is al-Qa’ida central down there,” said Sheikh Ali Hatem Suleiman, a tribal leader from Anbar province. “What better way to teach everyone how to become fanatical than put them all together for scant reason, then deprive them?”

[SEE: Behind the Scenes: Walking amid 2,000 al Qaeda suspects ]

The Battle Behind the Wire–Rand Corp].

Reform School for Radicals, Marisa L. Porges
July 1, 2011

To varying degrees, these initiatives also include religious education, from one-on-one meetings with local religious leaders who discuss ideological sources of radicalization to group sessions that review the Quran and Islamic law. In Iraq, the “Countering Extremism with Enlightenment”, or Tanweer program, was modeled after early efforts in Saudi Arabia. Clerics and social workers led a religious dialogue to advance moderate views of Islam while promoting civic duties associated with Iraqi democracy.

US risks fanning violence as it opens gates of Iraqi detention camps–April 19, 2009

On Aug. 19, 2009, a series of massive car-bombs announced the rebirth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)–Scores dead as Baghdad rocked by series of massive explosions

Sept. 17, 2009, Camp Bucca Detention Center Closes in Iraq…thousands of inmates are set free in southern Iraq, near the Kuwaiti border.

“An Air Force C-17 carrying the last group of 180 detainees lifted off from the Basra airport headed to Camp Cropper.”


The following is also taken from the July 22, 2008 al‐Qa`ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq. Analysis from West Point expert on Iraq, Dr. Michael Knights–

” AQI is a wounded organization….foreign fighters are now trying to leave the country.”

That was Dr. Knights’ opinion on AQI in July 2008, the following is his assessment on July 31, 2012–

“The Sunni insurgencies (plural) are being kept on life support.”

“It is clear that AQI has benefited from an unprecedented infusion of trained terrorist manpower. Many of the released persons spent time planning inside detention facilities like Camp Bucca and Camp Cropper, specifically so they could launch a smarter, stronger insurgent effort one day.”

In this testimony by Dr. Knights before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on December 12, 2013 (SEE: The Resurgence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq), he referred to a previous article that he had written on February 24, 2012 for the West Point Center for Combating Terrorism (which has apparently been erased from the Internet, for some reason), called “Back with a vengeance: Al-Qaeda in Iraq rebounds.” This article is cited frequently by researchers who search for the roots of “Islamic State.” It described a spent organization, headed for the great dust bin of history, far different from the supercharged terrorist organization that is tearing across Iraq and Syria, as described in Knights’ August 27, 2014 testimony (SEE: ISIL’s Political-Military Power in Iraq).

The following excerpts come from that erased assessment–

“By the middle of 2010, Al-Qaeda in Iraq was dead on its feet. The organization suffered critical setbacks in late 2006 and early 2007 as Sunni Arab tribal militias – the Sahwa (Awakening) – turned against Al-Qaeda. In parallel the U.S.-led military effort protected the Sahwa and executed high-tempo remorseless counter-terrorism operations that ripped Al-Qaeda in Iraq to pieces. The group’s foreign volunteers and money started to dry up. Al-Qaeda cells began to process of disintegrating into local criminal franchises that now kidnapped and extorted to pay their salaries rather than fund insurgency. In April 2010 Al-Qaeda in Iraq lost its two most senior leaders – AQI emir Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and war minister Abu Ayyub al-Masri – and stood in the verge of “disintegration” according to the US commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno. In a press conference on June 4, 2010, Odierno noted: “Over the last 90 days or so, we’ve either picked up or killed 34 out of the top 42 Al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders.”

“By early 2012 it was clear that the deaths of AQI’s senior leaders were a watershed event that unfolded just as the movement sought to find a new way to operate in Iraq. Numerous processes have unfolded since Al-Qaeda’s defeat in 2006-2009, including the release of large numbers of experienced militants from U.S. detention facilities, changes in the balance of foreign and Iraqi fighters within the movement, the withdrawal of U.S. forces, and determined attempts by Al-Qaeda in Iraq to learn from its mistakes. These changes crystallized in the year after the deaths of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Ayyub al-Masri, culminating in a successful re-launch of the movement in April 2011 and a significant recovery of operational space within Iraq’s Sunni Arab communities. The movement appears to have rationalized its near-term objectives and synchronized its propaganda with the mounting concerns of Iraq’s Sunni Arabs.”


Members of the Islamic State of Iraq terrorist group and the Levant (EIIL) affiliated to Al-Qaeda, captured in Iraq, confessed to having direct links with the government of Saudi Arabia.


Majid al-Majid was Saudi chief of the Ab.Azzam Brigades in Lebanon until his arrest and death in custody of Lebanon’s Army.

“Funding for the Sunni insurgency comes from private individuals within
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.”–Iraq Study Group Report

al – Qa`ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq,

“Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt were the source of most of the foreign fighters detained in Camp Bucca, Iraq….As of April 7, 2008, the United States was holding 251 foreign fighters at Camp Bucca, Iraq. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria each contributed 19 percent of those fighters. Libyans comprise only 3 percent.”
“Foreign Fighters contributed approximately 75 Percent of suicide bombers between August 2006 and August 2007.”
“The plurality of suicide bombers entering Iraq between August 2006 and August 2007 were Saudi.“]

“Sheikh Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi” was installed as head of Mujahideen Shura Council, the precursor of “Islamic State” in January of 2006. Was this the same man as Abu Bakr Baghdadi, even though he was supposedly incarcerated at Bucca at the time? Abdullah Azzam Brigades was spun-off from AQI in the process. A precursor to Al Nusra Front, “Al Nusra wal Jihad fi Bilad al Sham” split-off from AbAzzam in 2005, taking initial credit for the assassination of Rafik Hariri.

Lebanese officials say Beirut suicide bomber, his accomplice are Saudi citizens

Atrash Investigation: Two Saudi Suicide Bombers on the Loose


Why is it that no researchers have asked the question “How did AQI suddenly acquire enough money and equipment to turn a failing terrorist entity into an “Islamic Caliphate” overnight?” Even if they did bully the Free Syrian Army and take their weapons,pull-off a “string of bank robberies,” kidnappings and extortion, AQI could never have come up with enough cash to run an army, or to buy a fleet of shiny new Toyota trucks, or to become one of the best-paying employers in the Middle East, without being on some state’s payroll.

“Fake News” Is A Ticking Suicide-Bomb


The Pathologization of Dissent

“political dissent is being gradually pathologized (i.e., stigmatized as aberrant or “abnormal” behavior, as opposed to a position meriting discussion)/”

“Fake News” Is A Ticking Suicide-Bomb

The simple truth is this, we have reached a moment of truth, the surprise Trump upset of the Establishment has not only exposed the perennial elitist control over the American corporate media and the entire political process, it has proven conclusively that the majority of that media has been actively engaged in a nationwide process of organized deception and perception management for the purpose of creating a false national narrative and the illusion of massive popular support for the Establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton.  This false narrative came crashing down with the Trump win.  The false news narrative, painted for us on the canvas of our minds in brilliant technicolor, was composed of hundreds of bits of Western “fake news”, stitched together in a bizarre patchwork quilt of “called nightly news”, then presented as “real news,” with the intention of subverting American Democracy. 

In an organized misinformation/disinformation campaign that can only be described as “conspiratorial,” politicians, govt spokesmen and national news media sources, from both sides of the aisle, have been combining their efforts to create the illusion of a free democratic election, supported by “fair and balanced reporting,” in an operation which more closely resembled a military psychological warfare operation than a presidential campaign. 

It has now been made obvious to all who care to see, that the American electoral process is neither free nor Democratic.  Power and money have corrupted the process for far too long, when alleged political opponents feel compelled to publicly break cover, exposing the so-called “two party system” as the fraud that it has always been, in order to defeat the one man who has challenged Establishment control over this country.  In taking-on the Establishment, Trump has accused the Oligarchy of fraud on an unprecedented scale.  The Fake News of the nightly news media is merely one element of that wholesale fraud associated with our electoral process.

“Fake News” accurately describes the entire spectrum of American news that we have become accustomed to over the years, drowning us in politically-slanted garbage that the “legitimate,” “Mainstream News” has dreamed-up and bombarded us with for decades.  This new concept of “fake news” which has been introduced by the left-stained media is no doubt a CIA-formulated combination solution to both the crumbling credibility of the American corporate press and the simultaneous discrediting of the liberal Democrat Party. 

Unnamed CIA sources have leaked to the press “news” of a secret report claiming Russian electoral interference (SEE: Joint Statement from the Department Of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security).  Any CIA involvement in domestic politics is clearly illegal.  A CIA report on Russia and Trump, intended to support a political claim by the Democrat Party is clearly CIA meddling in domestic politics and the electoral process.  This “all or nothing” moment smells like another CIA “Plan B”, throwing the country into chaos, in order to compensate for the failure of American fake news to stampede the American electorate into the Hillary/Establishment/Banker corral.

President Trump’s rattling of America’s true seats of power (HINT..not in Washington) has caused the American Oligarchy to become unhinged, forcing them to resort to “Plan B” (probably for the first time since Kennedy disrupted the CIA plans), hoping to regain their control over the American political process.

[This letter has been written by Democrats, signed by 5 Democrats, in order to accommodate an unfolding Democrat scheme to void the recent election, in favor of the evil witch.]


It has been made abundantly clear that Obama and the Democrats intend a fight to the death over this “Fake News” issue (SEE: Just Before Trump Takes Office, Obama Plans Release Of Intel On Russian Hacking). 

Whose idea of fake news will win the war of semantics to set the definition of “fake news”?  The Mainstream Media has named most of the alternate press on the Internet as “fake,” whereas the individuals who make up the alternate news simply define “fake” as anything provably false, unsupported by facts, or otherwise unverifiable by available open resources.  In a rational world, news sources which actively seek true over false news would easily win-out over the mainstream press, which conceals true news reports in favor of twisted truths and organized deception. 

During the exhaustive election cycle, many new false paradigms have been generated through social media and fake news sites.  Add these to a whole world of false paradigms which have already been generated over many decades by the Pentagon and CIA.  Into this massive, storm-swept sea of illusion, we have the “red herring” of “fake news” tormenting delusional sheeple on the nightly news cycle, in an attempt to derail Trump’s mandate to investigate the wholesale failure of the national press. 

How can a lying national press be trusted? The Democrat Party, which poses as a defender of human rights and the Free Press, is prepared to ride that CIA red herring into a brand new, full-blown era of McCarthyism, as every media source which doesn’t parrot the Democrat Party line will soon be censored, so that the REAL “Fake News” (Nightly News, etc.) can continue its mind-numbing masquerade as the only real news sources.



National exposure of the miserable failure of the mainstream media to stampede Hillary Clinton into the White House has been like a curtain suddenly dropping, exposing a subversive media pulling our switches, demonstrating their capabilities to control the American political process in a conspiratorial attempt to control the outcome of our “free election.”

The elitists of the American Oligarchy harbor utter contempt towards the common folks who compose the American majority, evidently they are sickened or repelled by our opinions, and our needs.  Hillary boldly expressed that elitist contempt in her “basket of deplorables” remark, further clarifying that most of us are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”

Witches and warlocks of the realm of constructed illusion, like the Clintons, have begun to badger the simple-minded with the new mantra of “We must stand up for our democracy,” because fake news represents an “urgent” threat to our “Republic, if we can keep it.”  (Little wonder that neo-conned Democrats now sound like Republicans, even picking-up old Republican slogans.)

Those of us who have made it to the official “FAKE NEWS” list (and those of us who aspire to make that list) must prepare ourselves for the political fight of the century, an ideological fight over truth and lies, focused upon defining particularly important words like Democracy and Free Press.

To some degree the “legitimate” press and Internet news sites will be trading places in the minds of the American people.  The Mainstream Media has delegitimized itself with its false, slanted pro-Hillary, anti-Trump reports.  If the Nightly News can no longer be trusted to pursue truth in news, we are still free to turn to foreign news sites.  If the Democrat red herring succeeds in destroying American democracy then any reports which are not mantras of the Nightly News will be considered as “fake news” under currently proposed remedies.

One goal is to blame Russia for Wikileaks, in order to discredit all Wikis as “fake news,” so that all of those embarrassing cables and emails can disappear.  Discredit Trump in order to invalidate the electoral college.

Clinton has recently emerged from her lair to make her stand against “fake news”, blaming Russian news sources for her stinging defeat, no doubt holding-out false hope of overturning Trump’s win by Jan. 20.

Mr. Trump won because he accurately read the popular will of the American people and then boldly challenged the Liberal Establishment, shining light upon many things that the Gatekeepers DID NOT WANT EXPOSED.  In their feverish “kamikaze” attacks upon Trump during that contest they have failed to keep hidden that which the cooperative liberal press has always kept hidden, destroying the credibility of the national news media in the process.

Tipping point…

The worldwide web has grown so big that it has become unmanageable for the government, the content of the Web can no longer be monitored or shaped by the Empire’s gatekeepers, to sweep explosive truths from the Internet. The Empire is losing control over the conversations of “We the People” and therefore, the Internet must either be shut-down or the conversations must be brought under strict govt control, at least for us common folks, who keep rattling the cages…scaring the shit out of our Keepers.   Fake news will become the new “hate speech” (The Term “Fake News” Joins “Hate Speech” As A New Tool for Ideological Speech Suppresion).

Evidently its time for fireworks.  We are entering a period of unprecedented instability, all turning on the works of one man, a Russian expatriate, Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of CrowdStrike website.  Dmitri Alperovitch is a nonresident senior fellow with the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council.  Atlantic Council is a “consolidation of the U.S. citizens groups supporting the Atlantic Alliance”–[i.e., “NATO”–ed.]

* * * * * * * * *

All known unclassified reports claiming Russian hacking of DNC servers are based upon the technical evidence obtained for the DNC by the CrowdStrike website.  CrowdStrike was allegedly able to track their prey back to two sources, which Alperovitch claims are associated with Federal Russian sources, but not to the agencies themselves.  If traced back to Russian hackers, but not to the Russian govt, then how can Moscow be penalized for the actions of its private citizens, any more than the Saudis have been penalized for individual Saudis supporting ISIS/Al Qaeda?

Alperovitch Dmitri 175

Dmitri Alperovitch

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative

[My research into Dmitri Alperovitch produced the following post on Demitri from an unusual, anonymous, one article, website with a bizarre name, Sibisim Gerbilism.]


“The hacks began on or around 4/1/2016. The DNC became aware of the hacks later that month. At some point, they brought in a cybersecurity firm named CrowdStrike to investigate. On 6/14/2016, the DNC made a public announcement that their server was hacked. A hacker or hackers named Guccifer 2.0 claimed responsibility. At the time of going public, the DNC blamed Russia.”

“The co-founder of the cybersecurity firm that investigated the DNC hack is a Senior Fellow at a NATO funded think-tank and he happens to conclude that Russia, NATO’s #1 enemy, is behind the attack. You’d think that Alperovitch’s ties to the Atlantic Council would warrant, at the very least, a mention from somebody – anybody – in the corporate press. So far, I haven’t come across one publication that’s cared to note it. But it doesn’t end there.”

“On 6/14/2016, the Atlantic Council published an article entitled “DNC Hack: ‘No Certain Links’ to Foreign Governments, which cites Beau Woods, deputy director of something called the Cyber Statecraft Initiative which falls under the Atlantic Council’s auspices. The article further reveals our hero Dmitri Alperovitch is part of this initiative. It goes on to state “there is no hard evidence of a direct connection between the hackers and the Russian government” while keeping the door open to the possibility. Ultimately, it concludes by quoting Woods as saying, “The bottom line is that we don’t know.” Interestingly, this article stands in contradistinction to another article published on the very same day by the Washington Post, where the author cites none other than Dmitri Alperovitch as the source pointing the finger at Russia. So which is it? The Atlantic Council and CyberStrike appear to be at odds.”

“If we hop back to the donor list of the Atlantic Council, we uncover a host of Armenian, Georgian, Romanian, Turkish and multi-national fossil fuel companies. The European market relies heavily on Russian oil and natural gas. Western Europe is the biggest buyer of Russian fossil fuel. Among the host of fossil fuel companies funding the Atlantic Council is the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), a proposed natural gas pipeline that will connect the Southern Gas Corridor from Turkey to Greece and onto Italy. BP, another Atlantic Council donor, has a 20% stake in TAP. Along with the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline, TAP will serve to cut Western Europe’s dependence of Russian fossil fuels. This will greatly serve NATO’s interests, dealing an economic blow to Russia.”

[Fake news often begins as fake email spam which is believed by the receiver and then passed-on to others, without bothering to confirm or refute it from other sources, preferably the original source, or as close as the researcher can get.  The following example is one of Alperovitch’s first public accusations against Russia, in 2007.  Since then, Dimitri has served as NATO/US “go to guy” for pointing fingers at foreign govts.]

“Russian botmasters, who are behind Storm”, 29th August 2007, Dmitri Alperovitch

Storm Trojan floods e-mail boxes,  Jan 19, 2007

“230 Dead as storm batters Europe,” or “U.S. Secretary of Sate Condoleeza Rice has kicked German Chancellor,”

Operation Shady Rat

Kaspersky’s thoughts on Shady Rat

Russian expert founds CrowdStrike

Alperovitch article at CrowdStrike

“These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” the transition said in a terse, unsigned statement.
“The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.'”

Just before Donald Trump takes the presidential oath of office next month, the Obama administration plans to release a full report on Russian connections to cyber attacks during the election, officials said Friday.

Trump has cast doubt on the Kremlin’s involvement in politically charged hacking and fake news efforts prior to this year’s election while leading members of Congress have called on the administration to share what it knows about the Russian connection and pushed for a wider investigation, leading to a potentially fiery showdown over the issue. And such a public divide between the president-elect and intelligence agencies is unusual and dangerous, say experts.

“To evaluate Congress’s response appropriately, we would like all Members to have a comprehensive understanding of what the U.S. Intelligence Community knows regarding Russia’s involvement in these actions and attempts to interfere in our election,” the lawmakers wrote this week in an open letter to President Barack Obama.

Officials sometimes purposely share with Congress “only what is necessary for them to perform proper oversight,” partially as a safeguard against unintentional leaks, says Chris Finan, a former White House cybersecurity advisor and CEO of Bay Area security startup Manifold Technology. But in this case, Finan says it was more likely that intelligence agencies are still working to establish precisely how various efforts to influence the election link back to the top levels of the Russian government.

“They’d want to try to find deliberate command and control links—instances where people were directed by a Russian official,” he says. “I think that there’s probably a lot of interest and focus in, are these proxy groups operating on their own based on what they thought Moscow would want them to do or were they acting on a directive from somebody in the Russian government.”

Prominent Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced a bill on Wednesday calling for a bipartisan commission to investigate Russian attempts to influence the election. Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings cited October statements from intelligence officials blaming Russia for hacks targeting Democratic Party servers and subsequent leaks of embarrassing emails.

“The head of the National Security Agency said there is no doubt that this was a targeted and conscious effort to achieve a specific result,” Cummings said in a statement. “And the Intelligence Community also said that they believe that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.”

Prominent Republican senators including Arizona Senator and Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Tennessee Senator and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker have also all expressed interest in investigating Russian hacks, despite the president-elect’s skepticism. House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, has also recently publicly condemned Russia for the attacks despite his support for Trump.

While Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have both hinted at the possibility of retaliation for the alleged Russian hacks, it’s likely that at this point in Obama’s presidency any further responses will be left to the Trump administration, Finan says.

Trump said in an interview with Time magazine, which named him 2016’s “Person of the Year,” that he doesn’t believe Russia interfered with the election and thinks intelligence agency conclusions may have been politically motivated.

Trump’s statements drew a strong rebuke from Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, who called his comments “enormously damaging to the country” and to intelligence officials.

“Notwithstanding the abundance of evidence that Russia hacked our political institutions during the Presidential campaign and dumped documents in an effort to meddle in our political affairs, President-elect Trump’s comments this morning continue to contradict our intelligence professionals and carry water for the Kremlin,” Schiff said in a statement.

Schiff declined through a spokesman to comment further on the matter, and a Trump spokeswoman didn’t respond to an email seeking comment.

Such a divide over the legitimacy of intelligence reports is highly unusual, particularly when conclusions within the intelligence community seem so unanimous, Finan says.

“Not only is it unusual—it’s incredibly dangerous,” he says. “To question the veracity but also to question the professionalism of our intelligence community, that is potentially very damaging to morale and it’s going to put the nation at risk.”

“Good Taliban” Sajna Group Blows-Up Army Centerpiece School In Tiarza Right After Gen. Abbasi Visit

school-bombing WANA

“Good Taliban” Sajna Group Blows-Up Army Centerpiece School In Tiarza Right After Gen. Abbasi Visit

Peter Chamberlin

Two weeks after the latest Pentagon/CIA assault upon a tribal jirga, and attempt to kill Sajna Mehsud, his group blows-up a highly symbolic, Pak Army-built girls school in S. Waziristan.  Why would one of Pakistan’s “good Taliban” stage such an assault upon progress in his own area, especially just one month after the Tiarza Road opening, after it had been shut-down for 7 years, due to constant terrorism?

According to the quote given below, there were 14 Mehsud tribal elders killed there, along with four Waziri elders, in the latest attack upon Sajna (SEE:  Senior TTP leader still alive? Drone ‘targeting’ Sajna kills 18 militants)–Feb 03, 2016.

“Of the TTP men killed today, 14 belong to the Mehsud tribe and four to the Wazir tribe.”

The Wazirs meeting Sajna with the Mehsuds were no doubt representing the militia of recently-killed Waziri big boss, Mullah Nazir (SEE: Paramilitary Pretense, Who Controls the Predators?).  It is remarkable that Sajna had managed to persuade the leaders of the forcefully-displaced Mehsud tribe to meet with him and the Wazirs, knowing that both sides were working to establish peace and to build cooperation with Pak Army development efforts to build FATA.  For accomplishing this, the CIA pronounced a death sentence upon him and 18 other men, which the Pentagon carried out.

This is NOT THE FIRST TIME that drones have attacked Sajna meeting with an ongoing tribal jirga, and NOT THE FIRST TIME that Sajna has been prematurely pronounced dead from a drone attack.  On NOV. 25, 2015, after he had been elected the new chief of TTP, the NY Times announced Sajna’s first execution, “Pakistani Taliban Commander Reported Killed in Drone Strike in Afghanistan.”  A dozen tribal leaders are reported to have shared his death that time around.

Then, Pakistan accuses US of ‘scuttling’ Taliban talks with drone strike, summons ambassador, was the official Army/govt response given to this particular drone assassination:

“The government of Pakistan does not see this drone attack as an attack on an individual but as an attack on the peace process,” Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar, Ali Khan said. 

“Brick by brick in the last seven weeks we tried to evolve a process by which we could bring peace to Pakistan and what have you (the US) done?  You have scuttled it on the eve, 18 hours before a formal delegation of respected ulema (religious scholars) was to fly to Miranshah and hand over this formal invitation.”

Yesterday, a showpiece Army-built school for girls within the S. Waziristan Development Zone was blown-up, with the known spokesman for the Sajna Group claiming credit.  If Sajna had really been the pro-govt “good Taliban,” then why would his group have struck against the centerpiece of govt peacemaking/development?  This is what the Wazirs and people like Sajna and his dead boss Wali ur-Rehman, and the likewise executed Mullah Nazir had been working so hard to build for their people, but the Pentagon opposed it every step of the way, with every drone at its disposal.

Pakistan had a deal in place to exchange development for peace, but the Pentagon did not want Peace in Pakistan, it wanted WAR.  The Pakistani Taliban had to continue attacking the Pakistani Army, until the Pak Taliban agreed to cut their ties with the Afghan Taliban.  Neither the Pak Army, nor “peaceniks” like Sajna could be allowed to scuttle America’s war against the Pak Army, for that is exactly what we are witnessing.  But Sajna, or the surviving members of his large militia have NOT attacked Pakistan’s peace project in order to please the Americans, since Pakistan’s FATA development projects, including the highways, were built with American money, along with matching funds from the UAE.

Yesterday’s attack upon the Army girls school was obviously a revenge attack, for two attempts upon his life and for killing his brethren.  For the last attempt to kill him, there were allegedly four drones firing Hellfire missiles upon the Jirga location (SEE: US drone strike ‘kills 40’ in Pakistani tribal region – BBC News–Mar 17, 2011).

 Peter Chamberlin

Mehsud group announces separation from TTP

D I KHAN :  Mehsud Taliban group has announced its dissociation from Tehreek e  Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Current lighting an organized conspiracy of the TTP gang went into the invisible hands  (TTP) spokesman. Azam Tariq.—Mehsud group announces separation from TTP

“We considered kidnappings , extortion, any property damage and explosions are haram.”

Feb. 20, 2016

Militants blew up part of a newly constructed government school in Pakistan’s South Waziristan region late on Friday night, a spokesman for a wing of the Pakistani Taliban said on Saturday, the latest in a string of attacks on educational institutions.

No one was hurt in the blast in Pakistan’s restive tribal belt, but 18 labourers working on the site were abducted, said Azam Tariq, a spokesman for an arm of the Pakistani Taliban known as the “Sajna” group, which claimed responsibility for the attack.

[Article on website infested with malware, had to use a proxy service to get the following article opened.]

Development: GOC head visits South Waziristan

express tribune

WANA: General Officer Commanding (GOC) Major General Azhar Saleh Abbasi visited Tiarza area of South Waziristan Agency and inspected the progress of development schemes. He also held a detailed jirga with tribal elders.

The development schemes included mosques, a hospital, middle and high schools, water supply schemes, a sports stadium and reopening of Band Kota Bridge after a period of eight years.

All schemes have been executed after the repatriation of internally displaced persons (IDP) who were forced to abandoned homes for military Operation Rah-e-Nijat in 2009.

Abbasi accompanied by high-ranking officers such as Brigadier Wajid Aziz, Commandant Major Saadat, Assistant Political Agent Nawab Safi and others visited almost all the schemes where officials briefed the GOC about the execution of the projects.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 18th, 2016.

State Terrorism Is State Terrorism, Even When It Is Made By America

[This is a blast from the past, one of the first articles posted on No Sunglasses, 8-19-2008.  The message remains the same,

war criminals
even though Barack Obama has since replaced the Bush dictatorship and multiplied US state terrorism exponentially. 

When read in tandem with the following piece, the message seems highly relevant today (SEE: Escaping The Age Of Mass Delusion—Humanity’s Only Hope).]

If We Could Speak to the People, What Would We Say?

Peter Chamberlin

If we could reach beyond the news filter that keeps real news from the
American people, what would we say? If we figured-out how to get one message
out to the people, what could we say that would actually motivate them to
take a stand for themselves, for their families, for their country and their

The same studies that power the social planners claim that barely 10% of any
group of people follow reason, meaning they cannot be reasoned with. The
same studies also predict that a clear majority of any targeted population
will respond to fear in a shock scenario. We might try reasoning with the
sleeping sheeple, but we would have better odds if we tried to scare them
awake. If we can convey a true image of the evil being done with our
consent, then we might shock the people into the harsh light of reality.

Our leaders are about to allow the economic collapse of the United States,
without telling you beforehand, or helping American citizens to make
emergency preparations.

Their solution to the problem is to seize control of the post-collapse world
militarily, eliminating everyone who gets in the way. This military solution
accepts a very large loss of human lives as necessary “collateral damage” to
the brave plan to take control of the world. When the American people are
overwhelmed by the economic catastrophe, they will hardly notice large
planned population reductions.

All of this is an acceptable solution to our government. For those who try
to protest after the “hammer goes down,” there are hundreds of detention
camps, capable of holding thousands of dissidents, waiting to accept your
silent screams.

But until we get to that point of no return, steps are being taken to reduce
and eventually eliminate all protests to governmental violence.
The Constitution is being reduced piecemeal to a powerless piece of paper.
The courts are bowing down to executive decrees.

Mankind is being kept in check by his own fear. In the face of fear we react
like herd animals, bunching together in search of elusive safety, making us
easily manipulated by those who have mastered the psychology of fear.

Terror is a key element of American politics. Votes are obtained by
frightening the people into your corner, or away from your “unsafe”
opponent. Candidacies are won and lost by negative campaigns of lies and
half-truths that paint your opponent as an unreasonable madmen and yourself
as a heroic messianic figure. US leaders depend upon political terrorism to
get their way in the world, from the local level of “Homeland Insecurity,”
to the international arena, where acts of bloody terrorism are routinely
committed to frighten the locals into political compliance.

“Terrorism–n. The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a
person or an organized group against people or property with the intention
of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological
or political reasons.”

State terrorism has been an integral part of American government for many
decades. Beginning with the terror campaign of carpet-bombing and
fire-bombing of civilian centers in Germany at the end of World War II (and
the a-bombs), American and British scientists have studied the psychology of
mass fear. This wholesale terror campaign was a new type of warfare,
targeting civilians, instead of concentrating on government centers. The aim
was political terrorism, to turn the citizens of Germany into political
tools to be used to force the German government into submission. By studying
the socio-economic repercussions of the fire-bombing, the American and
British psychologists and sociologists learned how to herd entire
populations through the tactics of fear.

Acts of violent terrorism for political and economic gains have continued
since “the Great War,” against both friend and foe.
Historically, American terror operations like “Operation Gladio” have been
aimed at our allies in Europe even more than against our enemies.
In “Gladio,” (as in all American terror campaigns committed under the banner
of “democracy”), public figures and officials are assassinated, attacks are
carried-out upon police and military forces of sympathetic governments,
trains are bombed with great loss of life, and “madmen”
go on public shooting sprees, all for the sake of scaring European national
opinion into America’s corner.

As always, American terror is hidden by the use of proxies and mercenary
forces, who are blamed for attacks committed covertly by our military and
intelligence agencies. The “war on terror” itself is probably the world’s
longest-running terrorist operation, intended to create the impression that
American-sponsored terror attacks are really the work of a new non-existent,
highly-organized global terrorist adversary. In simpler terms, the United
States government
is the center of world terrorism. Our own government, our
against terrorism, is responsible for most terrorist attacks upon innocent
people in the world, that thousands of American troops are defending
against. American-trained forces are killing American soldiers who then
retaliate further against innocent civilian populations where the terrorists
choose to hide.

“Our government” is not really ours at all, having long ago surrendered our
national sovereignty to a consortium of global financiers through the
Federal Reserve System that controls the US.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

In the process of bringing the US under the control of the international
financiers, represented by the Rothschild interests centered in Europe,
American industry has been destroyed (except for the military-industrial
, needed to pound the recalcitrant world into submission), while the
sham called “democracy” was constructed to create the impression amongst the
unruly people that they actually have power. When the self-appointed
American aristocracy allowed the common man the “right” to vote, it was done
to stave-off more violent opposition and to deceive with the impression of
shared power. Today, decent folk, believing in the illusion of “fair
elections,” remain a real obstacle to saving American freedom from the
hidden dictatorship, which owns all the candidates produced in the
“two-party” system. As long as the majority believes in the system and
continues to empower its candidates, the dictatorship can remain hidden. In
order to expose the hidden machinations of the secret dictators we have to
burst the bubble of illusory democratic power.

At the same time, the fact that the dictatorship wishes to remain hidden,
playing the game of democracy, pretending to seek the counsel of the people,
then they are vulnerable. If they choose to continue the charade of
democratic government, then they have to limit their actions to those which
appear to be “freely” granted by the people through their “representatives.”
As long as those representatives hold the seats of power given them by the
overlords, they will answer only to them. But if enough people call the
representatives to task for failing American democracy they can at least be
forced to publicly answer the charges of failure. If the masses put the fear
of democracy and righteous retribution into the minds of the Congressional
slaves of the money-powers, then they too will begin to retreat from their
open support for measures calling for more war and less freedom. If the
people fully use the First Amendment powers to make democracy work then we
can turn the tide against the center.

They cannot openly carry-out the violent measures required for creating a
world dictatorship and a permanent state of war, taking the brazen violent
steps that have been planned, such as launching nuclear first strikes, or
using biologic attacks to “cull the herd.” As long as the real terrorists
are pretending to be democrats they must act accordingly. Until the world
rises-up against the American imperialist forces in sufficient numbers to
frighten the American people into becoming willing participants in the
genocide of half the earth, other lesser, though equally as threatening,
provocations will continue to be found to frighten us into authorizing the

By placing the will of the people into their formula, they have created a
time lag between cause and effect, where the planned actions must be
preceded by a provocation that motivates the people into consenting to their
own destruction. By incorporating a basically moral people into a completely
immoral plan for world domination, the master controllers have constructed a
flawed plan that depends upon a scientific effort to change good people into
bad. In a country as religious-natured as this one, the great leaders may
have falsely calculated that they can make a nation fear so much for its
life that it would sell its soul for a little peace of mind.

American state terrorism has also been directed against the citizens of the
United States themselves, through more subtle “silent weapons.”
For the entire duration of American terrorist operations against the world,
our government has waged war upon the minds of its loyal citizens through an
arsenal of psychological, economic, and legislative weaponry. The purpose of
these attacks has always been to destroy the American economy and the minds
of the people, while using the economic destruction to justify the full use
of the American military power against the rest of the world.

American leaders consistently work against American interests, while
enriching themselves and their wealthy sponsors who reap opportunity from
our Nation’s demise. In order for these anti-American power-brokers to force
the world into a global dictatorship with them at the helm, they have to
play the “democracy” card, while simultaneously undermining it. Our leaders
have to persuade us into allowing them to destroy democracy in the name of
preserving it. We the People have to be persuaded to peacefully allow the
planned destruction to take place before it can take place. We have to
accept our bleak fates, before it can become our fates.

But the scary truth about the American state terrorist acts that have been
committed so far is that they have provided the needed practice for the
despicable acts that are yet to come. The American war upon the human race
will utilize every weapon in our arsenal, once the way for their use has
been cleared. Weapons of mass destruction come in many forms. In a war for
control of the earth’s resources it would seem more logical to use the
weapons that kill, such as biological weapons, as opposed to those which
merely destroy everything. Instant Death is about to enter the world through
American hands.

The tragedy of our time, perhaps the ultimate tragedy of all time, is
roaring down the highway of life right at us, or is the greater tragedy the
weakness of the mind of man which is allowing this to happen? If we have the
power of change within us and we do nothing, inaction is an act of suicide.

We have to overcome this innate human weakness to prepare our fellow man for
the things that are about to befall this battered planet. So many things are
avoidable in this existence through the use of foresight; if only it was a
common human trait. Any sane person who sees oncoming danger will
automatically step out of its way. As a rule, we humans rarely choose to
step out of the way. Mankind has never been called “sane,” by anyone’s
definition. We must secretly harbor a deep desire to become “road kill” on
the cruel highway of life.

The Indian Art of Turning Jihadis Into Anti-Jihadis and the War On Pakistan

The 2009 terrorist attack upon the headquarters of Pakistan’s “CIA” (the ISI), was carried-out by at least one “anti-jihadi,” a man who had been supported by the ISI along his entire jihadi path, but, in the end, he apparently reversed a lifetime of belief.  Why would a deeply religious man attack the people responsible for helping him to find the path to God in the first place, the men he had fought beside in “holy war”?  He would not.

Something, or someone managed to “flip” this jihadi, motivating him somehow, to embark upon a path which is clearly in opposition to the teachings of Islam, while publicly maintaining his faith.  Would a man of faith even be capable of such hypocrisy and hostility to Allah?  Not likely, not if he understood his own actions.  The key to creating a functioning anti-jihadi is probably in deceiving true believers into thinking that the acts they undertake are somehow, in the service of God.

All known Islamist anti-jihadis have endured lengthy prison sentences in the hands of their avowed enemies.  Has science, or pseudo-science developed the ability to “flip” the minds of imprisoned men, forcing them to embrace the opposite of their own beliefs?   Could a mind be re-educated in such a way that the person would consciously accept a correction in beliefs?  Could the mind of a caged “Islamist” accept that he had been taught wrong, because of his basic error in entering a path of killing fellow Muslims?  If the devout, though ignorant Muslim could be shown that they had been misinformed by ignorant and evil men and tricked into embracing “jihad,” would that compel them to turn on their deceivers, those who had corrupted their faith?

On Sep 26, 2003, AsiaTimes reported that India had produced a secret army of anti-jihadis in Kashmir, known as Ikhwan-ul Muslimoon, or simply “Ikhwan.”   It is significant that the same name that was later used by the Saudi Islamic Brotherhood and now by all Sunni Muslim Brotherhood terrorists (al-Ikhwān al-Muslimūn).  Does this tie Indian intelligence to all Ikhwan terrorism?  How did India manage to turn all of those jihadis into anti-jihadis?  Does the presence of an anti-jihadi in the ISI HQ attack directly implicate India in this act of counter-terrorism?

Like the Manchurian Candidate scenario, it would be far better to take control of the enemy’s soldiers, rather than to go to the time and trouble to train soldiers of your own.  Infiltration would no longer be necessary if your men were already on the inside.  History proves that a Manchurian science does exist.

The ISI attack, was carried-out by professionally-trained guerrillas, and at least one of them was trained by ISI subordinates.  Maldivian Ali Jaleel had a long history with Pakistan and radical Islam; he has been documented as a true jihadi.  There is no known explanation for his break with a lifetime of belief in his participation in this anti-jihadi action.

The United States District Court, Portland Division has just convicted the only person arrested in the world for this deadly blast at ISI HQ in Lahore, Pakistan, May 27, 2009.  reaz-khanjpg

Portland, Oregon sewage plant worker, Pakistani expatriate Reaz Qadir Khan, was found guilty and sentenced Friday to seven years and three months in federal prison, for being an “accessory after the fact,” and for providing financial means to one of the ISI terrorists and support for the family of Maldivian suicide-bomber, Ali Jaleel.

header indictment

All of the other known suspects in the suicide attack, along with at least 35 ISI (Pakistan’s top intelligence agency) employees/agents died in the blast.  The evidence revealing Jaleel’s identity was in his video confession.

Ali Jaleel, aka Mus'ab Sayyid

It is not known what evidence was used in the trial to link Khan to Jaleel, despite their age differences and the fact that they were never obviously in Pakistan at the same time, apparently.

The following background on Khan and Jaleel comes from an investigative series of reports produced by  Bomb plot in Lahore does not explain the linkage between the two men either, except for their unexplainable emails.

Reaz Qadir Kahn was the only living person convicted for the terror attack, found guilty of “conspiracy to support terrorism” and financially sponsoring the dead Maldivian terrorist.  By trying Qadir Khan in American courts for supporting terrorism, instead of extraditing him to Pakistan, where he had already been sentenced to life in prison in absentia, American intervention saved him from the harsh penalties of the Pakistani justice system.  This is very much like the case of another known Pakistani/American terrorist, DEA agent, David Headley, who was saved from much deserved Indian justice.

Where Headley was proven to be an American spy, Khan has not yet been tied to the CIA directly, only through his American citizenship.  There have been no known cases of Americanized terrorists, who had not been under the watchful eyes of at least one American intelligence agency, so it is unreasonable to speculate about Khan dodging America’s surveillance net.

If the terrorist counter-jihadi Ali Jaleel was from the Maldives, close neighbor to India and Sri Lanka, then he may have been easy for Indian agents to intercept or to misdirect.  Missing from open source govt and press reports is any reference as to how Jaleel met his partner or how he managed to finance those trips.

We are left guessing as to American intentions in preventing Kahn’s date with Pakistani justice, never hearing anything which might implicate either American or Indian intelligence in this obvious act of state-terrorism.  The scant sources of evidence in the case document a clear-cut path, similar to that tread by countless jihadis before him, first travelling from his home country to Jamia Salafia madrassa in Faisalabad, Pakistan, in 1995.  After that, he was taught martial arts skills, either by Kashmiri instructors or by Taliban in the training camp he attended somewhere along the Durand Line between 1998 and 2001.

Jaleel’s path differed from other Islamist militants only in its final destination, in that he attacked his own handlers, dying in the suicide-bombing at ISI HQ in Lahore.

“Sometime in 2004, Jaleel told a friend he was leaving the [Maldives] with four teenage followers. The plan was to reach the Afghan front lines by way of Pakistan, the friend recalled.

The journey would be perilous. Pakistan’s army launched a bloody ground assault in the tribal areas near the Afghan border in March that year. In June, the first known U.S. drone strike within Pakistan’s borders killed a tribal leader [Nek Muhammad, in Wana], although Pakistan initially claimed credit.”-Bomb plot in Lahore)

Mr. Khan’s resume reveals a fifteen-month period coinciding with Jaleel’s trip to Pakistan, beginning in June, 2004, when he took time out from work, his whereabouts during that time are unknown.

India has always been content to silently fight terrorist fire with terrorist fire , understanding the value of silence and restraint in the face of provocation, which serves to confuse and redirect public awareness of any moves made by Indian intelligence or military to counter the provocation (SEE:  Remember the Ikhwan?).

India’s dalliance with anti-terror terrorism did not end in Kashmir with the Ikhwan fighters (which only served to spawn new Pak agency outfits, like Lashkar e-Taiba and others), despite loud, repeated public denials of continuing guilt.  Even today, proud Indian spokesmen, such as Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar let slip the truth about government policies,

“Removing a thorn with a thorn approach to tackle terrorism ( kante se kanta nikalna”).

Even when they do speak of this policy, they speak in code, or using metaphors.  That is how a state both denies its past usage of terrorism, and brags about it indirectly.

By comparison, Pakistan’s “commandos/terrorists” have openly celebrated their victories, like their win at Kargil (SEE: General Gambit), with audacious public celebrations, even daring the public display of high-value severed heads, taken from Indian officers.

India may have perfected the pseudo-scientific mind-craft capability to turn some captured terrorists into tools, but evidence points-out that most of them were simply bought-off.  The majority may have joined the anti-jihad for reasons of revenge or personal animosity to current terrorist leadership.

“Militants who surrender and then become recruits for one of the paramilitary groups are apparently motivated by the pay and the opportunity to carry out attacks on former rivals without risk of being killed by the security forces. Ikhwan-ul Muslimoon, for example, has targeted Hezb-ul Mujahedin forces as well as members of Jamaat-e Islami in its attacks. Some recruits may have been rejected from a militant group; others may have family members who were victims of militant violence and join the state forces out of a desire for revenge. Some paramilitary recruits join for the chance to engage in other crimes with impunity.”  INDIA’S SECRET ARMY IN KASHMIR

Parrey, known as the “king of counter-insurgency” operations in the Kashmir Valley, was credited with having broken the back of the militancy in the Valley in the mid-1990s. A militant who received training in Pakistan, Parrey surrendered to the Indian security forces in 1993. Along with some other surrendered militants, he then formed a pro-government militia – the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen – with the blessings of the Indian government. “Friendlies”, as the Indian soldiers called these “pro-India militants”, gave the intelligence network and the counter-insurgency operation in the Valley a big boost.
“It was the logic of setting a thief to catch a thief that lay behind the Indian army’s strategy of using the surrendered militants” to fight the Hizbul Mujahideen and other Pakistan-supported militant groups in the Valley, a senior army officer told this correspondent some months back. After all, these were once militants, many of them armed and trained in Pakistan. “They knew who was who in the various militant groups and understood the mind of the militant far better than the armed forces did.”The downside to India’s Kashmir ‘friendlies’

Whatever the power of persuasion which was used to fuel India’s Ikhwan army, it did not simply pass away after this round of Kashmiri hostilities, it was taken underground.  Taken underground means taken to the CIA.  This is a more reasonable explanation than India’s official truth, that it does not practice state-terrorism.  It is impossible to believe that India simply threw away a winning counter-terror strategy which enabled them to split their Islamist attackers and to manipulate their ranks.  This particular form of psychological warfare is a powerful tool, which enables its practitioners to weaponize human nature, turning a man’s beliefs against him. Indian intelligence was successful in creating a “reverse jihad” out of former jihadis, reinserting brainwashing captured and surrendered militants turned mercenaries back into their native environments, unnoticeably.  To have acquired such a psywar capability to mentally manipulate fighters and jihadis into joining the enemy, to fight an anti-jihad against the jihad itself, is no small thing; it is the stuff that all spy agencies dream of.

The hallmark of an efficient intelligence agency covert operation is the total absence of any physical evidence to support any charges which might later be raised of “state terrorism.”  An effective operation would be finished-up with a thorough “cleaning” of all forensic evidence, leaving nothing tangible to corroborate any charges which might be made later.  Such thoroughness would ensure that the covert killings linked to the killers only existed within the minds of its participants, all of whom are either dead or cowed into silence, or bound by various oaths of allegiance.

Such are the secret operations of India’s RAW intelligence services.  India’s barely noticed secret operations are quiet, standing in stark contrast to the boisterous, braggadocio of the Pakistani pro-Army chorus.  Pakistani cries of self-defense, or charges of “Indian terrorism” are drowned-out by the loud international anti-Pakistani chorus of character assassination, automatically generated by the media slur campaign.

Everybody automatically ties Pakistan to most terrorism, most of us believing the false media projections of Pakistani guilt for every terror attack in that part of Asia, or associating all Tribals and militants with the term “Taliban.”  Looking behind the media mirror, we see a nation that has been besieged by the very terrorist hordes it helped the CIA to create.  Pakistan has been fighting a very serious anti-terrorist war against a new army of anti-jihadis (Pakistani Taliban) in the FATA regions since their rebellion against the Afghan Taliban.  The militant terrorists comprise small armies.  Formed under the command of Baitullah Mehsud, most of them were drawn from the Mehsud Tribe in the Wana region.  Mehsud’s rebels joined in strategic alliance with the terrorist progeny of Sufi Muhammad and his son-in-law Mullah Fazlullah from the Swat/Peshawar enclave in late 2008, or early 2009.  Since that time, the Pakistan Army has  suffered a hundred or a thousand times more terrorism than India ever has.  Pakistan probably loses more innocent lives to terrorism in one year than have died in India since the advent of modern Salafi-terrorism, yet you would never get that impression in Western media.  Indians and their American sponsors expertly manipulate popular opinion to play-up popular themes, like Indian victimization, while spinning true reports about India and state-sponsored terror to implicate Pakistan, or the Army or ISI.

After the post-2001 Kashmiri battles, hostilities erupted in Balochistan and in South Waziristan.  The more radicalized Taliban “students” that the Pakistani madrassas pumped out, the more candidates that became available, or susceptible to India’s anti-Taliban efforts.

It is unknown how deeply the Indian spy agency was involved in the process, but the majority of the anti-jihadi recruits came from India-sponsored Northern Alliance forces around Kunduz, Afghanistan, an area long under the influence of India.  A large number of the men recruited to join anti-terrorist leaders like Abdullah Mehsud (after his release from Guantanamo in 2004) were either Uzbeks or disillusioned former Taliban, who were left behind to suffer the indignities of General Dostum and Gitmo, after the Kunduz airlift to Pakistan.

Top candidates for anti-jihad graduated from these Indian/American mind control programs and were then released into Afghanistan, where they mysteriously acquired limitless sources of cash, weaponry and recruits, before their reinsertion back into the Tribal Regions of Pakistan.  With the loyal Pakistani tribes embracing the released Taliban with open arms, apparently, no one bothered to question the reconditioned terrorists about their freedom and good fortune.

The Mehsud militants, just like all targeted militant Sunni outfits, used their reprogrammed influence upon other militant groups, to pollute the ideological integrity of the Tribal Islamists.   Using their recommitted mercenary cadres to commit acts of “false flag” sectarian terrorism, intended to implicate all Taliban,  the anti-jihadi leaders waged war upon Shia and upon other factions, particularly those allied with Maulvi Nazir. with the intention of igniting the anti-jihadi “civil war” first in the tribal tinderbox of Wana, intended then to spread to all of the restive FATA Region.  By early 2007 there was a virtual mini-war underway within Wana, fueled by punitive attacks committed upon pious Muslims by self-appointed, Wahhabi/Deobandi-influenced, Shariah-pushing Uzbeks, most of them from the IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan).

These acts of “Islamist” terrorism served to obliterate the ideological purity of the radical Islamist factory in Pakistan, which had always supplied fresh fighters to the Taliban fighting the fore Afghanistan, to the war in Bosnia, to assorted adventures in the MENA region.  Painting over the “Holy Warrior” imagery employed around the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was easy, using faithful puppets to ensure daily scenes of mass-murder, drawn in shades of bright red, using brushes dipped in puddled pools of spent, wasted human life.  Now, the factory’s terrorist output is turning against the factory itself, planning to explode it, using sabotage from within the Taliban movement.  Such is the purpose of all or part of the Pakistani Taliban, the TTP.

This is where an anti-jihadi movement might actually help to implode Pakistan’s Sunni terrorist union.  By taking the jihad to the jihadis, in such a way as to challenge the moral legal ground staked-out by the Taliban, thoughtful, sincere counter-jihadis can easily refute the false Taliban message.  Wahhabi/Deobandi claims of divine privilege to slaughter the unbelievers is not from the Quran.  It is NOT a message meant for our time; it is a vestige of a people seeking to establish earthly order through the creation of self-defined Law (Shariah).

Even though there is no real evidence to tie India to actions of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), we can measure the success of the anti-Taliban Mehsud by the fact that everybody automatically assumes now that every act of terror is tied to Pakistan.  Most of us are willing to believe every false media projection of Pakistani guilt for everything in that part of Asia, or associating all Tribals and militants with the term “Taliban.”

Then there are the mysterious murders of Taliban trainer and mentor, ISI colonel, Sultan Amir Tarar (also known as Col. Imam) and ISI agent Khalid Khawaja, who were killed trying to deliver to Hakeemullah Mehsud a list of

14 senior Punjabi Taliban commanders…were getting financial assistance from Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)”, according to Khalid Khawaja.

In an infamous video gone viral, Col. Imam was murdered by one of Hakeemullah’s men, after a long harangue by Mehsud.  The two elderly former ISI agents were on their way through dangerous Tribal country to deliver the list to Mehsud, yet some mysterious, new group, calling itself the “Asian Tigers,” kidnaps them, only to deliver them to Hakeemullah.  Khawaja was accused of being a CIA operative, the charge for which he was killed.  Just another bizarre incident in the land of Jihadis and anti-Jihadis, along with jihadis pretending to be anti-jihadis, and vice versa.













Obama, name the enemy that we will be fighting for decades.

We no longer fight “al-Qaeda,” since we are allied with al-Nusra in Syria.  We claim to be hunting al-Q in Yemen, yet we help the Saudi air war to destroy al-Q’s enemies.

Obama’s policies are compound failures, doing untold damage, until they are corrected.  Allowing the Pentagon to dictate American foreign policy has been Barack Obama’s greatest mistake.

Judging from the overall tenor of ongoing American and international foreign policy debate, that world peace is in danger because of new tensions between the US and Russia.  Cast aside for a moment, the question of fault or guilt in this reversal of world events, the fact remains that popular opinion now holds, that the so-called “nuclear clock” is now advancing, after being frozen in time, because of world events.  If our then Sec. State Hillary had devoted one-tenth of her time pursuing “partnerships for peace,” there would have no political destabilization of Ukraine, Syria and Libya.  After all, even the Russians are also signatories to the PFP program.

Her machinations against Russia and against Europe caused the Maidan revolution and the civil war which was to follow.  How is it that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could screw things up so badly in just over one year, that the US would cast aside years spent striving for US/Russian friendship and cooperation, in favor of reviving the “Cold War”?

By 2010, the “Peace Dividend” accrued after the end of the first Cold war had been squandered and Obama was pursuing a path of war against Russia and every nation friendly to Russia.  Why was it deemed necessary within the confused American administration to pursue a program of fomenting “regime change” (the new euphemism for “color revolution”) from Mali to Ukraine, without first giving due consideration for the negative fallout which would obviously follow such an overt policy of aggression?

Weighing the costs of continued peace-making with Russia and China vs the cost of a tragic World War, should have persuaded the elegant lawyer from Chicago and his Arkansan partner in crimes against humanity against a path of war.  Arms control treaties signed during the Reagan era are being walked away from, even though this gives Russia an excuse to modernize its nuclear arsenal.  Obama’s first-term choice to  abrogate his  authority as Commander-In-Chief to the Joint Chiefs, accomodated Pentagon ambitions to assert “full-spectrum” dominance over the entire world, but it neutered the American Commande-In-Chief.

This full-spectrum of control would rely almost entirely on the principle of “private contractors,” meaning that proxies and corporate entities would be assimilated and and contractualized to fight the Pentagon’s resource wars for them.  But, early on, the Pentagon handed the entire “Islamist” recruitment program over to the Gulf monarchies.  Qatar, especially, apparently sought-out the most radical Islamist killers available, just like in the original Afghan Jihad against Russia.  These types make excellent killers, but they are almost impossible to control.

The plan to assimilate all of the compliant armies of the world is centered upon the “Partnership for Peace” program and similar military-to-military exchanges, including acts of apparent Pentagon largesse in the gifting of obsolete weaponry to enable diplomatic bribery.  All of this is envisioned to be run by US Special Forces and their ragtag little “Lily Pad Armies,” who will fight their resource wars for them, and eventually guard precious pipelines yet to be built, since the rest of the regular Army and Nat. Guard seem to suffer from moral compunctions about fighting this kind of immoral, dirty war, which will have no foreseeable conclusion.  In order to enable this worldwide war of assassination, run by the professional killers of SOCOM, directing proxy armies in multiple wars to monopolize world energy markests’ expansion, American foreign policy must be wrested from the weak-willed, the suicidal, and those suffering from PTSD guilt.

Spec Ops wages undeclared war against those who resist US dominance, anyone who fights the “inevitable” American takeover of their country.  This is the war they want to fight; this is the war which the war on terror has been mutated into.  Any man who would take-up arms and fight against American domination is deemed a “terrorist” and the enemy.

The Pentagon objective is to return in force to their former sheltered cloister in peaceful Europe, while the “Lily Pad Armies” fight their resource wars for them.  The Pentagon is extremely ambitious (“gung-ho”) about its plans for remilitarizing Europe, even though their all-volunteer force is worn-out from 14 years spent “out of country.”  As a result of Pentagon plans to take American armor right up to the Russian border, Russian President Putin is justified in moving nuclear-capable missiles, Russian troops and armor right-up to the chosen frontier with Eastern Europe.  Even under the hawkish eye of George Bush, peaceful US/Russian frontiers were expanding and being reinforced.  What has happened since, under Obama, is that he has caused this horrendous reversal.

Just as Obama now seems to be awakening to one aspect of the dangers of his policy of trusting Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria (because they have caused him to lose contol of the river of Islamists now flowing into the Middle East), he must also face the facts that his policies elsewhere have been just as wrong, especially in Ukraine.  He must also reverse the flow of American forces and private contractors into Ukraine, for the purpose of removing the presence of Russia from Eastern Ukraine.

Stopping the Islamist Highway into Syria will require coordination with all of the local players.  Turkey must stop letting them across.  Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE must stop helping the insane jihadis who have been invited onto the Islamist Highway into Syria, just as they must disrupt the financing and supply of “Jihadi pioneers” looking for the highway West to Damascus.

Ethnic cleansing in Donbass, Ukraine, or religious house cleaning in the Middle East, it is all the same, echoing the same failed Obama policies that authorized the flow of Islamists and foreign fighters into Syria.

Obama, The Devil, Is Luring the World Over the Nuclear Threshold In Ukraine

Peter Chamberlin

So many of us are still so childlike in our belief in “America,” the ideal, that we continue to sit in silent awe on the sidelines, waiting for someone, anyone, to explain to us how it is that our America consistently produces presidents who eagerly tear through the world like bulls in china shops, destroying heirloom governments without hesitation, in their zeal to create new, subservient mini-states.

Did George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have similar war ambitions?  Would they have exported war and instigated artificial revolutions to destroy nations, in order to control their energy markets (SEE: Cold War-style confrontation between US and Russia focuses on energy rather than military)?

Would the founding fathers have admired Obama and Bush as they have so outrageously used and abused the nearly sancrosanct ideals of Democracy and “human rights,” using them as “war-bait” (a set-up for war) for luring unhappy, but unwarring nations onto the path of destruction?

There was no war in Iraq, nor in Yemen, in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, nor in Ukraine, before Bush and Obama created them from thin air and unstable populations.  Were these “Noble Acts” on America’s part?

Do you think the citizens of those countries, who participated in Obama’s insurrections regret their actions?

Is there more or less terrorism in those countries now, or in the world in general, than there was before American hands created all of these conflicts?

By trusting the world into American hands all of these years, the world has been put into a very bad, very dangerous position.  All national economies, except for those of the OPEC countries, have been run into the ground, with most of the world operating solely upon the power of inflation and pure speculation.  The power of imagination can only get you so far, before someone has to stop and take stock of the reality of the situation.  You can see that reflection being expressed today by regretful diplomats and spies, like former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, who once served as Obama’s regime-change ax-man, only to recently denounce those policies as “singularly unsuccessful.”

Those faulty policies are still in place, still doing more damage, still pushing and prodding to turn Syria into some type of regional war.  Escalation of existing hostilities in either Syria or Libya will endanger and damage Europe, just as it would the entire Middle East.  The flow of refugees from the burgeoning war zones emptying into Europe would quickly turn into floods, or tsunamis of starving, dark-skinned refugees, into a weary, frightened, white European populace (SEE: THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS).

Why is it that American forces cannot stop chasing the rabbit of terrorism all over the globe for just a short while, long enough to give all of us a chance to catch our breath?  Why must the US Congress hurriedly pass another war authorization for an entirely new war against ISIS (which we helped the Arabs to create)?  What is it about Barack Obama which compels him to seek, or to create new conflicts wherever American forces can demonstrate their superiority over all other forces?

For those with eyes to see, it is plain to see that Obama is pushing one European country after another into dispute with Russia, with the intention of forcing Putin’s hand and pushing Russia into open warfare with its former satellite nations.  This is being done with obvious malice, under a design which risks igniting nuclear war in Europe, which could never be contained just to Europe and Russia.

Obama is gambling with all of our lives, risking nuclear war over oil, nuclear and natural gas markets…and that is really all that ALL OF THIS is about…Who will provide the gas to heat European homes…who will supply nuclear power to light European homes.

Using national armies to sieze markets is a crime against humanity…Supporting the use of national armies to seize energy markets is a moral sin against our species and our Creator.


US Army Trains World Army To Fight the War for “Pax America”


–the Pentagon Trains the World Armies To Fight the Phantom Threats
–Which we create

ukraine trainingUS Trainers To Deploy To Ukraine

Also Will Begin Shipment of US-funded Armored Vehicles


U.S. Army Africa sponsors African Deployment Partnership Training in Benin/></a></td><br />
                          <td width=U.S. Army Africa sponsors African Deployment Partnership Training in Benin


(Jan. 15, 2015) Marine Maj. Christopher Ross, an infantry officer with the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force, looks on as Iraqi army soldiers practice maneuver techniques at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq. Ross is working with Iraq Army officers and noncommisioned officers to develop advanced training for Iraqi army recruits. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. William White)U.S. Troops headed to Syria to aid fight against ISIS


97814 fullUS military returns to Iraq 3 years after withdrawing


brits training peshmergaBritish Army Training The Peshmerga In Northern Iraq


Sweden is home to some 100,000 Kurdish immigrants

Sweden to send military trainers to Kurdistan

Timeline for Bandar’s Blueprint for Civil War In Libya and Syria

[PART II. Bandar’s Blueprint for Civil War]

Peter Chamberlin


Jan. 20, 2005,  President Bush’s Second Inaugural Address,

“So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world….

 All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: the United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you.

Democratic reformers facing repression, prison, or exile can know: America sees you for who you are: the future leaders of your free country….

By our efforts, we have lit a fire as well – a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power, it burns those who fight its progress, and one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world.”

rafik dead Rafik Hariri, former Prime Minister of Lebanon

February 14, 2005, Unknown assassins blow-up the one man whose violent death changes history.  Rafik Hariri died from the effects of by a massive bomb of unidentified type in Beirut Marina on this day.  A half-hour after the blast, a new terrorist outfit (reportedly an offshoot of Al-Qaida In Iraq), identifying itself as Al-Nusra wel Jihad in the Levant” (the first use of the name al-Nusra), called Aljazeera, claiming to have killed Hariri.  clip_550

June 7, 2006, A militant leader, alleged to be al-Zarqawi, is eliminated in Iraq, AQI Iraq splinters into multiple new terrorist groups, including Fatah al-Islam,  Abdullah Azzam Brigades (Leb.), Islamic State, as well as the first incarnation of Al-Nusra.

(July 12 – August 14, 2006)  Insraeli invasion Lebanon

July 23, 2006, U.S. Plan Seeks to Wedge Syria Away From Iran
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice heads to Middle East to initiatate beginning stages of a plan to persuade Saudi Arabia and Egypt to help convince Syrian President Assad to abandon Hezbollah.

Dec. 8, 2006   Tony Blair intervenes in BAE investigation on behalf of Saudis

December 12, 2006   Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States,resigns

May 20, 2007, Fatah al-Islam attacks Leb. Army at Nahr al-Bared Palestinian  camp.  The group is affiliated with Al-Qaida In Iraq and reportedly swears allegiance to al-Masri the Egyptian boss of AQII.

12 February 2008, Bandar allegedly arrested in Damascus, where Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh was also killed, that same day.

13 February, Bandar misses a court appearance at US District Court in Washington, as defendant over admitted bribes in BAE affair, 07-1646 – CITY OF HARPER WOODS EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT SYSTEM v. OLVER et al.  Civil Action No. 07-1646 (RMC).  Plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Harper Woods Emp. Ret. Sys., were suing Bandar et. al., to avoid getting caught-up in terror war sanctions over terrorist financing, or profiting from Bandar’s bribes from BAE which the rogue prince admitted to in the following video, and then dismissed as small potatoes in the grand geostrategic scheme of things.

May 7, 2008Lebanon‘s 17-month long political crisis spiraled out of control. The fighting was sparked by a government move to shut down Hezbollah’s telecommunication network and remove Beirut Airport’s security chief

July 12, 2008, Bashar al-Assad meets Pres. Sarkozy in Paris

September3-4, 2008,  Nicolas Sarkozy uses Lebanese arms dealer arms dealer Ziad Takieddine to obtain meeting with Assad in Syria, to negotiate a “New Page” with the West for both Assad and Qaddafi.

Dec. 15. 2008,  Bandar back in Wash., DC,this time to give warning about France and Turkey’s schemes bearing unwanted fruit in Syria (from Bandar and the intensification of the face of the forces of extremism, Al-Akhbar site)

حذر بندر المسؤولين في الادارة الجديدة من مشروع الانفتاح على سوريا وطالبها بتكثيف جهودها لمنعها من العودة إلى المجتمع الدولي وإخراجها من العزلة على غرار ما فعلته فرنسا. Bandar warned officials in the administration of the new opening to Syria [as did France] and demanded to intensify their efforts to prevent them from returning to the international community out of isolation. وبيّن للمسؤولين في إدارة أوباما أنه لا بد من إحداث تغيير داخلي في سوريا لأن النظام السوري يواجه معضلات في الداخل وصراعات داخلية، وأنه على ثقة بأن النظام كان على وشك السقوط لولا التدخل الفرنسي والأوروبي وتركيا التي هيّأت فرصاً سياسية للنظام لكي يخفف من وطأة الحصار والعزلة عن طريق إحياء المسار التفاوضي بين دمشق وتل ابيب وتفعيله. And between the officials of the Department of Obama that it is essential to bring about internal change in Syria because the Syrian regime is facing problems at home and internal conflicts, and was confident that the system was on the verge of falling to the intervention of French and European Turkey,

In January 2009, a Navy colonel Valentin Polyansky was shot dead in Moscow.

In February 2009, an FSB General Alexander Rogachev died from “heart attack”

March 11, 2009, Bashar Assad’s visit to Riyadh on 

March 30, 2009,   Gaddafi condemns Arab leaders

June 21, 2009, Gen. Petrov, head of the opposition group “Concept of Public Safety”, died in Moscow. Supporters of General Petrov unanimously said that Gen. Petrov had been poisoned.

Aug 2, 2009,  rumor of Bandar’s attempted  “coup” plot is first revealed by Iran’s PRESSTV (In kingdom, Saudi prince’s coup ‘fails’), quoting Saad al-Faqih, head of the opposition group Islamic Reform Movement, claiming that Bandar had 200 Saudi security service agents prepared to stage a coup against King Abdullah.

October 7, 2009, King Abdullah visits Damascus

November 23, 2009, a GRU officer Anton Surikov suspiciously died after drinking a cup of coffee in a provincial restaurant in the Volga town of Izhevsk.

May 12, 2010, an Airliner crashes while landing in Libya; 104 people feared dead
July 28, 2010, the Japanese supertanker M. Star, attacked by Abdullah Azzam Brigades
August 16, 2010, Major-General Yuri Yevgenyevich body found along the shore near Çevlik beach,Province of Hatay, Turkey, approximately 40 north of Tartus.
Aug.14, British analyst Gareth Williams disappeared
Sept. 14, 2010 ,  The bodies of three engineers were found on the morning of Monday, in the service apartments at the airbase Sultan Hasanuddin, located in the province of South Sulawesi (Makassar, Indonesia).
Oct. 6. 2010–general Victor Chevrizov, was killed in Moscow
October 1, 2010,  Crescent International was the first to publish the story of Bandar’s arrest, by author Yusuf Dhia-Allah, on  (SEE: Ambitious Bandar overplayed his hand in the Kingdom).
October 15, 2010 Bandar resurfaces

Oct. 18 (UPI) — A top Gazprom Sergei Klyuka kills self with gun,
Oct 19, 2010–Bombers Storm Chechen Parliament
October 20, 2010,  Sarkozy’s plan for a NEW PAGE with Assad and Qaddafi is officially dead, as his double-agent, Nuri Mesmari (Qaddafi’s chief of protocol), initiates Sarko’s alternative “Plan B,” the Libyan uprising.
October 28, 2010, Gen. Gregory Dubrov “fell under a train”,
October 30, 2010–general, Vladimir Shamanov, narrowly escaped death in a road incident 
December 8, 2010, King Abdullah has back surgery, brother Crown Prince Sultan assumes the throne.

December 18, 2010 The Arab Spring began in Tunisia

January 14, 2011, the Tunisian Government was overthrown.  

January 26, 2011. Public demonstrations across Syria began

January 31, 2011, a string of murders began in the general vicinity of Russian scientist Pikayev’s apartment building in Malta, beginning with a Russian woman named Yulia Kalinina,

On 3 February, a “Day of Rage” was called for in Syria posted on social media sites Facebook

Feb 15, 2011, the Libyan Working Group  issued a Call for Libyan Revolution on YouTube

Feb 15/16, 2011 – A riot in Benghazi was triggered by the arrest of human rights activist Fethi Tarbel.

Feb. 17 – Activists designate an actual day of rage in Libya.

18 February, Active resistance to the government began in Benghazi after three days of protests turned violent. Security forces had killed fourteen protesters the previous day.

Feb 21, 2011,  two Libyan air force jets landed in Malta  and their pilots asked for political asylum.

Feb 23, 2011, King Abdullah resumes the throne

Feb. 26 – Anti-Libyan government militias, led by foreign Special Forces advisers took control of Misrata, after evicting forces loyal to Gaddafi.

Feb. 26 – The U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions on Gaddafi and his family,

February 21-28, 2011, I-Go Aid was set up by the Libyan Working group, from British Chatham House, employing a group of Libyan and Maltese nationals.

Feb. 28, Saudi King makes his first public appearance, quelling rumors of his death.

, A Facebook group, The Syrian revolution against [President] Bashar al-Assad 2011,stages public anti-govt protests which turn violent.

Mar 17, 2011 Security Council Approves a ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Libya as a measure to protect civilians, who were allegedly being “massacred” by Qaddafi’s forces.
March 19, 2011 Viktor Ilyukhin “suddenly died”
March 30,2011,  SYRIAN OIL AND GAS NEWS makes announcement for International Offshore Bid Round 2011, Category: Oil Ministry Decisions & Declarations

March 30, 2011, Report of Bandar’s arrest and confession released in Champress.

April 10, 2011, A 36-year-old man from Chad and resident of Marsa was found dead floating face down in St George’s Bay, St Julian’s, Malta.

April 25, 2011, the Syrian government deployed the Syrian Army to Daraa, to quell the uprising.

April 29, 2011, another  floating corpse was found in Bugibba—-”The corpse is probably that of an Englishman.”

May 25, 2011, a massive explosion at Abadan oil refinery in Iran during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

June 4, 2011, a decomposing corpse was found in Bugibba, belonging to a Bulgarian woman, Irena  Bilyanova Abadzhieva. 

Jun 23, 2011,: Top Russian Reactor Designers Among Those Killed In Russia Aircrash
June 24, 2011, an alleged Russian coup plotter, General Vladislav Achalov was allegedly killed by the FSB.

On July 7, a huge explosion takes place at an ammo dump in Turkmenistan. 

Jul 11, 2011, another  massive explosion rips through another  ammunition dump, this one is in Cyprus. 

August 17, 2011,  Syria announces discovery of new gas field near Homs—Daily Star

August 18, 2011,  Executive Order 13582– Blocking Property of the Government of Syria and Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to Syria

Aug 26, 2011, Iranian Security Sources Finger Qaddafi for 1978 Killing of Shia Imam[The fact that they would release this story now demonstrates a unity of purpose between NATO, Saudi Arabia and Iran.]

October 11, 2011 Two Men Charged in Alleged Plot to Assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States. 

October 21, 2011,  Heir to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Sultan, Bandar’s father, dies.  

April 15, 2012,   Militants attack Bannu, Pakistan jail, 400 inmates escape, many Pakistani Taliban.

Jul 18, 2012,  an attempted bombing of Bashar Assad and top military brass (killed Syrian intel. chief)

July 19, 2012, Bandar became the new head of Saudi intelligence.

Jul 22, 2012,  Bandar nearly assassinated in bomb attack (his assistant chief dies in the blast)

9/11-12/2012,  Benghazi attack

July 22, 2013,  Bandar’s Boys Stage Assault On Abu Ghraib Prison, Aljazeera Reports 500 Escapees, Mostly “Al-Q In Iraq”

July 26, 2013,  Bandar’s Boys Assassinate Another Anti-Islamist Leader—This Time He Struck In Tunisia

July 28, 2013,  Bandar’s Plan Blows Into Libya, Murdering Leading Activist and Breaking-Out Radical Prisoners

July 28, 2013 More than 1000 inmates escape from Libyan jail


At What Point Will Putin Bend Under Obama’s Ukraine Extortion?

Have we reached the point where American economic warfare against Russia has become so painful that Putin has to stop standing in between Bashar Assad and Obama?  With the “one-two punch” of punitive banking and oil industry sanctions, followed by plunging oil prices, the American aggression is starting to bear evil fruit.

Further economic sanctions of similar severity and as yet to be identified legal sanctions will severely compound Putin’s problems, across the board.  This would probably be enough to crash the ruble, even before any military provocations are carried out.  So, as is the way of geostrategic thinkers, Putin can easily see the endgame of Obama’s gambit, meaning that the military contest will decide everything in the end, so why not go there now?  Thus explaining the resurgence of Russian apocalyptic references to the humiliation being forced upon it.  If we get past all of the diplomatic B.S., who will blink first, when it comes to pulling the nuclear trigger?

If the United States Government insists on pushing this punish Putin paranoia over Ukraine and for resisting his will in Syria, then this summer will be a very dangerous time to visit Europe or the Middle East.  Obama forced this “war or surrender” scenario upon Putin once before, over the Ghouta chemical weapons extortion caper last September (SEE: Syria: Russia will stand by Assad over any US strikes, warns Putin on September 6).  Deflecting that ultimatum, Putin managed to sidestep Obama’s push with the plan to dispose of Assad’s chem weapons, catching everyone off guard on September 10 (SEE: Russian move to avert airstrikes on Syria benefits Obama and Putin).

Now we are faced with another contrived confrontation between nuclear superpowers, this time it is over Ukraine.  The Russian war resolution, a.k.a. “Ukrainian Freedom Support Act,” authorizes Obama to cross all of Russia’s “red lines” on Ukraine, as punishment for helping the Syrian govt avoid the Western siege, as much as it is over aid to the NovoRussian rebels.  In this act, Russia is presented with a list of specific demands, running the gamut from semi-reasonable measures, such as stopping weapons to Donbass, to demands which are outrageous in the extreme, like vetting all Russian aid to Assad through the “internationally recognized government” of Syria, a “government” which is either run by Saudi puppet Ahmad Jarba, or Saudi hand-puppet, Hadi al-Bahra.  In other words, the Saudi pretenders to the Syrian presidency (handpicked by Kerry and Obama) who were assembled in Geneva by Obama, will gain International legitimacy through the Ukrainian back door.   After the Ukraine resolution goes into effect, Putin will be faced with this ludicrous dilemma, have to completely alter Russian foreign and domestic policies to accommodate Washington’s demands.  It doesn’t matter what he does in Ukraine, if he continues to send military aid to Assad, without first getting permission from the Syrian National Coalition, he will be faced with even deadlier (as yet unknown) consequences than the economic warfare inflicted so far.

Assad will very likely be hung out to dry, flapping in the breeze, either way.  Whether Putin accepts Obama’s ultimatum or forces a military solution, it will very likely become impossible for him carry-on for Syria much longer.  Assad’s only hope is if Putin chooses to walk down the hard road, carrying little Bashar along the way.

Obama’s demands cover nearly all facets of Russian international commerce and diplomatic actions, including demands to vacate Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, reverse course in Moldavia, Georgia, not to mention, leaving the rest of Eastern Europe and the Central Asian Republics alone.  Obama wants the entire former Soviet Union territory in one fell swoop.  The US is claiming the equivalent of veto control over the Gazprom decision-making process, as well as the right to arm Ukraine to the teeth, and the right to install propaganda transmitters anywhere now covered by Russian broadcasts.

In other words, the US Congress has set up another international confrontation between the US and Russia, to veto ANY RUSSIAN BEHAVIOR which has not been pre-authorized by the White House.  If Putin doesn’t cede total control over his govt to Obama, in the interests of peace and world government, then the US will move proxy forces into Russian territory, beginning with Eastern Ukraine.  The Ukraine act plainly states that Western allies will enter the Donbass conflict, to provide “evacuation assistance” to refugees in the war zone.

All US anti-Russian sanctions, diplomatic moves and economic warfare have been directed towards bringing Russia to its knees, in a make-or-break showdown, intended to end either in total Russian surrender or world war.  Now the US Congress, speaking on behalf of the entire human race, doubles Russia’s punishment, while also moving the contest into the military sphere, all with the overt intention of destroying the Russian economy and toppling Vladimir Putin.

When it comes down to the wire and Putin is left with no wiggle room, he will once again choose to bend over for Obama and let him ride right up his ass, if he cannot come-up with another judo dodge move.  When push comes to shove, Bashar Assad will be toast and Obama will be crowned king of the world, or else we we warm-up the tactical nuclear missiles.

Censorship Through Search-Engine Tampering

[In case anyone hasn’t noticed, or hasn’t been paying attention, Google’s infamous “secret algorithm” has been squeezing most blogs out of search results.  Even blogs which are treasure troves of information on the Imperial war on humanity, such as No Sunglasses, can no longer be found by “stumbling-upon” them in concerted searches on specific topics, using Google searches.  Prior to Google’s previous reworking of its search algorithm, called “Panda” (SEE:  Getting Squeezed-Out of Google Searches With the Panda Logarithm), which devastated the Alexa Ratings Index for this website and others like it,

snapshot no sun  Dec. 3, 2014

This site lost over 100,000 points in the Alexa system, because readership is down that much, 400+ daily visitors difference.  Before, “therearenosunglasses” nearly always came up in most web searches, pertaining to the American dictatorship or resistance to it.  Now, after the new algorithm rework, we are faced with Google’s next generation search barricade, called “Hummingbird” (SEE: Hummingbird Unleashed), which has flat-lined most of us.  The proof of Hummingbird censorship has been summed-up in this article from aangirfan, “TRUTH BLOGS UNDER ATTACK.”  It is impossible at this stage of the game to determine whether this can all be written-off to more of the same govt/corporate censorship of truth-tellers (a.k.a., “conspiracy theorists”), or it can be partially explained by the move to hand-held computers and the tendency to turn everything into another “APP” (SEE: Lets talk about Hummingbird—Parts 1 and 2)]



Will Fracking Kill Gasohol?

In a world beset by starvation and famine..,in a country overburdened by hunger and malnutrition…, is it possible to prove a direct link between human suffering and the US executive decision to turn 40% of the American corn crop into ethanol?  How much (if any) of this misery was increased by the “gasohol” initiative?  I have located one news report from the Boston Herald which addresses these questions, highlighting another comprehensive study produced by the United Nations.  Both of these are posted below. 

The following chart from the UN report definitely shows just how much of US corn production has been transferred over into ethanol production and how much American grain exports have fallen.  Even though we produce twice the corn that we did in 1980, actual exports have dropped by 20% and farmers are only feeding a little more to livestock than they did back then.  What would the effect be upon global hunger if we were exporting all or most of that increased corn production to Africa, or wherever it is needed?

ethanol and corn

Fuel policy wreaks global havoc, as well as HLPE-Report-5_Biofuels_and_food_security were buried so deeply within the Internet, that they had to be found and retrieved the hard way, All Google-acquired links for either report were dead.  The HLPE Report may remain available at ResearchGate.  Biofuels and Food Security will remain here until  therearenosunglasses is also “disappeared.”].  This report was so controversial upon its release in June 2013 that the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance demanded that its UN authors “withdraw” the “imbalanced report [with] impractical policy recommendations” from publication.  From its retrieval difficulty level, I would have to assume that the UN met the American demands.  The following excerpts help explain the temperature of this document.

“The share of US corn production directed to ethanol increased in one decade from less than 10 percent to over 40 percent in the 2010/11 crop year, and remained at that high level in 2011/2012. Not only did the US exports and share in international corn trade decline as a result, but a significant part of the expansion of corn production in the US came at the expense of other major global crops, including soybeans.”

“The use of either grain or oilseeds for biofuels leaves a large co-product useful as an animal feed. In the case of ethanol from grain, the co-product is dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS) and, in the case of biodiesel, the co-product is principally oilseed meal. Yet, even with the production of co-products, the diversion of the grain or the vegetable oil into the biofuel itself does sacrifice some food production and therefore creates pressures on prices.

“To evaluate the overall impact of corn-ethanol production on food prices, the animal feed co-products, which are the result of ethanol production – dry and wet distiller´s grains – must be taken into account. Any analysis that fails to account for these co-products will overstate the impacts of biofuels on food supplies. With the expansion of ethanol production, these animal feeds become produced in sufficient quantities to affect the animal feed market, competing with soy meal. Co-products are even more important in calculating the price effects of biodiesel. Soybean, which is by far the principal feedstock in the US, Brazil and Argentina, and rapeseed in the EU, produce protein meal, which at certain levels of biodiesel production can similarly exert downward pressure on feed markets and therefore on animal protein products.
Source: FAO (2013).

If this extensive, corporate-contested UN commissioned study can be easily suppressed to win favor with pissed-off US corporate advocacy groups, then it may be impossible to answer any cause and effect questions about US policies, using the Internet.

Has anyone bothered to consider or measure the increase in US fuel inflation caused by the American ethanol program?  More importantly, is it even possible to measure the amount that ethanol-driven fuel inflation has contributed to overall  inflationary factors?  What percentage of the recent all-time record high fuel prices can be attributed to the US decision to add ethanol to its gasoline?  

What happens when one gas-producing enterprise comes up against another gas/oil-producing endeavor?  The dry American West cannot support two water-intensive fuel industries simultaneously, either gasohol will have to give way to “fracking” or both will have to continue, albeit at reduced levels of production.  Profit will ultimately determine the winner in this contest.  Fracking may fall victim to its own success.  The more American shale-oil that enters the global oil market, the more that Middle Eastern suppliers are driven to push the price of oil down through oversupply, even if it means a global oil “price war.”  The current plunge in oil prices has begun to set-off global deflation, threatening to burst the fracking bubble. 

break-even thresholds for U.S. shale projects BLOOMBERG

What happens when the breakeven point of oil production comes up against society’s “tipping point,” the point at which scarcity causes revolution to break-out (SEE: Are Plunging Oil Prices Portent of More Violent Revolutions, Possibly World War?)?  What happens when America’s geostrategic decisions to wage a global energy war collide with its domestic policies?  Will America’s war reach its own tipping point?  Gasohol and fracking were geostrategic decisions made to forestall American economic collapse, while simultaneously bringing-about the ruin of other oil-producing economies like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.  The world strategy may destroy the economies of the Russian bloc, or it may fail, but the real trick is in bringing-about their ruin and not our own.

Fuel policy wreaks global havoc   [BEHIND PAY WALL BOSTON HERALD]


By: Yaneer Bar-yam

“In total, the impact of corn-to-ethanol conversion has led to doubled food prices from 2004 to 2013.”

Last month, members of the European Parliament’s environment committee voted to limit the use of crop-based biofuels in the transportation sector in an effort to mitigate the environmental and social impacts of biofuels production. This came in the wake of a report by the United Nations, which reviews the mounting body of evidence showing the harmful effects of biofuels.

The new “Biofuels and Food Security” report elevates concerns about the harsh global consequences of the United States’ biofuels policy. When crops such as corn are used to produce biofuels — as is being done in the U.S. to meet the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) — food and animal feed availability is reduced, food prices rise dramatically and hunger intensifies worldwide, as already impoverished people struggle to secure sustenance.

The U.N. report was released just a day after President Obama, in announcing his plan to address climate change, reiterated support for the RFS. Since its establishment by Congress in 2005 and aggressive expansion in 2007, the policy has been touted as a solution to rising greenhouse gas emissions and a cure-all for the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. It mandates the blending of increasing quantities of biofuels — the most common of which by far is corn-based ethanol — into the U.S. gasoline supply.

But in practice, the RFS is introducing new environmental woes and doing little to limit U.S. dependence on foreign oil, and it has become increasingly clear that the policy is causing a number of unintended consequences with devastating impacts. The requirement diverts more than 40 percent of all corn grown in the U.S. — the world’s largest corn producer and exporter — to fuel production, swelling prices for corn and other grains, increasing animal-feed costs and tightening supplies of food. For every gallon of ethanol required by the standards to be blended into the U.S. gasoline supply, 14 people could be fed for a day.

These dangerously elevated worldwide food prices currently sit at the threshold above which widespread global unrest is expected. As the U.S. continues to promote fuel over food, food insecurity is causing outrage and instability. Food price spikes between 2007 and 2008 have been directly linked to more than 60 food riots in 30 countries. In 2011, the Arab Spring began in large part because of food insecurity.

According to the USDA’s chief economist, Joseph Glauber, “The increase in U.S. ethanol production was estimated to account for about 36 percent of the increase in corn prices over the period from 2006 to 2009.” Our analysis is consistent with this evaluation and further shows an even larger increase since 2009.

In total, the impact of corn-to-ethanol conversion has led to doubled food prices from 2004 to 2013. As the foundation of most animal feed, cereals, meal and cooking oil, price increases in corn carry over to other necessary food items. These concerns were among those highlighted in recent U.S. House Energy and Commerce committee hearings.

While other countries take action to address the various negative impacts of biofuel mandates, the continued implementation of the United States’ RFS stands to create further repercussions abroad. Reducing U.S. biofuel production would go a long way in lowering food prices both in the U.S. and around the world. We should act definitively to change this policy to prevent future consequences.

Yaneer Bar-Yam is president of the New England Complex Systems Institute. Dominic Albino and Casey Friedman provided research. “As You Were Saying” is a regular Herald feature.

Franklin Lamb—Disinformation Agent?

Franklin Lamb—Disinformation Agent?

I have had my doubts about Franklin for some time now, but I have had trouble putting my finger on the suspicion behind the bad vibe, until this submission arrived in today’s mail (SEE: Mossad Targets Nuclear Engineers in Damascus).  This explains why I have stopped featuring his monthly reports…I have suspected that he might be furthering the Syrian rebel/CIA position, which also implies resistance to anything related to Hezbollah.  But, I could be wrong about this, as I may have been wrong about him from the beginning.  That is the way of a good disinformation agent, first appearing as a “sheep,” when they may have been a “goat” all along, an “angel of light,” instead of an agent of darkness.
The problem about Franklin Lamb, for me, has always been his history with London School of Economics (SEE:  London School of Useful Idiots), a tool of The Crown and the Empire.  (It was, after all, the LSE which produced the infamous “Sheik Omar,” who was the primary motivator in most of Pakistan’s most memorable “Al-Qaeda”/Pakistani Taliban terrorist conspiracies (alleged paymaster of 911 plot), remember mostly for the Daniel Pearl beheading and, according to Benazir Bhutto, “Omar Sheikh, he murdered Osama bin Laden“.)
It seems that the truth about Franklin Lamb’s agenda is finally coming to light through this post and previous monthly reports from the Syrian war zone.  After reading Mossad Targets Nuclear Engineers in Damascus, I am left with a feeling of Mullah hatred, which was not there before.  Even though it claimed to be a report on the assassination of Nuclear scientists in Damascus, this post proved to be a thorough argument that the anti-Iranian sanctions were having a powerful, “positive” effect.  He is justifying anti-Iran coalition war efforts, by helping to introduce a “new narrative” on Syria into the Internet blogosphere, one which brands Iran as an “occupying power” and the war in Syria as an Iranian war of aggression, NOT OBAMA’S WAR OF AGGRESSION.  He is pushing a report that has been produced by an Iranian dissident group, called Naame Shaam, without ever clarifying who authored the report titled “IRAN IN SYRIA – From an Ally of the Regime to an Occupying Force,”  The following quote from the Naame report encapsulates the report’s anti-Iranian, pro-Free Syrian Army agenda.]
“The authors therefore propose a new narrative about the Syrian revolution and the current situation in Syria, as well as a new set of demands in light of this new reality. The war in Syria, they say, should be regarded as an international conflict that warrants the application of the four Geneva Conventions and the regime-held areas of Syria should be considered occupied territory – not metaphorically but in the strict legal sense of the word.
Recognising the war in Syria as an international conflict that involves a foreign occupation and a people struggling for liberation may also provide a powerful ‘legal weapon’ against the Iranian regime, namely that it is committing ‘grave breaches’ of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which
are considered even more serious war crimes than the ones outlined in chapter I. This is because, as an occupying force, Iran has certain ‘duties’ towards the Syrian population under its occupation.  Syrian revolution and the current situation in Syria, as well as a new set of demands in light of this new reality. The war in Syria, they say, should be regarded as an international conflict that warrants the application of the four Geneva Conventions and the regime-held areas of Syria should be considered occupied territory – not metaphorically but in the strict legal sense of the word.
Recognising the war in Syria as an international conflict that involves a foreign occupation and a people struggling for liberation may also provide a powerful ‘legal weapon’ against the Iranian regime, namely that it is committing ‘grave breaches’ of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which

are considered even more serious war crimes than the ones outlined in chapter I. This is because, as an occupying force, Iran has certain ‘duties’ towards the Syrian population under its occupation.”

Before this, Mr. Lamb was doing his best to promote the Western-oriented DAASH narrative, as devised by the Pentagon, that is, that ISIS was a threat to everyone and that it was beyond the capabilities of regional forces to deal with it, instead of pointing-out the truth.  Defeating ISIS would be a simple matter, if Sunni regimes had the will, or the Western green-light.  We need to hand the job of their own self-defense back to them and allow the Jordanian, Saudi, Egyptian air forces to do the work, while we just step back.  If American airpower is needed for the job, then we should provide concentrated heavy-bombing, sufficient to eliminate each target as it is identified by Sunni govt. forces on the ground (SEE: NUKE ISIS!!—Terrorist Email To Mr. Foley’s Parents and Link To Execution Video ).

Peter Chamberlin


Saudi Arabia Is ISIS’s Sponsor…Why Is It “Offensive” To Admit This?

QUESTION: Prime Minister Maliki was clear today in holding Saudi Arabia responsible for supporting ISIL financially and morally. What do you think about this?


MS. PSAKI: It’s inaccurate and, frankly, offensive.”


If it is the official US GOV position that charging Saudi Arabia with supporting the ISIL/ISIS terrorists is “OFFENSIVE,” then it is only done to avoid self-incrimination.  The whole world knows that whatever the Saudis or other Gulf royals do in Syria, it is done on the orders of the USGOV.  If USGOV can order the hiring and firing of the Saudi chief of intelligence (Bandar), then it also controls the Saudi Iraqi policies, meaning that the Saudi Islamic Army which is currently running amok in Iraq is doing Obama’s will.  The CIA has run this “intelligence-driven” conflict since the start.  Taking advantage of the blundering image of George Bush, the USGOV established its official cover story for the CIA’s well-planned global war of aggression, hiding this truly evil revelation behind the excuse that we are in our quagmire because of our perceived ineptitude.  Our war plans have all gone awry because of this “comedy of errors.”—TOTAL LIE

We are where we are in the terror war because we have followed the CIA plan for global domination through selective national destabilization operations.  For USGOV to admit this or to allow another govt to admit this truth, or anything which suggests this, would be an admission that all of the “Islamist” terrorists who have been destabilizing the world have been ours.  If it is the official position of the IRAQIGOV that Saudi Arabia is sponsoring a well-trained army of terrorists, who are attempting to overthrow the IRAQIGOV, then USGOV must refute the state charges, or else prepare to help the Saudis defend their actions in Iraq before the UN Security Council.

ISIS/ISIL has always been associated with various intelligence agencies.  Under Bandar’s plan for Syria, ISIS was given the best training and equipment in Syria.  Upon Bandar’s forced retirement, ISIS and all of its shiny new equipment were transferred to Fallujah.  More money, men and equipment have continued to flow to these Sunni terrorists as they waged war against the Shia govt of Iraq.  Much of ISIS’s equipment was previously transferred to them in Syria from Libya, even from as far away as Bosnia.  All of this shuffling of men and equipment across Europe, across the Mediterranean, across the Middle East, even from the tumultuous conflicts in Russia, all of this, could not have happened without US logistical support.

NO, MS. PSAKI, it is neither inaccurate nor offensive to embrace the idea that Saudi machinery drives the terrorist armies of the world.  Eliminating this machinery of evil is the only action which will stabilize the world now that the CIA has worked so meticulously to destabilize all nations.  The Saudi royal family should be either be sent to Guantanamo or placed at the top of Washington’s drone
“hit list.”

…no other terrorists really matter.


Rafik Hariri’s Business Dealings More Relevant Than Beirut Phone Records

Saad Hariri: One Year Leading by Remote Control


Saad Hariri appears on a giant screen during a televised speech in Biel Center, Downtown Beirut. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi)

By: Hassan Illeik

Published Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scene One: Saad Hariri put a piece of property up for sale in the Barbir area. According to sources close to the Saudi embassy in Beirut, the property forms part of a plot of land the Saudis want to turn into housing projects for the people of Beirut.

The sale of the land is not particularly noteworthy. Its value is merely pocket change for Hariri. The surprise lies in the names of those who stepped in to buy it.

They are the president of Riyadi (Sporting) Club, Hisham Jaroudi, the “republic’s contractor” and businessman, Jihad al-Arab (brother of the head of Hariri’s personal security detail), and the former head of Future TV, Nadim al-Munla.

All three had built or expanded their wealth under the Hariri family mantle. Ultimately, the land went to al-Arab for around US$37 million.


Israel’s High-Pressure Leviathan Gas 4 Miles Down and Too Costly To Develop

stopped drilling at 6500 meters, or slightly over 4 miles.

Israel: Noble Energy Breaks Levant Basin Depth Record. Stops Drilling

Homer Ferrington rig

Israel’s High-Pressure Leviathan Gas 4 Miles Down and Too Costly To Develop

Peter Chamberlin

Israel is having problems trying to profit from the Mediterranean gas field that it has been trying to steal from some of its neighbors.  Drilling has been stopped since May 3, 2012 (SEE:  Leviathan Oil Well Drilling Postponed) by Noble Energy’s “Homer Ferrington” rig, which had been working in the Leviathan gas field.  Drilling stopped because of the unexpected high gas pressures encountered at the greatest depths.

Development of high-pressure gas, or “sour gas” (high sulfur content plus high pressure) requires deeper wells (new deep-drilling rig has been held-up in S. Korea until late next year) and extra facilities for reducing the pressure and lowering the sulfur content of the gas, in addition to the missing infrastructure that will be needed to be built for moving the gas from the Mediterranean to Israel, or to LP gas facilities, for shipping the product elsewhere.

As things now stand, Israel will “face a natural gas shortage from 2015.”

In addition to the drilling problems, there have also been legal hang-ups (court challenge to monopoly ownership of Leviathan), as well as financing difficulties in acquiring partners.  The major oil companies are afraid to invest in Israel, for fear of pissing-off the Arabs.  Even companies like Dutch giant Shell will only consider investing in gas and oil exploration through third party partners, like Woodside Petroleum (Shell holds 23% of Woodside stock), which is allegedly a conglomerate composed of Chinese, Texas and Australian interests, in order to have deniability about any investment which might develop.

According to this interview in MoneyWeek, with Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers, he claimed in 2006 that he “owned Woodside Petroleum,”  The Woodside Energy company is currently at the center of an international spy scandal after having just acquired drilling rights off East Timor.  That acquisition is at the center of an international stink storm that is now being generated by govt. leakers.  A cloud of suspicion hangs over the drilling contract which may have relied upon insider information, obtained through espionage conducted by Australian spy agency ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service  (SEE:  Australia’s Timor Spying Scandal. More Whistleblowers Emerge).

Here we have a very clear example of a national spy agency serving the interests of the corporations, confirming the evidence that Steve Kangas died for to bring it to the Internet.  Steve died of a gunshot wound to the head in the home offices of conservative leader Richard Mellon Scaife.  Mr. Scaife was Kangas’ favorite research subject (SEE:  The Origins of the Overclass).  His focus was upon exposing the nexus between the CIA and the rich and powerful and the corporations which they owned.

Are NSA spies acting as mentors to other intelligence agencies, manipulating them to align their interests with theirs, to facilitate their search for insider information for the big oil companies and corporations?

The Real “Moral Obscenity” In Syria’s Civil War Is How We Started It

JohnKerry-BlackEye-175x275_thumb2   Who kicked Kerry’s ass?

The Real “Moral Obscenity” In Syria’s Civil War Is How We Started It

Peter Chamberlin

(SEE:  Kerry: Use of chemical weapons in Syria “a moral obscenity” )

Which is the greater moral obscenity?  The fact that more than three-hundred civilians have been killed by chemical weapons, or the undeniable fact that over 100,000 Syrians have been killed by various means (most of them civilians), in a premeditated plan to create civil war in another sovereign nation?   (SEE: The Obscenity of Humanitarian Warfare).   The American Sec. of State is invoking moral outrage to justify further escalation of our interference in Syrian national affairs, to the point of committing Western troops in an actual physical aggression against Syria and the Syrian people.

If there was a place in American government or international humanitarian institutions for “morality,” or “fairness,” or “justice,” then all of these august bodies would presently be overwhelmed with ongoing investigations of American war crimes and crimes against humanity, instead of vacuously, deceptively, deliberating military strikes upon the people, who dare to resist American aggression.  Cruise missile, or other airstrikes to cripple the defenses of the Assad government, can only lead to intensified suffering and death for the civilians of Syria, as secular terrorists battle “Islamist” terrorists for control of whatever is left, this mini-civil war promised to follow within Syria, after Western attacks successfully ignite region-wide civil war.

This is NOT a “religious civil war,” as the Western media have erroneously mislabeled the Syrian civil war, misleading its viewers into parroting their manufactured lies about “Islam” around the “water coolers” and gossipy “grape vines,” as the American sheep go about their day in oblivious ignorance.  The idea that this is a religious war is misinformation, manufactured by the palace of lies in Langley.   This is clearly an Imperial war of aggression, directed at every nation in the Middle East (then against the entire world), A WAR AGAINST CIVILIANS.

The brilliant deception is in convincing the people of the world that the US military is fighting against other militaries.  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  THE PENTAGON DOESN’T “FIGHT” AGAINST ANY FORCE THAT IS CAPABLE OF “FIGHTING BACK.”  National military defenses are systematically eliminated (“degraded” in Pentagon double-speak), so that the Western proxy forces can murder and terrorize the civilian populations who are under their protection, at will.  The US Defense Dept. (formerly the War Dept.) has waged wars primarily against civilians since WWII, “The Great War,” when American and British bombers openly committed genocide by fire-bombing German and Japanese cities.  The idea then, as now, is to so terrorize the civilian populations that they are forced into rising-up and bringing-down their own governments.  Military psywar specialists have learned how to “weaponize” entire populations against the governments which represent them.  They have refined the art of terror to the point where it is no longer necessary to obliterate entire cities to reap the rewards that are to be earned for the aggressors by the agitated mobs.

All Pentagon war plans revolve around this concept of terror war.  The terror war is launched through semi-peaceful means, meaning that the “fighting” actually begins through “other means,” meaning through political actions.  Disagreements between differing groups and factions within the populations are intensified, in order to capitalize on deep-seated local or national tensiions.

Over the years, the US State Dept. has developed a repertoire of political actions which are all intended to foment civil war, wherever the actions are acted-out.  In addition to this arsenal of destabilizing political actions, the Pentagon has established global communication and smuggling networks to be used in destabilization/terror operations against targeted nations.  Through State’s educational “aid,” the right individuals are identified and selected for political indoctrination into Western neo-liberal ideas.  Through training in Western political tactics and “apprenticeship” programs for selected “activists,” who are at the top of their indoctrination classes, native political foot-soldiers are created, who are then augmented by the latest developments in personal communications technology.  Portable Internet servers enable activists to hook-up to Pentagon-created global communications webs, which provide live feeds to universities and NGEs (non-governmental entities).  The worldwide Iridium Satellite network of 66 functioning satellites provides secure Pentagon-supplied sat-phone services.  New phones are available for several hundred dollars, equipped with an internal GPS, capable of instantly transmitting locations through GPS coordinates for physical targeting, to any phone number, with the push of a single button.  These units are also capable of generating wi-fi networks, anywhere.

In the beginning, activist/interns spend their time organizing like-minded locals into pliable political action groups, for the purpose of raising local awareness and generating opposition to the ruling government.  When sufficient numbers begin to coalesce, activism moves to action, moving in sync with secret provocateurs, who vandalize public property and generally accustom the people to the idea of violence on a minor scale.  When these actions generate anticipated reactions from local authorities, blood will be shed, necessary fuel for enraging the masses.  Through further small steps, the protests move to outright mob violence and police or army recriminations, one-step away from civil war.  All that is needed then, is enough rage and violence to move the mobs to take-up arms.  This is where Syria would now be, were it not for the constant influx of thousands of militant “jihadi wannabes,” who have been gathered together in Syria by the Saudi king and his princely minions of pure evil, like Prince Bandar, who is always serving in total submission to his American/British masters.  Through this leaked document (SEE:  The Original Syrian Media Report Revealing Bandar/Feltman Plan To Destroy the Middle East), Bandar has described the murderous conspiracy in minute detail for us.

Where is the “moral obscenity” in all of this?  The perversion of democracy, to deny certain “inalienable rights” to foreigners?  The intentional creations of civil wars in nations currently at peace?  The entrusting of American foreign policy to bloodthirsty Arab dictators?  Mr. Kerry, only a total liar, in the service of the most evil of Empires, could summon the level of hypocrisy, which you have displayed in this moment in the dark half-light of the pre-dawn of the most evil era in the bloody history of the human species…a species about to sweep itself into the “dustbin of history,” as the earth prepares to enter a post-apocalyptic era of healing, waiting for a better species to rise-up from the ashes of our self-immolation, to take our place as custodians of this sacred place in a dark corner of the universe.

Unimaginable Intentional Human Suffering

[Here is one of my favorite articles, an overlooked blast from the past (1/28/2008), published first on, before NoSunglasses was created.]

Unimaginable Intentional Human Suffering

By: Peter Chamberlin

Perhaps one day we shall know the truth about being, and being alive on planet earth, whether life on every living planet is as messed-up as it is here.  Earth’s problems must be unique, as they are of man’s own creation, man-made disasters caused by ambitious men who are allowed to rise to the top, where they dominate us for self-gain.  We allow our leaders to take the positions of power that they desire, instead of actually choosing who shall lead us.  Humans tend to submit to those who claim authority, since it is easier to believe in symbols of power, than it is to personally submit to the tedium of the reasoning process.  As a people, we tend to follow the natural order of things along the path of least resistance.  By taking the easy way out, we give our blessing to the law of the jungle.

It is natural for societies to become dominated by powerful elites, who gain control of the inner workings of government and commerce, in order to bend them both to their will.  “Meritocracy” and other forms of “social Darwinism,” describe the belief that “success” by this definition justifies the survival of the fittest capitalism (globalism) that has decimated the world.  The brutal belief system widely promoted as “neoconservatism” is behind the fascist agenda that emerged from the bowels of corporate-owned “think tanks.”   These elitist thinkers believe that it is necessary for our government to “cull” the “useless eaters” from the face of the earth, through forced population reduction and perpetual war. They are the true radicals, possessed by “extremist belief systems.”   Their plans for us are the end program of a centuries-old class war between the elitist self-proclaimed neo-aristocrats, who would be masters of mankind and the rest of the human race.  The neocons are nothing new, just the latest, most-concentrated form of this egotistical brand of pure evil.

If the elitist “one-worlders” were correct about being the “natural leaders” of the world, dedicated to saving the most noble of mankind from the excesses of the dirty masses, then their cold-blooded plans might be justified by the results, by anyone who survived them.   The plan is to kill-off a significant portion of the earth’s “dead weight,” keep another segment as a labor force and extend their own lives through genetic and eugenic research.  They are not being all that secretive about this research, only about where it all is meant to lead us.  If the idea of rich men carrying-out a plot to kill-off billions of poor people isn’t enough to motivate the masses into torch-carrying mobs, I can’t imagine what would be enough.

People with any conscience at all can see the obvious evil inherent in the selective use of genocide as an element of state policy, for the purpose of eliminating entire populations that are in our way, and thereby terrorizing others into submission with our killing power and basic lack of morality.  It is unconscionable that a “civilized” nation would seek to force its will upon other nations by terrorizing them into submission under fear of certain death.  This is an abomination upon the American spirit, equal to the abomination in which this spirit was founded, when we wiped-out the first Americans, in claiming our parasitic “manifest destiny.”

The fact that genocide is an acceptable form of warfare is testimony about the many evils which we have learned to accept.  The collective conscience of the human race and the mind of God demand that we act to make genocide unacceptable, once again.  Ideas cannot fight against raw power, unless they become a shared idea, driving a political momentum.  We have to make our countrymen see the reality beyond the illusions of the nightly dream-weavers and the patriotic drum-beaters.

The people of the United States must be made to understand that, more than ever, genocide is government policy, before they will rise-up in righteous indignation to it.  It is a clear-cut case of “good – vs. – evil,” with the evil being the world’s number one source of state terrorism, the government of the United States of America.  The American people can only save themselves if they are made aware of the fact that they are under attack by those who claim to be their trusted leaders.  Likewise, all the people of the earth are under attack by their own governments, who serve as American representatives, to help conquer the earth and corrupt all life.  The people of every nation must rise-up and become their own governments, the only truly democratic government.

In opposition to the leadership of the elite, which stands leeringly over the dying American corpse, there is another leadership rising-up, the researchers and writers who are exposing and resisting the corrupted power structure.  We are those who would dig beneath the official lies to expose the bloody roots of corruption that support all that is hostile to human life.  We are the voluntary citizens’ press corps, dedicated to taking up the task of reporting on government deceptions, a job that the mainstream media has forsaken.  One day, when freedom prevails, the alternative media will replace the sell-outs and the official lie-passers of the nightly news.  But, until that blessed day, researchers like Prof. Michel Chossudovsky will keep turning-up the soil for us, exposing the inner workings of our criminal government.   His important research on the roots of the Islamic Militant Network and its CIA origins has blown the lid off the most important story of the Twenty-first Century.

The names and keywords that other researchers have associated with the genocidal plans of the elite are too numerous to list or remember here, yet to do so would weave a sordid tale of interconnections and plots that clearly intersect in complicated patterns.  By listing the elements of the octopus, we lay-out the proof of an elitist conspiracy for the few who care enough to open their eyes.   But, in order to reach the distracted and pre-occupied majority, we must stick to single key issues like the “Global 2000” report, to tell the genocidal plans of our government, while secret war plans like “Operation North Woods,” demonstrate just how far they are willing to go to start wars, the key to the war on terror.

The case proving government complicity in the 9/11 attacks which initiated the war on terrorism is becoming stronger every day.  In addition to all the forensic evidence from the attacks and the unbelievable string of “coincidences” that made the attacks possible, we now know that Islamist terrorists, “associated with al Qaida” have been key elements of US foreign policy up until, and including, the time of the Trade Center attack.  We have begun to understand the depth of US/CIA involvement in the destabilizing of a dozen or more countries with these highly-trained Islamic “insurgencies.”  This criminal foreign policy of creating radical Islamic militias for the purpose of starting wars in nations now at peace creates ever-expanding bands of Islamic uprisings throughout the Middle East and southeast Asia, justifying genocidal counter-attacks as “fighting terrorism.”

The US is following the time-tested strategy developed by the Israelis (who first implemented it as a double-edged sword for waging war to thin-out the Muslims, while increasing the number of Islamists gradually) to justify greater and greater waves of ethnic repression.  For, if you plan to one day force an entire population out of their ancient homeland, in order to colonize it, you will first need to rationalize a massive wave of state terrorism that will be needed for the task.  For this, you will need an army of credibly bloodthirsty Islamists, to justify the monstrous offensives into civilian populations.  This is why Israel created Hamas and the US and Israel created al Qaida.

Our government and many of our people have whole-heartedly embraced Israel’s implementation of ethnic cleansing policies in Gaza and Lebanon, seeing them as dress rehearsals for our own genocidal plans against other innocent Muslims around the world.

The barbaric acts committed by Israel against the captive Gaza population are not the acts of moral people.  Every act of repression, every secret move to limit the rights of Arabs, is intended to provoke reactions from the mostly defenseless people, in order to justify counter-reactions from the world’s fifth most powerful military force.  For Israel to “save face” in its international PR campaign, images of terrorists must be created to defend against.  If Palestinians do not attempt to defend themselves with primitive weapons, then the Zionist oppressors will be hard-pressed to justify targeted assassinations and other brutal tactics meant to drive them from their homes.  Palestinians, like Americans and all other targeted populations must follow the scripts that have been written for them and rise-up in defiant acts of self-defense, so that all the complainers can be bombed into bloody submission.  The only difference between modern American/Israeli fascism and classic Nazism is the modern capability to control all information and suppress the truth.

The scale of the intentional suffering being inflicted by supposedly moral human beings, who consider themselves superior to their victims, is unimaginable.  What is even more unimaginable is the international spectacle of other supposedly moral nations fawning over the killers, each nation trying harder than the next to suck-up to those who are starving helpless children, depriving them of medicine, and mowing them down with cannon and machine gun fire, in order to wipe them from their land and erase them from the “pages of time.”  The international horror shows of “diplomacy” and “humanitarianism” are shams, meant to seduce the masses into reveling in the bloodlust that is scheduled to head in their direction.  “Negotiations” with pseudo-humanitarians like Bush, Olmert and Cheney can be nothing more than discussing terms of surrender.   One day soon, the entire earth will rise-up against this axis of evil.  Our actions today will determine if the people of America stand with the rest of the world against our own government, or if we will continue in our surrender to the beasts of the modern jungle, who intend to devour everything we hold dear.

The earth is standing at the edge of a dark precipice; on the other side is the greatest epic in mankind’s history, waiting to be written, waiting for those of us who dare to take up the pen and to fight the darkness of the lies.  An army of freedom-writers, who are as dedicated to defending life as the enemies of life are dedicated to ending it, can bring forth a new sustaining vision of life.  We must first choose to place our own freedom in jeopardy, by stepping forward to stop those who would take us into the void in a vain gamble to crush most of the earth’s life for the sake of greater “profit.”

It is time for all of God’s children to take a stand together.  It is time to end the American nightmare (formerly known as the American dream).

Mysterious E-Mail, Lists of Politicians’ Home Addresses and “The Government That We Deserve”

A Few Days Ago, I received an anonymous email, which consisted of a list of Washington politicians, including their home numbers and addresses. 

I flushed it away, since it seemed very suspicious at the time.  It felt like a set-up, made to order for those police state functionaries, who like to look through our private emails and listen to our private phone calls.  Today, I received a follow-up email, which called for “lone wolves” to begin eliminating those politicians on that list, hoping to scare the rest of them into giving-up their treasonous, Fascistic ways.  Since I oppose all terrorism, especially assassination, I am outing the guy, by posting his email below.  (HE WAS PROBABLY FBI, ANYWAY.)

I hope this tells you who the real coward is, 

From: Dexter <>
Sent: Friday, June 7, 2013 12:22 AM
Subject: Sissies

There is speculation that we are acting on the behalf of a federal agency. The truth is that our identity and motivation don’t matter. People are not going to do something just because an e-mail tells them to, regardless of who sent it or how genuine the motivation of the sender might be. People are much more strongly motivated by seeing their dreams crushed, their lives crumble and their loved ones suffer. As more and more people suffer from the crimes of the politicians, more and more people will be motivated to fight back.

The reason for this speculation is fear. Some people are afraid that the government will punish them for just receiving a list of addresses of politicians. Some are afraid that the government will punish everyone collectively because such a list is being sent out. Many contact the FBI and other agencies, and even though they can make up lots of excuses, the real reason is that they are afraid that if someone actually starts fighting for real, the government will punish people collectively with new legislation. This fear is not something that they can articulate or face, and therefore they cannot see it in themselves, but it can be seen by others. What a bunch of sissies.

“FBI, help! Somebody sent me an e-mail that might imply that someone is threatening the government. Please, don’t put me in a FEMA camp, I didn’t ask for this email and I would never think of violence against our benevolent and most democratic government. Please, don’t take my guns away, I would never use them for fighting.”

It is ironic (moronic) that the same crowd that calls us FBI agents is also actively trying to turn us in. The response of the government to this is hilarious – they are telling people that this is caused by a virus. The fact that they tell such a technologically implausible lie suggests that whoever is handling this situation is technically incompetent and the fact that it’s a lie suggests that they have no integrity. The fact that some people seem to buy the virus story shows that there is no shortage of ignorance on either side. These people are pathetic. Were it not for the Covenant I made with God, I might have just walked away from this fight.

Since the overwhelming majority is a bunch of pathetic quivering sissies that are themselves not much better than the criminals that they harbor, the NWO is going to keep advancing and will kill a lot more people. This will be allowed to happen to teach those who are left a valuable lesson. The politicians have committed countless crimes including treason and war crimes that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. If the politicians are not stopped, they will commit even more treason and war crimes, resulting in more deaths. Virtually everyone knows this, but people tell us that they don’t want violence, while threatening us with violence. The politicians need to be stopped to save countless lives, and there is only one way to stop them. But none of these people are going to do what it takes because they are cowards and we are going to stand down until they have paid the price that every coward has to pay for refusing to fight. People get the government that they deserve.

It is not necessary to fight against armored vehicles, against police, against the army, against the drones, etc. Politicians have minimum security most of the time. This is necessary, because they have to meet a lot of people. Heavy security would make this difficult and the career of a politician that does it would suffer. Heavy security also tells people that they are afraid and makes the resistance look stronger, which inspires more people to join. Ultimately, even if they lived on military bases, they would still be vulnerable to IEDs in transit and to snipers virtually all the time. They would have to live in a prison to prevent getting killed, which they are not likely to accept – they would probably just quit if they were that intimidated. Therefore, it is not necessary to eliminate all the politicians all at once – attacking a few is likely to start a chain reaction that will get some more killed while the rest of them quit.

Now let the cowards carry on with pointless discussions of who is sending these messages and why. Talking is all they are good for.


FireShot Pro Screen Capture #314 - 'peter_chamberlin - Yahoo! Mail' - us-mg6_mail_yahoo_com_neo_launch__rand=1ttkrgo34btj8#mail

The Planned Collapse of America–Part 1 and Part 2

[This 2007 article has been read by a lot of people lately, so I thought that I would post it here once again.  I have also included “Part Two,” which has only been posted before on, evidently.]

The planned collapse of America

By Peter Chamberlin

Global Research, December 09, 2007 — – There is no shortage of speculation about “why” our leaders are still adamantly planning for the destruction of Iran, in the face of overwhelming popular opposition, even though everyone except the neocons and their allies believes that America would not survive our own actions. An irrational attack is planned and apparently the decision has been chiseled in stone. It may be for Israel. It may be for oil. Maybe it is for world domination?

We are launching a nuclear world war to save us from ourselves. “We have found the enemy and he is us.” –Pogo. We risk blowing the world apart, to avoid watching America slowly choke on its own excesses.

The government has known for decades that America is on a countdown to self-destruction. Among the elite it is common knowledge that our “global economy” must one day collapse from its own dead weight. In 1974 an intensive research project was undertaken by the Stanford Research Institute and the Charles F. Kettering Foundation for the Dept. of Education. Their final report was released as the Changing Images of Man. It was compiled by the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy, Director Willis Harmon. This is a far-reaching investigation into how the basic nature of man might be changed. The Aquarian Conspiracy describes the implementation of their work in the real world..

The most reassuring part of “Images” is that it confirms my own conclusions about our crisis, but it is also the most disturbing part, for it confirms my worst reservations about this time.

The object of the research was the development of a plausible vision of the future in which democratic methods survive, major problems are managed successfully if not resolved, and the unfolding of the human potential continues to expand. In other words, the postulation of a “desirable future” including feasible paths to its realization . . .

The government was looking forward to a very troubling future, trying to figure out the best path through it. The plan was to find ways to shape and mold mankind into a new cultural image, complete with new ideas and ideologies, even religious ones. The root of the problem was human nature, and solution was to reshape the competing forces of daily life, in order to forge a new image of a new human nature. The researchers were brutally honest in seeking all available knowledge pertaining to their research, and in assessing the current common image of man-on-earth.

The research revealed that there were a multitude of crises that were about to intersect in America’s near future. Not the least of these converging catastrophes was a rapidly approaching breakdown of both American capitalism and democracy. The collapse was a natural result of globalism and monopoly capitalism. The basic greed that powers the system eroded the American political and economic structures, exposing the foundation of immorality and unfairness that amplifies the social unrest. The Stanford researchers clearly predicted that the American economy was destined to collapse from its own dead weight. The data also showed that that economic collapse was to be accompanied by disastrous social repercussions, such as rioting and upheaval, which would lead us into a “garrison state.”

The thing about this research is that this work has confirmed that our economy, based on parasitic capitalism, where the small elite sits atop the heap of men and gorges on their lifeblood, is destroying the social fabric of America. This system is based on a stacked deck, where the top elite always reap the profits that are made to rise to the top through the corporate profits-based system. The research confirmed that the growing inequities of such a system were ever increasing and with them, elevated social tensions. A system based on usury and putting everyone in the “poor house” is an economic order that is guaranteed to produce a democratic revolution, whenever the misery index of the armed populace exceeds the limits that they are willing to peacefully bear, without striking back at the source of their misery.

Changing Images of Man predicts an American economic collapse and a “garrison” (police) state,” if the overwhelming inequities of our economic system are not corrected by powerful multinationals making more humane decisions. Alternatives to this doomsday scenario are discussed, all of which point to the need to devote all available resources towards transforming the image of man, changing man’s nature, instead of altering the corrupted economic system which has brought America to this dire state. In this government study it was inappropriate to denounce the evil culprits behind all our troubles (who pull the strings on government itself), even though the task was to document and remedy the damage that they have done. Instead, they are cited as the hopeful “saviors,” that we should look to for help and leadership. The hypocrisy of the hegemons! The authors admit that it is “utopian in 1974 to think of the multinational corporations as potentially among our most effective mechanisms for husbanding the earth’s resources and optimizing their use for human benefit — the current popular image of the corporation tends to be more that of the spoiler and the exploiter.”

Instead of charging the people who are responsible for our situation (such as men like David Rockefeller), for manipulating our economy and our democracy to maximize their profits, the multi-national corporations and their owners were exalted as the potential saviors of mankind. Rockefeller and the elite have consistently taken steps to dominate the world by controlling people through “humanitarian” projects which, in the end, turn out to be profit mechanisms. The “green revolution” to spread corporate farming to the Third World has been the key to globalization’s destabilizing of world labor markets, in order to create populations of “refugee workers,” who are willing to go anywhere to find work for slave wages. This is the cause of the wave of illegal immigration into the US from Mexico. This is part of the proof that there are powerful individuals who are using their economic power to undermine nations in a long-term scheme to gain control of nations and multiply their profits.

Here David Rockefeller admits media collusion with his one world plans: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the light of publicity during those years. But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supra-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

Rockefeller writes on page 405 of his memoirs: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” (Activists Go Face to Face With Evil As Rockefeller Confronted)

Everything that “Images” suggested to remedy shortcomings in the economic system was based on the assumption that men like this would acquire a new corporate benevolence, with CEOs gaining basic humanity. According to Rockefeller himself (who freely admits his efforts to replace America with a “one world” order), he has been working for the greater good of man, all along.

Their conclusions on American political shortcomings were that these would be tended to by the new improved humane politicians, sort of like Bush’s “compassionate conservatives.” Step 4 of their six-part strategy to “Bring About a Non-Catostrophic Transformation” — “Encourage a politics of righteousness and a heightened sense of public responsibilities of the private sector . . . A politics of righteousness might have been laudable in any generation; it may be indispensable for safe passage through the times just ahead.”

The report authors recognize the inevitability of the rising new image of man, describing it as a quasi-religious awakening within the collective mind of man, man’s new human nature, relating it to the actual process of spiritual learning that has been going on within religions for thousands of years. They praise Freemasonry and the skills and disciplines inculcated within its members, speculating that their ways might be the key to shoring-up our free enterprise democratic society.

They developed a strategy to revitalize America’s motivational images, symbols and institutions, outlining five separate approaches to the problem, describing the pluses and the pitfalls of each, according to their effects upon society. These approaches are defined as “restorative, simulative, manipulative, persuasive and facilitative.” Restoration of crumbling icons works best in the early stages of societal transformation (revitalization cycle). The simulative strategy introduces new ideas, whenever the collapse of the old order becomes apparent. The manipulative strategy seeks to limit individual freedoms. Persuasive propaganda phase is to be coupled with proven mind control techniques, to keep down the social upheaval and shape the emerging image.

“No doubt existing consciousness-changing, behavior-shaping, subliminal persuasion, and other conditioning techniques could be used to accomplish some sort of transformation of sobering proportions (we ought to be able to be more effective than Nazi Germany). After previously citing Nazi reinvigoration of the Germanic icons and ideals.”

The transforming revitalization process mirrors the psychiatric process of leading a patient through a psychotic break and the restructuring of his life, but on a national scale.

Once the transformation becomes apparent, social stability will become a problem, especially when society feels pushed by overextending the simulative stage. Actions taken to increase the polarization between “transformation enthusiasts and the conservatives” are called “constructive,” except when it is desirable to take actions that “contribute to social cohesion.” They were searching for the best path to bring about a controlled deconstruction of everything that “America” means and the reconstruction of a new improved vision of America. They are midwifes to the delivery of the “New World Order,” as they go about the dirty business of guiding society through that predicted period of “friendly fascism.”

The great anomaly is given as the great chasm between an efficiently functioning profit-driven capitalist society and the human needs and desires of that society which go unmet, so that “profits” can be taken. In fact, the “profit” really amounts to the bread that is taken from the poor. The inequities and the unfairness of the corporate system are causing the breakdown of American capitalism and American democracy. The American catastrophe is causing the breakdown of the world economy for the same reason, the basic inability of monopoly capitalism to meet the basic needs demanded by the world’s people.

Bush’s appointed task is to bully America through this turbulent period of upheaval, with as little disruption of corporate activity as possible. Government has taken the words of this study to heart, preparing a manipulative transformation, to divert or preempt the coming collapse of our nation with a massive war today. This is also one of the primary reasons for the coming world war, to serve as a prelude to American martial law. Instead of calling out the troops after the insurrection has begun, they plan to call out the troops first. If the American military is to forcefully control the homeland, including their own relatives, then the troops must first be convinced that the nation’s survival depends upon their patriotic actions. This is why the world war against Iran has not started yet, because our National Guard must first be convinced that its duty is to put down the American rebellion which will surely accompany the bombing of Iran. The timing for their great takeover is crucial, if they want to move America past (through) the social unrest as quickly as possible.

Here are the “Elements of a Strategy for a Non-catastrophic Transition”:

  1. Promote awareness of the unavoidability of the transformation.
  2. Foster construction of a guiding vision of a workable society built around the new image of man and new social paradigm.
  3. Foster a period of experimentation and tolerance for diverse alternatives.
  4. Encourage a politics of righteousness and a heightened sense of public responsibilities of the private sector . . . A politics of righteousness might have been laudable in any generation; it may be indispensable for safe passage through the times just ahead.
  5. Promote systematic exploration of and foster education regarding man’s inner life, his subjective experience.
  6. Plan adequate social controls for the transition period while safeguarding against longer-term losses of freedom . . . Regulation and restraint of behavior will be necessary in order to hold the society together while it goes around a difficult corner.

There must be a new economics to deal with the “new scarcities.” Arguing for corporate America to adopt a humanitarian aspect, the argument is made for an alternative “new socialism,” where important sectors like energy might be nationalized for the good of the country, and greater pressure put upon corporations to mandate a sort of social awareness of employee needs, as much as shareholder profits.

“The appropriate question may be not so much how to bring about a transformation . . . but rather how to facilitate a non-catastrophic transformation.” [page 195]

“Construct a guiding version of a workable society, built around a new positive image of humankind and corresponding vision of a suitable social paradigm. As the old order shows increasing signs of falling apart, some adequate vision of what may be simultaneously building is urgently needed for mobilization of constructive effort. The guiding vision has to include some way of providing for full and valued participation in the economic and social affairs of the community and society, especially for those who are physically and mentally able to contribute but find themselves in a state of unwilling idleness and deterioration of spirit.”

Despite all the report’s shortcomings and its hypocrisy, it does make some sound observations about what is needed for our immediate survival. We should take it as a guide to what our government knows about the coming mega-crisis and a template to help us see what changes we could make if there were truly a new economy, a new social contract, a new American state. For it is obvious to all those who take the time to look, that we are headed into period of national freefall, when American society plunges head first, into a dark abyss of uncertainty, as the old order passes away, and the New World Order rushes in to fill the void.

We are seeing the planned collapse of America, coming down the road we are on. What are we going to do to get our nation off that highway to hell?

Copyright © 1998-2007 Online Journal

The Planned Collapse Of America – Part Two

By Peter Chamberlin

Just because the collapse is planned doesn’t mean that it can’t be resisted. In resistance, perhaps we can hone-off the roughest edges of the unfolding transformation. The argument made, that “resistance is futile,” ignores the human potential in a battle situation, where everyone is fighting for their freedom and their lives. We have no duty to mankind to lie down before those who would trample over us. I’d prefer that this Nation not continue to submit to the corporate “gang rape” that we have been getting for so many decades. To surrender to the evil men who were instrumental to the ongoing collapse of the global systems misses the point, that it is time for a real political fight in this country. Everything depends upon our ability to shake loose the perverting forces of ultimate capital from government, where they manipulate everything American, causing the failure of democracy. “We have to fight a war of ideas to take back that which has been stolen from us. We the People must be the ones to set the foreign policy of this country.”

American monopoly capitalists have effectively gained “controlling interest” in this country. They have made the decision to destroy America’s economic base to obtain greater profits. We have been written off. Studies like “Changing Images of Man” document the common knowledge of the ruling class, that there will be social upheaval in reaction to the collapse. It is our duty in the resistance to thwart their plans, to shape the social critical mass so that it has a direct negative impact on the masters of the universe. Our task is to take measures before the collapse that will ensure that the upheaval will destroy the elite’s ability to control the changed world. We are the patriot radicals (with the extremist beliefs about conspiracies allayed against our nation) who intend to prevent the bringing about of a “dark age” of oppression in America.

The government has planned for the coming period of collapse and social upheaval in this country, but it has done nothing to prevent them from happening. If economic pain and dislocation are allowed to cause insurrection in this country, they will justify police state actions to maintain order. Why would government try to avoid the one catastrophic event that will make dictatorship possible? The catastrophic is essential to the long-term plan, just as the neocon Project for a New American Century war plans needed the catastrophic “event” of 9/11 to set the “war on terrorism” plot against freedom into motion.

The American patriotic forces of freedom must likewise prepare for the coming disastrous event that will justify all radical changes. The attack upon Iran will be the event of justification. When the attack comes, those of us who dare to speak out will be silenced in the repercussions at the beginning of the counter-revolution. If we want to ensure that the government returns to the hands of the American people after the dust settles, then we will set in motion now, the political forces that will motivate the leaderless masses in the direction of freedom. All our efforts to prevent the world war from erupting must clearly identify the elite perpetrators of the plot to undermine national security for internationalist goals. Using their own words, we must expose their intentions for America and the world. We must guarantee that the coming democratic revolution which they plan to capitalize on is a patriotic revolution to save democracy.

The intentional de-industrialization of America has amounted to a war of economic terrorism, waged upon the people of this country. The globalist plot to “offshore” all of America’s good jobs and to exploit Third World slave labor conditions, has purposely destroyed the industrial base of this country. Globalism is a plot against American workers (and all workers), just as neoconservatism is a plot against all Americans.

Instead of stimulating our industry to use our economy as a powerhouse, to drive the world economy and to provide the basic necessities needed in developing countries, the “masters of the universe” instead decided to destroy the American economy, in order to “level the playing field” with the rest of the world. Instead of strengthening America by making our foreign policy an engine of humane change, vulture capitalists have intensified the corporate American rape of the world and harnessed us to a violent Zionist policy, intent on remaking the Middle East, as a first step into the New World Order. It is high time that we began to “wage peace” on the world, instead of war.

In order to implement their violent plans and to shape the “second American revolution,” the corporate media has consistently bombarded the people with psychological warfare, to convince us of the hopelessness of our situation. Our minds are poisoned with false beliefs in the inevitability of our fates, that we are, in fact, witnessing the “end of the world.” Even though most available evidence suggests that the entire world is collapsing (not just America and Western civilization), there is also ample proof that this is an engineered event, made to seem like Armegeddon.

We have been duped into accepting their terms, even using their terminology, by focusing on “global” issues, instead of American issues. America may be the source of most of the world’s troubles today, but it is also the world’s only hope. If not for American leadership, there would be no world leaders. What the world needs now is the end of American “misleadership” and a return to the real thing. Meeting the needs of our crowded planet and repairing the centuries of industrialization run amok will calm most of the earth’s turmoil, while helping us to prepare for the next phase in human development. Once we begin to turn the planet around, we can focus on expanding mankind’s horizons and ending the era of hydrocarbon fuels.

Americans must save themselves from the worst and the most powerful men among them. We must revitalize our moral center, the part that made us a light unto the nations. If America can remember its basic concern for all human life that led to the creation of the world’s largest human aid programs and its environmental concerns that made us signatories to countless international treaties, it can foster international recognition of universal human rights and a reverential respect for all life. This would honor one of the stipulations from the Images of Man study, to foster a national spirit that embraces the growing “religion of life” that is emerging within man.

A morally transformed national spirit will be necessary for the political fight to reclaim America. We must restore the people’s government by removing the corruption within it. It is time to really “clean” the people’s house. We have no other choice but to establish a “politics of righteousness” in American politics. We have to end the age of the politics of money right now, not after Bush or the next election.

It is high time that we all fought for what we believed in. What do you believe in?

When the Hummus Hits the Fan, Israel Will Choose Bashar al-Assad Over Radical Islamists

When the Hummus Hits the Fan, Israel Will Choose Bashar al-Assad Over Radical Islamists

Peter Chamberlin

Once again (just as in the recent US Embassy bombing in Ankara) a spectacular terrorist attack takes place in Turkey and the government immediately blames another obscure Marxist terrorist group, that they have conveniently resurrected from Turkey’s distant past.  The individual faction of this group has also allegedly been identified, as “Mirhac Ural,” who has recently been named by the Syrian opposition as the man behind the latest alleged “ethnic cleansing” in a town called Banias, along the Syrian coast (SEE:  Syria: Enter the ethnic cleanser of Banias).

Ural was originally a founding member of TPLP-C (Acilciler), a Marxist/Leftist/revolutionary group which was formed to fight US imperialism within Turkey, specifically, to act as a counter-force to US “Gladio”/”Gray Wolves” operations.  The TPLP-C supported its sister organization, the DHKP/C, which was blamed for the recent bombing outside the American Embassy in Ankara.

Mihraç Ural and Ocalan 2

Ural is also a close friend of terrorist PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan.  He allegedly introduced Bashar al-Assad to Ocalan.  It was allegedly Ural who persuaded Assad to play the “Kurdish” card against Erdogan.  Erdogan thought that he had trumped this move when he negotiated the latest peace agreement with the PKK, until Iraq’s government refused to accept the expatriated Kurdish guerillas.  The Kurds cannot be blamed for using Syrian-based assets against Turkey in this terror bombing in Reyhanli over the denial of new sanctuary in northern Iraq, because the attack was clearly intended to help the Turkish Prime Minister to persuade Obama to intervene in Syria on Turkey’s behalf, and this would not help the Kurds in any conceivable way.

It is claimed in the Saudi/Arab press that Bashar Assad has become desperate in his resistance to the Imperial terrorist invasion, choosing at this time to gather his forces to him in the center of his Alawite home turf, as he ethnically cleansing Syria of the majority Sunnis.  They have reinforced this ethnic cleansing theme in the reports emerging from the Imperial press Turkish outfit, Zaman, about an alleged “Banias massacre.”  This massacre supposedly took place the day after Ural was quoted on YouTube, saying, “We need to cleanse Banias of traitors at the earliest.”

From the video, if it is genuine, it seems that Ural could be a legitimate leader of a Syrian counter-terrorist cell.  If that is true, then he would certainly have plenty of reasons to want to close the supply lines from Turkey.  But there is much more to this incident than this simple explanation.  If Ural is an anti-Islamist fighter, then why would he be immortalized in the Islamist press?  The story about an “Alevi rump state” along the coast of Syria, builds upon Sunni fears that they are about to also be ethnically cleansed from around Hatay, Turkey–Giving them a good reason to fight a sectarian war.  This benefits the Saudi-Israeli alliance, up unto the point where the destabilization plot it increases ethnic tensions on the wrong side of the border.  Proper conflict management prevents the various sub-plots from getting out of control and, as a consequence, over-driving the main destabilization plot and thereby, unintentionally causing the opposite effects, instead of the planned reactions.

Always, in these destabilization plots, there are two primary parties working the target–the destabilizing power and a patsy partner within the target entity (corporation, organization, state) that is to be destabilized.  Since the Saudis and Israel are obviously working together to carry-out the Imperial diktat for the Middle East, then it is clear that it is the Saudis who will eventually be the losing party.  Whether they will lose more than they can afford to pay is the risk that they are willing to take to eject Assad.  It is not in Israel’s interests to see an Islamist victory in Syria, but the Saudis and friends erroneously believe that it is in theirs.  It is unlikely that the Saudis would support an effort to divide Syria if it would harm Turkey, or make it harder to get weapons over the Syrian border to the terrorist front.

If the bombing of Turkey is clearly not in the Islamists’ interests, but does no harm to Israeli interests, then it may mean that Israel is using another PKK-related terror group to rein-in Prince Bandar’s Islamist attack dogs, in order to save Assad, in order to maintain the quagmire in Syria.  Consider the points raised in this piece from Zaman (SEE:  Opposition commander: Assad defeated, we are fighting Iran, Hezbollah).  The Gulenist mouthpiece Zaman interviews an alleged Syrian rebel commander,  of the al-Tawhid Brigade, Commander Abdulkader Saleh.  He makes the extraordinary claim that Israel and Iran are secretly working together against the Syrian terrorists:

“Bashar al-Assad’s regime does not have the strength to carry on its battle against opposition fighters, adding that Iran and Hezbollah are the forces behind the protracted war….Iran and Hezbollah are the ones who are continuing the war in Syria,”  

“Furthermore, Iran and Hezbollah are cooperating with Israel to be able to support Assad. Assad has protected Israel’s border for 40 years,”

The first time I read the Saleh interview, I laughed it all off as nonsense, until I read the article in Foreign Affairs magazine, written by former head of Mossad, Efraim Halevy (1998 to 2002).  He affirmed to the world that Bashar Assad is Israel’s Man in Damascus (or “Why Jerusalem Doesn’t Want the Assad Regime to Fall”).
It is obviously in Israel’s interests to preserve the Assad dynasty, as opposed to the radical, unpredictable Islamists.  It may be impossible to determine the truth about Israeli conniving with Arab leaders until someone makes a big messy mistake.  If there were any honest news sources in the Middle East, then maybe we could figure-out just exactly who has benefitted from Israel’s latest bombings of Syria.  Would the Zionist state really have committed an “act of war” against Syria and Lebanon, just to prevent Hezbollah forces from upgrading a few of their missiles?  Was the Syrian military or government informant/traitor warning Israel about the imminent acquisition of “game-changing weapons” by Hezbollah, or by the Free Syrian Army?
If all of this proves to be true, that Israeli bombers were destroying heavy weapons and killing a lot of Syrian soldiers, in order to keep the weapons out of the hands of Syria’s terrorists, or that Mossad manipulated PKK-related killers to murder more than 40 innocent people in Reyhanli, then what does that say to the rest of the world, which is drowning in despair over the Syrian conflict?   What advantage is there in a Saud/Israeli alliance, when the Israelis are there to play the part of “spoiler” to all of the Islamist plans?  Above all else, Mossad/Israeli objectives are constant and unwavering, to establish Jewish dominance over every square inch of the Middle East, as a stepping stone to Jewish world dominance.  This justifies the spoiler role for Israel, support the Goyim’s plans, until the advantage shifts to Jewish interests, at which time all partners are double-crossed.  

the Saudi Gazette (SEE: Israel’s strategy in Syria ).

“But the bigger threat to Israel is the growth of democracy in the Arab world. If the Arab world were ever to become a democracy, it would expose Israel as the democracy fraud that it is.

Israel fears the Arab Spring because the Arab Spring augments the voices of freedom and calls for freedom throughout the region, not just in the Arab world, but in Israel too. And Israel is one of the most oppressive country’s in the Middle East. Although most Jewish citizens of Israel enjoy unprecedented freedoms and benefits from the state, non-Jews suffer simply because they are non-Jews. Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs are victimized by Israel both as so-called “citizens” and as imprisoned victims in the occupied lands.”

If the Syrian terrorist forces have suffered devastating losses because of Israeli actions, then they will know the truth–That they have just been attacked by “friendly” forces allied to the Arabs and to the West….This can be expected to be reflected in the spirit of the anti-Assad forces and in their communiques to the outside world.  If they have been demoralized by these betrayals, then they can be expected to show that in subtle ways.  Their positive response to Western calls for an international Syrian peace conference, to be organized jointly by the US and Russia, may be just such a sign.

“Syria’s opposition will consult with backers Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey before it decides whether to take part in a peace conference proposed by the United States and Russia, its acting chief said Monday.”  Syria opposition to consult backers on peace talks.  This is a complete reversal to all previous dismissals of negotiations with Assad out of hand.  Such a conference confirms Obama’s complete reticence in expanding the Syrian conflict into a regional war.  If Erdogan was hoping that the terror bombings in Turkey would sway Obama’s opinion about bringing-in American or NATO support against Syria, then he is likely to be disappointed when they meet in DC this week.

As far as the possibility that Turkey will escalate the confrontation with Syria on its own (SEE: Turkey says it won’t be drawn into Syria conflct), there is very little chance that Erdogan will make this misstep, especially when he cannot really be certain exactly who is on his side.

Branding Musharraf’s Submission To Drones As A Misunderstanding, Instead of A Double-Cross


Branding Musharraf’s Submission To Drones As A Misunderstanding, Instead of A Double-Cross

Peter Chamberlin

With a welcome return of their last military dictator, the politicians of Pakistan are playing the roles assigned them, helping the CIA reform its corrupt image and  the Pakistani people to forget all of their own Establishment’s previous lies.  The “Islamist” politicians, along with all of the co-opted religious and secular wannabes, are all singing the same CIA-written song, dancing to the latest tunes being piped by the American pipers, agreeing to whatever it takes to throw open the doors of the country to an American re-invasion, in order to receive another thirty years of American and Arab largesse.  The Pak politicians are tasked with a dual dilemma–not only are they faced with winning their chosen electoral contests, but they must do so in ways which help the American overlords to overcome the immediate hurdles which have been mistakenly erected, in order to resume total CIA control of Pakistani politics.

In the American view, the next Pak leaders will have to fill Zardari’s shoes, ready to effectively become Washington’s next puppets, fully prepared to parrot all of the latest lies, taking America’s side against any unanticipated Army roadblocks.  (Most, if not all, of those roadblocks have been erected because of inter-Army miscalculations, or because of the bloodthirsty zeal of the CIA in eliminating its old terrorist-trainees.)  Like Zardari, the new incumbants too, must be willing and able to help the Pentagon psywar masters (by helping the ISI), as they submit to becoming the next generation of fake adversaries to the Pakistani generals, who are the fake adversaries to America’s generals.  Like Zardari, they must be ready to publicly take the American side and symbolically oppose the Army in future pretend confrontations between the two armies, across the Durand Line.  The only differences between the Pakistani and the American generals are pseudo-differences that have been manufactured for the benefit of the American and Pakistani publics, pure psychological warfare, intended to manipulate popular opinion to accept the latest lies.

The latest installment of these serial lies comes from the CIA’s principle “mouthpiece,” the NY Times.  The bastards at Langley want everybody to get past popular outrage over the illegal, extremely unethical, drone assassination program, before it ends-up in the courts, or the UN Security Council.  Their desire is that everyone simply continues to passively accept these acts of American and Pakistani state terrorism, helping both peoples, as well as the court of world opinion, to get past the rapidly-building popular outrage over collateral deaths and the apparent abrogation by UAV of Pakistani sovereignty.  The CIA/Times is hoping to ease that transition in popular opinion, with their so-called “investigative report,” which effectively rewrites the history of the first murder by drone, the assassination of Nek Muhammad, while he slept soundly in his own bed in Wana.  Most drone murders have taken place at night, a pattern of merciless brutality, set by US Special Forces and their murderous night raids.

The CIA/Times is seeking to buttress the lie that the drones have always operated in Pakistan by mutual consent, a precedent-setting Army to Army compromise, which has cleared the way for heavily armed UAV drones to kill militant adversaries of the CIA all over the world. when,   In reality, Musharraf surrendered control over Pakistan’s sovereignty when he asked Bush to kill Nek Muhammad for him.  Since then, there have been no other known cases of the Pentagon or the CIA willingly using their drones to eliminate any of the malicious “miscreants” of Pakistan.  (Baitullah Mehsud was mistakenly killed as a result of ISI cunning in their manipulation of CIA spies on the ground in S. Waziristan, accomplished by tricking one of them into planting an American tracking chip on Baitullah.  The CIA did not consciously kill the Mehsud warlord.)

Even though Musharraf consciously surrendered every Pakistani citizens’ right to be safe from foreign airborne assault in exchange for that one militant kill and Bush obtained those coveted basing and overflight rights for America’s drones, there was no agreement made for Pakistani compliance with American demands for military operations in FATA.  The Pakistani dictator decided to follow the pacification through development plan put forth by the Army negotiator of the Shakai agreement, Peshawar Corps Commander Lt-Gen Safdar Hussain (the man who praised Baitullah Mehsud in 2005).   His plan hinged upon militant cooperation with the government campaign to get all foreign fighters registered, in a reconciliation/amnesty program. 

The registration of foreigners was also the “fly in the ointment” of the Shakai Agreement, the element which neither side would compromise on (SEE: No deal on foreigners’ registration: Nek Muhammad).  Pakistan’s security operations have hence proceeded to fulfill their promises of Waziristan development, while they sought-out a militant element amenable to their plans.  America’s plans have all been focused upon overcoming Pakistan’s plans for militant “reconciliation, primarily by killing all the identifiable militant leaders who are considered to be cooperative with the Pak Army.

Nek Muhammad was a teenager in Wana, during the epoch anti-Soviet jihad, when the town was swarming with CIA and ISI agents.  In the early 1980s, during Nek’s formative years, Wana served as the staging area for mujahedeen attacks into Afghanistan.  Nek ran a store owner in Wana, where he operated within this world of covert operations, accommodating all sides of the burgeoning resistance.  After the Soviets were forced-out, he was enlisted in the Taliban war against the Northern Alliance, where he earned enormous Pashtun respect as a fierce, fearless fighter.  After the Taliban victory, he returned to Wana, where he built a very large militant following, based upon his exploits in Afghanistan, taking advantage of his historical ties to both intelligence agencies. 

When the Taliban began to regroup in Waziristan in 2003, Nek Muhammad rejoined the Afghan mujahedeen, taking his forces to war against the American occupiers of Afghanistan.  When “Busharraf” sent his forces into Wana, in an attempt to block Nek from his anti-American “jihad,” Nek fought the Pak Army to a standstill, finally ending the contest with the “Shakhai Agreement.”  That was the moment that Wana’s real troubles began, and the moment when Nek Muhammad’s death warrant was signed.  Musharraf’s choice to stray from the American-written script for Pakistan, by pursuing peace treaties with militants, instead of total war within the Tribal Regions, inspired the CIA to begin a campaign of leader assassinations.  The American intent was to kill every Pakistani militant leader who makes peace with the Pak Army, in effect, forging a determined plan to sabotage all of Pakistan’s ill-advised peace efforts.

Where the Pentagon/CIA was determined to eliminate all “Taliban” and “al-Qaeda” within Pakistan, Musharraf managed to shift the debate with Washington by calling the Uzbeks around Wana, “al-Qaeda.  Using this approach, Mush was able to enlist the support of the local tribes in a manhunt to find and eliminate the trouble-making “foreign militants,” reporting all of those foreign militants who were killed or captured as “al-Qaeda.”  This enabled Musharraf to buy enough time and assistance from Washington attempt to recapture the tribal agreement signed at Shakhai, by fulfilling the promised economic development program as the basis for a agency-wide reconciliation agreement.  The problem with this approach is that the Americans keep killing the militant leaders like Mullah Nazir who work with Pakistan on this futile plan for peace (SEE:  India/Pakistani Detente’ Went Into the Ground with Mullah Nazir).

In the end, one side will triumph completely–Either Obama will turn America away from his present murderous path, or the new Pakistani government will turn Pakistan back into the totally, submissive American slave that Washington is used to ordering around.

A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood

nyt logo

Kamran Wazir/Reuters

Nek Muhammad, center, was a Pashtun militant who was killed in 2004, in the first C.I.A. drone strike in Pakistan.

Nek Muhammad knew he was being followed.

“On a hot day in June 2004, the Pashtun tribesman was lounging inside a mud compound in South Waziristan, speaking by satellite phone to one of the many reporters who regularly interviewed him on how he had fought and humbled Pakistan’s army in the country’s western mountains. He asked one of his followers about the strange, metallic bird hovering above him.

Less than 24 hours later, a missile tore through the compound, severing Mr. Muhammad’s left leg and killing him and several others, including two boys, ages 10 and 16. A Pakistani military spokesman was quick to claim responsibility for the attack, saying that Pakistani forces had fired at the compound.

That was a lie.

Mr. Muhammad and his followers had been killed by the C.I.A., the first time it had deployed a Predator drone in Pakistan to carry out a “targeted killing.” The target was not a top operative of Al Qaeda, but a Pakistani ally of the Taliban who led a tribal rebellion and was marked by Pakistan as an enemy of the state. In a secret deal, the C.I.A. had agreed to kill him in exchange for access to airspace it had long sought so it could use drones to hunt down its own enemies.

That back-room bargain, described in detail for the first time in interviews with more than a dozen officials in Pakistan and the United States, is critical to understanding the origins of a covert drone war that began under the Bush administration, was embraced and expanded by President Obama, and is now the subject of fierce debate. The deal, a month after a blistering internal report about abuses in the C.I.A.’s network of secret prisons, paved the way for the C.I.A. to change its focus from capturing terrorists to killing them, and helped transform an agency that began as a cold war espionage service into a paramilitary organization.

The C.I.A. has since conducted hundreds of drone strikes in Pakistan that have killed thousands of people, Pakistanis and Arabs, militants and civilians alike. While it was not the first country where the United States used drones, it became the laboratory for the targeted killing operations that have come to define a new American way of fighting, blurring the line between soldiers and spies and short-circuiting the normal mechanisms by which the United States as a nation goes to war.

Neither American nor Pakistani officials have ever publicly acknowledged what really happened to Mr. Muhammad — details of the strike that killed him, along with those of other secret strikes, are still hidden in classified government databases. But in recent months, calls for transparency from members of Congress and critics on both the right and left have put pressure on Mr. Obama and his new C.I.A. director, John O. Brennan, to offer a fuller explanation of the goals and operation of the drone program, and of the agency’s role.”

Pakistan’s “Red Lines” That America Crosses Everyday

Pakistan’s “Red Lines” That America Crosses Everyday

Peter Chamberlin

The government of Pakistan claims that there are “red lines” which drones and ground soldiers dare not cross (US urged not to cross ‘red line’ in Fata).   This is another lie.  In reality, US drones (and possibly “private contractors”) cross those lines everyday.   Just another day in the multi-faceted psychological war games, that are fought-out in FATA everyday.

This new public relations ploy, to allow the families of drone victims to prosecute American Predator war crimes builds a new line of defense for the Pak Army, while enhancing its credibility.  This is part of Pakistan’s new “Plan B” for Waziristan, where the civilian administration attempts to use Western courts to stop daily drone attacks upon the Wazir tribes in both North and South Waziristan, since military persuasion has failed miserably in that respect.  Military reluctance to interfere with US plans for Pakistan’s militants has derived not from a common desire to see the  the CIA Pakistanis, but from a desire NOT to piss-off the paymaster, which is interpreted by the people as complicity in the attacks (SEE:  US embassy cables: Pakistan backs US drone attacks on tribal areas (23 Aug. 2008, 14:12)).  Even the targeted militant leaders are aware of Army complicity in drone targetting.  I am referring here to the testimony of the recently assassinated Waziri leader Nazir (SEE: As-Sahab: English transcript of the interview with Mulla Nazeer Ahmad, the amir of the mujahideen in the South Waziristan ).

The outrageous death of Nazir and his friends clarified for the other militants, along with the entire Wazir tribe, that the Pak Army is obviously complicit in the drone attacks, otherwise actions would have been taken to put an end to the air incursions (SEE: India/Pakistani Detente’ Went Into the Ground with Mullah Nazir).  As long as the Army continued to maintain its duplicitous drone acceptance/rejection strategy, denying involvment in the drone targetting (which consistently hit the pro-Army Wazirs and not the anti-Pakistan Mehsuds in both North and South Waziristan), the Wazirs continued to participate in the Pak/US development strategy of infrastructural bribery, based on building”Quick Impact Projects” in areas previously cleared of Mehsud terrorists.

Since the UAV murder of Mullah Nazir near Wana, working in tandem with the development strategy, the Army is allowing lawsuits (Case No: CO/2599/2012 ) to go forward on one of the most heinous drone attacks upon the Wazirs, the March 17th, 2011 attack upon a Waziri Jirga in Datta Khel, N. Waziristan, which killed 50 (SEE: Waziristan tribesmen to move ICJ against drone hits ).  This move may be a compromise between the govt. and the Wazir tribe, to avoid a companion lawsuit (which is coming-up for a hearing on Feb. 13) that has been filed in Peshawar High Court, which forces the government of Pakistan’s hand.  The Peshawar suit makes the following demands:

  1. Confirm the Pakistani government’s complete opposition to US drone strikes in the tribal areas as a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty under Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter.
  2. Approach the United Nations Security Council and demand adoption of a resolution condemning drone strikes and requiring the US to end the strikes in Pakistan.
  3. Issue a formal complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and with the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions as the fundamental right to life is being breached by US drone strikes. 
  4. Publicly encourage victims of drone stacks to file complaints to the UNHRC so that the UN Secretary General can list this issue on the Council agenda for discussion. 
  5. Notify the US government of Pakistan’s intention to seek relief in the International Court of Justice for the US’s illegal operation of drones in Pakistan.
  6. Sign the Rome Treaty so that the International Criminal Court can have jurisdiction to prosecute the drone attacks as international law crimes.

The Wazir experiment was intended to reinforce existing agreements that have been made between the Army and the Tribal Authorities, which have previously delegated the policing function to the Tribes.  Under those peace deals, Tribal Leaders had agreed to keep “terrorists” and foreigners out of their territory, referring to Taliban and the Uzbek and “al-CIA-da” forces.  The Wazir Tribe has been held responsible for the terrorist attacks within their neighborhoods since this agreement was signed in 2007.  Under the agreement, the Mehsuds were to have been run-out of Wana.  The Wazirs resisted taking this extreme step for the Army, because they were forced to travel roads through Mehsud territory and obviously didn’t want to start a Tribal feud (SEE:  Pak Army Uses US Money To Build Road for Ahmadzai Wazirs To Run Mehsuds Out of Wana On).

The Wazir were expected to run the remaining 1,000 or so Mehsud out of Wana, just as soon as the new Kaur-Gomal-Tanai-Wana road was inagurated.  Mullah Nazir led a tribal jirga, which voted to run them out on December 5 (SEE:  1000 Mehsud Refugees Run-Out of Wana ).  Three weeks later, Nazir was killed in a flurry of Hellfire missiles which were fired by three or four drones (SEE:  They Had A Funeral In Wana for Mullah Nazir and 10,000 People Showed-Up–where were the drones then?).  After years of trying and  countless near-misses, the CIA finally killed the lynchpin of Pak Army plans for peace through development, by gifting him with a Quran containing a drone tracking chip.  The man who was the most feared, as well as the most effective anti-Taliban tribal leader/fighter, was the centerpiece of Pakistani peace efforts, who hopefully would inspire all of the tribes to build their own effective anti-Taliban “Lashkars.”

The S. Waziristan development projects were a type of reward for supporting govt. efforts.  The Army officials took their peace efforts so seriously that they rolled-up their sleeves and helped to build homes for the returnees, teach gardening skills, classes in fish farming, poultry and livestock handling.  They have even organized an off-road rally in South Waziristan, hoping to draw people into an entertainment venue and thereby possibly enhance their communal feelings.  The Army is whole-heartedly into the idea of “winning hearts and minds” in South Waziristan, following American counter-insurgency tactics to the letter.  But they are finding-out the hard way that it might be impossible to smooth relations with people whose homes and schools you have just flattened, not to mention overcoming those hard feelings harbored over family members who were killed by the Army’s zealous pulverizing of parts of South Waziristan.

rehabilitation zone  As you can see from this WSJ article clip, the rehabilitation effort, centered on Kotkai village (Hakeemullah Mehsud’s hometown), is not having the desired effect or speed of development.  With the killing of the Wazir leader, how much further will the Tribal elders be willing to go in trusting the Army to deal fairly?

The lawsuit in British courts against the UK Govt., for their participation in the American drone strike of the Wazir jirga will serve as a largely symbolic test which could possibly enable judicial interference to handicap further drone strikes.  The suit filed in Peshawar could prove to be a very significant test of govt. loyalty, to document whether Pakistan supports its own citizens (who are being systematically deprived of their inalienable rights to Life), or the rights of the Imperial powers to murder them at will.  A wrong choice on the Army’s part could cost them all of their remaining friends in the Tribal Regions.  It would force the govt. hand, requiring public opposition to drone strikes, as well as taking the people’s case to the UN and filing formal Human Rights violations.  In addition to this, it would force govt.  to allow charges to be filed in the ICJ (International Court of Justice).  If any of these actions are taken, they would be sufficient to suspend all further American payments to Pakistan.

India/Pakistani Detente’ Went Into the Ground with Mullah Nazir

India/Pakistani Detente’ Went Into the Ground with Mullah Nazir

Peter Chamberlin

The military-dominated politics pushed by Mr. Saeed are identical to those of  the actual “Taliban,” who were nice enough to provide America with a convenient excuse to wage experimental techno-warfare in Afghanistan (SEE:  Rightwing alliance is revived  ;  Pushing Pakistan’s Buttons–or, Shit Rolls Downhill).  Saeed likes to try to capitalize on the hot-button right-wing politics of Pakistan, attempting to turn his Defense of Pakistan Council into a multi-issue political force.  His recent jumping into the Indian “water wars” issue and his attempt to light an anti-NATO fire on Pakistan’s streets, and now this, looking for a back door for bringing his “Islamists” into Balochistan’s turmoil.  The fact that he has implied that all of the trouble in Baloch Province is India’s fault, the “foreign “meddling,” that Reyman Malik is always whining about, without ever actually naming anyone directly (India, USA and Israel, a.k.a.,  the “Zionist coalition”), is an indicator that he is speaking for the ISI.  

Pakistan had seemed to be getting a handle on the covert war that the Pentagon and the CIA had thrust upon them, before this Nazir killing.  Since then, renewed military action along the Line of Control in Kashmir, and motion of Lashkar i-Taiba ISI puppets like Hafiz Saeed, suggest that Pakistan’s “Plan B” is a regression to its historic focus upon India.  Look for Ilyas Kashmiri to suddenly show-up alive again, leading some new charge against India.  A new Pakistan/India war is exactly what the American agencies have been striving to ignite, no matter what American apologists may say to the contrary.  Look at Syria today to understand American plans for Pakistan and Iran tomorrow.


[EDITOR’s NOTE:  Since penning these lines late last night, news has emerged concerning the ongoing exchange of hostilities at the LoC,  that two of the recently killed Indian Jawans were beheaded, with one of the heads being taken back to Pakistan, in a reprise of the bloody terrorist attack where Ilyas Kashmiri rose to fame in Pakistan and notoriety in India for seizing the head of an Indian colonel and offering it to Musharraf.  I had to point-out that Kashmiri or a new incarnation of him has already shown-up in Jammu and Kashmir.]

Lashkar-e-Taiba is not at all what we have been led to believe.  The ongoing Mumbai trial in New York (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. ILYAS KASHMIRI, ET AL), has caused the US Govt. to intervene on behalf of the Pakistani Govt., indirectly helping Lashkar-i-Taiba, due to the testimony obtained from a different Chicago trial, that of American/Pakistani double-agent David Headley (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. ILYAS KASHMIRI, ET. AL.).   Between the two Mumbai trials, the ISI has been given immunity in US Courts for terrorist attacks upon Americans.  The same blanket immunity actually also helps to cover Hafiz Saeed, who is also named in the criminal complaint, by virtue of a potential verdict of  “not guilty.”  

LeT has history with the CIA, as well as its current connections to ISI.  

“The Lashkar-e-Taiba was from the outset clearly a U.S. enterprise.”

David Headley’s co-conspirator, named in the New York trial is Hafiz Saeed.  Saeed’s pilgrammage to Balochistan stands-out as an ISI ploy to negotiate a sort of  “peace” in Balochistan, in an effort  to enlist the aid of Talat Bugti to end the war of “disappeared” persons.  This is a “no-starter” ploy to blame all the troubles in Balochistan upon India, in exchange for an end to ISI murder in Balochistan.  Mr. Bugti is unlikely to support Saeed’s gambit without promises of an end to Frontier Corps retribution and murder, since he puts all the blame for nearly all of Balochistan’s violence upon Pakistani “agencies.”   But there is one point of agreement between the LeT operative and the Baloch nationalist Bugti, that the CIA and friends are responsible for controlling the  BLA and BRA.  It is not yet known what has transpired in that Lahore meeting between the Kashmiri activist and the one from Balochistan, but we have Saeed saying that:

“Balochistan should not be made to undergo a military operation.”  

If he can ever be taken at his word, then the Pak Army has softened its stance there, as it  has already shown restraint in its Baloch operations, starting no major military operations in recent memory,  indicating that they too have no desire for open warfare with local separatists and terrorists.  If peace is what they are truly after in Balochistan, then all issues could become negotiable.  The secret wars in Balochistan could end overnight if both sides were suddenly to become reasonable.  

The Army’s attempts to find peace through multiple tribal treaties had been starting to show promise in South Waziristan, after many years of trial and error.  A model program for Quick Impact Projects was being implemented there, after it had been formulated and funded by the United States, to employ a strategy that had been mapped-out to create incentive for peace there, by exchanging aid and development for the renunciation of militancy, or at least for belligerents to holster their guns, just as Mullah Nazir had done against the Army in Wana.  The Army was leading the development program there as a strategic move, using money provided by USAID and UAE investors, to promote peace or dialogue between warring factions by building and opening new thoroughfares between contested areas.  Despite the participation in the program of the Ahmadzai Wazirs, movement continued in this direction in Wana, money kept flowing into the program, with donations nearly doubling in the last year.  It was a blatant attempt to buy-off tribal loyalties by the American side, even though Pakistan was using the aid to bring peace to the Waziristan tribes, the exact opposite of American intent.  The Pentagon planners who came up with the idea expected the bribery to decrease cross-border anti-American hostilities.  In exchange for the government effort, Mullah Nazir had ordered the militant Mehsuds out of South Waziristan.  It was expected that other pro-Pakistan militants like Gul Bahadar in North Waziristan (along with the Haqqani boys) would follow the South Waziristan lead.  America kept the bribery coming but killed Nazir, its primary benefactor, it seemed.  The killing of Nazir was a major boost to the tyranny of Hakeemullah Mehsud.  Expect outlandish terror attacks to return to South Waziristan very shortly.  

With the sabotaging of Pakistani efforts in Waziristan, CIA planners could once again focus their attention upon the further destabilization of Balochistan, in particular its long border with Iran.  We know for certain that Mr. Saeed has some anti-Indian plans in mind when he speaks of calling an “all parties conference on Balochistan.”  With Saeed, his meeting with  Talal Bugti signals a further “Islamization” of Pakistani politics, intended, no doubt as a recruitment drive for new Islamist fighters, to be used when and where the agency-controlled LeT handlers choose to send them.  Bugti must be extra careful of endorsing anything from this devious crowd.  He will not likely associate with any political rally where he expects to hear calls for “Jihad!”  The most that can come out of any Defense of Pakistan Council sponsored all party conference is the providing of a political boost to radical Islamists and Baloch separatists.  What Bugti must decide beforehand, before risking his own neck, is which side will receive the lion’s share and which the beggar’s lot in any deal with Lashkar-i-Taiba and ultimately the spy agencies that are behind them.  Between this ploy and the one now playing-out in Kashmir, India should understand the new reality being handed them by the ISI as retribution for Imperial sabotage.

Hafiz Saeed meets Talal Bugti, urges solution to Balochistan crisis


Hafiz Mohammad Saeed

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. — Photo by Reuters

LAHORE: Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed on Tuesday said the government should take steps to resolve the issues confronting Balochistan on an emergency basis, DawnNews reported.

Speaking to media representatives after meeting with Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) chief Talal Akbar Bugti in Lahore, the JuD chief said the government no longer had the room to further delay on addressing the issues.

During the meeting, the two discussed Balochistan’s security situation as well as the country’s political situation.

Saeed told reporters that the government should take immediate steps to resolve the issues confronting Balochistan, adding that difficulties would increase in case the province’s issues remain unsolved.

Saeed further said that Balochistan should not be made to undergo a military operation.

He moreover questioned as to who would put a stop to “Indian interference” in the province.

The JuD chief added that his party would host an all parties’ conference on Balochistan.

On the occasion, Bugti said he would not support any artificially installed leadership in Balochistan, adding that an all parties’ conference would soon be called to discuss the province’s issues.

[“The emergence of the ”Defense of Pakistan Council” movement has raised suspicions that the group has approval from elements in the powerful military and security establishment, aiming to bolster public support for a hardline position.”]

”We demand Pakistani rulers quit the alliance with America,” said Saeed,

”Wake up, countrymen, break the shackles of American slavery.”

”Jihad! Jihad!” the crowd roared.]

Talal advises to form grand alliance

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ISLAMABAD: Jamhoori Watan Party Chief Talal Akbar Bugti has advised to form a grand alliance before general elections, adding that if all the demands of Baloch people were met then he himself will persuade the Baloch leaders residing abroad.

Addressing the ‘Meet The Press’ programme here at Islamabad Press Club, Talal Bugti said that he would not take part in the elections until FC, ISI and MI leave the province.

The JWP chief claimed that FC and secret agencies are involved in smuggling in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also claimed that Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Lashkar e Jhangvi in their part are not involved in the insurgency.

Talal said that the current situation of Balochistan is worse than that of West Pakistan in 1971. He said that if the situation in the province remained same then UN or any army of Islamic country should be asked to save Pakistan.

American Foreign Policy Contradictions–Torn Between “Good Al-Qaeda” and “Bad Al-Qaeda”

American Foreign Policy Contradictions–

Torn Between “Good Al-Qaeda” and “Bad Al-Qaeda”

Peter Chamberlin    

“US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has said the slimmed-down force would focus on preventing Al-Qaeda… from regaining a foothold in the war-shattered nation.”

When Do We Fight Against Terrorists and When Do We Put Them On the American Payroll?

The hypocritical foreign policy of Barack Obama is identical to that of his two predecessors–Little Moronic Bush and Sleazy Jefferson Clinton.  All three of them have somehow managed to convert Ronald Reagan’s “Mujahedeen” allies (originally called “freedom fighters”) into terrorists, just long enough to jump-start the Pentagon’s brilliant limited world war plan, before Obama converted the Mujahedeen (“al-Qaeda”) back into our allies in Libya and Syria.  The Al-Qaeda Mujahedeen have always worked on the American payroll, even when they were blowing-up our foreign facilities and helping to demolish American landmarks.  Now that we are back to the point where the two-headed al-Qaeda coin is once again flipped, to remind Americans of the phony excuse of “keeping al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan” and American troops in Afghanistan–The latest incarnation of “Why we fight,” according to Mr. Panetta.

The Pentagon and their minions in Hollywood have been producing similar films offering their version of  reality since WWII.  Now that computers have given them the capability to create simulations of their version of reality, they have their best liars hard at work simulating a very real World War III.  Their ultimate intention is to use this world war simulation as their vehicle to carry an all too real world war into the lives of the people of the world, beginning in 2013.   That is the key to understanding the contradictions, the hypocrisy and the deception–mixing staged productions with real events.  The mass-media makes it all possible, without them, there would be only reality, a reality that would be impossible for anyone to deny.

We have reached the point of contradiction in the grand psyop, where the majority of people will no longer be able to “suspend disbelief,” the key element of every good Hollywood production.  America’s “global war on terrorism” works on the same principles as every previous Hollywood extravaganza–in order for the plot to work, the viewer must first agree to the terms of  a symbolic contract between movie-goer and movie-maker.  In this instance, we are talking about the “suspension of disbelief” clause in the social/entertainment contract.  Every movie-watcher must abide by this guiding concept, to agree from the start, to watch the movie with an uncritical eye, saving any criticisms about plot deficiencies until the end of the movie, or at least until the true story has been revealed.

This is the point we have reached in the Hollywood/Pentagon production (PsyOp), where the true plot has been revealed to those of us with the power or the desire to see the truth in the American terror war, a point which would normally come towards the end of the production.  Since we are being sucked into a permanent state of limited world war, the rules of movie etiquette no longer apply to us.  Those of us who can see are free to openly rip into the cheesy plot that has been thrust upon us.

We are locked in a terror war, even though we are now openly allied with the very same “al-Qaeda” terrorists whom we have allegedly have allegedly been fighting against since the beginning of Bush’s terror war.  Barack Obama is were clearly using terrorists as the central element of his foreign policy.  He has been using them as a proxy force of paid mercenaries in Libya and Syria, just as he has been using the  the “al-Qaeda-linked”  Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Pakistan’s Tribal Region.  Hakeemullah Mehsud’s TTP own the “al-Qaeda” franchise in Pakistan even though they are working for Obama, as they originally killed Pakistanis for Little Bush.  Before we contracted these “al-Qaeda” terrorists in Pakistan, Bush and Cheney had contracted a different branch of “al-Qaeda” to kill American servicemen in Iraq.  Bush had needed them to prolong the Iraq war for him after the initial quick victory.  Now Obama needs them to perform the same service in Pakistan and Afghanistan, helping him to prolong the war there into the indefinite future.  Whenever American foreign policy relies upon a hardcore force of “Islamist” militants to fight for us, either as “freedom fighters,” or against us as “terrorists,” then the inherent contradiction is revealed.  This is the turning point, where the audience begins to “look behind the curtain.”


This is the point of contradiction which now confronts us, the point where all government bullshit breaks-down.  This is the time for us to either hold the hypocritical contradictions high over our heads and turn them to our advantage, or to surrender our country to the Fascists and the closet Communists who have conspired to bring us to this point of ruin?  Another American revolution surely beats another American civil war, any day.

Without Obama’s hypocritical deceit, there would be no reason for any American troops to stay in Afghanistan.  Without President Obama’s use of terrorism within Iran and Lebanon ( in blind submission to the Fascist Israelis), then there would be no excuse for any anti-Iranian or anti-Hezbollah sanctions.  If it were not for American contracts with terrorists and mercenaries all over the world, then there would be no valid reason to wage any war anywhere.

“We the People of the United States” have a sacred duty to posterity and to the entire human race to put an end to the evil reign of the terrorist Barack Obama.  Anything less will not do.  It is high time that we all recognize the farce that we have all been living, thinking that it was all beyond our control.  We have to carry-out just one more “regime change,” this one has to take place in Washington, D.C.

Revolution is mandatory.  We will not follow a terrorist government any longer.

Take it to the streets.


Prince Bandar’s Wake-Up Call

Peter Chamberlin

It feels like something sinister has just occurred, but it may be a long time until we figure-out just what that was (SEE: Saudi Appointment Suggests Bigger Regional Ambitions ).  When dealing with the Saudis, nothing is as it seems.   Trying to understand the Saudi royal family is something like trying to decipher a hidden code–What does the advancing of Bandar Bush to the top job in Saudi intelligence services really imply?  

Whenever there are major changes in the Saudi royal family, our first impressions often prove to be wrong, since we can only see surface appearances.   Much like looking at an iceberg, most of the facts about the Wahhabi kingdom are hidden beneath the surface.  Bandar is the biggest “berg” of the bunch.  The move of Bandar to the top of the Saudi’s “cia” is far more significant than just the replacement of the previous spy boss (who had proven himself to be inadequate for the Saudi’s needs), simply because of the baggage that Bandar carries with him.  He has served as Saudi Arabia’s primary connection to every American Administration since Reagan, because of his strong connections with the leaders of the Republican Party (this is how he earned the title “Bandar Bush”).  

Bandar Bush has been the irreplaceable key to nearly all of the Grand Ole Party’s secret foreign policy adventures.  Even Democrats like Clinton and Obama, who choose to act like Republicans, have been able to motivate the Republican associates of Bandar, in order to obtain his help in pulling together another of his “Islamist” armies for “humanitarian interventions” in Muslim countries.  Brother Bandar was extremely active during the Bush years, advising both Cheney and Bush, while organizing their secret deals to put his militant network to work.  During the Bush era, elements of his militant network came to be called “al-Qaeda” (the base), as their terrorist exploits were amplified in the Western press, to create the impression of a massive army of international “Islamists” waging war against the civilized world.  The legendary “exploits” of al-Qaeda are actually the acts of many separate, unconnected terror outfits, writ larger than life on the Western TV screens, as if all the terrorists worked for one Saudi boss.  

The Bush Administration successfully insulated the Saudis from any blame for supporting and using this terrorist network, enabling Bandar’s boys to provide the unified enemy nexus that Bush and Cheney so desperately needed to justify their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and half a dozen other hot spots.  This formula for creating new wars was intended to empower the American war for Empire, as the flagship of predatory capitalism ripped through a series of Middle Eastern and North African countries (as revealed early on by General Wesley K. Clark).   War on Iran was scheduled to follow a quick victory in Iraq, which anticlimactically, ended rather quickly, contrary to expectations, proving to be another embarrassment to the Administration.  

The Neocon scheme began to unravel very quickly in Bush’s second term, as he became a victim of his previous easy successes in starting new wars.   The American war machine too easily devoured the token resistance of the Taliban and Saddam’s forces after that.  Easy victories upset the formula, as old battles could not “logically” (if perpetual war was your goal) be finished until sufficient groundwork had been done, laying the charges and lighting the fuses for new American wars.  Iran would have to wait for Bandar’s boys, or other assets (Mossad) to cause a strong enough Iranian reaction to their probing attacks to provide an excuse for a massive America counter-reaction.  

Meanwhile, similar excuses needed to be engineered to justify the extended stays in Afghanistan and Iraq (leading directly to the creation of the Pakistani Taliban and “al-Qaeda in Iraq”).  While they were at it, the Saudis produced terrorist prodigy Ibn al-Khattab, who hailed from the same Saudi/Jordanian border town as the legendary boss of “al-Qaeda in Iraq,” Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.   

Bandar’s Sunni “Islamist” network managed to produce two semi-effective anti-Iranian Sunni outfits, Jundullah and Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK), both proved to be unsuited to the task of rallying terrorist armies to their sides in Shia Iran.  Bandar also came up short  in his search for satisfactory terrorist clients to oppose Iranian inroads in any of the targeted Muslim countries with mixed populations of both Shia and Sunni, like Lebanon, Syria, or the Palestinian territories.  Bandar seemed to fall out of favor with Bush after the failure of Israel’s war against Hezbollah stalled in Lebanon in 2006.    Anticipated local insurgencies in Lebanon and Syria failed to materialize, leaving Israel standing alone against Hezbollah with their Zionist pants around their ankles.  When the IDF did not live-up to their exalted military prowess, failing to make quick work of the Lebanese Shia resistance (like the US-supported Northern Alliance forces had easily walked over the Taliban), it seemed to take the wind out of Bush’s sails.  The previous urgency in instigating war with Iran seemed to quickly fade, as war fever started to cool and Bush appeared to lose his taste for starting new aggressive wars.  

Around that same time, a feud between Bandar and Prince Turki broke out into the open, ending with Turki’s resignation as US ambassador.  It has been  reported that the feud was over Saudi policy regarding America’s Iranian policy (SEE:  Prince Bandar’s Ambitions: Turki-Bandar Feud Over US Politics Cause of Resignation).  Turki favored a more even-handed diplomatic approach, embodied in the Arab Peace Initiative for Palestinian statehood at the UN and supporting the moderates in Iraq, while Bandar wanted to butt heads with the Iranians, in order to solve the Sunni/Shia problem once and for all (SEE:  Prince Bandar Allegedly Advocating Military Response Against Iran).  In short, Bandar represented the militant Cheney wing of the Republicans, while Prince Turki  was the Saudi advocate for the moderate Baker/Scowcroft wing.  Bush had grown tired of being let down by the “Cheneys” and “Bandars” lined-up at the American seat of power. 

Much like his pal Cheney, Bandar seemed to skulk back into the shadows after that, as efforts to drive the terror war covertly seemed to crash head-on into operations intended to prolong the individual wars, producing obvious contradictions, which began to arouse the suspicions of the American people.  Bush turned the wars over to the Pentagon advisers, turning his deaf ear to the spies.   Bandar disappeared completely from the public eye in 2008, after the failed Georgian attempt to expel Russia and Republican McCain’s defeat, giving rise to multiple rumors, the most extreme of which was the theory that Bandar and 200 accomplices had attempted a coup against King Abdullah(SEE:  In kingdom, Saudi prince’s coup ‘fails’).  Whatever the truth was, Bandar remained hidden until 2010, when he emerged from obscurity amid great fanfare.  

Perhaps Bandar had emerged then to reclaim lost ground.  In his absence, King Abdullah had given cautious support to the diplomatic measures that Prince Turki had been pushing.  Abdullah had even given Turki’s ideas on rapprochement with the dark sheep of the Arab fold, Syrian Bashar Hafez al-Assad, meeting him in Damascus on Oct 7, 2009.  Bandar’s father, Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz had undergone surgery in New York in February 2009 for an undisclosed illness, forcing the Saudi second-in-command to spend the year afterwards, recuperating in the United States and at a palace in Morocco.

The heir to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Sultan died on October 21, 2011, whereupon Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud became the next Crown Prince, or heir apparent.   Less than one month later, on Nov 11, 2011, Prince Turki’s diplomatic plans for Palestinian Statehood at the United Nations were effectively scuttled, as the security council  put off the vote on admitting Palestine as a state.  On June 16 ,  2012, Crown Prince Naif (Nayef) also died.  Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud became the next Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The man whom Bandar had sidelined as Prince Naif’s chief of Saudi Intelligence was Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz.   The Institute For Gulf Affairs recently revealed correspondence between Naif and his intelligence chief Muqrin, concerning the Saudi handling of the Shia protests:

“The letters discuss how a situation involving Shia instigation in the Eastern Province should be handled. In the exchange Muqrin argued for a much stronger and harsher approach, but was vetoed by Naif.”

On Sunday, July 8, Muqrin’s “stronger and harsher approach” was given a go, as Shia cleric Ayatollah Al-Nimr was shot during his brutal arrest, setting-off massive Shia rioting in the Eastern Province, home of most Saudi oil fields.  Muqrin was supposed to be the kingdom’s top expert on the eastern provinces, since his son-in-law, Mohammed bin Fahd, was the governor of that province, but his insight into the Shia mind was as incomplete as any other Sunni.  Creating martyrs for the Shiite cause is not the path to peace in Saudi Arabia, or in any other Muslim nation.  In addition to this royal disappointment, Muqrin had also recently dealt a severe psychological blow to the kingdom’s most important ally, Pakistan, by his cooperation with India and the United States in the capture of wanted Lashkar e-Taiba militant, 26/11 co-conspirator Sayed Zabiuddin, alias Abu Jindal.  These two major embarrassments to the King are the primary reason for the outing of the long-time Saudi security chief.

Does the positioning of Bandar in Muqrin’s job herald a change for the worse in Saudi Arabia’s treatment of its Shia citizens, or does it signify that the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques intends to take the effort to force eastern Shiites to end their submission to Tehren dictates?


Hillary Finally Brings Bureau of Spy/Diplomatic Liaisons Out of the Closet

Hillary Finally Brings Bureau of Spy/Diplomatic Liaisons Out of the Closet

By Peter Chamberlin

Clinton finally brings the secret military/State Dept. covert operations out into the open (SEE:  Clinton Goes Commando, Sells Diplomats as Shadow Warriors).  This is the logical outcome of a process started long ago, during the Reagan Administration, when Congress put restrictions on the CIA’s shadow wars in Central America.  It was then that this so-called “smart policy” began, thereafter, all of the CIA’s illegal operations were contracted out to private interests.   Hillary’s baby, “the Conflict Bureau,” grew out of Reagan’s NED (National Endowment for Democracy).   The new bureau of State Dept. activism was originally called the “Office of Public Diplomacy,” as first revealed in the Congressional Iran/Contra Hearings.  These hearings uncovered the inner workings of a new State Dept. entity, which was intended to take over many of the CIA’s  operations.  

Private corporations and benefactors were solicited to form patriotic partnerships with the military, to be overseen by a hierarchy of diplomats.  These partnerships turned-out to be privately funded criminal enterprises, which were organized to implement Administration policies.  The objective of these enterprises was to destabilize nations by turning the people against their own governments.  This was to be done primarily through diplomatic largess, as opposed to the use of military force.  A veritable river of cash and other economic incentives began to pour into the hands of poor people and local criminal networks.  The people’s loyalty would be bought, as would the criminals’ silence, as well as the local bureaucrat’s complicity.  The louder that those who received their newfound wealth boasted of their good fortune, the more envious the rest of the people would become.  All forces would contribute to the primary mission of destabilization.

Perhaps the most important acquisition that the beneficent diplomats could make would be that of the voices of established local journalists and newsmen, who would be the primary agitators of the class struggle between the haves and the have-nots.  In Muslim countries, the most important acquisition would likely be local religious authorities and devotees, who could be used to further agitate long-simmering local religious squabbles, such as that between Sunni and Shia.

Through the “smart” interplay between the various news-generating sources at their disposal, the aggressive diplomats could actually take over popular dialogues and generate “new news” (propaganda).   By using their local and national players to dominate popular opinion-making, diplomats could successfully replace the ongoing national narratives with new false narratives, which were used to bring the thinking of the people in line with the Administration’s will for them.  The overriding purpose was to generate national revolutions by first creating a false perception of an ongoing revolution within the minds of the people.   The people were made to believe in an inevitable national revolution by hiring locals to stage revolutionary attacks (terrorism) on key targets, at critical junctures in the molding of the national debate.  The contracted newsmen spread the story of the ongoing revolution far and wide, while the newsmen who could not be bought are deceived with selective leaks from anonymous government sources.  The revolutionary (terrorist) acts are timed so as to validate the doctored news reports.   

Today the diplomatic meddlers have networks of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to assist them with the process of spreading the “pork” locally and creating new false narratives which mirror the latest fashionable lies being peddled by Washington’s other sources.  You see the process most completely in the fate suffered by Libya, or Syria, or that visited upon the people of Iraq.  At the end of the “smart” process is nothing but war and local devastation giving the US and NATO military a foot in the door.   For this the national governments are blamed by the manipulated, agitated, radicalized and weaponized masses.  

 Hillary is extremely proud of her smart operation, her “Silk Road” to hell.

Is the Whirling Dervish of TAPI Politics Finally Spinning America’s Way?

Is the Whirling Dervish of TAPI Politics Finally Spinning America’s Way?

Peter Chamberlin

It had to eventually happen–Afghan politics have come full circle, and then some.  It was only a matter of time before the TAPI pipe dream would once again be offered as a solution to the Afghan conflict.  The Taliban are once again being handed the keys to the kingdom in exchange for partnering with Western oil giants as the means for ensuring TAPI pipeline security.  The last time we heard the snake charmers make this offer was  in 1996, when Marty Miller of Unocal tried to convince all the factions that the “pipeline was a conflict resolution process.”  When this approach also failed to keep all parties satisfied, speculation arose that Unocal or another consortium partner gave secret support to the Taliban, in order to push-out the Northern Alliance forces of Ahmad Shah Massoud from their northern sanctuary, the location of the finalized pipeline route.  What will happen this time, when the Taliban or the mega-corporations prove to be unmovable and the whole diplomatic episode is exposed as another charade?  Karzai is a marked man, just as Rabbani before him was marked for termination by the medieval Taliban.

When it comes to Afghanistan and energy corridors, there are no new ideas under the sun–even Hillary Clinton’s favorite project, the “Silk Road,”  is just another attempt to revive one of her husband’s policy failures.  The following  testimony was given to Congress on 12 February 1998, by John Maresca, International head of Unocal–

“There are few, if any, other areas of the world where there can be such a dramatic increase in the supply of oil and gas to the world market. The solution seems simple: build a ‘new’ Silk Road.”

Anyone who has been paying attention to the decisions being made in Washington concerning the final resolution of the Afghan dilemma should have seen something like this coming down the pipe.  The Obama team has consistently pushed a revived TAPI project like it was already a done deal.  All of Obama’s emissaries have done everything imaginable to coerce Pakistan into signing-on to the mega-project, usually by portraying  TAPI as something in Pakistan’s best interests and the Iranian IPI pipeline as something harmful.  If  today’s report that the Taliban also want TAPI is true, then the US has once again performed another act of “ju jitsu diplomacy,” whereby a foreign entity’s decisions are turned on their heads, so that blatant lies are swallowed whole, as if they were the only truth.  In Pakistan’s case, after Ambassador Holbrooke successfully donned the disguise of humanitarian benefactor he was able to dominate the media with pro-American propaganda.

The pipeline plot was actually a subtle form of arm-twisting, intended to force Pakistan into helping the US bring the war to a close.  If Pakistan would only consent to forcibly bending the Taliban into a cooperative frame of mind, then all of these economic benefits and problem-solving initiatives would simply fall into their laps.  Such is the nature of American Fascist “diplomacy.”  Holbrooke’s hallmark.

Just as Pakistan is now being forced into an undesired partnership with America, through a combination of economic incentives and military pressure, Turkmenistan has been maneuvered into a corner until conditions could be made amenable to TAPI development.  TAPI would be a reality by now were it not for American obstructionism.  By February 10, 1993, Bridas Corp. of Argentina had already signed contracts to build the pipeline with the Turkmen state gas company, Turkmenneft,  but construction was blocked by Unocal of California lawyers, who hung the project up in US courts on legal technicalities.

In hindsight, it is apparent that the President of Turkmenistan at that time, Saparmurat Niyazov, also helped Unocal negate the contract which he had previously signed with Bridas, because he didn’t like the 75/25 split specified in the contract, since Bridas would receive the 75% as the project developer.  Thereafter, with development rights to all of that gas and oil up in the air, the Saudis took control of the project, as they assumed the dubious position of financier of both factions in the legal and political battles to build TAPI.  New corporations were formed by different Saudi royals, Delta and Ningharco; Delta partnered with Unocal and Ningharco backed Bridas.  Ningharco was a shell company based in the Jersey Isles, run by the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki.  The Saudis were controlling both sides of the bidding war and negotiations, which continued behind the scenes right up until the attacks in Washington and New York, committed by mostly Saudi terrorists on September 11, 2001.  Is it simply an awful coincidence that the TAPI negotiations came to a dead end simultaneously with the rise of the mostly Saudi terrorist organization, we know as “Al-CIA-da”?

Saudis, Saudis everywhere, most of them stirring-up trouble of some sort,…and yet they are still helping us to run the terror war–the war which has made this new TAPI deal with the Taliban  possible.  This entire war has been a farce, an exercise in building Saudi wealth.  And still, no one in Washington gives a damn–as long as their schemes help bring about the dreamed-of strategic pipeline corridor through Afghanistan and Balochistan.  It will all be celebrated as a great victory, Obama snatching Hillary’s pipe dreams and his second term out of thin air,  making it the cornerstone of a “New American Century.”  All of this, thanks to Saudi double-dealing and the twisted legacy of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, administered by the capable hands of Clinton’s wife.

TAPI gas pipeline: Kabul turns to Taliban for pipeline security

ISLAMABAD:The administration of President Hamid Karzai has assured Pakistan and India that it has reached an ‘understanding’ with Taliban insurgents to ensure the security of the multi-billion-dollar Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project.

“The Afghan Taliban have assured that they would not sabotage the project,” a senior official told The Express Tribune quoting Afghan authorities. “The Afghan government would also deploy troops to ensure the security of the pipeline,” the official added.

Pakistan, India and Afghanistan are scheduled to meet in the Turkmen capital of Ashgabat on May 23 to sign the Gas Sales Purchase Agreement (GSPA). The proposed pipeline will pass through Herat, Kandahar, the birthplace of the Afghan Taliban and the most volatile province of Afghanistan, then Balochistan and Multan before entering Indian Punjab.

There is also the issue of mines on the proposed route. In 2008, Afghanistan was tasked to clear the mines on the route area within two years. Currently, officials are also unclear whether the Afghan government has succeeded in removing these mines or not.

Due to Taliban’s involvement in insurgency on the proposed route, Pakistan had earlier also proposed Turkmenistan to supply gas via Iran using the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline instead of laying a pipeline through Afghanistan, under a swap arrangement. But the proposal never materialised due to unprecedented opposition from the US against Iran.

Under this proposed arrangement, the imported gas volume agreed between Pakistan and Turkmenistan was to be supplied to the northern provinces of Iran in lieu of which Iran was to supply equivalent gas volume through the IP pipeline to Pakistan.

According to the official, an alternative western route of constructing the pipeline between the Afghanistan-Iran and Pakistan-Iran border was also proposed that was agreed by the Afghan government. Pakistan had floated this proposal as it believed that more than 72% insurgency-related cases by the Taliban take place on the earlier proposed TAPI gas pipeline route.

“After assurance from the Karazai government that Taliban will not blow up the pipeline, participating countries have agreed to lay the pipeline on the earlier proposed route,” the official said.

Participating countries including India were also concerned about security situation in Balochistan.”We have assured them that the government would prepare a force of local people to deploy in the area of the pipeline in Balochistan to ensure security,” the official added.

When the participating countries meet in Turkmenistan on May 23, they will ink the formal deal on the transit fee and GSPA. Pakistan, India and Afghanistan had agreed on a transit fee rate at 49.5 cents per million British thermal units (MMBTU), during the talks held in Islamabad earlier.

India will pay 49.5 cents per MMBTU as transit fee to Pakistan and Pakistan will pay an equal amount to Afghanistan.

“Pakistan will get $217 million as transit fee from India, which will be paid to Afghanistan,” the official said.

Pakistan and Turkmenistan have also agreed at a gas price rate equal to 70% of crude oil against the 78% of crude oil with Iran under the IP gas pipeline project.

Published in The Express Tribune

The Obscenity of Humanitarian Warfare

“Humanitarian Bombs,” Anthony Freda Art

The Obscenity of Humanitarian Warfare

By: Peter Chamberlin

America and NATO have done a very bad thing, a perplexing thing–they have blurred the lines between war and peace, by turning “humanitarian intervention” into a tool of aggression.  It is now logical to view all American humanitarian aid, in  all of its forms, as the first stage of aggression, America’s foot in the door to meddle in the affairs of national government.  On a sliding scale, with national subversion (under the cover of humanitarian intervention) on one end, and full-scale superpower “blitzkrieg” on the other, we can see the outlines of the modern distortion of humanitarian aid into a tool of war-making  in a simple line, depicting levels of American military aggression.

All aspects of the graph are describing the same phenomenon, the process of hostile regime change, using the State Dept. and all the sub-organizations that it has spawned, as tools of subversion available to undermine those “rogue” governments who dare to oppose domination by the US military.   NATO uses the chain of NGOs under its control, with those State-controlled private organizations (non-governmental organizations), to undermine governments slowly, though noisily, as we have witnessed in all of the “Arab Spring” revolutions.  For those governments which represent tougher “nuts” to crack, like Pakistan and Iran, “limited warfare” is used, varying from low-level combat to intensive psychological operations.  For even tougher regimes than this, such as Yemen, Syria, or Libya, proxy forces are used underneath a Western air shield, to wage full-scale war, under guidance from NATO tacticians.

Overseeing it all is the international intelligence-gathering web of drone and satellite surveillance which is operated by the CIA and NSA, with full assistance from every Western intelligence agency, primarily for tracking and killing the “enemies” of the United States.   Most of those who have been designated as “enemies” or even “enemy non-combatants” have never taken-up arms against US or allied forces.  Their only offense has been to oppose American interventionary forces, or to represent some threat to the mission, with the mission being that of establishing US military dominance.

To those in charge of these too big to imagine operations, what would it matter if a few Russians had to be taken out of the way, to preserve the integrity of the mission, especially if they presented a serious threat of exposure?  The case can be made that the mysterious elimination of two prominent Russians have been steps in a covert intelligence war intended to unify the world behind the American war of aggression in the Middle East.  The unresolved deaths of Alexander Pikayev (the Russian strategic weapons expert) and Gen. Yuri Ivanov (head of GRU Russian military intelligence of the Caucasus region and Central Asia) were, in fact, both murders, committed by Western intelligence agents.  Other acts of violence may be written-off as Russian retaliation for the hits, or other counter-moves could have been intended to thwart US moves behind the scenes.

Something is very rotten in Malta, judging by the number of unsolved deaths on that island over the last couple of years, although no one seems to have noticed the smell.  The reason that no one has seemed to notice is the far greater stench from two “humanitarian wars” (advertised as “wars of liberation”), that has been rising-up and blanketing the entire eastern Mediterranean with an acrid smoke that lingers in the nostrils.  All of the conflicts that American forces have been engaged in have been advertised as wars of liberation from tyranny.   Everyone knows that the philanthropic Americans are only trying their best to bring “democracy” to the world, despite all the proof that these wars have caused even greater misery and subservience to new and different forms of oppression.

I have made the case for these strong accusations based on informed conjecture, but more upon a Mediterranean timeline which has come together while researching this paper.  The Google map which I have created and posted below pinpoints the many locations contained in the Mediterranean timeline.

The international significance of the string of murders compiled here comes primarily from two of the Russians killed, one a strategic nuclear analyst on the island of Malta, Alexander Pikayev, and the other a fishy smelling drowning case off the coast of Syria, of Russian Gen. Yuri Ivanov (chief of military intelligence for Caucasus), who allegedly died while swimming with comrades.  Reports that have come out on the investigation of Ivanov’s death are understandably limited by the Russian government, while similar reports on the Pikayev investigation have tended to blur with local reporting on a string of unsolved brutal murders that have been committed on Malta since Pikayev’s death, all of them near the site of his probable murder.   Another element of suspicion that has arisen comes from another unexplained murder at about the same time, that of of British spy Garland Williams, who, like Alexander Pikayev, was found naked and dead, on Aug. 23, 2010, both were locked inside their apartments, but the British spy was found stuffed inside a tote bag.

It is normal spook policy to cover-up their hits with torrid sex innuendo in the Western media, thereby tainting any hard facts which might arise, despite their attempts to enforce press blackouts (SEE:  MI6 dirty secrets.. why do sex games appear to feature in so many spy deaths?).  A majority of the unsolved murders that I have cited in this article have had a repulsive sexual taint attached to them–many of the victims were found naked, some were found covered in multiple “love bites,” others with puncture wounds on every part of their body, others, like the MI6 spy were found in the midst of incriminating by bondage and gay evidence left at the murder scene.  Often the press cites “experts” who have shown-up at the scene of the crime to add even juicier, nastier elements, such as the Malta case where the mother is the primary suspect, alleged to have had a sexual relationship with her daughter before smothering her.

All of the murders have received spotty reporting, as they have become even more obscured by the rising smoke from the horrible events around them, happening simultaneously in Syria and in Libya.  The twin conflicts have also helped to flush awareness of other big events, such as multiple pipeline explosions all over the region, massive ammo dump explosions, even the first terrorist attempt to sink an oil supertanker in the Persian Gulf.

These are eventful times that we live in.

In my opinion, if the truth about these events ever comes out, we will learn that both Russians were murdered by the same people, very likely for very similar reasons.  After Alexander Pikayev returned from Iran’s anti-nuclear summit in April, he represented a threat to the upcoming mission against Libya and Syria, perhaps not because of his Iran-friendly opposition to Imperial moves, but more likely simply because he lived on Malta, which was slated to serve in both pre-war and post-war operations.   Malta was a primary trans-shipment point, because of the massive cargo facilities across the island at Freeport.  Alexander lived in a location which might be considered as “ground zero” for these different phases of the wars on Libya and Syria.  His apartment was within ten miles of the pre-war staging area at Valletta and the maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) Centre (which had ran point, along with Italy, for NATO’s confrontation with Libya over responsibility for refugees).   Malta was such a vital link to the “humanitarian” support angle that Hillary Clinton even thanked the Prime Minister for the great supporting role that Malta had played as a primary shipping point and for serving on the front-line of the refugee problem.

“Malta’s unique geography, history and expertise will make it a valued partner in this work,” Clinton said.

The US and EU leaders would have considered having a staunch Russian  anti-American writer and lecturer in place to report on the extensive mobilization efforts as an unacceptable risk, especially when so much effort was being expended to give the appearance of a “spontaneous revolution.”   Alexander Pikayev would have been equated to an “enemy non-combatant,” subject to elimination under Obama’s new directives.  I believe that Pikayev was eliminated by assassins working under either US or NATO directives.

Alexander Pikayev had also just finished attending the Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for No One conference in Tehran from April 17 to 19.  Iran’s PressTV put videos of the conference round table discussion on YouTube, Pikayev’s excerpts are included below—

Three days later, on Apr 22, 2010, Carniegie Moscow Center  for Non-proliferation Studies (CNS), (which he co-directed) released a statement condemning the behavior of the Tehran Times for:

“misquoting Dr. Alexander Pikayev’s remarks, during the recent disarmament conference in Iran. The remarks attributed to him were taken out of context and edited so as to distort their intent and bear little correspondence to what he actually said. Dr. Pikayev and CNS deplore the unprofessional conduct of the Tehran Times and disavow the misleading publication.”
During this crucial time of building tensions between the EU and Libya, events would begin to unfold which could have given the Russian researcher plenty of incentive to start looking beneath the surface of the many apparently unrelated events, for some sort of linkage between calamitous events and signs of the great storm which was building in the middle of the Mediterranean.

During the build-up to war against Libya, a series of confrontations took place between the EU and Qaddafi, over refugee policy and security agreements, as a prelude to further binding economic agreements waiting to be signed with Qaddafi.  Through these confrontations/tests, the stage was being set to make a case at the UN for “humanitarian intervention” in Libya.  This gambit centered on the EU Frontex security agency and attempts to enforce previously signed treaties concerning the treatment of refugees and security arrangements for Europe’s southern border (SEE:  Frontex and Other EU Agencies to Coordinate Maritime Surveillance ).  If Muammar would just be a good boy for a little while and help to halt the flow of African refugees pouring out of Africa, heading for Europe, then European leaders were ready to normalize relations with  the rogue African-Arab leader and to accept Libya into the community of nations.

On March 29, 2010, it was reported that Malta would no longer plug this Mediterranean hole in Europe’s southern flank (SEE:  Malta Will Not Host Future Frontex Operations), because of the wording of the new charter, which was a binding agreeing that ships rescuing boat people must deliver them to that navy’s country of origin, instead of repatriating them.

On 29 APR 2010, Malta announced that it would not host the upcoming  Operation Chronos exercises in the Med, as planned, offering a more acceptable rationale for their decision:

“that the decision not to host Frontex is not because of the new guidelines, but is due to Malta’s view that there is no longer a need for Operation Chronos because of the success of the Italy-Libya migration agreement…following the introduction of joint patrols by Libya and Italy last year, the number of illegal immigrants reaching Malta has dropped significantly. We feel that, as long as this operation remains in place, there is no real need for another anti-migration mission on behalf of the EU.”

May 12, 2010, an Airliner crashes while landing in Libya; 104 people feared dead.  Did Libyan rebels or Western Special Forces units supporting them fire a hand-held SAM at the plane making a landing at the airport in Tripoli?

On June 6 and 7, European doubts about Qaddafi really came to a head, over the maritime surveillance/boat people issue, when a rubber dinghy showed-up inside Malta’s search-and-rescue zone, thereby testing the wills of both Italian and Maltese governments (as much as it did Qaddafi), over the fate of twenty African refugees, who were bouncing about on the high seas, for nearly two days, as Malta, Italy and Qaddafi squabbled over who would take responsibility and send a naval rescue vessel to Italy, in order to save the stranded Libyan boat people, in a manner which would allow Europe to “keep “the little buggers” out.   It mattered not to any of the contesting governments that there were three women and one 8 year old boy on that raft all night, for two nights and a day; all that really mattered was the precedent which was being set over ultimate responsibility for the unwanted “useless eaters.”

Refugees were sent back to Libya by Italy after they were rescued at sea in Malta’s search-and-rescue waters in (June 6, 7, 2010). Here, the exhausted refugees wait to hear their fate, in Tripoli (photo, M Alwash/UNHCR)—

On 8 June 2010UNHCR says ordered to close office in Libya.

Recriminations began to flow from all sides, all of them comparable to the following UN disclaimer, meant to cover the asses of the UN bureaucrats in the ensuing diplomatic melee.–

“(UNHCR) and other bodies received distress calls on Sunday evening and information was passed along to Maltese and Italian maritime authorities, and it is unclear which of the two European nations were responsible in launching rescue operations.After holdups on both Sunday and Monday, the vessel – whose passengers included 3 women and an 8-year-old child – was only rescued late yesterday by Libyan ships.“While the boat in distress was in or near Malta’s search-and-rescue area and around 40 nautical miles only from Italy, it took some 24 hours for the rescue to take place,” said UNHCR spokesperson Melissa Fleming.. ..UNHCR is concerned about the access of Eritreans fleeing their country to international protection in Libya, which has no domestic asylum system and has not signed on to the 1951 Refugee Convention.”

On June 16, 2010,   Alexander Pikayev (one of Russia’s foremost arms control experts) was found dead on the floor of the tenth level of his upscale apartment building on St. Paul’s Bay, on his 48th birthday (SEE: Top Russian Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament Expert Found Dead, Naked, Skull Crushed-In).   At first glance, this case might seem self-explanatory, since the door was locked from the inside.  But as the facts slowly rolled out, the strange aspects of the case soon became apparent– he was found lying in the floor naked, with a severe wound to his head, nothing was taken, even his computer was still there, opened to some technical pages.  Conjecture floated the theory that the dent in his skull matched a visible dent in the door jamb, but that analysis was later rejected since the two dents didn’t actually match.   How could it have been a homicide, when it was ten floors up and the door was bolted from the inside?  Judging from the following photo which I believe to be his building that was shown on YouTube from the MaltaStar report on the investigation, it might not be as hard as it would seem.


On July 28, 2010, the Japanese supertanker M. Star reported that a large explosion had occurred on the huge ship, while transiting the Persian Gulf.  One week later, on August 6, Major-General Yuri Yevgenyevich Ivanov disappeared  at Latakia Governorate, Syria, which was approximately 40 north of Tartus.

Two days later, a body alleged to be that of the general turned-up on the beach of Çevlik, Turkey, in the border province of Hatay, some forty miles north.  The general had last been seen visiting the building site for the new Russian military base in the Syrian coastal city Tartus. After his visit he supposedly left for a meeting with Syrian intelligence agents, but never showed-up.   One or two reports alleged that he had drowned while drunk, frollicking in the warm Mediterranean waters with some military spy types.  The fact that there are multiple versions of this event in both the Russian press and mainstream Western media is a clear sign that someone wishes to obscure the truth about the general’s death.  Usually, a sign that someone in authority is “leaking” false reports, is the extremity of the claims that are being made, in this case, there were no sexual overtones in the meager reporting that was done and most of the apparent anomalies in the reports might not be as extreme as they might seem.   A submerged man might drift 40 miles up the Mediterranean in just two days, and he might have been recovered still wearing the Russian cross necklace that he had on in the beginning.  Russians are quite famous for their love of vodka.

“The mean circulation map constructed with the drifter data (Fig. 2) shows a swift coastal current all the way around the Levantine Sea (from the Nile River delta to Crete) with mean velocities reaching 40 cm/s.”  (  Surface Circulation in the Northeastern Mediterranean (NEMED) Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale).

According to this conversion site, the value given converts to something less than one mile per hr.  By these measurements it might be possible that a body could drift more than forty miles in forty-eight hours.

It is a sign that Big Events are happening, whenever obvious whoppers are being dreamed-up and served to us on the nightly news, creating a smokescreen, covering-up the the truth about the Deep Events, while the news about them is still fresh.   This enables them to turn news reports of serious portents into leering peep shows, that have been especially tailored for the pulp fiction crowd.  Approximately one week after Gen. Ivanov died, on or about Aug.14, British analyst Gareth Williams disappeared, turning-up about one week later, on Aug. 20, when his decomposing body was found in the bathtub of his London apartment.  It was reported that he too was naked, perhaps dismembered, stuffed into a small tote bag in an apartment overflowing with gay bondage types of pornography and also allegedly a large woman’s wardrobe in his sizes in his closet.  These types of reports flooded the world from the British press, in a blatant attempt to preemptively discredit any intelligence which might have  been leaked about the secret exploits of their man, Mr. Williams.   On August 11 he had allegedly returned to London after finishing a six-week working visit to the NSA in the US.  He was there as part of a contingent of UK spies sent to a computer intelligence conference, known as the Black Hat.
In my mind, it is a real education seeing these spy agencies at each others’ throats.  I find it impossible to judge which is a worse omen, the suspicious death of Russia’s chief military intelligence officer (GRU) over all of Central Asia and the Caucasus region, or the vile murder and subsequent snow job given us over the British MI6 analyst, in a London apartment, which had  previously been used for spying on local Russian diplomats.
After these individuals were no longer on the scene, the militant interventionists managed to throw-off all restraints upon their ambitious plans for the Middle East and Africa.  Because the Americans and NATO were able to pull-off their deception of “humanitarian intervention” (which was actually just a massive psychological operation disguised as aid to refugee camps), they were able to pre-position the first wave of the invasion, behind Libyan front lines in the refugee camps.  Contingency plans were put into play there to open supply lines into the planned “humanitarian warfare” zones,  first in Libya, then in Syria and beyond.  An international refugee rescue network was brought together to service the international “rescue” efforts to wars that had not even begun yet.    World bodies are persuaded to support this effort that is allegedly for the purpose of saving the victims of tyrannical regimes, whether they be refugees adrift upon the high seas, or they are still barricaded within their own homes, cowering in fear of the dictators and their secret police who brutally deny them their God-given inalienable rights.  Make no mistakes, the humanitarian “war relief” preceded the actual wars in both Libya and Syria by as much as two years.  The supply pipelines being erected in 2009 -2010 could move military materiel just as easily as they could transport food or medical supplies.
In Qaddafi’s case, he was called upon to play a role in a war scenario played-out in peacetime, by accepting responsibility for marine rescues of all the refugees fleeing Libya and those who escape from other countries and transit through Libya.  If he had bought into the role that the European Imperialists had planned for him, he would have reaped untold economic and geo-strategic benefits, instead of tasting the deadly sting from a hail of 9mm bullets.  This scenario was made possible through the callous abuse of diplomatic double-speak to maneuver the Libyan government into a corner at the UN–in front of the UN Security Council, a  place where the use of international forces for war-making is authorized.  A crisis situation was brought about because of the wars raging south of Libya, in Somalia and Sudan, which produced a steady stream of desperate people set on a path pointing northward to southern Europe.  The dangers represented in this scenario were sufficient motivation for the people and the governments of Europe to move them to support a humanitarian war to liberate Libya and Syria, along with all of that luscious oil, while simultaneously solving Europe’s immigration problem.
On Nov. 14.  EPC 10 Kicks Off in Malta ( Eurasia Partnership Capstone 2010), PACEVILLE, Malta —
“’Armed Forces of Malta is happy to welcome such an opportunity as it fits in perfectly with the aims and objectives of our Maritime Safety and Security Training Center,” said Xeureb. “This island has served as the crossroads for numerous maritime forces and merchant men throughout history. I am confident that the wealth of knowledge our instructors have gained through advanced training and many years of operational duties will serve the participants well throughout the duration of this course.’

EPC 10 is sponsored by Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/Commander, U.S. 6th Fleet, and is the first edition to take place in Malta.”

LUQA, Malta (Nov. 10, 2011) – Adm. Samuel J. Locklear III(center), commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa, and Allied Joint Forces Command Naples, and Maltese Brig. Gen. Martin Xuereb (left), commander of the Armed Forces of Malta, speak with Vanessa Frazier (right), director of Defense Matters, at the Armed Forces of Malta headquarters while visiting Luqa. During the visit, Locklear met with Xuereb and Frazier.
(U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Stephen Oleksiak)
On November 19 and 20, 2010, the 2010 Lisbon summit was held.   This  get-together of the heads of state and heads of governments within NATO was held in Lisbon, Portugal.
On Dec. 15, 2010 SECNAV Ray Mabus began a seven-day, six-country trip with a first stop in Valletta, Malta.     The secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) concluded his tour on  Dec. 22,  after visiting the governments of Malta, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Algeria.  There is no way to know the topics of their discussions, but all of them, except for Afghanistan would soon be on the edge of the new war theaters, opening-up in the Med region.  Two days later, on the 17th of December,  the revolution really began to heat-up in Tunisia, with the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Sidi Bouzid.  Witnesses later reported the first wave of  rioting breaking-out in the Tunisian town.
By 14 January, 2011, the Tunisian Government was overthrown.   Public demonstrations across Syria began on 26 January 2011.  All those State Dept. internships in social agitation were beginning to pay-off, in a big way.
On January 31, 2011, a string of murders began in the general vicinity of Pikayev’s apartment building.  A Russian woman named Yulia Kalinina, was found dead under suspicious circumstances in her Xemxija apartment    She had allegedly been dead for three or four days.
 It was reported that the victim had an extraordinarily high blood alcohol level  and was covered with thirty or more bite marks.  To increase the creepiness factor of this case, it was also claimed that the victim’s mother was the killer and that she also was covered in strange bite marks (more than 50), both victims’ bite marks matched the other’s teeth imprints.  This unsolved murder mystery may have been totally unrelated to the Pikayev killing, but  they were both Russians, and the victims lived across St. Paul’s Bay from each other.

On 3 February, a “Day of Rage” was called for in Syria posted on social media sites Facebook and Twitter on February 4th or 5th.

Feb 15, 2011, the Libyan Working Group  issued a Call for Libyan Revolution on YouTube.

I-Go Aid was set up  in late February 2011 by the Libyan Working group, by a group of Libyan and Maltese nationals.  It was officially registered in Malta in March by the Libyan Working Group (LWG), which is part of the Ederfan* group, Inc.   Ederfan is a Ederfan is a pro Democracy, Human Rights not for profit organization and cultural advocacy group, based in the USA.

Feb 15/16, 2011 – A riot in Benghazi was triggered by the arrest of human rights activist Fethi Tarbel.

Feb. 17 – Activists designate an actual day of rage.

18 February, Active resistance to the government began in Benghazi after three days of protests turned violent. Security forces had killed fourteen protesters the previous day.

Feb. 24 – Anti-Libyan government militias, led by foreign Special Forces advisers took control of Misrata, after evicting forces loyal to Gaddafi.

Feb. 26 – The U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions on Gaddafi and his family,

Mar 17, 2011 Security Council Approves a ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Libya as a measure to protect civilians, who were allegedly being “massacred” by Qaddafi’s forces.

Mar 18, 2011  two Libyan air force jets landed in Malta  and their pilots asked for political asylum.

10 April 2011, A 36-year-old man from Chad and resident of Marsa was found dead floating face down in St George’s Bay, St Julian’s, Malta.

April 29, 2011, another  floating corpse was found in Bugibba—-“The corpse is probably that of an Englishman.”

May 25, 2011, a massive explosion at Abadan oil refinery in Iran during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

June 4, 2011, a decomposing corpse was found in Bugibba, belonging to a Bulgarian woman, Irena  Bilyanova Abadzhieva.  The body had 40 stab wounds, which “covered almost every inch of the body”—she worked at St. Julians near Valletta harbor.   A Turkish national, is wanted for the fatal stabbing.

On July 7, a huge explosion takes place at an ammo dump explosion in Abadan, Turkmenistan.

Just four days later, on Jul 11, 2011, another  massive explosion rips through another  ammunition dump, this one is in Cyprus.

This stockpile of explosives and assorted weaponry detonated at Evangelos Florakis naval base, where it was being stored since it was seized from the Russian cargo ship Monchegorsk.

The blast killed 12 people, including the commander of the Greek Cypriot navy, along with the commander of the naval base.  The head of the Army resigned in protest, after the disaster.

RAF Conducts Its Libyan Operations from Cyprus, Twenty Miles From Base Explosion

Oct. 5, 2011 Russia China veto UN res against Syria.

October 13, 2011, Libya and Nato sign air corridors agreement in Malta

Oct 18, 2011 –Clinton thanked Malta for serving as a key staging area for relief and evacuation efforts in Libya and has taken in numerous Libyan refugees

20/04/2012   Dr Margaret Mifsud, lawyer found dead——A Libyan man – Dr Margaret Mifsud’s partner – has been arrested—- Margaret Mifsud found dead at Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, a small Maltese village situated between the limits near St. Paul’s Bay.

On April 27, 2012, just south of Tripoli, the Lebanese Navy intercepted a ship carrying weapons from Libya To Syrian terrorists

What does it all mean?  Think how much simpler it would have been to supply the Syrian rebel effort from Cyprus, instead of having to ship weapons all the way from Libya.  I think that the logic in this statement can be applied to the entire story that I have just laid-out for you–It would have been much easier to supply the insurgencies in both Libya and Syria from existing stockpiles of the types of Soviet-era weaponry that all sides were accustomed to, perhaps one in Cyprus, or even from one faraway in Turkmenistan.  It is possible that Gen. Ivanov was killed because he learned about the impending “humanitarian wars” about to be unleashed in the Mediterranean by first learning about weapons transfers being made.   It is also possible that he discovered what was happening in the neighboring Middle Eastern region through evidence uncovered in his own district.  What if he had discovered a booming trade in Turkmen weaponry on the black market, being conducted either by theft or the connivance of the Turkmen government?  Blowing-up the weapons dump at Abadan may have been a move to cover someone’s tracks, or perhaps it was a GRU move to put an end to surreptitious weapons transfers to Libya or Syria.  The same thing could be said for the cache of weapons sitting on Cyprus.

There is no real hard evidence that any of these crimes were committed, but they are all swimming in a sea of circumstantial evidence, hinting at multiple crimes perhaps committed by great powers.

Smashing Greater Central Asia – (Part IV)–Smashing Systematically

Smashing Greater Central Asia – Part IV

Smashing Systematically

Peter Chamberlin

The pipeline wars are real wars, in that two or more nations are ordering their civilian and military foot soldiers, on a daily basis, into life or death contests to the finish.  For the United States, it is a contest which must be won, if we are to survive, according to most of our national leaders.  But is that really true?  According to both civilian and military authorities, if we lose this war, then we lose “our way of life.”  That may be true, but it does not mean the end of us as a free Republic.  America will go on, even after the impending military defeat.  We cannot win…We cannot be allowed to win, if victory means world conquest.

The next phase of action in the battle to smash greater Central Asia will probably be the most dangerous phase of the war (other than the final global conflagration, if there is to be one).  The unfolding grand production will involve the usual mixture of open and covert measures, following a carefully choreographed ballet of geopolitical and geostrategic forces.

The real danger will arise out of the uncertainty factor that is inherent in all conspiratorial plans.  The great danger will arise when the plan for total control double-crosses dictators who think they have been part of that plan. The uncertainty of their future reactions to threats to their survival is the sand in the wheels of the military machine.  In nearly all cases, normal people can be counted upon to make the choices that seem to guarantee their survival, even if they contradict lucrative backroom deals that have been made with powerful individuals.  Unhinged dictators may choose to bring the grand production down with them.

In the coming conflagration, no one (not even the genius planners who have designed this powerful international soap opera) can know for certain just what will happen next.  No matter how many computer simulations they have run, no matter how many ways they have war-gamed the human psyche, using their complex logarithms for predicting human behavior in a crisis, no one can predict the future.  This is especially true when trying to predict the reactions of dictators, who find themselves alone and cornered.  Cocksure generals and intelligence analysts are convinced that they can predict the course of a limited warfare scenario.  Preventing a planned limited warfare engagement between nuclear-armed adversaries from escalating into total thermonuclear war is the key to our survival.  Asshole generals and admirals do not have that degree of control of our world, no matter what they think.

Students of human nature understand that, in this world of rapidly-building social tensions, the coming conflagration will take the form of a mass human uprising.  There will be no reapplication of the “Libya solution,” over and over, until the world is swept clean.  If the West dares to pull that trick again, this time upon either Syria or Iran, the outcome will be completely different.  Neither Russia nor China is prepared to allow NATO to get away with this again.  There are some actual “red lines” in this brave new world that no power dares to cross.  There are “red lines” in the desert sands and in the blue waters of the Middle East.  Russia has also scattered red lines all over the former Soviet Union.

Given time, every dictator will be unseated, even the secret ones, those faceless men who reveal their faces to the world, while they are manipulating commerce for their own profit.  The day of retribution is at hand for the world-planners, and most of them understand this.  That fact is what elevates the threat from the burgeoning global social revolution, making it even more dangerous to dictators than any military power.  Taking into account this universal fear of all dictators, we can see that the only part that any of us play in this great human drama is in either impeding or accelerating that coming day of freedom.  For the day when the last secret dictator falls will be the day that mankind’s full potential is set free from the cages within our minds, which bind us all.

The problem with predicting the decisions to be made by panicking dictators, is that they are not normal human beings, most of them fitting easily  into the mold of psychopaths, if only because of the methods that they used in pushing themselves into their seats of power.  During the last days of the Soviet Union, not one analyst in the West could have imagined in their best-case/worst-case scenarios the decision that Mikhail Gorbachev had already made, to pull the plug on the Soviet Union and simply allow it to die.  This unpredictability is one of the things which make dictators so dangerous.  It certainly is a major factor in discouraging most people from even trying to understand them.  But I am not most people.  Efforts like mine, to understand the minds of the dictators, who have all been targeted for political “termination,” may be the best path for anticipating what Obama has planned for us next.

I have always tended to believe the worst about our leaders’ intentions, up until now, that one day their actions would make nuclear war inevitable.  After learning of some of their hidden capabilities, especially their ability to manipulate human behavior, I have had to fine-tune my beliefs.  Western behavioral control specialists have devised an elementary mind-control science, which gives them the capability to “manage conflict,” to prevent conflicts from escalating into total global war.

If only our leaders were capable of compromise, making them willing to renounce their great plans for world domination, then they could use their power over man for the benefit of all mankind.  As it is, our leaders are all American supremacists, who believe that American domination of the world would be for the betterment of all mankind.  These types see our wars of “humanitarian intervention” (such as the recent NATO slaughter in Libya) as acts of benevolence.  The rest of the world looks at our wars and the havoc that we have wrought from Afghanistan to North Africa and sees them as the acts of “state terrorism” which they really are.

All the world really is “a stage” in America’s “war on terrorism,” which is actually the greatest psychological warfare operation ever conceived by the minds of men.  The trick for understanding this synthetic world we live in, is learning to think of every event that is reported by national news media as a deception, because it probably is.  Learning to look behind the publicized events which shape popular opinion, is the key to understanding our manufactured reality.  Any report which makes it into the “legitimate press” is either there to help dull our senses, or to mislead us, diverting us from real news stories which might awaken us from our slumber.

In the “global war on terror” everything is based on deception.  American media and Western media in particular, have worked hand-in-glove with the US government to mold American popular opinion, as well as world opinion, around a false narrative.  Together, government and its subservient media have dispensed a synthetic reality of a “heroic” American military intervention, that is serving as a “force for good” around the world.  Not once, have any of the “legitimate news” sources questioned the destruction that has been left in our wake, or the millions of lives that have been sacrificed so far, on the altar of projected American magnanimity.

The global terror war operates around an unknown number of separate psychological warfare operations, with each major production leading its targeted audiences to accept a simple central narrative—“America’s  terror war is one of good –vs—evil.”

There are several central disinformation operations, around which the global narrative revolves—

War between Iran and the US is inevitable.

American forces are at war against militant Islamists.

The United States is a protector of human rights.

The US/NATO will one day end its war and leave Afghanistan.

The American goal is to bring prosperity to the world.

None of these statements are true; in fact, they are all calculated to produce the exact opposite outcomes in the new manufactured reality.  Iranian, American and British intelligence agencies all work together, to create the false impression of an inevitable global conflagration.  Militant Islamists are manipulated by the CIA and by military controllers, to provide America with an excuse to unleash its military power upon a targeted country.  The US is moving us all away from a state of worldwide freedom, where full human rights are the norm, instead of the exception, towards a global police state under American domination.  The US cannot consider leaving Afghanistan, without first giving-up on its plans for “Silk Roads” and “pipelinestan.”  American leaders plan to avoid the effects of the economic collapse (which their greed has caused), by taking control over the global economy, where they will oversee the diminution of personal wealth for most of us.

Obama’s America operates under a different set of rules than those which have governed his predecessors.  He doesn’t even bother hiding the two faces of American foreign policy—one of benevolence and one of menace.

Obama and Hillary are a perfect pair for deploying this strategy—she dispenses the warm smiles, while she uses her feminine wiles to push “humanitarian intervention,” while he often sports the determined grimace of a mafia “Don,” making backroom threats and offers which dictators dare not refuse.

The drive to win the pipeline wars for Central Asian blue gas and black gold makes use of every national and international asset to clear the pipeline corridor, connecting the Caspian to the Arabian Seas, eventually reaching the Pakistani port built by the Chinese at Gwadar.  The US plan has been to network its way into this New World Order.  NATO took a big first-step toward this new world when it created the “Virtual Silk Road,” a computer network which services eight of the CIS governments of the former Soviet Union (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia,  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan).  NATO provides this network to Eastern governments as a service, creating for them a virtual domain over everything in their real domains.  This Western service operates from a central hub at Deutsches Elektronen-SYnchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg, Germany (at the home of one of Europe’s largest particle accelerators).  The Soros Foundation is one of the Silk Project’s backers.

It may be that the German angle is the key to unraveling this whole knot.  Germany seems to be a key-way for “Islamists” to integrate into Europe.  German Industrial giant Siemens has won the Turkmen state contract for electrification of the country, water distribution, Caspian oil exploration.

Germany could be considered to be one of the “nodes” in a greater virtual network, which provides the Empire real power to manipulate the world, using powerful nations (nodes) like Germany as tools to oversee lesser nations, such as those in Central Asia.  Turkey is another node.  Istanbul services the Empire’s need for local personal connections into the Turkmen culture, which stretches deep into Central Asia, all the way to Russia.  Turkey provides unique services, in addition to manufacturing and construction projects, Turkey helps by producing fake “al-Qaeda,” Hizb-ut Tahrir and even Chechen militants, who have been either recruited or arrested inside Turkey.  This militant recruitment circuit is used for funneling militant players into local Turkmen-based psyops.  Turkey also provides the ground troops of Fethullah Gülen’s “moderate Islamists,” who build Islamist-based schools in former Soviet territory, or work from homes to clandestinely spread the teachings of the “Nurcular” movement, which has been banned in Russia as extremist literature.  This provides perfect fertile ground for spreading the seeds of Islamist teachings and the widespread Islamaphobic reactions, which always follow.

It is the so-called “moderate Islamists” of Fethullah Gulen and Hizbut-Tahrir (both of which impart the teachings of Said Nursi) which represent the greatest danger of quietly radicalizing the young men of Russia and Central Asia.  Their manmade versions of Islam are intended to bend innocent, hungry minds, imparting a false set of ideological beliefs, full of triggering injunctions, that give believers a false sense of moral superiority and a hatred of all of those weaker souls (infidels) who dare to believe differently.

The following definition of that psychological danger is a judgment from the Moscow district court, which describes this psychological mechanism, taught in Nursi’s writings, called “Risale-i Nur”–

[Risale-i Nur] “attempts to influence the psyche of the reader subconsciously using mechanisms of religious belief, i.e. the formation of conscious values and convictions with an irrational basis…,the destruction of religious equality, expressed in the formation of a negative, aggressive attitude among its target audience towards adherents of other confessional groups…,propagandises hatred between Muslims and non-believers.”

This process utilizes the same triggering mechanism of religious guilt that has been used for many years by the Wahhabi and radical Deobandi leaders, to brainwash young suicide bombers all over Asia, and the Middle East.  The followers of Nursi follow a gentler approach, but they still motivate young minds with the same mission to defend their false beliefs, which have been methodically drummed into them, filling them with ideas of moral superiority and hatred for everyone who is different.  Once their conditioning is complete, they are given the triggering verses (which have been lifted out of context from the real Quran), confronting them with a moral choice, which they cannot escape—will they defend God, or will they surrender to their own sinful natures?   

Excessive concerns about the dangers from the spread of these forms of pseudo-Islam may be premature, when there are real Islamic scholars, like Hoji Akbar Turajonzoda (SEE:  Tajik Mufti Who Sees Through Anti-Islamist Western Subversion, Targeted By Tajik Court) in Tajikistan, who very boldly speaks-out against these false belief systems. Turajonzoda is second-in-command of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan.

“He has called Hizb ut-Tahrir, an international Islamist organization, a threat to Tajikistan’s stability.[4] He claimed HT is Western-sponsored and that it wants to “remak[e] Central Asia… A more detailed analysis of HT’s programmatic and ideological views and concrete examples of its activities suggests that it was created by anti-Islamic forces. One proof of this is the comfortable existence this organization enjoys in a number of Western countries, where it has large centers and offices that develop its concept of an Islamic caliphate.”

Hizbut-Tahrir is a British creation, a weaponized form of Islam, which has been passed on to the American Empire-builders.  The spread of this viral form of pseudo-religious mass-hypnosis coincides with a rapidly increasing Western-motivated wave of social unrest in the Muslim world and the rise of militant Islamists in the former Soviet space.

Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE serve as other nodes, which provide the destabilizing forces with unseen access in Sunni-dominant regions of South and Central Asia, such as Pakistan, where the Saudis spread dollars among the radical madrassas like “manna” from on high.  The UAE controls Shamsi air base in Jacobabad, Pakistan.  Saudi penetration into CA is understood to be primarily through the building of Sunni mosques and similar religious institutions (many of them allegedly Gulen schools), throughout CA, particularly in the Fergana Valley.  Saudi service to the Empire goes far deeper than these more obvious efforts, since the Saudis are the financial benefactors of most “Islamist” movements (except for the Shia ones), especially the ones which are active in Chechnya and the Caucasus.    Bahrain provides another kind of service in other areas, where there is contention or commerce between Sunnis and Shias, or in those countries bordering Iran, such as Turkmenistan.

The psywar for borderline states like Turkmenistan must plan around the special circumstances which are deemed to be matters of survival.  The current President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, as well as his predecessor, have maintained a strict neutrality for the country, even though Imperial wars raged all around them.  Any effort by CIA planners to bend the will of the “Hero of Turkmenistan” must not violate that neutrality, or it must at least maintain the appearance of neutrality.  That public appearance of Turkmen “neutrality” must be maintained, even after the presidential mind has been successfully twisted and he has secretly accepted Imperial domination.

According to the following article from the alternative Turkmen website, Gundogar, (SEE: Predetermined range of Turkmenistan), that goal has already been reached.  According to Turkmen author, Ruslan Babanov, Berdimuhamedov’s decisions may all be slanted, as he tries to accommodate his belief that a US/Israeli airstrike against Iran is inevitable.  Babanov contends that he is flying blind, trying to navigate the treacherous currents that are ebbing and flowing around and through his country, moving back and forth between two bitter “frenemies,” Russia and the US/NATO.

He therefore feels compelled to follow American dictates and to accommodate Israeli interests in his country.  This belief apparently causes him to accept Western plans for harvesting Turkmen gas, as the first stage in dominating all Central Asian gas and oil.  He wants to see his gas flowing towards Europe, if only because that is the Imperial demand being made on him. The author of that piece apparently agrees with my contention that the Turkmen President, like all the Central Asian dictators, will eventually turn to Russia, if the Arab Spring revolutions rise-up in their own neighborhood.  At that point in the game, they will fear being overthrown by the very real masses of protesters, more than they will fear a hypothetical American/Israeli strike upon neighboring Iran.

If the tables are turned upon the Imperial planners in that manner, and the political climate in Central Asia begins to resemble that which was recently witnessed in Kazakhistan, then Putin might see his Eurasian Union become a reality.

Until those tables are turned, Berdimuhamedov will have to maintain normal commerce with his heavily persecuted Shia neighbor.  The government in Iran is known to protest vociferously whenever this Turkmen tilt towards the West becomes apparent.   Once more quoting Babanov, the Chief of Staff or the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Seyed Hassan Firuzabadi frames the Turkmen dilemma this way–

”We are taking all measures to limit the influence of the Zionists in the neighboring state of Iran, in particular, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.”

If Berdy really was the “hero of Turkmenistan,” then he would take actions to defend her against all outside aggression, this would mean fighting back against Imperial subversion and destabilization, in the manner of the counter-revolutionary efforts recently made by the Egyptian Army (SEE:  Egyptian Police Fight Back Against State Dept./Soros Subversive NGOs).  Today, the Army cleaned-out the offices of US and other foreign NGOs, whose sole purpose is to undermine the government there, even though they claim to be defenders of “human rights.”

The National Democratic Institute (NDI), the International Republican Institute (IRI) and Freedom House are all subversive command centers, whose foot soldiers act like little moles, as they busily burrow their way into local and national service organizations in Turkmenistan and in every country of  Central Asia, or in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.  The compromised local organizations become compromised, turning into larger instruments of subversion.  The biggest problem for subverting the CA countries through human rights NGOs, is that dictators like the Turkmen and Uzbek  presidents are unwilling to tolerate US criticisms of human rights abuses.  The more that the Western groups criticize these governments, the farther apart the two sides become.

Are Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan more afraid of revolution or of a US/Israeli attack upon Iran?  Decrease fears of US strike, increase fears of revolution, especially Islamist revolution, and you move both nations closer to the Russian sphere of influence.  Russians are staunch supporters of Iran supporter and they are thought to be willing to use whatever force is needed to protect the sovereignty of Iran, just as they will do whatever is necessary to quell any insurrection that threatens their own survival.

So far, Uzbekistan has remained a part of CSTO, but its President, Islam Karimov has refused to take part in preparations for a predominantly Russian rapid reaction force.  Uzbekistan’s tilt towards the West has created doubts about its allegiances to any regional grouping that is dominated by Russia.  That may have just changed as Uzbek negotiators participated in recent Moscow meetings to hammer-out details and financing for Collective Operational Reaction Forces (CORF).  This would also include measures to control the Internet during a regional emergency situation.  Recently, Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan submitted a resolution to the U.N., petitioning the General Assembly to delegate to individual states the right to control the Internet during emergency situations, such as the recent Kazakh oil worker protests and major rioting.

Such an explosive situation may be in the making in Russia.  The Moscow protests are shaping-up to be a test, a counter-attack set-up by the State Dept. experts in revolutionary democratic subversion, to prove to the rest of the CIS states that Putin’s way of reviving the violent old ways of the Communist Party will not work in this media age.  In the past, Putin has been quoted as saying that unlawful protestors should “expect a baton to the skull.”  If the world is forced to choose between the violence of the West’s war on terror campaign, or the violence of Russia, based upon the suppression of those democratic rights, then the world will choose to side with the known quantity, the Western ways.  However, the CA dictators are not being asked to do the right thing, they are being compelled to do whatever it takes to survive.

The dictators of the world may have been able to fit into the democratic world on an economic basis, but they can never really fit-into this world, until they loosen their grip on the reins of power.  This is a risk that they dare not take.  In trying to force Putin to give-up power, Obama has reminded the rest of the world’s dictators and authoritarians of the very real dangers to them from the forces of unleashed democracy.  Allow people to say anything that they want and red lines will be crossed, lines which can never be uncrossed.  This is the lesson to be learned from Hillary’s Moscow agitation.

How Putin handles the growing test represented by the Moscow protests will determine for the rest of the former Soviet dictators of the wisdom of a Russian led counter-revolutionary rapid deployment force—vs –an American-led force.  If Putin manages to put-down the challenge and afterwards, he is able to placate the protesters’ demands, then he will have demonstrated the practical value of his approach over that of Obama’s.

How Obama counters the challenge coming from a revitalized Putin (a Putin who is thereafter seen as a force for stability) will probably be the deciding factor in whether America suffers a moderately painful repositioning of its resources and a cessation of hostilities against the world, or whether we take a very large portion of the world with us as we strike-out in a fiery last gasp.  America must face the fact that it cannot continue to have its way with the world, on the lame excuse that we are “fighting terror” and “defending freedom.”   The entire world is slowly catching-on, that we have been sowing terror and snuffing-out the last vestiges of individual freedom.

It is presently in US interests to calm the Central Asian dictators’ fears over an Arab Spring virus breaking out in their domains.  If Russia chooses to challenge the West as it makes a grab for its former national resources, then it would be in Russia’s interests to stoke those fears, as a means to build support for a Russian alliance and rapid reaction force in CA, instead of the American version being pushed upon them.

If Obama doesn’t want Putin to be the leading actor in this psychodrama, then he will accentuate the fears which cause sleepless nights for everyone in the CA neighborhood and the entire hemisphere—Islamists.  It would serve American interests to heighten fears of an Islamist uprising, or a spillover from Afghanistan, or heightened fears over those nasty nuclear-armed Islamists in Iran and Pakistan.

If Russian leaders have been paying attention, then they too, will have copied American dexterity in manipulating people into situations that they would choose to avoid if left on their own.  They would move the people of CA in the direction that they want them to go in, but they would do it in a way which improved people’s lives in some major way.  Just like the Virtual Silk Project, which greatly improved inefficient governments, it also brought with it multiple national Internet systems that let thousands of people improve their lives in countless ways.  By working with the officials and professionals who use this network, the Americans and Europeans have networked themselves into the hearts of these countries, making themselves vital cogs in the great machines of the young Central Asian states.  This says nothing of potential, secret ways in which NATO could have gained advantages over their major adversaries by providing this insiders network.

Russia could also gain similar advantages if Putin would invest some of those Gazprom profits into modernizing some of the decrepit national roads, railroads, water and energy transmission systems that the CA nations are trying to survive on.  If Russia wants to advance itself among civilized Nations then its leaders will learn important lessons from America’s fall and begin to act like a great power.  It will start helping its former allies and stop trying to gain economic advantage over them.  This world is rapidly changing and Nations which refuse to change along with it will be swept away by the howling winds of history.

Russia rises or falls in current world opinion, based on its resistance to American Imperial aggression, or lack thereof.  With the NATO powers rising as world aggressors, the world looks to Russia to resist.   Acting in the role of a champion of the targeted nations of the Middle East and Africa, Russia grows in stature in direct proportion to America’s fall.  The tipping point has now been reached, where every new Western aggression moves greater numbers of people to the side of anyone who will resist the aggression.

The moment of decision has now come, when the atmosphere of fear that America and her Western allies have been striving so hard to create starts to dissipate just a little, so that people might see through the smoky haze of the false reality that has been created.  If the entire world suddenly learns that we have all been following lies for the past ten years there will be no allies left to wage the Empire’s wars.  What repercussions will Americans throughout the world suffer if suddenly it became obvious that we were all being blackmailed into waging a war that none of us wanted?

How many governments have been forced into supporting the US campaign out of fear of an American/Israeli strike upon Iran?  How many have joined us out of a fear of being overrun by an wave of Islamists?  In the Bush/Cheney campaign to gain support for their terror war, they forced every government to decide whether they were “with us or against us.”    This was the prototype of the pattern that was to be followed throughout the perpetual war.  Now, instead of threatening to bomb someone “back to the Stone Age,” we have forced countless conscientious people to warn the world at the top of their lungs, that we are about to cause nuclear war in the Middle East.  The new imperative question then becomes—Whose side do you want to be on?

How corrupt, or how far gone, does a government have to be, if the only way it can survive the damage it has caused by its own excesses is to extort half of the world into doing its will and the other half into serving as its “sacrificial sheep” on the altar of prosperity?  If the only way that this Nation can survive is on the backs of others, then does it even deserve to survive?  What has become of the sterling moral fiber which once allegedly made us so worthy of such international respect?

In the final analysis, how much of this threatened violence, which constantly bombards us from US and Western sources, is for real?  As crazy and as borderline berserker as Bush and Cheney and the rest of the neocons crowd appeared to be, would they really have followed through and eliminated the state of Pakistan, if Musharraf hadn’t given in to their demands?  After ten years of depleting the most expensive and hardest to replace weapons in the US and NATO arsenals, as well as wearing-out their delivery systems, are Western forces still capable of sending any moderately-armed nation like Iran or Pakistan back to the Stone Age, without crossing the nuclear threshold in the process?  Have Bush and Obama “shot our wad,” before taking-out the most important primary targets, which stand between us and world conquest?  There will be no Pipelineistan or Silk Road without either Pakistan or Iran at our side.

What have we really accomplished in either Afghanistan or Iraq, other than totally destroying two previously functioning nations, without defeating any of our chosen “enemies,” considering that their guerilla armies still remain intact?  Does “mission accomplished” mean that we have successfully destroyed these countries and forced their armies to adopt an asymmetric warfare strategy?  We have proved ourselves to be very efficient at mass-destruction, but we are no better at defeating guerilla armies than anybody else.  The bloody terrorist strategy that we set loose upon the Soviets in Afghanistan so many years ago has come home to plague us and to deprive us of an elusive victory.  We taught the original Mujahedeen very well.  They have proven to be very proficient at teaching their learned skills to others.  Through our subversive efforts, the entire world has been made aware of the fact that each man can be an army unto himself, if only he has the will to make it so.

Weighing our future military actions upon these many errors of the past, we begin to see just how many of the military threats that have carried this war (especially the part about recruiting recalcitrant allies) were hollow.  Comparing the red-hot rhetoric sweetened with the honey dripping from the tongues of armies of American diplomats, to the reality of our actions, one thing becomes apparent—all or most of our actions have turned-out to be rational, no matter how insane the threats used to get us to that place seemed to be.  That is the standard that we must use, when judging American and Israeli threats against Iran.  If starting a war with Iran would be an insane act, and most American experts admit that this is correct, then bombing Iran would prove to be an irrational act.  This tells us that there is very little chance that America will allow Israel to bomb Iran.

Following the Imperial line of thinking, beyond the possibilities of war with Iran, for a Nation committed to rationality, are there anticipated circumstances before us, when the only foreseeable rational solution would be to do the irrational thing?  Will there come a time, when taking a calculated, insane-seeming risk is the only rational decision that our leaders can make?  Have the devious American and British planners set us up for a great collision with the other great world powers in our immediate future?  Do they have a Final Solution in mind for us all, a decisive nuclear war with either Russia or China?

Does it make sense to the self-elected world planners that a significant portion of humanity be eliminated, for the sake of some perceived “greater good”?  Have the powers that be come to the merciless, immoral conclusion that “the needs of the many really do outweigh the needs of the few”?  If this is the case, then the rest of mankind would be compelled to make the moral decision to resist this planned genocide.  This is pure insanity; where is the logic in killing millions of innocent human beings?  What exactly is the truth about all the bullshit that our government has been spreading around for so many years?

If the American and other Western oligarchs have foreseen their own destruction at the hands of the people (who will soon respond to the powerful motivations which have been unleashed), then their only logical choice for self-preservation would be to prevent that global mob from reaching that critical mass.  This is the logic of the psychopath, the subject at the center of all “conspiracy theories.”  All such “conspiracy theorists” research this common element, the psychopaths who rule over us.  This probably explains why we have all been branded as lunatics ourselves.

In a reverse logic of that dispensed by the psychopathic ruling elite, we must communicate the threat of this probable future, as our own motivational tool.  Just as the elite use the threat of an insane war upon Iran to force others to join their side, we know that we must project the threat of a US/Russia nuclear war to force people to join us in the anti-Empire resistance.  That is my purpose and that of thousands of others just like me, to warn about the psychopaths who rule us, before it is too late.

Smashing Greater Central Asia—Part III, Phantom Threats

Smashing Greater Central Asia—Part III   

Phantom Threats

Peter Chamberlin

Representatives from all of the secret agencies of the Stans, except for Turkmenistan, have come together in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to identify a common threat in Central Asia, emanating from a non-existent terrorist underground (SEE: Secret services say about the presence in Central Asia, domestic extremist underground).  This consensus on a common invisible enemy sets the stage for the coming creation of a Central Asian rapid reaction force (which is to be used primarily for crushing political dissent), without defining the author of that budding force.  Will it be Western-oriented or Russian in composition, or will there be two competing forces?

The sudden appearance of “Islamist terrorists” inKazakhstanseems like a sure sign of outside intervention, but is it really?  It is doubtful that many of the terrorist attacks which have happened in the past and have been blamed on shadowy, previously unheard of terrorist outfits, have really been the work of religious extremists.  The exceptionally high military skills which have been exhibited in most of these rare guerilla attacks (Fedayeen) is proof that most of the terrorist attacks have been the work of military professionals.  There is presently no way to know for certain whether the terrorism in Kazakhstan and elsewhere in Central Asia has been by real militants, or has been the work of intelligence agencies or military contractors, (mercenaries), or possibly commando actions by Special Forces soldiers.

Whoever bombed the railroad bridge in Uzbekistanrecently, destroying the concrete bridge supports, were clearly professionals, just like those demolition teams who disabled Russian hydroelectric dams last year.  It would be accurate to think ofCentral Asia as a secret battlefield, where attacks and counterattacks have been taking place beyond the eyes and ears of civilization for several years.  It is only now, since our attention has been diverted to the former Soviet empire that observers have started to take notice of the secret shenanigans.

When it comes to news reports out of the CIS countries, or any of the closed societies of Asia orAfrica(where the legitimate media does not go), we can never be sure if any of them are true.  Who can be sure that reported terrorist attacks even happen at all?

If a believable world-wide terrorist organization can be created practically out of thin air, then how many real terrorists does it really take to create a popular perception of a growing terrorist menace?  With its “al-Qaeda” project, the CIA has perfected its mastery of a process for creating pseudo-terrorists and weaving terrorist legends around them.  Since the official start of the terror war, we have demonstrated our mastery of this black art to the world.  Even though our leaders and the national media like to claim that we are locked in a deadly terrorist war with this Islamist organization, secret services in the know understand that “al-Qaeda” is merely a phantom outfit, existing only on paper, to be called forth whenever US inroads are needed anywhere in the world.

Every functioning spy agency knows by now that a few terrorist legends have been blended together to create the impression of a widespread terrorist internationale, to serveAmerica’s secret plans. The only real connection between “al-CIA-da”-linked terrorist groups anywhere is the common denominator of the CIA hand, or the CIA-created al Qaeda brand-name.  The CIA has turned mass-murder into an art form, creating a prototype of roving gangs of militants, mercenaries, or hired criminal thugs, who provide cover stories for any missions to terrorize the local populations or to attack designated targets.  Anyone who has been paying attention would have learned of our skills and adapted them towards their own ends by now, simply by plugging into the lively “al-Qaeda” mythology for themselves.

Which government is behind the alleged “Islamists” of Central Asia–American, or copycat competitors?  Did Kazakh President Nazarbayev manufacture his own “Islamists,” in order to justify a wave of political repression, just as Bakiyev allegedly raised the specter of Mullah Abdullo and the IMU to provide cover for ethnic rioting  that was unleashed in theOsh region in southernKyrgyzstan?  Did Uzbek President Islam Karimov claim that unseen “terrorists” blew that railroad bridge to cover his feud withTajikistan?  Or, were all of these faceless terrorists (some of them operating under the name of unheard of militant outfits) real, working for meddling outside powers?  That is the nature of a covert war environment—nobody knows what to believe, so everybody is suspect.  Such an environment is created with the intention of fostering suspicious paranoia among real resistance forces.  It is part of the divide and conquer strategy.

This is what is happening all overCentral Asia.  InUzbekistan, phantom “terrorists” have allegedly blown-up a railroad bridge, not on the main rail line being used to supply NATO, but on a side route which only servicesTajikistan. This rail blockage comes after months of sporadic service, because of an ongoing railroad war of attrition with Uzbek President Karimov, over the Rogun Dam issue.  InTajikistanitself recently, the government has revived the memory of Mullah Abdullo and bands of phantom Islamists, to cover up government repression of religious dissidents.  If a group ever existed anywhere, it remains forever useful to deceitful individuals who want to invoke the image of killer Islamists to cover their own tracks.

The term “militant Islamist” describes a particular, rare type of individual, one who follows a deviant version of Islam, and is highly trained in the military arts.  The people who are usually blamed for isolated terrorist attacks have been religious students, who have somehow become radicalized and motivated to take-up arms, allegedly in defense of their faith.  It takes outside intervention to train and arm these new militants, after they have gone through religious indoctrination.  Somebody has to provide the military hardware they rely on.  Every terrorist group has such backers or sponsors.  Identifying the state terrorist backer is even more difficult than identifying secret terrorists.

The struggle to dominateEurasiahas evolved past the original Cold War scenario, producing a new form of warfare.  World War III has been reduced to a media war, with the East/West coalitions striving in the shadows to influence popular perceptions and thereby alter reality.  War reporting is a thing of the past, having been replaced by national “news,” which is usually delivered weeks, after the events have passed.

In a psywar, it is often impossible to tell which side is benefitting from the violence, or which side is responsible for it.  It is sometimes even harder to know whether the event is intentional, or simply coincidence.  It is sometimes possible after the event has passed to understand which side has gained advantages from the violent terrorist incident, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.  This is why hard analysis of the many ongoing international confrontations has us all looking backwards, in order to anticipate what the future may hold (perhaps this explains the prevailing paranoia in the conspiracy research community).  InCentral Asiawe see traces left behind from many, widely dispersed terrorist events, forming an evidence trail that unlocks secret events from the past, giving us insight into the forces that will be destabilizing the CIS countries in the future.

All the players in the Central Asian psywar have adapted their games to the new realities.  Everyone is now singing the same tune, expressing the same fear of future “Islamists” and narco-terrorists who might be migrating outward fromAfghanistanafter 2014.  Both East and West claim to offer protection and order in the face of this common terrorist threat.  There is an unspoken consensus on the true nature of these Islamist terrorists and an understanding that the real terrorist threat comes from those who protect the narco-terrorists and their deadly products.  The real terrorists are those government forces which have banded together in secret to manufacture “radical Islam” and to push it onto unsuspecting Muslim populations.

The beliefs promoted by every radical Islamist outfit are the same—someone has insulted God and must die—it then falls to the true believer to become a self-appointed executioner for God.  It is the Islamists of tomorrow, who represent the real danger which Central Asian governments prepare for today.  Militant groups, led by such individuals are the only real military threat that could possibly endanger Central Asian governments in the near future.

Both East and West are now selling military solutions to meet future CIS needs.  TheUSis relying on its “Partnership for Peace” relationships to gain an inside track to sell its proposed secret military solution.  So far, this approach has paid-off with Western inroads made in border control, drug control and counter-terrorism programs in all of the Stans.  It remains to be seen whether US diplomats can turn this into actual partnerships with separate governments.  That decision will depend upon the American aid program offered and the level of confidence in American security.

Russiais has been taking a different approach to the anticipated security problems of the region, according to the Russian press.  They are developing a strategy and war-gaming on it, to deal with an unspecific type of threat which is somewhere between militant Islamists and any “Arab spring” type of movement which might arise in the immediate future.  The most obvious problem that is developing with both Eastern and Western strategies, is that all of the solutions are being developed piecemeal, out of separate components, based on separate treaties and security organizations that often don’t match-up.  It is making it difficult to synchronize commitments already made by the separate states with developing plans to enhance security.  Some governments belong to both East and West security organizations, meaning that they might belong to the same drug control regime, but be on different sides of the counter-terrorism issue.

Russian security solutions are being practiced with individual governments in the region, to develop a common concept of fighting future Islamist terror and popular uprisings.  Kazakhstanparticipated in September’s Center-2011 Caspian exercises.  Tajikistan has been named in next year’s Peace Mission-2012 exercise, which has been reportedly focused on the same missions inTajikistan’s mountainous terrain.

Sept. 9-26, the Russian army, joined byKazakhstan,TajikistanandKyrgyzstan, deployed 12,000 troops in a huge combined military exercise code-named Center-2011 which reportedly simulated an Iranian attack on Caspian oil fields.  Two videos from those war games below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

учения ЦЕНТР-2011.mp4, posted with vodpod

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Сюжет “Центр 2011”, posted with vodpod

The Center-2011 Caspian war games were very significant because of the specific missions which were reported by the Russian press to have been practiced there.  One practice mission was securing an undefinedCaspian Sea oil terminal from a military assault by approximately 70 aircraft from an unnamed air force, coming from the south. The games reportedly involved defendingKazakhstan’s Caspian Mangustanskoy field being developed by ExxonMobil in the northern Caspian.  The map released to the press, which had been used in the exercise, looked remarkably like the Turkmen Cheleken Contract Area just south of there,Turkmenistan’s Caspian cash cow.   See the similarities between the two graphics below:

In addition to the similarity of the two sites, the size of the Turkmen Air Force and the 70 operational fighter aircraft reported in the Center-2011 story are nearly the same.  CouldRussiaandKazakhstanhave actually been practicing taking control of the Cheleken facility, but reported to the Russian press the Kazakh scenario?

The following report appeared in on Nov. 22, Would Russia Go To War Over The Trans-Caspian Pipeline?   Did this reporter’s speculation strike a nerve inTurkmenistan?  Putin’sRussia has been very assertive since the Georgian war demonstratedRussia’s resolve to hold on to its special possessions in this vital region.  The conflict that has been brewing withTurkmenistan may dwarf the Georgian actions.  Disagreements with the Turkmen government have precipitated a media war, with Berdymukhamedov’s stubborn rejection of anything associated withRussia looking like a mutiny, a rebellion against Putin’s dreamed of Eurasian alliance.

The final straw forRussiamay have been Berdymukhamedov’s open promises to sign-on to the European trans-Caspian pipeline projects, which would have cost Gazprom andRussiaenormous losses of gas profits.  This was unacceptable.  The Turkmen President had to be made to understand exactly what he stood to lose by threateningRussia’s economic lifeline.

The day after the Caspian war story ran, Turkmen President Berdymukhamedov was in China, where he signed 14 agreements, among them, an agreement to double Turkmenestan’s pipeline exports to China (SEE: Turkmen in Gas Accord With China ).

He also signed 13 more bilateral agreements with Hu Jintao on securing loans for oil and gas equipment, collaborating on internal affairs, police training, anti-terrorism etc.  The full range of the agreements is not yet known, but police and anti-terrorist training forTurkmenistan had already been contracted from theUS and NATO.  It is unknown what effect the Chinese agreement will have upon such commitments already made to either NATO orRussia.

This new Chinadeal effectively sealed the fate of both European dream projects, Nabucco and the trans-Caspian project, in addition to negating a resumption of high Russian export levels.  Turkmenistancould no longer promise such high production levels, no matter what they had previously claimed.  In reality, Turkmenistanhas not yet managed to produce meet the halfway point in the projected 32 billion cubic meters a year required to fill that first pipeline.  It may take an extended development period to consistently produce enough Turkmen gas for a second Chinese pipeline.  There will be no available Turkmen gas to send to Europe, despite the rosy predictions made by the government and their British advisers (SEE: Turkmenistan: Ashgabat Energy-Reserve Controversy Continues to Flare ).

President Berdymukhamedov recently stated that the U.S. “has been and remains one of the strategic vectors of its foreign policy (SEE:  Turkmenistan Hosts Meeting To Develop Action Plan For Implementing UN Global Counter-Terrorism StrategyUS and Turkmenistan to continue combating illegal narcotics).  It is not often mentioned in the Western media, but the US has also been using the airport in Ashgabat for refueling aircraft, as well as the airport town of Mary and at least one other airport in the country, even though the northern distribution network land routes bypassTurkmenistan.

From all available evidence, it is reasonable to conclude that there will be no Turkmen participation in anything Russiahas planned.  The same cannot be said of Tajikistan, where the201st motorized division of the Russian Army maintains its only base in the region, overriding any smaller issues like the recent Russian pilot arrest.  The Tajik media has reported thatTajikistan has signed-on to next year’s SCO war games with the 201st, to develop a rapid reaction force.

This new military exercise inCentral Asiashows that Russian forces are honing their new Rapid Reaction Force, to be operational by the time of the American Afghan withdrawal in 2014.  The coming Peace Mission-2012 represents the natural progression of the training acquired in the Center-2011 (“Центр-2011”) Caspian war game exercise, which was conducted in September.   We can expect to see more of these war games in the future, as Russian forces develop the concept of a quick reaction battalion, to intercept narco-terrorists, or to free villages overrun by unnamed forces.

Turkmenistanhas already invited NATO/US forces to help it in counter-terrorist, counter-narcotics, border control and policing efforts, even though the Turkmen leadership boasts loud and often about its “neutrality.”

Even though Uzbekistan is helping the US conduct its NDN (northern distribution network) enterprise in exchange for military aid and help with image modification, the Karimov government refuses to participate in any regional solution that has been put forth by either the US or Russia, even scuttling the US Istanbul agreement on Afghanistan.

Karimov will not support any security scenario that omits the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RAT), which is based in Tashkent.  A parallel law enforcement structure is being created there, to expedite terrorism suspects in the US model of operation.  Moscow’s coalition building has so far been unable to overcome Karimov’s distrust of Putin, in order to bring him onboard, even though the SCO structure has been officially linked to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) andUzbekistan is a member.

Karimov refuses to join in any collective security force andBelarusis leading a push to haveUzbekistanexpelled from the CSTO, unless it joins the security arrangement.  This prevailing anti-Russian sentiment more or less ensures that no conceivable security arrangement will include all the national governments, creating a dangerous scenario where the CIS governments choose-up sides and take-up arms in opposition to each other.  It may work out that the separate organizations can come together over the real threats and remain divided over the manufactured points of contention.

The new message emerging from the Russian press reports and manipulations of that news is that Putin is trying to pull together all of the remnants of theSoviet Unionthat he can influence, in his Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).  Laying the economic groundwork for the massive organization effort, the Customs Union is the first stage of that planned reunion.  War games to secure the resources of the member states suggest thatRussiaand its allies are prepared to use military force to hold onto assets.  Widespread attacks by “Islamists” who suddenly emerge out of nowhere, or out of retirement, forcing recalcitrant governments to seek military assistance, suggest that the Kremlin may be giving them a nudge.

Against the temptation to side with Russiaover concerns about Islamists and revolutions, the Americans have also deployed their own, perhaps more attractive, economic/military package of incentives.  In addition to the incessantly advertised Silk Road incentive package we have the promise of such things as the free military surplus weapons, Special Forces training centers and modern border control technology (SEE:  Smashing Greater Central Asia –Part One).

Border control enhancement in the Central Asian states is one area of Western penetration into the national security structure of all of the Stan governments.  The EU and the UN build and remodel border control facilities for the individual governments to run, while the US and NATO provide the expertise and technical means to control borders in the face of determined smugglers and terrorists, who are hell-bent on conducting their deadly trade across normally porous borders.

In the war to “Smash Greater Central Asia,” the great game is being played-out as a massive psywar, with both sides using the same covert tactics to produce opposite results.  The secret war is on, for the hearts and souls of individual nations and individual tribes, who are looking for economic roads out of the remnants of the massive Gulag state and the crumbling industrial base that has been left in its wake.  An interesting, though often overlooked, fact about the former Soviet empire is the wreckage that has been left behind in the crumbling infrastructure of roads, factories, pipelines, water and electrical transmission systems.  All of these former life-giving arteries of the Soviet industrial state have been milked of their usefulness to the economically starved CIS countries, having surpassed their expiration dates and started to crumble.  Repairing these systems may be more difficult and more costly than simply replacing them with brand new systems.

All of the former communist satellite countries are looking to the community of nations for help in overcoming these obstacles to economic growth, no matter whether that help is offered by the Western democracies or by a Gazprom-energized Russian economic union.  The objective of the psywar against these CIS countries is to gain the loyalties of the individual governments in a bidding war for the least costly solutions available to the Center.  The importance of co-opting each government means that those nations which cannot be tricked into giving their loyalty will be bought, if possible, if not, then the military option remains open.

The issue of “human rights” is overlooked by Western diplomats when they are trying to legitimize their interaction with the dictatorships of Central Asia, such as Islam Karimov,   but it becomes a weapon when it comes to other, less vital governments.  Human rights becomes a useful issue for bashing unfriendly dictatorships.  It has been used too often in this hypocritical manner to be very effective any more.  The two-faced method for deploying the human rights issue serves to delegitimize the idea of democratic rights for all, which must form the foundation of any democracy movement.  In September, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commended Karimov for “progress” on human rights and traveled to Tashkent in October to thank the dictator in person for his cooperation.  In Turkmenistan, Berdimuhamedov no longer feels obligated to listen to the comments of the West on human rights.

We have worn-out our welcome inCentral Asia, before we really got our foot in the door.  It is a bad idea to squander all of your good will, especially at the same time that you are wearing out your economic appeal.  Interfering in the internal Russian electoral process is also not a good example to set if you plan to encourage dictatorships to be more lenient on human rights.  If you cannot get your foot in the door and you cannot even gain observer status, your plans may be left out in the cold as well.  The ultimate solution forCentral Asiamay be whatever defense Russian leaders can organize to stop US State Dept. and CIA subversion.  The governments siding withRussiamay have already figured that out.

Smashing Greater Central Asia –Part One

Smashing Greater Central Asia – Part Two

This is a clear-cut case of the Pentagon sabotaging the White House

This is a clear-cut case of the Pentagon sabotaging the White House

Peter Chamberlin
Nangarhar is the secured province that is being turned over to Afghan forces, where the border incident has erupted.  The attack upon Pakistan was intended as a demonstration for the world to see the dangers of an early Afghan transition and withdrawal.  What else could explain this Afghan unit gaining command over Nangarhar Province on the same day that calls for air support inside Pakistan have become necessary?  This is a clear-cut case of the Pentagon sabotaging the White House.  It is also the first sign of what post-reconciliation ISAF actions will look like, under a Northern Alliance-dominated Afghan regime.  Since the murder of Rabbani, Afghan security officials have been screaming in unison for this day to come–

“The Taliban can only be defeated by attacking them in Pakistan.”

According to former head of Afghanistan’s secret service, Amrullah Saleh, “You poison the soil where that grass is, then you eliminate it forever.”  This is what has happened on Pakistan’s side of the Durand Line, the Pakistani Taliban from Mohmand (who have relocated to Afghanistan) have poisoned the Pakistani soil  by firing upon Afghan forces from points near outpost Salala’s coordinates, in order to bring the two sides together inside Pakistan.  This is not the first time that the Pakistani Taliban have used this tactic to bring the Afghan and Pakistani forces together.  They used it preceding the “Battle of Wanat” and once again in the “Gora Prai” border post assault.  In the Gora Prai video below you can see the individual militants being killed. 

The Gora Prai video is from a single Predator; it pales in comparison to the latest assault which allegedly involved repeated runs of aircraft and helicopters, over a period of several hours. 

The following was sent to me by a friend from Peshawar.  It is self-explanatory.   

“Another pack of Lies By NATO

 Today’s papers carry the news that the NATO Chief has said that the  attack on Pakistani soldiers was un-intentional. Very generous of him!!
 Yesterday, I talked to Lt Col ZZZZZZ from Peshawar. He had just visited CMH Peshawar to meet the wounded in Salah Post by the US/ATO raid on night of 26 November. This is what he told me.
 There were 14 wounded lying in the surgical ward suffering a variety of wounds. He talked to every one of them and asked them what had happened. The crux of the account of the soldiers and officers was that at about 11pm on 26th Nov a light aircraft came from across the border, flew over the post and fired flares and returned. About half an hour later armed helicopters and light aircraft came . They again fired flares and began firing at the men. They remained in the area for about 5 – 6 hours. During this time, the helicopter firing at individual personnel at will. The post had only one 12.7 anti-aircraft gun which opened fire. The gunner was shot. The major on the post took up the gun and began firing at the helicopters. He was fired at again. While changing position he was hit by a rocket or missile. His body was blasted to pieces. Only his name-plate was found.
Every one of the men on the post was killed or wounded. They seemed to be in no hurry and going after each individual separately. Having finished the entire post, they peaceably went back without any casualty on their part.
 And the NATO Chief has the effrontery to say that it was un-intentional.
 Now my question is, if for 5 to 6 hours this enemy action was taking place and our ground troops were under such deliberate enemy fire, where was the Army’s reaction and where was the PAF during all this time?I cannot believe that the Corps HQ or the PAF Northern Command in Peshawar did not know what was going on,on the front. If so, both should be disbanded for deliberate incompetence.”

The biggest question is–Why did the joint military commands allow the attack to happen, or make no effort to end it?

If the dust was allowed to settle on this confrontation, then it would surely reveal that it was the TTP bringing Afghan and Pakistani forces into conflict, which they would be inclined to do, considering the level of penetration of the Pakistani Taliban by British, Afghan, and American secret services (SEE: Dissecting the Anti-Pakistan Psyop).  Through these separate assets, plus those of India and the Mossad, the Pakistani Taliban have always danced to the same tune as the CIA.  This does not necessarily mean that Hakeemullah Mehsud (and Baitullah before him), Faqir Mohammed and Fazlullah are conscious American assets, but that they might as well be.  If they are so foolish as to be led around by the nose by spook money, doing the Empire’s bidding, then they are nothing more than petty mercenaries, pretending to be revolutionary jihadis. 

This attack can be compared to the Mumbai attack, in that Pakistani jihadis have taken actions which were intended to bring Pakistan into conflict with one of its neighbors.   The last time it was India’s turn.  Indian leaders kept a cool head, at that time, avoiding another major war with Pakistan, to suit American interests.  Will Afghan leaders use their heads, to see this blow-up as their own warning to turn back from the pied piper’s road to oblivion, before it is too late for us all?

Nangarhar ready for security transfer

by Abdul Moeed Hashmi on 28 November, 2011 – 18:36

JALALABAD (PAN): Officials and tribal elders on Monday said the eastern province of Nangarhar was ready for security transition, stressing the need for increasing the strength of Afghan security forces.

Afghan forces will take over the security responsibility in 18 more areas in the second phase of transition. The forces will take full control of Balkh, Daikundi, Takhar, Samangan, Kabul and Nimroz provinces.

The cities included in the second phase of transition include Jalalabad, Chaghcharan, Shiberghan, Faizabad, Ghazni, Maidan Shahr and Qala-i-Naw. Helmand districts Nawa, Nad Ali and Marja are also to change hands.

In Nangarhar, Jalalabad, the provincial capital, Kama, Behsud, Khewa and Surkhrod districts would be handed to Afghan forces. Surkhrod district chief, Syed Ali Akbar Sadat, said they were ready for the handover, but the inadequate police strength posed a problem.

Governor Gul Agha Sherzai had discussed the issue with civil and military officials, his spokesman Ahmad Zia Abdulzai said, adding the provincial capital is ready for the transfer.

“Foreign soldiers disrespect our traditions and we no longer need them,” Wilayat Khan, a tribal elder from Behsud, told Pajhwok Afghan News. The district had only 50 policemen, he said, asking the government to increase their number.


Investing Your Future In A Poison Peace Process

Investing Your Future In A Poison Peace Process   

Peter Chamberlin

The Indian analyst who authored the following piece (SEE: India, Pakistan, and God’s geostrategic will) is probably giving an accurate assessment of his government’s opinion of the current status of the Pakistani military, even though both his opinion and the projected government position are probably miscalculations or misinterpretations of Pakistani gestures.  He interprets recent moves and counter-moves by the Pak. Army and its “Islamist” paramilitary forces as signs of weakness, thereby justifying taking advantage of the new “peace process” as an opening for India to seize-upon, in order to exploit those perceived weaknesses.

Like all Indian analysts, Praveen Swami makes a lot of assumptions, based on the understanding that Pakistan is “besieged on all sides,” without ever acknowledging either India’s hand in that siege or America’s primary role(or for that matter, the British or Israeli hand).  You will never hear or read an Indian writer discussing outside sponsorship of the violence which plagues parts of Pakistan, even though many Western and Pakistani writers have examined Indian/American support for anti-Pakistan terrorists in depth (SEE:  The Stunning Investigative Story on the Birth of Balochistan Liberation Army–Mar 1, 2005).  The truth is, Pakistan the Nation probably is on the ropes, even though the Army is as robust as ever.  Through a clever combination of economic incentives and state-sponsored terrorism (compounded by successive, near-fatal blows from Mother Nature) Pakistan has been economically crippled and branded as an international pariah state.

The “peace process” has been sold to Pakistani leaders as a doorway out of this hellish existence, into the arms of the “community of nations,” even though entry will only be possible if Pakistan kneels before the Imperial dictates of the United States and its Indian proxies.  Pakistan’s biggest problem is its history with the CIA.  For more than thirty years, Pakistan has served as the CIA’s terrorist/jihadi laboratory, the place where the spymasters have perfected their art of “Islamist” destabilization.  This is the behavioral science of motivating indigenous Muslim populations to overthrow their own governments.  From the many years of practical experience that has been gained in Pakistan, the CIA mind-benders have established a working formula of “Islamist” agitation of highly religious, though under-educated Muslim populations, that takes advantage of the weaknesses in human nature itself, to cause the populations to rise-up against their own governments, demanding that those legitimate governments enforce a system of corrupt “Shariah Law” upon them.  This “peace process,” much like the failed Israeli/Palestinian peace process, is a delusional process, used to sell the participants a false “bill of goods” as the only “road map” to peace, even though it only leads to war.

Pakistan has many times seen the Islamist armies that it has trained turn against its trainers, usually for failure to live up to the Jihadi standards that they were taught.  These disaffected Jihadis then become active enemies of the state, such as the TTP in Waziristan and Swat.   These reversals have happened under the watchful eye and protection of that same State.  It is a moot question, at this point, whether the Army and ISI were willing players in all of this, or whether they too have fallen victim to American psywar games.  It is a process that has played-out in too many countries to be written-off to the workings of fate—the CIA mind games could never succeed without willing participants among the homeland populations.  Pakistani leaders have sold Pakistanis out, just as American leaders have continually sold Americans out.  It is the way of the Evil Empire.  You must invite the vampire into your house before he can drink your blood.

Now that this northern army has become fully activated as true enemies of the State, they work toward the same goals as the Baloch Liberation Army in the south, the destruction of the legitimate, democratically elected government of Pakistan.  Both puppet (proxy) armies dance to the same puppeteer’s tunes, but they believe that they are fighting for either Allah, or for country.  This is the glaring hypocrisy of the American Hegelian dialectic–the American government is continually building things up, to later knock them down.  Pakistan is suffering from a traditional pincer movement, but since they appear to be completely opposite in nature, with completely different goals, we tend to ignore the connection.  The AfPak region, more specifically, the Pashtun belt of that region, is being squeezed into a fluid, homogeneous mass, which can easily be pushed back and forth, to erase the invisible border which impedes American actions.

But you will hear about none of this from an Indian analyst.

American analysts are different, in that we analyze the Imperial plans from an American nationalist perspective.  Taking a patriotic angle, we look for weaknesses that will help us slay the Imperial Beast that has taken over our government and has been set loose upon the world.  We have become a fascist power in our effort to reshape the world, and realistic American analysts understand this.  Any useful analysis of world events must be based upon that premise.

The fascist power operates through a traditional “bait and switch” strategy.  They promote “Democracy” throughout the world as the primary weapon of destabilization, with the intent of crushing the results of any democratic movement in the end. We use it as bait, to tempt the targeted audience with unimagined political freedoms which will never materialize, holding them up as promised rewards for them risking their own lives in mass-movements to reform their own governments.  The switch comes after the regime is forced to change, whenever the democratic-revolution is exposed as an exercise in American Imperialism, giving the Empire veto power over any “democratic” decisions made by that government or the people they claim to represent.  After the dust of “regime change” has settled, the next American puppet government rules for as long as it can continue to repress the people.  Any elected government that doesn’t adhere to this rigid fascist formula becomes itself the next subject for regime change.

A realistic analysis of the India/Pakistani peace process would have to proceed on the assumption that the primary beneficiary will prove to be American.  If a deal between them is brokered by the US State Dept., by the Dept. of Commerce, or by the Pentagon, everyone should understand by now exactly where the big pay-off will go.  Mr. Singh is proving himself to be even more of a dupe than Zardari.  Nobody really expected anything less from Mr. Ten Percent, but the world put high hopes on Manmohan Singh.

Obama wants India and Pakistan to play nice, so that he can pretend to withdraw from Afghanistan, while leaving both of them (and the rest of the regional players) holding the bag after 2014.  Obama wants you to build and protect TAPI, which is to be the first of many pipelines on the strategic corridor to Central Asia, otherwise referred to as the “Silk Roads.”  Obama wants India to fill the great void of the former Soviet space with warm Indian bodies, some tending shiny new American-made jet fighters, others slaving in the elements on Indian road crews.

Obama wants Indian telecommunication companies as well as construction companies to help energize the CIS space, especially to build the currently non-existent road and rail networks needed to assimilate the resource bonanza.  India does stand to reap enormous financial rewards from this, if it will consent to transferring its developing industry into Central Asia, away from the Indian homeland, where it is needed even more urgently.  In Central Asia there are not enough roads because there have never been enough people, as opposed to India, where perhaps half a billion people suffer from economic deprivation that is exacerbated by a lack of development and the great investments which come with it.

Obama wants all of Afghanistan’s neighbors to lend full support to the hidden American plans, without ever revealing what they are, always with the promise of rewards beyond measure for unquestioned collaboration in that unrevealed plan.  He sells them a message of Hope, resting upon an appeal to Blind Faith in Americans and their inescapable commitment to do the Right Thing.  This is the formula for the fascist “snake oil” that Obama is peddling to get his way in the world.

The leaders of both Pakistan and India must be prepared to turn away from the American bait and switch operation at play in Afghanistan, if they want to survive without suffering through violent repercussions for their partnerships with the devil.  All Nations with peoples yearning to be free must be prepared to turn away from the fraudulent con-games which pass for world government these days, before the devil can ever be brought to his knees and humanity can finally learn what it means to be truly Free.

Smashing Greater Central Asia—Part II

Smashing Greater Central Asia—Part II

Risking the World

Peter Chamberlin

In the grand scheme of things, as conceived inside Washington, D.C., the world is a three-dimensional chess board, much like the ones seen on Star Trek, or more accurately, like the modern game called “Risk.”

For those unfamiliar with this popular cult board game, it is literally a game of world conquest, fought with symbolic armies, massed on the players’ occupied territories, with battles decided by the roll of a pair of dice.  The Obama foreign policy seems like it could be something that was dreamed-up in the middle of the night by a couple of  stoned-out “frat boys,” in their smelly, smoky college dorms,  making their plans to one day rule the world.

Like the strategy of the Hasbro game, the White House is engaged in a series of moves that are intended to undermine all other players.  Following a carefully planned strategy, which was originally conceived during the last administration, Obama is continuing Bush’s  attack, undermining his opponents’ weak links, in a manner that is anticipated to cause a cascading loss of strength in their adversaries.  The grand plan of undermining every country simultaneously, until you are the last man left standing, requires taking key territories with enough armies to hold them all, until the end.  This is the deadly game that the White House and the Pentagon are playing against the rest of the world, using human beings as game pieces, without remorse.

The strategic and tactical geniuses at the Pentagon and the CIA have actually been tasked with fixing the major problems that America has with the rest of the world.  The primary problem is that people and nations do not behave in the submissive manner that our leaders would like to see coming from them.  Their solution is to bring all things in the world under the control of one command center—a “Pax Americana,” creating an era of global peace, enforced by American military might.  One-by-one, all the “trouble-making” countries which have offered resistance to this new order would be brought into line under Imperial plans.  The real problem is that American leaders have let their greed get in the way of their altruism.  No plan to pacify the power centers of the world could succeed unless its main mission was the elevation of the human condition.  Plans of pacifying the world for the profit of a small minority of men will always be doomed before they even start.

The US Army Central Command has literally set into play a game strategy intended to undermine every Nation in the world, except for the last one, the world’s only superpower.  This brutal dangerous game that the military planners have activated could just as easily undermine every Nation, including the lone superpower, unless the commanders manage to maintain some degree of control.  The plan to control the behavior of free Nations usually begins by establishing leadership control in key countries, in particular, with military leaders.

The global war on terror is in no way a war on “terror,” because most of the people that they are planning to kill cannot be defined as “terrorists,” yet.  They belong to no terrorist or militant outfit, at this point in their lives. They are probably not even enemies of the United States yet, maybe most of them even desire our “way of life.”  The enemies for this war plan do not even exist yet, but our military leaders plan to create thousands of new enemies, by driving some of them to take-up arms to resist us at some point in the future.

America’s war plan is to push the limits of normal human endurance in the targeted countries, past the point where most people there are willing to submit to our domination and mind-games.   American military strategy is to take entire nations (like Pakistan) to the breaking point, where they turn elements of the population from passive to active, turning them into resisters against America’s Imperial cause.  We create, what we have defined as “terrorists,” in order to know who they are.  It is a great sorting-out of the Muslim world.   Who has the seed of “terrorism” within them?

How could such a global “police action” be considered a “war,” when we have no organized “enemies,” except for small groups of older terrorists who have mostly been trained by us, numbering only in the hundreds or low thousands?  If you are looking for global domination, then how do you fight wars without enemies?  You must create them as you go, which is exactly the process that I have been describing, over and over, for the past four years.

Why do you need to take wholesale risks with your troops, by fighting real enemies, when you can just as easily (and much more cheaply) create the perception that your troops are fighting against actual guerrilla armies?  Perception-management is the real name of this war, which we have so far called the “global war on terrorism.”  In typical “false flag terrorism,” attacks are staged in specific locations, in a manner that will cast guilt on specific innocent parties.  In warfare by perception-management, false flags are just one of the more extreme tactical solutions to altering misguided perceptions.  In a war that is all about perceptions, that is, controlling perceptions, the most effective weapon is the controlled media.

With a controlled media, there isn’t even a need for a big organized opposition of any kind.  With today’s electronic media, stories are frequently created out of thin air, hand-crafted, using digital information.  These are the stories that have given substance to The Myth of “Al-Qaeda.”   You then use your media to interweave these mythical stories with war reports from the four or five real wars that you have managed to start and you have the makings of a believable legend.  Take the real history of the original American/Pakistani trained Afghan mujahedeen veterans and their exploits, while working for the CIA in Africa and Eurasia, then roll that together with the legend that you have already created, and you have the apparently real media entity known as “Al-Qaeda” (SEE:  Unraveling the Myth of Al Qaida).

Now that American psy-warriors have managed to manufacture this synthetic “enemy” from carefully constructed lies and strands of real information, they feel confident enough in the mold of the “militant Islamists” that they have created to use it to import the threat of an Islamist takeover into Central Asia, Africa and perhaps beyond that.  They have already used it to light the spark of revolution in Libya, in a sort of reverse pattern.  There, America’s Islamists are now openly fighting on our side (SEE:  America’s “Islamists” Go Where Oilmen Fear to Tread), in an attempt to revive the original prototype of Islamist warriors who were once described as “freedom fighters” by their creators in Reagan’s CIA.  The problem with the new “Libya scenario,” is that it only works when conditions are ripe enough for instigating democratic-revolution.  The dictators of Central Asia maintain too tight of a grip for such a destabilization to work there without the inclusion of other measures.  Multiple forces have been arrayed against the dictators of the Stans.  The chances of any of them surviving the steady onslaught are minimal, at best.

In order to undermine strong-man rule there, American psy-warriors must follow the basic rules of terrorist provocation that they have been compiling since the early days of their European “Gladio” campaign.  In Germany, Italy, Turkey, and throughout Western Europe, right-wing allies were recruited from local militaries to stage terror attacks upon left-wing leaders, or to implicate them in “false-flag” scenarios.  This is known as the “strategy of tension.”  It is a fear-driven campaign designed to induce psychological trauma in the minds of the targeted victims.  Those intended victims in the new great game are primarily the dictators themselves.  They must be driven by fear into instituting harsh, unnecessary punitive measures upon local populations, seeking to quash budding “Islamist” or democratic movements in their infancy.

All that is necessary is the staging of a few “Shariah” enforcing attacks, or small military assaults upon police or government forces and swift government reprisals will follow.  Intersperse a few manufactured media stories about Afghan militants, or IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan) terrorists moving northward, or agitate known former Islamists into taking a defensive posture and you have created the makings of an anti-Islamist government crackdown.  This artificial Islamization effort is underway now all along the central Fergana Valley.  Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, in particular, have been infiltrated by a handful of Afghan veterans, or paid mercenaries, or former militants, resulting in claims that they will be the first dominoes to fall to Islamist penetration, thus preparing the way there for the introduction of US or NATO defenders.

If, for some reason, this strategy of tension fails to elicit the required harsh government reaction, then State Dept. agitation tactics are being readied as a fall-back position.  The lack of freedoms in the former Soviet satellites ensures that social unrest will arise some day in each of the Stans, making agitation a simple matter for psywar technicians.  Economic hardships and deprivation are like icing upon the cake in any planned destabilization.

In my previous article in this series, Smashing Greater Central Asia (Part I), I described the components of a “(net-centric combat system), tied directly into the Global Information Grid (GIG),” that was to be constructed in Central Asia.  I speculated in that article that it was to be constructed surreptitiously in all the countries in Central Asia, under multiple justifications.  The more that the latest game/psyop plays-out, the more apparent it becomes that Uzbekistan is to be the intended primary location of this electronic total information network, with an air force of unmanned Reapers riding shotgun high in the skies over the Northern Distribution Network (NDN).  This network is definitely being constructed through Uzbekistan, also touching on a small sliver of Kazakhstan, where the Northern Network meets the Caspian Sea.  The components of this network are to be moved into Uzbekistan under cover of the recently authorized military aid package for Uzbekistan.  This is anticipated to be a long-term arrangement, as proposed oil and gas pipelines will need protecting after the alleged end of the Afghan war in 2014.  By that time, it is hoped that the UAV drone network can be extended into all the Caucasus countries, in order to guard the full lengths of the planned pipelines, TAPI and Nabucco (which is due to start construction at about that time).

In addition to the drone/surveillance network, Special Forces training centers in the works will coordinate military efforts between host countries and their Imperial benefactor.  They will be manned by US and NATO trainers.   One is planned for Uzbekistan and another has already been built in northern Kyrgyzstan with a second US-manned training facility under consideration for the south, near Fergana Valley.   Tajikistan, as well as Turkmenistan have already opened their arms to the American military’s efforts to build modern border control centers along the frontier with Afghanistan.

Multiple avenues of penetration ensure that no targeted nation is immune to the US probing.  Even so, there is always the possibility that some smart Central Asian dictator will grow weary of all the manipulations and machinations and shut-down ongoing State Dept. penetration by radicalized journalists and armies of trained activists.  Turkmenistan is one targeted, energy-producing state which has already done this to a degree, by shutting-down Western NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that had been operating there under the guise of humanitarian aid programs and by refusing to cooperate on NATO’s Northern Distribution Network.

Even though NATO forces have given-up on drug eradication efforts within Afghanistan, (the source of most of the world’s heroin and opium), the CIS leaders are all seriously concerned about narco-terrorism.  Drug interdiction efforts are developing into a primary area of interaction between CIS countries (even Russia) and Western military and policing forces (SEE: Washington’s New Foxy Plan To Sneak Into the Central Asian Hen House).   The Central Asian Counter-narcotics Initiative (CACI) is the name of the “foxy” plan, which aims to sneak American DEA agents into all the Central Asian “hen houses.”

Military to military aid is the favored method for gaining control of elements within a nation’s armed forces.  American control over NATO was used to expand the organization into former Soviet space, primarily through the Partnership for Peace (PIP) military exchange and military modernization program.  Military friendships which have been established through this program have served to infiltrate US military thinking into the minds of the foreign military leaders.  Whatever is planned for those countries will be centered on those officers who have been compromised in this manner, and those who are susceptible to simple bribery.

In most of the CIS states, the problem is the same—after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the state has become one man.  The failure of The State, the failure of The Party, the failure of The System, were all made right in one man rule.  In that one “new man” was born the new totalitarian future, within the new system, “neo-capitalism,” a new type of capitalism, one with a familiar communist head.  The dictator became the first new capitalist, the “proto-neo-capitalist” (oligarch), when he inherited the possessions of The State and all the rest, to divide-up amongst his favorite cronies and family members, however he saw fit.  In turn, the many new oligarchs dispensed part of their new fortunes to their friends and cronies.  They have patterned their new economies, as well as the daily operations of their inherited industries, after Western management models, creating the impression of new “capitalist” economies and through association, implying that post-Soviet governments were “democratic.”

The problem of trying to bring Western investors into these new economies was in integrating the neo-capitalist industries with traditional capitalist financiers and industrialists.  The neo-capitalist markets that they created were based around expansion of their own black market operations.   The oligarchs could impersonate the real capitalists, but they refused to operate by Western profit models, which would have confined them to profits of less than 30% (on average), preferring instead, to reverse the equation, taking 70 or 80% returns on the investments that were being made, using their purloined resources (SEE:  The Private Pocket of the President (Berdymukhamedov).  Western investors have prudently hesitated to invest in such partnerships.  Western oil and gas corporations have come to realize that they were running up against this psychological obstacle in their attempts to harvest and transport Central Asian hydrocarbon resources.  Turning former communists into good capitalists is a never-ending problem, just look at all the problems that have been created by our own “neocons” (former Marxists).

Obama is trying to overcome Central Asia by either forcing the sitting regimes to change the way that they operate, or, failing that, to change the regimes themselves.  Pax Americana has no room for failure, even though all the existing plans are doomed to failure, because of their inherent weaknesses and basic contradictions.  No amount of plotting will overcome human nature.   All of those leaders can be counted on to protect their own interests.  They can all be counted on (with the possible exception of Roza Otunbayeva in Kyrgyzstan), to resist with all the means at their disposal, when they realize that the dangers they are facing from the West will make the Soviets look like a bunch of “old softies.”  When they realize that the same malevolent forces which succeeded in dismantling and then replacing the Soviet Union are repeating the same process in the Stans, the reactions will be swift and eventually coordinated.

Central Asia will not go down without a fight, and NOT the fight that the American psy-warriors have envisioned.  There will be NO procession of events from NDN, to Afghan pacification, to TAPI and then to Nabucco, under the protective umbrella of terminator-drones, operating within their Global Information Grid.  The extremely complicated, elaborate grand Take-Over-the-World Plan, which has been arrogantly conceived, may have been doomed to failure from the start, because of the many fallacies upon which it was forced to operate, but that has not stopped American and NATO leaders from following it to create even more and more cracks in the façade of human civilization, in hopes of taking control over all countries in the end.  There is no end to the depths of human depravity that they will plumb, in their great quest to control the world.  Cheney’s arrogant “walk on the dark side” has threatened to plunge us all into an era of utter darkness.

By taking Iraq out of the Middle East equation, they have made the whole Greater Middle East fluid, making it impossible to predict many things that would happen next.  Now that Iraq’s military has been destroyed unnecessarily, the playing board has been made somewhat safe for other Iraq-sized militaries to make bold moves, or to benefit from the destruction that we have wrought, as Iran has done, hoping to capitalize on the breakdown of the balance of forces there.  Turkey in the Mediterranean and in the former Turkic countries of Central Asia is a perfect example of the unpredictable events that will arise out of medium sized militaries pushing their weight around, seeking to profit from American destabilization efforts.  France and the UK in Libya, for example, making their daily threats against Syria, is just another unintended consequence of the new reality.  To illustrate just where this is all leading, France and Turkey are now taking jabs at each other over Armenia and Turkey’s complicated history.

Perhaps the preceding points may help to explain US and NATO readiness to resort to implied threats of military force, to supplement their customary bribery and pay-off practices, in their efforts to win the great prize.  However, trying to explain why American leaders have taken up a path of world conquest, is not an attempt to justify the immoral games that they have set into motion to seize control over Central Asia’s gas and oil, and with them, the whole game.

Understanding Reality From Deception in the War on Terror

Here is a summary of articles that I had composed in 2008, for a Polish research bank that solicited my submission.  It was a synopsis of previous papers that I had written on America’s terror war, especially dealing with the myth of “Al-Qaeda,” a creation of Bush/Cheney and friends, to serve as America’s strawman.  Somehow, I forgot to post it on this site–

Understanding Reality From Deception in the War on Terror

The future of the world has literally been determined by the choices of one man, George Bush. The course he has decided upon in the American/Israeli Global War On Terrorism (GWOT) has set a new course for all mankind, for many years to come. Because it seems apparent that President Bush intends to escalate his Israeli-centric military policies, which many of us consider to be failed policies, it is incumbent upon all moral individuals to consider what these policies are, where they came from, and where they are leading us all to. The only information we have on our government’s secret war moves comes from the foreign presses, anywhere outside of the mainstream American press. The Internet is the only resource that provides access for most of us to this uncensored news source. The following series of Internet reports were generated while researching the covert foreign policies that form the backbone of the US terror war, focusing upon the groundwork that went into preparing the way for introducing a credible new “terrorist” enemy (after the demise of the Soviet Union) and the justification of the implementation of draconian measures on the home front to protect national security, as warranted by the new enemy.

Understanding Reality From Deception in the War on Terror

By:  Peter Chamberlin
The propaganda war is the most important front in the terror war.  “Neoconservatives” are the masters of political manipulation who sold the war to the people.  This overwhelmingly Zionist movement rode to power in America on the efforts of other Zionist psychiatrists and sociologists, who had been implementing government brainwashing and psy-ops, to condition the American people to accept the new “war of civilizations” and the anti-Islamic policies that had been designed to support it and to bring it about.  (See:  “The Zionist Brainwashing of America”)

Neoconservatism is a racist Nazi-inspired fascistic doctrine for implementing the Zionist plan to establish Israeli dominance over world affairs.  The Neocon takeover of Jewish-American political affairs has created an anti-Semitic (anti-Arab) ideology for fomenting an international war between Muslims and Christians.   (See:  “Neoconservatism – Fascist Zionism”)

The political struggle between the neocon proponents of perpetual war and its opponents in the United States will likely determine the future course of the world.  If the intended course is intended to create a state of permanent war, to accommodate American and Israeli military dominance, then all moral beings have a duty to humanity to oppose these forces.  The struggle to expose our government’s use of terrorism abroad to influence politics here at home is a battle that must be won, to avoid the plotted fascist world order.  (See:  “The Ideological Struggle of the Twenty-first Century”)

The neocon war plan brings American foreign policy under Zionist control, making the interests of the government of Israel our primary concern, as America submits to  international Zionists seeking to submerge us in their new world order.  The plan for world conquest centered upon establishing Israeli world dominance is the fulfillment of centuries of work by dedicated Zionists, working to deceive the world, while taking it over.  (See:  “World War Three”)

The war on terror utilizes terrorism as a tactic for identifying the local minority which would resist American aggression, in order to eliminate that minority by military means.

(See:  “Bombing Improper Thoughts”)

The original American “war on terror,” launched in retaliation for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, has been supplanted by a substitute mission, one committed primarily to establishing Israeli security and merging American/Israeli interests.

(See:  “Bait and Switch”)

American politics have been overtaken by a Christian/Zionist alliance dedicated to bringing-about a situation resembling the Biblical “end of the world.”  In the name of fulfilling prophecy, they are actively supporting criminal Israeli actions and abetting the destruction of the Mideast “peace process.”  (See:  “Judgment Day”)
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan has many similarities to the conspiracy to kill JFK.  CIA spokesmen have once again fingered a desired patsy in the person of local leader  Baitullah Mehsud, as an attempt to further the al Qaida myth as justification to the American people for escalating the war there against the will of the Pakistani people.  (See:  “A Grassy Knoll in Pakistan”)

The myth of al Qaida’s prowess is spread primarily through deceptive propaganda, much of it given directly as disinformation by “retired” CIA agents.  (See:  “CIA Agent Sees Dead People”)

The international terrorist organization known as “al Qaida” is a CIA/ISI (Pakistani secret service) creation, whose members were drawn from the ranks of Muslim jihadis that have been recruited by the United States and the Saudis and flown to Afghanistan.  These proxy Islamic forces have staged terrorist attacks upon mostly Muslim civilians on behalf of the United States, working for every American administration since Reagan, killing civilians in a dozen or more countries to advance American foreign policy.  The history of American, Pakistani, Saudi and Israeli secret services in the creation of al Qaida and its deployment in previous covert operations makes it obvious that there was some degree of complicity between these agencies and the al Qaida agents utilized in the 2001 attack upon America.  (See:  “Unraveling the Myth of Al Qaida”)

The neoconservative movement was a well-funded organized conspiracy to carry-out a coup within the US government, by taking over the leadership of the Republican Party to use as a base of operations, for seizing control of the decision-making arm of the American foreign policy apparatus.  The actual title of the overall plot to use the US military to foment a global inter-religious nuclear war for the purpose of eliminating the enemies of Israel was the “Project for a New American Century.”   (See:  “The American War Upon the World”)

The neocon war plan is an inhuman immoral plan by a small group of elitists to conquer the world, no matter the human cost.  The American policy of copying the same tactics used against the Palestinians by the Israelis, as a mainstay of its terror war, such as using missiles for assassinations in crowded homes and streets, violates all accepted standards of war-fighting, as well as international laws governing war and protection of human rights.   (See:  “Unimaginable Intentional Human Suffering”)

Operation “Gladio” was a US military operation carried-out within allied nations after WWII, to create false fronts for staging terrorist attacks.  The purpose of these military operations was the political destabilization of friendly countries who were showing signs of resistance to American dictates.  After perfecting the process over many years in Europe, the basic formula of Gladio was adapted as America’s primary foreign policy, to export it to every nation targeted by America for regime change.  Beginning with operations against the common enemy of America and Israel, the Soviets, the policy that came to be known as the “war on terrorism” first took root in Afghanistan in 1987.    (See:  “Gladio – Death Plan For Democracy”)

The war of terror is based upon a strategy of creating false fronts and calling them “al Qaida,” to stage terrorist attacks and sow lies into targeted local populations.  Through these hired agents of influence local killers are recruited to attack opposition leaders and government positions, blaming the attacks upon the victims themselves, or their acquaintances.    (See:  “Warfare of the Whisper –dividing the people and keeping them ignorant.”)

The Internet is used by the elite to identify those who will resist the global empire, so that they can be targeted for elimination.  This is a continuation of the Gladio operation on a more efficient basis within America itself.    (See:  “Internet Death List”)

Zionist manipulation of American foreign policy is destined to bring about an anti-Semitic backlash against Jewish-Americans, especially if the Zionist lobby is successful in dragging us into WWIII.    (See: “Repaying the Puppet Masters”)

World War III is being brought about through the use of terrorist attacks, committed primarily in Iran and Israel’s immediate neighborhood, to prevent the use of  diplomacy and honest dialogue to derail the drive to create a state of permanent war in the Middle East.    (See:  “Dialogue of Weapons”)

Israel continues its violent expansionist policies in Palestine and Lebanon by creating a false benevolent image to hide behind, as it carries-out the brutal Zionist plans to take the land and deprive the occupants of their most basic human rights.    (See:  “The Two Faces of Zionist Israel — Giving Cover to the Slaughter”)

American democracy is endangered by elitist manipulation of the process to promote the international arms race and bring about a state of permanent war.  Democracy is a principle tool used to subvert local politics and introduce American ideas under the guise of promoting freedom and fighting terrorism.   (see:  “The Illusion of Democracy”) p

A situation is being created that will cause a global religious war, which will allow the free use of nuclear weapons, for the purpose of exterminating a large portion of the human race.

(See:  “Strangelove’s Wet Dream – a nuclear free fire zone.”)

Pro-Zionist corporate interests maintain a ban on honest reporting on the Palestinian or Islamic point of view, which must be overcome with factual specific counter-reporting by anti-Zionists and human rights activists.  In a scenario based on the successful continuous suppression of the truth, the aggressive censors are trying to hold back a tidal wave of opposition and moral outrage.  It is only a matter of time as to how long they can hold their position.

(See:  “Breaking Through the News Filter”)

The American terror war is a hypocritical assault upon truth and democracy for the sake of the violent Zionist minority who engineered it.  Ending the terror war becomes a matter exposing the foundation of deception under girding the constructed edifice.    (See:  “Undamming the River of Hypocrisy”)

Bush’s war to secure Israel’s safety has created a security vacuum in the Middle East for American interests.  Stopping the expansion of this faulty war strategy throughout the region will require a patriotic revival of American democracy.  The rejuvenation of democratic protest in this country has to happen within the time allotted to us, i.e., before Bush can initiate new military actions against Iran, that will either end the elections or hand it to McCain and Lieberman.  He only has a short window for accomplishing this calamity.  Our window of opportunity for stopping him is equally short.    (See:  “Black Hole in Bush’s Brain”)

America and Israel have established a double standard in the mainstream media for reporting war news, whereas all American/Israeli actions are portrayed as moral and all “enemy” actions as immoral. The horror that is inflicted daily upon the captive Palestinian people, using American weapons, paid for with American money, is hidden from American eyes.  Exposing this suppressed evidence to the American people will blow the lid off of the sinister cover-up that empowers the Israelis in this fascist operation, which we are helping to hide

(See:  “American Car-bombs Are Not Terrorism”)

The global war on terrorism (GWOT) is a self-defeating formula for inspiring opposition, in order to target them.  In a war allegedly based upon the American military power to “shock and awe” potential opposition into submission, the plan’s capability to inspire resistance has proven to be far more powerful.    (See:  “George Bush’s Power to Inspire”)

Christian-Zionism is a religion-based political philosophy of Americans who are  prepared to bring about the end of the world, in order to eliminate Israel’s hostile neighbors.   The merger of right-wing Christians who have a desire to see the world destroyed with Jewish Zionists who are dedicated to fulfilling their plans for Middle East colonization, even if it destroys the rest of the world, is a formula for chaos and cataclysm.   (See:  “The World Must Die So That Israel Can Be Saved”)

The populace has been terrorized by the realistic threat of imminent nuclear war, in order to make limited warfare (terrorism) acceptable to the American people.  Stopping America’s covert wars against Iran and the Muslim countries which are allied with Iran against America and Israel, must become the main priority in the American antiwar movement.  Efforts to stop an insane global nuclear war may be wasting valuable time, if the real intent of the planners is to create a condition of permanent war in as many countries as possible.  Once again, the exposure of America’s use of terrorism in a  criminal war of aggression in multiple countries remains the key to securing a world other than the planned new world order.  For the sake of a free democratic world, the one task that we can undertake which will bring the most benefit to our fellow man is simply defending the truth.      (See:  “Manufactured Reality”)

Profit “Bubbles” Are Unnatural Interruptions of Life-Sustaining Distribution Systems

Profit “Bubbles” Are Unnatural Interruptions of Life-Sustaining Distribution Systems

Peter Chamberlin

China, the hope of the global economy, is headed for a hard crash, as it experiences some of the hard truths about capitalism, in a series of economic bubbles that are set to pop.  The first big problem, which the following article deals with, is the economic crisis that will come about because of runaway pork spending for political gains.  China must have been copying America’s mistakes “to a T,” as they built their own “bridges to nowhere” and multimillion dollar air hubs in politicians’ home districts, etc.  

Runaway, uncontrolled capitalism and corporatism stifle real growth and strangle true innovations which would surely elevate the status of the people, if that was the real goal, instead of just the accumulation of “profit.”  In the grand unraveling of global capitalism, it is inevitable that China will be taken down, just like everybody else.   Capitalism is a pestilence that threatens to annihilate a large portion of the human race.  For the human race to survive and prosper, it must evolve to a life beyond capitalism, but that is not possible when 99% of the people own virtually nothing and a mere 1% owns nearly everything.  Under this arrangement, greed is allowed to interrupt the natural flow of the economy, by the act of hoarding or accumulating (whether that be cash or some other valuable resources).   In every country on the face of the earth, a very small minority makes growth of any kind impossible for the majority, because the majority passively allows it.  Once the people realize that their power to live and to prosper has been taken from them, they understand who is responsible and act accordingly.  Usually, the day of reckoning for this abusive minority is quite violent.  How hard they fight against human progress becomes the standard by which they are judged.  If they have violently fought to deny their fellow man, then they will be violently fought against.  

This system of allowing a handful of greedy men to separate the majority of the people from the most basic of needs, includes simple things like food and water, education, health care, homes and transportation.  Capitalism is a system that denies the needs of the majority, by limiting the distribution of life-sustaining commodities, subjecting them to an unnatural economic standard, instead of simply sending goods, or allowing them to go where the needy await them.   This is done for the sake of creating unnatural profit bubbles that are then harvested by a select few.  The marketplace exists to service needs.  Interrupting that servicing of needs, by limiting the distribution of needed goods, is a crime against nature and the God of nature, since the provision of life-sustaining products is being limited to those lucky few who can “afford” the things that they need to live.  

The artificial creation of economic bubbles is an unnatural process, designed to squeeze “profit” out of the economic system, in order to enrich the already wealthy even further at the expense of everyone else.  Any body of people who tolerates this unnatural process are more like sheep than they are like free-thinking human beings.  Instead of wasting our time languishing in “neutral,”  while we wait for mercy from the “speculator” bubble-makers and the profit-taking bubble-bursters, we should be concerned about more natural human things, like worrying about what college our kids will attend, or which doctor will we trust to treat their medical needs.  By allowing a handful of greedy men to prevent us from serving the needs of our families, we are failing our duties as “providers.”  When the duty of the family provider is to tear down the walls which separate his or her family members from the things that are vital to them, then failure to act (in unison with the rest of the majority) is a crime.  When the all-powerful state is allowed to cobble together national controlled distribution systems that enable only the partial fulfillment of those needs (such as “Obamacare,” or Medicare), subjecting everything to the failing profit motive, it is interrupting the growth that God Himself has planned for every human being. 

It is wrong to deny our families the things that they need by the standard of “what we can afford.”  If we were real men and women, mothers and fathers, instead of good sheep, we would overturn this entire mess and set the bankers’ hair on fire. 

Excuse my rant, but I am running out of time, and so are you.

Special report: China’s debt pileup raises risk of hard landing

A man walks in the hall of the Chengdu East Railway Station in Chengdu, Sichuan province February 10, 2011. REUTERS-Stringer
Vehicles cross the Second Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, Hubei province September 26, 2011. REUTERS-Stringer
A stone lion is pictured in front of the China Construction Bank headquarters building in Beijing, in this August 11, 2011 file photo. REUTERS-Jason Lee-Files

By Kelvin Soh and Aileen Wang

CHENGDU/WUHAN, China | Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:06am EDT

(Reuters) – When China announced a nearly $600 billion package to ward off the 2008 global financial crisis, city planners across the country happily embarked on a frenzy of infrastructure projects, some of them of arguable need.

Chengdu, the capital of southwestern Sichuan province, answered the call for stimulus action with a bold plan for a railway hub modeled after Waterloo railway station in London.

Except London’s Waterloo was not ambitious enough.

“I was shocked when I finally got to visit Waterloo. It was so small,” said Chen Jun, a director at Chengdu Communications Investment Group, which built the new Chinese terminal. “I realized we would probably need a station a few times bigger to meet the demands of our city.”

In a manner typical of many infrastructure projects in China, Chengdu more than doubled the size of its planned transport hub, borrowed 3 billion yuan ($473 million) from a state bank to finance it, then set out on a blistering construction timeline that saw the finishing touches put on the project two years later.

But instead of getting the accolades they expected for helping to stimulate the economy, Chengdu Communications and many of China’s 10,000 local government financing vehicles (LGFV) have now come under a harsh spotlight for the grim side-effects of the construction binge.

China’s local governments have piled up a mountain of bad debt, some of it to finance bridges to nowhere and other white elephant projects, which now threatens to constrict growth at a time when the global economy is sputtering. It is adding to other systemic risks in China, including a sharp downturn in the property market and a rapid rise in problematic loans.

Local governments had amassed 10.7 trillion yuan in debt at the end of 2010. The government expects 2.5 to 3 trillion yuan of that will turn sour, while Standard and Chartered reckons as much as 8 to 9 trillion yuan will not be repaid — or about $1.2 trillion to $1.4 trillion.

In other words, the potential debt defaults could be even larger than the $700 billion U.S. bail-out programme during the 2008 crisis.

Reuters reported in mid-year the government was working on a relief plan for local governments, including allowing them to tap the municipal bond market for the first time as an alternative to bank loans, which are becoming harder to get.

The risks of default are rising. Nearly 85 percent of the local government finance vehicle loans in northeast Liaoning province, for instance, missed debt service payments in 2010, an audit report posted on the Liaoning Daily website said.

But in visits and interviews at city-run vehicles around China, officials appeared unworried. They say they were only following Beijing’s directives to keep growth on track, and the central government would surely step in to bail them out.

Perhaps their complacency is justified. Beijing, which holds more than $3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, certainly has the resources to rescue them, and has done so in the past — it set up asset management companies to help China’s top banks clean up mountains of bad loans in the late 1990s.

But China is also vulnerable to a global downturn, and would need every piece of its economy performing well to avoid a serious slump. The infrastructure boom insulated the economy from a collapse in exports in 2008. Beijing has less firepower now. Inflation is uncomfortably high, and dumping more money into the economy would only make things worse.

Barclays Capital has predicted a global recession would trigger a “hard landing” in China, with gross domestic product sinking well below the 8 percent mark seen as the minimum for assuring enough job creation to keep up with urban migration.

A severe economic slump would depress land sales, a vital source of funding for local governments, and make their debt load even more precarious.


In Chengdu, Chen leans back on a sofa in his office, smiles and readily concedes Chengdu will have big problems covering the bills for its version of the Waterloo train station.

“We’re still unable to reflect on our accounts the problems that may arise from our investments into Chengdu’s railroads,” Chen said. “What happens next is that we may face some trouble repaying our loans when many of them come due.”

Chengdu Communications had liabilities of 18.9 billion yuan at the end of 2010 against current assets valued at 11.7 billion yuan.

Chen is not unduly concerned. He thinks he has a solution, one local governments across China have also grasped: Real estate. Chen, the chairman of six other state companies in the city, intends to build huge residential and commercial projects around stations such as Waterloo — with borrowed money, of course.

The problem with that idea is that Beijing has been taking increasingly urgent steps to halt a speculative property boom and has told state banks to cut lending. Domestic investment — much of it in property and infrastructure development — accounted for 70 percent of China’s gross domestic product last year, a far bigger share than in developed economies.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the proportion of China’s total debt to gross domestic product was 159 percent at the end of 2008, before it began the massive stimulus programme that has racked up piles of local government debt.

Local governments have long had to tap other sources of income to supplement their meager share of the country’s taxes. Beijing controls the bulk of tax revenues to prevent local officials from spending wastefully, and as a way of redistributing wealth between poor and rich provinces.

So they raise money by selling or taxing property or borrowing money. They are barred from borrowing directly from banks as government entities, however, hence the proliferation of their financing vehicles.

Local officials have a strong interest in keeping property prices high, since it is a key source of revenue. China Real Estate Information Corp., a Shanghai-based property information and consulting firm, estimates 40 percent of local government revenue came from land sales last year. Land also is often used as collateral backing the loans to their financing vehicles.

So throughout China, a building boom financed with massive bank borrowing is being securitized by land prices that local governments fervently hope will stay high, even as Beijing tries to tamp them down.

“The underlying problem here is that local governments have a lot of expenditure mandates for infrastructure, for social services, and they don’t have enough regular revenue to cover it,” says economist Arthur Kroeber.


Wuhan, capital of central Hubei province, is known as one of China’s “four ovens”, cities where summertime temperatures can soar to 40 degrees Celsius. Its strategic location at the intersection of the Yangtze and Han rivers has made it a major transportation hub and in the past three years the city has been feverishly building bridges, railways and expressways.

Wuhan Urban Construction Investment and Development Co., the vehicle set up to finance much of this infrastructure, had taken out 68.5 billion yuan in bank loans as of September 2010, a sum far in excess of its operating cash flow of 148 million yuan.

Perhaps for that reason, city officials found a novel if unpopular way to pay for the three new bridges they have built across the Yangtze, adding to the seven already spanning the world’s third-longest river after the Amazon and Nile.

Besides the usual bridge tolls, Wuhan requires residents with cars to cross them at least 18 days a month, at 16 yuan a round trip.

The city of 9.8 million is expanding its subway system by adding another 215 km of track by 2017, with financing coming from big state-owned banks. Like other cities, Wuhan is counting on land sales and to secure the loans. Its land authority says land prices for high-end residential property have more than doubled since 2004 to 11,635 yuan per square meter today, despite a proliferation of housing developments.

For that reason, investment bank Credit Suisse called Wuhan one of China’s “top 10 cities to avoid”, warning in a report this year it would take eight years to sell off its existing housing stock, let alone the tens of thousands under construction.

Wuhan Urban Construction Investment and Development is the largest government financing vehicle in the city, employing 16,000 workers and sitting atop total assets of 120 billion yuan.

Despite its debt woes, Shen Zhizhong, a deputy director at the vehicle’s media office, argued his firm should not be blamed for the profusion of red ink.

“What we do is all decided by the government. We don’t have any project that belongs to us,” Shen said, adding it was “unscientific” to ask his company how Wuhan plans to pay off its debt. “We are like a sportsman, not a coach or a referee. How can you ask a sportsman something only known by a coach or a referee?”

After building the roads, railways and bridges that China said were so desperately needed just a few years ago, the financing vehicles now resent being made scapegoats for the mounting risk in the financial system.


Chengdu and Wuhan officials insist their own books are fine; the problem lies elsewhere.

Zeng Mingyou, head of Chengdu’s economic planning department, said despite a mounting debt load the city was controlling expenses and managing risks.

“What is important is that we have risk control measures in place,” said “Compared to other cities, Chengdu has very good controls in place.”

The Chengdu government began reining in its financing vehicles about three years ago after it discovered highways were being built across farmland where there was no traffic, Zeng said.

He also said the city had stopped using land as collateral for infrastructure loans. “We can’t be taking all our land and using it to back up loans,” Zeng said. “At some point we’ll run out of land. This is why the focus now is on sustainable development.”

In Wuhan, Xie Zuohuai, deputy director of the media office at the Wuhan branch of China’s bank regulator, said his city, too, was exemplary when it comes to managing its debt.

“Wuhan is a model city in implementing Beijing’s rules of regulating local government debt,” he said in between lighting up cigarettes and stubbing them out in an overflowing ashtray. “I’m confident the central government will successfully manage risks,” Xie added, echoing a widespread perception that Beijing will come to their rescue if need be.

Any wave of defaults big enough to destabilise major banks or crimp the government’s finances could have consequences not only for China’s economy, but for global growth and financialmarkets as well.

That risk appears to be pretty low for now, given the strength of bank balance sheets. The banking system has a bad loan coverage ratio at the end of 2010 of 218 percent to cover any losses, up from 80 percent at the end of 2008 and 155 percent at the end of 2009.

Despite that strengthened treasure chest, bank executives in Beijing, Wuhan and Chengdu say they have stopped lending to local governments entirely, unless their projects have some guarantee of profitability or are too big and costly to scrap.

“Right now, most banks have cut off new loans to local government financing firms,” said a senior executive at a medium-sized bank in Beijing, who declined to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter.

The cities and financing vehicles themselves say credit is harder to come by.

“What the banks want to see now is a clear revenue stream,” said Chen at Chengdu Communications. “Loans for big projects like highways and railroads are now harder to get.”

For that reason, Chengdu Communications has become one the city’s biggest operators of petrol stations, and Chen says he has so far faced no problems trying to get a bank to finance new ones.


Local officials need to keep their economies humming because they largely earn their Communist Party stripes with projects that boost employment and growth. With the loan spigots being turned off to rein in bubbly property prices, they face the prospect of housing projects grinding to a halt.

Enter the “shadow bankers”. These are the underground lenders and trust companies who extend credit to people and companies that may not qualify for loans otherwise. They then slice and dice those loans into investment packages, akin to what American banks did with sub-prime mortgages for much of the past decade.

Credit Suisse last week described the burgeoning growth of informal lending as a “time bomb” that posed a bigger risk to the Chinese economy than even the local government debt pileup.

Credit Suisse estimated the size of China’s informal lending at up to 4 trillion yuan, equivalent to around 8 percent of above-board bank lending. Interest rates on these loans runs as high as 70 percent and they are expanding at an annual rate of about 50 percent.

The shadow bankers have lent 208 billion yuan to real estate developers so far this year, nearly as much as formal bank lending of 211 billion yuan. The risks, analysts say, is that even healthy developers become vulnerable to a liquidity crisis, given the short tenor and high rates of these loans.

Formal banks have transferred some risky loans off their balance sheets to the shadow banking industry. As a result, Fitch Ratings has warned, lending has not slowed down as much as official data suggests — and as Beijing would like.

Official banks have also been restructuring and reclassifying loans to dress up their books, analysts said. For example, they now get to classify local government borrowings as corporate loans, which allows them to set aside less in provisions and thus add to their quarterly earnings. According to Chinese media reports, banks plan to reclassify 2.8 trillion yuan worth of loans.

“Banks have to admit to some NPLs (non-performing loans), but they don’t want to admit it because regulators are allowing them to restructure these loans,” said Victor Shih, a professor at Northwestern University in Chicago who has written a book on China’s financial system.

“This is unlike the late 1990s when the government forced the banks to admit to a huge amount of non-performing loans. This time round, the strategy is just to not admit to NPLs.”

Such an arrangement appears to suit everyone. Beijing wants to keep the financial system from becoming destabilised, especially given the financial sector crises in the West. And local officials are keen to keep growth strong in the run-up to a critical Communist Party Congress next fall, when Party chief and President Hu Jintao is expected to hand power to younger leaders headed by the anointed next leader, Xi Jinping.

Whether they will also hand over a looming financial crisis to him as well remains to be seen.

(Additional reporting by Koh Gui Qing; editing by Brian Rhoads and Bill Tarrant)

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE EMPIRE–Disinfo Site Debkafile Pushes Meme of “Imperial Split”

The following report is likely to be true.  The disinfo element in it is the report’s contention that there is a separation developing between the Saudis and the US.  There is no distance between Saudi Imperial plans and US Imperial plans–THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE EMPIRE.  The seemingly independent Saudi policing actions on display in the Middle East are merely the next act in the ongoing psyop, or “soap opera,” which the CIA organizers are setting-up for our amusement.  The Saudis, just like the Pakistanis, or the Israelis, act when they are told or allowed to act.  That is the way Empire works, no one is allowed to pursue an independent path, unless the appearance of “independence” serves the Empire’s interests.  There is no move towards a Saudi Empire, but there is a move towards a Saudi-created Sunni superstate, largely reassuming the old Hashemite Kingdom, which the British Imperialists carved-up.  Such a Sunni superstate will serve CIA plans for the region, but it will also set-up another adversary to be eventually knocked-down in the span of the perpetual war.  

Believe it or not, but the extremist Wahhabi kingdom is acting as the voice of Imperial moderation on our behalf,  in other words, they are playing the role of “good cop” to Iran’s “bad cop” image.  They are making moves on behalf of Empire which the US could never make on its own.  The plan is to eventually create an international Sunni “caliphate,” to cover all areas within the zone of US interests, from Africa to Asia.  Just as the Empire helped to create its former “enemies” in the past (Soviet Union, Nazi Germany), it has been constructing this “Islamist” bogeyman, using the Saudis, the Turks, and the Egyptians (Muslim Brotherhood and Fetullah Gulen), to set-up the new Caliphate, in order to scare the little American children, motivating their parents into taking-up arms in defense of Empire.

Until we are able to demonstrate conclusively to our fellow countrymen the monstrous plan that our government has been slowly unfolding, the Evil Empire will continue to swallow-up nations.  Until we show the people that the American military and the troops that we love to “support” have been tasked with reshaping the world in the American image, the psyops and the soap operas will continue. 

We like to blame our government for all the evil that it does, never bothering to admit or realize that all that evil is done in our names and WITH OUR PERMISSION.  Deny them the power to commit such evil.]

US, Saudi Arabia Smuggle Satellite Phones to Syrian Rebels

This is the first time the Obama administration has stepped in with direct assistance for the Syrian opposition in its drive to unseat Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Iranian intelligence experts in Damascus have been disrupting the Syrian opposition movement’s telephone and Internet links with the outside world and among fellow-protesters in the country. To bridge the communications gap, the US and Saudi Arabia have in the last two weeks smuggled thousands of satellite phones into Syria and put them in the hands of opposition leaders, debkafile reports.

The new phones will also overcome the latest Syrian steps, also on the advice of their Iranian advisers, to slow down the speed of the Internet to impede the transmission of images – most of all live video – of brutal attacks by Syrian security and military forces on protesters.

US and Saudi intelligence services are picking up the tab for the satellite phones and have given the providers a free hand to place no limits on their use.

This is the first time the Obama administration has stepped in with direct assistance for the Syrian opposition in its drive to unseat Syrian President Bashar Assad – in way, moreover, that challenges Iran’s contribution to the regime’s survival.

Monday, July 25, Washington also ramped up its criticism of the Assad regime: “The behavior of security forces, including such other barbaric shootings, wide scale arrests of young men and boys, brutal torture and other abuses of basic human rights, is reprehensible,” said a State Department spokesman.

The Saudis have gone still further: On July 19, a new television station “Shabab Syria” (Syrian Youth), financed by Riyadh, went on the air and began broadcasting anti-Assad opposition’s messages to all parts of the country.

In a statement to Iranian news media, the Syrian ambassador to Tehran Hamed Hassan denied that Saudi Arabia was supplying the Syrian opposition with arms. He insisted that relations between the two countries were good, but then added: “Certain people and groups in Saudi Arabia are providing the Syrian opposition financial and media assistance, or issuing fatwas which fan the flames of sedition in the country.”

Conquest By Assimilation

Conquest By Assimilation

Peter Chamberlin

Our passive-aggressive foreign policy ensures that we do not create too much resistance to our plans, by forcing ourselves openly upon other weaker nations.  We tend to sort of back through their doors, sort of sidling-in, in a crab-like sideways motion.  The “internship” programs run by the State Dept., as a primary instrument of subversion, are perfect examples of this process in action, here and  here.

Use political and religious agitation to bring-about a military situation, a justification for armed intervention.  The two-pronged assault-in-progress emanates from the US State Dept. and all of its cultivated assets, to be fine-tuned by the Pentagon with its near infinite technological capabilities.  Outside of these two government arms you have the intelligence services, operating on their own and in conjunction with Defense and State.  It is a machine for generating violence, and it can be targeted at any nation over time.  The secret to defeating it is in uncovering the infection, or infestation, early on.  The longer it takes for a targeted population to figure it out, the longer it will take to create resistance to it.

The genius of this Hegelian foreign policy approach is that the conspiracy is hidden behind the absurdity of its own premise.  It is absurd to think that the United States government would propagate terrorism and mass agitation of foreign populations, in order to create adversaries to be fought, but all available evidence points in this direction.  It is ludicrous to suggest that the US government is the world’s primary sponsor of state terrorism in a never-ending war to eliminate that same terror, even though it is true.  They have fabricated a “perpetual motion” machine of terror, churning-out new terrorists ad infinitum, justifying intervention after intervention—all being brought about in nations which were previously existing in states of relative peace.

What is the actual difference between being a “state sponsor” of terrorism and being the primary motivator of terrorists?  If it is a question of who is guilty of the greater sin, the terrorist financier or the terrorist motivator (the inspiration for revenge attacks), the answer will be found within the minds of the jihadis, themselves.  What motivates the suicide bomber to complete a martyrdom operation, his burning hatred for his enemy or the love of money?  Remove the source of his hatred and militant is just another “working stiff,” though a much more radicalized one.  If the Pentagon and White House had any intention of ever ending the war of terror, then they would surely change their ways.

What reasons could they possibly have had for adopting this hypocritical foreign policy? What could have compelled them to create such an affront to morality?  When the point is made by quoting a famous terrorist, that “the purpose of terror is terror,” the reason to create a state of perpetual warfare is the war itself.  To the chaotic minds of the “World-Eaters,” chaos is an end in itself.   Out of chaos arises all opportunities, to the psychopathic mind.  The chaos of the terror war is opening doors of fear, allowing the penetration of American military and intelligence agents, who become free to cultivate networks of new local assets.  From these networks of assets trainees are recruited for specialist training in social agitation techniques and technology.

The arbiters of the American takeover can be found in the US State Dept., where they are training “interns” from specific foreign interests, who will staff the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) generated by State.  Corporate donations and corporate-sponsored foundation grants fund the operations that enable Govt. to penetrate and eventually dominate the resource-rich nations, such as those in Central Asia that are in Corporate America’s sights.  Such an operation clearly documents the merger between government and Corporate America which has taken place.  Corporate governance justifies any hostile actions by the eventual price tag, especially wars for profits.  If personal and corporate profits can be magnified exponentially by supporting the fraud of the war on terror, then where is the downside?

Since American power has been concentrated primarily into a great economic force, and technological investment has focused on developing a clear military edge over the rest of the world combined, economic interests are defended by the tip of the spear.  Our extreme military edge is being used to defend our economic interests and to implement long-range economic plans.  This explains why America would follow a seemingly contradictory foreign policy which generates terrorism for the military to fight.  In this way, penetration is achieved, in addition to submission to superior American firepower.  In this atmosphere, negotiations will tend to favor the guy with the power to force submission on any issue.  If the national military and police forces are made dependent upon American equipment and systems operators, then they cannot mount a cohesive defense against any hostile American moves.

The enormous scope of the ambitious project to transform the world in the American image is its greatest weakness.  The more that the great transforming social experiment is used throughout the world, the greater its familiarity becomes.  The average man is exposed on a daily basis to more and more news reports of the “tip of the spear” being stuck into some poor destabilized nation, mostly those with Muslim populations.  The more often that the common man hears State Dept. spokesmen fomenting trouble in these already troubled countries, the more likely it becomes that they will understand just how far our government is willing to go to get its way in the world.  The “American dream” is clearly an illusion when we take actions everyday to crush freedom in dozens of other countries.  Reporting on the great American horror should become easier with every passing day.

I have been researching and writing for several years about this angle of a self-validating, process of generating terrorism, in order to justify the military eradication of that terrorism.  Trying to report on this insane phenomenon is an endless exercise in futility.  The utter impossibility of convincing patriotic Americans that their government is involved in such apparently insane, criminal activity is the “ace in the hole,” which might just make this a perfect plan, at least from the corporate perspective.  The whole mess is just too incredible to believe.

Pak Army Pushing Tribal Leaders To Assume Responsibilities Most of Them Do Not Want

[Continuing and expanding upon their policies of being both blunt and devious, the Generals are getting in the faces of tribal leaders, doing their utmost to persuade them to take-on a policing function in their areas of control.  That means forcing-out or killing heavily armed gangs of militants (many of them sponsored by non-Pakistani sources of great wealth), who now operate as local criminal mafias, extorting or murdering anyone who interferes with their plans.  Asking the tribal leaders to form lashkars, in order to decriminalize their turf is asking them to sacrifice possibly hundreds of their friends and relatives in an unnecessary fight that should be the Army’s responsibility.  This is the devious part (with the Army or ISI there is always a devious part).  The Generals are showing their true colors by taking this approach to the problem of deeply entrenched terrorist factions, which they have created. 

They are in the middle of a deep confrontation with America over this devious approach to pacifying the tribal region, trying to force American leaders into accepting their unique methods for using the tribal system as a front-line defense against terrorism and militancy.  Whether or not, Obama and friends at the Pentagon buy into this deceptive line of reasoning, will the tribal leaders themselves agree to be held to such a deceptive reading of tribal law (Pakistani Constitution does not apply to FATA Region)?  The Generals’ contention that the tribes are legally bound to police their own areas should not apply when the Generals themselves, or their representatives, have facilitated the basing of the militant factions in their midst (many of the groups trained by retired military advisers, much like America’s arrangement with “Blackwater” private security outfits).  This is the point of contention that is impeding the Pakistani deception.

The report below documents the “blackmail” type of strategy being pushed on the tribal leaders and existing peace committees–Move against the TTP and their foreign allies, or else the Army will blast their way in, in order to force the Mehsud gangs out.  If Lashkars and peace committees do not rise-up and cleanse their areas, then the Army and all its destructive ways will move in and turn their tribes out onto the roads to internal displacement.  It is a very big threat.  If this is the only path to appease American leaders, in order to keep US/NATO troops out, then you can be sure that Gen. Kayani and friends are deadly serious about implementing it.          

If tribal leaders truly believe in the “importance of mutual cooperation between the Pakistan State and tribal Jirgas,” and prefer that system over state domination, then they must muster the will and the firepower to fulfill their end of the bargain.  That means shutting-down or forcing-out the criminal gangs who wage war against the people and the Pakistani state.  Is there anyone in N. Waziristan up to the great moral challenge of replicating the model of Mullah Nazir evicting the Uzbek terrorists from Wana, in Miramshah or Mir Ali?

Both the Pakistani people and the Americans need to understand the extremely dirty deal that has been forced upon the tribes.  They are being tasked with upholding agreements that had been made between the Pakistani Taliban and the Army, agreements based upon accepted lies–“There were no foreign militants in the region and if there were any, the government should have provided evidence of their presence.”  Upon signing the Waziristan Accords, the Army began withdrawing from checkpoints, allowing the tribal Khasadar force to move in.  This was the easy part, the part that was just for show.   Little did the tribal leaders realize at the time, but the accord which had been signed contained sixteen clauses and four sub-clauses, some of which could be used to force upon them the task of evicting the militants, the basis of the conundrum being faced today.

The Army is trying to play all of this off as some kind of twisted Pakistani version of a “good deal,” but it is a raw deal for the tribes.  If the Army fails to convince the tribal jirgas to assume a national security function, then real military action will ensue.  If tribal leaders really want to run their own turf they will become mini-armies, working hand-in-hand with the real Army to keep foreign subversion out of the FATA Region. 

The biggest problem arises between the time it will take to convince the tribes to rise to this challenge and the time that Obama is willing to give them, before doing something stupid and devious himself.  The tribes of Pakistan do not normally acknowledge or respond to America’s electoral cycles, but in today’s charged atmosphere, due to the imploding American Empire, will they be moved to act before American political opinion polls force Obama, the political animal, to send all available Special Forces into the fray?]

Army waiting for ‘uprising’ against foreigners in NWA

* Military encouraging Wazir and Dawar to initiate ‘Wana-like uprising’ to expel foreign terrorists

By Iqbal Khattak

PESHAWAR: The military is awaiting Wazir and Dawar tribes to initiate a ‘Wana-like uprising’ against foreign militants in North Waziristan where the US wants action against Haqqani network, tribal elders and military officials said on Wednesday.

“We hope North Waziristan tribes follow in the steps of Ahmedzai Wazirs to oust the foreign terrorists,” said the senior army officials requesting not to be named. In spring 2007, Ahmedzai Wazir tribes joined ranks of ‘good’ Taliban commander Mullah Nazir to take up arms against Uzbek terrorists who had unleashed a reign of terror in Wana, Azam Warsak and Kalosha towns in South Waziristan. The joint efforts of the tribes and Mullah Nazir-led Taliban resulted in purging the Wazir areas of the dreaded Uzbek terrorists, however.

“Yes, we are hoping it happens sooner than later,” the military officials went on to express support for such action by the tribes to minimise chances of any army action the government may contemplate if the situation does not get better. Any such uprising against foreign terrorists in North Waziristan will also aim at pushing Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan leader Hakeemullah Mehsud and his commanders and foot soldiers.

Army commanders on the ground are encouraging the tribes to follow the Ahmedzai Wazir tribes. However, ground reality appears quite in contrast to South Waziristan where the local tribes stood united behind Mullah Nazir. “North Waziristan situation is complex as local tribes lack unity and the group which may lead the uprising is hostage to the foreign militants and element of money (from al Qaeda) is also impeding the likelihood of any such eventuality,” the military officials said.

The threat of use of force, meanwhile, has worked to get the key tribes moving against “unwanted elements,” a reference used for foreign terrorists linked to al Qaeda and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, the tribal elders confided to Daily Times. General Officer Commanding 7 Div Maj Gen Ghayur Mehmood had told Wazir and Dawar tribes that he would not hesitate to launch military action against foreign terrorists if local tribes did not meet their responsibility under tribal norms.

“We have pledged to keep these unwanted elements out of North Waziristan and already mobilised chalwashti (warning party) against these elements,” the elders said by phone from Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan. The elders said Gen Ghayur was “very categorical” in saying that action will be taken if Utmanzai Wazirs and Dawars did not move against the foreign terrorists. “I will not hesitate to order operation if the status quo does not change,” the top military commander who is in charge of North Waziristan was quoted as telling the two tribes.

However, the two tribes are also mindful of the fact that there was no consensus as yet for the launch of a united front against the foreign terrorists, especially the Mehsud militants linked to Hakeemullah Mehsud-led TTP. “This is a dilemma we are facing. But we have a solution,” they said. The solution is: local militants loyal to Gul Bahadar group have taken upon themselves the responsibility to do the job for the two tribes at a price. “We are paying the militants huge amount every month to meet the cost of patrolling and other activities aiming at keeping the undesired elements out of our areas,” the elders said.

They, however, admitted that much had not changed since the peace committee had met Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Masood Kausar last month in Peshawar. “It is not so simple to expect good results overnight. The militancy issue is quite serious and complicated and it needs patience to take on,” the elders remarked.

The Ideology of the Loser–Is Not a Winning Strategy

The Ideology of the Loser–

Is Not a Winning Strategy

Peter Chamberlin

The more that we observe our fellow man, the more obvious it becomes that humanity is unable to understand the problems that it causes for itself.  If humans do not have the intellectual capacity to recognize most of their problems as being self-generated, then they are obviously incapable of correcting any of these life-threatening obstacles to the progression of mankind’s advancement, on their own.  Leaving intellectually inferior beings in charge of the safety of the human race in the middle of an epochal historical confluence of multiple calamities is an existential form of negligence.   The survival of the race requires that ways be found to institute a more capable decision-making process in the halls of power.

No better example of our intellectual shortcomings could be found than in the recently concluded battle in Washington over raising the debt ceiling.  Instead of solving the problems between the contrasting prevailing political opinions, the negotiating heads preferred to fight-out an opinion battle in the national press, proving that American government has degenerated into a “three-ring circus,” or a never-ending soap opera.  Despite the threats, no real damage was done to the veterans, the elderly and the disabled, other than increasing their stress levels.   The damages that have been done to our already mud-stained reputation are only helping to accelerate the global economic crisis.

The nature of the unfolding world crisis is one of an endless series of overlapping crises, with each crisis compounding the effects of previous blow-ups.  An overwhelming global economic interruption is underway, but all of its negative effects are being made worse by endless military adventurism, which is heaping debt upon the center by the trillions.  Before Obama got his way, most of us had never even contemplated what a “trillion dollars” actually meant.  Now we toss the word around like it is really just business as usual, and not the most obvious signal that the whole thing has blown-up in their faces.

We are witnessing the outcome of a failed political system, which allows our Nation’s fate to be subjected to political considerations.  By allowing government policy to be set by a dialectical see-saw, where the latest “winner takes all” politician jerks the decision-making process to either the right or the left, regardless of the fact that the correct answer would be a steady hand on the tiller, holding it like an anchor to the center.

Despite the fact that the losing party understands precisely the damage being done to our Constitutional Republic by their actions or inactions, it is usually the losing party which is the most vicious in its knee-jerk political actions.  Invariably you will find, that it is the losing party which wages war upon the Republic itself as the means to correct the policies of the “treasonous” opponent.  Instead of proving their wild ideas, they would prefer to hold their opponents to task, no matter what the human cost.

In this ideology of the loser, no actions taken to rectify the serious “errors” of their opponents can be considered to be as severe or as harmful as the opposition’s rhetorical attacks.  It seems that terrorism is an acceptable form of battle in the war against seditious ideas.  Knowledge that those entrusted to lead us attach greater importance to discrediting their opponents’ ideas than they do to validating their own (that the political battle is more important than the ideas being fought over), provides us a key to understanding the inadequacies of the human mind.

Vanity is the racial guarantor of our species’ stagnation.  We have to make an effort to rise above our pride and accept new ways of thinking which make room for some sort of decision-making mechanism which relies upon intellects greater than the minds of individual men.  Whether this new intellectual force is to be AI, cybernetically-enhanced human minds, or some computer-aided mechanism for tapping into the collective intellect of the greatest living minds, the human race must find some way to inject intellect into the governmental decision-making process.  Stupid decisions are killing us.  Individual personalities in control, like we have now, produce not just government gridlock, but the situation which we face, where every effort made to improve the situation as determined by the greatest political minds, only serves to make matters worse.

Human potential is equal to the total mass of all human “prodigies” added together, even the overlooked ones locked behind the barriers of poverty and the great class divide.  Our potential to overcome our problems is limitless, if our potential were ever really tapped-into.  This tells us that a true human renaissance awaits our children, in the very near future, dependent only upon us to make the changes which set their positive future into motion. The key to its unlocking it lies dormant, unused, because it has been hidden by hands which have a monetary stake in preventing a great awakening.  Our civilization will either dead-end in the great ash heap of history, or we will step onto a new track to a better destination, together.  The decision will either be made at the highest levels to do what is best for the American people and for the human race, or we will drink deeply of a deadly dose of apathy, but only if we lose the will to live.

Once the world of money and politics is revealed as a great parasitic infestation, that is sapping the life out of the human race, with its vapid political/military solutions to every problem that comes our way, then the popular support for tyranny will simply fade away.    The time will soon come when all the emperors will stand naked before us, after they have been completely discredited the political/economic system that has nurtured them and their evil ways, overwhelming them with rivers of profits.  The great injustice is that the economic tsunami which they have let loose upon the world will not focus solely upon the wave’s creators, but will dispense injustice equally to us all.  Those at the top who are holding-on so tightly to the reigns of economic power (trying to squeeze every drop of profit out of the bankrupt systems in vain attempts to save themselves as well as their ill-gotten possessions) are strangling the lifelines for us all.  Breaking their death grips will not spare anyone from the deluge that is coming, but it will open the supply lines that should already be flowing from a “humanitarian” government to the people, before the emergency hits, making survival easier for someone.

So you see, we are faced with two constants, which, when added together, reveal that our world is headed full speed to a great collision with the overtaking new world.  It will either be the “New World Order” that many of us dread, or it will be a new world of our own making, a world that can only be discovered through experiments in collective “pulse-taking” (lessons to be learned from in place social networking), or other efforts to find the paths to democracy.   When our worlds collide, visions of Empire will go up in smoke, but some new order will arise from the ashes, none the less.  When the constant of the inevitability of the failure of political government is realized, then that is the moment when our greatest opportunity will arise.  It will be the great moment of hope for all mankind, when genius is given the opportunity to provide the answers which human guile could never supply.

How do we steer away from the corporate New World Order, and set a course for freedom and universal human rights?  Look toward our leaders and compare their words with leading thinkers–how do they compare?  The recognized leaders all speak with one voice, even though they claim to be from different political parties.  They project an aura of self-assurance, righteousness in the cause of justice.  Yet their actions consistently contradict their words.   Activists from both the right and the left spend their time trying to make the corrupted leadership eat their own words.  In this ideological struggle, truth is the only weapon.  He who possesses the most verifiable truth wins the war.

The truth is–we are not winning this war; we are not telling the truth about the war; we are not the good guys this time.

Social agitators, activists and other agents for change are people driven by their own vision—seeing into our negative future binds us all to a compulsory moral duty, to work for positive changes.  If we see that our species, that our children will one day in their future, reach the point of  losing all hope, then we would not be “fit parents,” allowing that to happen.  If their last real hope was in us, that we would NOT let that happen to them and to their world, then who, or what force could stop us from throwing ourselves into the gears of the Imperial war machine?  This is what makes us so dangerous to the powers that be.  We who foresee the need to stand-up for something greater than ourselves, will willingly give-up our lives to stop them, once we understand the gravity of the situation.  The knowledge of what has been done to America and the darkness that is still planned for us are powerful testimony of the loyalties of the people who have been running this country.  It is irrefutable.  Making more and more people aware of the true connection between our government and world terrorism will light political fires that no corrupted system could withstand.   The power of the people will be an awesome sight to see.

Our great despair is that we are among a growing minority, those who can see where we are heading, including the unfortunate timing of our births.  We have been privy to the birth pains of the coming Great Changing of humankind, aware of the great things to come, even though many of us will not be parties to the joyous event itself.  The best that we can hope for in the here and now is to find all the truth that is within our grasp and then use it as the ultimate weapons available to us, in order to knock-down the walls which conceal the greatest truths from us all.  The politics of money is a process of creating divisions and building walls.  The impending human awakening will come when we either learn how to rise above all the walls, or acquire the means to tear them all down.

When the political path collapses before us, reducing all the walls that have been erected to enforce the man-made divisions, into great piles of rubble.   The cost of recovery will be set by the amount of time required to set humanity upon a new, better path.  The longer that we remain on the negative path to destruction, before turning around to begin the reconstruction, the greater the amount of limited funds that will be wasted in the fires of war—the less that will be available for the time of building.

At that time, it will become clear to all, that the true revolutionary is the man or woman who can see a better way, NOT he who is a journeyman at committing political violence.  The violent radical who fancies himself a true “revolutionary,” is merely someone who is taking credit for the inevitable collapse of a failing Empire, at best, they may have helped to speed-up parts of that collapse.

It turns-out that the most revolutionary act is one of simple persuasion, trying to convince the men who have the most to lose, to turn the machinery onto the path of creativity, away from the road to our destruction.  The problem with this approach is the futility of the task, the utter impossibility of convincing the ultra-wealthy to give-up the very thing that has given them all of this power.  (Shoving a camel through the eye of a needle might really be easier.)  In order to convince lesser mortals to work towards turning humanity around, you must first persuade them to give-up hope in the great capitalist dream.  The power of that dream maintains a terrible grip upon the minds of mankind, breaking it will necessarily require a series of individual awakenings, until the weight of that awakened minority is felt by the whole mass of humanity.  We increase our numbers of aware individuals until we affect, or infect the whole (SEE:  Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas).

This line of thinking reveals three tasks before us—giving credibility to the negative vision, giving form to the new direction, and creating the conviction of inevitability.  We have already covered the first task to a great degree by covering the conspiracies that are guiding the chaos.  The collapsing economy and the perpetuation of persistent conflict are both products of ineptitude and deception.  Proving incompetence and that  we have been lied to on a grand scale will help to convince the people that our leaders are idiots and their solutions are merely prolongations of the problems nothing more than political theater and propaganda.  The second task will be a bit harder, in that it is far more difficult to bring substance to a vision out of thin air, painting an image of a better way to invest in mankind.  The third task of communicating the abstract quantity of “inevitability” to a church filled with the under-educated faithful (SEE:  Sermon from the Corporate Church) could border on the impossible.

Democracy is NOT a “two-party system.”  Our glorious political system is a formula for manufacturing divisions, if not a template for outright civil war.  Pushing this upon the world is a criminal act.  What our “trusted” leaders have done is to strangle the American Republic to the point of near death, in an organized scheme of mass-extortion and bribery, focused on the perpetuation of power and the subjugation of an entire Nation.  Pushing this arrangement upon other countries under pretense of helping is a formula for taking-over the political system of those countries.

Not being satisfied with the mass-rape and looting operations which have destroyed the American economy, these same leaders and the political factions which they represent, are mid-stream in the world’s greatest plot to seize control of the entire planet.  Waist-deep in a raging economic river of their own making, our fearless leaders are also being swept away by the forces that they have helped to unleash and by those that they should have worked to contain.  Instead of working to control the uncontrolled flood, they are content to roll with it, pouring endless sacks of money into the torrent, never once stopping to fill any of those same canvas bags with sand.  Why build dams or levees in hopes of containing the destruction, when half of your men are busy dynamiting other levees?

The insanity of political man will continue to prevail until men and women of reason stand-up and show us a better way.  The parade of idiots will continue and the dead weight of their archaic political beliefs will override common sense for as long as we let them.  Until we fully realize the great genetic gifts that we have been blessed with, we will continue to follow the crooked path that leads us to the “idiot nation.”  Until we utilize the greatest computer ever built by the hands of God, or at least dedicate the best computers built by man, to the task of preserving our species, we will continue to flounder on the rocks of ignorance.

What could be worse than total idiots leading the blind?

Washington’s Silk Road Pipe Dream

Washington’s Silk Road Pipe Dream

Peter Chamberlin

If arrogance and over-confidence had any real power or actual value, then Hillary Clinton could envision and create a New World Order all by herself (SEE:  Washington’s Silk Road Dream).  Democrat interventionists like Mrs. Clinton and her neutered husband like to daydream of ideal circumstances, way beyond the realm of human possibility and then do everything in their power to turn those daydreams into government policies.   It is idealistic foolishness to believe that these differences could be papered over with enough money in places like Bosnia and Kosovo, or in Somalia, where real divisions were compounded by pent-up anger over great historical wrongs or injustices.  

Our belief that we are capable of “managing conflicts,” validates our egotistic notions of superiority whereby we claim for ourselves the right or the responsibility to force compromise our solutions upon the parties in dispute.   These thoughts of superiority further lead us to justify forcing solutions upon others which also benefit us.  When the guile of our serpents’ tongues or the sparkling appeal of our suitcases full of greenbacks and gold are not enough to force our solutions upon the warring factions, then we also feel validated in the decision to use our overwhelming military and technological superiority to literally force a favorable resolution.

The “Clintonistas” of the Democratic Party are the worst of the wide-eyed, idealist interventionists.  From the Middle East to Central Europe, Clinton has made himself appear as a great “statesman,” by forcing pseudo-peace “accords” which lock-in perpetual wars.  The Oslo Accords froze the “peace process” in place upon Israel and Palestine, allowing the war to go on under international monitoring.  Similar peace deals dismembered the former Yugoslavia and permanently militarized the Balkans.   Somalia has simmered over the years, as Islamic sparks blew off of it, to ignite the surrounding famine and drought-stricken states.  But those wars linger-on still (all of them part of the melange of conflicts managed by Mrs. Clinton), some of them merely cooking on a slow boil, awaiting the arrival of the  next explosive opportunity.

American delusions wrapped around Hillary’s smoky dreams of reviving the Silk Road are actually a devious euphemism, depicting for the public an alternative narrative to the planned corporate rape of the energy rich region, using all available media to portray the massive military looting operation as a noble act of humanitarian mercy, just like the deception in Libya.  Hillary’s idyllic dreams of freeing the people of Central Asia from dictatorship and economic slavery can only be realized through the total American militarization of the region, yet no one dares to speak of this or of the convoys of humvees that will inevitably be patrolling that Silk Road, which coincidentally runs parallel to row after row of gas and oil pipelines.  The blissful lines of camel caravans painted in the pretty picture, carrying Hillary’s pipe dream, plying their wares to the outside world, will be run over by racing police cars and army convoys dashing back and forth, making futile efforts to contain the opium traffic, the only commodity that ever really mattered on any previous Silk Road.  As long as American and NATO forces refuse to eliminate the Afghan opium crops, or cooperate with Russia and the CIS states to stop the flow of opium, heroin and precursor chemicals for heroin production along the proposed Silk Route, then narco-mafias and narco-terror rings will continue to flourish, and as they do, they will provide the justification for the American militarization plans.

From their duplicitous role-playing games of noble popular revolutions springing-up over at the State Dept. and the ever-popular denials of reality in leaks and at Pentagon press briefings, it seems as though our highest leaders must all be sharing the same pipe dream, perhaps drawing on the same pipe?  American “public diplomacy” is a criminal policy, intended to produce criminal results.  American diplomats directly lobby foreign populations, by going around the governments of those nations is political subversion of the worst kind.  The use of American national technical means to enable Washington political animals to secretly create subversives and manufacture radicalized youth in targeted countries, is a quiet act of war, which no nation has yet called us to account for.  Neither have we been called to account for our military actions, such as the bombing of TV transmitter towers in Libya, where our “public diplomacy” of end-running around the Libyan government, by beaming satellite transmissions directly to the Libyan people is not enough–our leaders must also cut-off that legitimate government’s ability to communicate with its own people.  

American State Dept. destabilization of the troubled dictatorships of Central Asia, even while American and NATO forces are penetrating those same states, through cooperative anti-terror and anti-narcotics initiatives, reflects a particularly devious arrogance which systematically both attacks and defends a targeted country simultaneously, always careful to keep the level of destabilization one step lower than its power to maintain control.  Successful conflict management means that those whom you can’t control, you can predict.  The river of cash which makes all of these things possible serves to restrain potential negative reactions by those dictators.  Whether these capabilities will withstand the testing that will surely come from Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov, or Turkmenistan’s Berdimuhamedov remains to be seen. 

Our ability to both create and limit these new conflicts in the former Soviet satellites through conflict management techniques will be put to the test in the days ahead.  I hope that Mrs. Clinton and her staff haven’t “bit-off more than they can chew.”

Manufacturing Justification for the NATO Takeover of Central Asia–Smashing Greater Central Asia – (Part One)

Manufacturing Justification for the NATO Takeover of Central Asia–

Smashing Greater Central Asia – (Part One)

Peter Chamberlin

After ten years of raging warfare in Afghanistan, watching the fight slowly ooze across the invisible Durand Line into Pakistan, we have the right to wonder whether the war is any closer to ending today?  It is perfectly reasonable to suspect that if we were allowed to know the truth we would understand that the American government has no plans to end the war in the near future.  Trying to make sense of relentless Western news reports on the disaster of the impending American “withdrawal from Afghanistan,” even though other reports reveal that super-bases have been constructed, leaveing most observers completely bewildered about whether the Afgan war is ending or expanding.  The only thing that is obvious is that there is to be no “withdrawal” from Afghanistan, at least not from the northern half of the country (SEE:  Plan B In Afghanistan).

If it was true that US forces were planning to eventually leave Afghanistan, then CENTCOM would not be allocating $100 million to build a Special Forces base in Mazar i-Sharif.  This is to be a massive, permanent structure, intended to serve as a Special Forces operations center for many years to come.  The majority of analysts who have focused upon this SOCOM facility, have drawn the conclusion that this and the other super-bases are intended to provide protection to the pipelines which are planned, in addition to providing Green Berets and Navy Seals to send on night raids into Pakistan.  My own research into the subject reveals something far more sinister than just the intentional prolonging of the occupation of Afghanistan.

From the bid solicitations which are cited below, the US Army has big plans for Central Asia, most of them are scheduled to take place after the official Afghan withdrawal date of 2014.  Ongoing military construction contracts are proof of military intent.  CENTCOM has just awarded KBR a contract for $3.8 billion for constructing unspecified new facilities in an “area of responsibility” which encompasses the following countries:

Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

This contract (which is supplemented by the other contracts given below) is something known as a MATOC contract (Multiple Award Task Order Contract).  To initiate this major omnibus contract, ninety-nine security-cleared companies were solicited to participate in the contract program, which is scheduled to continue until the year 2016.  The majority of these ninety-nine companies specialized in wartime construction, but many of them had exotic specialties, ranging from electronic prototype construction, to aerial drone manufacturing and operations, to private security contractors specializing in “irregular warfare.”  There were even a couple of them dealing with “directed energy weaponry,” in addition to one image consultant.   

From this list of approved, experienced contractors fourteen construction contractors were selected to form a pool of ready bidders to bid on each project as it reached approval stage.   Somehow, since the solicitation was announced, KBR has apparently eliminated the competition, winning the whole construction contract.  It was also announced that five electronic contractors would form a bidding pool for the component manufacturing, maintenance and operations of the experimental prototype network.  It may turn out, that the electronics are handled like the building, SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) may have landed the entire package.  (It does seem strange that both contract winners have been charged with wrongdoing on previous contracts.)   SAIC has also been awarded another separate contract which is a companion to this big operation:

SAIC, Tetra Tech Joint Venture Gets Criminal Justice Program Support (CJPS) Contract

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (NYSE:SAI) and Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTEK) announced that their joint venture, Integrated Justice Systems International, LLC (IJSI), has been awarded a contract to render worldwide civilian police and criminal justice assistance to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). The total contract limit for this multiple-award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract is worth $10 billion, consisting one base year and four option years.

To compete for task orders to supply INL with program management, criminal justice, and life and mission support to countries emerging from conflict or otherwise facing instability challenges the abovementioned joint venture was chosen.

IJSI shall render technical assistance, training, logistics and infrastructure services to support the Department of State’s efforts to strengthen criminal justice systems in select partner countries under this new contract. IJSI is one of six teams that can compete for task orders under the contract.

Chuck Zang, SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager explained that our joint venture renders the experience required for successful international criminal justice training and worldwide logistics. He added that SAIC has critical experience supporting the U.S. government’s overseas law enforcement initiatives; including antiterrorism training and technical assistance and that they expect to support this important effort, and using their expertise to help ensure stability and safety through professional criminal justice entities, and training personnel to ensure modernization of their programs.   

Washington’s New Foxy Plan To Sneak Into the Central Asian Hen House

“Counternarcotics officials in Washington have unveiled a plan to help combat the flow of drugs from Afghanistan, through Central Asia, and into Russia…The plan, still in draft form, is known as “The Central Asian Counternarcotics Initiative” (CACI).  It envisions the establishment of counternarcotics task forces in the five Central Asian countries — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan — which would communicate with similar existing units in Afghanistan and Russia…The seven groups would share sensitive information, improve coordination on joint and cross-border operations, and help build cases against wanted or arrested traffickers…for the Russian Federation ‘it is a means by which they can link into the efforts both in the source country, Afghanistan, and transit countries, the Central Asian five, in a way that they currently cannot do.’”

According to other advertised contracts, whatever work is in the pipeline for KBR, the operation will involve major investments in a prototype experimental electronic network.  The official government website for the General Services Administration is soliciting contract bids for work for the Quick Reaction and Battle Command Support Division (QR&BCSD), which does everything from surveillance, to Special Forces missions, to conducting “irregular warfare,” to running aerial drones.


Solicitation Number: 4QDS21110084

Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
Location: Assisted Acquisition Services Division (4QFA)

This contract is also for unspecified work in the following countries, covering the same projected timeframe (contracts to be completed by 2016):

Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Pakistan.

In narrowing the list down, we can rule-out the construction of these new facilities in Afghanistan or Pakistan, since such assets are already deployed there.  Under a new plan unveiled Thursday, the Defense Dept. said that it is preparing to treat cyberspace as another “operational domain.”   In this domain, China has been identified as America’s primary “cyber-enemy.”   That should shrink the list, ruling-out the Middle Eastern, African and European countries, as the battlefield for any new net-centric operations, leaving only “the Stans” as the planned construction sites.  Whatever the US military has planned for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan will definitely be net-centric, in a big way.  It is unlikely that the host governments will be apprised of any special operations which are outside the parameters of fighting narco-terrorism.

It is important at this point that we examine the “Quick Reaction Forces,” so that we may understand how they will be used.  We have already summarized what they do (everything from surveillance, to Special Forces missions, to running aerial drones), but we now need to take a closer look at what those jobs entail, comparing that to the specific technicians being sought for the jobs.

The government is soliciting private contractors with experience in combat zones, to build a private electronics network to be used by US Special Forces in the same Central Asian countries.  Again, the work conditions and terms given for these job listings matches the MATOC contract solicitation.

Getting back to the Quick Reaction contract notice, there is a more detailed pdf included, which really fleshes-out exactly what is being sought.  The following national organizations will be connected with the planned tasks:

“The Afghanistan training efforts include the Border Mentoring Task Force, DEA SCIF, Counter Narcotics Academy and the Border Services Communications training. Other programs requiring C4ISR training include the Kyrgyzstan Information Sharing Communications System, Turkmenistan State Border Service Communications, and Tajikistan Intra-Agency Communications System Training.”

The purpose of these secret and semi-secret operations will be to establish American military dominance over the energy-laden CIS states.  Contrary to popular opinion, these dangerous covert measures are not necessarily just to enable American oil companies to “steal the oil,” but are more likely intended to simply give American blackmailers the opportunity to assert similar control of the Asian oil and gas pipelines which Russia has over European gas lines.  American military penetration of Central Asia will give US leaders the power to shut-down China, as well as India and Pakistan, whenever the new pipelines become operational.  This military penetration is being hotly pursued on all fronts.

As a first step to obtaining veto power over energy to China, the US Army is creating for SOCOM the first “big network” of sensors and communication media (net-centric combat system), tied directly into the Global Information Grid (GIG).

Larger image

This is what “full-spectrum dominance” (the battlefield of the future) looks like. This is not speculation; it is a fact, taken directly from the General Services website.

The following job descriptions are copied from the Quick Reaction pdf:

Performance Work Statement (PWS) summarizes the jobs that this private network will perform for SOCOM:

engineering, integration, technology insertion, installation, testing, logistical,

material acquisition and other support activities as required in support of a variety of

C4ISR technology insertion and support projects.

Research and Development

• Technology Insertion, Systems Integration

• Engineering and Technical Documentation Support

• Software/Hardware Engineering

• Systems Engineering Support

• Engineering Contingencies

• Test and Evaluation

• Logistics Support

• Business Operations Support

Provide In-Country C4ISR experts to station/deploy into USCENTCOM and

other countries to perform C4ISR and Counter Narcotics communication

systems quality assurance tasks, witness testing, and assist in training

events., NIU firing and training range management, and provide

liaison/coordination between customer nations, embassies and C2D. The

C2D Counter Narcotics Program Coordinators shall report back to CENTCOM


C4ISR stands for Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.  MASINT is “measurement and signals intelligence” obtained from air-dropped or ground-placed sensors, which measure and report movement on the ground or in the sky to the Special Forces network.

  Early air-dropped prototypes

Ground sensors

Or, perhaps something more exotic, like this Israeli rock version.

Under cover of joint operations with host governments, pursuing narco-terrorists, or interdicting drugs or arms traffickers, American air support will be secretly mapping terrain and acquiring GPS coordinates, as they air-drop MASINT sensors across the countryside.

US-contracted construction companies will erect permanent border control and other security facilities.  These facilities will be in addition to Special Forces training centers, like the one in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan, and the new one being built in Qaratogh, Tajikistan. Both of these facilities will belong to the host governments, but they will also be providing space for US technicians to occupy, as they monitor and coordinate efforts within the country, bringing those governments in line with the the other six national groups participating in the CACI initiative.

Into these fledgling counter-terror/counter-narcotics networks, American and British Special Forces trainers will be inserted, serving as instructors in the new state-of-the-art centers.  From these operational centers, “training missions” will be dispatched into the surrounding hills, facilitating the emplacement of ground-installed sensors, some of which have a battery life of six months or more.

In Central Asia, we will be hunting the IMU terrorists (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan is the new “al-Qaeda”), as the means to permanently entrench American power in the region. The claim that “targets have been identified” from the alleged bin Laden raid is a complete fabrication, since the new enemies (those who are willing to take-up arms against American occupiers) have not as yet been identified.  Whenever the time for killing begins, the victims will all be identified as “militants” by the complicit Western media, after they demonstrate their willingness to take-up arms and resist the encroaching Empire.  For now, they remain simple folks facing a low-level invasion, who have not yet made the conscious personal decisions to resist.  This is the real nature of a war against terrorism, it is based on an erroneous definition of “terrorism.”  Civilians who resist invasion are classified as “terrorists.”   Identifying them for later elimination is a primary objective of the opening (“tickling”) phase of the war.

The wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan have both been co-opted to this greater mission, allowing both wars to fester and stalemate until the new, greater war in Central Asia could be brought online.  By “online,” I mean that preliminary groundwork could be laid, even as the destabilization programs were being guided to fruition.  From the Tajik civil war, to the early colored revolutions and riots which have been engineered on the former Soviet real estate, to the more recent upheavals in Kyrghzstan and in China’s western regions.   Social tensions in the region have been slowly percolated to the current boiling point, closely approximating the conditions arranged for the “Arab spring” movements.  Destabilization is the primary weapon in “limited warfare” doctrine.

Afghan drugs have also served as another primary weapon in the CIA/Pentagon psywar destabilization program, their movement across borders and their corrupting influence have laid the foundations for joint counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics efforts from Afghanistan to Russia and beyond, anywhere that American-enabled opioids flow.  In order to fight all the problems associated with these drugs and other fallout of America’s failed Afghan war plan, partnerships have been formed with US and NATO forces, making these governments all partners in plans for their own destruction and servitude.  As a direct result of these partnerships, the doors have flung wide-open for a full-scale US military penetration of all of the “Stans,” and that planned penetration is getting underway.

In a strange twist of dictatorships striving to save their fledgling democracies from an Imperial penetration and net-centric psywar operations, governments which have found themselves under attack, have been turning to censorship of the Internet, as a last line of defense.   In the past twenty-four hours three major Central Asian news websites have been taken-down by unknown entities in major cyber-attacks (Chronicles of Turkmenistan, NewsCentralAsia and Avesta.Tj).

In a mystifying arrogance that leaves decent folks grasping for the proper words to describe what we are witnessing, the American administration has revealed to the world that it has some unwritten right to take actions meant to undermine any government that tries to protect itself against the intensive, organized assault.

The United States is funding the development of new technologies to circumvent unwanted controls, sponsoring training programs for Internet activists, and launching diplomatic initiatives to build “a global coalition of governments committed to advancing Internet freedom.”

The New York Times reports that the US State Department will have spent upwards of $70 million on “shadow networks” which would allow protesters to communicate even if powers that be pull the traditional plug — so far, it’s spent at least $50 million on a independent cell phone network for Afghanistan, and given a $2 million grant to members of the New America Foundation creating the “internet in a suitcase” pictured above. It’s a batch of mesh networking equipment designed to be spirited into a country to set up a private network.”

It is the nature of psywar (psychological warfare) that each small operation builds upon the previous operations, in a kind of inverted pyramidal edifice, where all building blocks rest upon one original faulty foundation stone.  In the case of the global war on terror (GWOT), everything rests upon the American definition of the word “terrorism.”

In the grand psyop, war is perpetuated and sometimes escalated, but it is never ended. In order to accomplish the perpetuation of persistent warfare, American forces are never allowed to obtain anything approximating ultimate victory.  In the scheme labeled “asymmetric warfare,” the impossible becomes an everyday occurrence.  The flea is portrayed as the equal to the wolf pack.  Small, poorly armed militant groups like the Taliban, somehow manage to hold-off and sometimes defeat the world’s most powerful military, even with its overwhelming air superiority.  Even in mountainous terrain, where there are vast distances between targets, the overaccommodating Western media paints a misleading picture of militants who are armed with RPGs and AK-47s, surviving against military forces which operate under the principle of “full-spectrum dominance.”

Maintaining the illusion is the key to maintaining perpetual war.  The psywar is far more important than the real war.  The war against minds has more far-reaching effects than the war against the flesh.  With one bullet, or one-hundred bullets, you can kill one man (or several), but with the right combination of words you can destroy or disable the minds of hundreds, even thousands of men.  This is the reason why the US Army maintains 40 psychological warfare reserve units.  Even the most deadly arm of the American military, the Special Forces divisions rely upon psyop battalions to prepare their battles for them.  Full-spectrum cyber-warfare brings every resource to bear upon making the enemy think whatever you want them to think.  In the case of the global terror war, America’s real intentions are hidden behind a façade of ineptitude and near-incompetence, while the most sophisticated warfighting system ever dreamed-up by the minds of martial man have concentrated on overcoming the minds of the world.

They do this by creating the contradictory impression that our military is more concerned with perpetuating our enemies than in defeating them.  We fight against “militant Islamists,” even while our every action is cued towards increasing the number of militants.  American policies of staging overwhelming punitive attacks upon our adversaries, knowing that countless numbers of Muslim males will rush forward in reaction, seeking vengeance for murdered family members, increases the resistance, instead of decreasing it.  A policy which focuses upon provocation aims to drive the insurgencies.  It is little wonder that so many researchers draw the conclusion that the CIA and military intelligence are behind the militant/terrorist groups, if not in actual deeds, then in intentions.  This “intelligence-driven war” is a perpetual motion machine.

By driving the “Islamic” militant groups, wherever policy-makers wish to go, the doors are opened wide to US and NATO forces.  The staged mock “killing of bin Laden” has set the next stage in the grand Pentagon psywar, a massive “manhunt” deep into Central Asia.  World opinion is now pre-primed to expect US Special Forces kill teams to pursue Osama’s alleged associates wherever they can be spotted in CENTCOM’s area of operations.

The “killing of bin Laden” scam is being augmented by further US government machinations, which are centered around circumstances arising from the “failing” Afghan war–drugs and gun-running, narco-terrorism, regional instability.  Under the pretense of assisting local governments deal with this Afghan-related chaos (through American and NATO support in improving national technological capabilities, especially in tightening border security), inroads are made into each of the targeted states military and police forces, justifying intensive penetration of the countryside under peaceful “aid” programs.

The American construction of massive bases in foreign countries (often against the will of the host governments) is one of those “national security” issues that our “free press” normally chooses to avoid.  Despite claims that media in Western democracies are free to report on whatever they want, the corporate-owned press chooses to avoid stories of outright government duplicity, such as the contradictions inherent in the base construction issue.  America is not so generous that it builds multi- million military bases with the intention to simply give them away as soon as they are completed.  The tracks which have been left, confirm to us all, that the Afghan war is not slated to end in 2014, it is instead, going to be shifted into interior Central Asia.  There is not yet any reason for world opinion to accept that major shifting of forces, but reasons (or at least excuses) are being created to shift those opinions, by means of the problems being cooked-up in the boiling pot of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While the world’s attention will remain riveted to potential military actions in Pakistan and the Persian Gulf, the real war will erupt elsewhere, seemingly out of nowhere.

Pak Army Plays “Musical Chairs” On Manato Mountain

[How can the Pak Army seriously make claims of waging war against militants in Kurram Agency, when Operation Koh-i-Sufaid has only killed twenty terrorists in the last nine days?  In the first three days of the alleged offensive they reported 40 terrorists killed, yet nine days of “fighting” has produced only twenty more kills.  This cannot be called an offensive, when it is obviously more of a manhunt, or a scare campaign.  Today’s great “victory” at  Monato mountain is actually just a big game of “musical chairs,” with the Pak Army merely occupying the seats vacated by the long gone militants.  Wake-up, Pakistan!]

Manato in Kurram Agency falls to Pakistan Army

Zahir Shah
Friday, 15-July-2011


MANATO, Kurram Agency: A stronghold and symbolic headquarters for militants in central Kurram Agency, Manato fell to advancing security forces July 14. The victory comes in the second week of Operation Koh-i-Sufaid, which began July 3. Troops are expelling militants from central Kurram, which borders three Afghan provinces and Pakistan’s tribal Orakzai and Khyber agencies. Militants are fleeing a five-sided offensive and are heading for the Afghan border and tribal areas in Upper Orakzai Agency and the Tirah Valley (Khyber Agency), the military claims. More than 60 insurgents have been killed and five troops have been injured in the operation. Victory would deprive insurgents of a suspected rest and reinforcement centre and the safest transit route to Afghanistan and to other tribal areas. “We … moved our troops swiftly, capturing important features and heights in the first three days around Manato,” Brig. Muhammad Basharat, sector commander for the South West and officer in charge of the Kurram offensive, told Central Asia Online. The army has deployed almost an entire division, tanks, artillery and Cobra gunship helicopters, he said, adding it has used the air force when necessary. “Militants … have disguised themselves in Frontier Corps and army uniforms,” he said. “They don’t follow any rule of law, but we have dislodged them … and they are fleeing.” The insurgents have about 600 hardcore fighters in the area, including about 250 locals, he estimated. They might have reinforcements from adjoining Orakzai, Khyber and North Waziristan agencies, he said, adding some foreign fighters could be involved. Complexity, cost won’t daunt government The offensive will free an oppressed local population, Lt. Gen. Asif Yasin Malik, commander of the 11th Corps, said. “Restoration of peace in Kurram Agency is a multi-pronged strategy,” Malik said. “Starting from the Murree Peace Accord (of October 2008), about Rs. 1.7 billion (US $19.8m) has been released for compensation of tribal conflict victims in Sadda and Para Chinar, besides the military offensive.”   “This operation is not against any Sunni or Shia sect; it’s against the miscreants who were fanning violence in the Kurram region,” he added. The government plans decisive action throughout Kurram Agency. “Our aim is establishment of the government’s writ in the agency, and besides the military offensive … a peace process among the rival tribes is also continuing under the Murree Peace Accord,” Kurram Agency Political Agent Shahab Ali Shah told Central Asia Online. A top priority is to open the Thall-Teri Mangal road, he said, adding that the government is also assessing how to rehabilitate affected Sadda and Para Chinar families. The Central Kurram offensive could displace 70% of the 112,000 civilians living in the Ali Sherzai, Chinarak, Ali Dad Khel and Manato areas, Shah added, saying officials have opened camps in Durrani, Lower Kurram Agency, and in Togh Sarai, Hangu District, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Durrani Camp has about 600 families, he said. Another 6,000 families are living with host families and in government buildings elsewhere, according to the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Disaster Management Authority (FDMA). “A primary school has been established in the camp to facilitate the displaced kids,” Shah said. Medical care and clean drinking water are being provided, he said. Militant sites reclaimed for business Despite the hardships, Lower and Central Kurram residents are praising the offensive. The main Sadda Bazaar, formerly a hub of militant activity, is back in business. The Ajab Khan Square (Chowk) in that bazaar, which, according to locals, formerly had corpses hanging in the morning, has become a thriving business centre again. “Earlier there was bloodshed and tyranny and people were tortured publicly, but … we don’t have many problems now,” said Sadda Bazaar grocer Ashiq Khan. Authorities have renamed Ajab Khan Square, the site of executions by insurgents, to Amir Mavia Square, Army Lt. Col. Sajjad Haider told Central Asia Online. “Before our arrival people were hanged (here)… and no one dared to remove (the bodies),” Haider said, pointing to Amir Mavia Square. “The militants controlled the surrounding buildings, where they used to issue fatwas, but now you can see normality all around.” The locals still feel threatened when they remember the reign of torture and bloodshed in Ajab Khan Square,” said pharmacist Alam Khan. “But the government has to ensure that peace prevails and the tribesmen don’t get coerced by militants again.”

The Real War –vs– The Illusions

The Real War –vs– The Illusions

Peter Chamberlin

In the complicated calculus of the men who would plan our destinies for us, if we would only let them, it is often hard to fathom which line of reasoning represents their dominant thinking on any strategic subject.  In Afghanistan and in Pakistan, it is getting harder to distinguish between the minimum acceptable goals for the Empire and less-desirable, though ultimately acceptable conditions for ending the war.  In particular, thinking of the “pipeline wars” (which American corporations seem to be losing, badly), if America is projected to fail miserably in its plans for Central and South Asia, then what secondary objectives is the Empire preparing for the region?

Could it be possible that the rationale for the US terror war is falling apart so quickly since the big production in Abbottabad, that the secondary objective of playing spoiler for the winners in the energy war is replacing the primary mission of Central Asian energy-looting as America’s military solution for economic salvation?  The war itself is unsustainable, absent the collective will of the American people to wage this war without a valid reason, or foreseeable end, the 911 attacks having been replaced long ago with whatever excuse Obama wanted to use as justification.  On top of this, the bin Laden psyop is having the unintended consequence of undermining support for continuing the war and increasing the public uproar to find an end to this war that now has no adversary, in the absence of a terrorist mastermind.  It is slowly winding-down to total defeat for the United States, absent another earth-shattering unifying, “Pearl Harbor-like event” in the near future.  What will the American administration do to sustain this unpopular war?  How far will they go to keep the Afghan/Pakistan war going?

The NATO side is currently still pursuing a policy of faking negotiations with old acquaintances of Mullah Omar, like Tayyab Aga, allegedly discussing reconciliation efforts for harmless “Taliban” (those who are not veteran Taliban fighters).  These fighters are expected to turn-in their weapons for cash, even though the actual Taliban spokesmen for Mullah Omar insist that there will be no negotiations as long as occupation forces remain in Afghanistan.  The US has staked-out the position that those who fought against the coalition government cannot be “reconciled,” meaning that all those who have fought against the American occupation have no other choices but to keep fighting until they die in combat, or turn themselves in for arrest.  The Taliban still insist that there is nothing to talk about as long as the occupation continues.  Mullah Omar has issued hand-written warning notes to local mosques stating that those who negotiate with the Americans are marked for death. There is no room for compromise there for either side.  So what good will it do for US/British negotiators to talk to second or third level Taliban who have no sway with high command?  It is more than likely that all of this reconciliation talk is merely for public entertainment purposes, maintaining popular support for the war and Obama, by pretending that Obama is getting it right and peace may be just around the corner.

It is becoming clear to those who care to look for the truth about the war, that the US never intended to leave Afghanistan, it has always planned to use Afghanistan and Pakistan as a military beachhead into Central Asia (SEE: Neutral Afghanistan serves regional stability).  Every American

spokesperson who has publicly denied these now obvious facts, has been consciously lying to the world, in order to advance this mass deception as far as possible before the American people wake-up.  Researchers and analysts are breaking through the carefully constructed wall of American deception to understand just how cynically American leaders have manipulated Pakistan and India, playing them off against one another in a dangerous game of brinkmanship designed to serve only Imperial ends.

Indian and Pakistani writers have to dig deeper to understand the psyops that are still playing-out along the Durand Line.  They must ask:  How deep does the American deception go, or is everything about this war a deception?  Only then can it become apparent the defensive actions that each nation must take, perhaps in a united action against the Imperial designs.

Indian writer M K Bhadrakumar reports on American attempts to sideline both Afghan and Pakistani governments from any negotiations with the Afghan Taliban (SEE:  CIA instigating mutiny in the Pakistani army), in order to buy time to force an American compromise.  His article offers the following novel explanation of why American leaders would intentionally engineer a risky potential “colonel’s coup” to unseat Gen. Kayani:

“The only way is to set the army’s house on fire so that the generals get distracted by the fire-dousing and the massive repair work and housecleaning that they will be called upon to undertake as top priority for months if not years to come.”

In the opinion of this former Indian diplomat, Washington was actively destabilizing Islamabad, and it was endangering the entire region in order to do it.  A destabilized nuclear sub-continent has always been the implied result of these American machinations.  It is only logical to ask whether this has always been the plan, and for what conceivable reasons?  Did they really believe that they could force both Afghans and Pakistanis to follow orders that would harm their own countrymen, or that their plans would succeed even if they got everything that they wanted from them?  What could American leaders hope to get out of this planned conflagration that they probably could have achieved by less violent, more honorable means?  There is nothing “honorable” about this ongoing thirty-year war.  Our “upstanding” national leaders have always planned to use American military muscle to protect their great redistribution of wealth (the exact opposite of the Marxist concept, the rich get everything), as they looted, raped and plundered the entire world, even our allies.  It is only now, in the end game, when these things are being made clear to all who care to see.

The plan has always been to use American military muscle to create for themselves the power to dictate a political/military solution to the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, by sidelining all the valid neighborhood players, even the Afghan “straw man” government itself, much as it has already done for itself in Iraq.  They have even applied the same time-tested formula for destabilization which was used in Iraq, but without the same results.  The US is no more in position to dictate terms to Afghanistan today than it was ten years ago.  Unlike Iraq, where the “Anbar solution” of tribal militias was field-tested, there are no major differences between Afghans to exploit.  Iraq is nothing like Afghanistan or Pakistan.  Different solutions were required, even though Pentagon and CIA geniuses only knew the one song of divide and conquer.  That is why they have failed so miserably in the Far Eastern war theater.

Since they had only one song and dance routine, the CIA and their ISI counterparts have kept playing on the same theme, in their little war games, intended to hold the attention of  patriotic Americans and Pakistanis.  In Afghanistan, Western powers have manipulated the tribal and national differences by developing the Northern Alliance coalition of Hamid Karzai, which is mostly comprised of Uzbeks, Tajiks and Hazara Shia, as a counterfoil to mostly Pashtun Taliban forces.  The anti-Taliban coalition efforts of a massive nationwide propaganda effort, supplemented with an equally massive program of enormous pay-offs, backed-up by NATO firepower have failed to buy or intimidate loyalty from local warlords or join their forces to the Karzai/Northern Alliance government.

Since Karzai’s reelection, the Western media, politicians and generals have been steadily undermining the support Karzai did have, undercutting his efforts to create a High Peace Council, probably well on their way to grooming his replacement, someone like former Afghan spymaster, Amrullah Saleh, who is already a long-term CIA asset, besides being Karzai’s exact opposite.  Saleh is one of those selected individuals, unfortunate enough to be native to a CIA-targeted country, who was sent to America before 2001, for specialized training by the CIA.  As a top junior aid to legendary Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, he was there in Takhar Province, serving as the CIA liason, when the “Lion of Panjshir” was assassinated on September 9, 2001.  He has been a favorite of the spooks since then, especially after the FBI forced him on Karzai as his new spy chief in Feb. 2004, coincidentally, just one month before Pakistani Taliban founder Abdullah Mehsud was released from two and one-half years at Guantanamo “brainwashing academy” into his custody as Afghan intelligence chief.  The story of the Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan that he helped to inspire is a tale of grief and double-crossing.  They are the “poison” that was introduced into the Pakistani soil, which Saleh so colorfully described.

The Americans are hedging their bets in Afghanistan, like always, fronting two streams of the Afghan political spectrum at once.  The Karzai/Rabbani alliance is backing the reconciliation talks with the Taliban that could lead to the partitioning of Afghanistan, split between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban in control of the south, in order to facilitate pipeline and development plans for the north.  This is the State Dept. best solution.  This position is allegedly unacceptable to Northern Alliance candidate Saleh, who advocates carpet-bombing Pakistan and night-time Special Forces decapitation raids all the way from Balochistan to Bajaur.  His position is that there can never be victory in the war against the Taliban until their support lines to the Pak Army are cut.  He represents the most radical factions of the CIA, who advocate total war with Pakistan.

In order to dissuade the Pak Army from continuing to support the Afghan Taliban, the CIA master-plotters have created their own versions of “lashkars,” such as the fake Pakistani Taliban, to battle and terrorize the Army and the people of Pakistan.  Since 2003, Musharraf’s generals have been helping him and his successor Gen. Kayani, to revive the defeated Taliban movement as a substitute for concerted, decisive military action against the remnants of “al-Qaeda” and the Afghan Taliban leadership, who had all been allowed to regroup in Waziristan and Balochistan by both the ISI and the CIA.  They originally relocated there from northern Afghanistan in the infamous “Kunduz airlift,” where they were spared from certain annihilation at the hands of Uzbek Gen. Dostum and the Northern Alliance forces.  Once they were flown there, they began to reoccupy the old CIA/ISI training camps there which had formerly been vacated after they were used to drive-out the Soviets.  The IMU terrorists of Tahir Yuldeshev, who were brought across the border with Abdullah Mehsud in his instant army of fake Taliban (composed of Northern Alliance fighters), ran the camps and shared their military expertise with the new Taliban recruits being readied to keep the Afghan conflict going.

Abdullah brought his Uzbek and Chechen fighters to Wana, where they joined-up with Nek Mohammed.  This was long before the Pakistani Taliban began their waves of Pakistani terrorism, when they still had the trust of the real Afghan Taliban.  Because of his trust for new militant leader Baitullah Mehsud, as well as his initial distrust of Abdullah Mehsud, because of the Guantanamo years, Mullah Omar sent his hand-picked emissary, celebrated veteran commander Mullah Dadullah, to bless the Pakistani Taliban union and name Baitullah as its head.  Dadullah oversaw the effort in S. Waziristan, where he had been working closely with Nek Mohammed and his successors, Abdullah and Baitullah Mehsud to develop a formidable new Taliban army of 20,000 fighters or more, including a suicide-bomber academy.  After Dadullah shepherded the Waziri Accord peace treaty between the Pakistani Taliban and the Army on orders from Mullah Omar himself, Dadullah was also targeted for drone assassination, just like Nek before him (even though British Special Forces claim the kill).

Under the command of Baitullah, the Pakistani Taliban (now called Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan, TTP) unleashed a wave of terror upon tribal leaders, government forces and the mosques of the unbelievers.  At first, this terror was blamed upon the IMU terrorists who had been given shelter by the Mehsud leadership, providing an opening for the Pak Army to introduce a counter-insurgency, in the form of aggressive tribal lashkars of their own.

Local Ahmadzai Wazir militant leader Maulvi Nazir created a lashkar army of 900 heavily armed men, who proceeded to run the IMU terrorists out of his territory around Wana, S. Waziristan.  The Army then began to replicate the lashkar-building process in other towns, hoping to enlist the tribals in a massive show of force to evict the “bad Taliban” and those labeled as “al-Qaeda” from Pakistan.  Nothing much came from the effort, except for a bunch of dead lashkar militiamen.

Needing a concrete strategy to counter US destabilization plans and demands for total war in the Tribal Regions, Pakistan has continued to sell the “good/bad Taliban” theme as a path to eventual “reconciliation,” putting distance between the two groups, so that heavy force could then be used to eliminate the criminal Taliban in successive operations.  But each time that Pakistan made a little headway, lashkar leaders would be eliminated in car-bomb attacks, or by the occasional Predator drone.

Beginning with the massive drone assault in Bajaur, on October 30, 2006, which killed 80 religious students, drone attacks have become the favorite weapon for radicalizing locals and driving them into the eager arms of the Taliban.  This is one of the reasons for believing that American leaders have always secretly supported the formation of militant armies, in order to have someone to fight and to provide valid-seeming reasons for prolonging the war.  Everything they do creates more resistance.

The complex CIA schemes have forced Pakistan to develop its own ISI counter-schemes as a matter of self-defense against American demands to wreck the country and force the Pakistani people into open rebellion against their elected government.  The ten-year deception in Pakistan has gone through many stages, fronted by many separate players, all of them having some stake in the Empire winning the contest. Today in Afghanistan we have an ongoing war, fueled by a series of major deceptions.  The more obvious it becomes that the war is being lost, the more the deceptions will fall apart.  At some point, the lies will fall apart faster than they can be reconstructed in a new form.

In Pakistan, we see at least ten times the number of major deceptions which we can see unwinding across the border.  I guess that this is what they mean by an “intelligence driven war.”  Every interested great power has a game at play now in Pakistan; every interested great power is double-gaming someone else, partners are being made to be cashed-in later, when it will bring the greatest advantage.  Pakistan’s military, the “Establishment” and every one of the many “mafias” (land mafia, gas mafia, etc.) have their own separate games going on, all of them game off each other.  Seeing daylight through this morass of webs of intrigue is almost an impossibility.  It is not surprising that the game-players are having such a difficult time controlling the eventual outcome of this soon to be exploding psychological warfare experiment.

American mind-benders have playing their usual games and inventing a few new ones in their careful efforts to destabilize Pakistan without really upsetting the apple cart, losing control of the situation.  It suits CIA and American military purposes to give the ISI enough rope to hang itself.  This explains why they seem to go along with Pakistan’s generals, even when they are obviously lying or playing games to avoid causing a rupture in relations.  In their international media campaign to embarrass the Pak Army and government, the media-masters are careful to go just so far in slandering them, but not far enough to force negative international reactions.  US leaders understand the close relationship between the ISI and certain militant groups, but, until recently never charged the Army with supporting militants in public.  Since open psychological war broke-out between the two sides in 2008 (SEE:  US/Pakistan Showdown/Throwdown July12), they have maintained a love/hate relationship, creating difficult circumstances for fulfilling contracts and such.  As far as the United States is concerned, Pakistan has a contractual obligation to help eliminate the “al-Qaeda” militants that the US and Pakistan have created together.

For these reasons, the CIA lets the ISI have its Lashkars and its “strategic depth” militants, preferring to seize the opportunity to use the controlled media to weave stories about the Wana battles into tales of “al-Qaeda,” the mythical international terrorist network. Beginning with the story about Mullah Nazir and his battle against the IMU terrorists of Abdullah and Baitullah Mehsud, CIA-sponsored Pakistani and Western reporters have invented stories of “good Taliban” turning against “al-Qaeda.”  (The most reliable of these al-Qaeda story creators was Asia Times reporter Syed Saleem Shazad, the author of the Al-Qaeda/Taliban split story.  Syed worked tirelessly, over several years to weave a tapestry out of whole cloth about the “al-Qaeda” monolith that stood astride the Durand Line, threatening the entire world with “Islamist terrorism.”).

Since its inception, the concept of “good Taliban vs bad Taliban has been fully implemented by both sides, although neither side could agree on whether the “bad Taliban” were those who attacked only Pakistan, or those who attacked only Afghan coalition targets.  It seems that most of the time, there has been no Taliban who attacked both sides, except when the Pak Army gave in to American demands and turned its guns upon its friends.  By cultivating peace treaties and non-aggression agreements with individual tribal groups, Pakistan had developed an equilibrium with the militants, and for short intervals, terror attacks seemed to have almost come to an end—until the Predator assassination campaign began, ultimately destroying any trust, driving tribal fighters by the thousands into the arms of the Taliban.

American drones have consistently targeted those militant leaders and outfits that the Pak Army has chosen to protect under the wing of its “strategic depth” concept.  Both militant and lashkar leaders have fallen prey to drone missiles—the majority of them friends of the Army.  The CIA has intensified the drone attacks as the administration upped the ante, demanding more and more that Pakistan dare not give, since national suicide is out of the question.

The big question then becomes then:  Is Obama willing to accept a partial non-Haqqani offensive against the TTP, the mad dog killers of Col. Imam and Khalid Khawaja, in N. Waziristan, in place of an anti-Haqqani offensive?  Of all the militant groups, the criminal gangs who have attached themselves to the psychopathic killer Hakeemullah Mehsud, heir to all that Baitullah stood for, are by far the most dangerous.  The only explanation for such a grouping of monsters who have never attacked American or NATO troops, is that they consider them to be allies, or at least employers.  If the US would support the elimination of these killers first, as a favor to our struggling ally, then perhaps Pakistan’s influence upon such “Taliban” as Haqqani can help bring the Afghan war to a resolution, if that is what Obama really wants.

If events follow the time-tested patterns of previous Pakistani offensives, then an operation in N. Waziristan would mean another flushing of refugees onto the roadways  and trails of neighboring provinces (overwhelming limited social services wherever they come to rest, Pakistan already has more refugees than any other country).  This will once again demonstrate Pakistan’s basic inability to carry-out the total war actions that the US is demanding from them.  Pakistan doesn’t have either the manpower or the equipment needed to meet national disasters (just like most other nations), nor the capabilities required to eliminate an entrenched heavily armed insurgency.  Will Obama accept this excuse for doing half of what he has demanded, just as Bush eventually did in the past?

The basis of the new great Show seems to be the “Waziristan Accords,” agreements between the Army and the Ahmadzai Wazirs of Mullah Nazir of the South and Uthmanzai Waziris in the North, led by Gul Bahadur.  The agreement allegedly binds the tribes to police their own areas against Mehsuds or foreign terrorists.  The antecedent to this Wazir option is the creation of multiple lashkars amongst the other tribes, even among the Mehsuds, if that is possible, considering the fate of the previous anti-Mehsud Mehsud leader, Qari Zainuddin Mehsud, that might prove to be impossible.

Pak plans to rope in tribals to take on al-Qaeda, according to the Indian press.  If the plan really is to rebrand the Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan as the new “al-Qaeda,” as the IMU Uzbeks once were, then this might put Pakistan’s generals and American generals on the same page.  Once the offensive actually gets underway it will become obvious exactly who is on what page.  Until then, we will have to get by on the delicious clues given us in Pakistan news leaks, or the latest militant attacks, to try to understand the mindset of the generals on both sides, who continue to run the show.

In light of recent events in S. Waziristan that are described below, it is possible to project the shape of the upcoming offensive: The Army goes after Hakeemullah Mehsud and the foreign terrorists under his protection, demanding from Haqqani lieutenant and local Wazir tribal leader Gul Bahadar that he fulfill his treaty commitments under the Waziristan Accords and actively suppress foreign terrorists, as well as the criminal Mehsuds, if they violate his territory, thus limiting the operating range of fleeing TTP militants (SEE:  Pakistan Using Wazir Tribe of Mullah Nazir to Set-Up Next Psyop):

“The alleged 2007 agreement referred to in [that] report, between Nazir and the govt., allows the Army to wash its hands of the Wana region, making the tribes responsible for keeping-out Uzbeks, Mehsuds, Al-Qaeda and other foreign militants, an impossible task for the outgunned tribes.”

But this plan too, is being undermined by the government leaks that “telegraph” their next moves to the militants, raising lashkars for what is coming next, giving their friends there plenty of time to either prepare or relocate.  It might be that the Army telegraphing its next moves gives Hakeemullah the same opportunity to flee the area before the battle, that it gives to Haqqani.  It is here where the Army will rely upon the new Kurram Treaty to bring Haqqani into action against Hakeemullah in Kurram and perhaps in Hangu, Hakeemullah’s home turf, as well.  We are already seeing an impending confrontation between the two groups over continued TTP attacks upon Shia, in spite of having signed the truce, thus endangering the fragile peace (SEE:  Kurram Agency: Haqqani warns Hakimullah not to ‘sabotage’ peace deal):

“Things have now reached a very awkward point … Haqqani has said some very strong words to Hakimullah: ‘Stop it yourself or my men will make you stop it’.”

It may be that Haqqani also has a personal grudge to settle with Mehsud, over the murder of Col. Imam and Khalid Khawaja, who was highly respected by his father Jalaluddin and by all Afghan Taliban, since Mehsud refused to spare the old jihadi teacher’s life.  If that is the case, then he may be more than willing to help-out the ISI clean-up the mess.

The timing of the events around Col. Tarar’s kidnapping and murder nearly one year later, help to confirm the “rogue” out of control status of Hakeemullah Mehsud, when compared to the Haqqanis.  Ignoring all Haqqani, ISI, or Afghan Taliban pleas, Hakeemullah Mehsud gave the order to kill Col. Imam, which can be seen on YouTube.

(SEE:  Taliban release video of killing of Col Imam).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Taliban release video of killing of Col Imam, posted with vodpod

His body was then dumped in the Danday Darpakhel area of Miramshah on January 23, 2011.  This was clearly intended to serve as a challenge to Haqqani’s authority.  On Jan. 27, CIA agent Raymond Davis shot two ISI agents dead in Lahore.  The Haqqani-backed Kurram peace deal between the Turi tribe and Shia was struck ten days later, on February 3.

On Feb.7, 2010, top Taliban leaders were placed under protective custody (or arrest) in Pakistan, beginning with Taliban number two, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.  As far as can be ascertained, the Mullahs were arrested to stop the previous attempt to initiate secret American/Taliban negotiations—that time they were with Mullah Omar’s actual second in command.

On 2/26/2010, Khalid Khwaja petitioned the Lahore High Court to block US efforts to have the arrested Taliban extradited to Afghanistan and into US custody.

One month later, 03/25/2010, former ISI agent Khwaja was abducted, along with Col. Imam and the British journalist Asad Qureshi, in North Waziristan.  They were allegedly in Waziristan at the insistence of retired generals Beg and Gul, trying to interview Sirajuddin Haqqani and Wali-ur Rahman Mehsud.

The Asian Tiger organization… offered to release them in exchange for three important Afghan Taliban figures — Mulla Abdul Ghani Biradar, Mulla Abdul Kabir and Mansoor Dadullah — presently ‘in the custody of the Pakistan government’. The group didn’t even know that Kabir wasn’t, in fact, in detention in Pakistan.”

Khalid  Khwaja was found dead in Miranshah on April 30, 2010.  Qureshi was ransomed.

The Murder of Col Imam was a turning point for several parties, in many areas of their relationships. The fact that Hakeemullah ignored pleas from fellow Islamist Sirahuddin Haqqani, as well as the ISI, confirms the split between the Pakistani Taliban group and the ISI-supported Afghan Taliban.  Hakeemullah Mehsud and his TTP followers, especially the IMU Uzbeks and the just as radical Punjabi recruits of the Lashkar e-Jhangvi are a criminal/terrorist menace and must be eliminated from Pakistan.  The US military has no intention of helping the Pak Army with this formidable task, such as focusing drone attacks first upon this criminal network, even though it would be a simple task, even considered as an obligation to help an ally and old friend.  The American military is only interested in those fighters in Pakistan who wage war on NATO, not those who choose to fight against Pakistan.  Reciprocity might be the better choice over issuing demands and making ultimatums to Pakistan’s generals.

Col Imam was a bitter critic of the United States which, he said, had left the Afghan mujahideen in the lurch after the defeat of the Soviet forces in the late 1980s.  The CIA hated Imam and the Pakistani Taliban hated him.  When he went to N. Waziristan he was carrying a list of 14 Taliban leaders who worked for India and probably the US.  That list ended-up in Hakeemullah’s hands.  His name was alleged at the top of the list.  Perhaps that was why he had to die.

From the Pakistani press comes the claim that Col. Imam and Khalid Khawaja may have been killed by Ilyas Kashmiri, as revenge for his being tortured by the Army in 2003 for trying to kill Musharraf.  Other elements of the national press claim that the pair were killed for calling the Afghan Taliban mujahedeen and the Pakistani Taliban criminals.

If that was the case then it would justify Pakistan setting Kashmiri up for a drone kill in Wana on June 3.  Unlike the surreptitious drone whacking of Baitullah Mehsud (where ISI allegedly tricked the CIA into striking Baitullah), it appears that a potential joint effort to get Kashmiri may have been conceivable, considering Headley’s testimony about Kashmiri’s connections to the Mumbai attack, made Ilyas Kashmiri an embarrassment for both sides.  Like always, in this tortuously slow dance between Pakistani and American leaders, that has been grinding-on for decades now, at times it is impossible to tell whether the two sides are in almost perfect step with each other, whether they are hopelessly out of sync, or even at times, whether they are moving at all.  Judging by today’s deadly drone strike on Haqqani forces in Kurram, it seems like they might be at odds with each others plans.  Recent reports have revealed that the US is attempting to draw Ibrahim Haqqani into negotiations, even though US drones continue to strike Haqqani targets in Kurram Agency.

Can the Obama team accept Pakistan’s revised game plan and spin it in an effective manner, so that it will fool the yokels back home, even after all the yelling that they have done over North Waziristan?  Or is the great game suddenly no longer about maintaining the illusion?  Has the American/NATO position deteriorated so far down that they must force a “game-changer” upon us all?  Have run up against so many walls that we have given-up entirely upon the American vision for Afghanistan and Pakistan as the new international strategic corridor, the new “Silk Road” to Central Asia?  Is the new intent to simply so destabilize the region that no one else can reap the economic rewards?

There are many good questions here that no one wants to touch, or to see answered.  The questions will answer themselves in short order, whenever it becomes apparent whether Obama opts for Pakistan’s pacification or for its destabilization.  Will he maintain and escalate the state of confrontation until it leads to widespread violence between two old allies, or will he choose to calm things down in Pakistan, even as he risks revealing the American hand and long-term plans for moving into Central Asia?

Perhaps the most important part of this whole new (recycled) psyop is that the Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan will now play the role of “Al-Qaeda” (SEE:  The CIA/ISI Soap Opera In South Waziristan) for the remainder of this drama.

The CIA/ISI Soap Opera In South Waziristan

The CIA/ISI Soap Opera In South Waziristan

Peter Chamberlin

The American/Pakistani/British shenanigans in S. Waziristan are once again exposing the old patterns–America makes more demands, unidentified militants attack Frontier troops, British press releases misleading disinformation (SEE:  Deadly militant attack on Pakistan security checkpoint), making the reality of the situation nearly impossible to understand.  In addition, the press is now starting to claim that the attack actually took place in N. Waziristan (SEE:  Eight soldiers killed in N Waziristan militant attack), possibly to create the impression that the reported N. Waziristan offensive had begun. 

Forgetting for a moment about the recent alleged high-profile military/militant activity in the area, consider the implications of this one reported attack.  It is in, or very near, Baitullah Mehsud’s hometown, Makeen.  Two days ago, the lgovernment restored the privileges to the Mehsud tribe, which had been revoked during Baitullah’s rein of terror, allowing the displaced to finally return to their homes.  The security checkpoint, which was allegedly attacked, is between Makeen and Razmak Cadet College, which was reopened one week ago, after having been closed for two years, as well.  After Operation RaheNijat (English: ‘Path to Salvation’), this area was allegedly swept clean of terrorists, according to the Army, even though the CIA drones keep killing alleged militants in S. Waziristan. 

This was not another cross-border attack, Makeen is nearly forty miles from the border.  Who were the alleged attackers?  Baitullah is dead and Hakeemullah is allegedly in deep cover somewhere in N. Waziristan or Orakzai.  It is in Gul Bahadur’s territory, yet the Army has been at peace with the militant leader since his attack upon an Army convoy near Razmak two years ago.  The other powerful local Taliban leader, Mullah Nazir may be blamed for the attack by the Western media, even though it is outside of his area of operations and he does not attack government targets, concentrating instead upon fighting only against the Americans and NATO in Afghanistan.  Recent multiple predator strikes near Wana are being cited for motivating Nazir to intensify his jihad in Afghanistan, according to the America/India-friendly Daily Times of Lahore (SEE:  Maulvi Nazir vows to escalate anti-US fight in Afghanistan).  If we read nothing else but that one article, we might think that it is just a short step from widening attacks upon NATO to hitting Pak. Army targets, since Nazir has already blamed Pakistan for all CIA drone attacks (SEE:  Paramilitary Pretense, Who Controls the Predators?).

The weakest part of the Maulvi Nazir story is the fact that Nazir himself has not been seen publicly since the commando assault upon him in 2009, following the drone killing of Baitullah Mehsud (except for a recent report by Asian Times correspondent Syed Saleem Shahzad).  The reporter for the Daily Times Nazir story purports to quote Nazir’s subordinates, but not him–just like another recent report claiming to offer words from the missing or dead militant leader’s mouth, without ever actually quoting him (SEE:  Pakistan Using Wazir Tribe of Mullah Nazir to Set-Up Next Psyop).  That particular story attempted to validate the Pakistani claims that a recent US drone killed most wanted terrorist, Ilyas Kashmiri, in the Ghwakhwa area of S. Waziristan, just 6 miles west of Wana, by using quotes attributed to elders of Nazir’s tribe.  That report on the Ahmedzai Wazir jirga (also not attended by Nazir) was also by the Daily Times.  The plot-line being laid-down by that report, attempting to validate claims of Kashmiri’s death, was riddled with holes in itself.  The biggest hole is placing Kashmiri in hostile territory, looking for shelter from Nazir.

Once again, as the US is screaming for an offensive in N. Waziristan, S. Waziristan is being set-up as the focal point of all terrorist action and military reaction.  S. Waziristan, especially near Wana, has been the focal point of all military/militant operations since the days of Nek Mohammed, predecessor of both Abdullah and Baitullah Mehsud.  This is where the “good Taliban/bad Taliban” soap opera has been played-out.  Pak Army stages running gun-battles with criminal gangs associated with the Taliban, that invariably end in peace treaties being signed with the Army.  Each time that a deal is struck with the Army, an American drone comes along and kills the Taliban who has signed it.  Just as every leader of the anti-Taliban lashkars (militias) are targeted for assassination.  Just as hundreds of anti-Taliban tribal leaders have also been murdered.  Rise-up against the terror war in the Tribal Region and either protagonist or antagonist will kill you.

There is really no way to understand what is unfolding in S. Waziristan at this point, all we can do is keep analyzing the news releases from the area, understanding as we do, that there is NO honest reporting coming from the Afghan or Pakistani war theaters.  The best that we can do is to observe the areas of spillover between the two war theaters, hoping to understand the importance of cross-border actions and multi-state actors interacting with Pakistani forces.

One consistently reliable source of information of the Pak. military/militant production has proven to be Mr. B. Raman, former interior ministor of India.  Considering that he has to first look-out for his own interests, it is understandable that Raman doesn’t say much about anything derogatory concerning the United States or the CIA, but he shares with us much of what he learned about Pakistan while serving in India’s premier spy agency.  He had the following to say about the second coming of the Taliban, who overcame nearly total defeat in 2001 , to begin rising once again in 2003, under the leadership of Mullah Omar and commander Mullah Dadullah:

“In 2003, at the instance of the ISI, Mulla Omar, the Amir of the Taliban, reconstituted the Taliban army to launch a new jihad in Afghanistan—this time against the Western forces. He asked Mulla Dadullah, who continued to enjoy the confidence of the ISI, to act as the chief military commander of the new Taliban army, which consisted of experienced jihadi fighters of the pre-October 7, 2001, vintage as well as new recruits from the madrasas and Afghan refugee camps of Pakistan. The new Taliban army was trained by the ISI and started operating in the Pashtun majority areas of Southern and Eastern Afghanistan from sanctuaries in Balochistan and  in the Waziristan area of the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Within a short period of time, Dadullah raised not only a well-motivated army, but also constituted a suicide squad of Afghan and Pakistani nationals for undertaking suicide missions against the Afghan army and the Western forces.

The total strength of the Neo Taliban army raised by him with the help of the ISI is estimated by reliable sources as about 5,000, but Dadullah himself has been claiming that it has a strength of about 20,000.”

By 2003, Afghanistan had virtually been pacified, just as George Bush was drawing-down military assets there to send to the new war in Iraq, even so, Bush could not allow the Afghan war to wind down yet, not before strategic objectives for South Asia were met.  Musharraf had to find ways to prolong the fighting, even if he had to pit Pakistanis against Pakistanis–and that is just what the General/Dictator did.  

The following is taken from Waging War Upon Ourselves:

“In S. Waziristan, during this same time frame, we see the rise of a succession of Lashkar Jhangvi terrorist leaders, who headed-up the new “Taliban” faction starting-up there.  First under the command of Mullah Dadullah, the new “neo-Taliban” drilled under IMU Uzbek trainers of Sipah-e-Sahaba.  According to plan, Dadullah (who had been selected by the British) was martyred in a Predator drone attack.  Dadullah had developed a very proficient rear staging area around Wana, from which he supplied troops for the fight in Afghanistan. Under the protection of Nek Mohammad, he trained an army of thousands, reinforcing it with the first suicide bombers academy.  After Bush pushed Musharraf to take over the terror war, moving the war to Pakistan, in 2003, Nek waged war upon the Pak. Army for turning against the jihad, eventually ending with him signing the first peace deal with the Army in 2004.  Two months later Nek became the first Taliban leader killed in a drone attack.

Control of the Pakistani Taliban was given to former Guantanamo inmate Abdullah Mehsud, who was fortuitously released from Camp X-Ray in March of 2004.  Abdullah moved from his release point in northern Afghanistan to Pakistan in the company of a ready-made army of several hundred militants, all drawn from the Northern Alliance, most of them Uzbeks and Tajiks.  It is suspected that among these Uzbeks were the IMU terrorists (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan) who wrought havoc in Pakistan, primarily around Wana.  When Abdullah created trouble with the Army by abducting and killing Chinese engineers in November, he was fired from his leadership post by Mullah Omar himself, who made his cousin Baitullah the new boss of the Pakistani Taliban.  At the insistence of the American administration, Musharraf launched the next war in Waziristan, leading to a new peace deal signed by Baitullah in 2005.  War erupted again, followed by a new peace treaty, this one forced upon the Taliban by orders of Mullah Omar.  Mullah Dadullah signed the “Waziristan Accord” in late 2006.  He was killed in a Predator attack in May of ’07.  There have also been reports emanating from the Wana area that a group of Pakistani Army officers have defected to side of the terrorists holed up alongside the late Nek Mohammed’s lashkar in Waziristan.”

After the Accord was signed, a wave of sectarian terrorism broke-out all over Pakistan.  Much of that terror in the Tribal Region was linked to the IMU terrorists who had come over with Abdullah Mehsud.  In that regard, the Pak Army decided on a new approach to troubles in the unsettled region, tribal “Lashkars” (militias).  Competent tribal leaders would be brought into agreements to defend their territory from terrorist or foreign penetration.  The first such leader was an Ahmedzai Wazir tribal leader, Mullah Nazir.  He took it upon himself to raise a lashkar of 900 fighters to repel the trouble-making IMU Uzbek terrorists from around Wana, which he did, in short order.  Those were Nek/Abdullah/Baitullah Uzbek terrorists, the very first Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorists.  They simply moved a few miles down the road to Makeen, S. Waziristan, Baitullah’s hometown, the scene of the alleged security post assault reported  today by the BBC.

This fight between Nazir’s fighters and the IMU terrorists and Nazir’s lashkar was to be expanded throughout S. Waziristan, possibly even beyond, but Nazir refused, settling for his own treaty with the Army to police his area.  This is the treaty referred to in the report on the Wazir tribal jirga members who allegedly confirmed Kashmiri’s recent killing.  All things in the psyop lead back to here.  Even though the idea of tribal lashkars sort of stumbled on from here, through local reporters, the idea was introduced into the popular domain as a split between the Taliban and “al-Qaeda,” based upon a series of reports on the Nazir (Taliban) and Uzbek (al-Qaeda) fight, made by recently murdered Asia Times reporter Syed Saleem Shahzad.  This gave palpable substance to the “good Taliban/bad Taliban” scenario, being painted by the ISI and the submissive Pakistani press. ” Good Taliban,” were guys like Nazir and  Qari Zainuddin Mehsud (who was murdered by Baitullah), who didn’t wage war against the Pak Army.  They were sometimes called “miscreants.”  Bad Taliban like the Mehsuds are terrorists and criminals.

More important than Syed’s minor favors to the ISI ( like the good/bad scenario), have been the favors he has done for the CIA, all of them involving giving life and substance to the CIA claims of pockets of “al-Qaeda” all over Pakistan, and assertions of a large Taliban presence in the highly-prized Baloch territory, the so-called “Quetta shura” (SEE:  CIA Mouthpiece–Part II, Syed Builds on CIA Theme, “Al-Qaeda” Has Infested Quetta).  The problem with Syed’s reporting is that you never knew which side he was speaking for, either CIA or ISI.  He seemed to have access to everybody on every side.  He performed a service for the ISI by faking an interview with Ilyas Kashmiri, wherein he attempted to refute the certain fact that Kashmiri is a product of the Pak Army, specifically the Special Forces (SSG).  He also stepped-up to the plate for the ISI with his recent report claiming to be an interview with Mullah Nazir.  The purpose of that exercise seemed to be to reaffirm that Nazir is one with the Taliban, the exact opposite of his former story of the Taliban/al-Qaeda split.  His last earthly report on links between “al-Qaeda” and Pak. Navy Special Forces (which possibly got him murdered) was an attempt to paint the military with the “al-Qaeda” brush, just like the one used to paint Nazir as a terrorist, obviously a favor for the CIA, giving them the excuse to expand drone attacks in the area.

Now, all the various militant/military threads have been tied to S. Waziristan, NOT North Waziristan as America demands.  The plot lines are being erased and re-written so fast and so often, that it is nearly impossible to get an idea of the entire mess.  The hunt for “Islamists” within the Pak military will be the tool used to split the military into pro and anti-American officers and servicemen.  Knowing that the ISI itself, or rogue elements from the agency, are working against the Pak Army, for their CIA masters, adds to the impossibility of understanding.  What they do next in the area Wana area tomorrow, or the next day at the latest, may provide the final clues for cutting through this man-made  Gordian Knot.




Warfare of the Whisper –dividing the people and keeping them ignorant.

Warfare of the Whisper –dividing the people and keeping them ignorant.

By: Peter Chamberlin

February 13, 2008

When the truth is too horrible to acknowledge, then it becomes very easy to believe in a series of lies instead.  If the truth is that our leaders are really monsters, who have purposely manufactured a planned genocidal world war, in order to preserve America’s fading position in the world, then the truth becomes almost impossible to believe.

It is difficult to believe, but there are some people who were shocked to learn that White House spokesmen issued 935 documented falsehoods to lie us into the Iraq war.  This says nothing of the far greater number of lies told to create the “war on terror” itself.  If it wasn’t for the flowing river of lies known as the “US Government,” we would not now be staring down the barrel of the nuclear gun at another innocent Muslim country.  It took thousands of dedicated war party disinformation agents, working non-stop for decades, to give substance to the myth of al Qaida, the official justification for the war.      It has taken many thousands more to sustain the war based on lies, against an imaginary enemy.  It is only another small step to extend those lies about wars against imaginary enemies to Iran, an imaginary enemy with imaginary nuclear weapons.

Bush and both of his Congresses have chosen to ride the raging river of lies known as the war on terrorism like lunatic “surf-Nazis,” blinded to the dangers swimming just beneath the surface, oblivious to the destruction left in their wake.  The bill for the war and for the destruction that we have sown is coming due, before the end goals are met – before the world war can be jump-started.  Strategic alliances are falling apart in reaction to America’s obvious goal of total world domination.  Old friends are turning their backs on us, in revulsion to the bloody misery that our leaders are intentionally inflicting upon the world.  The lying mainstream media is content to bask in the glorious presence of the American Reich, while they spread the official lies which are meant to divide the American people and keep them ignorant, everyone apparently oblivious to the diabolical nature of the plot and the costs that the world will pay for us to preserve our bloated “way of life.”

The war based on lies is fought on many national battle fronts, where carefully constructed lies (grand conspiracies) are inserted into unsuspecting populations in order to further the myth of an international terrorist conspiracy.  The preferred method of transmission is to use gossip “grapevines” to spread new distorted versions of conspiracy theories.  This is most successfully accomplished if the disinformation is spread by trusted locals.  This is true for introducing damaging misleading rumors into like-minded communities, no matter the size of the rumor, or its nature.  A rumor’s source determines its credibility just as much as the truth of the rumor itself.  The purpose is always to create division within the group, by the use of false information to cover-up vital knowledge, which would otherwise unite and inspire the people.

The basis of the psyops campaign directed at the world (war on terrorism) is the big lie, a lie that is so big as to make it incomprehensible.  The big lie always concern a conspiracy theory, created through a series of “whispering campaigns.”  The people are subjected to a series of self-confirming lies which serve to corroborate each other when brought together, giving convincing proof of a design that cannot be explained by “coincidences.”  The aim of the real all-encompassing grand conspiracy theory is to hide proof of its existence, for as long as possible.  By pumping-out semi-true information about lesser conspiracies, real information is obscured in the ensuing uproar, truth-seekers are successfully discredited and mislabeled as “conspiracy theorists.”

Here in America, where we have not yet crossed the threshold of unbridled government violence, the deception is aimed at the political opposition groups who are digging-away at the official lies and cover-ups that have made the insanity of the war on terrorism possible.  The anti-war movement, the Constitutionalist movement and the 911 Truth movements all threaten to derail the machinery that is carrying us into the police state, the ghettoized America that awaits everyone outside of the elite.  The time will come when the secret army of truth-seekers will overcome the official lies that cover-up the truth about what has been done to America, and America has done to the world.  When the thousands of patriotic Americans and the even greater number of truth-seekers worldwide who hate us manage to break through the wall of official lies, the government of the United States will fall.  It is inevitable.

In searching for proof of state terrorism in the 911 attacks, too many people have proven themselves to be more than willing to abandon logic, whenever unfolding answers to the vital questions lead them into uncomfortable territory.  There is ample proof here of a conspiracy between national intelligence services to kill thousands of Americans, as a first step in a plan to commit genocide on a global scale.  To say otherwise is to participate in another big lie.  The power of the big lie is that it immobilizes decent people, who cannot believe that there are other humans, their fellow countrymen, who could be so inhumane as to join a plot to kill half the human race.

Out of sheer laziness and overwhelming fear, motivated by an organized campaign of  hyper-patriotism, the American people have embraced a plan for the wholesale slaughter of innocent people, the scope of which, would have embarrassed Hitler’s most grandiose dreams.  The ugly truth is that our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters, are going to be conscripted in a perpetual war to kill half of the world.  The innocent children of the world do not deserve what we are about to do to them.  Our grandchildren deserve a better inheritance than this.

A large portion of those innocent unfortunate souls who live in the nations targeted for the hot war (every country between Palestine and Pakistan) are marked for death.  Every effective leader in the targeted group must be eliminated, co-opted through some act of corruption, or otherwise rendered harmless to their would-be masters, even if that means the elimination of entire nations.  Another ugly truth is that the elimination of nations and masses of “useless eaters” is one of the end goals.

The elimination of nations is accomplished by disintegration, where a splintering process is begun through war and terrorist attacks.  The people are divided through a series of “false flag” terrorist attacks which are staged in a manner intended to implicate a minority faction.  A complex conspiracy theory is introduced into the local population through a whispering campaign of lies which seem to prove the minority guilty of the crimes.  As leaders arise within the populist majority movement, the assassinations begin, again attributed to the minority leadership.  The validity of the substituted misinformation is substantiated by targeted assassinations.  Nothing confirms the existence of a nefarious conspiracy like the assassination of the leadership of the movement, especially when the killing can be tied to someone in the opposition.

As the tensions are whipped-up by sleeper agents working for the American, British and Israeli intelligence agencies (or for local agencies), counter-movement leaders in the minority are killed.  The object is to ignite civil or sectarian war and to ignite anti-Western resistance.  We cannot forcefully pacify the world, without this justification.  In the end, resistance to America’s attacks is reported as “terrorism,” when forced through the American lie machine.  The web of lies spun around the al Qaida myth turns every American-contracted terror incident into an attack by an “al Qaida-related group.”  Popular opinion does not seem to register the fact that America and al Qaida have a symbiotic relationship, sharing mirror image goals, each side profiting the other with their attacks and propaganda efforts.

Wherever the myth of al Qaida is introduced in the zone of war, through the local gossip “grape vines,” conspiracy theories begin to reflect the new manufactured paradigm that has secretly been provided for them by local agents of the Western conspiracy.  In Iraq, this process of fracturing and distortion of native belief systems is so far along that the sectarian conflict which it has generated can no longer be traced back to the sources of the rumors which were used to give it life.   While some of the terrorist groups and the shadowy government death squads can be traced back to the many intelligence agencies operating in Iraq (who were instrumental in carrying-out the US “El Salvador option”), the reaction of waves of revenge attacks and counter-attacks has effectively covered the tracks of the original provocateurs behind it all.

Lebanon is a country at a crossroads, standing on the threshold separating hopeful democracy from full-blown civil war.   We have glimpsed secretive elements of hired mercenaries who labor in the dark for their Western co-conspirators and their devious secret services.   This organization of killers and criminals has constructed parapets and pitfalls for their unsuspecting neighbors, on America’s behalf.  The handiwork of traitorous neoconservatives like Elliot Abrams and David Welch is revealed in US agents Saad Hariri and Saudi Prince Bandar, who have eagerly constructed “straw men” for American allies to knock down.  The Fatah el Islam terrorists, allegedly “associated with al Qaida,” are facilitating the US-induced disintegration process in Lebanon, fighting to give the United States a foothold in Northern Lebanon in the form of a massive new naval base, opposite the new Soviet naval base that is under construction in Tartus, Syria.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, the main front in the war against truth, we see evidence emerging, almost on a daily basis, which confirms for us that the US misdirection in that area is also taking the form of a massive “whispering campaign,” meant to sow mistrust and confusion among the targeted Pashtun and Balochistan tribesmen.  Recent revelations about British MI6 involvement with a plan in Afghanistan to create a new false “Taliban” front,  follows on the heels of other similar reports about a MI6 operation (or part of the same one) in creating a false Balochi group, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).

Across the Durand Line into Pakistan we see an even more complex situation unfolding, where at least four intelligence operations play-out in the Frontier Provinces, all centered upon Baitullah Mehsud and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) organization he heads.

Baitullah Mehsud                                                    

Since his appointment to this position by Taliban leader Mullah Omar, a series of intrigues have been introduced through local gossip mills and various disinformation news sites to discredit him.  Most notable of these disinformation sources appears to be Asia Times correspondent, Syed Saleem Shahzad.  This site has been very outspoken about Syed, labeling him as a CIA tool. 

Syed Shahzad has proven to be an indispensable source for disseminating misinformation and disinformation relating to the al Qaida myth and the region.  His reports consistently support the current CIA line on al Qaida.  He and fellow Asia Times Online contributor  CIA disinformation agent Michael Scheuer are leading “experts” on bin Laden, who regularly validate taped messages from the dead Islamist leader for the controlled mass media.

Syed’s version of the “Taliban split” between forces loyal to Baitullah Mehsud and Waziri tribesmen following local leader, Maulvi Nazir has been developed over many months through his exclusive reporting obtained in his frontline excursions into the Western Provinces.  Mehsud is supposed to be the al Qaida puppet-master trying to topple the Pakistani government.  In the new conspiracy theory outlined by Syed, we are led to believe that Maulvi Nazir and Mehsud (both of whom are shadowy unknowns who have seemingly burst on the scene out of nowhere) are fighting because of a deadly tribal disagreement over Uzbek al Qaida fighters and their ruthless and zealous over-enforcement of Sharia law.   Nazir comes off as simply a dedicated Islamist who gathered together a small army (a “lashkar”) of 900 fighters to expel “al Qaida-related” bad Islamists and their Mehsud sponsors from his region.  When Pakistani Army support for Nazir’s efforts openly shifted from simply re-supplying to actively helping Maulvi Nazir with artillery fire, both sides in the Taliban fight turned on the government forces.

Some of the latest news from the area claims that Mullah Omar has (allegedly) removed the wanted militant leader Baitullah Mehsud as the commander of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for fighting the Pakistani army.  This rumor traces back to a single report  from Asia Times by Syed Saleem Shahzad.

The (un)official CIA story on Mehsud is somewhere between that given by Syed Shahzad and the public pronouncements of the Musharref government.  Mehsud, whom Musharref has blamed for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, has allegedly been “sacked” by Mullah Omar as the head of the TTP, according to Asia Times.  Every report on this development can be traced back to Syed’s original article.

Information from Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU), out of the United Kingdom gives a reasonable explanation for the hidden unfolding drama described as a sinister conspiratorial power play by Syed Shahzad.  The informative article by D. Suba Chandran refutes the entire idea of a war within the Taliban, describing instead a very localized fight limited to Uzbeks only.

“Thus, Uzbeks are not the only community present in the FATA, but are the only one being targeted…Uzbek militants are being targeted only in South Waziristan, there too only in a limited area…the Mahsuds, are not involved in the ongoing fighting… The primary reason for the local hatred vis-à-vis the foreigners, is attributed to Uzbek fighters’ attempts to dominate the local tribesmen and to their involvement in criminal activities… numerous local tribesmen were beheaded or kidnapped on the charge of spying for the government or for the US… the Uzbeks had killed more than 200 tribal elders… Apparently an Arab militant belonging to Al Qaeda was killed by the Uzbek fighters, which infuriated Maulvi Nazir, who is close to the Al Qaeda and Taliban… There is split in the ranks of Al Qaeda and Taliban. Yuldashev and his Uzbek fighters have fallen out of favour with the Al Qaeda-Taliban high command… The tribal militia formed against the Uzbeks was “authorized to demolish homes of supporters of the Uzbek militants, impose Rs 1 million fine on them and expel them from the area with their families.” See “ ‘Jihad’ declared against Uzbeks,” Dawn, 3 April 2007… there have been no hints of this fighting spreading to other parts of South Waziristan or other tribal Agencies, especially North Waziristan and Bajaur.”

Click to access Attacks+on+Uzbek+Militants+in+South+Waziristan.pdf

The battles being fought in Waziristan over Baitullah Mehsud’s leadership of the Pakistani Taliban are attempts by agents of the intelligence agencies to divide and demoralize the Pashtun fighters.  It is necessary that we find the point of divergence, where the nefarious scenarios of the nefarious plans of the competing secret services (CIA, Mossad, MI6, ISI, etc.) come into collision, to understand where the collusion between them ends.

Information provided by Hassan Abbas at CTC Sentinel confirms much of the information in the previous Pakistan Security Research article, while simultaneously contradicting Syed, Musharref and the CIA pronouncements about Mehsud.  According to Abbas, Nazir’s entire anti-Uzbek fight was commissioned by ISI, much like a previous shadowy attempt On October 23, 2006  to create a false copy of Tehrik-i-Taliban before the real group had even announced its own existence.

“a credible newspaper in Pakistan disclosed that five militant groups joined hands to set up an organization named Tehrik-i-Taliban in Mohmand Agency with a goal ‘to flush out gangs carrying out criminal activities in the name of Taliban’.”

The real December 14, 2007 announcement was tainted with suspicion because of the previous bogus claim.

This version of the conspiracy story, provided by Rahimullah Yusufzai, also seems to confirm Hassan Abbas’ views on the situation.

“The split in the Taliban happened over a dispute concerning the segment that refused to honor Jirga judgment made to attack Pakistani troops who were harassing Mehsud’s supply lines, making the Afghan fight more difficult…This failure defied a Taliban decision that every Taliban group was required to come to the assistance of others in its area of operation that were under attack from the Pakistan Army…. Taliban factions in Mohmand, Bajaur and Orakzai tribal regions and also in the Swat district of the NWFP launched attacks against the security forces during this period as part of a strategy to ease military pressure on Mehsud and his men. But instead of launching attacks on the military, the Taliban fighters [Maulvi Nazir’s men] in North Waziristan announced an extension of their unilateral ceasefire with the government and even issued a warning to Mehsud to stay out of their territory…”

Apparently, Nazir played on local resentment towards the Uzbeks in their region (who were a small minority despised by many Waziris because of their success and prosperity), trying to use them as scapegoats in an American/Pakistani plan to foment an intra-Taliban civil war.  Again, deferring to researcher Hassan Abbas, Nazir was associated with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e-Islami, a favorite of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) during the days of the anti-Soviet jihad.  In addition:

“Nazir has always looked for economic opportunities, and soon after his first victory over Uzbek militants he publicly urged the Pakistani government to initiate development work in the area and specifically asked mobile phone companies to start their services in the area.”

We find confirmation of this part of Abbas’ report in news about the recently exposed secret British MI6 operation to create a false Taliban in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

“Two European diplomats accused of holding secret talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan were thrown out of the country following a complaint by the US, intelligence officials in Kabul have told The Sunday Telegraph… The source claimed that the US alerted Afghan authorities after learning that the diplomats were providing direct financial and other support – including mobile phone cards – to the Taliban commanders, in the hope of persuading them to swap sides… These claims will reinforce perceptions of a rift between the US and its international partners in Afghanistan, including Britain.”

The report says that the CIA exposed the British operation, highlighting the developing split between the United States and its NATO allies over the ongoing war along the Afghan/Pakistani border region.  The political fight over defective US leadership in its war on terrorism is alienating the corrupt, murderous American government from its former allies and disrupting old alliances one-by-one.  When their conspiratorial plans completely blow-up in their faces, Bush and his equally guilty Congress will be left alone (except for the Israeli government).  Like caged animals, they will strike-out with every weapon at their disposal.  It is only a matter of time.

It is standard operating procedure for our government to never divulge the truth to the American people, unless it cannot be avoided.  Press conferences and news releases are tailored to hide the truth behind the official lies.  Entire electoral campaigns are composed of nothing but orchestrated lies.  The State of the Union message is a compilation of the noblest lies, meant to inspire the people with lofty-sounding pseudo-truths, arranged in a colorful message of hope, tied-up with the applause of “bi-partisan” approval.  Nothing is more chilling than the sight of 535 elected leaders applauding a leering, pompous, would-be emperor of the world, as he sends the world’s most powerful military force, to slaughter millions of the world’s most defenseless people, all in the name of maintaining inflated profits.

There is nothing more threatening to tyrants than an informed public.  That is why there is no place for truth in our collapsing democracy today.   If, in the end, a shrine to truth cannot be erected within our government, then our Republic may still remain standing, but there will be nothing democratic about it.  Personally, I don’t intend to allow that to happen, do you?

I am here to fight the lies as long as I can.  Stand with me.

Obama’s Great Reversal Is the Key To the Psywar

Obama’s Great Reversal Is the Key To the Psywar

Peter Chamberlin

The United States, in 2011, is in a strange, sad state.  The people stand (or sit), sick and divided, despairing over the fact that we cannot force logic upon our friends and relatives, seeing them wallow in the nothingness of political delusion.  Half of the people believe in the official national narrative being spoon-fed to us daily by Washington.  The other half is certain that the “official version” of all recent key historical events is a lie, intended to mislead the misinformed American people into going along passively with the great national lie.

The strangeness of the moment in time, which may finally entomb the entire race, is compounded by the great reversal in the narrative, which Barack Obama is forcing upon us.  He has moved in secret, so as to create the deceptive appearance of separation between his administration and the revolutionaries, insurgents and terrorists who are reversing the narrative in the oil regions. He is covertly deploying the assets prepared by the Bush Administration to carry-out the next phase of the American “war of aggression.”  (The war that was allegedly begun as a defensive war has long been exposed to be an unending resource war of aggression.)  It is becoming apparent that the “war” has a strong element of political warfare, fought by both violent and non-violent means.

North African and Middle Eastern, radical activists have been carefully selected by CIA behavioral technicians, who have brought selected radicals who demonstrated great leadership potential, to the United States for special training in political agitation by State Dept. NGOs (“non-governmental organizations”), before being returned to their homelands with essential electronic gear and funding, to carry-out the destabilizing skills that they have been taught.  The “Arab spring” movement, war on Libya, support of Bahraini repression, the coming Pakistani double-cross, as well as a possible double-cross of both sides of the Israel/Palestinian issue—all of these simultaneous events are key elements of Obama’s great reversal of the national narrative.  The alleged killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan at this precise time is intended to “flip” the opinions of the American majority, so that they will support a new war against Pakistan, our old ally.

The theme of the reversal is the “genius of Obama.”  This gambit is an attempt to repair Obama’s image, after he has exposed himself to be a slimier carbon copy of George Bush.  It is a carefully choreographed psychological warfare operation, intended to capture the minds of the unbelievers—to convince the misinformed American masses that our government is doing the right things in the world, instead of their exact opposites.  Our government is in the business of creating and multiplying evil, and all the people of the world, except for Americans, understand this fact.

The great national narrative that keeps so many of us deceived and delusional makes the unsubstantiated claim that we are at war with international terrorism, even though the opposite of this statement is closer to the truth—our government has created most of the militant groups that are called “terrorists” today, even the infamous “al-Qaeda.”  We armed and organized the “mujahedeen” who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, then allegedly cutting-off their supplies and funding after the Russians pulled-out.  These fighters then merged with volunteers from local religious schools (madrassas), who called themselves “Taliban” (the translation for “students”).

Despite the government claim that the CIA abandoned the mujahedeen before they became the Taliban, thousands of recruits from this same group were drafted to fight a series of covert wars for the CIA, stretching from Bosnia, to Chechnya, to Egypt and Libya, and beyond.

The truth about the American terror war is that it is a clean-up operation, eliminating the leadership and foot-soldiers we have hired and trained to fight for us in these covert wars. It is only half-true, that we are cleaning-up the mess that we have created in using radical militants as elements of American foreign policy—we are still using many of those same militants to conduct America’s secret policies in Libya, Iraq and in Russia, among other targeted states.

In Obama’s great reversal, we sometimes claim to fight against our old “al-Qaeda” militants, other times, the connections between us are revealed.  This contradiction is the Achilles’ heel of the national program of psychological warfare aimed at the American people and the rest of humanity.  How we exploit this contradiction to the advantage of the beleaguered human race, is a question that remains unanswered.  Our great hope is that sanity will prevail when the great push is on to invade Pakistan, since they have been caught red-handed by the Abbotabad raid, as the protectors of bin Laden and his gang.

It is highly unlikely that anything we can do will penetrate the American blood-lust now being celebrated at the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, but there is a chance that the “official story” about bin Laden’s killing and disposal at sea, that is being supplemented by the photoshop image of the allegedly freshly killed bin Laden will inspire more people to question the line of garbage being fed us.  After the dust settles from whatever is planned next, perhaps more people will recall these new lies in the chain of constant lies that have led us from one war to the next war.

Whatever happens next, perhaps it will be so morally outrageous that it will, at least, derail the lying Barack Obama, denying him a second term.

Prelude To the Pakistan Invasion

The Obama liars would not have gone to all this trouble to stage the fake re-killing of Osama bin Laden, deep in the heart of Pakistan, unless it was the prelude to the long-anticipated Special Forces invasion.  The fact that the gun battle which precipitated this fabricated story (SEE:  Photoshop Image of Bin Laden, Allegedly Killed In Abbottabad) took place almost next door to one of Pakistan’s largest military training academies sets the stage for prosecuting (persecuting) Pakistan for harboring bin Laden.  The size and shape of the immense US invasion that is sure to quickly follow this militarized theater will be determined by the Empire’s true intentions.  Many others have speculated that the coming attack will be to disarm Pakistan of its nukes, but all indicators point to something much, much larger, and far more sinister–the takeover of Pakistan’s northern territories and the eviction of China from Gilgat-Baltistan.  The Google Map below shows the location of the alleged raid in relation to the Karakoram Highway, which China has been investing heavily in modernizing over the past several years.

The predicted double-cross of Pakistan, with the US dumping Pakistan to partner with India, will be primarily intended to cut China out of Pakistan, thus preventing the completion of its highly-desired strategic corridor to the Arabian Sea at Gwadar. 

Pakistan, you are in so much trouble, simply because your military leaders have sold you out to the invading hordes waiting on, and within, your own borders.  At point, considering the complicity of Pak Army officials in setting-up this justification for invasion, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it.

Look for Obama to Transform Into an Anti-Nuclear President, to Quiet Libyan War Resistance

[There was never any chance that Obama would back the end of nuclear power generation, no matter how many bones he might toss to the anti-nuclear movement.  There is even less chance that Obama would ever try to turn the nation from the path of perpetual “persistent war.”  Throwing out this teaser now in the British press is another sign of growing desperation.  Obama, like Clinton before him, is a good example of what the Democratic Party in the United States really wants–To kick the shit out of every smaller or weaker country that dares to say “No” to our demands to turn their backs on their Russian and Chinese friends, while finishing-off the American industrial base, in order to create their “globalist” nightmare.

Like in all American Hegelian politics, the public images projected by both the national Democrats, as well as the Republicans, is the exact opposite of the true nature of the party leaders.  Democrats have always been warmongers just like the Republicans, the only difference is that the Repubs. are proud militarists who revel in their warmongering, unlike the Democrats, who always hide behind a curtain of “humanitarianism,” while pretending to be  “peacemakers,” whose only concern is the extending of the American/British Empire.

Consider this: The worst warmongers in the entire “war of terror” scheme have always been “neocons,” most of whom were former Democrats or  Marxists.  Obama and Clinton were every bit neocons, just as much as Dick Cheney.

If enough international heat builds-up against the American/NATO aggression in Libya, then look for Obama to offer an olive branch to the Earth-first people, most of whom think that getting rid of nukes should take priority over putting an end to wars of aggression.  Nuclear power has to be put way in the back of the vault, until we really understand nuclear science, but until that day finally arrives, we must first survive the nuclear disarmament process.  There is no real disarmament process at this time, only more political theater.  The real disarmament process will begin, when there is unity among nations for the purpose of eliminating the threats and international tensions which motivate nations to consider nuclear deterrence.  Until there is a common desire to escape the nuclear nightmare, there should be no unity of purpose.  Uniting behind the world aggression is the worst possible mistake real humanitarians could make.

There are two facts we are certain about: Politicians never tell the truth, unless the truth would work better than the lie. Obama would have never backslid on the nuclear power issue, unless he feared an avalanche of hostile reaction to his wars.

This trepidation shows that we are making our voices heard on some level.  We must keep doing what we have been doing, working even harder to amplify the sound of our unified voices.  In addition to this task, we must work on the weak arm of our growing resistance, the environmentalists, who will very likely bolt to Obama’s side, if he plays the “anti-nuclear” card.

Beyond all of that, someone, perhaps the last moral leader, must force a vote at the UN on the anti-Libyan aggression.]

Fukushima fears chill Obama’s atomic ambition

The president is a big supporter of the US nuclear industry – and it’s mutual. But public opinion after Japan’s disaster is otherwise

  • Indian Point nuclear reactor, New YorkThe Indian Point nuclear power plant at Buchanan, New York, on the Hudson River, just 25 miles from New York City. Regulators have promised to make the plant a top priority in a review of seismic risk at US nuclear reactors, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on 22 March 2011. Photograph: Mike Segar/Reuters 

    The recent tsunami in Japan and the subsequent, ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant have prompted concerns that a similar series of events could occur in the United States. After all, there is no country on earth more familiar with nuclear power than the United States: its 104 commercial plants make it the world’s largest provider of nuclear power. Yet, for an industry with such well-documented risks – albeit risks that have laid dormant for more than a decade – nuclear energy has enjoyed a great deal of support from the Obama administration.

    Obama’s endorsements of alternative, renewable energy have always been qualified by his inclusion of nuclear power “in the mix”. Even with the most recent news that heightened levels of radioactive iodine have been detected in Tokyo’s water supply, Obama has followed the US nuclear industry’s cues, insisting that we have nothing to fear and that nuclear power remains a key to our energy future. How are we to make sense of this seemingly unshakeable commitment?

    By insisting that the Fukushima crisis is simply an unfortunate result of the tsunami rather than the seismic activity in the region, the US nuclear industry hopes to quell potentially costly anxieties that such an event could happen here – or that nuclear energy might be fundamentally hazardous. For instance, Exelon, the country’s largest operator of nuclear plants, issued a statement on 13 March in which they declared that “[o]ur plants are safe, particularly given the different seismic patterns in our regions and the absence of tsunami-type events where we have operations.”

    Technically, this is true.

    Exelon does not operate either the Diablo Canyon or the San Onofre facilities – California’s two nuclear plants that remain active and have been found to be on or near active geographic faults.

    Exelon does, however, operate the Oyster Creek plant in Ocean County, New Jersey, which houses a General Electric boiling water reactor – the same basic design of two of the three damaged reactors in the Fukushima plant. While eastern New Jersey is not typically thought of as at-risk for earthquakes or tsunamis, there are other fears.

    “Of course we don’t get tsunamis, we don’t get earthquakes, but we do get hurricanes,” says Norm Cohen of Unplug Salem, a group opposing nuclear energy in New Jersey. “[…] I can imagine a scenario where you have a category five hurricane and just a big wall of water in front of it, and I don’t think we’re prepared for that.”

    Moreover, other energy companies do operate facilities that might be susceptible to earthquakes. The Diablo Canyon reactor sits less than a mile from the recently discovered “shoreline fault”, which scientists are currently studying to ascertain the potential hazard it might pose to the facility. According to state senator Sam Blakeslee, who holds a doctorate in earthquake studies, the fault’s proximity to the plant could “produce shaking far in excess of what’s expected”. Another fear is that the shoreline fault and another intersecting fault could begin moving at the same time, resulting in an even more intense quake. A 2010 report by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission found that the same Diablo Canyon facility had operated for a year and a half with some emergency systems disabled.

    And, of course, a nuclear plant need not be susceptible to natural disasters to pose a public safety hazard. In addition to numerous smaller incidents, the partial meltdown at the Three Mile Island facility (now operated by Exelon) in 1979 and the catastrophic meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986 remain two of the starkest reminders of the inherent dangers of nuclear energy. Both were caused by a combination of mechanical failures and human error.

    From a business perspective, it is perfectly understandable that the nuclear industry would feel the need to assuage public fears in the wake of the Fukushima crisis. Since the late 1970s, the industry has largely been in a state of stagnation; the tide of US public opinion began to turn against nuclear power following the near disaster at Three Mile Island. Of the 104 plants currently in operation, ground was broken on all of them before 1974. To expand its business, the industry turned to exports, finding a friend in President Bill Clinton, who approved the sale of nuclear technology to such countries as China, Brazil and Argentina.

    More recently, Barack Obama has proven nothing short of a godsend for the nuclear industry in the US. Along with clean, renewable energy sources, Obama has long considered nuclear power an important alternative to coal and other dirty, foreign fossil fuels. In the Democratic debate during the 2008 presidential race, he made his position clear: “I actually think that we should explore nuclear power as part of the energy mix.”

    Even as he has acknowledged that “nothing is completely failsafe” in the midst of the Fukushima crisis, he has remained steadfast in his support of nuclear energy. As recently as 17 March, he stated, “Nuclear energy is an important part of our own energy future.” While it was George W Bush who established $18.5bn in federal loan guarantees for the construction of new plants, it is Obama who declared his intentions to nearly triple that figure to $54.5bn.

    To understand President Obama’s commitment to nuclear energy, one need look no further than his Illinois roots. Home of the Exelon Corporation, the state could aptly be described as the nuclear energy capital of the United States. It hosts 11 reactors at six different sites – the most in the country. As the New York Times reports, since 2003, employees and executives of Exelon have donated at least $227,000 to Obama’s senate and presidential campaigns. Additionally, David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political adviser, has previously served as a consultant for Exelon.

    In 2006, a dispute between Illinois voters and the state nuclear industry forced then Senator Obama to step in to mediate a dispute between the two constituencies. When Illinois residents raised concerns that Exelon had failed to report a leak at one of its facilities, Obama drafted a bill that would have forced energy companies to report all leaks immediately. Ultimately, however, he presented much weaker legislation. “Senator Obama’s staff was sending us copies of the bill to review, and we could see it weakening with each successive draft,” said Joe Cosgrove, a park district director in Will County, Illinois, where low-level radioactive runoff had turned up in groundwater. “The teeth were just taken out of it.” The new bill did not include language mandating prompt reporting of leaks.

    In addition to the inherent risks of nuclear energy production, the safe disposal of radioactive waste remains a serious problem; and like fossil fuels, the world’s supply of uranium-235 and plutonium-239 is limited. Given these realities, it would not be a leap to conclude that Obama’s insistence on including nuclear power in the discussion of clean and renewable forms of energy has more to do with his backing by the nuclear power industry than anything else.

    This position may not be tenable for long, however. While early signs indicate that President Obama’s support for nuclear energy will endure the crisis in Japan, it is much more likely that public opinion will not.

The Tragedy of Fukushima May Be Mankind’s Greatest Hope

The Tragedy of Fukushima May Be Mankind’s Greatest Hope

Peter Chamberlin

The Tragedy of Fukushima is not yet fully known, at least not in terms of the long-term effects of the radiation released today and tomorrow, perhaps for mankind’s entire “half-lifetime.”  We don’t know (meaning our best scientists don’t know) what will grow out of the hole which has been blasted in our collective consciences today.   Our knowledge of atomic science, just like our understanding of all earth science, is in its infancy, yet we have chosen to build nuclear reactors in geologically risky locations.  Beyond the risky siting problems, lie the earth forces of wind and water, which we only now beginning to see.

Our best minds could figure-out how to take the nuclear fire out of the oven and bring it into our neighborhoods, but they could not guarantee a fail-safe way to go about this—yet, they enthusiastically urged our leaders to dot the countryside with these nuclear pipe-bombs, euphemistically dubbed “reactors.”  A “REACTOR” is an abomination, classified as “science.”  Here is an untechnical description of a reactor operation:

Inside a closed metal and concrete container, a piece of uranium is ignited, like a piece of coal that is partially smothered, enough to prevent the glowing coal from bursting into open flames.  The glowing uranium rod is prevented from open ignition by smothering in special high-temperature coolant.  The heat released by this partially burning rod of uranium evaporates water into steam, which flows through pipes like a modern equivalent of a steam engine.  The nuclear-powered steam engine turns an electrical generator, which sends electricity flowing through the wires.

If the uranium rod is allowed to burn too hot, it creates more heat than the coolant can transfer and the REACTOR begins to melt, before the fuel rods melt.

If the water system shuts-down for an extended time, the steam being created can’t flow, the pressure builds until the REACTOR explodes, leaving the burning fuel rods fully exposed.  The rods melt, burning through the floor of the REACTOR.

If all goes well, none of this ever happens, but like all things made by the hands of man, every mechanical system eventually breaks-down.  Our best minds knew all these risks before the first reactor was ever built, yet they recommended that reactors should be built in every country on the face of the earth.  Our scientists didn’t care to consider that the day might come when the earth would bite back.

The tragedy of Fukushima is a tragedy for all mankind.  We do not yet see it, but this event will be remembered as a turning point in the development of humanity.  From this point forward, if nothing else, Fukushima will give pause to every politician, or technocrat in the future who holds up the torch of “nuclear power” as the great hope for our energy-starved planet.  But the greater ramifications of the environmental impact from this event will echo down through the corridors of human time, in both subtle and more obvious ways.  The first concrete way that this will impact future lives will be in the horrible mutations suffered by those exposed to burning-type of radiation, near the site of the explosion.  Children of the workers and neighbors of this plant, and their children, will suffer much higher rates of extreme deformation of their future fetuses, produced after this event.

The more subtle widespread genetic damage is produced by the release of enormous amounts of highly-radioactive dust into the atmosphere, as it is carried around the planet, is something which we can only guess at from our perspective.  Today, we cannot foresee the end of this tragic catastrophic event.  The only thing we know for certain, is that it is all ending very badly.

Our scientists all thought that something like this would never happen, or so they said.  The truth is, they played the odds and lost, or rather the Japanese people lost.  Nuclear power has always been a cosmic roll of the dice, with the fate of every living being on planet earth riding on the outcome of the roll.  Our great leaders fully understood that bad things might happen, yet they confidantly invested your tax dollars, in order to gamble your lives that one day the radioactive wolf would not come knocking at your door.  Well the wolf is outside and he is starting to howl.

Scientists are so caught-up in their own self-worship that they convince themselves that they know what is best for all of us, especially if it means profit or power for them.  The self-proclaimed “geniuses” who have unleashed the nuclear genie for our advancement, have made decisions for us which God Himself, chose to leave alone.  Human evolution comes about when the species reaches a dead-end, requiring the species to grow (evolve) in some way, in order to go forward.  Human technology follows the same pattern of growth–forward momentum reaches a point of impasse, until the impeding wall is breached, allowing forward momentum to resume.

Nuclear power has always been thought-of in these terms–the technology which was built upon the discovery of the thermonuclear reaction, thinking that “nuclear power” was a great leap forward….IT WAS NOT.  As I have explained in my steam engine analogy, nuclear power is pseudo-science.  It is the adapting of Nineteenth Century technology over the discovery of the thermonuclear reaction and calling it a “REACTOR,” claiming that it was a great leap forward for all mankind, alleviating us from our addictions to coal and oil-fired electricity.  We have our need for electricity–vs–unlimited energy from enriched uranium.  We have not bridged the gap between them with so-called “nuclear power” (really steam power).

When we have fully understood nuclear science we will have naturally progressed to the knowledge of converting atomic energy into electricity.  Until then, we are just burning-up a very limited resource, while endangering all of our lives.  In our effort to understand the true science involved in the thermonuclear reaction we will come to understand the real science of nuclear fusion.  Until we learn to harness the astronomical amounts of energy being released in the fusion reaction, we will just be spinning our tires, stuck in the same old mud, with our heads still firmly in our asses.

It may be, that when we finally really understand exactly what we have gotten our hands on, we will figure-out that somehow, our evolution as an intelligent species has required a radioactive environment, in order to cause specific species’ mutations that we have not even dreamed of.  Who knows?  Maybe God had this on His mind all along.  Since He is the hidden hand behind our evolution, He must have had reasons for allowing man to open the nuclear nutshell.  The discovery of atomic energy was a natural outcome of our primitive scientific quest, just as the discovery of converting fusion energy into electrical energy must be the next step in our quest to improve the species.

Perhaps He who sees all things before they happen put “nuclear power” before us to become the great wall to human progress which together we muct breach.  Perhaps we will see this phase in our technological development for what it is, a failed experiment, so that we may absorb the lessons learned from the tragedy at Fukushima and go on. This is my great hope.

It is time to leave nuclear power behind.

If the Script Calls for Credible “Bad Guys,” Then Invent Some! (updated)

If the Script Calls for Credible “Bad Guys,” Then Invent Some!

Peter Chamberlin

The best-laid plans of America’s sickest minds are unraveling before their bloodshot evil eyes.  The further the CIA mind-twisters stretch in trying to make their crazy “militant Islamist” scheme work somewhere in the Muslim world, the more the edges ravel on  the magnificiant whole-cloth of lies that they have so lovingly woven for us.  We should all be allowed to smile just a little when the CIA’s dumbest “mind-fuck” plans fail, if it were not for the fact that they have gambled our futures on their plots.

The great thing about “al-Qaeda” is that they are the terrorist group that has something to offer for anyone who needs a patsy to fulfill a task, whether that be to cover a political assassination of an annoying individual, a military incursion into an innocent country, the suppression of national civil rights, or even the use of martial law tactics against unarmed citizens.  For Muammar Qaddafi, “al-Qaeda” has been the shock troops of the Libyan revolution.  For post-Soviet Russia, “al-Qaeda” was the militant nationalist terrorists who were fomenting an insurgency, at one point even creating a terrorist “mini-state” in the Pankisi Gorge.  For post-Soviet Georgia, this meant accepting American largesse along with the new American-directed paradigm, where Russia gets American support (and therefore Georgian) for cleaning-out a Chechen militant base in Georgia, while Russia accepts the setting-up of the Partnership for Peace Program in Georgia, as a precursor to implementing the program in all former Soviet states, under the guise of training national forces to fight alongside US/NATO troops, against AQ terror or drug-running.  This was an underhanded way for NATO to gain working control over host country forces, which worked especially well, whenever the terror threat was really hyped-up.

The really tricky part in unraveling these Western psyops like “al-Qaeda,” is in learning how to tell the difference between the “direct action” missions and the actual militant terrorism which has been generated in reaction.  It is a complex formula, developed over many decades by spook mind-fuckers, working in multiple zones of chaos.  If we want to understand it we need to understand just how far that American military forces are authorized to go in pursuit of these hidden objectives. Our American “heroes” that everyone wants you to support are fully prepared to commit attacks which can only be described as terrorism to “preserve our way of life.”

We see it clearly spelled-out in some military training manuals, such as in the US Army’s classified Field Manual 30-31:

classified Field Manual 30-31, with appendices FM 30-31A and FM 30-31B, authored by the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to train thousands of stay-behind officers around the world. The field manual was published in the 1987 parliamentary report of the Italian parliamentary investigation into the terrorist activities of “P2”, the CIA-MI6 sponsored Italian anti-communist network. As Ganser observes: “FM 30-31 instructs the secret soldiers to carry out acts of violence in times of peace and then blame them on the Communist enemy in order to create a situation of fear and alertness. Alternatively, the secret soldiers are instructed to infiltrate the left-wing movements and then urge them to use violence.” In the manual’s own words:

“There may be times when Host Country Governments show passivity or indecision in the face of Communist subversion andaccording to the interpretation of the US secret services do not react with sufficient effectiveness… US army intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince Host Country Governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger. To reach this aim US army intelligence should seek to penetrate the insurgency by means of agents on special assignment, with the task of forming special action groups among the most radical elements of the insurgency… In case it has not been possible to successfully infiltrate such agents into the leadership of the rebels it can be useful to instrumentalise extreme leftist organizations for one’s own ends in order to achieve the above described targets… These special operations must remain strictly secret. Only those persons which are acting against the revolutionary uprising shall know of the involvement of the US Army…” (p. 234-297)

The military anticipates where they want to project power, then they begin “enabling operations,” intended to shape the local environment and bring about conditions conducive to their objective.  If they want to take over a local ongoing insurgency, they activate the most radical criminal elements within the groups to stage local terror attacks, or if no insurgency exists in the targeted country, then covert Western paramilitary forces would disguise their appearances and assimilate “in country,” where they would serve as their own radicalizing, criminal terrorist element.

I  have been focusing mainly on this type penetration of Pakistan for several years, but I have come to think that perhaps I needed to investigate the American “Islamists” in Chechnya.  In Chechnya, we clearly smell the American hand all over synthetic terrorist leader “Doku Umarov,” but the stinking trail that ends in Doku runs all the way back to Afghanistan, establishing an improbable link to bin Laden himself, legitimizin