Qassams Are Road Flares

Qassams Are Road Flares

By: Peter Chamberlin

The Zionist (American and Israeli) governments are no longer afraid for the world to see their true natures, that of heartless inhuman beasts, who treat Gaza not only as a prison-state, but also as the world’s largest closed laboratory.It is here that America’s newest technological toys can be tested on real human flesh.Maintaining Israel’s image no longer seems to matter to the world masters, as they test their new product lines on infants and children, right there for all the world to see.

Only governments that are totally indifferent to human suffering could carry-out the Israeli operation in Palestine.Only a government with the ability to move world opinion by bribe and extortion the way that the Jewish/Israel lobby does could stay the hand of justice, while they openly carried-on their butchery in an efficient Nazi-like manner, despite prevailing world opinion.The truth is, the world stands still in horror at the sight of the cruel tiny little state that has created for itself the ability to manipulate countless world governments.

The free citizens of this planet reel in horror at the escaping images of stacks of mutilated little corpses wrapped in green blankets.The political powerhouse of Jewish money that enables Israel to freely carry-out this public massacre is the same powerhouse that gives life to the myths that the Western media has created about the ominous Qassam rockets.Thanks to media pretensions to “fair play” principles, the glorified road flares wrapped in lightweight metal, built by brigades of Palestinian boys, are equated with the real weapons used by Israel.

I challenge the Western press to produce one picture of a Qassam “crater” that is bigger than a pothole.



Compare this to an Israeli missile strike; the first crater is from one of the new bunker-busters we gave them:


This next photo is from a conventional Israeli/American aerial bomb:


I also extend the challenge to the “legitimate press” to produce one photo of a dead Israeli child from this most recent Israeli blitzkrieg, in comparison to the hundreds of murdered Palestinian children.


There is absolutely no legitimate comparison to be made between the weapons Hamas uses in self-defense and the offensive weaponry being used against this civilian population.