China is the Key to America’s problems.

China is the Key to America’s problems.

9 03 2009

Gwadar Pakistan port opens 巴基斯坦瓜达尔港 [瓜達爾港]


China is the Key to the America’s problems.

By: Peter Chamberlin

China and America are locked into an economic pact of mutually assured destruction, if either side falls or falters, then the other side sinks as well. China and Pakistan are working on a pact of mutual assured opportunity. In their symbiotic relationship (a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship between two people or groups), China needs the resources that Pakistan needs to sell, basically the same business arrangement shared by the US and China, only conducted with a less threatening intensity.

Obama must focus most intently on reversing the Bush policies towards US/Chinese relations, particularly attitudes about Chinese development projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The current policies are more in tune with Taliban sentiments towards Chinese development projects in the Frontier Region (which were demonstrated quite clearly through multiple kidnappings and murders of Chinese engineers) than with the desires of the government or the people of Pakistan. In a 2004 interview with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in India’s Frontline magazine, the Taliban leader blamed mercenary forces bought-off by the United States for the acts of terror directed at Chinese technicians:

“It is not true. I cannot accept the responsibility if some miscreants have masterminded it at the U.S.’ behest. I believe it is the handiwork of the Americans. They have used some greedy mujahideens for this inhuman act to defame the true mujahideens. I suspect that the Americans have also masterminded the killing of Chinese in Gwador, Baluchistan. The U.S. agenda is to malign jehad and jehadis.”

Bush policies were based on violence and threats to cut other nations out of the developing energy markets of the Caucasus Region. Obama must embrace a new path that not only accepts other nations sharing in the limited energy resources, but encourages them to help develop the infrastructure necessary to process and move the products. If Obama chooses to remain upon the path of confrontation over these resources that Bush and Cheney have set us upon then it can only lead to the intended neocon destination of world war III, the ultimate resource war. He is smart enough to understand that such a war cannot be won; whoever is left standing will have won nothing, for nothing is all that will remain.

But, once again, the problem that remains in all this speculation is, how much freedom of action is Obama really allowed to have, anyway? The same as Bush, in that he is a creation of the money-masters (the grand designers of the evil play we are all trapped in), Obama can only do what he is told to do. He is, at best, an anti-hero (protagonist in motion pictures or literature who is conspicuously lacking in those qualities usually associated with heroism, but who often possesses a strength of character that others admire), someone whose character in the psycho-drama allows him to defend or represent the issues that are important to him personally, but is helpless to take a meaningful stand against the global dictatorship without being disempowered or killed.

We are still left at the mercy of the merciless international bankers’ conspiracy in this new administration, as the new China stratagem is launched to seize all of the world’s resources and to establish a new global economy dominated by the same people who have destroyed the old economic system. Admitting and accepting their need for China to fulfill their plans for world domination is not a setback for the bankers’ conspiracy which previously hatched the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) nut-jobs to destabilize the world for them; American dominance was never really the plan at all, unless you mean American bank dominance. If the web of conspiracy is playing the “China card” then that surely means that the web of influence reaches deeply into China as well.

As reported in the excellent analysisIndia feels the pain: The US begs Beijing for money:

“The Obama Administration has taken a page out of the Nixon playbook–build a relationship with China at the expense of India.”

Also in that article is a reference to a Times of India report on an article written by Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari:

“China is therefore in a unique position to use these attributes to help its neighboring countries improve relations among and between themselves…China is the glue holding the continent together – not only in terms of geography but in political and economic terms…the Pakistan-China friendship is a comprehensive partnership. China has been instrumental in helping Pakistan develop its civil and military infrastructure,… The port of Gwadar on Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast is a testament to China’s friendship with Pakistan”

In another article in the Daily Times, Zardari effused even more praise on China:

“I wish one million Chinese were in Pakistan and one million Pakistanis were in China and take this relationship to another level.”

If the new administration really intends on fighting for America’s interests in the war that America wages across the world then Obama must rise above the role of anti-hero that he has been cast in and truly reverse the disastrous policies set by George Bush. This means reversing the entire war of terror, setting on its head, the very notion of “victory.” The war of terror has always been a resource war disguised as a war of “self-defense.” Under this guise the patriotic forces which will go to any length, pay any price to preserve the country that they think they know, have been tricked into supporting the criminal international financiers who have always planned the destruction of America.

In my opinion, the key to overthrowing the plot to create a “new world order” lies in awakening the patriotic core of war supporters (who drive the idea of our being engaged in a defensive war) to the truth about the real goals of the “war-monger” bankers who form the other half of the pro-war forces in this country and in Britain. Were it not for this patriotic core of diehard believers forming the backbone of war support, turning their sons into cannon fodder, faithfully paying their taxes and honoring every government edict, and most importantly, providing the moral support, then the conventional war could not go on. They are the true “sheeple,” unlike those of us who are awake to the nefarious plans of the one-worlders. They are the ones that we must reach, instead of our being satisfied with merely “preaching to the masses.”

The depth of our problem in setting this objective of reaching the patriots of this land is best explained by pointing-out the fact that American patriots are blinded to any other reality and deaf to the words that we speak. They can never be reached solely by reason, they must be subtly persuaded by other means of two things pertaining to Pakistan and the war on terror, that all the jihadi terrorism that Pakistan’s secret service (ISI) is currently being blamed for was a joint effort between them and the CIA, and the war on terror itself is a CIA-manufactured event.

Once the proof is seen, proving US guilt and complicity in the international terrorism that Pakistan alone is being indicted for today by the international community, then it will make it much more difficult to sell the idea of invading Pakistan to save it from its “Frankenstein monster.” The international jihadi network that has its “epicenter” in Pakistan has been created through an evil union of intelligence agencies (American/Pakistani/Saudi/Israeli), repackaged as “America’s terrorist enemy” and sold to the world as “al Qaida.” Pakistan is infested with the remnants of this militant network and the arms/drugs smuggling pipeline which was created to supply them is still intact, still importing and exporting terror from the bases built to train them. America is infested with the criminal spy-lords who created this Frankenstein and the ghosts of the millions of souls taken from this earth in the production of this tragic drama power play, in the process of convincing the people of the world that it is reality instead of a carefully crafted illusion.

Pakistan has to come to terms with their creation, as do we. Every nation in southern and central Asia is infested with elements of the jihadi network. They cannot be overcome by conquest by an outside force, no matter how much firepower they have available. Their real power lies in their faith in martyrdom, every mujahedeen who is slaughtered along with half of his family leaves behind enraged survivors who will eagerly take up the cause of those who were slain. The solution to taming the multiple insurrections is to be found by the individual governments of each inflicted nation. Like Pakistan, if they choose the path of negotiations then we must honor their more informed decision. Our task must be to provide the support they need to bring resolution to each of the little wars ignited by our CIA in instigating the anticipated global war, which the conspirators see as a solution to all of our economic problems. This belief, that we must fight a war to end all wars, and that it must be fought by lighting a hundred “brush fires,” is faulty immoral reasoning.

This is the line from Bush, which he inherited from his predecessors, which Obama must break, if he has ambitions to fill the hero’s role and save this free nation that has been clearly marked for extinction.