SELL-OUT OR DIEBy: Peter Chamberlin

The war on terror is a psyop.Beginning with Muslim men, everyone will be forced into selling-out to the Americans or facing American bombs.The United States confronts the world with a large gun in one hand and large sacks of money in the other hand.Every man of fighting age will have to choose between wealth and resistance.Will he choose to provide his family with a life of luxury, or with a lifetime of strife?Will you take America’s side in its war against Islam for enormous wealth, or will you fight for God, family and country to your last breath?

This is a new concept in warfare, overcoming resistance with bags of money, before the actual battle begins.(This is typical thinking for a nation which thinks that the Federal Reserve printing presses are the answer to all its problems.) In the perfectly planned war we will always fight poor countries, where every man is desperate for money to feed his family.In such a battle zone, dollars are the perfect defense.For an imperialist country such as ours, it is quicker and simpler to purchase your enemies with the greenbacks flying off our printing presses, than it is to invest in the military industrial complex which produces the weapons and the soldiers needed to kill them.The increasing tempo of the war demands a quicker, more economical process for eliminating “the enemy.”The next generation of weapons can wait until we eliminate all Muslim resisters to world domination.

Muslim men are now the focus of the US psywar campaign.They play dual roles in this drama, men to be either turned or killed, or men who have been turned, to be used to turn or set-up other Muslim men.The war plan is to kill-off all of these men who cannot be bought.The sell-outs among them are the tools to be used to dig up and root-out other loyalist patriots who will refuse to abandon their people, their nations and their religion.This means that good Muslim men are the true targets in the war on Islam.This is proof of the evil nature of the real war and the intentions of the men who have designed it.

The Real Story Behind Marriott Attack

By Asif Haroon Raja

“Gen. Musharraf…allowed CIA and FBI to recruit agents in FATA and other places and to establish their outposts…Taking advantage of complete liberty of action, CIA succeeded in buying the loyalties of many tribal chiefs and notables in FATA by doling out dollars in sacks since it knew that the Pashtun could not be crushed by force but could be purchased. Those not falling in line were killed.

In FATA, Nek Muhammad was first cultivated and provided logistic support. When he entered into a peace deal with Pak Army in July 2005, he was killed using precision guided missile. Abdullah Mehsud, an Afghan war veteran who had also fought the Northern Alliance in October-November 2001 was captured and brainwashed during his two years internment in Guantanamo Bay. He was released after agreeing to work on terms dictated by CIA and he soon was able to takeover the leadership role. His death at Zhob at the hands of Pak security forces was a loss for CIA.

Once the ISI was freed from the wild goose chase of so-called terrorists and came under pressure on account of missing persons, it started to concentrate on its primary task in the troubled spots. To its horror it found far too many militant groups and criminal gangs operating under the guise of religious militants and cultivated by foreign agencies.

They were the ones involved in carrying out gruesome beheadings of security personnel and torching girls’ schools to defame the real Taliban…Most of the pro-Pakistan groups had been purchased or neutralized and those not coming to terms were eliminated by groups sponsored by CIA. Things had gone topsy-turvy and ISI found itself at a loss how to differentiate between friend and foe.

It is when the ISI began to recover the lost ground and renewed its old contacts in FATA and started to expose and block clandestine activities of CIA, RAW and RAM that all hell broke lose on ISI…when the Indian Embassy in Kabul was subjected to a suicide attack on 7 July 2008…it was a bomb planted in a parked jeep which was detonated with the help of a remote control and was masterminded by Mossad.

The nexus in Kabul is working upon a scripted plan to make FATA lawless and beyond the control of security forces, push militancy into settled areas and then into major cities and thus create a civil warlike situation to prove their contention that Pakistan was the most dangerous country in the world and that the extremists were on the verge of taking over power and nuclear weapons.”

These are the same forces attacking India today, seeking to provoke the war that will either take-out the Pakistani opposition or open the Frontier region to American/NATO invasion.For relatively small sums of money good fighters can be hired anywhere in the region.For the CIA, which has been co-opting all other intelligence agencies, using the time-tested formula of money or threats, it has been very easy to create ghost “spook” armies in Asia and Africa to carry out the American aggression.The Mumbai attackers were doing America and Israel’s work.As for the dead Israelis, Zionists especially know the high motivating value of martyrs.Their memories will prove to be useful in the days ahead.

Citizens of Pakistan and India should open their eyes to American penetration into the fabric of their lives and see the American hand in every single act of terrorism in the region that happens at this critical time.Your national news, like all Western news sources, has also been compromised in the same way, using the same money or threats formula.As free democratic citizens you have the duty to your countrymen and to yourselves to fight the press to reveal the truth.Make them give precedence to national opinion over that which is supplied by the American masters.If you fail to stand up for the truth, your nations will perish and your children suffer; it is as plain as that.

The best thing that could happen for the world would be the total collapse of the dollar and hyper-inflation in the US.This alone would make the dollar about as valuable as a confederate dollar, making it harder to purchase more mercenary armies with large sacks of money.

Either sell your soul for money and accept your place within this evil system, or be marked for life as one to be hunted and harassed.Sounds an awful lot like “the mark of the beast,” doesn’t it?