The signal must be shut off at the source


THE SOURCE is television,

in particular, the part called “programs.”The most deadly program to your mental health and well-being is the one labeled “NEWS.”




Be very selective what you let them watch.If everyone would only turn away from the nightly subliminal news, then the odds for the American resistance would improve greatly.

Next, you have to take the “red pill” and see how deep the hole goes.

The red pill is knowledge; you have to do a little research.I’m not asking you to trust my research, except as a guide for your own.As this site progresses, and I find the time, I will include a keyword search guide section, where I hopefully will list keyword combinations that will “Google” you to places where you can verify some of the things you read hear, without having to wade through every word and hyper-link in them.

KNOW THIS, American and English scholars have studied us common folks of the Western world very extensively, for over one-hundred years, to understand what we think, in order to construct methods for altering what we think, to turn us into this race of “sheeple.”The “scientific method” for changing human nature itself, which has been created as a result of this research is


In the real world, like the imaginary “They Live” world, we also have to shut down the signal at its source, the television.The controlled press has to be shut down.All of us have to turn-away from this source of spiritual/psychological poison.It is the primary threat we face today.This is the singular corrosive force that is empowering the controllers over all other measures, even the economic ones.This invasive degenerative force is welcomed into every living room, where it is embraced like an old friend.A large majority of people trust TV and everything it tells them.

The “nightly news” is the primary programming channel; it must be switched off, if humanity is to survive the final round-up.The object of the programming is to suppress, or if possible, to eliminate the free will.The technocrats who maintain the systems of control believe that the creation of a global dictatorship requires the suppression of free will in all subjects, beginning with Americans, who are the unfortunate target nation which has the privilege of being the epicenter of the global wave generator.We have to convince everyone to ignore the news and turn-off all other network programming.Even seemingly innocuous programs like sit-coms and soap operas are used for brainwashing, conveying corrupt immorality to the sheeple as an acceptable new standard.

The second most-important component of brainwashing is children’s tv and video games(Followed closely by the behavioral conditioning dispensed by the educational system.)Anyone who wants to save their kids should seriously consider unplugging these “one-eyed babysitters.”

We must encourage independent thought and cultivate a spirit of resistance.Organized resistance to psychological manipulation must focus on finding ways to break through the news filter that keeps independent thought away from the sheeple.New methods must be devised to transmit simple short messages of truth that summarize the dilemma.

Education should be aimed at specific target groups.

Specific goals should be set, such as stopping the war on Iran and de-legitimizing American elections through “No Vote” efforts.

Discover the sources of programming and psychological conditioning that are affecting you personally and find ways to shut them all off.




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  2. “Their power is illusion” — because God is the only source of power and justice in this world. La hawla wa la qwwata illa billah.

    They are scheming, but God is the best of schemers.
    Surah Âl ‘Imran (3:54)

  3. Their power is very real. Bombs are no illusion. Resistance begins in heart, mind and soul. Some of us were born with it. Some of us had to develop it. No matter how it comes to us, we must treasure and nurture it while always remembering to act with love and compassion towards others. The weakness of resistance is letting it morph into hatred and a futile hot anger, no easy task to resist when confronted with the absolute evil we are so frequently faced with.

    However, turning away from mainstream media is a huge beginning. And a major start also is to be the cruel parent and not letting our children indulge in the absolute poison of the Disney corporation or the mindless soul altering cartoons that alter the chemical life of their brains. The best way to do this is to interact with them rather than let the accurately named boob tube, the greatest mind control device ever created, be their companion.

    I know of a remote culture of highly advanced people who have no access to television and planned it that way. But they all have televisions in their homes for selective movies and specials. This works. If, in society, however, you deny your child all tv, they will watch at a friend’s home where you have no control whatsoever.

    But news, newspaper, news magazines, are all anathema to thinking and understanding. Best to buy a computer and find one, two, three, or four, very good sites that tell the truth and don’t twist things. Such sites are difficult to find. Even some of the more “radical” are owned by corporations who twist the message somewhat. Democracy Now and Alternet and Mother Jones fall into that category.

    Global Research is a good one. So is Information Warehouse. Truthdig seems to be pretty good as well. Go to foreign journals such as Al Jazeera or the Hindu Times and get a rounded point of view and hear what the north american press does not want you to know about.

    And do not be afraid to say what must be said when with those who are not awake. Just watch the tone so they are not turned off or overwhelmed. I have found, for example, when wanting to speak on AIPAC or Zionist infiltration of our country, to bring up a familiar mutual complaint. Who do you think is behind the commercialization of Christmas so that it is almost illegal to mention Christ? That is a great hook.

    Just turn off the effing media and realize that they are all owned by the corporations who own the armament makers behind the war, who, in most cases, also serve the Zionist cause. Heck, even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, funny as they are, serve the agenda.

  4. You are so correct about the news. They drove this election with inaccurate facts, bias, etc. News used to be just the facts-
    who, what, when, why, how. Now depending on the viewpoint of the anchorman or newapaper, is what you hear. I watched C-Span during one of the hearings. I was aghast, as I heard local news reporting half truths. Gulible sheep we be, is correct! Our children’s minds are being driven by cheap ideals, lack of values, etc. Natural curiosity has gone out the window..
    Pop culture, media riole models are directing our children’ds minds. Where is reason? I do not hold out much hope. It has gone too far. alicehahn

  5. Only one sure way to get the ruling class-elected officials-to pay attention.EVERYONE STOP VOTING.However, since this is held up to us as our right and responsibility as American Citizens, it is unlikely that a large enough body of people will do this at the same time, to make an impact severe enough to shock potatoes off their couch, and into the streets.Like me-I don’t have T.V., but as I am not currently a property owner, or an “upstanding” community member, my credibility is 0, even though I am Vietnam Vet, and a “Patriotic” American.

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