Document rationalization of Jihad in Egypt and the world–Imam al-Sharif

وثيقة ترشيد العمل الجهادي  “The document, Guidance for Jihad

Document rationalization of Jihad in Egypt and the world

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

ترشيد العمل الجهادي في مصر والعالم Rationalizing

Jihad in Egypt and the world


The document, Guidance for Jihad (1)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (1)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Praise be to God Almighty one, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and their Ghaffar Aziz, Praise be to Allah, praise Him Hamad thankful and pray and to recognize honest and trustworthy messenger, envoy of the Lord’s mercy to the worlds, and on his family and companions.
As yet, the God has sent His Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him with guidance and the religion of truth to people out of the darkness into the light by permission of their Lord, to the Straight Path, and supported his victory indicated and Bsahapth faithful companions, fully demonstrating God peace be upon him, religion and completed his Open despite the many enemies stubborn, he established the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions Islamic state out of nowhere until it became a young state tracts included Arabs, Persians and Turks and Berbers, Kurds, Franks then under the state Islamic caliphate super stretched from Bangladesh east to Marrakech and Andalusia in the west, and Tashkent Azerbaijan and the Caucasus in the north to Yemen and the Arabian Sea to the south, in the state and one lived a thousand and three hundred years feared until the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War I (1914-1918), while the holding of two Muslims and weakened and dispersed Caster fragments.
With the weakness of the state of the Ottoman Empire in the late nineteenth century captured the European countries most of the country the Islamic world and they divide and weaken it and loot its wealth and deprivation of industrial progress and to keep his family in a state of disunity, poverty and backwardness, and imposed their culture and their laws on the country’s Muslims strongly military occupation; then has this European countries, the establishment of a state for the Jews (Israel) in the heart of the Islamic world to Anhake and humiliate him.
There is no doubt that this is all but signed on Muslims sins as Allah said: (and Ospkm of calamity Fbma your hands have earned ..) (Shura: 30), and still this coalition against imposing guardianship on the country’s Muslims and ask them more concessions certified to the verse: (you will not be satisfied with the Jews and the Christians until you follow their religion) (Al-Baqarah: 120).
Has resulted in the spread of European culture and work by their own laws to the prevalence of corruption and decay of morality in the country’s Muslims, and alert the virtuous Muslims of this danger and called to be remedied before the descent of resentment and divine solutions perdition year, and saw that the return of Muslim countries to the arbitration law of the Lord is the foundation of all goodness for the country and its people; well that the arbitration law is the duty of every Muslim under his faith in God, sin and breaks down his faith by leaving the verse: (not the Lord does not even believe in Igmuk including tree and then do not find themselves embarrassed than I was and Ignorance) (women: 65), and says: (What was not insured for the insured if he spent God and His Messenger is to have a good ordered them from those who disobey Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed indicating Dilla) (parties: 36).
Clinical signs about the law of God is the origin of the destruction of this world and the hereafter, and the jury his law brings to the Muslims world and the Hereafter as Allah said: (though the villagers believe, and fear they opened the blessings of heaven and earth) (custom: 96), and the history of Muslims testament to Azzam and victory and riches, while clung Bashriathm This Orient Islamic history is the only thing that Muslims can be proud of in the present era.
And numerous pathways Muslims in pursuit of arbitration law of Islam in our time, and in response to the great powers that are not satisfied with only humiliate Muslims and weaken them, and resorted some Islamic groups to clash with the ruling authorities in the country or with the Great Powers and their nationals in the name of Jihad in the way of Allah Almighty for the elevation Like Islam.
The spread of clashes in different countries from the far east to the far west, have been exposed to these clashes, many of the violations in such killings citizenship and murder because of the color of skin or hair, and murder doctrine, and kill those who do not permissible to kill Muslims and non-Muslims, and wasteful in protest to the question Altters to expand the circle of murder, Asthlal funds infallible and vandalism, and nothing brings the wrath of the Lord and retribution Xvk bloodshed and destruction of money unjustly, and this is one of the causes of abandonment in the world and the embarrassment and culpability in the afterlife, he says: (beware who violate all ordered him to acquire a charm or suffer a painful doom. ) (Nur: 63).
The signatories to this document, as they declare their dissatisfaction with these irregularities legitimacy and led him from the evils, they remind themselves and all Muslims with some legal controls related to the jurisprudence of jihad, and declare their commitment to these regulations contained in this document, and call other Muslims, especially the young generations of the youth of Islam to adhered to and not get caught up in occurred when the predecessors of irregularities legitimacy ignorance of religion or deliberately, do not they set up a religion nor kept at minimum, especially since Jihad is obligatory past in a nation of Muslims since legitimized by God and to be fighting the last of the Antichrist with Christ in the last time also told us that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, who described Jihad as (pinnacle of Islam) because it saves God to Muslims religion and worldly and has their pride and dignity in the world and the Hereafter, here it is necessary to understand the rationalization of the duty of jihad.
And formulate these controls legitimacy to rationalize jihad work in terms announce our commitment to them and we call on all Muslims and especially the jihadist groups in various parts of the world to abide by, standing duty of advice to God and to his book and His Messenger, peace be upon him and all Muslims, and all this with our appreciation and our recognition that our brothers the Mujahideen in They are everywhere in the sentence and the owners of a noble cause Semitic campaign message, and they are not true students of worldly benefits, but that many of them self-sacrifice and precious pride for Islam and Muslims.
The terms of the document

I. religion of Islam:
Islam is the religion ring that the seal of God Almighty by all heavenly messages downloaded from the Almighty to guide his creation, revealed to the prophets and messengers Muhammad and they better prayer and delivery.
Islam and binding on all holders of mankind and the jinn of the time of the Prophet peace be upon him and to the Day of Resurrection. He says: We sent thee not all people harbinger and warner) (SABA: 28), and the Almighty said: (Say: O you people, I am the Messenger of Allah to you all) (custom: 158), and in the modern right, said the Messenger of Allah (r): «The Prophet sends to his own people and sent to people in general »Agreed.
And humans all since the mission of the Prophet and to the Day of Resurrection they (the nation call) invited to embrace the religion of Islam, and they Almkhatabon saying the Almighty: (O people) in the Koran, it is responded to them so they (the nation answer) Muslims Almkhatabon saying the Almighty in the Qur’an: (O those who believe).
From this point of mankind (humans) and the mission of God peace be upon him to gin Fetapth in Surat last Ahqaf and the first sura jinn.
And the meaning of obliging the religion of Islam: that God Almighty will not held accountable for all of His creation in charge since the mission of the Prophet peace be upon him and to the Day of Resurrection, but on the basis of the religion of Islam, from the vision of the Angel of Death to Rkdh tomb, then the Baath and the account to the stable final in committee or high fire Garrison, it did not embrace the religion of Islam or embraced and then went out of his law Bnaqd Nullifiers Islam is inevitably doomed if he dies on the Almighty said: (It seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, a loser in the Hereafter) (Al-Imran: 85), Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah may God have mercy on him: (It is known by necessity from the religion of Islam and Muslims that the agreement of all of the non-WYSIWYG follow the religion of Islam or follow the law is the law of Muhammad peace be upon him is an infidel) of (total Fatawa c) 28.
And the meaning of the religion of Islam is to surrender any full pander to the law of God Almighty, and this fact servitude to Allah alone with no partner to him as the Almighty said: (He said he converted to Islam Rabbo Aslam said the Lord of the worlds) (Al-Baqarah: 131).
But this is achieved surrender and docile and slavery that we worship God as he wants the Almighty, not as we want, and by following the prescribed Almighty in every large and small affairs of life, also dismissed the Almighty says: (Say that my prayer and my sacrifice and my living and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, no partner and so I ordered the first Muslims) (cattle: 162 163), just as the message of Islam are binding on all humans (and this is mildly temporal and spatial) are also bound by them in all the affairs of their lives (and this is a mildly objective) which is adequate in all this and to the Day of Judgment no prophet after Muhammad peace be upon him.

If Islam is achieved on the Lord to provide Murad Murad self, it reduces or invalidated violating it, and the offense scores:
– It is presented on the same Murad Murad Rabbo things easy, this is the perpetrator of trivial things (disobedience).
– It is the same foot Murad Ali Murad Rabbo in big things, this is the perpetrator of sins (which chambering).
– It is provided Murad himself Murad Lord in great things, this has occurred in (disbelief) because God Almighty has described the disbelief that (Perjury Great) (accident: 46), and (perjury) is guilt .. as well as the description of infidelity guilt Great in the verse: (It involves God has invents a great sin) (women: 48).
Has been forbidden by God for all these irregularities Bmratbha, he said, most would: (but God I loved the faith to you and decorations in your hearts, and you hate infidelity and immorality and disobedience) (cabins: 7), and all these irregularities are repentance and forgiveness if life, and the one who died on something which subject to further discussion known books belief and doctrine, he pointed out that Bayhaqi in his book (people of faith) depending on the papillary mercy of God.
In his book (approvals in assets Canon / c 1) Imam Shatibi God’s mercy: (that God has put sharia to be the whims of souls belonging to the intended street) Boerma., And this is appropriate, commissioning, should not behave Muslim opposite Fatoa texts of Sharia agree to the whims of this, contrary to what God wants him to.
In place of jihad for the sake of God, a division of the faith which (pinnacle of Islam) is also true for the beloved Prophet peace be upon him in this place Galilee shrine Jihad but realized the bondage of a Muslim to the Lord Almighty to provide Murad Rabbo him on Murad himself, and so Muslim knows that what God has enjoined upon at this time, according to his ability, with the reward of what he had done and drops him what sin deficit him.
But that puts a Muslim for the same goal and that was in its origin a project but overworked and do not suit case then exhibits no way to achieve the goal of a non-complying controls Sharia, it has provided Murad himself Murad Rabbo, but this is not the way Muslims and it is a way of revolutionary secularists.
And not in Islam that (end justifies the means) and that goal was a noble and legitimate in origin, but the Muslim worship God means also worships goals, the dies before the realization end be his reward for what he does it and drops him the iniquity of the deficit him as the Almighty said: (It migrates In order to find God in the earth Mre_me much capacity is coming out of his house migrants to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes his reward has signed on God and if God is Oft) (women: 100).
Each of the wire tack illegal payoff void His work does not accept him as God the Almighty said right: (but to accept God’s righteous) (Table 27), and said the Prophet peace be upon him: «of action that is not it rejected» Narrated by Muslim, and the meaning of (Re) do not accept any return of God.
The Muslim demands to operate in accordance with the law and has his reward with God as much as his quest according to its capacity, and will not hold him accountable God on what deficit it also will not hold him accountable on the lack of awareness of the purpose, and as the Prophet, peace be upon him for the United prophets and their followers the Day of Resurrection: «The Prophet and his men , and come to the Prophet and the man with him, and come to the Prophet and not with a »modern Agreed Ibn Abbas« God bless them », an interview in which the trust (scooped by Okasha).
The Muslim should act in accordance with the law and not be aware of the goals, this is due to the extent of God and His will be glorified, and the introduction of the reasons the correct benefit unless opposed by much, and thus know that it is not true that (all the work for shortening achieve unintended is false), this prophet of prophets, peace be upon them What has led him from the call did not come, followed by a deliberate or in part, does his work was in vain? This is because God has said: (And We sent a messenger except to be obeyed God willing) (women: 64), and this was not a prophet Atah Is a void of what was done to achieve a deliberate shortening?
Thus you will know that it is not permissible to launch a previous statement on all the work shortening to achieve a deliberate and therefore governs struck down, this is not true, and as long as the work agree with the law Vlmuslim wages as much as his quest, although not up to the unintended as indicated by previous evidence, and the Almighty said: (It works whit atom of good will see, it works whit seen evil) (the earthquake: 7.8).


The document, Guidance for Jihad (2)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (2)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Do not assign a fleeting mind to talk: (Pen is lifted from three), nor mandated by science and the attainment of the speech says: «… and we were tormented even send a messenger» (Al-Isra: 15), and from the maxim «does not rule acts wise before and Rhode Text », nor commissioned at the deficit and the inability of the meaning« God does not burden any soul beyond its power »(Al-Baqarah: 286).
The science Sharia, it is the way to know what God wants of us, there is no way to only learning the science of law, as he says: «and also revealed to you a spirit of ours you know what the book is not of faith, but we made Nora dedicate its starch was one of our« (Shura: 52).
The human though originally it ignorance as He says: «God brought you out from the wombs of your mothers knowing nothing» (bees: 78), but it is enjoined to learning and application of science, it is not permissible to do something even knew his rule in the law of God as He says «Ask the people Remembrance if you do not know »(Nahl: 43).
In the modern right, said the Prophet peace be upon him «Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim» classed Suyuti, has long God human means learning to use it in obedience to God, including the application of science and make this gratitude, the Almighty said «God brought you out from the wombs of your mothers knowing nothing and make you hearing and sight and hearts that you may give thanks »(Nahl: 78), see Contraindications civil gained in« waving explanation for the clarification »of Saad Eddin Taftazani and dad Masood Bukhari.
If the application of science and a duty for a Muslim to know what superimposed upon the duty and Halal and Haram, the way learning is a question of Trustees of the scholars, it asks dishonest because the experience is not credible as he says «that there comes punk news Vtbinwa» (cabins: 6 ), and do not ask ignorant albeit dressed scientists because Asked For misguidance and destruction as the Prophet peace be upon him in the right «God does not receive the flag by force being snapped up from the subjects, but caught the flag Bakd scientists, even if they remain a world made people chairmen ignorant Vsiloa Vovetoa unknowingly preferred and Odiloa », said Bukhari, may Allah have mercy on him, in his Saheeh« The imams after the Prophet, peace be upon him consult Trustees of scholars »Balbkhara sit in the book. There are other ways to learn, including reading books, scientists trustworthy (which is known as Balthml Balujadh), that the novice may make mistakes in understanding the words of the scholars in their books, and there may be the same the world talk in the position of restricting speech in another place, it should be a novice to see to understand , and it is a question of know him.
It follows on the necessity of application of science in the place of jihad, which is the subject of this document, inter alia:
– It is not permissible for non-qualified legitimate members of the jihadi groups download what in the stomachs wrote the predecessor of the provisions of the absolute reality present, texts Sharia (Quran and Sunnah) though fixed and does not change, but the options to suit every reality and the case, and this does not realize, however, expert Sharia.
He has written scientists predecessor books of time is our time, it was the Muslims which Darulsalam and succession Khalifa and distinguish between rows and between people to each other, Muslims in Dar al-Islam and infidels in the House of War, and in the Dar al-Islam is characterized by a dhimmi for a Muslim in appearance, all of this does not exist now and mingled people, and this is different from the changing reality which requires reservists when read the books and advances when judging people.
– Since the fatwa (defined to be, in fact) may not work, including science books, but the advisory opinion from a qualified Therefore, Basir Sharia and the fact that fact, but he said the Prophet peace be upon him «people took chairmen ignorant Vsiloa Vovetoa unknowingly preferred and Odiloa» talk Agreed, and al-Faqih of Lefty appropriate duty of reality, mentioned by Ibn values ​​in God’s mercy (I’laam).
– And such as science books published in the international information network (Internet) may not accept all of what is published by without knowing and without the knowledge of the legitimate eligibility for the publisher and Baadalth, and especially what is published by the incitement of Muslims to clash with others.
– May not unqualified to lead like him in the disqualification to contest the clashes in the name of jihad, the reservists in matters of blood and money in a very obligatory, God has said «Oh you who believe, if you strike the sake of Allah Vtbinwa» (women: 94).
The scruples of the Prophet peace be upon him eating a date, fearing to be one of the charity which is not permissible for him (talk Agreed Anas may Allah be pleased with him), how can a Muslim do not hesitate in blood and money, symptoms and Nabih hesitate in Tamra one?
If entered compromised Vulkip duty to talk right «It has Aestbro fearing reproach to religion and honor, and occurred in the suspicions occurred in the Sacred» Agreed about Nu’man bin Bashir, may Allah be pleased with him.
I have seen some of not only improves the answer to the question in the jurisprudence of prayer or purity while, decrees and orders of wasting blood and money wholesale. Does this justify the religion of Islam?
– Do not accept the word of a fatwa, or especially in these critical issues Caldme and money only on the grounds, and the argument is the forensic evidence from the Book of Allah or the Prophet peace be upon him, then what counts consensus and the correct measurement.
The scholarly and fatwas is no argument in the religion of God and is not evidence of legal provisions mentioned in the books of jurisprudence. Hence, they said «The words of the scholars argue him not invoked», and the meaning of (his protest) that lacking any evidence to prove his health. But learned from the words of the scientists highlight the judgment of God Almighty to guide issue guidance and understanding of the meanings of the texts of the law and clarify Guamdha and collect what divides them.
– And not one infallible in this nation after the Prophet, also said Imam Malik ibn Anas God’s mercy «each one taken from saying and leaves only the owner of this grave» and pointed to the tomb of the Prophet peace be upon him.
However, the son of values ​​God’s mercy has stated in (I’laam c 4) that Abu Bakr did not know him in violation of the Year, while the irregularities Omar ibn al-Khattab Few, The irregularities Ali Ibn Abi Talib, and more may Allah be pleased with him Boerma, and if this is in the words of the Righteous How adults in the rest of the sayings of the prophet, God bless them they are masters of the Muslims? And how those who came after them from scientists?
Has held all of Abu Omar bin Abd al-Barr in (collector statement of science) and Ibn Hazm in (Clinch provisions in assets) in the words of Pope companions for years and the offense responded by each other, but not tight here primarily to reported examples of them.
Those who came after the companions and whom scholars of the four schools, as Ibn Taymiyyah said God’s mercy «The words of some of the imams Calfgahae four and others is not an argument for a crisis not unanimous consensus of the Muslims, but has proven them – God bless them – they forbade people from their tradition, and ordered if they saw word in the book and the year stronger than saying to take what is indicated by the Quran and Sunnah and let their words ».
Ibn Taymiyyah also «The tradition falsehood reprehensible it is to accept the words of others without argument», he says «If they were told to follow God alone knows what they said, but we follow what coming under our fathers, or if their parents do not understand something and not be guided» (The Cow: 170) a E..
– The warning from the jurisprudence of justification, has much at this time that it is advisable man something or commit folly, then looking after her so for evidence of a book or a year to justify its folly and push it the blame for himself, and this is present in individuals and groups, and will not be executed someone to find suspicion of evidence, but understand and carry on non Mourad street as he says «And We send down of the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy for believers and not more than the oppressors only ruin» (Al-Isra: 82), this has been the behavior of the people of innovation since antiquity, whom he described advances that they (the people Fad Istdlon believe then, and then Istdlon Sunnis believe). The son of the values ​​God’s mercy in the doors of the tricks of his book (Lahfaan of Fisheries Satan) examples of what was understood by the people of the Koran on fads, but the immorality and sin.
But shows aberration Zaúgan collect evidence in this matter, and one understands the meaning of each guide and downloaded in its proper position of reasoning. Every Muslim should beware of this behavior apologetic crooked.
Some refused to respond to what in this document, claiming that it (not a mandate for a prisoner):

Beginning to say: The words (not the mandate of the prisoner) is not on the launch, it was stated the owners written (provisions Bowl) Mawardi, Abu elevates mercy of God that the Imam of the Muslims if signed in families enemy staying on Imamth not Ankhala them as long as is hopeless of salvation.
But they raised this phrase them the suspicion that the adoption of the impeller and the oppressed is not true nor the consequent impact, said this son of values ​​God’s mercy in (I’laam c 4), and impeller: is doing what he asks him to others to pay the damage for himself, while the oppressed: it is From acknowledges the request by him to others who stop him right up to his right, and coercion mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah, and persecution Lord Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, and ordered him captive AC between coercion and persecution.
The reply to this suspicion of the faces of three:
I. I did not let the state on the one, nor committed anyone by saying the name of obedience to the leadership, this is something that does not exist, but I’m just a mentor and transmission flag and call on Muslims to obey Guide forensic not Btaotai; because although not between me and the Okhadobam in this document obliging mandate and leadership, the Muslims are all compelling greater than that which is down to what is indicated by the evidence forensic which is the words of God and the words of His Messenger, peace be upon him, and this under the Muslim’s faith as he said right Almighty «The only saying of the faithful when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them that say, We hear and obey, and those are the successful »(Nur: 51), and the Almighty said« What was locked and no believer if he spent Allah and His Messenger is to have a good Ias of them is God and His Messenger has strayed error indicating »(parties: 36).
I do not recall the word in something of my writings but Bdleilh of the word of God and the words of his messenger, and what must be Sharia precedence over what should the contract because of obedience to Allah and His Messenger, Introduction to obey the leadership of the verse: »if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day »(women: 59).
Second: To say that the adoption of the impeller or the oppressed – and him captive – had no effect, but this in things that do not prove unless the Council approves, though admits committing a crime or recognizes the money he or divorce his wife, but the things that prove without approval, but the data and witnesses to reverse the considering their effects and religiously significant. This is what I remember the door in this document, it fixed the forensic evidence does not once say. Therefore, the lesson is not evidenced by writing conveniently from prison or freedom.
Third: It is not true that everything that comes out of prison is false, but must be considered in the guide speech before considering it in place, has been preaching God’s prophet Joseph – peace be upon him – while in prison, Will was imprisoned argument to reject what he said right? This does not say Muslim or sane. He says – about Joseph – peace be upon him «my friend prison bosses scattered better, or one God Almighty, what you worship besides Him but names Smeetmoha you and your fathers what Allah has sent down by the Sultan that the provision only God is not none but Him is religion, but most people do not know »(Yusuf: 40.39).
The Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah may God have mercy on him, wrote much of his writings, a prisoner in the castle of Damascus, and the sun imams Sarkhasi wrote his book (Mabsoot) in the jurisprudence of Hanafi, a prisoner in the (Soldiers of Oz), does the prison was a cause for rejection of what they wrote mercy of God? Muslim does not say so, and many examples, and I repeat, I say «The lesson is not evidenced by writing its place». Anything in my writings forensic evidence violates the right of Salem exhibitions I see him and say what is indicated by the evidence.


The document, Guidance for Jihad (4)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (4)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

One of the conditions must be jihad parental permission, and permission creditor so:
This is a matter of providing more importantly, when the contention duties may not come out Muslims for jihad without the permission of his parents, it is not permissible to go out Muslim debtor for jihad without the permission of the creditor, but that leaves the fulfillment or a guarantor of his religion, and martyrdom for the sake of God albeit expiate all sins except that it does not atone religion, he said the Prophet peace be upon him (God forgive the martyr everything except debt) Narrated by Muslim, (but Shahid Sea) and God knows martyr in the process, and the man wanted to go out in Jihad asked the Prophet peace be upon him (and greet your parents?) The man said: Yes, said the Prophet peace be upon him (which provides striving) Agreed, any in their service and honor them, and in debt, said the Prophet peace be upon him (the same insured hung his religion even eliminated him) Narrated by Tirmidhi, who said a good talk, and the man died and is in debt The Prophet peace be upon him for his brother (The brother Caged religion Vaqd him) talk properly Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah.
It is unfortunate that we see at this time some Muslims go out for Jihad and travels from his country to the other to participate in jihad, or carry out a martyrdom operation without the permission of his parents and without knowing, sometimes without the permission of its creditors, and sometimes without leaving the expense of his or her dependents and all these sins must strolling recognized by , may die or be killed in this struggle die guilt Oagfarha God does not know him or not? God’s forgiveness has commented on his will (… and forgive whom He pleases without it …) (women: 48), and health of the Prophet peace be upon him as saying (but Bakhawatim business) and we do not accept these violations of legality and not allow them to all Muslims.
And scholars mercy of God and that they had agreed that parental permission but is required in jihad Ulkipaúa, however, that some scholars have said that it was out of a Muslim to impose the eye of jihad in which a waste of the parents or one of them, does not come out because the other can fill his place in the jihad, and in his exit the loss of his parents or Hlakema, has been authorized by the Prophet peace be upon him to Uthman ibn Affan in defaults Badr to get sick of his wife, God bless them, and the parent first.
It was reported Shafei God’s mercy in his book (Mother): (may not come out the man for jihad is afraid his family from the enemy if he went out and left) Boerma, has put the Prophet peace be upon him women in the fort in the city in the Battle of the parties, fearing them from the enemy besieged the city, including how struggling and does not secure his family and his descendants, but also leaves them vulnerable to harm enemies? Does not object to this argument speech (if the devil had sat for the son of Adam Botrgah), a modern true Narrated by Ahmad and women, and that, if a Muslim wants jihad and the mite has a devil of Athbth saying (fighting, killing or maiming Vtnkh women and divides the money) talk, this inference evidence is misplaced , and the apparent difference. And once commissioned Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him out to the people of jihad and saw them backward, he said to them (and I get out of Abu dependents) they went out.
O you Muslims do not allow for one of the fools and addicts logos that Istvzak to enter into Saddam you ineligible to him and is capable of performing it in the name of jihad and recite you the texts of intimidating those who leave the Jihad, this thing is not what the Prophet peace be upon him nor Sahaabah when the inability .
The Prophet, peace be upon him was before the immigration at a time of vulnerability Requests victory and says (of Inasrni even informed about the Lord), pursuant including guided him God to in the verse (say the Lord has brought me the entrance to the sincerity and Get Me Out director sincerity and Mark Lee of Thy majesty helper) (Isra : 80), with this being a peace be upon him favor revelation peace be upon him. As well as the Sahaabah from a deficit of them devise its own jihad, raising the Prophet peace be upon him that he told them-as said Almighty (not on who, if Attock to hold them I do not find it through you it took over and their eyes overflowing with tears in grief not find what spend) (Repentance: 92).
And I know that God had arranged a system of this world on the reasons for not taking on the paranormal and habits that might occur but it is not the original, and the introduction of the reasons benefit unless opposed by much.
Remember the Muslims of the purposes of the law
The meaning of jihad manifest one’s religion and empowerment to his family as he says (and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all God if they cease, God including working Basir) (Anfal: 39), and for this make Muslims themselves, and was keeping the debt in advance to save the soul of necessities legitimacy five, but made the souls in jihad while tend to think of victory and show of religion, but if thought most likely the loss of souls and harming Muslims in what is no longer showing the debt from confrontations with his enemies should be the case as well as conservative Muslims may not be subjected they or their offsprings to the perils can be avoided , and evidence of this are many, including:
1 passport concealment of faith (such as a believer of Pharaoh) and passport to retire from the infidels (k Companions of the Cave) in the case of vulnerability extreme, these two options, neither of them something to show the debt of the deficit, it was the first to maintain the hearts of believers, Vojaz God concealment of faith and stealthy him and isolation God said (and said a man locked Pharaoh stifles faith …) (Mu’min: 28), testified that he is a believer of God in spite of his faith conceal it.
He says (Taking Aatzltamohm and worshiped except Allah Vooa to the cave …) (Cave: 16), and despite the fact that they have chosen isolation because they can not cope with them in conflict with their people have praised God for them and calling them (… boys believed in their Lord and Zdnahm Huda ) (Cave: 13). The choice is appropriate, according to the sin of not being able to do so.
2 that God has not enjoined jihad nor loyalty and disavowal does not change the evil hand on the Muslims if the weakness in Mecca before the migration, because these duties of the three, although he was a show of religion, it was harmful to them and could further hurt the infidels to them, and Muslims were oppressed in Mecca and in need to aid parents who are involved in living and pay for them, and even the prohibition of marriage between Muslims and polytheists did not begin until after the Immigration and after Khudaibiya as in Surat Mumtahina in the verse (O ye who believe, if there comes believing immigrants Vatnohn God knows Bemmanhen the Almtamohen insurers do not Trdjaohn to unbelievers They are not a solution for them, nor will they solve them and what they spent no illusions wing you have to Tnkhohen if Atatamohen wages nor clung Basm Alkuafr …) (Mumtahina: 10), Vahram marriage of the idolaters.
It is not permissible to do these duties legitimacy if returned to the detriment of Muslims, especially if you do not please them manifest one’s religion, and what is harmful to the utility thinks the correct view is prevented, and the base (to ward off evil takes precedence over bringing benefits). The prohibition fuck polytheists Fetapt if at all, but fuck recognized for writing.
3 The Prophet peace be upon him not enjoined jihad -bad Thariah- the deficit for migration from Mecca to keep vulnerable to them, not dictated by the immigrants as well as Balhabcp did not return them only in open expert (year 7 AH) was not in the fight of these two teams interest, but it will harm them fell for them, but has prompted God Muslims to jihad to save their brothers vulnerable Mecca God said (and you are not fighting for the sake of God and the vulnerable men, women and children who say: Our Lord brought us out of this village and the unjust people make for us from Thee, and to make us of Thy champion) (women: 75), Valmstdaf needs of struggling to save him and support him not be ordered is jihad, has an excuse God those in the verse (but vulnerable men, women and children can not trick or guided way Those May God forgive them and God was Sorry Forgiving) (women: 98.99).
4 inadmissibility payment Muslims to confront unequal enemies keep on with the Muslims:
• It is for this reportedly alleviate the necessity of the stability of a Muslim for ten of the infidels to the necessity of persistence for the two as in the verse «now eased God you learned that you, vulnerable …» (Anfal: 66), and whether intentional Jihad just clash with the enemies of what proceeded This dilution, but this Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with «From fled two have fled, and escaped from the three what fled» and circulated some scientists illness in mitigation (a weakness) of the number to the kit they said passport flee the Muslim infidel if a weapon Muslim weaker .
• and authorized the God of Muslims flee (bias) from the face of their enemies for Althrv to fight (to change plans) or bias to the class (use with other Muslims) in the verse (and Julhm that day orchestrated only Trva to fight or biased to the class has B angrily from God and his abode hell and good riddance) (Anfal: 16), and Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him of his compassion for Muslims say (I’m a class for every Muslim) and his armies were fighting in Persia and a Roman city, to align it wills.
And do not even Atathm Muslim to escape from the face of unequal with the enemy, and it was Omar may Allah be pleased with him of his commitment to the Muslims forbid leaders of his armies for rushing to the fighting and tells them (one Muslim is dearer to open the city of Madain polytheists), said Omar may Allah be pleased with him ( What prevents me that Owmr Sulaita bin Qais, but his speed to the fighting, the war not only repairs man Almkat), and (Almkat) is careful, and it was (termagant) from their experience of war, but it was the wheel. Quoting (unique contract) for the Andalusian Ibn Abd Rabbo.
• It is to avoid confrontation with the enemy asymmetrical bias Khalid ibn al-Walid may Allah be pleased with him in the Battle of the Army (Mat) has called the Prophet peace be upon him this groundbreaking creature, and Ibn Hajar said that the commentators talk A_i_kloa how to be a groundbreaking withdrawal? And that the best thing to stop it at that is what was said by Ibn Kathir in his explanation of the steam mercy of God (The Open was to save the Muslim army of lethal in front of rum) that holds his words of explanation book Maghazi Balbkhara, just as the victory over the enemy called groundbreaking, so not to expose Muslims decimation of the so-called breakthrough, too. It is not a clash with the enemy target in itself without considering the consequences, and the bias is to withdraw in the contemporary term.
In the battle of Muta (year 8 AH) between Muslims and Roman was the number of the Muslim army, three thousand Roman hundred thousand, and the monument of the Prophet peace be upon him three princes respectively Muslims they Zaid bin Haritha then Ja’far ibn Abi Talib and Abdullah bin Rawahah, killing all three , Muslims chose them immortal prince decided Aligned (withdrawal) and defrauded in order to withdraw at the lowest possible losses. Said Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him (mourned the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him princes Muta and his eyes Tdhirvan said (taking the flag Zeid was killed, then taken Jaafar was killed, then taken Abdullah bin Rawahah killing, and then took her sword from the swords of Allah until the opening of God) Modern Agreed, Saif was called immortal God, and named a groundbreaking creature.
Jihad vain
Maintaining the Muslims and the failure to pay them to fight what is not due on the debt easily neutralized or appearance of the confrontations lethal duty, which is the right thing, and this rule remains the last time the evidence is forbidden to God for Christ peace be upon him and his fighting Gog and Magog, and if you think about in this sense and looked at What waged by jihadi groups in some countries of the confrontations are useless but corrupting the predominantly unrealized, realized the mistake what they are.
In an interview with Invasion (Muta) evidence that the selection of the Muslim option legitimate and appropriate decision for the reality and conditions of the so-called breakthrough, though this option is aligned and leave the face of the enemy, as did Khalid may Allah be pleased with him, though this option is reconciliation with the enemy has God called Khudaibiya groundbreaking in the verse (I’m opened to you indicating groundbreaking) (Open: 1), and the verse (… Not equal among you spent by conquest and murderer …) (Fe: 10), and Ibn Masood said may Allah be pleased with him (You reckoning Open Open Open Mecca but is Hudaybiyah).

If God had initiated Jihad and enjoined on Muslims after the migration and provide conditions for the success of jihad, God Almighty has permitted for Muslims also hold the peace and treaties when you need it. The Prophet peace be upon him, and fought against all of this covenant and the benefit and silent for folk without reconciliation nor the era of all this for the sake of Islam and Muslims. God has said (though they incline to peace, incline, and trust in God, He is the Hearing, the Knowing) (Anfal: 61), embarking God it’s needed, while forbidding peaceful enemies Kallward in the verse (not Faint and calling for peace, you also incline …) ( Muhammad: 35), it is forbidden to unrestricted basis (and you also incline).
In any case altitude Muslims and allow them and their ability to war and the predominance probably the nail may not be peaceable enemies lest this lead to leave the Jihad and the risk of exacerbation of the enemy, and all this -as Sbak- with height and empowerment with no deficit and vulnerability.
The benefit of the Prophet peace be upon him infidels of Mecca in Hudaybiyah and waiver of Kfar things have not borne by some companions even said Omar may Allah be pleased with him (Are not we on the right? … Are not they on falsehood? … Did not give Aldnip in religion)? Modern Agreed, and waiver of the Prophet peace be upon him, although it had an independent state and invincibility, along with the army and the pledge of allegiance to the death (Pledge of the Tree) and with being a supporter of revelation and the angels peace be upon them, however saying peace be upon him -qubl after the battle of the parties in 4 (e) (Do not Ngzokm Quraish after today but Ngsohm).
Was the Prophet peace be upon him luck in war and peace, each puts in place legislation for Muslims him. This Solh, who fed him some Sahaabah called God opened – as to what Sbak- consequent prevalence of security and spread the call of Islam. On the contrary, there are those who see them failing in war and peace alike.
Jihad apostates
Even with the renegades acting Muslims with them according to their ability and their interest, they came out Musaylimah in the life of the Prophet peace be upon him and gave to the Prophet peace be upon him in the city and then sent His Messenger (son Alnuahh) to the Prophet, peace be upon him and kept silent about them, not the Muslims fight only in succession Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him. The Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah may God have mercy on him, although he had said (if Kafr apostasy crudest unanimously disbelief original) in (Majmoo c 28), and he also said (The apostate is not placate nor acknowledge the apostasy Baldzeh Kalccaffr original), but all this when the ability of Muslims and Alohm and enables them to jihad apostates.
As with the weakness of the Muslims, he said Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaibani God’s mercy and that by Ibn Taymiyyah Boukmsmih year in his book (great walk): (may be paid Muslims apostates money to stop branding them in the event of the weakness of the Muslims), and this is a tribute Almneksh.oukd lived Ibn Taymiyyah in the seventh century and died in 728 AH, and Shaibani in the second century AH and died in 189 AH mercy of God.

Keeping with the Muslims and not subjected to the perils of non-legit considerable pointless destination should be taken into account in all of war or peace, both have Taaddt correct on that evidence.


The document, Guidance for Jihad (5)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (5)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

The prohibition on leaving the rulers in Muslim countries:
Launches the word ruling in the texts of the Quran and Sunnah to judge, as in the verse … (and you make it to the referees …) (Al-Baqarah: 188), and also in the right (if the rule of the ruling Vajtahed …), and also in the book (roads Wisdom) to the son of values, and the book (FORMATTED rulers) I’m happy. But the widespread use of this word (NDP) in this decade as a synonym for the word (Sultan), a president or a king or prince and the like.
Has occurred in the heart of Islam incidents out on the Sultan because of grievances, has resulted out many evils, and who came out as parents city in free (61 e) and Hussein bin Ali, may Allah be pleased with them (64 AH) and Ibn Shaggy (81 e) and others took the generality of conversations change the evil hand hadeeth Abu Sa’eed is brought (you saw evil Vlagerh …) and Ibn Mas’ood may Allah be pleased with him is brought (it Jahidhm his hand is a believer …), and this is a mistake because if it may change the evil hand when the ability of the parish, it may not be with the Sultan of the prohibition of the private contained in that it is submitted to the General contained in previous conversations.
It is forbidden to own prohibition contained in the exit of the Sultan words of the Prophet peace be upon him: (from the princess saw something Vlasber hate him, it came out of Shubra Sultan died of ignorance) Agreed from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them. Did not authorize the Prophet peace be upon him out unless Kafr Sultan to interview bin silent worship is brought, and where (and do not dispute it his family, said the Prophet peace be upon him: (only can see outright disbelief you have from God the proof) Agreed.
Bukhari has collected all this in Part II of the book strife in his Saheeh. In his talk about what happened in the beginning of Islam accidents out on the injustice imams Ibn Taymiyyah said in his book (Platform Sunnah): (The imams out on injustice was an old doctrine of the Sunnis and then settled consensus on prevention of it) Boerma, mercy and God bless them wholes.

Kafr El-Sultan and exit it
If Kafr El Sultan (but see outright disbelief) was transferred Ibn Hajar in this matter (in his commentary written sedition and provisions Balbkhara) for Hraha former mercy of Allah as saying: (but must be Mujahdth on the measure, and verify the deficit not obligatory for him to do so) Boerma, there is a difference between science Kafr El-Sultan and the duty to break it, it should not be when or if the deficit overcome the corrupting out. Especially if they are the greatest evils of serious and unusual in jihad.
Have been repeated incidents out on the rulers in Muslim countries over the past decades in the name of Jihad in the way of Allah for arbitration law of Islam in the country, has resulted in these incidents to the evils of a great level of Islamic groups and at the level of the country that have signed these events and the maxim that (damage still in kind) and a fortiori (still the strongest it).
Jihad is not the option the sole legitimate to face the fact illegal, but there are other options such as calling early and migration, isolation and pardon and forgiveness, symptoms and patience to harm and concealment of faith, and the jurist is to choose the appropriate option from the reality of a particular, has worked out all the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and many of his companions God bless them, according to Power and the circumstances of fact and for the benefit of religion and its people is not because they damage or corrupting, has already been discussed, it has been said: not Faqih distinguish between good and evil, this is well understood by many people, but the jurist who choose the lesser of two evils, and the lesser of two evils.
The mention of Ibn Taymiyyah God’s mercy rule in the balance between benefit and harm, he said (turned out that bad brook in two places: pay what is the worst of them if you do not pay, but it, and collect what is more beneficial than leaving it if you do not get except by. And good leave in two places: if was a missed what is the best of them, or bad Mstelzmh to increase Mdhartha the benefit of good, this is with regard to budgets religious) Boerma.
In breach of the Greens peace be upon him guide the ship to the possibility of lesser of two evils.

Jihad introductions and the elements
Whether to leave Sharia law disbelief or kufr without Kafr or sin, .. we do not see that clash with the ruling authorities in the country of Muslims in the name of jihad is the appropriate option to pursue the application of Sharia, jihad, he must introductions and the elements is one of the conditions is obligatory if there is a lack fell obligatory , including the Dar al-Hijrah and the victory (as the city) or Dar Security (Kalhbashh for Companions) or al-Qaida safe (such as Abu Basir), alimony necessary for jihad, and secure the strains of Muslims (their wives and their dependents) and parity in the number and the kit between the two sides clash, and the category that can bias them, and marked rows so as not to violate the blood infallible and denied, all of these ingredients is missing, making jihad does not lead to the desired result of the manifestation of religion and arbitration law, and this is a fact, actually in most countries, did not succeed in that most of the Islamic groups, despite the great sacrifices made by, but this did not impose Allah Jihad Muslims who are vulnerable in Mecca before the migration to the lack of the elements of success, and some who have tried to circumvent the lack of fundamentals in the present era caught in the legitimacy of prohibitions, including:
• infallible killed under the pretext of tatarrus misplaced, and the speech will come, God willing.
• Asthlal money does not solve the robbery, kidnapping, claiming that the financing Jihad, has been explained that corruption.
• treachery and breaking the covenant of those who entered the country infidels Fajanam their permission, and his statement will come, God willing.
• inability to secure the strains of Muslims at the time of the clash, including exposes corruption and sedition.
• receipt of funds and the use of systems of governance in other countries is not the best from their country to fight the people of their country caught in the trap of including labor and proxy wars, begins a mujahid and would become a mercenary agent, if you want to tell them so and so to say.
• forcing some to work for political asylum at foreign countries (country infidels indigenous) so he will have income under the rule of the infidels and their laws choice, while the laws in violation of the law of the place in his country without him, has warned scholars advances further and said that the income of the Muslims House of War (Dar al-Kufr) the need not permissible for him to resolve to stay in it because it may be so pleased with the provisions of the infidels Bjerian it voluntarily, and thus fall back on Islam, mentioned by Ibn before him and others.
And not political asylum today such as admission old in the vicinity of a invincibility also entered the Prophet peace be upon him in the vicinity of the restaurant bin Udai, and also entered the Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him in the vicinity of Aldegnp son, they did not result in the neighboring flow provisions of the infidels them but merely protection, and when he wanted Aldegnp son be required to Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him replied neighborhood conditions, and his Basahih.
However, I do not see that the asylum seekers in the country of foreign apostates today, I do not say this to the difference between the case and now it was out of date and the presence of Dar al-Islam, which accepts any Muslim migration to and secured, it is impossible now. That is why today is similar to political asylum migration to Dar Security (Kalhbashh first in Islam), or is the door (to choose lesser of two evils). He told Ibn Hazm God’s mercy in the (local c 11) that the residence of the House of war prize and is not obliged Rose provided they are not shared in the fight against the Muslims, said in a news story that the percentage of syphilis (Mohammed bin Shihab) God’s mercy. This holds his Boerma.

Resist Sunan
These were examples of some of the taboos they committed, and this does a Muslim is not permissible for him religiously (such prohibitions) to do what it does not have religiously (from Jihad incapacitated him), but Oljohm to this resist Sunan and assigning themselves as unable to him, and commissioning including unbearable may not be legally according to scholarly consensus, as shown in the books (jurisprudence).
This is why we see that clash with the ruling authorities in Muslim countries for arbitration law in Egypt and the like of the country should not be in the light of the foregoing circumstances, whether this was the name of jihad, or on behalf of change evil hand, all this may not and must not, shall not be subjected to the forces of these governments (from the army, police and security forces) hurt because of the evil of the many, and we recommend that all Muslims, and we see that engage in advocating Islamic and bring the Muslims from their religion so as to reduce the harm of common more useful for Islam and Muslims and who violated it and resorted to clash not they resided religion nor kept to themselves and their families and kept the country from evil and ruin, and the maxim (of rushed thing prematurely punished by depriving him) or (rush bug deprivation) is unable to call and change the tongue denied his heart, and he says (it does not cost the breath of God than it can bear. ..) (Al-Baqarah: 286), and the words will come last in this topic by reminding the last second of this document, God willing.
Some saw that collides with the authorities in the country’s Muslims and the inability for it resorted to pathways side to annoy the authorities and by multiplying the civilians or foreigners and tourists AQIM Muslims, all of this is legally permissible and will be remembered in the following items, God willing, but Oljohm to that assigned themselves including not dictated by God Fjawa they make a mistake a second error.
I warn here that the division of people into civilian and military division is updated, but we will use it for the prevalence of rounded understanding of the following items, and is intended to civilians in the country of infidels: non-combat them, and intended to civilians in Muslim countries: the general public.
Operations Jihad organization in Egypt: the first suicide operation … and the child victim Shaima months
On 18 August 1993, al-Zawahiri issued a mandate to implement the elements of the organization aimed at the assassination of then Interior Minister Hassan Alfi, and threatened through the data, then faxed to news agencies with more acts of violence against a number of other senior Egyptian officials.
The operation was described as the first suicide operation taking place in Egypt in recent history in August, where the dawn of leadership impartial advise Rashid and his colleague Diaa Eddin Mahmoud Hafez motorcycle bomb in his motorcade while passing Street Sheikh Rihan Tahrir Square, which resulted in the deaths, while the minister escaped after injury in his right arm, while killing all of Mansour Mansour, Abdel-Fattah Younis Sharfa Ibrahim and Mohamed Ahmed pole, and injuring some people and damaging a number of cars.
Following the incident, security forces discovered that the Jihad organization behind the incident, after the disclosure of personal (honest advise me) was arrested 18 accused members of the organization, has been referred to the military court, which punished the five of them to death, while the rest of the defendants punished by imprisonment. With the pressure on the elements of the organization occurred great imbalance in the structure of the group, led to the arrest of a large number of them, and in October of 1993, he discovered the 800 members in the organization, headed by Magdi Salem, head of the group in Cairo because of a failed attempt to steal a truck to be used in the transfer of military weapons had planned to grab it, a result of declining financial resources of the group and the disruption of their ways.

In order to Atef Sidqi
The quota in recent Makrisi School in Heliopolis has ended, and the students began to get out of the door of the school … when shrapnel from the blast settled in slim body bears the name (Shaima) … the girl that fell victim to try members of the organization (Jihad), the assassination of Dr. Atef Sedki, a former prime minister in the September 26, 1993.
After a series of Jihad Organization in Egypt, it was the turn of Dr. Atef Sidqi, monitored members of the organization, and his movements were under telescope organization. Line walking from his home to the Council of Ministers Caliph Mamoun Street in Heliopolis, an open book to them.
Planting defendants explosives and gas pipelines inside a car parked in front of the school, which passes in front of the motorcade of Prime Minister, and that over the procession until the car exploded, causing no injuries in the target or bodyguards, he made a mistake accused in estimating the time and the victims who have no sin, where received child (Shaima) was killed, her wounds from shrapnel from the blast, and 14 others injured colleagues from the school and passers-by in the street.
Everyone knew of the incident and the image appeared the car bomb on television, and was among the spectators gallery owner cars, panic when he saw the car, it is that the car that was sold a few days before the incident, two people, informed viewer detective Bosafhma, and days later saw one riding (Taxi), Vtakbh and grabbed him, to enter the incident in the judiciary, and leaves the grief and pain to the family of the child (Shaima).


The document, Guidance for Jihad (6)

Document Rationalizing Jihad (6)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Seventh: Prevention of harm from exposure to foreigners and tourists in Muslim countries:
We see that foreigners coming and living in a Muslim country may not be subjected to looting or killing or harming both filed for tourism or business or trade and so on, so as to prevent hurt them for many reasons, including:
• inhibitor first: They may be in them are Muslims, and kill a Muslim intentionally unjustly from major sins and the seven sins, has God said, «It kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath of God are upon him and prepared for him a great punishment» (women: 93), The Prophet peace be upon him «every Muslim over a Muslim is forbidden blood, money and honor» Narrated by Muslim, and in the modern right also said the Prophet peace be upon him «believer will continue in the expanse of religion unless it pours blood haram» Bukhari, may Allah says «O ye who believe, if you strike the sake of Allah … Vtbinwa» (women: 94) If the conditions of people turned out and duty time until the fighting is not a sin to kill a Muslim in a Muslim, how is the case with foreigners and tourists at the time of the fighting is, what they They came to fight?
Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb:
In the past people were distinct: Muslims in Dar al-Islam, and the infidels in the house of war is the safest of them migrated to Dar al-Islam, the dhimmis in the Dar al-Islam are characterized by the appearance of Muslims, all of this does not exist today and often people today is the foolishness of the case, especially with the lack of Dar Al Islam accepts the migration of the safest in the country of the infidels, and with the inability to compel infidels wearing parts (excellence in appearance) because of the deficit originally for the establishment of Islamic rule, Muslims became deployed in most countries of the world are not characterized in appearance from the others, which indicates that it is wrong considered sexual rights (affiliation of a country), language or skin color or appearance of his clothes, a sign of his conversion to Islam or Hamlet, or evidence on the permissibility of killing, Valtmes impossible for them, and discrimination obstructed us, and identification, our duty, and the Muslim infallible Bisalamh wherever it is, and the suspicion list, and in the It is true that the Prophet peace be upon him, said: «It is fearing the suspicions have Aestbro to religion and honor and signed in suspicions occurred in the Sacred» If unable identification shall desist from everyone compromised, hence stop the Prophet peace be upon him eating a date and found her lying in some ways City of suspicion, a possibility that they are going from a charity does not solve it, how the blood of people and their money? And those are mixed with other Muslims not characterized, and the Muslim Muharram blood money for a Muslim, wherever he was.
The maxim states that «if I’m confused or not permissible with the Sacred Eetmiza dominated by the Sacred and must give priority to reign in the prevention». Received this rule sense in «likes and isotopes» for the resettlement, and «likes and isotopes» Ibn Najim, and «total» for nuclear and other, and the evidence on the health of this rule, many of them: an interview with Tamra charity, a former Agreed Anas, and modern «Let Erepk to What does not make you doubt »Narrated by Tirmidhi, who said a good talk properly, and an interview with al-Nu’man former« It happened in the suspicions occurred in the Sacred »Agreed, and an interview with Adi ibn Hatim« that if mingled Dog teacher with other dogs did not excel forbidden to eat Fishing »Agreed, because hunting First Halal and other hunting is forbidden. All this evidence to take precedence over the rule of the Sacred in prevention at mixing Balambah without distinction. Because the Sacred spoiler and permissible interest and «ward off evil takes precedence over bringing benefits».

Safety legit:
• inhibitor II: that these aliens have brought to a Muslim country at the invitation or employment contract of Muslim employer or owner of a tourism company, and this safety legit true no doubt, the visa authorities then do not change anything from the rule of safety is recognized them, and set aside safety Muslim exposure to those who invited them foreigners harm is a major sin Mufsagh because it is the feast cursing as in the right of the Prophet peace be upon him «edema Muslims and one seeks out Odnahm it Okhvr a Muslim, the curse of God and the angels and all the people» Agreed, meaning «pending» Testament and the contract and it safety, and the meaning of «Okhvr Muslim» any veto of his term to harm those who Treaty of non-Muslims, and it is also true, said the Prophet peace be upon him «of killing a confederate did not smell the fragrance of Paradise though its fragrance there from march forty years» Bukhari, however foolishness if these foreigners from the point of view of their religion and safety, Vcbhh list and cease their duty.

Killed «infidels»:
• inhibitor III: that if we assume that the foreigners in our country is not the era of Kfar them, most of those who do not permissible for a Muslim to deliberately kill them even while fighting a fusion with the infidels if they are in the camp of the infidels, so how can solve the deliberate killing of starting Mnfredon they? Such as women, children and the elderly, workers and monks, has reportedly forbidden to kill those in conversations right from Ibn Umar and Anas and Buraydah ibn al-Haseeb and other companions, as stated forbidding it in the commandments of the Caliphs such as Abu Bakr and Umar to the leaders of the Muslim armies, God bless them, to resort to kill them which shunned explicit true Shara, including the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Umar «The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him for the killing of women and boys» Agreed, narrated that Buraydah may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet peace be upon him said: «Agzoa not boil nor Ngdroa not internalized nor kill and Leda »Narrated by Muslim, he said, peace be upon him« Do not kill the offspring nor employed by »good talk Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Anas may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet peace be upon him said:« Do not kill any old man nor a young child nor woman »Narrated Abu Dawood, Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: «No Ngdroa, not boil nor internalized not kill newborn nor the owners of the silos» Narrated by Ahmad. Black and Ben fast that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: «Do not kill Atomic War» They said: O Messenger of God or not are the children of infidels? He said: «’s your choice or not the children of the polytheists» Narrated by Ahmad. And Atomic and newborn children are, and Alasiv are workers and employees, and the owners of the silos are monks non-combatants, these conversations explicit in forbidding the killing of all those intentionally even if the war, and where also the prohibition on perfidy veto covenants, and forbidding mutilation (which distort the bodies of the dead), how the bombing ? And all this is happening on the subject of the next item (VIII), God willing.

• inhibitor IV: that the asset in dealing with the infidels is reciprocity, but may not be as religiously, and reciprocity is based on the verse «… What I’d them that God loves pious» (repentance: 7), and make it glorified qualities piety, and when he consulted the workers stomata Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him in how much they pose of tithing (Customs) traders war people if presented Dar al-Islam told them Omar may Allah be pleased with him «Take them like what they take from you if you enter them» built for it on the base «reciprocity» wrote «abscess» Abu Yusuf, Yahya bin Adam and «money» Abu Obaid Bin peace, and today there are in the land of the infidels indigenous millions of Muslims live and work safely, albeit occurred violations in that they are not the parent, as well as if a Muslim enters their country Bomanam (visa) they respect his blood and money and if assaulted him one cared about it nothing is wasted blood and money they have, and this is a solid hold safety and reality «Whether he was named Visa or Visa» should be treated similarly if presented to a Muslim country as they consider the approval of the arrival Whatever the party that allowed them to come.

Tharat ignorance:
• inhibitor V: If it was for a Muslim feud with the government or with the government of his country, a foreign unable Nile from his opponent’s why they pay the price, and most of them who do not permissible for a Muslim to deliberately kill them starting though uncertainty disbelief as explained above? Is this behavior only revenge ignorance? Which God forbade them in the verse «… no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another …» (cattle: 164), and the Almighty said «… not hatred of any people seduce not Tadloa Adloa is closer to piety …» (table: 8), and was a companion Khubayb son Uday may Allah be pleased with him captive at the infidels of Mecca (after the accident sent Alrgia) It is uncertain that they would kill him, and he received the boy whom crawls However Khubayb Mossi and could have killed the boy to avenge them or take him hostage, however, did not hurt the boy because he does not permissible for him to kill him, and when he saw Khubayb panic when the boy’s mother told her «Otkhchin to kill him, I would not do it», said the boy’s mother after that «God, what I saw prisoners better than Khubayb» and talk championship Bukhari, did not respond Khubayb to seal his guilt , including how and torpedo kills without the expense of not permissible to kill infidels, and did not know their religion of foreigners? And how those who kill the aliens and kill them people of his country of Muslims or of unknown case wholesale? The Lord commanded Tebbin if at all.

Treatment gentle persuasion:
• inhibitor VI: that these foreigners and tourists in Jmmelthm what came Muslim country to war or fighting, is being conducted on them treatment gentle persuasion contained in the verse «God does not forbid those who fight you not for religion nor driven you from your homes to deal justly and justly with them: for Allah loves those» ( Mumtahina: 8), this is what God has prescribed them and their ilk «to deal justly» from the mainland, a good treatment and do good with them, and «justly with them:» Tadloa with them nor any Tzlmohm, not to kill them by surprise.
After: This six contraindications enough each of them individually to stop foreign tourists and lack of exposure to them ill or hurt, so how about if I met all these inhibitions, or some of them in the right? And did I mention these inhibitions within the visa authorities in the countries of the Muslims and that may not be seen by some as an obstacle, but said other inhibitions. This is with the knowledge that the father of Umar ibn Abd al-Barr God’s mercy has stated in his book «recall stated in the doctrines of scientists Alomassar c 5» that scholars to understand what all the infidel that his safety on the part of Muslims is Mattabr.o.h safety. Tourism and legitimate in a sentence is permissible, as well as the treatment of infidels and polytheists buying, selling, and leasing, gift and so all this is permissible and Bob Bukhari upon God’s mercy in the books and gift sales and leasing of the farmer and his Saheeh.
What perpetrated by some foreigners or tourists from the evils in Muslim countries is no punishable by death, and they him of infidelity greatest, and infidels admit to infidelity and evil (such as alcohol and pork) in Dar al-Islam hold a disclosure, and that the underdog does not have to change the evil hand, as already stated in items Previous, how to kill? It was the infidels are committing obscene evils and roam the Ka’bah they naked completely until 9 e had not been subjected to them one of the Muslims even Nhahm Prophet peace be upon him about it before he died one year, and sent a senior may Allah be pleased with him calling them «not Ihjn after year, gentile, not cruising House naked »Narrated by Muslim from Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him.
Commitment to the legitimate governance:
We see it is not permissible to harm of killing or looting or other foreigners and tourists coming and living in a Muslim country, and we call on all Muslims to comply with this ruling and not to breach, as we see it is not permissible under any circumstances Asthlal kill a man just because of his affiliation to the country (ie murder citizenship) this fad is not unprecedented in the nation’s predecessor, not to enroll a person to a country as evidence of his conversion to Islam or Hamlet, but the meaning of belonging to countries and so just a definition as he says «… and made you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God that God knows expert »(cabins: 13), and started to God belong to the people or tribe just a way to define the person, then follows, including confirms that the association is not a criterion of preference, but this piety and religion, and the collecting of Islam between Salman the Persian and Suhaib Rumi and Bilal al-Habashi and between Abu Bakr Arab may Allah be pleased with him, because killing citizenship reprehensible innovation unprecedented in the nation’s predecessor.
As well as also not permissible under any rule Islam of human or Hamlet or Asthlal kill him based on the color of their skin or hair, or because he speaks a foreign language or because he wears clothes Frankish, not something of this guide Kafr or Islam, the Prophet peace be upon him «God does not seen your photos and your body, but your hearts and looks into your deeds »Narrated by Muslim. In the era of the Sahaabah were open most of the countries of the Persians and Romans, and did not in their conquests to kill all the people population of the country idolaters, and did not fight or kill only straighten up to fight them, not every unbeliever must or may kill him, and the disbelief of his sentence in the afterlife, and the penalties minimum They pay aggression and corruption as Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah God’s mercy in «Majmoo c 12» said «It should be noted at this point that the law may instruct us to establish the limit on the people in the world either to kill or skin or otherwise, shall be in the Hereafter is tormentor »to saying« and also know that ethics are not punished in this world, even though they Kfar in the afterlife, such as dhimmis cantonments Baldzeh on disbelief and such hypocrites endorsers Islam, they take place under the provisions of Islam and they are in the afterlife disbelievers as indicated by the Qur’an in the verses of multiple »to saying« This is because penalty but is in fact in the Hereafter which is House of reward and punishment, and the minimum for he initiated punishment what drives him injustice and aggression »Boerma. And saying «and be in the Hereafter is tormented» because hadd forensic perpetrator sins marginal expiate his guilt and waived liability in the Hereafter, because the Prophet peace be upon him «It hit so something his being punished by it expiation him» talk Agreed about bin silent worship God bless with him. Tour of the infidels and the Ka’bah naked worship so they find in the Tafsir Ibn Kathir God’s mercy in the interpretation of the meaning «and if they did, obscene and said it found our fathers and God commanded us …» (custom: 28), and in the interpretation of the first Repentance.


The document, Guidance for Jihad (7)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (7)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Prohibition of foreigners entered the country their permission for their treachery “an issue of jihad operations inside the house of war.”
Was Jihad Prophet peace be upon him and his companions, God bless them infidels invaded from the outside when possible, to confront the Muslim army to army infidels, and did not send anyone from Muslims to carry out jihad in Persia or rum or Mecca before the opening as we know, and what do some Muslims today do these operations inside the country unbelievers see that it is not legally permissible for two reasons:
The presence of Muslims among the infidels is permissible
The first reason: the proliferation of Muslims in most countries of the world in this decade makes is likely to Muslims, including prevail destroyed detonations, and kill a Muslim great vices and identification, duty, and the suspicion list, Vulkip for this duty, was preceded in the seventh item, not a house of war today competent infidels, as was the case the past, but today Muslims in all these countries, both of its indigenous population or of arrivals.
And the existence of Muslims among the infidels is permissible as he says: “… If the people of the enemy you a believer …” (women: 92), and he says: “However, vulnerable men, women and children can not trick or guided way” ( women: 98), may be Muslims among the infidels unknown to us is distinct as he says: “… and not believing men and believing women did not Talmohm that Ttaohm Vtsepkm them Ma’arrat without knowledge to enter God in His mercy whom He will, if Tzilua to Azibna who disbelieve them a painful punishment “(Open: 25).
May not be the killing of Muslims under the pretext of mixed infidels “Altters” because the killing of the gear is not recognized in the text of his vacation, but diligence is not permissible unless necessary within the general rule: “… has separated you what is forbidden to you except under compulsion of necessity to him what …” (cattle: 119), nor the need for it in these military operations inside the country infidels, because they are offensive operations (Jihad demand), which does not harm the Muslims from the left or postponed.
It is permitted to kill the gear Muslim scholars but passed in Jihad payment and necessity when there is fear on the Muslims if they stopped killing gear Muslim kill the infidels and killed him nor Muslims can fight the infidels of the attackers, but the killing of sheltering him from the Muslims (gear Muslim) may kill him in this case pursuant base “committing lesser of two evils,” but this is not the case in operations inside the country infidels, may not be taking them for a possible deaths of Muslims in contact with them.
There is an important difference between these processes today and what passed by some scholars of killing gear Muslim, that’s approved by the jurists is the image of the army of the infidels put in his introduction to the prisoners of the Muslims to shy away Muslim army of killing Faihtmi infidels with them as human shields, because “every Muslim over haram His blood money and honor, “narrated by Muslim.
As for what is happening today is that Muslims mixed infidels in their country are not prisoners have even citizens like them or residents they have, and not with the army in the war to guard against themselves fled from the battlefield, but they kill by surprise and without warning from the point of attackers.
Not for the image that passed where some scholars killed gear Muslim, and passed them under so that there will be (the need for peremptory college) because it is the discretion of approving the blood infallible in an interview text forensic forbidden to them, must be to move beyond the text of the check necessary and having mentioned in the verse “… has separated you what is forbidden to you except under compulsion of necessity to him what …” (cattle: 119).
And the meaning of “necessity” that is, when fear of the loss on the Muslim army or Dar al-Islam, and the meaning of “peremptory” any proven not presumptive or imagined, and the meaning of “college” which is not specific to an individual or a range of Muslims, but collectively, review in this book, “Almstcefy c 1” for dad Hamid al-Ghazali, and the book “Clinch in assets provisions c 3” for Amdy, and this is not the case in the bombing of civilian planes, trains and buildings in the land of the infidels and Muslims, which mixes with the others, which do not need to do Tlji.
In order to maximize the sanctity of Muslim blood and a Muslim. Said Imam Qurtubi God’s mercy: “The scholars agreed that coercion does not allow for a Muslim to kill a Muslim nor that harms cut or beaten, both Muslim and do not permissible for him to redeem himself hurt his Muslim brother and stand for what was revealed by” This holds his words in his interpretation of the verse coercion No. 106 of Sura bees.
And see how it has permitted coercion disbelief apparently was not permissible to kill Muslims, both the consensus of scientists, in order to maximize the sanctity of the Muslim, hence preventing many scholars killed gear Muslim in a row infidels only when necessary, which Qaduha scared investigator on the total Muslims of eradication, and not just because of need or interest, and scientists from the stresses such as Imam Malik Allah’s mercy.
The fact that a contract security infallibility of blood and money
The second reason is that the income of the country infidels Bomanam not permissible for him to betray them in something, and the visa today is the entry permit which is undoubtedly hold safety of them who authorized him to enter the country for work or business, study or tourism and so on, because the fact that a contract security infallibility of blood and money, The Muslim if he entered the country infidels today they respect his blood and money and if assaulted him a care about it and tried to beat him and Aawwadouna, nothing is wasted them, then this Muslim fulfill them to the verse, “O ye who believe! …” (round: 1 ), even said Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaibani, in his book “great walk” “The Muslim if he forges their line and entered his country infidels and Sedkoh, it shall fulfill them,” This holds his words, (and falsifying their line) is what is today called the visa counterfeit, and Muhammad ibn al-Hasan from owners of Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik pupils mercy of God, and infidels what they gave him security and allowed him to enter the country in order to betray them, but that he must secure them, although it did not expressly Astrtoh because the concept.
Under the maxim that “known conventionally Kalmchrot condition,” the betrayed has committed a large immoral act out of intimidation contained in the words of the Prophet peace be upon him: “It is the injustice of a confederate or dhimmi did not find the fragrance of Paradise, though its fragrance for there are of such and such,” said the Prophet peace be upon him “for each brigade left for the Day of Judgment, said: This treachery so and so,” agreed.
It is treason and treachery of their assault on their blood and their money and their symptoms, and the bombing of their planes and Qtarathm and Amaúarham and their hotels and so on, does not include this in an interview (war trick) Agreed, because deceive the enemy does not solve that was insidious, and this treachery and set aside to hold safety (visa) is not permissible.
In modern true prophet said peace be upon him, “I do not fit in our treachery” talking Agreed. And make the Prophet peace be upon him of the signs of the hypocrite that “if a covenant treachery” Agreed, and that “if entrusted Khan” Agreed. In this Ibn Qudamah God’s mercy in the doors of jihad from his book, “Singer c 9” “is not permissible for a Muslim to betray the people of the house of war if it enters their homes safely them because their betrayal taboo, not fit in the religion of Allah treachery,” he said in another place, “safety if given the people War forbidden to kill them and their money and exposure for them, “Boerma. The words that we do not know where disagreement among scientists.
Treachery and hypocrisy of sins
Thus you will know that what he is doing some Muslims in the country’s foreign day of bombings, killings and destruction of public and private property, and fraud to seize the money, and defrauding insurance companies, and escape from the housing by paying rent and paying phone bills and others, arguing that they are infidels, you know that all of this is haram may not be legally a treachery, and treachery hypocrisy and sins and perpetrator big if he dies without repentance feared him from the torment of Fire Day of Judgment, but, God willing to forgive him, and that knowledge of the unseen Almighty said: “God does not forgive him and to engage forgive below So who wishes .. “(women: 116).
We see that all of this is haram and not allow all the Muslims with him, and should be strolling recognized this taboo of treachery and lethality, betrayal .. and old Aslam many infidels after contact with Muslims, and they saw what they are from the morals of justice, fairness and loyalty and chastity hand and tongue, and said the Prophet, peace God be upon him “not the faith of those who do not have Secretariat, nor the religion of those who do not have time to” talk properly Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Anas may Allah be pleased with him.
God forbade us from aggression in all our affairs.
And if some infidel states usurp some Muslim countries and kill indiscriminately, this does not allow us to reciprocate, because God Almighty has told us that the infidels perseverance aggression in the verse: “Do not watch a believer but not edema and those are the aggressors” (Repentance: 10), however, forbade the Almighty for aggression in all our affairs, including the case of jihad and fighting, he says, “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you and do not transgress God does not love aggressors” (Al-Baqarah: 190), and said the Prophet peace be upon him, “Ed Secretariat of I trust you do not betray the one who betrays “Narrated by Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood and classed as Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him.
Aggression and betrayal are not the things that may be where the transaction Similarly, even if these texts explicit prevented from doing so. It is aggression, which is forbidden with enemies: kill those who do not permissible to kill them and treachery and breaks covenants and sabotage Omran is the need for jihad, but this has already said: that al-Qaeda in the treatment of the people of war is reciprocity, but in what is not permissible in Islam, Rough likewise not to launch uncontrolled . We were warned of God of follow-up released in aggression and the other the Almighty said, “as well as separate verses and identify the criminals way” (cattle: 55), and said the Prophet peace be upon him: “to certainly follow the ways of those came before you Shubra an inch cubit, even if they entered the hole of a lizard to Tbatamohm” They said: Jews and Christians? He said peace be upon him, “it is?” Agreed from Abu Sa’eed may Allah be pleased with him, warns Prophet peace be upon him in the sin of follow-up with us to tell him that this object in this nation, and Muslims must be strolling about the war immoral, although the enemy did.
But God forbade aggression even in the event of jihad and fighting (with its destruction of souls and money) in order to output luck psychology of work to be purely for the sake of God: Vicu struggle of God and not for personal vendettas and pillaging and boasting and other fortunes self mentioned in an interview Abu Musa may Allah be pleased with him: the brave men fighting, and fighting diet, and fighting for Maghnam and sees his place, it is for God’s sake?, said the Prophet, peace be upon him “of a murderer to be the word of God is the highest it for the sake of God” modern Agreed. And under God, all this aggression against the Almighty, saying, “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you and do not transgress ..” (Al-Baqarah: 190).
The killing of civilians in the country of infidels
Some argue passport killing civilians (non-combatants from the infidels) in the land of the infidels is permissible to kill the gear Infidel (human shields) if the need arises, referring to a speech difficult bin Jthamp may Allah be pleased with him and in which he asked that they go to bed (no fighting at night) the polytheists Faisabon of their offsprings ( their wives and their dependents) said the Prophet, peace be upon him: “They are of them” talk Agreed, this understanding of the error, it entered the country Bomanam may not treachery is not permissible for him to kill military personnel and civilians of them, which could not cutting Kafr these civilians, all of them, even if we assume that a Muslim is not between him and them reign and safety, even if we assume that cuts in Kafr civilians them, killing those civilians in planes, trains civilian in buildings and hotels is not the image of legitimate passport kill gear infidel, because these places are not military installations kill civilians infidels extension as permitted by Altters , but these civilian installations detonated intentionally killed civilians directly, and this is not from Altters in something, may not be deliberately killed these people, and is sufficient for the words of God: “O ye who believe! ..” (Table 1), and sufficient words of the Prophet, peace God be upon him: “I do not fit in our treachery.”

It entered the country infidels their permission (visa, even from the airport) is not permissible for him never to betray them not to assault them in any form, the bucking in this immoral act was committed by a large. May not be invoked in this regard, saying the Almighty: “… do not tread footstool spite the infidels nor obtain an enemy of the acclaimed but wrote them the good work ..” (Repentance: 120), because the teasing enemies though it required only constrained not to treachery and sin and aggression, has already forbidding private provider permission to year in the sixth item.
And it sits in cases of war and peace, A Muslim is forbidden to treachery and sin and aggression in the conditions of all, it should be fights for the sake of God’s people are extremely keen on the dimension for these sins perpetrated because of the reasons for abandonment and defeat. Al-Bukhaari God’s mercy in the Book of Jihad Saheeh from Abu Darda said, “O people, the work of” fit “before the invasion, are fighting for he your work,” Boerma.
And at the exit of Saad bin Abi Waqas for the invasion of Persia commanded Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him, he said: (As yet, I command you and you fear God – that said – do not ye Bmasi God and you for God’s sake, do not say that our enemy, the evil of us will shed We, the people of FRP may shed them of them are evil, as God brought the Magi Kfar on the children of Israel when God worked Bmsakt “Vjaswa through the home and was promised effect”) reported by Ibn Abd Rabbo Andalusian in the book of the wars in his book (unique contract).
In the last item needs to be alert to say that “the income of the country infidels their permission, even if visa forged is holding a safety legit true Muslim must respect also dismissed” this is not a word new to me, but may I mentioned earlier for nearly fourteen years in my book ( combined the application of science-Sharif), which was written in 1413/1993.


The document, Guidance for Jihad (8)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (8)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Ruling on killing civilians

They stayed another word that people of religion who are looking and not Igdron the face of God, and that the treachery of milestones between people of faith and hypocrisy among the people (and if Ahed treachery). The treachery of milestones between religious students and between students minimum.
And this trait asked Hercules Prophet peace be upon him, so that the Prophet peace be upon him after Hudaybiyah sent to the Kings prospects to invite them to Islam and what amounted to his message on the Hercules great Roman -okan also from scientists Nasary- asked his soldiers to look Baham for people from folk prophet peace be upon him, Fjah Abu Sufyan had not yet safer and was in the trade of the Levant, and asks him Hercules Prophet peace be upon him (you betray) said Abu Sufyan (not) said Hercules (as well as the apostles do not betrays) among other questions Hercules even said (and I know it’s out and I did not know it you) talk championship Agreed.
It should not be for a Muslim to rejoice acts of treachery because they Almaib and not of feats.

Military operations
And remained a final word in this item, which is for Muslims residing in the country and foreign, who offers some harm to this country and its people. In addition to what I said in this item of the barriers that prevent the implementation of military operations in this country, I say: It is not virility that descend a people even if they are unbelievers is Maahidin authorize you to enter their house and stay in it and Aamnonk on yourself and the owner and Amnhonk the opportunity to work or education have Amnhonk or political asylum with a decent life and to have some of that business, known then betrays their murderous and destructive.
This was not the creation of the Prophet peace be upon him nor his biography, has God said (I’ve had you in the Messenger of Allah a good example …) (parties: 21), has been the creation of the Prophet peace be upon him thanks for all the beautiful people responded of did him a favor, and that saying peace be upon him in the escape of prisoners of Badr of the idolaters (if the restaurant bin Adi alive and then spoke to me in these Alentny for abandoned him) Bukhari, The Prophet peace be upon him after the death of his uncle Abu Talib, who was protected has come out to the people of Taif to invite them to Islam and to triumph refraining, when the lock due feared for himself from the people of Mecca and asked the restaurant to enter in the vicinity Vojarh, Keeping him, the Prophet peace be upon him this is known, then died restaurant miscreants before the Battle of Badr.
After immigration and legislation Jihad came out of the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions, God bless them in the book, and lost water, Fastoagafoa woman idolatress and took water from Mzadtha (Bagpipes large) and was then of the miracles of the Prophet peace be upon him in the flood water, what happened, and then collected her from Dates and Suwaiq, and they were then fighting the tribes around and leave her tribe to tribe preserved Marovha with them, even the safest folk voluntarily, talk championship Bukhari.

Distortion of speech
Thus was the biography of the Prophet peace be upon him did it with the known of the idolaters. Not ratify who Ihradwnk otherwise they are not from the people of jurisprudence in religion, nor deceived in their reasoning verse or talk, they (twist the floor anywhere) and Istdlon by the non-face correct, but they claim to false evidence of the right, has said Shaykh al-Islam: The falsehood is not promoted by the people but by mixing in some of the right, hence compromised suspicion named because it looks like a void inside from the right, including the right, this holds his words, like this modern soothsayers who confuse the word honest hundred lie.
I say to residents of the country’s foreign and all Muslims Beware of those fools and wary of the heroes of the Internet and the leaders of the microphones who have become addicted to the issuance of the data and who throw you to the Holocaust and then fleeing even from their wives and their dependents, were hurled by you many to incinerators and graves and prisons and money intelligence agencies, and the names are present, as well as the amounts. And I say to all those deluded:
You’ll know when the dust settles … Averys under your foot or donkey
These ignorant cowards who lit the fire and then flee and leave the others burn out. Jihad against the infidels reported aggression Aftrgah known in the science of jurisprudence, not including the treachery and breaks covenants, and sufficient words of the Prophet peace be upon him for changing (I do not fit in our treachery), did not accept him money Gdrth, talk starring in Bukhari, a modern Hudaybiyah.

Forbidding the killing of civilians
Already in Item VI of this document, we see that it may not clash with the ruling authorities in Muslim countries in order to arbitration law, shall not be subjected to forces these governments harm to the reasons mentioned in the sixth item.
The inability of some people for the clash with the authorities resorted to the nuisance of committing what is not permissible for him to kill the common people (civilians) because they are easy targets do not guard them, nor are they armed, and sometimes plagues God slaves facilitating sin to test the sincerity of their faith and fear him, Kaptlaúh Muharram pilgrimage or Umrah facilitate fishing which is forbidden as He says (O ye who believe the Ablonkm God in some fishing affixed to your hands and Rmagm for God knows of the fear of the unseen, it is attacked after it has its painful torment (94) O ye who believe, do not kill fishing and you denied …) (Table: 94.95).
As plagued peace be upon him facilitate the act of adultery, and also plagues the owners of the village which was the capital of the sea from the Jews facilitate fishing on Saturday was Nhahm him as stated Surat norms, and this realizes Muslim that easy to do something does not permit to do so knowing the judgment of God in it.
This is the door to kill civilians because they are easy targets. Which prevents himself from sin with ease and ability to commit is also said Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him of who God said, including (… those who tested their hearts to God strengthens them forgiveness and a great reward) (cabins: 3), mentioned by Ibn Kathir in his interpretation .

Immorality and sin
There is no doubt that the immorality and sin not graduated perpetrator of Islam, is also silent about the evils or disbelief is not a guide satisfaction and builds on it (that satisfaction disbelief Kafr) or that (did not atone infidel is an infidel) Vikvr audience of people, and this is not true for passport denial the heart, and the underdog because it does not have hand-denial nor the tongue that he feared for himself, but his license in pious when there is fear.
Hence the maxim (not attributable to Saket say), but excluded the street like what Scott virgin girl guide their consent to the marriage, may not judge people based on their silence nor the perpetrators of some of the evils.
God has shown faith in those who stifles his faith and hides his religion and belief, how the words attributed to Saket or the rule? He says (and said a man locked Pharaoh stifles faith …) (Mu’min: 28), as the rule of the Prophet peace be upon him faith to those who deny the evil in his heart but did not deny his tongue, nor any hand that he did not utter something silent and did not atone infidel nor denied How evil away from this rule proved his faith after the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him?
The Prophet, peace be upon him (you saw evil Vlagerh hand, the could not Vbulsana, if that is not his heart, and that is the weakest of faith) Narrated by Muslim from Abu Sa’eed may Allah be pleased with him, and in an interview with Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him marfoo said Prophet him (and in his heart he is a believer Jahidhm) also narrated by Muslim, and not for a Muslim to say after the words of the Prophet peace be upon him, and the denial of the heart have hatred towards evil and Bajtnabh as in the modern (it has hated acquitted) Narrated by Muslim.

Mastour case
And the people in them, “Mastour the case” one of the apparent Islam did not show him what invalidates his conversion to Islam, this infallible blood and money definitely, said the Prophet peace be upon him (every Muslim over haram blood and money and displayed) Narrated by Muslim, and deliberately killed by one of the greatest sins as previously , and killed him where human and worldly sanctions Okhroah.
And valid to pray behind Mastour case of sacrifice and eaten without requiring indicating the status of the test or creed. Both emerged from the rituals of Islam did not show him what invalidates Islam may not stop to prove the rule of Islam for his verse (… do not tell anyone who gave you peace … I’m not a believer) (women: 94), and an interview with Osama bin Zaid in that , and the words of the Prophet peace be upon him (from our prayers and blessings received a kiss and eat our sacrifice is Muslim) Bukhari, Valtoagaf prove Islam in those rituals which showed a clear violation of the provisions of the Quran and Sunnah. The Almighty God said (..khz amnesty …) (custom: 199), and “amnesty” is what emerged from the things people are not looking for a Boatnhm, so in true that the Prophet peace be upon him said (I did not dig that Owmr from the hearts of the people) agreed.
And conduct provisions of the people on the back of them from the rules of this religion strong as Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased with him (if NASA were taken inspiration in the era of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and that revelation has ceased, but Nakhzkm now including back to us from your work, it is showed us good Omnah and Qrbnah and we do not have anything of his secrets, God hold him accountable in his secrets, and showed us worse Namenh did not believe him if he said that his secrets well) Bukhari.
But may or identification must be concealed in the case in places such as the verse (believing women come to you … if immigrants Vatnohn …) (Mumtahina: 10), and the things that are required of them have ranked higher than the apparent Islam are arranged in what justice requires him justice : Kalshhod States and tradition and positions in the marriage of the verse (take note … and with justice from you …) (Divorce: 2), and the verse (… judged by you … Questions amended) (Table 95), and the words of the Prophet peace be upon him (daughter of a pair of punk has cut her womb).
The Prophet peace be upon him (if Otakm than happy with his creation and his religion Vzojoh) Talk Hassan al-Tirmidhi, said Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him to see (I do not know you, I missed someone who knows you) mentioned by Ibn Azavian in “the way Mannar”, and justice is the (conservative on the statutes and regeneration with the avoidance of major sins and is without prejudice to Palmruh left), and her other definitions found doors certificates books Fiqh and collect some Shawkaani God’s mercy in his book “The guidance stallions.”
And know justice Muslim monitor the conditions of and asking Muslims to abandon him, as in the words of the age of the former (I missed someone who knows you) to the verse (and also made you a middle nation to be witnesses to the people …) (Al-Baqarah: 143), and when he praised Muslims on Mitt said to them, Prophet upon him (and the obligatory .. you martyrs of Allah on earth) agreed to talk. This is what some regard Bmistor case.

Anonymous case
And the people in them, “an anonymous case,” which did not show him evidence of his conversion to Islam or infidels, and this is the case with many people, and this places identification of duty, must desist not exposed to the Muslim hurt, and should not be showing the status only in transactions that require the knowledge Religion or justice as already in Mastour case .. In the past it was judged to anonymous case in the Dar al-Islam Islam Hence the Prophet peace be upon him (read peace of the known and not known) Bukhari, because it may not be starting a non-Muslim to peace, but was governs the case of Islam anonymous for reasons including:
1 Excellence in apparent Huda (appearance) between Muslims and among others, as it was being obliging dhimmis wearing parts (contrary to wear clothes of Muslims).
2-establish the extent of apostasy from Islam invalidate Muslims.
With the absence of these two things can not be cut to Islam unknown case, which did not show him something of the signs of Islam or disbelief. Some have gone to make the rule of the house on the occupants, and arranged such that the unknown as Dar disbelief infidel, and this is a mistake as it has passed God’s concealment of faith for the underdog House disbelief, and stressed the Almighty that, saying the Almighty (… and not believing men and believing women did not Talmohm that Ttaohm Vtsepkm Ma’arrat them unknowingly …) (Open: 25).
It was the Mecca Dar Kafr even opened in 8 AH, and was inhabited by the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions before the Immigration and remained vulnerable after the migration, and they have not been faithful to the rule of one of them home. As well as Ibn Taymiyyah said God’s mercy in the town, “Mardin” it treats the Muslim infidel and deserves what he deserves. He did not say one of the scientists that the rule of the house occupants suffered only limited issues which can not show the human condition such as foundling and the unknown dead, and even these two otherwise.
He pointed out that Ibn Qudamah in the “singer” and the son of the values ​​in the “provisions of the dhimmis” and Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali in the “rules”, and the right to anonymous case does not cut his ex turns up the case of the verse (do not stop what you have no knowledge …) (Al-Isra: 36), and the Almighty said (O ye who believe, if you strike the sake of Allah … Vtbinwa) (women: 94).

Identification two degrees
1 shows Islam: What is required in the Islam of transactions.
2 shows justice: in transactions that require them to justice.
This has already been in “Mastour case”, and come back and say that the civilians in the countries of the Muslims today are a mixture of various varieties have already stated in a statement that the seventh item (if permissible mingled haraam dominated rule of the Sacred).
How may be attacked, including those destroyed prevail (the bombings) and why so religiously? Assuming the existence of calling, how may attack the unknown case without showing has God said (O ye who believe, if you strike the sake of Allah Vtbinwa do not tell anyone who gave you peace’m not a believer Tbngon display life When God spoils many as you before it is God you Vtbinwa God was what you do experts) (women: 94).
The remembrance of Allah Almighty this verse after he said the warning to those who kill a believer intentionally, in the previous verse on them, and repeated in this verse it Tebbin to confirm that it is obligatory, and warned against embarking on the killing of unknown case for collection purposes mundane, and alerted the slaves that they were on this character before (as well as you before) to be this Xaghra them rush to the exposure of people and the shedding of their blood.
I do not think that exposure to the general public in the countries of the Muslim day of Jihad for the sake of God in something like what happened from the bombing of hotels and buildings and transportation, all of this may not even claiming passport kill gear Muslim or infidel, has already been examining the question of tatarrus in Article VIII of this document.
It is not permissible to kill civilians in the country’s Muslims, including Muslim and non-Muslim and those Mastour case and unknown case, and kill them wholesale in the bombings and the like AC between the Sacred hyperbolic and between suspicion and in the right to talk (and signed in suspicions occurred in the Sacred) If mingled Sacred Halal deprived of all, there is no legal justification for exposure to them originally and finish it ourselves and all the more forbidding Muslims.
The evils committed by some people is not punishable legitimacy killings and bombings, has been forbidden by the Prophet peace be upon him exposure to people indiscriminately, and vowed an actor that he is not of the Prophet peace be upon him, and this version of the signs of sin, he said, peace be upon him (from out of my on my hits and Brha Vajerha, do not avoid insurer, outdated and does not meet relegated not me) Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim, and this is random damage in people.

Different doctrine
The Xaghra enough for the Muslim Prophet peace be upon him in the right (believer will continue in the expanse of religion unless it pours blood haram) Bukhari.
But enough for the Muslim Xaghra words of the Prophet peace be upon him in the right (if the bankrupt of my nation comes the Day of Resurrection with prayers, fasting, zakat, and comes may cursing this and eat money this and shedding the blood of this and tossed this and hit this, gives this of its attractions, and this of its attractions, the Vineet its attractions before spending what it is, take it from their sins and put forward, and then thrown into the fire) Narrated by Muslim. The Prophet peace be upon him (Avoid the seven sins – and he mentioned – kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except by right) talk Agreed. He said peace be upon him (the first thing that people spend between the Day of Resurrection in the blood) Agreed. Is not permissible exposure adherents to Islam because of the different denomination, has appeared in our time a lot of fads such as: murder citizenship, and murder on the appearance, and the murder of identity, and murder on the names, and murder on the doctrine, and it killed the Shiites, who are a band of Muslims since the century First Islamic, and Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah God’s mercy in his book “Platform Sunnah” that he did not at least one of the scientists advances stamped Shiites in a sentence, this holds his words, infallible and Muslim blood and money, if he goes against the doctrine.
Is not permissible for a Muslim to be appointed on a bit of aggression, it is aided partner in sin God said (… and do not cooperate in sin and aggression …) (Table 2).


The document, Guidance for Jihad (9)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (9)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Controls atonement

Inadmissibility of joy or pride in disobedience:
Have been found from the preceding items that hit the foreigners and tourists in our country and that combat operations inside the house of war (the country’s foreign), as well as the killing of civilians pictures that were common in recent years, from sin forbidden, which included the bloodshed and destruction of money Forbidden also included on the treachery and aggression, and all This is a major sin which is not permissible for a Muslim to be happy or proud of, because the Prophet peace be upon him (the navel of good deeds and deeds, he is a believer Adsth) Talk Attabarani true in the large Abu Musa may Allah be pleased with him.
Has carried the desire to revenge from the enemies of Islam by some Muslims on the joy and pleasure of this sin mentioned, and this ignorance and lack of faith in religion, because it is not a believer navel bad. Not only this, but it was pleased with this sin, it was like the guilt of the perpetrator, because the Prophet peace be upon him (if you have worked in the land of sin was witnessed Vlha like someone who missed it, and missed by someone who witnessed Vredaha was) a good talk Narrated by Abu Dawood.

Boasting Palmasi
It also should not be bragging these sins and acts of treachery because this manifest disobedience, which lies perpetrator circle pardon of God as the Prophet, peace be upon him (All of my ummah but vocal) Agreed, this sin should seek forgiveness of them and the people, not of joy or pride in them do not pride acts of treachery and perfidy pride invasions though she thought fools Championships.

Atonement legal judgment
Appropriate alarm on this issue after a speech in Mastour case and anonymous case in the previous item, especially the accusation has much to atone in this decade. I say to God Almighty and to reconcile:
Atonement, Dwabth legitimate, legal judgment is not a fad nor ideology nor charge, mentioned in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, it should not be taken lightly because the underrated legal provisions Kafr, as he says (… Say Iballah and His signs and His Messenger, ye evidences ( 65) Do not apologize has disbelieved after your belief …) (repentance: 65.66).
Apart from the human divisions on the basis of countries or races or colors or languages, the Almighty God has not only created divides into two parts, as he says (he who created you Vmenkm infidel and believer of you and what you do God Basir) (Gain 2). Many of the legal provisions in this world and the Hereafter, all the provisions of the promises and warnings based on this division of the divine creation of the believer and the unbeliever, and unbelievers sections:
1 infidel original: It was not from a Muslim before, Kalmzkoren in the verse (Those who disbelieve from the People of the Book and the polytheists in the fire of hell where those are evil wild) (evidence: 6).
2 apostate: a proven him of the rule of Islam before his conversion to Islam in Kafr it was broken, and so-called infidels disbelief emergency. This is permissible to happen as he says (not apologize have disbelieved after your belief …) (Repentance: 66), and the Almighty said (swear to God what they said and I’ve said the word of disbelief and disbelieved after their Islam …) (Repentance: 74), and the Almighty said ( It is … Ertdd you about his religion Vimit a disbeliever Those frustrated in their world and the Hereafter, and those owners of the Fire they will abide therein) (Al-Baqarah: 217).

Provisions of the infidels and apostates
The provisions of the infidels indigenous mentioned in the doors of Jihad from the books of fiqh, and that the provisions of the apostates mentioned in the doors of apostasy from the books of fiqh, nor devoid of the books of jurisprudence that no matter how brief, apostasy is not a history of the past and ended in the death Musaylimah and repentance Sjah, but it is an award falling in anytime even if scientists could they reported within Nullifiers ablution, prayer, fasting and other acts, must for every Muslim to learn what Nullifiers Islam? As the infidelity and apostasy Evsdan Muslim religion and all acts of worship performed as though the Almighty said (… While engaged to Ihbtun your business and be among the losers) (Cliques: 65).
Repentance is obligatory and the award of all this as he says (Say to those who disbelieve, forgive them if they finish what has ancestor …) (Anfal: 38), but the words of God: (God does not forgive that engages him …) (women: 116), this is the one who died an infidel without true repentance in this world.
Islam is a faith and not of the qualities of fixed eternal human as the color of his skin, but it is one of the variables that did not keep a Muslim it went as Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased: (Faith garment of you wear sometimes and dispelled sometimes) Narrated by Ibn Abi Shaybah in his book (Faith), as well as the semi- God’s religion Balsoub in the verse (bass … and piety so good …) (custom: 26), as well as also in the likeness of the Messenger of Allah saying peace be upon him (and I’ve seen people that they Qmus- Qallowa- what it has paid O Messenger God? said: DIN) talk in Bukhari … Hence the Prophet peace be upon him (Take good works, we drew like a dark night, man becomes a believer morning and evening infidel, morning and evening become a believer and infidel sells his religion introduced from the floor) Narrated by Muslim.

Controls atonement
If atonement sentenced him legitimately the controls must be adhered to so as not to accuse one of disbelief unlawfully, and do not even address it than to not have civil legitimacy, and remind him that in this brief:
1 to consider the act of charge: The charge is a rational adult, there is no consideration of what comes from the boy, and from the maxim (baptized the boy’s fault) and do not consider what comes out crazy or insane, and talk (Pen is lifted from three), and he did charge (of words or work) which signed in disbelief may be an explicit indication of the infidelity (which is not likely, but one face) or potential significance to infidelity, nor atone Bmanml significance until after the show inadvertently doer, this Kabih and metonymy of the words of divorce, slander and others.
The Bob Bukhari God’s mercy for this issue in the prayer book of true in the door (of peace to the tomb or enlighten or something which Abdul without God wanted God), as Bob has Cadi Ayyad God’s mercy in his book (Shifa In a statement, the rights of the Prophet peace be upon him in the door (as stated in the Akavar Almtolin), may not compel a work supplies (to say or do) because the necessary rights doctrine is not a doctrine but also explicitly Altzmh achieved by Ibn Taymiyyah in (Majmoo c 20).
2 consider the text in Kafr judge who did this deed: Is the text explicitly in disbelief bulk or possible? This is because the texts of the law mentioned two types of infidelity: Kafr largest perpetrator out of Islam, and the Kafr smaller perpetrator does not come out of Islam, and it is a major sin of sins named disbelief thickening of the door, and rebuke her.

Disbelief bulk
_ It is a denial of faith in the texts are not conclusive in disbelief, it was intended to disbelief as the largest in the verse in Surat Poets (… and what was the most faithful (8)), was intended to sin constitutes kufr is also in conversations (and does not believe in God … (f) does not believe any of you …) and (… not us) and (nor adulterer while adultery is a believer …) and (It was believed in Allah and the Last Day …) and the like. The word (do not believe) is not equal to (atone) necessarily.
_ Including texts menacing fire and torment those who committed certain acts does not mean infidelity necessarily, but may mean and mean sins, the mention of God polytheism and murder and adultery in the Al-Furqan then said (… and who does it not receive good deeds (68) doubled to him torment the Day of Resurrection and he will abide therein in disgrace (69) only repented …) (Al-Furqan: 68-70), and said the Prophet peace be upon him (O women Give charity, I Roatkn more people of Hell) Agreed.
Valoaid pains of the fire is not synonymous with Hamlet, but will enter the fire folks Muslims guilt great and then out of them and God authorizes them to enter paradise including them of the faith is true, said the Prophet peace be upon him (for Aseben some people from my suntan from hell guilt Osaboha) Bukhari, the Prophet said peace be upon him (out of the fire, said there is no god but Allah and in his heart the weight of a rite of faith) talk Bukhari. These are disobedient believers immoral sins owners who died without repentance, not the merits of balancing them did not want God to forgive them the Day of Judgment as Allah said (… and forgive whom He pleases without it …) (women: 116).
The unbelievers will not get out of the fire that never died on blasphemy God said (as well as thy Lord to those who disbelieve, they are owners of the Fire) (forgiving: 6), have been shown Kharijites this verse and so that all of the income of the fire is an infidel, but this disbelieve owners sins Almtoaadin fire, and this is not correct., as stated above, and in conversations earlier response to them, as well as the last verse, the owner of the thing attendant Library, continues with him as well as infidels they (the owners of the Fire) The disobedient believers Vdjulhm fire temporarily and then out of them thanks to God, they will not be are ( owners of the Fire) and Goodenough inferences other books mentioned corrupt beliefs because of the corruption of their understanding of texts Vsedk those words of the Prophet peace be upon him (Haddthae teeth, foolish dreams, read the Koran does not exceed their throats, pass through of religion) and those conversations agreed but frequent.
And the meaning (Haddthae teeth) any younger, and (foolish dreams) any weak-minded, and (not to exceed their throats) Any read the Koran without understanding or manage run out Bhanajarham not beyond to the hearts that is the subject of understanding, hence abused inference Qur’an and Sunnah, and this with the intensity of hard work in worship as described by the Prophet peace be upon him, and as described by Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with what Nazerhm, and experience with them mentioned Shatibi God’s mercy in his book (sit).

Differentiate between disbelief and sins
This and sins, in which an exiled faith or holiday, is to differentiate between disbelief and sins between them collected with other provisions in the same guilt, you robbed the perpetrator of faith altogether, or not?
Including texts that described some of the work disbelief, it does not necessarily require Kafr largest bidder for Islam; because there is a difference between Rudd and the name and format of infidelity between receipt tense (this is known in the semantics of Science Rhetoric).
There is also a difference between Rudd and disbelief format name indefinite article and the receipt format name of knowledge, and this is also known in the science of meanings, and referred to by Ibn Taymiyyah in his book (Iqtida). There is a difference between the provisions contained in the Koran disbelief and among those contained in the year (referred to by Ibn al-Qayyim in his book “several patient”).
3 to consider the case of the taxpayer: If you do charge actually explicit indication of the infidelity, there are conditions and contraindications should consider before cutting a disbeliever, it may not atone due to error or forgetfulness or coercion or ignorance of what counts and the like, may atone person and prove apostasy and then the blocker prevents punish him, as if to be a messenger of apostates, Kallven sent them Musaylimah liar to the Prophet, peace be upon him said to them (except that the apostles do not kill to hit Oanaqkma) Narrated by Abu Dawood, and it said the son of values ​​in (Zaad) (and went on a year that the Prophet does not kill even was an apostate) Boerma, so as not to be interrupted and the chance correspondence of interests.
4 consider Alasttabp: After cutting Kafr this charge and the lack of excuses in his right, it has really Alasttabp any offer repentance upon detection of any suspicion has Qaeda (Adraua border suspicions), said the Prophet peace be upon him (Adraua border for Muslims what you can, If he has a way out Fajloa him, the Imam to err in pardon is better than to err in punishment) Narrated by Tirmidhi attribution of the weak, and said Shawkaani in (Awtaar) that may true, suspended from Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him said (Adraua border suspicions, Pay murder of Muslims as you can) and Abi Dawood true attribution is brought (the border have recovered among yourselves what extent may have heard from a must).
5 to consider the ability to punish him: and this can only be done with the empowerment of the verse (who said Mknahm in the land, establish prayer and pay Zakat and ordered the Promotion of Virtue and forbid evil …) (Hajj: 41), while the underdogs there must something from it. There is a difference between between atonement and punishment.
6 to consider the interests and the corrupting effects on punishing him after check ability to do so: it has declined to the Prophet peace be upon him for the punishment of Abdullah ibn Abi for corruptive effects on it, as the Prophet, peace be upon him (do not people talk that Muhammad kills his companions) agreed it, especially with the show Islam and subtle Hamlet, although aware of the Prophet peace be upon him a disbeliever, it did not kill his knowledge only without establishing evidence of legitimacy as was mentioned by Ibn Hazm in (local c 11), has a delegation Mslama liar on the Prophet peace be upon him in the city and introduce him , said the Prophet peace be upon him (do not cut hands in the invasion) due to the corrupting potential that the thief escapes and appends House of war. We must consider the consequences even with the ability.


The document, Guidance for Jihad (10) the treatment of the people of the book

The document, Guidance for Jihad (10)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (10)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Alerts on the above:
1 penance and atonement absolute designated “absolute atonement” is a judgment on the act, whether it is explicit or possible?
As well as the text of his Almathm Is it explicit or potential? The atonement is appointed to judge the actor after consideration of the case and found the conditions and barriers, has reiterated Ibn Taymiyyah – may Allah have mercy on him – the alarm on the necessity to differentiate between absolute atonement and atonement designated and named this (base atonement).
It must show the conditions and barriers in the right appointees and this is a matter entrusted to the judge, not the exception of the only omission from the ability if they grew dangerous, as he wanted the Prophet peace be upon him with Abdullah bin Saad bin Abi Sarh, and experience starring in the book “Saarim “Ibn Taymiyyah.

2 clear from the foregoing that the issue of atonement is not taught from books and uniformity beliefs alone, but also from the books of fiqh, especially the doors of the judiciary and the certificates and apostasy and legitimate ways of constancy and symptoms of eligibility.

3 did not divulge the law of individual parish punish the general public or the establishment of the border, nor shall be excluded from it until the establishment of the Muslim border on his servants, as the Prophet, peace be upon him (Establish boundaries on what proprietary) Narrated by Abu Dawood, and narrated by Muslim from the detainees, he said, peace be upon him (if any of you weighed nation turned out of her fornication Vlijldha not limit them Yathrib) agreed to talk.

4 clear from the foregoing that the item talk on the subject of atonement is not easy and requires premium of civil jurisprudence and legal study detailed the long, if not the experience in the Fatwa and Shariah courts.

5 to not inadvertently novice in the study of this subject that is able to save himself from the people of Almkfrat not atone others, but learns right to do so without excessive Kharijites Almarjip not overcook.

6 establish the border is not obligatory only after empowerment, and not on the underdog thing of it is not a sin to leave him.

7 than ever in this item, learn to say stamped the general public without discrimination in Muslim countries today, including Mastour case and unknown – as quoted in Item IX – is telling the wrong turning does not rely on to guide considerable, and legal rulings are not built on the possibilities and fantasies.

Controls atonement

This, I spoke in the “controls the base of atonement and penance” in the belief Study of Part VII of the book “combined the application of science-Sharif.”
And go back to Vokrr atonement legal judgment should not be muttering to it, not taken lightly to alienate people from it, you had God Tkverria when he said: (Say: O disbelievers)? Were the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him God Tkverria when he said: (Kafr after faith)?
Because the atonement of Sharia is not free him of the books of jurisprudence, the predecessor, God bless them did not call the name of “extremist groups or a group of Atonement” on the Khawarij (who disbelieve Muslims trespasses sins not constitute kufr alone such as alcohol and adultery); because atonement legal judgment and the word considerable and respectable legitimately should not be leveled at the people of fads.
It is also a description of each of ignorance speaks in terms of atonement that of the Kharijites. It then wear something from Nullifiers Islam constitutes kufr of interest to find him up on it, to repent and rectify before his death, and the opportunity too, especially in the places and times that are not held by the end of apostasy. But that leaves like this in his blindness, it is not advice for Muslims in something it is cheating them.
Thus you will know that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his law mercy to the worlds; Because infidel because he saw the angel of death will not come out of hell, never, and repentance before the event to life, and the infidel if left on Hamlet even see the Angel of Death, and so when interrupted by a line of irreversibility to the minimum you’ll discover Then it has been is the biggest fool in this world; because he will be punished since that moment and forever, and if you want to know how that faith is something precious priceless Vtdber the words of God (Those who disbelieve and die while they are disbelievers will not be accepted from one of them to fill the earth went even redeemed by those painful torment them and their helpers) (Al-Imran: 91). Faymann Muslim expensive than gold, fill the earth, then praise be to God for the blessing of Islam.

Deceiving people

It recognizes that this reluctance to learn what Almkfrat? And alienation from the rule of atonement with wasteful excuse of ignorance is the solicitation people cheat them, and those who are doing it are worse than drug dealers and thieves who corrupt the worldly people, but these people Vivsdon the afterlife and Asoukounam to hell, claiming the tolerance of Islam.
People of the Book in the treatment of Muslims residing AQIM:
People of the Book living in Muslim countries such as the Christians in Egypt are not the people of edema, this was an old time Sharia law, and with the emergence of the civil state arbitration human laws in the latter half of the nineteenth century, fell for the people of the book in Egypt and the like from countries such status, and the Constitution – It is Abu Alqguanan- in this country does not provide for the term (dhimmis, but provides for the principle of citizenship) understanding for Muslims (the people of the book is Maahidin).
Some said (that Christians are still people edema), and say that they are people of edema completely contrary to the principle of citizenship in place in these countries, because citizenship is equal among citizens, residents of the same country in rights and duties, and not to mention the contract disclosure required as People of the Book living in the house Islam conditions distinguish them from Muslims and differentiate between them and the Muslims.
It wanted to know the terms of disclosure Vlatalaa in the last book of the gates of Jihad “singer” to the son Qudamah Hanbali, or in the book “The provisions of the dhimmis” for the son of values, or in the book “Iqtida” Ibn Taymiyyah mercy of God.
The terms of disclosure is not of jurisprudence changing over time, but it is binding on all Muslims when the ability to work out, because it is the year Khalifa Rashid, Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him and said the Prophet peace be upon him (you vacinity and year rightly guided caliphs after me) Narrated by Tirmidhi, A good talk is true, then the whole companions in the era of age and beyond the terms of the disclosure did not go against one of those significant saying, and the consensus of the companions argument peremptory binding on all Muslims, according to scholarly consensus, even those who complain about the possibility of convening a consensus such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Ibn Hazm – mercy of God – No doubt one of them in the consensus of the companions, but Chkka later era companions, and chose the word “we do not know where, unlike” instead of unanimity.

Discrimination in terms of disclosure

And discrimination in terms of disclosure is originally learned than the frequency of the Prophet peace be upon him – frequent morally – of the order of violating the Jews and the Christians, and saying peace be upon him: (Islam prevail, not second to none) Attabarani, Saying that Christians are still people of edema is not correct and is of sound and proceeded to abuse and reality together, has said Imam Malik Allah’s mercy (or whenever a man came to us from a man who left Ojdl what Allah has revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him for saying).
However, we believe should be treated by gentle persuasion and lack of exposure to them was hurt, and all Muslims are advised to do so for reasons including:
1 they are not the ones who shot down themselves holding disclosure, but it resulted in a modern arbitration laws that take place on everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims.
2 that often they treated Muslims gentle persuasion, we must treat them as well, according to (the basis of reciprocity, but no later may be legitimately) was preceded by this rule in the preceding items, and also says: (God does not forbid those who fight you not for religion nor driven you from your homes dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loves those) (Mumtahina: 8), and the meaning of “justly” from the mainland, a charity, and “justly” a Justice of the premium, all those who have not hurt the Muslims must be treated with justice and charity.
3 They are neighbors of Muslims in housing, work and study, and charity to the neighbor (from Muslim and non-Muslim) and Islamic duty, not just mustahabb because the Prophet peace be upon him in the right: (Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day Vlkerm neighbor) Agreed, in the novel (not hurt his neighbor), not shorten it to a neighbor recognized but fired pronunciation to include pan neighbor any every neighbor (Muslim and non-Muslim), and make peace be upon him Ikram neighbor of the conditions of the Faith (Whoever believes in), which means that the legacy of sin and debauchery.
This is confirmed by denying the faith contained in saying peace be upon him (do not believe the neighbor is not safe Bwaigah) Agreed, it hurt his neighbor in any form of abuse is punk perpetrator of a major sin, the street does not negate faith who left something of delegates and mustahabb , but deny those who left something out of faith or of his or her duties, also warned that too much on the Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah God’s mercy in his book, “Faith” and texts in the necessity of charity to the neighbor and the prohibition of many well-known harm.
At the same time, we advise Muslims to treat Christians gentle persuasion and not to provoke the feelings of any aggressive acts, in order to maintain good neighborly literature on both sides of the population of a country.
For the Christians of Egypt, the Prophet peace be upon him, had recommended their commandment, especially in charity to them (because they have a womb and Sra) modern novels narrated by Muslim from Abu Dhar may Allah be pleased with him either (womb), the Hagar or Ishmael peace be upon him an Egyptian grandmother Prophet peace God be upon him, and the (melting) Ms. Maria, a Coptic Egyptian is the secret of the Prophet peace be upon him and mother of his son Ibrahim, may Allah be pleased with him.
Kill all the Jews
I know you recognized that there is nothing in the law named kill all the Jews and the Christians who are designated by some Crusaders, even if this is true, what remains on the face of the earth now than Jews and Christians, but little, and those who remained one of the country’s Muslims have lived these nationals of their rights in the courts Islam out of date.
Permissible for a Muslim to treat them as commercial transactions and various non-commercial and marry their women, have been collecting these provisions son of values ​​God’s mercy in his book “The provisions of the dhimmis.” The correct view is that he is fighting their fight them to the aggressor in the fight of payment, straighten up and fight them to fight the Muslims Jihad in demand, this is what it settled jurisprudence of Muslims by the predominance of the passions of the people. The Muslim should beware of releases of fools in this matter, the matter in which it controls and detail, and not every Jew or a Christian or must be killed.


The document, Guidance for Jihad (11)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (11)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Quoted some words of Almighty God: (then fight for God’s sake do not cost but yourself …) (women: 84), and what do the Companion Abu Basir – may Allah be pleased with him – after Hudaybiyah on the necessity of jihad for a Muslim, even if he was alone, and this is absolutely not true , there is no evidence in this guide on the necessity for a Muslim jihad solo.
The verse they civil landed after the initiation of empowerment and get Muslims to Dar for Migration and shelter and the victory of the city, also bestows upon them, so in the verse: (And remember when you’re a little vulnerable in the earth are you afraid that Ataktafkm people Vawakm and Oiedkm his victory, and provided you with good things to meaning) (Anfal : 26), did not impose upon them the jihad they (the few vulnerable) in Mecca before the migration, even if Jihad solo duty to impose upon them in Mecca, and what the law of God for the underdog isolation and stealth and concealment of faith, but enjoined jihad on all of the income in Islam without looking at the case in terms of mastery and vulnerability.

All this shows that the quoted this verse on the necessity of jihad solo did not improve reasoning, and quoted a verse and leave the other, was not known to be suitable for each reality, and confirms that the Prophet peace be upon him, and after the migration and after legislation Jihad did not come out to fight alone.

It underlines the lack of the necessity of Jihad solo that Moses and Aaron – peace be upon them – two Nbean not Iqatla alone when he sat for the children of Israel for jihad, which enjoined upon them, the Almighty said: (They said: O Moses, I will not enter at all as long as they where go you and your Lord Vqatla Lo here is not doing anything (24) said, Lord, I do not have only myself and my brother Vavriq between us and the evildoers (25)) (Table: 25.24), because the intentional Jihad is the manifestation of religion, and fight the man or men – even if they were prophets – does not achieve this objective.

But this is not what the prophets, how do individual Muslims, and thus knows that it is contained in the verse: (then fight for God’s sake do not cost except yourself).
(Women: 84), but it is to incite, and very what is said in it that the statement that it is permissible but not obligatory, even if the fight solo duty for enjoined God on the vulnerable, and what the law of God to them passport isolation and concealment of faith and pious, and when he ordered them to pardon and forgiveness and patience time of vulnerability, As authorized Magistrate.
If we say that Jihad solo permissible and not permissible, restricted duty, the conditions … including:

– That of his Imam or Amir may not be doing anything from it without his permission for the verse (The believers are those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, and if they were with him on the collector is not even going Astaznoh …) (Nur: 62).
In true that the Prophet peace be upon him said: (from obeyed Prince has obeys me, and whoever disobeys Prince Asani) Agreed, but this said scholars (and ordered Jihad Mukul to the Imam) was mentioned by Ibn Qudamah Hanbali God’s mercy in his book “singer”, has seen Imam or Prince assigning individual alone, the task of this is permissible, as narrated by Al-Bukhari God’s mercy that the Prophet (peace be upon him sent Zubair forefront alone), and in the battle of the parties is the Prophet peace be upon him Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman that carried the news of the infidels, Vands them so God bless them.
The man to be his Emir has pledged allegiance to the emirate, and then without permission Ameerah and without informing the work of the genus jihad back to destroy the whole emirate and the demise of the state at the hands of Astvzhm of the enemies of Islam, then this guy be so may reneged Biath with Princess Khan and treachery and bring destruction to Muslims and violates the provisions of the debt that the stable Judge (Mukul ordered to Imam Jihad), and these are all of the major sins doom one to Hell, renege and betray and then run away leaving thousands of innocent Muslims are paying the price Nkth and treachery, even if you want to tell them so and so to say.

– Tend to be thought that the solo fight will return any benefit on religion and his family, because this is intentional Jihad.

Do no harm

– That does not come back fighting solo harm to religion and his family, because the Prophet peace be upon him: (do no harm) and everything dominated harm and corruption on its utility is haram may not base (warding off evil takes precedence over bringing benefits); Because (corruption bug prohibition ) is not permissible for a Muslim is to submit to him the benefit even if the request for the certificate if the detriment of other Muslims.
The Prophet peace be upon him: (believers as one man) in the novel in is also true: (such as the believers in their mutual love, mercy and compassion, like one body) talk Agreed, it must be for a Muslim to take into account the conditions of the rest of the Muslims, otherwise it is not is this one body Not any of them.
It is not the Muslims who do not care about what’s going on Islam and its people do not care about them. Among those hits and then run away to hide and leaves his family and his followers and other Muslims bear the consequences hit him is being on them from killing, imprisonment, displacement and starvation and revenge in the hands of the enemies of Islam are overwhelmed by the mountains carrying it, this is not of religion and jihad in anything nor is the magnanimity of men, has been sparing people of ignorance, it was a knight of them provide for his family and even killed.
As you will find in our time of Weaver for his family and his followers and leaves them vulnerable to killing, imprisonment, displacement and then you find is not ashamed and traded to the Palestinian cause, which is a commodity bankrupt owners and leaders Almicrawfonah tournaments, the matter is, as the poet said:
Per disease medicine is indicated by … but folly of exhausting may treat
Some of them escaped and sent his wives and children to a safe haven and then left his brothers and other Muslims and their women and their dependents prey exposed to the brutality of the enemies and their revenge. If you want to tell them so and so to say.

Jihad on aggression is permissible

– That does not include the jihad aggression is forbidden in Islam, Kaltan on the blood and money than he may not have the exposure of Muslims and others, Kalmzkoren in all the previous items.
– Should not be fighting an insidious Baktale not invalidate a covenant between him and the fights, because the Prophet peace be upon him: (I do not fit in our treachery) agreed to talk Hudaybiyah, it has already.
If you look at these conditions can be found all may become available as done by Abu Basir – may Allah be pleased with him – there is no problem in that, it was a secure base independent, not under the authority of the Prophet peace be upon him, did not harm the Muslims as he did, and did not pledge to anyone Vinqd covenant or betray doing, however, the father Basir was not alone, but alone in the first place, but it met each of fled from Mecca to Muslims vulnerable after Hudaybiyah so many numbers.
Did not fight an army outnumbered and several thousands of times, but were attacking some veterans of the Infidels of the people of Mecca, did not have the people of Mecca flight Iksvonhm him as is possible today, and did not infiltrate the work of combat operations inside Mecca Once that allowed infidels of Mecca to Abu Basir and his joining Muslims in the city – unlike what Achtrtoh in Magistrate Alhdibah- leaving Abu Basir and his companions Mnawsthm because they do not serve to manifest one’s religion, which inadvertently Jihad, has been hurting them.


Protested see some of passport fighting Muslim solo evidence in addition to the above, including the words of God (… How much of a small group overcame a class many, God willing …) (Al-Baqarah: 249), and says: (And make ready against them all you can of power …) (Anfal: 60), and so from the evidence that some of them may understand the passport counter Muslim holds a knife to a convoy of enemy tanks or to the large army, and this understanding wrong turning.
Here are several alerts on this evidence and on this understanding:
– Including that the legal provisions are not taken from one verse or talk without collected with restricted or allocated from the rest of the evidence contained in the same issue, which may mask the public, and that Allah has enjoined question scholars, saying the Almighty: (… Ask the people of Remembrance if ye Do not you know) (Nahl: 43), and between the Prophet peace be upon him that the fatwa is for fools is misguided in saying: (taken ignorant people warheads Vsiloa Vovetoa unknowingly preferred and Odiloa) agreed to talk.
It is not permissible to consider the evidence and leave the other in theme, it is opined that several absolute three menstrual periods based on the verse (and divorced Atrbesn themselves three menstrual periods …) (Al-Baqarah: 228), without Istvsal of liquid if the absolute has offended deities and astray though He had answered a verse from the Book of God because it is not generally in all divorced, and he should be Istvsal because there are varieties of divorced for Dhn provisions in other texts.
Valmtalegh non intake by not several them at all for the verse Al-Ahzab No. 49, and the small and Alaash Dhn three months pregnant expires promised the development of pregnancy for any AL divorce No. 4 and talk Sabieh God bless them, and immigrant Muslim if left pairs infidel House disbelief promised menstrual cycle and one of the hadeeth of Ibn Abbas, may God bless them, and the wife of the nation promised Hadtan to talk, and the nation’s slave Testbro Lakedh one to talk, it is not permissible to consider the evidence and leave the other in theme, and enters this in the wrong inference, including the previously Jihad solo.
Including the fact that there is a minimum required parity in number and gunning between Muslims and their enemies, if misfire this limit has not Muslims should be consistency in the war, which verses another Al-Anfal, where Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with: (From fled two have fled, and What escaped from the three fled) does not restrict a lot of parity in the number of scientists only, but else to preparing for the general cause is that the bug is to mitigate weaknesses (now eased God for you, and learned that the weakness in you …) (Anfal: 66).
If not parity in power saying a condition for stability in the jihad of what God said: (now eased God for you …), because God had arranged things lower on the system taking the means not the paranormal habits and miracles that may occur, but is not origin, albeit usually a time of miracles has passed, but the parent taking the means to achieve certain results, so that people trust in their business to Imran world and the Hereafter, it is found very transplant harvested.
The son alerted values ​​God’s mercy on it and how to take the Prophet peace be upon him in all the reasons would in migration and in his conquests and how apparent between Draein in the Battle of A and it is a supporter of inspiration. It is not taking the means nor parity address a group of Mujahideen to an army of enemies.

Doctrinal provisions

Including the fact that the decision of war and Jihad does not depend on jurisprudence alone, but with military experience, and this fatwa Ahmad ibn Hanbal – may Allah be pleased with him that the invasion with Prince ungodly strong better than invasion with Prince poorly met, and the strengths and weaknesses here are given the experience of war, and said Ahmad: (but on the same immoral and strength of Muslims) because intentional Jihad manifest one’s religion, the transfer of all of this Shaykh al-Islam Allah’s mercy.
And to consider the experience of war is what made the Prophet peace be upon him ordered people experience like Amr ibn al-Aas and Khalid ibn al-Walid to those who are the best of them in religion and lead to Islam, one of the great companions, God bless them, because of the benefit of Muslims, has separated it in my book ( Mayor in the preparation of the kit) 1988.
And to look at parity (in number and gunning between Muslims and between the enemy) with military experience is what made the Khaled ibn al-Walid – may Allah be pleased with him did not Atathm bias “withdrawal” Army of Muslims in the Battle of Muta after the killing of the three princes who Nsbhm Prophet peace be upon him on army in this battle, which was facing the three thousand Muslims, two hundred thousand of rum, an increase (three to two hundred) has been named the Prophet peace be upon him facts Khaled in this battle groundbreaking, since saved the Muslim army of deadly, has revealed the verse: (And make ready against them all you can of power …) (Anfal: 60) before the battle of Mutah Khalid did not understand them understand what some contemporaries.
– And the ones that jihad if duty without considering parity in force in number, and it was enough preparation as possible to any force, if this understanding true for Allah has enjoined jihad on Muslims who are vulnerable in Mecca before the migration and corruption necessary indicates corruption Almlzum.
We have already alarm that does not make sense to commit to young religion today and then in a few years become a mufti and a general at one time, and God bless favors knew as much as himself (and should not be a believer to humiliate himself and exposed from the scourge of what can not endure), and may not be sacrificing a Muslim with no benefit does not help and may not be commissioning including unbearable according to scholarly consensus, and he did not have knowledge of Sharia let it guide him and his mind Aaklh Ihgerh.

Including ordering others do not

It teaches a Muslim that in our time has pulled folk and fled from in front of the enemy because of the asymmetry in power, even fleeing for their wives and their dependents, leaving them prey to the bombardment of the enemy, and they at the same time incite other Muslims – who do not trick them or unable – to respond and withstand the enemies of the Although Tiguenhm of unequal power, Faomron others what they did not do, has been vilified God active in the verse: (Otamron mainland people and forget yourselves while you recite the book you not understand?) (Al-Baqarah: 44), and in the verse: (hateful in the sight Allah that you say what you do not do) (Grade: 3).
And not only that, but you find them at the same time they seek to negotiate with enemies are paying others to clash with the enemy and sacrifice for their Istkhaddmohm as a political card when negotiating with the enemy. There are those who want a peaceful enemy, but away from the media so as not to get lost merit when his fans.
Do not be fooled O young heroes of the Internet and the leaders of the microphones and logos traders who are the leading suppliers of graves and prisons, even if you want to tell them so and so to say. And learn your religion O young men do not even Tgtroa and even these do not be victims of their slogans and Djadjathm.
Remained a final word in this matter, “Jihad solo”: namely, that before embarking on the work must be considered in its effects and consequences, consideration of the Malate acts considerable religiously, what led to corrupt is corrupt, and corruption is forbidden, what leads to it is forbidden, even if the intent Well The intention is valid, this is what was said Shatibi God’s mercy in the “approvals c 2, c 4”, and every action that hurt with other infallible must be offset, at least do what he did, which is compelled or coerced, pursuant base (having not invalidate the right of others) mentioned Izz Din ibn Abdul Salam in the “rules of provisions” and Quraafi in the “differences” and Suyuti in “likes and isotopes” and Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali in the “rules”, it is the cause of his injury to the infallible in himself or his property should be compensated Bdiat souls and Members and benefits and below that of Alerosh and governments the extent of damage, and damaged the property of others had to be offset by similarly in optimal or value in Superfluous, the did not do in the world remained the liability and culpability Day of Resurrection, because the Prophet peace be upon him: (for Tadn rights to their owners, the Day of Resurrection) Narrated by Muslim, and an interview with the bankrupt who Narrated by Muslim, too, but the performance of Rights Day of Resurrection will be the exchange of advantages and disadvantages.
The payment of the Prophet peace be upon him a friendly man who made a mistake Osama bin Zaid in to kill him, as payment peace be upon him, challenges built Jvema who erred Khalid ibn al-Walid to kill them, and where the Prophet peace be upon him: (Oh God, I healed you than making Khaled) Bukhari may Allah be pleased with him, and err Altaol not fall right of others, and even those who had authorized the killing of a Muslim to the need to gear peremptory College – as previously – did not agree on the destruction of blood, but some of them said to ensure Dath.
Friendly self-Muslim man free (albeit child, or elderly dementia) is four and a quarter of a kilo of pure gold (24 carat) or the price the price of the day (parental legitimacy thousand dinars, gold, and the weight of the dinar four penalties and a quarter grams), and a friendly Muslim Family Free half of that (true In this talk, a consensus).
Pay blood money
Does not object to the necessity of security that he should not pay the challenges of the killing of Muslims in fighting the project, citing Bamahorh that took place between Abu Bakr and Umar – God bless them – regarding the delegation Albzakhh, or citing the agreement companions not to ensure that what is being used in Naúrh war in fight prostitutes, as was mentioned by the owners wrote “provisions Bowl” Mawardi, Abu second to none, mercy of God.
Valastdalal so misplaced the different assigned, the lack of security is that when there is fighting on both sides, but when there is a murder and the fighting of one party presents a Muslim to kill and blow falls where the dead are Muslims from non-combatant civilians by surprise, and did not warn to flee, and when the lead to harm others and vandalism all of this must be a guarantee, it does not fight from both sides, as was the case with the delegation in fighting Albzakhh or prostitutes.
The fact that the dead (sending on their intentions) Agreed, this is right, but in terms of the Hereafter, and he does not fall right or the right of their parents in terms of security in the world.
And if the Prophet peace be upon him may within municipalities dead infidels who have declared Islam and no longer fighting a war – someone who killed Khaled and Osama, may Allah pleased with them how those who did not stands to fight originally did not know him from the Muslims and unknown case who must show their situation as above, There is no doubt in the necessity of security in these cases, and is sufficient for modern “bankrupt.”
One does not enter paradise and the consequences of it, as in a modern (Qantara) … We have already argued that the Companion Khbayba – may Allah be pleased with him did not want to kill the boy stamped his life is not permissible for him to kill him, because it (but Bakhawatim business), including how God cast Almighty doubles that of blood and money Forbidden carried on his back the Day of Resurrection as Allah said: (… carrying burdens on their backs not worsened what were visiting) (cattle: 31)? .. One man was killed in the invasion with the Prophet peace be upon him, said companions “So and so martyr,” he said, peace be upon him: (No, It’s in the fire in the mantle Glha) Narrated by Muslim .. This came in the guise of fire stolen from the booty before the split, how blood and money Forbidden wholesale?
I have a sense of weakness in trespasses as people said Anas may Allah be pleased with him: (You are working for the acts are the most accurate in the eyes of the hair, we prepare it at the time of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him from the vices) Bukhari. This is because of ignorance, negligence and cruelty hearts


Episode XII

Tips for the followers groups

By – Sayyid Imam al-Sharif

Sayed Imam before revisions to the right and then left

Sayed Imam revisions right before and after Left

1 Dink learn :

P ( Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim )

classed Suyuti, and there are things in religion must for

every Muslim to learn before puberty, which is the time

the flow of pen commissioning it, and this is what is

called ( the imposition of the eye of the forensic

science ) , and from the knowledge of the pillars of

Islam and Noaqdah The halal and haram, and teach

the boy and the duty of the guardian to talk right « you

is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his

flock ) Agreed ) , and the Almighty said :) O ye who

believe yourselves and your families against a Fire

whose fuel is people and stones …) ( prohibition : 6) ,

the Prophet said ( p ): ( Teach your children prayer for

seven years ) talk Tirmidhi and classed, and did not

learn his religion as a youngster, he shall rectify it

immediately to the verse : « and quick to forgiveness

from your Lord … »( Al-Imran : 133) , and the

Almighty said : «… Fastbakoa good things … »( The

Cow : 148).

Provisions Altklevah

The officer what the Muslim should learn from his

religion after the imposition of the eye is : not offering

to do something only after knowing his jurisdiction

hand provisions Altklevah five ( duty and delegate and

patency and haram and hated ) , and enters the

profession recognized that livelihoods for, any

statement or action he wants to do or participate in it

… He says : ( O ye who believe, do not applied in the

hands of Allah and His Messenger …) ( closets : 1) ,

which does not go the extra word or act until they

learned the rule of Allah and His Messenger ( r ).

Almighty said : ( do not stop what you have no

knowledge …) ( Al-Isra : 36) , it is not permissible for

a Muslim to do something so that the rule of God

knows where .

It is an honor knowing that God Almighty did instructs

our Prophet ( p ) to asked for further thing in the world

of science, but said most would : «… and say: Simply

the Best »( Taha : 114) , and said the Prophet ( p ): «

From respond God do good Evqha in religion »

Agreed, if explain God’s chest for they understand the

religion you read in the books advances the science

where prolific and error where Aziz few, especially the

writings of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim and Ibn

Kathir and Ibn Qudama and Ibn Rajab and Ibn Hajar

and nuclear and Suyuti and Shatibi and Mundhiri and

Shawkaani , has been collecting these sciences

ancestor of the nation, and all of them take after them

came from well-established in science .

Before all of whom Imam Bukhari may Allah be

pleased with him, which in my opinion I know Muslims

after the first four caliphs even told him Sheikha

Koutaiba bin Saeed : ( if Bukhari in the companions of

the verse ) was mentioned by Ibn Hajar in ” Huda sari

” means how if compared Bukhari who are and

without companions after them? This does not mean

that Bukhari best of companions, they have a general

preference his own advantage in science, has

mentioned Abu Abbas Quraafi in his book ”

differences ” the difference between a preference and

advantage .

Qubool acceptance

The best book in the belief is ” Qubool acceptance ” of

Hafez judgmental .

The basis for the study of Hadith books : ” the

beginning of the industrious ” Ibn Rushd, and ” Awtaar

” for acanthoid .

The best interpretations ” son of many . ”

Nor rooted in a study of modern science, but ” Fath ”

He sings from other annotations .

The best language books : books ” by Ibn Hisham

al-Ansari ” explanations Mohammed Mohiuddin Abdul

Hamid .

The science means a : Science Quran and modern

science and jurisprudence and Arabic language, there

is no need to colloquial not a novice in the study of

religion, because it is a means of ijtihad and deduction,

was not this science existed in the era of the

Companions, but put the scientists then to understand

the texts of the Koran and Hadith as understand

companions and they are the people of the Arab

tongue right, God bless them .

Science for work

2 and what I learned from Dink’s work including

Tsttiah him :

I just intended to science in order to work and do not

cost yourself unless dictated by God you of duties

within the limits of your ability and you are able, the

Almighty said : ( Allah does not burden a soul beyond

its scope …) ( The Cow : 286) , and the Almighty said

: (… does not cost God’s breath, but what Ataha …) (

Divorce : 7) , and said the Prophet ( p ): ( What I

commanded him and they brought him to what you can

) Agreed, nor Ttathm do not feel embarrassed to leave

what failed him from the duties of religion it ( not a duty

with the deficit ) , and the Almighty said : (… God

wants for you ease and does not want hardship for you

…) ( The Cow : 185) , and said the Prophet ( p ): (

paid and approached and Cheer ) Bukhari, and the

meaning of ( paid ) any stay the payment It is perfect,

the you can not ( approached ) approached any of it,

however ( Cheer ).

If I heard Bnavlh of redundancy or a prayer or

obedience of good deeds Vaaml to it even once in a

lifetime to be one of the people the Day of

Resurrection, and called with her ​​family on Easter,

said this nuclear God’s mercy in the introduction to his

book ” Total . ” We are in the time of Taatna a few we

do not know Oaqublha God or not? And many sins

we do not know Oagfarha God or not?, Do not

abound of sins and seek forgiveness on Daum .

It is imperative that the labors of a Muslim himself and

change it according to Murad, the Lord Almighty : (…

that God does not change the condition of a people

until they change what is in themselves … ( Thunder :

11) , the did so and succeeded only was his

knowledge and not to him as the right to speak : ( The

Koran argument you or you ) Narrated by Muslim .

has God said : ( and who fought us and holds our ways

…) ( Spider : 69) , and in his commentary on the Book

tortillas Balbkhara Ibn Hajar quoted Imam Qushayri

for sheikh Abu Ali ileum saying : ( Who is not at the

beginning of mujahideen will not find the owner of this

road Shamma ) of ( c Baari 11) The Prophet ( p ) to

Aisha : ( Your reward will be commensurate with your

effort ) agreed to talk .

Based on the rotten corrupt

3 Do not do what is not lawful for you to do what

you should do :

Like the one steals for charity, or like the one burgles

on other people’s money to finance jihad, everyone is

not acceptable to God, and the Almighty said : (… but

accept the God of the pious ) ( Table 27) , and the

right said the Prophet ( p ): ( God is good Do not

accept anything but good ) Narrated by Muslim, and

the Almighty said : (… and not righteousness that come

the houses of their appearance, but the mainland

whoever fears and came houses of doors …) ( The

Cow : 189). , and the maxim that ( based on the rotten

corrupt ).

4 I know that the ruling does not entail reason alone :

It does not even have to look at the condition and

inhibitor according to the base ( resulting judgment on

the cause if the availability requirement and negated

inhibitor ) , as having a quorum ( the reason for the rule

) must be Zakat where, if ( availability condition ) and

from the year passed in this fund and offers trade and

cattle ( and negated inhibitor ) such as religion it takes

for a quorum, and this general rule in most of the

provisions of the law, including the Jihad has no reason

obligatory and should not be on a particular individual’s

inability or lack of maintenance and so on, may not be

the order of the provisions as soon as their causes, but

after looking at the conditions and barriers have

already stated in the second item statement difference

between obligatory between absolute and obligatory

on the designated . do not rush to make judgments on

people’s ignorance of the signs of it .

5 Not only did you think in your affairs :

What you submitted it, and consult you know who

they are and the more you experience and you’re not

the biggest of Trustees, and in the correct confused on

what Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with

him you enter Sham or not in plague (18 e ) ? It did

not mention the good opinion of all of the people

consulted, but the experience of the elderly ( they

Quraish chieftain of the Muslim conquest ) , before

informing them of the news conveyed to Abdul

Rahman bin Auf, may Allah be pleased with him, and

talk championship Agreed .


6. not received your mind to others under the pretext

of obedience :

You that the mistake would not carry one and Zrk

doomsday has God said : ( all the same as earned

hostage (( Amma : 38) , and the Almighty said : ( What

then explain to thee what the Day of Judgment (18)

day does not have the same for the same thing and it is

that day God ( 19)) ( Cleaving : 18 , 19) , your mind is

your paradise and your fire Almighty said : ( They said

if we hear or Nakl what we were in the owners of the

Blaze (10) have acknowledged their guilt Vshaka to

the owners of the Blaze (11) (( King : 10 , 11) , What

Fadlallah human animal only reason to look at the

consequences of its worldly and eschatological, not

plotting to present only its affairs, the animal

understands that and knows what harm him and help

him in the present case .

Not abolished mind claiming obedience if you’re in an

Islamist group, and if you order your leader for

something you do not see good not Ttah, he said

Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaibani God’s mercy

what Obtained : ( It is obeyed Ameerah with Mdharth

phenomenon was an evildoer, because the prince but

underestimates the minds of his followers ) , and

argued for it, saying the Almighty : ( Fastkhv his people

obeyed him they were folk sinners (54) (( decoration :

54) , from his book ( great walk ) , and in the matter

modern secret Abdullah bin flywheel may Allah be

pleased with him, said the Prophet ( p ): ( but in

obedience known ) Bukhari, Ibn Umar : ( if we

pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah ( r ) on

obedience tells us ( as much as you can )) Agreed,

does not accept the fatwa work only qualified for an

advisory opinion as reported .

Ignorant ignite fires

I know that hearing and obedience are originally God

and the Messenger ( r ) of any of the evidence

legitimate authors and the year is not a person of

Prince, but this is God’s reference to the directory

when the conflict with guardians and others Almighty

said : (… if you differ in anything amongst yourselves,

refer it to Allah and the Prophet . ..) ( women : 59) ..

do not accept an order contrary to the law, although

the CAC or responsible person in a poor forensic

science does not accept anything from it except

Testrep advisory opinion from a qualified so .. In the

modern ( Let Erepk to make you doubt what not ) talk

True . because such a rule Prince Kama he must call a

referendum of the scholars and asked them not to,

decrees other .

Not canceled your mind, and do not follow the leaders

of the microphones and the heroes of the Internet who

fly data provocative for young people in the time in

which they live to protect the intelligence services or

the protection of the tribe or in a cave remote or

political asylum to the State infidel, they Adjajon-in

microphones and on the Internet and are leading

people wholesale to graves and prisons as they are

safe, other than what it was the Prophet ( p ) of the

leadership of the Muslim army by himself for the most

part until the Sahaabah say : ( If we were intensified

bass and fever contested Atakina the Messenger of

Allah ) ( p ).

Those they if intensified bass fleeing for their wives and

their dependents and their followers and leave them

prey to the oppression of the unbelievers and their

revenge, they nevertheless do not sparing and still

Adjajon . then let you say, O Muslim leaders

microphones ignorant sharia if Hradwk to say to them :

( If you Emami Be in front of me ) , is how the Prophet

( r ) with his companions, God bless them

And warn of those fools who destroyed the Islamic

Emirate existed and behind the back of her prince then

traded after that the Palestinian issue, which has

become – and long – a fig leaf Leicester by bankrupts

nakedness and paper ( lottery ) in the hands of

opportunists and impostors reaping from behind gains

and tournaments with dupes . Will do This only fools

are wasting an Islamic emirate and are looking after it

for Palestine, has said Shaykh al-Islam : The capital

preservation provided on request Profit agreement

wise, this holds his words, as well as the maxim states

that ( do not leave the known for the unknown ) , but

these fools Vodhaawa head It is money well known

Islamic Emirate that existed then ask Palestine

Paljadjah and data .

Beware ye of the Muslim ignorant cowards who lit

fires all over the place, then flee and leave the other

thousands of people burning out .

Covenants and conventions

7 of the Covenant and the fulfillment of duty :

The Almighty said : ( Fulfil the Covenant that was

responsible (34)) ( Al-Isra : 34) , and the Almighty

said : ( O ye who believe! …) ( Table 1) , and this duty

with all the people, even with the infidels and

polytheists, has stopped the Quraysh when they came

out to Badr Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman and his father,

God bless them and did not vacate their release only

after an undertaking to the Quraysh that does not

Iqatloheme, and then to measure the Prophet ( p ) then

when Badr Vojaz it and ordered them to fulfill, and did

not participate in the Battle of Badr ( talk Narrated by

Muslim ) In the mean what he said in Alhskva ( Durr

al-Mukhtar ) it may be reconciliation with the enemy to

leave Jihad, said in explaining Ibn Abidin ( c entourage

4) ( This is according to the interests of Muslims and

the need for it ) a . AH .

And breaking the covenant of sins and the

characteristics of hypocrisy ( and if Ahed treachery )

as the right to speak, and covenants that must be met if

they are on what may be legitimately and not on what

deprived, because the Prophet ( p ): ( Muslims on their

terms ) Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and as stated in the

modern right : ( each condition is not in the Book of

Allah is invalid, though a hundred condition ) agreed,

and which may be legitimately that of committed and

vowed not to clash with the ruling authorities and the

troops in his country, he must fulfill that . should not be

regarded as a pledge from the door : ( war hoax )

Agreed, The Prophet ( p ): ( I do not fit in our

treachery ) Agreed .

The covenants and conventions and conditions

between people prize in a sentence if they are on what

may be legitimately Almighty said : ( And fulfill the

covenant of Allah when ye …) ( Bees : 91) , and he

says – for Jacob peace be upon him -: ( He will not

send you until Taton documented from God to Tatnni

him but that surrounded you when he Atoh Mothaghm

said God for what we say and agent (66)) – to the

verse – ( said the old pain know that your father has

taken upon documented by God and by what Frttm in

Joseph will Ibrah ground until authorizes my dad or

God judges me which is good for the ruling (80)) (

Yusuf : 66-80).


The document, Guidance for Jihad (13)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (13)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

8) What should be asked of a living doing naafil better than to engage in science and worship:
Mentioned by Ibn al-Allah’s mercy in «Khaatir» because the Muslim sin of wasting reliable nor a sin to leave the banal and the worship of science, and the «upper hand is better than the lower hand, and those who never counts», agreed to talk.
The question people comes scratches in the face of its owner the Day of Resurrection, «The matter is still the man until he meets God Almighty doomsday and not in the face Mzaah meat», talk Agreed, «has reached the temperance question some of the people of ignorance before Islam that a man of them was if Oauz did not find something entered a cave in the mountain and remained there until he dies and do not ask people », mentioned by Ibn al-Hanbali Mofleh in« Arts legitimacy ».
In order for the human being in this world of two things: religion fit him Akrth and source of livelihood fit him worldly, and the collection of the Prophet peace be upon him statement in saying «O Allah, I seek refuge in You from disbelief and poverty», a good talk Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawood, because of infidelity ruin the afterlife and poverty the destruction of the world, as to eat the Sacred ruined world and the Hereafter, and in the right «God is good and accepts only good» Narrated by Muslim, said the Prophet peace be upon him «What to eat one food better than to eat from the work of his hand, but God’s prophet David was eating From the work of his hand »Bukhari.
9) Do not Tsthen trespasses and sins:
Adam was knocked out by the peace of paradise because of sin, although one of his repentance and acceptance of God to them, and the man entered the fire, which is struggling with the Prophet peace be upon him because of the cloak of the stolen booty before it is divided (Glha) talk Narrated by Muslim.
If Bulgk legal judgment is not properly presented him intentionally even ward off suspicion about yourself, this behavior is inherited aberration heart as he says «… God turned away when he turned aside their hearts …» (Grade: 5), and Imam Malik bin Anas, may Allah have mercy on him «Whatever manipulated by something of the order is not Tlaabn Dink» If you can not remove the evil Fazl him and Aatzlh, this is appropriate to deny the heart.
The foregoing that may not be a joy something of sin and acts of treachery nor publicized and bragging, but we must repent and seek forgiveness from all of this, nor promenade yourself what they have done from the sins and blames someone else, God Almighty but forgave Adam peace be upon him because he pleaded guilty «said Lord wronged ourselves although not forgive us and mercy shall certainly be of the losers (23) »(custom: 23), while not forgive God for the devil because he outings himself from his guilt and attributed it to God« said Lord including answered, ‘My them in the ground and Ogoyenhm wholes (39) « (stone: 39).
I know that the origins of evil three: arrogance and has Kafr devil, careful and has left Adam from Paradise, and envy and has killed his brother, the first son of Adam.
I know that the pious but knows when not being alone in contact with people, do not be a crown of God in openness and enemy in secret.
He said some of the Sufis «the last thing out of the desires of the hearts of the righteous: Love preside. And bears witness to that verse «perished Me Bowl» (affiliation: 29), and in verse that the Sultan and the government will last its rights with respect to the diets of the world.
10) is not a paradise, but patience has its price:
God said, «and Dzahm including patient Commission and silk (12)» (human: 12), and the Almighty said in the owners of Paradise «… and the angels walk in on them from every gate (23) Peace be upon you as were patient, yes Ukbi Casablanca (24)» (Thunder : 23.24).
And patience is «holding your breath on Almkarh» a harder thing to self because pregnancy self otherwise it sees fit, and here it is the price of paradise because it is proven correct in that it «is surrounded paradise with difficulties» Bukhari, you will not save a paradise, but the possibility that Almkarh and this is patience, which is three sections: patience, obedience, and patience of all sin, and patience on the fortunes of God’s painful, and said the Prophet peace be upon him «not a commodity that God’s expensive, but good God Paradise» Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and classed, and the price is patience, patience nuisances interrupted soon go out of this world easier and easier patience on Almkarh Great ceaseless forever in hell, and you seek refuge with Allah from them.
The Prophet peace be upon him «Come on people at the time of the patient’s religion Kald on hot coals, including worker’s pay fifty» companions said: O Messenger of Allah fifty of us or them? He said peace be upon him «but you» a modern true Narrated by Tirmidhi from Anas, may Allah be pleased with him and mentioned by Ibn Taymiyyah God’s mercy in «Majmoo c 18» He said that the reason for increasing the wage workers of their faith in the last decade was explained in another novel of the same talk and the Prophet said peace be upon him Companions «You find the right aides and they do not find».
11) Return to the right and the duty and the good of the persistent falsehood:
He says «those who fear that if touched visitation from Satan remember if they Mbesron (201)» (custom: 201), and the Almighty said «… but thought David Vtnah Fastghafr Rabbo bowed kneeling and turns (24)» (p 24), He said some righteous «Because I am in the right tail is better than to be straight in the wrong» and guilt is the last of the tail.
I have seen in modern times some of the proclaimed rule by Islamic law and raise the banner of Jihad in order that does not apply the law in a private himself nor in his group Islamic if it was otherwise whim, and I say if these claimants sharia law does not apply it to themselves, they are vulnerable, how will they do if they and ruled the country?
I have referred to in my book «combined the application of science-Sharif» since 1993, this has been consistently described by Jews as God says: «… say that this Ootim Fajdhuh although not Tatoh Vahdhiroa and God is to charm you will not have him from God something … »(round: 41), as this is consistently the hypocrites, whom he described God Almighty, saying« If called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them if the team were exposed (48), although they had the right to come to him took (49) Avi hearts is a disease or suspicious or afraid that they Hristiv Allah and His Messenger, but those are the wrong-doers (50) »(Nur: 48-50).
No good in them and their ilk with their disobedience of the law as he said the right Almighty «even aware of God in them to hear them better if they turn away to hear them as they are exposed (23)» (Anfal: 23). And deny them the rulers of the non-application of Sharia vulnerable they are doing, and in his letter to the Saad bin Abi Waqas -ozkrt some of the Pre-Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased with him «If Astweina promised them in sin were we prevail in number and gunning» Boerma , of the «unique contract» Ibn Abd Rabbo Andalusian.
This is a betrayal of God’s reasons for some of the Islamic groups, such as my experience and try knew such knowledge, and become the supreme authority to have an opinion and does not fancy the initiated. If you want to tell them so and so to say.
12) sought in each of the right and did not realize or did not benefit from it, or has been affected because of him in this world was his reward when God:
This is because everything that gets him recognized in this world (of bread and above), even from Halal detract from its reward on the resurrection and detract from his status in paradise and Blessing where, although their income starting without precedent torment does not discuss the account, and this is the origin of «asceticism in the world» when the righteous of all nations of the prophets, and the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him ascetic of the people as well as was Jesus son of Mary peace be upon him ascetic of the people, said news Ahmad ibn Hanbal God’s mercy in his book «asceticism».
And waste bin Obeid may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him when he prayed with people fall down men of Qamthm in the prayer of destitution are the owners of capacity, so says the Bedouins «these crazy» If The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him went to them, he said « if you know what you liked when God for that abound destitution and need »Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, and« destitution »extreme hunger, and« want »poverty.
As well as in Jihad: From sought in that without sin or aggression The failure did not realize a victory or wounded have been his wage jihad when God unlike the one who triumphed and sheep, as well as the Prophet peace be upon him «What of gaseous or confidential invade Vngnm recognizes only had Hasten two-thirds of their wages, and of gaseous or confidential invade Vtkhvq and get them their wages were only »Narrated by Muslim. This talk of what a fully-paid, despite the apparent failure in this world which is also a response to the argument «all the work for the achievement of a deliberate shortening is false», has already alert to what this phrase from an error in the last item first.
As well as the understanding of the Sahaabah of the texts of the law that both got something from the pleasures of this world, even from Halal detract from wage work in the afterlife, and thus describe Khabab bin Aratt case Musab bin Omair who was killed on a film realizes the conquests of the great and the spoils feast which hit by Muslims After that Vtm to Musab reward in the hereafter may Allah be pleased with him, said Khabbaab «we migrated with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him seek the face of God fell Ojrna on God, our mouth from Matt did not eat from his reward something, of whom Musab bin Omair was killed on one, and leave the tiger , we were if we covered his head with his legs appeared, and if we covered his head with his legs appeared, the Messenger of Allah commanded us peace be upon him to cover his head and on his feet make something of Alizkr, and one of us who has blossomed fruit is Ahdbaa »Agreed.
And «tiger» cloth, and «Alizkr» plant smell good, and «blossomed» matured, and «fruit» flower world and the pleasures, and «Ahdbaa» Iktefha. Al-Bukhaari and God’s mercy for such a newly Abdul Rahman bin Auf regarding Musab bin Omair and it said Abdul Rahman «then the extension of the minimum us what extend, we feared may be precipitated Hassanatna us» God bless them.
13) and the duty of good manners with all the people and Mslmanm Ccaffrhm:
Pan words of the Prophet peace be upon him «and behave well towards people» Narrated by Tirmidhi and classed, did not shorten his command to Muslims, ćŐÍ him peace be upon him that most people enter paradise «piety and good manners» Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, who said a good talk properly.
, One of the heaviest things in the balance of the Day of Resurrection, as the Prophet, peace be upon him «There is nothing heavier in the balance of doomsday believer of good manners, and God hates the obscene indecent» Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, who said a good talk properly. The Almighty God said «… and say to people … Well» (The Cow: 83), here it is said the Prophet peace be upon him «What more people enter the fire: tongue». Webber is the duty of parents, even if they were unbelievers.
I know that good manners parties may reconcile God for Abdul, and this is known to the wise in every nation extrapolation, hence what revelation came Jibreel Prophet peace be upon him the first time he said peace be upon him, which tells the story of Khadija, may Allah be pleased «I was afraid for myself »she said to him« both God and, God does not disgrace never, you have to reach the womb and bear all and earn zero and report the guest and had the ravages of the right »talk Agreed.
Fastdlt God bless them that it was on the morals of this does not Akhozah God in anything but help him. In contrast, many of the failures caused by bad manners.


The document, Guidance for Jihad (14)

The document, Guidance for Jihad (14)

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

14. taking Baloasr passport and license legitimate to raise the embarrassment and hardship pay:
Said God says: (… God wants you ease and does not want hardship for you …) (Cow:. 185), said says: (Allah wants to relieve you … (Women: 28), and the Almighty said: (.. .oma make upon you in religion any hardship …) (Hajj: 78), but this Shatibi said God’s mercy: (The evidence to raise critical in this nation reached the amount of pieces) of (c approvals 1).
Said Aisha: (The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) between two things, however, never chose Oasarhama what was not a sin) Bukhari, said (peace be upon him): (perished Almtnton) uttered thrice … Narrated by Muslim , and it is going to extremes depth: militancy in the position of non-militancy.
When the command of the Prophet (peace be upon him) companions license time of distress did not do some of them described as saying: (those disobedient, those disobedient) Narrated by Muslim, said Anas may Allah be pleased with him (we were traveling with the Prophet (peace be upon him), did not Aab fasting on Breakfaster, nor Breakfaster the jejunum) Agreed. When he found the mushrooms took the license to travel from what enabled them to force the rest of the service, said the Prophet (peace be upon him) (Gold Muftron day wage) Agreed.
It is not permissible denial to take the license of legitimacy after receiving Shara Bjoazha, and graded so that may be pious when there is fear, and may show disbelief with tranquility of heart when coercion refuge as making Ammar bin Yasir, may Allah be pleased with the infidels of Mecca even told him, the Prophet (peace be upon him ) (if returned Fd) Narrated by Abdul Razzaq and Bayhaqi and Abu Naim, and others, collecting his novels Zayla’i mercy of God in (c Raayah 4).
Authorized the Prophet (peace be upon him) to Muhammad ibn Muslim woman to speak in the right of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for the general interest of the Muslims (in the incident Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf). It also empowered also to pilgrims bin Alat for his own benefit in Mecca after the battle of Khaybar may Allah be pleased with him. It should be on the alert here that it is not pious nor deceive in the covenants as explained above, and as indicated by Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman, may Allah be pleased with them.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) (God is my ummah for mistakes, forgetfulness and Acetkrhoa) Narrated by Ibn Majah and Bayhaqi and others, talk classed as nuclear (forty nuclear) mercy of God, and the license to show disbelief when coercion special license to this Islamic nation, evidenced by the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the previous talk (about my situation) was not authorized to do so in the previous nations … Qurtubi said in his commentary.
And it also shows modern Suhaib in the story of the owners of the groove did not show Atrechsoa in disbelief despite burned, and evidenced by the modern Khabbaab (It was before you were spreading leaflets), and in the correct hadeeth, may Allah be pleased with them all.
It is not permissible denial to take what may license legitimacy, especially in adversity, it is not permissible for officials in the Islamic groups that commit their followers determination if they want to take the license, he said, the Prophet (peace be upon him) (God is a guardian of my nation is something Verwq their Farfq, and the crown of my nation is nothing too difficult for them Vahqq it) Narrated by Muslim, the Prophet (peace be upon him) (The evil Alraa Alahtma) Narrated by Muslim, and (Alraa) collection shepherd, which is all of scheming things other, and ( Alahtma), which cleaves to his flock Faihtmanm.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) (but God have mercy on slaves merciful) agreed, was the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) a good example to the nation in that, when challenged Musaylimah two men from Muslims acknowledged him one prophecy Fajli him, and my father the other killing him, excuse the Prophet (peace be upon him) first and commended the second.
As well as when it came out black-Ansi, Yemen and claimed prophethood and dominated on the Sanaa split companions three sections, some of them lock due to the city Kalmhajr ibn Abi illiteracy, and some of them hiding in Yemen Kmaaz bin Jabal, and some of them defrauded the black until his killing, Fairuz al-Daylami, did admonishes the Prophet (peace be upon him) came back from hiding and is praised as Fairuz Bukhari, news and starring in “The History of the Apostles and the Kings” by Ibn Jarir al-Tabari, may Allah be pleased with them all.
There are things not said where the determination of the license, but said the right and wrong or right and wrong, including the options of legitimacy due to the Muslims towards Mkhaalafim and already speak the items the second and fifth, it put the war into peace if you must, or the reverse, is the oldest while must withdrawal, or the reverse, it has made a mistake Ozl.
And said here’s license and determination, but this called the Prophet (peace be upon him) bias Khalid may Allah be pleased with him in the Muta (opened) did not named by the license, also regrets Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him on the facts, a leader of armies, Abu Obeid bin Masood Thaqafi while stormed the bridge to reach his enemy perished with him, and Muslims, said Omar (God bless the father of slaves if the bias to me you have a class).
15 soul-searching and finiteness evil within Islamic groups:
God said (damn those who disbelieved of the children of Israel on the tongue of David and Jesus, son of Mary, including that they disobeyed and assault (78) were not Atnahon denier of the evil they have done what they were doing (79)) (Table: 78.79). One of the reasons cursed the God of the Jews they left finiteness is evil in them, however, have seen them accountable At this Alasr- Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir after the War of 1973, even resigned, and today accountable head of Israel (Moshe Katsav) and prime minister (Olmert).
When we see this in a lot of Islamic groups themselves are not held accountable for the error, and thus repeated errors and multiply, and this is all of the reasons for abandonment and failure as it should be otherwise.
I have seen in our time examples of the Mufti of the general who leads his brothers and his followers to the perils and cemeteries and prisons without civil legitimacy nor military, which is still after his imprisonment claim leadership like what committed gag of lapses, nor punished himself does not hold him accountable followers, what good are invited to these? Does They are only as the poet said:
Per disease medicine is indicated by … but folly of exhausting may treat
If you want to tell them so and so to say.
We have already mentioned that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had denied the Khaled and Osama, God bless them, and pay the challenges of those killed in it, and denied Abdullah bin flywheel may Allah be pleased with him. The Almighty God said (O ye who believe, be witnesses to Allah, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives …) (women: 135).
If the computer themselves members of Islamic groups and their leaders on the mistakes, it was in the good of many in this world and the hereafter. Said Omar may Allah be pleased with him (Haspoa yourselves before Thaspoa, and weigh your deeds before Mnoa). In the verse (O ye who believe, fear Allah and to consider what made the same tomorrow …) (Al-Hashr: 18), the scientists said this verse out in soul-searching.
16 quest in decoding Muslim prisoners duty:
It is the imposition of the adequacy of the nation’s Muslims if they left all sinned, and if he did some of them fell in sin for the rest. Ibn al-Abidin in (his entourage c 4) (save the captive obligatory on the whole of the East and the West who are aware of) and should be pursued in that in every possible way as mentioned by Abu Obeid Bin Qasim peace in his book (the money), and if appointed Fdaahm money shall be so if it comes at all House funds and money funds … Muslims mentioned in the verse (interpretation of c 5) and Ibn Qudamah in (c Singer 9) God have mercy on all.
The basis for that is the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) (disassembled Ani) Bukhari, and stated in an interview with the newspaper Ali may Allah be pleased with him and where (inextricably captive) Bukhari … and (Ani) is a captive is derived from the suffering or need to help, to talk on the matter indicates the necessity of seeking his ransom and rescue, and in this modern explain Ibn Hajar quoted as saying Ibn Battal (inextricably captive duty to sufficiently, and on this all scientists) in (c Baari 6) God’s mercy.
Although the origin of decoding the prisoners that the imposition of adequacy, it may become an individual duty that had to be and was limited in some position to do so, for example: appointed Abdullah bin flywheel sagittal may Allah be pleased with him when he asked him king of the Romans to accept the head in order to release him is the Muslim prisoners of Doing so has a son flywheel, Votalgahm. This was in the succession of Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him. Perhaps if he saw some fools son flywheel kissing the head of the king of the Romans to have said that the son of flywheel will Tableegh or that he had become Christians and income in Christianity, but firmly grounded in science Vdibhm what he did Omar When he returned son flywheel to the city and told him what had happened, Umar said: (right to Every Muslim has to accept the son of the head of flywheel) and the age ago, the head may Allah be pleased with him.
As well as in all of it had to seek the escape of prisoners, he may have sought the great reward mitigation of prisoners and the lifting of embarrassment and culpability legitimacy from other Muslims in general, and that of sat appoint him so he is a sinner Mazur Kalhad from other hypotheses eye.
At this time there are those who caused the imprisonment of hundreds or even thousands of Muslims Bhmaqathm, and the scourge of the prison as he says -gaah for Yusuf peace be upon him (The best of me … It took me out of prison …) (Yusuf: 100), and here command of the Prophet (peace be upon him) seeking to decode the prisoners, if he seeks from it, which is a duty for them, these fools denied it and asked him to remain silent, but is this religion of ignorance and cruelty of hearts?
17. advice to the governors of things in a Muslim country:
1) Arbitration Islamic law:
Of the duties of religion Great, breaks down the faith to leave it or Bgehodha or favoring other out, God Almighty said: (not the Lord does not even believe in Igmuk including tree and then do not find themselves embarrassed than I was and Ignorance (65)) (women: 65), The Almighty said: (The only saying of the faithful when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them to say we have heard and we obey, and those are the successful (51)) (Nur: 51).
And divide Muslims and humiliated nor Hanwha Nations on arbitration law, but leaving them with their Lord, said Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him (I’m folk may Oazna God of Islam, whatever we wanted in other Ozlna splendor of God), and the concept of this verse: (beware … who violate all ordered him to acquire a charm or suffer a painful punishment (63)) (Nur: 63), and the Almighty said: (and judge them by what Allah has revealed and follow not their desires and warn them that Evtnok about some of what Allah has sent down to you if they turn away, know but God wants to suffer some of their sins, although a lot of people to adulterers (49) days of ignorance who is better than God’s provision for people who have firm Faith (50)) (Table: 49.50).
2) reduce the evil phenomenon for the good of the country and the people:
The sin if Khvat did not hurt, but the owner, and if declared by the hurt everyone, but this has been said, the Prophet (peace be upon him) the right to speak (All of my ummah but vocal) talk Agreed, they Almzaron of sins, and you see now states destroy the country after other, and that only because of the injustice and sin and corruption, he said the right Almighty (… and we were only Mhlka villages and its people are unjust (59) ((stories: 59).
He says (and if we are to perish village ordered Mtrfaita Vvsagoa the right of them to say Vadmournaha destructive (16)) (Al-Isra: 16), and the meaning of (ordered Mtrfaita) any Omrnahm Sharia in terms of verse before (… and what we were tormented even send a messenger (15 )) (Al-Isra: 15) (where Vvsagoa) which did not abide by Sharia. Vdmarham God destructive, beware wise and God waits but does not neglect, and if multiplied evil, God is destroying the country, though he found the righteous, and asked The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) (Onhlk and us righteous)? He said (peace be upon him) (yes, If many slag) Agreed.
And evil phenomenon is more what provokes religious youth to clash with the authorities in the country’s Muslims as lead to violent reactions on the part of young people to the detriment of social peace.
Vtkulail perceived corruption in the media and in public places good for the country and the people, and God Almighty Halim patient, but the Almighty if unfortunately revealed retribution overshot her brains, he says (when he Asfona Antqmana them Vogriqnahm wholes (55) Fjalnahm in advance and example for others (56) ((decoration: 55.56), does not prove to the enemies of the soldier, but a creed, but who grew up on the debauched it flees from the first encounter.
3) To encourage the advocates of Islam and to facilitate their work for the benefit of a large country and the people:
The country: the God Almighty has spent not destroy the country but if there where some evil if found by the preachers reformers, as He says (what was the Lord to destroy villages injustice and her family reformers (117)) (Hud: 117), these reformers push God their scourge from the country by inviting them and prayers, and others saves them.
The subjects: the work of preachers to God, one of the greatest causes that lead to reduced crime rates and distractions of all kinds in the country, and this reduces the burden of security on the part of, and brings a living and divine blessing from another side by the verse (though the villagers believe and fear they opened Barakat Heaven and Earth …) (custom: 96). The Almighty said: (and Alu Astqamoa on the way to Osagenahm water Gdakka (16)) (Jinn: 16).
4) strengthen curricula teaching of the Islamic religion:
Upgraded, especially in institutes and colleges Islamic (Kalozahr) to raise the level of Forensic graduates and preachers, with the lifting of their salaries and privileges (other than the policy of Lord Cromer) to return to them the leadership of young people and the nation, including fortifies the youth of hyperbole and the nation of distractions.
5) Get rid of unemployment:
Paid to despair and frustration, and so to take all measures to activate the economy and increase employment opportunities to absorb the youth and the consequent easing poverty and crime rates and spinsterhood and moral deviations.
6) the inauguration of Trustees qualified for the positions of the basis of all good and Salah and repair:
That was for those administering justice conditioned States on Muslims-as mentioned in item IX to present the interests of the people on his own benefit. The collection of these qualities in God says: (… The best of rented strong Secretary (26)) (Stories: 26), and says: (… I do not receive my covenant oppressors (124)) (Al-Baqarah: 124), and said The Prophet (peace be upon him): (If you missed the Secretariat wait time) said: How do you miss it? He (peace be upon him) (if the filling to be uninhabited). Agreed talk.
In the story of Joseph peace be upon him and what he did to good measure to save Egypt from drought and famine long proof of the importance of good governance in Salah conditions of the country and people … The Prophet (peace be upon him) (you is a shepherd, and each of you is responsible for his flock) Agreed.
7) Arab Unity beaten fantasies:
Because they did not never before, and witness history, (and usually the court), and therefore they will not, and when he met the Arabs before were not that Arab unity is not a major Arab country, but they met in the State of the Islamic caliphate they and the Turks, Persians, Kurds, Berbers and others. The said Abu Abdul Rahman bin Khaldun (introduction) (Arab people are not united by religion only) Boerma.
It was before this whole God Almighty said (… and remember you enjoyed God’s enemies as you were in motion between your hearts Vosubhtm grace brothers …) (Al-Imran: 103), and the Almighty said to His Prophet -mmtna (peace be upon him) – (… is that thee his victory and the believers (62) and A. between their hearts if spent in the ground all draw between what their hearts, but Allah has united them that he is Mighty, Wise (63) ((Anfal: 62.63).
Did not raise these slogans but colonialism and lifted up his associates logo (Arab nationalism) since the late nineteenth century to drive a wedge between the Arabs and Turks to break up the Ottoman Empire, and they succeeded in that in the First World War (1914-1918 AD).
Then lifted Britain, represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Eden) logo (Arab Unity) in 1941 to pre-empt any attempt to revive the Islamic Caliphate after the demise of the Ottoman Empire, they lifted up the slogan (Arab Unity) to break the link between the Arabs and the Persians, especially the Muslims of India were among the most enthusiastic to revive the Caliphate, Then came the slogan of Arab unity substitute for succession and was the nucleus of the founding of (Arab League) in 1945.
This is the reality of things and the fact that Arab unity will never be achieved unless people returned to the arbitration law of the Lord Faalv between their hearts, as did their predecessors. Otherwise, the alternative is what it is now the case of dispersions and rivalry and arrogance enemies and underdevelopment, has said God Almighty (God … that does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves) (Thunder: 11).


Document rationalize recent work Aljhadi..lhalqh

Document rationalize recent work Aljhadi..lhalqh

Sayyid Imam al-Sharif / Cairo

Fifteenth: Annunciation victory of Islam and the emergence and survival and the survival of his family to the last decade
God Almighty said «want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but God refuses to be averse (32) is the one who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to proclaim it over all religion, though the Pagans may detest (33)» (repentance: 32.33).
It was that what God Almighty complete the Muslim religion «… Today I have perfected your religion for you and completed My favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion» (Table 3), and supported His Messenger (peace be upon him) and his victory on violators, and showed his religion and established Muslim state and security after the fear and the richest after poverty, and then was on the Muslims after the calamities are no secret critic Basir what abounded those sins as he said right Almighty «The Well done Well done to yourselves though Osotm it may» (Isra: 7), and the Almighty said «And whatever calamity Fbma your hands have earned and forgives many »(Shura: 30), and when he was wounded Muslims in the Battle of One God said to them« Say It is from yourselves »(Al-Imran: 165), but the defeat in the« A »were not ultimately , and bestows upon them after that victory and appearance, as well as what it is Muslims today than doubled and disperse and abandonment is not the end of the day, goodness will abide staying in this nation and Victory is coming, God willing, also informed us that our Prophet (peace be upon him).

Political history of Islam

1) has outlined the Prophet (peace be upon him) the political history of the Nation of Islam in an interview correctly stated the sequence of stages; from caliphate to King Aledod to King forced to succession on a platform of prophecy (This hadeeth was narrated by Ahmad in al-Musnad attribution Hassan), and the present era is the era of King forced in most Muslim countries, it must be followed by a succession on a platform of prophecy does not doubt its arrival long time Umm Qasr, and this succession anticipated is not the succession Khalifa al-Mahdi, may Allah be pleased with him, but they are accepted, they said, the Prophet (peace be upon him ) «shows the Mahdi at the death of Khalifa» (reported by Ibn Kathir God’s mercy in his book: finally, he said, attributed a good strong) and will fill the earth with justice and prosperity after it was filled with injustice and oppression, informed us that the whole beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) said, «be a successor of your successors in the last decade Ageso money nor prepared »Narrated by Muslim. And «Algesoh» is a handful.
2) In the year declarative:
The succession may be interrupted from the floor at some times, as in the correct Hathifa may Allah be pleased with him, said «the were not their group nor an imam?» Talk agreed, however, that with the interruption of succession sometimes never-ending faith and the faithful of the world never to near the Hour when the wind blows the good grab the lives of all believers in this world and after a distinguished full of people to believer and unbeliever Btalua sun from the west and exit of an animal does not remain on the ground, but the most evil creatures, and they have the time, you will talk this when Muslim God’s mercy, not the resurrection and on the ground believer, but before that there must be a belief and believers in the world.


3) as well as scholars of religion are staying does not drop out of this world: As stated in the right that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, «is still a range of my list order of God» said Bukhari: «They scholars», and this novel of novels modern community Mansoura.
4) as well as the argument of God to his creation remain to the end of time so as not to fall commissioning forensic spoken of the argument, and the remaining argument God list of saved Almighty for his book, he said most would «I mentioned we went to him and I for the privates (9)» (stone: 9), The survival of the scientists in the world, as in the previous talk «still a range of my list order of God» and Astenbata him said Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him «not free the land from an existing God pretext» ćŐÍ from the Prophet (peace be upon him) as saying «carries this science behind each of reprieve, deny him Algalin misrepresentation and impersonation wrongdoers and interpretation of the ignorant »(Narrated by al-Khatib al-Baghdadi, may Allah have mercy on him, in his book: the honor of the owners talk), the Quran and science and scientists are staying to the last decade thanks to God.
5) as well as Jihad for the sake of Allah, Jihad for the sake of Allah Almighty past do not cut off from the world altogether to the last decade, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) «horses are tied in Noasiha goodness until the Day of Resurrection, wage and after prize» was narrated by al-Bukhari’s mercy God in the Book of Jihad from Sahih in the door «Jihad past with the mainland and the ungodly», and this statement of belief Sunnis and the community, in the novel to talk Victorious Sect in Sunan Abi Dawood God’s mercy between the Prophet (peace be upon him) the continuation of jihad in this nation even fight Antichrist after his release, he said (peace be upon him) «still a range of my fight for the truth even fighting the last of the Antichrist» This will be, God willing, after the revelation of Jesus from heaven in his time, who will kill the Antichrist hand stones and the end of the Jihad in the way God in this world, and beyond will come out of Gog and Magog and Séllekem God causes the heavenly without a fight, as stated above, and when the descent of Christ, peace be upon him from the sky will be the Islamic Emirate of the list, and in true that Muslims give Jesus to pray their imam Faiby and tells them «but some of you Princes kindly God for this nation »Bukhari, pray Christ peace be upon him behind the Imam of the Muslims do not even fancy that he had come religiously new beginner but to come down following the law of Mohammed, since no prophet after him (peace be upon him).

Koran remains

Goodness will abide will not be cut off from the world, and the Koran remains and an archive of the switch, and science and scientists are staying and the argument God created not interrupted, and Jihad past, and the succession to come, God willing, and the Nation of Islam remain not interrupted faith and his family from the world, and all this to the last decade when the wind blows good, In our time, this in spite of the weakening of the Muslims will be, God willing, less confident in God of Abdulmutallab what he told Abraha Abyssinian «The House Lord and keep him» We also say «The Islam Lord and Sinzareth», Victory is coming to Islam and the Caliphate to come, God willing, and God grant victory Dinh who he wants whenever he wants and wherever he wants «Still God instills in this religion Garcia use them where obedience to the Day of Resurrection» talk properly Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah.
It should not be paid urgency or desire for revenge from the enemies of Allah and Muslims to conduct illegal means or falling into the aggression that is forbidden or entrust themselves or others, including unbearable.
What they did not realize the Muslim events of the last decade of the item listed should not be in them nothing but faith in Brief Belief including true ones, but what should be a Muslim and who Christasabh upon which should concern himself with it is to know and the duty of his time, he learns what has enjoined God him in his time and works as able to do it within the limits of its ability and capacity of the Almighty said «Obey God what you can» (Gain: 16), and the Almighty said «who created death and life to test you is best in deed» (King: 2).

Prevention with the enemies of God

However our advice to the Muslims not to fall into the aggression, which is forbidden, and that the fear of God even with their enemies, we recommend that you also non-Muslim countries against aggression against Muslims and not to intimidate them in their country and not to kill innocent men, women and children and not to sabotage the country’s Muslims and their property, because some Muslims believed that the response Similarly permissible in this case and Istdlon Almighty, saying: «it is attacked you Vaatdoa it as much as they attacked you» (The Cow: 194), though this may not be a launch in the law of Islam because the supplement previous verse is: «And fear Allah and know that Allah is with those (194) »(The Cow: 194), and aggression is not piety .. As we say to nationals of non-Muslim countries … do not Tantkhbwa extremists for the leadership of your country, because you may be paying the price for it if attacked your leaders extremists Muslim countries, some Muslims believe that you are responsible for the acts of your leaders For you Antkhpettmohm and paying them taxes, I say to nationals of non-Muslim countries do not Tstvzoa Muslims do not misunderstand the religion of Islam nor to the Muslim prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) nor Tantkhbwa extremists for your leadership, because if you have a crazy Muslims have mad more, and if you have weapons sophisticated, the weak and the Muslims have lethal weapons, including the love of death and martyrdom operations, beware wise all the people … However, we not allow Muslims for any transgression of the initiated, though enemies are doing it, it was stated Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah God’s mercy that reciprocity and the sanction of sex Work is not absolute, and not the death of Sergk that steals, and hit the other examples, Vaelloukov at the borders of God and the duty of every case, God said «those who disobey Allah and His Messenger and transgress His limits will enter eternal fire which has a humiliating torment (14)» (women: 14) .
It is the right of every nation to defend its existence against the aggressors, and if this really naturally agreed upon by the people it rise when the Muslims to the rank to be legitimate, has God said, «and prepared them what you can of power, including steeds terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy» (Anfal : 60), Varhab enemies and legitimate duty, which is known in the term contemporary deterrence military, Varhab enemies of religion, the text says: «terrify him» (Anfal: 60) and denied it lied to the Koran and came out of the religion of Islam infidel to this verse: « and denies Our signs but the unbelievers (47) »(Spider: 47), and we will not alter our religion to appease enemies who are dissatisfied but humiliate Muslims, but terrorism has legitimate controls do not solve the treachery and aggression as previously explained.

Jihad in Palestine

The Almighty God said «It does not pay God’s people to each other to corrupt the earth, but God is preferred to the Worlds (251)» (The Cow: 251), Without Jihad in Palestine to creep Jews since the time of the neighboring countries, but not the jihad in Iraq crept America on Syria since time and enslaved peoples of the region, it is not permissible for a Muslim to challenge the law in the statutes Kaljhad and terrorize the enemies of God, as it saves on the Muslim religion and worldly, said Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him in his sermon succession «what people leave the jihad will be humiliated». And thus may have ended with the terms of this document (document Rationalizing Jihad in Egypt and the world), and some remained alerts from the author.

Reply to wary of the document

When I was writing this document is to rationalize the work of jihadist met some associate to the jihadi movement in Egypt in prisons and polled approvers and wary of adopting jihadist factions in Egypt to go peacefully toward the Egyptian government, I did not find among wary legitimate argument to prevent this trend, but the suspicion of one them a «bridge the pretext», They said that the issues which will include in this document may lead to the inhibition of the Mujahideen, do not need to be written to a dam that excuse, and the answer to this suspicion of the faces of three:
First, if we assume that the health of saying and fears the maxim states that «deprives a dam for an excuse is permissible for the benefit of preponderant» mentioned by Ibn al-Qayyim in «I’laam c 2», for example: to look at foreign women deprived dams to excuse adultery «That is forbidden to others not to the same »But it is permissible to consider a suitor, the witness and the doctor of the total consideration given to the Sacred paramount interest in it, there is no doubt that what is in this document include the rationalization of interest, God willing, the most likely of inhibition imagined.
Second, he may decide in the texts of the law that prevent wrong and wrong is censured for his victory does not think of these as inhibition. And in the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) «Support your brother right or wrong» They said: How Onzareth unjust? He (peace be upon him) «prevent him from injustice, this victory» Bukhari from Anas, may Allah be pleased with him, Varashad wrong to mistake victory does not discourage him. Have you not seen how that Khbayba may Allah be pleased with him refused to kill the boy from the children of the polytheists, as mentioned before, and now there are hundreds of killed, including women and children, Muslims and non-Muslims under the pretext of jihad!
Third: Is the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) disincentive to the mujahideen and jihad when denied on Osama and said to him, «How made no god but Allah», and when he said: «I am God healed you than making Khaled, I am God healed you than making Khaled» ? What response the owners of these compromised on these conversations correct?
Interest in the difference between the believer and the unbeliever in the patent:
It is not permissible for a Muslim to renounce Muslim but disowned from sin if disobeyed, evidenced by the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) «Oh God, I healed you than making Khaled» did not disown Khalid himself, but of his work pursuant to the words of God: «and lower your wing believers who follow thee (215), the Asok tell I am innocent of what you do (216) »(poets: 216 215), The Infidel, the Muslim disown him and do as he says« you may have been a good example in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people Verily, you have nothing and what you worship without God »(Mumtahina: 4), and as he says -an woman Fron-:« and save me from Pharaoh and his work »(prohibition: 11).
There are those who said to me, why not have advised the errant password is not in writing?, And declared his answer in two ways:
First, he only advised in secret sins in secret, while the microscopes or feats guilty must be advised and denial it publicly so as not to imitate others, as was mentioned nuclear in what may be the backbiting in «Riad righteous» has moved from what mentioned by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali in «Revival the science of religion », this is when you set the person at fault, but with the indeterminacy not respond disagreement in quietly and advertising, and whether spoke of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in errors Osama bin Zaid and Khalid God bless them secretly or denied publicly despite their appointment in the public interest to warn other? But some people are afraid to Jahthm and more than keen to advise Muslims.
Secondly, it is not in the secret transfer of forensic science to the people so as not to forget the science and Anders, also quoted in Sahih Bukhari about Omar bin Abdul Aziz, God have mercy saying «Tfhoa and science, the science does not perish even be secretly» Boerma. And knows how the rest of the people but also of future generations right from wrong if all the advice and deniability in secret? Will this yield only repeating mistakes in every generation?
The legal provisions do not build on the enthusiasm and delusions, but the forensic evidence and that came at odds Murad self and desires, it is appropriate commissioning and the fact of slavery to Allah alone with no partner.
As I mentioned in the first of this alarm has met wary and reluctant to adopt a peaceful attitude, and reported them to the evidence that, according to what reported in this document, I did not find they have no note of the legitimate nor argument depend on them, and I still say to them and to all abuse God’s words «Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful (111) »(The Cow: 111), and the words of God:« Say Do you have learned from Vtakrjoh us that you follow nothing but conjecture, although you only Takrson (148) »(cattle: 148). It was decided in the law that both reached the right evidence forensic turned away from him without a legitimate argument for he is the practice of whim, one of the evil-doers astray, as God Almighty said «the did not respond to you, know, but follow their own lusts, and pushing those who follow the amateur without guidance from God Allah does not guide the unjust people (50) »(Stories: 50), and said God« but those who do wrong follow their own lusts without knowledge of it is the intention of giving them astray from God and helpers (29) »(Roman: 29).
Conclusion document Rationalizing Jihad in Egypt and the world
God Almighty said «O ye who believe you Adlkm on the trade that will save you from a painful torment (10) believe in Allah and His Messenger and Tjahidon in the way of Allah with your wealth and yourselves is better for you if you know (11) will forgive you your sins and admit you to Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and pleasant dwellings in Gardens of Eden (12) and others insist you love God and to open and close the faithful humans (13) »(Grade: 10-13).
Since the jihad is obligatory past in a nation of Muslims until the last decade, has been marred by irregularities legitimacy serious in recent years, it must alert them and warn them, this has been the impetus for writing this document, which I hope to benefit by God of Islam and Muslims, it is close to Mujib.
I have written all of this document from memory, according to facilitate and to the lack of references legitimacy as written due to prison conditions, and therefore what in this document from the sayings of the Prophet or say about scientists the most sense, not verbally, and that without prejudice to the substance, God willing, due to the lack of availability of references, has conceived the shortcut ŰÇíĘí, came to my words in many places, for reference only, as I did not mention much of what I remember from the comments of the scholars advances, fearing prolongation and relied mainly on what invoked a book and the Sunnah, the sayings of the scholars there is an argument in which it is a for domestication and Tfahim.
Unless I remember discharged from the conversations in this document is mostly of modern unacceptable, and sometimes I remember part of the conversation is the subject of inference from it in order to shortcut the doctrine of authorized pursuant Kalimam Bukhari that God’s mercy.
This and God knows best and highest, and his knowledge of the Almighty and the judge did, and God Almighty to reconcile.
«Our Lord, accept from us, You are the Hearing, the Knowing (127)», «we repent, You are the Most Merciful (128)» (The Cow: 128 127) and Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Oh arrived on our Prophet Muhammad and his family and so much peace and recognition.
* By: Dr. Fadl
A: Mr. Imam bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sharif
Qadir, alias bin Abdul Aziz
On Thursday, 18 February 1428, corresponding to March 8, 2007 AD
* The signatories to this document
Agree to the terms of this document and we commit ourselves out, and we invite all those interested in jihad and all Muslims in Egypt and around the world to adhere to the rules of legitimacy to rationalize jihad.
He has signed to agree to what is stated in this document hundreds of individuals to associate the various jihadi factions in Egypt, and the names and signatures deposited with the competent authorities in Egypt.


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