THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT–Final Report of the Investigation, Fourth Edition, March 2008

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Final Report of the Investigation



the Murders of Nicholas Berg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley;

the Individuals Responsible for the Attack on the World Trade Center;

National Security Issues as the Root Cause for the Attack on the WorldTrade Center.

UNPUBLISHED EDITION(Fourth Edition, March 2008)

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: The writer(s) disclaims all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense however caused,arising from the use of or reliance upon, in any manner, the information provided through this report anddoes not warrant the truth, accuracy or completeness of the information provided. In all likelihood, a fewof the hypotheses generated from this information will be shown to be false – when the investigativerecords are made public, and for that, the writer apologizes in advance.


: The writer warrants that the information presented in this report is an accurate reflection of information presented on public news sites on the internet. Information on these sites is sometimespresented by individuals or organizations which may be viewed as pursuing objectives which are hatefuland malicious. If information on such sites appears to have merit, and that information is consistent withother facts in the investigation, the factual information from that site is included as best possible, withoutany reflection on the merit of that site’s objectives. The intent of this report is to 1) provide a hypotheticalexplanation for the events of September 11, 2001 that incorporates currently public information notincluded in the official government report, and 2) focus public attention on circumstances that stronglysuggest there has been wrong doing by public officials and organizations involved in misuse of governmentresources, 3) explain why officials may have been motivated to mislead the American public, and 4)provide a foundation of research and hypothesis for future research. Information presented in this reportdocuments that the federal institutions responsible for investigating these events are currently involved inefforts to suppress the facts under the guise of National Security. Hence, this information is being madepublic in the hope that unknown officials with appropriate level of authority can re-institute the appropriateinvestigation, or that private investigative resources can further substantiate (or disprove) these claims.






List of Illustrations and Tables

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Summary of Findings












Nick Berg was not killed by Muslim Terrorists


Nick Berg was executed by the elements of the Mossad


Why the Mossad killed Nick Berg -Motive – Cover-up forthe World Trade Center Attack


Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden






Working for Gulf Services


Eugene Armstrong


Jack Hensley


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi






Caspian Oil






Richard Secord, UBS and the Azerbaijan Connection






Afghanistan and the Intelligence Block



Afghan Heroin






Nazarbayev, The Russian/Israeli Mafiya and Angola






Project for the New American Century


Follow the Money


The Threat to German Banking


The Link Between the Mossad and German Banking

117 5.5

Unplanned Consequences: The Invasion of Iraq






The Link between the WTC, Illegal Gold and Money-Laundering

137 6.2

The Destruction of Buildings Seven and Four





Tonnes of Illegal Gold


Gold Laundering


Burying the Truth








Federal Reserve and the Elimination of Regulatory Control


The Naval Intelligence Threat

196 8.3

Collapse of the Soviet Economy and the Brady Bonds


8.4 Riggs Bank as an Agent for the Collapse of the SovietUnion


8.5 Ambassador Lee Wanta and the Riggs-ValmetConnection


The Yeltsin Family and the Investigations in the World TradeCenter








The Swiss-German Banking Connection






The Iran-Contra Syndicate






Threat 1: Texas Whitehouse – August 2001



Threat 2 and 3: Attempts at the Colony Resort –September 10and 11



Threat 4: In the Air – September 11



Lessons from History



Attempted Assassination of Reagan







Murder of Nick Berg


Deutsche Bank Executives


Israeli “Fixers”-Arms Merchants


“Fixers” in Florida

287 12.5

Huffman Flight School “Fixers” in Florida


Mohammed Atta



Atta’s Connections to Pakistani and Syrian Intelligence



Iran-Contra Re-Union






Control of the Media



Systemic Fear



Media Control – the Facts







Appendix A: CIA – Banking Connections


Appendix B: Stratesec


Appendix C: World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt


List of Tables and Illustrations

Figure 1: Chart of Conspirators


Figure 2: Map of Central Asia



Figure 3: US Bases and the Afghan Pipelines


Figure 4: US Bases and the Iraqi Pipeline


Figure 5: Central Asian Pipelines


Table 1: Unclaimed Stock Options


Table 2: World Trade Center Deaths By Building


Table 3: Towers One and Two: Deaths By Company/Floor


Table 4: Other Buildings: Deaths By Company and Floor


Table 5: USA Today List of Deaths by Floor


Table 6: Investigative & Evidentiary Agencies in the WorldTrade Center – Building 7


Table 7: Gold Weight/Value Conversion Chart for Purpose of Discussion


Table 8: Overview of Gold Price History


Figure 6: World Production of Gold (Tonnes)


Table 9: Who Owns the Media


Examples of CIA – Banking Linkage



Summary of Findings

The September 11 Commission Report:

Final Report of the Investigation into theMurders of Nicholas Berg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley

This report uses publicly available information to substantiate a hypothetical explanationof the causes and key conspirators in the attack on the World Trade Center. The findingsof this investigation are not meant to be construed as proof or a statement of guilt, butrather are meant to serve as ‘probable cause’ for further investigation. These findings aresubstantiated, documented and amplified by the report that follows.To that end, this report finds that:

I. Murder of Nicholas Berg


The organization that murdered Nicholas Berg, Eugene Armstrong and JackHensley, reported to be terrorists including Abu Musab Zarqawi, was most likelyan Israeli intelligence operation – and in all likelihood part of a larger organizationresponsible for the attack on the World Trade Center;1.

Nick Berg was probably murdered by a group including Steven Stephanowicz,an employee of Titan Corp., a subcontractor to CACI –which hasdemonstrable links to Israeli Intelligence, Richard Armitage and the CIA.CACI was responsible for interrogation at Abu Ghraib when Nick berg waskilled.2.

Stephanowicz was found (by U.S. military investigators) to be directly andindirectly responsible for most of the atrocities at Abu Ghraib, whichdemonstrates his ability to orchestrate the executions of Berg, Armstrong andHensley. His presence at the scene of the crime, and a similarity to the tallestexecutioner in the photos of the execution makes him a likely candidate forsuspicion.B.

Nicholas Berg was probably operating as an agent for the Israeli government (inthe US and Iraq), and possibly as a double agent, working for a US intelligenceorganization;C.

Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley were also probably government agents inUS intelligence operations;D.

Nicholas Berg was probably murdered by Israeli agents to prevent his knowledgeof the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) from being handed over to theFBI, or as revenge for having provided that information to the FBI.


Attack on the World Trade Center



Israelis have been extensively identified as involved in the WTC attack activitiesand having inside knowledge of the flights and time of attack. Seven lines of investigation support this claim1.

Two Israelis placed explosives in the twin Towers and Buildings 7 and 6, fourbuildings that housed multiple investigative agencies of the FederalGovernment and the State of New York. Khaled Odtallah (from Jerusalem)provided fake ID to Rocky Hammad (from Gaza). Hammad was employed bySergie Dimitry Davidenko (from Ukraine) to work on the water system theweekend prior to the attack. The attacking plane hit the floor of the SouthTower where the 5000 gallon reserve water tank was staged. Sergie DimitryDavidenko has disappeared since 9/11. Davidenko is a proficient ham radiooperator from the Ukraine and an ‘applied mathematician’ whose work isreferenced by at least two recent articles on missile test systems. He mostlikely configured the guidance system which guided the plane into thebuilding.2.

The guidance system on the market that best meets the requirements of guiding a multiple plane attack from a single source is provided by SystemPlanning Corporation, where Rabbi Dov Zakheim, key PNAC (Project for aNew American Century) member, is Executive Vice President. Zakheim is onrecord as having “an abiding commitment to the People and the State of Israel.”3.

Israelis were so close to the operation they knew the flights and time. Theywere able to warn the employees of Odigo, an Israeli firm, two hours beforethe attack. The CEO of Odigo has confirmed the advance warning.4.

Israel had agents involved in monitoring the supposed hijackers in bothNorman, Oklahoma and Sheridan, Florida, at the flight schools attended bythe hijackers.5.

The Israeli Prime Minister has acknowledged providing advance warning of the attack to the Bush administration.6.

The company that manages security at the Boston airport from which two planes departed, is managed by former Israeli intelligence and militarypersonnel.7.

Israeli agents were arrested videotaping the attack from a roof-top, suggesting a-priori knowledge. These agents were released to Israel without charges.B.

Israeli intelligence organizations have been found to previously have been responsible for ‘false flag’ operations in multiple locations, presenting themselves as Muslim terrorists. In 2000, 11 Israelis masquerading as Muslims were apprehended by the Indian government in their attempt to hijack an Indian airliner.


The Israeli intelligence organization with responsibility for these attacks hasextensive links to the Russian Mafiya and ex-KGB resources, all of which hadmotive, involvement and knowledge pertinent to crimes being investigated byseveral agencies in the World Trade Center;D.

Six groups were involved in the attack on the WTC”1.

The group that initiated the attack most likely consisted of an internationalnetwork of financial executives representing primarily the Bank of New York,the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Riggs Bank, Deutschebank and theUnion Bank of Switzerland (UBS), and should include representatives fromBank Menatep, Swiss-American Bank, Credit Suisse, Investor AB, andAllianz, and their respective subsidiaries and major investment partners. Thisdecision was meant to stop multiple money laundering investigations whichwould have traced illegal money laundering operations to accounts that heldstolen national treasuries. Only a very few of the individuals in this groupwould have participated in or been knowledgeable of the decision. With adecision being made in 1998, the attack on the WTC was probably delayeduntil September 11, 2001, to allow the Bush Family and Russian Mafiya tocover the settlement of the fraudulent Durham/Brady Bonds .2.

The group which probably planned and set-up the attack on the World TradeCenter was most likely a mix of Russian/Israeli Mafiya, ex-KGB and Israelisecret service, with the assistance of David Kimche (Mossad agent), MeirDagan (head of the Israeli Mossad), Adnan Khashoggi and Sheikh KamalAdham (former head of Saudi Intelligence), Richard Armitage and RichardSecord. Kimche, Armitage and Secord are the only field intelligenceoperatives identified in the world press as having field managementresponsibility for Al Qaeda mercenaries. Khashoggi is documented to havecoordinated similar types of false “terrorist” attacks in Russia, with theparticipation of CIA and Israeli agents working with Chechen Mafya (with itsstrong likages to the Yeltsin Family.)3.

The group that probably arranged for operational cover in the US, andintelligence support the operation required most likely consists of re-unitedparticipants in the Iran-Contra dealings of the 1980’s. This group has beenworking in concert in Central Asia, using Baku, Azerbaijan as a base of operations since the early 1990s. This group of former Iran-Contraconspirators includes:a)

Adnan Khashoggi: whose Azerbaijan banks “played a big part in theformation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories fordeveloping chemical and bacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh”was a major mover of illegal gold; major investor and founder in Barrick;was a major investor in Oryx (financial backer of Huffman Aviation- theflight school that provided training to eleven 9/11 hijackers); and businesspartner with General William Lyon – founder of diploma mills which are


linked to the access to the US for two hijackers. Khashoggi also is linkedto the funding of the “9/11 Truth Movement” in an attempt to monitor andcontrol civilian inquiries into the events surrounding 9/11.b)

Richard Secord: a former U.S. Air Force major general who had beenhelping to recruit and train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secretservices in conjunction with David Kimche, and was reported to haveassisted in the recruitment of Al Qaeda mercenaries and Osama Bin Ladenfor deployment in Azerbaijan;c)

Richard Armitage: who managed illegal gold funds for George HW Bushduring Iran-Contra period; who acted as a consultant to Halliburton andUnocal at the time, and was President of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce. Armitage had demonstrated a history of visits to Pakistan andthe rest of Central Asia, and was reported to have assisted in therecruitment of Al Qaeda mercenaries and Osama Bin Laden fordeployment in Azerbaijan;d)

Farhad Azima, a US arms merchant with Iranian background, a member of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, who assisted Richard Secordin recruiting, transporting and training mujahedin mercenaries. He wasowner of the Azerbaijan Airlines, and has a twenty year old relationshipwith the Iran-Contra syndicate. He is significant co-investor with WallyHilliard of Huffman Aviation in a small California electronics company(Spatialight Inc).e)

Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudi royal family of the Saudi oil companies Delta Oil and Nimir Oil.Both are partners with Unocal in Azerbaijan and partners in multiple Bushfamily enterprises. He is a major investor along with Khashoggi in Barrickand TrizecHahn. (TrizecHahn was the landlord to the corporateheadquarters of Halliburton and Enron.)f)

Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, lobbyist for the AzerbaijanInternational Operating Company, on US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; participant in Congressional hearings that let Iran-Contraparticipants off-the-hook. Dick Cheney’s role in the attack on the WTC ismost thoroughly treated in the book Crossing the Rubicon, by Michael C.Ruppert, where Cheney is demonstrated to be fully accountable for theactivities of NORAD and FEMA on September 11. John Mann, in Rise of the Vulcans- The History of Bush’s War Cabinet, describes Cheney as“one of the principal defenders of the Reagan administration’s conduct inIran Contra.”g)

David Kimche, Israeli Mossad agent who brought Israeli agents andmercenaries into Azerbaijan at the request of Secord, and worked withSecord and the regional secret service organizations of Azerbaijan and


Kazakhstan. He was a participant in the October Surprise and Iran-Contrascandal, and consultant to Manuel Noriega.h)

Porter Goss, former CIA agent and Congressman, now Director of theCIA. He met with Mahmoud Ahmad, Director of the Pakistani SecretService (ISI) shortly before and after 9/11. Mahmoud Ahmad wasresponsible for providing $100,000 in funding to Mohammed Atta. Gosshas not been identified with any Azerbaijani activity, but has beenidentified with Iran-Contra activity.i)

George Bush Sr., who (according to several eyes witnesses) authorized theIran-Contra and October Surprise operations (although Congressionalinvestigators concluded he was not involved), initiated the US covertoperations in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, authorized the creation of theillegal Durham/Brady Bonds which went secretly to Russia, andauthorized the assignment of $10 billion in un-mined gold reserves toBarrick. He later sat on the Advisory Board of Directors for Barrick. j)

Robert Mueller, who as US Attorney headed the Iran-Contra and the BCCIinvestigations and trial found little fault with Bush Sr., also wasresponsible for the FBI investigation of 9/11.4.

Members of the US group that arranged for the September 11 cover-up mostlikely used the attack for multiple purposes related to financial gain andobstruction of justice, and set the timing of the attack to resolve a majorfinancial fraud involving $240 billion in securities backed by illegal goldholdings (Durham/Brady Bonds).5.

The organization that managed the details of the US attack operation was mostlikely an Israeli secret service unit including Mohammed Atta (who organizedthe aerial attack), Rudi Dekker (responsible mostly for visas), and KhaledOdtllah (who was responsible for arranging explosives in the WTC);a)

There are seven pieces of information that suggest Mohammed Atta,identified as the leader of the 9/11 hijackers, was probably a Mossadagent:(1)

Comments by his father saying his son was with the Mossad, and aliveafter 9/11;(2)

A number of clues suggesting he may not have been on the flight, andpossibly disappeared out a back door at the Boston airport;(3)

Atta expressed interest in a company specializing in space technology.This company was later acquired by Israel;(4)

His ability to speak Hebrew;



His involvement with German, Pakistani, Saudi and Syrianintelligence and US military and intelligence organizations;(6)

The cover-up of the identity of his German host family by USinvestigators; and(7)

His dual personality attested to by his friends on two continents.6.

The group that actually was set up to take the blame were Muslim radicalsrecruited by either Yeslam Bin Laden (brother of Osama Bin Laden) orRichard Secord (CIA) and David Kimche (Mossad) at the probable request of Adnan Khashoggi and Sheikh Kamal Adham (business partners of GeorgeBush Sr.).a)

At least seven of these hijackers used names and other personalinformation acquired by identity theft. Five of these seven names hadaffiliations with US military training institutions. Most of the passportsused by the hijackers came from the US embassy in Saudi Arabia. KhaledOdtallah (from Jerusalem) was responsible for establishing false Americanidentities for the group inside the World Trade Center. These facts suggestthe attackers were organized by intelligence agencies rather than terrorists.These facts lead to the assumption the attack was a joint effort betweenIsraeli and Saudi Intelligence, with US support.b)

Two of the hijackers had records of previous employment by the SaudiIntelligence.c)

The individual that most likely acted as intermediary between Iran-Contrasyndicate and the bankers was Edgar Bronfman. Bronfman is a significantowner of Barrick and TrizecHahn, and President of the World JewishCongress (WJC). Acting in the role of President of the WJC, Bronfmannegotiated the terms and conditions of the release of the Holocaust goldfrom the Swiss banks in 1998. It is hypothesized that as part of hisnegotiations, he was asked by the bankers to facilitate a termination of multiple US federal and NY investigations into Swiss banks. Hisnegotiations brought an immediate end to US Department of Justice andUS Congressional pressure to investigate Marcos gold accounts in theSwiss banks, Swiss holdings of Holocaust gold, and Philippine actionsagainst the Swiss for holding the Marcos gold. An investigation of theMarcos accounts (and tracing the final disposition of the gold) would haveexposed a broader money and gold-laundering scheme, which would haveresulted in further exposures of crimes by the Russian/Israeli Mafiya (inparticular, the “Yeltsin Family”) and the Iran-Contra syndicate.d)

The plan proposed by Bronfman was probably provided to him by DavidKimche, one of the initial Israeli intelligence agents that in 1980 proposedthe October Surprise plan to prevent the release of US hostages by theAyatollah Khomeini. That plan subsequently resulted in a series of Iran-


Contra deals to covertly fund pro-US revolutionary activity in Iran andNicaragua. Kimche was actively working with Richard Secord andRichard Armitage (all three were involved in Iran-Contra scandal) inAzerbaijan, with multiple Central Asian Intelligence organizations, at thetime the decision to attack the WTC was made.e)

The plan proposed by Bronfman provided for the termination of investigations by various agencies of the US government into variousSwiss accounts and Deutschebank transactions involved in money andgold laundering. This plan would require the destruction of the entireWorld Trade Center, which housed the investigative offices of the FBI,SEC, IRS, Secret Service, Department of Defense, US Customs, and bankrecords for the Export-Import bank, Deutsche Bank, and the investigativearm of the New York State Tax Department. Bronfman, as a majorinvestor in Barrick, stood to benefit directly from a cessation of theseinvestigations (and in his case, the FBI investigation into gold pricefixing). The Bush family, as well as the Russian Mafiya, would benefit aswell from the termination of these investigations, all linked. Later, Bushintelligence operatives would add the Pentagon to the list of targets, todestroy the Office of Naval Intelligence which was also engaged in amajor investigation of money laundering most likely related to the Bank of New York/Russian Mafiya money laundering scandal, which could haveexposed Project Hammer and the Black Eagle Trust.f)

The detailed plan to crash commercial airliners into the World TradeCenter was actually created in 1976 by the C-Battery 2/81st FieldArtillery, US Seventh Army in Europe. It would have been provided toKimche, most likely, by Richard Armitage, who worked in the DefenseIntelligence Agency from May 1975 to November 1976, and went on tocovert CIA operations.E.

There was a diversified group of American, Canadian, Russian, Swiss andGerman business executives and government officials that allowed the attack onthe World Trade Center to happen, and prevented the true story of what happenedfrom being told, for the purposes of financial gain and protection fromprosecution for complicity in illegal gold laundering activity and the fraudulentsale of gold backed securities. Under Federal law 18 U.S.C. 371 – ConspiracyStatute, they are equally guilty as if they had initiated the decision. This groupincludes, but is not limited to Adnan Khashoggi; Kamal Adham; George Bush Sr.;Tye Burt- former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche Bank AlexBrown Securities Canada; Otto Pohl, former President of the German central bank(Bundesbank) and chief officer of the International Bank of Settlements and IMF;Edgar Bronfman and Mayo Shattuck, who left his position as CEO of Deutschebank America on September 12, 2001 and is financial advisor toKhashoggi and Bronfman. The circumstances leading to this conclusion are:



There are between 120,000 and 280,000 tonnes of illegal, stolen gold stored inbullion banks throughout the world. This gold needs to be laundered. Thisgold has been stolen from the national treasuries of the Philippines, SovietUnion, France, and Czechoslovakia. There are numerous sources that identifyGeorge Bush Sr. and Adnan Khashoggi, with Ferdinand Marcos, asextensively involved in the theft of the Philippines treasury. This theft goes asfar back as the end of World War II and was authorized by the US Warcabinet.2.

Commodity experts that watch the gold market have made claims thatsignificant, inexplicable amounts of gold were showing up in the marketthroughout the 1990s. These increases are attributed to ‘gold futures’ sales -in the absence of any other explanation.3.

There has been no known formal investigation into the possible laundering of this gold other than possibly the FBI investigation buried in the World TradeCenter. This investigation was linked to the GATA/Howe lawsuit against thebullion banks, including the Deutsche Bank.4.

A significant group of powerful individuals, with demonstrated links to themovement of illegal gold, have been directly involved in the creation of a goldproducing company, which was in a court battle over the legality of some of its trades. (It resulted in a sealed agreement in January of 2006.) A significantgroup of these individuals have a history of connections to money launderingactivity. These groups include George Bush Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Khalidbin Mahfouz and Edgar Bronfman.5.

The success of this company in gold hedging defies expert industry expertcomprehension. The company has been extremely successful mining land thatindustry experts thought was “doubtful” in its potential. These inexplicableconditions could be explained under a hypothesis of gold laundering.6.

Two of the individuals (Khashoggi and Mahfouz) that started, controlled andowned significant portions of this gold company are the same people thatstarted, controlled and owned a company that staged and ‘trained’ eleven of the 9/11 hijackers, who were involved in the destruction of the World TradeCenter. This ‘terrorist’ event effectively ended the FBI investigation of globalgold trades this company was involved in.F.

German, Swiss, Russian and Saudi financial executives initially sanctioned theattack on the World Trade Center for the purposes of:1.

Stopping a series of on-going FBI and other federal agency investigationswhich were in the process of exposing multi-billion dollar, illegal, gold andmoney laundering activities and securities fraud. Tracking transactions intoand out of accounts of individuals associated with these investigations wouldhave exposed the


illegal retention of the national bullion treasuries of the Soviet Union, thePhilippines, France, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Angola andmore, as well as

the major participation of the “Bush Family” in the Bank of NewYork/Russian Mafiya money-laundering scandal, with its ultimate sourceof funding in the Bardy/Durham bond fraud of September 11, 1991;2.

Destroying potentially incriminating Deutschebank and US Export-Importbank records and investigative reports (FBI, SEC, Secret Service, IRS, USCustoms, NY State Tax Auditors) associated with those gold and moneylaundering and securities fraud activities;3.

Enhancing their competitiveness and short term profitability in the Europeaninvestment banking market; and4.

Revenge against “United States and its economy” for past economictransgressions against the German banking industry.G.

The pinpointed targets of the 9/11 hijackers were the North Tower (FBI offices onfloors 23 and 24 and the Cantor Fitzgerald offices), Building 7 (various Federalinvestigative agencies), the Pentagon (Office of Naval Investigation), and theSouth Tower (Eurobrokers and the NY State Tax Investigation Department).Flight 93, delayed for 40 minutes at the gate and downed in Pennsylvania, wasprobably intended for Building 7. Building 6 (US Customs) was destroyed by aninternal explosion. These buildings were targeted because they housed theinvestigative offices and evidence of multiple investigations into money and goldlaundering and securities fraud.H.

There are seven conditions pertinent to the collapse of that are not explained byany official explanation of the events at the WTC. These seven conditions are allexplained with the theory of ‘targeted destruction.’ This report concludes thatwithin minutes of it being known that Building 7 was not going to be hit by athird plane, it was ordered evacuated by an unknown individual so that incendiaryexplosions could be ignited without the presence of witnesses. These deviceswould have targeted federal and bank offices on multiple floors. The 9/11Commission Report and FEMA have been unable to explain:1.

Source of fires throughout the building;2.

Lack of response by firefighters to those fires;3.

Order for evacuation of the Mayor’s emergency command center on Floor 23of Building Seven, when no comparable order was given for the WTCcommand Center in the North Tower. This center was evacuated shortlybefore the collapse of Tower 1 (10:29), but after the crash of Flight 93(10:07), when it became clear Flight 93 would not reach its target. No oneclaims responsibility for the evacuation order;



Documented seismic spike just prior to the collapse of the Building 7 in thesame magnitude as those preceding the collapse of the North and SouthTowers;5.

The reason for the tape-recorded “pulling” comment by the building’s owner,who has since refused to explain his comment;6.

Ability to bring down Building Seven with controlled demolitions, when ittakes days to place explosives for controlled takedowns;7.

Misleading references to the locations of the fires, which are generallyreferred to as a couple of lower floors, but occurred throughout the building asdocumented by photographic evidence;I.

The airline attacks on the World Trade Center were cover-up for explosivesplaced in the building. There are nine categories of evidence which support thestatement that the North and South Towers were subjected to “targeted”demolitions:1.

Numerous eyewitness statements of explosions in and throughout thebuilding;2.

Seismographic recording of the incidents showing massive undergroundexplosions just prior to the collapse of Towers 1, 2 and 7;3.

Analysis of videotape of the collapse of the South Tower which shows theorder in which floors are collapsing by exploding windows, demonstratingnon-sequential explosions on lower floors;4.

Video tape evidence recorded on-site at the WTC by a rescuing fireman;5.

The pattern of deaths in the North Tower reinforces the theory that there wereexplosives set at lower levels of the North Tower, especially in the vicinity of floors 23 and 24 of the North Tower (Tower 1), which suffered inexplicableand unusually high death rates;6.

Multiple testimonies from a) small rescue team, 2) trapped workers and 3)people leaving the building which help explain events on the 23rd floor –siteof a secretive FBI office which housed investigations into illegal gold-pricefixing, gold trades and the Kazakhgate investigation linking Dick Cheney andGeorge Bush Sr. to illegal bribes paid to Kazakhstan officials;7.

An FBI agent in the North Tower Operations Center received a call on his cellphone advising him the North Tower would soon collapse. The timing of thiscall, approximately 15 minutes before the building collapsed, suggestssomeone was in control of the primary demolitions in the basement;8.

Investigating government agencies have not been able to explain how firesreached required temperatures to melt steel and thus cause the towers to


collapse. An official letter from Underwriter Laboratories to the NationalInstitute of Standards and Technology, explains why the government’s officialstance on how/why the buildings collapsed has no merit;9.

Unexplained and forgotten CNN video footage of the explosion inside WTC6, which housed US Customs Agency, the agency that coordinated multiplefederal agency money laundering investigations with its El Dorado task force.J.

The attack on the Pentagon was for the purpose of destroying the Office of NavalIntelligence. This Office was investigating a gold backed securities fraud whichmight have been perceived as a threat to national security, but would link theBush family to multiple illegal activities.K.

The attacks of September 11 were timed to coincide with multiple war-games,which included scenarios of airline hijacking and building attacks. Thiscoincidence creates a scenario of ‘plausible deniability’ under which FAA andNORAD officials can argue there was no air response because they were“confused” as to whether the attacks were part of the games or not.1.

These war games were being monitored by Vice President Dick Cheney at thetime of the attack, rather than the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.2.

The war games which were usually scheduled for October were rescheduledfor early September by an unknown decision-maker.3.

The war games probably included an unreported computer simulation of afinancial attack on the US economy (as performed during war games in 1997and 2000 by Cantor Fitzgerald.) It is hypothesized that this simulationcomputer program was the source of the illegal trades conducted in theminutes preceding the attack, and those illegal trades were meant to cover thesettlement of the 10 year Durham/Brady Bonds which came due on September11.L.

The former heads of at least three Intelligence agencies and a private, commercialintelligence operation, all pro-US organizations – have been linked to funding of the 9/11 hijackers:1.

Mahmoud Ahmad, Head of ISI Pakistani Intelligence (Wired $100,000 to Attashortly before the attack);2.

Mohamad Majed Said, a former head of Syrian Intelligence (providedemployment for Atta in Germany); and3.

Kamal Adham, the former head of Saudi Intelligence (funded HuffmanAviation via Oryx.).4.

Mohammed Atta, while in Germany, was also an employee of, with travelfunded by, Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft. This is a joint US-German scholarshipprogram, reportedly controlled on the US side by the US Information Agency


(State Department). The German side of this program is administered jointlywith Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung, a commercialintelligence operation that studies global trading in weapons and drugs,money-laundering and, coincidentally, anthrax. It has board members from theDeutschebank and Allianz.The leadership of these three Muslim countries is significantly detached from themainstream population’s conservative beliefs, and their leadership is generallyaligned with US leadership on key financial objectives.M.

There are five indicators that World Trade Center security management (with thetop security manager being George Tabeek) were co-conspirators in the attack:1.

The power shut-down during the weekend prior to the attack could not happenwithout security approval because it involved shutting off a primary buildingutility and security surveillance;2.

Permits to work in the building on the water system over the weekend couldnot happen without security approval because it involved shutting off aprimary building utility and safety system. The attacking plane hit the floorwhere the 5000 gallon reserve water tank for the sprinkler system was staged.;3.

Bomb sniffing dogs were removed from service the day before theunexplained “power down”, during which all internal electronic surveillance(cameras, videos) were turned off. Rocky Hammad’s activity in the Towersoccurred during this power down. The person who authorized these activitieshas not been found. Removal of the bomb sniffing security dogs could nothappen without security approval. The dogs were brought back on the day of the attack, probably after any explosives were allowed in the building;4.

A CIA front company known as Stratesec Incorporated, formerly Securacomhad a maintenance agreement for ‘access control’ with the WTC. A Directoron the Board for this company is Marvin Bush, brother of President GeorgeBush. This company is linked to the aerial attack on government investigativeoffices in the Pirelli Building in the financial district in Milan, Italy in April of 2002.5.

The New York City Emergency Command Center, located on the 23rd floorof Building 7, was ordered to evacuate hours in advance of the building’scollapse, but within a few minutes after Flight 93 was downed inPennsylvania. Fires started after the evacuation. In the North and SouthTowers, there was no order to evacuate, and employees remained until theend.





Representatives of at least three US government agencies (CIA, FBI, and NSA)were aware of the plans for the attack on the World Trade Center after havingbeen advised by the intelligence agencies of Israel, Germany, UK and Russia.B.

Key military officials in the US war games seem to have been involved inpreventing an air response to the hijackers, thus allowing them to execute theirattack.C.

At least five employees of US investigative agencies have attempted to makepublic the level of deception being used to cover up the truth, but have beensilenced by court order under the blanket of “National Security.” Numerous NewYork public employees with testimony relevant to the cover-up have beeneffectively gagged under the blanket of National Security by having their jobsthreatened for speaking out. Another agent, Brad Doucette – 20 year veteran FBIagent in charge of counter-terrorism – was “suicided” in April in 2003, shortlyafter reporting controversial findings.D.

The US government seems unwilling to pursue the true criminals in this casebecause of the political consequences of exposing the complicity of various keyUS politicians and political contributors in the various gold laundering activities,or involvement in a cover-up. This group includes, but is not limited to:1.

George HW Bush Sr., who is directly responsible for:

contributing to the success of what could appear to be a major goldlaundering operation by approving changes in law which allowed thecompany to obtain an estimated $10 billion in gold reserves for a cost of $10,000; assisting in the operations acquisition of additional Africanreserves, and serving as a Director on its Advisory Board;

authorizing the fraudulent Durham/Brady Bonds;

initiating a range of illegal covert activities in Central Asia to supportpersonal business partners in the oil industry.2.

The Bronfman family, with major connections to both the Democratic andRepublic administrations;3.

Various executives of financial institutions (named in the report), the FederalReserve banks, the SEC and other American bullion banks involved in thegold price-fixing practices and securities fraud;4.

Various associates in the Iran-Contra affair, who remained in various politicaloffices.E.

There were a series of seven actions undertaken by the Federal Reserve during thedays and weeks that followed the attack on the WTC which served the purpose of covering-up the settlement and refinancing the fraudulent 10 year Durham/BradyBonds which came due on September 11.  Those actions include



the Commission for the first time invoked its emergency powers underSecurities Exchange Act Section 12(k);2.

SEC lifted “Rule 15c3-3 – Customer Protection–Reserves and Custody of Securities” which allowed them to suspend all reporting and identity securitycontrols;3.

The SEC temporarily injected $300 Billion into the US money supply whilesettling the fraudulent securities;4.

Government Securities Clearing Corporation sent a memo to banksencouraging them to make security ‘substitutions’ on “immediately maturingcollateral;”5.

Government Securities Clearing Corporation treated the ‘fails’ as two separategroups, suggesting there was a large group of trades that required ‘specialtreatment’ for “other” problems;6.

GSCC issued another memo allowing blind broker settlements. A “blindbroker” is a mechanism for inter-dealer transactions that maintains theanonymity of both parties to the trade;7.

SEC held an unusual “snap” auction of new ten-year securities to facilitatesale of government securities probably used to refinance the fraudulentDurham/Brady Bonds.F.

There were a series of four attempts to assassinate President George Bush (Jr.),orchestrated by the same group that executed the attack on the WTC. This reportconcludes there was a quid pro quo between the Bush and Bin Laden families tomutually sacrifice sons. When the assassination attempts failed, Bin Laden wasallowed to escape. It is speculated that is why George Bush Sr. was dining withBin Laden on September 11, 2001. This theory is supported by the eerie parallelsbetween these attempts on the life of George Bush Jr. in 2001, and the Hinkleyattempt on the life of Ronald Reagan, suggesting that George Bush Sr. is familiarwith the concept of family sacrifice. The simultaneous NORAD and FEMAexercises, scheduled to happen the same time as both attempted assassinations,suggests Bush’s concerns about the transfer of Presidential Power during bothassassination attempts. On both occasions, a Bush family member was with afamily member of the ‘accused shooter,” and the “accused shooter” was a familyacquaintance. Each assassination attempt (Reagan and Bush) consisted of multiple attempts, with a final effort layered with contingencies.G.

Numerous individuals received significant financial benefit from acting withforeknowledge of this attack, over-and-above protection from criminalinvestigation. Adnan Khashoggi was a clear beneficiary with his MJK Securitiesfraud. Other information suggests Israeli investors were responsible for thesupposed inside trading profits made that day. Additionally, Russian Mafiyamembers, who had financially benefited from the default on approximately $240


Billion in gold backed loans from President George Bush Sr., had their defaultscovered by the attack. Investigation of these individuals should be renewed todetermine their complicity with the business executives responsible for thisattack.H.

Two key individuals throughout the entire timeline of this investigation are AdnanKhashoggi, and Sheikh Kamal Adham, most infamous for their role in the BCCIbank scandal and Iran-Contra scandal (Israeli weapons sold to Iran), but alsolinked to the recent MJK Securities fraud case and multiple Savings and Loansfailures in the 1980s, the Harken Energy scandal, and the 1980 October Surprise.They are personal friends and business partners with George Bush Sr. This reportfinds evidence of them being directly linked to:1.

the theft, illegal hoarding, use and distribution of massive quantities of illegaltreasury gold,2.

the creation of a potential international gold laundering operation, theprobable investigation into which was halted by the destruction of the WorldTrade Center,3.

the creation and funding of a flight school used to provide visas for elevenWTC attackers, and4.

The recruitment of flight school trainees either through their familyrelationships with Yeslam Bin Laden, the brother of Osama Bin Laden, orthrough long-time business partners Richard Secord and David Kimche,5.

The recruitment of hijackers previously settled in the US. Adnan Khashoggi(owner of Genesis Aviation) is a business partner with retired GeneralWilliam Lyon (on the Board of Kellstrom Industries, Inc., an Israeli ownedcompany) in a venture called Wings of Democracy, an attempt to penetratethe commercial Iraq air business. Lyon is the founder of several universitydiploma-mill operations in California (American Commonwealth University,also known as William Lyon University) which are speculated to be CIA frontoperations used for providing US visas to foreign operatives. Theseoperations are directly associated with the entry to the US by two of the 9/11hijackers in the early 1990s. Lyon is a major Republican fund raiser in OrangeCounty, associate of Karl Rove, financial backer of the swift Boat Veterans,and keynote speaker at the Republican national convention.


Once the clues have been put together, and the individuals behind the organizations orquasi-organizations are identified and studied, it becomes clear there are three individuals


whose names repeatedly appear: Adnan Khashoggi, Kamal Adham, and George Bush Sr.These three men have strong, personal and business relationships with each other andother individuals whose names appear consistently. These relationships have beendefined in the above chart. The attack on the World Trade Center was a complicatedoperation. These men have the experience and track record to demonstrate that they arecapable of efforts to overthrow governments without regard for human life.There is also a group of financial backers behind the individuals identified by this report.They appear on numerous boards involved in these activities, and appear to have nofunction other than to represent the interests of large holding companies which operate ascover for massive family wealth. The individuals identified in this report can beidentified because of their actions, while those not identified are the silent, more powerfulindividuals who finance these operations. One example would be Lord Powell, whorepresents the Rothschild family investments, and sits on the Boards of Barrick, as wellas Diligence, which does business with a known criminal terrorist operation known asFarwest, Ltd.

Figure 1: Chart of Conspirators

There are many other incidental findings which are indicative of additional criminalactivity. This list includes, but is not limited to:

Placement and detonation of explosive charges in the World Trade Center;

Murder of witnesses;

Terrorist activities;

Obstruction of justice and destruction of Government evidence in a criminalinvestigation; and

Criminal conspiracy and money laundering activity by US bankers, financialexecutives and government officials;

Violations of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;

Violations of Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act.Evidence supporting these claims is provided. A list of those who could be considered “aperson of interest” is identified at the end of this report. Not one is a known member of any officially classified terrorist group.



This project started with a curiosity about the questionable circumstances surrounding themurder of Nick Berg, a US entrepreneur in Iraq who reportedly was in the wrong place atthe wrong time. That curiosity led to research, which led to this report. Herein is a story– a true story – that needs to be told. Even without the ‘need’ for it to be told, it representsa mesmerizing story of intrigue, assassination, mystery, scandal, fraud, theft, cover-up,and twisted patriotism. It is a true story about real individuals, the list of which includesterrorists, spies (KGB, Mossad, CIA, FBI), murder victims, assassinated corporate heads,politicians, billionaires, international bank board members, Russian Mafiya, Americanmafia, Nazis, an Imperial family, and even a Grand Master of the Teutonic Order(Templars) from the crusades! It is a story about money laundering, illegal gold,securities fraud, conflict diamonds, weapons trading, drugs, espionage and internationalstock market manipulation. It is a story about a several layers of façade and false leads.It is a story in which the motive for the crime is measured in hundreds of billions of dollars, and has relatively little to do with oil. It is a story which explains the executionof seemingly innocent civilians in Iraq, the attack on the World Trade Center, and theattack on the US economy. It is a story that provides coherent meaning to what has beenviewed as a collage of seemingly inconsistent, contradictory, inexplicable and just plaininconvenient facts.The search for an acceptable explanation for the death of Nick Berg in the summer of 2004 engendered more questions than answers – at first. The answers to these questionsresulted in an interpretation of current events in the Middle East and the US that seemedfar removed from any currently available explanations or hypotheses. The conclusion of this investigation is that Nick Berg was in all likelihood an agent of an Israeli secretservice, executed by elements of the Israeli secret service, for reasons that are explainedin the report. That hypothesis was so seemingly incredible that it begged “challenging.”The hypothesis has been challenged numerous times, and each time there are multipleaccounts in the media that provide answers that are consistent with the conclusionspresented in the research. Examples of such “if –then” tests (such as if X happened, thenshouldn’t Y happen?) are:• If the hypothesis used to explain the reasons for Nick Berg’s execution is accurate,shouldn’t it also be valid for subsequent executions by the same group? (It is!)

If the Deutsche Bank was attempting to cover-up illicit gold movements, should oneexpect to find news which links the Deutsche Bank to illicit gold hoardings, measuredin hundreds of tonnes? (There are such reports!)

If the German banking cartel had responsibility for initiating the September 11 attack,should one be able to demonstrate their ability to activate Muslim and Mossad agents.(It can be demonstrated, with multiple connections.)In none of the testing of hypotheses did the available information contradict one of themajor conclusions of this paper: the official US government interpretation of terroristactivity confronting America is deliberately misleading, and the list of “bad guys” istotally different than what the public has been led to believe.



Please note that this report generally follows several important rules of research:

This report uses as many independent sources as possible, rather than relying ongovernment press releases and mainstream media. In this report, there is evidencefrom U.S. agents themselves, that the US government has forced a CIA translator, aCIA agent and three FBI agents to fabricate and distort information on the 9/11investigation. These people are in court to bring out the truth, and protect themselvesfrom repercussions. These five are only the ones coming forward publicly. Thepublic needs to ask – how many more remain silent? (Internet reports suggest up to200 government agents are ready to testify against the administration.) There is alsoevidence from two college professors that the CIA deliberately falsified video-tapeevidence. There is evidence presented from Underwriter Laboratories that thegovernment has presented false information.

Questions are best formulated by studying a situation and asking “What informationis missing?” With the hundreds of investigative reporters in the world attempting touncover the truth about 9/11, major points of evidence are totally ignored by the USgovernment and many conspiracy theorists, and treated as ‘inconvenient’ facts. Thisreport does not ignore them. Surprisingly, there is a strong coherency to what arereported as coincidences and inconsistencies – and all the “wild conspiracy theories”actually hang together.

This reports looks at these events as crimes rather than political terrorist activitieswhich are intended to create fear. The basic rules for identifying “who did it” stillapply: motive, opportunity, weapon, and ‘follow the money.’

If one uses the same standard of evidence as applied under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to the alleged terrorists appearing before military tribunals, thenhearsay evidence is acceptable.

Some readers may conclude this report attempts to establish guilt by association andcharacter, an invalid principle in the U.S. courtroom. Guilt is determined by dueprocess – not a report. There are Constitutional processes for determining guilt, andthis report does not seek to supplant them.

However, the American criminal justicesystem has established and sanctioned two practices which are based on guilt byassociation and characterization: profiling and prosecution under the RICOconspiracy laws. This report assumes that if an organization (or partnership) hasseveral key members that are publicly associated (not necessarily convicted) withsimilar criminal activity, activities of the entire organization warrant suspicion. If publicly available information about that organization reinforces those suspicions,those suspicions should be investigated and reported. That is what this report does – itsummarizes that information and suggests that a different theory explaining theattacks of September 11 is consistent with the facts ignored by the official 9/11Commission. Current interpretations of events in the Middle East (either that of theUS Government or various conspiracy theorists) do not help us understand the factsas they are known today. There are too many dangling leads. This report attempts to


address the ‘loose ends’ in this interpretation of the news. Major crimes have beencommitted and not one person has been convicted. “Terrorists” charged forsupporting 9/11 in Germany and Spain have been found not guilty. Osama Bi Ladenis not charged with 9/11 on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list because the FBI has noevidence connecting him to the crime. This report attempts to redefine leads thatmight result in holding people accountable for their crimes.

This research represents a significant paradigm shift from most of the September 11research available. That shift is brought about by two very significant challenges createdby the information presented.

The first challenge: look at all the information before assigning guilt. Much of thecurrent criticism of American public officials involved in cover-up activities has atendency to focus on the ‘American and Israeli participants.’ Another large band of criticism is saved for the Saudi royal family, because of their familial relations toOsama Bin Laden and significant financial contributions to American politics.However, if one looks at the record of how these American and Saudi officialsactually executed their operations (ranging from criminal to legal, but generallyconsidered unscrupulous) there is a consistent participation by the Russian/IsraeliMafiya and the German banking cartel, which includes certain Swiss banks. As onedigs deeper, one finds the Russian/Israeli Mafiya are quite significantly involved inthese events, and the bank cartel may well be the greatest benefactor of the crime andcover-up. The research paradigm must include foreign nationals from Germany andRussia.

The second challenge: the timing of the attack on the WTC suggests a pace of eventswhere the planners were comfortable with a two-to-three year execution phase. Adecision to destroy the WTC was made in 1999 or 1998, with the key ‘hijackers’ inthat plot being assigned in early 1999. The research paradigm needs to be focused onevents in 1998 and 1999, not the events in January through July of 2001. Similarly,in suggesting that the maturity date of 10 year gold backed bonds issued onSeptember 11, 1991 was a significant factor in the timing of the attack, that periodneeds to be understood as well.Addressing these two challenges will lead to the conclusion that a German/Swiss bankcartel undertook a decision in 1998 to destroy a number of US investigations thatthreatened their illegally gained wealth. Adnan Khashoggi was the common thread inmost of those investigations, so the Cartel would have needed to approach him as well asEdgar Bronfman, Khashoggi’s business partner. They in turn, would have most likelyapproached their old colleagues: Bush Sr., Secord, Armitage, Kimche, and Azima. Thesefive, in turn, would have used the foot-soldiers at their disposal: Al Qaeda and theRussian/Israeli Mafiya.This investigation is not an attempt to support a particular political viewpoint. In the end,there is no final proof and there is no confession. If there was a confession, it woulddisappear as if it never existed, and every mention of it would be erased. People whopresent information critical of the Iran-Contra Syndicate often commit suicide within 24hours, and their reports disappear (e.g., Brad Doucette, John Millis and Gary Webb). Alist of nineteen such murdered individuals is compiled in this report. The crimes


described here-in are very complex, and executed by both professional and viciouscriminals. The cover-up of these crimes is done by people who cause their accusers andwhistleblowers to lose promotions, jobs, freedom and possibly even lives. While “proof”is hard to come by, there is a very compelling case of circumstantial evidence. Theexplanation provides better answers for more of the open issues than the official 9/11Commission Report. It also provides a better explanation than suggested by a number of conspiracy theorists who suggest the Bush administration and CIA or Israeli governmentare at fault. All three of those explanations leave too many unanswered questions, andnone really explain the reason the World Trade Center was brought down with a series of explosions, or how suspicious trading indicated there were those with foreknowledge of the crime. Conspiracy theorists also like to conveniently forget that the attack on theWorld Trade Center was planned and initiated before the Republican NationalConvention, before George Bush Jr. was even an official candidate for President, muchless President. Moreover, there is nothing in the historical record to suggest he is capableof architecting such a solution.At the end of the day, it’s always about the money, and the money trail points to none of the official suspects – Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda. However, even after identifying amore realistic suspect, there is no good news in this story for anyone. It is still a storyabout corrupt and greedy people – however noble they thought their intentions – they aredirectly responsible for the unnecessary death and suffering of thousands and thousandsof innocent people like your parents, children and friends, for no reason other than self-gratification and ego.


1Unmasking the Faces Behind the Terrorist Threat

In the realm of geopolitical turmoil, where political terrorism has taken on aninternational scope, the world has recently seen the emergence of two major terroristgroups – Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Al Qaeda’ and more recently, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.Terrorist incidents around the globe have been attributed to both groups, with Abu Musabal-Zarqawi establishing global notoriety with the video-taped beheading of three hostagesin Iraq. In October of 2004, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi swore allegiance to Bin Laden,bringing about a merger of what had been seen as separate, but possibly “linked” groups.In a world were the international press had reported that the two leaders were not onfriendly terms, and viewed each other as possible rivals, this surprising turn of eventsdrew very little attention in the media. What the Muslim terrorists accomplished, withmuch fanfare and publicity, was to create the link between Al Qaeda and Iraq that helped justify the US invasion – a link that could not be proven, until someone created it anddrew world attention to it.In retrospect, what the world knows about these two groups poses some interestingcomparisons, and contradicts the conventional knowledge about these groups. Thisreport attempts to bring a different perspective to the facts as commonly interpreted, andprovides an explanation for some significant failures of conventional wisdom.The official U.S. government explanation for the success of Osama Bin Laden is that thefoundation for his ability to conduct and support international terror is based on hisinherited family wealth, family connections to conservative Saudi philanthropists, and aneducation that allows him to invest wisely. The conventional ‘unofficial’ explanation isthat the CIA and British intelligence made Osama the success he is, and as long as hethreatened the stability of Iran, or the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, he received all thearms and money he required. It allowed him to finance an impressive organization,capable of forging passports, moving people across oceans and borders, training 1,000potential terrorists a month, and making major arms purchases. Subsequent to thesequestering of his funds after the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, heappears to have been marginalized – with claim to no major terrorist attacks for over fiveyears.Contrast that to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who comes from an impoverished family withlittle education. He is a common criminal street thug, with no known source of funding,and essentially comes out of nowhere with newly discovered politico-religious fervor.Without a funding source comparable to Osama Bin Laden, he is able to launch a multi-national assault with purported attacks in Hamburg, Chechnya, Madrid (train bombing),Mombassa (hotel bombing) and now, all over Iraq (kidnappings).

“Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of the organisation responsible for the beheadings in Iraq, is regularlyportrayed by the US government as a terrorist mastermind, responsible for activity in places aswidespread as Hamburg, Chechnya, Madrid and Mombasa. But while there is no doubt that Zarqawihas committed awful crimes, experts say that accusing him has become an easy fall-back for theauthorities as they struggle to contain the insurgency. There is no unanimity on whether Zarqawi is a

henchman of Osama bin Laden or a rival.” [A thug who will stop at nothing to create pure Islamic zonein Middle East, Ewen MacAskill and Rory McCarthy, The Guardian, September 23, 2004]

By executing three American hostages – Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley- on videotape (the killing of the British hostage, interestingly, was not video taped), hegained as much international recognition as Osama Bin Laden, to whom he reportedlylater swore allegiance and loyalty. If funding is a prerequisite to the level of activitysupported by terrorists, one is forced to conclude that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is fundedfrom some unknown source. One is also forced to conclude that al-Zarqawi had access topassport forgery capabilities, and that he had significant connections for the purchase of weapons, explosives, chemicals and more. More simply, the newer, more public AbuMusab al-Zarqawi in Iraq represented a mature, sophisticated intelligence operation.In retrospect, it seems as though the videotaped executions attributed to al-Zarqawi werenothing more than an extremely vicious publicity ploy. The kidnappings never reallyentailed any negotiations around conditions for release, as if the intent all along had beento execute the hostages. A careful review of the facts which surround these executionssuggests that little is at is appears. An alternative interpretation of the events issuggested:1. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is most likely a Mossad counter-espionage front (Whetherthis group is the original al-Zarqawi, or someone assuming his identity becomesimmaterial.) This front was probably established under the direction of General MeirDagan, current head of the Mossad who was responsible for setting up an Israeliintelligence network in Iraq after the Iraqi-Kuwait War;2. The executed hostages of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were probably not innocentbystanders and victims, but rather players in the world of espionage. To that point, anumber of other, less publicized beheadings were broadcast as the executions of CIAagents. (In passing, one should note that no “Israeli” agents have been publiclyexecuted by this group, although it is reported that Dagan did set up a network inIraq.)3. The hostages executed in Iraq were most likely executed by the Mossad for fivereasons: 1) to create publicity and credibility for their Muslim front in Iraq, 2) tocreate American support for Israel against the Muslim threat to Israel’s existence, 3)to clean-up loose ends in their own intelligence world, 4) to send a message to otheroperatives and intelligence trespassers that the Middle East belongs to the Mossad,and that Mossad deals with its enemies harshly, and 5) to foster divisiveness amongstthe Iraqi Muslim population, ultimately resulting in break-up of Iraq into smallercountries – a Balkanization of Iraq.4. There are, in all likelihood, two arms to the Mossad: one of which is patriotic andpublic-service oriented, with another that is a more-or-less a rogue operation, heavilyinfiltrated by Russian mafia, ex-KGB and ex-Israeli Special Forces. This latter side isthe ‘dark side’. This group has extensive connections to the international blackmarket in armaments originaring from former Soviet republics. It is linked to theconservative right wing of Israeli politics: Sharon and the Likud Party. The different


sides of the Mossad work together when it serves their own purposes – but neithercontrols the other.However incredible this may seem, a review of the public record suggests thisinterpretation is far more credible than the current, common view that the Muslimterrorists are fanatics striking out against America, and these are random executionsmeant to create fear. The commonly held interpretation offered by US government pressagents is not credible under scrutiny. The probability that a terrorist group couldcoincidently target three (or more) intelligence agents is pretty slim. The probability thatthe level of sophistication demonstrated by Musab al-Zarqawi is not the product of awell-established intelligence organization is also pretty slim.The contention that Musab al-Zarqawi is a “front” for a Western ally is not isolated tothis terrorist group. As shall later be shown, this contention is consistent with the reportsthat show that most of the Muslim terrorist groups which ring the former Soviet Union(the “Islamic Liberation Party, the World Wide Islamic Front, the Defenders of theShariat, the Mukhadjiri movement, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and Al Qaeda)are funded and controlled out of Western capitals by Western diplomats.



The Smoking Gun – Nick Berg

People who usually turn a blind eye to conspiracies took note of the suspicious nature andinconsistencies of the Nick Berg tragedy. People who have never said “something smellsbad here,” were saying just that. Websites across the world were abuzz withobservations, supported in some cases by the major media, that suggested that it was notAl Qaeda or Musab al-Zarqawi that executed Nick Berg, but speculated that it was eitheragents of the US Government or the Israeli secret service. The general trend of the publicopinion on websites suggests that because the US had the most to gain by creating adistraction to the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandals which were filling the front pages of the press at that time, they are the most likely culprits. The clues, however, point toelements of the Mossad. In doing so, the clues suggest that Mr. Berg was no innocentbystander caught between good and evil. Mr. Berg could find his friends amongstterrorists, the Whitehouse staff and the Russian Mafiya. Mr. Berg probably knew exactlywhat he was getting into, and the risks! In all likelihood, he was a smoking gun thatpointed to dark, ugly secrets.Three premises need to be established: 1) Nick Berg was not killed by Al Qaeda orMusab al-Zarqawi, 2) Nick Berg was killed by the Mossad, and 3) the Mossad hadmotive to kill Nick. It is this last premise that suggests that the Mossad are the realterrorists, and it reinforces the view that the Mossad deliberately tries to manipulateAmerican public at the expense of the lives of American citizens. Knowing that,however, is not enough. The Mossad – as are all intelligence agencies – are middlemen.They always work for a higher authority, and surprisingly, in this case, that authority isnot Israel. The higher authority does not represent a ‘Zionist’ threat. The reader may, atthis point, be tempted to disregard this analysis, because its premise is almost toounbelievable to be considered as plausible. Please, read on – because the information istruly overwhelming.

2.1 Nick Berg was not killed by Muslim Terrorists

Across many websites, one will find various lists of questions, inconsistencies andobservations that suggest the credibility of the videotape of Nick Berg’s execution isseriously challenged, and nothing less than food for suspicion. Fourteen significantinconsistencies and coincidences in such a short video should not be casually dismissed.These inconsistencies include:• Why does a man who wears a scarf to hide his identity announce his name to thepublic?• Why is the Muslim executioner’s face covered with a scarf when tradition suggeststhat Muslim executioners do not wear facial coverings?• Why would a fanatical Muslim violate other Muslim tradition such as using the lefthand to cover a cough, or


• Why would a fanatical Muslim wear a large gold ring?• Why would five Muslim executioners be dressed in all-black commando style outfits(except for the clean white sneakers), when you rarely see terrorists in uniform inother videos and news clips?• Why would five Muslim/terrorist executioners be seen to be ‘stocky,’ when everyterrorist you’ve ever seen on news video is gaunt?• Why would there be a general consensus that the dialect spoken by the terrorist in thevideo was not the same as that of the terrorist identified by the CIA, Al-Zarqawi?(Interestingly, the US Army had reported Al-Zarqawi killed by the bombing of Falluja, a month earlier.) Even more interesting, their Arabic is heavily accented(Russian, Jordanian, Egyptian). An aside comment in the video – in Russian – hasbeen translated as “do it quickly”. The Russian presence becomes an increasinglyimportant factor as this story emerges. It is not insignificant.• Why didn’t that same terrorist walk with a limp that the one-legged Al-Zarqawi wouldhave? (Although subsequent news reports contend no one is actually sure if Al-Zarqawi is a double amputee, single amputee or an amputee of any sort.)• Why would someone stage a public execution, by cutting off the head of a manalready dead?• How does a prisoner of Muslim terrorists come to be wearing an orange jumpsuit, thegarb of US prison inmates?• How does it happen that the white chair shown in the execution video is the samestyle and color of the chairs shown in videos of Abu Ghraib prison, and the paintedwall and floor boards the same color as that of Abu Ghraib? (Interestingly,subsequent news revelations by U.S. General Karpansky about the prison haveidentified “secret” holding sites, which allowed Israeli interrogators to keep prisonersout of public site.)• Why would the Iraqi Police deny holding Berg as a prisoner when the FBI claimed hewas an Iraqi Police prisoner?• Why would the US Military deny holding Berg as a prisoner, when the FBI hadnotified his parents, after investigating, that Berg was a prisoner of the US military?• Why would firearms experts state that the AK-47 carried by one of the purportedterrorists in the video was actually a “Galil” – an Israeli made, enhanced AK-47. It isvery expensive and generally unavailable to Muslim “terrorists.”There are just too many coincidences and inconsistencies to be ignored. (Web sites on theInternet list as many as fifty such discrepancies, but these appear to be the mostpertinent.) Together, they suggest that someone pretended to be Al Qaeda or Musab al-Zarqawi, and did a relatively poor

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 38that I would soon be on their hit list.” [Dov S. Zakheim, Flight of the Lavi: Inside a U.S. Israeli Crisis,Brassey’s, Washington 1996, p 21

]From another source, one finds the same approach to guaranteeing silence:

“Moser is a Jewish word for “rat-fink” or informer–punishable by death according to historicalculture.” [Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11; same parts found atPentagon, Tom Flocco,, 5/26/2005]

The MO (mode of operation) for this crime fits the Mossad. What remains to bedetermined is motive.

2.3 Why the Mossad killed Nick Berg –Motive

There are two possible explanations for motive.At one level, Berg committed a serious breach of security when he publicly created a linkbetween the Mossad and the US telecommunications sector by naming his company after“Prometheus Methods.” By naming the company after this program, he demonstrated awillingness to be cavalier with security and intelligence information. It may be that thisname was purposely meant to be a pointer back to Dr. Breipohl, for reason which willbecome a little clearer, later in the article. On several occasions in the recent past, theFBI has rigorously investigated Mossad penetration of the US telecommunicationsinfrastructure, without any successful prosecution. Berg may have been the link theyneeded to indict the Mossad on this issue. Maybe that alone was cause for the Mossad toeliminate him. The probable cause is more ominous.A second theory is a founded on – but varies significantly from – research by MichaelPhillip Wright and available on his website, and supported by an article in the Britishmagazine Eye Spy (viii, 2002). There are literally dozens of websites that supportversions or portions of this conspiratorial view of the WTC tragedy (including a 60minute special by Fox News that was never aired, but released on CD,) in which theMossad is demonstrated to be at the core of activity leading up to the attack. This theorysuggests that the WTC attack was a FBI/CIA sting operation that went wrong. In thistheory, the CIA and FBI, through its informants and through various intelligenceagencies, were very well aware of, and allowed, the activities of 9/11. They believed theplanes would be hijacked – with nothing more spectacular planned. They had a numberof agents on each plane (assuming they knew that four or more planes were targeted) whowere unable to prevent the disaster when they discovered the plan was not unfolding asthey had been advised. These theories have no explanation as to why the “sting” wentwrong. This report suggests the reason the plan failed was because the CIA was beingmisled by the Mossad, who wanted this event to be fully executed. In this theory, Mr.Nicholas Berg was a small player, but had the knowledge and the willingness to disclosehis role. To prevent this, he needed to be silenced.This second theory becomes more viable when one considers that the Russians, Germans,British and Israelis have gone on public record as saying that they had notified the US


administration a couple of months prior to the attack that terrorists were planning onusing planes to attack significant national institutions.

“Israeli intelligence officials say that they warned their counterparts in the United States last monththat large-scale terrorist attacks on highly visible targets on the American mainland were imminent.The Telegraph has learnt that two senior experts with Mossad, the Israeli military intelligence service,were sent to Washington in August to alert the CIA and FBI to the existence of a cell of as many of 200 terrorists said to be preparing a big operation….”[Israeli security issued urgent warning to CIA of large-scale terror attacks, Daily Telegraph, 11/19/2001]”…The Mossad, Israel’s feared secret service, gave the US an urgent warning, according to recentreports from Germany. These reports say that on August 23, 2001, the Mossad gave the CIA a list of terrorists living in the US and said that they appeared to be planning to carry out an attack in the nearfuture. Apparently this warning and list were not treated as particularly urgent by the CIA and also notpassed on to the FBI.” [Deer Spiegel, 10/1/02]”August 23, 2001: According to German newspapers, the Mossad gave the CIA a list of 19 terroristsliving in the US and said that it appeared that they were planning to carry out an attack in the nearfuture. It is unknown if these are the same exact 19 names as the actual hijackers or if the number is acoincidence. However, at least four names did refer to actual 9/11 hijackers: Napa Alhazmi, KhalidAlmihdhar, Marwan Alshehhi, and Mohamed Atta.” [Die Zeit, 10/1/02, Der Spiegel, 10/1/02, BBC,10/2/02, Haaretz, 10/3/02]”As late as August 24, less than two weeks before the attacks, a Mossad warning, confirmed byGerman intelligence, BND, said that ‘terrorists plan to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons toattack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.” [Globe-Intel. Number 104, 21/05/02]

“On Monday 6, August, 2001, at 17:50, Ambassador Ischinger personally notified the President of theUnited States that information developed by the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz as well as theBND indicated that an attack by a radical Arab group partially based in Germany was to occur on 10-11 September, 2001.” The information was “gratefully received” by the US President who stated at thetime that he was also aware of the same pending assaults. Subsequent to these attacks, the office of theUS President, through the US Department of State, made an urgent request to the government of theFederal Republic of Germany that no reference whatsoever should be made to the official warningsgiven by Ambassador Ischinger.” [Translation of BND Report on September 11, 2001]”… According to our intelligence agents among terrorists there were at least two Uzbeks, natives of Fergana who arrived in the USA on forged documents about ten months ago…. The organization of theInternational Terrorist, according to Russian Intelligence Service agents had been planning anoperation against the USA more than a year and a half.” [Russia Warned US of Impending 9-11Attacks, Izvestia (Russian Newspaper), 11/12/2001]”Russian President Vladimir Putin has said publicly that he ordered his intelligence agencies to alertthe United States last summer that suicide pilots were training for attacks on U.S. targets.”[CluesAlerted White House to Potential Attacks, Fox News, 5/17/2002]“There was a story that ran on the front page of The London Telegraph, The Jerusalem Post, BBC.comand several other news websites on the morning of Sept 12, 2001 that said George Tenet had receiveda detailed warning of the attack 12 days before from the head of MI-6 on a special line that was onlyused for fully vetted, verified info that was urgent and impending, requiring immediate action.”

If there is any thought that the official explanation for 9/11 makes this type of information moot, that thought should be reconsidered. The 9/11 Commission Reportattempts to gloss over reports from other intelligence agencies, and contends that there


was a “major failure” in communications. Willie Brown, former Mayor of SanFrancisco, knows that is not true. Reported and dropped by the press:

“For Mayor Willie Brown, the first signs that something was amiss came late Monday when he got acall from what he described as his airport security — a full eight hours before yesterday’s string of terrorist attacks — advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel.” [WillieBrown got low-key early warning about air travel, Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross, San FranciscoChronicle, 9/12/2001]

A subsequent report clarifies that the source of the information was Condoleeza Rice,Head the National Security Agency.

“According to a report today Friday, May 17, 2002, on Pacifica Radio, the warning to San Francisco’smayor came from squeaky-clean Condoleezza Rice.”[]

This suggests the people who were in a position to stop this act were possibly actingnegligently. Ms. Rice has denied this claim, the response to which has already been madeby a former FBI translator:

“A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided informationto the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa’ida’splans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened. She said the claim by theNational Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, that there was no such information was “an outrageouslie”. ‘I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa’ida would attack cities with aeroplanes’ ” [Whistleblowerthe White House wants to silence speaks to The Independent, The Independent, Andrew Buncombe,4/2/2004]

Similarly, Congressional Intelligence committee leadership was aware of the specificthreat to the World Trade Center towers. Randall Glass, FBI informant on the KevinIngram money laundering sting, has gone on record as having advised Florida SenatorBob Graham and his staff that Pakistani agents had specifically identified the Towers astargets in the very near term. It will later be shown that the FBI advised its FBI office inthe North Tower of the World Trade Center to “harden” its data storage center inpreparation for just such an attack. The data center was “hardened” a few months beforethe attack.While one can understand how representatives of the Israeli government might be awareof such plans, the fact that the only other national intelligence agencies to warn the USwere Russian and German is of particular importance. Why would the Russians, Germansand Israelis be knowledgeable about these plans? This might be viewed as a meaninglessquestion, but the answer is extremely important. The answer to this question is providedlater, as the participation of the criminal organizations of these three countries unfold.Berg, as a probable agent of the Mossad, was identified by the FBI as having more thancoincidental interplay with the 9/11 terrorists prior to the actual event. There is a largequantity of publicly available information and documented fact which can testify to theMossad’s foreknowledge of the attack, found in six pieces of evidence:



the notices sent to Israeli’s in the WTC two hours prior to the attack, advising them tonot be in the building-(The occurrence of this message is now publicly confirmed bythe executives of that Israeli company – Odigo.)2.

the five Israelis caught by the police on 9/11, dancing and shouting in joy at thedestruction of the WTC, (After being detained for several months, these Israelis werereleased to the Israeli government, and returned to Israel.) These five were part of agroup of 100 detained in the weeks immediately after 9/11.

“Five of the Israelis, say Galloway, were arrested after “Angry witnesses had seen the five at awaterfront park in New Jersey apparently laughing and clowning, and photographing themselvesin front of the burning towers.” An FBI surveillance team had been monitoring the five and tookphotographs of their activities. One of the five Israeli had assumed a first name of Omer, which isclose to the Arabic name Omar. Another had a German passport in addition to his Israeli passport.A third had an international flight booked to Thailand for September 13-two days after thehighjackings. Yet another of the five Israelis was discovered by the FBI to be a formerparatrooper, assigned to an elite Israeli defense forces unit. Two more Israeli Jews were arrested ina truck on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania, near the site of the crash of American Airlines flight 93.A box cutter like the ones used in the airliner highjackings was found in their truck along withother incriminating evidence… FBI investigators believe that most of the 100 men detained arepart of an Israeli intelligence unit operating out of New Jersey, near where the Anthrax letterswere mailed.Israeli officials are desperately trying to paint the incident as a “mere mistake”-just some sillyyoung men clowning around, unconnected to an official intelligence group.” [Israelis trapped interror roundups cause worry at home, anger at U.S. Jim Galloway, The Atlanta Constitution,November 18, 2001]


the coincidental presence of an Israeli anti-terrorist, special forces martial arts trainingexpert, on Flight 77. His name was Daniel Lewin. Even more coincidental, he wasthe only person shot on all four planes, and he was shot by terrorist sitting next tohim. The news of a gun being used on this passenger, initially reported in the media,has since been “retracted” as an erroneous, “officially never happened” message.What are the odds that a terrorist, unassisted, would be sitting next to (or behind) acounter-terrorist expert, have a gun (on a plane!), know that he needed to kill the mannext to him, and know that a box-knife wasn’t going to be of much use against aperson with Lewin’s combat skills?

“The “Executive Summary,” based on information relayed by a flight attendant to the AmericanAirlines Operation Center, stated “that a passenger located in seat 10B shot and killed a passengerin seat 9B at 9:20 a.m. The passenger killed was Daniel Lewin, shot by passenger Satam AlSuqami.” The FAA claims that the document is a “first draft,” declining to release the final draft,as it is “protected information.” [See the FAA memo, originally posted at World Net Daily]”A report in Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz on Sept. 17 identifies Lewin as a former member of theIsrael Defense Force Sayeret Matkal, Israel’s most successful special-operations unit. “[UPI,3/6/02].


the existence of Mossad living quarters within a block of the addresses known toshelter Muslim terrorists in Florida and Oklahoma City (as documented by the USDrug Enforcement Agency),

“Mohammed Atta, the presumed lead hijacker had lived at 3389 Sheridan St, only a few blocksaway from the Fake Israeli Art Students! “[Le Monde 3/5/02; Reuters 3/5/02; Jane’s IntelligenceDigest, 3/15/02; Salon, 5/7/02]



the actual arrest and release of Mossad agents in Florida, who were mistaken to beterrorists by local citizens, but were actually tracking Muslim terrorists. These agentswere also released and returned to Israel.6.

Actual warnings of the attack from the Israeli secret service to members of the CIA.On this point, it is appropriate to point out that all agencies have their “rogues” –which does not detract from the integrity of honest and committed patriots, whoprobably sought to prevent this attack. This report contends that rogue Mossad/ex-KGB agents played a significant role in the attack.Moreover, members or associates of the Mossad were in a position to enable the hijackersto get through airport security. Security at Logan Airport, from which two planes werehijacked, is managed by International Consultants on Targeted Security, (ICTS) throughits’ subsidiary Huntleigh USA. It is run by “former (Israeli) military commandingofficers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies” (according to theHuntleigh Web site). The company was owned primarily by Menachem Atzmon and hisbusiness partner Ezra Harel (57%). Atzmon is the former financial controller for theLikud, (the ultra right wing Israeli political party) and spent several years in prison forcampaign fraud. The Likud connection will later be shown to be important.

“September 11, 2001: Later in the day, weapons are found planted inside three other US airplanes. AUS official says of the hijackings, “These look like inside jobs.” The only footage of the hijackersboarding airplanes on 9/11 is of two boarding a connecting flight in Maine. Could the reason that noother footage has been released be that the hijackers entered the airplanes via backdoors with the helpof accomplices? As a matter of fact, “Sources tell Time that US officials are investigating whether thehijackers had accomplices deep inside the airports’ ‘secure’ areas.” [Time, 9/22/01]

There is plenty of information to conclude that agents of the Mossad not only knew of theattack far in advance, but may have actually facilitated it. Now, here was Berg – whocould directly link the Mossad to the terrorists prior to 9/11, who had a loose lip, hadbeen uncovered by the FBI, and was being pressured by the FBI. That is why Moussaouihad Berg’s email password – Berg and Moussaoui were on the same team. Berg was thesmoking gun that had to be eliminated. Berg was the proof of complicity between whatis made to appear to be two separate groups: Al Qaeda and the Mossad.There is far too much ‘obviously planted’ information in the official FBI story line thatsuggests that someone wanted the world to believe Al Qaeda attacked the WTC, and thatthe real instigators may not have been who they pretended to be. (If you haven’t takenthe time to familiarize yourself with the research on the ‘planted information’, conduct anInternet search for one of the many sites that publish the lists). There is documentation inthe commercial press regarding how the Mossad sets up phony Al Qaeda cells, and howthey have been known to run ‘false-flag’ operations for the past thirty years. RowanScarborough, in The Washington Times, on September 10, 2001, reported the release of a68-page paper by the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS). Thisreport commented on the Israeli secret service: “Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligenceservice, the SAMS officers say: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to targetU.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.” Evidently the School of Advanced Military Studies did not embrace the Mossad as an organization it couldwholly trust.


The information that identifies CIA/FBI involvement with the actual World Trade Centerterrorists in the months prior to 9/11 is far too compelling to ignore.• Government officials from Russia, Israel and Germany have publicly stated theyshared specific information and warnings with the CIA. (The CIA has denied this.)• The CIA/FBI has had known operatives working in Norman, Oklahoma.

“As early as 1996 the FBI began investigating the activities of Arab students at US flight schools.Government officials admitted that “law enforcement officials were aware that fewer than a dozenpeople with links to bin Laden had attended US flight schools.” FBI agents visited two flightschools in 1996 to get information about several Arab pilots who received training there. The twoschools were among those attended by Abdul Hakim Murad, who had told Philippine and USpolice about plans to fly a hijacked plane into CIA headquarters. In 1998 FBI agents questionedofficials from Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma about a graduate identified in courttestimony as a pilot for Osamabin Laden. This was the school later attended by ZacariasMoussaoui. A Washington Post article concludes: “Since 1996, the FBI had been developingevidence that international terrorists were using US flight schools to learn to fly jumbo jets. Afoiled plot in Manila to blow up U.S. airliners and later court testimony by an associate of binLaden had touched off FBI inquiries at several schools, officials say.” [Washington Post,11/23/2001, “FBI Knew Terrorists Were Using Flight Schools,” by Steve Fainaru and James V.Grimaldi]

“Beginning in early 2001 a trial was held in New York City of four defendants charged withinvolvement in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The trial revealedthat two bin Laden operatives had received pilot training in Texas and Oklahoma and another hadbeen asked to take lessons. L’Houssaine Kherchtou, a bin Laden associate turned governmentwitness, told the court how he was asked to take flying lessons in 1993. Another bin Laden aide,Essam al-Ridi, testified that he had bought a military aircraft for bin Laden and flown it to Sudan.Al-Ridi became a government witness in 1998, giving the FBI inside information about a pilot-training scheme three years before the September 11 attack. While the proceedings of the trialextended from February to July 2001, they did not produce any heightened alert in relation to UScommercial aviation.” [Court transcript available at[

“(David) Edger “arrived on the OU (Oklahoma University) campus in

August 2001

to begin hisduties as a visiting professor in the political science department. Up until that month he had

responsibility for surveillance of the Al Qaeda cell in Germany

, whose membership includedRamzi bin Al-Shibh, paymaster for the Al Qaeda organization, and Mohammed Atta, a hijacker onone of the airliners which crashed into the World Trade Center (WTC). Edger was described byThe Norman Transcript as an “expert in intelligence collection, counterintelligence investigations,and political action”. The newspaper also reports that he has directed espionage and counter-espionage activities. Edger was in Chile in 1973 when the CIA was overthrowing the Allendegovernment.” [Current Results about possible connections between Thomas Volz (CIA) and DavidEdger (ex-CIA), By Ewing2001, 8/26/2003]

• There are FBI agents that have been trying to expose as false the US governmentclaims that it was not aware of the details of the terrorist threat.

“David Schippers, the well-respected veteran D. C. lawyer (he served as lead prosecutor for theClinton impeachment and is admired for his decades of effort fighting organized crime), has gonepublic with an announcement that he is representing three FBI agents who had evidence of the9/11 attacks months beforehand and were ready to arrest the suspects, but were blocked by theirsuperiors and taken off the case. Schippers had been in contact with these FBI agents since beforethe attacks (owing to ongoing investigations he had been making into the 1995 Oklahoma Citybombing) and for several months before 9/11 attempted personally to present information about

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 47on July 15th, the day after bin Laden returned to Quetta, the CIA agent was called back toheadquarters]… According to Arab diplomatic sources as well as French intelligence, very specificinformation was transmitted to the CIA with respect to terrorist attacks against American interestsaround the world, including on US soil. A DST report dated 7 September enumerates all theintelligence, and specifies that the order to attack was to come from Afghanistan.” [The CIA metBin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai, Le Figaro,11/10/2001]

“US generals made it clear by the end of November that they believed senior al-Qa’eda operativeswere inside Tora Bora. A convoy of several hundred Arab fighters, including bin Laden and hisclose associates, entered it from Jalalabad on the night of Nov 12, and the US bombing around thebase intensified three days later. The US strategy bore little logic for those suffering the brunt of the attacks. ‘When we round up a pack of stray sheep, we send in shepherds from four sides, not just one,’ said Malik Osman Khan, a one-eyed tribal chief whose 16-year-old son Wahid Ullah wasone of more than 100 Afghan civilians killed in the intense US bombing ….The easternAfghanistan intelligence chief for the country’s new government, Pir Baksh Bardiwal, wasastounded that the Pentagon planners of the battle for Tora Bora had failed to even consider themost obvious exit routes. He said: ‘The border with Pakistan was the key, but no one paid anyattention to it. And there were plenty of landing areas for helicopters had the Americans acteddecisively. Al-Qa’eda escaped right out from under their feet.’…”[Daily Telegraph, 2/23/2002]

Bin Laden may be a lot of things, both good and bad, but it seems that being the “fallguy” (whether intentional or not) for the WTC attack seems to be the most appropriateinterpretation of his role. The US (and British) governments set him up with financing,weapons and connections. They studiously avoided capturing him, both before and afterthe attack on the World Trade Center, and after his classification as “criminalmastermind.” Unable to find real evidence, they have created fake video evidence of hisguilt. The government has not produced a single shred of reliable evidence, after yearsand billions of dollars of searching. A credible case has not been made for his guilt, otherthan from a source – American intelligence agencies – that is known by its ownemployees to fabricate and distort information.These facts should not be construed as denial of obvious: Al Qaeda does exist. There arethousands of angry, young, dispossessed Arab men and women, many of whom arewilling to die to strike out against the powers than have disenfranchised them. Are theyreal? Yes. There are angry young men and women whose lives are filled with anger atseeing their values, families and lives trampled on by what they perceive as greed andexploitation. Are they a threat to the US? Possibly. Are a certain segment of themnothing more than criminals? Yes. Were elements of Al Qaeda involved in the attack onthe World Trade Center? Probably. Is Al Qaeda responsible for the attack on the WorldTrade Center? – It will become more and more obvious as the results of this investigationare revealed that Al Qaeda is not the responsible party. Al Qaeda operatives were clearlyused, but by whom, remains unproven by anyone. This report provides testimony tosuggest there is plausible reason to believe that Al Qaeda operatives were being used anddirected by US and Israeli intelligence as a “false flag” operation.


3Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley

The re-occurrence of grisly, videotaped beheadings of two American hostages in Iraq, ina manner very similar to the execution of Nick Berg, provided an opportunity to test thehypothesis that these executions were not quite what they appeared to be. Like theexecution of Nick Berg, there is reason to believe the executions of Americans EugeneArmstrong and Jack Hensley were not terrorist attacks on innocent victims, but were infact, executions administered by the Israeli secret service on individuals who hadwillingly cast their fortunes and lives on the sea of international espionage. Theseindividuals (and their families) were probably being punished – not to influence USpolicy, but because they jeopardized the very existence or authority of the Mossad inIraq.In Section 2, (written prior to the murders of Armstrong and Hensley) it was argued thatthe execution of Nick Berg was actually a cover-up of the Mossad’s involvement in theUnited States and the attack of 9/11, and at the same time, a message to their ownorganization that ‘loose lips’ are dealt with severely.When these two Americans were executed three and a half months later – purportedly bythe same individual, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – it seemed appropriate to test the basicpremise of the prior interpretation of events. The initial hypothesis going into theresearch was that if these latter public executions did not withstand scrutiny similar tothat imposed on the Nick Berg affair, it may be possible that the interpretation of eventswas ‘unreliable.’ The question was: were Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley also spieskilled by the Mossad? Unfortunately, that appears to be the case.The known facts surrounding this affair are scarcer than those around

l’ affaire de Berg

but they point to one conclusion: both Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley most likelyworked in or for the American intelligence world, and were not innocent victims.The analysis starts with the observation that these gentlemen were not averageAmericans. They were not – as the news would suggest – a couple of normal, civilengineers who were trying to help in the reconstruction of Iraq. They were not normal‘guys’ who might have worked at one or two local construction or engineeringcompanies, got laid off, and applied for an overseas job. Like Berg, these gentlemen:• Traveled internationally, and extensively so;• Demonstrated exceptional risk-taking behaviors in terms of going places they shouldnot be;• Worked for companies with significant contracts to the US intelligence world;• Consorted with known spies or terrorists;• Had the FBI investigating their lives; and• Left behind puzzling questions and contradictions about them in their life stories.


This is not normal.

3.1 Working for Gulf Services

Both gentlemen worked for a major US defense contractor that won the largest of fourcontracts to build ‘bases’ in Iraq. They were not there to build schools, repair utilities, orrebuild Iraq, as they had informed their friends and family. In fact, their work and thecontract won by their employer are ‘classified.’ All we know is what they told theirfriends and family, and that appears to be contradictory with the official documentation.Why the lies?Second, they were not living on a secure construction site as foreigners usually do undersuch contracts, but rather “lived in a wealthy Baghdad neighborhood of villas surroundedby walls and protected by metal gates and armed guards


the high-security areaknown as the Green Zone.” As one security guard in Iraq noted regarding a contractorthat would live under such conditions: “It is unbelievably naïve.” Interviewing a fellowemployee, an African newspaper quoted the fellow contractor: “Those who have nomilitary experience almost never travel outside the camps of the military zone designatedMulti-National Division (South East) without an escort. The majority are accompanied bysoldiers in “snatch wagons” – armoured Land Rovers – providing cover with heavymachine guns and SA80 rifles. Ex-military types, armed to the teeth, also provideescorts. He took an unnecessary risk. We live on camp and travel with green fleet [theBritish army]. There are no ifs, buts and ands about it. It’s company policy, we don’ttravel without the army. If the army say you don’t move, you don’t move.”In fairness, it must be noted that the three kidnapped gentlemen had private securityguards. They were not totally reckless. However, in the week prior to their kidnapping,they were notified by their guards that the lives of their guards had been threatened, andthat the guards then actually abandoned them. This situation raises significant questions:1. Why would either government or private guards not be replaced or reinforced by theiremploying agency? The scenario suggests the guards were ‘private’ in nature, andnot provided by an agency, but rather by the three hostages themselves.2. Why would three gentlemen – working hard to send money home (“to make endsmeet”) be taking risks and unnecessarily be spending their own cash on ‘guards’?3. Why would these gentlemen remain at this home, in a war zone, in an unsecuredregion of the city, after being advised of death threats specifically targeted at them?These are conditions which suggest that the three kidnapped men were involved inactivities above and beyond ‘helping the people of Iraq, and taking care of their families.”The company that employed them is Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services. Thecontract was for $46 million, and was largest of four similar contracts in Iraq, larger thanthe other three combined. One would think a major defense contractor is subject topublic scrutiny – but not so Gulf Commercial Services. They have no website thatdistributes information, nor is there another single reference to them on the Internetsearch engines, other than their linkage to this atrocity. When approached by the media,the normal media report is that “GSCS has not replied to requests for furtherinformation.”One reporter was able to gain some insight into Gulf Supplies from confidential sources,but this information is not verified by another source.  Gulf Supplies is a 13-year-old firm

that provides “technical, logistical and operational support to local and internationalclients doing business in the Middle East, Arabian Gulf and Central Asia regions.” Itscustomers include Bechtel, CH2M Hill Cos. Ltd., Fluor Corp., Kellogg Brown and Root,and Parsons Infrastructure and Technology. GSCS has no recorded history of international construction – unlike an international construction company such as FlourCity International, which recorded one Eugene Armstrong as a Board Director. Gulf Services maintains itself as a ghost company from the United Arab Emirate. Whenpeople and organizations go out of their way to prevent disclosure, it begs the question –what is there to hide?

3.2 Eugene Armstrong

Unlike Hensley, Armstrong has not had published the traditional funeral and obituaryannouncements. His life is fairly well hidden from the news and Internet references.The little information available about Mr. Eugene Armstrong is very telling. His cousin,who managed to avoid the ‘family spokesperson’ control clamped on the families of these two victims, described Armstrong as a traveling worker, who lived as a youngsterin Germany, and had major work engagements in Bosnia, Angola, and Thailand. (Is itpossible he first crossed paths with Kenneth Bigley in Thailand?) If he was a normalcontractor in these areas, his behavior did not demonstrate it. As an acquaintance of Armstong’s reported, “He talked about how in Bosnia no one would ride in a pickuptruck with him toward the end because he had so many bullet holes in his truck and he’dhad so many windshields blown out that he was considered to be bad luck.” This ishighly reminiscent of Nick Berg’s behavior – being in places he shouldn’t be, oftenenough to get caught at it. Evidently, his life-style in Baghdad demonstrated the sametendency towards risk taking.Interestingly, November 1995 finds one Eugene Armstrong testifying in Washington asthe spokesperson for the CIA representing of the “Ames Damage Assessment team.”Ames was the Russian mole in the CIA who leaked the names of hundreds of agents,causing the death of more than a few. Armstrong was the CIA agent that summarized theimpact of that leak on the CIA field organization. Ames will later be shown (in thisreport) to have played a key role in promoting George HW Bush’s role in various aspectsof the financial scandals associated with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

3.3 Jack Hensley

The opening lines of the Jack Hensley story usually read like this: “The past couple of years were hard on Jack Hensley: part-time jobs at a convenience store, a post office andas a substitute teacher were not quite enough to support his wife and 13-year-olddaughter, and new opportunities seemed scarce.” This generally strikes us as a story of anormal guy who fell on hard times, and went to Iraq to make ends meet. For a man wholeft a lucrative, professional position – to spend time with his family – ‘going back’ was


probably not what he wanted. However, he did choose to “go back”- to life a travel andrisk-taking.Jack liked to travel. Jack his met wife in Columbia, South America. It has also beennoted that he worked for a year and a half in Saudi Arabia. It is also known that Hensleyworked for at least 17 years at Getronics, managing large-scale telecommunicationsprojects. Getronics is a global firm with locations in 44 countries. Because nothing isknown of these seventeen years, it is speculated that Jack did a number of internationalprojects, and then left the company to spend time his daughter, after having been absentas a father. It is of pertinent interest that in reviewing the 150 pages of messages on theJack Hensley memorial website that there are numerous people who wrote saying ‘Iworked with Jack…’ at Wang, at his bar etc. – but not a single person, in over 1500messages said, I worked with Jack at Getronics. It suggests a 17 year black hole.Getronics holds a number of contracts with the US Defense Intelligence Agency andNational Security Agency, and is described as “one of the leading suppliers of innovativeseat management and secure computing to the DoD (Department of Defense)…and theintelligence community.” Then, in the space of about three years, there were a series of acquisitions of the Getronics assets. It was purchased by DigitalNet, which waspurchased by the British firm BAE Systems (formerly British Aerospace)– the fourthlargest arms manufacturer in the world. BAE North America was then purchased byIDT, (Integrated Defense Technologies), which was then purchased by DRSTechnologies. BAE North America is a leading manufacturer of ‘high performance radiofrequency surveillance equipment used in signals intelligence operations.” [Aerospace &Defense Market Update, October 2002]. According to DRS’s annual report, DRS isworking heavily with Lockheed-Martin on the “Navy’s network centric tactical warfareenvironment.”Interestingly, Mr. Hensley took interest in conspiracy theorists. In June of 2000, hetraveled to North Carolina to join a radio audience at WTZY, to listen to the conservativeconspiracy advocate Craig Roberts. Jack Hensley was quoted by the local news after theshow: “I like what he’s doing, in general – digging and bringing things out that peopleneed to know.” This sounds like Jack had a tendency towards ‘loose lips’ – which iswhat got Berg killed.The second miscellaneous bit of information was shared by his brother, Ty Hensley. Ty“said he felt that despite their demands, the hostage takers always intended to kill thehostages. They never called an embassy to communicate their demands, he said. ‘Theterrorists wanted to kill my brother and hurt my family,’ Ty Hensley said.”The third bit of information comes from Jack’s wife. When asked if she could commenton what she new about her husband’s kidnapping, “She said she did not know if there hadbeen any communication between her husband’s captors and the Iraqi or Americangovernments. ‘Nothing that I am privy to. I know

there is far more superior intelligencebehind this,

both here in the states and in Baghdad

, that they know things that I don’tknow and, to be honest, I don’t need to know them,’ Pati Hensley said. ‘I just need themto follow through and do what they can to save these two gentlemen’.”The oddities in the Hensley family messages are this: 1) Ty seems fairly convinced thatthe attack on Jack is an attack on his family (Was he told this, and if so, why?), and 2)Pati’s use of the words ‘superior intelligence’ and her desire to not know the truth,suggests a familiarity with intelligence operations beyond that of a innocent bystander.


These small bits of information beg a number of questions:• How does a ‘technology expert’ and a ‘professional managing large scale telecommprojects’ for a Defense company end up being hired to supposedly repair barracks inIraq? One must assume he was doing something else.• Is there a connection with the type of telecommunications work done by Nick Berg?• Why is there an inconsistent message from the public about why he was in Iraq? Hisacquaintances and family are telling the press he was there to build schools andrebuild Iraq. Why would he tell them that? One must assume it was a cover.• Why does his wife need to spend time with FBI investigators, reported by the press tobe at her house? Usually, this type of activity is covered by a representative from theState Department.All the evidence suggests Jack was a great guy – someone you’d want as a friend. At thesame time, he was a guy who took risks he did not have to – in terms of where he lived,who he lived with and what he did. There was part of his world his wife didn’t want toknow about.

3.4 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Finally, there should be a discussion of the group taking the blame for this outrage.Looking at a picture of the executioners, the outfits are the same as those from the NickBerg execution, the physical size is the same, and the orange jumpsuits are back in thepicture. The video and pictures suggest are these are the same guys that executed NickBerg. The US Embassy issued a statement that it’s probably the same group. But… doesthe world really know who they are, and is it really Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

“Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of the organisation responsible for the beheadings in Iraq, is regularlyportrayed by the US government as a terrorist mastermind, responsible for activity in places aswidespread as Hamburg, Chechnya, Madrid (train bombing) and Mombassa (hotel bombing). Butwhile there is no doubt that Zarqawi has committed awful crimes, experts say that accusing him hasbecome an easy fall-back for the authorities as they struggle to contain the insurgency. There is nounanimity on whether Zarqawi is a henchman of Osama bin Laden or a rival.”[“A Thug who will stopat nothing to create pure Islamic Zone in Middle East,” Ewen MacAskill and Rory McCarthy,Guardian Unlimited, 11/23/2004]

First, the profile presented by the Guardian Unlimited is not the picture of an Islamicfundamentalist terrorist. It is the profile an international hit-man, not unlike Carlos the“Jackal” Ramirez – who, once captured, was buried by the authorities so deep in prisonno one could ever hear his story. (Who is hiding what dark secrets in that case?)Second, these Iraqi executions do not follow the modus operandi of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. His infamous reputation is built on use of weapons of mass murder (bombingsand chemicals) used against those whose religions he disagrees with: Shia Muslims andJews. These executions meet none of the three characteristics of his group’s modus


do the other incidents attributed to his group have attributes of the executions: videotape,political extortion and kidnapping. There are two totally different modus operandi here,inexplicable unless there is a totally different agenda or person committing the crimes.More importantly, however, it should be noted that possibly the only other group thatwould have the same enemies as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and have the organization andskill to execute globally – would be the Mossad.Of great intrigue, Zarqawi’s exit from Iraq was also announced by a major media event.In early 2006, a Christian Science Monitor reporter was “kidnapped” by Zarqawi’sfollowers. These followers – according to her report – kept her in a sound proof room, butallowed her to overhear that Zarqawi would soon be replaced as leader. A month after thereporter’s release, Zarqawi was reportedly killed in a US bombing. Once again, Zarqawiis linked to a major media event that seems to be suspect in its circumstances, but resultsin intelligence useful to theose who benefit from the attack on Iraq.A geopolitical explanation is required at this point. Ninety percent of the world Muslimpopulation is Sunni, and ten per cent is Shia, also known as Shiite. (This schism betweenthe Muslims dates back 1400 years.) Although a global minority, the conservative Shiacurrently controls Iran, and represents 60% of the population of Iraq. SaddamHussein was secular, favored the Sunni’s and kept the Shia under control. The threat toIsrael of “real democracy” in Iraq is that it would allow the Shia clerics to re-gain thecontrol of Iraq that was taken from them by the Sunni’s 500 years ago, and then by theBritish in 1920. Shia control of both Iraq and Iran, thus creating a Shia ‘power bloc’would be an unacceptable threat to Israel, because of the Shiite cleric’s religiouspreoccupation with the holy cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. However, withShiites focused on their grievances with Sunnis, and both groups attacking each other,Israel remains safe. With Shiites unable to merge and unify the wealth of Iran and Iraq,Israel remains safe. Hence, it is ‘fortuitous’ for Israel that there are such a groups as AbuMusab al-Zarqawi and Al Qaeda that can fragment Muslim unity and polarize thereligious sectors. If these two organizations didn’t exist, Israel might have to inventthem. Once again – as in the Nick Berg story – there arises the specter of the Mossadmasquerading as Muslim terrorists, dealing out death and horror and fanning the flamesof American outrage, and Muslim disunity. (It is also fortuitous that current efforts inJanuary 2005 at implementing “partial voting” – using Bush’s argument that “somedemocracy is better than none” – happens to disenfranchise a good portion of the Shiapopulation.)


4Central Asian Oil: Motive for 9/11?

‘Connecting the dots’ helps demonstrate that the seemingly inconsequential and randomexecutions of Berg, Hensley and Armstrong are not as they appear, and that Nick Berg’smurder, timed as it was, was an attempt to silence an FBI investigation into his past. Thisreport continued the investigation into his past, and discovered his probable involvementwith the attackers of the World Trade Center, the Mossad, the Russian/Israeli Mafiya,the PNAC (Project for a New American Century), and the Republican Party. It wouldseem that someone in one of these groups needed to silence Nick Berg before the FBI gottoo close to whatever insights Nick Berg could provide. Someone had something to hide.Might the secret be that all five groups were linked somehow?Nick Berg was brought to the attention of the FBI because of his connection to 9/11. It isappropriate to continue the investigative thread around the events of 9/11. How were thegroups Nick Berg was linked to associated with the events of 9/11? Having establishedthat Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda are not necessarily the guilty parties in this event, itbecomes necessary to determine who else may have been responsible. So begins thequest for understanding the motive for 9/11.

Figure 2

Many analysts believe the driving force for the attack on the WTC was the US energyindustry’s need, most pertinently headed by Enron’s need, to consummate a pipeline deal


with Afghanistan, and secure access to Central Asian oil and gas reserves. There are two(at least) versions of this theory1.

In one version of this explanation, the first Bush administration, under the guidanceof Zbniew Brezinski and Henry Kissinger, formulated and initiated a strategy tocontrol Central Asian Oil. U.S. covert activities in the region were guided by thatstrategy. Prior to his departure from office of the Presidency, Bush put into motion anumber of covert activities that would ensure the continuation of his strategy, despiteprohibitive legislation to the contrary. Those activities would include sending hisformer Iran-Contra operatives (Richard Secord, Richard Armitage and Farhad Azima)into Azerbaijan, and James Giffen in Kazakhstan.2.

In a second version of the Oil cartel explanation, oil industry executives undulyinfluenced the American political process through massive contributions to politicalcampaigns, thus ‘purchasing’ secret influence over policy, regardless of the law of theland. Under this latter hypothesis, in it’s simplest form, the Taliban government hadreneged on a deal with Unocal (US) and Delta Oil (Saudi) in August of 2001, to allowUnocal & Delta to build and control a pipeline from the Caspian Basin throughAfghanistan; and awarded the contract to Bridas, an Argentinean firm. The Bushadministration – heavily populated by former energy sector professionals (Bush- BushExploration, Harken Energy, Spectrum 7 Energy Corp. Arbusto Energy Inc; Cheney-Halliburton; Condoleezza Rice – Chevron; Secretary of the Army, Mr. Tom White –Enron, to list a few), and with the energy lobby representing the single greatest sourceof Bush campaign contributions, planned, executed and covered-up the attack on theWTC to justify a war with the Taliban government, and a subsequent invasion of Iraq.According to this explanation of the attack on the World Trade Center, the attackprovided an all-too-convenient excuse for a series of actions that benefited the oilindustry, actions that could not have occurred without the “excuse” of 9/11 beingused to mobilize the American public and “justify” attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan.With either theory, there are seven arguments that support the premise that the energyindustry was the primary beneficiary of the attack on the World Trade Center.

U.S. companies were allowed to benefit from the regained pipeline constructioncontracts;

Enron’s investment in an Indian energy plant, and a Pakistani docking facility atthe Arabian Sea terminal were to have been salvaged, possibly helping Enronavoid bankruptcy;

The U.S. strategic interests (both economic and defense) were served bypreventing the flow Caspian Oil through either Russia or Iran,

The attack allowed the US to create a permanent footprint of US military basesthroughout the area, setting up a sphere of influence in the fourth largest oilregion in the world and establishing a launching pad for an invasion of Iran.Additionally the establishment of U.S. bases in Afghanistan geographicallymirrors the route of the planned natural gas pipeline. The U.S. had been lockedout of the bidding for this pipeline, just months prior to the invasion. A majorinvestment by Enron in the region was threatened by the loss of this pipeline.  Now, in a fortuitous change of governments caused by the destruction of a

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 59“There were a lot of BCCI documents in Panama that disappeared because they would have implicatedtoo many people.” [Outlaw Bank: BCCI, Jonathan Beaty and S.C. Gwynne, Random House, NewYork, 1993, p.79]

The individuals involved in the destruction of the warehouses of BCCI evidence and thedestruction of the WTC are same the individuals linked to the Central Asian moneylaundering crimes as well as the theft of Russian and Philippine gold treasuries.Understanding that the invasion of Afghanistan was not a necessary condition for thesecuring of the pipelines allows the analysis to entertain other theories as to why theseindividuals felt the need to murder thousands of people in the WTC attacks.Events in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and related activities in Angola aregenerally viewed as independent scenarios, but should not be. When approached fromthe perspective of four separate but linked operations, there is a consistent pattern that isnot obvious when analyzing these events one at a time.

Each operation involves brutal warlords or dictators controlling access to oil.

Each operation includes reports of US agents trying to legally control access to thatoil by aiding and abetting these dictators and warlords with bribes and IMF loans.

Each operation involves the provision of weapons, mercenaries and bribes inexchange for mineral, oil or pipeline rights.

Each operation involves complex money laundering schemes, involving billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars provided by the US Export-Import Bank and the IMF.

Each opeartion involves Halliburton, Saudi oil and American oil companies.

Each operation involves money flowing through the Deutschebank and/or the UnionBank of Switzerland (UBS.)What is generally found to be missing in the reports on these operations are answers tothe questions: “Who is providing the weapons?” and “Where is all the money going?”The answers are always the same. The Russian/Israeli Mafiya provides the weapons; theGerman/Swiss Banking Cartel moves and hides the money (for very significant profit),and the western oil companies claim the oil revenues. There are generally a number of smaller banks and other financial intermediaries involved, but the final resting place of the stolen treasuries generally appears to be a solid bank with vaults deep in the SwissAlps.The provision of illegal weapons around the globe is heavily dominated by theIsraeli/Russian Mafiya, who source their weapons from former Soviet regimes as well asIsraeli firms. Even when the US intelligence agencies wanted weapons for the Contrarebels, they turned to Russian/Israeli traders (Russians seeking protection frominternational law in Israel, with a good participation by indigenous Israelis.) With thearms merchants, comes the same banking network, the same German banking cartel,generally fronted by the Deutsche Bank. However, and all too often, news reporters andinvestigators lose track of most of the money. That is because the real profiteers are thebankers, with the old bloodlines of Europe. If every banker that touches the money takes


2-5%, and the crime requires six or seven fixers, the money disappears fast. (The realpay-off to the bankers comes when these dictators and war lords die – leaving secretedaccounts in the hands of the bankers.) In that respect, the examples discussed later(Angola and the Bank of New York) are illustrative in that it generally takes at least fouror five financial companies operating as middlemen to launder the money, not to mentionthe bonuses to the buyer and seller. This is probably why Enron and Halliburton have setup so many offshore subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands – to cut out the middleman andcircumvent US and international law. (Enron was reported to have over 300 Caymansubsidiaries, Halliburton at least twenty.)

“Cheney’s leadership also saw a dramatic increase in subsidiaries located in offshore tax havens—atleast 20 subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands, alone. —Laura Peterson“Halliburton is now being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for Enron-styleaccounting practices that took place while Cheney was CEO.”“Halliburton has also provided oil services to Iran in contravention of U.S. sanctions by operatingthrough a foreign subsidiary based in the Cayman Islands which opened an office in Tehran in 2000.”—Laura Peterson

These oil and gas operations, however, help expose a larger criminal pattern. In thispattern, the leaders of these countries (or in the case of Afghanistan, tribes) allow theirnational treasuries to be siphoned-off in an array of financial maneuvers abetted by largecorporations and international scam artists, and hide this money with the expertise of theGerman/Swiss Banking Cartel. This pattern is exposed in Germany, the Soviet Union,Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Angola, and Philippines and with all probability,the US.Here is the larger story: the theft of these treasuries is what the destruction of the WTCwas meant to cover-up. Investigations into these lesser operations in Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Angola would have stumbled on Swiss and Deutschebankaccounts and transfers that if investigated, would expose a grander scheme. In this grandscheme, the Bush ‘syndicate’ are “nickel players” in a “dollar-ante” game, and whiletheir support was provided to the cartel in the form of cover-up, they were paying theirdues as ‘wannabe’-players. Their goal – other than the furtherance of the security of theUnited States- is to become coupon clippers at the Board of Director meetings, to becomethe guys that bring the money to the meeting, rather than being the guys who leave themeetings with all the dirty work. Had George Bush and his Iran-Contra colleaguesallowed the German/Swiss bank scheme to come unraveled, their own involvement invarious money-laundering schemes as well as ‘misplacement’ of $3.3 trillion of the USassets would come under investigation. They- as the implementers of these schemes –would be held liable if exposed, while the financial backers walked away clean. Such isthe deep pocket methodology that controls the legal system.Not widely reported, the US government has somehow “misplaced” 3.3 trillion dollarsduring the late 1990s. Donald Rumsfeld announced to the press on September 10, 2001


that 2.2 trillion dollars was missing from the DOD accounts – but the world was too pre-occupied the next day to worry about the world’s largest heist.

“the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Department of Defense (DOD) andsome of the other federal agencies for which … DynCorp manages highly sensitive informationsystems are reported to be missing…over $3 trillion since fall of 1997….” [ The Hijackers of Harvard,Catherine Austin Fitts (Former Assistant Secretary of Housing, First Bush Administration),, 2/21/2002]

The interesting point made by Catherine Fitts (Former Assistant Secretary of Housing,First Bush Administration) is that the “same people” involved in the BCCI fraud, (hencethe theft of the Russian and Philippine treasuries) are now associated with what some callthe world’s largest money-laundering scheme – Enron – about the same time as 3.3trillion dollars goes missing from the US Treasury.

“Catherine: I was hired by the first Bush administration to help clean up $100 billion sized financialfrauds. These had to do with Iran Contra, the S&L crisis, BCCI and the HUD scandal. I was there for18 months…we’ve seen the government readily permit the transfer of Enron Online — which I believewas a money-laundering and slush fund operation — to the Swiss bank, UBS, one of their largestcreditors. So now it’s very possible that a great deal of information that would be needed for a properinvestigation is under the protection of the privacy laws of a Swiss bank. And by the way, it’s veryinteresting, and perhaps quite significant, to note that the newest Board member of UBS, the bank thatpurchased the Enron Online operation, is the former chairman of Arthur Anderson. Enron was alsopermitted to have the gold bullion and gold derivatives trading operation transferred. Understand thatto be able make these two transfers, as quickly and quietly as they were, in the middle of an initialbankruptcy filing, was nothing short of miraculous based on what I’m told by bankruptcy attorneys. Incombination with the shredding, it permitted the coordination of cover-up of two things: moneylaundering and a lot of financial fraud between the banks and the entity itself.” [Enron: An Anatomyof a Cover-Up. Dennis Bernstein’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, 3/12/2002]“We had a huge amount of money disappear from the accounts of all these federal agencies: GeneralAccounting Office (GAO) (and Inspector General) reports and testimony document that $59 billionwas missing from HUD in fiscal 1999, and $17 billion was missing in fiscal 1998, and they refused tosay how much was missing in fiscal 2000. So I was trying to figure out how you could launderhundreds of billions of dollars (stolen from the federal government) starting in the fall of 1997,because that is so much money that you can’t just run it (launder it) through a pizza restaurant. You aretalking about a huge amount of money and you are talking about something that JP Morgan, Lockheed,DynCorp and Arthur Anderson would have to be part of.” [Enron: An Anatomy of a Cover-Up.Dennis Bernstein’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, 3/12/2002]“So, in the fall of 1997 there was an explosion of revenues (at Enron Online), with nobody being ableto explain where the revenues came from. They just say it’s very complicated, it’s “derivatives,” youknow. Well that’s ridiculous. In my experience, if you can’t explain something, then something iswrong. So I’m looking for the missing money: there is over $3.3 trillion missing from federalgovernment agencies over a 3-year period, and my big question is, “Is Enron the laundromat,” and isthat why Congress is covering this up?”“Fitts: As far as I’m concerned, Ken Lay was just the lead patsy. We’re talking about a top ten Fortune500 company with annual revenues exceeding $100 billion—which suddenly fell off the map. Whatthe Enron CEO’s made was nothing compared to what the inside-trading investors made—both withcorporate assets liquidated out before the implosion or in the pump and dump of stocks.

And many of these investors look to be from the same syndicate that I saw playing the Iran-Contra/S&L game in theeighties…

. in testimony already, former Chief Accountant of the SEC, Lynn Turner, offered that thesebanks and investment banks “shopped their structured finance vehicles” around to other corporations.

Turner indicated that in one case where the SEC was able to intercede on his watch, a bank had peoplesign privacy agreements as not to divulge details of the scheme proposed to regulators and others.”[The Real Deal About Enron (Part 1), Catherine Austin Fitts, Sanders Research Associates 4/3/2003]

Fitts’ questions are pertinent in that besides the obvious energy scams (such as that whichcreated a financial crisis for the State of California) Enron also created Enron Online, theworld’s largest on-line trading site. This site traded oil, gas, electricity as energycommodities, but included (surprisingly) gold, gold derivatives and even bundledmortgage derivatives from HUD. During the Enron bankruptcy proceedings, Enron On-Line was reportedly “given” to UBS at no cost, and any potential audit trail fell under thecontrol of a protected Swiss bank. Enron On-line would have been a critical componentof a laundry scheme to convert large blocks of stolen wealth into other forms of assets. If Enron On-line didn’t exist, major money launderers would have had to create it tomanage the thousands of daily transactions required for major money laundering activity.While Enron On-line allowed computers to create volumes of small trades to avoidregulatory control, the collapse of Enron and it’s bankruptcy assignment to UBS shieldedthe audit trail from exposure. The rest of the evidence was destroyed with the WTC.The money of the various oil operations involved in Central Asia (including Halliburtonand Enron, both key players in Afghanistan,) starts to cross paths at the Deutsche Bankand UBS. Here is where one finds the ‘old men of Europe’ – secretive names that rarelyshow up in the press, and old family names changed to hide the lineage. Here is wherethe money stops. When all the investigations spawned by the money-laundering of thelate 1990s began to narrow the search to these banks, it was these old men and families of Europe who had to be protected. These are the families that “own” the banks throughholding companies based in offshore countries, where the laws are controlled so that theowners’ names do not need to be divulged. The physical assets however, are in Swissvaults, as the offshore banks can never offer the types of security guarantees offered by aSwiss bank. Here, they can be ‘frozen’ under a new set of anti-money laundering lawsthat went into effect in 1998, thus magnifying the risk the U.S. investigations posed.

Clues that Point to Money-Laundering

To fully understand the Afghani events, which many 9/11 writers focus on, one mustunderstand a coordinated set of covert activities being undertaken in Central Asia at thattime. Prior to the attack on the World Trade Center, there were a number of seeminglyindependent, US covert operations occurring in many Central Asian countries, butprimarily: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. This report suggeststhe Kazakhstan operation is also linked to covert activities in Angola. The central figuresin these ‘theatres of operations’ are Richard Cheney, Richard Secord, Richard Armitageand George Bush Sr. Research demonstrates that covert activities in these regions weresupported by additional participants from the Iran-Contra and October Surprise Scandalsof the 1980s. These participants include David Kimche (Mossad), Adnan Khashoggi(Saudi), and Farhad Azima (arms merchant and airline owner). The central institutionsin these operations are Halliburton, Unocal, Delta Oil, Enron, Union Bank of Switzerland(UBS), Credit Suisse, the Bank of New York, and the Deutschebank. In the backgroundof these operations one finds the Russian/Israeli Mafiya and arms merchants. Their base


of operations was Azerbaijan. (For the benefit of readers not familiar with the events of the Iran-Contra scandal, and how this group single-handedly turned the Carter-Reaganelection in favor of Reagan, and how they subverted the will of Congress – these eventsare reviewed in Section 4.3 Richard Secord, UBS and the Azerbaijan Connection.)This is an extremely high-powered group of individuals which had been thoroughlytested on more than one occasion in its ability to execute large scale covert operationsand maintain silence in the face of being ‘caught in the act.’ They were the “A” team.Their reunion in Azerbaijan demands an answer to the question: “Why was this highpowered team working together in a small, impoverished corner of the world?” Theanswer to that question is revealed in this report. As their activities are disclosed, and thedots connected, it becomes clear that this group – more so than Osama Bin Laden and AlQaeda – had the wherewithal to direct the events of September 11. More importantly, itwill be shown that Osama Bin Ladin (and his mujahedin) was a contractor to this group,and that even up to 2001, the press was reporting that Osama Bin Ladin was a‘figurehead’ for Al Qaeda, with the real leadership being unknown. Kimche, as anintegral member of this “A” team, had developed a loyal following with ex-KGB agentshe had helped escape to Israel, and had access to both the Mossad and the Russian/IsraeliMafiya. Together, this “A Team” had access to all the right resources, had connections tothe same banks and had a vested interest in helping bring to an end the investigations intotheir gold and money-laundering, illegal bribes and securities fraud.There are three primary clues in the volumes of 9/11 data that point to the conclusion thatthe attack on the WTC was an attempt to stop investigations into money-laundering. Eachclue reinforces the legitimacy of the other clues. Those clues are:1.

The accusation of Sibel Edmonds, an FBI translator who was silenced with aconstraining order from public comment by Attorney General Ashcroft. After theattack on the World Trade Center, the FBI hired extra translators to help with abacklog of taped phone transmissions. One of these translators was Sibel Edmondswho has gone on public record accusing the Bush administration of covering up itsknowledge of events which would help explain 9/11. Sibel Edmonds – after readingand interpreting raw intelligence data – contends that the 9/11 perpetrators wereprotected by Dick Cheney’s “intelligence block” which prevented the investigationinto terrorists. Since making her accusations, she has been silenced by a restrainingorder from US Attorney General Ashcroft, in the name of national security. Theessence of her accusation is as follows:

“To this date the

public has not been told of intentional blocking of intelligence

, and has not beentold that certain information, despite its direct links, impacts and ties to terrorist related activities,is not given to or shared with Counterterrorism units, their investigations, and countering terrorismrelated activities. This was the case prior to 9/11, and remains in effect after 9/11.

If Counterintelligence

receives information that contains money laundering, illegal arms sale, and illegal drug activities, directly linked to terrorist activities; and if that information involves certainnations, certain semi-legit organizations, and ties to certain lucrative or political relations in thiscountry, then, that information is not shared with Counterterrorism

, regardless of the possiblesevere consequences. In certain cases, frustrated FBI agents cited `direct pressure by the StateDepartment,’ and in other cases `sensitive diplomatic relations’ is cited. The Department of Justice Inspector General received detailed and specific information and evidence regarding this issue

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 64(Please refer to DOJ-IG report Re: Sibel Edmonds and FBI Translation, provided to you prior to the completion of your report). I provided your investigators with a detailed and specific accountof this issue, the names of other witnesses willing to corroborate this, and the names of certainU.S. officials involved in these transactions and activities. (Please refer to tape-recorded 3.5 hourstestimony by Sibel Edmonds, provided to your investigators on February 11, 2004).” [Letter toThomas Kean from Sibel Edmonds]“… (Sibel Edmonds) claims that certain well known politicians in this country have beenreceiving illegal campaign contributions from organizations involved in drugs and armstrafficking, and terrorism. That fact is extremely important because Edmonds claims that shediscovered evidence of the 9/11 plot in intercepts that were not part of counter-terrorisminvestigations, but that were part of counter-intelligence investigations related to moneylaundering.

And that money laundering was for cleansing the proceeds from arms and drugsmuggling

. Most likely, she was translating intercepts of Azerbaijani businessmen or politiciansthat were involved in laundering large quantities of cash raised by Afghan heroin smuggling. Shehas also made clear that the drug dealers and the arms dealers are mixed up together and that thedivisions become blurred between these organizations. So, what kind of people have experiencein money laundering, arms smuggling, and drug smuggling, but who also are known to have beeninvolved in Azerbaijan? The most famous Americans with such experience are the veterans of theLaos war during Vietnam. Many of them were later implicated in the Iran-Contra affair, which, of course, involved money laundering, arms, and drug smuggling. Among these crafty spooks aresuch veterans as Richard Secord, Heinie Aderholt, Farhad Azima and Richard Armitage. To thislist, we must also add a little known charlatan named Gary Best.”This revelation offers a close link to what FBI translator Sibel Edmonds told TomFlocco.comthree weeks ago regarding what she heard during FBI intercept translations, telling us shepersonally identified ten well-known Americans who are politicians and heads of federal agencieslinked to drug-money laundering in the federal banking system which was used for politicalcampaigns–but also linked to financing the World Trade Center/Pentagon 9-11 attacks. She hasyet to divulge the names, however. [Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before9-11; same parts found at Pentagon, Tom Flocco,, 5/26/2005]

To understand the activities Sibel Edmonds was referring to, operations in both inAzerbaijan and Afghanistan must be understood, because the types of activities Sibelwas reporting were happening in both countries. Sibel Edmonds’s language skills asa translator were Turkish, Farsi (Iran) and Azerbaijani, so there is a predisposition toassume she was prevented by the block from translating records from the Azerbaijaniregion.2.

The co-location in the North Tower of the WTC of the FBI investigation into twoseemingly independent crimes: illegal gold trades and


– the illegalpayment of bribes to Kazakhstan officials by Mobil Oil representatives Giffen andWilliams. Co-location suggests the two investigations were related, but there is otherreason to believe that to be the case. Additional evidence suggests the moneylaundering involved in both cases crosses paths through the Deutsche Bank andCredit Suisse. Evidence is later presented in the report which indicates that the secretservices of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan were working together, in unison with RichardSecord and David Kimche (Mossad), so any investigation into Kazakhstan bankaccounts probably would have carried over into Azerbaijani bank activity.3.

FBI counter-terrorism chief John O’Neill’s accusation that Vice President DickCheney officially blocked investigation into Afghan terrorist activities by the FBI soto protect oil industry interests. O’Neill’s accusations, however, are broader than just


Dick Cheney’s “intelligence block.” As early as 1996, the Department of State hadbeen blocking his investigations in the Middle East – Yemen and Saudi Arabiaspecifically.

“Jean-Charles Brisard, who wrote a report on bin Laden’s finances for the French intelligenceagency DST and is co-author of Hidden Truth, met O’Neill several times last summer. Hecomplained bitterly that the US State Department – and behind it the oil lobby who make upPresident Bush’s entourage – blocked attempts to prove bin Laden’s guilt.The US ambassador to Yemen, Ms Barbara Bodine, forbade O’Neill and his team … from enteringYemen. In August 2001, O’Neill resigned in frustration and took up a new job as head of securityat the World Trade Centre. He died in the September 11th attack.Brisard and his co-author Guillaume Dasquié, the editor of Intelligence Online, say their book is atribute to O’Neill. The FBI agent had told Brisard: “All the answers, everything needed todismantle Osama bin Laden’s organisation, can be found in Saudi Arabia.”But US diplomats shrank from offending the Saudi royal family. O’Neill went to Saudi Arabiaafter 19 US servicemen died in the bombing of a military installation in Dhahran in June 1996.Saudi officials interrogated the suspects, declared them guilty and executed them – without lettingthe FBI talk to them. “They were reduced to the role of forensic scientists, collecting materialevidence on the bomb site,” Brisard says.O’Neill said there was clear evidence in Yemen of bin Laden’s guilt in the bombing of the USSCole in which 17 US servicemen died, but that the State Department prevented him from gettingit.” [Oil Interests: Bush Obstructed FBI Investigation, By V.K.Shashikumar, New Delhi,November 21, 2001]

These clues (1. the accusations of Sibel Edmonds, 2. the FBI investigations intoKazakhstan, and 3. the accusations of John O’Neill) point to five distinctly separate, butinherently related sets of events, occurring in the same time period – starting in the early1990s through 2001. Together, these seemingly unrelated events demonstrate a largerpattern of investigation into the German banking cartel by US investigators.

the James Giffen (aka Geffen)/Bryon and the Credit Suisse scandal involving MobilOil, Phillips Oil, Chevron and Halliburton in Kazakhstan, which while reported asisolated to the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), seems to avoid reportinginvolvement of Marc Rich (Russian Mafiya/Israeli) and his use of the Bank of NewYork/Cayman Islands/Deutsche Bank chain for his money laundering and oil swapoperations ;

the Mega Oil operations in Azerbaijan, involving the former Iran-Contra guns fordrugs operatives and their UBS accounts;

Enron and Unocal operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, using Deutsche Bankchannels to funnel money through the Pakistanis to the Afghanis;

the Kevin Ingram scandal in which this Deutsche Bank executive was convicted of laundering money for weapons purchases for Muslim terrorists through Pakistaniagents; and

The Bank of New York Russian money laundering scandal, in which Russian fundswere being sent back to Russia via the Cayman Islands, where they were being pickedup by the Deutsche Bank and Banker’s Trust.


These were the five incidents brought to light as part of a broader investigation by theagencies housed in the WTC, Together they suggest that consecutive US administrationshad sought to further the interests of the US and Saudi Oil companies in Central Asia andRussia, and had undertaken covert operations to do so. In and by itself, while theseactivities to some may be reprehensible, they are not all illegal (In many countries,money-laundering is not illegal). There is however, a common thread buried in the detailwhich is illegal: money laundering used for heroin, weapons and bribes, as well as atleast three assassinations. Finally, lest not anyone forget, there were probably up toseveral trillion dollars of stolen national treasuries open to discovery and disclosure inthese accounts. With the same ‘players’ being involved in so many of these activities,their German/Swiss bank accounts represents a house of cards, and any one investigationinto any one of the aforementioned crimes could lead to a major exposure of the world’sgreatest criminals – and their criminal bankers!

4. 1 Caspian Oil

Before the Central Asian money-laundering activities can be explained, the Afghanpipeline, and the lesser discussed BTC (Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan) pipeline from Azerbaijanthrough Turkey, need to be understood with some geographical context. At one time, theCaspian Sea Basin was considered to be the fourth largest oil reserve in the world,although the actual reserves have been significantly downgraded to between 6% and 25%of the original estimates since 9/11. The oil fields were largely undeveloped by theSoviet Union during its reign of control. Three of the four largest oil fields in theCaspian basin are located in Kazakhstan: Tengiz, Karachaganak and Kashagan. Thefourth field is located in Azerbaijan: the Azeri-Chirac-Guneshli field. The region alsoincludes the world’s fourth largest natural gas reserves in Turkmenistan. Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan are landlocked, thus requiring pipelines to export thereserves to market.The current pipelines out of the Caspian move oil north, through Russia. An alternativepipeline was planned to the south, through Iran. Having Caspian oil and gas flow througheither Russia or Iran was not a situation that the US and Saudi oil companies wished tohave happen. Nor was Russia willing to allow US owned oil flow through its pipeline.The only options available to the US and Saudi oil firms were controlling the Afghanand/or the BTC pipeline through Turkey. The Russians were investing in surrogatemilitary forces which they hoped would control the political situations in Azerbaijan andAfghanistan to a point that US and Saudi interests and partners were prevented fromcontrolling the oil and gas. In the meantime, the US and Saudis were investing insurrogate forces in Dagestan, Chechnya and Azerbaijan to help counter Russian forces.Most Americans continue to believe the Chechnyan conflict was a religious, politicalconflict. The truth however is that the conflict in Chechnya was always about controllingthe pipeline (and the heroin traffic).Generally ignored in the economic overview of Caspian Oil, is a discussion of the vastgold wealth, as well as opium and heroin, found in this region. Long before oil became aglobal battleground, gold and heroin trafficking had attracted the Russian/Israeli Mafiya


to this region. Kazakhstan is reported to hold 20% of the world’s gold reserves. TheCaspian basin was Russian Mafiya turf before the oil companies appeared on the scene,and payoffs to the Russian/Israeli Mafiya were absolutely critical. Under American law,

Figure 5

Central Asian Pipelines

these payoffs were illegal, and punishable by severe penalties. Keeping the paymentssecret is equally important to the Russian/Israeli Mafiya, who are being prosecuted inFrench, English, Russian and Nederland’s courts for tax evasion and money laundering.(Historic example – the FBI could only convict Al Capone of tax evasion. The samephenomenon seems to hold for these Russian/Israeli criminals as well.)With regional wealth, one finds significant inroads by Russian and Saudi organizedcrime:

“Kazakhstan’s location as a transit point from Central Asia to Russia-and hence to Europe-makes it achannel for drug smuggling and people trafficking, particularly where women are concerned. Thepresident’s tight control over the security services and the main lucrative industries in Kazakhstanarguably limits to some extent the ability of Kazakh organised criminal groups to penetrate the officialeconomy. However, Russian mafia groups-with links to the Russian oil and gas industry-are reported

proposed oil fields.jpg



THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 68to have played a part in organising some of Kazakhstan’s oil deals with both Russian and Westerncompanies”. [Country Profile: Kazakhstan, Economist On-Line Store]“The Mahfouz and Al-Amoudi families are not coincidentally involved in oil field developmentprojects in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.” [Part 1: Big Oil, the United States andcorruption in Kazakhstan, Larry Chin, Online Journal Contributing Editor May 12, 2002]

As the Soviet Union faded into history in 1991, the region struggled – as it still does –with different groups competing for control of the resources. Those historic struggles of area ethnic groups were re-surfaced, and added to that mix were elements of Russian/Israeli organized crime, US covert intelligence and Saudi investors. These lattertwo groups were simply “buying” their way into a territory opening itself up to marketforces – much like one buys distribution access to retail in New York City by payingtribute to the Mafia.While US and Saudi oil companies were “buying” access to Caspian oil, many otherwestern companies were being forced out of the region. It was reported that 35 Canadianbusinesses had been forced to evacuate Russia as a result of Mafiya pressures during thelate 1990s. Two companies managed to establish a


with the Mafiya: oneof them was Barrick Gold. Also, from Barrick’s Annual Report, one discovers thatBarrick had leveraged for itself a significant position in Kazakhstan, in a partnership withCeltic Resources Holdings Limited PLC:

“We have an equity position in Celtic and have back-in rights to participate on an exclusive basis forup to 50% in any assets acquired in Kazakhstan and to certain other assets including theNezhdaninskoye project.”In connection with Barrick’s plan to develop a business unit in Russia and Central Asia, Barrickacquired a 10% equity interest in Highland Gold Mining Ltd. (“Highland”) in October 2003. InJanuary 2004, Barrick acquired an additional equity interest, bringing its total equity interest toapproximately 14% at December 31, 2004, in Highland and certain participation and other rights withrespect to properties in Russia. In January 2005, Barrick acquired a 9% equity interest in CelticResources Holdings PLC (“Celtic”). In addition, Barrick acquired additional subscription rights forshares in Celtic and certain rights with respect to a property in Russia and certain participation rightswith respect to properties in Kazakhstan.” [Barrick Annual Information Form, December, 2004]

Barrick’s singular ability to maintain a presence in Russia and Central Asia, when alllegitimate companies are being forced out, or taken over, suggests they have a specialrelationship with the ex-KGB Russian/Israeli Mafiya. This relationship is best explainedby the earlier hypotheses of this report that Barrick may be a major gold launderingoperation used to launder thousands of tons of gold stolen from various treasuries,including those of the former Soviet Union. It can be further explained by the“partnership” between Barrick and Nelson Gold, noted in the Barrick annual report.Nelson Gold is a subsidiary of Nelson Resources – run by Nazarbayev’s son-in-law, andprobably successor to Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev will later beshown to be extensively involved in money laundering and illegal oil deals, with thissame cast of suspicious characters. This relationship does not bring any new evidence tothis report other than to validate that the individuals being investigated for Central Asianactivities are the same as those involved in the probable Barrick’s gold operation.


4.2 Azerbaijan

Because of the restraining order imposed by Attorney General John Ashcroft, analystscan only speculate that Sibel Edmonds is referring to payments and transaction stemmingfrom the Mega Oil/

Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) operation inAzerbaijan. (Another possible group is the Farwest/Diligence/Halliburton, which isreviewed in a later section, but essentially involves the same players.) This speculation isdue to Edmond’s linguistic skills being limited to Turkic languages, with her attentionbeing focused on activities in that region of the Caspian.In Azerbaijan, one finds a large cast of participants all linked through supporting roles inthe Iran-Contra Scandal and its cover-up. (The Iran-Contra scandal, the October Surprisemanipulation of the Presidential election by George Bush Sr., the deliberate sabotage of aUS rescue attempt of US hostages in Iran, and the cover-up of these activities is reviewedin a subsequent section of this report, to demonstrate the collaborative history of theseindividuals.) In Azerbaijan, these individuals are

Adnan Khashoggi, whose Azerbaijan banks “played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical andbacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh.’

Richard Secord, a former U.S. Air Force major general who been helping to recruitand train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secret services;

Richard Armitage, acting as a consultant to Halliburton and Unocal at the time, andPresident of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce;

Farhad Azima, arms merchant with Iranian background, member of US-AzerbaijaniChamber of Commerce, assisted Richard Secord in recruiting and training mujahedinmercenaries, owns the Azerbaijan Airlines, and has a twenty year old relationshipwith the Bush family enterprise;

Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudiroyal family of the Saudi companies

Delta Oil

and Nimir Oil. Both are partners withUnocal in Azerbaijan.

Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, lobbyist for the Azerbaijan InternationalOperating Company, on US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce;

David Kimche, Israeli Mossad agent who brought Israeli agents into Azerbaijan at therequest of Secord, and worked with Secord and the regional secret serviceorganizations.The essence of the Azerbaijan operation was an effort by former Iran-Contra conspiratorsto illegally support (support was made illegal by the US Congress) the despoticgovernment of Azerbaijan in its war against Russian backed Armenia. In doing so, theysupposedly sought to protect for US and Saudi Oil interests a western access to theCaspian Oil basin, and one of the four largest oil fields in the region. They did so by


illegally recruiting Afghan mujahedin mercenaries to fight for Azerbaijan (againstRussian backed Armenians), using Mega Oil as the financial cover. (This approachappears to be part of the CIA handbook. This same approach of using an oil company ascover for covert operations was used in the 1970s, with right wing CIA trained deathsquads in South America masquerading as Bridas employees. This is the same Bridasthat competed for the Afghan pipeline rights.)

“Over the course of the next two years, the company they founded procured thousands of dollars worthof weapons and recruited at least two thousand Afghan mercenaries for Azerbaijan – the firstmujahedin to fight on the territory of the former Communist Bloc. And they did it under the guise of an oil company… – MEGA Oil – … we have discovered no documentary evidence to tie MEGA Oil, asan entity, definitively to the United States government. There is however considerable evidence that allthree prime movers in the company – former Iran-Contra conspirator Richard Secord, legendary AirForce special operations commander Harry “Heinie” Aderholt, and the man known as either adiabolical con-man or a misunderstood patriot, Gary Best – were in the past involved in some of themost infamous activities of in the history of the CIA.” [God Save the Shah: American Guns, Spies andOil in Azerbaijan; by Mark Irkali, Tengiz Kodrarian and Cali Ruchala; May 22, 2003]

It is of small historic note that of the mercenaries procured by Secord, one of them wasactually Osama Bin laden:

“In the summer of 1993, Azerbaijan’s President Heydar Aliyev hired over 1,000 Islamist mercenariesin the war against Nagorno Karabakh Armenians. They were flown on civilian aircraft fromAfghanistan to Azerbaijan. The mercenaries, including Arab veterans of the Afghan war (`1979-89`),took an active role in the Karabakh conflict (Moscow News 9/13/00). One of Bin Laden’s associateclaimed that Bin Laden himself led mujahedin in at least two battles in Nagorno Karabakh.”[Associated Press 11/14/99]

Secord also brought the Mossad into Azerbaijan, which confirms reports that Israelisfought side-by-side with mujahedin. In the news report of David Kimche’s involvement,is the very important observation that not only are the Mossad in Azerbaijan, but that thesecret service organizations of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are all working inunison with the Mossad and Richard Secord. When trying to understand why such a highpowered team as the Iran-Contra/October Surprise team – is reconstructed in a littlecountry like Azerbaijan, it becomes clear that Azerbaijan is merely a base of operationsfor the broader Central Asian operation initiated by Bush in 1991.

“According to Wolfgang Bueschel in BCDX 351, “Mr. Vafa Culuzadeh, adviser of former AzerbaijanPresident Ebulfez Elicibey, told the Italian press agency IPS in October 1992 from Baku, that theIsraelian secret service specialist David Kimche and… Richard Secord, who was involved in the `Iran-Contra`-Affair, visited Azerbaijan, (and) presented a delegation of more Israelian secret servicepersonnel. Mr. Culuzadeh took part on a return visit to Israel, (and) lead

a delegation of  Azerbaijan/Uzbek/Kazakh secret services.

” David Kimche is a `30-year` veteran of the Mossad andwas an important force behind the Reagan administration’s `arms-for` hostages swap with Iran and itssecret aid to the Nicaraguan rebels (coined `Iran-Contra`.) In fact, it was Kimche who helped toorganize the Contras, who supplied them with Israeli military advisers, who sold the US governmentPalestinian weapons Israel had seized in 1982, and who claimed he could get access to the `hostage-takers` in Lebanon.” [Voice of Southern Azerbaijan, Nick Grace C., 4/13/1998]

Secord’s employer in this operation – President Heydar Aliyev – was no novice in therealm of covert operations, being a former top KGB official.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 71“The elections confirmed Ilham Aliev as the nation’s new ruler. He is the son of Heidar Aliev, a formertop KGB official and Kremlin adviser, who became president two years after Azerbaijan becameindependent in 1991. The elder Aliev died last month while receiving medical treatment in the UnitedStates.” [Washington Trades Human Rights for Oil in Azerbaijan, Jim Lobe]

The operations were “covert” because American support was illegal according to Section907 of the “Freedom Support Act”

“The Americans’ avowed priority in the Caucasus was to find a method to deliver the crude from theCaspian oil shelf to market, avoiding both Russia and Iran as middlemen. Since the oil would flowfrom Azerbaijan, this strategic goal was quite at odds with the American government’s favouritismtowards Armenia in the Karabakh War.In fact, providing support of any kind to Azerbaijan was illegal. Congress passed a law (Section 907 of the “Freedom Support Act”) effectively banning foreign aid – and, needless to say, all military aid – toAzerbaijan. Thus America’s top long-term interest in the Caspian was threatened by the promises of Armenian-American retribution at the polls – a very real threat considering Armenian electoral powerin the key state of California. ” [God Save the Shah, Part Three,Mark Irkali, Tengiz Kodrarian andCali Ruchala, May 22, 2003]

Those who allege that MEGA Oil at least began as a project approved by Washingtonpoint to the involvement of Richard Secord, whose visit to Azerbaijan in early 1992 cameat MEGA’s expense and coincided with the company’s negotiations with Mutalibov onbuilding Azerbaijan’s army. Secord’s only public comment on the matter to date was tostate that Mutalibov couldn’t decide whether he wanted his American friends to build anarmy or a Praetorian Guard to hold onto power.The fact that Congress had outlawed support to Azerbaijan would not have mattered toSecord. At the heart of the Iran-Contra controversy was a Congressional ban on aid tothe Contras strikingly similar to Section 907, and Secord’s primary role in that firstscandal was as the head of a private corporation which worked at the behest of OliverNorth for covert and illegal weapons procurement for the Nicaraguan Contras. Secordappears to have been violating congressional intent in Azerbaijan exactly as he had forthe Contras. It should not be assumed that he was just once again demonstrating patrioticfervor. Many forget that Secord’s involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair was motivated toa large degree by personal profit. The special investigator’s report on Iran-Contraconcluded that:

“one of Secord’s central purposes in establishing and carrying out the operations of the enterprise wasthe accumulation of untaxed wealth in secret overseas accounts… that [Secord] received at least $2million from his participation in the enterprise during 1985 and 1986, that he set up secret accounts toconceal his untaxed income, and that he later lied and encouraged others to lie to keep it concealed.”[God Save the Shah, Part Three, by Mark Irkali, Tengiz Kodrarian and Cali Ruchala, May 22, 2003]

Secord was reportedly investigated by the US Department of Justice for his involvementin Azerbaijan, but there has been no mention of this report in the US press, and theinvestigation appears to have been ‘buried.’The collapse of the Azerbaijan regime was prevented by this tactic long enough so thatwhen the 9/11 tragedy occurred, the Bush administration was able to remove the law thatprevented the US from giving aid to despotic governments.

“The only thing preventing the Americans from offering the same sort of “help” to Azerbaijan hadbeen Section 907. In the interest of national security, and to help in “enhancing global energy security”during this War on Terror, Congress granted President Bush the right to waive Section 907 in theaftermath of September 11th. It was necessary, Secretary of State Colin Powell told Congress, to”enable Azerbaijan to counter terrorist organizations.” [God Save the Shah, Part Four, by Mark Irkali,Tengiz Kodrarian and Cali Ruchala, May 22, 2003]

4.3 Richard Secord, UBS and the Azerbaijan Connection

The key player in the operation to control Azerbaijan politics was Richard Secord, andMega Oil. Richard Secord is the same individual who was intimately involved inmultiple sets of illegal activities with George Bush Sr.: the alledged sabotage of the USattempt to rescue 52 US citizens in Iran; the October Surprise scandal, and the Iran-Contra scandal. It is through Secord that one realizes that Adnan Khashoggi had asecond viable connection which would allow him to recruit the 9/11 hijackers. Secordwas recruiting mercenaries for Azerbaijan that had the exact same profile as the 9/11hijackers, and while doing so, he was working with a Mossad agent (David Kimche) whohad placed Israeli mercenaries in Azerbaijan and Nicaragua. In recruiting thesemujahadin, Secord was pushing the funding through UBS, thus exposing the bankers atUBS to further investigation.

“…found this cluster of accounts buried in the Union Bank of Switzerland, including General RichardSecord’s Mega Oil Corporation. There was a cluster of two or three hundred accounts, controlled by allof the aforementioned, wherein money continuously passed back and forth, almost in a loop, in theseaccounts. Where the money was coming from, where those dollars were being generated, was oil.Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Dagestan. Uzbekistan. That’s where the money is.” [Kurds Get Saddam; Next- Kurdistan or Cabalistan? Al Martin]

Richard Secord and Mega Oil have a long history which intertwines with the BushFamily Trust, Harken Energy (George Bush Jr.’s insider trading scandal and ‘pump anddump’ scheme), UBS and the BCCI group of Saudi investors.

“Saudi European Investment Corp was basically a dummy company set up to launder all the stolenmoney from Lincoln savings. Gaith Pharon, Head of Saudi Intelligence & Harken Energy SaudiEuropean Director … also acted as registered agent for

numerous Bush-controlled corporations for  Bush interests in the Middle East. These involved Bahrain oil interests controlled by Richard Secord’s Mega Oil

. These would then get sold back to Harken Energy. Of course most of them were worthless.The leader of Bahrain, Prince Abdullah, was also one of the directors of the Saudi EuropeanInvestment.This entire daisy chain fraud and money laundering is actually a global fraud network because of itsoffshore and transnational connections. Saudi European Investment Corp was laundering money intoUnion Bank of Switzerland and also into BCCI accounts. BCCI of course is the notorious worldwideCIA-criminal bank, Bank of Credit and Commerce International. ….Years later it would be revealedthat Agha Hasna Abedi (the founder of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International -BCCI)andaccomplice Gaith Pharon went right ahead anyway succeeding with the takeover in 1982 of theNational Bank of Georgia (Corporate Crime Reporter, July 22, 1991). Abedi used front man GaithPharon to act as his intermediary, taking over Lance’s stake in the National Bank of Georgia forBCCI.” [Waste Not, Published: July 1997 Author: Brian Lipsett and Ellen Connett Posted on09/10/1999]

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 73“In 1987, Stephen’s deal [Jackson Stephens, head of Stephens, Inc., a large investment bank in LittleRock, Arkansas] made arrangements with Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) to provide $25 million toHarken in return for a stock interest in Harken. As part of the Stephens-brokered], Sheikh AbdullahBakhsh, a Saudi real estate tycoon and financier, joined Harken’s board as a major investor. Stephens,UBS, and Bakhsh each have ties to the scandal-ridden Bank of Credit and Commerce International(BCCI). It was Stephens who suggested in the late 1970s that BCCI purchase what became FirstAmerican Bankshares in Washington, D.C. BCCI later acquired First American’s predecessor,Financial General Bankshares. At the time of the Harken investment, UBS was a joint-venture partnerwith BCCI in a bank in Geneva, Switzerland.” [The Harken Connection, “The Family That PreysTogether” Jack Colhoun, Covert Action Quarterly, Issue No. 41, Summer, 1992]

In actuality then, the Azerbaijani Mega Oil operation – if it is the investigation referred toby Sibel Edmonds– would have involved the same cast of illegal money launderers asassociated with the Barrick gold laundering hypothesis: the BCCI Saudis and AdnanKhashoggi, the Bush enterprise, and illegal weapons merchants. As with theGiffen/Williams scandal in Kazakhstan, this operation began under President GeorgeBush Whitehouse sponsorship.

“In 1991, Azerbaijan began negotiating with Amoco, BP, McDermott, Pennzoil, Ramco, Unocal,TPAO, Statoil and other corporations on a deal to develop the Azeri, Chirag and Gunashli fields in theAzeri sector of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan’s State Oil Company (SOCAR) is to have a 20 percentshare in the project and the Russian company Lukoil will take a 10 percent holding. The deal wassigned in September 1994, and in December the consortium had formed as the Azerbaijan InternationalOperating Company (AIOC), with Terry D. Adams as chairman.

American corporations (Amoco,Pennzoil, Unocal, Exxon) have a 40 percent interest in the $8 billion AIOC. British corporations (BP,Ramco Khazar) have a 19 percent interest. SOCAR (Azerbaijan), Lukoil (Russia), Den Norske StatsOlieselscap (Norway), Turkie Petrollari (Turkey), Itochu (Japan), and Delta Nimir Khazar (SaudiArabia) are also involved.The AIOC consortium’s plan to build a pipeline from Baku to Ceylon, Turkey, has gotten lobbyingassistance from former British Energy Minister Tim Eggar (now CEO of the British corporationMonument Oil), former British Foreign Minister Malcolm Rifkind (now a director of the British oilcorporation Ramco), two former U.S. National Security Advisors, Zbigniew Brzezinski and

Brent Scowcroft

(now a director of AIOC), as well as former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker (oilcorporation attorney), former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen, former U.S. DefenseSecretary

Dick Cheney

(then CEO of oil services corporation Halliburton, now candidate for U.S. VicePresident), and former White House chief of staff John Sununu. Iran-Contra figure and former U.S. AirForce major general

Richard Secord

has been helping to train the Azerbaijani army.” [Oil Wars: TheBalkans, George Draffan,,a case study for the report The Corporate Consensus]

“Giffen’s lawyers contend that “his actions were taken with the knowledge and support of seniorofficials of the U.S. intelligence and national security agencies,” including the CIA, the NationalSecurity Council (NSC), the Department of State

and the White House,

which could effectively“immunize Giffen” as the judge phrased it.” [Manhattan Judge Rules On Pre-Trial Motions In“Kazakhgate” Case, Marlena Telvick, 09/07/2004]

The connection is fairly explicit, with Giffen being responsible for a meeting betweenNazarbayev and George Bush Sr. in May of 1992

“Giffen was consolidating his position as a trusted adviser to Nazarbayev.

According to U.S. officials,he helped set up Nazarbayev’s first presidential visit to Washington in May 1992,

when he met withPresident George Bush. His company, Mercator, took charge of many arrangements for the visit, frommaking appointments to paying bills. Such was Giffen’s pull that he began traveling to and fromKazakhstan on a Kazakh diplomatic passport, even though he remained a U.S. citizen. …According to

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 74foreign law enforcement sources, Swiss investigating magistrate Daniel Devaud examined between 50and 60 accounts in at least four different banks: Credit Agricole Indosuez, Credit Suisse, Pictet andUnited European Bank. Many of the most controversial transactions went through Credit AgricoleIndosuez, an affiliate of the French bank Credit Agricole. (

Author’s note: Credit Agricole Indosuezwould later absorb the operations of the scandal ridden BCCI as it was shut down

.)” [American atCenter of Kazakh Oil Probe, Michael Dobbs, David Ottaway and Sharon LaFraniere, Washington PostStaff Writers]

In addition to covert Whitehouse sponsorship, significant lobbying assistance wasprovided by The United States Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC).

“Azerbaijan is key to understanding the region and the power. During the past decade the only westernsource of power and force projection into the region was with the USACC. The United StatesAzerbaijan Chamber of Commerce. It was this body that has, and remains, the source of negotiations,planning and structure in the region. Prior to many of its board members entering the present WhiteHouse along with Mr. Bush, they were the force behind the U.S. Congressional effort called the SilkRoad Strategy of `1996-1998`; the Caspian initiative; Black Sea pipeline routes and the division of theCaspian Sa, etc. The USACC Advisory Board consisted of “only” these seven men: Dr. HenryKissinger, James A Baker III, Lloyd Bentsen, Zibigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft,John Sununu. It is noted here that the current Vice President’s daughter, Elizabeth `Cheney-Perry`, hasbeen named Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs for regional economic issues; she leftArmitage Associates for the job. The USACC `Vice-Chairman` of the Board is James A Baker IV(Baker Botts, L.L.P.); Chairman Emeritus is T. Don Stacy (VP, Amoco); with

Richard Armitage

asBoard President, until he resigned to become Colin Powell’s Deputy, which rounds out the US eliterunning the USACC. The remaining Board of Directors are a who’s who of the oil and gasmultinational corporate interests of the west and specifically the United States. On the Board of Trustees or USACC the latter interests hold sway again with three primary exceptions: Senator SamBrownback (`R-KS`) and Joseph R. Pitts (`R-PA`) (whose efforts formed the 1996 legislativebackbone of the House/Senate Silk Road Strategy for Afghanistan, [Unocal, Texaco] et al) and

Richard Perle

(US Defense Policy Board). The Legal Counsel for USACC is Ted Jones of the TexasLaw firm Baker Botts L.L.P. (James A Baker III & IV’s law firm.); Treasurer is

Karl Mattison (VP, Riggs Bank, NA).

It was the James A. Baker III Institute of Rice University which outlined the CheneyStrategic Energy Initiative which later became the Administration’s Strategic Energy National SecurityPolicy. (Clearly Dick Cheney wouldn’t be interested in giving Congress the names of who heconsulted on the Energy Initiative as they would amount to the remainder of the Board of Directorsand Board of Trustees of USACC.)” [U.S. political objectives in the Middle East will Fail, Creating aNew Cold War with China and Russia; Target is Iran not Iraq., By. Craig B Hulet]

From the point of view of this group, the grander ‘Silk Road’ strategy was one of capturing the Caspian Oil:

“…what are Bush’s political objectives? It is not so much Iraq’s WMD as we are led to believe; it ismore about Iran. Bush will try to outflank Iran and not allow oil and gas pipelines to run through Iranfrom the Northern Caspian region, Russia, Caspian Sea, and Turkmenistan/ Kazakhstan, South to thePersian Gulf and into Pakistan. Bush, inextricably tied to western oil interests, wants to run theirpipelines through Afghanistan into Pakistan as the counter weight on the Eastern front. Then pipelinesthrough Iraq, an Iraq controlled by the U.S., is the counterweight on the Western front. ControlBaghdad, you control the Euphrates and Tigris rivers’ trade waterways. But Russia will try to dominatein the North, with pipelines running North and Northwest into Russia and across to the Black Sea;China will try to dominate the East with pipelines running East and Southeast into China, “The SilkRoad” route. Put succinctly: Russia wants the Black Sea routes, China the Silk Road routes, Bushwants everything to flow South from the entire region into his deep pockets via the Persian Gulf routes.Geography rules even if borders no longer matter. Also, recently reported (Jan.14, 2003 NYT), Russiais negotiating massive pipeline routes from its Siberian oil fields: one from Angarsk into the northernindustrial region of China and a separate one which would bypass China. Negotiating with the Defense Fund money was bleeding over into the hands of people connected with terrorism in Bosnia.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 75Japanese for a pipeline which would run from Lake Baikal to the port of Nakhodka, near Vladivostokon the Sea of Japan. Oil is the Great Game and everyone is in on it. Russia and China have alreadyopened dialogue on security issues with India, and Japan will not remain in economic doldrumsforever. [U.S. political objectives in the Middle East will Fail, Creating a New Cold War with Chinaand Russia; Target is Iran not Iraq, Craig B Hulet, 7/9/2003]

The grander strategy however seemed to find a way to enrich the business partners, goingas far back as Iran-Contra, and resulted in a series of coincidences that suggests that theIran Contra group of businessmen could have been responsible for the attack on theWorld Trade Center. The Secord/Armitage foray into Azerbaijan introduces somerelatively curious coincidences pertinent to the attack on the WTC.Two of the reported hijackers were reported to be Uzbek; a number of other hijackerstraveled to, and fought in, Chechnya, Bosnia and Afghanistan. Secord, and his 1,000Afghan Mujahedin fought along side of Chechen, Turkish and Israeli forces as well asAmerican mercenaries. The Afghan Mujahedin mercenaries hired by Secord are reportedto have also fought in other regions of the Caucuses: in Chechnya and Georgia andDagestan, and to have been a destabilizing force in the entire Caucuses region.Additionally, Secord had twice traveled to Uzbekistan, and the CIA had recently set up asizable operation in the area:

“Only belatedly have major outlets like the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 2), The Associated Press (Oct. 5),and the Washington Post (Oct. 5) begun to acknowledge, in stories placed well back in the paper, andwith much less emphasis, that the Northern Alliance – our allies against the Taliban – are now in realcontrol of the heroin trade. Smuggling routes have shifted from south through Pakistan northwardthrough Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. They acknowledge the obvious – that the Taliban isno longer the primary supplier of heroin. How could they be?…In March 2001 FTW reported from Moscow that Uzbekistan was “awash” in a sea of poppies. SinceSeptember 11 we have seen Uzbekistan not surprisingly become the hub for all U.S. militaryoperations going into Afghanistan. It was, in fact, the very first place that U.S. military and “specialoperations” forces deployed – within days of the attacks.

Unmentioned in press stories is the fact that  firms like Southern Air, Evergreen and other CIA proprietary or contract operations have beenestablishing a presence in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent for more than a year.

…as we are hearing the first reports that the Uzbeki government, fighting its own battle against aMuslim insurgency, will permit offensive operations from its military bases,

FTW has had two reportsthat CIA operative Richard Secord has recently traveled to Tashkent.

Secord’s documented history of involvement in heroin smuggling, from Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in the 1960’s and his criminalinvolvement in illegal operations, including drug smuggling during the Iran-Contra years, tells usexactly what is happening. These same intelligence sources have also reported that many other CIAveterans of Iran-Contra and Vietnam – despite their age – are converging on Tashkent like bees to afield of flowers – poppy flowers.” [Russia and Oil the Real Objectives With Heroin As A Weapon of War, A Replay of CIA’s Vietnam-era Drug Dealing – FTW Revises Its Map On Economic Impacts, byMichael C. Ruppert, FTW, 10/10/2001]

Another “Neocon” active in the region and supporting Muslim “terrorists” was RichardPerle:

“Perle was also a major player in the Bosnia Defense Fund, which acted as a financial liaison to funnelmoney between Muslim nations and the government of Bosnia. An adviser for the now-defunct RiggsBank, which handled the finances for the Bosnia Defense Fund and its accounts at the Bosnian CentralBank in Sarajevo, claimed that Perle was not alarmed when he was told that some of the BosnianDefense Fund money was bleeding over into the hands of people connected with terrorism in Bosnia.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 76Perle’s response to the concern of the adviser was reportedly, “Just make it fucking happen.”[

]Assuming these reports about Secord and Perle to be true, Secord, Perle and theneoconservative group is in a position to be considered as much a logical source for the9/11 hijackers as is Osama Bin Laden.Another ‘coincidence” would be Adnan Khashoggi’s role as a banker in that conflict,funding the anti-Armenian “terrorists”:

“… in Armenia. Banking fraud was rampant there, Global News Wire reported in August, 2004,”thanks to the Arab millionaire Adnan Khashoggi– an active partner of Armenian businessmen in theillicit drug and arms trades.” Khashoggi’s first bucket-shop banking operation was a branch of theCaucasus Investment Bank in Susa. In quick succession, with the assistance of Abu Muslum, an Arabbusinessman, he opened the Hamaz and Beit ul-Muqaddas banks. Rovsan Novruzoglu, a politicalscientist and director of the International Strategic Research Center in Azerbaijan, observes that AdnanKhashoggi’s banks “played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical and bacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh.”11 1) M.Macidli, “Azerbaijani Daily Outlines Activities of International Armenian Haybun Organization,”Global News Wire, August 27, 2003. [Saudi Entrepreneur Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 9/11 Terrorists(Part 1-7) By Alex Constantine ]

Finally, this report would also be remiss in not bringing to the reader’s attention the roleof some other Iran-Contra and BBCI bank fraud players not often identified with theAzerbaijan operations: including Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcraft, Khalid bin Mahfouz andFarhad Azima. The first two are former Congressmen who were involved inCongressional Committees that investigated the Iran Contra scandal, and found noinvolvement by Vice President Bush. (This involvement is further discussed in Section:10

Iran-Contra Scandal and October Surprise)

“You might be interested in a lobbying group known as the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce.You can learn about it here. http://elitewatch.9/

The members include James Baker, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, Zbiniew Brezinski (themastermind of arming Islamic militants in Afghanistan to fight the Russians), and Lloyd Bentsen. Dick Cheney resigned from the board when he was elected to VP. Richard Armitage resigned from thePresidency when he was appointed to the state dept.

Armitage seems like one of the few upright and honest members of this administration, but he has adark history of drug trafficking for the CIA in Laos, among other things.Which leads us to the most notorious member of the board, Farhad Azima. Farhad Azima hassmuggled guns, drugs, weapons systems, and mujahidin for the CIA for over 35 years, as the head of about a dozen different cargo airlines. He leased the plane Ollie North took to Tehran. He also wasinvolved in the Savings and Loan scandal, and the Clinton fund raising scandal, and he recently gaveDick Gephardt $4000 in his run in the primaries. He knows how to grease the skids.

Back in 1992, he[Farhad Azima ]and infamous AF Gen. Richard Secord flew Afghans into Azerbaijan and trained themto fight against Armenia. These soldiers wound up in Chechnya and Georgia and Dagestan and havedestabilized the entire Caucuses region

.” [http://elitewatch.9/]

It is not coincidence that Secord’s CIA mercenaries went to Chechnya. The Chechnyanconflict too, was part of a grander strategy to control Caspian Oil, and deter it fromentering Russian markets.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 77″With regard to Chechnya, the main rebel leaders

Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab were trained and indoctrinated in CIA sponsored camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan

. In this regard, the involvement of Pakistan’s ISI and its radical Islamic proxies are actually calling the shots in this war.”Russia’s main pipeline route transits through Chechnya and Dagestan. Despite Washington’sperfunctory condemnation of Islamic terrorism, the indirect beneficiaries of the Chechen war are theAnglo-American oil conglomerates which are vying for control over oil resources and pipelinecorridors out of the Caspian Sea basin.” [Chossudovsky]“One of the main goals of the Russian attack on Chechnya in December of 1994 was to ensure controlof the oil pipeline which runs from Baku, via Grozny, the Chechen capital, to the Russian city of Tikhoretsk. The pipeline ends at the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, designed by Russia to bethe terminal for the proposed Kazakh and Azerbaijani pipelines. In addition, Grozny boasts a largerefinery with a processing capacity of 12 million tons per year. During its brief self- proclaimedindependence under President Jokhar Dudayev from 1991 to 1994, Chechnya illegally exported crudeoil and refined products worth hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. The rebel government workedclosely with corrupt politicians in Moscow to obtain export licenses. Partly to cut off this activity,Russia launched a massive but covert military action in the fall of 1994 to support opponents of Dudayev. In 1994, Dudayev turned to radical Islamic elements in the Middle East and Central Asia forsupport. This exacerbated the religious aspect of the conflict between the Muslim Chechens andChristian Orthodox Russians. The overt military action began on December 12, 1994, when theRussian army marched on Grozny, destroying Chechnya’s capital city by brutal aerial, tank, andartillery bombardment. Since the start of the campaign, over 30,000 people have been killed, and morethan 300,000 have become refugees. Hostilities continue, with hostage-taking crises erupting in July1995 and January 1996.” [Turkmen Oil and Natural Gas: The Viability of Delivering Prosperity toGlobal Markets , Turkmen Oil and Natural Gas. The Manadal Projects, American University]

Additionally involved in Azerbaijan is Iran-Contra participant and Barrick co-founderKhalid bin Mahfouz, as a major investor in Delta Oil and Unocal (both also involved inthe Afghanistan pipeline operations)

“French sources have located Khalid bin Mahfouz and his family at the center of a nexus involvingother firms owned by his family, the bin Laden family and members of the Saudi royal family. Someof these were oil companies, like the Saudi companies

Delta Oil

and Nimir Oil. Both are partners withUNOCAL in Azerbaijan, and

Delta was a partner in UNOCAL’s efforts in 1996 to build a pipelinethrough Afghanistan

. Bin Mahfouz himself was named to the governing council of the Saudi oil giantAramco by King Fahd in 1989 (Brisard 187).” [Synopsis: The “Truth” Which Is Now “Forbidden” onBin Mahfouz, Bin Laden, the CIA, BCCI, & Saudi Regime, Source: via , Published: January 1, 2002 Author: Peter Dale Scott, For Education and DiscussionOnly. Not for Commercial Use.]

4.4 Afghanistan

The Afghan pipeline from the Caspian, through Afghanistan to India and the ArabianSea, was originally conceived and proposed by Bridas, the Argentine energy company, in1991. For many years, Bridas invested and promoted the pipeline, in the midst of greatpolitical instability in Afghanistan. Bridas initially approached Unocal to be a partner,but Unocal decided that a partnership with Bridas was unnecessary. Unocal marshaled aheavy campaign to change the hearts and minds of Central Asian politicians, and wherethey could not change their minds, Unocal replaced the politicians. All this wasoccurring in a country preoccupied with tribal warfare, where warlords maintainedpersonal armies of between 15,000 and 30,000 warriors. These armies were fed by weapons and cash from the Russian and US intelligence operations, and where possible,


self-funded through the sale of heroin, opium and female slaves using either the Sovietmilitary or the CIA as a middleman.The initial conquest of Afghanistan by the Taliban was initially viewed by the US,Pakistani and Saudi politicians as a favorable development.

“The Taliban conquer Kabul, establishing control over much of Afghanistan [Associated Press,8/19/02]. A surge in the Taliban’s military successes at this time is later attributed to an increase indirect military assistance from Pakistan’s ISI. [New York Times, 12/8/01] The oil company Unocal ishopeful that the Taliban will stabilize Afghanistan and allow its pipeline plans to go forward.According to some reports, “preliminary agreement [on the pipeline] was reached between the [Talibanand Unocal] long before the fall of Kabul . . . . Oil industry insiders say the dream of securing apipeline across Afghanistan is the main reason why Pakistan, a close political ally of America’s, hasbeen so supportive of the Taliban, and why America has quietly acquiesced in its conquest of Afghanistan.” [Daily Telegraph, 10/11/96] The 9/11 Commission later concludes that some StateDepartment diplomats are willing to “give the Taliban a chance” because it might be able to bringstability to Afghanistan, which would allow a Unocal oil pipeline to be built through the country. [9/11Commission Report, 3/24/04]

Recognizing the significance of the pipeline for its many military and economic benefits,the US –under both Clinton and Bush – encouraged the Afghan and Indian participants inthe pipeline to support the US effort rather than the previous Argentine contracts.

“Bridas officials are stunned when they witness Turkmenistan’s President Niyazov sign an agreementwith Unocal and its partner, Delta Oil Company (owned by Saudi Arabia) to build a pipeline throughAfghanistan, thus essentially abrogating Turkmenistan’s earlier contract with Bridas.

On Oct. 21, (1995) the nod went to the Americans as Niyazov announced the selection of Unocal.Looking on at the announcement ceremony was former secretary of state Henry A. Kissinger, now aUnocal consultant.”[Gas Pipeline Bounces Between Agendas, Washington Post, 5 October 1998]“In the Spring of 1996 the United States pressured Prime Minister Bhutto to change her allegiancefrom Bridas to Unocal. Her failure to comply was “one of the factors” in her downfall, according to theHerald of Pakistan.”

Part of the list of wealthy individuals trying to promote this Unocal pipeline was noneother than Adnan Khashoggi:

“Hank Greenberg has had a long time relationship with Henry Kissinger, the partner of Richard Perlein Trireme Partners, the firm that, according to Seymour Hersh, attempted to negotiate deals withSaudi Arabia using Saudi billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi as an intermediary. Greenberg andKhashoggi, according to CIA sources, have long had an interest in exploiting the oil and natural gasreserves of Uzbekistan and the construction of pipelines across the Uralskaya region of Russia.Uzbekistan has also featured prominently in oil and natural gas plans of Enron and UNOCAL.According to Enron insiders, on Saturday, September 7, 1996, 42 representatives of Enron andUNOCAL met in Tashkent, the Uzbek capital, with Khashoggi, Taliban representatives, and Uzbekgovernment officials. The subject was the CentGas pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan, a projectthat involved UNOCAL, Enron, and Saudi support. Current Afghan President Hamid Karzai was aconsultant on the pipeline for UNOCAL…. The Tashkent meeting was followed by a spring 1997meeting between Enron, UNOCAL, and Taliban representatives at the posh Houstonian Hotel inHouston.” [Intelligence Whispers, Wayne Madsen Report, June 20, 2005]


Two years later, another historic milestone occurred that would change what appeared tobe a new-found, amicable relationship between the US and Afghanistan. In 1998, (thesame year the decision to destroy the WTC was made) Osama Bin Laden – exiled fromSaudi Arabia – issued a


, or religious proclamation, calling for the death of allAmericans, including civilians, men, women, and children. This


is reported to haveresulted in attacks on the USS Cole and US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. While theTaliban was not responsible for the attacks, the relationship between Afghanistan and theUS started to sour after President Clinton ordered the bombing of terrorist camps inAfghanistan in response to the attacks on the USS Cole and US embassies.

Understanding the fatwa bombings

Because of the suspicious and questionable nature of the evidence presented regardingOsama Bin Laden, the question was investigated: Is it possible the US Embassybombings were not what they appeared to be? The evidence available suggests theembassy bombings may have been CIA operations, planned by CIA operative AliMohammed, and supported by MI5 (British Intelligence).

“U.S. investigators are concentrating on a possible U.S. Army connection between John Muhammadand former U.S. Army Sergeant Ali Mohammed. A former Egyptian Army officer, Ali Mohammed leftthe US Army Special Forces in 1989 after a three-year enlistment. He was arrested by U.S. authoritiesafter the U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa and pleaded guilty to charges of aiding Osama binLaden.

Ali Mohammed was the chief planner of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar esSalaam

and, more interestingly,

entered the United States under a covert CIA visa program

. AliMohammed received an M-16 Expert Badge and a Secret clearance from the Army and was a specialinstructor at the JFK Special Operations Warfare School in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”[]”An alleged member of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network wanted in connection with the bombingsof US embassies in Africa claimed yesterday he was in frequent touch with British security services,including a named MI5 agent. Khalid Al-Fawwaz, 38, whose fight against extradition will be heard bythe law lords today, has demanded to see MI5 intelligence reports which his lawyers insist are crucialto his defence. Mr Al- Fawwaz, a Saudi, says his meetings with an MI5 officer took place at the OldWar Office building in Whitehall, and will reveal the limited extent of his involvement with BinLaden’s organisation.” [Suspect claims MI5 can clear his name: Man wanted over embassy bombstakes case to lords, Richard Norton-Taylor and Nick Hopkins, The Guardian Unlimited, 10/22/2001]

This evidence is reinforced by reports that high ranking US and British authoritiesactively discouraged and prevented investigations into the crimes.

“In a dramatic interview with ABCNEWS, FBI special agents and partners Robert Wright and JohnVincent say they were called off criminal investigations of suspected terrorists tied to the deadlybombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa. U.S. officials say al Qaeda was responsible for the embassyattacks and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States…. The suspected terrorist cell in Chicagowas the basis of the investigation, yet Wright, who remains with the FBI, says he soon discovered thatall the FBI intelligence division wanted him to do was to follow suspected terrorists and file reports —but make no arrests…. ‘The supervisor who was there from headquarters was right straight across

fromme and started yelling at me: ‘You will not open criminal investigations. I forbid any of you. You willnot open criminal investigations against any of these intelligence subjects,’ ‘ Wright said. Even though

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 80they were on a terrorism task force and said they had proof of criminal activity, Wright said he wastold not to pursue the matter…. even after the bombings, Wright said FBI headquarters wanted noarrests. ‘Two months after the embassies are hit in Africa, they wanted to shut down the criminalinvestigation,’ said Wright. ‘They wanted to kill it.’ … The move outraged Chicago federal prosecutorMark Flessner, who was assigned to the case despite efforts Wright and Vincent say were made bysuperiors to block the probe….’There were powers bigger than I was in the Justice Department andwithin the FBI that simply were not going to let it [the building of a criminal case] happen. And itdidn’t happen,’ Flessner said. He said he still couldn’t figure out why Washington stopped the case… OnSept. 11, 2001, the two agents watched the terror attacks in horror, worried that men they could havestopped years earlier may have been involved.'”[Called Off the Trail? ABCNews, 19 Dec 2002]

“ The Observer has obtained a copy of a personal memo sent from Sudan to Louis Freeh, formerdirector of the FBI, after the murderous 1998 attacks on American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.It announces the arrest of two named bin Laden operatives held the day after the bombings after theycrossed the Sudanese border from Kenya. They had cited the manager of a Khartoum leather factoryowned by bin Laden as a reference for their visas, and were held after they tried to rent a flatoverlooking the US embassy in Khartoum, where they were thought to be planning an attack. USsources have confirmed that the FBI wished to arrange their immediate extradition. However, Clinton’sSecretary of State, Madeleine Albright, forbade it…. Sudan held the suspects for a further three weeks,hoping the US would both perform their extradition and take up the offer to examine their bin Ladendatabase.”[Resentful west spurned Sudan’s key terror files, Observer, 30 September 2001]“The Libyan al-Qaeda cell included Anas al-Liby, who remains on the US government’s most wantedlist with a reward of $25 million for his capture. He is wanted for his involvement in the Africanembassy bombings. Al-Liby was with bin Laden in Sudan before the al-Qaeda leader returned toAfghanistan in 1996. Astonishingly, despite suspicions that he was a high-level al-Qaeda operative, al-Liby was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000…..”[MI6 ‘haltedbid to arrest bin Laden’, Observer, 10 November 2002]

Another example of this unwillingness to detain key Al Qaeda mercenaries is the case of Abu Haf (aks Abu Hafs, Abu Hafsi). Abu Haf was a significant Al Qaeda operative in theoriginal US strategy to deploy Al Qaeda against the Russians.Al-Qaida emerged from another organisation, Maktab al-Khidamat, the services bureauthat Abdallah Azzam set up in the early 1980s to support Afghan resistance. Azzam wasassassinated in 1989; he was succeeded by Bin Laden, one of his leading disciples, whotransformed the organisation into al-Qaida.

“During a recent interview in Amman, Azzam’s son Hudayfa, who has spent almost 20 years amongArab militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan, told me: “Most Yemeni fighters, simple minded warriorswhose only ambition was martyrdom, left Afghanistan after the fall of the Communist government.The Egyptians stayed because they had other ambitions as yet unfulfilled. When Osama bin Laden joined them, after he left Sudan in 1996, they focused on shifting his basic thinking from opposition toAmerican hegemony in the Middle East towards a Takfirist perspective.“When I met Osama bin Ladenin 1997 in Islamabad, he was flanked by three members of the Egyptian camp: the Somali Abu Obaida,and the Egyptians Abu Haf and Saiful Adil..” [Global jihad splits into wars between Muslims: Al-Qaida: the unwanted guests, Syed Saleem Shahzad, Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2007]

In 1994, he joined the US operation to disrupt Russian control of oil in Chechnya.

At the end of 1994, this Jordanian, together with a group of his associated, moved to Chechnya, joining military activity against the Russian troops. [World Secret Services and the Caucasian Emissary of Al-Qaeda, Michel Elbaz , 30.11.2006,

“In 1996, Abu Hafs relocated to Georgia “on Osama Bin Laden’s order” to take charge of al-Qaedaoperations in the Pankisi Gorge. Abu Hafs is allegedly in charge of the distribution of all al-Qaedafunds sent to Chechnya. (Before his death last year, Russian intelligence usually attributed this role toal-Walid.) Abu Hafs is also described as having been in charge of weapons supplies to the fighters inthe Pankisi Gorge. (This statement implies that arms were being shipped in to the fighters. Aside fromthe practical difficulties of such international shipments, it is known that Gelaev arranged the re-outfitting of his men from Georgian sources in exchange for joining the fighting in Abkhazia. Russianarms are also available from the cash-strapped Russian rump garrisons in Georgia.) In the FSB’saccount, Abu Hafs returned to Chechnya in 2002 … There were numerous reports of Abu Hafs’largesse, building both a mosque and hospital in the Pankisi Gorge.” [Abu Hafs Al-Urdani: The QuietMujahid, Andrew Mc Gregor, Chechnya Weekly, Volume 6, Issue 5 (February 02, 2005)]

Even after the


embassy bombings in 1998 and the September 11, 2001 attack,Abu Haf was allowed to continue his work against the Russians unimpeded by the US,until the Russians killed him in 2006. The US allies in Georgia never attempted to arresthim during his many years in Georgia, even though the National Security Agencyidentified his location by a cell phone call to him in 2001. A US financed operation in2002 to ‘clean up’ the Pankisi Gorge allowed him to escape.

“…since 1996 and till his very death, Abu Hafs’ activity was closely related with Georgia, its secretservices did not pay any attention to him for quite a long time. In the second half of the 1990s, theyshowed almost no interest towards the Arab Islamists, who, like Abu Hafs, were basing in the Akhmetregion (Pankisi Gorge), in the northern part of the country. At that time the local secret services wereoccupied by operations directed against the inner opposition and against the separatist enclaves in theterritory of the republic. Moreover, given its complicated relationship with Russia, Georgia wasshowing silent empathy to the Chechen separatists, and therefore did not cause particular obstacles tothe Arab mujahideen connected with them. Only following September 11 attacks, and as a result of Moscow’s growing pressure, in 2001-2002 Tbilisi, with the help of Washington, somehow begancoping with the foreign mujahideen’ issue. In spring 2002 Abu Hafs moved to Chechnya, and inFebruary of the following year the Georgian Minister of Interior Koba Narchemashvili publiclyannounced that the Jordanian is not in the country any more. He also affirmed that the local secretservices had not collected intelligence about this person during the six years of his stay in Georgia. Inspite of the fact that later Abu Hafs had repeatedly visited Georgia, and even stayed here for the mostpart of 2005, no effort of his arrest was ever made.” [World Secret Services and the CaucasianEmissary of Al-Qaeda, Michel Elbaz , 30.11.2006]“At the same time, Georgian officials described an incident in which an Arab fighter with apparentlinks to Al Qaeda might have been allowed to get away. Georgian officials said they believed that theman, Abu Hafsi, had been running financial operations in the gorge and had supervised the building of a military hospital there. He slipped away, presumably to Chechnya, officials said.” [U.S. Entangledin Mystery of Georgia’s Islamic Fighters, Dexter Filkins , June 15, 2003, NYTimes]

Similarly, Peter Lance, in his 2006 research into the FBI’s mishandling of terroristinvestigations title Triple Cross, documents how the FBI failed to bring to justice:

Ihab Mohammed Ali Nawawi, who trained at Airman Flight School in NormanOklahoma and became Bin Laden’s personal pilot;

Ali Mohammed, a major Al Qaeda operative in the US and abroad linked to theembassy bombings;

Mohammed Jamal Khalifa: Osama Bin Laden’s brother-in-law who was connected byevidence to multiple Al Qaeda operations, but was extradited to Jordan to be set free;


Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a major Al Qaeda operative considered the ‘mastermindof the September 11 attacks;

Al-Midhar Nawaf al-Hamzi, 9/11 hijacker;

Khalid al Midhar, 9/11 hijacker.At one point, Lance attributes these failures to a “stovepiping” between U.S. agencies intheir failure to share intelligence before 9/11.” (Page 333). Elsewhere, he suggests “If they failed to connect the dots, it wasn’t because a legal barrier or “wall” had beenerected. It was because of management interference, incompetence, or sheer lack of will.”(Page 72). Lance however is able to tell his readers that the “Malaysian Summit … thatset the stage for not only the Cole bombing and the 9/11 attacks” “was monitored, as ittook place, at the highest levels of the intelligence community – even at the White House.White House National Security Advisor Sandy Berger was reportedly kept up to speed onthe conference and …FBI director Louis Freeeh himself was briefed.” (Page 337).The simplest explanation is not government incompetence. There are so many examplesof Al Qaeda operatives being released so many times, that one can only conclude thatthese men were and are protected by the US intelligence world, because they serve theUS National Security apparatus.Understanding the attack on the USS Cole also provides insights, with indications theattack required a complicated and sophisticated bomb, which was built in Lebanon by theHezbollah, and transported with the assistance of the Syrian Intelligence.

“The Oct. 12 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen is the work of network headed by Osama bin Laden.However, the sophisticated nature of the bomb–which was placed within a metal container to channelthe blast into the Cole’s hull–suggests state involvement. The bomb-makers were Hezbollah terroristsled by Imad Mughniyah. Everything was done in Lebanon under the protection of the Syrian army whothen helped the transfer of the bomb to the terrorists. Iran delivered the first material necessarily tomake the bomb. This delivery cannot be done without the agreement and the help of Damascus.”[Syria – Al Qaida Connection, Dr. J. R. Albani, Senior Official in the Guardians of the Cedars, May24, 2003]

The evidence suggests there are multiple intelligence organizations (known to havecooperated with U.S. intelligence in the past) involved in these


bombings. In anearlier decade, agents from Iran and Syria worked directly with US intelligence toexecute the October Surprise and the Iran-Contra weapons deals. Syrian troops foughtalong side US troops in the first Gulf War. The rhetorical question that might be asked is:would agencies that have been traditional allies of the US now be part of an attack on theUS? Even the agencies of United States’s avowed enemies do not attack the U.S.This multi-national conspiracy known as the


bombings was coordinated by thesame team now operating in Azerbaijan. This is a consistent theme with the evidence.Mohammed Atta was involved in multiple intelligence organizations, the same as thoseidentified as backing the US embassy bombings. The 9/11 hijackers had histories withmultiple western intelligence agencies. Moreover, a number of them, includingMohammed Atta, seemingly had links to the US military.

“Three of the alleged hijackers listed their address on drivers licenses and car registrations as the NavalAir Station in Pensacola, Fla.—known as the “Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation,” according to a high-ranking U.S. Navy source. Another of the alleged hijackers may have been trained in strategy andtactics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala., said another high-ranking Pentagon official. Thefifth man may have received language instruction at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex.Both were former Saudi Air Force pilots who had come to the United States, according to the Pentagonsource.” [The Pentagon has turned over military records on five men to the FBI, George Wehrfritz,Catharine Skipp and John Barry, Newsweek, 9/15/2001]“As the investigation gathered strength yesterday, unusual leads began to surface, among them thepossibility that some of the hijackers may have received training at Pensacola Naval Air Station inFlorida or other U.S. military facilities. Two of 19 suspects named by the FBI, Saeed Alghamdi andAhmed Alghamdi, have the same names as men listed at a housing facility for foreign military traineesat Pensacola. Two others, Hamza Alghamdi and Ahmed Alnami, have names similar to individualslisted in public records as using the same address inside the base. In addition, a man named SaeedAlghamdi graduated from the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio,while men with the same names as two other hijackers, Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari, appearas graduates of the U.S. International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., and theAerospace Medical School at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, respectively.” [WashingtonPost, 9/16 2001]

The observation that 9/11 required involvement by multiple intelligence agencies hasbeen made by at least two well-respected intelligence observers from Russia andGermany.

“(General) Ivashov hits the nail square on the head. “The organizers of [the nine eleven] attacks werethe political and business circles interested in destabilizing the world order” because they “were notsatisfied with the rhythm of the globalization process or its direction.” As others have explained—mostnotably Andreas Von Bulow, Bundestag member of a parliamentary commission which oversaw thethree branches of the German secret service—

only “secret services and their current chiefs” (or retired staff with “influence inside the state organizations”) have the “ability to plan, organize and conduct an operation of such magnitude


Generally, secret services create, finance and controlextremist organizations. Without the support of secret services, these organizations cannot exist—let alone carry out operations of such magnitude inside countries so well protected

.” Thus the obviouspatsy “Osama bin Laden and ‘Al Qaeda’ cannot be the organizers or the performers of the September11 attacks” because they “do not have the necessary organization, resources or leaders” (or the militaryand intelligence experience and knowledge required). Instead, “a team of professionals had to becreated and the

Arab kamikazes are just extras to mask the operation.” [Russian General – 9/11 aGlobalist inside Job, January 22,2006]

Moreover, the more one looks at these Muslim ‘terrorist’ organizations, one finds theyare generally headquartered in Western capitals. The ring of ‘terrorist groups’ (includingAl Qaeda) supported by the US and its allies and which ring the former Soviet Unionhave a consistent funding and support from the US and its allies. In addition to Syrian,Saudi and Pakistani intelligence support for Muslim terrorist groups, one also findsextensive British support.

“A terrorist network whose purpose is to undermine Russia is organized and coordinated from London.There, under the wing of British intelligence, thrive the world’s most radical Islamic terroristorganizations, such as the “Islamic Liberation Party”, the “Worldwide Islamic Front”, the “Defendersof Shariat”, the “Mukhadjiri” movement, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and others. I’ve namedonly those organizations which are forbidden in the majority of Islamic countries. In London also are

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 84located the nerve centers of Chechen terrorism along with the bank accounts of the terrorists.” [Who’sNoticing the NATO danger? General Leonid Ivashov , Sovetskaya Rossiya , April 8, 2004 ]

Even after the World Trade Center attack of September 11, Britain was ‘protecting’known Al Qaeda officials.

“Investigators from Spain, Germany and Italy are desperate to question Abu Qatada, who they claim isa pivotal figure in cells they have under arrest in their own countries. Their requests to question himand some of the other suspects directly have been rejected by the Government. Investigators in Spainwho named Abu Qatada as ‘the spiritual leader of al-Qaeda in Europe’, say their own terror trials arehindered by Britain’s refusal to let them interrogate the cleric. The Jordanian Government hassentenced him to life imprisonment for his role in planning a bombing campaign to coincide with themillenium celebrations and cannot understand why Abu Qatada is not extradited. In spite of holdingmost of the terror suspects for many months, the men are providing the security services and policewith little intelligence on terrorist activity in the United Kingdom.”[ London Times 19 December2003]”Described by some justice officials as the spiritual leader and possible puppet master of al-Qaeda’sEuropean networks, Abu Qatada has been missing since mid-December after British authoritiesconfiscated his passport, froze his assets and ordered him confined to his London home. With Jordanseeking his return to serve a life sentence for terror-related crimes, some observers figured Abu Qatadawent underground—and perhaps left Britain—to avoid extradition. But senior European intelligenceofficials tell TIME that Abu Qatada is tucked away in a safe house in the north of England, where heand his family are being lodged, fed and clothed by British intelligence services”.[‘Sheltering A PuppetMaster?’ Time Magazine 7 July 2002

]The Mujahedin mercenaries hired by Richard Secord to fight in Azerbaijan fought formultiple causes in multiple countries. Their use as instruments of US policy inAfghansistan, Kosovo, Chechnya, Georgia, Azerbaijan has been documented in hundredsof reports. Their protection by US and British policy makers long after the


proclamation is equally well documented. The reader needs to suspend judgment when itcomes to accepting at face value the claim that the hijackers and


bombers were inthe service of Osama Bin Ladin. The timing of the


and the embassy bombings isconsistent with the timing of a decision to destroy the World Trade Center, in such a waythat it is possible that the


and bombings were part of a larger plan to blame theWTC attack on ‘terrorists’. Evidence has been presented that the individuals responsiblefor these bombings were US trained, and belonged to a resource pool available to Secord,Armitage and Kimche. This is another in a list of hundreds of coincidences that supportthe conclusion that the Al Qaeda explanation offered by the US investigation is afalsehood.

U.S. Control of Afghanistan

In December 1998, following the US bombardment of Afghanistan and the anti-Talibancampaign of the Feminist Majority that was directed against Unocal, that companywithdrew from the pipeline consortium. Unocal, in a related news release, alsoannounced a 40 percent drop in capital spending for 1999 because of low oil prices,which it suggested, would prevent moving ahead on the pipeline in a timeframe requiredby the Taliban. The Taliban wanted the financial rewards associated with a pipeline, and


Unocal was not in a position to provide it in the desired timeframe for political andfinancial reasons. Hence, the Taliban opened the door once again to Bridas. The Unocalmove, however was purely a political response to US public opinion, and the trueintentions never were to give up on the contract. When the Taliban indicated a renewedwillingness to work with Bridas, the US negotiators responded with threats of invasion.The timing of these threats is a critical clue. The July, 2001 threats could only be madewith a pre-knowledge of a “Pearl Harbor” event by at least one of the three negotiators:Tom Simons, Karl Inderfurth or Lee Coldren.

“Three former American officials, Tom Simons (former US Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth(former Deputy Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs), and Lee Coldren (former State Departmentexpert on South Asia) meet with Pakistani and Russian intelligence officers in a Berlin hotel. [Salon,8/16/02] This is the third of a series of back-channel conferences called “brainstorming onAfghanistan.” Taliban representatives sat in on previous meetings, but boycotted this one due toworsening tensions. However, the Pakistani ISI relays information from the meeting to the Taliban.[Guardian, 9/22/01] At the meeting, Coldren passes on a message from Bush officials. He later says, “Ithink there was some discussion of the fact that the United States was so disgusted with the Taliban thatthey might be considering some military action.” [Guardian, 9/26/01] Accounts vary, but

former Pakistani Foreign Secretary Niaz Naik later says he is told by senior American officials at the meetingthat military action to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan is planned to “take place before the snowsstarted falling in Afghanistan, by the middle of October at the latest.”

The goal is to kill or capture bothbin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar, topple the Taliban regime, and install a transitionalgovernment of moderate Afghans in its place. Uzbekistan and Russia would also participate. Naik alsosays, “It was doubtful that Washington would drop its plan even if bin Laden were to be surrenderedimmediately by the Taliban.” [BBC, 9/18/01] One specific threat made at this meeting is that theTaliban can choose between “carpets of bombs” —an invasion—or “carpets of gold” — the pipeline.[Brisard, Dasquie and Madsen, 2002, pp 43] Naik contends that Tom Simons made the “carpets”statement. Simons claims, “It’s possible that a mischievous American participant, after several drinks,may have thought it smart to evoke gold carpets and carpet bombs. Even Americans can’t resist thetemptation to be mischievous.”

Naik and the other American participants deny that the pipeline was anissue at the meeting.

[Salon, 8/16/02] Creative Commons

Just prior to the time these statements were being made to the Taliban, Richard Armitagewas in Islamabad, and it is speculated by this report that the above three agents wereworking under his direction. Armitage’s expertise in the Afghan region was substantialin that he holds the ‘highest Pakistani civil decoration that could be awarded to aforeigner’ for his role during the Afghan war in the 1980s.While Unocal publicly appeared to back away from any association with the Taliban, itmaintained a presence in Afghanistan, and the US intelligence agencies worked on behalf of Unocal (and Enron) to promote an environment that would support a re-instatement of the pipeline. At that time, there were twenty CIA agents working for Enron using aleave-of-absence from the agency. They all managed to return to their positions withinthe agency when Enron went under.A key player in facilitating that covert operation was Dick Cheney.

“A chief benefactor in the CentGas (Central Asian Pipeline) deal would have been Halliburton, thehuge oil pipeline construction firm that also had its eye on the Central Asian oil reserves. At the time,Halliburton was headed by Dick Cheney.” [Provisional leader Karzai links to US Oil, Indymedia


Cheney was initially involved in the pipeline negotiations while CEO of Halliburton. Asnewly elected Vice President of the U.S, he would intercede in January of 2001,supposedly at the request of Enron, to impose an “intelligence block” that would preventnumerous US investigative agencies from interfering with or monitoring discussionsbetween Afghan, Saudi and US covert operatives who were “fixing” the situation.During this time while the block was in effect, two key leaders of the Northern Alliance(Abdul Haq and Ahmad Shah Masoud (Masood)) were assassinated, and the Talibanleadership was “courted” with cash.

“Abdul Haq, the assassinated former mujaheddin leader from Jalalabad, and the leadership of theNorthern Alliance… When Haq entered Afghanistan from Pakistan last October (2001), his positionwas immediately known to Taliban forces, which subsequently pinned him and his small party down,captured, and executed them….” [Provisional leader Karzai links to US Oil , Indymedia Somewhere,Wayne Madsen, 2002-01-21]”The Taliban’s execution of Afghan opposition leader Abdul Haq will be a subject of contention at acongressional hearing today and could lead to new scrutiny of the CIA’s close ties to Pakistan’sintelligence service. A House International Relations subcommittee is expected to air charges thatPakistani agents betrayed Abdul Haq, and the CIA didn’t do enough to save him. Recriminations arerising in the aftermath of Abdul Haq’s execution Friday in Afghanistan. His champions say the heroduring the war with the Soviet Union was a potential unifying force for anti-Taliban oppositionfactions… Abudul Haq’s death has prompted some of the strongest criticism of the U.S. war effort. ‘Alot of people are very upset,’ says Al Santolly, an aide to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. ‘The wholeepisode shows a lack of coherence in the (Bush administration) policy.’ The crux of the criticism overhis death is the CIA’s relationship with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)… The CIA wentalong with the ISI, including the ISI’s creation of the Taliban, critics say… Vince Cannistraro, a formerCIA director of counterterrorism, says there is ‘credible information’ that the ISI tipped off an Afghantribal leader about Abdul Haq’s whereabouts, and the tribal leader told the Taliban. A senior official of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance made the same charge on Tuesday, as did several congressionalaides.” [Taliban foe’s death sparks criticism of U.S. goals,” USA Today, 10/31/2001]“September 9, the leader of the Northern Alliance, Commander Ahmad Shah Masood, wasassassinated. The Northern Alliance informed the Bush administration that the ISI of Pakistan wasimplicated in the murder.”[ Mahmoud Ahmad and The Secret Cult of 9-11, Laura Knight-Jadczyk]

A significant amount of money was spent in courting the Taliban leadership. There areaccounts that both the US and Russian fixers were each plowing $20 million per monthinto the Afghan leadership.What is widely perceived as a collapse of negotiations is thought to be the impetus for theinvasion of Afghanistan. However, key Northern Alliance resistance leadership hadalready been removed. The Taliban, to a large degree, supported a US pipeline, and onlythis fact can explain the limited assault on Taliban forces by US troops, once the invasionbegan, and the willingness of US forces to let thousands of Taliban fighters to escape.With the dispersal of the Taliban and the elimination of Northern Alliance leadership, itwas easy for the US to install as president its own candidate, an oil industry executivewho formerly worked for Unocal – Hamid Karzai. Coincidentally, it also createdconditions allowing for a change in heroin traffic through Northern Afghanistan,


switching traffic from the Russian military routes through Moscow to the more southernroutes controlled by the Chechen Mafiya and Yeltsin Family.

4.5 Afghanistan and the Intelligence Block

John O’Neill was confounded by the same ‘intelligence block’ as Sibel Edmonds, andbefore his murder indicated the ‘block’ was preventing investigation into arms and drugsmuggling and money laundering because it was connected to the Taliban and the needfor Enron to salvage its Indian electrical generating plant investment. Without thepipeline, the plant was a financial failure with an estimated at $3 billion price tag.Salvaging its value might have prevented Enron’s bankruptcy, but most likely only wouldhave delayed it.

“… in January 2001, Vice President Cheney allegedly reinstated the intelligence block and expanded itto effectively preclude any investigations whatsoever of Saudi-Taliban-Afghan oil connections.Former FBI counter-terrorism chief John O’Neil resigned from the FBI in disgust, stating that he wasordered not to investigate Saudi-Al Qaida connections because of the Enron pipeline deal. Loftus hasconfirmed that it was O’Neill who originally discovered the AL Qaida pipeline memo after theEmbassy bombings in Africa….” [What Congress does not know about Enron and 9/11, John Loftus]“Loftus asserts that the Enron block, which remained in force from January 2001 until August 2001when the pipeline deal collapsed, is the reason that none of FBI agent Rowley’s requests forinvestigations were ever approved. As numerous British and French authors have concluded, theinformation provided by European intelligence sources prior to 9/11 was so extensive, that it is nolonger possible for either CIA or the FBI to assert a defense of incompetence.” [May 31, 2002 ForImmediate Release, By Atty. John J. Loftus ]

“During the investigation of the August 7, 1998, US embassy bombings, FBI counterterrorism expertJohn O’Neill finds a memo by Al Qaeda leader Mohammed Atef on a computer. The memo shows thatbin Laden’s group has a keen interest in and detailed knowledge of negotiations between the Talibanand the US over an oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan. Atef’s analysis suggests that the Talibanare not sincere in wanting a pipeline, but are dragging out negotiations to keep Western powers atbay.” [Salon, 6/5/02]“Their ongoing terrorist investigations appear to have been hindered during the same sensitive timeperiod while the Enron Corporation was still negotiating with the Taliban. An inadvertent result of theTaliban pipeline cover-up was that the Taliban’s friends in Al Qaida were able to complete their lasteight months of preparations for 9/11 while the Enron secrecy block was still in force….” [WhatCongress does not know about Enron and 9/11, John Loftus]

The real need for the ‘intelligence block’ becomes confusing, because there was a publiccourting between the Taliban and Enron, and the US government was inviting Talibanleaders to the United States through July of 2001 to negotiate successful closure to thepipeline deal. If the discussions were public, what might be the need for an “intelligenceblock?” Indeed, Enron felt it had successfully achieved its objectives.

“The Enron Corporation gave the Taliban millions of dollars in a no-holds-barred bid to strike a dealfor an energy pipeline in Afghanistan — while the Taliban were already sheltering terror kingpinOsama Bin Laden!Enron executives even met with Taliban officials in Texas, where they were given the red-carpettreatment and promised a fortune if the deal went through.… As The ENQUIRER revealed two weeks

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 88ago, Enron secretly employed CIA agents to carry out its dealings overseas. And a CIA insiderdisclosed: “Enron was wooing the Taliban and was willing to make the Taliban a partner in theoperation of a pipeline through Afghanistan. Three days after the terrorist attacks on the World TradeCenter and the Pentagon, Unocal announced it had withdrawn from the Afghanistan pipeline project.But

the CIA insider said Enron and its CEO Kenneth Lay held on

, waiting for the Taliban to give upBin Laden as the Bush administration was demanding. ”

Enron figured the Taliban wanted to stick totheir deal, that they wanted riches the same way Enron did.”

[March 4, 2002, American PatriotFriends Network]

The evidence suggests:1.

The intelligence block was unnecessary to protect Enron and Unocal, unless theiragents were engaged in negotiations that could not be made public because they wereillegal. The pipeline was a done deal, despite common perceptions in the press;2.

The attack on the WTC was not required to cement the pipeline deal.

The pro-Russian opposition leadership of the Northern Alliance had beenassassinated (Abdul Haq and AhmadShah Masood), as had key Talibanresistance.

the Taliban had been bought off;

“the chief Taliban leader based in Kandahar, Mullah Mohammed

Omar, now on America’sinternational Most Wanted List, was firmly in the UNOCAL camp.… Mullah Omar knewUNOCAL had pumped large sums of money to the Taliban hierarchy in Kandahar and itsexpatriate Afghan supporters in the United States. Some of those supporters were also close tothe Bush campaign and administration. And Kandahar was the city near which the CentGaspipeline was to pass, a lucrative deal for the otherwise desert outpost…” [Provisional leaderKarzai links to US Oil, Indymedia Somewhere, Wayne Madsen, January 21, 2002]

The Pakistanis while very pro Taliban, were more pro-Pakistani, and knew thepipeline meant large dividends for them. Payoffs to the Pakistanis – especiallythe by the Saudis measured in the hundreds of millions.This should suggest that if the intelligence block and the attack on the WTC wereunnecessary to secure the Afghan pipeline, both were needed for something else. Thisreport concludes that while the attack on Afghanistan was part of a larger strategy, theattack was not a necessity as reported by a large school of conspiracy theorists. The dealwas sealed. It was a

fait accompli

. An attack on the WTC was not necessary to secure thepipeline, but was more of a

coup de grace

for any vestige of resistance. It was not the oilnegotiations that were being covered up by the “intelligence block” –but the illegalmoney behind the negotiations. Most importantly, the decision to destroy the WTC wasmade long before the crisis in pipeline negotiations occurred in mid-1999. Therecruitment of Atta’s hijackers was already underway.

4.6 Afghan Heroin

Unocal – as part of the negotiations with the Taliban up until the attack – had adocumented record of supporting local warlord business enterprises in Asia, whichresulted in dealing with drugs and money laundering

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 89“An article in The Nation magazine asserts that Unocal’s pipeline partner, the Myanmar Oil and GasEnterprise (MOGE) is the main conduit for the laundering of drug money by the junta. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has said, “Burma’s drug traffickers, with official encouragement, arelaundering their profits through Burmese banks and companies — some of which are joint ventureswith foreign businesses.” The State Department reports that Burma exports 60% of the heroin found onUS streets…” [Unocal, Heroin and Forced Labor, Rogue Oil Company Undermines US ForeignPolicy, Free Burma Coalition, Los Angeles, 9/1/1998]

The “leap” of faith that needs to be made, and the hypothesis here, is that if Unocal andEnron were comfortable in laundering money for drugs in Burma, wouldn’t they also belikely to do so in Afghanistan? It appears as though the same mujahedin dealing withthe US team in Azerbaijan were moving heroin, and laundering the funds through theDeutsche Bank:

“Additional direct CIA and Deutschebank ties to heroin smuggling and money laundering were alsorevealed by the FT story. “In the 1980’s, at the insistence of the Central Intelligence Agency, theInternal Political Division of the [Pakistani] Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), headed by Brig Imtiaz…started a cell for the use of heroin for covert actions. This cell promoted the cultivation of opium andthe extraction of heroin in Pakistan as well as in those parts of

Afghanistan under Mujahedeen control

for being smuggled into the Soviet-controlled areas to get the Soviet troops addicted.” [Part III in aSpecial FTW Series on Insider Trading and September 11


: All Roads Lead to Deutschebank andHarken Energy, W’s Own 1991 Insider Trading Scam – the Mother of All Enrons, by Tom Flocco andMichael C. Ruppert, Edited by Michael C. Ruppert, © Copyright 2002, From The WildernessPublications]“Just 32 days before the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, a Financial Times of Asia(

FT) Wire-Business Line report linked Deutschebank to the United States Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), Pakistani and Afghani heroin smuggling, and money laundering of narcotics proceeds

(8-10-2001). Retired Pakistani intelligence chief Brig Imtiaz was jailed for eight years on July 31, 2001 forlaundering heroin profits — for covert actions — via a CIA-linked drug smuggling cell, usingDeutschebank and other financial entities and properties.””[In Dec. 2001] Pakistan and the United States have turned to a tried and trusted ‘friend’ in their effortsto exert control over events in Afghanistan – convicted Pakistani drug baron and formerparliamentarian, Ayub Afridi…. Without fanfare, Afridi was freed from prison in Karachi lastThursday after serving just a few weeks of a seven-year sentence for the export of 6.5 tons of hashish,seized at Antwerp, Belgium, in the 1980s. No reasons were given for Afridi’s release….. It is a matterof record that top US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials believed in the early 1980s that theywould never be able to justify a multibillion-dollar budget from the government to provide support tothe mujahedin in the fight against the Red Army. As a result, they decided to generate funds throughthe poppy-rich Afghan soil and heroin production and smuggling to finance the Afghan war. Afridiwas the kingpin of this plan…. “[US turns to drug baron to rally support, Asia Times, 12/5/2001]

Quite simply, these were the illegal deals being hidden by the intelligence block. Theseare the conversations that could put executives from Enron and Unocal in prison, as wellas Deutschebank executives and US intelligence operatives. These deals were hidden.The US oil companies got the oil. The Mafiya got the heroin. The Deutsch Bank got its20% laundering fee.

“Criminals now pay around 20 percent in laundering commissions. Just a few years ago, they werepaying only five to six percent. That change is the result of better legislation, better regulation, betterenforcement and better international cooperation.”[Russia: U.N. wants Russian help in $3 trillion crimefight, By Konstantin Trifonov ,06/05/2001, Reuters English News Service , (C) Reuters Limited 2001]


It was this “better legislation, better regulation, better enforcement and betterinternational cooperation” that indirectly brought about the destruction of the WorldTrade Center.

The Pakistani-Deutschebank money-laundering story was indicative of a broader,ongoing investigation of money laundering involving weapons and drugs beingundertaken by US agencies, which named the Deutsche Bank in at least three indictmentsacross separate crimes. Initially, the US Department of Justice indicted two Americanexecutives of the Bank of New York in September 1999 for laundering money for theRussian Mafiya– an

investigation started in 1998

at the request of the Russians. Theinvestigation was dropped prematurely (which was then picked up by Europeaninvestigators), the Deutsche Bank connection to the laundering was not publicized in theUS press, and the only person punished for a multi-billion dollar fraud was a banksecretary who went to jail for two weeks. The investigation was initially associated withnothing more than illegal money transfers. After the Swiss investigators revitalized theinvestigation a couple years later, the involvement of Marc Rich, an international armsmerchant was identified, as were other associates of the Yeltsin Family. The extensiveconnections between Jonathon Bush, the Riggs Bank and the Russian money-launderingscandal were totally ignored by the U.S, press.Subsequent investigations produced an unrelated, but second money-launderingconviction in July of 2001 (that of General Imtiaz), and was still generating leads. A fewweeks after convicting Imtiaz the Deutsche Bank was named in a third indictment of money laundering and weapons sales:

“In the trial of a former Deutschebank executive Kevin Ingram, who pled guilty to laundering drugmoney to finance terrorist operations linked to Al Qaeda just two weeks before the 9-11 attacks,indications surfaced that the Justice Department had penetrated the terrorists’ financial network. ANov. 16 Associated Press story by Catherine Wilson stated, “Numerous promised wire transfers neverarrived, but there were discussions of foreign bankers taking payoffs to move the money to purchaseweapons into the United States, said prosecutor Rolando Garcia.” [The Case for Bush AdministrationAdvance Knowledge of 9-11 Attacks, Michael C. Ruppert, FTW Publications © COPYRIGHT 2002]“On August 28, 2001, 14 days before the Trade Center attacks, former Deutschebank senior bondinvestment trader Kevin Ingram, pled guilty in a $2.2 million dollar money laundering conspiracy,resulting from a government sting operation investigating the illegal sale of night vision goggles,Beretta machine pistols, M-16 machine guns with silencers, rocket-propelled grenade launchers,mortars, surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), TOW anti-tank missiles, and Stinger missiles, according tocourt papers examined by the New York Post.” [Profits of Death (A Special FTW Series) Part II –Trading with the Enemy, Tom Flocco – Edited by Michael C. Ruppert, Copyright 2001. From TheWilderness Publications]“Interesting confirmation of the U.S. government’s familiarity with banking operations connected toterrorist activities was revealed in an 11/16/01 AP story by Catherine Wilson. In describing events in aFlorida prosecution of Egyptians connected to Ingram’s case she wrote, “Numerous promised wiretransfers never arrived, but

there were discussions of foreign bankers taking payoffs to move the moneyto purchase weapons into the United States,

said [federal] prosecutor Rolando Garcia.” This is yetanother clear indication that intelligence agencies routinely monitor banking transactions in terrorist-related cases. It has not been disclosed whether Ingram’s plea bargain produced testimony in this case.”

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 91[Profits of Death (A Special FTW Series) Part II — Trading with the Enemy, Tom Flocco – Edited byMichael C. Ruppert, Copyright 2001. From The Wilderness Publications]

However, it should be noted that the US Justice Department investigations weresignificantly less than thorough and addressed substantially less than the tip of theiceberg. The original Bank of New York investigation found $500 million to belaundered for the Russians. After the Swiss re-opened the case, the actual amountlaundered was reported to be closer to $10 billion. Subsequent estimates provided at theRussian criminal trials suggested the amounts might be closer to $15 billion.

“An aggressive European investigation of international crime has revealed alleged Russian mafialeaders operating in the United States. The U.S. Justice Department, write PNS contributors LucyKomisar and Ivan Feranec, dropped the ball three years ago during the Bank of New York scandal,which now threatens to explode. Nearly three years ago, the Justice Department called the Bank of New York (BoNY) money-laundering scandal “just” a Russian tax-evasion scheme. Now, Europeaninvestigations show that BoNY was a channel for organized crime. And according to a documentobtained by Pacific News Service, some of the alleged Russian mafia leaders have operated freely inthe United States. The widening

scandal reveals Washington’s dangerous reluctance to confront international criminal networks

.” [U.S. Investigators Missed Russian Mob in N.Y. Bank Scandal,Lucy Komisar And Ivan Feranec, Pacific News Service, 8/6/2002]

In fact, there are grounds to assume that the Justice Department was under similarinstructions from the administration to initially “block” the sharing of information on thiscase, just as the CIA put a block on FBI investigations:

“In June, at a conference on dirty money at Washington’s Brookings Institution, New York DistrictAttorney Robert Morgenthau questioned whether the Justice Department “thoroughly investigated” thecase (

Bank of New York

). A top official in the district attorney’s office said the

Justice Dept. would not  provide his office with information and told them to drop the case.

Morgenthau ran into similar federal displeasure a decade ago when he brought criminal charges againstleaders of the Pakistan-based Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which collapsed ina mega-fraud that made $8 billion “disappear.” [U.S. Investigators Missed Russian Mob in N.Y. BankScandal, Lucy Komisar And Ivan Feranec, Pacific News Service, 8/6/2002]

A similar lack of aggressiveness on the part of the Justice Department also may havecontributed to the success of Adnan Khashoggi’s GenesisIntermedia to defraud MJKsecurities in September 2001. It appears that GenesisIntermedia, and its Pakistanipromoter Rafi Khan, had been under intensive investigation by a number of U.S.authorities, including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, more thana year before those stocks mysteriously disappeared, forcing MJK into bankruptcy:

“As noted in SEC court filings, the period of investigation dates back to June, 2000, less than a monthafter Mr. (Rafi Mohamad) Khan signed his consent settlement with the regulator.” [Street Wire, BrentMudry, 11/14/2002]

Finally, of ‘interesting’ historical note, there was another trial related to the Kevin Ingrammoney laundering investigation. A New Jersey surgeon, who was a brother to one of theterrorists in the Ingram deal, was indicted for fraud and accused of diverting governmentfunds to terrorists. Although $15 million dollars of taxpayer funds were never recovered,he was released without conviction. His lawyer was a

de jure

Israeli citizen named


Michael Chertoff, who would later head up the official 9/11 investigation, and becomeSecretary of Homeland Security.On one hand, in the US, Europe and Central Asia, Deutschebank executives were beingidentified by the US Department of Justice– a key indicator that a major investigation of the Deutsche Bank was under way or being threaded together. On the other hand, itappears as though the investigations were deliberately constrained in their thoroughness,at the direction of the US Attorney General. Whatever results were being realized, theattack on the WTC certainly help put an end to that investigation:

“Michigan Senator Carl Levin’s Minority Banking Report of February 2001 calls correspondentbanking the “gateway to money laundering,” a financial technique wherein illicit money is moved frombank to bank with “no questions asked,” thereby cleansing funds prior to being used for legitimatepurposes. Via correspondent banking relationships, banks not licensed in the U.S. may gain access toAmerican financial markets by establishing a correspondent relationship with banks that are

. Deutschebank is licensed in the U.S. and maintained offices at the World Trade Center. All U.S. Deutschebank records were destroyed in the September 11 attacks

.” [Part III in a Special FTW Serieson Insider Trading and September 11


, All Roads Lead to Deutschebank and Harken Energy, W’sOwn 1991 Insider Trading Scam, Tom Flocco and Michael C. Ruppert, Edited by Michael C. Ruppert,© Copyright 2002, From The Wilderness Publications]“But more importantly WTC 7…. housed high-level government offices including the FBI, CIA andthe Secret Service. WTC 7 was also the storage facility for millions of files pertaining to active casesinvolving international drug dealing, organized crime, terrorism and money laundering.” [PBSDocumentary: Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC 7, Jeremy Baker]

Conclusion: there were honest and diligent investigators who were getting too close tothe German cartel’s key customers. Despite efforts by high level politicians to constraininvestigations, progress could not be prevented without raising too much suspicion. Theevidence was destroyed in a manner similar to the destruction of the BCCI fraud records,and the investigators were re-assigned to the war on “terror.”

4.7 Kazakhstangate

The location of FBI files in the North Tower of the WTC related to the Giffen andWilliams bribery case has lead to the speculation that the attack on the WTC might havebeen an attempt to silence this investigation. Indeed, information presented in Section 6of this report suggests that the FBI offices were specifically targeted for destruction. Inresearching the set of events leading to this investigation, the evidence shows theGiffen/Willimas Kazakhstan operation was a key component of the Caspian Oil pipelinestrategy. The relationship between Kazakhstangate, and the war on Afghanistan, can beunderstood by the following US announcement in December 2001:

“During a visit to Kazakhstan in Central Asia, Secretary of State Powell states that US oil companiesare likely to invest $200 billion in Kazakhstan alone in the next five to ten years.” [New York Times,12/15/01 Creative Commons]

The motive for that investment was the knowledge that the US would be able to finalizeand control a pipeline through Afghanistan, to the immensely rich Tengiz oil field.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 93“The Tengiz oil field on Kazakhstan’s Caspian coast is one of the 10 largest oil deposits in the world,and was first developed in 1993 in a joint venture headed by Chevron, which owns 50 percent of theconsortium. The resulting enterprise, Tengizchevroil, was later joined by Mobil (now ExxonMobil), a25 percent owner. The government of Kazakhstan owns another 20 percent, and Russian-American joint venture Lukoil holds a 5 percent share.” [blog]

US oil company control of this field (75%) is largely attributable to three gentlemen:James Giffen (an independent agent) and Bryan Williams of Mobil Oil, and DickCheney, of Halliburton. (The role of Condoleezza Rice, who by her credentials, surelyhad a role – remains unreported.)

“Chevron’s involvement throughout the region is quite ubiquitous. Alexander’s Gas and OilConnections reported the company has invested more than $20 billion in Kazakhstan alone. From 1989to 1992 National Security

Adviser Condoleezza Rice was on the board of directors of Chevron, and was its main expert on Kazakhstan

. [The Forging of “Pipelineistan”, Dave Allen Pfeiffer, From TheWilderness (FTW) Publications,, July 2002]

During the course of acquiring rights to this oil field, it appears that Giffen and Williamsacted illegally in the manner in which they won these contracts. That story is the essenceof Kazakhstangate! But there is much more to the story than initially published. Itappears that Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, may have also been involved in illegalactivity in Kazakhstan (in the same manner as French investigators suggested he was inNigeria.) Just as intriguing, government prosecutors attempted to gloss over theinvolvement of President George Bush the Giffen/Williams investigation, bylimiting the period of activity in the indictment to after 1995. Giffen’s lawyers arguedthat there were documents showing his instructions from the Whitehouse going back asearly as 1992, and earlier, suggesting involvement of George Bush Sr.!

“THE COURT: … I am looking at Exhibit S to your motion papers, which was a letter dated May 22,2003, to Mr. Neiman in which you asked for documents relating to communications between Mr.Giffen and a series of individuals at the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council,the Department of State and the White House. What timeframe –MR. SCHWARTZ: It appears, your Honor, if I look at this, we did not specify a timeframe. YourHonor, I would suggest that an appropriate timeframe would be going back to the creation of theRepublic of Kazakhstan in 1992, that that’s when Mr. Giffen was in routine contact –THE COURT: That is three years before the time period covered by this Indictment.MR. SCHWARTZ: But the documents, your Honor, will corroborate the very important relationshiphe had. If there was evidence in this case that over a period of time he formed the state of mind that itwas very, very important to keep the CIA abreast of what was going on in Kazakhstan, that wasn’tsomething that occurred starting in 1995. That was something that occurred long before — I wouldsuggest even going back, your Honor, to the days of the Soviet Union, when Mr. Giffen was veryactive on behalf of American interests in the Soviet Union. But we RT would be prepared to takedocuments from 1992, from the creation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.” [UNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,New York, N.Y. v. 4 JAMES H. GIFFEN, June 3, 2004, Eurasia-Internet, 6/21/ 2004]

This relationship to the Bush Sr. Whitehouse should not be viewed as coincidental.MEGA Oil, with its ties to the Bush family and Saudis, (Section 4) also initiated itscovert activities on the opposite side of the Caspian – in Azerbaijan – in 1992 underGeorge Bush Sr.


Information will later be presented in this report (Section 6) as to the destruction of theFBI office on the 23


floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. That officenot only contained investigative documents relating to the illegal gold trades of numerousbanks, but also included an investigation into the bribery and money laundering chargesbrought against James Giffen and Bryan Williams of Mobil Oil, who made illegalpayments to Kazakhstan officials – President Nazarbayev in particular – on behalf of Mobil oil.

“As Cheney, a millionaire petroleum executive who served as defense secretary in the administrationof George Bush, the candidate’s father, rose to accept the vice-presidential nomination from thecheering Republican convention in Philadelphia, Swiss prosecutors quietly moved to impound over$130 million in allegedly laundered funds deposited in Swiss banks.According to preliminary findings of the Swiss inquiry, the frozen funds represent under-the-tablepayoffs slipped to the top government officials of Kazakhstan by giant U.S. petroleum companiesseeking favored access to that oil-rich country, a former Soviet province that attained independenceafter the collapse of communism.Advised by Swiss authorities that the suspect accounts — more than $85 million found hidden inprivate numbered accounts controlled by Kazakh President Nursultan A. Nazarbayev in a singleGeneva bank, Banque Pictet — may violate the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, federal authoritiesin New York launched an investigation of their own.According to this memorandum, the Giffen probe was triggered by the findings of FBI agents in NewYork indicating that the millions impounded at Banque Pictet and other Swiss money-centersrepresented illegal payoffs to Kazakh officials by three major U.S. oil companies: Exxon Mobil, BPAmoco, and Phillips Petroleum.Giffen’s alleged role was that of the go-between who secretly transferred these huge bribes from theU.S. oil corporations along circuitous international money-laundering routes to Kazakhstan’s presidentand his top aides.” [Martin Mann, August 14, 2000]“A federal grand jury in Washington has been hearing evidence on the swap allegations, along withallegations of money laundering and bribery… In Mobil’s case, the company’s in-house investigatorscame to believe that the proposed swap between Kazakhstan and Iran was but one element in acomplex of seemingly high-risk business deals that were devised by Bryan Williams. Kazakhstan’sdesire to swap oil with Iran was widely known in the oil industry. Kazakhstan’s only ports are on theCaspian Sea, which has no route by water to the ocean, whereas Iran can ship oil south through thePersian Gulf and on to the Indian Ocean. In May, 1995, however, the Clinton Administration hadissued an executive order strengthening the sanctions against Iran. Under the executive order,American companies were prohibited from trading with Iran, which included any involvement in aswap, without a license from the Treasury Department”. [The Price of Oil, Seymour M. Hersh, TheNew Yorker, July 9, 2001]

Included in the investigation were William’s accounts at Credit Suisse:

“The Department of Justice criminal division’s supplemental request for assistance to the SwissFederal Office of Justice dated April 27, 2001 states “On March 4, 1998 after the executive ceasedemployment at Mobil, Mobil inventoried the contents of his office. Among the items found in theexecutive’s office at Mobil was information suggesting that he had control over three bank accounts atCredit Suisse in Geneva.” [Manhattan Judge Rules On Pre-Trial Motions In “Kazakhgate” CaseMarlena Telvick, 09/07/2004]


Giffen and Williams were found guilty in 2003 of money laundering, and no one else wascharged. Williams was sentenced to 5 years, and no report of Giffen being sentenced hasbeen found as of February 2007!According to sources in Kazakhstan, the FBI investigation extended to much moreactivity than the illegal swaps with Iran, leaving investigators to speculate what had beendropped from the indictments:

“The contracts investigated in the Kazakhgate trial, (were) first of all regarding the Tengiz, Kashagan,and Karachaganak fields and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium.” [The end of the “controlled”democracy, Interview with Akezhan Kazhegeldin, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan]

Dick Cheney was extensively involved in at least two of the four areas of the Kazakhstaninvestigation: the Caspian Pipeline Consortium and the Tengiz oil field contracts. As theCEO of Halliburton, his company was a direct beneficiary of construction of the pipeline.As a member of Kazakhstan’s Oil Advisory Board, with Giffen, he helped broker theChevron Oil deal for the Tengiz oil fields. Interestingly, the Chevron press releasedistinctly mentions the payment of bonuses to Kazakhstan.

“Cheney sits on Kazakstan’s Oil Advisory Board, a sounding board for the country’s president. … DickCheney helped broker the Chevron-Kazakhstan deal when he sat on the Kazakhstan Oil AdvisoryBoard in the mid-’90s….” [Amarillo Globe-News, June 13, 1998]“REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN AND CHEVRON CORPORATION ANNOUNCE FORMATIONOF THEIR JOINT VENTUREAlmaty, April 6, 1993 — The Republic of Kazakhstan and Chevron Corporation today announced theformation of their joint venture company, Tengizchevroil (TCO), to develop the Tengiz and Korolevoil fields on the northeastern Caspian Sea coast. ….Tengizchevroil is owned 50/50 by Tengizneftegaz, a subsidiary of Kazakhstanmunaigaz, the nationaloil company, currently operating the field and by Chevron Overseas Company, a unit of Chevron’sinternational exploration and production subsidiary. The joint venture has been formed as an exportproject to generate hard currency revenues in international oil markets.

To acquire its 50 percent interest in the joint venture, Chevron will pay the government of Kazakhstanbonuses as well as provide funds for development

….” [Chevron Press Release Archives]

To shed more light on Cheney’s role, just a Giffen and Williams cheated their partner(Farhat Tabbah), so did Cheney ‘cheat’ his original partner: Scott Van Dyke of AngloDutch Tenge – an oil company. As part of his efforts to get Chevron into Kazakhstan,Mr. Cheney breached his confidentiality agreement, for which Halliburton was laterfound guilty:

“A jury has awarded $70 million to a Houston man who claimed that Halliburton and another oilcompany cheated him out of the chance to develop an oil field in Kazakhstan in the late 1990s. . . .Scott Van Dyke and his company, Anglo Dutch Tenge, sued the Halliburton and Ramco Oil in 2000. A jury found in favor of Van Dyke’s company on Friday. Van Dyke’s attorney John O’Quinn said hisclient was promised a concession for an oil field near the Caspian Sea when he met the Turkishpresident. When he was unable to fund development of the field, Van Dyke sought out an equitypartner. Halliburton contacted him in 1997 and signed a confidentiality agreement not to disclose datathat Van Dyke allowed the company to review, O’Quinn said. After opting not to invest, Halliburtonlocated another company with ties to the Kazakhstan government and bought the field out from under

Van Dyke, according to the lawsuit. Halliburton will appeal $77 million jury verdict.” [OilOnline,11/4/2003]

Because of Mr. Cheney’s involvement on the Advisory Board to President Nazarbayev inthe creation of these various contracts being investigated by the FBI, it probably seemedappropriate for President Nazarbayev to approach Cheney and request that Cheney runinterference on the FBI investigation. Evidently, there was an effort by the Department of Justice to keep Nazarbayev’s name out of the trial, so it is possible Cheney encouragedthe Justice Department to “exempt Mr. Nazarbayev from prosecution” despiteWhitehouse claims to the contrary:

“WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors have said that President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan accepted large bribes in connection with dispensing his country’s oil concessions duringthe 1990’s, and later tried to obstruct the federal inquiry into the payments, which came fromAmerican oil companies, according to legal documents.The allegations were made by the Justice Department in a sealed motion and described recently in aletter of complaint from Kazakhstan’s lawyers to the deputy attorney general.

The letter was part of aquiet effort to exempt Mr. Nazarbayev from prosecution.


Nazarbayev and his representatives have raised the issue with Vice President Dick Cheney and other senior officials several times, but the effort to curb the investigation has been unsuccessful


according to court records and officials of both governments

. Administration officials saidWashington had rebuffed the Kazakhs’ efforts.” [Bribery Inquiry Involves Kazakh Chief, and He’sUnhappy, New York Times, Jeff Gerth, 12/11/2002]

To a large degree, Mr. Nazarbayev’s name was not mentioned in the indictment, and hewas referred to as “co1” in the court documents (suggesting that contrary to what theadministration reported, the administration influenced the prosecutor to keepNazarbayev’s name out of the documents.) It is worth noting that while the Bushadministration publicly announced that Nazarbayev’s request to stifle the investigationhad been “rebuffed,” the facts suggest that is not what happened, and that theadministration actually did go out of its way to control the results:

“A source familiar with the grand jury investigations… said Ashcroft has quietly moved… to exertcontrol over the New York grand jury from Washington and to exercise “unusual” influence over theWashington investigations. FTW has also received multiple reports that several high-ranking careerprosecutors in both New York and Washington have raised serious objections to Ashcroft’s actions andhis failure to publicly recluse himself in these cases.Channing Phillips, speaking for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. told FTW, “I checkedwith [Assistant U.S. Attorney] Wendy Wysong and she confirmed that the investigation is stillongoing. There are three aspects to these investigations: one in New York, one in Washington [at theU.S. Attorney’s office] and one at main Justice [DoJ headquarters]. If the attorney general had reclusedhimself, we would know about it, and we are not aware of any such development.” ….Ashcroft’sdecision in this case had an impact on the grand jury process. According to the Times, “Officials inWashington have not said where grand juries investigating the attacks will sit, or where the indictmentsmay eventually be brought.…”The two grand juries have been investigating allegations that ExxonMobil, the world’s largestcorporation, and BP-Amoco paid cash bribes to the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev,and his oil minister, Nurlan Balgymbayev, and that Mobil engaged in an illegal oil swap of Kazakh oilthrough Iran in 1997. Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy task force — now the center of aconstitutional battle over the release of its records — was meeting representatives of both companiesafter the grand juries had been empanelled as a result of information received from a Middle Easternsource in 1997 and inquiries from Swiss banks in 1999. The fact that these known targets of criminal

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 97investigations had access to the vice president’s energy task force would be comparable to havingallowed Manuel Noriega, while under indictment for drug smuggling, to consult in the war on drugs.At issue is a 25 percent stake purchased by Mobil in Kazakhstan’s Tengiz oil field, following an earlierpurchase of 50 percent by Chevron and an apparently desperate attempt a year later to start makingmoney from the fields by engaging in an illegal swap with Iran as a means of getting the Tengiz oil tomarket….

it is clear that Kazakhstan-related issues were discussed behind Cheney’s closed doors. Inan analysis of the final report of the vice president’s energy task force, released in May, TheWashington Times on July 20 wrote, “While saying private investors must lead the way, the Cheneyreport devotes considerable time to the Kazakh market, urging U.S. government agencies to ‘deepentheir commercial dialogue’ with Kazakhstan.” [The Elephant in the Living Room – Part I, Michael C.Ruppert © Copyright 2002, From The Wilderness Publications, 3/ 26/2002]

Nazarbayev also turned to the Russian/Israeli Mafiya to help keep the matter quiet, asreported by a Prime Minister under Nazarbayev:

“…members of the Eurasia Group (the Alexander Mashkevich syndicate) have promised the Presidentthat they (will) hush up the Kazakhgate investigation through their ethnic contacts in the U.S.” [Theend of the “controlled” democracy, Interview with Akezhan Kazhegeldin, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan]

The Mafiya boss that made the claim to be able to “protect” Nazarbayev from US courtswith his US contacts was Alexander Mashkevich. Also known as Alexandr Mashkevic,he holds both Kazakh and Israeli citizenship, and is President of the Euro-Asian JewishCongress.

Mashkevich and other members of the Trio (Patokh Chodiev and Alijan Ibragimov) worked with U.S.businessman and former Exxon Mobil executive, James Giffen, who is awaiting trial in a New Yorkcourt under the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Passed in 1997, the F.C.P.A. cites it is

unlawful for any American to bribe foreign officials, either directly or through an agent, “for thepurpose of obtaining or retaining business.” Swiss investigators found that Japan Chrome, one of Trio’s companies registered in the British Virgin Islands, transferred millions of dollars into theaccounts of another offshore company, Hovelon, owned by Giffen. These funds along with millionsmore were then transferred into an offshore account of a company owned by Nazarbayev.Mashkevich and fellow Trio members are awaiting pending trials in Belgium for money laundering,falsifying documents and criminal association. Even though these charges were filed five years ago,legal proceedings have been slow and the cases haven’t started.[]

Turning to the Mafiya and other Washington DC channels for assistance in keeping thisscandal quiet was probably consistent with the scope of this scandal, as the RussianMafiya was considered by Mobil executives to be significant recipients of the funds:

“The Orenburg losses were noticed by financial analysts at Mobil’s headquarters, in Fairfax, Virginia,but they didn’t take their concerns to the C.E.O. “These accountants went to Williams and said ‘What’sgoing on?’ “a former company officer recalled. “He said Noto (ex-Mobil President) knew all about itand had approved it.” Nothing more was done. The losses soon became known throughoutheadquarters. “It wasn’t that the money was lost but the specifics of how it was handled that shookFairfax up,” Don Voelte, the former Mobil vice-president, told me. “When I ran into Bryan and said,’What happened?’ he said the Russian mafia had got hold of it, and it was gone.” [The Price of Oil,Seymour M. Hersh, The New Yorker, July 9, 2001]“Giffen also arranged to do all the legal work and lobbying through his white-shoe law firm, Shearmanand Sterling. Nazarbayev poured millions of dollars into the firm, even though no one seemed to know

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 98where the money ultimately ended up.” [Part 1: Big Oil, the United States and corruption inKazakhstan, Larry Chin, Online Journal Contributing Editor, May 12, 2002]

At a superficial level, the FBI was able to prosecute two American business executivesfor violating the law with an oil swap between Iran and Kazakhstan. Dick Cheney’s rolein this particular set of crimes, and his efforts to have Nazarbayev exempted fromprosecution remained unreported in the press. There were extraordinary measures takenby Bush’s Attorney General to influence the outcome of this grand jury investigation –the reason for such an important intervention has never been explained. The questionremains: what were they trying to hide? The answer to this question is provided inSection 8, where George HW Bush’s Russian strategy is clarified.There is however, at least one other set of activities that Cheney was most probablyinvolved in which were unreported oil swaps between Kazakhstan and Angola, with asignificant shipment of Russian weapons.This deal included the Russian/Israeli Mafiya, and two individuals later identified withthe laundering of Russian diamonds by passing them off as blood diamonds or conflictdiamonds: Lev Leviev (Leveyev) and Arcadi Gadamayek (aka Arcadi Gaidamak, ArcadyGaydamak, Gaydamac or Arye/Ari Barlev). (The blood diamond connection wasoriginally reported in the press to be an Al Qaeda money laundering operation. The‘blood diamond’ investigation was just another investigation dropped by the FBI, mostlikely when it became apparent it was really a Mossad operation, with a potential linkbetween the Mossad and the US hijackers. This subject is explored in Section 12.3Israeli “Fixers”)There are two sets of clues, which lead to the hypothesis that Halliburton was involved inillegal oil swaps with Angola. First, Halliburton (under Cheney) apparently was involvedin bribery in that region of Africa, with enough evidence for the Department of Justice toopen an investigation:

“Feb. 4 – The Justice Department has opened up an inquiry into whether Halliburton Co. was involvedin the payment of $180 million in possible kickbacks to obtain contracts to build a natural gas plant inNigeria during a period in the late 1990’s when Vice President Dick Cheney was chairman of thecompany” [Another Halliburton Probe, Michae Isikoff and Mark Hosenball, Newsweek, February 4,2004]

Granted that Nigeria and Angola are different countries, it demonstrates that Halliburtonunder Cheney was amenable to methods that were not above suspicion.Second, Halliburton and the oil companies in Kazakhstan are the same companies thatbenefited from major contracts from questionable activities in Angola, using the samefinancial conduits used by Giffen and Williams and the US oil companies in Kazakhstan.These activities are explored in the following Section.

4.8 Nazarbayev, the Russian/Israeli Mafiya and Angola-gate

The evidence presented thus far indicates:


US oil companies in Kazakhstan were in need of moving oil out of Kazakhstanbecause their oil pipeline was not finished, the Russians were not allowing oil to bemoved through Russia, and US law prohibited moving it through Iran;

The individuals arranging swaps to move oil out of the country ran a large number of swaps, but the swap with Iran drew the most attention because of the illegality of trading with Iran;What will now be demonstrated is that:

These same businessmen were running oil deals between Angola and Russia. LikeIran, Angola had it’s own maritime access, so a swap between Kazakhstan andAngola would serve the same purpose as a swap between Iran and Kazakhstan –except the Angola swap would not violate the law.

These same oil businessmen in Angola and Kazakhstan were dealing with the sameRussian/Israeli Mafiya oil and weapons traders.President Nazarbayev, besides being an absolute source of authority in Kazakhstan, hasbeen in close league with the Russian Mafiya for many years. Three of the world’sforemost Russian/Israeli Mafiosi – Arcady Gadamayek, Alexander Mashkevich andGrigori Loutchansky, all have had major deals with Nazarbayev and his family. What therecords shows is that Nazarbayev was involved with Arcady Gadamayek during the sametime frame that Gadamayek, Lev Leviev and Pierre Falcone (a French criminal) wererunning their Angola-gate scam. Seymour Hersh reports that there are


of illegal oil transactions involving Kazakhstan that never come to public attention – andthat the Giffen/Willams Iran swap only came to light because they attempted to “stiff” apartner, (Farhat Tabbah) who then complained to the UK authorities. The facts suggestNazarbayev may have been part of an Angola deal on the basis of an oil swap, withHalliburton benefiting in both Angola and Kazakhstan. If true, this would implicateHalliburton and Cheney as complicit in multiple frauds, violation of international law andmurder in Angola, and that the investigation into Angolan financial fraud would be linkedto the same German and Swiss bank accounts that the entire house of cards was builtwith. An intelligence block and court intervention by Cheney in Kazakhstan may havebeen necessary to cover-up linkages to additional crimes related to activities in Angola.This investigation begins with an understanding that Nazarbayev – the key contact forGiffen and Halliburton – had significant Mafiya connections:1) Nazarbayev’s daughter and son-in-law are employed by the Russian Mafiya atNordex, a well documented Russian/Israeli Mafiya front:

“By 1994, Nordex’s turnover had reached some $3 billion and it had 40 subsidiaries and joint-venture firms in the West, and some 100 such affiliates in the former Soviet empire. It employsclose to 8,000 people. Among the big names associated with Nordex are Robert Maxwell’s sonsKevin and Ian in London, the daughter and son-in-law of President Nursultan Nasarbayev of Kazakhstan, and until recently former Israeli finance minister Yitzhak Moda’i.” [Maxwell –

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 100Mogilevich -Russian Mafia in Bulgaria -5 Guilty in Lukanov Murder –Part 2,StefanLemieszewski, December 1, 2003]

The role of Nordex in the larger Bush and Yeltsin conspiracy to defraud the Sovieteconomy of hundreds of billions is clarified in Section 8.2) The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported that the Russian Mafiya was seeking tointercede to keep Nazarbayev’s name out of the American Kazakhstan scandal, also –while working for Nazarbayev- was receiving Mafiya funds:

“And RFE Turkmen Service reported on the alleged bribe of $100 million made by Loutchanskyto Akezhan Kazhegeldin, the prime minister of Kazakhstan.”[ ]


A large portion of the Mobil funds sent to Kazakhstan went to the Mafiya. (SeePrevious reference: The Price of Oil, Seymour M. Hersh, The New Yorker, 2001-07-09)4)

Nazarbayev was a business associate of Arcadi Gaydamak.

“Gaydamak cultivated relations with Russian leaders and the country’s emerging tycoons. Hiscontacts in the post Soviet power structure came to include Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov;the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev;

the former military chief and later governorof Russia’s Karatchevo Cherkesia province, Vladimir Semenov; and the Russian oil magnateMikhail Khodorkovsky, president of Yukos Oil. In December 2000, Gaydamak was appointedchairman of the Russian Credit Bank, a post that was filled when he stepped down in 2001 by theeconomics minister and adviser to former President Boris Yeltsin, Aleksandr Livsits.” [TheInfluence Peddlers, from the 11-part series: Making a Killing, The Business of War, The Centerfor Public Integrity]

Gaydamak was actively involved, on at least two occasions, in moving Russian andEastern bloc weapons into Angola in exchange for oil. Gadamayek, Lev Leviev andPierre Falcone arranged to provide Russian weapons for Angolan oil and conflictdiamonds. No one has asked how Russia got the Angolan oil, but there is an extremelyhigh probability that Gadamayek arranged an oil swap with Kazakhstan, and then movedKazak oil –purchased from US companies – through the Russian pipeline. If true, the keyUS companies used to facilitate this swap would have been Mobil Oil (ExxonMobil),Phillips and Halliburton. This would allow the US oil companies to sell their landlockedKazak oil without the need of a pipeline. The Angolan oil was probably swapped forKazakhstan oil and sold on the Russian market to pay for weapons.Before this could happen, the Russians demanded that the Angola ‘debt’ to Russia beresolved. Hence, Angola had to arrange for a large loan to pay back previous Russian aidloans, with a payback arrangement established somewhere in the range of 30 cents on thedollar. This loan appears to have been arranged by Dick Cheney and Halliburton at theUS Export Import Bank, and moved by Marc Rich through Glencore International,through Sonangal (the Angolan treasury), UBS (Gaydamak’s account) on to BankAgricole Indosuez (formerly BCCI), Unicom Bank (Russia) and various offshoreaccounts. Along the way, hundreds of millions disappeared. Naturally, part of the dealwas large oil and construction contracts for Phillips Oil, Exxon Mobil and Halliburton in


Angola. Unfortunately, while the swap may have been legal, the arms portion of the dealwas prohibited under International Agreement: “arms purchases by the government andUNITA remained prohibited under the 1991 Bicesse Accords negotiated in Portugal”

“Perhaps the most ironic link described in the Global Witness report is one involving the former”fugitive financier” Marc Rich. He appears as a major player in the arms-for-oil scandal through aSwiss-based oil trading company named Glencore. The firm played a major role in guaranteeing a totalof $1 billion in oil-backed loans for Angola in 1998. The first set of oil-backed loans in 1993 involvedGlencore, Falcone, and Gaydamak. Soon after, Gaydamak arranged for the sale of Russian helicoptersand ammunition through a Slovak company called ZTS-OSOS. The 1998 billion-dollar loan dealincluded the Export-Import Bank loans being pushed by Halliburton and Cheney.” [Report Alleges USRole in Angola Arms-for-Oil Scandal, Special to CorpWatch, Wayne Madsen, May

17, 2002]

“Glencore UK Ltd. is to obtain loans for future Angolan oil sales from commercial banks … Theproceeds of these oil-backed loans is transferred by Glencore UK Ltd into our accounts for use bySonangol, the Angolan state oil export company, so that it can finance the repurchase of these [debt]obligations. Sonangol then transfers through our bank to the buyer, Abalone Investements [sic]Limited, its remuneration for its role as determining intermediary in this operation to buy back theAngolan debt and the price fixed by the Russian Finance Ministry for the repurchase of its obligations.Then, UBS will transfer the amount corresponding to the cost of these obligations to Unicombank. Inreturn and simultaneously, Abalone Investments Ltd receives from the UBS the obligations purchasedand their repayment certificates, and returns them to Sonangol on behalf of Angola which can cancelthem and thus progressively erase its debt to Russia.” [TIME FOR TRANSPARENCY, Coming cleanon oil, mining and gas revenues: A report by Global Witness. March 2004]

As a point of historical reference, it is appropriate to document at this time the Marc Richwas not a ‘novice’ in this business, and had decades of experience, including someparticipation in the Iran-Contra deals of the 1980s. Paul Klebnikov, Russian expert andSenior Editor at Forbes Magazine, has documented Marc Rich’s early years as one of theRussian oligarchs involved in plundering Russia’s treasury through ‘privatization.’ Richalso had a business relationship with David Kimche of the Mossad, previously shown tohave been helping Richard Secord move mercenaries and weapons into Azerbaijan, andAl Schwimmer, implicated in numerous Savings and Loans scandals in the 1980s.

“In 1988 the Iranian journalist Amir Taheri revealed that in the Victoria district of London Schwimmeroperated an arms procurement operation along with his partners David Kimche, the British born Israelidiplomat and longtime intelligence operative, and Yaacov Nimrodi, the former Iranian Jew who hadbeen Israel’s main operative in the court of the Shah for many years. It was from this office that thehuge Iran arms and illegal oil traffic was directed from 1981-1987, including the activities of MarcRich.There is another knot of connections between Schwimmer and Rich, as well. Before becoming .… anarms procurer in the 1940s, Schwimmerhad been a shady American business man with connections toMafia figures including Miki Cohen and Meyer Lansky, as well as Hank Greenspun, who was the mostimportant “legitimate” front man and ‘fixer’ for the Mafia takeover of Las Vegas.All of the menmentioned participated in the 1940s Zionist arms network, as well as in the European crime networkwhich the Mossad organized in the … temporary refugee camps of postwar Europe.” [Fallujah 101: Ahistory lesson about the town we are currently destroying, Rashid Khalidi, 11/12/2004]

Also for historical reference, it should be noted that an apparent bonus was given toAngola’s President Dos Santos by Halliburton. That bonus was the targeted assassinationof Jonas Savimbi, previously hailed by Ronald Reagan as the “George Washington of Angola.”

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 102“The net effect of the Angolan arms buildup was the scrapping of the 1994 Lusaka Peace Agreementbetween Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos and long-time UNITA rebel leader JonasSavimbi, a one-time favorite of the Central Intelligence Agency and a person who President Reaganonce hailed as the “George Washington of Angola.”Jardo Muekalia, who headed UNITA’s Washington office until it was forced to close in 1997, says thatthat the military forces that ultimately succeeded in assassinating Savimbi were supported bycommercial satellite imagery and other intelligence support provided by Houston-based Brown &Root, Cheney’s old outfit….According to Global Witness, the links between Angola’s corrupt government and the Bushadministration are just as odorous as those linking Luanda’s leadership to past and current members of the French government, both Socialist and Gaullist. In addition to the French oil giant Total-Fina-Elf,oil companies like Chevron, Texaco, Philipps Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, and BP-Amoco — all withclose links to Bush and his White House oil team — were heavily involved in propping up dos Santosin return for profitable off-shore oil concessions.” [Report Alleges US Role in Angola Arms-for-OilScandal, Special to CorpWatch, Wayne Madsen, May 17, 2002]

The Marc Rich (Glencore) connection is insightful because it identifies the probable linkbetween the Russian/Israeli Mafiya and the oil swap industry, and the structure of itsmoney laundering methods. These methods demonstrate involvement by the DeutscheBank. During the US Justice Department 1998-1999 investigation of the Bank of NewYork’s money-laundering on behalf of the Russian Mafiya, Marc Rich was implicated:

“The probe, one of the largest in recent history, was born out of the U.S. Justice Departmentinvestigation of the Bank of New York’s role in large-scale money laundering from Russia in 1999.The “Spiderweb” probe focused on the repatriation of funds from the Bank of New York and offshorecenters to Russia through Italian and other European front companies….”Basically, the Russians were sending all the money that they could out of the country, and at onepoint, many of the same people decided they wanted to bring the money back,” one Italian investigatorsaid….”I have an Interpol report that states that Marc Rich was one of the founding partners of Nordex,” hesaid. According to prosecutors, Nordex, a company based in Vienna, Austria, with offices in Germany,Ireland, Lithuania, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine, is accused of having had a central role in themoney-laundering operation uncovered by the “Spiderweb” operation….…

Mr. Rich, as the principal director of Glencore International AG, had a direct relationship with Benex. Although the true owners of Benex were never conclusively identified in Miss White’sinvestigation, Benex’s offices, located on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, N.Y., shared the samebuilding with two companies connected with Mr. Loutchansky….

U.S. and Italian authorities say that a good part of the money laundered on behalf of the Russian mafiaand businesses passed through Benex’s Bank of New York account and that from June to December of 1998 there had been a number of wire transfers from the “Glencore of Rich” to Benex

for a total of $178,000.…” [Marc Rich Linked To $9 Billion Money Laundering Investigation, P.K. Semler,Washington Times, June 23, 2002]

Marc Rich’s Glencore was involved in laundering Russian Mafiya money through theBank of New York. (Pierre Falcone, the French/Algerian arms merchant indicted in theAngola-gate arms deal also maintained an account at this bank as well.) According toAustralian sources, from the Bank of New York, the money was moved to the Pacificisland country of Nauru. What is interesting is the revelation that at the same time thatthe Bank of New York was required to shut down relations with Nauru as a result of theinvestigation so did the Deutsche Bank and Banker’s Trust. (Banker’s Trust is a DeutscheBank subsidiary, whose CEO-Buzzy Krongard went on to be the No. 2 Director at theCIA), The simultaneous cessation of relations of these banks with Naura suggests these




Gold-Backed Bonds, Cantor Fitzgerald and the Office of NavalIntelligence

A small and unseemly clue opened the door to an investigation which suggests thatCantor Fitzgerald, at the top of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, and theOffice of Naval Intelligence (ONI), in the Pentagon, were specific and related targets of the 9/11 attacks. This theory is corroborated by a wide range of information, which takentogether suggests that while the attacks on the WTC may have been initiated to bring toan end investigations into money and gold laundering, the actual timing of September 11was set by George Bush Sr. to cover his tracks left by a ten year old securities fraud inwhich he partnered with the Russian oligarchs and rogue KGB that overthrew the Sovietgovernment. This fraud is linked to the banks and accounts which were a part of the Bankof New York money laundering scandal, and the Marcos gold theft, which served as thecollateral for the securities. When one begins to ponder why investigations into whatmay be the world’s largest money-laundering scandal – the Bank of New York/RussianMafiya scandal – was completely sidestepped by the U.S. judicial system, or why theEnron losses were never fully tracked down, the answer is found in the revelation thatthese were extensions of a Bush family foreign policy to decimate the Soviet Union. Anormal day on September 11 would have begun the exposure of an illegal foreign policyand crimes that have enriched the Bush family, their political and business network and,of course, the German-Swiss bankers, and with it, their US counterparts.Just as the FBI offices on the 23


floor of the North Tower seem to have been targetedwith explosives, both Cantor Fitgerald (North Tower) and the ONI (Pentagon) seem tohave been targeted for assured destruction by near-direct hits from hi-jacked airliners. Anew target needs to be added to this list: Eurobrokers (South Tower). The small cluewhich led to further investigation and this hypothesis was found in the observation of theDirector of Convar, a German company responsible for recovering data from computerhard drives recovered from the World Trade Center:

“…Convar… found that there was a deluge of electronic


just minutes before the first planestruck. Quoting a December 16 report from Reuter’s, writer Kyle Henry found a compelling quotationfrom one of Convar’s directors: Peter Henschel, director of Convar…said, ‘not only the volume, but thesize of the transactions was far higher than usual for a day like that.’ Richard Wagner, a data retrievalexpert, estimated that more than $100 million in

illegal transactions

appeared to have rushed throughthe WTC computers before and during the disaster….The Reuter’s story was partially confirmed …bya Deutsche Bank employee who had survived the attacks by fleeing the WTC after the first plane hit.According to the employee, about

five minutes before the attack

the entire Deutsche Bank computersystem had been taken over by something external that no one in the office recognized and every filewas downloaded at lightening speed to an unknown location.” [Crossing the Rubicon, Chapter 14,Michael Ruppert ]

The illegal ‘put’ options discussed earlier in the report and by all other independentreports were “stock-related.” Now, a whole new type of transaction is being unwittinglyrevealed. At that time of day, the only transactions being processed in the World Trade


Center were bonds and government securities. The US stock market did not open thatday, and even if it had, would not have been open at the time of the attack.

“The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market never opened for trading the day of theattacks. The facilities of the New York Board of Trade in Four World Trade Center were destroyed.Regional stock exchanges, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange allclosed as well. European markets remained officially open but “most traders found it difficult to domuch business.” (Schroeder 2001) Equity markets reopened on Monday morning, September 17.”[Payment System Disruptions and the Federal Reserve Following September 11, 2001, Jeffrey M.Lacker, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, 23219, USA, Federal Reserve Bankof Richmond Working Paper 03-16, December 23, 2003]“Trading in U.S. government securities starts at 8 a.m. in New York, and repo trading starts as early as7 a.m. 3 “(T)he bulk of government securities cash and repo trading takes place before 9:00 a.m., … soSeptember 11 was close to a full trading day.” (Green 2003, p. 3) According to Jeff Ingber, the generalcounsel for the Government Securities Clearing Corporation, on the morning of September 11, some$500 billion in repo transactions and about $80 billion in government securities trades had alreadybeen executed when the planes hit. (Shephard 2002) Reconciling these trades would occupy back-office personnel for weeks.” [Payment System Disruptions and the Federal Reserve FollowingSeptember 11, 2001, Jeffrey M. Lacker, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia,23219, USA, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Working Paper 03-16, December 23, 2003]

There were only three companies in the WTC that serviced government securities and“repos” (A repurchase agreement -“repo” or “RP”- is a sale of securities coupled with anagreement to repurchase the securities at a higher price on a later date):

Cantor Fitzgerald, (which lost 661 of its employees when the

high-jacked airline hit the tower immediately below its offices in the North Tower.


Garbon Inter-capital (now ICAP PLC, on the 25


and 26


floor of the North Tower,

sitting right over the destroyed FBI offices

), and

Euro Brokers (a much smaller broker, which lost 60 employees when

the high-jacked airline hit the tower immediately below its offices in the South Tower

).Had the towers


collapsed, it is fair to surmise that the three government bondoperations would have been effectively compromised.Of the three bond traders, Cantor Fitzgerald was by far the largest, being the largestgovernment securities trader in the world and moving up to a half of the U.S. securities.

“the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which also keeps tabs on primary-dealer trading activity (buton a delayed basis), says primary dealer trades with interdealer brokers averaged $101 billion a daylast year, while primary dealer trades with others averaged $86 billion a day. Cantor doesn’t disclosevolume numbers, but it claims to do more than 50% of all interdealer trades in the Treasury market andmore than 90% of all interdealer trades of the 30-year Treasury bond.”[]

Co-incidentally, in August of 2001, the Deutschebank – the bank of origin for numerousillegal stock trades or “put options” made in the days preceding the attack- had justsigned an agreement with Cantor Fitzgerald to install Cantor Fitzgerald’s eSpeed tradingsystem.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 178“On August 1, 2001 eSpeed announced that it had signed an agreement with Deutsche Bank, one of theworld’s leading international financial service providers, whereby the European bank will channel itselectronic market-making engines and liquidity for a broad range of European fixed income productsthrough the eSpeed® system. The agreement makes eSpeed a primary distribution channel forDeutsche Bank in the wholesale market. This liquidity arrangement with Deutsche Bank furtherseSpeed’s goal to become the leading fixed income trading platform in Europe.” [eSpeed ReportsRecord Second Quarter 2001 Results, August 1, 2001 – eSpeed, Inc.]

At the same time, Cantor Fitzgerald was reported to set up operations with ButtonwoodInternational Group and PNB Paribas.

“…the eSpeed New Jersey office provided electronic trading services in derivatives and commoditiesusing a software package called TreasuryConnect, which had been bought from an Enron subsidiaryand licenced on August 1, 2001 to …Global Custodian and …BNP Paribas. By September 11, 2001,BNP Paribas had a network of about 70 global trade centers operating 24/7 around the world….By hitting the 89th floor of One World Trade Center, al-Qaeda’s first-time pilot hijacker of AmericanAirlines Flight 11, managed to miss the Buttonwood ‘Global Custodians’ offices on the 79th floorbelow, while killing all of their Cantor-eSpeed competitors on the 101st floor and above.” [9/11 andthe mob, Judi McLeod & David Hawkins, July 11, 2005]

Without the actual trade data (which the FBI has, according to Convar) it stands to reasonthat most, if not all, of these ‘illegal trades’ on September 11were being pumped throughCantor Fitzgerald – the largest of the US bond traders, the only company which had noon-site survivors that day, and the company that had just set up computerized tradingwith the source bank of the illegal stock trades. Information on these reported ‘illegal’trades was recovered by Convar and given to the FBI, and subsequently “buried” by theFBI and the 9/11 Commission.

“Henschel said the companies in the United States

were working together with the FBI

… to piecetogether what happened on September 11 and that he was confident the destination of the dubioustransactions would one day be tracked down….we’ve still

been able to retrieve 100 percent of the data

on most of the drives we’ve received. We’re helping them find out what happened to the computers onSeptember 11 as quickly as possible.

I’m sure that one day they will know what happened to themoney

…” [German Firm Probes Final World Trade Center Deals. Erik Kirschbaum, Reuters,December 16, 2001]

With a small clue leading to two strange coincidences and a potential cover-up, all of which point to Cantor Fitzgerald, the question should be asked: Was there specific reasonfor Cantor Fitzgerald to be targeted?In researching the background of Cantor Fitzgerald, there are five reference points thatprovide further grounds for suspicion that the Cantor Fitzgerald office was a specifictarget. These include:1.

At least seven of the top Cantor Fitzgerald executives were absent from the office atthe time of the attack. The President of Cantor Fitzgerald was taking his child to afirst day of kindergarten, and six more executives were scheduled for a fishing tripthat day. The trip was reportedly cancelled due to inclement weather at 8:00 am, butevery picture of the WTC that day shows cloudless skies. Moreover, theses charters


generally leave between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning, and if the charter was to becancelled, it would have been cancelled a lot earlier.

“… a six-member eSpeed carbon-credit trading team escaped death. Their annual one-day fishingtrip had to be cancelled about 8 a.m. on the fateful morning of September 11, due to alleged badweather over the Atlantic. Can anyone confirm the weather? New York looked pretty sunny.Hearing that the Twin Towers had been hit, the six lucky fishers hightailed it to New Jersey, towhat Joseph Noviello, executive vice president said of Rochelle Park, N.J., “where we hadduplicates of everything that was destroyed at our offices in the world Trade Center.” [9/11 andthe mob, Judi McLeod & David Hawkins, July 11, 2005]

What then seems so out-of-place about seven executives being absent from workduring peak trading hours? Three of these executives had been key participants in aUS Navy/Cantor-Fitgerald sponsored, wargame simulation of an attack on USsecurities just a year earlier. One of the three, Retired Admiral William ( aka Bud orBill) Flanagan, is identified as a member of the Board of Directors of the WashingtonGroup International. Bill Flanagan’s role in this theory is of import because he seemsto have 1) had a major role in the ‘economic war games’ which should have beenconducted simultaneously with the other six simulations being executed that day, 2)had corporate responsibility for two firms that benefited financially from the tragediesof 9/11 (Titan and CACI), and 3) had responsibility for a third firm that may haveplayed a role in the actual attack (Raytheon).

Washington Group International had just purchased the Engineering Division of Raytheon. Raytheon had five executives die on three of the four attack flights thatday, and Raytheon would be reported to have been responsible for retrofittingplanes on behalf of the Defense Department (in secured civilian hangars,) to looklike the plane that hit the Pentagon.

“According to two civilian defense contractor employees working at commercial corporatefacilities at Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport (left), in the months before theSeptember 11 attacks U.S. Air Force defense contractors brought in A-3 Sky Warrior aircraftunder cover of darkness to be completely refitted and modified at the small civilian airport inColorado. The revelations are important evidence for a reportedly ongoing secret 9/11 probebecause widely available Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)photographs taken during the attacks clearly show that the few aircraft parts found at thePentagon belonged to a small jet very similar to a modified A-3 Sky Warrior–not theAmerican Airlines Boeing 757….Air-traffic controllers from the Washington, DC sector originally said the incoming plane wasa military jet according to reports; but no grand jury has called them to testify and they havebeen strangely gagged from speaking out.”Only the Raytheon executives and the Air Force would have known which team installed aparticular system on the A-3 and who was involved in the operation,” said Schwarz.Coincidentally, five key Raytheon executives died on 9-11: Stanley Hall–Director of Electronic warfare program management (American 77), Peter Gay–VP of ElectronicSystems on special assignment at the El Segundo, CA division office where the Global HawkUAV remote control system is made (American 11), Kenneth Waldie–Senior Quality ControlEngineer for Electronic Systems (American 11), David Kovalcin–Senior MechanicalEngineer for Electronic Systems (American 11), and Herbert Homer–Corporate Executiveworking with the Department of Defense (United 175).

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 180Curiously, the five Raytheon executives chose three of the four doomed jets and all happenedto fly on September 11.” [Fort Collins, Colorado, May 26, 2005,]

Washington Group International would later benefit significantly from militarycontracts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“On April 4, 2003, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Transatlantic Programs Centerannounced that it had awarded three contracts “to rapidly execute design and constructionservices as needed anywhere” in the area of operations for the U.S. military’s CentralCommand (CENTCOM). The one-year contracts, awarded to Fluor Intercontinental, PeriniCorporation

and Washington Group International

, are indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity(ID/IQ) contracts with a guaranteed minimum value of $500,000 and a maximum of $100million. In late September 2003, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued additional taskorders totaling $278 million on the three contracts, and the Corps decided to raise the contractceiling from $100 million to $500 million.”“According to the Pentagon, the same U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracts won by

Washington Group International

, along with Fluor Continental and Perini, will cover workperformed by the companies in Afghanistan. There, they will rebuild damaged roads andreplace a destroyed bridge in Afghanistan as part of their individual contracts to supportCENTCOM. Those contracts have a minimum value of $500,000 and a maximum of $500million.” [Center for Public Integrity]

Flanagan would then become a VP of Titan Corp., the Defense contractorresponsible for those contractors charged in the Abu Ghraib torture cases, andaccording to this report’s speculation, the murder of Nick Berg. Titan Corp. isalso a major owner of Skyways Aircraft, a business partner with another shellcompany called Royal Sons Inc. of St Petersburg, FL. This latter company used amailing address which was the same as Huffman Aviation, which was the flighttraining school used by 9/11 hijackers.

According to SEC documents, in early February of 2000 Titan put up $72,386 for restrictedshares of a shell company Farkas created which later became SkyWay. …

Several topexecutives of SkyWays Aircraft

, the American firm which owned the DC9 in partnership withRoyal Sons Inc. of St Petersburg, FL. including the company’s President, James Kent

, are former members of U.S. military intelligence

….The plane’s registered owner, “Royal SonsLLC,” a Florida air charter company, at one time used the address of a hanger at the VeniceFl. Airport owned by infamous flight school Huffman Aviation. No one at the Venice Airportremembered them. [Dusty & ‘the boys’ II: Secrets of the Black Budget Scandal, DanielHopsicker, MadCow Morning News, May 7 2007]

The “war games” connection is important and disturbing. As documented later in thisreport, Cantor Fitzgerald had, in 1997 and 2000, participated in official US war games.At least six major U.S. war games were under way on September 11, having been “re-scheduled” from their original date in October. (The question needs to be asked andanswered: why were the games rescheduled, and why was the September 11


datechosen?) There has to be an assumption that in a major war game exercise, Cantor wouldhave been involved again. Flanagan and the other executives involved in supportingthose games should have been at the office, but were not.



Cantor Fitzgerald has what is described in the press as a long-standing relationshipwith the Office of Naval Intelligence, the one and only intelligence group that hadoffices remaining in the section of the Pentagon that was struck by the attackingflight.

“Mr. Barnett’s work with Cantor Fitzgerald…stemmed from a long-standing relationship betweenthe firm and the Naval War College.” [At The Pentagon, Quirky PowerPoint Carries Big Punch: Ina World of ‘Gap’ States, Mr. Barnett Urges Generals To Split Forces in Two, Greg Jaffe, Staff Reporter Of The Wall Street Journal, May 11, 2004]

What defines the nature of the long-standing relationship has yet to be defined. Atleast one internet blogger has commented that Cantor-Fitzgerald was able tosomehow provide an alternative source of funding for defense projects that somehowwere not approved by Congress. There has been no verification of this claim.Nevertheless, the Navy had worked with Cantor-Fitzgerald over the prior four yearsin at least two war games: 2000, and 1997. The 1997 participation by CantorFitzgerald is documented in: “Jeffrey Sands, The Critical Link: Financial Implicationsof Threats to National Security (a report on the Economic Security Exercise,cosponsored by the U.S. Naval War College and Cantor Fitzgerald, Newport, R.I.,December 1997.”) A relevant piece of information notes that it was WilliamFlanagan, as a representative for Cantor Fitzgerald, that approached Mr Barnett tolead this work.3.

A group of Cantor Fitzgerald executives and traders had been the primary‘financial/private sector’ participants in economic war games the year earlier, and in1997 as well. These war games had been set up, and participated in by various U.S.intelligence agencies and the Council on Foreign Relations, and run out of the CantorFitzgerald offices. It is of notable coincidence that the few published notes on thegames indicated the primary trades analyzed during the games were trades ingovernment securities, oil and gold. The coincidence is rooted in the observation thatit is these three types of assets that have become the focal point of nearly any and allcontrarian theories explaining the events of 9/11.

“Early in the year 2000, I was approached by senior executives of the Wall Street bond firmCantor Fitzgerald. They asked me to oversee a unique research partnership between the firm andthe Naval College that would later yield a series of high-powered war games involving nationalsecurity policymakers, Wall Street heavyweights, and academic experts. Our shared goal was toexplore how Globalization was remaking the global security environment-in other words, thePentagon’s New Map.” [Thomas P.M. Barnett, the Pentagon’s New Map]“On Jan. 22, 2000, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Project held its second big event: ascenario of a

global financial meltdown, run as a war-game simulation at its Manhattanheadquarters.

For the simulation, the CFR conscripted 75 people, including bankers, formerTreasury Secretaries, and former State Department officials. Participants were divided into fourteams, sent into four rooms, with the ability to communicate with each other and with a commandheadquarters through the computers. The four teams covered 1) monetary-financial, which dealtwith the functions of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors; 2) economic and trade, which dealtwith the functions of the U.S. Treasury Department; 3) regulatory matters; and 4) nationalsecurity—…former CIA director James Woolsey played the role of Secretary of Defense. … amajor objective of the exercise was to bail out the financial markets. According to an article in the

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 182March 10 issue of Euromoney magazine, written by an eyewitness reporter during the simulation,two of the largest mutual funds in America went to the Securities and Exchange Commissionsaying that they were experiencing redemption rates that could threaten their firms. The articlereported, “They need an injection of cash to meet the payments without having to dump theirportfolio on the market at fire-sale rates. . . .

on the panel was four-star Adm. William Flanagan(ret.)”

[CFR Bankers Plan for Financial Crash, Richard Freeman, Executive Intelligence Review,July 28, 2000]

A list of participants in the economic war game, suggests that Cantor Fitzgerald, theU.S. Navy and various intelligence operations dominated the simulation. (Note thatthe Cantor Fitzgerald ‘executives’ involved in the games “survived,’ and the CantorFitzgerald ‘traders’ were victims.)

ADM William Flanagan, USN (ret), securities director, Cantor Fitzgerald LP

Philip Ginsberg, financial director, Cantor Fitzgerald LP

Calvin Gooding, trader, Cantor Fitzgerald LP (Died in 9/11 attack)

Kent Karosen, director, Cantor Fitzgerald LP

Glenn Kirwin, senior trader, Cantor Fitzgerald LP (Died in 9/11 attack)

Norm Green, deputy national intelligence officer for science & technology, NationalIntelligence Council

Damian Harte, vice president, Westdeutsche Landesbank G.Z.

Carolyn Landry, banking and finance analyst, National Intelligence Council

RADM Peter Long, Provost, U.S. Naval War College

John Rice, U.S. Treasurer, Citicorp Bank

CDR Gary Shrout, public affairs officer, U.S. Naval War College

Robert Stevens, National Information Protection Center, FBI

Robert S. Wood, dean, U.S. Naval War College.

Charles Nemfakos, Senior Civilian Official for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of theNavy for Financial Management and Comptroller (ASN (FM&C).

Leif Rosenberger, Economic Advisor to Admiral Blair, Commander-in-Chief, U.S. PacificCommand.’s chief economic intelligence analyst. , Soviet foreign policy/Asian analyst at CIA

Douglas H. Paal, senior analyst for the CIA

The disturbing element of this information is that on September 11, there were anumber of officially sanctioned war games under way.

“During the September 11, 2001 attacks the US was holding multiple annual and one-time wargames with at least one resembling the actual attacks. The war games included:

a National Reconnaissance Office exercise on September 11, in which a small corporate jetwould crash into one of the four towers at the agency’s headquarters building afterexperiencing a mechanical failure. The NRO, whose name was classified until 1992[1], is thebranch of the CIA in charge of spy satellites.[2]

Global Guardian, an annual exercise that would pose an imaginary crisis to the United StatesStrategic Command. It had been running for several days. The exercise allegedly involved asimulated Russian bomber attack. [3] Global Guardian is performed in conjunction withVigilant Guardian, the annual training exercise (usually occurring in October) conducted byNORAD as well as exercises under the direction of Air Combat Command (Crown Vigilance)and US Space Command (Apollo Guardian)[4]. “Vigilant Guardian” is a HQ-sponsored CPx(Command Post Exercise), meaning it is conducted in offices and with computers, but withoutactual planes in the air. All of NORAD was involved in “Vigilant Guardian”[5]. However, itdid include radar injects, or false blips, which could explain the FAA’s observation of a’phantom flight 11′ on FAA radar well after the plane struck the WTC and after NORADclaims to have called off all war games.


Vigilant Warrior, a NORAD live-fly (confirmed by its second name ‘warrior’) exercisementioned in Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies page 4-5 (possibly the same as VigilantGuardian, or possibly the complementary “offense” or “red team” portion of the drillinvolving real planes acting as simulated hijacked plane)

Operation Northern Vigilance, which involved deploying fighter jets to locations in Alaskaand northern Canada. According to the Toronto Star: ” Part of this exercise is pure simulation,but part is real world: NORAD is keeping a close eye on the Russians, who have dispatchedlong-range bombers to their own high north on a similar exercise.” Planned on September 11,it was called off when the Federal Aviation Administration had evidence of a hijacking [6].

Operation Northern Guardian “In late August 2001, two-thirds of the 27th Fighter Squadronare sent overseas. Six of the squadron’s fighters and 115 people go to Turkey to enforce theno-fly zone over northern Iraq as part of Operation Northern Watch. Another six fighters and70 people are sent to Iceland to participate in “Operation Northern Guardian.” These werereal-world operations which resulted in many fighters from Langley AFB to be unavailablefor scrambling on 9/11.[7]

TRIPOD II, a joint FEMAand Department of Justice biowarfare vaccination exercise,scheduled for September 12 at New York’s Pier 29, and revealed in testimony by former NewYork Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the 9/11 Commission. The command center assembled at Pier29 was used for FEMA response to the events of 9/11 after Giuliani’s Office of EmergencyManagement offices were evacuated and later destroyed in WTC 7.The Vigilant Guardian war game was discussed in chapter 1, footnote 116 of the 9/11 CommissionReport: “116. On 9/11, NORAD was scheduled to conduct a military exercise, Vigilant Guardian,which postulated a bomber attack from the former Soviet Union. We investigated whether militarypreparations for the large-scale exercise compromised the military’s response to the real-worldterrorist attack on 9/11.” [War games in progress on September 11, 2001, From Wikipedia, thefree encyclopedia.]

Other than the curious coincidence of these war games being re-scheduled forSeptember 11 is the learning that the normal practice for these war games is toschedule them in October.

“Thompson (Paul Thompson, the 9/11 Timeline) cites multiple reports (see 8:30 am) indicatingthat Global Guardian is normally held in October, and that the run-through in 2001 was in factoriginally scheduled for late October and then re-scheduled for early September at some pointafter March 2001. Who made that scheduling decision? That may be the most crucial question of all in determining the criminal culpability for 9/11 among US officials.” [New WargamesFindings, Nicholas Levis, 9/, Aug. 2005]

Additionally, it is noteworthy that the New York Federal Reserve was coincidentallyoperating out of its back-up data facility on September 11.

“On September 11, we at the Federal Reserve never had to shift our Fedwire operations.

On that day the operations were being managed by staff at our backup facility,

a procedure we undertakeregularly. Fedwire was up and running at all times.” [Jamie B. Stewart, Jr., First Vice Presidentand Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, remarks before theBankers’ Association for Finance and Trade, April 25, 2002]

If the Navy had this relationship with Cantor-Fitzgerald, and had made economicattacks a part of their war gaming drills during two prior occasions, it seemsappropriate to assume that on September 11, an employee(s) of Cantor-Fitzgeraldmight have been tasked with running computer simulations of an economic attack onthe US securities market, not knowing a real attack was underway. In the simulaton,one would have a computer program the simulates an “attacking” server and a


“response” server. One server simulates buys, and the other simulates sells. It doesnot take a lot of effort to switch simulations from targeting test database servers toreal-life production database servers. However, if the war game servers aresimulating banks, none of the originating bank trade data ever gets copied to adisaster recovery server (test servers are not copied to disaster recovery sites), nordoes it get found on an originating bank server. Hence, under a scenario like this, onehalf of the clearing and settlement data would be missing – which is exactly whatcaused and led to the US securities settlement problems in the weeks that followedthe attack. (This situation is described at length further on in this Section.) At leasttwo of the traders who knew how to run those programs were present and died in theattack.One of the many strange observations from the technology reviews of the eventsSeptember 11 is that the government security trading system(s) never went down andtrade data was never lost! Much is made on Convar’s observation that there was lostdata of illegal trades, but subsequent reports suggest the data was never really lost!

“All the data and software was mirrored to Rochelle Park,” said Noviello, adding that the facilitywas established as a full-fledged data center, not just a recovery site, in February. Many RochellePark systems are primary, as well as backup… A triangular architecture, with points at the WTC,Rochelle Park and London connected by DS 3 pipes, worked exactly as planned. “When onecorner went down, we never stopped trading,” Kiewel said. “The system kept functioning inEurope and Asia.” …said Noviello, adding, “we did not lose any data.” [Cantor Fitzgerald – Forty-Seven Hours, Edward Cone, CIO Insight and Sean Gallagher, October 29, 2001, Copyright ©2004 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in eWEEK]

“With many key facilities for the fixed income markets located in or near the World Trade Center,the loss of communication services prevented market participants from interacting with oneanother and with

clearing and settlement providers, such as the GSCC and the Bank of New York (BONY

). Clearing and settlement of fixed income transactions in general was a major problem inthe days and weeks after the attacks


especially since the bulk of government securities cash andrepo trading occurs early in the day – meaning that significant amounts of data from the IDBs onalmost a full day’s trading in this area was lost and had to be meticulously reconstructed. BONY,which was the clearing bank for many major market participants and maintained some ofGSCC’ssettlement accounts, had to evacuate four facilities including its primary telecommunications datacenter and over 8,300 staff located near the WTC. BONY conducted processing activities as partof clearing and settlement of government securities transactions at several of these facilities.…

The critical payment systems, such as Fedwire and CHIPS, continued to operate with minimaldisruption on September 11, 2001

. While both Fedwire and CHIPS (as well as some of theircustomers/users) were affected by communications disruptions in the aftermath of the terroriststrikes,

transactions could continue being processed because the actual processing facilities arenot located in lower Manhattan


Retail payment systems, including check clearing and ACH transactions, also generally fared well following the attacks and continued to operate without significant disruptions.

Some check clearing functions were delayed, however, due to thegrounding of air transportation.

The U.S. banking system as a whole continued to functionrelatively smoothly on and after September 11, 2001

.” [Survey and Analysis of Security Issues inthe U.S. Banking and Finance Sector – September 2003 Institute for Security Technology StudiesAT Dartmouth College , Copyright 2003]

What a detailed review of the technology experts review of activities that daysuggests is that the primary trading systems did not go down and data was not lost


because of system redundancy, mirroring, and extensive back-up centers. What didfail was the telecommunications infrastructure which prevented buyers and sellers of securities from making “subsequent” trades. Hence, the settlement and clearing datashould have been “whole,” and a securities buy record and sell records should havebeen able to be matched in the setllement process.There is one last element of the settlement process that was disrupted by the attack onthe WTC. The actual certificates for the securities were destroyed.

“The difficulty with lost certificates was dramatically demonstrated during the September11,2001, tragedy when thousand of certificates were destroyed in vaults maintained by broker-dealers.” [Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 151 / Tuesday, August 6, 2002 / Notices]“Settlement: The Central Securities Depository (CSD) implements the settlement instructions:securities are delivered, and funds paid. The depository controls the actual securities, and so canregister and transfer ownership. …. However, some trades, such as mortgage-backed securities,still require physical movement of paperwork

. The deal is not complete and “irrevocable” untilthis is done.

” [Harvard Research Group Experience- Expertise- Insight- Results Harvard ResearchGroup, Inc. Copyright © 2003 Harvard Research Group]

(There will be some readers who observe that securities no longer require ‘physicalcertificates,’ and in many cases this is true. In fact, many US government securitiesare managed that way. Unfortunately, the certificates that were at the core of this plothad to be physical, because they were originally created for cross-border transactions,and the evidence cited from the Federal Register indicates they did indeed exist. Oneinternet blogger argued that if the certificates needed to be destroyed, that would notwarrant destroying the whole complex. In fact, all indications are, including on-linetestimonial from a Garbon employee, that the certificates were held in vaults in thebasement of the Tower.)An overview of this situation is worth providing:

Illegal trades were reported on September 11, which had to be governmentsecurities trades, as the stock markets had not yet opened.

Computers at Cantor Fitzgerald are known to have hosted programs that simulateattacks on US securities.

These programs should have been operational on September 11 as part of abroader synchronization of Department of Defense War Games.

The terrorist attack on the financial center of the US failed to bring down any coretrading system or Cantor Fitzgerald’s eSpeed trading system.

The only trading system that reported problems was the securities clearing andsettlement system, which publicly attributed its problems to communicationfailures with the Bank of New York.

As will be demonstrated in Section 8.1 Federal Reserve and the Elimination of Regulatory Control, the Clearing process was hung up for weeks on an inability to“match”, although the matching data is reported to have been whole. This issuehas never been publicly addressed in any article or speech by the Federal Reserve,and can only be identified by the ‘orders’ issued by the Federal Reserve in theaftermath of September 11. This ‘matching’ had nothing to do with the Bank of


New York’s telecommunications problems, and had everything to do withmissing seller data and certificates.4.

Cantor Fitzgerald has been reported as the “holder” of $240 billion of ten year old‘Durham/Brady Bonds’ that were due on or around September 11


. (There are noofficially classified, “Brady Bonds” from the “Brady Plan” for the Russian debt, – butbecause of the similar purpose of these $240 Billion in bonds, they are continuallyreferred to in the press as such.) These bonds were reported to have been put into themarket by Alan Greenspan, Oliver North, and George Bush Sr. in 1991, backed bygold securities and Swiss gold bullion, backed (in full or part) by the “Durham Trust”.The interesting aspect of these accusations is that the Chairman of the FederalReserve– a privately held, commercial group of banks – and the President of theUnited States are reported to have illegally created these securities, and the ONI –destroyed in the attack on the Pentagon – was hot on the trail of these securities.

“Sioux City, Iowa — July 25, 2005 — According to leaked documents from an

intelligence file obtained through a military source in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI),

on orabout September 12, 1991 non-performing and unauthorized gold-backed debt instruments wereused to purchase ten-year “Brady” bonds. The bonds in turn were illegally employed as collateralto borrow $240 billion–120 in Japanese Yen and 120 in Deutsch Marks–exchanged for U.S.currency under false pretenses; or counterfeit and unlawful conversion of collateral against whichan unlimited amount of money could be created in derivatives and debt instruments….The illegal transactions are also linked to the murder of a U.S. Army colonel charged withoverseeing approximately 175 secret CIA bank accounts, according to the officer’s wife, Mrs. V.K. Durham. During multiple interviews, Durham told that Bush 41 and Clintonadministration officials visited her husband Colonel Russell Hermann several times in the monthsprior to and three days before his torture and murder on August 29, 1994.Durham told us that Colonel Hermann told her “Bush, Greenspan and North were trying to get meto sign off on the CI Ltd., the Central Intelligence, Ltd. Iran and Latin American contra accounts.They held about $13-17 billion in physical gold.”Durham told us the $240 billion in stolen currency was obtained resulting from George H. W.Bush’s presidential abuse of power, when he authorized former Treasury Secretary NicholasBrady and former Secretary of State James Baker III to make fraudulent use of the Durham FamilyTrust collateral without her permission. There is evidence that Colonel Hermann’s and V. K.Durham’s signatures were forged on a Goldman-Sachs bank account certification requesting theconversions to U.S. currency.

The money was never repaid since the ten-year Brady bonds–purchased before September 13,1991 using the fraudulent collateral and gold bullion as security came due on September 12,2001–the day after the 9.11 attacks

, having allegedly been underwritten and held by the trustee,Cantor-Fitzgerald bond brokerage firm [whose offices on floors101-105 in the North Tower of theWorld Trade Center (WTC) were destroyed on 9.11 along with the Brady bond evidence….Durham called Dave Ehler, a staff-member to her congressman, Iowa Representative Steve King(R-5-IA), to tell him that Bush, Greenspan and North were in her husband’s hospital room threedays before his murder and to introduce him to three separate witnesses who identified the threeand described the encounters to Ehler–one who saw North in Hermann’s hospital room on aseparate occasion, one who witnessed (along with Durham) Colonel Hermann’s statementregarding the Bush Sr–Greenspan–North visit to his hospital room, and one who saw the actualmurder contract on Colonel Hermann’s life and told Ehler he is in possession of the transcript.Durham said the conversations with Ehler were tape recorded and moved to multiple securelocations to protect the evidence.”“Durham, 69 and living in Iowa, has also contacted her senator, Banking Committee ChairmanCharles Grassley (R-IA) and along with her congressman, Representative Steve King (R-5-IA),

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 187provided both with all the evidence in this report and much more; however, Durham said bothlegislators were told “not to investigate” by officials at the very highest levels of government.Dave Ehler, the aide from Congressman King’s Storm Lake, Iowa office (tape-recorded byDurham) told her that “orders had come down from the top: ‘do not investigate.’”Durham told us that a Central Intelligence agent said Cantor-Fitzgerald held the 10-year Bradybonds; and her secure family trust was the owner of Bonus Commodity Contract 3392 andCertificate of Debt Number 181 of May 1, 1875 [Special Bonus Certificate No. 3392/181],originally issued by the government of Peru in 1875 and illegally used by the U.S. government asthe collateral to purchase the bonds which secured the currency transfers–all of which came due inthe middle of the September 11 attacks.

ONI officials themselves–some of whom were probing the fraudulent 10-year debt instrumentsallegedly held by Cantor-Fitzgerald in the doomed North Tower–also perished along with theinvestigation files, all of which were curiously in the path of the 9.11 Pentagon impact

.” [Cashpayoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 9/11 finance, Tom Flocco,]

It appears that someone in the ONI was investigating these transactions, and released thesame evidentiary documents to multiple sources:

“In fact, it appears that such bogus gold certificates are being used in some interesting ways bycertain Wall Street and Washington types to artificially prop up the U.S. economy to cover up thefraudulent numbers….

I now have in my possession evidence, and sent it out overnight to 10 other secure sources to protect the information, that a 10-year Brady Bond deal was being worked onand closed toward in the end of 1991

, or was to have matured and been due somewhere on or afterSeptember 11, 2001.…Part of the story can be found by looking into Securities and Exchange Commission v. JohnD’Aquisto Securities. The name of John D’Aquisto (convicted) also appears numerous times as doMerkav International and Marion Aiken (convicted), First Guilford Financial Limited, London,but domiciled in Isle of Man … along with three of its officers Steve Billand, Charles A.M.Duncan, Jeff Muller, and others related to other companies in Russia, Australia, Ireland, theCanadian provinces of British Columbia and Ontario, all patterns to look for in picking up thetrails of such scams. It is the “multi-jurisdiction” facet that makes these deals hard to detect, trackand litigate for fraud. It is by design and intent so they can perpetrate fraud and get away with it.One of the D’Aquisto documents was from a “Bay State Trust” based in Zurich, dated 10September 1991, and just more of a trail that needs to be fully investigated due to the contents of that letter.” [Part 4: More reasons to not investigate 9-11, Karl W. B. Schwarz]

The exposure of these bonds, which lend new meaning to Alan Greenspan’s oftreferred to “unconventional” monetary tools, and the testimony that their settlementdate coincided with 9/11, support a theory that Cantor Fitzgerald was a specific targetof the attack. It would certainly provide a compelling argument of motive foradministration complicity in the attack. Having $240 Billion in bonds fail in publicmight cause a crisis, such as that predicted by the Russian Intelligence and theDresdner bank. The Russians and Germans were forecasting a financial catastrophefor late August of 1991. Their ability to do so is consistent with the documentationthat the bonds were made payable in Deutschmarks and Yen, and were used byGeorge Bush Sr. to buoy (or buy) the Russian economy in early September 1991, afew days after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russian and German ability toforsee this matter is also consistent with the not widely reported ‘fake advice notices’used to steal $220 billion from the Soviet Treasury. (See Appendix C of this Report.)Both the Russians, who received the funding, and the Germans (via theDeutschbank), who were also involved in the transaction, were in a position tounderstand the magnitude of the financial crisis created by the inability to settle these


bonds. (As an interesting note, at the time, Germany and Japan, whose currency wasused to finance the fraudulent transactions, were considered “enemies” of the USforeign policy team. Zalmay Khalizad, who was drafting US policy statements at thetime for Wolfowitz and Bush, suggested that “competition with Japan and Germanyshould be confined to economics; the United States should make sure it had nomilitary rivals.” [Rise of the Vulcans- The History of Bush’s War Cabinet, JamesMann, Penguin, 2004, p211.])5.

Cantor Fitzgerald had a track record of willingness to ignore multiple aspects of legaland financial regulations. In 1997 and 1999, Cantor Fitzgerald was found guilty infalse representation of securities ownership, false documentation and related illegalactivities.

“The CFTC order finds that Cantor violated the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) by aiding andabetting the fraud and registration violations of First Republic Financial Corporation, formerlyknown as Vancorp Financial Services (VFS), an unregistered commodity pool operator.The CFTC order finds that, although Cantor became aware that VFS falsely represented theownership of a securities trading account VFS had opened in its own name, Cantor allowed theaccount to be traded in VFS’ name. The account was actually owned by a commodity pool, theorder finds. The order also finds that Cantor failed to determine the ownership of the VFS account,and failed to obtain the trading authority needed to allow VFS to enter trades in this account. Inaddition, the order finds that Cantor assisted VFS in obtaining $950,000 to which VFS was notentitled by making wire transfer payments to First Republic Securities, a wholly owned subsidiaryof VFS, out of customer funds held in the account at Cantor.” [CFTC ACCEPTS SETTLEMENTOF CANTOR FITZGERALD & CO. CHARGED WITH AIDING AND ABETTING FRAUDAND REGISTRATION VIOLATIONS OF FEDERAL COMMODITY LAW, Release: # 3987-97(CFTC Docket No. 94-14), January 28, 1997]“Factual Summary: In connection with its activities as a Nasdaq market maker, Cantor Fitzgerald& Co. engaged in the following activities …1. The Fraudulent Coordination of QuoteMovements….2. Undisclosed Arrangements to Coordinate Quotations….3. Best ExecutionViolations (Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. failed, or caused the failure,to provide best execution in thehandling of customer orders in one or more of the respects) ….4. Failure to HonorQuotations….5. Failure to Keep Accurate Books and Records….6. Failure to ReasonablySupervise Nasdaq Trading….7. Unlawful Profits and Other Gains….” [SECURITIES ANDEXCHANGE COMMISSION, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDING, File No. 3-9803, January11, 1999]

These facts support the reports there were $240 billion in fraudulent securities beinghandled by Cantor Fitzgerald, an organization proven to have abetted similar fraudsacross multiple accounts. A year earlier, a group of Cantor Fitzgerald’s traders andexecutives participated in providing analysis to the Office of Naval Intelligence and theCouncil on Foreign Relations on the impact of a financial attack on the US. To do such,they would have needed to create a massive computer simulations of trades, the programsfor which could easily be used to pump volumes of actual illegal trades into the real-lifesystem. With war games being held on September 11, staff at Cantor Fitzgerald mayhave been running those simulations again. To anyone else, running those programsduring the actual war games would seem appropriate and justified. The only variable thatsuch a plot would require is an ability to totally disregard the SEC’s legal “settlementprocess,” which could only be accomplished one way: to declare a national emergency


and enact a clause in the Securities and Exchange Act which allows it to be suspended incase of a national emergency.Once the illegal trades were in the system, they would have to be settled with FederalReserve. $240 billion in illegal transactions might be a little difficult to sweep under thecarpet. Coincidentally, the attack on the World Trade Center has been the only occasionin which the emergency powers of the Securities and Exchange Act have been enacted,which allow the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to not only over-ride the formalsettlement process, but virtually every control on reporting and ownership as well. If thetransactions had to be swept under the carpet, September 11 was the only time in UShistory that it could be done.

8.1 Federal Reserve and the Elimination of Regulatory Control

A review of actions taken by the Federal Reserve in the days and weeks following theattack on the World Trade Center reinforces the theory that the attack was used to cover-up illegal trades with the support of the Federal Reserve. (Please note, that contrary topopular belief, the Federal Reserve is not an agency of the US Government, but acommercial affiliation of privately held banks.)

“The Court of Appeals, Poole, Circuit Judge, held that federal reserve banks are not federalinstrumentalities for purposes of the Act, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlledcorporations. …Each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks inits region. The stockholding commercial banks elect two thirds of each Bank’s nine member board of directors. The remaining three directors are appointed by the Federal Reserve Board. The FederalReserve Board regulates the Reserve Banks, but direct supervision and control of each Bank isexercised by its board of directors.” [Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (1982), No. 80-5905,United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit., Decided April 19, 1982, As Amended June 24, 1982.]

Hence, the SEC activities following the attack on the WTC could only have happenedwith the approval of those who owned the Federal Reserve Banks.

“According to the N.Y. Fed itself, as of June 30, 1997 the top eight shareholders were• Chase Manhatten Bank• Citibank• Morgan Guaranty Trust Company• Fleet Bank• Bankers Trust• Bank of New York• Marine Midland Bank• Summit Bank.”[Myth #5. The Federal Reserve is owned and controlled by foreigners, Edward Flaherty, Ph.D.Department of Economics College of Charleston, S.C,

Of these eight banks, five of them were extensively involved in the 1989 Russiancurrency destabilization program: Chase, Citibank, Morgan, Bank of New York andMarine Midland. One of them – the Bank of NewYork – was extensively reported to beinvolved in the laundering of Russian accounts owned by the very individuals this report


links to the 1991 fraud. It was also one of two clearing and settlement operations whichwould have cleared and settled $240 billion in fraudulent notes under the relaxed rulesabout to be discussed.While the rouble destabilization program has never been officially recognized, theevidence for its occurrence has been documented.

“The national debt rose steeply, and there was no source that could increase government revenue. Thecurrency came under great pressure. In 1991, Prime Minister Pavlov warned that foreign forces wereengineering an organised attack on the rouble. Reddaway and Glinsky point out that in the prevailingatmosphere of euphoria, he was ridiculed. But now this attack on the rouble between 1989 and 1991 isa documented matter. Authors quote from a book by an American journalist, Claire Sterling, whichgives details of the senseless traffic in roubles. She described how trucks and railway cars full of rouble notes were seen in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzer-land, Italy and Poland. TheSoviet embassy in Rome was actively involved in the transportation and sale of these bank notes.Sterling’s book also describes a worldwide operation of currency dealers and money launderersinvolving several Western banks. Reddaway and Glinsky think that there must be more than profit-making to this criminal activity. They maintain that anyone interested in the break-up of the SovietUnion would also have a keen interest in subverting the Soviet currency. Furthermore, those involvedin the narcotics trade wanted to invest in Russian property, and they wanted some front-men in Russiawho could launder their money.”[“Russia’s decade of tragedy, A Review of The Tragedy of Russia’s Reforms by Peter Reddaway andDimitri Glinsky and Failed Crusade by Stephen F. Cohen,” Govind Talwalkar, Frontline, Volume 18- Issue 22, Oct. 27 – Nov. 09, 2001]

The cost of that effort is estimated to be between $500 billion and one trillion US dollars.

“…finance capital fled Russia at an estimated $10-billion to $15-billion per year (Fidel Castroestimated it 2-to-4 times higher,14 former President Gorbachev estimates a total of $1-trillion)….”Subversive funds flowed in through the collapsed Russian borders (much of it from the NationalEndowment for Democracy (NED) and George Soros’ destabilization foundations [George Soros,“Imperial Wizard: Master Builder of the New Bribe Sector, Systematically Bilking the World,”CovertAction Quarterly (November 2002), pp. 1-7.] to organize political parties and coordinate amedia to promote Adam Smith “free trade.” [WHY? The Deeper History Behind the September 11,2001 Terrorist Attacks on America, Containing and Destabilizing the Soviet Federation and EasternEurope (3rd Edition, 2005), J.W. Smith,

What the public record demonstrates is that both the Federal Reserve and the Bank of New York were closely involved with the Yeltsin family as early as 1990.

Kagalovsky and Yeltsin travelled to Vienna together:

“In a Moscow airport in 1990, Natasha Kagalovsky, a Bank of New York Co. executive, struck upa chance conversation with Boris Yeltsin, soon to be Russia’s president. As they waited to board aflight both had booked to Vienna, she says, Mr. Yeltsin asked: “How come you don’t have a bankoffice in Moscow?” [Natasha Kagalovsky Rose Fast, Fell Hard at Bank of New York, Ann Davisand Paul Beckett, Wall Street Journal, November 23, 1999


Gerald Corrigan (President of the New York Federal reserve) also met “discreetly”with Boris Yeltsin before the August coup

“In the summer of 1991, Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Mr.Corrigan and several other Western officials traveled to Moscow to assess the “economic reforms”required for Russian membership in the International Monetary Fund and the eventual release of billions of dollars in loans a year later. …

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 191One evening, as Secretary Brady and Chairman Greenspan went off to dine with Mr. Gorbachev,an aide to Mr. Corrigan, who was not invited along for dinner, suggested that he meet “discreetly”with Mr. Yeltsin….”Mr. Yeltsin deeply appreciated the courtesy of Mr. Corrigan’s visit,” according to one officialfamiliar with the details of the trip. About a month later, when the attempted military coup againstMr. Gorbachev thrust Mr. Yeltsin to the forefront, the Russian president did not forget hisnewfound dining companion and billiard partner, Gerald Corrigan.In November 1991, the New York Fed chief began a series of “technical assistance” trips toRussia, and in January 1992 hosted a dinner for 200 bankers and other close friends in Mr.Yeltsin’s honor at the New York Fed’s Italian-revival building in lower Manhattan. The two now-intimate friends reportedly danced and tossed back shots of vodka until the wee hours of themorning.”Corrigan’s real assignment – the role neither he nor the Bush administration will discuss openly -is to float Moscow on a multibillion dollar tide of multilateral loans [Propping Up Russia’sFinances, Christopher Whalen, JoC Newspaper, September 29, 1992]

Gerald Corrigan has also been associated Bush progran to destabilize the Russiancurrency in a quiet partnership with BCCI banker Alfred Hartmann and Mark Palmer

“(Soros) has been controlled for some time by a fellow called Hartmann. Hartmann was operatingout of Zug, Switzerland, which is one of the banking centers, through the N.M. RothschildContinuation Trust.

Hartmann was the man who controlled the BNL and BCCI simultaneously,

orcoordinated it, which were not Pakistani or Gulf banks; they were British Commonwealth banks,controlled through this Rothschild intermediation. He worked for them, and still does

. Now on the American side, his controller or coordinator has been Gerald Corrigan, who’s going to work for him on the Russian side

, and a State Department official, R. Mark Palmer, who went to work forSoros even before he fully quit his job at the State Department.”[There Is a Worldwide Crash inProgress; We Are In A Depression Already”, Lyndon Larouche, interviewed by Mel Klenetsky,August 4, 1993, Shofar FTP Archive File: people/l/larouche.lyndon/eir.080493]

Soros, as it would turn out, was working with known Mossad agents Shaul Eisenbergand Marc Rich, representing to a large degree the Rothschild family interests.

“The friends of Soros lost no time in capitalizing on this situation. Marc Rich began buyingRussian aluminum at absurdly cheap prices, with his hard currency. Rich then dumped thealuminum onto western industrial markets last year, causing a 30% collapse in the price of themetal, as western industry had no way to compete. There was such an outflow of aluminum lastyear from Russia, that there were shortages of aluminum for Russian fish canneries. At the sametime, Rich reportedly moved in to secure export control over the supply of most West Siberiancrude oil to western markets. Rich’s companies have been under investigation for fraud in Russia,according to a report in the Wall Street Journal of May 13, 1993.Another Soros silent partner who has moved in to exploit the chaos in the former Soviet Union, isShaul Eisenberg. Eisenberg, reportedly with a letter of introduction from then-European Bankchief Jacques Attali, managed to secure an exclusive concession for textiles and other trade inUzbekistan. When Uzbek officials confirmed defrauding of the government by Eisenberg, hisconcessions were summarily abrogated. The incident has reportedly caused a major loss for IsraeliMossad strategic interests throughout the Central Asian republics. “[The Secret Financial NetworkBehind “Wizard” George Soros , William Engdahl, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR),November 1, 1996]“Soros’s circle includes indicted metals and commodity speculator and fugitive Marc Rich of Zug,Switzerland and Tel Aviv; secretive Israeli arms and commodity dealer Shaul Eisenberg, and”Dirty Rafi” Eytan, both linked to the financial side of the Israeli Mossad; and, the family of JacobLord Rothschild.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 192Understandably, Soros and the Rothschild interests prefer to keep their connection hidden far frompublic view, so as to obscure the well-connected friends Soros enjoys in the City of London, theBritish Foreign Office, Israel, and the U.S. financial establishment. The myth, therefore, has beencreated, that Soros is a lone financial investment “genius” who, through his sheer personalbrilliance in detecting shifts in markets, has become one of the world’s most successfulspeculators. According to those who have done business with him, Soros never makes a majorinvestment move without sensitive insider information.On the board of directors of Soros’s Quantum Fund N.V. is Richard Katz, a Rothschild man who isalso on the board of the London N.M. Rothschild and Sons merchant bank, and the head of Rothschild Italia S.p.A. of Milan. Another Rothschild family link to Soros’s Quantum Fund isQuantum board member Nils O. Taube, the partner of the London investment group St. JamesPlace Capital, whose major partner is Lord Rothschild. London Times columnist Lord WilliamRees-Mogg is also on the board of Rothschild’s St. James Place Capital.” “[The Secret FinancialNetwork Behind “Wizard” George Soros , William Engdahl, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR),November 1, 1996]

At a dinner party thrown by Corrigan for Yeltsin in June 1992, guests on theinvitation list who have been mentioned as persons of interest in this review were:

President Bush

Nicholas F. Brady, Secretary of the Treasury

Defense Secretary Dick Cheney

Alan Greenspan, chairman, Federal Reserve

Condoleezza Rice, associate professor of political science, StanfordUniversity.

Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser.

Ms. Natasha Kagalovsky, of the Bank of New York money-laundering scandal, waspart of Gerald Corrigan’s (then President of the New Yorkfederal Reserve Bank) ‘off-the-recod’ mission requested by George Bush to ‘rescue’ the Russian banking system.Corrigan made six trips to visit Yeltsin starting in September 1991, before he‘muscled’ other large banks into bankrolling the Russian drain [see NatashaKagalovsky Rose Fast, Fell Hard at Bank of New York, Ann Davis and Paul Beckett,Wall Street Journal, November 23, 1999]The Bank of New York would continue to be at the center of virtually every money-laundering scandal coming out of Russia, including Alexander Konanykhine’s EuropeanUnion Bank (of Antigua) and Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Bank Menatep, and Nordex.Now, it would be identified as the bond clearing house to be at the center of failedcommunications as $240 billion in fraudulent bonds were settled under suspiciouscircumstances in the aftermath of September 11. The Federal Reserve would be reportedby records unoffically released from the Office of Naval Investigation as having beeninvolved in a number of secretive transactions in 1990 and 1991 that ranged between $60and $100 billion dollars. In these transactions, the money moved through the Hong KongShanghai Bank (London), Chase Manhattan Bank, Key Bank (Ogden) and theMidAltalntic National Bank.The Bank of New York has been able to fend off any serious investigation from Federalagencies regarding these various money-laundering schemes, but only with a tremendousamount of poltical support, and lack of outcry from the American public. As far as thepublic was concerned, this was Russian money – and therefore had little effect on their


lives. The exposure of the Brady/Durham bond fraud would have been too impactful forthe Americanpublic to ignore. The regulations of the SEC would have resulted in animmediate exposure of this crime during settlement. Hence, the only option available tothe people that pulled this fraud together was to create a national emergency which wouldallow the Federal Reserve board to suspend the SEC regulations, and the clearingagencies (Bank of New York and GSCC) to mask their operations. This nationalemergency was the attack on the World Trade CenterAs a result of having had a dry run at this situation only the year before during the navalwar games, the management of the Federal Reserve had a precise strategy of how to dealwith this situation. Within hours of the attack on the WTC:

“…the Commission

for the first time invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k)

and, on Friday September 14, issued several orders and an interpretive release to easecertain regulatory restrictions temporarily. Last Friday, September 21, we extended this relief for anadditional five business days.” [Testimony Concerning The State of the Nation’s Financial Markets inthe Wake of Recent Terrorist Attacks, Harvey L. Pitt, Chairman, U.S. Securities & ExchangeCommission Before the Committee on Financial Services United States House of Representatives,September 26, 2001]

Section 12k – “Trading suspensions; emergency authority”- of the Securities ExchangeAct, when invoked, allows the Federal Reserve to do essentially and literally whatever itthinks appropriate.

“The Commission, in an emergency, may by order summarily take such action to alter, supplement,suspend, or impose requirements or restrictions with respect to any matter or action subject toregulation by the Commission or a self-regulatory organization under this title, as the Commissiondetermines is necessary in the public interest and for the protection of investors…to maintain or restorefair and orderly securities markets (other than markets in exempted securities)”

Recall, though: this national emergency was declared even thoughthe entire systemremained whole, and as documented earlier, none of the trading data was lost

:“…the U.S. financial system largely remained open throughout the day and thereafter. Banks and otherfinancial intermediaries stayed open. Key wholesale and retail payments system remained operational,like other financial activities, except to the extent that telecommunications disruptions had a temporaryor local effect. Even firms in the World Trade Center were able to resume business from other officesor from contingency sites within hours of the attack.” [Implications of 9/11 for the Financial ServicesSector , Remarks by Vice Chairman Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. At the Conference on Bank Structure andCompetition, Chicago, Illinois, May 9, 2002]

On the first day of the crisis, the SEC lifted “Rule 15c3-3 – Customer Protection–Reserves and Custody of Securities,” which set trading rules for the following processes:

The [seller] is not permitted to substitute other securities

for those subject to this agreement antherefore must keep the [buyer’s] securities segregated at all times, unless in this agreement the[buyer] grants the [seller] the right to substitute other securities

Notification in the event of failure to make a required deposit.

Physical possession or control of securities


Required Disclosure

Control of securities/Requirement to reduce securities to possession or control



In addition to suspending rules which controlled substitution, reporting, disclosure andcontrol in the matching process, the Federal Reserve immediately injected $120Billioninto the system, and kept injecting until it reached $300 Billion in incremental moneysupply.

“Banking system balances went from $13 billion on September 10 to over $120 billion on the13th….Federal Reserve credit extension following September 11 was unsterilized, in the sense that itresulted in a net increase in the monetary base.” [Payment System Disruptions and the Federal ReserveFollowing September 11, 2001, Jeffrey M. Lacker, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Richmond,Virginia, 23219, USA, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Working Paper 03-16, December 23, 2003]

The lifting of these rules, and the immediate infusion of over $120 billion in Reservefunds was inadequate to resolve what was identified as the “fail” problem: the inabilityto match the buyer’s funds and seller’s certificates. Hence, on the 19


of September,after lifting the constraint, the Government Securities Clearing Corporation (GSCC) senta memo to banks encouraging them to make substitutions on “immediately maturingcollateral”, which is what the Brady Bonds were. In other words, the Fed enabledparticipants to replace any older, allegedly illegal 10 year notes with new notes.

“…collateral substitutions can and should be made with regard to

immediately maturing collateral.”

[Reminder of Bond Market Association Recommendations, GSCC073.01, September 19, 2001]

Then, it treated the ‘fails’ as two separate groups, suggesting there was a large group of trades that required ‘special treatment’ for “other” problems.

“GSCC has listed, on two new, separately re-created databases, those deliveries from members thatwere bought into our account last week without our ability to view those transactions. This will allowus to identify with confidence those “fails” that are in fact incorrect,

as well as other problems

such aserroneous deliveries made to GSCC.” [GSCC075.01, September 20, 2001]

Subsequent to that ruling, the GSCC issued another memo allowing blind brokersettlements. A “blind broker” is a mechanism for inter-dealer transactions that maintainsthe anonymity of both parties to the trade. The broker serves as the agent to theprincipals’ transactions.

“The only repo transactions entered into by blind brokers should be those done in direct furtherance of clean-up and reconciliation efforts. No new blind brokered business should be executed.”[GSCC080.01, September 25, 2001]

At this point in time, the Federal Reserve and its GSCC had created a settlementenvironment totally void of controls and reporting – where it could substitute valid, newgovernment securities for the mature, illegal securities, and not have to record where thebad securities came from, or where the new securities went – all because the primarybroker for US securities had been eliminated. These clearing operations were being run inone of three ‘temporary’ facilities set up by the Bank of New Yor.This act alone, however was inadequate to resolve the problem, because the FederalReserve did not have enough “takers” of the new 10 year notes which this report suspectswere substitutes for the fraudulent notes. Rather than simply having to match buy and


sell orders, which was the essence of resolving the “fail” problem, it appears the Fed wasdoing more than just matching and balancing – it was pushing new notes on the marketwith a special auction.

“Acute settlement problems with the on-the-run ten-year note led the U.S. Treasury to reopen theissue on October 4 and hold an unusual “snap” auction of new ten-year securities.” [Payment SystemDisruptions and the Federal Reserve Following September 11, 2001, Jeffrey M. Lacker, FederalReserve Bank of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, 23219, USA, Federal Reserve Bank of RichmondWorking Paper 03-16, December 23, 2003]

If the Federal Reserve had to cover-up the elimination of $240 Billion in bogus securities,they could not let the volume of capital shrink by that much in the time of a monetarycrisis. They would have had to push excess liquidity into the market, and then phase itout for a soft landing, which is exactly what appears to have happened. In about twomonths, the money supply was back to where it was prior to 9/11.The need for an extra $300Billion in liquidity at the time of the “crisis” seems to be a bitof a mystery, and there has not been a significant effort to explain it. The immediatedemand for cash (ATM machines, checking accounts etc.) never exceeded $2 Billion.The U.S. banks had already agreed amongst themselves to not force balance settlements,so the Federal Reserve ‘loans’ which were supposedly necessary to save the bankingsystem never needed to happen. The SEC had indicated the financial companies couldcontinue financial reporting as if any transactions from that day had never occurred.Most importantly, all the transactions pumped into the WTC financial centers werereplicated in their Disaster Recovery sites, which were up and running in two days. Allthe original settlement data from buyers and sellers should have been there, unlesssomeone electronically tunneled into the trading systems masquerading as a bank andunloaded bogus data, which is what Convar suggested had happened. Given security oninter-bank financial transactions, the likelihood of this borders on impossible.With the regulatory changes that followed in the immediate aftermath of the attack on theWTC, it was not the banking system that required a $300 billion monetary infusion. The$300 billion was required for something else. This report hypothesizes that the delays instructuring settlements of “fails” were caused by an absence of matching buy/sell records,because the trade data was actually provided by a program run from a war gamesimulation server from within the World Trade Center, and connected to the tradingsystem. The fraudulent bonds were put up for a settlement that was not forthcoming, andin the settlement process at the Fed, were replaced with new Federal Reserve securities.Hence, the bogus bonds were replaced with legitimate U.S. debt, and the $240 Billion inbogus bonds were written off the books as the Fed’s reduction in the temporary boost inM3 required to “prevent a crisis.”The only conclusion one could reach is that if there were $240 billion in illegal securitiesin circulation, all due at once, one could not imagine a more opportune moment to makethose securities disappear than the suspension of all regulations and the perceived justification to increase the monetary supply by at least twice that amount. Thecoincidence of these two situations happening at the same time, by accident, can only be


described as highly improbable. This report hypothesizes that once it was determined tosupport the destruction of the World Trade Center to derail investigations into Swiss andGerman gold accounts, the actual attack was postponed and timed to coincide with theneed to resolve the fraudulent bond deal. Given that the same international bankingcartel was involved in all the crimes mentioned, and that the Bush covert operations of 1991 stood as the source of all of them, it probably matters little if one or more of thesecrimes provided the key motivation.

8.2 The Naval Intelligence Threat

There are a number of public sources of information that suggest that the Office of NavalIntelligence (ONI) represented a threat to the Bush administration, and the allegedGreenspan/Bush $240 Billion security fraud. The threat manifested itself in a number of different manners, through a number of individuals – suggesting that the friction betweenthe Bush organization and the Office of Naval Intelligence was more than personal, itwas institutional. Al Martin, former ONI operative testified to this friction:”The ONI already had a deep existing covert illegal structure. They had a mechanismbefore the CIA even existed. They had contacts in foreign intelligence services and inforeign governments that the CIA never could have hoped to obtain.”

“Also ONI controlled its own assets, which the CIA had to build from scratch later on. The CIA can’tcontrol any of its own assets domestically because it’s against the law for it to do so, thus the ONI isobviously in a superior position. For instance, you don’t see an airfield that says ‘Owned by the CIA’ onit in the United States. The ONI doesnt have any such restrictions because it’s part of the US Navy.””ONI is where the real deep control is. It’s where the real deep secrets are kept. That was what ONIalways did the best. Keeping secrets. Accumulating secrets. Warehousing secrets for the purposes of control.” When I asked him ‘what secrets?’ he (Al Martin) replied, “One thing I can tell you is theONI was instrumental in dethroning former Mexican President Louis Portillo. Portillo got very friendlywith George Bush and the CIA, and ONI had never alligned with the Bush faction. I know what peoplethink, but that’s not true. From what I can tell, it has never been alligned, but has always been hostile tothat Eastern Country Club Bush Cabal and their friends in the CIA. The Bill Casey faction is theGeorge Bush-Allen Dulles Faction.” [The Man Who Knows Too Much , An Interview with Al Martin,author of “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,” Uri Dowbenko]

Because of that, it is speculated that the entire ONI needed to be seriously disrupted. Theattack of Flight 77 did just that, taking out not only the Navy Command Center, but asmall Navy intelligence group as well.

“When hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon at more than 500 mph, slammingthrough concrete and corridors, spewing fuel and fire, it destroyed much of the Navy CommandCenter. It smashed directly into the offices of the CNO-IP. …Even in the acronym-happy Pentagon,the term CNO-IP is obscure. It stands for Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Plot. Its small,typically young staff keeps a round-the-clock watch on geopolitical developments and militarymovementsBrilliant futures were forged in the CNO-IP. Adm. Bobby Ray Inman, later deputy CIA director,served there; so did Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.). Radi, who stood the Intelligence Plot watch in histwenties, later moved to the White House Situation Room.

In mid-August, …the CNO-IP was moving to renovated offices in the Navy Command Center, on thefirst floor of the D-Ring, on the Pentagon’s west side.One hundred twenty-five Pentagon workers were killed that day. Forty-two died in the NavyCommand Center. Seven served in the Intelligence Plot.” [The Last Watch, Richard Leiby,Washington Post, 1/20/2002]

“As pointed out by Carol Valentine and Dick Eastman, the first floor of the western wedge of thePentagon was occupied in part by the office of the “Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Plot”, whohad moved into their new offices (early) and many were killed, as reported by the Washington Post,1/20/2002 (quoted by Valentine, not independently confirmed by the authors.) Valentine noted thatthis Naval Intelligence office was responsible for breaking open the Jonathon Pollard affair, andEastman speculated that had they survived, they might have had the responsibility to mount anindependent investigation of all the events of 9-11 and its associated “intelligencefailures”.[anonymous internet blogger]

The agency know as th “Naval Operations Intelligence Plot” was responsible forproduction of daily intelligence briefing and other intelligence materials for the Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary of the Navy, and other senior military and civilian officials,including the Director of the ONI. ONI was also part of the Command Center. At anorganizational level, it is reported that the ONI was at odds with Bush and his primaryenforcement agencies- the CIA and NSA.

“Tom Heneghen, . . . who claims an intelligence network ranging from Gore to France, made severalstunning claims about 9/11: — According to Heneghen, a missle shield over Washington, DC wasdeactivated several weeks before 9/11, . . . in preparation for the upcoming ‘wargames’ that served ascover for the Bush/Pentagon coup of 9-11.

The Office of Naval Intelligence, which has never been on particularly good terms with the NSA, the CIA, or its offshoots, is investigating this angle and emailson the CyberNet system that can prove this

.”[9/11 Whispers: Washington Defense Shield DeactivatedDue to Wargames? Liberty Think, 1/4/2005]

This general friction between the groups is demonstrated by several examples. At anindividual level, there were several individuals who threatened to expose the Bushadministration ‘shortcomings’ – if not crimes: officers Vreeland, Russbacher, andPhillport.The case of Mr. Delmart “Mike Vreeland has been debated and disputed, with seriousallegations of fraud made against him by a “number” of U.S. citizens. These allegationshave been reviewed and set aside by a Canadian court as without merit. The essence of the story is that Vreeland was apprehended by Canadian authorities on his way back fromRussia to the U.S. Previous to that, Vereeland had been a US agent in Iraq. Vreeland,while in jail, told Canadian authorities he was with the ONI, and documented – beforeSeptember 11 – that the attack on the WTC would happen. Unfortunately, his reportedONI ‘handler’ died in the attack on the Pentagon. Vreeland himself has disappeared, andis assumed to be in hiding, after finally being released.

“Sometime around August 11 or 12, Vreeland wrote a set of notes. They listed a number of potentialterrorist targets including the Sears Towers, World Trade Center, White House, and Pentagon. Thenotes also included the phrase, “Let one happen. Stop the rest!!!” He sealed them in an envelope andhanded them to his Canadian jailers.” [Down the rabbit hole with the man who says he tried to warnthe world about 9/11, Sander Hicks, Guerilla News Network, Sept. 26, 2002]

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 198“Lt. Vreeland gave clues that his main contact/control was Jack Punches. From the memorial pages:U.S. Navy Capt. (Ret.) Jack Punches worked in the Pentagon as deputy head, Navy InteragencySupport Branch. Punches was killed in the attack of Flight ”“I was sent (to Moscow) by the U.S. government and the ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence]. I got myorders between Sept. 4 and Sept. 7, 2000. Marc Bastien departed for Russia on Sept. 7, 2000. I hadorders to meet him. Bastien was going to work at the Canadian embassy regarding diagrams andblueprints of a weapons defense system. The U.S. government had a direct influence on his mission.The name of the defense system is SSST [Stealth Satellite System Terminator]. There are five differentindividual and unique defensive and strike capabilities of the system. The only portion that I havepublicly spoken on is one frame regarding actual current orbiting satellites, which are not at this timeowned by the US government. On advice of counsel I cannot discuss the other components.This one component is a satellite system. Within the confines of the system there are multiple,deployable space/orbital EMP [Electromagnetic Pulse] missiles that are not aimed at the ground. Theyare targeted at everyone else’s satellites. These would kill worldwide communications. The satellites of some countries that are shielded with titanium are protected from these weapons. The protectedcountries are Russia and China, but U.S. satellites are vulnerable and Putin has told Bush that the U.S.missile defense system doesn’t work, and that Bush knows it.The reason why I went to Russia was because I needed to meet with Bastien and another individualfrom the Russian Ministry of Defense named Oleg. The purpose was to get the Canadian diplomat whohad made contact with Oleg to get the book of designs out of the ministry’s R&D. That was done. Wecopied the entire book. Then we took certain documents, and we changed serious portions of thedefense design so the program wouldn’t work. They know this now.” [FTW Interview: Delmart “Mike”Vreeland, What the CIA Doesn’t Want You to Know, Michael C. Ruppert,]

What is generally ignored by most writers is that Vreeland claimed to have documents(over 100 pages of bank transactions with 6 transactions per page, with one on Aug 11,1989 for $100 Billion.) exposing a massive, fraudulent theft of billions of dollars fromthe U.S. Treasury. He shared these documents with Michael C. Ruppert, who discussesthem in his report Crossing the Rubicon. What is important to note is that thesetransactions start as early as 1989, and the ONI documents were also released to Ruppertand others by another Navy Intelligence agent. These documents suggest that the ONIwas probably investigating a large money-laundering scheme, as rumored in some of thepress. In reviewing these documents, it becomes clear that for the 18 months covered bythese documents, Robert Hermann (later to become Vice President and the principle taxstrategy architect for Enron, although the ONI documents may be referring to RobertHermann of the National Security Agency, who worked extensively in the White House.)was working with international banking cartels to refinance third world debt in the urgentneed to prevent the collapse of the US banking system. (Michael Bowe and James Deanprovide an excellent overview of this period in their report: “Has the Market Solved theSovereign-Debt Crisis?” Princeton Studies in International Finance, No. 83, August1997.) Working with a strategy labeled “concerted market-based debt relief” Hermann,Brady, Bush and Greenspan were apparently creating securities ironically named “ExitBonds.”

“Exit bonds are new bonds issued at discount in exchange for old debt. Exit bonds, like buybacks, wererare before Brady, because of similar coordination challenges reinforced by legal clauses in syndicatedloan agreements. Because exit bonds are generally either collaterized or made senior to the reminaingold debt, they can be exchanged for old debt at a fraction of its value. If the bonds are fullycollateralized, for example, they are as good as cash…” [Michael Bowe and James W Dean, Has theMarket Solved the Sovereign-Debt Crisis?, Princeton Studies in International Finance, No. 83, August1997]


The public record on the refinancing of Soviet debt is largely undocumented, but there isno doubt that it was being refinanced, with the secretive or “quiet” process largely underway in early 1991. Also, the individual reporting the news, and knowledgeable of thediscussions, was aware that the U.S. was doing the financing.

The Soviet Union is already in a piecemeal debt rescheduling with a series of ‘quiet’ Westerngovernment ‘refinancings’ likely this year

— all in the interest of avoiding a more formal and debilitatingParis Club process,” Center Board member Robinson said….Robinson added, “Under presentcircumstances, it only makes sense that the appropriate authorities conduct a thorough investigation of Moscow’s banking activities and loan and interbank deposit portfolios before any further Westerntaxpayer guaranteed credits are pledged to Moscow.” [“Moral Hazard “: Moscow’s Dubious BankingOperations May Make the BCCI and BNL Affairs Look Like Small Change, Center for Security Policy,July 23, 1991]

During this global debt-forgiveness/restructuring process, the Bush administration wouldhave needed to force the Durham Trust to relinquish control of its gold-collateralPeruvian debt bonds, which is what Durham claims did happen. According to theVreeland and ONI documents, during the refinancing process, significant portions of thecollaterized bonds of numerous international financiers “disappeared” for a large numberof months while under control of the Bush Whitehouse, which also fits with Durham’sclaims. Because of the delays in refinancing, a number of foreign countries took theWhitehouse to court to demand their collateral back. These proceeding were sealed (ashave been 9/11 lawsuits against the government) from public disclosure for reasons of ‘national security.’ During this same time period, the financial markets experienced oneof their rare “interest rate inversions,” where short term rates provided better yields thatlong term rates. Between inversion earnings and interest, investment of the “lost”collateral would have generated over $300 billion in profits during the period of theirabsence. What this report speculates is that two years later, these earnings and lostcollateral would re-emerge as collateral and funding for the re-financing of theRussian/Soviet debt (private and government), default on which was imminent. This debt(along with that of Peru, Brazil, Mexico and a dozen other states) had to be refinanced toprevent the collapse of the American banking system. The cash generated by refinancingthe Soviet debt was withheld from Gorbachev until the coup which ousted him, and onlythen was funneled to the Russian Menatep Bank. Menatep Bank, with its relations withBank of New York, Nordex and the Riggs National Bank subsidiary Riggs-Valmet,would be at the core of the plundering of the Russian economy, pumping Russian, Kazakand other CIS international trade flow through the aforementioned financial conduits.The Bush administration’s attempts to minimize and ignore the Bank of New Yorkmoney-laundering scandal have been documented elsewhere in this report. What is nowsuggested is that in attempting to protect the German and Swiss bankers, the Bushadministration was protecting its own family. Jonathon Bush was a key executive directorof Riggs at the time, and its Chairman, Robert L. Allbritton, was a family friend andmajor financial backer of the Bush family. The Russian Mafiya connection to Riggs andthe Bush family is explored in Section 8.3.Vreeland’s story, attacked for its credibility by several writers, is consistent with otherknown facts. It is of related note that in 1999, on two occasions the American press and


Congress expressed concern about Russian EMP capabilities, suggesting that Vreeland’sclaim to be collecting information in Russia about an EMP system has some merit:

“Pentagon intelligence sources tell us that Russia in early April resumed testing a high-altitude weaponthat fires off an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. The EMP bursts are similar to the disruption of electronics caused by a nuclear blast that can shut down everything from computers to cars. ThePentagon views the Russian EMP weapon as a serious development that may be part of Moscow’songoing anti-satellite weapons development program. U.S. satellites are the Achilles’ heel of the U.S.military’s high-technology force used for sending orders to forces around the world as well ascommunicating with troops and organizing logistics. A recent test of a ground laser against a U.S.satellite shocked military leaders by demonstrating how vulnerable U.S. satellites are to disruption.”[The Washington Times 06/18/1999; pp A5 by Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough]”The PRC is believed to be developing space-based and ground-based anti-satellite laser weapons.Such weapons would be of exceptional value for the control of space and information. The SelectCommittee judges that the PRC is moving toward the deployment of such weapons.” “Based on thesignificant level of PRC-Russian cooperation on weapons development, it is possible that the PRC willbe able to use nuclear reactors to pump lasers with pulse energies high enough to destroy satellites.””In addition, Russian cooperation could help the PRC to develop an advanced radar system using lasersto track and image satellites.” [The Cox Report, House Select Committee on U.S. National Securityand Military/Commercial Concerns with the P.R.C., Christopher Cox, Chairman, January 3, 1999]

When asked about how he learned of the pending attack on the World Trade Center,Vreeland indicated he learned of the attack from notes from a US agent found in adocument “sent to Vladimir Putin by K. Hussein, Saddam Hussein’s son.”

“When did you first learn details of the attacks that were to happen on Sept. 11? In the first week of December 2000.How did you learn of the details?

One document was written in English by a U.S. agent, who had  picked up a copy of a document that had been sent to V. Putin by K. Hussein, Saddam Hussein’s son

.This is what the translation of the doc indicates. The Iraqis knew in June 2000 that I was coming. Ididn’t get my orders until August. The letter said that Bastien and Vreeland would be dealt with “in amanner suitable to us.” The letter specifically stated on page two, “Our American official guaranteesthis.” [FTW Interview: Delmart “Mike” Vreeland,What the CIA Doesn’t Want You to Know, MichaelC. Ruppert,]

It would be appropriate to assume that the son referenced (“K”) is actually Qusay whoran the Iraqi secret service. Qusay, as the official leader of the Iraqi military andintelligence was known to be engaged in extensive relations with the Syrians and theSyrian intelligence. It will be documented elsewhere in this report that that SyrianIntelligence had long been aware of the plans for the attack on the World Trade Center,and had actually been linked to the financing of Mohammed Atta while he was inGermany, through the former head of Syrian Intelligence. It would not be unexpected tohave Qusay being informed of the attack by the Syrian intelligence, who were and stillare playing both sides of the American-Iraq conflict.In providing the 100 pages of documents, Vreeland was demonstrating knowledge of aninternational re-financing process that has remained extensively “cloaked” from thepublic press, and exposed to several others by reported ONI officers. (One might suspectthat a global event as momentous as refinancing several trillion in world debt would have


been authoritatively studied in economic and business journals, and at least commentedon in the media news. The event happened, but there is


reported news of it!)There is nothing in his story to indicate that Vreeland is lying, and several clues in hisstory which suggest it to be true. It also suggests there was another agent in USintelligence that knew of the attack, and that Vreeland was sent to collect the evidence tomake sure it didn’t see the light of day. In doing so, his Canadian colleague in theoperation was ‘suicided’ shortly after Vreeland’s mission was completed.The allegations of Vreeland’s fraud and misconduct which are being used to discredithim are “well documented claims” but before the validity of Vreeland’s case isdiscounted, the reader should bear in mind the example of U.S. Navy Captain GuntherRussbacher. Russbacher is the Navy pilot who came forth and testified to Congress thatGeorge Bush Sr. did indeed go to Paris as alleged in the October Surprise/Iran-Contraplot.

“In 1968, he was assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence with a permanent commission…. InOctober 1980, he was command pilot for the aircraft used allegedly to fly George Bush to Paris.FromMarch to July 1982.… His group met with Mossad (Israeli intelligence) people in Alicante for the finaldelivery of weapons to Iran. In March 1985, he was incarcerated at Segoville, TX for an escape fromfederal conviction resulting from 1973 where he was caught with numerous bags of bearer bonds whiledressed as a U.S. Air Force major.” [Who Is this Man Who Claims He Flew Bush to Paris, Harry V.Martin , Napa Sentinel, 1991 ]

Subsequent to their turning on the Bush presidents, both Vreeland and Russbacher foundthemselves incarcerated for numerous crimes which they and their lawyers claimed weretrumped up fabrications. The point to be made is that Vreeland’s claims, if true, can onlybe discounted by the U.S. Government if he is locked away and made to be a fraud, justas was done with Russbacher. (It is of some note that the Canadian legal system finallyreleased Vreeland, suggesting the claims of fraud lacked credibility.) The coincidencehere is that this generally happens to anyone who turns on the Bush administration. Thispattern of “setting up” and eliminating whistleblowers by the Bush administration is morethoroughly addressed, with more examples, such as LT Colonel Anthony Shaffer andfour star General Kevin Byrnes in Section 12 of this report.Another loose cannon in Navy Intelligence turned out to be Navy Capt. Scott Phillpott, a22 year active duty serviceman who stepped forward and brought the Able-DangerOperation to light, after the 9/11 Commission ignored testimony from several individualsof this group’s awareness of Mohammed Atta as a known terrorist operating in the US ayear before 9/11.

“Navy Capt. Scott J. Phillpott, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who managed the program for thePentagon’s Special Operations Command, confirmed “Atta was identified by Able Danger by January-February of 2000.”[An Incomplete Investigation: Why Did the 9/11 Commission Ignore `AbleDanger’?, Louis Freeh, Wall Street Journal., November 17, 2005]


More important than loose cannons like Vreeland, Russbacher, and Phillport, someone inONI was leaking the story of the Brady (Durham) Bonds to the public, and conducting itsown money-laundering investigation:“

Sioux City, Iowa — July 25, 2005 — According to l

eaked documents from anintelligence file obtained through a military source in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI),

on orabout September 12, 1991 non-performing and unauthorized gold-backed debt instruments were usedto purchase ten-year “Brady” bonds. The bonds in turn were illegally employed as collateral to borrow$240 billion–120 in Japanese Yen and 120 in Deutsch Marks–exchanged for U.S. currency under falsepretenses; or counterfeit and unlawful conversion of collateral against which an unlimited amount of money could be created in derivatives and debt instruments.Moreover, Durham alleges from conversations before her husband’s murder, that any 10-year Bradybond payoff for notes due on 9-12-2001 would have led to additional evidence of trillions in stolenfunds from the U.S. Treasury and the identity of the perpetrators–providing an important reason totake out Cantor-Fitzgerald offices in the North Tower and a Pentagon ONI file section on September11. Besides the intelligence file leaked to Durham, other documents were obtained by TomFlocco.comfrom whistleblower Stewart Webb’s intelligence sources.Durham’s documents were delivered to the door of her home in February, 2000 by a uniformed Navalintelligence officer who told her, “the officer who asked me to bring these documents to you said youwill know what to do with them,” whereupon he quickly turned and left before she could see hisuniform ID name tag.The same documents from the leaked file were separately compared and authenticated by anotherunnamed (for personal safety reasons) intelligence officer who provided identical copies toIndependent Presidential Candidate Karl Schwarz, who said that agent did not know the identity of theoriginal Naval intelligence officer who passed the intelligence file through V. K. Durham….

ONI officials themselves–some of whom were probing the fraudulent 10-year debt instrumentsallegedly held by Cantor-Fitzgerald in the doomed North Tower–also perished along with theinvestigation files, all of which were curiously in the path of the 9.11 Pentagon impact….

Keith Johnson, the Queen’s signatory at Wachovia Bank told her about the Office of Naval Intelligencebeing hit at the Pentagon on September 11–that there had been an ongoing investigation of moneylaundering.”

[Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 9/11 finance Documents point toattack on America by White House crime families, Tom Flocco,, September 4, 2005]

In the public discussion of the Brady (Durham) Bonds, there has been no attempt toascertain the reason why the ONI would be investigating the Brady Bonds. This reportsuggests two possible reasons why ONI could be involved in an investigation: 1) Thatofficials in ONI determined that the maturity of the bonds represented a threat to thesecurity of the U.S., (the level of involvement of various Intelligence operations ineconomic security has already been shown); and 2) the Bonds were used to invest inRussian defense companies to make their technology available to the U.S. However, theprivatization of these defense firms actually put them in the control of the RussianMafiya, which allowed the weapons to continue to be used against the U.S. by sellingthem to drug cartel czars, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, China and anyone else for that matterwho could afford them.A final note, in the small world of all-to-many coincidences: the Office of NavalIntelligence received a new General Counsel 90 days prior to its destruction. It was anappointment by the Bush administration from the Greenberg Traurig law firm. This wasBush’s attempt to put a member of the Bush political network in control of a potentiallyloose cannon. (Rest assured that lawyers from firms as successful as Greenberg Traurig


do not view appointments to government agencies as income enhancing ‘rewards.’) TheGreenberg Traurig law firm has played key roles in various aspects of the Bush agendaon five prior occasions:

“[1] represented President Bush in the Bush-Gore 2000 Florida election vote recount, — [2] personallyrepresents Governor Jeb Bush, — [3] hired son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on electionday 2000–after which Justice Scalia cast one of the 5 to 4 deciding votes which placed Bush inpresidency, — [4] Miami-headquartered firm partially funded/sponsored delegation to Israel by House-Senate Armed Services Committee members and government contractors to witness and be briefed oninterrogation resistance procedures and torture techniques….One of lobbyists joining them to Israelincluded Jack London, CEO, CACI Int’l Inc., firm implicated in outsourced Iraqi torture at Abu Ghraibprison, — [5] firm has prominent administrative positions in Massachusetts 9/11 Fund which alsoinvolves Bush family banking house Brown Brothers Harriman, — [6] one appointed as GeneralCounsel of the Department of the Navy and its Office of Naval Intelligence just 90 days before theattacks.” [IN THE 9-11 NETWORK]

A pro-Bush General Counsel would be able to control an amazing amount of informationreleased by ONI, and provide an instant counter-weight to years of Naval tradition andrelationships that has made the Navy a force of the highest integrity.

8.3 Collapse of the Soviet Economy and the Brady/Durham Bonds

As the story of the Brady Bonds unfolds, there is an unsettling re-occurrence of references to Russia.

Russia is identified in the released ONI documents as the recipient of the funds.

Russia’s secret service was predicting a collapse of the U.S. financial system inAugust of 2001, a timing commensurate with the maturity of the fraudulent bonds.

Vreeland was returning from Russia with knowledge of the 9/11 attack.

In other sections of this report, the Russian Mafiya is constantly identified as having apresence in 9/11 activities via their significant presence in the Israeli Mossad.

The Russian Mafiya is shown with a connection to the last person that saw Nick Berg.

The Russian Mafiya is reported to be the last group that had contact with theindividual that flew a plane into the Pirelli Building in Milan, in an event viewed asall-too-similar to the WTC tragedy. (See Appendix B).

The Russian Mafiya is noted to have threatened to use their American connections toend the investigation into Nazarbayev’s illegal activites.There are over 100 counties on this planet that could be referenced as the source of theseincidents, but there is a persistent reoccurrence of “Russians” in the reports of activitiesrelated to the events of September 11, 2001. This anomaly warranted an exploration anddiscussion of “Russia” in general and specific terms.

8.4 Riggs Bank as an Agent for the Collapse of the Soviet Union


What the record shows is that the $240 Billion in Durham/Brady Bonds – assuming themultiple reports of their existence to be accurate – did not originally show up in theAmerican money market, but were most likely used to re-finance private and governmentRussian debt and buy into key industries.It is generally thought that prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Soviet debt neverexceeded $70 billion, and hence the idea that $240 billion in Brady bonds was requiredhas been a reason for ignoring Durham’s claims. More recent research however by PierreVerluise, indicates this debt was actually more in the range of $200 billion.

“… Between 1985 and 1991, Soviet debt tripled from $22.5 billion to $70 billion. Calculating thesesfigures is an extremely difficult task (one which Mr. Verluise has accomplished admirably for theperiod under study), but the

total debt is now estimated at between $80 billion and $ 200 billion.”

[The New Russian Loan, by Pierre Verluise, “The New Russian Loan”, review by John Laughland, inThe Wall Street Journal Europe, April 26 – 27, 1996]

Verluise, a French researcher, as well as the Centerfor Security Policy points out that therefinancing actually began in 1991

“Between 1991 and 1994, according to Mr. Verluise’s sources, successive rescheduling simply led todirect subsidy of Russia by the West.” [The New Russian Loan, by Pierre Verluise, “The New RussianLoan”, review by John Laughland, in The Wall Street Journal Europe, April 26 – 27, 1996]

This report speculates that the cash generated by refinancing that debt was with-heldfrom Gorbachev and the Soviet system, thus helping to precipitate its collapse – acollapse initiated by US covert financial operations set in motion by George HW Bush,and executed by Lee Wanta. Upon the collapse of the Soviet system, the cash wasreleased to Yeltsin, who then pushed it into Bank Menatep. Menatep was controlled byMikhail Khodorkovsky. Menatep, Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, Abramovich,Konanykhine and the Yeltsin family of soon-to-be oligarchs, were being advised by theValmet Group, a subsidiary of the Riggs Bank which is widely recongnized as a CIAoperation controlled by the Bush ‘family.’

“… (the ) Valmet Group was part of an extensive network that spread from Russia to the secretivefinancial system of Dubai, then on to Africa, London and the United States. Wrapped up in thenetwork was not only Khodorkovsky’s Menatep, but the founders of Rossiisky Kredit and StephenCurtis, a former Dubai-based lawyer who via Samuelson became a consultant to Berezovsky andKhodorkovsky, setting up a legal framework for their offshore transactions. … The company’sreputation was in tatters following a series of scandals in the late 1990s in which it was alleged to havebeen part of an extensive money-laundering network involving the Bank of New York andMenatep…” [Biography Of Mikhail Khodorkovsky from The Moscow Times, Catherine Belton, TheMoscow Times, May 17, 2005]

“…Valmet, a Geneva-based global trust business… agreed in early 1989 to advise Khodorkovsky’sgroup of young businessmen. Valmet later held the key to the Group Menatep fortune, holding sharesvia nominee ownership schemes and organizing the transfer of vast sums of money via its network.”[Biography Of Mikhail Khodorkovsky from The Moscow Times, Catherine Belton, The MoscowTimes, May 16, 2005]

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 205“…Valmet was also one of the first companies that US and Swiss investigators looked at during theBank of New York money laundering scandal that erupted in August 1999 after more than $7bn insuspect Russian funds was found to have been funnelled through the venerable bank. It didn’t help thatValmet had been moving the funds alleged to have been looted from Avisma though accounts at thebank.” [Truth and Beauty… (and Russian Finance) The Summer of our Discontent, Eric Krause, July22, 2004]

The documentation that shows the relationship of Riggs to Valmet suggests it was morethan just an “investment” by Riggs, but rather a partnership vehicle between Riggs andMenatep, between the Bush family and the Yeltsin family, which provided guidance, afoundation for tax evasion, and special favors such as visas to the U.S. In the beginning,Riggs had controlling interest. Valmet, as a Riggs “investment,” would have been underthe control of Jonathon Bush, brother of George Bush Sr. Valmet also would have beenunder the influence of J. Carter Beese, Vice Chairman and Director of Riggs, who was anexecutive at Alex Brown, where A.B. Krongard (Executive Director of the CIA mentoredhim during the period of the Federal Reserve cover-up.)

“Press reports have also noted that George W. Bush’s uncle, Jonathan Bush, heads a subsidiary of thebank. However, other significant ties between the Bush administration, federal banking regulators, and

Riggs officials have never been publicly disclosed Riggs & Co. Vice Chairman and Director J. Carter  Beese is a close associate of George W. Bush and the Bush family

. He was a Bush Pioneer in 2000 anda leading donor to the Bush Florida recount effort. He holds a presidential appointment and has servedas a confidential advisor to George W. Bush on the nomination of high-level regulators at theSecurities and Exchange Commission. In 1992, following more than a decade of service to the Bushfamily’s political endeavors, George H. W. Bush appointed Beese to the post of SEC Commissioner.Beese also helped to found the Carlyle Group, a conglomerate with historical ties to the bin Ladenfamily and George H. W. Bush.

While serving as an executive at Alex. Brown, Beese was mentored closely by A. B. Krongard, appointed by George W. Bush as Executive Director of the CIA

, the thirdhighest-ranking position at the Agency.” [New Evidence in the Riggs Case: The BushAdministration’s Links to the “Bank of Presidents”A Public Accountability Initiative Report,10/15/2004]

Riggs bought controlling interest of Valmet in 1988 and immediately began businesscontacts with Russian KGB operatives Aleksey (aka Alexei) Kondaurov and Fillipp (akaPhillip) Bobkov. (Kondaurov was also a sponsor of Col. Anton Surikov, who would laterhelp found Farwest, which partnered with Diligence and Halliburton.) Through Valmet,Riggs engaged with the Russians and KGB as their “consultant” in 1989, and helpedthem set up Bank Menatep. This was during the same time period that the Russian debtwas entering into the refinancing process.

Until 1994, Riggs National Bank in Washington owned 51 percent of Valmet Group

, which operatesthrough a chain of corporate entities in the Dutch Antilles, Switzerland and elsewhere ….” [The Isle of Man as an Enclave of Intrigue,Alan Cowell and Edmund L. Andrews, New York Times,September 24,1999]“But even though Riggs’ stake was reduced in 1994 when the increasingly powerful Menatep bought a20 percent share, it retained a 5 percent stake.” [The Friends and Foes of a Rising Oilman, CatherineBelton, Moscow Times, May 27, 2005]


“Until 1998, Riggs owned a share of Valmet, an Isle of Man operation that set up shell companies andaccounts to hide and launder money for companies controlled by the oil mogul Mikhail Khodorkovsky,now in a Russian jail….”[Profit Laundering and Tax Evasion, Lucy Komisar, Dissent, Spring 2005]“Riggs Bank had been around for more than 160 years. It was known as the “bank of presidents”served 21 first families over the years and financed the purchase of Alaska. Since 1981 it was ownedby the Texan Joe L. Allbritton and his family. Allbritton is close to the Bush family and hascontributed (along with Riggs’ client Saudi Prince Bandar) over $100,000 to the Bush PresidentialLibrary. (And sshhhh!; President George Bush’s uncle, Jonathan Bush, was the CEO of Riggs Bank’sinvestment arm).”

It is reported that Riggs-Valmet offered US citizenship to its clients, and that its Rusiancriminal clients did indeed receive US citizenship.

“Riggs Valmet announced in 1991 it was getting into the business of arranging for wealthy people toobtain U.S. citizenship by making large investments in the U.S.” [Joe L. Allbritton, the RiggsChairman Wanted Washington & International Clout….” ‘Bank of Presidents’ Stumbles’ Glenn RSimpson, Wall Street Journal, Apr 10, 2004,]

One of Riggs key clients –Alexander Knonaykhine – was apparently a beneficiary of thisprogram,

“The complaint was filed with Attorney General Valentin Roschacher in Bern; the Swiss anti-moneylaundering law allows such private actions….The complaint alleges that Khodorkovsky, Lebedev, andGolubovich are or were owners in Switzerland of the Swiss companies Menatep SA, Freiburg,Menatep Finances SA, Geneva and Valmet SA, Geneva

. (insert: also known as Riggs-Valmet, SA)

Itclaims that since its creation, “the Bank Menatep SA has been mixed with the affairs of members of the Russian oligarchy and criminal organizations, such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky and AlexanderKonanykhine. (

Konanykhine got asylum in the U.S. in 1999, was ordered deported last fall to facecharges in Russia, then had the order stayed and will have a new asylim hearing

. American andRussian law enforcement officials believe he was in charge of moving billions of dollars out of Russiafor the KGB; Konanykhin denies it.) It is also related to another mafia figure, Semyon Mogilvich,called the godfather of organized crime in Russia.” [Khodorkovsky’s High Stakes Gamble, CatherineBelton, The Moscow Times, May 16, 2005]

The records shows that Riggs-Valmet – and Konanykhine – were assisted in this effort toprocure access to the U.S. by a company run by George Bush’s former Chief of Staff.

“Concurrently, I was a business partner of the late U.S. Attorney John M. Mitchell, Chairman of Global Research International, and a principal in the firm of Murphy and Associates, Inc., founded byAdmiral Daniel J. Murphy, U.S. Navy Retired and former Chief of Staff to then-Vice President Bush.… This project was brought to me by Carter Cornick, Eugene Propper and Jonathan Ginsberg of theWashington, DC. based law firm of Ginsberg, Feldman and Bress. Cornick, Propper and Ginsbergwanted my help in assisting them in accessing officials who could facilitate a favorable negotiationclimate for the establishment of a bank and expedite the procurement of the passports.” [Statement of Karon von Gerhke-Thompson, Vice President, First Columbia Company, Inc.]

Note: all traces of Karon Von Gerhke-Thompson and First Columbia Company haddisappeard by 2004, according to Alan Block and Constance Weaver. (All Is CloudedBy Desire: Global Banking, Money Laundering and International Organized Crime,2004, p134.)


More important than demonstrating the ‘partnership’ between the Bush organization andthe Russian crime organization, the Riggs-Valmet/Konanykhine affair demonstrates thatthe Bush organization actively attempted to ‘bury’ and hide the Russian money-laundering scheme on multiple occasions.Miss Gerhke-Thompson, upon learning Konanykhine’s intent, went to the CIA andvolunteered to report his money-laundering activities. Her efforts to voluntarily report theactivities of Khonankhine were brought to an abrupt end when she was “outed” to theKGB as a U.S. operative by double-agent Aldrich Ames. Khonankhine “fired” MissGerhke-Thompson upon being informed by the KGB that she was feeding information tothe CIA.

“The operation was abruptly ended in September of 1993 when Konanykhine telephoned hisWashington associate Elena Cidorchuk-Heinz-Volevok from Turkey to instruct her to terminate thecontract with First Columbia Company, Inc., and to cut off all further communications with us. Shecited Konanykhine’s decision to terminate the contract was based on his belief that I was a phoney.In April of 1994, I was advised by two CIA intelligence officers that the operation had beencompromised by convicted spy Aldrich Ames. Mr. V corroborated that I had been compromised on theoperation. He personally had routed the traffic on the operation to Ames who was responsible formonitoring money laundering operations at the CNC—the CIA’s Counter Narcotics Center. An FBIreport submitted to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed that Ames andKonanykhine were in Turkey in September of 1993 at the same time, in the same location, and at theprecise time that Konanykhine telephoned his assistant from Turkey to terminate the contract with FirstColumbia Company, Inc.” [Statement of Karon von Gerhke-Thompson, Vice President, FirstColumbia Company, Inc.]

The matter might have ended there, but in a subsequent report of the damage done to theUS intelligence operations by Ames, the CIA illegally excluded from its report to theCongressional Oversight Committees (as mandated under the National Security Act of 1947) any mention of Miss Gerhke-Thompson’s activities.

“The failure of the CIA’s money-laundering investigation, she said, was the only operationcompromised by Ames that was not reported to Congress as required by US law.” [White House underfire for ‘covering up’ Russian corruption, Julian Borger, The Guardian (UK), September 23, 1999]

When Miss Gerhke-Thompson discovered that the CIA had omitted her operation fromits damage assessment, she directly reported it to Congress, against great politicalpressure.

“Since my involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency and my efforts to bring the issues of Russian money laundering operations to the attention of appropriate oversight committees, Washingtonhas been ever a city at my throat. And my career has been dormant.” [Statement of Karon von Gerhke-Thompson, Vice President, First Columbia Company, Inc.]

At this point of the inquiry, the appropriate question might be posed: why did Ames usethe KGB to “protect” Konanykhine? If Ames’ Soviet handlers were protectingKonanykhine, who was clearly and publicly aligned at this time with George Bush, itsuggests that Ames, his Soviet handlers, and Konanykhine were all part of larger Bushplan. It is speculated that Bush tried to keep his operation quiet by suppressing theGerhke-Thompson incident during congressional hearings, and had pressure put on her to


remain quiet. If Ames was exposed in the congressional hearings and press as protectinga pro-Bush oligarch, that alliance would expose all his other “revelations” of Americanagents as an effort to eliminate Soviet patriots rather than American agents. Could it bethat rather than exposing pro-American KGB agents who were then executed, Ames wasactually setting up for slaughter KGB agents that posed a risk to the Bush strategy? Thereis additional information about Ames that suggests that while he posed as a Soviet“mole” and was convicted as such, he was actually part of a larger operation to eliminatea faction of the KGB that Bush and his rogue KGB colleagues needed out of the way.This theory of rogue KGB operatives aligned with Bush certainly helps explain the largenumber of ex-KGB agents that were immensley rewarded for their defection from theSoviet Union, and Konanykhine’s need for over 100 visas, part of a larger 300 visarequirement:

When Frank (Carlucci ) and Dick (Armitage) left the Government, they immediately went to Moscowand opened up an office of the Blackstone Investment Group

. Although it was supposed to be aninvestment office, it was essentially a conduit for money coming out of Washington to purchase KGBdocuments. In 1991, an enormous sale from the KGB files was consummated for $36 million. Italways struck me as somewhat humorous that the sheer volume of documents purchased was so largethat it took the entire cargo bay of a Southern Air Transport C-130, which was used to fly the stuff outof Moscow.The purchased documents were a real grab bag of what would have been very politically damagingdocuments, especially for Republicans in the United States – had they ever been made public. . . .It’s interesting to note that the only general in the KGB who objected to the sale (now chief of theNorth American Desk) was the very loyal and patriotic General Alexander Karpov.Included in the deal, by the way, was a package (let’s call it a travel package) wherein over 300 KGBgenerals and colonels were allowed to enter the United States and were provided with verycomfortable homes, mostly in northern Virginia. Most KGB generals now get a check for $12,000 amonth from the Agency. KGB colonels get $8,000 a month plus a panoply of favors. Most of theseguys are now in the import-export business. The have offices in and around McLean, Virginia. It’s alsointeresting to note that four former KGB generals have import-export offices in the same building inMcLean where Oliver North has his office.“ [From The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-ContraInsider, by Al Martin]

It’s also important to note two other items around Blackstone involvement in thisanalysis: 1) Blackstone has been accused by a former ONI operative of being involved inthe theft of Russian assets, and profiteering from their involvement in Russia, and 2)Blackstone was the financial backer for Larry Silverstein’s purchase of Building 7 of theWTC six weeks before the attack.

“Because of Blackstone’s involvement in many high-level high-profile frauds like the Russian Bailout andthe Mexican Bailout, one could assume that the company itself was a CIA “cut-out,” an actual propretary of the Agency. “No, it’s not,” says Martin. “They’re just sympathizers. They’re an asset of the agency. They’renot a cut-out. They’re just one of the legion of financial companies, mostly domiciled in Washington ornorthern Virginia, which the

CIA turns to, on occasion, to launder money, or for some other illegal purpose

.” [ The Man Who Knows Too Much , An Interview with Al Martin, author of “The Conspirators:Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider, ” Uri Dowbenko]

In explaining how the Russian fraud worked, Al Martin explained how Blackstoneopearte in Mexico and seemingly in Russia:


You would buy essentially worthless Mexican bonds, and you could give a Mexican company in a filedrawer a face lift, and then you could get Brady Bonds in exchange for them, which were backed by the USGovernment.” “Or, to back those up, to securitize essentially worthless Mexican corporate securities — youcould take a security that was essentially worth two or three cents on the dollar and make it suddenly worththirty or forty cents on the dollar in the marketplace. The only thing Brady Bonds are is a collateralguarantee.” “A Brady Bond is essentially a strip-down, what’s called a strip or a stripped down USTreasury bond that essentially guarantees the ultimate mature capital value of a note. It does not howeverguarantee the interest of that note. It only guarantees the return of capital.” [ The Man Who Knows TooMuch , An Interview with Al Martin, author of “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider, ” UriDowbenko]

Maybe the most puzzling and intriguing aspect of this attempted cover-up of Riggsinvolvement in money-laundering is the possibility that this normal CIA operation (usingGerhke-Thompson) was shut-down by Aldrich Ames who was a member of a rogue CIAoperation, thus making Ames a “false” double agent. This suggests Ames was not a moleat all, but rather instructed by a ‘hidden’ superior to provide specific information to theSoviets. The official damage assessment report on Ames shows that he was clearly“protected” for years, receiving promotions his superiors thought were unwarranted,having investigations into his life-style and income delayed on multiple occasions by re-assigning investigators to other projects, omissions in the investigation of his bankaccounts, and disregarding other bank reports that Ames was depositing large sums of cash. While the on-and-off internal investigation which lasted four years went throughonly one of his bank’s records, it conveniently ignored his accounts in two other banks:the Riggs National Bank, and the Dominion Bank of Virginia, which later became theFirst Union National Bank of Virginia. Domion’s major bank executive wouldsubsequently move to Riggs, and become Vice President of Administration at Riggs.Finally, it might be mentioned that one of the agents responsible for the damageassessment – Jack Armstrong – was murdered in Iraq by a group linked to the peopleAmes was protecting (See Section 3). If one looks hard enough, there is substantialreason to believe that Ames was operating under the direct instruction of George HWBush, and as one of his last acts as a mole, prevented the exposure of Bush’s rogueRiggs-Valmet operation to the rest of the CIA. There is no doubt that Riggs-Valmet hadset up a wide net of partnerships with elements of the KGB. The question is: did Amesreally out US agents to the KGB, or was he really damaging hard-line KGB under apretense they were double agents.A second take on the Karon von Gerhke-Thompson also suggests there were


CIAs. If Khonankhine was working with quasi-official U.S./Bush administration channels, whywas it that his activities needed to be shielded from the CIA? One part of the Bush/CIAnetwork was working with working with Khonankhine and the Yeltsin family, whileanother faction of the CIA was unaware of this alliance. When the “non-Bush” faction of the CIA discovered the Russian activity, the non-Bush operation was shut down by theBush/Russian alignment faction in the CIA, working through Ames. The entire episodewas shielded from congressional oversight by CIA management, until an indignantcitizen (Gerhke-Thompson) took the matter directly to Congress.The outake of this information is that the Valmet-Riggs operation was ‘favored’ and‘protected’ by elements of the Bush network. The Russian/Israeli Mafiya was directed to


a company owned by Bush’s former chief-of-staff for passport priveleges. When apatriotic citizen took the truth to the CIA, the operation was halted by a rogue CIAoperation aligned with elements of the KGB. The existence of the investigation intoRiggs-Valmet was then illegally covered-up by the CIA in their report to Congress, andthe citizen’s efforts to bring this to the attention of Congress were harshly discouraged.One might conclude – just by the protection received – that the Riggs-Valmet/Menatep/Bank of New York money laundering operation was being treated as a“CIA” national security operation. There is more information that suggests Riggs-Valmet was in part, an intelligence operation.Most importantly, in Novemebr, 1898 Alton G Keel Jr left the Whitehouse to take aposition in the international banking group of Riggs Bank and worked directly withValmet’s Christian Michel. Keel had worked for Admiral John Poindexter, of theIran/Contra scandal as Acting Deputy Assistant to the President for National SecurityAffairs, and later became Director of National Security Council. By 1992, he had leftRiggs and subsequently worked for Kissinger Associates and became CEO and foundingpartner to Carlyle International. Keel left the operation in December 1991.It is also disclosed that Valmet was funded by contracts from the World Bank (nowmanaged by Paul Wolfowitz, leading PNAC member and neo-conservative) to conductwhat might be considered economic espionage: the touring and documentation of Russianmanufacturing operations under the guise of “audits.”

“As the government prepared to sell off part of its oil industry in the controversial loans for sharesauctions of 1995, Samuelson and Michel were already getting a bird’s-eye view of the choicest assets.

Via a consulting arm of Valmet, GT Valmet, they won a contract in 1995 from the World Bank

to makesure that $1.6 billion it had extended in loans was being spent properly by production units such asYuganskneftegaz and Purneftegaz. These units, which were visited by Valmet consultants, formed thebackbone of the soon-to-be-privatized oil companies Yukos and Sibneft.By that time,

Valmet was also acting as a consultant to Berezovsky

, the Kremlin intriguer who wonclose ties with the Yeltsin family. Both Khodorkovsky and Berezovsky ended up big winners in theauctions of Yukos and Sibneft, gaining controlling stakes for just over $300 million and just over $100million, respectively.”


Biography Of Mikhail Khodorkovsky from The Moscow Times, CatherineBelton, The Moscow Times, May 17,2005]

With this ‘consulting’ role of the World Bank being referenced, the reader must keep inmind that it was the British disclosure that IMF/World Bank loans were being usedillegally by the the Yeltsin family that first initiated the Bank of New York money-laundering scandal. Management of the IMF & World Bank are intimately involved inspiderweb of intrigue.There was other activity being undertaken at Valmet SA which reinforces the argumentthat it was a covert operations being run by George Bush Sr. If Valmet’s involvementwith the Russians seemed to largely focus on acquiring the petrochemical resources of the former Soviet republics, it was also involved with another group which played acomparable strategic role in the grand strategy for the Middle East. The group would bethe PKK – the Kurdistan Worker’s Party –whose support would be critical in anyattempts to destabilize Iraq. If Iraq was to be “Balkanized,” with Kurdistan becoming an


entity owning the major oil assets of Northern Iraq, the PKK was the group to court.Valmet SA was used to launder the funds to the PKK

“The “Kurdish Foundation Trust” and the “Mamoian (aka Mamoyan) Foundation” are the mostimportant ones among them. These foundations, one established on the island of Jersey in the ChannelIslands and the other in Switzerland are claimed to launder the money the PKK earns from drugtrafficking and other illegal means in order to finance MED TV. These foundations have transferredtheir legal and financial administration to the VALMET SA company in Switzerland to hide theirrelationship with the PKK. Proof is available on the fact that the supporters of the PKK are investinglarge amounts of money in the accounts of this company in National Westminster bank of London. ….On September 1996 and January 1998, following raids on to the studios of the television station, MEDTV’s accounts were seized by the authorities because they could not show the source of their income.”[ Behind Closed Doors, Sebahattin Onkibar (Turkiye), Turkish Press Review, May 20,1999 fromDirectorate General of Press and Information, Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey]“According to December 13, 2000, testimony by Frank Cilluffo, to the U.S. House Committee on theJudiciary Subcommittee on Crime, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) “is heavily involved in theEuropean drug trade, especially in Germany and France. French law enforcement estimates that thePKK smuggles 80 percent of the heroin in Paris.” Cilluffo is Deputy Director, Global Organized CrimeProgram Counterterrorism Task Force at Washington, D.C.’s Center for Strategic and InternationalStudies.” [Not In Our Name and the World Wide Terrorism Web, Michael Tremoglie,, March 19, 2003]

While the reference to the PKK is meant to help make credible the argument that Riggs-Valmet was a CIA covert operations, it is important to mention that the Kurdistan link tothe Bush family was initially provided by the same gentleman that initiated the Iran-Contra scandal and October Surprise, other Bushmanaged operations: Israeli Mossadagent David Kimche.

“The history of Kurdish-Israeli contacts is well documented. It was Israel´s Middle East man, theformer Mossad official David Kimche, who established direct contacts with the Kurdish leadershipback in the mid-1960s. In 1997, the London-based Al-Hayat published my interview with Kimche inwhich he explained that, when the contacts were made, Israel´s then Prime Minister Levi Eshkol hadtaken a strategic decision to establish relations with ethnic minorities in the Arab world. Kimche metwith then Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani, and shortly afterwards Israel began delivering aid to theKurds. Othman, who was at the time Barzani´s trusted liaison with the outside world, confirmedKimche´s account. He pointed out, however, that

Barzani was hoping that the contacts with Israelwould help him establish relations with the United States

.” [Kamran Karadaghi is an Iraqi politicalcommentator based in London. He wrote this commentary for The Daily Star,

At the same time as Valmet was working covertly with the Russians and Kurds, RiggsBank had a Vice President acting as treasurer of the US Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (Karl Mattison), demonstrating yet again Riggs involvement in MiddleEastern/Central Asian politics:

“The USACC Advisory Board consisted of “only” these seven men: Dr. Henry Kissinger, James ABaker III, Lloyd Bentsen, Zibigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu. It isnoted here that the current Vice President’s daughter, Elizabeth `Cheney-Perry`, has been namedAssistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs for regional economic issues; she left ArmitageAssociates for the job. The USACC `Vice-Chairman` of the Board is James A Baker IV (Baker Botts,L.L.P.); Chairman Emeritus is T. Don Stacy (VP, Amoco); with Richard Armitage as Board President,until he resigned to become Colin Powell’s Deputy, which rounds out the US elite running the

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 212USACC. The remaining Board of Directors are a who’s who of the oil and gas multinational corporateinterests of the west and specifically the United States. On the Board of Trustees or USACC the latterinterests hold sway again with three primary exceptions: Senator Sam Brownback (`R-KS`) and JosephR. Pitts (`R-PA`) (whose efforts formed the 1996 legislative backbone of the House/Senate Silk RoadStrategy for Afghanistan, [Unocal, Texaco] et al) and Richard Perle (US Defense Policy Board). TheLegal Counsel for USACC is Ted Jones of the Texas Law firm Baker Botts L.L.P. (James A Baker III& IV’s law firm.);

Treasurer is Karl Mattison (VP, Riggs Bank, NA).

It was the James A. Baker IIIInstitute of Rice University which outlined the Cheney Strategic Energy Initiative which later becamethe Administration’s Strategic Energy National Security Policy. (Clearly Dick Cheney wouldn’t beinterested in giving Congress the names of who he consulted on the Energy Initiative as they wouldamount to the remainder of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of USACC.)” [U.S. politicalobjectives in the Middle East will Fail, Creating a New Cold War with China and Russia; Target isIran not Iraq., By. Craig B Hulet]

In summarizing the role of Riggs-Valmet (referred to in Russian press as ‘Rigs Valmet’),what the timeline of world events shows is that as George Bush steered the re-financingof Third World debt under the astute guidance of the soon-to-become Enron VicePresident Robert Hermann. During this refinance process (according to ONI releaseddocuments), an undisclosed amount of financial collateral “disappeared” into the U.S.banking system, thus delaying the re-settlement of the Third World debt. In themeantime, George Bush’s brother Jonathon, who was in charge of “investments” forRiggs Financial Management, took controlling interest in a company called Valmet, andopened a Swiss subsidiary, which became the “financial consultants” to the KGB andfuture criminal oligarchs of Russia and other criminal groups. The Riggs-Valmet“consultants” helped the KGB and oligarchs create Bank Menatep, which later became abusiness partner with Riggs, in owning an undisputed money-laundering, tax evasionvehicle for its Russian and U.S. customers. It is speculated that the third world debtcollateral was withheld long enough that the Soviet economy collapsed due to lack of capitalization, the goal of the destabilization program. The collateral funds – or part of the $300 billion plus that could have been generated in interest by the missing third worlddebt collateral – were then restored to Yelstin by George Bush Sr. Yeltsin then movedthe collateral funds into Bank Menatep, that proceeded to use the funding with theYeltsin oligarchs to “buy-up” Russian industry for pennies on the dollar. Through anarray of financial actions, that wealth was then transferred through Nordex, Marc Rich,the Bank of New York, Riggs-Valmet (and its shell companies) and several other banksidentified collectivly by Ambassador Wanta, Vreeland and the Office of NavalIntelligence, to Swiss and German banks, while nominally ‘held’ in off-shore banks.In creating the “cash” that was to fund the oligarchs’ takeover of Russian industry in1991, a $240B jump in the M3 measure of money would have to occur if regular FederalReserve or large bank channels were used, and there was no such jump. Having thebonds backed by “private” collateral – such as the Durham Trust or Swiss gold – thegeneration of the money supply did not need to settle through any bank linked to theFederal Reserve, especially if they were shopped overseas, which is what happened. Theywere funded via Israel and supposedly backed by gold from Switzerland, according to thereleased documents. Hence, the Marcos gold confiscated by George Bush (andacknowledged to exist in records from Congressional hearings as a source of funding forIran-Contra operations) or the Russian treasury gold (theft of which was facilitated byLeo Wanta), probably served as collateral for these loans. The interesting thing to keep in


mind is that if Brady type bond payments are defaulted, the maturity value is guaranteedby US Treasury Bonds, thereby explaining the need for the Federal Reserve interventionif 2001.

“The initial asset securitisation formula that converted international bank loans into dollardenominated, high yield, tradable sovereign bonds was named the Brady Programme, after the USTreasury Secretary Nicholas Brady in 1989. The objective of the Brady Bond programs was to createliquidity for the giant American banks by enabling them to remove their troubled Third Worldsovereign loans off their books, albeit at a haircut to face value. Morever, the Brady Programmes alsoprovided sovereign borrowers with debt relief because they reduced their interest burden, extended thepayback maturities and

Uncle Sam guaranteed the principal via collateralised zero coupon US Treasury bonds.

The Brady Bond is therefore a blend of zero coupon US Treasury securities and Third World sovereignrisk paper. This has enormous valuation implications for an investor in Brady Bonds because its valueis based not just on a sovereign borrower’s credit or willingness to repay but also the movement of longUS Treasury bond interest rates, since zero coupon bonds are an intrinsic component of the Bradycollateral.The US Treasury maintains the zero coupon collateral at an account with the New York Fed. Rollinginterest rates guarantee “rolling” forward every time a coupon payment is made to bondholders. This isanother quirk of a Brady Bond

. If a borrower defaults, say, in year 6 of a 30-year bond, the US Treasury zero coupon collateral still provides a positive yield to maturity

.Brady Bonds have fixed, step, floating rate or even hybrid coupon that payout semi-annual paymentsand are generally amortising. They are issued as both Bearer or Registered instruments. Certain Parand Discount Brady are even issued with warrants. Brady Programmes now cover a spectrum of nations worldwide 13 years after the landmark Mexican deal. In Latin America, Brady’s exist forMexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Dominican Republic,Nicaraguan, and Uruguay. Elsewhere, Poland, Bulgaria, Morocco, Jordan, Nigeria and Russia haveBrady Bonds in existence. While most Brady’s are dollar instruments, they are also available onoccasion in the Euro, sterling, Swiss francs and the Canadian dollar. [Matein Khalid, Strategist,Capital Markets and Research,]

That recognized, $240B is not an amount that can be hidden anywhere in the world withhaving a major impact on the financial markets – except for Russia in 1991 and 1992,where there was virtually no financial reporting during the chaos of the collapse.However incredulous this statement may seem, that is exactly what happened with thecollapse of the Soviet Union and its banking system – money just “disappeared.” Prior tothe collapse, $30 Billion in new German credits just disappeared from the Soviet banksinto Swiss and other offshore banking entities.

“…West Germany had compensated the USSR very handsomely in cash for allowing Germany to bereunited, and the cash had been embezzled. As the Russian deputy finance minister admitted in 1991,“A gigantic sum was received…from Germany–64 billion Deutsche marks [about $30 billion]–and itall slipped through our fingers.” [The IMF Behind the Scenes]

As documented earlier in this report, the entire national treasury of gold was reported (inAugust 1991) by the Soviets to have simply disappeared.

“Valued at $35 billion, Russia’s gold reserves were estimated to be 100 million troy ounces – just under3000 tonnes. Then in September 1991, a palpitating Grigory Yavlinski, the economic supremo,revealed to delegates at the Group-of-Seven industrial countries meeting in Bangkok, that a mere 240tons were all that was left. Two months later, in November, even that had disappeared. “Not a gram of

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 214gold remains; the vaults are empty,” said Victor Geraschenko, chief of Gosbank, the Russian CentralBank.” [Gangster’s Paradise, David Guyatt, 1997]

What Guyatt reports next about the disappearance of this Russian gold is critical – thegold is reported to have been used as security for a financial scam. This report contendsthat this Russian gold was merged with Bush’s Marcos gold to serve as collateral to fundthe oligarch’s take-over of Russian industry, once the Bush/Wanta destabilizationprogram achieved its goal of cutting off other sources of capital to the Soviet economy.

“In one operation valued at $4 billion, over 300 tons were secretly shipped to Switzerland, some of itsubsequently arriving in London. Unlike Britain, the Swiss authorities do not keep records of goldimports which makes it a favourite centre for disguising the point of origin – a very effective method of laundering suspicious transactions.

The bullion, some sources now believe,

was used as collateral in asecondary scam

that set-out to vacuum-up all the available Rouble bank-notes in existence at the timeand sell them at knock down prices to organised crime syndicates from around the world.” [Gangster’sParadise, David Guyatt, 1997]

In 1991 the Soviet Union was totally bankrupt. Yeltsin came to the US in August of 1991(and again in 1992) for loans to prevent economic and social chaos in the former Sovietcountries. Gorbachev met with Bush on the same subject in Helsinki on September 9.President Bush, with a failing U.S. economy and an upcoming election was not isposition to publicly offer U.S. taxpayer assistance to the Soviets. The Gramm-RudmannAct had forced congress into a public confession that it was unable to balance the budget.Hence, no representative of the US was going to officially approve loans to the collapsingSoviet economy because at that time, the U.S. budget had not been balanced. Officiallyreceiving no ‘announced’ promises of assistance, (it was not until April 1992, that Bushand Kohl promised a meager $24 billion in loans) Yeltsin returned to Russia where hegraciously announced the US would be the primary partner in the privatization of formerSoviet firms, even though no funding had been publicly “provided” for this opportunity.

“The first detailed statement of Russian economic policy issued by the Yeltsin-Gaidar government wasaddressed not to the Russian people but to the IMF in Washington. This was the “Economic PolicyMemorandum” of February 27, 1992. From that point on, Russia was bound by IMF conditions and bythe encroachments on national sovereignty that they implied. With this document, as Nelson and Kuzessay, “the Russian government was acknowledging the West’s leading role as a participant in Russianreform planning. The Western approach had prevailed in the Kremlin.” Because the IMF wasrecommending fast-track privatizations, the Russian memorandum stressed that the privatizationprocess would be “considerably speeded up.” Gaidar’s priority was clearly to obtain foreign financialsupport, not domestic political backing. But even this task was not successfully fulfilled, since whatRussia got in early 1992 was IMF conditions in exchange for (at least initially) no money.” [TheTragedy of Russia’s Reforms: Market Bolshevism Against Democracy, Peter Reddaway and DmitriGlinski, United States Institute of Peace Press,]

Something however, must have transpired in Washington. On September 11, 1991 Bushaddressed Congress and first spoke a new partnership between the U.S. and the formermembers of the Soviet Union. Immediately after Yeltsin’s trip to Washington, onSeptember 14, 1991 – three days after the bonds were issued – the greatest money-laundering machine in Russian history came into existence: Nordex and the InternationalFoundation for Privatization and Private Investment.


Funded a “joint venture” with Russia (document source: Hamilton & HyunInvestment Corp., memo to William Sommerville, August 26, 1991; Addendum 1 toJoint Venture Agreement, Contec Development Pty., 9/26/91);That partnership most probably was the International Foundation for Privatization andPrivate Investment:

“On 14 September 1991, Vladimir Shcherbakov, the last First Deputy Prime Minister of the SovietUnion, formed with two other partners, one of which was the now notorious Austrian firm,Nordex GmbH, the International Foundation for Privatization and Private Investment [FPI]. FPI’scharter was legitimized by Gorbachev’s signature and approved by 13 heads of what were stillconstituent republics…. The CIA has determined that through Nordex, FPI seized the exportearnings from Russia’s natural resource companies – oil, gas, platinum, gold, diamonds – andfrom industrial firms exporting items such as steel and aluminum and then stashed the hefty profitsin Western bank accounts.” [The Rape of Russia, Anne Williamson, testimony before theCommittee on Banking and Financial Services of the U.S. House of Representatives, presentedSept. 21, 1999]

Were backed by Swiss gold held in Kloten, Switzerland (document source: RobertPerry, Bay State Trust, memo to D’Acquisto and Peterson, September 10, 1991;Hamilton & Hyun Investment Corp., memo to William Sommerville, August 26,1991);It is imporatnt to note this is where the Marcos gold hoard was stashed by PresidentBush.

“Approximately 1,000 tons of the loot was liberated by Ferdinand Marcos before his ouster.Billions of dollars worth were shipped overseas by American intelligence agents and the Mafia.Much of the horde was cabbaged away in a high-security, subterranean storage cache buriedbeneath the Zurich airport.” [Saudi Entrepeneur Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 9/11 Terrorists, AlexConstantine]

Consisted, in part, of payments of currency from Lehman of at least $100 million perday for an indefinite period of time (document source: Daniel International Fax of


12/16/1991) (It is of interest to note that at that time, Lehman was a subsidiary of American Express, of which Dick Ceneny’s wife, Lynn, is a board member.);

Consisted (in part) of cash funneled to Russia through the Deutschbank (documentsource: Hamilton & Hyun Investment Corp., memo to William Sommerville, August26, 1991).As the clues provided by the ONI documents are detailed, one recognizes the name of afamiliar organization identified with most of the illegal activity in this report – theDeutschebank. A key question becomes: did the US get involved in a joint venture withRussia? The answer is yes! – through the “Russian American Enterprise Fund” set up atthe request of George Bush and Gerald Corrigan, President of the Federal Reserve Bankof New YorkIn subsequent economic negotiations with the G7 heads of state, what resulted was anamazing concession by Yeltsin to the US, allowing it to be the chief architect of itsprivatization plan by which state industries would be ultimately owned by anonymousshell companies in off-shore banks. The amazing aspect at the time was there was noimmediately apparent financial concession from the U.S. in exchange for this verysignificant opportunity. Palms & Co. had profiles of over 200 Russian defense enterpriseswhich were eligible for acquisition. Funding for this privatization was arranged to comefrom:

Sovlink Fund (Solomon Brothers, Investment Banker, New York)

Russian Partners Fund (Paine Webber)

Russian American Enterprise Fund (Lehman Brothers Fund)

Barings Securities Fund

Defense Enterprise Fund

CS First Boston

Fidelity Investments

The World Bank

International Finance Corporation

CCF-Moscow (Credit Commerciale de France, Paris)

First Russian Investment Fund (Framlington Investment Managers, London)

All State Insurance Co. Venture Capital Department

L & A Juice Company, Los Angeles (through them Coca Cola Foods)

Russian American Investment Fund – Strobe Talbott Ambassador at Large for Russian Affairs

John I Haas Co. (for breweries revitalization and through them August Busch, Sam Adams, SamKoch A.B. Miller)

Defense Nuclear Agency Washington D.C. (defense plant conversion)

Newstar Fund (Att&T & General Motors Pension Plans)

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

U.S. Trade Development Agency

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

U.S. Department of Commerce “BISNIS”

Center for International Private Enterprise

U.S. Agency for International Development

European Union Technical Assistance Programme ($500 million)

Russian Venture Capital Fund of America (Palms & Company)

Ukrainian Venture Capital Fund of America (Palms & Company)

United States Interbank Currency Exchange (Palms & Company)

Russia And The Republics Equity Partners LP. (RARE)


Baltic American Enterprise Fund

Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund

Templeton Russia Fund

BEA Associates Russia Fund

Vladivostok Fund

Scudder Stevens & Clark, Inc.

Smith New Court PLC

The above list was part of the


privatization program which began in the spring of 1992:

“In May 1992, former Gorbachev economic adviser Grigoriy Yavlinskiy moved his think tank”Epitsentr” to the region and himself spent 100 days there formulating a systematic plan for theregion’s privatization program.” [Russian Defense Indusrty Conversion Investment Program, Dr. PyotrJohannevich van de Waal, Palms, Sovetnik Pravitelstva CWA, Tovarichestvo Palmsa, Inc. ]

The unofficial privatization program had begun much earlier. What is not generallyreported though generally understood in Russia is that the privatization of former stateowned property started long before the G7 meeting in 1992, and long before the officialwestern loans of 1992. Privatization started with the creation of the FPI on September14, 1991 – 3 days after the Brady Bonds were reportedly issued.

“A former employee of FPI, speaking through clenched teeth, reported, “It [FPI] is not a well-knownorganization, but it’s one of the most wealthy and most powerful organizations in Russia,” and theirwork was engineering commission-paying deals for money or privilege with the Kremlin, therebyorganizing a pipeline of tribute typical of corrupt regimes. “I can’t say it publicly, I can’t prove myposition with documents, but I know they were privatizing companies, the very best companies, beforewe had a privatization program.” [The Rape of Russia, Anne Williamson, testimony before theCommittee on Banking and Financial Services of the U.S. House of Representatives, presented Sept.21, 1999]

The unofficial privatization program was seemingly orchestrated by the new oligarchsunder the guidance of the Riggs-Valmet consultants, controlled by Jonathon and GeorgeHW Bush. (One would not want to overlook the significant role of Bruce Rappaport inthis major crime. Rappaport, former owner of the Bank of New York, working throughhis Swiss-American Bank, had been a major financier of Bush’s Iran/Contra Deals, andwas now intimately connected to the Yeltsin family through Bank Menatep.)Simultaneously, during September of 1991, the laws in Russia were changed by Yeltsinto allow the immediate transfer of state resources to “foreign firms.”

“In September 1991, a foreign investment law promoting the transfer of capital, technology, and know-how went into effect. Nonresidents may acquire partial shareholdings or form wholly ownedsubsidiaries in Russia. Foreign firms may obtain licenses to exploit natural resources. Foreign investorscan be exempted from import duties and export taxes, and there is limited relief from profits tax,varying by sector and region.”[]

In this privatization of Russia over the next several years, newly created banks wereprovided with funding (credits) from a central source that had no visible means of generating capital, and then loaned money to key industries, being taken over by the


“oligarchs.” In doing so, the Yelstsin administrators (the “Family”) took hefty profits upfront.

“Borovoi gave an example of how government funds are looted: If a government ministry wantsfunding, it must allocate up to 3 percent of the requested sum for bribes to lawmakers and officials.The lawmakers then approve the request, and the ministry must then pay up to half of the funding tothe lawmakers and officials to get the money.” [Organized Crime Thriving in Russia, Barry Renfrew,AP Wire, August 31, 1999]

As those companies defaulted on their loans, the banks (and not surprisingly, the BoardDirectors of those banks) became the primary owners of Russian industry, withsignificant percentages held by various off shore ‘holding companies.’ (At this point, itmay be fair to speculate that the Bush family and affiliates own a share of those “holdingcompanies,” given the role of Jonathon Bush and Valmet in the financial plundering of Russia, and Neil Bush’s ongoing relations with Russian investors.) Subsequent, “official”loans from the IMF, went to cover investment banker’s fees and bank interest

“Russia’s bankers made serious money on Yeltsin’s electoral weakness by buying government bondsat distressed prices using cheap money handed over from government deposits. The lion’s share of thedomestic bonds’ high yields have always been paid with IMF loans. Russia’s first representative to theWorld Bank, Leonid Grigoriev, explained, “Of course, the government was to return this money andthat is why the yields on 3-month paper reached as much as 290 percent. The government’s payingsuch huge, impossible rates on treasury bills, well, it’s completely unbelievable. It had nothing to dowith the market and therefore such yields can only be understood as a payback, just a differentmethod.” [The Rape of Russia, Anne Williamson, testimony before the Committee on Banking andFinancial Services of the U.S. House of Representatives, presented Sept. 21, 1999]

The U.S. arranged for additional funding to be provided to Russian Defense firmsthrough a collection of banks and financial institutions. U.S. Defense firms and financialagencies started buying into former Soviet firms. The first official US program began in1992:

“The Cooperative Threat Reduction Program was initiated in FY 1992 to reduce the threat posed byweapons of mass destruction remaining in the former Soviet Union. In June 1994, DoD (Department of Defense) established the Defense Enterprise Fund to assist Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukrainein the privatization of defense industries and conversion of military technologies and capabilities forcivilian use.”

At the same time in Russia, defense firms and energy companies were being consolidatedunder the banner of privatization:

“Military Industrial Investment Company (VPIK): Also known as the Defense Industrial InvestmentCompany (DIIC), VPIK was organized by a combination of government and industry to aid thedefense industry in adjusting to the transformation to a market economy. Its major goal is to financecomplete and partial conversion of defense enterprises throughout Russia and promote thedevelopment and production of dual-use technologies. Several large defense plants, including majoraerospace and communications firms are among its founding members. The most prominent membersare listed below.”

Russian groups involved in this conversion were led by Viktor Chernomyrdin, and included:

The Military Industrial Stock Exchange


The Russian Commodity-Raw Material Exchange

The Moscow Central Stock Exchange

The Central Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building

The Plleshakov Scientific Production Association

Khrunichev Plant

The Economic News Agency

The KAMI stock Exchange

Military Unit 57275

The Impluse Scientific Production Association

Drzerzhinskiy Military Academy”

This was the beginning of the era of the “oligarchs” –

“The really good stuff – oil companies, metals plants, telecoms – was distributed to essentially sevenindividuals, “the oligarchs”, on insider auctions whose results were agreed beforehand. Once effectivecontrol was established, directors – uncertain themselves of the durability of their claim to the newly-acquired property – chose to asset strip with impunity instead of developing their new holdings.” [TheRape of Russia, Anne Williamson, testimony before the Committee on Banking and Financial Servicesof the U.S. House of Representatives, presented Sept. 21, 1999]

One of the chief oligarchs associated with the Yeltsin Family was Boris Berezovsky, whowould later become a business partner with Neil Bush in a company called Ignite.

“Berezovsky, described as “a former Kremlin kingmaker,” served as executive secretary of the CISunder former President Boris Yeltsin… Berezovsky was one of the chief oligarchs in Russia whoacquired massive wealth by taking control of the Soviet Union’s state assets after the fall of communism. Berezovsky owned several banks and TV stations in Russia when he was accused of defrauding a regional government of $13 million. In 2000, he fled the country and moved to London,where he now lives under the name Platon Elenin. In fact, Berezovsky has Israeli citizenship, a factthat caused a scandal of Watergate proportions in Russia in 1996 when it was exposed by a Russiannewspaper. [Israeli Oligarch’s Ill-Gotten Loot Channeled to Dubya’s Brother, Christopher Bollyn,, Issue #43, October 24, 2005]

Neil Bush would establish another indirect link to the Yeltsin Family by his involvementwith Diligence, a relationship discussed in the next section.Berezovsky brought to the Yeltsin “Family” a key relationship with the Chechen mafia,whose revolutionary counter-parts were trained in CIA funded camps in Afghanistan.

“…in the conditions of Russian gangster style capitalism Berezovsky managed to take control overmajor Russian enterprises. This was accompanied by murders, most of them have not been exposed,writes Bernstein. Khlebnikov “reveals the important elements of closely-intertwined bankingstructures, industrial enterprises and Swiss holding companies, created by Berezovsky and others tosnatch large shares of Russian wealth. He examines the critically important role of what he calls theChechen mafia in ensuring the force used by criminal capitalism and

shows the close contacts between Berezovsky and the leaders of the Chechen rebellion against Russian rule

, notes the New York Timesanalyst.” [Pravda.RU ,2001-05-31]

The relationship between the Yeltsin “Family” of Russian bureaucrats, the Russian/IsraeliMafiya, Loutchansky, Marc Rich, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Kazakhstan PresidentNazarbayev, and the Chechen Mafia is a critical piece of the puzzle in understanding thewillingness of both the Russian/Israeli Mafiya and the Bush Family in facilitating the

events of 9/11, and the decision taken in 1998 to destroy the WTC. It is critical for threereasons:1.

It demonstrates joint motive for the Russian/Israeli Mafiya and Bush Family businesspartners to destroy the numerous investigative offices in the World Trade Center;2.

It demonstrates a willingness by both the Bush Family and Yeltsin Family to employgroups of ex-military professionals that can arrange for major political terroristactivities3.

It demonstrates an ongoing linkage between the Bush Family and the Yeltsin Familywhich has been demonstrated to fund and arrange political terrorism by ChechenMafia for political gain in Russia. In this respect, both political Families seem to havesponsored major terrorist acts. They both publicly attributed those acts to ‘Al Qaeda’terrorists. They both used the same intermediary Adnan Khashoggi – to arrange itthem. (Documented in Section 8.6)All of these groups are linked to the same set of banks used to launder gold and otherassets. They have done business with each other, and hence their illegal assets aretraceable through these various accounts. Having investigators have probable cause toinvestigate some of these accounts put them all at risk. All pressure for investigations, allinvestigations, disappeared after September 11, 2001.


1. Of interesting historic note, this is the same timeframe in which President Bush, by Executive Order(rather than Congressional law) authorized the selling of US Government assets.“President Bush’s Executive Order (No. 12803) on Infrastructure Privatization of April 30, 1992cleared away federal barriers to cities and states selling or leasing existing public worksinfrastructure to private investors….President Bush’s Executive Order on InfrastructurePrivatization offers state and local government the option of selling or leasing any infrastructureenterprise that had previously received federal aid, as long as it repays the depreciated value of thefederal grants. And it directs the relevant federal agencies—principally the EnvironmentalProtection Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Federal HighwayAdministration—to work with their grantees in removing obstacles, should they opt to pursueprivatization.” [What Cities and States Have to Sell, Robert W. Poole, Jr., David Haarmeyer, andLynn Scarlett, April 1992]2. Simultaneously, Adnan Khashoggi directed his Barrick operation to file its applications for 1,144 acresof land in Nevada during March and April 1992.“Barrick filed its applications for 1,144 acres of land in March and April 1992. That summer, apilot program for “expedited processing” of Nevada patents was instituted by BLM chief Delos CyJamison, a Republican who had been appointed to that post by President George Bush in 1989.Jamison concocted this speed-up procedure with the BLM Nevada state director, without informinghis own staff. “Bells went off in my head when I heard about it,” a former BLM staffer told EIR.Philip M. Hocker, president of the Mineral Policy Center, an environmentalist outfit, testified to aCongressional subcommittee on March 11, 1993: “Under a new and unpublicized `pilot project,’the BLM allowed Barrick to hire outside mineral examiners to perform the evaluation of `discovery’ on Barrick’s mining claims. The specialists who determined whether these claimsshould be patented for $5 per acre received payment for their work directly from the company

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 223which wanted a `yes’ answer. This is a flagrant conflict of interest, which BLM is not onlyallowing, but encouraging. Barrick is the only company to complete this process so far.”Only Barrick got expedited treatment. Its patenting was rushed through in record speed; the BLMdistrict manager approved the report of the outside consultant hired by Barrick the day after it wasfiled, in February 1993. Other companies remained stuck in the BLM backlog.” [George Bush’s $10billion giveaway to Barrick Gold, Mark Sonnenblick, Executive Intelligence Review]3.

As an interesting side note another firm that started buying into the former Soviet satellite industry wasIridium, formerly identified in this report as the satellite company operating in Iraq, with heavyownership out of Israel and the Bin Ladin family. Might this have been the firm Vreeland wasinvestigating? Just as significant, with the Department of Defense officially investing in Russiandefense firms, might this have been the basis for ONI running its own money-laundering investigation?4.

The quiet role of Jonathon Bush through the years has been over-looked by investigators to date. It isimportant to recall that in addition to directing the covert activities of Valmet, he was the ‘money-man’for the Bush family. It was Jonathon who provided campaign investors for all of the Bush candidates,and it was Jonathon who brought the initial Wall Street money to the initial George Bush Jr. companiesthat were to fail later. To contend that Jonathon avoided politics would be incorrect, as the recordshows he officially represented his brother in 1989 during a tour of Eastern Europe and the Ukraine.(See American Dynasty, Kevin Phillips, 2004, p72.)

8.5 Ambassador Lee Wanta and the Riggs-Valmet Connection

The strange case of Lee Wanta, a U.S. citizen and covert operative for almost thirty yearsand Somalian Ambassador to Switzerland and Canada, is a saga that serves to validatethe theory that George H.W. Bush was pumping massive, illegal funding into rogueelements of the Soviet KGB, which then spawned the Russian oligarchs. Wanta hasproduced for the public record a large volume of bank records which he claims wereauthorized by George H.W. Bush in an effort to destabilize the Russian ruble. Therecords of the bank transfers in themselves seem meaningless. However, when onestudies some of the foreign banks receiving the funding, and their subsequent loan lossesto the Russian oligarchs, whose financial empires were designed under the constructionof the Valmet-Riggs consultants, one finds a pattern that would indicate that money waspushed to the oligarchs for their use in buying up Russian industries. As one followsWanta’s documents back to the U.S., one finds an elaborate pattern of cover-up.

Credo (aka Kredo) Bank

Classic examples of the type of ‘Russian destabilization’ driven by the Bush plan asheaded by Lee Wanta are found in the bank transfer documents made public by Wanta,who was later imprisoned for his indiscretions of making public his activities. In thosetransfers, one finds reference to transfers from the New Republic/USA Financial Groupto the Credo (aka Kredo) Bank in Moscow. The Credo Bank would fund the privatizationof the Russian steel/iron/aluminum firms under the reported control of RomanAbramovich, a major oligarch in the “Yeltsin Family.” In 1996, Credo Bank was facedwith failure for lack of payment from one major lender – the Western SiberianSteelworks.

The downsizing at Credobank follows in the wake of serious cash flow problems brought on by thedefault of one of its largest creditors, Western Siberian Steelworks, which has failed to pay back a loan

of 600 billion rubles made earlier this year. [Credobank Exiting City As Assets, Deposits Fall, RichardSleder, The St Petersburg Times,]

In understanding the ownership of “Western Siberian Steelworks,”(aka ZapSib),ownership is traced to the Evraz Group S.A., supposedly controlled by RomanAbramovich (now using the name Abramov):

“– Evraz Group S.A. (LSE: EVR), one of the leading vertically integrated steel production and miningbusinesses with operations mainly in Russia, today announces the commissioning of a double-strandslab continuous caster with annual capacity of up to 2.5 million tonnes at OAO West Siberian Iron andSteel Plant (ZapSib). This investment is in line with Evraz Group’s strategy….” [NOVOKUZNETSK,Russia RNWire]Evraz Group S.A. (“Evraz Group”) is a limited liability company registered under the laws of Luxembourg on December 31, 2004. The registered address of Evraz Group is 1, Allee Scheffer L-2520, Luxembourg. Evraz Group’s parent is Crosland Global Limited (“CGL” or the “Parent”) whichis under control of Mr. Abramov. Evraz Group was formed through a reorganisation in which 95.83%of the shares in Mastercroft Limited (“Mastercroft”), a limited liability company registered in Cyprus,directly owned by Crosland Limited (“Crosland”), the parent of CGL, were contributed into EvrazGroup in April 2005. [Evraz Group S.A., Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, Year endedDecember 31, 2005]

Unfortunately, Abramovich seems to have had a number of U.S. and Israeli “backers,”who remained unreported in this deal (just like Khodokovsky turned out to have a hiddenpartner with Jacob Rothschild).

“The Kurbanov claim was the first to intimate publicly that Abramov may not have been thecontrolling shareholder he claimed. Since the December filing, the lawyers involved in the Kurbanovcase have been negotiating with him for weeks, but they no longer return calls to discuss the case.Before they fell silent, one of them told The Russia Journal that she believed Abramov’s purportedcontrol shareholding in Evraz included other trusts. One which had come under Russian media scrutinywas the estate of a senior executive of the group, Andrei Sevenyuk, who was killed in an aircraft crashin September 2004. Before his death, Sevenyuk had hinted to The Russia Journal that he was in controlof a sizeable stake in the company. Subsequently, uncorroborated reports suggest that his survivorsaccepted Abramov’s payment of $124 million for a shareholding of 4.17%, leaving what MorganStanley estimated as a residual 0.8% bloc of shares still in the Sevenyuk estate’s control. Moscownewspaper reports have speculated, however, that when he was alive, Sevenyuk controlled at least15%. If true, then together, Sevenyuk and Kurbanov may have been the beneficial owners of approximately half the shares Abramov claimed for himself.Until and unless he settled with them, or with their heirs, Abramov ran the risk of trying to sell whatwasn’t his.Other court claims dispute the ownership which Evraz claims in its prime assets. A claim filed infederal and local courts last November in the US state of Delaware four companies representing anIsraeli and US investors had once controlled about 72% of the shares of the Kachkanarsky ore-processing combine (GOK), an iron-ore and vanadium mine that is today Evraz’s most importantsource of the raw material. The claimants say that between 1999 and 2001, they were forcibly deprivedof their asset. According to the plaintiffs’ complaint in Delaware’s Chancery Court, Evraz, one of theeleven listed defendants, is described as having been “owned, directly or indirectly, by [Mikhail]Chernoi, [Oleg] Deripaska, [Iskander] Makhmudov, and [Mikhail] Nekrich, and operated and managedby them, or under their direction and control.” [Abramovich Kicks a Ghost, Ft Puts Foot in Mouth,John Helmer, The Russia Journal, March 22, 2006]

So the question them becomes, who put together this complex web of financial ownershipand offshore holding companies, initially funded with 600 billion rubles from theCredobank? What one learns is that Abramovich was a client of Valmet and Menatep,who structured his other financial operations.

The first link has emerged between the Bank of New York money-laundering scandal and a member of President Yeltsin’s “family”, a mysterious businessman known as a kingmaker in the Kremlin. TheTimes has learnt that Roman Abramovich, a tycoon, controls the trading arm of one of Russia’s largestoil companies through an Isle of Man company that has figured in the Bank of New York affair. MrAbramovich runs the Siberian oil giant Sibneft, which sells its oil through a company called Runicom.His name has emerged after speculation that Swiss investigators are looking into the role of Runicomas part of the widening investigation into the laundering of up to $15 billion of Russian money throughAmerican banks. Runicom is owned by at least two offshore companies set up by the Valmet Group, afinancial services concern partly owned by Menatep, a failed Russian bank that used the Bank of NewYork. [Yeltsin ‘Family’ Tycoon Linked to Cash Scandal , James Bone, David Lister, Fiona Flick, TheTimes (UK), September 7, 1999]

Moreover, it should be noted that Runicom was under the ownership of Valmet when itwas originally controlled by Riggs, according to Alan Block and Constance Weaver, Allis Clouded by Desire, p.141.

Altalanos Ertekforgalmi Bank (AEB)

A second financial conduit for the Wanta ‘ruble destabilization’ program was theAltalanos Ertekforgalmi Bank (AEB) in Budapest, Hangary. AEB had an evolving rolein this financial scheme starting in 1990, when 50% of AEB was bought by the CEDC(Central European Development Corporation.) The CEDC is actually operated out of Singer Island, Florida, and was created in 1989 apparently for the sole purpose of procuring the AEB, as it has not done a lot else.

“R. Mark Palmer, the United States Ambassador here, is resigning from the State Department tomanage a new consortium of North American financiers that today announced the purchase of half interest in a Hungarian bank, the first in what was projected as a series of ambitious investments inEastern Europe.R. Mark Palmer, the United States Ambassador here, is resigning from the State Department to managea new consortium of North American financiers that today announced the purchase of half interest in aHungarian bank, the first in what was projected as a series of ambitious investments in Eastern Europe.The chairman of the group, the Central European Development Corporation, is Ronald S. Lauder, aformer American Ambassador to Austria …The announcement of the $10 million bank deal…will turn 50 percent of the General Banking andTrust Company, one of prewar Hungary’s most venerable institutions, over to a group of high-profilebusinessmen, several of Hungarian descent. The deputy chairman is Andrew Sarlos, a Toronto-basedreal estate developer. Other major investors include Melvin Simon, the American shopping mallmagnate, and Albert Reichmann, owner

of Olympia & York Real Estate Company in Canada. Mr.Lauder, whose family owns the Estee Lauder Cosmetics Company, holds 50 percent of the shares.”[U.S. Envoy in Hungary Quits To Handle Investment in East, Celestine Bohlen, The New York Times,January 26, 1990]

In addition to being a Bush appointee, R. Mark Palmer, it turns out appears to have beena collaborator with George Soros in his efforts to unhinge Eastern European currencies.

“(Soros) has been controlled for some time by a fellow called Hartmann. Hartmann was operating outof Zug, Switzerland, which is one of the banking centers, through the N.M. Rothschild ContinuationTrust.

Hartmann was the man who controlled the BNL and BCCI simultaneously,

or coordinated it,which were not Pakistani or Gulf banks; they were British Commonwealth banks, controlled throughthis Rothschild intermediation. He worked for them, and still does

. Now on the American side, hiscontroller or coordinator has been Gerald Corrigan, who’s going to work for him on the Russian side

,and a State Department official, R. Mark Palmer, who went to work for Soros even before he fully quithis job at the State Department.”[There Is a Worldwide Crash in Progress; We Are In A DepressionAlready”, Lyndon Larouche, interviewed by Mel Klenetsky, August 4, 1993, Shofar FTP Archive File:people/l/larouche.lyndon/eir.080493]“So Soros, the big derivatives speculator operating in central Europe, the man who ran the run againstthe pound, the run against the franc, and so forth, is a creature of this. This involved Gerald Corriganof the New York Fed, now retiring to join Soros’s Russian operation; and this involved R. MarkPalmer, a State Department official. So this is an Anglo-American operation by those interests whichran BCCI, BNL, to try to bankrupt European currencies.” [How Europe’s Economic Crisis CouldBecome the Worst Crisis in Six Centuries, Lyndon Larouche, interviewed by Mel Klenetsky, August18, 1993]

Ronald Lauder, (heir to the $4.2 Billion Estee Lauder estate) was the major investor inthe operation, apparently, and also is connected to groups previously referred to in thisreport. He would turn out to be a major western investor in subsequent privatizationinvestments. Lauder became a Reagan appointee as Ambassador of Austria largely as aresult of his work as New York Finance Campaign chairman for the Republican Party,and is linked closely to the Bronfman family in his role as Treasurer of the World JewishCongress.

“Ronald Lauder: heir of his mother Estée Lauder’s cosmetic billions, rightist ideologue, and leadingLikud contributor and funding coordinator. Ronald Lauder is treasurer of the World Jewish Congressand a Trustee of the Special Reserve Fund of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith. HisRonald S. Lauder foundation, operating in the former East Bloc, paid for the ADL to open an office inVienna, Austria, where Lauder was U.S. Ambassador in the 1980s. One of the WJC and ADL’s toppriorities in Central and Eastern Europe is the protection of hedge fund operator George Soros. TheLauder Foundation works in tandem with Soros’s Open Society Institute, which advocates legalizationof all narcotics and support for the Columbian FARC and other narco-terrorist agencies. After servingas U.S. Ambassador to Austria in the 1980s, Lauder personally became a major investor in “privatized”Eastern European properties.Lauder was named (by Secretary of State Sir Lawrence Eagleburger, former President of KissingerAssociates), to head the Central European Development Corporation (CEDC) that was created under aFederal act to function as a kind of pig trough for those with influence around the diplomaticcommunity. CEDC is a consortium that mingles U.S. Congress-appropriated monies with those fromprivate businessmen. With offices in Berlin and Budapest, CEDC invests in “privatized” EasternEuropean businesses for a nickel on the dollar.” [A Bigger Scandal: Illegal U.S. Funding of Sharon’sLikud, Anton Chaitkin, Executive Intelligence Review, January 24, 2002]

As it would turn out, AEB was a bank asset which, while half owned by U.S. investors,was apparently controlled by the Yeltsin family. The bank was later was absorbed byGazprom, which in turn was controlled by Khodorkovsky and Viktor S. Chernomyrdin,long-time aide to Boris Yeltsin. In 1996, the U.S. investors would hand over their 50%of the bank to Gazprom for an undisclosed sum. The bank would then become a money-laundering conduit for Yeltsin family, just as Valmet SA was transferred to the Yeltsinfamily from Riggs bank ownership. In both cases (Valmet and AEB) the U.S. partners


‘took the money and ran.’ This aspect of the overall strategy suggests that rather thanbeing involved in a program to enhance democracy and capitalism, and to provide for‘national security,’ the sole purpose, as so keenly summarized by Anne Williamson, wasthe financial ‘rape of Russia.’As in Yukos Oil ownership, the ownership of Gazprom has been purposefully murky.Khordorkovsky’s role has long been hidden from the public, while most believed thatChernomyrdin was the key controller. AEB was one of their two banks, with AEB havingno real assets, but serving primarily as a passthrough operation for moving fundsoffshore. Khordorkovsky (aided by consultants from Riggs-Valmet) was a significantarchitect of the financial structure from the earliest days.

“All along, Mr. Khodorkovsky cultivated relationships with the powerful. As early as 1991, he had anoffice in the Russian government building, where he advised officials and charmed them with his quietdisplays of respect. Ivan S. Silayev, Prime Minister of Russia before the Soviet Union’s fall, was one of his first employers. … In a brief but crucial period in 1993, Mr. Khodorkovsky became a deputy to theenergy minister, who was reorganizing Russia’s oil industry into groupings that would later becomecompanies, setting the stage for privatization. Alfred Kokh, the official responsible for runningprivatization, recalled that Prime Minister Viktor S. Chernomyrdin frequently called him about the saleof Yukos.”I felt that Khodorkovsky influenced Chernomyrdin strongly,” Mr. Kokh said.” [Russian TycoonMoves Into Politics and Then Jail, Sabrina Tavernise and Timothy L. O’Brien, The New York Times,November 10, 2003]“According to Eric Kraus of Sovlink, another investment house, Khodorkovsky may have already beenindirectly controlling a good-sized stake in Gazprom, the state gas monopoly and the largest companyin Russia.” [Robber Baron, Gideon Lichfield, New Republic On Line, November 17, 2003]

Just as Yukos used Menatep Bank and Valmet SA, Gazprom used AEB for its capitalflight transfers.

“When Gazprom bought it, AEB was a loss-maker. But within a year it was turning a profit and posteda $31 million profit in 2000. The secret of its success? AEB handles all payments for Gazprom’s gasexports to Central and Eastern Europe. In the last year alone, AEB handled $2.3 billion in payments toGazprom. Kent Moors, who has studied Russian capital flight for years as the head of the EastEuropean investment consultancy Asida, which is based in the United States, says that AEB is one of the ways Gazprom management move their cash out of Russia. “AEB is a small part of a widelydistributed system of offshore companies and foreign partners, with whom the Gazprom managers shifttheir cash abroad or park it there,” Moors said. Which may explain why the more profit AEB makesthe more stakes Gazprombank sells to obscure holding companies — and to Rakhimkulov.Gazprombank has now parted with three-quarters of its original 100-percent stake in AEB. Hungary’sofficial financial watchdog, PSZAF, said that Gazprombank in May 1997 held only half of AEB — 20percent belonged to the Singapore-registered holding company ACMA Investments and its subsidiaryCitycom. At the same time, the companies Interenergo and Intergazprom Invest, which belongs to theBritish Virgin Islands-registered Undall, each held a 10 percent stake. In May 1999 another 10 percentstake went to IGM Kereskedelmi, which is owned by Cubbaren Ltd., registered on the Isle of Man.Rakhimkulov has also become an AEB shareholder after

Gazprombank sold him an 8.5 percent stakeon Dec. 21, 2000, according to PSZAF.” [Gazprom Assets A Family Affair, Florian Hassel, MoscowTimes, May 21, 2001]

Most of these transfers appear to have constituted illegal transfers, which suggests whythe key architects are facing prosecution and prison terms.

Often called a “state within a state,” Gazprom controls a quarter of the world’s natural gas reserveswith eight times the energy reserves of Exxon Mobil Corp. Gazprom accounts for 7 percent of Russia’seconomy. It also represents the most visible symbol of the struggle to establish Western-style rules of corporate governance and investor rights a decade into Russia’s experiment with capitalism. Minorityshareholders complain that Gazprom insiders benefit from shady deals while the company has beenstripped of valuable properties.” [A ‘Crossroads’ Battle in Russia: Fight for Gas Firm Seen as Test forPutin and Reform, Peter Baker, Washington Post, May 21, 2001]“Outspoken Gazprom board member and critic Boris Fyodorov, a former finance minister, said that byhis estimation some “$2 billion to $3 billion disappears from Gazprom each year through corruption,nepotism and simple theft.” He was quoted by Itar-Tass as saying in Washington this week that whenhe first demanded an independent audit of Gazprom last year, Gazprom management threatened tothrow him in jail.” [Gazprom Assets A Family Affair, Florian Hassel, Moscow Times, May 21, 2001]

It is important to remember that the World Trade Center was destroyed to cover up andterminate investigations in a wide array of illegal banking transactions linked to thepolicy and programs of George HW Bush Sr. Transactions at Altalanos ErtekforgalmiBank (AEB) would/should have been a target for investigation, linking Bush to the Bankof New York Money Laundering scandal.

Westdeutsche Landesbank

Similarly, another bank that was a recipient of Wanta controlled funding – WestdeutscheLandesbank, had moneys routed to the Khodorkovsky group, and found itself withdifficulty trying to collect that loan.

Khodorkovsky’s group urged the foreign banks to accept a three-year repayment plan, secured by oilexports rather than Yukos shares. But the two largest creditors, Daiwa Bank and West Merchant Bank(a subsidiary of Westdeutsche Landesbank), refused. [The World’s Billionaires: The Oligarch WhoCame in from the Cold, Paul Klebnikov, Forbes, March 18, 2002]

“It began after the ruble’s collapse last summer, when one of Russia’s key financial institutions,Menatep, defaulted on $236 million in loans to Germany’s Westdeutsche Landesbank, DaiwaSecurities of Japan and Standard Bank of South Africa. The loans had been collateralized by a pledged30 percent stake in the enormous oil company Yukos that was also controlled by Menatep’s billionaireowner, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. But before the foreign institutions could act, Yukos — whose reservesare considered by some to be equal to Texaco’s — received local court approval to bar minorityinvestors from shareholders meetings of its key subsidiairies. Meetings were then held where thesubsidiaries were transferred almost free of charge to obscure offshore companies also suspected to bepart of Khodorkovsky’s empire. That left the foreign banks with nothing more than shares in a holdingcompany that suddenly had no holdings — and thus was almost worthless.” [Corporate GovernanceGoes Global: Riding the Rising Tide, Rob Wright, IFC Corporate Relations Unit, Impact, Summer1999]

It is also clearly reported that the Landesbank was included into the investigation of theBank of New York activities.

“Though the exact figure has not been determined, this vast sum not only lined the pockets of the newRussian kleptocracy, but also flowed into the coffers of US and European financial institutions. (TheBNY case may well involve a number of major European banks. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal,

citing sources familiar with the investigation, said that Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland,Dresdner Bank, Westdeutsche Landesbank and Banque Internacionale of Luxembourg are beingscrutinized for their role in the matter.)” [Bank of New York probe exposes ties between Westernfinanciers and Russian Mafia, James Brookfield, 27 August 1999,]

Deutsch Landesbank, however was connected to a second, later investigation into theholdings of Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. In 2001, both of theseinvestigations were ongoing, and centered in the World Trade Center.

“According to recent media reports, Russian companies allegedly controlled by Boris Berezovsky andRoman Abramovich were responsible for laundering up to $7.2 billion in Russian “funny money”mostly through German banks over the past four years. It is not yet clear whether the scheme involved”just” tax evasion or more serious criminally related money-laundering activity. This scandal, if confirmed, involves the venerable Westdeutsche Landesbank, known as WestLB, and a slew of otherGerman financial institutions. Outwardly, this case is reminiscent of other money-laundering schemessuch as those involving the Bank of New York and Citigroup. All of them involve moving large sumsof money between Caribbean offshore locations such as the British Virgin Islands or even more exoticplaces like Nauru and Western Samoa….. The investigation may soon be handed over to the FBIhowever…. Several venerable banks, including the Bank of New York and Republic Bank of NewYork, were at the center of a much larger scandal in the fall of 1999, in which transactions in excess of $6 billion were uncovered. The transfer originated in Russia and involved some 10,000 transactionssince October 1998. The federal investigation – involving the FBI, the New York Federal ReserveBoard, the New York Banking Commission and the British law enforcement and national securityagencies – is still going on.” [Coming Clean, Ariel Cohen, Moscow Times, January 23, 2001]

This report emphasizes that the German /Suisse banks referenced in the investigationinclude those very banks reported to be at the heart of the need to cover up investigationsat the World Trade Center: Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland, Deutsch Bank,Dresdner Bank, and now, including Westdeutsche Landesbank.

8.6 The Yeltsin Family and the Investigations in the World TradeCenter

There were at least seven active investigations into the Yeltsin family when the WorldTrade Center – home of the U.S. major financial investigative organizations – wentdown. In all probability, there might have been up to fifteen or twenty investigationsopened, and most of them would never see the light of day. All of these investigationsare tied to accounts that would ultimately link back to the Bush family financing.1. In 1998, Loutchansky, Marc Rich and Berezovsky (Berezovskii) – all associates of the Yeltsin family – were being investigated in conjunction with the Bank of NewYork money-laundering scandal that the Bush administration, (through Ashcroft) firsttried to bury as insignificant – only to have it put back on the front page of the pressby Swiss investigators, and then Russian investigators. (To put the Yeltsin “Family”in context, it should be noted that the crime organization named after him ousted himshortly after he lost value as anything other than a figurehead.)

“It is not the Yeltsin family in a literal sense: Boris Yeltsin was “thrown out” a long time ago; it isa group that holds the real power. And Chernoi can cover its crimes and develop its business withthe help of the state.” [Le Monde: French Editorial Says Russian President Putin Unable To EffectChanges, Counter Mafia, Corruption]

This investigation opened inroads into accounts at Menatep Bank, Runicom,Inkombank, EuropeanUnion bank, Riggs-Valmet, Bank Rossisky-Kredit, AlphaBank, many of which were linked to Bush operatives and the Yeltsin Familycounterparts going as far back as 1991.2. Nazarbayev and his Swiss accounts were being investigated by the Swiss for illegalactivities, linked to Bush Sr. and Richard Cheney in the Griffen scandal.3. Later Mikhail Khodorkovsky would be implicated in the Bank of New York money-laundering scandal because of his control of Menatep Bank, but would be moreclosley tied to use of the Riggs-Valmet money-laundering conduit. His imprisonmentfor tax evasion would be portrayed in the U.S .press as “political” repression by thePutin regime, and hardly a mention of the Riggs Bank connection would bepublished. The Bush family remained loyal to Khodorkovsky after his arrest, withGeorge Bush Jr. acting on his behalf.

US President George W. Bush used a meeting Friday with Russian non-governmental groups toexpress concern over the fate of the jailed founder of Russian oil firm Yukos, participants said.”He talked about Khodorkovsky, he talked about his wife,” said Maria Gaidar, head of the liberalRussian youth movement Da (Yes), who attended the meeting with Mr Bush at the residence of the US consul general in Saint Petersburg. “He said that … he was concerned” about the welfareof Mikhail Khodorkovsky, she said, referring to the Yukos founder sentenced in May 2005 toeight years in prison after conviction on tax evasion, massive fraud and embezzlement charges.[Bush ‘concern’ over jailed oil baron, correspondents in St Petersburg, Herald Sun (Queensland),July 15, 2006

]Upon his arrest, Khodorkovsky’s secretive business arrangement with the Rothschildfamily was exposed, as Jacob Rothschild took over Khodorkovsky’s 26% control of Yukos. Khodorkovsky’s seat on the board of directors for Yukos went to formerHalliburton executive Edgar Ortiz, a former Halliburton vice president during USVice President Dick Cheney’s time as Halliburton CEO, and as President and CEO of Halliburton, took over the relationship with the State Oil Company of AzerbaijanRepublic (SOCAR). (See Halliburton Man to Sub for Khodorkovsky, SimonOstrovsky, Moscow Times, April 30, 2004.)4. Yeltsin’s accounts in UBS were being investigated by the Swiss at the same as the1998 decision to attack the World Trade Center was made.

“There were the first names, the last names, and the accounts accessed at the Banca del Gottardoin Lugano and at the UBS in Geneva.” [Investigation of Yeltsin’s Swiss Accounts, Milan’sCorriere della Sera in Italian, 25 August 1999 (translation for personal use only) Article by CarloBonini and Giuseppe D’Avanzo: “Switzerland, Credit Cards

Accuse Yeltsin”]5. Loutchansky, as shown earlier, was being investigated by the Swiss as well.

Time Magazine reporters …took up Loutchansky’s offer to examine his books in July 1996. Time’sreport detailed deals involving PM Viktor Chernomyrdin, Moscow Mayor Yury Lyuzhkov and formerSoviet Minister of Metallurgy and hometown Yeltsin crony Oleg Soskovets, scud missiles, nuclearsmuggling and multimillion dollar transfers through a network of Swiss bank accounts and dummycompanies set up in tax havens like the Isle of Man and Liechtenstein.” [Russia’s X mysteries, AnneWilliamson,, September 17, 1999]


The missing Russian treasury gold was probably under scrutiny by the FBIinvestigation of gold-price fixing, an investigation that would have encompassedaccounts from Barrick Gold and Deutschebank.7.

The Westdeutsche Landesbank realated mney-laundering of Boris Berezovsky andRoman AbramovichAll of the investigations targeted individuals who were at some point financed by BushSr. and his business associates, and used government funds to fraudulently enrich variousbusiness partners and themselves. All the investigations were housed in the World TradeCenter. All of these Russian/Israeli Mafiya frauds were being investigated by agencies inthe WTC and had their investigative resources refocused on “Al Qaeda.” It should not beforgotten that Al Qaeda has been a documented CIA front established under George BushSr. when he was CIA Director, vice President and officially the chief of National Securityunder Reagan, and as President. As the senior US Intelligence czar for 20 years, if anyoneever ‘owned’ Al Qaeda, it was George HW Bush.

“George Bush, who, as vice president, beginning in 1981, carried out Executive Order 12333, whichplaced all U.S. intelligence operations under Bush’s personal control.” [Executive Outcomes ties leadto London and Bush, Roger Moore and Linda de Hoyos, Executive Intelligence Review January 31,1997, pp. 42-43]

All of these individuals are linked in multiple ways to the Bush and Yeltsin “Families.”

The Yeltsin Family Partnership in State Sponsored Terror

The Yelstin Family has on multiple occasions, demonstrated a willingness to usepersonally funded, private military force for political reasons. (This technically fits thedefinition of terrorism.) For example, and most recently, when Vladimir Putin ejectedmost of the oligarchs and the Yeltsin Family from their seats of political power,Berezovsky countered by threatening a coup!

“…Putin has also fired Aleksandr Voloshin, his chief of staff (formally, it is Voloshin who resigned).Voloshin was one of the architects of Russia’s capitalism.

This completes the political clean-up

: nowthe Putin government is entirely run by Putin men (many of whom are veterans of the old KGB, theSoviet secret police). [October 2003) Putin vs the oligarchs. TM, ®, Copyright © 2005 Piero Scaruffi]“Wanted Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has gone public with his plans to seize power in Russia byforce. The London-based oligarch said in an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio station Wednesdaythat he had been working on the coup plan for 18 months.


THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 232citing sources familiar with the investigation, said that Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland,Dresdner Bank, Westdeutsche Landesbank and Banque Internacionale of Luxembourg are beingscrutinized for their role in the matter.)” [Bank of New York probe exposes ties between Westernfinanciers and Russian Mafia, James Brookfield, 27 August 1999,]

Deutsch Landesbank, however was connected to a second, later investigation into theholdings of Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. In 2001, both of theseinvestigations were ongoing, and centered in the World Trade Center.

“According to recent media reports, Russian companies allegedly controlled by Boris Berezovsky andRoman Abramovich were responsible for laundering up to $7.2 billion in Russian “funny money”mostly through German banks over the past four years. It is not yet clear whether the scheme involved”just” tax evasion or more serious criminally related money-laundering activity. This scandal, if confirmed, involves the venerable Westdeutsche Landesbank, known as WestLB, and a slew of otherGerman financial institutions. Outwardly, this case is reminiscent of other money-laundering schemessuch as those involving the Bank of New York and Citigroup. All of them involve moving large sumsof money between Caribbean offshore locations such as the British Virgin Islands or even more exoticplaces like Nauru and Western Samoa….. The investigation may soon be handed over to the FBIhowever…. Several venerable banks, including the Bank of New York and Republic Bank of NewYork, were at the center of a much larger scandal in the fall of 1999, in which transactions in excess of $6 billion were uncovered. The transfer originated in Russia and involved some 10,000 transactionssince October 1998. The federal investigation – involving the FBI, the New York Federal ReserveBoard, the New York Banking Commission and the British law enforcement and national securityagencies – is still going on.” [Coming Clean, Ariel Cohen, Moscow Times, January 23, 2001]

This report emphasizes that the German /Suisse banks referenced in the investigationinclude those very banks reported to be at the heart of the need to cover up investigationsat the World Trade Center: Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland, Deutsch Bank,Dresdner Bank, and now, including Westdeutsche Landesbank.

8.6 The Yeltsin Family and the Investigations in the World TradeCenter

There were at least seven active investigations into the Yeltsin family when the WorldTrade Center – home of the U.S. major financial investigative organizations – wentdown. In all probability, there might have been up to fifteen or twenty investigationsopened, and most of them would never see the light of day. All of these investigationsare tied to accounts that would ultimately link back to the Bush family financing.1. In 1998, Loutchansky, Marc Rich and Berezovsky (Berezovskii) – all associates of the Yeltsin family – were being investigated in conjunction with the Bank of NewYork money-laundering scandal that the Bush administration, (through Ashcroft) firsttried to bury as insignificant – only to have it put back on the front page of the pressby Swiss investigators, and then Russian investigators. (To put the Yeltsin “Family”in context, it should be noted that the crime organization named after him ousted himshortly after he lost value as anything other than a figurehead.)

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 233“It is not the Yeltsin family in a literal sense: Boris Yeltsin was “thrown out” a long time ago; it isa group that holds the real power. And Chernoi can cover its crimes and develop its business withthe help of the state.” [Le Monde: French Editorial Says Russian President Putin Unable To EffectChanges, Counter Mafia, Corruption]

This investigation opened inroads into accounts at Menatep Bank, Runicom,Inkombank, EuropeanUnion bank, Riggs-Valmet, Bank Rossisky-Kredit, AlphaBank, many of which were linked to Bush operatives and the Yeltsin Familycounterparts going as far back as 1991.2. Nazarbayev and his Swiss accounts were being investigated by the Swiss for illegalactivities, linked to Bush Sr. and Richard Cheney in the Griffen scandal.3. Later Mikhail Khodorkovsky would be implicated in the Bank of New York money-laundering scandal because of his control of Menatep Bank, but would be moreclosley tied to use of the Riggs-Valmet money-laundering conduit. His imprisonmentfor tax evasion would be portrayed in the U.S .press as “political” repression by thePutin regime, and hardly a mention of the Riggs Bank connection would bepublished. The Bush family remained loyal to Khodorkovsky after his arrest, withGeorge Bush Jr. acting on his behalf.

US President George W. Bush used a meeting Friday with Russian non-governmental groups toexpress concern over the fate of the jailed founder of Russian oil firm Yukos, participants said.”He talked about Khodorkovsky, he talked about his wife,” said Maria Gaidar, head of the liberalRussian youth movement Da (Yes), who attended the meeting with Mr Bush at the residence of the US consul general in Saint Petersburg. “He said that … he was concerned” about the welfareof Mikhail Khodorkovsky, she said, referring to the Yukos founder sentenced in May 2005 toeight years in prison after conviction on tax evasion, massive fraud and embezzlement charges.[Bush ‘concern’ over jailed oil baron, correspondents in St Petersburg, Herald Sun (Queensland),July 15, 2006

]Upon his arrest, Khodorkovsky’s secretive business arrangement with the Rothschildfamily was exposed, as Jacob Rothschild took over Khodorkovsky’s 26% control of Yukos. Khodorkovsky’s seat on the board of directors for Yukos went to formerHalliburton executive Edgar Ortiz, a former Halliburton vice president during USVice President Dick Cheney’s time as Halliburton CEO, and as President and CEO of Halliburton, took over the relationship with the State Oil Company of AzerbaijanRepublic (SOCAR). (See Halliburton Man to Sub for Khodorkovsky, SimonOstrovsky, Moscow Times, April 30, 2004.)4. Yeltsin’s accounts in UBS were being investigated by the Swiss at the same as the1998 decision to attack the World Trade Center was made.

“There were the first names, the last names, and the accounts accessed at the Banca del Gottardoin Lugano and at the UBS in Geneva.” [Investigation of Yeltsin’s Swiss Accounts, Milan’sCorriere della Sera in Italian, 25 August 1999 (translation for personal use only) Article by CarloBonini and Giuseppe D’Avanzo: “Switzerland, Credit Cards

Accuse Yeltsin”]

5. Loutchansky, as shown earlier, was being investigated by the Swiss as well.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 234“Time Magazine reporters …took up Loutchansky’s offer to examine his books in July 1996. Time’sreport detailed deals involving PM Viktor Chernomyrdin, Moscow Mayor Yury Lyuzhkov and formerSoviet Minister of Metallurgy and hometown Yeltsin crony Oleg Soskovets, scud missiles, nuclearsmuggling and multimillion dollar transfers through a network of Swiss bank accounts and dummycompanies set up in tax havens like the Isle of Man and Liechtenstein.” [Russia’s X mysteries, AnneWilliamson,, September 17, 1999]


The missing Russian treasury gold was probably under scrutiny by the FBIinvestigation of gold-price fixing, an investigation that would have encompassedaccounts from Barrick Gold and Deutschebank.7.

The Westdeutsche Landesbank realated mney-laundering of Boris Berezovsky andRoman AbramovichAll of the investigations targeted individuals who were at some point financed by BushSr. and his business associates, and used government funds to fraudulently enrich variousbusiness partners and themselves. All the investigations were housed in the World TradeCenter. All of these Russian/Israeli Mafiya frauds were being investigated by agencies inthe WTC and had their investigative resources refocused on “Al Qaeda.” It should not beforgotten that Al Qaeda has been a documented CIA front established under George BushSr. when he was CIA Director, vice President and officially the chief of National Securityunder Reagan, and as President. As the senior US Intelligence czar for 20 years, if anyoneever ‘owned’ Al Qaeda, it was George HW Bush.

“George Bush, who, as vice president, beginning in 1981, carried out Executive Order 12333, whichplaced all U.S. intelligence operations under Bush’s personal control.” [Executive Outcomes ties leadto London and Bush, Roger Moore and Linda de Hoyos, Executive Intelligence Review January 31,1997, pp. 42-43]

All of these individuals are linked in multiple ways to the Bush and Yeltsin “Families.”

The Yeltsin Family Partnership in State Sponsored Terror

The Yelstin Family has on multiple occasions, demonstrated a willingness to usepersonally funded, private military force for political reasons. (This technically fits thedefinition of terrorism.) For example, and most recently, when Vladimir Putin ejectedmost of the oligarchs and the Yeltsin Family from their seats of political power,Berezovsky countered by threatening a coup!

“…Putin has also fired Aleksandr Voloshin, his chief of staff (formally, it is Voloshin who resigned).Voloshin was one of the architects of Russia’s capitalism.

This completes the political clean-up

: nowthe Putin government is entirely run by Putin men (many of whom are veterans of the old KGB, theSoviet secret police). [October 2003) Putin vs the oligarchs. TM, ®, Copyright © 2005 Piero Scaruffi]“Wanted Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has gone public with his plans to seize power in Russia byforce. The London-based oligarch said in an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio station Wednesdaythat he had been working on the coup plan for 18 months.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 235Berezovsky, a notorious critic of Putin’s regime, said he aimed to replace the “anti-constitutionalregime” in Russia. “The regime has lost its legitimacy. Neither Putin nor the parliament are legitimate.They are anti-constitutional, because they have made a number of anti-constitutional decisions, such asreplacing elected governors by appointed ones. This is absolutely against the spirit and the language of the constitution.” Today’s regime would never allow a fair election, Berezovsky added, so the onlyway out is a coup.” [January 26, 2006]

This however, is not the first time the Yeltsin Family has demonstrated a willingness toresort to political terror for its own agenda. This willingness to use terrorists for theirpolitical agenda is best understood by understanding the ‘muscle’ in the Yeltsin Family,starting with Aleksander Voloshin.

“Who are the strong men of the Yeltsin “family?” (Khaydarov) Roman Abramovitch represents them.He manages their shares, for example 50 percent of Russal, based on the agreement signed with theChernoi group in early 2000. Then, there is of course Vladimir Voloshin, head of the presidentialadministration under Yeltsin, and whom Putin was not able to get rid of. His story is known, startingwith the scandal of the AVVA financial pyramid (created with Boris Berezovskiy). He controls the”family’s” interests and takes care of anything that could harm it. If he cannot do so, he turns to RomanAbramovitch, to Oleg Deripaska, or Valentin Yumashev (former head of the presidentialadministration, author of Boris Yeltsin’s books, and husband of the former president’s daughter TatianaDiachenko).” [Le Monde: French Editorial Says Russian President Putin Unable To Effect Changes,Counter Mafia, Corruption]“Voloshin, 47, was considered the Kremlin’s “gray eminence” by many, mediating the interests of theRussian state and the country’s oligarchs. Officially, Voloshin ranked third in the Russian powerhierarchy, after the president and prime minister. However, Voloshin is believed to have decided manysensitive political issues on Putin’s behalf, effectively making him the second most powerful politicalfigure in the country. Voloshin became head of then-President Boris Yeltsin’s administration in March1999 on the strength of heavy lobbying from now-exiled Boris Berezovskii, with whom he workedduring the 1990s to build that oligarch’s vast business interests. After Putin’s election as president in2000, Voloshin opted to support his new boss and helped ease Berezovskii into exile instead of a likelyprison term.….It was Voloshin who brokered deals between bureaucrats and the business world andapplied the necessary influence to enforce agreements.” [Filling Russia’s Voloshin Vacuum, PeterLavelle, RFE/RL Newsline, November 03, 2003]“… the Russian Prosecutor-Generals Office announced that it had launched an inspection into the priorcommercial activities of one the country’s most powerful officials, presidential chief of staff AlexanderVoloshin. Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov said that the initial probe may or may not result in acriminal case. In the early 1990s, Voloshin worked with Berezovsky on the so-called “pyramid”schemes, say Russian media outlets. According to the reports, Voloshin ran several companies thatwere accused of embezzling millions of US dollars, but the case never led to criminal charges. Ustinoveventually backed down and said there was no criminal investigation relative to Voloshin.”[Transparency International: Putin undertakes apparent crackdown on corruption, Toni Schönfelder ,Asia Times, Jan 23, 2002, Moscow]“…during the spring and summer of 1999 members of Yeltsin’s close entourage (the so-called Family)were as prepared … to violate the letter of the Russian Constitution as well as Russian law in order toprevent a transfer of power to persons they did not trust to look out for their physical well-being ortheir financial interests. … the Yeltsin Family were more than ready to involve Russia in a “shortvictorious war” as well as to destabilize Moscow and various regions of Russia to the point where theparliamentary elections of 1999 and the presidential vote of 2000 would need to be canceled orpostponed for several years. As in 1994, a military conflict was in fact launched (the incursions intoDagestan), but due to unanticipated contingencies, it did not prove necessary to cancel the upcoming

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 236elections.” [“Storm in Moscow”: A Plan of the Yeltsin “Family” to Destabilize Russia , John B.Dunlop , The Hoover Institution , October 8, 2004 ]

Understanding that Aleksandr Voloshin is one of the key figures in the Yeltsin Familyallows the report to define the context for the meeting in the summer of 1999, in whichAdnan Khashoggi coordinated a meeting between Voloshin, the Chechen-Muslimseparatist Basayev (who trained in US funded Al Qaeda camps), and a representative of the Columbia cocaine network, and a former KGB agent ‘connected’ to the CIA(Surikov).

“French intelligence sources report, via the Russian press : according to these source Basayev met insummer 1999 in France with Aleksandr Voloshin, chief of staff for then- president Yeltsin (and laterPutin), and Anton Surikov, a former Soviet military intelligence officer who worked with Basayevwhen he was leading the Abkhaz separatist movement in Georgia, with Moscow’s blessing. Voloshin isclaimed to have provided $10 million to Basayev in order to fund the invasion in Dagestan…..The most thorough study, by John Dunlop of the Hoover Institution, blames the plotting on threeprotégés of the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovskii – Valentin Yumashev, Alexander Voloshin, andRoman Abramovich – who at this point were members of Yeltsin’s “Family” in the Kremlin. (As forBerezovskii himself, Dunlop writes that by mid-1999 “all of his real but beginning-to-dwindle politicalinfluence was obtained through the intercession of D’yachenko” [Yeltsin’s daughter] and Yumashev.”)[The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11, Peter Dale Scott,October 29, 2005]“In March of 2002 Interfax reported that, through his long-time business partner Badri Patarkatsishvili,Berezovskii had “supplied Chechen figures Kazbek Makhashev and Movladi Udugov with money topurchase the raid against Dagestan. According to witnesses, Berezovskii contributed 30 million rublesfor the purpose.” This payment, amounting to more than $1 million, if it occurred, may have been onlyone of several intended to underwrite a “short victorious war” in Dagestan.” [“Storm in Moscow”: APlan of the Yeltsin “Family” to Destabilize Russia , John B. Dunlop , The Hoover Institution , October8, 2004 ]“The investigative weekly then went on to summarize what it had learned from French and Israeliintelligence, as well as from its own journalistic digging: “A luxurious villa in the French city of Beaulieu, located between Nice and the principality of Monaco.

This villa, according to the Frenchspecial services, belongs to the international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

He is an Arab from SaudiArabia, a billionaire with a complicated reputation. According to the French special services, and alsoto the French press, in June of 1999 there took up residence at the villa a Venezuelan banker namedAlfonso Davidovich. In the Latin American press, he is said to be responsible for laundering the fundsof the Columbian left insurrection organization FARC, which carries out an armed struggle with theofficial authorities, supported by the narcotics business.”“It soon emerged,”


continued, “that a very frequent visitor to Davidovich was a certain Frenchbusinessman of Israeli-Soviet origin, a native of Sokhumi [Abkhazia], 53-year-old Yakov Kosman.“Soon,” the account continues, “the special services succeeded in establishing that Kosman andTsveiba went to the Nice airport, where they met two men who had arrived from Paris. Judging fromtheir documents, one of those who arrived was Sultan Sosnaliev, who in the years of the Georgian-Abkhaz war served as the minister of defense of Abkhazia. Second there emerged from the airport onemore native of Sokhumi—Anton Surikov. According to rumors, during the years of the war inAbkhazia, he was subordinated to Sosnaliev and was responsible for questions of the organization of sabotage and was friendly with field commander Shamil’ Basaev, who at that time headed the Chechenbattalion.”The next arrival came by sea: “According to the precise information of the French and the Israelis, on3 July at the port of Beaulieu a private English yacht ‘Magiya’ [Magic] arrived from Malta. From it tothe shore came two passengers. If one is to believe the passport information, one of the ‘Englishmen’was a certain Turk, in the past an advisor to the Islamicist premier of Turkey, [Necmettin] Erbakan, a

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 237rather influential figure in the Wahhabi circles of Turkey, the Middle East, and the Caucasus. Fromsources in the Russian special services we learned that Mekhmet is also a close friend of the notunknown Khattab.”“The second person,” the account goes on, “to the surprise of the intelligence officers, was theChechen field commander Shamil’ Basaev.” [“Storm in Moscow”: A Plan of the Yeltsin “Family” toDestabilize Russia , John B. Dunlop , The Hoover Institution , October 8, 2004 ]

Yakov Kosman would also be identified as part of the Russian/Israeli Mafiya.

“Yakov Abramovich Kosman (b. 1946), resides in Nice, France. Has German and, possibly, Israelicitizenship. Involved in real estate operations and banking. Has contacts with Kosovo Albaniancriminal societies in European countries. In 1997-2000 he served as financial consultant to HashimThaçi, the chief commander of KLA. The new president of Far West, Ltd.” [The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11, Peter Dale Scott (18,734 words) October 29,2005]

Also, one needs to understand that one of Farwest’s key partners who arranged theKhashoggi villa meeting of June 199 – Anton Surikov – was an apparent American agentin the Soviet Union, and it was Surikov that mentored Basayev, who had received hisinitial training in CIA sponsored camps in Afghanistan. As noted earlier in this report,Surikov is also a protege of KGB leaders Alexie Kondaurov and Fillipp Bobkov, whosponsored Khordokovsky in his early days. Surikov’s other employer (IPROG) is fundedby grants from Khordokovsky. (Surikov’s involvement in Farwest may help explain howHalliburton received – according to the Halliburton spokesperson – CIA clearance to useFarwest as a recruiter in Central Asia and Africa.)

“Anton Surikov is well-known person…. I’ve known him since Afghanistan. … I think Anton wentover to the Americans already back then…. He has a distant relative in the United States who,basically, held very high post in the CIA and was in Peshawar in the 1980s. Anton always kept thisfact in secret, back in the Soviet time and later on. After all, he occupied very high positions in theDepartment, in the government and in the Duma. Just imagine, he worked in all these high-level jobsand nobody cared! As a matter of fact, our bosses used his connections as the informal channel of communication with the Americans. That’s why Anton could have his way. And later on

it was Antonwho groomed Basayev in Abkhazia as early as in 1992.

Everyone knows about this. Even nowadays,last summer he called Basayev on the satellite phone in my presence. He sounded very friendly:“Shamil, dear brother, I hug you…” [Revelations of the Fugitive Kremlin Financier, recorded VadimAndreev, Translation and comments by, January 19, 2004]

Basayev’s Muslim separatists later would be accused in the world press of the MoscowDubrovka theater tragedy in November 2002, and the September 2004 Beslan schoolattack in which hundreds of children died. Despite the charges, there would be wide-spread reports in the independent press, and a documentary, based on eye-witnesstestimony, that these attacks were actually orchestrated by Russian secret police for theintent of fanning the flames of Russian nationalism, to the political benefit of the YeltsinFamily. These witnesses were arrested and held until they recanted their testimony. Whatis intriguing about these events, like the World Trade Center tragedy, is that Americanintelligence, in the U.S. and Russia, created Muslim terrorists, made them the “publicenemy” and then blamed them for events which served their personal, political interests.

story. On the surface of those stories, as commonly presented on the Internet, thereseemed to be more reason to discount them than pursue them. To a large degree, thesestories appear to have been dismissed by independent 9/11 investigators, with theexception of acknowledgement by Flocco, Schwarz and Ruppert. However, aninvestigation pursuing the smaller details of those stories, (e.g., reading the specifics of the alleged ONI documents, attempting to validate Vreeland’s statements) suggests thatthese stories not only fit the world circumstances, but they provide explanations for gapsin the understanding of what really transpired on September 11, 2001. Without thesestories, there would be open issues as to why the Pentagon was a target, why wasSeptember 11 the chosen date after literally years of planning, and what was behind theillegal trades that the FBI refuses to release?Equally important, this information reinforces the theory that the attack was an attempt tocover up massive money and gold laundering activity by destroying multipleinvestigations in the World Trade Center. It is now clear that additional investigationswere being conducted by the ONI which was housed in the section of the Pentagon hit byFlight 77. It is now clear that the actual gold used to kick-off the Durham/Brady Bondscam came from Swiss accounts managed by the individual responsible for the 1991Brady Bonds – George HW Bush. In that sense, an investigation of those accounts forany reason would have brought global visibility to a $240Billion “scam” in which theRussian Mafiya and George HW Bush, with support from major American financialhouses, attempted to take over major segments of Russian industry during theprivatization of the collapsing Soviet economy, a collapse largely facilitated by a Bush-managed currency destabilization program. It sheds new light on the growing relationsbetween the Russian Mafiya and the Bush family personal investments.Finally, it provides a basis for understanding why so many individuals have kept quietabout what they know about the truth behind 9/11. These are the people who do not haveall the facts, but have enough information from their small role in attack to know theofficial “Al Qaeda” story does not ring true. However, these are people who personallyhave benefited from the tragedy, though corporate bonuses, promotions and investments.These were the World Trade Center executives invited to celebrity golf games andfishing trips on 9/11 so they need not be present when their firms went down into therubble.

“Business executives, some of whom worked in the WTC, were in Nebraska to attend a meeting atOffutt Air Force Base hosted by billionaire Warren Buffett on the morning of September 11th. Thesame base would be visited later that day by George W. Bush.” [http://9/]

These are the bankers, accountants, the traders, consultants and executives who get tokeep their jobs, bonuses and very fat paychecks and support their families while othersslide into poverty, or are murdered. These are the officers and generals that use theirskills to murder the very people they swore to protect from the very evil they have nowbecome. They have traded their souls to keep their lives and comfort. They quell theirconsciences by convincing themselves of the lie that the people in the World TradeCenter, Pentagon and on four airlines had to die to save the U.S. economy, and are


collateral damage in a final round of the “Cold War.”. They tell themselves thatthousands of innocent citizens needed to die so that America could continue to fund theRussian/Israeli Mafiya in a war against an enemy that ceased to be a threat decades ago.They tell themselves that witnesses need to be murdered and wars need to happen so that‘the chosen’ Americans can maintain their lifestyles, not because their lives areendangered by “terrorists.” They justify the misery and deaths of thousands with theirown self-gratification. These are people across the globe, in the US, Canada, Switzerland,Germany, Israel, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UK and more. These are executives thatfeed from stolen national treasuries, burden taxpayers with debt that has no social valueand steal from the poor and unfortunate so that they can drive bigger cars, own moreluxurious homes, and indulge their desires. They know, yet they continue to feed thisgrowing corruption.For them, this is ‘realpolitik.’ For them, the world is either good or evil, black or white,winners or losers. They are the absolutists rooted in dualism. For them, self-indulgenceat the expense of others is winning, is good and wears a white hat! However, these arethe people every major western and eastern religion has – for thousands of years – arguedare evil, black and losers. It is a debate as old as mankind, and it’s parallel is the parableof Cain and Able.The only difference here is scale. It is no longer enough to steal from your neighbor andkill a person to cover it up. It is no longer enough to raid a village and burn it down toenhance your wealth. It is no longer necessary to send an army to steal the wealth of anation. It is about ever-increasing scale. The events of the World Trade Center representa modern morality play no different than Cain and Able, with brother killing brother tocontrol his wealth in order to be seen more favorably in the eyes of his god, and thentrying to hide the crime. As the scale grows, the world darws closer to anotherArmegeddon.Note:The great irony of the parallel between the WTC and the parable of Cain and Able, is thatheritage of Cain is traceable to the Bush family.

“…it came to pass that the posterity of Cain became exceedingly wicked, every one successively dyingone after the other, more wicked than the former. They were intolerable in war, and vehement inrobberies; and if any one were slow to murder people, yet was he bold in his profligate behaviour, inacting unjustly, and doing injury for gain. “ [Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, A.D. 93]

While most readers would respond to the aforementioned claim by suggesting that thelinkage Josephus references is several thousand years distant from the current Bushfamily, there are some that have researched this type of linkage in depth. Suffice it tomention that the name of the son of Cain (Tubal) is traced through the ages to the Free-Masons (with 13 of 43 presidents), and accordingly to its Skull and Bones offshoots, andthe Bush family.


9Bank Cartel or Oil Syndicate – A Question of Greater Motive

Merriam Webster defines cartel as “a combination of independent commercial orindustrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices.” A syndicate is definedas “a loose association of racketeers in control of organized crime.” A syndicate can alsobe called a ‘cartel.’ In this investigation, there is bank cartel allegedly attempting tocontrol gold prices, and an oil syndicate allegedly attempting to limit competition in theCentral Asian region. Both of these cartels seem to have “motive” for disrupting themoney laundering investigations initiated in the late 1990s, and continuing into thepresent. Both of these cartels had extensive contacts in the murky underworld of theRussian/Israeli Mafiya and U.S. Intelligence. They work together, and use each other’sservices. The over-riding question appears to be: which cartel bears responsibility for theattack on the WTC?

When the details of Central Asian covert oil operations are explored one finds the samecriminals involved as in the Harken Energy, Iran Contra and BCCI scandals, the Barrickoperation and the rape of the Soviet and Philippine treasuries. The Oil Cartel moneylaundering paths clumsily and inadvertently intersect at several places: the Deutsch Bankand the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), the Bank of New York and an interestingparallel involvement by Barrick. These banks continuously “appear” and have an activerole in billion dollar deals which over time are shown to involve fraud, theft,expropriations, illegal drugs and weapons or some other illegal activity that leaves somenational treasury poorer for their involvement and hundreds of millions of dollarsunaccounted for. By facilitating and negotiating these deals, these bankers are co-conspirators. (The person who drives the get-away car is just as guilty of the crime, evenif that person contends he or she had no knowledge of a crime being committed, and therole of a banker’s due diligence requirements generally suggests they fully understand thecrimes they are supporting.) These companies have facilitated the theft of treasuries fromthe Soviet Union, France, Czechoslovakia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Angola, andpossibly the U.S. These banking organizations – joined with Enron On-line – have theinfrastructure for both rapid global distribution and high volume capacity required tomask the flow of illegal funds, and convert them into physical assets (bearer bonds,commodity futures and gold certificates) which cannot be traced. Time and again, thesesame financial institutions are identified as conduits for illegal activity and activelyengaging known criminals as business partners, and hence become criminals themselves.Because of their widespread criminal activity, they have been the object of numerousinvestigations by agencies across the world. In most of these cases, the witnesses recant,die inexplicably or are ‘suicided.’ Massive heart attacks also seem to afflict these peoplemore frequently than the normal citizenry. However, the trail left by the flow of moneycannot be erased. (Although the destruction of the WTC, the BCCI records in Londonwarehouses, the allowed shredding of Enron records suggests that these trails can beerased with proper financing.) Additionally, the citizens of the US, France, Germany andSwitzerland are comparably socially minded, and have recently passed laws to allow

investigators into those banks to help bring to an end what is commonly recognized ascriminal activity.The investigators from the US agencies at the WTC may never have known how closethey were getting to the criminal core of this Cartel – but the bankers and owners of thoseaccounts would have known.

9.1 The Swiss-German Banking Connection

There are a number of Swiss banks that regularly are mentioned in reports of money-laundering and protection of stolen national assets. Amongst them, one stands out: UBS,but often mentioned as well is the Credit Suisse Bank. UBS (Union Bank of Switzerlandor Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft, formerly Banque Federale or Federal Bank of Switzerland) is the long time banker to the Marcos family, Adnan Khashoggi and theSaudi Royal family, and assorted international criminals. This Swiss bank is one of several strongly attached to the German industrial and banking cartels, with a historytraceable back to the Third Reich.

“Deutsche had as its principal connection Credit Suisse, and also did business with the Swiss BankCorporation and the Banque Federale (UBS). Funds transferred from Berlin for a client list approvedby Bormann went into numbered accounts, and were either held there for local investment or soonshifted to neutral nations elsewhere in Europe or overseas, to be credited to the accounts of appropriateGerman corporate subsidiaries, or else to entirely new corporations awaiting these start-up monies thatwould enable them to go into business using German patents. As these new corporations prospered,they generated more money and profits, becoming important elements in the Bormann globaleconomic scheme. Seven hundred and fifty new corporations were established in the last months of thewar under the direction of Reichsleiter Bormann, using the technique perfected by Hermann Schmitz.”[Martin Bormann – Nazi in Exile, Paul Manning]

UBS operated with the Deutschebank to funnel laundered Third Reich funds into many of the subsidiaries created by German industrialists at the end of the war, especially I.G.Farben and Thysssen A.G. This was done to protect assets from confiscation by theAllies. In 1978, these two banks would create UBS-DB Corporation, an American firm.It would later become Atlantic Capital Corporation (wholly owned by the DeutscheBank), and continue to help UBS customers place investments in the U.S.UBS was one of the few banks used by the Germans during WWII to launder and hold“holocaust victim gold” as well as the stolen treasuries of Europe, including gold reservesfrom France and Czechoslovakia. At the time the Nazis stole the French treasury, thegold holdings of France were reported to be greater than the combined holdings of FortKnox and the Bank of England.It is often reported that most of the Nazi gold treasury was recovered by the allies andredistributed, as per agreement, to the countries from which it had been stolen.

“At the end of the war, total gold deposited at the Reichsbank amounted to RM655.4 million valued atthe official price of RM2,784 per kilo. In February-March 1945, most of these stocks were transferredto the Merker’s salt mine in Thuringia. This gold was confiscated by Eisenhower’s army in April

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 2421945. It was redistributed later to countries whose own gold stocks had been taken over by the ThirdReich.” [David Marsh, The Bundesbank: The Bank that Rules Europe, Mandarin Press, 1992, p300.]

In actuality, very little of the gold was ever returned, and is reported to have been kept byUBS.

“In 1940, the gold reserves of the Banque de France by far exceeded the combined reserves of FortKnox and the Bank of England. The Nazis stole the entire French reserves before the end of 1940, andmuch of it ended up in Swiss vaults. After WW2, the Swiss Government came visibly under pressurefrom the Allies and consented to various demands, including the turning over some SFR 250 mioworth of Nazi gold to the United States. According to findings by the Swiss historian Werner Rings,much of this gold was of French origin (foundry markings). Not only are the circumstances andconditions murky, but

it is also still far from clear how much French gold was returned to France

,how much found its way to the American reserves, and how much was turned into “Swiss gold”.Interestingly, some

European historians suspect that several parts of the U.S. and other Allied governments participated in the post-war disappearance of Jewish and non-Jewish assets confiscated by the Nazis.

” [Observations concerning the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between theWorld Jewish Congress et al. and the Swiss Bankers Association signed May 2 1996 in New York, byanonymous, 5/25/1996 ]“…the Kennedy Administration, in 1963, found it opportune and possible to lend a helpful hand forUBS to become Switzerland’s biggest bank by almost doubling its equity overnight with confiscatedNazi assets.” [Who Wants To Sack Heidyland? Anton Keller, Secretary, Philip Wainwright, LegalAdviser Swiss Investors Protection Association, Geneva – e-mail:, 1/1/1998]

After the war, the Swiss banks took elaborate measures to ‘hide’ the Nazi gold andprevent confiscation by the Allies. Although the Allies were able to seize some, the actualamount deposited by the Nazi government and German industrialists could not beascertained. The ‘undiscovered’ gold in the banks would be the gold pursued in 1990s ininternational courts and world public opinion by the Jewish World Congress and EdgarBronfman. Shortly after the war, the Swiss passed laws to ensure that they would be ableto hold on to whatever the Allies did not confiscate.

“The most famous case of stolen art which has occupied art historians, journalists and politicians sincethe 50ies is the origin of the private collection of the Swiss arms manufacturer Dieter Bührle(Oerlikon-Bührle). The Bührle dynasty has provided Germany essential weapons in both world wars.In WW2 some 80 % of all German anti-aircraft weapons and ammunition were manufactured inSwitzerland [particularly by Oerlikon-Bührle], with deliveries continuing [into] 1945. For these lastdeliveries Germany paid with stolen art treasures, much of which collected by Feldmarschall HermannGöring. One large and clearly identifiable Jewish collection stolen in Paris thus found its way to theDieter Bührle collection and – due to Swiss law and practices – Mr.Bührle has been able to fend off French government-supported recovery attempts over the last 40 years. The Swiss penal code givesgood title to anybody who managed to hold on to stolen art for more than 30 years. Moreover,

Swisswartime emergency legislation and postwar judgements presume good title for any asset, irrespectiveof criminal or non-criminal origin, acquired by Swiss citizens from Germany during the Nazi period.The only limitation seems to have been robbery committed by the Swiss acquirer himself.”

[Observations concerning the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the World JewishCongress et al. and the Swiss Bankers Association signed May 2 1996 in New York, anonymous, May25, 1996]

The next great gold bonanza to get channeled to the Swiss banks was the Marcos gold.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 243“Gary Thompson, the newspaper’s former managing editor, and journalist Steve Kanigher publishedcopies of gold certificates from Credit Suisse, deposit records from the Union Bank of Switzerland, thecorrespondence of Corazon Aquino and letters to Reagan administration officials documenting witnessaccounts that … the CIA and Army Special Forces carted off an unknown quantity of the bullion.”[Iran-Contra Connections to the Oklahoma Bombing, gathered by Alex Constantine © 2000 AlexConstantine. All rights reserved]

In both instances of the holocaust victim and Philippine gold, the Swiss banks adamantlyresisted years of effort by the governments of Israel and the Philippines to have the goldreturned to its rightful owners. Interestingly, UBS and other Swiss banks reversed theirposition on ‘not returning’ holocaust gold to family survivors in August of 1998, afterseveral months of negotiations with Edgar Bronfman, a co-investor of Adnan Khashoggiin Barrick Gold and President of the World Jewish Congress. Surprising, the release of the holocaust gold plays a key role in understanding why the World Trade Center wasattacked on September 11.The reason the Swiss banks relinquished in this, after more than 50 years of denial wasnot so much a result of newly defined morality, but rather the result of pressure from U.S.investigators and lawmakers on three separate fronts, and by Swiss lawmakers on a fourthfront:1.

There were claims by the Philippine government that the Marcos family had secretedaway $13.4 billion of the Philippine treasury. In 1991, at the end of the Marcospresidency in the Philippines, there were a number of reports that Marcos hadsecreted away in UBS, large quantities of the Philippine national treasury. There arereports that these funds came from multiple sources: the looted Japanese treasury,Nazi gold money-laundering, and embezzlement of US aid. The point that has notbeen disputed is that regardless of the source, there was “a lot” of illegal gold andmoney moved to Switzerland by Marcos, with the assistance of Adnan Khashoggi.George Bush Sr., as CIA director, would also be involved in helping Marcos movebullion out of the Philippines. Investigators from the Philippines starting makingclaims on these funds, providing proof the funds were secreted away at the UBS, butbecause of the banking laws of Switzerland, the bank would never confirm to thePhilippine government of President Aquino that it had the missing Philippine funds.2.

The U.S. Department of Justice, representing eight U.S. nationals that had won alawsuit against the Marcos estate for torture and deprivation of rights, was pressingfor an investigation into the Swiss accounts. A number of human rights groups tookon the Marcos family in US courts for violation of human rights, and won a major,billion dollar settlement against the Marcos family. Ferdinand Marcos had died in1989, but the judgment was levied on his estate. After losing the suit, the Marcosfamily claimed it did not have the resources to settle the claim. That is when theDepartment of Justice was brought in to investigate the accounts identified in theSwiss banks as Marcos accounts. When the possibility of the estate being hidden inUBS was exposed by the efforts of the Philippine government, the Department of Justice began an investigation.3.

The search for holocaust gold was re-activated in 1996 when newly declassifieddocuments of the Swiss government inadvertently suggested the banks were still

holding on to financial assets that belonged to holocaust victims and their families.The search erupted into a scandal in 1997, when a janitor at UBS discovered andretrieved documents being shredded that supported the claims of the holocaustvictims and their families. U.S. lawmakers initiated hearings and an investigation onbehalf of the U.S. families involved, which then reviewed the claims of thePhilippines, as the lawmakers made a case against the Swiss banks. The product of these hearings and investigations was the Eizenstat Report and Related IssuesConcerning United States and Allied Efforts to Restore Gold and their Assets Lootedby Nazis During World War II, June 25, 1997, House of Representatives, Committeeon Banking and Financial Services.4.

The final front was new anti-money laundering regulations which took hold inSwitzerland in late 1998. This new legislation put criminal penalties on bankers whoknowingly supported money-laundering activities.As state local and national lawmakers from the U.S. began to lobby in favor of sanctionsagainst the Swiss banks as a penalty for withholding the gold, Edgar Bronfman, as thenew president of the World Jewish Congress, negotiated a settlement with the banks. Thecontention of this report, based on the circumstances and no actual proof, is thatBronfman, as a significant owner of Barrick, which was the primary beneficiary of theKhashoggi – conceived gold laundering operation and connections to the German bankcartel, went to Switzerland to establish a settlement that would stop the investigation, andprevent further disclosure of the true assets being held in accounts at UBS. This reportalleges that the threat posed by the three sets of claimants was that allowing investigatorsinto the accounts of Marcos and the transfers from the Deutschebank, the true magnitudeof the holdings would be disclosed, additional transfers out of those accounts would betraced, and the whole gold laundering operation would be unraveled. Furtherinvestigation would have resulted in having the Department of Justice pursuing assetsinto accounts that moved gold into or through Barrick for laundering. With the exposureof more that one laundering operation, the entire operation would come undone.The inevitable question should be: If Bronfman convinced the Swiss bankers to handover roughly $8 billion ($1.25 billion to the holocaust victims, $ 4.6 to the Philippinegovernment, and another $2 billion to the 8 U.S. victims of the torture suit) compared toless than the $1 billion they were originally planning on paying ($185 million to theholocaust victims and $800 million to the Philippine government)- what did the UBS getin return? Was the question: could Bronfman satisfactorily bring to end investigativepressure on the Swiss banks? Did Bronfman turn to his long-time partner of twenty years-Adnan Khashoggi (whose name was attached to most of these investigations) – and askif he could “fix” a solution?There was another complicating factor in bringing closure to the “bullion” issues. TheSwiss and Deutschebank knew that resolving the Holocaust and Marcos gold disputeswas not the end of the pressure on the banks. There were three more open investigations:


In 1998, Russian investigators traced a $300,000 ransom payment from the Bank of New York, which opened up the Bank of New York/Russian Mafiya bank scandal.This scandal would later be shown to be connected to the Swiss banks and theDeutsche Bank.

“The plundering exemplified in the BNY case is of an immense magnitude, particularly in itsrelation to the size of the Russian economy. One analyst estimated that the $10 billion allegedlylaundered over the past year constitutes fully 6 percent of the Russian gross domestic product, and40 percent of the Russian federal government’s budget. And this is only the sum that may havepassed through one channel over one year. An article in Saturday’s

Financial Times

of Londoncited a report prepared by Fitch IBCA, an international credit rating agency, that estimated a totalof $136 billion was taken out of all of Russia between 1993 and 1998. Another estimate, providedin Lloyd’s article for the


, puts the total in the neighborhood of $200-500 billion. Though theexact figure has not been determined, this vast sum not only lined the pockets of the new Russiankleptocracy, but also flowed into the coffers of US and European financial institutions. (The BNYcase may well involve a number of major European banks. On Tuesday, the

Wall Street Journal

,citing sources familiar with the investigation, said that Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland(UBS), Dresdner Bank, Westdeutsche Landesbank and Banque Internacionale of Luxembourg arebeing scrutinized for their role in the matter.)” [Bank of New York probe exposes ties betweenWestern financiers and Russian Mafia, World Socialist Website, James Brookfield, 8/27/ 1999]

It is of significant note that two primary owner-investors in two of the key banksinvolved in the Russian money laundering scandal were Bruce Rappaport, a Swiss-Israeli banker who was involved with Khashoggi and George Bush Sr. in the Iran-Contra, October Surprise and BCCI scandals, and Dr. Alfred Hartmann.

“…what has never been identified in a single major Western press investigation was that theRothschild group was at the heart of the vast illegal web of BCCI. The key figure was Dr. AlfredHartmann, the managing director of the BCCI Swiss subsidiary, Banque de Commerce et dePlacement SA; at the same time, he ran the Zurich Rothschild Bank AG, and sat in London as amember of the board of N.M. Rothschild and Sons, Hartmann was also a business partner of Helmut Raiser, friend of de Picciotto, and linked to Nordex.Hartmann was also chairman of the Swiss affiliate of the Italian BNL bank, which was implicatedin the Bush administration illegal transfers to Iraq prior to the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. TheAtlanta branch of BNL, with the knowledge of George Bush when he was vice president,conduited funds to Helmut Raiser’s Zug, Switzerland company, Consen, for development of theCondorII missile program by Iraq, Egypt, and Argentina, during the Iran-Iraq War. Hartmann wasvice-chairman of another secretive private Geneva bank, the Bank of NY-Inter-Maritime Bank, abank whose chairman, Bruce Rappaport, was one of the illegal financial conduits for Col. OliverNorth’s Contra drugs-for-weapons network during the late 1980. North also used the BCCI as oneof his preferred banks to hide his illegal funds.” [The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard”George Soros, William Engdahl, EIR Investigation Executive Intelligence Review (EIR),November 1, 1996]

Another key player already linked to the Bank of New York/Russian Mafiya moneylaundering scandal was Jonathon Bush and his invlovement with Valmet SA,A thorough investigation into these Swiss accounts probably would have uncovered linksinvolving Richard Cheney, and Marc Rich, amongst others, to the Nigerian and Angolanoil scandals, in which dollars flowed from the U.S. to Russia. (See Section 4.8. Arelevant note on this point, it is reported that Richard Cheney’s Chief-of Staff wasScooter Libby, formerly known as Liebowitz. Prior to becoming Cheney’s singular most


powerful advisor, he was Marc Rich’s US lawyer for fifteen years, and a signer of thefamous neo-conservative document which identified the need for a new “Pearl Harbor” tobring America into a new era of unilateral domination by use of force.) Additionalinvestigations that might have exposed this network of accounts included:

In 2000, Reginald Howe introduced his GATA lawsuit, naming the Deutschebank asa key party to the gold price-fixing lawsuit, prompting an investigation by the FBIinto Swiss and Deutschebank gold trading accounts. The FBI records for thisinvestigation were co-located with records to the Giffen/Mobil Oil investigation,which may or may not be meaningful.

In the Fall of 1997, The UK courts began inquiries into claims about the Kazakhstanbreach of contract claim made by Farhat Tabbah against James Giffen, which openeda Pandora’s box on illegal bribes. (See Section 4.7 for more detail.) Shortly thereafter,the investigation spilled over to Switzerland (1999), and then to the U.S. courts(2000).

“In the fall of 1997, an international businessman named Farhat Tabbah filed suit in Londonagainst three American businessmen, the oil minister of Kazakhstan, and a subsidiary of the MobilCorporation.” [The Price of Oil; What was Mobil up to in Kazakhstan and Russia? Semour M.Hersh, New Yorker (Magazine), 7/9/2001 Pp. 48-65]“Switzerland first launched investigations earlier, in 1999, during which time it froze over 12Kazakh bank accounts, upon suspicions of money laundering. When the Kazakh government triedto lean on the Swiss to back off, the Swiss responded by sending the US Department of Justicedocuments from the case.” [From Angola to Kazakhstan: How to Cure Corruption in Oil RichStates, by Jonathan Reingold, 5/14/04, The Upside Down World news]“Kazhegeldin said that Swiss regulators informed the US authorities last year that “substantialamounts of money belonging to certain prominent US oil companies, including AmocoKazakhstan Petroleum Company, Amoco Kazakhstan Inc, Mobil Oil Corp and Phillips PetroleumKazakhstan Inc” were transferred to a Swiss bank account controlled by Kazak governmentadvisor James Giffen between 1997 and 1998.” [Ex-Kazakhstan premier says US firms’ oil feesdiverted to ministers, Interview with Akezhan Kazhegeldin, Justin Cole, AFX, 17 July 2001]

Only the Swiss bankers would have seen these investigations unfolding in such a waythat would find them involved and potentially guilty under new Swiss laws.

“In March 1998, the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC) adopted modified Guidelinesconcerning the prevention and combating of money laundering which came into force on 1 July 1998(Circ. 98/1) to bring them into line with the new Money Laundering Act ”

The Barrick-Bank Cartel Connection

The relationship between Enron, Cheney, Bush and U.S. intelligence has already beenpresented. The relationship between U.S. intelligence and UBS goes back for 60 years.Since WWII, UBS, notably stands out as part of a mix of Swiss banks heavily involvedwith the U.S. Intelligence community, far removed from Congressional oversight:

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 247“Various Swiss banking scandals have brought to the surface the tip of the iceberg of long-standingpost-WW2 links between the 3 big Swiss banks and the American intelligence community. Some of these links – notably that with the Union Bank of Switzerland – seem to have their origins in the U.S.exploitation of the cavalier treatment of Jewish pre-WW2 deposits. The outgrowth of these cancers ismanifest in the BCCI affair (over-lapping directorship of Dr. Alfred Hartmann), in the SASEA affairand in the Shakarchi affair which was not only admitted, by the U.S. Embassy in Berne, as a CIAaffair, but even brought down Switzerland’s Minister of Justice Elisabeth Kopp. Another CIA link wasamply documented in the case of Colonel North and other U.S. officials operating through the Credit

Swiss which was found to have been blackmailed by the intelligence community since the fourties

.”[OBSERVATIONS concerning the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the World JewishCongress et al. and the Swiss Bankers Association signed May 2 1996 in New York , by anonymous,May 25, 1996 ]

The interplay of Barrick, the Bank Cartel and the Oil Cartel crisscross in a manner thatstrongly suggests ongoing partnership rather than coincidence. There are three pieces of evidence that identify a linkage between the management/ownership of Barrick, the OilCartel and the German Bank Cartel. Like Catherine Fitts, this report finds the individualsinvolved in planning, executing and covering the WTC attack to be the same as thoseinvolved in Barrick and covert oil operations in Central Asia.1.

Of first note, the Houston office building that housed both Enron and Halliburtoncorporate headquarters was owned by Trizec Hahn. As earlier discussed, TrizecHahn was a merger of Peter Munk’s (Barrick Gold) and the Canadian Bronfmanfamily:

“Barrick was controlled by Peter Munk, who was set up as chairman, he claimed, by AdnanKhashoggi who owned the company stock. Until recently the entire section of office buildings indowntown Houston where Enron and Halliburton (through its subsidiary, Dresser Industries)leased space was owned by TrizecHahn. The acquisition of this real estate was accomplished in amanner similar to the way Lonrho acquired Hondo–debentures, secured by stock options, notrepaid. Munk had merged his company with Trizec, a company created by William Zeckendorf and a syndicate composed of Hill Erlanger of Boston and a branch of the Canadian Bronfmanfamily.” [Follow the Yellow Brick Road: From Harvard to Enron, Part One, Linda Minor,, © 2002]

This may seem trivial at first glance, but the CEO’s of both companies (Kenneth Layand Dick Cheney

are close associates of the Bush family, whose relationship to thefounder of Barrick– Adnan Khashoggi – are extensive and stretched over at least twodecades.2.

Barrick is also directly linked to UBS and the German bank cartel, through use of it’ssubsidiary gold refinery: Argor-Heraeus S.A. Owership of this refinery wastransferred from UBS to Commerzbank, also part of the German bank cartel in 1999.

“Barrick’s gold is refined to market delivery standards by MKS Finance S.A. in Switzerland andArgor-Heraeus S.A. also in Switzerland (Goldstrike production)”“1999: UBS announces the selling of its 75% position in the Argor-Heraeus SA to W.C Heraeus,Hanau, Germany, which already has a 25% stake in the UBS subsidiary. Argor-Heraeus inMendrisio, Switzerland, operates in the precious metal processing business, mainly gold (March11). (UBS web site)”

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 248“London–Apr 29/99–Germany’s Commerzbank has acquired a 35% interest in Argor-HeraeusSA, a Swiss gold refinery with an annual refining capacity of 400 tonnes and a productioncapacity for cast ingots of 2.5 million per year. “The acquisition has made Commerzbank into oneof the few banks worldwide which are directly involved not only in precious metals trading butalso in purchasing unmarketable physical gold, thus covering the whole spectrum of precious-metals transactions,” a press release issued today said.”


Barrick is linked closely to the Banking Cartel through, one of the most longestmembers of the Advisory Board – Karl Otto Pohl, former President of the Germancentral bank (Bundesbank) and chief officer of the International Bank of Settlementsand IMF. Also on the Barrick Board was former Canadian Deutschebank executiveTye W. Burt – the former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche BankAlex Brown Securities Canada, and Managing Director and Head of Deutsche Bank’sGlobal Metals and Mining Group. Burt was involved when the CanadianDeutschebank backed Khashoggi in the MJK Securities fraud. Burt left the bankshortly after the fraud was discovered. Note also, two of the initial big investors inBarrick – Khashoggi and Bronfman – used the same personal financial advisor: MayoShattuck of the Deutschebank Alex Brown. Mayo Shattuck was the chief assistant toBuzzy Krongard when he worked at Deutschebank Alex Brown. Both, through theirexecutive roles at Deutschebank Alex Brown were in a position to be familiar withthe Khashoggi/Marcos gold deposits at that Bank. Remember that Krongardmanaged the merger between Bankers Trust and Deutschebank Alex Brown, and thatBanker’s Trust is the bank that received significant amounts of the Marcos gold withthe assistance of Khashoggi.4.

The Deutsche Bank was identified as a major gold trading partner with Barrick inboth the Blanchard and Howe law suits.5.

Enron – an energy trading company – had created a gold bullion and gold derivativestrading operation. When Enron went bankrupt, Enron On-Line was bought by UBS.A competitive market for trading energy and gold bullion was set-up by formerDeutschebank executive Mayo Shattuck as new CEO at Constellation Energy, usingformer Enron employees.These five points suggest that if it doesn’t exist already, there exists the potential for acozy relationship between the US oil cartel, the German Banking cartel and Barrick.


10Reunion: Iran-Contra Scandal and October Surprise

It is difficult to understand the personal relationships which unite those who had motiveand opportunity for the bombing of the World Trade Center, and the cover-up of theirinvolvement, without understanding the events of the early 1980s known as the Iran-Contra scandal and the October Surprise. This section of the report is meant to providethat understanding. It is a story about how a number of individuals defied the will of theAmerican public to provide weapons to brutal dictators, influenced the Americanpresidential election by killing American soldiers, supported the South American drugtrade, and pocketed hefty profits – all in the name of “patriotism.”There are a series of events which initiated the illicit trade of Israeli weapons sent to Iranand the Nicaraguan Contras, in exchange for CIA sponsored drug money, funneledthrough the BCCI over a period of years. The first of these events was a series of threemeetings meant to prevent the “October Surprise” – the rumored release of 52 Americanhostages by the government of Iran in October, 1980 as a display of cooperation with theCarter Administration. Bush and Reagan, in their campaign against Carter, feared the anOctober release of the hostages would provide Carter with a burst of popularity adequateto win the election. The “October Surprise” story is one of George Bush preventing therelease of hostages as means of helping ensure that he and Reagan won the election.The Iran Contra scandal began with a group of U.S. and Israeli intelligence operativesattempting to remove the Shiite Iranian government of the Ayatollah Khomeini, andreplace it with a more moderate and friendly regime. The Israelis had already begun acovert program of selling weapons to Iran to counter what they believed was a moreimmediate threat of Iraq, but President Carter attempted to halt that program.“

Late July: A clandestine meeting between American and Iranian officials takes place in Hamburg,Germany. Former CIA operative Larry Kolb, present at the meeting, says it will become one of themost “investigated, reinvestigated…misreported, misunderstood, and infamous” meetings in Americanforeign policy history. The purpose seems to be part of an attempt to either destabilize the radicalShi’ite government of the Ayatollah Khomeini, or to plan for a more moderate, US-friendly regime tofollow Khomeini. Some of the participants include businessman and Saudi operative AdnanKhashoggi, Iranian arms dealer and SAVAK member Manucher Ghorbanifar, CIA operatives Kolband Miles Copeland, NSC consultant and hardline neoconservative Michael Ledeen, Israeli ForeignMinister and intelligence head David Kimche, Israeli arms dealer Al Schwimmer, former Israelimilitary attache to Teheran Jacob Nimrodi, and Hassan Karrubi, a confidante of Iranian moderate AliAkbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani. Karrubi proposes that the US, in contradiction to its arms embargo againstIran, agree to sell Iran a variety of aircraft parts and TOW missiles in return for Khomeini toning downhis opposition to US influence in Iran, along with an agreement to broker the release of the fourremaining American hostages in Beirut and a decrease in Iranian support of terrorism. (HostageBenjamin Weir will later be released, apparently as a resut of the meeting.) Khashoggi says that, toavoid any trail of arms deals from the US to Iran, that the deal be brokered through IsraelThe Israelis initiated arms shipments to Iran as a counter to Iraq. When President Jimmy Carterordered a halt to the Israeli weapons sales the Israelis may have set up the October Paris meeting thatWilliam Casey, Donald Gregg and George Bush allegedly attended in 1980.” [Did Bush go to Paris?,Harry V. Martin, Copyright, Napa Sentinel, 1991, Last in an Ten Part Series]

President Carter did initiate a rescue attempt of the hostages, which failed when thehelicopters carrying the rescue teams crashed in the desert. Later, it would be rumoredthat the rescue attempt was sabotaged:

“Reports that have surfaced from the intelligence community indicate that the rescue attempt may havebeen sabotaged…” [Hostage deal, Inslaw cases connected in Congressional probe, Harry V. Martin,Copyright, Napa Sentinel 1991 ]

In asking who may have sabotaged the attempt to rescue 52 American citizens, BarbaraHonnegger, former Whitehouse staff in the Reagan administration suggested it was someof the same people that planned and executed the October Surprise and the Iran-Contradeals.

“Honegger: … and then of course we have Richard Secord, Oliver North and Albert Hakim. RichardSecord was one of the chief planners for the so- called failed Desert 1 rescue attempt, North wasinvolved in that rescue attempt, in the mother ship, which was on the Turkish border awaiting the cuefrom Secord to fly in and rescue the hostages, and Albert Hakim was in charge of the groundoperations of the rescue attempt, in particular, obtaining the trucks and other vehicles which weregoing to be needed. Hakim skipped town, left Tehran 24 hours before the rescue was to take place, andthe reason for that, as detailed in my research documentation, was that Secord, North and Hakimhad nointention of seeing Desert 1 carry through, and so sabotaged the operation.”

The sabotage of the rescue attempt, as was the October Surprise, was part of a biggereffort to prevent the re-election of Jimmy Carter and place Ronald Reagan in thePresidency.

“Richard Wirthlin, the pollster for the Reagan-Bush campaign, said that if the hostages were releasedbefore the election Carter would gain a boost of 5 or 6 percentage points in the polls, or even as muchas 10 percent, giving him a sure victory for that election.” [Hostage deal, Inslaw cases connected inCongressional probe, Harry V. Martin,Copyright, Napa Sentinel 1991 ]

“What is also known, is that the Carter Administration, according to Gary Sick, was onthe verge of obtaining the release of the hostages in October 1980, which probably wouldhave assured his reelection. After the date that Bush allegedly went to Paris, thenegotiations with the Iranians collapsed.”There were two subsequent clandestine meetings, one at L’Enfant Plaza Hotel inWashington, D.C, and a second in Paris. During these meetings, a number of American,Israeli and Iranian officials and arms dealers negotiated and executed the prevention of an“October Surprise” release of the hostages by Iran. Harry Martin has best related theaccount:

“The Israelis, because of their role of mediator between the United States and Iran and also as thedeliverers of U.S. weapons to Iran after the conclusion of the meetings, are believed to have arrangedthe meetings in the first place.”“Russbacher (CIA operative and one of the pilots of the plane that took Bush to Paris) states that Bush,while in Paris, met with Hashemi Rafsanjani, the second in command to the Ayatollah and now thepresident of Iran, and Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian businessman who was extremely powerful.Arrangements were apparently made to pay Iran $40 million to delay the release of hostages in order to

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 251thwart President Jimmy Carter’s re-election bid. The $40 million was the beginning of terms thatcreated the Iran-Contra scandal that is now being reopened by Congress.”“A total of $40 million was transferred from a Mexican account and Bush presented a draft of thetransfer to the Iranians. Within six weeks after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, covert shipments of arms were sent to Iran. When the shipments were discovered around 1985, it became known as theIran-Contra scandal….”“Strangely enough, Bush made no public appearances during that time, three week’s before theelection, and has yet to prove where he was during the “missing” 21 hours. According to the pilot,Bush only stayed a few hours in Paris and was flown back to the United States. On October 21, theIranians changed their entire negotiating position with the Carter Administration, the results of acompleted deal with the Republicans.”“Right after the alleged Paris meeting, the Iranians not only backed away from negotiations with theCarter administration for the release of hostages, but they also dispersed the hostages throughout Iranto prevent a second rescue attempt, a rescue attempt that was apparently leaked to them from theReagan campaign headquarters and probably by Richard Allen. …Moments after Ronald Reagan became President, the hostages were released. Within weeks, shipmentsof military equipment and spare parts were flown to Iran. Mossad agents have testified to the Iranweapons deal. The French have memos about the plan. The former President of Iran confirms theRepublican-Iranian deal to delay the release of the hostages, and even former President Jimmy Carter,who had preferred to remain silent, has come forward to indicate that Gregg was a mole and waspossibly responsible for the October Surprise. Gregg worked for Bush when Bush was head of theCIA.” [Did Bush go to Paris?, Harry V. Martin, Copyright, Napa Sentinel, 1991, Last in an Ten PartSeries]

As events unfolded over time, it was George Bush Sr. who advocated a more pro-Arabpolicy, which in turn, irritated the Israelis, who now had the ability to blackmail the Bushfamily at whim.

“But once the Reagan-Bush team came to power, Bush began to push a pro-Arab position within thegovernment, or, in essence, a pro-oil position. This irritated the Israelis and they felt the United Stateswas beginning to betray them. Israel made a deal with the Soviet Union for closer relationships andalso sought more Soviet Jews for immigration, thus keeping the Likud Party in power. Israeli agentsare the ones who broke the story of the Iran-Contra scandal in a Lebanese newspaper, as retaliationagainst Bush. It is also the Israelis who witnessed arms deals, including the transfer of INSLAW’sPROMIS software, in a Chilian meeting. The same names, Dr. Earl Brian and Donald Greggs come upin those testimonies.” [Bush Made Deal With Iranians, Pilot Says, Harry V. Martin, CopyrightFreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995]

“If the Paris meeting did take place, the Israeli government may have been able to blackmail theReagan and Bush administrations. Richard Curtiss writes in the Washington Report on Middle EastAffairs, “Whenever the Reagan administration and the hard-line Israeli governments of MenachemBegin and his successors went eyeball-to-eyeball, it was always the U.S. that blinked. The U.S.declined to press Begin on such topics as the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, the invasion of Lebanon,the occupation of West Beirut, the Sabra-Shatila massacres, and even the Reagan Plan for Middle Eastpeace. The Reagan administration apparently was vulnerable to highly damaging Israeli blackmail, andat least some top officials of both governments knew it.” He adds, “It also explains how and why theReagan administration so easily fell into the catastrophic series of arms-for-hostages blunders, clearlyinstigated as well as carried out by Israel, that became known as Irangate, or the Iran-Contra scandal.The renewed arms shipments in 1985 and 1986 were initiated by reopening exactly the same channelsused in 1980 and 1981 by some of the same principals on both sides.” [Did Bush go to Paris?, Harry V.Martin, Copyright, Napa Sentinel, 1991, Last in an Ten Part Series]


The entire Iran-Contra affair fell apart and became public when the Nicaraguangovernment shot down a U.S. plane carrying weapons to the Contra rebels, and capturedthe U.S. pilot. The discovery of these shipments – a violation of U.S. law – initiated aseries of Congressional investigations and an investigation by an Independent Counsel.The meetings held to prevent an October Surprise were never mentioned, and the twopilots who flew Bush to Paris were immediately imprisoned and discredited when theysought to testify in front of Congress. A court would later find the charges against thepilots to be without support, but their testimony had been blocked. There were a fewindictments and convictions as a result of the Iran-Contra affair, but generally thoseinvolved were exonerated. Bush later pardoned the few lower level government officialsthat were indicted and convicted. Dick Cheney was one of the Congressional committeemembers that decided that no crimes had been committed, and Bush was not involved.Extensive reporting on this very successful operation to deceive the American public andto implement a foreign policy which can only be defined as “Bush’s personal foreignpolicy,” has provided some additional insights into additional aspects of the operation,which only become meaningful when considered over a greater time period. Involved inthe background of Iran Contra and the October Surprise this report finds the sameindividuals showing up in the activities surrounding the destruction of the World TradeCenter:

Gaith Pharon

(very heavily involved in managing the Bush family investments) andBCCI:

“BCCI also served as a conduit for the Iran-Contra operation, largely through Gaith Pharon, formerhead of Saudi Intelligence, who operated out of Islamabad, Pakistan. The Saudis played a major role infunding the Mujahadeen and [via the request of Secord and McFarlane] the Contras.” [Iran-ContraConnections to the Oklahoma Bombing , gathered by Alex Constantine © 2000 Alex Constantine. Allrights reserved]

Oliver North

trying to use Marcos gold to finance the Contras:

“In 1985, [Oliver North] attempted to sell 44 tons of Marcos bullion, worth $465 million, on the blackmarket. He blithely suggested skimming $5 million to finance the Nicaraguan contra war, but the dealfell through when North, true to form, stiffed the Israeli middlemen on the Marcos payroll. Tapes anddocuments implicating American officials in the gold transfers were withheld from the Iran-contracommittee by Major General Colin Powell, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and William Odom,director of the NSA. “It wasn’t so much the mention of gold that concerned them,” say Thompson andKanigher. “It was Marcos talking (on tape) about contributions to U.S. presidential campaigns and theuse of the gold proceeds to fund illegal arms deals.” [Iran-Contra Connections to the OklahomaBombing , by Alex Constantine © 2000 Alex Constantine. All rights reserved]

Richard Armitage

later becoming a consultant of Unocal; coordinating Al Qaeda inAzerbaijan and Pakistan, and dispersing cash to the Russian KGB in 1991:

“Deputy Defense Secretary Richard Armitage is another Iran-contra conspirator who worked forUnocal.” [ONLINE JOURNAL™ http://www.onlinejournal.comSpecial Report Saudis, Enron money helpedpay for US rigged election,Wayne Madsen Online Journal Contributing Writer 11/25/2004]



Congressmen Cheney and Scowcraft

directing committees to find Bush “not involved”in the Iran-Contra scandal, and later being incorporated into the Central Asian deals:

“The Tower Commission was appointed to investigate the Iran-Contra affair, chaired by TexasSenator, John Tower. This is the same John Tower who, according to CIA man Gunthar Russbacher,was on the plane with Bush when he flew to Paris for the October Surprise meeting with the Iranians!…Also on the Tower Commission was Brent Scowcroft a Kissinger ‘yes man’ and an executive of Kissinger Associates; and Ed Muskie, … Muskie was himself implicated in both the October Surpriseand Iran-Contra.… Bush appointed Brent Scowcroft as his National Security Advisor. The Senaterefused to accept Tower’s appointment (as Secretary of Defense) and he began to speak of the injusticehe believed had been done to him. He died in a plane crash on April 5th, 1991. When the Senate turneddown Tower, a decision Bush probably engineered, he selected Dick Cheney as defense secretary.Cheney was the senior Republican member of another committee which cleared Bush of involvementin Iran-Contra, the House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran.” [ “andthe truth shall set you free”, David Icke]

Farhad Azima

in the 1990’s not only running freight airlines in Azerbaijan and CentralAsia, but having his airlines involved in moving Mujahadin merecenaries in and out of the Chechnyan conflict. A number of alleged hijackers would be connected with thatconflict. Additionally, Azima would become friends and co-investor with Wally Hilliard,who would later be a financier in Huffman Aviation, where a number of 9/11 hijackerstrained.

Congressman Porter Goss

involved with Iran-Contra activities. Goss was the Chairmanof the House Select Committee on Intelligence who met with Mahmoud Ahmad, the headof Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) who sent $100,000 to Mohammed Atta. Goss is reportedto have met with Ahmad both shortly before and after the 9-11 attacks.

“Porter Goss was a young CIA officer assigned to JM/WAVE. Goss had, by his own accounts, beenrecruited to the CIA while in his third year at Yale University. His two years of military service were,in all likelihood, actually CIA assignments. In 1961, Goss was officially brought into the CIA and sentto JM/WAVE. He later would continue to participate in the anti-Castro operations, based out of CIAstations in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Later, Goss was sent to London and then Paris,where he was involved in the infiltration of labor organizations, until he developed a near-fatalinfection and was forced, officially, to retire from the spy world. In his role in JM/WAVE, Gossserved with some of the CIA’s most hardened Cold Warriors, including Miami Station Chief TheodoreG. Shackley, later a central figure in the Iran/Contra debacle; (and) Felix Rodriguez, another leadingIran-Contra player;….” [The Coming Senate Battle: Open the Porter Goss File Part 1,JeffreySteinberg, Michele Steinberg and Scott Thompson, Executive Intelligence Review September 3, 2004]“According to Al Martin, in 1983 Goss was involved in Iran-Contra profiteering with Jeb and NeilBush’s Destin Country Club development fraud – a fraud out of which he made about $3 millionillegally. He then became involved with Carlos Cardoen and Swissco Management, and the fraud thatSwissco Management committed, not only in Florida, but throughout the United States, in those so-called illicit ‘tax-swap deals,’ which Senator Bob Graham of Florida also profited in.” [Prime Suspectof the Largest Mass Murder in U.S. Nominated to Head C.I.A., Carol Brouillet, Fourth of July, 2004 ]“Chalmers is a longtime denizen of the Labyrinth. In the mid-1980s, he joined up with Chilean gun-runner Carlos Cardoen, the Financial Times reported. Cardoen was a CIA frontman used by PresidentsRonald Reagan and Bush I to funnel cluster bombs and other weapons secretly to Saddam Husseinduring the Iran-Iraq War.” [UN oil for food scandal, Global Eye, Gut Check, Chris Floyd, April 22,2005]


Bankers (Dr. Alfred Hartmann and Bruce Rappaport) and lawyers (Willard Zuckerand Kenneth Bialkin)

involved in financing this illegal trade and laundering moneythrough Swiss accounts to be the same individuals who manage funds for the Bin Ladenand Mahfouz families, and having corporate pilots for SICO (Saudi InvestmentCompany) being trained at Huffman Aviation along with known 9/11 hijackers.

“(Dr. Alfred) Hartmann was also chairman of the Swiss affiliate of the Italian BNL bank, which wasimplicated in the Bush administration illegal transfers to Iraq prior to the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The Atlanta branch of BNL, with the knowledge of George Bush when he was vice president,conduited funds to Helmut Raiser’s Zug, Switzerland company, Consen, for development of theCondorII missile program by Iraq, Egypt, and Argentina, during the Iran-Iraq War. Hartmann wasvice-chairman of another secretive private Geneva bank, the Bank of NY-Inter-Maritime Bank, a bankwhose chairman, Bruce Rappaport, was one of the illegal financial conduits for Col. Oliver North’sContra drugs-for-weapons network during the late 1980. North also used the BCCI as one of hispreferred banks to hide his illegal funds.” [The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” GeorgeSoros, William Engdahl , EIR Investigation Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), November 1, 1996]“Kenneth Bialkin, the attorney for Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, whose money purchased armsfor Iran via the good offices of Col. Oliver North, as part of the arms-for-hostages negotiations;Willard Zucker, who ran the Lake Resources front company in Geneva, Switzerland, which launderedthe Iranian arms profits to the Contras; Edmond Safra, who, with Willard Zucker, owned the corporate jets used by Oliver North and National Security Advisor Robert MacFarland in traveling to secretconferences in Iran.” [The Hour of the Time,Tape No. 480,: “ADL #7″November 10, 1994]“Charles Rochat and Baudoin Dunand—two SICO directors—liquidated some financial entities inearly 2001 in partnership with Willard Zucker, one of Oliver North’s cronies in the Iran-Contramachinations.

SICO trained pilots for its aviation subsidiary at tiny Huffman Aviation in VeniceFlorida. (Huffman was the school through which Mohamed Atta and several of the 9/11 hijackersinfiltrated the United States.)”


The bin Laden family:

October 1980: Salem bin Laden, Osama’s eldest brother, is later described by a French secretintelligence report as one of the two closest friends of Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd. As such, he oftenperforms important missions for Saudi Arabia. The French report speculates that he is somehowinvolved in secret Paris meetings between the US and Iranian emissaries this month. Frontline, whichpublished the French report, notes that such meetings have never been confirmed. Rumors of thesemeetings have been called the October Surprise and some have speculated Bush Sr. negotiated in thesemeetings a delay of the release of the US hostages in Iran…(PBS Frontline, 2001).” [Paul Thompson,“The Complete 9/11 Timeline: Introduction, Credits and Links (v1.7,) October 28, 2002, from MichaelC Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon, 2004, p133 New Society Publishers]

10.1 Iran-Contra Syndicate

The aspects of the Iran-Contra scandal and October Surprise which are relevant to theWTC tragedy is that they demonstrate the origins of over 20 years relationships betweenindividuals that carried though the 1990s into the twenty-first century. However, it wasnot just a matter of excessive political fervor as was often suggested by politicalcommentaries and editorials. Many of these same individuals would later bedemonstrated to have personal business relationships with each other, and would bereported to be involved in other activities resulting in criminal charges and laws suits.Table 8 constructs an overview of individuals who are involved in activities discussed in


this report, including the Harken Energy, the Marcos gold heist, the Barrick gold tradingoperation, the October Surprise, Iran-Contra, BCCI, Kazakhstan-gate, Azerbaijan, andAfghanistan. What stands out is the continued involvement of several individuals of substantial notoriety, and a few banks:

Table 8Iran-Contra/Azerbaijan

Individuals Banks

Adnan Khashoggi UBS Union Bank of SwitzerlandGeorge Bush Sr. & Jr . DeutschebankRichard Secord Credit SuisseRichard L Armitage BCCI ( later Indosuez)Farhad Azima Bank of New York.Richard Cheney Potomac Capital Inc.Porter GossKhalid bin MafhouzAll the reports seem to suggest this group represents the core of an organized, criminalsyndicate operating over a twenty year span, across the globe. As a syndicate, theyprobably had a great deal to hide, and much benefit to be gained by the destruction of evidence in the various investigative offices of the World Trade Center. In that respecthowever, they had no more – and maybe even less – incentive than the Russian Mafia, theItalian Mafia or the Columbian drug cartel. What all these syndicates had in common,besides criminal activity, is their use of these banks. The Deutschebank represented aglobal pipeline for money, and the UBS was the primary holding tank and refinery.Other, smaller Swiss banks were under intense investigation that involved transactionsfrom New York and the Deutschebank, and accounts that had secreted away thetreasuries of many nations – but these can be best described as the

criminel nouveau riche

(the New World Order), skimming a small piece- “table scraps” – from the German carteltake. Prior to 1998, the Swiss banks had never had to give up the criminal proceeds of itsmany customers. If it hadn’t been for a negotiated ‘deal’ by Edgar Bronfman on theMarcos and Nazi gold, independent investigators would have continued to drill down intothose accounts and their audit trails. That deal, however, was not enough to shut downother investigations: the GATA lawsuit and FBI investigation, Kazakhstan-gate, Angola-gate, Pakistani/CIA heroin trafficking and more. The attack on the WTC diverted theattention the entirety of the world’s largest investigative bodies, and destroyed whateverworking papers they may have had. Given the evidence known today, planning for theattack started in 1998 [USA Today, 6/18/2002]. The cover story offered by the leadershipof a probable criminal syndicate is that Al Qaeda orchestrated this attack, when the truthis more likely that the attack was orchestrated by a bigger, more powerful cartel thatcould easily blackmail the US government into support and a cover-up if it needed to dothat.


Finally, it is worth noting that as time passes, the Bush directed oil related activity inCentral Asia may turn out to be a massive replay of the Harken Energy scam, or just aremarkably co-incidental similarity. More widely recognized as a demonstration of George Bush Jr.’s inability to manage and properly report insider trading, Harken Energyis not often given credit for being the large pump and dump scheme it was.

“George Bush, Sr. and James Baker and Senator Tower would heavily short Harken stock. I have a listof everybody because I was one of them but to a much smaller extent. Harken stock was trading at 7-3/4 or 8, when George Jr, was put in charge of it. A year later, the stock was trading at 1-1/8 bid, 3/8offer. They pumped the stock back up through a lot of bogus press releases and by using essentiallyworthless leases in Bahrain and essentially worthless South American oil leases and throughsympathetic geologists making them appear to be really worth something and making it appear thatHarken’s about to make a strike when in fact it’s all made up. It’s all fictitious. And through carefullycrafted broker releases and broker statements and press releases, you can pump the stock back up. Thishas happened sixteen times to my knowledge. Harken would get pumped back up from the dead, fromsay a buck, buck and a half, back to seven, seven and a half, then it would get dumped again. [TheMan Who Knows Too Much, An Interview with Al Martin, author of “The Conspirators: Secrets of anIran Contra Insider” (PART 1), by Uri Dowbenko]

With the success of Harken behind him, and towards the end of his Presidency, the recordwill show that President Bush Sr. sent trusted operatives (Secord, Armitage and Giffen)into Central Asia. They made significant inroads into bringing investment capital to theregion, and building trusting relationships with the corrupt dictators that ran thosecountries. The record will show that key members of the Iran-Contra group controlledmajor information resources for this area: The Azerbaijan American Chamber of Commerce, and the Kazakhstan Oil Advisory Council. They pumped the opportunity to justify loans of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in the region from the Overseas PrivateInvestment Corporation and the U.S. Export-Import Bank. This opportunity wassignificantly overstated by 93% to 96% according to more recent, third party estimates:

“Early estimates of Caspian Sea oil reserves ranged from 115 billion to 200 billion barrels. Theseestimates have been rightfully viewed with scepticism as they were based on a 10 percent probabilityof recovery — that is, they were considering oil that could not be recovered. Now this assessment hasbeen severely downgraded by oil industry insiders. Speaking on April 8 in Almaty, Kazakhstan at theEurasian Economic Summit, Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, chairman of Italy’s Eni oil company, said theCaspian contains 7.8 billion barrels of oil, the Interfax news agency reported. This is confirmed byAgip’s statement in Energy Day of May 30 that the recoverable reserve potential of Kashagan is only1.2 billion barrels. With these revisions, it is questionable whether the Caspian Sea region will everapproach the importance of the Middle East with regard to energy reserves, according to theAssociation for the Study of Peak Oil’s (APSO) June newsletter.” [The Forging of “Pipelineistan”,Dave Allen Pfeiffer, From The Wilderness (FTW) Publications,, July 2002 ]

With the price of oil being pumped to all time highs in 2005, properties in Central Asiaare now being sold-off to Russian and Chinese investors. Central Asia – the world’slargest pump and dump scam!


11Whitehouse Assassins

Someone in the Whitehouse was involved in the orchestration of activity of the WTCattackers. It was not President Bush, but rather someone trying to assassinate him.In the days prior to September 11, another crime was planned that would havefundamentally changed the response to the attack on the World Trade Center. That crimewas the planned assassination of George W. Bush Jr. The pre-scripted response of theSecret Service to this type of claim would be that the President is always a primary target,which is undoubtedly true. However, in the days leading up to the attack on the WorldTrade Center, there were a series of clues suggesting an assassination was planned, bysomeone with inside knowledge of the President’s routine. Four assassination scenarioswere planned by someone with inside knowledge – all four failed. These scenarios areintrinsically linked to the attack of the World Trade Center: same people, sametechniques, and same objectives. These scenarios do not fit with a conspiracy theory thatsuggests President Bush was responsible the attacks. They do suggest however, thatsomeone with inside knowledge was responsible.

11.1 Scenario 1: Threat to the Texas Whitehouse

For some unknown reason, after all the warnings from foreign and domestic intelligenceagencies during the summer of 2001 that an attack on America was imminent, PresidentBush decided to place “special” protection around his Texas ranch in the month prior to9-11.

“Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney said she was disturbed about the implications that‘24-hour fighter cover was placed over the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas’ during his vacation therefrom August 4-30, 2001.” [Counterpunch, 9/18/02]

It’s fair to state this is not normal procedure, because this type of protection was not inplace over Washington D.C., which we know to be the case, for no other reason than thefact that the Pentagon, a few miles from the Whitehouse, was hit on September 11. It isthen important to ask – what changed for the President? Why the additional protection?Was the President warned he would be the target of an air attack?The coverage was started the very day of his vacation, indicating the knowledge of theattack was received prior to that time. Which mean that the attack was planned, anddiscovered by intelligence agencies, prior to August 4th. This then would mean thatsomeone would have to know when and where the President was planning vacation.Also, because the attack did not occur as warned, it might be fair to surmise that theattackers were forewarned of the defensive measures taken.

11.2 Scenarios 2 and 3: Attempts at the Colony Resort

Scenario 2 occurred the morning of September 11, at 6:00 AM, the hotel at whichPresident Bush was staying, in Sarasota, Florida. As reported in the local press, thePresident received a visit from a “news crew.”

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 258″At about the same time Bush was getting ready for his jog, a van carrying several Middle Eastern menpulled up to the Colony’s guard station. The men said they were a television news crew with ascheduled “poolside” interview with the president. They asked for a certain Secret Service agent byname. The message was relayed to a Secret Service agent inside the resort, who hadn’t heard of theagent mentioned or of plans for an interview. He told the men to contact the president’s public relationsoffice in Washington, DC, and had the van turned away.” [Possible Longboat terrorist incident Is it aclue or is it a coincidence? By Shay Sullivan, City Editor, The Longboat Observer, 9/26/2001]

The fascinating aspect of this forgotten news is found in another event on the other sideof the world, just two days prior. Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the Afghani resistanceagainst the invading Soviets during the 1980s and then against the repressive Talibanregime that sheltered bin Laden, was assassinated by a suicide squad of two Tunisianoperatives posing as journalists, using a bomb inside a video camera during an interviewat his headquarters. Given the coincidence, one must assume the intent of the Floridanews journalists was comparable to that of Tunisian journalists that assassinatedMassoud.Scenario 3 was scheduled as a back-up plan. President Bush is reported to be a regular jogger. What is not widely known (but reported twice in the press), and is certainlycommonly known amongst his staff, is that the President loves to jog on the beach, withabout a four mile jog. A couple of miles up the beach from the Colony Resort, (and 4.28miles by road) is the Holiday Inn, which was checked into by none other than MohamedAtta – the accused organizer of the September 11 attack.

“Just three nights before President George W Bush arrived at the swank Colony Resort on LongboatKey on the evening of Sept 10, 2001

, Mohamed Atta was staying at a slightly-less tony hotel just twomiles down the beach,

the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites—Longboat Key, according to eyewitnesses whocontacted the FBI in the immediate aftermath of the attack.” [Bush and Atta Visit Same Resort in theHours Leading to 9-11, Daniel Hopsicker, Venice, FL, 7/29/2002]

While publicly written off to coincidence by the FBI, under scrutiny this event seemsmore than coincidental. The location of the hotel on the same beach would have beenperfect for sniper or suicide assassination while the President was reaching the half-waymark of his normal jog.The timing of Atta’s check-in is not a coincidence either. The scheduling for the tour of schools that the President was taking was deliberately left open. “Potential’ schools onthe tour were not identified until August 28, and not selected until possibly September6th. Because the date of each school’s visit was not disclosed, Atta would need to be inplace at one of the schools starting the 7th.

“On August 28, 2001 we got the news that Emma Booker had finished the preliminary offerings for thePresidential visit. We knew that we were on the list for a visit, and the final selection would be in aweek. We were informed that we would not know the exact date because of security reasons. We wereadvised to “keep the news close to home.”[Kathy Williams, EEB Classroom Teacher,]

Bush’s visit to Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, on September11, 2001 had been in the planning stages since August but was only publicly announcedon the morning of September 7, the same day that Attachecked into the hotel. For Atta to


know the cities on the tour, much less the hotel being stayed at, and the start date, woulddefinitely require insider knowledge.Ignoring probabilities, there are over 150 hotels in Sarasota, with possibly five that have alocation on the beach where President Bush would probably take his morning jog. Attawould have had to have known, in advance, where the President was staying. He alsowould have needed advance knowledge of the President’s visit to arrange travel to arrivein Sarasota on the 7th and meet a co-conspirator. He would also have needed to know thePresident’s itinerary for the day, to have ‘coincidentally’ sent a faux news team at 6:00AM, precisely the time the president was waking. There is too much insight into theclosely guarded plans and schedule of the President to claim all this is coincidence.

Coincidence that having previously resided in Sarasota, Atta did not stay with friends.

Coincidence Atta was on the same beach as the President.

Coincidence Atta was on the President’s probable jogging course on the beach.

Coincidence that the Presidential morning routine coincided with the news team visit.

Coincidence that the timing of Atta’s arrival in Sarasota was optimal to cover thePresident’s just announced tour schedule.The Secret Service was aware of an active plot to assassinate the president, and weretaking extra precautions.• It is public record that the Secret Service set up surface-to air missile defense on theroof of the hotel, which is not by any means a normal practice for a presidential visit.• They dissuaded President Bush from jogging on the beach, as was his intent – insteadtaking him to a more secure golf club.• Once the attack on the World Trade Center had occurred and the scope of the attackwas apparent, the President was swept away by the Secret Service. They were insuch fear, they boarded Airforce One and took off with out air protection.

“… incredibly, Air Force One took off without any military fighter protection. This defies allexplanation. Recall that at 9:03 a.m., one of Bush’s security people said, “We’re out of here. Canyou get everyone ready?” [Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 9/10/02] Certainly, long before Bush left theelementary school at 9:35 a.m., arrangements would have been made to get fighters to Sarasota.”

Maybe there is an argument that suggests that air coverage for Air Force One was notdeemed necessary because acording to some, the President knew of the plans of attack inadvance, and knew he was not in danger. This, however, would imply the entire SecretService contingent was equally aware of the plans to attack the WTC, which is a difficultassumption to grant. Something transpired between the time they left the school andreached the Airport– something that heightened their need to protect the President, andcreated a sense of urgency that did not exist at the school.

11.3 Scenario in the Air


During this flight, the President received a message that indicated that he would be atarget. This information is provided by the Whitehouse – that there may have been a planto assassinate the president – but no subsequent information about this threat has everbeen released.

“White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said there was “real and credible information that the WhiteHouse and Air Force One were targets.” [White House, 9/12/01] On September 13, New York Timescolumnist William Safire wrote – and Bush’s political strategist Karl Rove confirmed – that there wasan “inside” threat that “may have broken the secret codes (showing a knowledge of presidentialprocedures).” [New York Times, 9/13/01]”In the

New York Times

on September 13, entitled “Inside the Bunker,” Safire described a conversationwith an unnamed “high White House official,” who told him, “A threatening message received by theSecret Service was relayed to the agents with the president that ‘Air Force One is next.’” Safirecontinued: “According to the high official, American code words were used showing a knowledge of procedures that made the threat credible.” Safire reported that this information was confirmed byRove, who told him Bush had wanted to return to Washington but the Secret Service “informed himthat the threat contained language that was evidence that the terrorists had knowledge of his proceduresand whereabouts.”

All four of these scenarios point to an insider’s attempt to assassinate the President. If itis accepted that the attacks of September 11 were conducted under the watchful eye andplanning of elements of the Israeli Mossad, it should be fair to assume that theWhitehouse insider has connections to the Mossad. Unfortunately, these suspects areplentiful, and have been previously identified in this report:

“Perle and Wolfowitz- have a well documented (both Congressional and FBI investigations) past of being known agents for the Israeli government, and have been directly responsible for the employmentby US Policy making groups (Office of Special Plans OSP) of at least four other well demonstratedagents of Israel: Douglas J. Feith (Undersecretary of Defense for Policy), Lawrence Franklin (currentlyunder investigation by the FBI as being as Israeli spy), Michael Ledeen and Dr. Stephen Brye.Lawrence Franklin works in an office overseen by Douglas J. Feith, the Defense undersecretary forpolicy. Feith is an influential aide to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Also included in this list isDr. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who at the time was acting as chief-financial officer for the Department of Defense.”

Many – if not all – of these men were in position to have the inside information requiredto execute these threats. As employees of the Defense Department, all one of them had todo was watch the schedule and movements of the Secret Service surface-to-air missilelauncher, and they would know the whereabouts and plans of the President.This group already had won the hearts and minds of Cheney and Rumsfeld- bothhypocritical cowards who would advocate war while hiding from the need to serve. ThePresident had not yet bought into their rhetoric, and had his own agenda. By eliminatingPresident Bush, this group would have moved forward with their own plans moreexpeditiously under the Presidency of Cheney.Claiming that one of these Whitehouse advisors had less than honorable intentions maybe characterized by some as being ‘without foundation and unwarranted’, but in 2004, itbecame a matter of public record that the FBI also believed there was an Israeli moleworking at the highest levels of the US Government.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 261″The FBI believes Israel has a spy at the very highest level of the Pentagon who may have sought toinfluence U.S. policy on Iran and Iraq CBS News reported on Friday. …”The FBI has a full-fledgedespionage investigation under way and is about to … roll up someone agents believe has been spying,not for an enemy, but for Israel, from within the office of the secretary of defense (Donald Rumsfeld),”the network reported.” [FBI Suspects Israel Has Mole in Pentagon, Reuters, 8/27/2004]

11.4 Lessons from History

The attempted assassination attempts on George Bush Jr. represent what may be the mostdifficult aspect of this plan to understand. There might have been plausibility to theargument that the assassination attempts were arranged by the Mossad as some sort of revenge for the betrayals of Israel by the father, or because George Bush Jr, was nottotally aligned with the PNAC. A lesson from recent American history however,suggests there was another rationale. For this lesson, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan is referenced.There is a fascinating clue buried in the volumes of 9/11 data that has a significance notmentioned by any report to date. On September 10, 2001 – the day before attack,consistent with the timing of the attempts to assassinate the President – the FederalEmergency Management Agency (FEMA) was activated and called to New York. OnSeptember 11, with the top management of FEMA already gathered at the Big Sky Resortin Montana, all ten regions of FEMA were activated by an already standing meeting of the regional directors above the underground security facility built for nationalemergencies. [see Michael C Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon, p416-417.] Big Sky Resorthosts the famous underground bunkers built by Oliver North under the direction of VicePresident George Bush Sr., for the emergency “shadow government.” In the last 20years, FEMA has been activated at a national level for other than disaster related mattersfour times:1.

In 1981 when President Reagan signed Presidential Director Number 54 that allowedFEMA to engage in a secret national “readiness exercise” –scheduled for the day afterthe attempted assassination of Reagan. This exercise was cancelled by Vice PresidentGeorge Bush after he became acting President.2.

In 1990 when Desert Storm was enacted;3.

In 1987 after the Rodney King verdict; and4.

In September 2001, the day before the attack on the World Trade Center andattempted assassination of George Bush.The general populace considers FEMA a benign government institution created byCongress to help state and local governments in case of an emergency. The reality, andthe law behind the organization, is that FEMA is what is called into play when martiallaw is being considered.

“As Russell R. Dynes, director of the Disaster Research Center of the University of Delaware, wrote inThe World and I, “…The eye of the political storm hovered over the Federal Emergency ManagementAgency. FEMA became a convenient target for criticism.” Because FEMA was accused of droppingthe ball in Florida, the media and Congress commenced to study this agency. What came out of the

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 262critical look was that

FEMA was spending 12 times more for “black operations” than for disaster relief.

It spent $1.3 billion building secret bunkers throughout the United States in anticipation of government disruption by foreign or domestic upheaval. Yet fewer than 20 members of Congress ,only members with top security clearance, know of the $1.3 billion expenditure by FEMA for non-natural disaster situations. These few Congressional leaders state that FEMA has a “black curtain”around its operations. FEMA has worked on National Security programs since 1979, and itspredecessor, the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency, has secretly spent millions of dollars beforebeing merged into FEMA by President Carter in 1979.These Presidential powers have increased with successive Crime Bills, particularly the 1991 and 1993Crime Bills, which increase the power to suspend the rights guaranteed under the Constitution and toseize property of those suspected of being drug dealers, to individuals who participate in a publicprotest or demonstration. Under emergency plans already in existence, the power exists to suspend theConstitution and turn over the reigns of government to FEMA and appointing military commanders torun state and local governments. FEMA then would have the right to order the detention of anyonewhom there is reasonable ground to believe…will engage in, or probably conspire with others toengage in acts of espionage or sabotage. The plan also authorized the establishment of concentrationcamps for detaining the accused, but no trial. …On July 5, 1987, the Miami Herald published reports on FEMA’s new goals. The goal was to suspendthe Constitution in the event of a national crisis, such as nuclear war, violent and widespread internaldissent, or national opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad. Lt. Col. North was the architect.National Security Directive Number 52 issued in August 1982, pertains to the “Use of National GuardTroops to Quell Disturbances.”The crux of the problem is that FEMA has the power to turn the United States into a police state intime of a real crisis or a manufactured crisis. Lt. Col. North virtually established the apparatus fordictatorship. Only the criticism of the Attorney General prevented the plans from being adopted. Butintelligence

reports indicate that FEMA has a folder with 22 Executive Orders for the President to signin case of an emergency. It is believed those Executive Orders contain the framework of North’sconcepts

, delayed by criticism but never truly abandoned …under the FEMA plan, there is nocontingency by which Constitutional power is restored. [FEMA – The Secret Government, By Harry V.Martin with research assistance from David Caul, Copyright: FreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995]“Reagan’s secret program set aside these constritutional and statutory requirements under somecircumstances; it established its own process for creating a new American president, ignoring thehierarchy of presidential succession established by law….’It was decided that it would be easier tooperate without them (Congress).’ If Congress did reconvene, then it might elect a new Speaker of theHouse, who would then conceivably have a rival claim to the presidency, one with greater legitimacytha a secretary of agriculture or commerce set up as “president” under Reagan’s secret program.”[Rise of the Vulcans- The History of Bush’s War Cabinet, James Mann, Penguin, 2004, pp 141-142.]“Executive Order 11051 gives FEMA the authority to execute all Exceutive Orders granting…powersin event of a crisis. Executive Order 11310 requires the Justice department to enforce any and allpowers granted to FEMA in a crisis. Executive Order 11921 declares that when a state of emergencyis declared by the president, Congress cannot review the action for six months.” [William R. Pitts,“Only Cowards Cancel Elections,” Truthout Perspective, July 14, 2004.]

What seriously needs to be entertained is that FEMA was engaged with the idea that aConstitutional change of government would be required by the events of that day –March 30, 1984 (when Reagan was shot) and September 11, 2001(with assassinationatempts on Bush.)If there is any doubt that this was part of the strategy, one only needs to refer to theactions of President Bush’s brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who on September 7,2001, with an Executive Order, paved the way to declare martial law in Florida.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 263“I hereby declare that a state of emergency exists in the state of Florida…The Authority to suspend theeffect of any statute or rule governing the conduct of state business, and further authority to suspendthe effect of any order or rule of any government entity…The authority to seize and utilize any and allreal or personal property as needed to meet this emergency…The authority to order the evacuation of any or all persons from any location in the State…The authority to regulate the return of the evacueesto their home comunities…I hereby order the Adjutant General to activate the Florida National Guardfor the duration of this emergency.” ~Florida Governor Jeb Bush, September 11, 2001TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed Executive Order 01-261 September 7,2001, four days before the WTC tragedy of Sept. 11, which paves the way for a declaration of martiallaw in his state. The governor, in his EO, delegated to, “…the Adjutant General of the state of Floridaall necessary authority….to order members of the Florida National Guard into Active Service.”

Immediately after the second WTC tower fell, Governor Jeb Bush signed EO 01-262 tomake Florida the first state to declare a state of emergency although his state did notexperience any terrorist events that day. Governor Bush is reportedly the only governor inthe U.S. outside of NY and D.C. to make a declaration of martial law in the wake of theWTC tragedy. Interestingly, Governor Bush’s declaration came before authorities in NewYork or Washington, D.C. declared states of emergency.What is being suggested in this action is a level of treasonous, criminal intent not seensince John F Kennedy assassination or the attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan. There isno statute of limitations on murder – and some day the individuals responsible for theattack on the WTC may be prosecuted. For many reasons however, the plot by VicePresident George Bush to assassinate Ronald Reagan will never be prosecuted, or evenmentioned in a Congressional hearing or Grand Jury. It needs to be addressed here, if forno other reason that to convince the reader that the Iran-Contra team, re-assembled forthe attack on the World Trade Center, has fulfilled the dictate of the Neoconservative‘court philosopher’ – Michael Ledeen:

“In order to achieve the most noble accomplishments, the leader may have to ‘enter into evil.’ This isthe chilling insight that has made Machiavelli so feared, admired and challenging… we are rotten…. It’strue that we can achieve greatness if, and only if, we are properly led” .[Michael Ledeen, from hisbook Universal Fascism]

The historical record clearly suggests that the attempted assassination of Ronald Reaganby Robert Hinckley was part of a more intricate plot to control the government of theUnited States, leaving George Bush Sr. in charge. Interestingly, that transition fromReagan to Bush would begin the fulfillment of Barbara Bush’s desire recorded in the1940’s, to be First lady. (see Kevin Phillips, American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune andthe Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, Penguin, 2004, p.76)To understand the events leading up to George Bush Sr.’s first attempt to control thePresidency, one needs to put Reagan’s role in perspective. He was suffering from theearly stages of Alzheimer’s, leaving much of the actual decision-making to his staff.

“Ronald Reagan was 70 years old when he took office, the oldest man ever to be inaugurated aspresident. His mind wandered; long fits of slumber crept over his cognitive faculties. On some days hemay have kept bankers’ hours with his papers and briefing books and meetings in the Oval Office, buthe needed a long nap most afternoons and became distraught if he could not have one. His custom wasto delegate all administrative decisions to the cabinet members, to the executive departments and

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 264agencies. Policy questions were delegated to the White House staff, who prepared the options and thenguided Reagan’s decisions among the pre-defined options. This was the staff that composed not justReagan’s speeches, but the script of his entire life: for normally every word that Reagan spoke inmeetings and conferences, every line down to and including “Good morning, Senator,” every word wastyped on three by five file cards from which the Reagan would read.” [George Bush: TheUnauthorized Biography , by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter -XVII- The AttemptedCoup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]

“White House press secretary James Brady could say in early March, 1981: “Bush is functioning muchlike a co-president. George is involved in all the national security stuff because of his specialbackground as CIA director. All the budget working groups he was there, the economic workinggroups, the Cabinet meetings. He is included in almost all the meetings.” [Hinckley and Bush Familieswere close Friends, Connie Cook Smith, the several months prior to the assassination attempt, Vice President Bush manipulated thePresident into allowing him to take over from Al Haig, the key meetings used to make administrativedecisions. Eight days before the attempt, Bush finalized his plan to control crisis management.“The struggle between Haig and Bush culminated towards the end of Reagan’s first hundred days inoffice. Haig was chafing because the White House staff, meaning Baker, was denying him acess to thepresident…. Then, on Sunday, March 22, Haig’s attention was called to an elaborate leak to reporterMartin Schram that had appeared that day in the Washington Post under the headline “White HouseRevamps Top Policy Roles; Bush to Head Crisis Management.” Haig’s attention was drawn to thefollowing paragraphs:Partly in an effort to bring harmony to the Reagan high command, it has been decided that VicePresident George Bush will be placed in charge of a new structure for national security crisismanagement, according to senior presidential assistants. This assignment will amount to anunprecedented role for a vice president in modern times. In the Carter administration, the crisismanagement structure was chaired by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser.” [GeorgeBush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter -XVII- TheAttempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]

The key player in placing George Bush Sr. in control of the “Special Situations Group”ultimately turned out to be James Baker III (Kevin Phillips, American Dynasty, PenguinBooks, 2004, pp 207-208). (This centralized control over crisis management would be re-created in May and June of 2001 by George Bush Jr, who would appoint Vice PresidentDick Cheney as centrally in control of all NORAD defense, FEMA, and terrorist counter-intelligence activities. [see Michael C Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon, pp 337 and 574.]It might also be worth noting that Cheney received the Vice Presidential nominationbecause of George Bush Sr., and was made CEO of Halliburton due to Bush’s familyconnections with the Halliburton Board, connections going back to when Bush’s fatherPrescott was a Director of Dresser. [see Kevin Phillips, American Dynasty, PenguinBooks, 2004, pp. 93 and 420] In every respect, Dick Cheney is a creation of GeorgeBush Sr.)A key variable in this power play was Executive Order Number 12656 – which appointedthe National Security Council as the principal body that should consider emergencypowers in case of national emergency. Under the old regime, while a Vice Presidentfollows President in the line of succession, the Secretary of State (Al Haig) who is next insuccession controls the National Security Council. Bush changed that formula, givinghimself total control of the government- “in the event of a crisis.” Under Bush’sguidance, FEMA was structured to create three possible succession teams. Of the threeteams set-up to possibly rule the US in case of a ‘transition crises,’ Dick Cheney and


Donald Rumsfeld were responsible for two of them! George Bush, of course, would bein charge of the third.

[see James Mann, Rise of the Vulcans- The History of Bush’s WarCabinet, Penguin, 2004, p142.]While running the government, Bush had FEMA activated for a testing of newprocedures. This “test” was to be administered by none other than Lt. Colonel OliverNorth.

“…Reagan signed Presidential Director Number 54 that allowed FEMA to engage in a secret national”readiness exercise” under the code name of REX 84. The exercise was to test FEMA’s readiness toassume military authority in the event of a “State of Domestic National Emergency” concurrent withthe launching of a direct United States military operation in Central America. The plan called for thedeputation of U.S. military and National Guard units so that they could legally be used for domesticlaw enforcement. These units would be assigned to conduct sweeps and take into custody an estimated400,000 undocumented Central American immigrants in the United States. The immigrants would beinterned at 10 detention centers to be set up at military bases throughout the countryREX 84 was so highly guarded that special metal security doors were placed on the fifth floor of theFEMA building in Washington, D.C. Even long-standing employees of the Civil Defense of theFederal Executive Department possessing the highest possible security clearances were not beingallowed through the newly installed metal security doors. Only personnel wearing a special redChristian cross or crucifix lapel pin were allowed into the premises. Lt. Col. North was responsible fordrawing up the emergency plan, which U.S. Attorney General William French Smith opposedvehemently. The plan called for the suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the governmentover to FEMA, appointment of military commanders to run state and local governments and thedeclaration of Martial Law. The Presidential Executive Orders to support such a plan were already inplace. . [FEMA – The Secret Government, Harry V. Martin with research assistance from David Caul,Copyright: FreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995]

11.5 Attempted Assassination of Reagan

The exercise for”testing” the emergency preparedness plan was ironically scheduled forApril 1. Two days before it was to be set in motion, John Hinckley Jr. attempted to killPresident Reagan. It would be a few more hours for Bush to be able to say he was incontrol, because Al Haig – immediately following the assassination attempt, went tocalm the public by saying on National TV: “I am in control… until the Vice Presidentreturns.” The press however, was taken aback –in that this seemed un-Constitutional.

“What they don’t understand is all that Constitution stuff is pushed aside once they declare NationalEmergencies. Then they go into FEMA and they have whole other orders of succession that have to domore with the military and the Pentagon than with any of the civilian sector.” [John Judge November2000 Interview]

Most citizens assume that as per a law passed under the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, the House Speaker and President Pro Tem of the Senate, in that order, are placed inthe statutory line of succession ahead of the Cabinet officers. This modifies thePresidential Succession Act of 1885, which provided that after the Vice President, theline of succession would begin with the Secretary of State and would continue throughthe Cabinet department. While the 25


Amendment, passed in 1967 addresses the


replacement of the President and Vice-President, it does not clarify subsequent order.Opinion about the correct order is not unanimous.“

Next are the hardy perennial (questions). First among these is whether the Speaker of the House andthe President Pro Tem of the Senate are officers in the sense intended by article II of the Constitution.Are they therefore constitutionally eligible to succeed to the presidency? There has been a simmeringcontroversy over this question for many years. A second question is more political or perhapsphilosophical: should the officers in line to succeed the President and Vice President be electedMembers of the House and Senate, as currently provided, or should we return to the Succession Act of 1886 and put appointed Cabinet officers at the top of the list?” [ 2004



Evidently, after 9/11, this interpretation of the law was so uncertain that Bushimplemented the famous “shadow government” without advising those in the presidentialline of succession

“Key congressional leaders said yesterday the White House did not tell them that President Bush hasmoved a cadre of senior civilian managers to secret underground sites outside Washington to ensurethat the federal government could survive a devastating terrorist attack on the nation’s capital.There are two other branches of government that are central to the functioning of our democracy. Iwould hope the speaker and the minority leader would at least pose the question, ‘What about us?’Rep. William Delahunt (D-Mass.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee Senate MajorityLeader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) said he had not been informed about the role, location or even theexistence of the shadow government that the administration began to deploy the morning of the Sept.11 hijackings. An aide to House Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) said he similarly wasunaware of the administration’s move.Among Congress’s GOP leadership, aides to House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (Ill.), second in line tosucceed the president if he became incapacitated, and to Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott (Miss.)said they were not sure whether they knew.Aides to Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W. Va.) said he had not been told. As Senate president pro tempore,he is in line to become president after the House speaker.” [Congress Not Advised Of ShadowGovernment , Amy Goldstein and Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post, 3/2/2002]

Only by understanding the tension between Bush and Haig, and the recent efforts byBush to control decisions in the Whitehouse, does this historic statement take on its realcontext. Haig would press – in private – for an investigation into any possible conspiracyaround the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. His request was over-ridden byGeorge Bush, who now controlled the emergency security meeting.Being in the key position to control key meetings, Bush’s first actions were to cancelthree activities: 1) any independent investigation into the attempted assassination, 2) aNORAD defense exercise which had mobilized the military, and 3) a FEMA exercise,which had the potential to take over the government.

“Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger’s memoir of that afternoon reminds us of two highly relevantfacts. The first is that a “NORAD [North American Air Defense Command] exercise with a simulatedincoming missile attack had been planned for the next day.” Weinberger agreed with General DavidJones, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that this exercise should be cancelled. [fn 12] ][George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography , by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter –

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 267XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1991] (Note: “Richard Bartholomew, a researcher inTexas, told me that he himself talked to Strategic Air Command bomber pilots who, like the pilots Italked to that were in the air the hour of the Kennedy assassination, told him that on March 31 they hadno code books aboard.” [John Judge November 2000 Interview])“Weinberger also recalls that the group in the Situation Room was informed by James Baker that”there had been a FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Administration] exercise

scheduled for thenext day on presidential succession,

with the general title ‘Nine Lives.’ By an immediate consensus, itwas agreed that exercise should also be cancelled.” [George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography , byWebster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter -XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30,1991]“As Weinberger recounts the same moments: “[Attorney General Bill French Smith] then reported thatall FBI reports concurred with the information I had received; that the shooting was a completelyisolated incident and that the assassin, John Hinckley, with a previous record in Nashville, seemed tobe a ‘Bremmer’ type, a reference to the attempted assassin of George Wallace.” [fn 16] Those whowere not watching carefully here may have missed the fact that just a few minutes after George Bushhad walked into the room, he had presided over the sweeping under the rug of the decisive questionregarding Hinckley and his actions: was Hinckley a part of a conspiracy, domestic or international?Not more than five hours after the attempt to kill Reagan, on the basis of the most fragmentary earlyreports

, before Hinckley had been properly questioned, and before a full investigation had beencarried out, a group of cabinet officers chaired by George Bush had ruled out a priori anyconspiracy.”

[George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin,Chapter -XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]

As a result of this closed-door meeting, there was no independent investigation, no grand jury, no congressional hearings. The public received whatever the FBI fed them. (Thevalue of this historical lesson was not lost on Bush, whose son attempted to stop everyinvestigation into the attack on the World Trade Center, saying there was no need for aninvestigation, and exerted significant energy in attempting to prevent an investigation.)The world was told that Hinckley acted alone, in an attempt to win the actress JodieFoster’s attention, as did the main character in the movie

Taxi Driver

. Hinckley was tried,and found innocent on a defense of insanity. It was the insanity defense that raised thevague and disturbing references in the press that he may have been some type of “Manchurian Candidate” assassin – unknowingly programmed to assassinate thePresident.The actual facts of the case suggest a set of circumstance far different than published formedia consumption. Al Haig had very reasonable grounds to think that there may havebeen a conspiracy to assassinate Reagan. Recent events and events of that day suggestedthat the lone-gunman theory could not explain everything.First, (while unreported until much later), there was reason to believe that there had beena previous attempt to assassinate Reagan several weeks prior to March 30.

“As reporters dug deeper into the alleged shooting, one asked a Secret Service contact if there hadbeen any recent shooting incidents monitored by his agency. “The answer came back. On March 8, asa motorcade drove west on Canal Road, officers had heard a ‘popping sound’ from a ‘steep, rocky cliff’on the Virginia side of the Potomac River. But it had been President Reagan’s motorcade, not Bush’s.And the noises never proved to be gunfire.” [fn 9] Had there been an attempt to assassinate Reagan,or to intimidate him? In any case Senator Howard Baker, the GOP majority leader at that time, wasoverheard making jokes about the allegedly discredited Rumor at a weekend party, and this was dulynoted in the Washinton Post of March 25.” [George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography , by WebsterG. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter -XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]


The prior attempt aside, there were other unreported occurrences on March 30th thatcould lead Haig to believe that something was suspiciously awry.

“When the President was shot… he was pushed into the car by a man named Jerry Parr(sp?) that washis Secret Service guard. Jerry Parr fell on top of him and, I just saw in the ‘Reader’s Digest’ whereJerry Parr was telling his “valiant story.” And the limousine tore off, didn’t it? Now it was ‘fiveminutes later’ that the ambulance arrived and they put the Secret Service man, the Washington, D.C.policeman, and Brady in the ambulance and ‘it’ roared off. Using normal time-rate/distance, whoshould have arrived at George Washington University Hospital first? The President should have. Well,who did? You know it’s a trick question. The ambulance arrived 15 minutes before the President.When asked, “What happened?” the Secret Service simply responded, “We got lost.”The Secret Service does not get lost in Washington, D.C. They don’t get lost in most places of theworld. And so, now the investigation starts to get a little interesting. When they take Ronald Reagan in,they can see that he… matter of fact, his heart almost stopped. And he is convulsing; there’s blood onhis lips. They know he’s hurt… seriously. But they can find no wounds. They X-ray him ‘3 times’ andcan find nothing. Finally, a nurse notices a tiny entrance wound right at the seventh rib, underneath thearmpit. And a doctor takes a probe, and … very carefully, because they couldn’t see it on X-ray, thedoctor is able to extract what he said was a planchet, thinner than a dime, that was one-quarter inchfrom Ronald Reagan’s aorta.” [Excerpts from a talk given by Lt. Col. “Bo” Gritz in Mesa, Arizona on4/4/1992]“NBC correspondent Judy Woodruff said that at least one shot was fired from the hotel, aboveReagan’s limousine. She later elaborated, saying a Secret Service agent had fired that shot from thehotel overhang. Could Reagan’s wound have been inflicted by friendly fire? Or, more ominously, didWoodruff glimpse a bona fide “second gunman” – a la JFK in Dealey Plaza? Either way, Woodruff’saccount might explain how a slug managed to strike Reaganwhen his limo’s bulletproof door stoodbetween him and Hinckley. Sizing up the Hinckley-Bush nexus, conspiracy researcher John Judge hastheoretically dubbed this “the shot from the Bushy knoll.” According to conspiratologist BarbaraHonegger, White House correspondent Sarah McClendon made the somewhat more subjectivecomment that Reagan’s Secret Service retinue wasn’t in its “usual tight formation” around Reagan infront of the Hilton. Were the Gipper’s bodyguards out to throw the game?” [Hinckley: Hit Man for theGovernment?]“…. the Secret Service helped to set-up Reagan too. Reagan was told not to wear his vest that day –his protective vest…. They did not call the procedure with the limousine. He should have come out thedoor and gone directly into the limousine. That’s how he arrived.He came, the Secret Service formed two rows on either side of the back door, they opened the backdoor and he goes in. When you hire a limousine, they don’t go to the house down the street, they cometo your door. When you’re the president, they’ll move it six inches to make sure that it’s in the rightplace. It was in the right place when he arrived. He got out and went in through the phalanx of the tworows of agents. He’s safe into the VIP entrance.He comes out the same exit and where’s the car?’ It is nowhere near the door. It’s 40-50 feet down thepavement. So, he’s got to walk out into the open. What’s supposed to happen? The Secret Service issupposed to surround him like a diamond and protect him. One guy goes forward, McCarthy, to openthe door for him. The rest don’t surround him. They all file out like a line of ducks off to the right andthey leave Reagan walking in the open with Brady and these other guys. Then, the shooting happens.The damage that was done there once the shooting started was quite extensive. Brady was hit whichliterally took a large chunk of his brain and knocked him on to the ground. A black cop was nicked inthe neck, a big beefy cop, and he spun and hit the ground hard by the shot. McCarthy, 160 pounds, waslifted by the shot, that hit him in the groin at the back door of the car, and thrown through the air to thefront bumper of the car. He himself says that was no 22.All of the early press reports said that Hinkley was firing a 38 and that is much more consistent withthese kinds of reactions. A 22 will hurt you, enter you and do damage inside you, but it’s not going toknock you over. A 38 is a much larger caliber of bullet. Hinkley purchased a 38 at a pawn shop on ElmStreet in Dallas — the same street where Kennedy was assassinated…. Then the official story changes

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 269after three or four hours and Hinkleysupposedly had a 22. I went through the ABC footage and you canactually see the replacement of the 22 and the pick-up of the 38 by a Secret Service agent.” [JohnJudge November 2000 Interview]“That motorcycle rentinue did not leave with Reagan’s limousine when he did leave. He has no escortwhen he goes. That is not explainable either, especially if there has just been an assassination attempt — why he would be put out there without escort. But he does, he goes without anybody.”“This cop comes over, off of his motorcycle, spreads his arms and kind of moves back and forth infront of — at the edge of the crowd. He’s not serving any purpose but he’s there and after a moment thecamera pans back and you can see at his feet, this 22, as if he’s dropped it. One of his hands goes intowards the center of his coat and then comes out and right after that, as the camera is panning allaround, it pans right between his feet, and you can see this 22 that becomes the official weapon.There is also a weapon near Brady’s head that one of the Secret Service guys drops. That’s how theyexplain the 38, saying that it was a confusion because it was really the Secret Service guy’s gun. Ibelieve, Hinkley was firing a 38. Hinkley damaged everybody but Reagan, also put holes in the car andthe building across the street. But he only had six rounds and each one of those is explained and then aseventh round has to explain the wound in Reagan.Reagan’s wound is so minimal that it doesn’t match either a 22 or a 38. It is described as a little thinrazor line when they finally get his clothes off. They think he’s having a heart attack — actually his lunghad collapsed because of the thing penetrating him. Then finally a nurse sees a little line of bloodunderneath his left arm pit. She determines that something has gone in but it’s a little razor cut. Theyknow what a bullet hole looks there in the emergency room at G.W.U.. They get them all the time.They do poke around until they finally find this thing in the x-ray. They try three times to get it out andfinally pull it out and it is a little disc, a flattened disc, that was described as `thin as a dime’ and `razor-edged.’ This fits the profile of these aerodynamic discs that are used by the intelligence agencies inweapons that the Church Committee showed during the time that they did their testimony. They arefired with a CO2 (carbon dioxide) cartridge, so they are relatively silent. They just make a little puff.They have an accuracy up to a great length. They can be fired out of a regular gun or even out of theselittle tubes with the CO2 cartridge at the back. They also can be loaded with toxins.One of the uses they had for them was making them out of plastic and filling them with shellfish toxinwhich goes in and makes a razor split in the skin which wouldn’t be noticed during an autopsy. The x-ray won’t pull up the plastic and the shellfish toxin, once it gets into any part of the bloodstream, willcause a heart attack within 30 seconds. Very lethal — several milligrams of the shellfish toxin isenough of a dose. Whether this thing had a poison load in it or not, who knows? But it didn’timmediately kill him so if it did have such a load, it didn’t work. It didn’t shoot off.It bounced off of his rib. It would have cut into his aorta but bounced on his rib and missed the aorta bya quarter of an inch and went into the lung instead. But they did finally get it out. The lung wascollapsed from it but they got him stabilized.” [John Judge November 2000 Interview]

In addition to these irregular, undisclosed and downplayed events, the press immediatelystumbled across what was referred to by a Bush spokesperson as a “bizarre coincidence”– a relationship between the Hinckley and the Bush families, which had known eachother for years. The first allegation was that Hinckley’s father was a major campaigncontributor to George Bush. For some reason, the relationship was “denied.”

“Later in the day Bush spokesman Peter Teeley surfaced to deny any campaign donations from theHinckley clan to the Bushcampaign. When asked why Sharon Bush and Neil Bush had made referenceto large political contributions from the Hinckleys to the Bush campaign, Teeley responded, “I don’thave the vaguest idea.” “We’ve gone through our files,” said Teeley, “and we have absolutely noinformation that he [John W. Hinckley Sr.] or anybody in the family were contributors, supporters,anything.” [George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin,Chapter -XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]


The actual facts about the contributions and the relations between the families would turnout to be quite different, with the relationship between Bush and Hinckley to be quitesubstantial.

“When Brady was shot, no question. Here we’ve got John Hinckley, Jr., Oh, by the way, is JohnHinckley, Jr., just some kind of a “weirdo?” Isn’t it strange that John Hinckley, Sr., is the owner of Vanderbilt Oil? And, of course, George Bush is the owner of Zapata Oil. Was it a coincidence, then,that John Hinckley, Sr., and George Bush are neighbors ‘for years’ in Houston, Texas, workingtogether? Is it any coincidence that John Hinckley, Sr., when you go back through the FEC, the FederalElection Commission, his own record of giving maximum donations every year to Mr. Bush evenwhen he started running for Congress…” [Excerpts from a talk given by Lt. Col. “Bo” Gritz in Mesa,Arizona on 4/4/1992]“When the Hinckley oil company, Vanderbilt Oil started to fail in the 1960s, Bush, Sr.’s, Zapata Oilfinancially bailed out Hinckley’s company. Hinckley had been running an operation with six deadwells, but he began making several million dollars a year after the Bush bailout.” [Hinckley – BushFamily Friend – Nears Release, von A. Weist, 11/28/2003]

The second allegation was that Hinckley’s brother and Bush’s brothers were not onlyfriends, but had recently partied together and were scheduled to have dinner with eachother that very day! (A parallel event in the 9/11 annals would be that George Bush Sr.was dining with the Bin Ladin family the day of the attack. This coincidence will take oneven more meaning a little further into the report.)

“The Rocky Mountain News article signed by Charles Roos carried Neil Bush’s confirmation that if theassassination had not happened, Scott Hinckley would have been present at a dinner party at NeilBush’s home that very same night. According to Neil, Scott Hinckley had come to the home of Neiland Sharon Bush on January 23, 1981 to be present along with about 30 other guests at a surprisebirthday party for Neil, who had turned 26 one day earlier. Scott Hinckley had come “through a closefriend who brought him,” according to this version, and this same close female friend was scheduled tocome to dinner along with Scott Hinckley on that last night of March, 1981.” [George Bush: TheUnauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter -XVII- The AttemptedCoup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]

A third ‘coincidence’ was the possibility that Neil Bush actually had known JohnHinckley, the would-be assassin.

“In 1978, Neil Bush served as campaign manager for his brother, George W. Bush, the Vice President’seldest son, who made an unsuccessful bid for Congress. Neil lived in Lubbock, Texas, throughoutmuch of 1978, where John Hinckley lived from 1974 through 1980.” [George Bush: The UnauthorizedBiography, by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter -XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]

A fourth coincidence, was that on the very day John Hinckley attempted to kill Reagan,three Department of Energy auditors were pressuring Hinckley’s brother Scott, with a $2million penalty. This penalty would later disappear.

“Neil Bush, a landman for Amoco Oil, told Denver reporters he had met Scott Hinckley at a surpriseparty at the Bush home January 23, 1981 [Nine weeks before Hinckley’s brother John Jr. attempted toassassinate President Reagan-which would have elevated Bush Sr. to the presidency], andapproximately three weeks after the U.S. Department of Energy had begun what was termed a “routineaudit” of the books of the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, the Hinckley oil company. In an incrediblecoincidence, on the morning of March 30 [the day of the Reagan assassination attempt by John

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 271Hinckley, Jr.], three representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy told Scott Hinckley, JohnHinckley Jr.’s older brother and Vanderbilt’s vice president of operations, that auditors had uncoveredevidence of pricing violations on crude oil sold by the company from 1977 through 1980. The auditorsannounced that the federal government was considering a penalty of two million dollars. [This, on thesame day that his brother John–the youngest son of Vice President Bush’s close friend–attempted theassassination!] Scott Hinckley reportedly requested “several hours to come up with an explanation” of the serious overcharges. The meeting ended a little more than an hour before John Hinckly Jr. shotPresident Reagan.”

With the subsequent revelation of these facts about the relationship between the Bush andHinkley families, the question needs to be asked: Could the Hinckley family have been“behind” the Bush family quest for political power? Might they have sent their own sonto do this deed as repayment of an obligation, and did Scott need to be pressured intosilence? Also, what about these vague references as to whether John Hinckley could besome kind of Manchurian Candidate assassin, unknowingly programmed? To answerthese questions, a little more about the Hinckley family needs to be understood.John’s father – Jack – in addition to being a successful oil-man, was one of two keyindividuals in a group known as US Ministries for World Vision, and very possibly a CIAagent in Guatemala in the period when Armitage and Secord were establishing theircredentials as weapons dealers. (Armitage worked for Erich von Marbod at that time,who according to James Mann, in the Rise of the Vulcans, “was the man to see” “if youwanted to steer arms to a foreign government.”)

“Jack” Hinckley, as the gunman’s father was frequently called, during the 1970’s became a closeassociate of Robert Ainsworth, the director of US Ministries for World Vision, Inc. Jack Hinckley’sprofile was that of a born again Christian. Jack Hinckley and Ainsworth traveled together to the Sahelregion of Africa, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Even

before joining World Vision, Jack Hinckley

hadcarried on “relief work” in Guatemala. “Jack and I became very close,” Ainsworth said. “Jack was asuccessful businessman. On occasion he would ask us to pray for his son. It’s not that Jack felt thatJohn would do something bad, just that John had no direction, John had not found himself.”World Vision is one of the notorious non-governmental organizations that function as a de facto arm of US intelligence under current arrangements. Robert Ainsworth’s pedigree is impressive: he was aforeign area analyst for the US State Department; an advisor in Vietnam during the war there; andchaired an international committee involved in the negotiation of the Chemical and BacteriologicalWarfare Treaty of 1973.The largest contributor to World Vision is the US State Department Agency for InternationalDevelopment (AID)…. Pax Christi, the Catholic human rights organization, has accused World Visionof functioning as a “Trojan horse for US foreign policy.” The entire milieu is thus redolent of the USintelligence agencies. [George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley & AntonChaitkin, Chapter -XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1991]

World Vision was a religious ministry with “missions” in South America. It hadestablished relations with Bob Jones, founder of the People’s Temple, which establishedits infamy in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978.

“With his new wealth, Jones was able to travel to California and establish the first People’s Temple inUkiah, California, in 1965. Guarded by dogs, electric fences and guard towers, he set up HappyHavens Rest Home.[98] Despite a lack of trained personnel, or proper licensing, Jones drew in manypeople at the camp. He had elderly, prisoners, people from psychiatric institutions, and 150 fosterchildren, often transferred to care at Happy Havens by court orders.[99] H

e was contacted there byChristian missionaries from World Vision, an international evangelical order that had done espionage

work for the CIA in Southeast Asia.

[100] He met “influential” members of the community and wasbefriended by Walter Heady, the head of the local chapter of the John Birch Society.[101] He used themembers of his “church” to organize local voting drives for Richard Nixon’s election, and workedclosely with the republican party.[102] He was even appointed chairman of the county grand jury.[103]” [The Black Hole of Guyana : The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre , by John Judge,1985]

The American public recalls the Jonestown Massacre as the greatest single mass-suicideevent of the century. With the news of the mass deaths reported in Guyana, U.S. GreenBerets landed at the Jones camp to ‘police’ the area. News started to circulate of “mass-suicide.” The source of the “Kool-Aid Suicide” stories was the U.S. State Department,which presented the story immediately after the “suicides” were reported as though it wasthe only obvious truth. A U.S. Army spokesman pronounced with complete authority,”No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here.” As usual, the factssuggested a rather different story.

In The Black Hole of Guyana: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre

, John Judge painstakingly documents that Jonestown was a CIAoperation for converting dispossessed and lonely refugees into assassins. In an operationthat was falling under Congressional investigation, the evidence had to be eliminated –and nearly all the inhabitants were murdered. A few that made it back to the US weremurdered, one-by-one as they were found. However utterly unbelievable this appears,there are many independent, published first hand accounts describing this event.

“To comprehend this well-financed, sinister operation, we must abandon the myth that this was areligious commune and study instead the history that led to its formation. Jonestown was anexperiment, part of a 30-year program called MK-ULTRA, the CIA and military intelligence codename for mind control.[170] A close study of Senator Ervin’s 1974 report, Individual Rights and theGovernment’s Role in Behavior Modification, shows that these agencies had certain “targetpopulations” in mind, for both individual and mass control. Blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, theyoung, and inmates of psychiatric wards were selected as “potentially violent.”[171] There were plansin California at the time for a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, expanding on thehorrific work of Dr. José Delgado, Drs. Mark and Ervin, and Dr. Jolly West, experts in implantation,psychosurgery, and tranquilizers. The guinea pigs were to be drawn from the ranks of the “targetpopulations,” and taken to an isolated military missile base in California.[172] In that same period,Jones began to move his Temple members to Jonestown. The were the exact population selected forsuch tests.[173]” [The Black Hole of Guyana : The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre , by JohnJudge, 1985]

Jonestown, after the massacre, was taken over by Jack Hinckley’s World Vision, anotherCIA operation! World Vision would also establish “camps” in the US: Florida, and FortChafey in Arkansas. (It would also open in Azerbaijan in 1994, with the Director of theoperation being the wife of the US Ambassador.)

“Another World Vision employee, Mark David Chapman, worked at their Haitian refugee camp in Ft.Chaffee, Arkansas. He was later to gain infamy as the assassin of John Lennon in New York City.[282]World Vision works with refugees worldwide. At the Honduran border, they are present in camps usedby American CIA to recruit mercenaries against Nicaragua. They were at Sabra and Shatilla, Camps inLebanon where fascist Phalange massacred the Palestinians.[283] Their representatives in the Cubanrefugee camps on the east coast included members of the Bay of Pigs operation, CIA-financedmercenaries from Omega 7 and Alpha 66.[284] Are they being used as a worldwide cover for therecruitment and training of these killers? They are, as mentioned earlier, working to repopulateJonestown with Laotians who served as mercenaries for our CIA.[285]” [The Black Hole of Guyana :The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre , by John Judge, 1985]

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 273“World Vision also took over the camp at Jonestown just after the massacre there. Mark DavidChapman, (who killed John Lennon) was a member of World Vision.

John Hinkley Jr. who tried tokill Ronald Reagan, was a member of World Vision.”

[World Vision Christian ministry or CIA front?Posted By: EBW,Date: Saturday, 25 June 2005]“The chairman of the board for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr. The son worked at Fort Chafeyat the Thai refugee camps.

There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World VisionT-shirt around the edge of the camp.

” [John Judge November 2000 Interview]

This portion of John Hinckley Jrs’ life was not mentioned in any official biography, orthe FBI investigation documentation about Hinckley now available on the web. All of the sudden, the argument about Hinckley being a “Manchurian candidate” do not seem sofar fetched.It is worth noting that Hinckley’s own notes, written both prior to the assassinationattempt and while in his cell, make reference to a conspiracy. In both cases, the noteswere suppressed.

“Hinckley’s parents’ memoir refers to some notes penciled notes by Hinckley which were found duringa search of his cell and which “could sound bad.” These notes “described an imaginary conspiracy–either with the political left or the political right […] to assassinate the President.” Hinckley’s lawyersfrom Edward Bennett Williams’s law firm said that the notes were too absurd to be taken seriously andthey have been suppressed. [fn 21]In July 1985, the FBI was compelled to release some details of its investigation of Hinckley under theFreedom of Information Act. No explanation was offered of how it was determined that Hinckley hadacted alone, and the names of all witnesses were censored. According to a wire service account, “thefile made no mention of papers seized from Hinckley’s prison cell at Butner, North Carolina, whichreportedly made reference to a conspiracy. Those writings were ruled inadmissible by the trial judgeand never made public.” [fn 22] The FBI has refused to release 22 pages of documents concerningHinckley’s “associates and organizations,” 22 pages about his personal finances, and 37 pages about hispersonality and character. The Williams and Connolly defense team argued that Hinckley was insane,controlled by his obsession with Jodie Foster. The jury accepted this version, and in July, 1982,Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity.” [George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography ,by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, Chapter -XVII- The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30,1991]

The record shows that Hinkley was involved in a CIA assassination training operationrun by his father, a close friend and business associate of George Bush, former CIADirector. Hinckley claimed there was a conspiracy, and those notes were suppressed, aswas any other investigation.The record shows that the day after Ronald Reagan was shot, a small group of men, ledby Vice President George Bush, declared that there was no conspiracy – that the culprithad been caught, and it was clear he had acted alone. As a result, there was noinvestigation, no grand jury, no Congressional hearings. (The value of this historicallesson was not lost on Bush Jr., who attempted to stop every investigation into the attackon the World Trade Center, saying there was no need for an investigation.) The actualfacts of the case – both cases – suggest something far different.


11.6 Final Lessons

The eerie parallels between the events of September 11 and the attempted Reaganassassination suggest that in both cases, the conspirators might have been using a ‘playbook.’1.

Use shooters that do not have a lot to lose: The Hinckley’s thought their son had notfound himself, and was a disappointment. Osama Bin Ladin was thought to be on hisdeathbed.2.

Control the shooter: The CIA seems to prefer loners and unattached people for wetwork because it reduces the complications of controlling any backlash. In this case,control is enhanced by using the shooter’s family.

In both cases, a member of the Bush family was with the family of the shooter asthe crime came down. This may serve to remind the shooter that his family isvulnerable.

There may be a need for a quid pro quo. If the Bin Ladin family was giving up ason, maybe they felt Bush Sr. should do the same. When the attacks on Bush Jr.failed, maybe it was decided to let Osama Bin Ladin live. Maybe Bush met withBin Ladin to save his son’s life. The Hinkley arrangement would suggest that theelder Bush is not above believing that a family may need to make great sacrifices.But as the record shows, assassinating a President is extremely difficult.3.

Remove security: Reagan was told to not wear a vest. His security detail left himexposed. On 9/11, the air defenses were down. The bomb-sniffing dogs at the WorldTrade Center had been removed early enough for someone to plant explosives. Airdefenses failed miserably.4.

Have a back-up plan: As a shooter, Hinkley failed. The back-up shooter on the roof failed. The delay in getting him medical attention failed. The CO2 planchet failed, butultimately all together they achieved the desired result. On 9/11, the planes failed tobring down the towers. One plane missed its target. The fires and local explosives didnot bring down the tower. The explosions in the basement ultimately completed the job.5.

Control and if possible, prevent investigation by announcing you have the guilty: Inboth cases it was claimed immediately that the guilty parties were obvious and therewas no need for an elaborate investigation.6.

Have a transition plan: In both situations, FEMA was engaged as a justification – if necessary – for keeping Congress out of the succession picture.All of these points, however, are speculation.


12Potential “Persons of Interest”

This chapter sets out to identify a list of individuals who can be considered as “person of interest” in investigating the various crimes identified in this report. Those crimesinclude, but should not be limited to:

Conspiracy in the murder of Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley.

Conspiracy in the attack of the World Trade Center and cover-up. This set of crimesincludes hiring those who organized it, flew in the plane, as well as those whobrought down the building with explosives. For this, the focus will be on theGerman/Swiss banking world, Russian/Israeli Mafiya, the re-assembled Iran-Contra/Azerbaijan gang, the President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, variousofficers in the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, FEMA and NORAD.

Conspiracy to launder money and steal national treasuries.

TreasonTo focus on seeking out those responsible for a cover-up is to distract the world from thereal crimes: the theft of the wealth of nations for personal use, and the murder of thousands of people for personal gain.

12.1 Murder of Nick Berg

This report suggests Nick Berg was murdered by individuals meeting the following fivecriteria:

An extremely vicious person;

A member of the Israeli intelligence;

Near the Iraq prison Abu Ghraib;

Would have been aware of Nick Berg’s release from jail;

With links to the 9/11 conspirators;One individual that meets all of these criteria is Steven Stevanowicz (aka Stephanwicz,Staphanovic or Stephanowitz), an employee of Titan Corp. and a contract interrogator atAbu Ghraib. Stevanowicz was found to be directly responsible for the brutalinterrogations at that prison. Titan Corp. was acting as a subcontractor to CACI ininterrogation and translating. CACI, it turns out has significant links which meet two of the five criteria: links to Israeli intelligence and links to the 9/11 conspirators.


It should come as no surprise that Israeli intelligence has played a key role in the Iraqiinvasion and prisoner interrogation.

“Israeli interrogators are working in tandem with the US-led occupation troops in detention facilitiesacross Iraq, a senior US officer revealed Saturday, July 4. Brig Gen Janis Karpinski, the US officer atthe heart of the Abu Gharib prison scandal, said she herself met an Israeli interrogator at a secretintelligence center in Baghdad [Israel Continues Interrogation Work in Iraq, & NewsAgencies , 7/15/2004]“Seymour Hersh said that one of the Israeli aims was to gain access to detained members of the Iraqisecret intelligence unit, who reportedly specialize in Israeli affairs. Hersh further unveiled on June 22that Israeli intelligence and military operatives were now quietly at work in northern Iraq, providingtraining for Kurdish commando units and running covert operations inside Kurdish areas of Iran andSyria. The report added that Mossad operatives work undercover in northern Iraq as businessmen andin some cases do not carry Israeli passports.” [Israel Continues Interrogation Work in Iraq, & News Agencies, 7/15/2004]”One of Staphanovic’s co-workers, Joe Ryan – who was not named in the Taguba report – now says thathe underwent an “Israeli interrogation course” before going to Iraq.” [Israeli Mossad/Shin BetAssociated with Prison Torture, Robert Fisk, 5/26/2004]

One of the key linkages in this Israeli involvement is CACI. CACI is linked to the 9/11conspirators through Richard Armitage. Richard Armitage was Board member of CACIfrom 1999 to 2001, and a key participant in most of the activities shown to be relevant tothe 9/11 attack: Iran-Contra, Azerbaijan covert operations, arms shipments toAfghanistan, the PNAC. Through the years, he has had a relationship with DavidKimche of the Mossad.

“So who is Richard Armitage? None other than a former board member of CACI–the privatecontractor that employed four interrogators at Abu Ghraib prison–interrogators who worked with the205th Military Intelligence Brigade there.” [Richard Armitage and CACI: What’s Behind the Attackson Australia’s Latham? David Palmer]

Members of the Board of CACI have also been documented as having close relationswith the Israeli defense organization.

“Both Titan and CACI have directors with strong ties to the Israeli military establishment.The director of Titan with the largest stake in the company is Edward H. Bersoff, who received theDistinguished Leadership Award by the Washington Chapter of the American Jewish Committee in1999. Bersoff has been an honored speaker at the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, along withthe likes of Sharon’s right-wing ally Binjamin Netanyahu.On January 14, Dr. J.P. (Jack) London, chairman, president, and CEO of CACI International, flew toIsrael to receive the Albert Einstein Technology Award from the Jerusalem Fund. The award waspresented by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Uri Lupolianski, Jerusalem’s ultra-OrthodoxJewish Mayor at a ceremony in the occupied city on January 14, 2004.“Titan’s linguist contract with the U.S. Army” was noted as a “primary driver” behind the companiesincreased revenues. The only language tool Titan offers on its website is for “Levantine Arabic,” i.e.the Arabic spoken in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. Last July, however, Titan Systems Corporation of Fairfax, Va., placed an ad for “native Arabic, Aramaic, Kurdish, Persian, Pashto, Turkish and Darispeakers.” Titan’s ad for interpreters required the native speakers be U.S. citizens and fluent inEnglish. It is extremely unlikely that any native speaker of Arabic would be named “John Israel.”[Who is Behind the Abuse at Abu Ghraib? Christopher Bollyn – Rumor Mill News May 6, 2004]


At least two of the CACI subcontractors at Abu Ghraib have been widely viewed asIsraeli agents.

“Although it is still largely undocumented if any of the contractor named in the report of GeneralAntonio Taguba were associated with the Israeli military or intelligence services, it is noteworthy thatone, John Israel, who was identified in the report as being employed by both CACI International of Arlington, Virginia, and Titan, Inc., of San Diego, may not have even been a U.S. citizen. The Tagubareport states that Israel did not have a security clearance, a requirement for employment as aninterrogator for CACI. According to CACI’s web site, “a Top Secret Clearance (TS) that is current andUS citizenship” are required for CACI interrogators working in Iraq. In addition, CACI requires that itsinterrogators “have at least two years experience as a military policeman or similar type of lawenforcement/intelligence agency whereby the individual utilized interviewing techniques.”Speculation that “John Israel” may be an intelligence cover name has fueled speculation whether thisindividual could have been one of a number of Israeli interrogators hired under a classified contract.Because U.S. citizenship and documentation thereof are requirements for a U.S. security clearance,Israeli citizens would not be permitted to hold a Top Secret clearance. However, dual U.S.-Israelicitizens could have satisfied Pentagon requirements that interrogators hold U.S. citizenship and a TopSecret clearance. Although the Taguba report refers twice to Israel as an employee of Titan, thecompany claims he is one of their sub-contractors. CACI stated that one of the men listed in the report”is not and never has been a CACI employee” without providing more detail.” [The Israeli TortureTemplate, By Wayne Madsen, 5/10/2004]“A Lawsuit has been filed by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) on behalf of nine Iraqis against two US contractors ….: Titan Corporation of San Diego and CACI International of Arlington, VA. Employees Stephen Stephanowicz and John Israel of CACI and Adel Nakkla of Titan,all of whom are believed to have ties with Israeli intelligence.” [Will Jewish-led legal group tell thefull truth as it demands prosecution of torturers? Brendan Andrews ,San Diego 6/9/2004]

Key to this issue is Stefan Stephanowicz. There are several points in his known historythat substantiate suspicion of him. Through CACI, he meets all five of the criteria:The pictures of what was done to the prisoners under his direction, with the internetpictures being substantially more brutal than those published in the papers, is testimonyto the utter brutality of this interrogator. He has demonstrated on multiple occasions, thathe is capable of the brutality required for a beheading.

Several web sites refer to the Jewish heritage of his name, making him a candidate forpotential recruitment as sayanim by the Mossad when he lived in the US.

In 1999, while a member of the US Naval Reserve, he moved to Australia to work asan IT recruiter. This would suggest he established special arrangements with the USNavy Reserve to allow this happen. He moved to Adelaide, Australia, which wouldsubsequently be mentioned as a home to scandal involving Mossad agents trying toobtain Australian passports.

The man is 6 foot, five inches tall. If one views the photographs of the Nick Bergexecution, one of the participants – the one in the white head dressing, and the “tooshort” pant legs – has been estimated to be 6’4”. One doesn’t find a lot of Arabicmen fitting that height description. The photographic evidence does not rule him out.

He was at Abu Ghraib when Berg was released, and would have known of therelease.


If indeed it was Stephanowicz that murdered Nick Berg, the entire “team” of sixinterrogators identified in the Gonzalez report should be investigated. (Remember, therewere five terrorists in the beheading video, with a sixth holding the camera.) It wouldalso be fair to bring into the indictment whoever at CACI and Titan Corp. sent them toIsrael for training. That is the trail of evidence that will lead to the individuals in theMossad that ultimately owned the Zarqawi/Stephanowicz cell.Should an investigation of Titan be undertaken, there are least two reports which suggestsuspicious activity related to their work in Iraq and the US. First, Titan translators in Iraqhave an exceedingly high death rate (for translators), suggesting they are “targeted.” (13of 29 seems statistically significant given these are not combat position.)

“As of early April, San Diego’s Titan Corp has lost at least 13 employees – including four Americans -since the defense company began providing interpreters to the US Army in Iraq, according topublished reports. Nine of the 13 killed from July through December were Iraqis, although not all of the deaths were combat-related. [Corporate Mercenaries in Iraq: Part 1: Profit comes with a price,David Isenberg, 5/20/2004]CACI had 29 employees at Abu Ghraib alone, eight interrogators, 10 screeners, nine analysts and tworeport writers, according to Senate testimony on the abuse case.“[]

The question that needs to be asked here is: Is the Mossad eliminating its own recruits asthe Abu Ghraib scandal grows, just as they needed to eliminate Nick Berg?

12.2 Deutsche Bank Executives

This report contends that key owners and executives of the Deutsche Bank and relatedcartel members (especially UBS, Bank of New York) had motive, opportunity andcapability to initiate the attack on the World Trade Center. Their motives were primarilyfinancial:

$23 billion in annual potential equity banking revenues;

Hundreds of billions of illegal gold reserves, and profits from managing those. Thoserevenues alone could easily reach $20 to $30 billion a year.The relationships upon which this cartel is founded go back in history to World War II,when gold stolen from treasuries and personal fortunes was transferred from the ThirdReich to a group of industrialist and financiers. This group built a financial empirefounded on fraud and crime, refusing to return this wealth to its rightful heirs.With the not too distant history of German banking involvement with the Third Reich, itmay be tempting for some to jump to the conclusion that these bankers are somehowconnected to the rumored return of that regime. Nothing could be further from the truth.The history of German Banking – if not international banking – suggests that while a fewbankers may succumb to the political winds of the time, they generally remain “adaptive”and learn to coexist with the current regime. Two recent studies support this conclusion:

“They (German bank elite) built strong relationships over a period of ten, twenty and even thirty years.They often shared similar convictions on issues such as class, business, and the importance of U.S.-German economic ties. In many cases, they shared business partnerships and investments as well. This

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 279does not mean that they had a single point of view concerning Hitler, either before or after the Nazisclimb to power in 1930-33. Contrary to the popular myths concerning the Dulles brothers, for example,Allen Dulles was a relatively early advocate of U.S. backing for the British in their showdown withGermany, while John Foster Dulles remained considerably more tolerant of Nazism. Others wereprominent Jews who were destined to be dispossessed by the Nazis. Banker Eric Warburg was forcedto sell off most of his German properties in the early 1930s, but he returned for the reconstruction after1945. Some members of the elite did become creatures of Hitler, however, such as Dresdner Bank’sKarl Lindemann, who was characterized as a “rabid Nazi” by one of the bank’s senior executives.Despite their differences, these U.S.-German “reference groups” or “linkage groups,” as they becameknown to sociologists, shared common convictions that were to them far more fundamental: the centralimportance of maintaining the viability of capitalism as a national and world economic system, and thekey role of U.S. and German productive capacity and markets within that effort. Measured againstthese more basic values, the Nazis and their whole brutal apparatus were seen by much of the elite astransitory, at least during the 1920s and 1930s. From the standpoint of corporate ideology, this elitesaw itself as a new generation of the so-called managerial revolution; they considered themselves to be”forward thinking” and unencumbered by the stuffy formalism of earlier times.” [Christopher Simpson,The Splendid Blond Beast, Common Courage Press, 1995]

“Right from the start, the NSDAP ideology was hostile to the financial sector. Financial capital,according to Nazi ideology, was more profit-earning than working capital, was disembedded from itsnational context and was in the service of Jewish interests. In his 1925 published pamphlet “MeinKampf”, Hitler (1925/1999: 213) wrote, “the hardest battle would have to be fought, not against hostilenations, but against international capital” which was “robbing the enterprises” (ibid: 314). Thus thestrong continuity of the bank’s entanglement with industrial corporations over the Nazi period andbeyond was not a forgone conclusion. The relationship between different groups of industry and theNSDAP is the subject of numerous controversial debates… but there seems to be a consensus that”Hitler’s assistants” were located more in the heavy-industry sector – the political commitment of FritzThyssen is a well-known example of this – than in the financial sector …..Nazi elite failed to make anextensive reform of the banking sector their top priority. The cartel-like banking system and the banks’ties with industrial corporations were not dissolved….the “Schutzstaffel” (SS) agitated against banks asrent seekers of the war and demanded the nationalization of the large banks. Again, the banks’influence over industrial companies was a main point of criticism (James 1995: 390-395). Hitlerrefused such demands, arguing that National Socialists should not assume any responsibility towardsbanks……By and large, the company network remained stable in the years of the Nazi dictatorship.”[Martin Höpner and Lothar Krempel, MPIfG Working Paper 03/9, The Politics of the GermanCompany Network, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, September 2003]

The three largest German banks of Deutsche Bank, Dresdner and Commerzbank didindeed control most of industrial Germany, but that did not by default make theirmanagement Nazis. Sparing them the indignity of that accusation however, should not beconstrued as exoneration. These banks – especially the Deutsche Bank – seem to have aconsistent reputation for being involved with organized crime, and they seem to deal withvirtually any organized criminal element one can name. Moreover, it is fair to observethat more than one of these gentlemen has the potential to be linked to a German versionof ‘Manifest Destiny’. Some of these gentlemen have lineages that are hundreds of yearsold, with a familial legacy of conquest and imperialism to live up to. Such men mighteasily subscribe to a German version of the New World Order.Accountability for corporate institutions can best be attributed to the Board of Directors.That being said, it would be inappropriate to claim that every – or even the majority of -Board member of Dresdner, Deutsche Bank and Allianz is responsible for the actions of afew rogue executives. The key issue is going to be: how few and how powerful are these


rogue bankers? Research has suggested that the following candidates for this infamousdistinction should include former Deutschebank Board members:

Michael Freiherr Truchseß von Wetzhausen – on the Board of the Deutschebank untilJune 2003. With a family name several hundred years old, his ancestor was a GrandMaster of the Templars. His father was an SS Lieutenant at Dachau, killed byAmericans troops from Brooklyn. If anyone was a candidate to represent the oldschool of the German Motherland – this individual has the best credentials. If revenge is considered a motive, he should become a suspect.

Dr. Diethart Breipohl. Former CFO of Allianz, this Board member of Allianz hasprobably served on more boards throughout Europe than any other board memberfrom this group. This individual is clearly a ‘power.’ A partial list of his leverage isas follows:

prior to 12/1999 member of the executive committee of the alliance AG

prior to 12/1999 member of the supervisory board of the RWE AG

Member of the supervisory board of the alliance AG (2000)

Member of the supervisory board of the Rheinelektra AG (today: LahmeyerAG)

Member of the supervisory board of the Beiersdorf Co. AG

Member of the supervisory board of the Continental AG

Member of the supervisory board of the Grundig AG

Member of the supervisory board of the metal company AG

Member of the supervisory board of the Bavarian Hypo and association bank

Mostly it is his involvement in Multigroup that puts his name on a list of suspects.Six Board Members – or former members – of the Deutsche Bank being investigated forapproving tax evasion (also known as money laundering) activities should also beincluded as prime suspects. These gentlemen have all apparently demonstrated awillingness to allow illegal activity.

“Investigators claim the bank helped clients transfer money anonymously to Switzerland andLuxembourg with the knowledge of these board members. Frankfurt’s chief prosecutor, Job Tilmann,said they suspect Deutsche Bank employees not only “systematically” aided customers in suchtransfers, but also that Breuer and other executives were aware of the practice. “This is not about a fewindividual cases,” Tilmann said. “The number of instances in question is so large that we’re led tobelieve it has been part of a more widespread practice


[Deutsche Bank’s chairman faces probe intotax evasion charges,” Vanessa Fuhrmans, Financial Express, 6/18/1999]

Rolf Breuer, Deutsche Bank AG Chairman;

Carl von Boehm-Bezing, Deutsche Bank Board Member;

Juergen Krumnow, Deutsche Bank Board Member;

Tessen von Heydebreck Deutsche Bank Board Member. A descendent of William the Conqueror;

Ulrich Weiss, former Deutsche Bank Board Member; and

Georg Krupp, former Deutsche BankBoard Member.


These eight men would not constitute the entirety of the cartel, but it does represent a listof German financial executives with questionable activities of a money laundering naturein their background.On the North American continent, it is appropriate to designate at least two former highranking Deutsche Bank Executives:

Mayo Shattuck: former Deutsche Bank Board Director and CEO of Deutsche BankAlex Brown who resigned on 12 September 2001, Trustee of the Bronfman familyfortune and financial advisor to Adnan Khashoggi. Mayo would move on to becomeCEO of an energy company and soon created a company whose primary business wastrading energy derivatives and power –replacing Enron in a market vacuum after it’scollapse.

Tye W. Burt – the former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche BankAlex Brown Securities Canada, and Managing Director and Head of Deutsche Bank’sGlobal Metals and Mining Group., and on the Advisory Board of Barrick Gold.Additionally, Marcus and Jacob Wallenburg need to be added to this list because of theirinvolvement with the cartel and Donald Rumsfeld. Their family roots with this cartelwere long disguised, but the release of post-war national archives in both Sweden and theUS changed the world’s view.

“…a darker chapter is being written now about the Wallenberg family and its extensive businessempire, as Sweden confronts dismaying new evidence that the country’s wartime collaboration wasmore extensive than is widely known, and that the Wallenberg family profited from secret dealingswith the Nazis. For instance, documents from World War II contain evidence that Jacob and MarcusWallenberg, Raoul’s cousins, used their Enskilda Bank to help the Nazis dispose of assets seized fromDutch Jews who died in the Holocaust.According to extensive documentation, the Wallenberg bank also provided illicit cover so a Germancompany could operate in the United States – with help from a future US secretary of state, John FosterDulles. The documents indicate that the company, Bosch, paid its fee in gold, but that the Wallenbergsinsisted that the gold be used to buy Swiss securities because they feared the gold had been stolen bythe Nazis.” [Family long viewed as heroic profited from Nazi deals , Walter V. Robinson, BostonGlobe Staff, 07/06/97 ]“There were many other Swedish corporations that enjoyed profitable relationships with the Nazis.However, the one most cherished by the Nazis was the Enskilda bank, owned by the Wallenbergs.With good relationships with a bank the Nazis could borrow funds and launder their stolen gold.Safehaven documents revealed that the US had been tracking the pro-Nazi activities of theWallenbergs for several years. In February 1945, Morgenthau, in a letter to Secretary of State, EdwardStettinius, charged that Enskilda was making substantial loans to the Nazis without collateral andmaking covert investments for German capitalists in US industries. Note that Morgenthau’s letterconfirms Bormann’s plan to allow Nazis to invest in the United States as a means of preserving theirassets. He further charged that the bank was repeatedly connected with large black market operations.In the letter Morgenthau identified Jacob Wallenberg as strongly pro-Nazi and rebuts the claim thatMarcus was pro-Ally. The Wallenbergs were playing both sides,…. Marcus Wallenberg came to theUnited States in 1940 and attempted to purchase on behalf of German interest an American held blockof German securities…. Enskilda Bank has been repeatedly connected with large block marketoperations in foreign currencies, including the dollars reported to have been dumped by the Germans.”[Nazi Gold , Part 5:Operation Andrew & Sweden’s Neutrality“According to Hewitt’s report, it was Wallenberg’s opinion that the only alternatives to Hitler wereHimmler, backed primarily by the Waffen SS and the Gestapo, or the Wehrmacht secret oppositioncells if they could survive Gestapo harassment and rally the main body of the army before Hitler

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 300Some reports have suggested that Ahmad and the ISI had links to — or foreknowledge about — 9/11. Amoney transfer from Karachi to the hijackers in Florida has never been fully explored or explained.Ahmad was never called to account for this or his support to the Taliban post 9/11 even as GeneralMusharraf moved him into the shadows. Goss himself visited Pakistan just a few days before 9/11for talks with the then pariah military establishment of Gen. Musharraf. By Goss’s own account, thevisit was more Kashmir-centered.” [Times of India -AUGUST 10, 2004, GlobalFree Press]

Why this individual, with clear and undeniable financial links to the attack on the WTCand a long record of U.S. support is not mentioned in the official Commission Report on9/11, remains a significant mystery. It is however, of important note that Porter Goss –former CIA agent, and now Director of the CIA, and identified by a former-Iran-Contraconspirator as someone with responsibility for the cover-up of the Iran-Contra drug dealsand subsequent media damage, was working with a documented source of hijackerfunding before and after the attack on the World Trade Center. Additionally, MahmoudAhmad met with Richard Armitage, another Iran-Contra conspirator, whose field workwith the Mujahedin spanned fifteen years or so. Once again, the link between the Iran-Contra criminals and 9-11 terrorists is demonstrated.The explanation offered for the meetings between Mahmoud and Porter, Goss andArmitage (as offered by Porter and Goss) is that Mahmoud Ahmad was in Washington to‘turn over’ Osama Bin Ladin, who was expected to die shortly. Bin Ladin, dying, was aconvenient ‘patsy.’ The FBI could have arrested him in July of 2001, but evidently hadcontravening orders. The CIA knew Osama was at a military hospital in Pakistan, just asthey had known earlier he was in a hospital in Dubai. Rather than negotiate with Ahmad,they could have arrested Bin Ladin. He was on the FBI most wanted list.

“According to the Reuters report: “At the time, bin Laden had a multi-million dollar price on his headfor his suspected role in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa”. So why did thehospital staff, who knew that Osama was at the American Hospital in Dubai, not claim the reward?The Figaro report points to complicity between the CIA and Osama rather than “negotiation”. (seeexcerpt below). Consistent with several other reports, it also points to the antagonism between the FBIand the CIA.If the CIA had wanted to arrest Osama bin Laden prior to September 11, they could have done it thenin Dubai (July 2001). But they would not have had a the war on terrorism pretext for waging a majormilitary operation in the Middle East and Central Asia.” [Where was Osama bin Laden on 9/11? BushAdministration knew the Whereabouts of Osama, by Michel Chossudovsky ]“Barry Petersen, CBS Correspondent (voice-over): Everyone remembers what happened on September11. Here`s the story of what may have happened the night before. It is a tale as twisted as the hunt forOsama bin Laden.CBS News has been told that the night before the September 11 terrorist attack, Osama bin Laden wasin Pakistan. He was getting medical treatment with the support of the very military that days laterpledged its backing for the U.S. war on terror in Afghanistan.Pakistan intelligence sources tell CBS News that bin Laden was spirited into this military hospital inRawalpindi for kidney dialysis treatment. On that night, says this medical worker who wanted heridentity protected, they moved out all the regular staff in the urology department and sent in a secretteam to replace them. She says it was treatment for a very special person….”The military had him surrounded,” says this hospital employee who also wanted his identity masked,”and I saw the mysterious patient helped out of a car. Since that time,” he says, “I have seen manypictures of the man. He is the man we know as Osama bin Laden. I also heard two army officerstalking to each other. They were saying that Osama bin Laden had to be watched carefully and looked

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 301after.” Those who know bin Laden say he suffers from numerous ailments, back and stomachproblems. Ahmed Rashid, who has written extensively on the Taliban says the military was often thereto help before 9/11.Inpatient dialysis treatment tends to be longer than 24 hours in most American hospitals, whichsuggests that Osama would have been discharged from the Hospital on or “after” September 11.If the CBS report is accurate and Osama had indeed been admitted to the Pakistani military hospital onSeptember 10, courtesy of America’s ally, he was in all likelihood still in hospital in Rawalpindi on the11th of September, when the attacks occurred. In all probability, his whereabouts were known to USofficials on the morning of September 12, when Secretary of State Colin Powell initiated negotiationswith Pakistan, with a view to arresting and extraditing bin Laden.These negotiations, led by General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan’s military intelligence, onbehalf of the government of President Pervez Musharraf, took place on the 12th and 13th of Septemberin Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage’s office.” [M. Chossudovsky, Cover-up or Complicityof the Bush Administration? –The Role of Pakistan’s Military Intelligence (ISI) in the September 11Attacks, 2 November 2001,

“….he did not agree on the issue of surrendering Osama bin Laden. The maximum that he agreed towas to form a court, an Islamic religious scholar’s court, to try him.” [A General Turn Around, ByZahid Hussain, Newsline, 2/2003]“Looking more closely at Saeed Sheikh (who studied for some time at the Fabian Socialists’ LondonSchool of Economics), on February 5, 2002 Sheikh voluntarily surrendered to Pakistani authoritieswho wanted to take him into custody for the kidnapping and killing of Daniel Pearl. Sheikh reportedlywas taken to Rawalpindi (where Gen. Ahmad is now living in seclusion), where Ahmad ally Gen.Mohammed Aziz Khan has lived. Khan has been with the ISI and is now head of Pakistan leader Gen.Musharraf’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. Gen. Khan also hosted parties where Sheikh was frequently inattendance before October 8, 2000. The reason Sheikh was taken to Rawalpindi reportedly was so thatGen. Khan could convince Sheikh not to reveal the ISI-bin Laden connection. Gen. Khan had helpedOsamabin Laden get dialysis treatment and helped the Taliban and Al Qaeda relocate in safesanctuaries in Pakistan after the U.S. attacked the Taliban.Have you ever wondered why Sheikh was not charged for his alleged involvement in the attacks of 9-11, and why the U.S. did not request his extradition for the murder of Daniel Pearl who wasinvestigating the ISI-Al Qaeda connection? Could it be because Sheikh would have exposed the linkbetween Gen. Musharraf, the ISI and bin Laden? On November 27, 2004 Gen. Musharraf’s militaryspokesman, Major-General Shaukat Sultan, announced that they were pulling Pakistani forces who hadbeen searching for Osama bin Laden and other members of Al Qaeda away from checkpoints and someother positions along the border with Afghanistan, and they would no longer be searching specificallyfor them there.” [Copyright © 2004 Cutting Edge Ministries]

As for Atta’s connections to Syrian Intelligence, it is reported that Atta worked for acompany in Germany that was a Syrian intelligence front:

“…CIA-Syria cooperation was far more extensive, former and serving U.S. intelligence officials said.According to these sources, Syria and the CIA have a joint exploitation center based in Aleppo, plusSyria turned over to the agency all its intelligence networks in Germany as well as all of Syria’s covercompanies there. As a result, the agency learned that Sept. 11, 2001, hijacker Mohammed Atta onceworked in Germany for a Syrian cover company, these sources said. …a former senior CIA officialsaid.[ U.S. Syria raid killed 80, Richard Sale, UPI Intelligence Correspondent, July 21, 2003]“Tatex Trading has employed, at various times in the past 15 years, two Syrian-born Germancitizens… who are high on the list of Sept. 11 suspects….Investigators also say Atta himself workedfor a time at Tatex…The origins of Tatex Trading itself have become of interest to investigators…Tatex investor is Mohamad Majed Said, a former head of Syria’s General Intelligence Directorate…” [The Chicago Tribune November 3, 2002]


There are relatively reliable sources suggesting Atta received funding from the Syrianintelligence organization. (It is of worth to note that Syria supported the US with troopsduring the first Gulf War.)Finally, this report should mention that Atta may have also been funded, while in Europe,by a joint U.S.-German intelligence operation. In coming to Germany, Atta was fundedwith a scholarship and employed as a tutor by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft.

“The organization that apparently sponsored Atta’s travels was the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (itsAmerican component is the Carl Duisberg Society)—named for one of the principal figures in thefounding of I.G. Farben. “News that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of an elite internationalprogram known as the ‘Congress-Bundestag Program first surfaced a month after the 9/11 attack in abrief seven-line report by German newspaper Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung on 10/18/2001 under theheadline ‘Atta was Tutor for Scholarship Holders… Atta had therefore been on the payroll of a jointU.S.-German government program was concealed by the newspaper through the simple expedient of neglecting to mention that the ‘Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft’ was merely a private entity set up toadminister an official U.S. and German government initiative,” (For the Record, #408)

Subsequent Internet reports linked the Carl Duisberg Society to administration by theU.S. Information Agency, but this had not been verified by any governmentdocumentation. Most of the funding for the U.S. program seems to come from RobertBosh Stiftung GmbH, on whose board sits Dr. jur. Ulrich Cartellieri (Deutschebank) andDr. jur. Peter Adolff (Allianz). The more interesting aspect of Carl Duisberg Gesellschaftis that it’s Managing Director is Bernd Schleich, the same individual who is ManagingDirector of InWEnt (Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung. If one investigatesthe activites and research of InWEnt, it appears to be a commercial intelligence operationthat does studies on such matters as money-laundering, weapons trades, drug smuggling,anthrax control in such places as South America, Central Asia and Africa. Atta’sinvolvement with Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft may be co-incidental but in light of therevelations about Syrian and Pakistani intelligence connections, Atta’s links to Germanand US intelligence are probably real, and not coincidental.There seems to be little dispute that Mohammed Atta was connected to both the PakistaniIntelligence and the Syrian Intelligence, and received funding from both. In both cases,when this was reported to US investigators, the investigation on those sources of fundingcame to a grinding halt under the argument of ‘national security.’ The governmentleaders of Pakistan and Syria, in the pre- and post-9/11 world, have demonstratedthemselves to be supportive of US counter-terrorist efforts, and their intelligenceorganizations have provided some, but probably less than total disclosure. However, therank-and-file of the intelligence and military organizations in both Syria and Pakistandemonstrate loyalties to Muslim groups that have established themselves as de factogovernments in Lebanon and Afghanistan, and are far more religiously conservative thanare their top government leaders. Is it possible that both Syria and Pakistan intelligenceorganizations were taking direction from a higher authority, working with rogue Mossaddirection, while their rank-and-file were committed to more nationalistic, Islamic values?That type of scenario is not so far removed from a similar situation in the US intelligenceorganizations, where a conflict exists between “professional” agents and the more


There are relatively reliable sources suggesting Atta received funding from the Syrianintelligence organization. (It is of worth to note that Syria supported the US with troopsduring the first Gulf War.)Finally, this report should mention that Atta may have also been funded, while in Europe,by a joint U.S.-German intelligence operation. In coming to Germany, Atta was fundedwith a scholarship and employed as a tutor by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft.

“The organization that apparently sponsored Atta’s travels was the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (itsAmerican component is the Carl Duisberg Society)—named for one of the principal figures in thefounding of I.G. Farben. “News that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of an elite internationalprogram known as the ‘Congress-Bundestag Program first surfaced a month after the 9/11 attack in abrief seven-line report by German newspaper Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung on 10/18/2001 under theheadline ‘Atta was Tutor for Scholarship Holders… Atta had therefore been on the payroll of a jointU.S.-German government program was concealed by the newspaper through the simple expedient of neglecting to mention that the ‘Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft’ was merely a private entity set up toadminister an official U.S. and German government initiative,” (For the Record, #408)

Subsequent Internet reports linked the Carl Duisberg Society to administration by theU.S. Information Agency, but this had not been verified by any governmentdocumentation. Most of the funding for the U.S. program seems to come from RobertBosh Stiftung GmbH, on whose board sits Dr. jur. Ulrich Cartellieri (Deutschebank) andDr. jur. Peter Adolff (Allianz). The more interesting aspect of Carl Duisberg Gesellschaftis that it’s Managing Director is Bernd Schleich, the same individual who is ManagingDirector of InWEnt (Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung. If one investigatesthe activites and research of InWEnt, it appears to be a commercial intelligence operationthat does studies on such matters as money-laundering, weapons trades, drug smuggling,anthrax control in such places as South America, Central Asia and Africa. Atta’sinvolvement with Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft may be co-incidental but in light of therevelations about Syrian and Pakistani intelligence connections, Atta’s links to Germanand US intelligence are probably real, and not coincidental.There seems to be little dispute that Mohammed Atta was connected to both the PakistaniIntelligence and the Syrian Intelligence, and received funding from both. In both cases,when this was reported to US investigators, the investigation on those sources of fundingcame to a grinding halt under the argument of ‘national security.’ The governmentleaders of Pakistan and Syria, in the pre- and post-9/11 world, have demonstratedthemselves to be supportive of US counter-terrorist efforts, and their intelligenceorganizations have provided some, but probably less than total disclosure. However, therank-and-file of the intelligence and military organizations in both Syria and Pakistandemonstrate loyalties to Muslim groups that have established themselves as de factogovernments in Lebanon and Afghanistan, and are far more religiously conservative thanare their top government leaders. Is it possible that both Syria and Pakistan intelligenceorganizations were taking direction from a higher authority, working with rogue Mossaddirection, while their rank-and-file were committed to more nationalistic, Islamic values?That type of scenario is not so far removed from a similar situation in the US intelligenceorganizations, where a conflict exists between “professional” agents and the more


“political” agents – the latter whose careers ride with political fortunes rather than tenure,merit and service.There does not appear to be any direct evidence, but pertinent history does demonstratethe ability of the Mossad, Syrian and Pakistani intelligence to work together for financialgain. The case is point is the October Surprise incident, and the subsequent Iran-Contrascandal. In those operations, Gaith Pharon, former Head of Saudi Intelligence, workedwith a core team of Iranians and Israelis to support George Bush Sr.’s deception of theAmerican public. (See Section 9: Iran-Contra and the October Surprise) Twenty yearslater, reports indicate that Gaith Pharon plays a dominant role in the direction of AfghanMujahedeen through his operations in Pakistan, and has considerable influence in Syriaand Saudi Arabia.

“BCCI also served as a conduit for the Iran-Contra operation, largely through Gaith Pharon, formerhead of Saudi Intelligence, who operated out of Islamabad, Pakistan. The Saudis played a major role infunding the Mujahadeen and [via the request of Secord and McFarlane] the Contras”. [Iran-ContraConnections to the Oklahoma Bombing , gathered by Alex Constantine© 2000 Alex Constantine. Allrights reserved]“GAITH PHARON (CONSTRUCTION – Syrian – Independent – Inactive). A main figure in the BCCIscandal even though he played a minor role compared to Khaled bin Mahfouz and others. Livesbetween Saudi Arabia and Syria. Escapes Interpol by taking his yacht to international waters. Syrianintelligence warns him ahead of time. His father was a close advisor to King Faisal and builder of Saudi politics.”“According to the September 17, 2001 issue of the German weekly Die Zeit, Mohamed Atta, visitedSyria several times between 1994 and 1999. Syrian territory was used to prepare the different attacksheld against the Pentagon and New York City. Yes! when Mr Chareh Spoke about complicity he wasthinking on Syria complicity in the 11th September attacks.”

Gaith has always been close to Adnan Khashoggi. If Khashoggi was – at a high level –directing this effort, he could easily have engaged Syrian and Pakistani Intelligencethrough Gaith Pharon. With their long history of working with the Bush family, engagingthe Bush family to cover-up for them would not have been a problem. Engaging theIsraelis for the operation would have been just as easy.Virtually all the biographical information about Atta presented by the German and USgovernment, which documents his career as a terrorist may be perfectly accurate. Underconsideration of the circumstances, however, one is forced to question whether Atta wasactually an Al Qaeda agent or Israeli agent acting in a manner so as to gain the trust of the Arabic groups he was infiltrating. If Atta was a Mossad agent, as his father claimed,many of the anomalies are explained:

the comments by his father;

the possible disappearance out a back door at the Boston airport;

the interest in space technology later acquired by Israel;

his ability to speak Hebrew;

his involvement with German intelligence and US military organizations;

the cover-up of his German host family; and

his dual personality attested to by his friends on two continents.


The primary investigator of all these activities and relationships has been DanielHopsicker, who has been reporting new details on these businesses and their owners foralmost three years. Most of his focus has been on demonstrating the extensiveinvolvement of the FBI and CIA in regional drug activities, and the total inadequacy of the 9-11 Commission report on the activities of various “persons of interest” in southernFlorida. After all this time, Hopsicker still wonders how to explain all the German,Russian and ex-KGB names and faces he uncovered while investigating this story, mostof which remains unreported by him for want of a reason. If one looks for an alternativeexplanation that suggests heavy Mossad involvement in the Florida flight schools, thelink to the ex-KGB and Russian element falls is easily understood.

12.8 The Iran-Contra Re-Union

Throughout this report, there have been names of individuals previously associated withtreason, bank fraud, money-laundering, gun-running which all seem to find a commonbackground in the events referred to as Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, the BCCI bankscandal, the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal. This group appears to have moved it’sbase of operations to Azerbaijan, a small country whose dictator is widely recognized tobe a criminal in his own right. This group includes:

Adnan Khashoggi, whose Azerbaijan banks “played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical andbacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh;’ major mover of illegal gold; majorinvestor and founder in Barrick; major investor in Oryx – financial backer of Huffman Aviation; business partner with General William Lyon – founder of diplomamills which provided access for two hijackers.

Richard Secord, a former U.S. Air Force major general who been helping to recruitand train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secret services in conjunction withDavid Kimche;

Richard Armitage, managed illegal gold funds for George HW Bush during Iran-Contra period; acting as a consultant to Halliburton and Unocal at the time, andPresident of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; demonstrated history of visits to Pakistan and the rest of Central Asia;

Farhad Azima, arms merchant with Iranian background, member of US-AzerbaijaniChamber of Commerce, assisted Richard Secord in recruiting and training mujahadinmercenaries, owned the Azerbaijani Airlines, and has a twenty year old relationshipwith the Bush family enterprise; significant co-investor with Wally Hilliard of Huffman Aviation in Spatialight. Inc.

Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudiroyal family of the Saudi companies

Delta Oil

and Nimir Oil. Both are partners withUnocal in Azerbaijan; partner in multiple Bush family enterprises; participant inBarrick and Trizec Hahn;


There are relatively reliable sources suggesting Atta received funding from the Syrianintelligence organization. (It is of worth to note that Syria supported the US with troopsduring the first Gulf War.)Finally, this report should mention that Atta may have also been funded, while in Europe,by a joint U.S.-German intelligence operation. In coming to Germany, Atta was fundedwith a scholarship and employed as a tutor by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft.

“The organization that apparently sponsored Atta’s travels was the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (itsAmerican component is the Carl Duisberg Society)—named for one of the principal figures in thefounding of I.G. Farben. “News that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of an elite internationalprogram known as the ‘Congress-Bundestag Program first surfaced a month after the 9/11 attack in abrief seven-line report by German newspaper Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung on 10/18/2001 under theheadline ‘Atta was Tutor for Scholarship Holders… Atta had therefore been on the payroll of a jointU.S.-German government program was concealed by the newspaper through the simple expedient of neglecting to mention that the ‘Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft’ was merely a private entity set up toadminister an official U.S. and German government initiative,” (For the Record, #408)

Subsequent Internet reports linked the Carl Duisberg Society to administration by theU.S. Information Agency, but this had not been verified by any governmentdocumentation. Most of the funding for the U.S. program seems to come from RobertBosh Stiftung GmbH, on whose board sits Dr. jur. Ulrich Cartellieri (Deutschebank) andDr. jur. Peter Adolff (Allianz). The more interesting aspect of Carl Duisberg Gesellschaftis that it’s Managing Director is Bernd Schleich, the same individual who is ManagingDirector of InWEnt (Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung. If one investigatesthe activites and research of InWEnt, it appears to be a commercial intelligence operationthat does studies on such matters as money-laundering, weapons trades, drug smuggling,anthrax control in such places as South America, Central Asia and Africa. Atta’sinvolvement with Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft may be co-incidental but in light of therevelations about Syrian and Pakistani intelligence connections, Atta’s links to Germanand US intelligence are probably real, and not coincidental.There seems to be little dispute that Mohammed Atta was connected to both the PakistaniIntelligence and the Syrian Intelligence, and received funding from both. In both cases,when this was reported to US investigators, the investigation on those sources of fundingcame to a grinding halt under the argument of ‘national security.’ The governmentleaders of Pakistan and Syria, in the pre- and post-9/11 world, have demonstratedthemselves to be supportive of US counter-terrorist efforts, and their intelligenceorganizations have provided some, but probably less than total disclosure. However, therank-and-file of the intelligence and military organizations in both Syria and Pakistandemonstrate loyalties to Muslim groups that have established themselves as de factogovernments in Lebanon and Afghanistan, and are far more religiously conservative thanare their top government leaders. Is it possible that both Syria and Pakistan intelligenceorganizations were taking direction from a higher authority, working with rogue Mossaddirection, while their rank-and-file were committed to more nationalistic, Islamic values?That type of scenario is not so far removed from a similar situation in the US intelligenceorganizations, where a conflict exists between “professional” agents and the more


“political” agents – the latter whose careers ride with political fortunes rather than tenure,merit and service.There does not appear to be any direct evidence, but pertinent history does demonstratethe ability of the Mossad, Syrian and Pakistani intelligence to work together for financialgain. The case is point is the October Surprise incident, and the subsequent Iran-Contrascandal. In those operations, Gaith Pharon, former Head of Saudi Intelligence, workedwith a core team of Iranians and Israelis to support George Bush Sr.’s deception of theAmerican public. (See Section 9: Iran-Contra and the October Surprise) Twenty yearslater, reports indicate that Gaith Pharon plays a dominant role in the direction of AfghanMujahedeen through his operations in Pakistan, and has considerable influence in Syriaand Saudi Arabia.

“BCCI also served as a conduit for the Iran-Contra operation, largely through Gaith Pharon, formerhead of Saudi Intelligence, who operated out of Islamabad, Pakistan. The Saudis played a major role infunding the Mujahadeen and [via the request of Secord and McFarlane] the Contras”. [Iran-ContraConnections to the Oklahoma Bombing , gathered by Alex Constantine© 2000 Alex Constantine. Allrights reserved]“GAITH PHARON (CONSTRUCTION – Syrian – Independent – Inactive). A main figure in the BCCIscandal even though he played a minor role compared to Khaled bin Mahfouz and others. Livesbetween Saudi Arabia and Syria. Escapes Interpol by taking his yacht to international waters. Syrianintelligence warns him ahead of time. His father was a close advisor to King Faisal and builder of Saudi politics.”“According to the September 17, 2001 issue of the German weekly Die Zeit, Mohamed Atta, visitedSyria several times between 1994 and 1999. Syrian territory was used to prepare the different attacksheld against the Pentagon and New York City. Yes! when Mr Chareh Spoke about complicity he wasthinking on Syria complicity in the 11th September attacks.”

Gaith has always been close to Adnan Khashoggi. If Khashoggi was – at a high level –directing this effort, he could easily have engaged Syrian and Pakistani Intelligencethrough Gaith Pharon. With their long history of working with the Bush family, engagingthe Bush family to cover-up for them would not have been a problem. Engaging theIsraelis for the operation would have been just as easy.Virtually all the biographical information about Atta presented by the German and USgovernment, which documents his career as a terrorist may be perfectly accurate. Underconsideration of the circumstances, however, one is forced to question whether Atta wasactually an Al Qaeda agent or Israeli agent acting in a manner so as to gain the trust of the Arabic groups he was infiltrating. If Atta was a Mossad agent, as his father claimed,many of the anomalies are explained:

the comments by his father;

the possible disappearance out a back door at the Boston airport;

the interest in space technology later acquired by Israel;

his ability to speak Hebrew;

his involvement with German intelligence and US military organizations;

the cover-up of his German host family; and

his dual personality attested to by his friends on two continents.


The primary investigator of all these activities and relationships has been DanielHopsicker, who has been reporting new details on these businesses and their owners foralmost three years. Most of his focus has been on demonstrating the extensiveinvolvement of the FBI and CIA in regional drug activities, and the total inadequacy of the 9-11 Commission report on the activities of various “persons of interest” in southernFlorida. After all this time, Hopsicker still wonders how to explain all the German,Russian and ex-KGB names and faces he uncovered while investigating this story, mostof which remains unreported by him for want of a reason. If one looks for an alternativeexplanation that suggests heavy Mossad involvement in the Florida flight schools, thelink to the ex-KGB and Russian element falls is easily understood.

12.8 The Iran-Contra Re-Union

Throughout this report, there have been names of individuals previously associated withtreason, bank fraud, money-laundering, gun-running which all seem to find a commonbackground in the events referred to as Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, the BCCI bankscandal, the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal. This group appears to have moved it’sbase of operations to Azerbaijan, a small country whose dictator is widely recognized tobe a criminal in his own right. This group includes:

Adnan Khashoggi, whose Azerbaijan banks “played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical andbacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh;’ major mover of illegal gold; majorinvestor and founder in Barrick; major investor in Oryx – financial backer of Huffman Aviation; business partner with General William Lyon – founder of diplomamills which provided access for two hijackers.

Richard Secord, a former U.S. Air Force major general who been helping to recruitand train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secret services in conjunction withDavid Kimche;

Richard Armitage, managed illegal gold funds for George HW Bush during Iran-Contra period; acting as a consultant to Halliburton and Unocal at the time, andPresident of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; demonstrated history of visits to Pakistan and the rest of Central Asia;

Farhad Azima, arms merchant with Iranian background, member of US-AzerbaijaniChamber of Commerce, assisted Richard Secord in recruiting and training mujahadinmercenaries, owned the Azerbaijani Airlines, and has a twenty year old relationshipwith the Bush family enterprise; significant co-investor with Wally Hilliard of Huffman Aviation in Spatialight. Inc.

Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudiroyal family of the Saudi companies

Delta Oil

and Nimir Oil. Both are partners withUnocal in Azerbaijan; partner in multiple Bush family enterprises; participant inBarrick and Trizec Hahn;


The primary investigator of all these activities and relationships has been DanielHopsicker, who has been reporting new details on these businesses and their owners foralmost three years. Most of his focus has been on demonstrating the extensiveinvolvement of the FBI and CIA in regional drug activities, and the total inadequacy of the 9-11 Commission report on the activities of various “persons of interest” in southernFlorida. After all this time, Hopsicker still wonders how to explain all the German,Russian and ex-KGB names and faces he uncovered while investigating this story, mostof which remains unreported by him for want of a reason. If one looks for an alternativeexplanation that suggests heavy Mossad involvement in the Florida flight schools, thelink to the ex-KGB and Russian element falls is easily understood.

12.8 The Iran-Contra Re-Union

Throughout this report, there have been names of individuals previously associated withtreason, bank fraud, money-laundering, gun-running which all seem to find a commonbackground in the events referred to as Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, the BCCI bankscandal, the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal. This group appears to have moved it’sbase of operations to Azerbaijan, a small country whose dictator is widely recognized tobe a criminal in his own right. This group includes:

Adnan Khashoggi, whose Azerbaijan banks “played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical andbacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh;’ major mover of illegal gold; majorinvestor and founder in Barrick; major investor in Oryx – financial backer of Huffman Aviation; business partner with General William Lyon – founder of diplomamills which provided access for two hijackers.

Richard Secord, a former U.S. Air Force major general who been helping to recruitand train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secret services in conjunction withDavid Kimche;

Richard Armitage, managed illegal gold funds for George HW Bush during Iran-Contra period; acting as a consultant to Halliburton and Unocal at the time, andPresident of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; demonstrated history of visits to Pakistan and the rest of Central Asia;

Farhad Azima, arms merchant with Iranian background, member of US-AzerbaijaniChamber of Commerce, assisted Richard Secord in recruiting and training mujahadinmercenaries, owned the Azerbaijani Airlines, and has a twenty year old relationshipwith the Bush family enterprise; significant co-investor with Wally Hilliard of Huffman Aviation in Spatialight. Inc.

Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudiroyal family of the Saudi companies

Delta Oil

and Nimir Oil. Both are partners withUnocal in Azerbaijan; partner in multiple Bush family enterprises; participant inBarrick and Trizec Hahn;


Brent Scowcroft, Director in the Azerbaijan International Operating Company;participant in Congressional hearings that let Iran-Contra participants off-the-hook.

Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, lobbyist for the Azerbaijan InternationalOperating Company on US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; participant inCongressional hearings that let Iran-Contra participants off-the-hook.

David Kimche, Israeli Mossad agent who brought Israeli agents into Azerbaijan at therequest of Secord, and worked Secord and the regional secret service organizations;participant in the October Surprise and Iran-Contra scandal;This report hypothesizes that this group conspired to provision and execute a plan todestroy the World Trade Center on behalf of the German/Swiss banking cartel. The ideafor the attack most likely came from the Israelis, as did the original thinking for theOctober Surprise and Iran-Contra. The proposal probably came from Kimche, throughBronfman to the cartel, as the quid pro quo required to successfully negotiate a solutionto the U.S. gold related investigations plaguing the Swiss banks in 1998. In exchange fora lucrative payout on the gold issue, Bronfman promised the banks protection againstfurther investigations by various US agencies housed in the World Trade Center, whichwere drilling deep into accounts that might expose larger bank vulnerabilities.Bronfman’s connections with the Clinton administration brought “Buzzy’ Krongard intothe CIA in 1998 to coordinate the cover. However, this would not be enough. Khashoggiwas a person all parties could work with, and had demonstrated his ability to arrangefinancing for covert activities which could be well hidden. Khashoggi, with Bronfman,was able to arrange for additional U.S. support by engaging his former Iran-Contracolleagues. Once Khashoggi had coordinated the involvement of the Iran-Contra-Azerbaijan team, Secord probably arranged recruitment and Armitage probably manageddiplomatic cover (e.g., Pakistani involvement, German involvement, Syrianinvolvement…) Kimche probably managed ‘insurance,’ making sure the back-up plansfor destruction of the buildings held up and the designated hijackers did what they wererecruited to do. As a quid pro quo for the use of Osama Bin Ladin as a fall guy, Bush Sr.probably had to allow the Saudis to attempt to kill his son. When they failed, he wasrequired to allow Osama Bin Ladin to live.At the end of the day, this attack was going to happen whether the Bush enterprisewanted it or not, whether Bush was president or not. Bush knew that, and capitalized onit rather than prevent it. Bush knew that if the actual planners were identified by USinvestigators, they would take him down with them. Thus, he put in motion an elaboratecover-up which involved a “controlled” patsy – Osama Bin Laden.Once the primary plan was in motion, other plans were set in motion to capitalize on theevent. The Bush administration had its plans- essentially to move its Central Asian oilagenda further, faster. The Israelis had their plans, which was to use the event to furtherits own security interest in the Middle East. Khashoggi made a few million on his MJKscandal. The Bush enterprise was able to legalize investments and aid in Azerbaijan, thusenabling them to continue their standard pump and dump practice of oil stocks. Equallyimportant, it allowed the Bush enterprise to push billions of US taxpayer dollars from Aidfor International Development, the Overseas Private Investment Corp. and the Export


Import Bank through the Riggs Bank, where they were taking their percentage whetherthe investments paid off or not.It seems as though the Bush family had been setting up its own international bankingpipeline to compete with the Deutschebank. This would prove to be the Riggs Bank,with its small set of global offices providing banking services to nearly every foreignembassy in the US.

“CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 1, 2005 – On December 31st, the Wall Street Journal’s Glenn Simpsonreported that Riggs Bank, currently under federal investigation for failure to comply with anti-moneylaundering laws, has longstanding ties to the CIA. Riggs is being investigated for failing to reportsuspicious transactions involving the accounts of Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar, former Chileandictator Augusto Pinochet, and Teodoro Obiang, the current President of Equatorial Guinea. Therelationship was significant enough that top Riggs executives received U.S. government securityclearances; Simpson also noted that both Pinochet and Prince Bandar have worked with the CIA in thepast. However, the nature of the bank’s relationship with the CIA is largely unknown.” [The PublicAccountability Initiative]“On July 21st, following the revelation that Riggs had also aided dictator Augusto Pinochet in hidingmoney looted from the Chilean national treasury, Bush stated, “It’s important for the facts to be en lamesa, as we say, on the table…Riggs Bank is being fully investigated, and they’ll be investigated in avery open way.”

Press reports have also noted that George W. Bush’s uncle, Jonathan Bush, heads a subsidiary of thebank. However, other significant ties between the Bush administration, federal banking regulators, and  Riggs officials have never been publicly disclosed Riggs & Co. Vice Chairman and Director J. Carter  Beese is a close associate of George W. Bush and the Bush family. He was a Bush Pioneer in 2000 and a leading donor to the Bush Florida recount effort. He holds a presidential appointment and hasserved as a confidential advisor to George W. Bush on the nomination of high-level regulators at theSecurities and Exchange Commission. In 1992, following more than a decade of service to the Bush family’s political endeavors, George H. W. Bush appointed Beese to the post of SEC Commissioner

.Beese also helped to found the

Carlyle Group

, a conglomerate with historical ties to the bin Ladenfamily and George H. W. Bush

. While serving as an executive at Alex. Brown, Beese was mentored closely by A. B. Krongard, appointed by George W. Bush as Executive Director of the CIA

, the thirdhighest-ranking position at the Agency.” [New Evidence in the Riggs Case:The Bush Administration’sLinks to the “Bank of Presidents”A Public Accountability Initiative Report, 10/15/2004]“Beginning in administration of George H.W. Bush, Riggs forged an unorthodox financial relationshipwith the Department of Treasury. As a major contractor, Riggs provides data processing, accountmanagement and software development services for the Federal government. Through a partnershipwith the Treasury Department’s Financial Management Service, Riggs manages the Federalgovernment’s financial flow and reconciles its accounts. The bank has collected an estimated $3million per year in fees from the Federal government for the service and beat out many larger banks towin the account.” [New Evidence in the Riggs Case: The Bush Administration’s Links to the “Bank of Presidents” A Public Accountability Initiative Report, 10/15/2004]“Under the Bush Administration, Riggs has also been a major recipient of Federal assistance throughthe Eximbank. Over the past four years, Riggs has received Federal-backed financing for exporttransactions to nations such as Bulgaria, Venezuela, Nigeria and Brazil.39.”[New Evidence in theRiggs Case: The Bush Administration’s Links to the “Bank of Presidents” A Public AccountabilityInitiative Report, 10/15/2004]

The Bush family enterprises have never been about the oil – it’s always been about themoney, and as their old family friend Richard Secord has noted:


“Nobody makes money unless there’s a boogeyman.”


13Cover-up: Credibility of the American Press and Government

For most Americans, the findings of this report raise the question of credibility. Whomshould one believe? The government? The American press? The sources in this report?When it comes to trusting the government sources regarding the matters covered in thisreport, the only published opinion survey on the substance of this report found that nearlyhalf of the American public does not find the official government story credible! FromZogby International, the official polling agency for Reuters in the US, one learns

“… half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say that some of our leaders “knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and thatthey consciously failed to act,” according to the poll conducted by Zogby International. The poll of New York residents was conducted from Tuesday August 24 through Thursday August 26, 2004.Overall results have a margin of sampling error of +/-3.5. The poll is the first of its kind conducted inAmerica that surveys attitudes regarding US government complicity in the 9/11 tragedy. Despite theacute legal and political implications of this accusation, nearly 30% of registered Republicans and over38% of those who described themselves as “very conservative” supported the claim.” [ Half of NewYorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9-11 Attacks and “ConsciouslyFailed” To Act; 66% Call For New Probe of Unanswered Questions by Congress or New York’sAttorney General, New Zogby International Poll Reveals ,Released: August 30, 2004]

Similarly, Time Magazine reported in December 2005 that 48% of Americans believePresident Bush deliberately misled the American public to build his case for invadingIraq. [The New Rules of Engagement, Michael Ware, Time, December 12, 2005, p.38]With this type of public support (or lack there-of), challenging the credibility of the USGovernment official story should not be interpreted as an unpatriotic act, although it willbe.The credibility of this report, challenging the credibility of the official US governmentposition, does generate some concern. It might be very easy to dismiss the findings inthis report by arguing that the independent, free press has not reported on these findings,therefore they must not be true. Actually, the free press has done its job, but it appearsthat when it comes to matters of organized crime, the free press has been reduced to ahandful of courageous individuals who have suffered much to bring Americans the truth.Without them, this report could not exist. This report attempts to recognize thosereporters by using their words directly, rather than burying the recognition in a footnote.To assist the reader is assessing the issue of credibility and reliability of an independent,free press, this section presents three arguments and supportive evidence whichdemonstrates that the level of control of ‘the media’ by an ‘organized crime’ syndicate isboth insidious and pervasive:1.

Through control of various positions in the government and through closerelations with owners of the press, the Bush political and family network is able tobury news it believes will expose their crimes;



Any individual who challenges the Bush syndicate as a witness, reporter, orwhistleblower, or resists pressure to publish the news as preferred by the Bushnetwork, is definitely risking their career, their life and the lives of their family.This is particularly true in the case of news reporters. As a result, the Bushpolitical and family network suppresses the news through “terrorism” rangingfrom intimidation to murder, to mass murder. At least nine investigative reportershave been murdered while following up on the Bush syndicate.3.

In addition to suppressing the news through fear and influence, there is a largepropaganda effort which is used to feed the media “controlled’ news.Using these tactics, the Bush network provided cover-up for those responsible for 9/11.The phrase “Bush network” or “Bush syndicate” can only be understood in historiccontext. In July of 1980, CIA agents began discussions with the Iranians and Israeliswhich would ultimately evolve into what was known as the Iran-Contra Scandal. TheSenior member of that group was Vice Presidential candidate George Bush, formerDirector of the CIA and the primary decision-maker of that clandestine group. That samegroup of individuals would grow to include many others involved in the cover-up of those meetings, and subsequent arms-for-drugs deals. Because of Bush’s senior positionwith that group, which ultimately allowed him to become President, this group is referredto by this report as a “Bush syndicate.” Bush would later use his Presidential powers toprotect this group from prosecution, and pardon those he could not protect. The “Bushnetwork” is a reference to a group of business and political associates who trade moneyand favors, leaving the wet work to the “syndicate.” Many of those same individuals inboth groups would work for his son, George Bush Jr., ten years later. The Bush “family”includes the sysndicate, the network, and the actual family members. It includes a widerange of international money-movers and fraudsters who have been involved in money-laundering, bank fraud, tax evasion and other assorted criminal activities. The Bushfamily justifies these crimes in the name of “patriotism.” Just as Al Capone viewedhimself as a “public benefactor” and sought to keep America “whole, safe, andunspoiled” from the foreign menace – the Bush family has somehow distorted itscriminal history as patriotic endeavor. This will not surprise those who follow Bush’shenchmen: “His Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, likes to quote Al Capone: “Youwill get more with a kind word and a gun than you will with a kind word alone.”

13.1 Control of the Media

There are some stories that are so “big,” one wonders how the American press can ignorethem while the rest of world is receiving reports. One such story, for illustrative purposesis the following:

“Today, on Democracy Now!, the U.S. broadcast premiere of a documentary film called “AfghanMassacre: The Convoy of Death.” The film provides eyewitness testimony that U.S. troops werecomplicit in the massacre of thousands of Taliban prisoners during the Afghan War. It tells the story of thousands of prisoners who surrendered to the US military’s Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz.According to eyewitnesses, some three thousand of the prisoners were forced into sealed containersand loaded onto trucks for transport to Sheberghan prison. Eyewitnesses say when the prisoners began

shouting for air, U.S.-allied Afghan soldiers fired directly into the truck, killing many of them. The restsuffered through an appalling road trip lasting up to four days, so thirsty they clawed at the skin of their fellow prisoners as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds. Witnessessay that when the trucks arrived and soldiers opened the containers, most of the people inside weredead. They also say US Special Forces re-directed the containers carrying the living and dead into thedesert and stood by as survivors were shot and buried. Now, up to three thousand bodies lie buried in amass grave. The film has sent shockwaves around the world. It has been broadcast on nationaltelevision in Britain, Germany, Italy and Australia. It has been screened by the European parliament. Ithas outraged human rights groups and international human rights lawyers. They are calling forinvestigation into whether U.S. Special Forces are guilty of war crimes. But most Americans havenever heard of the film. That’s because not one corporate media outlet in the U.S. will touch it. It hasnever before been broadcast in this country.” [Convoy of Death. Why have US television stationsrefused to broadcast this documentary? News You Won’t Find on CNN,

Never the less, these stories are never quite picked up by the US major media. Nor are thestories about murdered reporters and investigators who chase the Iran-Contra criminals.Nor are the hundreds of odd coincidences that overwhelm the 9-11 Commission Report,but are totally ignored in the mainstream media. One begins to ask, where is thecoverage of these stories? This chapter attempts to explain why that coverage is lacking.The story begins when Bush Sr. ran the CIA as its Director, and later as unofficial actingPresident under Reagan, and then as President himself. These tours allowed GeorgeBush Sr. almost 25 years of opportunity to put in place a major propaganda machinewhich has allowed him and his son to control, create, falsify, distort and bury the news.Hence, this report needs to document a two front strategy by the Bush family to managethe news: cover-up and propaganda.

13.2 Systemic Fear

After investigating these crimes across thousands of news stories and websites, itbecomes clear that there is a pattern of intimidation which silences those who wouldattempt to expose the Bush family, and there are dozens of examples of this. There aresix levels of escalation in this systematic use of fear:

Level 1: When individuals report information that conflicts with the “officiallysanctioned” story or even portrays a negative image of the Bush administration,its policies or personalities, these individuals are instructed and coached to dropthe matter or ignore it. Sometimes, Level One may result in warnings be issuedbefore a possible witness contemplates coming forward, as in the air trafficcontrollers on 9/11.

“One air traffic controller from another Northeast sector revealed to a 9-11 widow that FBIthreats were made of both a personal and career nature: “You are ordered never to speak aboutwhat you saw on your screen during the attacks; and if you do, things will not go well for youand your family.” [Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11; sameparts found at Pentagon, Tom Flocco,, 5/26/2005]

Level 2: If they are conscientious, and press the matter with their supervisorsthey are warned there will be repercussions for officially pursuing the matter,


such as career limitations. (Examples: Dan Rather, James Norman, formerlySenior Editor of Forbes Magazine and now with Media Bypass Magazine, NewYork Firefighters, LA Police Department, district immigration adjudicationsofficer Mary Schneider, Karon von Gerhke-Thompson, witness in the Riggs-Valmet money laundering scandal). The following example is of interest becauseit not only shows how the government distorts information, but then turns onthose who expose the distortion!

“The scandal: The Department of Justice completely botched the nation’s first post-9/11terrorism trial, as seen when the convictions of three Detroit men allegedly linked to al-Qaidawere overturned in September 2004. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft had claimedtheir June 2003 sentencing sent “a clear message” that the government would “detect, disruptand dismantle the activities of terrorist cells.”The problem: The DOJ’s lead prosecutor in the case, Richard Convertino, withheld keyinformation from the defense and distorted supposed pieces of evidence – like a Las Vegasvacation video purported to be a surveillance tape. But that’s not the half of it. Convertinosays he was unfairly scapegoated because he testified before the Senate, against DOJ wishes,about terrorist financing. Justice’s reconsideration of the case began soon thereafter.Convertino has since sued the DOJ, which has also placed him under investigation.” [TheScandal Sheet , Peter Dizikes,, January 18, 2005 ]

Level 3: If they continue to press the matter they are ‘set-up’ for criminal orprocedural infractions, investigated, and then lose their security clearances, aresuspended, or fired. They are then often slandered by others in the media.(Examples: Mike German, Sibel Edmonds, General Kevin Byrnes, LT ColonelAnthony Shaffer, LA Police Department for the Contra investigations, RichardBrenneke, Gary Webb.)

Level 4: If the matter is serious enough to cause broad exposure, the AttorneyGeneral’s office issues a restraining court order on them to cease and desist in theinterest of National Security (no further explanation by the government isrequired) and threatened with jail if they talk about it further. (examples: SibelEdmonds, John O’Neill, U.S. Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher, 3 un-named FBIagents currently under gag order in their suit against the US Government)

Level 5: The person persists and is sent to jail to be silenced. (examples: FritzWalser, U.S. Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher, Richard Brenneke, MichaelRiconosciuto, Derk Vreeland, Kenneth Ford Jr., Lee Wanta)

Level 6: This level can be jumped to at any point in time, and is reserved forserious and extremely damaging threats. At this level, people experience beatings,suicide (window jumps and a bullet in the head are popular), airplane crashes andother forms of fatal occurrences such as going out in a boat by yourself anddrowning. There are at least nineteen clearly documented examples of such terror.An internet search on any or all of these seventeen individuals will more thansubstantiate this claim. All of these individuals were witnesses, prosecutors,investigators or reporters on crimes related to the Iran-Contra group of criminals.Examples:



Emilia DiSanto, chief Congressional investigator looking into theAbramoff scandal2.

Jonathan Moyle, reporter3.

Darlene Novinger, FBI4.

Brad Doucette, 20 year veteran FBI5.

John Millis, Executive Director of the House Permanent Select Committeeon Intelligence, his report has not been released6.

Nasser Beydoun, a witness at the Cardoen trial, was murdered in Brazil inJune 1995.7.

Katherine Smith, witness in 9/118.

Darrell MacIntyre, US Attorney’s office9.

Jim Hatfield, reporter/author10.

Mark Lombardi, researcher/reporter11.

Daniel Casolaro, reporter covering the Iran-Contra link to South Americandrugs – the manuscript of the book Casalaro was working on has neverbeen found.12.

Steve Kangas, reporter/author13.

Gary Webb, reporter/author14.

Brian Downing Quig – investigative journalist15.

Lawrence Ng, reporter16.

Colonel Russell Hermann, CIA bank account and Brady Bondadministrator17.

Lori Kaye Klausutis, former congressional staff aide18.

Col. Ted Westhusing, Military Investigator in Iraq19.

Marc Bastien, co-operative with OSI Agent Derk VreelandThe classic Level 6 ‘hit’ is the serial murder of ten people to cover at least twomurders. The Washington Beltway Sniper murders of Linda Franklin and JamesD. Martin (of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s NationalMeteorological Center, Camp Springs, Maryland) should clearly be reviewedfurther: Franklin, for possible connections to the Riggs Bank/Pinochet moneylaundering scandal, and Martin, for whatever satellite research he was workingon. This ‘hit’ was not the random serial murder it was perceived as. JohnMuhammad, the Beltway Sniper, was trained as a sniper by U.S. Army SergeantAli Mohammed, who in turn was a former Egyptian Army officer. AliMohammed left the US Army Special Forces in 1989 after a three-year enlistmentand was arrested by U.S. authorities after the U.S. embassy bombings in EastAfrica, supposedly as an Al Qaeda operative. Franklin was FBI analystresponsible for electronic monitoring of bank transfers working for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, just before the Riggs Bank/Pinochet moneylaundering scandal broke, a scandal in which Pinochet was illegally traffickingweapons with Carlos Cardoen to Iran i.e., part of the Iran-Contra connection.Cardoen was also a business partner of Porter Goss, who met with MahmoudAhmad before and after the 9/11 attack. Mahmoud provided Atta with $100,000shortly before the attack on the World Trade Center. The Riggs Bank has beenfound by government auditors on several occasions to be negligent of moneylaundering, but with Jonathon Bush (George Bush’s uncle) on the Board of


Directors, it has escaped any real penalties. In looking at the other victims of theBeltway Sniper, it was of note that James Martin worked for a known NSA/CIAcover operation. Internet investigation of his occupation produces a real dark hole,which for a well-publicized murder victim suggests purposeful cover-up.)Another amazing example of the ability of this group to execute multiple hits, is found inthe story of five potential witnesses of the attack on 9/11. As evidence mounts that theplane that hit the Pentagon was an A-3 specially outfitted at a non-military airfield, thesearch for witnesses turned up this amazing coincidence:

“Only the Raytheon executives and the Air Force would have known which team installed a particularsystem on the A-3 and who was involved in the operation,” said Schwarz. Coincidentally, five keyRaytheon executives died on 9-11: Stanley Hall–Director of Electronic warfare program management(American 77), Peter Gay–VP of Electronic Systems on special assignment at the El Segundo, CAdivision office where the Global Hawk UAV remote control system is made (American 11), KennethWaldie–Senior Quality Control Engineer for Electronic Systems (American 11), David Kovalcin–Senior Mechanical Engineer for Electronic Systems (American 11), and Herbert Homer–CorporateExecutive working with the Department of Defense (United 175).Curiously, the five Raytheon executives chose three of the four doomed jets and all happened to fly onSeptember 11. [Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11; same parts found atPentagon, Tom Flocco,, 5/26/2005]

In reflecting on these deaths, the high rate of “reporters” on the list supports the argumentthat the American media is being controlled through fear. Statistics suggests that havingnine people on this list who were all involved with investigating the same set of Iran-Contra criminals, is virtually impossible:

“Examining the male U.S suicide rate for recent years ( we canextrapolate a conservative estimate of 17 male suicides per 100,000 people, or 0.017%. The odds of 3specific (all male?) biographers committing suicide would be the cube of 17/100000, or 4.913 x 10^-12…about 5 chances in one trillion. (That’s over 300,000 times LESS likely than drawing a RoyalFlush in 5 card stud poker with no wild cards.)” []

If at three suicides the odds are impossible, how then can one ignore ten “suicides.”The murder does not stop with this list of nineteen though! It is not just reporters beingeliminated, but other potential loose lipped participants, prosecutors and witnesses aswell, with a list of murder victims potentially as high as 400 or more:

“Navy Lt. Commander Alexander Martin was, in effect, the chief accountant for the Reagan/Bush drugoperations run by Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, through an obscure arm of the White House NationalSecurity Council called the National Programs Office. In a radio interview with talk show host TomValentine last July, Martin spoke not only of drugs and money, but death. “Out of roughly 5,000 of uswho were originally involved in Iran-Contra, approximately 400, since 1986, have committed suicide,died accidentally or died of natural causes.

In over half those deaths, official death certificates werenever issued. In 187 circumstances, the bodies were cremated before the families were notified.

“Martin then said he was lying low.” [The Still Before the Storm, James Norman, Media Bypassmagazine, December 1995]“The Manhattan D.A. who closed the American branch (of the BCCI) announced that 16 witnesses haddied in the course of investigating the bank’s entanglements in covert operations of the CIA, arms

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 314smuggling to Iraq, money laundering and child prostitution.” [The False Memory Hoax, AlexConstantine, Copyright © January, 1996]“There’s a lot about BCCI that outsiders will never know. Once the investigations started, there wereseven fires in the fireproof London warehouses where BCCI stored records. In one of them, fourfiremen were killed.” [BCCI: The Case that Kerry Cracked, Lucy Komisar]“The witnesses were quite fearful about several recent “suicides, car wrecks–mysterious deaths–directly related to the aviation experts” working on the systems that were installed on the A-3’s at FortCollins-Loveland–having breached the government-blocked information flow at great personal risk,according to Schwarz–but providing more evidence for a New York 9/11 investigation.” [Missile &remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11; same parts found at Pentagon, Tom Flocco,, 5/26/2005]

As a result of these tactics, and others to be described later in this section, the conclusionis well made by the BBC reporter, Greg Palast (a former US reporter who moved to theUK to maintain his professional integrity and ability to report.)

“On my BBC television show, Newsnight, an American journalist confessed that, since the 9/11attacks, US reporters are simply too afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions that could kill careers:”It’s an obscene comparison, but there was a time in South Africa when people would put flaming tiresaround people’s necks if they dissented. In some ways, the fear is that you will be necklaced here, youwill have a flaming tire of lack of patriotism put around your neck,” Dan Rather said. Without hismakeup, Rather looked drawn, old and defeated in confessing that he too had given in. “It’s that fearthat keeps journalists from asking the toughest of the tough questions and to continue to bore in on thetough questions so often.” [Greg Palast Interview by Bruce David, Hustler, On-line]

The same terror tactics are now being applied to foreign journalists as well:

“US was for the first time listed among the top 10 (ranking 6th in the world’s leading jailers of  journalists), the Committee to Protect Journalists has said…. US detention centers in Iraq were holdingfour journalists, while the US Naval Base at Guantanamo held one.” [US among top 10 nations jailingscribes, Dharam Shourie,Rediff, December 14, 2005]“American troops in Baghdad yesterday blasted their way into the home of an Iraqi journalist workingfor the Guardian and Channel 4, firing bullets into the bedroom where he was sleeping with his wifeand children. Ali Fadhil, who two months ago won the Foreign Press Association young journalist of the year award, was hooded and taken for questioning. He was released hours later.

Dr Fadhil isworking with Guardian Films on an investigation for Channel 4’s Dispatches programme into claimsthat tens of millions of dollars worth of Iraqi funds held by the Americans and British have beenmisused or misappropriated.

The troops told Dr Fadhil that they were looking for an Iraqi insurgentand

seized video tapes he had shot for the programme. These have not yet been returned

.” [U.S. troopsseize (UK) Channel 4/Guardian journalist, by Brian Boyko, The Guardian, January 9, 2006]“The British government has threatened newspapers with prosecution [Guardian Unlimited] under theOfficial Secrets Act if it releases the memo where Bush claimed to want to bomb Al Jazeeraheadquarters in Doha, Qatar. The Daily Kos reports that the two Brits who leaked the memo tonewspapers are already being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.” [Bombing Al Jazeera StoryUpdate,

These tactics have silenced the ‘witnesses’ who would challenge the Bush organizationover the past 25 years. Never the less, investigations are sometimes spurred by


organizations, groups and individuals not under the influence of the US government. Forinstance:

the Kazakhstan-Mobil Oil bribery case was initiated in British courts;

the Russian money-laundering scandal was opened first by the Russians, closedby the US Attorney General without a scandal, and then re-opened by the Swisswho discovered the problem to be far more massive than US investigatorsreported;

the French legal system is in the process of bringing Richard Cheney andHalliburton to task for the Nigerian oil scandals. (The US investigation of Cheney for violation of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was mentioned inone US story by the Boston Globe;)

the Marcos gold/Swiss bank scandal would have died had it not been for a Swiss janitor;

the Iran-Contra scandal was actually pushed into the media by the Israelis, whofelt betrayed by George Bush Sr;

the Valerie Plame (forged Iraq WMD evidence) scandal was initiated by a“blogger.”To deal with these emergent scandals, the Bush organization has, over the yearsdeveloped an effective system for “killing” bad news, as well as its bearers, andmanaging the flow of negative information that manages to surface to the public attentionthrough minor news channels. This system includes several means to control theinformation made available to the American citizenry:1.

Control of the legal and investigative systems (FBI, DEA, CIA, CongressionalHearings, Independent Commissions),2.

Control of the major media through the three “F’s: fool’em, feed’em andforce’m.”Here is the real terrorist threat. People who make a living reporting the news andinvestigating crime are pretty much aware of what happens when a member of theirprofession pursues investigation of these crimes: they know of these deaths and careerterminations, and live their lives in fear of those consequences. To avoid thoseconsequences, nearly all reporters and investigators generally stop at Level 1 or Level 2,and the investigation is dropped. The group behavioral phenomenon is that of the fableof “the emperor has no clothes!” The crowd of reporters remains quiet as a group, exceptfor a little boy who shouts out the truth. In the fable, the boy is rewarded by the king, butin today’s reality, he gets a 38 magnum bullet in the head for his honesty.

13.3 Fool’em: Control of the legal and investigative systems.

Through political appointments to key positions in the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA,and Customs as well as other ‘secretive’ intelligence agencies, decisions to pursue or notpursue investigations are controlled. There are at least eighteen “intelligence agencies” inthe US Government. Most of them and other “investigative” groups such as the FBI,DEA etc. came to fear the CIA in the period after George Bush Sr.’s control. Allinvestigations deferred to the CIA and “national security.” Now, after twenty-five years,


the Bush family controls them all through the Department of Homeland Security. In thefuture, the legacy of Herbert Hoover as a blackmailer and political bully will pale incomparison to the legacy of the Bush dynasty. Here are eight examples, documentedhere or elsewhere in this report, which demonstrate the ability and willingness of theadministration to interfere with and control investigations with which the Bushadministrations have been identified:

As demonstrated with the Convar investigation of illegal electronic trades in theWorld Trade Center. This information, which clearly identified some of thecriminals, was never acted on or published by the FBI.

“Henschel said the companies in the United States

were working together with the FBI

… to piecetogether what happened on September 11 and that he was confident the destination of the dubioustransactions would one day be tracked down. “We have been quite surprised that so many of thehard drives were in good enough shape to retrieve the data,” he said.“The contamination rate ishigh. The fine dust that was everywhere in the area got pressed under high pressure into the drives.But we’ve still

been able to retrieve 100 percent of the data

on most of the drives we’ve received.“We’re helping them find out what happened to the computers on September 11 as quickly aspossible.

I’m sure that one day they will know what happened to the money

…” [ German FirmProbes Final World Trade Center Deals. Erik Kirschbaum, Reuters, 12/16/2001]

As demonstrated in the James Griffen/Mobil Oil bribery incident, the AttorneyGeneral’s office under John Ashcroft was able to keep Nazarbayev’s and GeorgeBush Sr.’s names out of the trial proceedings.

As demonstrated in the Bank of New York money laundering scandal, the USAttorney General’s office was able to resolve the case of multi-billion dollar moneylaundering with a two-week jail sentence for a bank clerk. The Swiss investigatorsre-opened the case, after it was discovered the transactions were significantlyunderestimated by U.S. investigators.

“A source familiar with the grand jury investigations… said Ashcroft has quietly moved… toexert control over the New York grand jury from Washington and to exercise “unusual” influenceover the Washington investigations. FTW has also received multiple reports that several high-ranking career prosecutors in both New York and Washington have raised serious objections toAshcroft’s actions and his failure to publicly recluse himself in these cases. [The Elephant in theLiving Room – Part I, Michael C. Ruppert © Copyright 2002, From The Wilderness Publications,3/ 26/2002]

As demonstrated by the FBI prematurely dropping the investigation of the forgedNiger documents which provided Bush’s “proof” of Iraq’s nuclear arsenal.

As demonstrated by the investigations into the Marcos gold, where individualsresponsible for letting the world know the gold actually still existed, contrary to theclaims of the Swiss banks, were imprisoned until they recanted:

“Upon Cosandey’s orders, Jacobi and his informers Fritz Walser and Tony Silano were arrestedand charged with economic espionage on July 10, 1991 in Munich, Germany. Walser was aninformer who knew a banker who had penetrated the banks’ computer systems, Chavez said.Walser’s contacts also reportedly confirmed the existence of 1,241 tons of Marcos gold deposits atUBS under account number 7257. It was the same account passed on to the government by

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 317Adoracion Edralin Lopez, a Marcos relative, Chavez said. He said the discovered Marcos accountswere later transferred in the name of the late dictator’s Swiss lawyer Bruno de Preux and his son,Cyril. Switzerland sought Jacobi’s extradition from Germany but lost in a German court, whichdecided that the charge against him was “politically motivated.” (Fritz) Walser would later claimeverything he revealed had been a hoax, in exchange for his freedom. His revised statement waslater used by Swiss authorities to claim that the $13.4-billion Credit Suisse account under “I.Arenetta” and the 7257 accounts were a hoax.” [Recovering the Marcos Wealth Show Us theMoney, By Marites N. Sison ]

As demonstrated in control that allows individuals to be “protected” frominvestigative queries, as are Adnan Khashoggi, Richard Armitage and Farhad Azima:

“Former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot, who was appointed presidential investigator forPOW/MIA affairs, came upon the same information, and was warned by former Defense SecretaryFrank Carlucci to stop pursuing the connections to Armitage. As he sadly explained to a group of POW/MIA families in 1987: “I have been instructed to cease and desist.”[1125] [Iran-ContraConnections to the Oklahoma Bombing, gathered by Alex Constantine© 2000 Alex Constantine.All rights reserved]“Saudi financier Adnan Khashoggi is charged by the State of New York in aiding and abettingformer Filipino first lady Imelda Marcos in hiding billions from her country after she and husbandFerdinand Marcos were forced to flee the island nation. The charges are brought by New YorkAttorney General Rudolph Giuliani, who apparently has a personal score to settle with Khashoggiafter Khashoggi defeated Giuliani’s client John Tumpane in a business lawsuit. After a long andheated court battle, during which time Khashoggi was forced to stay in New York City underhouse arrest, the jury acquits Khashoggi of all charges. According to a former Army intelligenceofficer, Giuliani gets the indictments filed after months of effort by threatening George Bush thatif he doesn’t stop blocking the indictment, that he will call a press conference and complain thatthe White House is interfering with the criminal justice system merely to protect Bush’s friendKhashoggi. (Larry Kolb).” []“According to statements from a former Justice Department prosecutor to the Houston Post at thattime, he was ordered to “back off” on his investigation into Indian Springs Bank shareholderAzima because “Azima had CIA connections and a ‘get-out-of-jail-free card.'” [The Inside Story of John Lear, Bill Cooper and “The Greatest Cover-Up in Human History,” An Affidavit by Lars C.Hansson, July 18, 1991]

As demonstrated in the control of post 9/11 terrorist investigations by FBI agents:

“WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 – Officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation mishandled a Floridaterror investigation, falsified documents in the case in an effort to cover repeated missteps andretaliated against an agent who first complained about the problems, Justice Departmentinvestigators have concluded….The agent who first alerted the F.B.I. to problems in the case, aveteran undercover operative named Mike German, was “retaliated against” by his boss, who wasangered by the agent’s complaints and stopped using him for prestigious assignments in trainingnew undercover agents, the draft report concluded. Mr. German’s case first became public lastyear, as he emerged as the latest in a string of whistle-blowers at the bureau who said they hadbeen punished and effectively silenced for voicing concerns about the handling of terrorinvestigations and other matters since Sept. 11, 2001. Mr. German’s case dates to 2002, when theF.B.I. division in Tampa opened a terror investigation into a lead that laundered proceeds, possiblyconnected to a drug outfit, might be used to finance terrorists overseas. ……the inspector generalfound that the F.B.I. had “mishandled and mismanaged” the investigation, partly through thefailure to document important developments for months at a time. The report also found that

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 318supervisors were aware of problems in the case but did not take prompt action to correct them.”[Report Finds Cover-Up in an F.B.I. Terror Case, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, December 4,2005]

As demonstrated in the unwillingness to prosecute BCCI:

“The influential Chairman of the Banking Commission in the U.S. House of Representatives,Henry Gonzales, chided the Bush and Reagan administrations for refusing to prosecute the BCCI.In addition the Dept. of Justice repeatedly declined to co-operate in the Congressionalinvestigations into the BCCI scandal and the closely linked scandal of the “Banco Nazional delLavoro” (BNL). This bank had made billions of dollars from loans that Bush had granted the Iraqigovernment shortly before the Gulf War. Gonzales had said that the Bush administration had had aDepartment of Justice which he thought “the most corrupt, most unbelievably corrupt Departmentof justice that I have ever experienced during my 32 years in Congress”. [George Soros and theRothschilds Connection, Jan Von Helsing (“Secret Societies and their Power in the 20thCentury”)]

As demonstrated in Bush’s determination to regularly eliminate special investigatorsfrom investigations of his political colleagues – eliminating special investigators onthe same case twice!

“WASHINGTON — A US grand jury in Guam opened an investigation of controversial lobbyistJack Abramoff more than two years ago, but President Bush removed the supervising federalprosecutor, and the probe ended soon after.” [ LA Times, Aug 8, 2005]“The investigation into Jack Abramoff, the disgraced Republican lobbyist, took a provocative newturn Thursday when the Justice Department said the chief prosecutor in the inquiry would stepdown next week because he had been nominated to a federal judgeship by President Bush.” [SFChronicle, Jan 27, 2006]

As demonstrated by George Bush Sr’s. willingness to blatantly interfere with acriminal investigation:

“May-June 1989 – Trial of executives of Sunrise Savings and Loan in Florida which collapsed in1985 with bailout costs to the American taxpayer of $680 MILLION dollars. The Miami Herald, aKnight-Ridder newspaper covered every day of the trial. Yet when

one witness testified that then-vice President George Bush had interferred in the investigation of Sunrise in 1984, a year beforeit collapsed,

the Miami Herald somehow missed this story. The Bush-appointed Federal attorneyin Miami never investigated this testimony, nor did he make an attempt to indict the man forperjury,

whose testimony, by the way, was corroborated by another ex-Sunrise employee.”


As demonstrated in the control of Congressional hearings that simply refuses to listento qualified whistleblowers:

The following is a press release issued by the National Security Whistleblowers Coalitionregarding the silence of the top congressional representatives on intelligence committees about ex-NSA officer Russ Tice’s unheard charges:On December 22, 2005, the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC) made publicthe request by a former NSA intelligence analyst and action officer to report to Congress probableunlawful and unconstitutional acts conducted while he was an intelligence officer with theNational Security Agency (NSA) and with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). NSWBCurged the congress to hold hearings and let Mr. Tice testify. Today, more than four months after

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 319Mr. Tice’s letters were sent to the chairs of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees andpublicized in the media, he has yet to receive a response and be given an opportunity to lawfullydisclose his first-hand account of criminal acts conducted by the National Security Agency.[Congressional Chairmen on intelligence won’t hear out NSA whistleblower, RAW STORY,April 26, 2006 ]

As demonstrated by putting the same individual in charge of major investigations of crimes linked to the Bush group. In this case, Robert S. Mueller (U.S. Attorney andFBI Director) has been the chief investigator and prosecutor over the BCCI scandal,the Iran-Contra criminal investigation, the Noriega-CIA drug connections, andfinally, the 9/11 investigation. His protégé, Leslie Caldwell, was responsible for theArthur Anderson investigation, and later the Enron investigation.

“In the 1980s, Mueller was third in command in the FBI under George Terwilliger. Muellerapparently put in a lot of overtime working to keep the Iran-Contra scheme under wraps, and then,once things got sticky for Reagan, helped the Dept. of Justice’s Domestic Criminal Section Chief Dave Margolis and International Criminal Section Chief Mark Richards limit liability for Reagan,and then Bush, Sr. According to political watchdog Al Martin, Mueller personally handleddamage containment for Bush Sr. during Bush’s potentially scandalous dealings with Jordaniancoffee merchant Mansour Barbouti. Barbouti was involved in the illegal exportation of chemicalsused in chemical weapons to both Iraq and Iran.” [Scapegoat! How Bush Nearly Ruined the FBI,Cheryl Seal,]“In the case of Noriega and Gotti, they were silenced through the capable tools of the American justice system. And overseeing the prosecutions – Noriega, Gotti, and BCCI – happened to be aman who would, years later, be entrusted with overseeing the investigation into the causes of 9/11- Robert Mueller III. ”[Backdrop – Detecting The Puppet Masters, Part 6 of Truth, Lies, and TheLegend of 9/11: Truth Lies Legend]

Other items warranting mention are:

four probable violations of SEC regulations by George Bush Jr. while withHarken which have been overlooked,

closing down of criminal investigations into Jeb Bush’s partners Camilo Padredaand Miguel Recarey,

Bush Sr’s., destruction of SEC records of Zapata Oil,

Interference with bank regulators during the Riggs money-launderinginvestigation, where Jonathon Bush is a director.The Bush family has three generations of experience in circumventing investigation intotheir financial conduct. They have appointed six of the Supreme Court Justices, andgiven major federal appointments to two of their children, after having been given thePresidential office by Supreme Court dictate.

13.4 Feed’em: Control, Fabricate and Falsify Evidence

The American press corps has recently been stripped of its ability to conduct any seriousinvestigative reporting, an observation reported only in the foreign press (BBC andGuardian.) What is being experienced is not only a failure of the press to step up toprofessional standards of investigative reporting, but an additional willingness to letinvestigative government agencies conduct less than thorough investigations, and besatisfied to reports the “results” of aborted government investigations.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 320“… political courage is especially rare. Reporters in Washington are kept in line by the standard threat:annoy us, and your stories dry up. In normal times this matters less, because there may be enoughdissidents to produce alternative information. But the Bush White House’s sophisticated newsmanagement has given them control. One official who has worked in administrations of both coloursexplained: “The Republicans regard themselves as patrician gatekeepers of the news. They say ‘If you’re really good, we’ll give you information and if you’re really, really good, we’ll give you moreinformation.’ The Democrats thought; ‘My God, there are all those reporters out there! We better talk tothem!'”[Bushwhacked, Matthew Engel, Guardian, January 13, 2003]

In addition to the examples listed above, here are several more examples of where theAmerican press seemed all-to-willing to accept less than factual reporting by USGovernment agencies.

As demonstrated by professional testimony regarding the Osama Bin Ladin video-tapes, these tapes do not say what the government translators reported;

The ‘weapons of mass destruction evidence” which was used to justify aninvasion of Iraq:

“WASHINGTON — The FBI has reopened an inquiry into one of the most intriguing aspectsof the pre-Iraq war intelligence fiasco: how the Bush administration came to rely on forgeddocuments linking Iraq to nuclear weapons materials as part of its justification for theinvasion. The documents inspired intense U.S. interest in the buildup to the war — and theyled the CIA to send a former ambassador to the African nation of Niger to investigate whetherIraq had sought the materials there. The ambassador, Joseph C. Wilson IV, found littleevidence to support such a claim, and the documents were later deemed to have been forged.But President Bush referred to the claim in his 2003 State of the Union address in making thecase for the invasion. Bush’s speech, Wilson’s trip and the role Wilson’s wife played insending him have created a political storm that still envelops the White House. Thedocuments in question included letters on Niger government letterhead and purportedcontracts showing sales of uranium to Iraq. They were provided in 2002 to an Italianmagazine, which turned them over to the U.S. Embassy in Rome. The FBI’s decision toreopen the investigation reverses the agency’s announcement last month that it had finished atwo-year inquiry and concluded that the forgeries were part of a moneymaking scheme — andnot an effort to manipulate U.S. foreign policy. Those findings concerned some members of the Senate Intelligence Committee after published reports that the FBI had not interviewed aformer Italian spy named Rocco Martino, who was identified as the original source of thedocuments. The committee had requested the initial investigation.” [FBI Is Taking AnotherLook at Forged Prewar Intelligence, Peter Wallsten, Tom Hamburger and Josh Meyer, LosAngeles Times, December 3, 2005]

The Bush administration’s actions to prevent the facts around 9/11 from beingexposed have been documented in other parts of this report. This behaviorhowever, is not isolated, and reflects a broader pattern of lies and deception. Otherexamples of falsification of evidence can include the following three stories:

“U.S. congressional leaders who have been touting Iraq’s new “free press” as a sign of progress in the troubled country are upset at the Pentagon’s admission last week that it hasbeen paying for “good news” stories written by the military and placed in Iraqi media by aWashington-based public relations firm. In a briefing for the powerful chairman of the SenateArmed Services Committee, Republican John Warner of Virginia, the military acknowledgedthat news articles written by U.S. troops had been placed as paid advertisements in the Iraqinews media, and not always properly identified. Warner told reporters after receiving abriefing from officials at the Pentagon that senior commanders in Iraq were trying to get to

321  the bottom of a program that apparently also paid monthly stipends to friendly Iraqi journalists.” [The Bad News Is That the Good News Is Fake, William Fisher, Inter PressService News Agency December 6, 2005]“When a CIA briefer did not provide him with the answers he desired, Cheney reportedlydemanded that she be replaced. Congressman Silvestre Reyes, a Texas Democrat andmember of the House Intelligence Committee, said in July 2003 that he knew of at least threeintelligence analysts who felt pressured to warp their findings.” [The Rise and Rise of Richard B. Cheney, John Nichols, The New Press, 2004, p212.]“Cheney got on well with the king (Fahd) and his minions, who would not learn untilsometime later that the defense secretary and his aides had deceived them – displayingdoctored satellite photos to suggest that an Iraqi invasion force had moved to the border inpreparation for an invasion of Saudi Arabia.” [The Rise and Rise of Richard B. Cheney, JohnNichols, The New Press, 2004, p114.]

For those who might need evidence that this ‘fabrication’ also happens in the US as wellas outside of it’s borders, this report suggests an Internet search on the Jeff Gannon (akaGuckert) affair, of a Whitehouse “plant” in the Press Corps, or the discovery that theBush administration paid consultants to write favorable news coverage. The falsificationof news is actually quite easy though. The ‘inside’ view of the news media is that innearly all cases, the media does little “investigative” analysis any more

“….in fact as (Dan) Rather explained it to me: the networks are really dependent upon press releasesfrom the State Department about going to press conferences, and they need that, what’s called targetfootage – pictures from the smart bombs that go tick-tick-tick, boom! And all those cool pictures arewhat keeps stations like CNN alive, and their advertising alive. So, what you have to do is, we have tounderstand that we’re talking about a press corps which has stopped reporting, and what they’re doingis just repeating; they take a press release, they rewrite it, they stand up in front of the camera and theysay… “This is Jo Schmo in front of the White House, and the president just said …” That’s notreporting, that’s not getting the story.” [Greg Palast Interview, Bruce David, Hustler, On-line]

Another example of this fabrication and control is the 9-11 Truth Movement, whichmasquerades as data collection point for “conspiracy” information. This organization isactually funded by a business partner of Adnan Khashoggi. Any conclusions drawn onthe purpose of that arrangement are left to the reader.

“Khashoggi’s henchman Ramy El-Batrawi, currently under indictment with Big K for looting over$120 million from a bankrupt company called GenesisIntermedia, the company that owns themarketing rights to the creative output of Mars & Venus snake oil salesman John Gray. Gray is alsothe man who funded the disinformation campaign calling itself the 9.11 Truth movement.” [FAAStonewalls Release of DC9 ‘Cocaine One’ Records: Homeland Security Inc Scandal Off And Running, Daniel Hopsicker, Mad Cow Morning News, June 22 2006]

If the “press” no longer presents the fair and balanced reporting the American populaceassumes it to provide, an understanding of how that condition came to be is warranted.The following section provides that understanding.


13.5 Media Control – the Facts

When people think of “controlling the media” they envision an Orwellian nightmare,where a faceless bureaucracy has taken control of all the media. This section contendsthat ‘media control’ is defined as the significant influence of five or six key individualswho can intervene not only around key events, but can create an atmosphere of fear thatintimidates the reporters into compliance and biased reporting in the major media outlets.Using this definition, the report will provide information which demonstrates that a fewkey individuals in the US have that ability, have exerted their influence on newsorganizations, and have controlled the news in favor of the Bush family. This, combinedwith the physical intimidation of independent reporters by a group of murderous thugswhich supports the Bush family, suggests that “media control” is far more pervasive thangenerally perceived. It is that influence that has prevented critical public analysis of theevents of 9/11 by the media, and prevented analyses such as this report from beingpublicly discussed in the mainstream media.First, it is important to understand that the US media is not an industry of multipleindependent news outlets from which the truth will spring. The public record clearlydemonstrates substantial consolidation of the media under five corporations.

“In 2004, Bagdikian’s revised and expanded book,The New Media Monopoly, shows that only 5 hugecorporations — Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, andViacom (formerly CBS) — now control most of the media industry in the U.S. General Electric’s NBCis a close sixth.”

The amount of stock required to control such an organization is relatively small, muchsmaller than normally thought required to “control” a corporation:

The amount of stock required to control such an organization is relatively small, muchsmaller than normally thought required to “control” a corporation:

323 “Billionaire Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, the world’s fifth richest man (as listed by Forbes magazine),now owns 5.46% of the voting shares of NewsCorp, Rupert Murdoch’s media empire that includes FoxNews Channel. The business media—including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and the rest—portray this as an act of the Prince’s friendship with Murdoch, and an effort to help the media mogulfight off a hostile takeover attempt by John Malone’s Liberty Media, which has acquired 18%. That issecond only to Murdoch’s 30% share. Fidelity Management and Research comes in third at 5.8%.To the casual observer, 5.46% may be small change. Not so. There is potential clout in that 5.46%,especially since it is ostensibly meant to bail Murdoch out of a jam. Moreover, in most of my years atCBS, there was never any doubt that the “big boss” was the legendary William S. Paley. And his stakein what was then the nation’s largest media company (the “Tiffany network”) was a mere 8%. The restincluded banks, insurance companies and others whose interests were not “hands on” and would notchallenge Paley’s supremacy.”

The analysis suggests a very credible position that five individuals with significant stockcould significantly control America’s major media outlets. If the loyalty of five suchindividuals was somehow ‘procured’ – it might produce significant control andsignificant manipulation of the media. Further evidence suggests that is exactly what hashappened. In fact, theories of their “collusion” parallel those theories of the Bilderberggroup:

“A quiet gathering of the media’s top elites to discuss mergers, with a keynote address by the head of the CIA, escaped mention in the mainstream press. Each year, at the posh ranch of investment bankerHerbert Allen Jr., the world’s media elites meet to discuss strategy, possible mergers and editorialpolicy. It can only be called a media version of Bilderberg as government, corporate and mediaofficials are meeting in secret, behind the usual wall of security. “Of all the people in the BushAdministration, perhaps no one was of more interest to the public last week than CIA Director GeorgeJ. Tenet,” Rick Ellis wrote (, July 16, 2003. “As the center of a whirlwind of controversy over claims that the agency had made mistakenly allowed President Bush to assert Iraqhad attempted to buy uranium from Niger, Tenet was being sought by everyone from Dateline toSenate Intelligence Subcommittee. He was talking last week, but it wasn’t to the public. He was in SunValley, Idaho, giving a private intelligence briefing to participants of the private (Allen & Company,Inc.) Media conference.

The annual gathering includes nearly every major player of the world’smedia, technology and entertainment industries, and it’s a reminder of just how insular, isolated andpowerful the world’s media owners are from the billions who consume their products. Organized byinvestment banker Herbert Allen, the get-together is a summer camp for Citizen Kane’s, a place wherethe rich and powerful are able to meet over picnic lunches and fishing streams as they help determinewhat you’ll be watching for the next few years,” Ellis wrote. [SourceWatch: a project of the Center forMedia & Democracy, http://www.](Author’s note: It was the 2002 media meeting at Herbert Allen’s ranch at which the RussianKhodorkovsky, key owner of Menatep Bank, met with Lord JacobRothschild. Shortly after that meeting,Khodorkovsky handed over to Rothschild his proxy rights to a 26% controlling interest in Yukos in anattempt to secure his holdings from reclamation by the Russian government, who contends that he illegallyacquired control of the largest oil company in Russia. It is reported that shortly after this meetingKhodorkovsky met with Vice President Dick Cheney for private talks. Section 8 of this report describeshow these players are linked to the destruction of the World Trade Center and the Bush family.)

The breadth of control of these five organizations is demonstrated in Table 8. In dealingwith these five groups – one at a time – one needs to understand the payoff promised tothe industry CEOs by George Bush (and delivered afterwards) prior to his election.

“Shortly after George W. Bush declared his candidacy for president in June of 1999, General ElectricChairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Welch was contacted by Bush political advisor Karl Rove.Welch later informed associates that Rove told him a Bush administration would initiate

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 324 comprehensive deregulation of the broadcast industry. Rove guaranteed that deregulation would beimplemented in a way that would create phenomenal profits for conglomerates with significant mediaholdings, like GE. Rove forcefully argued that General Electric and the other media giants had acompelling financial interest to see Bush become president.” [Democracy, General Electric Style,David Podvin and Carolyn Kay, October 23, 2001]

The impact of this campaign promise was clearly felt on the election, and subsequent newreporting. The major networks, led by their respective CEO and Chairmen, ledAmericans to the conclusion the George Bush should be their President. WhatAmericans experienced in the media, as a result of promise of corporate deregulation,were stories heavily favoring Bush, illegal calling of the election on TV to influence avote, and a cover-up of the independent Florida voting audit result which was intended toprove that Bush had won legitimately.

“A study produced by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Princeton Survey ResearchAssociates examined 1,149 stories from 17 news publications, programs and websites. The researchrevealed that there were almost twice as many positive stories about Bush as there were about Gore.Even more important than this blatant pro-Bush bias, the study found that the coverage de-emphasizedthe philosophical differences between the candidates. This was critical, because public opinion pollsshowed that the voters agreed with Gore on the issues. By robbing Gore of his greatest advantage, themedia organizations were Bush’s greatest allies.” [Democracy, General Electric Style, David Podvinand Carolyn Kay, October 23, 2001]

The piece of information that makes the Project for Excellence study so intriguing is thatBush was being identified in more positive stories than Gore, even when the press corp ingeneral is consistently more liberal than conservative.

“I suspected that many media outlets would tilt to the left because surveys have shown that reporterstend to vote more Democrat than Republican,” said Tim Groseclose, a UCLA political scientist and thestudy’s lead author. “But I was surprised at just how pronounced the distinctions are.””Overall, the major media outlets are quite moderate compared to members of Congress, but even so,there is a quantifiable and significant bias in that nearly all of them lean to the left,” said co-authorJeffrey Milyo, University of Missouri economist and public policy scholar. …Of the 20 major mediaoutlets studied, 18 scored left of center, with CBS’ “Evening News,” The New York Times and the LosAngeles Times ranking second, third and fourth most liberal behind the news pages of The Wall StreetJournal. Only Fox News’ “Special Report With Brit Hume” and The Washington Times scored right of the average U.S. voter. [Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist, Meg Sullivan, December14, 2005]

The only valid explanation of a liberal press favoring Bush is ‘pressure’ frommanagement, a conclusion that other research appears to validate. That sameinexplicable behavior was experienced again shortly after the election, when eight majornewspapers abandoned their pledge to the American public:

“On January 9, 2001, eight media organizations announced their intention to form the Consortium thatwould examine and classify the votes in the Florida presidential election. The eight news organizationswere The New York Times, The Washington Post, Dow Jones and Company (The Wall StreetJournal), the Associated Press, The Tribune Company (The Los Angeles Times and The ChicagoTribune, among others), The Palm Beach Post, The St. Petersburg Times, and CNN (which laterdropped out).The Consortium sought to gain credibility for the integrity of its recount by hiring the not-for-profitNational Opinion Research Center to perform the actual ballot handling tasks and to compile the

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 325relevant information. NORC was assigned to provide the raw data to each of the members of theConsortium. It would then be up to the individual media outlets to decide how they would interpret andreport the data to the American people. ….As for what will happen next, the executive said, “Once thedominant pro-Gore trend became apparent, the Consortium was never going to release the results; thepressure from the big money boys was too great. Terrorism just provided a better excuse forwithholding the information than the ‘technical difficulties’ stalling tactic that was otherwise going tobe used. The Consortium is determined to make sure that the original results of their recount will neversee the light of day.” [The Media Cover-Up of the Gore Victory Part One: Reliable Source Reveals theCover-Up, David Podvin, Carolyn Kay]

The media en masse again would support Bush when the first a major piece of newscritical of Bush was made available, and the major media companies pretended the newsdid not exist.

L.A. Weekly has learned that CBS, NBC and ABC all refused Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD advertising

during any of the networks’ news programming. Executives at Sony Pictures, the distributor of themovie for the home-entertainment market, were stunned.” [When Might Turns Right – Golly GE, WhyBig Media is Pro-Bush, Nikki Finke, LA Weekly, October 1 – 7, 2004]

President Bush’s courtship of the media did not stop with pre-election promises.Subsequent actions directly provided billions of dollars of benefits at the expense of thetaxpayers:

“Six days after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Bush FCC appointee MichaelPowell (

son of Colin Powell

) announced a ruling that affected corporations having licenses to operate130 UHF TV stations broadcasting on certain frequencies. The FCC gave the media companiesapproval to sell those taxpayer-owned licenses and keep the tens of billions of dollars that will begenerated by the sales.” [Democracy, General Electric Style, David Podvin and Carolyn Kay, October23, 2001]

One-at-a-time, the dynamics of influence and fear were experienced in the Americanmedia:


With General Electric being almost as large of a news organization as the next fourlargest combined, the role of its CEO Jack Welch is extremely insightful.

“The crucial step that Welch took was to make it well known throughout NBC News that the standardfor the promotion of journalists would be the same as it was for every other employee in thecorporation: outstanding contribution to the financial well being of General Electric. The journalistswho had their paychecks signed by Welch knew that favorable coverage of George W. Bush would beconsidered an outstanding contribution to the financial well being of General Electric….Welch’ssuccessful behind-the-scenes campaign to influence media coverage in a way that would get Bush intothe White House has not been visible to the public, with one exception. On election night, according toan eyewitness, Welch was so angry that his own NBC News team would not call the race for Bush thathe personally went to the studio from which Tom Brokaw was anchoring the coverage. Welch quietlywatched the broadcast for a few minutes. Two people who were present claim that, when Brokaw andTim Russert did not take the hint that their boss had come into the newsroom because he wantedsomething from them, he explicitly announced that he wanted them to call the election for Bush. Theydid. As a result, Bush entered the Florida recount phase with the tremendous advantage of havingalready been declared the winner.” [Democracy, General Electric Style, David Podvin and CarolynKay, October 23, 2001]


From a second source:

“During a March 12 interview with C-SPAN president and chief executive officer Brian Lamb,MSNBC host Keith Olbermann said: “There are people I know in the hierarchy of NBC, the company,and GE [General Electric Co., NBC’s parent corporation], the company, who do not like to see thecurrent presidential administration criticized at all. … There are people who I work for who wouldprefer, who would sleep much easier at night if this never happened.”


“Millions of Americans supported Bush because they believed he would promote family values;Karmazin threw the support of CBS News behind Bush on the basis that family values were acampaign mirage, and that Bush had no intention of implementing them into public policy. While Bushhas been president, Stern has continued to shout the same vulgarities and peddle the same sleaze overthe air, but the intense pressure that was applied by the FCC during the Democratic era has notcontinued during the “family values” administration.” [Democracy, General Electric Style, DavidPodvin and Carolyn Kay, October 23, 2001]

A classic example of CBS killing a story that reflected poorly on the Bush administrationcomes from Greg Palast:

“….five months before the election, Katherine Harris, acting under orders from Jeb Bush, knocked57,000 voters off the rolls. They were suspected of being evildoers and felons and, therefore, notallowed to vote in Florida. Here’s the news: Of the 57,000 people, 97% were innocent of crimes, butthey were guilty of being black. Half of them were African-American or Hispanic-in other words,Democratic voters. Was the state guessing who the people of color were? In Florida, it’s like SouthAfrica; they list your race right on your registration. There was no guessing. These people not only losttheir vote, but lost their president. BBC figures Gore lost 22,000 votes this way, but you didn’t readthat in the U.S. press. You didn’t read in the U.S. press that they say they’re going to allow the votersback on in 2003. That means that they were screwed for the election of 2002 as well. I ran the story of the theft of the election on the BBC. Then a hotshot with CBS News calls me and says, “Oh, that’s agreat story, can we have a piece of it? We want something new.” I said, “Yeah, I got something foryou: Jeb Bush’s office, the governor of Florida, is involved in knocking off the voters too, not justKatherine Harris, and there’s a letter dated September 18, 2000, which directs county-election officialsto deliberately violate the law and not register a bunch of people who are Democrats. These are peoplewho committed crimes in other states. Jeb can’t legally stop them from voting, but he did anyway. Andhe knows that these people are Democrats, because there’s something about going to jail that turnspeople [into] Democrats, about 93% [of ex-cons vote Democrat.](Interviewer): So, people who were either black or who had previously gone to jail were justautomatically eliminated?PALAST: Right. Jeb sent out the letter anyway, September 18, 2000, despite two court orders sayinghe couldn’t do that. I had an insider in his office, some poor woman, shaking, saying, “I gotta read youthis letter.” She knew about the court orders. Okay, so I said, to CBS, “That’s a story.” CBS Newsdidn’t run the story-one night, two nights. I said, “What happened?” They said, “It didn’t stand up.” Isaid, “How do you know the story didn’t stand up?” “Well, we called Jeb Bush’s office, and they said,’We didn’t do it.’…: In fact, just so you know, the NAACP took my information, sued Katherine Harrisand the State of Florida; and they won. And you haven’t seen that reported in the American press: theywon. Turns out, by the way, it wasn’t 57,000 people; 94,000 people were targeted to have their namesillegally removed. And the State of Florida said, “You got us.” Katherine Harris has faced up to it,even though you don’t see it in the papers.” [Greg Palast Interview by Bruce David, Hustler, On-line]

Time Warner and CNN


In 1994, Edgar Bronfman Jr.’s Seagram company acquired a 14.5% stake in TimeWarner, and has been a controlling player ever since. The role of Edgar Bronfman in thelarger illicit laundering scandal has been amply detailed throughout this report. Here isthe same individual being one of the key media influencers in the US. Here is at least oneexample of their deliberate squelching of the news to support a cover-up.

“Further investigation and probing of several other CNN sources closely connected with theproduction of the Asner segment on Showbiz Tonight reported that high-level members of CNNmanagement advised the producers of the show to “kill it. ” This statement was clearly made to stifleany further coverage of 9/11…”.[CNN Fears 9/11 Truth – Cancels Ed Asner’s Appearance,, March 28, 2006]

Disney and ABC

Disney and ABC appears to be another example, very similar to NBC and CBS, wherethe corporate profit motive drove the reported “message” to the American public.

“The attitude at ABC was an extension of the personality of Disney Chairman Michael Eisner. Eisnerdoes not like those who make waves, as the host of Politically Incorrect recently learned. After BillMaher said that it was cowardly of America to fight battles by launching missiles from a safe distance,Eisner went out of his way to very publicly slap Maher down. This episode provided outsiders with arare glimpse inside the corporate culture of … do not rock the boat or you’re in trouble. “Eisner willalways stand up for principle, no matter what the cost,” says a former Disney executive, “as long asthat principle involves increasing his personal compensation.” As a result, the candidate who held outthe prospect of fabulous wealth for the broadcast industry got favorable coverage from ABC News. Infact, Bush received better coverage than Gore from the entire mainstream media.” [Democracy,General Electric Style, David Podvin and Carolyn Kay, October 23, 2001]

It was Disney under Eisner that attempted to bury a film by Michael Moore that wascritical of the Bush family, suggesting collusion with the Saudi Royal family.

“Mr. Moore’s agent, Ari Emanuel, said that Michael D. Eisner, Disney’s chief executive, asked himlast spring to pull out of the deal with Miramax. Mr. Emanuel said Mr. Eisner expressed concern that itwould endanger tax breaks Disney receives for its theme park, hotels and other ventures in Florida,where Mr. Bush’s brother, Jeb, is governor. “Michael Eisner asked me not to sell this movie toHarvey Weinstein; that doesn’t mean I listened to him,” Mr. Emanuel said. “He definitely indicatedthere were tax incentives he was getting for the Disney corporation and that’s why he didn’t want meto sell it to Miramax. He didn’t want a Disney company involved.”But that was then and this is now. Disney has turned most of ABC’s extensive radio network andowned-and-operated stations into a 24/7 orgy of right-wing talk. Disney’s chief lobbyist, PrestonPadden, is not only one of Washington, D.C.’s most infamous Republican lobbyists, but he used towork for Rupert Murdoch. And Padden was set to use all of his considerable influence in Congress andthe White House on Disney’s behalf if that big bad Goliath, Comcast, really tried to gobble up theMouse House. As a result, no one thought it just coincidental when W pleaded just days after 9/11 forAmericans “to return to the kind of lives we were leading before [that], especially air travel. Get onboard. Do your business around the country. Fly and enjoy America’s great destination spots. Go downto Disney World in Florida; take your families and enjoy life the way we want it to be enjoyed.” It wasas close to a White House commercial for Disney as any corporation could dare hope.Then Bush followed that up weeks later with a PR visit to Orlando, Florida, where the Magic Kingdomhad suffered a 25 percent drop in ticket sales, where a national photo showed the theme park’s desertedentrance. And since then, in addition to the usual tax breaks from W’s brother, Jeb, Disney World hasbenefited from special security measures, including extra protection and a federally declared “no

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 328flyover zone.” [When Might Turns Right – Golly GE, Why Big Media is Pro-Bush , Nikki Finke, LAWeekly, October 1 – 7, 2004]

News Corporation and FOX

The role of Murdoch’s FOX news as a mouthpiece for the Bush family is legendary. If nothing else, having George Bush’s cousin as the Senior News Editor at FOX should bean insightful tip.

“As Slate reports, Murdoch “put George W. Bush cousin John Ellis in charge of [Fox’s] Election Nightvote-counting operation: Ellis made Fox the first network to declare Bush the victor” even as the NewYorker reported that Ellis spent the evening discussing the election with George W. and Jeb Bush.After the election, Fox bragged that it attracted 6.8 million viewers on Election Night, meaning Elliswas in a key position to tilt the election for President Bush.” [Slate, 11/22/00; New Yorker, 11/20/00]

Similarly, having former Republican Party advisor Roger Ailes as a Fox News Director isanother insight to the FOX predisposition. [Michael C Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon, p.263.]

“Ailes, 48, is the legendary dark prince of political advertising, the Republican consultant who helpedengineer Richard Nixon’s resurrection in 1968 and who scripted Ronald Reagan’s second-debatecomeback against Walter Mondale in 1984. This time Ailes has been the unseen hand behind Bush’sbest moments: the “Pierre” put-down of former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont in a debate lastOctober, the hard-hitting anti-Dole advertising in February’s New Hampshire primary, and the on-airpummeling of CBS’s Dan Rather last January…. Ailes’ involvement has been crucial to Bush’scandidacy. When Bush arrived in New Hampshire reeling from a third-place finish in the Iowacaucuses, Ailes labored all night over the television ad that quashed Robert Dole’s insurgent campaign.Known as the “Senator Straddle” commercial, the blunt spot asserted that Dole had waffled on taxhikes, oil-import fees and arms control.” [The Man Behind the Message: If anyone can build a bettercandidate, it is Roger Ailes, Richard Stengel, Time Magazine, August 22, 1988]

But there is more.

“Murdoch’s media empire still has close ties with the Bush family. The relationship was recently putunder the spotlight when it was revealed that

Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes, a former  Republican party strategist, secretly acted as an advisor to the president

in the days after theSeptember 11 terrorist strikes.” [US media dig deep for politicians, Annie Lawson, Guardian, April 7,2003]“Discussions with former

Fox News employees on several levels claim they were ordered to carry propaganda, discredit and skew news against Democrats, meld news and commentary and negativelycaricature Mr Bush’s presidential opponent

, John Kerry, all under the network’s slogans of ‘Fair andBalanced’, and ‘We Report, You Decide’.”[The Advertiser, Stan James, October 16, 2004]“When he decided to create his own U.S. radio and television network, Fox, he was confronted by anAmerican law no broadcaster had ever circumvented, though many had tried. The law requires that noforeign entity may own more than 24.9 percent of a U.S. radio or television station. Murdoch changedhis citizenship from Australian to United States, but that gesture was not enough. He still failed tocomply with the broadcast law that requires the broadcaster’s parent corporation to be based within theUnited States. Murdoch refused to move the company because he had special tax advantages inAustralia. Instead, he used his new American power base of four newspapers and two magazines as

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 329levers for his legendary political behind-the-scenes navigating to obtain special favors. It was a shockto other foreign firms, which had attempted but never succeeded in entering U.S. broadcasting, whenMurdoch was granted the first waiver of that United States-only ownership law that had ever beengranted. It still has never been granted to anyone else.”“While the media can’t avoid talking about the Abramoff Scandal, they can—and do—blow smokeand spread confusion and misinformation. A most popular example is the false claim that Democrats aswell Republicans took money from Abramoff. In fact, Abramoff gave more than $127,000 toRepublican candidates and committees between 2001 and 2004, and nothing to Democrats. Indeed,TV pundits themselves have closer ties to Abamoff. In March, 2003, Hollywood Reporter onlinereported that

“Fox News Channel’s Tony Snow is master of ceremonies, and Fox’s Brit Hume and  MSNBC’s Chris Matthews are aboard” for an event whose “purpose is to raise about $300,000 for theCapital Athletic Foundation.” The Capital Athletic Foundation is one of Abramoff’s various slush fund fronts. Ostensibly devoted to “needy and deserving” sportsmanship programs, the WashingtonPost discovered that though it collected nearly $6 million in its first four years of operation, “less thanone percent of its revenue has been spent on sports-related programs for youths.”

The fundraiser wascancelled because of the invasion of Iraq. But the Beltway newsmen’s involvement raises seriousquestions about their objectivity and distance from the subject of scandal. No one is saying they aredirty. But neither can they be considered objective in reporting about a widespread scandal that theythemselves have gotten entangled in, however innocently. And yet, they are among the leading voicestelling America how to think about it.” [Abramoff Scandal Threatens GOP But Media RunsInterference, Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor, Harbor Independent News, January 2006]

Clear Channel

“Global radio giant Clear Channel recently reignited concerns about companies that controlmainstream media and snuggle up to political parties, following its controversial sponsorship of pro-war rallies in the US. The media group, which controls 1,225 radio stations across the US and is theworld’s largest radio empire, also attracted scathing criticism for dropping the Dixie Chicks from itsnetwork playlist after its lead singer publicly declared her opposition to the war.The company’s founder, Lowry Mays, ensured the majority of the $503,910 donations made in 2001-02 landed in the Republican party’s coffers. But his company’s links with the Bush family run deeper.Media watchdog this week published the elaborate web of connections thatfurther align Clear Channel with the Bush family. Mays, who took advantage of radio deregulationand transformed Clear Channel into a global multimedia player, is associated with the presidentthrough the University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO). Mays sits on thegoverning board, alongside Clear Channel vice-chairman Thomas Hicks, whose family is believed tohave contributed over $500,000 to Bush campaigns over the years.Hicks, a long-time friend and supporter of President Bush, heads the UTIMCO board but his positionwas recently embroiled in controversy when it emerged he awarded UTIMCO-funded contracts tofirms politically associated with the Bush dynasty.Hicks also bought the Texas Rangers baseball team from Bush for $250 million in 1998, three timesthe amount that Bush and his partners had originally paid.” [US media dig deep for politicians, AnnieLawson, Guardian, April 7, 2003]


The fifth largest Media Empire belongs to the Mohn family of Germany, which appearsto maintain relative silence in American politics. However, a deep probe into theownership suggests the significant but subtle influence of the Bush syndicate partners.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 330 “If one drives southwest from Hanover, Germany, and is careful to remain on Berliner Strasse forabout 125 kilometers, one will come to Gutersloh, a pleasant town of sculptured tulip gardens, high-spired churches, and tree-lined streams and lakes. It is a town of thirty-six thousand that lists as anhonorary citizen, among others, Reinhard Mohn. This is the ancestral home of the Mohn family, whohappen to own the privately owned firm of Bertelsmann A.G., the fifth largest media corporation in theUnited States and, among other things, the largest printer of English-language books in the world.…Like the other members of the Big Five that dominate the American media world, Bertelsmann’s listof media companies is lengthy. It requires nine typed pages. Thirty percent of its holdings are in theUnited States, bringing from this source alone $63 billion annually.Most of Bertelsmanns eighty-two book subsidiaries were once freestanding, independent publishinghouses, some of them household words not so many years ago Alfred Knopf, Pantheon, RandomHouse, Ballantine, Bantam, Crown, Doubleday, and Modem Library. Its magazine groups includefamiliar names like Family Circle and Parents (joint ventures). The twenty different record labelsissued by Bertelsmann include RCA, RCA Victor, and Windham Hill. Like others in the Big Five,Bertelsmann has shared enterprises with its “competitors,” including a 50-50 ownership with Disney of a German TV operation, Super RTL.With all its power, Bertelsmann is haunted by a ghost….With the advent of Hitler and Nazism in the1930s and the aftermath horrors of the Holocaust in World War 11, questions were asked how thecompany had emerged from the war ready to resume its growth around the world. To queries like”What did you do under Hitler?” the Bertelsmann official answer was, in effect, “We suffered for ouranti-Nazism.” Postwar records seemed to confirm this because in 1944 there was a temporary closureof the Bertelsmann plant in Gutersloh. But as postwar German archives became available, Gennansociologist

Hersch Fischler discovered that, during the war, Bertelsmann had, in fact, been the largest  publisher under Hitler. Among its 19 million books, it had large contracts from the Nazi Propaganda Ministry, including anti-Semitic tracts supporting Hitler’s insistence that Germans needed to take over central and western Europe.

One book echoed Hitler’s propaganda claim. Bertelsmann’s anti-Semitictracts were standard literature for Hitler’s Brown Shirts.” [The New Media Monopoly, Ben Bagdikian,Beacon Press, 2004]

While the Bertelsmann Media giant is owned mostly by the quiet Mohn family of Germany, they have cast their lot with a familiar global financial powerhouse: GroupBruxells Lambert, largely controlled by Andre Desmarais. The reader will recall thatDesmarais was identified as a board member of Barrick Gold, along with George BushSr., Adnan Khashoggi, the Bronfmann family and a host of German/Swiss bank cartelmembers. Desmarais had himself placed on the Board of BertelsmannAG, suggestinganother media company controlled by one of the extended Bush syndicate.

“In February 2001, Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, one of Belgium’s top 10 companies and 25 percentowned by Power Corp., acquired control of BertelsmannAG. Andre Desmarais, President and Chief Executive Officer of Power Corp., was named to the BAG board.As it turns out, the publishing company controlled by Canada’s powerful Desmarais family has a lessthan honourary history. Indeed, during the days of the Third Reich, BertelsmannAG was the biggestpublisher of Nazi texts, with production more prolific than the National Socialist Party’s own printingbusiness. The Nazi chapter of BertelsmannAG began in 1933, but was only documented and disclosedby a historian Saul Friedlander in 1999.Bertelsmann published the nefarious, The Christmas Book for Hitler Youth.The publishing empire which employs some 80,000 workers in 51 countries, posted an overall cashflow of $18.3-billion in 2002.Originally run by the Heinrich Mohn family, the company donated money to the SS and to variousecology Save-the-Earth factions of the Nazi movement.” [Canada’s global connections, Judi McLeod,, December, 15, 2004.]


Additionally, another Barrick Board member – Otto Pohl – is also a director of Bertelsmann.

13.6 Final Steps in Ending a Free Press

The Bush syndicate has figured out how to control the traditional press. The internet,however, remains free. This report is an example of how the Internet allows informationto be shared that has been buried by a controlled press. Freedom, however, threatens thissyndicate. Hence, in 2005, Representatives of the Bush syndicate went to court to try tolimit political expression on the internet.

“The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is currently under court order to consider extendingregulation and restriction of political speech outlined by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002(BCRA, also known as McCain-Feingold). The court order was the result of a lawsuit filed byadvocates of regulated speech, including the architects of BCRA, Sens. John McCain and RussFeingold. Users of the Internet, such as online publications and blogs, so far have enjoyed a broadexemption from the speech restrictions favored by reformers. But the court-ordered rule-making by theFEC could change that…..FEC Commissioner Brad Smith: I think because anything they can’t control scares them. And I thinkthat as they are zealots, they are perpetually afraid somebody, somewhere is going to spend somemoney to influence politics and they think that that is a bad thing. They don’t say that, of course. Theysay they are still very concerned about First Amendment rights and citizens participating in politicsand so on. But if you are really looking at what their record is, if you look at what they do, if you lookat what they testify before the commission about, what they are afraid of is that people would beparticipating in politics and in ways that they cannot control. So while there is no demonstrative threatyet, it’s just a possibility that this could be a threat that has led them to swing into action.” [An End To’Everybody’s Press? Nick Schulz,, June 13, 2005]


The current methods ofterror, propaganda and media control all suggest that the countryis being controlled by something other than the democratic process. If one adds to that amassive amount of research that indicates last two presidential elections were tamperedwith in the polls of numerous states, the path the U.S. is being steered to take is a darkone indeed. The next section of this report suggests that the Bush administration and theNeoconservative movement it uses as its front are really more like a totalitarianmovement, than a party in the democratic process.


Who Owns the Media

P  a  r  e  n   t


$100.5 billion


$26.8 billion

The WaltDisney Co.

$23 billion


$18.9 billion


$13 billion

N  e   t  w  o  r   k  s


includesprogramming,news and morethan 13 TV andradio stations



ncludes sportsteams,programming,production,retail, bookpublishing andmultimedia




includesABC Radio,ABC Video andABC NetworkNews


includesstations, CBSRadio, CBSTelenoticias andCBS NetworkNews


includesprogrammingand TV stations(50%)


includesprogrammingand stations

C  a   b   l  e   I  n   t  e  r  e  s   t  s

Owns 25-50% of the following:A& E (with Disneyand Hearst) American MovieClassics (25%) BiographyChannel (with Disney and  Hearst) Bravo(50%) Bravo InternationalCNBC Court TV (with TimeWarner) FoxSports Net  History Channel(with Disney and  Hearst) Independent FilmChannel MSG Network MSNBC (50%) NationalGeographicWorldwide NewsSport PrimePrism (with Rainbow, asubsidiary of Cablevision, and  Liberty Media, asubsidiary of TCI) RomanceClassics SportsChannel

HBO (75%)Cinemax HBODirect BroadcastCourt TV (33%with GE) TBSSuperstationTurner ClassicMovies TNTCartoon NetworkComedy Central(37.5% withViacom) SegaChannelOVATION(50%) Women’sInformationTelevision(WIN) (partial)TVKO (75%) 4regional all-newschannels CNNCNN/SI (with

Sports Illustrated

)CNNfn (financialnetwork)CNNRadioHeadline NewsSportsouth CNNInternationalCNN AirportNetworkDisney ChannelDisneyTelevision (58hours/weeksyndicatedprogramming)Toon DisneyTouchstoneTelevision A&E(37.5% withHearst and GE)Lifetime Network(50%) ESPN(80% withHearst) ESPN2(80% withHearst) ESPNClassic (80%with Hearst)ESPN West (80%with Hearst)ESPNews (80%with Hearst)Buena VistaTelevisionBiographyChannel (withGE and Hearst)History Channel(37.5% withHearst and GE)Classic SportsNetwork E!(35%)NickelodeonMTV M2:MusicTelevision VH1Showtime Nickat Nite’sTVLandParamountNetworksComedy Central(50% with TimeWarner) TNN:The NashvilleNetwork MovieChannel FLIXAll NewsChannel (50%)SundanceChannel (45%)Midwest SportsChannel CBSTelenoticias(30%) HomeTeam Sports(66% with NewsCorporation)Fox FamilyChannel (50%)Fox NewsChannel fx(50% with TCI’sLiberty Media)fxM (50% withTCI’s LibertyMedia) FoxSports Net (25%with TCI, GEand Cablevision)The NationalGeographicChannel (50%)FIT TVPartnershipRegionalnetworks,including TVGuide Channeland Fox SportsNew York

Other Major Players:AT&T (TCI)

– Recently acquired by AT&T, TCI’s hold on cable, internet and local phone services contributed to $7.6 billion in 1997revenues. TCI is the second-largest US cable television system provider, and it has 10% ownership of Time-Warner/Turner. Thecompany owns all or part of USA Network, Sci-Fi Network, E!, Court TV, Starz! and Starz! 2, Black Entertainment Television, BETon Jazz, BET Movies/Starz! 3, CNN, TNT, Headline News, Prime Sports Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, QVC,Q2, Fox Sports Net, The Travel Channel, Prevue Channel, Animal Planet, The Box, Telemundo, International Channel, Encore, MSGNetwork, Action Pay-per-view, and the Home Shopping Network.


– Sony’s main media interests, earning $9 billion in 1997 sales, are in film and television production, movie theaters and music.

Universal (Seagram)

– In addition to Universal Studios, with its production facilities and theme parks, the company owns the USAand Sci-Fi cable networks.Source: Who Controls the Media? Professor John Lye – Last Updated (Friday, 08 October 2004), also National Organization of Women


14Policy and Philosophy: Democracy and Patriotism as Cover-ups for Terror and Greed

The political movement founded by George H.W. Bush has a history of being tainted byallegations of criminal misconduct, most of which has never been proven in a court of law. Voters are often reminded that the allegations around Iran-Contra, cocaine dealings,savings and loan frauds, bank fraud and money laundering, and violations of the U.S.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act have never been proven in court of law. Voters are neverreminded that investigations into these crimes have been stopped or corrupted; witnesseshave been bribed, intimidated and murdered, and evidence has been suppressed under theguise of ‘national security.’ If the record was one such that there had been only onewhispered allegation or possibly two – there might be a reasonable position in giving theaccused the benefit of the doubt, which the U.S. legal system does. However, over thepast twenty years, those individuals intimately linked to the Bush family success havebeen accused over-and-over again of felony crimes, only to escape prosecution andpunishment because of the Bush apparatus political influence. Their public accusers havebeen slandered, ruined, imprisoned and murdered. The news of these crimes is selectivelyignored under the guidance of a few media oligarchs who are indebted to – and in fear of -the Bush machine.In so many ways, the alleged crimes and behavior patterns of the Bush family are such asto suggest they trumpet the coming of a new totalitarian order – the “new world order”first mentioned in a speech to Congress by George H.W. Bush on September 11, 1991.The movement, however, began much earlier, in 1975, when Bush came to power as CIADirector under President Gerald Ford. It was at that time that his future war cabinet“eviscerated” Kissinger’s policies of détente and balance of power, and by eliminatingKissinger, sought to take the United States down a path of global domination byeliminating the policy of “balance” of power.

“The report, delivered at the end of 1976, presented an analysis of Soviet motivations profoundlydifferent from the one U.S. intelligence had been offering. The team (appointed by Bush, includingWolfowitz) concluded it was possible to interpret the available intelligence data as showing that theSoviet Union was striving for military superiority over the United States and that it viewed détente as ameans of achieving that goal. “All evidence points to an undeviating Soviet Commitment to what iseuphemistically called the “worldwide triumph of socialism,’ but in fact connotes global Soviethegemony” the report said. It criticized the CIA for relying too much on satellites and othertechnology and for failing to give enough weight to what the Soviet leaders were saying.” …

Theevisceration of Henry Kissinger and détente represented a turning point for America’s relations withthe world

….Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz all played key roles in these changes…”.[Rise of theVulcans- The History of Bush’s War Cabinet, James Mann, Penguin, 2004, p74.]

The new policy which strives for world hegemony was founded in the thinking of theBush advisors who would later proclaim themselves the “Vulcans” in the late 1980s(after the Roman god of fire and volcanoes, maker of iron, arms and armor), and laterbecame leaders of the Neoconservative movement of the late 1990s. Their policy of world domination, initially expressed in 1976, is reported by numerous resources, to be


encompassed in such phrases as “global hegemony,” “permanent superiority,” and“perpetual war.”

“Already in 1992, toward the end of the first Bush White House, then Undersecretary of DefenseWolfowitz and Secretary of Defense Cheney came up with a bold new plan to rethink U.S. militarypolicy, which was circulated in the top-secret Defense Policy Guidance report. So disturbing was thisreport that a Pentagon official, who believed this strategy debate should be carried out in the publicdomain, leaked it. Indeed, it was

described by some as nothing less than a plan for the U.S. to “rulethe world,

” without acting through the U.N. and by using pre-emptive attacks on potential threats(Armstrong Armstrong, David 2002 “Dick Cheney’s Song of America: Drafting a Plan for GlobalDominance.”


(October): 76-83; Johnson, Chalmers 2004

The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy and the End of the Republic

. New York: Henry Holt and Company. 20-25). …Although this plan was quickly rejected after its leak, it resurfaced in a new form in 1997, with thefounding of the Project for a New American Century by Irving Kristol’s son, William. As WilliamKristol and Robert Kagan had already argued in

Foreign Affairs

in 1996, America now has anopportunity to exercise a

“benevolent hegemony”

over the world while promoting democracy and freemarkets – an opportunity it would be foolish to let slip away.” (“Toward a Neo-Reaganite ForeignPolicy.” William Kristol and Robert Kagan ,Foreign Affairs July/August 1996) [America, Left Behind: Bush, the Neoconservatives, and EvangelicalChristian Fiction, Hugh B. Urban, Journal of Religion & Society, Volume 8 (2006), ISSN 1522-5658 ]

“Inside the Pentagon, Wolfowitz had delegated the job of coming up with the new Defense PlanningGuidance to (Scooter) Libby, his protégé and top assistant …. Libby in turn, assigned the task of writing the new strategy to (Zalmay) Khalilzad…. Khalilzad’s draft suggested that the competitionwith Japan and Germany should be confined to economics; the United States should make sure it hadno military rivals…. Libby wanted to shift the emphasis subtly. The point shouldn’t be to block rivalpowers, but rather for the United States to become so militarily strong, so overwhelmingly that nocountry would dream of ever becoming a rival. America should build up its military lead to such anextent that other countries would be dissuaded from even starting to compete with the United States.The costs would be too high….

Thus the United States would be the world’s lone superpower not just today or ten years from now but permanently….This Pentagon strategy for permanent Americanmilitary superiority was issued under Cheney’s name

, and Cheney played the key role in making thedocument public.” [Rise of the Vulcans – The History of Bush’s War Cabinet, James Mann, Penguin,2004, pp209-213.]“Against the looming threat of peace and prosperity,

Dick Cheney assured that in the words of GoreVidal, the decades to come would be defined by “perpetual war.”

Cheney was as fervently anti-Communist as the next right-winger, but when the Communist-led governments ceased to pose eventhe slightest challenge to the United States or its allies, the secretary of defense jettisoned the rationalefor the cold war while maintaining the form and substance of the struggle.” [The Rise and Rise of Richard B. Cheney, John Nichols, The New Press, 2004, p104.]

The Neoconservative movement however was more than an expression of governmentpolicy. It became – it evolved into – an ideology of faith, as shown by its advocates.

“As Halper and Clarke suggest, [The Faith Factor, Stefan Halper and Jonathan Clarke, Time,

June 21,2004, p.30] the Neoconservative persuasion can perhaps best be characterized by three features: first,“

a belief deriving from religious conviction that the human condition is defined as a choice betweengood and evil and that the true measure of political character is found in the willingness by the former to confront the latter;

” second, “an assertion that the fundamental determinant of the relationshipbetween states rests on military power and the willingness to use it….” [America, Left Behind: Bush,the Neoconservatives, and Evangelical Christian Fiction, Hugh B. Urban, Journal of Religion &Society, Volume 8 (2006), ISSN 1522-5658 ]

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 335“As Kristol argues, strong religious faith and a belief in the transcendent basis of moral law is crucialto the health of the country and the strength of the economy: “The three pillars of modern conservatismare religion, nationalism, and economic growth. Of these,

religion is easily the most important,because it is the only power that . . . can shape people’s characters and regulate their motivation”

.The loss of a strong moral and religious compass, in turn, has led to the intense crisis that modernliberal America faces, which he described as a “steady decline in our democratic values, sinking tonew levels of vulgarity.” [America, Left Behind : Bush, the Neoconservatives, and EvangelicalChristian Fiction, Hugh B. Urban, Journal of Religion & Society, Volume 8 (2006), ISSN 1522-5658 ]

The Neoconservative movement as expressed by its apostles, promised the fulfillment of a “Utopian” vision with apocalyptic connotations – the ultimate, Utopian destiny of human kind.

“…the Neoconservative “persuasion” has attracted a wide range of powerful figures, from Bushcabinet members like Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney, to intellectuals like FranciFukuyama. Indeed, one of the most important texts for Neoconservative ideology is Fukuyama’swidely-read work, The End of History and the Last Man, which

posits that American government and  free market capitalism represent the final stage of human development with few flaws

(cf. Burbach andTarbell: 83).” [America, Left Behind: Bush, the Neoconservatives, and Evangelical Christian Fiction,Hugh B. Urban, Journal of Religion & Society, Volume 8 (2006), ISSN 1522-5658 ]

Clearly, the Neoconservative movement was and is more than expression of guidance forAmerican foreign policy. William Kristol and Michael Ledeen, as the NietscheanZarathustras of the Neoconservative movement, both advocate a disdain for all that haspreceded them with the proclamation that “history begins today” and that the future of humanity is best determined by the global hegemony of their interpretation of “goodversus evil” based on their Judaeo-Christian Old Testament culture. Their interpretationof what that culture demands is one that rationalizes a conscious choice and the practiceof evil, hatred, suffering, and arrogance in pursuit of their “Utopian vision.” Thephilosophical rationalization of evil and hatred has resulted in a US foreign policy whichblatantly deploys unjustified war, murder, rape, torture, theft, fraud, lying, forgery andbribery under the immunity of patriotism and national security and under the façade of promoting democracy.The Vulcan/Neoconservative ideology of world hegemony can be interpreted as‘patriotic’ or impassioned love of country – but it is also a reflection of a deeper,unnerving psyche. That psyche is best described by Hannah Arendt, whose classic studyof German and Russian totalitarianism provides insight to the many similarities betweenthe Neoconservative movement and those movements that gave birth to the totalitarianphenomenon.

“The struggle for total domination of the total population of the earth… is inherent in the totalitarianregimes themselves…Totalitarianism in power uses the state administration for its long-range goal of world conquest and for the direction of the branches of the movement; it establishes the secret policeas the executors and guardians of its domestic experiment in constantly transforming reality intofiction; and it finally erects concentration camps as special laboratories to carry through its experimentin total domination.” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, pp. 392]

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 336“To be sure, totalitarian dictators do not consciously embark upon the road to insanity….they considerthe country where they happened to seize power only the temporary headquarters of the internationalmovement on the road to conquest, that they reckon victories and defeats in terms of centuries ormillennia , and that global interests always overrule the local interests of their own territory.” [TheOrigins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, p411.]



and ideology of the Neoconservative movement is not inherentlytotalitarian, and a desire for global domination does not automatically qualify themovement as Totalitarian. Unfortunately, it is but one of many characteristics that theNeoconservative movement has in common with the horrors of the mid-TwentiethCentury dictators now known as Totalitarian. If one highlights the characteristics of ‘Totalitarian” regimes, the parallels between those abominations and the neoconservativemovement become clear. Here are nine more similarities between Bush’ Neoconservativecabal, and the totalitarian regimes of Germany and the Soviet Union.1. The movement considers itself above the law.

“…the fundamental difference between the totalitarian and all other concepts of law comes to light.Totalitarian policy does not replace one set of laws with another, does not establish its own consensusiuris, does not create by one revolution, a new form of legality. Its defiance of all, even its ownpositive laws implies that it believes it can do without any

consensus iuris

whatever, and still notresign itself to the tyrannical state of lawlessness, arbitrariness and fear.” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, p462.]

Time and again, in protecting his business partners from criminal investigation andpardoning them from crimes against the state, Bush has maintained that patriotism ismore important than the law, and that he as President, was above it.

‘President Bush December 24 granted pardons to former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger andfive other individuals for their conduct related to the Iran-Contra affair.Bush said Weinberger — who had been scheduled to go on trial in Washington January 5 on chargesrelated to Iran-Contra — was a “true American patriot,” who had served with “distinction” in a series of public positions since the late 1960s.”I am pardoning him not just out of compassion or to spare a 75-year-old patriot the torment of lengthyand costly legal proceedings, but to make it possible for him to receive the honor he deserves for hisextraordinary service to our country,” Bush said in a proclamation granting executive clemency.The president also pardoned five other persons who already had pleaded guilty or had been indicted orconvicted in connection with the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages investigation. They were ElliottAbrams, a former assistant secretary of state for Inter-American affairs; former National SecurityAdviser Robert McFarlane; and Duane Clarridge, Alan Fiers, and Clair George, all former employeesof the Central Intelligence Agency.Explaining those pardons, Bush said the “common denominator of their motivation — whether theiractions were right or wrong — was patriotism.” [Bush Pardons Weinberger, Five Others Ties to Iran-Contra, Dian McDonald; USIA White House Correspondent Washington, December 24, 1992]

Similarly, his son George W. Bush, has taken this interpretation of the law to a new level,creating for himself interpretations of the law that allow him to suspend any law, insecret, at his discretion.

‘When the New York Times revealed that George W. Bush had ordered the National Security Agencyto wiretap the foreign calls of American citizens without seeking court permission, as is indisputably

required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), passed by Congress in 1978, he faced adecision. Would he deny the practice, or would he admit it? He admitted it. But instead of expressingregret, he took full ownership of the deed, stating that his order had been entirely justified, that he hadin fact renewed it thirty times, that he would continue to renew it and–going even more boldly on theoffensive–that those who had made his law-breaking known had committed a “shameful act.” As justification, he offered two arguments, one derisory, the other deeply alarming. The derisory one wasthat Congress, by authorizing him to use force after September 11, had authorized him to suspendFISA, although that law is unmentioned in the resolution. Thus has Bush informed the members of asupposedly co-equal branch of government of what, unbeknownst to themselves, they were thinkingwhen they cast their vote. The alarming argument is that as Commander in Chief he possesses”inherent” authority to suspend laws in wartime. But if he can suspend FISA at his whim and in secret,then what law can he not suspend? What need is there, for example, to pass or not pass the Patriot Actif any or all of its provisions can be secretly exceeded by the President?Bush’s choice marks a watershed in the evolution of his Administration….The Administration of George W. Bush is not a dictatorship, but it does manifest the characteristics of one in embryonic form. Until recently, these were developing and growing in the twilight world of secrecy. Even within the executive branch itself, Bush seemed to govern outside the normallyconstituted channels of the Cabinet and to rely on what Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff has called a “cabal.” Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill reported the same thing. Cabinetmeetings were for show. Real decisions were made elsewhere, out of sight. Another White Houseofficial, John DiIulio, has commented that there was “a complete lack of a policy apparatus” in theWhite House. “What you’ve got is everything, and I mean everything, being run by the political arm.”As in many Communist states, a highly centralized party, in this case the Republican Party, wasbeginning to forge a parallel apparatus at the heart of government, a semi-hidden state-within-a-state,by which the real decisions were made.’ [The Hidden State Steps Forward, Jonathan Schell, TheNation, December 22, 2005]“… in the United States, this president (George HW Bush ) and Congress seem hell bent on defyingthe popular will. The American people, in poll after poll and survey after survey, are revealed to beopposed to the direction of the war in Iraq, illegal immigration, amnesty, a guest-worker program, theoutsourcing of jobs and certainly the outsourcing of our security. It has become increasingly clear overthe last several years that the least represented constituency in either Congress or the White House isthe middle class, working men and women who are the foundation of our country.” [Dobbs: President,Congress Defying People’s Will, Lou Dobbs, CNN, March 31, 2006]“I do not need to explain why I say things. That’s the interesting thing about being president. Maybesomebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don’t feel like I owe anybody anexplanation.” George Bush Jr. [Michael C Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon, p. 480.]

2. The movement is founded on terror.

‘Terror becomes total when it becomes independent of all opposition; it rules supreme when nobodyany longer stands in its way. If lawfulness is the essence of non-tyrannical government and lawlessnessis the essence of tyranny, then terror is the essence of totalitarian domination.’ [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, p.464.]

The Neoconservative movement, under the Bush family, has engaged in total terror,including murder, conspiracy with organized crime, drug-running, torture, secret camps.

‘He has presided over a system of torture and sought to legitimize it by specious definitions of theword. He has asserted a wholesale right to lock up American citizens and others indefinitely withoutany legal showing or the right to see a lawyer or anyone else. He has kidnapped people in foreigncountries and sent them to other countries, where they were tortured. In rationalizing these and otheracts, his officials have laid claim to the unlimited, uncheckable and unreviewable powers he has

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 337required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), passed by Congress in 1978, he faced adecision. Would he deny the practice, or would he admit it? He admitted it. But instead of expressingregret, he took full ownership of the deed, stating that his order had been entirely justified, that he hadin fact renewed it thirty times, that he would continue to renew it and–going even more boldly on theoffensive–that those who had made his law-breaking known had committed a “shameful act.” As justification, he offered two arguments, one derisory, the other deeply alarming. The derisory one wasthat Congress, by authorizing him to use force after September 11, had authorized him to suspendFISA, although that law is unmentioned in the resolution. Thus has Bush informed the members of asupposedly co-equal branch of government of what, unbeknownst to themselves, they were thinkingwhen they cast their vote. The alarming argument is that as Commander in Chief he possesses”inherent” authority to suspend laws in wartime. But if he can suspend FISA at his whim and in secret,then what law can he not suspend? What need is there, for example, to pass or not pass the Patriot Actif any or all of its provisions can be secretly exceeded by the President?Bush’s choice marks a watershed in the evolution of his Administration….The Administration of George W. Bush is not a dictatorship, but it does manifest the characteristics of one in embryonic form. Until recently, these were developing and growing in the twilight world of secrecy. Even within the executive branch itself, Bush seemed to govern outside the normallyconstituted channels of the Cabinet and to rely on what Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff has called a “cabal.” Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill reported the same thing. Cabinetmeetings were for show. Real decisions were made elsewhere, out of sight. Another White Houseofficial, John DiIulio, has commented that there was “a complete lack of a policy apparatus” in theWhite House. “What you’ve got is everything, and I mean everything, being run by the political arm.”As in many Communist states, a highly centralized party, in this case the Republican Party, wasbeginning to forge a parallel apparatus at the heart of government, a semi-hidden state-within-a-state,by which the real decisions were made.’ [The Hidden State Steps Forward, Jonathan Schell, TheNation, December 22, 2005]“… in the United States, this president (George HW Bush ) and Congress seem hell bent on defyingthe popular will. The American people, in poll after poll and survey after survey, are revealed to beopposed to the direction of the war in Iraq, illegal immigration, amnesty, a guest-worker program, theoutsourcing of jobs and certainly the outsourcing of our security. It has become increasingly clear overthe last several years that the least represented constituency in either Congress or the White House isthe middle class, working men and women who are the foundation of our country.” [Dobbs: President,Congress Defying People’s Will, Lou Dobbs, CNN, March 31, 2006]“I do not need to explain why I say things. That’s the interesting thing about being president. Maybesomebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don’t feel like I owe anybody anexplanation.” George Bush Jr. [Michael C Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon, p. 480.]

2. The movement is founded on terror.

‘Terror becomes total when it becomes independent of all opposition; it rules supreme when nobodyany longer stands in its way. If lawfulness is the essence of non-tyrannical government and lawlessnessis the essence of tyranny, then terror is the essence of totalitarian domination.’ [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, p.464.]

The Neoconservative movement, under the Bush family, has engaged in total terror,including murder, conspiracy with organized crime, drug-running, torture, secret camps.

‘He has presided over a system of torture and sought to legitimize it by specious definitions of theword. He has asserted a wholesale right to lock up American citizens and others indefinitely withoutany legal showing or the right to see a lawyer or anyone else. He has kidnapped people in foreigncountries and sent them to other countries, where they were tortured. In rationalizing these and otheracts, his officials have laid claim to the unlimited, uncheckable and unreviewable powers he has

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 338asserted in the wiretapping case. He has tried to drop a thick shroud of secrecy over these and otheractions.’ [The Hidden State Steps Forward, Jonathan Schell, The Nation, December 22, 2005]

3. The success of the movement is founded on apathy in the voting populace.

‘Totalitarian movements are possible wherever there are masses who for one reason or anotherhave acquired the appetitive for political organization. Masses are not held together by aconsciousness of common interest and they lack that specific class articulateness which isexpressed in determined, limited, and obtainable goals. The term masses applies only where wedeal with people who either because of their sheer numbers, or indifference, or a combination of both, cannot be integrated into any organization based on common interest, into political parties ormunicipal governments or professional organizations or trade unions. Potentially, they exist inevery country and

form the majority of those large numbers of neutral, politically indifferent  people who never join a party and hardly ever go to the polls.’

[The Origins of Totalitarianism,Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968]


The movement is funded not so much by the willing populace, but rather by stealingthe resources of subjugated territories

“Like a foreign conqueror, the totalitarian dictator regards the natural and industrial riches of eachcountry, including his own, as a source of loot and a means of preparing the next step of aggressive expansion. Since this economy of systematic spoliation is carried out for the sake of the movement and not of the nation, no people and no territory, as the potential beneficiary, canpossible set a saturation point to the process. The totalitarian dictator is like a foreign conquerorwho comes from nowhere, and his looting is likely to benefit nobody.” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, p. 417]

The Bush movement has been propelled into history by “dark ops” across the globe,funded by the initial theft of the World War II Asian treasuries recovered byFerdinand Marcos, and subsidized by criminal profits from weapons for drugs forcash. The involvement of the Bush apparatus in facilitating this trade between crimeorganizations, terrorist organizations and mainstream political parties is seen inVietnam, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Albania, Columbia, Nicaragua, to mention theobvious examples. Using these funds, they have destabilized these same areas for thesake of controlling oil, while their Russian/Israeli Mafiya partners reap the gold anddiamond mineral wealth.5. The movement began with a benign front.

“The world…usually gets its first glimpse of a totalitarian movement through its frontorganizations. The sympathizers, who are to all appearance still innocuous fellow-citizens in anon-totalitarian society, can hardly be called single minded fanatics; through them, the movementsmake their fantastic lies more generally acceptable, can spread their propaganda in milder, morerespectable forms….” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968] (367)

For Americans, the first glimpses of this new movement came from the “Project for aNew American Century” and “American Enterprise Institute.” These are the publicfronts. The non-public, secretive fronts are not so obvious, and are described underArendt’s totalitarian characteristic – new levels of secrecy.

6. The movement defines new levels of militancy and secrecy.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 339“Another advantage of the totalitarian pattern is that it can be repeated indefinitely and keeps theorganization in a state of fluidity which permits it constantly to insert new layers, and define newdegrees of militancy.” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968] 368“Real power begins where secrecy begins.” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt,Harvest Book, 1968] 403

For Arendt, militancy and secrecy were state or party sponsored. In this report, theevidence has shown the emergence and use of private military armies by the Bushadministration and business partners in pursuit of their goals, as aligned through theirparty allegiances. Such organizations have names which hide the fact that their solebusiness is selling war and murder, packaged as “security.”




Strategic Consulting Group

Titan Inc.

StratesecThere is however another layer of militancy, where organizations are fronts for illegalintelligence operations, free of Congressional or Parliamentary oversight. These areorganizations where public leaders can deploy stolen public treasuries for thepurposes of advancing their personal business interests. They come under suchinnocent names as

International Republican Institute (not affiliated with the Republican Party)

World Vision

Wings of Democracy

US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce

Office of Special Plans

Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung

Azerbaijan International Operating Company

American Commonwealth UniversityThese organization and corporations are only a few of the “fronts” deployed by thismovement’s members.7. It is a movement that masks its realities with lies.

“A mixture of gullibility and cynicism is prevalent in all ranks of totalitarian movements, and thehigher the rank, the more cynicism weighs down gullibility. The essential conviction shared by allranks, from fellow-traveler to leader, is that

politics is a game of cheating and that the first commandment of the movement

: “The Fuehrer is always right,” is as necessary for the purpose of world politics, i.e.., world-wide cheating, as the rules of military discipline are for the purpose of war….The result of this system is that the gullibility of sympathizers makes lies credible to the outside world,while at the same time the graduated cynicism of membership and elite formation eliminates thedanger that the leader will ever be forced by the weight of his own propaganda to make good his own

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 340statements and feigned respectability. It has been one of the chief handicaps of the outside world indealing with totalitarian systems that it ignored this system and therefore trusted that on one hand, thevery enormity of totalitarian lies would be their undoing and that, on the other, it would be possible totake the Leader at his word and force him, regardless of his original intentions, to make it good. Thetotalitarian system, unfortunately, is foolproof against such normal consequences; its ingeniousnessrests precisely on the elimination of the reality which either unmasks the liar or forces him to live up tohis pretense.” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, p.384.]

In their proclaimed battle of good versus evil, Neoconservatives claim – as did Hitlerand Stalin –that they stand for democracy and patriotism, and all the goodness thoseconditions bring. What they leave behind in the Philippines, Albania, Chechnya,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Angola, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places is anew tyranny, the only difference is that the new tyrannies pay tribute to the “newworld order:” the friends and corporations aligned with the Neoconservativemovement and Bush family. What they leave behind in the U.S. is equally tragic.Their ‘patriotic’ contribution to the nation is found in the subtle theft of untoldhundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars via

Treasury backed loans from The World Bank, the IMF, and the Inter-AmericanDevelopment Bank, which end up in Swiss an other off-shore accounts;

A fee on all cash transactions of the U.S. Treasury. In their outsourcing of thevarious federal functions, every dollar going into and out of the Treasury wouldflow through the Riggs Bank, in Washington D.C., of which Jonathon Bush is aDirector, and former Vice Chairman and Director J. Carter Beese became afounder of the Carlyle Group and an SEC Commissioner. When attention wasfocused on the Bank for its unwillingness to clamp down on illegal money-laundering, the bank changed its name.

Secret, uncompetitive bid contracts for hundreds of billions of dollars thatproduce no substantial value, and where even the results of government auditswhich report fraud are disregarded.8. It is a movement that finds alliances with organized crime, brutal warlords, and drug-runners.

“…there is no doubt that the elite and the mob notwithstanding, there is no doubt that the elite waspleased whenever the underworld frightened respectable society into accepting it on an equal footing.The members of the elite did not object at all to paying a price, the destruction of civilization, for thefun of seeing how those who had been excluded unjustly in the past forced their way in. They werenot particularly outraged at the monstrous forgeries in historiography of which all totalitarian regimesare guilty and which announce themselves clearly enough in totalitarian propaganda.” [The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, Harvest Book, 1968, p 332.]

Is there a better example of this than the Board of Diligence, with all its connection to theNeoconservative movement, dealing on a regular basis with a front for the ChechenMafiya and other mercenaries, whose targets are children and sleeping families?9. It is a movement that openly admits that intolerance, evil and hatred are acceptable behaviors.

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 341“Leo Strauss is one of the icons of the modern conservative movement. His influence today isparticularly strong among conservatives working on issues of public policy, including foreignaffairs. His intellectual heirs include William Kristol…William Bennet, Fukyama and HarveyMansfield, as well as quite a few officials in the Pentagon and National Securitycommunity….

One core idea in Strauss’s work was a denunciation of the spirit of moraltolerance

….[Rise of the Vulcans- The History of Bush’s War Cabinet, James Mann, Penguin,2004, p26.]“The defense of the country is one of those extreme situation in which a leader is justified incommitting evil.” [Machiavelli on Modern Leadership, Michael Ledeen, 2000, pp 117]“…in order to achieve the most noble accomplishments, the leader may have to ‘enter into evil.’ ”[Machiavelli on Modern Leadership, Michael Ledeen, 2000, pp 90]

There should be no ambiguity as to what the Neoconservative/Bush movementrepresents.10. It is an organization that openly justifies the murder of innocent civilians to promotetheir personal definitions of public policy

According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, the neworganization — the “Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG)” — will carry out secretmissions designed to “stimulate reactions” among terrorist groups, provoking them intocommitting violent acts which would then expose them to “counterattack” by U.S. forces.In other words — and let’s say this plainly, clearly and soberly, so that no one can mistake theintention of Rumsfeld’s plan — the United States government is planning to use “cover anddeception” and secret military operations to provoke murderous terrorist attacks on innocentpeople. Let’s say it again: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the othermembers of the unelected regime in Washington

plan to deliberately foment the murder of innocent people

— your family, your friends, your lovers, you

— in order to further their geopolitical ambitions


[Into the Dark: The Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks, ChrisFloyd, CounterPunch, November 1, 2002]

These were the people that had no difficulty in ordering the deaths of thousands of innocents on September 11, 2001.




The murder of Nick Berg by Mossad agents posing as Muslim terrorists was meant toaccomplish three goals:

Eliminate any potential smoking gun which could implicate rogue Mossad agents andtheir employers in the bombing of the World Trade Center;

Send a message to the US intelligence world, that “trespassing” on their turf was stillpunishable by death. Just as the Israelis deliberately murdered 34 U.S. sailors on theUSS Liberty in 1967 for conducting surveillance on Israel, so did they murder NickBerg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley; and

Continue the pretense that Muslim terrorists are a threat to American citizens, so as toencourage the American public to support the Israeli ambition in the Middle East andsupport US assaults on Iraq and Iran.

In trying to understand why the primary intelligence agency of a supposed U.S. allywould help destroy the World Trade Center, and try to assassinate President Bush, darkersecrets were uncovered. It appears that contrary to what the U.S. Government (under theguidance of George W. Bush) has convinced the public, Muslim terrorists did attack theWorld Trade Center, but not for the purpose of


. These Muslim terrorists most likelywere contract operatives working under the guidance of the Mossad and rogue U.S.intelligence operatives. Their objective was to bring to an end numerous U.S.investigations into secret Swiss bank accounts and Deutschebank transactions whichwould have exposed numerous criminal activities by the Russian Mafiya and the GeorgeHW Bush Sr. intelligence operations going back as far as 1991. Those investigationswould have exposed:

illegal theft of national treasuries of Russia and the Philippines;

the use of heroin sales proceeds to fund covert intelligence operations in Central Asia(mostly in Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.);

illegal bribes to various Central Asian oligarchs from major corporate financialcontributors to the Bush campaigns, as well as directly from George Bush Sr.; and

illegal gold and money laundering operations; and

Fraudulent Brady Bonds issued to Russian criminal oligarchs.These are the types of illegal activities that Sibel Edmonds identified as having beencovered-up by a “National Security” block and Attorney General gag order imposed onher, and the activities independently confirmed by research of intelligence leaked to thepublic domain. Like the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980’s, George Bush Sr. used a widearray of illegal activities to fund intelligence operations for a foreign policy he deemed


appropriate, and decided to pursue without Congressional confirmation, and in violationof the law. That foreign policy translated into illegal activities to take over the CentralAsian and Russian oil and gas fields of the former Soviet Union through use of privatelyfunded armies and financial fraud – just as he had illegally funded covert activities topromote foreign policy in Iran and Nicaragua. Illegal activities also included his payoffsto Russian oligarchs with 10 year Brady Bonds to ensure the collapse of the formerSoviet Union. However much one may agree with those ‘foreign policy’ objectives, theactivities undertaken at Bush’s order were illegal, and ultimately needed to be covered-upby the destruction of the World Trade Center, and the senseless murder of thousands of innocents.All of these illegal activities were threatened with exposure by various investigations into Swiss accounts by U.S. federal agencies, and possibly the New York State Taxdepartment. The accounts that were attracting the most investigative evidence were theKhashoggi accounts, which were used to hide proceeds from the transfer of the Philippinetreasury stolen by Ferdinand Marcos, with the assistance of George Bush Sr.Khashoggi’s accounts were linked, through his Azerbaijani banks, to illegal funding of mercenaries in Central Asia, and probably the Afghan heroin trade, as well hisconnections to arranging terrorist events for the Russians. However, the Russianaccounts were rapidly drawing attention as well.There were other investigations that threatened to expose a network of illegal funding, aswell as illegal profiteering. These included investigations into1.

The Deutschebank and Barrick gold trades investigated by the FBI in conjunctionwith the GATA lawsuit (This investigation would have exposed the gold launderingoperations used by the German bank cartel to launder Russian Mafiya and Philippinegold);2.

The Swiss accounts of Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev, which led to the Giffen-Williams-Mobil Oil money laundering scandal (There is evidence that the RussianMafiya associates of Nazarbayev threatened to bring an end to the investigation);3.

The Swiss accounts of various Russian oligarchs related to the Bank of NewYork/Riggs-valmet /Russian Mafiya money laundering scandal and the illegal BradyBonds of September 12, 1991;4.

The Export-Import Loans to Halliburton that probably funded illegal activities inAngola, Georgia, and Kazakhstan; and5.

The Swiss accounts which held World War II holocaust gold, which would have beenaudited as a result of the GATA investigation.A potentially bigger time-bomb than any of these investigations would be the exposure of the September 11, 1991 Brady Bonds. Although a decision to destroy the World TradeCenter was made in late 1998, the execution of the attack had to be delayed untilSeptember 11, 2001 because the cover-up of the ten year Brady Bond fraud could only bedone in conjunction with these bonds being re-financed on maturity. By declaring a national emergency with the attack on the World Trade Center, Alan Greenspan – one of


the co-initiators of the bonds with George Bush Sr. and Oliver North – allowed for the re-financing of the fraudulent bonds during the activities that followed September 11.To ensure the destruction of the FBI and other investigative agency offices in the variousbuildings of the World Trade Center, these rogue Mossad agents planted explosivesthroughout Buildings 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7, during the blackout weekend prior to the attack.This cover-up also required manipulating Muslim fanatics into creating a diversion whichwould cover-up the explosions. To accomplish this, the rogue, Russian based Mossadused the traditional Mossad to create and manipulate a false flag operation. NickBerg was part of this operation. The FBI was hot on his trail, and he needed to besilenced.With the involvement of Israelis, Russian Mafiya and German and Swiss bankexecutives, it was easy for the intelligence agencies of these countries to discover theplot, and send warnings to the US government. Top leaders in the Bush administrationwere already aware.Prior knowledge of this attack was leveraged by a group of bureaucrats and militaryprofessionals, and possibly the President himself (but more likely his father, the formerPresident), who had pre-inauguration plans to launch attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq,using the attack as a “Pearl Harbor” justification. Their plan was to use the incident tofurther their personal agendas in American foreign policy: the enrichment of US oilinterests, and the security of Israel through the destruction of its enemies in Palestine,Iraq, Iran, and Syria.In this hypothetical explanation of events, there may be error in some of the conclusions.There is however, no error in the pattern of evidence that shows, over and over again, thatthe two main groups involved in the destruction of the World Trade Center were theMossad and the Bush intelligence apparatus, with assistance from the Syrian, Saudi andPakistani intelligence operations, as well as a commercial German intelligence operation.These groups, using Deutschebank and Swiss bankers as co-conspirators, have beenfunding illegal, covert activities for years and using these same Muslim fanatics as theircontract agents throughout Central Asia, Asia, and Africa.The criminals responsible for these crimes are probably quite easy to find (with the rightresources), and easy to convict – if on no other grounds than tax evasion or violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (It is another co-incidence that the plane that hit theSouth Tower of the World Trade Center hit the office of the New York State Taxinvestigators.) However, it is immensely inexpedient to find the real criminals. Findingthe actual criminals would mean the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq wereunwarranted. If the true criminals were brought to justice, it could easily bring down theadministration of President Bush, and begin an unraveling of the controls beingimplemented by invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. To do so might seriously underminethe credibility of the U.S. administration, and most likely put its officials at risk ininternational courts. It would disrupt the massive money laundering capabilities of theDeutschebank and probably some U.S. banks (which unfortunately, would only force


criminals to another channel.) It might even provide cause for the ousting of the hawkishIsraeli government, and breathe new life into the Palestinian Peace process. On the otherhand, it might bring to an end thirty five years of global conflict instigated by the Bushfamily sense of “patriotism and duty.”It would be unrealistic to expect any branch of the U.S. Government to seriously pursuethis investigation. The systemic terror that is inflicted on government agents that want tobecome whistleblowers has been reported on extensively, with at least twenty murdersattributed to the crime family associated with the attack on the World Trade Center andPentagon. It has also become convenient for corporate owners of the mediaconglomerates to not hold the administration accountable. There is no seriousinvestigative analysis of events and activities that challenge these criminals and at leastone key investigation by FOX was prevented from airing. It has been all too easy forgetquestions such as “who benefited from the trades the day the World Trade Center wasattacked?” The press has been first been intimidated into silence by the accusation of being anti-patriotic. If that type of intimidation does not silence critics, there are moreaggressive types of intimidation. “Bad luck and accidents” seem to plague members of the press that displease the government: lost assignments, lost jobs, even lost lives. (Forinstance, one of the very few victims of the post 9-11 anthrax attack was the editor of anewspaper who only two months before had published what some consideredembarrassing pictures of the Bush daughters. No periodical has touched the story since.)Those few who find the courage to speak up are legally gagged with court orders on thepretext of National Security. It is no wonder that the mainstream media does not explorethe implications of these peripheral news items.There have been too many unanswered questions surrounding the events addressed in thisreport, and there have been too many questions that have not been asked. There has beena tendency for writers to ignore facts that did not fit neatly into their explanation. Whena person starts looking at the pieces of information, especially those generally ignoredbecause they are “peripheral, inconsequential, coincidental, and just plain inconvenient,”the answers become clear. The answers do not lead to terrorists and oil conspiracies –it’s about the money. All of the September 11


crimes were justified, in some twistedmanner, as being the “right thing to do” for stock-holders, country, family, citizens orself. Deep down, however, it is all too apparent that it was always just about the money.Is this report proof? No. Is it possible that it happened like this? Yes. Did it happen thisway? To answer this last question, it can be said that this explanation offers a morecomplete, inclusive interpretation of the events than explanations offered by the Bushadministration, the 9/11 Commission or multiple conspiracy theorists.As citizens, Americans must ask themselves – because the rest of the world has alreadyconcluded this – is America under President Bush guilty of some of the same practices asnumerous third world and European dictators? Are Americans guilty of attempting todestroy a culture because they disagree with their values and covet what the Muslimsown? Will Americans tell lies to the world and hide the murder and torture of thousands?Will Americans illegally imprison citizens because it serves government needs, ratherthan because of something they have done? Will Americans sanction ‘death squads?’


Will Americans intimidate with threats those who seek to report the truth? AreAmericans turning a blind eye to these activities as did the world during the 1930s and1940s? Will Americans allow their country to be controlled by the real terrorists? Thisreport does not answer those questions, but it does document and explain the reasons whyAmericans are in the predicament of answering them. Every American must answer thequestions for himself or herself. How one lives with this answer is a personal choice, apersonal responsibility, and the legacy left to their children.From the Hagakure:

To tell others that

It is a rumor

Will not do.When your own heart asks, How will you respond?

Gosen waka shu


Appendix A: Banking Links with US Intelligence

When investigating this series of events that ties together terrorists, spies and bankers,there is a need to define the context of these relationships. There is a more than cozyrelationship that exists between the intelligence community and the banking industry.One only needs to look at the background of a number of US intelligence executives toidentify this very compelling pattern of career advancement.That pattern suggests that after intelligence executives serve their time managing millionsor billions of dollars of funds for which he cannot be held accountable (in the US, theannual intelligence budget is over $40 Billion) – they are rewarded by being promoted tothe lofty air of financial executive. In exchange for that reward, they bring a range of ‘relationships’ to the bank which historically have proven financially lucrative. (Onemight safely assume they are not being hired for their acumen and experience as financialgeniuses.) In a more than unique turnabout, the Deutsche Bank eversed the process andplaced a banking executive (A.B. Krongard) as an Executive Director of the CIA! (Thiswas Mr. Tenet’s gift to the Mossad.)This is the world this article must explore – the marriage of intelligence organizations,banks, and illegal money. The world where banks make money off the ‘dark side’ of theeconomy: money laundering, bankrolling wars and revolutions, hiding the import andexport of weapons and munitions, managing large, ill-gotten slush funds etc. The factthat the US banking industry has bought into this model is obvious. Examples include:

Table 2

Examples of Intelligence – Banking Linkage


CIA Connection

Financial Connection

Bill Casey CIA Director Chairman of the Securities andExchange CommissionDavid Doherty General Counsel of the CentralIntelligence Agency.Vice President of the New York StockExchangeGeorge HerbertWalker BushCIA Director consultant to the Carlyle Group, jointinvestments with the bin Laden family,executive committee chair of FirstInternational Bancshares (FIB)A.B. “Buzzy”KrongardExecutive Director of theCentral Intelligence AgencyChairman of the investment bank A.B.Brown and former Vice Chairman of Banker’s Trust.John A McCone CIA Director Director of United California Bank,Western Bankcorporation; PacificMutual Life InsuranceJohn Deutch CIA Director the board at CitigroupNora Slatkin CIA Executive Director sits on Citibank’s board

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 348Robert “Bud”McFarlaneCIA Director Board of Directors of American EquityInvestors (AEI)William Colby CIA Director General Counsel of the Nugan HandBank, unlisted counsel to HouseholdBankMitch Rogovin CIA Legal Counsel Board of Directors of American EquityInvestors (AEI)GeorgeClairmont andHoward HebertCIA officials Board of Directors of American EquityInvestors (AEI)Bobby Inman CIA Director and ONI Board of Directors, Federal Reserve,DallasMaurice “Hank”Greenburgfloated as a possible CIADirector in 1995CEO of AIG insurance, manager of thethird largest capital investment pool inthe world

This model also applies to the non US intelligence agencies. The European model,however is a bit different. Because of the sophisticated nature of interlocking corporatedirectorships in Europe, European intelligence agents are retired into industry, ITconsulting and business consulting career slots rather than banking. On both sides of theocean, banking has a ‘dark side’ which engages ex-intelligence agents who forge a linkthat converts illegal funds into respectability.On the US side, the offshoot of these practices are such scandals as the Iran Contrascandal and the Nugan-Hand banking scandal. On the European side, one finds suchscandals as the BCCI-Vatican Bank scandal, the theft of Czech gold reserves, thedisappearance of Soviet gold reserves and the laundering of Marcos gold from thePhilippines. The thread that runs through these scandals is gold and money laundering–which brings this article to a major connection to the destruction of the World TradeCenter, and a second compelling link to the German banking industry.


Appendix B: Stratesec

Stratesec Incorporated, formerly Securacom, Incorporated, has been subjected to a greatdeal of attention because of its contract to provide security and access control services tothe World Trade Center. The attention is provided only by ‘conspiracy theorists’primarily because of one of it’s Board Of Directors members is Marvin Bush, brother of President George Bush and son of George Bush Sr. The official 9/11 Commission totallyignored this security operation, but any investigation which hypothesizes that explosiveswere placed in the building cannot ignore it.In reviewing the information available, the company appears to be nothing more than anintelligence agency ‘front’ which operates as a courier for special visitors and other itemsrequiring undisclosed transit. To accomplish this, they operate as a maintenanceorganization for security access control at major airports, financial centers and federalgovernment groups which have investigative/intelligence capabilities. They arepermitted secured, unquestioned access through airports and other buildings using thiscover. Their only significant asset is a plane.The conclusion that it is an intelligence agency front company is suggested by thefollowing clues:1.

The primary owner of the company is Wirt D. Walker, III, who also is chief ownerand CEO of Aviation General.

“The Group’s principal activities are carried out through two subsidiaries: Commander AircraftCompany and Strategic Jet Services, Incorporated. Commander Aircraft Company manufactures,markets and provides support services for its line of single engine and high performance commanderaircraft. It also provides consulting, brokerage and refurbishment services for all types of piston-powered aircraft through its Aviation Services division. Strategic Jet Services provides consulting,brokerage, sales and refurbishment services for jet aircraft. The Group markets its aircraft throughfactory direct sales and marketing organization.”

What is of note of these subsidiaries is that Commander Aircraft manufactures andprovides training aircraft and flight simulators to flight training schools. Two schoolsthat did business with Wirt’s company are a flight school in Florida investigated fortraining a 9/11 hijacker, and another in Egypt – where Mohammed Atta initiallyreceived his flight training, before he went to Germany.

“Aviation General, formerly Commander Aircraft, brokered the sale of airplanes to the National CivilAviation Training Organization (NCATO), located in Giza, Egypt, the hometown of lead hijackerMohammed Atta. NCATO is the only civilian pilot training school in Egypt. NCATO has a trainingagreement with Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, Florida, the flight school that wasinvestigated by the FBI for possibly training at least one of the 9/11 hijackers.” [[MARVIN BUSHEMPLOYEE’S MYSTERIOUS DEATH – Connections to 9/11?, Wayne Madsen]


When one begins to investigate Strategic Jet Services, one finds a company thatrefurbished and sells used military aircraft, and had a President with a resume anyintelligence operator could envy:

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 350“Dan Cretsinger is a graduate of the College of the Air Force and the Federal Aviation Academy inOklahoma. He has over 25 years experience in the aviation industry. Mr. Cretsinger has heldsupervisory / management positions with the Federal Aviation Administration, the United States AirForce, Beechcraft, Cessna, Sandar Corporation and was President of Strategic Jet Services….Mr.Cretsinger was lead negotiator for Aerolineas Argentina Airlines during their $465 million merger withIberia Airlines of Spain. His expertise ranges from airline fleet analysis and acquisition to routeplanning and structuring for domestic and international airlines. A few of his clients include TelMex -Mexico City, Doyle Wilson Homes-Austin, TX, The Eisenberg Group-Tel Aviv,[


note: In the1980s the Eisenberg Group acquired control of the Israel Corp. Subsequently many of the originalinvestors withdrew, leaving the chairmanship to Eisenberg. By 1998 The Israel Corp. had investmentsin more than 100 businesses, including the Israeli shipping company that moved out of the WTC several weeks before the attack. The Eisenburg Group was also involved as a partner with Nordex inits dealings with Nazarbayev.

] Dent Wizards-Sarasota, FL, Hallmark Cards-Quincy, IL, TaromAirlines-Romania, Trans World Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aero Peru, and Aeroflot Airlines-Moscow. Mr. Cretsinger, who is a member of Who’s Who Worldwide, was awarded the “1994/95Who’s Who Registry of Business Leaders”. Additionally, Mr. Cretsinger is a rated commercial jet pilotwith over 5,000 flight hours. He is a single and multi-engine flight instructor with Instrument and Jettype ratings and a Certified Aircraft Appraiser in good standing with the National Organization of Certified Aircraft Appraisers. Currently, Mr. Cretsinger specializes in certified Aircraft Appraisalsfrom Piper Cubs to Boeing Executive Jets. “[National Organization of Certified Aircraft Appraisers]


The company Aviation General, was apparently acquired from James Bath.

“Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker appear to have taken over the Saudi real estate investment and aircraftbrokerage business once run out of Texas by Houston-based James Bath in association with Salem binLaden, the late brother of Osama bin Laden, and Khalid bin Mahfouz.”

James Bath, who served in the National Guard with George Bush Jr., and wasdescribed as having a similar ‘excused’ absence from service attendance as George, isthought to have worked (with George Bush Jr.) as a CIA pilot during the period of absence, under the Direction of then Director of the CIA, George Bush Sr. George Jr.,is known to have flown aircraft at one point for a private Alaskan air freight companythat was later reputed to run arms to African nations.4.

Another Board Member of Stratesec is retired Lt. General James Alan Abrahamson,who is in regular business contact with former CIA director James Woolsey

“Lieutenant General James Alan Abrahamson, chairman of StratCom International, Inc. and formerdirector of the Star Wars programme initiated during the Reagan administration, … is in partnership( with Mansoor Ijaz, the “founder and chairman of Crescent Investment Management LLC, a New York investment partnership between Ijaz, Lt. Gen.James Alan Abrahamson (USAF Ret), former director of President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic DefenseInitiative, and Turkey’s Global Group. Former CIA Director, R. James Woolsey, Jr. serves as vicechairman of Crescent’s Board of Governors….” [From SourceWatch]

There are too many links to intelligence operations for this to not be an intelligence frontcompany. If that is true, the key question is: was Stratesec involved in the attack on theWorld Trade Center by providing access to the building to those who may have plantedexplosives. The evidence is very sketchy, but there is one key event that cannot gowithout mention. Shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center, a Swiss pilot (Luigi


Fasulo) crashed a Rockwell Commander plane (built by Aviation General), into thePirelli building in the financial district of Milan, Italy. Interestingly, two floors abovewhere the plain crashed into the building, the 27


floor crashed down onto the 26


, in amanner similar to the way the 23


floor of the North Tower in the WTC came down.There is nothing in any news report suggesting that the crash caused structural damage,and there were no interviews allowed with the building inhabitants. Also, as in the WTCattack, there has been virtually no public discussion of what the ‘target’ was, other than itbeing the Regional Lombardy center, which regulated the economic and financial affairsof the wealthiest state in Italy. There is the extremely interesting side note that suggeststhe owner of the aircraft (and supposedly it’s pilot, although the head was never found)was a distributor for Aviation General, who then moved into the finance industry, as domany CIA operatives. (See Appendix A). Equally important, the owner of the aircraftwas involved in the global air freight business, which would create another coincidencelinking the Milan tower attack to Stratesec.“The paper identified the pilot as Luigi Fasulo, who made a fortune in the airplanebusiness then lost it all after becoming a self-styled investor…..La Repubblica saidFasulo had made his money with planes, owning a small company that rented out andsold aircraft. His fortunes failed when he switched focus and become a self-styled bankerand financier, the paper said without giving sources.” [Agence-France Press, Originallink:“One of Fasulo’s companies — Playmatic SA — was listed in the 2002 Swiss companydirectory as being bankrupt. A sign attached to Fasulo’s mailbox in the lobby of themodest apartment building in Lugano where he lived indicated another company, EurotexCorp. Panama. There was also an address for a third firm, Avioservizi SA of Chiasso,which also was listed in the 2002 directory.” [USAToday, Friends of Milan crash pilotdeny son’s suicide claim, 04/20/2002]Avioservizi is an Italian air freight and forwarder with connections to:

Israele Ashdod, HaifaCipro Limassol, FamagustaGiordania AqabaTunisia RadèsMauritius Port LouisMadagascar TamataveIndia Chennai, MumbayCina ShanghaiHong Kong Hong KongThailandia BangkokUSA (New York, Los Angeles)

Also, one finds the ever present connection to Russian.“EuroTex – THE EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGYTRANSFER is an international non-profit making association, established in 1999 underthe Belgian law, and devoted to the transfer of knowledge, innovation and technologybetween countries of the Western, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Commonwealth


of Independent States, to the mutual benefit of all countries involved: TheCommonwealth of Independent States (CIS) consists of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan,Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The name EuroTex stands for the wordEuropean and for the Russian word Òåõíîëîãèÿ (Technology)”.Fasulo was reputedly killed by the Russian mafia, with his death made to look like asuicide. The Italian government did its best to portray the attack as an accident, whenmost facts clearly indicate it was not. This report will not explore those facts, other thanto suggest that Fasulo was not an innocent Swiss businessman who accidentally crashedinto the financial regulation center of Lombardy. Most likely, Fasulo was an Americanintelligence agent who needed to destroy some investigation in the Pirelli building. Hewas connected to Aviation General in a business manner, and dealt with global freightmovements out of the Italian financial district. Both occupations lend credence to hisbeing an agent as well.


Appendix C: World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt

There are two major lost treasures in the world today: the Golden Lily treasure and thelost Soviet Treasury. The recently announced and forthcoming Khordokorvsky money-laundering trial is the tip of the iceberg of the hunt for the Soviet Treasury, and a lot of people are being murdered in the quiet hope that this investigation and trial passeswithout any public revelation as to where that treasure resides. Originally having anestimated value between $200 billion and $500 billion in 1991, this treasure would beworth well over a trillion dollars today.[1] The core of this trial will be an investigationinto the financial dealings of Khordokorvsky and his dealings going as far back as 1989,when he – sponsored by Aleksey Kondaurov and Phillip Bobkov of the KGB[2]

– beganhis alleged theft of the Soviet Treasury with the help of a small financial consulting firmknown as Riggs-Valmet[3], who helped craft his financial strategy and tactics (as well asthose of oligarch Roman Abramovich.) Thus began an operation that became and remainsone of the most closely guarded secrets of both the KGB/FSB and the CIA, with neitherwilling to admit involvement or “knowledge.” To maintain that secret, those withknowledge of the whereabouts of the funds or the nature of the transactions havecommitted suicide, or have been poisoned, or shot, died in a helicopter crash, or simplythreatened into silence. Even more intriguing, this money laundering may well be at thecore of one of the world’s most infamous cover-ups.The trial is viewed quite differently by the various stakeholders. From the official USpoint of view, the trial represents an authoritarian leader’s attempt to turn back the clockand eliminate the democratic reforms realized in Russia since the collapse of the SovietUnion in September 1991. From the Russian citizen’s point of view, the trial is anattempt to find justice for deliberate actions that were directly responsible for causing thedeaths, wiping out life savings, jobs, pensions and destroying the lives of millions of Russians.[4] From the official Russian point of view, it is an attempt to bring back undercontrol of the Russian bureaucracy, billions of dollars of industrial assets that were stolenby Western investors. There is a fourth group of stakeholders – the men behind thesecrimes. They consist of a group of financiers and government agents who are responsiblefor inestimable pain and suffering in Russia, and destroyed the only real chance thatRussia and the US ever had to create a lasting peace. For this group of stakeholders,murder is their safeguard.At least six individuals who represented a threat to expose information about the theftshave met violent or suspicious deaths:

Alexander Litvenenko

was poisoned in the ultimate media murder, with a dose of radioactive poison worth $24 to 35 million dollars. Litvenenko, whose originalassignment with the FSB was to investigate corruption, was in regular contact with theoligarchs that had been party to those transactions now being questioned, and had passeddocuments to Leonid Nevzlin just shortly before he was murdered. [5]

354  Andrei Kozlov

, First Deputy Head of Russia’s Central Bank was shot, along with hisfamily when he got too close to the answers.

“…in 1991-92, 400 billion rubles were embezzled from the Russian Central Bank…. when the CentralBank became object of an unprecedented criminal attack known as the fake advice notes fraud…. MPNikolai Leonov, speaking on TV, directly stated that Kozlov’s death was directly connected with fakeadvice notes, Head of the Russian Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin said the same. I think they areright. Andrei Kozlov was really occupied with investigation of causes of those events” [6]

Stephen Curtis

was one of the original Valmet-Riggs consultants, and afterKhorodkovsk’s arrest, had gone to the authorities and was prepared to testify. Shortlythereafter, he died, in what an inquest determined to be an accident.

Mr. Curtis had received threatening telephone calls and was under surveillance for two years before hishelicopter crashed during a routine flight from Bournemouth International Airport in Dorset in March2004. Shortly before the crash, Mr. Curtis told family members that if something happened to him, itwouldn’t be an accident. [7]

Nikolai Kruchina

Central Committee treasurer, one of the “reported” two individualswho knew where the stolen treasury went to, committed suicide by jumping out awindow after the first August 1991 coup.

Andrei Sevenyuk

had been going public with his involvement with Roman Abramovich,who gained control of the Siberian oil giant Sibneft, and was a beneficiary holder of Abramovich’s shares. He died in a helicopter crash in September of 2004. His death andinvolvement is of interest because of his key role with Abramovich, who is not onlylinked to Riggs-Valmet, but also received funding from the Kredo (aka Credo) Bank,identified by Leo Wanta as a participant in his Bush sanctioned activities to destabilizethe Russian currency.[8]

Yuri Golubev

, a founder of Yukos, an acting President of Group Menatep and a veryclose advisor of Khodorkovsky was found dead in January, 2007, with no explanation.By themselves, these incidents and the trial and investigation they are related to wouldhave little interest for the average US citizen. The plot however becomes more intriguingwhen one learns that after all these years of investigation, little is yet known about wherethe 400 billion roubles went, and that given the ‘official’ conversion rate of 1.8roubles/dollar at which most of these roubles disappeared, the US dollar equivalent was$222 Billion. [9]The $222 Billion was lifted from the Soviet Treasury by way of fraudulent “advicenotes.” This trick is well explained by Novoye Vremya in Newtimes.RU, September2006 (which was closed within a couple months of publishing this article). The essenceof the fraud was to place fraudulent notes in a remote, regional bank and then withdrawthe funds immediately from the Moscow Central Bank. When the Central Bank went tocollect on the notes, the fraudulent notes, and any electronic traces of them had beenerased. Hence, in order to perpetrate the fraud, the criminals initially involved in this theftrequired $220 Billion in fake notes to place with the regional banks. This number will


register quickly with those who have followed the $240 Billion Durham/ Brady Bondallegations from exactly the same timeframe. According to the allegations of Mrs. V.K.Durham, (who claims her husband – Russell Hermann – was a financial manager for theCIA,) then-President George W. Bush fraudulently created $240 Billion of bonds using atrust created by her husband in her name. The bonds authorized by Bush were neverfound. However, according to information leaked from the US Office of NavalInvestigations (ONI), and Mrs. Durham – these ten year, fraudulent bonds ended upmostly in the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald where they matured on or about September 11,2001. [10]It is only a coincidence, of course, that the offices of the ONI in the Pentagon and CantorFitzgerald in the World Trade Center took direct hits from the hijacked airliners on theday those bonds would have matured. It is also only coincidental that the offices of theUS Federal agencies that were involved in investigating the related Russian money-laundering scandal (US Customs, FBI, SEC, IMF, Export-Import Bank) were alsodestroyed, and that immediately thereafter, President HW Bush terminated theinvestigation of the Bank of New York’s involvement in the scandal.Unfortunately, the coincidences do not stop there.

Building 6 of the World Trade Center (hardly remembered by anyone), which washome to the US inter-agency task force on money-laundering, according to videofootage, was cratered by an explosion from the inside before the two Towers asideit collapsed onto it. Only a mushroom like cloud appears in the news video butsubsequent photos show a huge crater in the center of the building prior to beingburied by the collapsing towers.

Mr. Delmart “Mike” Vreeland, who warned prison officials of the September 11attack from inside a Canadian prison, was an ONI agent. His supervisor was killedin the attack on the Pentagon.

There were several reports of thousands of fraudulent transactions being ‘pushedthrough computers’ during the attack. While bloggers gravitate to comments aboutthe infamous “put options,” the stock market had not opened yet, and did not openthat day. The fraudulent trades on September 11 had to be in bonds, which startedtrading at 7:00am that day.

The activities of the Federal Reserve’s Government Securities Clearing Corporationin the weeks that followed the attacked suspended all controls on bond settlementsfor fifteen days in such a manner as to allow blind trades and collateralsubstitutions. If fraudulent bonds needed to be ‘removed’ from the system, thosefifteen days were the only time is US history it could have been accomplished.

The Federal Reserve temporarily pumped $300 billion of excess liquidity into thebond market in the weeks after the attack. The tactical banking safeguardsintroduced the day of the attack should have eliminated the need for the excessmonetary supply. Well over $240 Billion in bonds were withdrawn by the FederalReserve in the aftermath of September 11.The Russian treasure hunt threatens to expose more than just the dark cold war secret thatthe US was responsible for over an estimated 3 million deaths by facilitating the theft of


the Soviet Treasury, and possibly involved in the murder of another three thousand byattempting to cover up the source of the fraudulent bonds. The investigation of the theftof the Soviet Treasury would open lines of inquiry into the roles of the two western banksextensively involved: the Bank of New York (founded by the Dulles Brothers) andRiggs-Valmet (a well established CIA cover for financial operations, with an extensiverole for Jonathon Bush, brother of George W. Bush.)The investigation could conceivably attempt to discover how 3000 tonnes of Russiangold were laundered.[11] There are persistent rumors that this gold played a role in theRussian bank note scam.[12] More than likely this would lead to another investigationburied in the rubble of September 11. This FBI investigation (related to a lawsuitclaiming the US banks were illegally selling US gold stock to fix the price of gold) wasstored in the hardened FBI storage facility on the 23


floor of the North Tower. There area surprising number of personal accounts (available on the internet) of what happenedthat day on the 23


floor, all of which indirectly support Dick Eastman’s original claimthat the facility was deliberately targeted by explosives to destroy the evidence in it. After9/11, the FBI investigation into gold price-fixing allegations was dropped so that agentscould be focused on pursuing terrorists. The original lawsuit by Reginald H. Howe in2000 was not allowed to proceed by the court. A subsequent lawsuit by Donald W Doyle(CEO of Blanchard & Company) [13] (amended to address the courts instructions toHowe), focused on a company call Barrick Gold, and accused it of working with banks to‘fix’ gold prices. This lawsuit was settled out of court in 2006 and the agreement sealed.Three efforts (a reported FBI investigation and two law suits) to make public the role of Barrick in the gold trades of the 1990s have been squelched or sealed. A newinvestigation by the Russians may shed new light on the subject. What is left behind isanother troubling set of coincidences. The group that played key roles in the creation anddirection of Barrick has a number of inter-locking relationships with individualsassociated with the theft of the Soviet Treasury. Moreover, this same group has a publiclyreported track record of money-laundering connections.Adnan Khashoggi, an original co founder of Barrick, has been linked by the Frenchintelligence, the press and the Heritage Foundation to a Swiss ‘security’ companycomprised of ex-KGB and Russian military. This company – Far West – was co foundedby Col. Anton Surikov (aka Suirokov), an associate of Alexei Kondaurov, who continuesto fund Surikov through IPROG. Kondaurov was one of Khordokorvsky’s original KGBsponsors, and played executive roles in Menatep and Yukos.Shiek Kamal Adham, another original co founder of Barrick who – like Khashoggi – islinked to various money-laundering scandals: the BCCI scandal, the Vatican Bankscandal, and the Iran-Contra scandal. Shiek Adham and Khashoggi are reported byDaniel Hopsicker to have been co-investors in Oryx Investments with Wally Hilliard.Oryx reportedly financed the aviation company that ‘trained’ the September 11 hijackers.Shiek Adham retained Ed Rogers (former George W. Bush assistant, vice Chairman of Diligence, and of the Washington lobbying firm of Barbour Griffith and Rogers) as hispersonal lobbyist. Diligence also is reported to be a customer of Far West.


George W Bush, temporarily on the ‘Advisory” board of Barrick, gave Barrick credibilityin the international market by providing Barrick with an estimated $10 Billion of goldreserves. At the same time that Bush pardoned the convicted Iran-Contra conspirators, heauthorized a procedural change in Federal law which allowed Barrick (a company startedwith funding from Khashoggi and Shiek Kamal Adham) to claim $10 billion in un-minedreserves in Nevada, for the meager cost of $10,000. It is speculated this process needed tobe expedited because it was anticipated the Clinton administration would not approvetransaction without sizeable royalty requirements. Not often reported, Barrick claims itpaid $63 million for the company that owned those rights, although the details of thatinvestment are not known. Even at that rate, $63 million for $10 billion in assets seemslike a suspicious arrangement.Lord Robert Powell, who sits on the Boards of Diligence and Barrick, and represents theRothschild interests. Rothschild came up as the surprising trustee of Khordokorvsky’sshares in Yukos when Khordokorvsky was sent to jail, and was originally identified as aninterested party in financing Khordokorvsky in 1989. [14]The strange connectionbetween the four board members of Barrick, the management of Diligence and the crimegroup that operates under the corporate umbrella of Far West is disturbing in that FarWest is accused by several researchers as being involved in the “Russian 9/11” and at thesame time, they work closely with investors who benefited ‘significantly’ from thedestruction of the World Trade Center.Edgar Bronfmann and the Bronfmann family (at one time major holders of Barrick stock)have an interesting legacy of investing in money laundering operations.

“In Chicago, is a branch of a huge Canadian octopus, the Bank of Montreal, owned by the …Bronfman family. … Their branch in Chicago, Harris Bank, has for some time been THE heavy weightin foreign currency trading, handling and exchanging most every type of money instrument. Severalyears ago Harris Bank merged with a known reputed money laundry, Household Bank, with units of Household International, headquartered in the Chicago-area. Household is the successor and alter egoto Nugan Han Bank that operated in California, Australia, Manila, Saudi, London, and a few otherplaces. The General Counsel of Nugan Hand was William Colby, former Director of CentralIntelligence. Former Generals and Admirals, close to CIA, operated Nugan Hand’s worldwide offices.”[15]

Barrick, as a corporation has a “partnership” with Nelson Gold, noted in the Barrickannual report. Nelson Gold is a subsidiary of Nelson Resources – run by the son-in-lawof Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan. George HW Bush kept Nazarbayev’sname out of another money-laundering investigation – the investigation of James Griffen.Griffen was sent to Kazakhstan by the George W Bush Whitehouse, and Griffen’slawyers contend his actions were protected because he acted as an agent of the USgovernment . The files for that investigation were also coincidently stored on the 23


floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.A Russian investigation into the whereabouts of the stolen Soviet Treasury couldcertainly move beyond the fraudulent advice notes and the Soviet gold and could open acan of worms in addition to the Bank of New York scandal, the well concealed Riggs-Valmet operation and the Barrick operation. Other potential embarrassments include


Menatep’s partnerships with Global Asset Management, the Blackstone Group, theCarlyle Group and AIG Capital Partners, which are reported to be financial allies of theBush family interests. [16] Two additional embarrassments for the Bush legacy would bethe media exposure of the Leo Wanta ‘rouble destabilization’ program, news of whichhas been pretty well contained to the blogger community. While Wanta himself has saidlittle, the released documents reference several Central Asian banks used by him for hisofficially sanctioned ‘ruble destabilization program.’One path for the Russian investigation to pursue Wanta is the Altalanos ErtekforgalmiBank (AEB) in Budapest, Hungary. AEB had an evolving role in the financial rape of theSoviet Union starting in 1990, when 50% of AEB was bought by the CEDC (CentralEuropean Development Corporation.) The CEDC is actually operated out of SingerIsland, Florida, and was created in 1989 apparently for the sole purpose of procuring theAEB, as it apparently has not done a lot else of public record. CEDC was managed byformer US Ambassador to Hungary, R. Mark Palmer. (In addition to being a Bushappointee, R. Mark Palmer, it turns out appears to have been a collaborator with GeorgeSoros in his efforts to unhinge Eastern European currencies, working through the N.M.Rothschild Continuation Trust.) AEB initially server as a tool for the Wanta roubledestabilization program, and is identified in his public records. As it would turn out, AEBwas a bank asset which, while half owned by U.S. investors, was apparently controlled bythe Yeltsin family. The bank was later was absorbed by Gazprom, which in turn wascontrolled by Khodorkovsky and Viktor S. Chernomyrdin, long-time aide to BorisYeltsin. In 1996, the U.S. investors would hand over their 50% of the bank to Gazpromfor an undisclosed sum. The bank would then become a money laundering conduit forYeltsin family, just as Valmet SA was transferred to the Yeltsin family from Riggs bankownership. In both cases (Valmet and AEB) the U.S. partners ‘took the money and ran.’Similarly, another bank which was a recipient of Wanta controlled funding intended todestabilize the rouble was Westdeutsche Landesbank. The bank is reported to haveloaned moneys to the Khodorkovsky group, and found itself with difficulty trying tocollect that loan. Investigation into these transactions were linked to the Bank of NewYork scandal, derailed by George HW Bush. [17]A public investigation into the money-laundering that surrounded the theft of the SovietTreasury has been studiously avoided in the West. Yeltsin’s control of Russia preventedany serious investigation by the Russians, but Putin’s takeover changed all that. Putin isgoing after Yeltsin’s cronies and their Western backers. At this point, it can be arguedthat the deaths referenced in this article should be attributed to the West rather than Putin.Putin is trying to regain the lost treasury, and he would seem to need the informationthese men had more so than not. It would appear that the West has much to lose if theultimate destination of the stolen treasury is found, and anything that obfuscates themoney trail works to the advantage of the Western investors. If that same group of investors has somehow played a role in the destruction of the World Trade Center tocover up US investigations related to the theft of the Soviet Treasury, one suspectsadditional murders would be no moral barrier.



“Eight metric tons of platinum, 60 metric tons of gold, hoards of diamonds and anestimated $15 billion to $50 billion in cash were, according to reformistlawmakers probing KGB crimes, only a small part of state property stolen undersecret Communist Party Central Committee decrees and transferred to unknownhands by the KGB’s espionage branch between 1989 and 1991…Less than $2.5billion of the $300 to $500 billion Dollar siphoned out of Russia from 1991 to1997 has returned to be invested in Russia.” Statement of Richard L Palmer,President of Cachet International, Inc. on the Infiltration of the Western FinancialSystem By Elements of Russian Organized Crime Before the House Committeeon Banking and Financial Services on September 21, 1999

Catherine Belton, Khodorkovsky’s High Stakes Gamble, The Moscow Times,May 16, 2005.3.

For those readers unfamiliar with the history of Riggs-Valmet “Christian Michel,a founder of Valmet, a Geneva-based global trust business, which agreed in early1989 to advise Khodorkovsky’s group of young businessmen. Valmet later heldthe key to the Group Menatep fortune, holding shares via nominee ownershipschemes and organizing the transfer of vast sums of money via its network.”Catherine Belton, Khodorkovsky’s High Stakes Gamble, The Moscow Times,May 16, 2005. Abramovich’s connection to Riggs-Valmet is found in: Yeltsin’Family’ Tycoon Linked to Cash Scandal , James Bone, David Lister, Fiona Flick,The Times (UK), September 7, 1999.4.

“Healthcare financing and payment of pensions drastically decreased, a crisishappened to the financial system; all savings of the population “burned” ininflation. Life span decreased. Thus, if we sum up, the theft of the Central Bank inits economic consequences was comparable to a nuclear aggression against ourcountry.” From: “President of information protection company: “The West is notvery highly concerned with the threat of cyber terrorism,” Anatoly Klepov,, December 14, 2006. “Some 70 percent of Russians now live below or just above the poverty level, and capital investment(the source of future prosperity) is only 10 percent of what it was a decade ago. Inaddition, basic social statistics reveal a “catastrophe of historic proportions,” asNicholas Eberstadt documented in the Heritage Foundation’s Policy Review, avenue that’s not likely to wax nostalgic for the USSR. Eberstadt, extrapolatingfrom World Health Organization estimates, argues that more than 3 million”excess deaths”–people who died who wouldn’t have, according to olddemographic patterns–occurred between 1992 and 1998. With deaths exceedingbirths, the population is shrinking annually, something rarely seen unless there iswar or famine.” (Robbing Russia ,

THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 360, September 16, 1999 (October4, 1999 issue)5.

“Murdered Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko passed documents to formerYukos CEO in Israel months before his death – report,” November 25, 2006, 9:10AM (GMT+02:00)6.

“The West is not very highly concerned with the threat of cyber terrorism,”REGNUM News Agency, December 15, 2006,

“Focusing on Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the Leadership of Group MENATEP”,October 27, 2005,

“Abramovich Kicks a Ghost, Ft Puts Foot in Mouth, John Helmer,” The RussiaJournal, March 22, 20069.

A lot of analysts like to use unofficial market rates of approximately 50 to 100roubles per dollar, but prior to the collapse, official transactions happened at theofficial rate of 1.8. “new rouble exchange rate (90 roubles, in place of the existing1.8 roubles)” “The Banking System: Teething Troubles,” Novoye Vremya,Newtimes.RU, September 2006,

. Asecond source for the 1.8 rubles per dollar rate: “Scientific – industrial union of Volsky in his concern ” Simako” used a special arrangement in the party. Theyreceived large financial grants, converted roubles into foreign currency at the rateof 1,8 roubles per dollar. [“New Russian” capitalists and the gold of theCommunistic Party of the USSR, 2001, #19 Discreditable materials,

Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 9/11 finance, TomFlocco,; also see “Part 4: More reasons to not investigate 9-11”,Karl W. B. Schwarz11.

The key point is that in 2006, there appears to be no clear understanding of wherethe treasury went. “There is no comprehensive understanding on the countrytoday on what happened in Russia then….The reality is, in 1991-92 a cyber warbroke up in Russia. Management of national strategic financial resources waspartially taken under control by criminal subjects, but

we are still unable to defineit clearly, whether it was crime or, maybe, some external forces stood behind them

and tried to destabilize the situation in Russia.

For some time, they hadmanaged to take under control vast financial flows of Russia’s National Bank.”President of information protection company: “The West is not very highlyconcerned with the threat of cyber terrorism,” Anatoly Klepov,, December 14, 200612.

Russian gold as part of bank note scam. “In one operation valued at $4 billion,over 300 tons were secretly shipped to Switzerland, some of it subsequentlyarriving in London. Unlike Britain, the Swiss authorities do not keep records of gold imports which makes it a favourite centre for disguising the point of origin -a very effective method of laundering suspicious transactions.

The bullion, somesources now believe,

was used as collateral in a secondary scam

that set-out tovacuum-up all the available Rouble bank-notes in existence at the time and sellthem at knock down prices to organised crime syndicates from around the world.”


reserves were estimated to be 100 million troy ounces – just under 3000 tonnes.Then in September 1991, a palpitating Grigory Yavlinski, the economic supremo,revealed to delegates at the Group-of-Seven industrial countries meeting inBangkok, that a mere 240 tons were all that was left. Two months later, inNovember, even that had disappeared. “Not a gram of gold remains; the vaults areempty,” said Victor Geraschenko, chief of Gosbank, the Russian Central Bank.”Gangster’s Paradise, David Guyatt, 199713.

“GATA consultant Reginald H. Howe brought a similar federal lawsuit in Bostonin 2000. It was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds in 2002.

Since then

GATA hasdocumented and publicized evidence of manipulation of the gold market by Barrick

, Morgan Chase, other bullion banks, and the U.S. government.” Class-Action Suit Seeks Damages For Gold Investors from Barrick and J.P. MorganChase, Business Wire, 11/27/200414.

Arrested oil tycoon passed shares to banker, Washington Times, November 03,2003,

“Clinton’s Money Laundry, Sherman H. Skolnick, June 13, 199916.

“According to PBS in 2003, Khodorkovskii’s firm Menatep shared businessinterests with the western investment firms Global Asset Management, theBlackstone Group, the Carlyle Group and AIG Capital Partners.”[The GlobalDrug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11, Peter DaleScott (18,734 words) 10/29/0517.

Corporate Governance Goes Global: Riding the Rising Tide, Rob Wright, IFCCorporate Relations Unit, Impact, Summer 1999; The World’s Billionaires: TheOligarch Who Came in from the Cold, Paul Klebnikov, Forbes, March 18, 2002;Bank of New York probe exposes ties between Western financiers and RussianMafia, James Brookfield, 27 August 1999,


THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 379  [When the Back Office Moved to the Front Burner: Settlement Fails in the Treasury Market after 9/11,Michael J. Fleming and Kenneth D. Garbade, FRBNY Economic Policy Review / November 2002, p 41.]

The response of the Fed in bringing a new issue to the market at this time seems to haveinadvertently (an assumption which should be challenged) been the source of continuedlower “special rates” on the ten year note, and exacerbated the fail problem through theend of the year. In the extended condition of a high level of settlement fails, it wouldrequire little effort to ‘statistically hide’ the settlement of the remaining $240 billion thatmay not have been cleared in the immediate aftermath. The three week lull of fails inOctober could easily represent the 30 day short term refinancing of the debt. As the debtcame back to the market for permanent refinancing, a shortage of investors would resultin more fails.