There Are No Sunglasses is the work of writer/activist, Peter Chamberlin.  Peter is 67 years old and a lifelong resident of Southern Ohio.  One-year of community college (3 decades ago, majoring in art and writing), lifelong antiwar and anti-nuclear activist, he was an op-ed contributor for several years to the Huntington Herald-Dispatch.  After publication of hundreds of letters-to-editors in multiple newspapers in the Midwest, Peter started No Sunglasses in July 2008.

SUBMISSION LINK:  peter.chamberlin@hotmail.com

5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I noticed on the page talking about the Noahide Laws a statement saying you are religious and do not see anything wrong with the 7 laws. For a Christian, those laws are a death sentence. Below is a short documentary
    explaining these Talmudic laws.
    The Noahide Deception Part 01: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUi4_WtYJUAXv7RUKyxWDw1hJPjSZlJM7–[The “Noahide Laws” are mentioned in 3 posts on this website…none of them have commentary from me...nowhere, do I claim to be “religious”…NEVER, have I said anything positive about those so-called “laws”, and Yes, I have seen the Noahide Deception…sorry, but I could give a shit about this issue.–ed.]

  2. Hello Peter,
    Curiosity brought be back, I am Mira .. Rosie is my childhood nick name.. I a 66 years old .. & religious after my own fashion.
    Endure is a big space to be in .. I believe because I was born into a Roman Catholic family & efficiently & effectively indoctrinated .. but God gave me a brain & I began to question as soon as I was able .. not the priests & nuns .. nor my parents .. I was not entirely stupid you see.
    Besides .. the only way you can argue a point with a believer is to come at them with religion .. as an atheist they say you are possessed by the devil & you are dismissed.
    Richard Dawkins is a perfect example .. watch how he behaves in the presence of someone with faith or of the faith .. he presents as riddled with demonicness.
    So you are 60 today or were 60 in 2008 !

  3. keep up the good work
    to view over 300 pages of crimes committed by FBI agents



  4. Hello,

    [Hello J. You will find that there are no articles on this site discussing any religion’s prophecies. I find that every religion has its own version of pre-endtime revelations, but none of them can be verified over other religious views until after unfolding. Keep up the faith, if that helps you to endure.–Peter]

    People are misled because they accept what he (and others) have taught
    without investigating it for themselves.

    Thank you.

    Helpful link…
    Author’s email on pages…

  5. Hi Peter I think I found your site via a link at thearchdruidreport. Just wanted to give a friendly nod, and
    thought that you would appreciate learning about Jerry Brunetti if not already aware. Jerry cured himself of stage 4 lymphoma and is an agronomist in Pa where he has fabulous insights into the connection between soil and health. In the health and education tab at his website you can download powerpoint’s from his lectures, (for free) this gives the opportunity to decide if you want to pay him for various lectures. I have all of them (last time I checked) ‘Cows Consciousness and Cancer’ is excellent.


    [thanks for the heads-up. no room here for environmental issues–Peter]

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