Bandar Bush and the Saudi Sell-out of the Arab World



Bandar Bush and the Saudi Sell-out of the Arab


By: Peter Chamberlin

It’s not often that the wily old veteran of the anti-Soviet jihad reveals his true position and that followed by his government in the war of terror.According to a report carried by the daily al-Akhbar, Prince Bandar’s (referred to affectionately as “Bandar Bush” by W) leadership of the Muslim/Arab world is no different than that of Tzipi Livni and Condoleeza Rice.

As head of the Saudi National Security Council, Prince Bandar Bin Bin Abdul Aziz recently traveled to Washington and pushed the Zionist position to the incoming administration.In the process, he openly discussed his anti-Arab positions.Since he is the national spokesman for the Saudi government in national security matters, then his words are proof to the world that he plots with other nations to find ways to injure his Arab brothers in the Syrian government, working towards the collapse of both Syria and Iran.Urging Washington to:

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Bandar and the intensification of the face of the forces of extremism »

“Strike at the forces that are based on the field by these countries, meaning Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine.”الى جانب ذلك، اكد بندر ان الضغوط على ايران وسوريا ودعم سلطة عباس من شأنهما توجيه ضربات الى القوى الميدانية التي تستند اليها هذه الدول، قاصداً حزب الله في لبنان وحركة حماس والجهاد الاسلامي في فلسطين.

He then promoted the “Quisling” Palestinian government set-up by the US and Israel:

“To uphold the authority of President Mahmoud Abbas, who could face a difficult situation if it did not produce the results of the negotiating process and adopt a supportive attitude for the extension of the mandate to strengthen Abbas’s position, which is jeopardized.”دعم سلطة الرئيس محمود عباس الذي قد يواجه وضعاً صعباً إن لم تحقق نتائج عملية على المسار التفاوضي وتبنّي موقف داعم لتمديد ولاية عباس لتعزيز مركزه الذي يتهدده الخطر.

When Bandar refers to “produc[ing] the results of the “negotiation process” (a euphemism for Israeli blitzkrieg), this is what he means — Abbas and his US-trained Palestinian Authority security forces have an assigned place in the unfolding drama/tragedy, to take the place of the democratically-elected Hamas government, whenever Israel manages to destroy them.By “adopt[ing] a supportive attitude,” he means – after the survivors of the onslaught are pounded into a submissive state, commonly associated with the “Iron wall” strategy of the Zionist state.

The Saudi Prince, who was a key player in setting-up the international militant network with the United States, Israel and Pakistan, to wage a jihad against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, is still a key player to Israel and America’s plans for the region.  In Lebanon, they backed Said Hariri’s Future Movement, which was implicated in the Fatah al-Islam shoot-out and in the recent showdown (which they lost) with Hezbollah.  In Palestine, the evil triumvirate rejected the results of the elections and brought about the split between Hamas and Fatah that has allowed the Israelis to divide the people and attempt to conquer each half separately.

The fingerprints of this network are all over recent bombing assassinations of key leaders (usually blaming all of them on Syria), including that of Said Hariri’s father Rafiq.  Hariri doesn’t seem to believe, or be affected by any of this.

The duplicity of the Wahabbi regime is legendary.  Throughout its short history it has been known for its double-dealing ways.  Its dominance in religious and financial matters have made Saudi Arabia indispensible to the corporate/Zionist planners of the global jihad against you and me and the rest of this planet.

When the royal head of this anti-Islamic union recommends to Obama that he continue Israel’s jihad in Palestine and Lebanon and increase pressure on Syria and Iran, then it is logical to assume that he will do just that.