By: Peter Chamberlin

[SEE:Exclusive: Somali Pirates Call on American Benefactor]

Michele Lynn Ballarin notes that she is trying to market a solution for failed states through Black Star. If she can demonstrate that it works in Somalia, which has not had a functioning unitary government in 19 years, she would have an excellent product to sell.

Once again, the CIA is repeating the same gambit it first used to fuel the original war on terror against the Soviets in Afghanistan, that of using an attractive wealthy socialite to front for the agency, in promoting the government’s secret agenda for world domination.  Ballarin owns a Blackwater clones, called Select Armor and Black Star, which she is using to further the agency’s mercenary solution for failed states, using ruthless unaccountable private soldiers to do the work that is too dirty for regular government troops.

She is playing the same role formerly perfected by Joanne Herring, the Houston socialite turned mujahideen fund-raiser “Charlie Wilson’s War” fame.  Persuasive CIA tool Herring was the motivational force behind Congressman Wilson’s crusade to create the global Islamist insurrection.  The secret agency knows that it is always best to hide their sinister plans behind a pretty face.  As the trusted sweetheart and champion of the Somalian pirates (the latest CIA ploy, using the concept of limited warfare sown by “Islamic extremists”), Ballarin is doing her part to sow death and destruction, moving the game of terror by contract to the next level, that of privatized contractors.

Ballerin discussed her company’s participation as a CIA intermediary in the militarization of Somalia, even revealing her company’s use of three military bases.  In the email dated Friday, 16 June, the chief executive of Select Armor:

“Ballarin claimed she has been given ‘carte blanche’ to use three bases in Somalia ‘and the air access to reach them’.

She then suggests that the CIA have been kept informed of the plans. Ballarin states: ‘My contact whom we discussed from the agency side requested an in-person meeting with me. I arrived in New York at 2340 last night and was driven to Virginia – arriving at 0200 today.’

The recipient of Ballerin’s email, Chris Farina of the Florida-based military company ATS Worldwide, “boasts it ‘can execute operations in support of host national indigenous forces’. ATS claims it uses former US and British special operations personnel.’”

Like all aspects of the war on terror, things are not as they seem; in fact, reality is usually the opposite of that reported in the media.  In the case of the Somalian pirates, who have hijacked Ukrainian arms shipments, Saudi oil tankers, and possibly even suspicious Iranian cargoes, their actions justify every military solution carried-out by the forces of the United States or its allies.  Even American ally against Pakistan, India, is getting a chance to use its own navy to push its weight around.

The help of the Indian Navy will be greatly appreciated in the forging of the New World Order alliance that has Pakistan, Iran, even Russia in its sights.