By: Peter Chamberlin

The following article by Stephen Lendman on the extreme water crisis in Israel and Palestine (Refuse to call Palestine “Territories”!)is a good place to begin to discuss the problem caused by Israel’s decision to take control of all available water.This creates a two-edged problem, one is the life-threatening thirst of the Palestinians (who are watching helplessly as Israel cordons off all available surface water and sucks the underground aquifers dry which feed Palestinian deep wells), the second, more critical problem that concerns the entire world, is Israeli belief in their inalienable right to demand from people whatever they want, because of some alleged “Divine Birthright.”

In this case, demanding all available water underneath Israel/Palestine, will become a demand for Lebanon’s water flowing through the Litani River whenever the water crisis in Israel hits predetermined “red lines.”Israel’s Lake Kinneret reservoir is within days of hitting the red line, where the pumps will not reach the water and further pumping would cause massive ecological damage.The coastal and mountain aquifers are getting so low that seawater is beginning to infiltrate them.Desalination plants, one of Israel’s proudest technological achievements, cannot be used for irrigation, because the filtering process also eliminates vital minerals, which stunts plant growth.

Anyone who studies Israeli history will know that the Zionist state will not go thirsty when so many “sub-human” Arabs in nearby Lebanon have plenty of the life-giving element.This water shortage represents a greater “existential threat” to Israel than Iran ever could.This may be Israel’s motivation for forcing the United States into picking a fight with Iran.

“The Chosen People” believe that their rights come directly from God and that He gave them “dominion” over every living animal, and Arabs are considered to be one of the lowest life forms.They think they have the right to demand what they want and the “sheeple” of the world have to give it to them.The Zionist beliefs of our own government have caused our leaders to bow-down before their masters’ commands.We are about to punish the world for refusing to bow to our dominant world masters, by nuking large areas of the Middle East to make Israel “safe” from the retribution of the millions of innocent people who have suffered because of previous Israeli demands upon the sheeple of the Earth.

If all of the people of the Middle East had acknowledged the modern state of Israel as “God Himself” upon this earth, then would it still have been necessary to kill a million or more Iraqis and God knows how many Iranians?Were all these casualties of “wars for Israel” simply the result of collateral damage to the advancement of the Zionist plan, or did the Israeli “Golem” just want to eliminate “X amount” of “useless eaters”?

The Zionist state faces one real “existential threat,” its imminent collapse, due to its corrupt foundation and the price to be paid for its criminal policies.This is the same “existential threat” we are trying to resist here in America today, our Nation too, is crumbling due to the corrupt Zionist model our leaders have forced us into.

Zionism was never a movement to save the Jews; it has always been a movement to enthrone the Jews over the entire human race.Neither Israel nor the Jews are God Incarnate on this earth; neither is the Pope.It is time this Nation and this world awoke from the spell cast by the purveyors of the “Chosen People” mythology.The Jews have no more of the One Creator within them than either you or I.

Drought, Israeli Policy Threaten West Bank Water

By Stephen Lendman