The Hatred That Seeks Solace In Oblivion

The Hatred That Seeks Solace In Oblivion

By: Peter chamberlin

As the tensions between the two nuclear powers continues to rise because of acrimonious accusations being exchanged over the recent Mumbai attacks, saner heads need to step forward to cool the passionate rhetoric, before the unthinkable exits the minds of lunatic generals into the world of the real.The leftover pain from multiple wars and the natural animosity generated from cultural differences and class warfare are easily exploited by hate-mongers on both sides, as well as by imperial powers that have designs on strategic resources.

Both Pakistan and India have nearly insurmountable obstacles to overcome, without being distracted into oblivion by this dispute over Mumbai.Both governments have inside information about the ongoing attacks in both countries that they are not revealing, especially to each other, the public airing of which would probably defuse the confrontation.But there are elements within both governments that do not want peace, most have their own agendas; other treasonous factions have sold their souls to foreign powers. When popular leaders embrace a foreign agenda, maintaining a closed focus on national problems, without consideration of the foreign agenda, will not lead to solutions.

India, like Pakistan before them, has fallen under the manipulative power of the Western powers and Israel.You can identify which parts of national policies are dominated by American agents by their mirroring of US foreign policy goals in the region, i.e., the blocking of Chinese and Russian moves and the opening of pipeline routes.Indian steps toward war against Islam and the elimination of Pakistani nukes reflect the Israeli/neocon penetration of the region, just like that revealed in the recent Georgian/Israeli aggression.

Partnering with either the US or Israel will only aggravate, not alleviate Pakistani and Indian internal problems.Pakistan is suffering an explosive insurgency because of its past cooperation with the CIA and embrace of America’s wars.India is creating the same problem for itself because of its succumbing to agency manipulation of its explosive internal contradictions between rich and poor, between religions and cultures, between growth and economic stagnation.The name of the game is to leverage each nation’s normal concerns into something bigger and more ominous.Through violent prodding, each nation is pried and pushed into the other’s path, guaranteeing a catastrophic collision that neither nation wants.

I will leave it to local voices to describe the dynamics of the Pakistan/Indian confrontation:

Arundhati Roy-The Monster In The Mirror. It has always been a part of, and often even the aim of, terrorist strategy to exacerbate a bad situation in order to expose hidden fault lines. The blood of “martyrs” irrigates terrorism. Hindu terrorists need dead Hindus, Communist terrorists need dead proletarians, Islamist terrorists need dead Muslims. The dead become the demonstration, the proof of victimhood, which is central to the project.

A single act of terrorism is not in itself meant to achieve military victory; at best it is meant to be a catalyst that triggers something else, something much larger than itself, a tectonic shift, a realignment. The act itself is theater, spectacle, and symbolism, and today the stage on which it pirouettes and performs its acts of bestiality is Live TV. Even as the Mumbai attacks were being condemned by TV anchors, the effectiveness of the terror strikes was being magnified a thousand-fold by the TV broadcasts.

Almost always, when these stories unspool, they reveal a complicated global network of foot soldiers, trainers, recruiters, middlemen, and undercover intelligence and counter-intelligence operatives working not just on both sides of the India-Pakistan border, but in several countries simultaneously.

In today’s world, trying to pin down the provenance of a terrorist strike and isolate it within the borders of a single nation state, is very much like trying to pin down the provenance of corporate money. It’s almost impossible.

Deepak Tripathi- India’s neoliberal elite

“On Indian television channels, though, there was plenty of heat and theater in debates. Voices of reason appeared to drown in high-pitched rhetoric from a handful of guests — socialites and self-styled commentators. They were in competition for space with politicians, academics and journalists of the more established ranks…Those who begged that the fiery rhetoric be toned down had little chance of succeeding until the heat was exhausted.

There were loud calls to teach Pakistan a lesson. The Mumbai attack was described as ‘India’s 9/11.’ Participants demanded that India launch military raids inside Pakistan to destroy militant bases.”

Media hyping of the situation and nationalistic agitation of the masses are giving the hate-mongers an open microphone and open Internet resources to promote their venom, in order to pump-up the volume for reasons that suit very unpatriotic agendas-

They Want A War? Let’s Give Them One– By HAMZA GULZAR“We should be prepared for the worst.  Pakistani military should be re-deployed to the eastern borders immediately. Patriotic Pashtun tribesmen and military reserves should be called in to make up for the shortages on the western frontiers. This would send a clear signal to the Americans to stay clear of the area.If they want a war, let’s give them one.”

The media war reached a crescendo with the following confrontation on Indian TV:

Zaid Hamid vows to make India “Pakistan”, says Pak to send more Mujahideens

“Going by the Pakistani leaders, the Indians believe that ordinary Pakistanis are a weak, defeated people.  That’s why they are stunned to hear a bold voice from Pakistan like Zaid Hamid [see below], who’s blunt style is reviving their worst fears.  We need more confident voices in Pakistan, and more diverse, like Marvi Memon, Mubashir Lucman, Humayun Gauhar, Shireen Mazari and countless others who are willing to stand up for Pakistan. Someday we also hope that Pakistanis will send such Pakistanis to the highest offices of the land, helping change the destiny of this nation.

See what this Indian blog had to say about Zaid Hamid’s remark, ‘We’ll make India ‘Pakistan'”.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Breaking News! Zaid Hamid, Pakistan’s defence analyst and the most hated person in India aftermath Mumbai terror attacks because of his hatred campaign against India and Indian forces, was grilled by Indian Army officer Bharat Verma. The program was broadcasted on ExpressNews TV.

Bharat Verma took Zaid Hamid on, saying India had to divide Pakistan by liberating Pakistan, as Pakistani forces raped more than 90,000 women in East Pakistan (which is Bangladesh now). That forced Zaid Hamid to confess that Pakistan will do more Kargils and send more Mujahideens to India. The program was stopped midway by the Pakistani government and ExpressNews TV distanced itself from the comments made by Zaid Hamid.”

Click on the following links to wach that debate:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

“In another video, Zaid Hamid crossed all limits in a program on NewsOne TV and said there is just one solution to resolve the crisis – “Make India one nation and give it a name Pakistan. Make it a Muslim country.

This is totally outrageous and I doubt if such a fanatic leader exists in India. Zaid Hamid must be dealt with an iron hand. If we analyse the events aftermath Mumbai terror attacks, Zaid Hamid is the biggest terror threat not only for India, but also for global peace.”

The Indian spokesman in this TV imbroglio, Bharat Verma wrote the following for “Indian Defense Review”:

Stable Pakistan not in India’s interest

“That New Delhi is its own enemy became obvious, when it permitted the creation of a pure Islamic State on its borders. This nation-state contradicts every democratic and multi-cultural values dear to India… New Delhi should extend its influence through export of both, soft and hard power towards Central Asia from where invasions have been mounted over centuries.  Cessation of Pakistan as a state facilitates furtherance of this pivotal national objective… For New Delhi this opens a window of opportunity to ensure that the Gwadar port does not fall into the hands of the Chinese. In this, there is synergy between the political objectives of the Americans and the Indians…

Pakistan’s breakup will be a major setback to the Jihad Factory, as the core of this is located in Pakistan, and functions with the help of its army and the ISI. This in turn will ease pressures on India and the international community.

With China’s one arm, i.e. Pakistan disabled, its expansionist plans will receive a severe jolt. Beijing continues to pose primary threat to New Delhi. Even as we continue to engage with it as constructively as possible, we must strive to remove the proxy. At the same time, it is prudent to extend moral support to the people of Tibet to sink Chinese expansionism in the morass of insurgency.

The chances of Central Asia getting infected with the Jihadi fervour will recede. Afghanistan will gain fair amount of stability. India’s access to Central Asian energy routes will open up.

Within the Union social harmony will improve enormously. Export of Islamic fundamentalism, with its 360-degree sweep from Islamabad, will vanish. Even a country like Thailand will heave a sigh of relief!

Above all, the gathering storm of threat from a united group of authoritarian regimes along our 14,000 km borders, orchestrated and synchronised by Pakistan will dissolve.”

This delusional belief that a post-apocalyptic India (reminiscent of the neocon delusions about US survival of its terror war) would smell like Utopia, after the elimination of several million Pakistanis and lower-caste Indians, is shared by millions of Hindu nationalists:

RSS chief says India should be ready for nuclear war

Mr K.S. Sudarshan, the powerful supreme leader of the RSS: “If there is no other way left. Whenever the demons (Aasuri powers) start dominating this planet, there is no way other than the war...It will be nuclear war and a large number of people will perish... And this will be a nuclear war in which many of us are going to be finished. But according to me, as of now, it is very necessary to defeat the demons and there is no other way.

And let me say with confidence that after this destruction, a new world will emerge, which will be very good, free from evil and terrorism.”

Terror is commonplace today on the Indian subcontinent, which is dominated by centuries of insecurities, hatred, religious division, superstition and prejudice.But the historical divisions were magnified by the former empire, which regularly divided people for the purpose of multiplying the power and wealth of the British crown.

Hatred for the aristocratic overlords is the one passion which drove the diverse peoples or the region together in common cause.The two nations which were formerly one still have heavy burdens to bear as they struggle separately or together to overcome the effects of their former colonization.The divisions created by the British “Raj” between Muslims and Hindus and their exploitation of the caste system guaranteed that everyone would be at each other’s throats. The Americans and their partners in the current crimes are still twisting the same knives, pushing the same buttons.

Sane minds on both sides, in both nations, must come together in common purpose, to expel the latest imperial thrust.Ways must be found to turn the two converging forces onto a common highway of peace.The best place to start would be to form a joint investigation of the attack upon both nations’ sovereignty.The Mumbai attacks must be seen as a pivotal point in history, not the end of history.