Offensive in the Balkans–Yossef Bodansky

Offensive in the Balkans

The Potential for a Wider War as a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives

“One of the most important policy document of the decade”

“… Yossef Bodansky’s detailed and independent research reveals new facts which should significantly affect the way external policy is made toward the former Yugoslavia, and the Bosnia-Herzegovina crisis in particular …”

“… The Clinton Administration has already made the US an active participant in the wars in the former Yugoslavia, unilaterally and secretly escalating direct US military involvement, while claiming to be an impartial peacemaker … ”

“… It is impossible to have an informed opinion about the Balkan crisis, and its potential for a wider, perhaps global war without reading this unique book.”

Dedicated to the Memory of Emmanuel Shapiro (1928-1995) father-in-law, Soul-Mate, and a Friend


1. Whither the Balkans?
2. Origins
3. Setting the Context
4. Changing Europe
5. Local Roots
6. Sarajevo’s Way
7. The Outsiders
8. The Bosnian Jihad
9. Manipulating Washington
10. Between Belgrade and Zagreb
11. The Summer of 1995
12. Between Moscow and Bonn
13. What Next?
14. Lest We Forget the Former Yugoslavia
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