Dutch Govt. Report On Massacre At Srebrenica

Below you find the table of contents of the English version of the report. The main items are links to parts of the report. By clicking the link you can open a pdf-file of the part. The complete report is around 26 MB in size.


Prologue / The history preceding the conflict: Yugoslavia up till 1991

  1. The era up till 1945
  2. Tito’s Yugoslavia
  3. The era after Tito
  4. Yugoslavia during the Serbian presidency of Slobodan Milošević
  5. The West and Yugoslavia before the crisis

Part I The Yugoslavian problem and the role of the West 1991-1994


  1. Europe confronted with war in Slovenia: June-July 1991
  2. The war in Croatia and the western reaction
  3. Recognition of Croatia and Slovenia and the significance of that for Bosnia
  4. UNPROFOR and the Dutch contribution
  5. The start of the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina: March 1992 – May 1992
  6. Emotionalization of the debate following reports about the camps (‘Omarska’): June 1992 – August 1992
  7. The Autumn after ‘London’: September 1992 – October 1992
  8. Safe Areas as spin-offs from humanitarian action: November 1992 – December 1992
  9. The rapes in Bosnia and the Vance-Owen peace plan, January 1993 – February 1993
  10. Srebrenica under siege
  11. Bankruptcy of the international community – the Netherlands as a catalyser: May to July 1993
  12. The Owen-Stoltenberg plan: June 1993 – September 1993
  13. Offering the Airmobile Brigade: August 1993 – November 1993
  14. Interim balance
  15. Problems with implementation


Part II Dutchbat in the enclave Srebrenica

  1. The organizational structure of UNPROFOR
  2. The history preceding the conflict in Eastern Bosnia up until the establishment of the Safe Area
  3. Srebrenica under UN protection: demilitarized and Safe Area (March – June 1992)
  4. Srebrenica in the time of CanBat – the humanitarian situation and the arrival of the NGOs
  5. The preparation and dispatch of Dutchbat
  6. Operational performance of Dutchbat I, II and III in the Safe Area Srebrenica
  7. Dutchbat in the enclave – the local perspective
  8. Peacekeeping and humanitarian action
  9. How Dutchbat functioned internally until the VRS attack
  10. Srebrenica from the national and international point of view

Part III The fall of Srebrenica

  1. The military and political situation in the Spring of 1995
  2. Air power: Close Air Support and air strikes
  3. No air actions on release of the hostages: a deal between Janvier and Mladić?
  4. The mood in the enclave: May – July 1995
  5. The period from 25 May 1995 to 6 July 1995
  6. The Fall of Srebrenica: 6 to 11 July 1995
  7. 6 – 11 July 1995 – retrospective accounts
  8. Plans to re-take Srebrenica
  9. The departure of Dutchbat from Srebrenica


Part IV The repercussion and the aftermath until the end of 1995

  1. The journey from Srebrenica to Tuzla
  2. The executions
  3. The news of the executions and the mass graves
  4. Potočari – Dutchbat and the fate of the local population
  5. The debriefings in Zagreb
  6. ‘Circus Pleso’
  7. The big debriefing in Assen, 4 September 1995 – 4 October 1995
  8. The ‘Srebrenica affair’ in the public domain
  9. The fate of the other eastern enclaves


I – Dutchbat III and the population: medical issues

II – Intelligence and the war in Bosnia 1992 – 1995: The role of the intelligence and security services

III – Chemical weapons used?

IV – History and Reminders in East Bosnia

V – Western Perceptions and Balkan Realities

VI – The Background of the Yugoslav crisis: A review of the literature

VII – Resupply by air

VIII – Background and influence of media reporting of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia during the period 1991-1995: A study of views and methods of Dutch journalists

IX – List of people interviewed

X – Archive Overview

XI – The organization and coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

XII – Defence in a changing world

XIII – Chronology of the Bosnian conflict 1990 – 1995

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