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“The Silence of the Jews”, Documenting Silence That Russian “Oligarchs” Are Israelis

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The Silence of the Jews–

Jul 21, 2008

By Bob Finch
After the collapse of the Soviet empire, a group of Zionists in Russia seemingly steeped in ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, lied, cheated, stole, and murdered, their way into virtually all positions of power throughout the country. They used gangs (some of which probably included mossad agents) to intimidate and murder their opponents in order to gain control of between 70-85% of Russia’s industries including most of its natural resources. They also took control of Russia’s media which they then used to elect Boris Yeltsin as President of Russia despite the fact that he was a brain-dead, vodka soaked, alcoholic. Within a matter of years these Russian traitors had become billionaires having stolen vast quantities of Russian assets. They exported as much as possible of their ill-gotten wealth to the Zionist state in Palestine just in case the Russians might ask for their money back.
In the beginning, there were reputedly only seven Russian oligarchs – of whom 6 were Zionists. By the end of 2003 it was estimated there were seventeen, “Khodorkovsky is one of Russia’s “oligarchs,” a group of 17 billionaires who acquired sudden wealth in the 1990s after the Soviet Union collapsed and they bought government properties at fire-sale prices. Polls show that most Russians deeply resent the oligarchs. Most of them are young; Khodorkovsky is 40. And many of them, including Khodorkovsky, are Jewish.”” (William Schneider‘Putin’s Arresting Move’); “As the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz explains: “In recent years Russian authorities began investigating (Yukos), its managers and major stockholders, many of whom are of Jewish origin. The probes caused several of the managers to flee to Israel, and resulted in Khodorkovski’s (Yukos CEO) arrest and a Kremlin attack on Yukos.” (Alison Weir ‘Russia, Israel and Media Omissions’). Most of these seventeen billionaires are Zionists. These billionaires are frequently referred to as Russian oligarchs but, in reality, they are overwhelmingly Israeli oligarchs in Russia.One might have thought that such an outrageous political scandal in a country still bristling with nuclear weapons, would have been front page news in America and Britain for many years. This was not the case. On the contrary, the scandals were rarely mentioned in the media. Alison Weir has argued that one of the main reasons for this was that Associated Press refused to investigate what the Zionists were doing in Russia. This was important because “AP is the major news source for the thousands of news outlets around the country (America) who cannot afford to have their own foreign correspondents. When AP chooses not to cover something, its omission is felt throughout the nation. When national news networks and others leave out the same facts, the cover-up is almost total.” (Alison Weir‘Russia, Israel and Media Omissions’).Weir makes an even more specific allegation when she points out that, since the late 1990s, much of the responsibility for this pretense about the Israeli oligarchs in Russia has been due to Judith Ingram, Associated Press’s bureau chief in Moscow. “For example, a few months ago in a typical AP story on this power struggle, “Report: Russia again charges Berezovsky,” Judith Ingram makes no mention anywhere that Berezovsky is an Israeli citizen, or of his many connections to Israel. When … Ingram was asked about Berezovsky’s Israeli citizenship, she claimed to know nothing about it, a curious contention for someone who has been an AP news editor in Moscow since 1999. When Ingram was queried further, she hung up the phone. An examination of Ingram’s reporting on the Berezovsky story cited above raises serious questions. Though she is located in Moscow, Ingram interviewed only two people for her news story: Berezovsky, who is in London, and Berezovsky associate Alex Goldfarb, in New York. One wonders why she interviewed none of the Russians residing around her. Similarly, one wonders why not a single AP story has identified Berezovsky’s considerable connection to Israel. Further, nowhere does Ingram’s article convey the ruthlessness of the oligarchs’ actions, or the significance of their holdings, including control of its media. Unnoted in Ingram’s report is the fact that her subject and fellow oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky have been two of Russia’s most powerful media tycoons. (Alison Weir‘Russia, Israel and Media Omissions’). In effect, Judith Ingram has turned Russia’s Israeli oligarchs into invisible Jews. What Judith Miller did to help push America into a Zionist proxy war against Iraq, Judith Ingram is doing to cover up Jewish efforts to take control of Russia. The reason that Ingram chose to ignore the Israelis’ roles in Russia is because she knew that the Israeli dominated American media didn’t want any publicity being given to what the Israeli thieves were doing in Russia. She was just doing what her Israeli masters wanted her to do.Weir laments that as a consequence of the American media’s silence about Zionist activities in Russia most Americans know little about what has been happening there. “Such omissions by AP and large swaths of the American media leave Americans seriously disadvantaged in deciphering what is going on in Russia, and its profound significance for the world.” (Alison Weir‘Russia, Israel and Media Omissions’).The silence of the Zionist owned media in America about what their Zionist countrymen have been doing in Russia shows that, at the very least, they have been acting in concert with, if not deliberately colluding with, these Israeli traitors in Russia. (Weir does not mention that the Zionist owned media in Britain also kept quiet about these events and were thus also guilty of colluding with these criminals). Zionists around the world, whether Robert Maxwell, Joseph Conrad, Marc Rich, etc, etc, know that they can carry out whatever crimes they want around the world because the Jewish owned media in America, and Britain, will never publicize their crimes. (The even bigger bonus for Jewish crooks is that it doesn’t matter what crimes they commit, the Zionist state in Palestine will always give them refuge). The jewish owned media in America, and Britain, are actually providing Jewish criminals around the world with an incentive to carry out crimes because they will never reveal Zionists’ criminal exploits. (Wasn’t it amazing how Robert Maxwell was able to raid the pension funds of dozens of companies without anyone pointing out his criminal activities?). The criminal exploits of Zionist traitors around the world are common knowledge only within the hallowed confines of the Zionist state in Palestine. What an irony that the truth can be spoken only in an illegal, rogue, state created through, and built on, violence and theft. The thieves who run the Zionist state in Palestine give Jewish thieves the right to boast openly of their criminal exploitation of the goyim.The Israelis who own and control the media in America (and Britain) were not in the slightest bit morally disturbed let alone outraged that their fellow countrymen were filching Russia’s wealth or acting in such a treacherous way to the country in which they had lived for most of their lives. They were much too pre-occupied with a far more serious world historical event – Monica Lewinsky wrapping her pretty, lip-stick coated, lips around Bill Clinton’s willy. Of course, if Bill had been a complete shabbat goy and given the Zionist state in Palestine all that it wanted, then the Zionist media in America would probably have given him their seal of approval and his affair would never have been mentioned.

Such is the power of the Israeli owned media in America that the president of the United States can invite members of the Zionists’ global criminal fraternity to meet with him in the white house, presumably to talk about how to spread Zionist-dominated democracies to all countries around the world, without fearing that the media will expose his criminal associates. “You would think it would be hot news when wanted men being hunted by European police suddenly pop up in the US particularly on Capitol Hill and at events attended by the US president. Yet, there was not a single AP story in the US on any of this. Not a single national network television or radio news program even mentioned these facts. In fact, Google and LexisNexis searches four days after these events took place turned up only three newspaper articles on them anywhere in the entire country.” (Alison Weir


‘Russia, Israel and Media Omissions’). “Prosecutors in Russia have been searching the world for a pair of oil tycoons who got on president Vladimir Putin’s bad side. Maybe they should have asked Putin’s friend President Bush. There in the audience joining Bush at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington on Thursday were two partners of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the billionaire imprisoned after defying the Kremlin. The two partners, Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, were allowed into the United States – and the president’s company – despite Interpol notices filed at the request of the Russians. Dubov, who will turn 47 on Monday, and Brudno, 45, were major shareholders in Yukos along with Khodorkovsky, each holding about 7 percent of the firm, making them billionaires as well. When prosecutors targeted Khodorkovsky, Dubov and Brudno fled to Israel, where they obtained dual citizenship. Russian prosecutors asked Interpol, the Paris-based international police agency, to issue “red notices” for Dubov and Brudno, alerting member states that they are wanted on fraud charges. But U.S. officials said they saw no reason to honor the Interpol red notices and noted that the United States has no extradition treaty with Russia. Traveling on Israeli passports with long-term U.S. visas, Dubov and Brudno were not stopped when they landed.” (Peter Baker ‘Prayer Breakfast Includes Russian Fugitives’ Washington Post).One of the main reasons the Israelis who own and control the media in America never exposed what their colleagues and business associates were doing in Russia is because of the obvious parallels between Zionists’ control of Russia and Zionists’ control of America. In both Russia and America, the Zionists control the media, parliament/congress, and even to a large degree the presidency. If the Israeli owned American media started discussing the Zionists take-over of Russia even the most retarded Americans, many of whom have adopted Zionism as their religious ideology but yet bitterly resent accusations that they’ve been indoctrinated by Zionists, might start wondering if Israelis had already done to America what they had just done to Russia. This might even lead them to question whether it is right for Israelis to control not only Palestine but Russia and America. It might lead them to wonder whether the view promoted by the Israeli traitors in the Bush administration that ‘what is good for the Zionist state in Palestine is good for America’ could possibly be true when Zionist traitors in the Yeltsin government were arguing that ‘what is good for the Zionist state in Palestine is good for Russia’. Even worse is that American goyims might begin to feel as much contempt for their Zionist masters as Russian goyims have for their Jewish masters, “In Russia, the oligarchs are deeply loathed, considered villains who worked to bleed the country dry; during their reign many Russian citizens saw their life savings disappear overnight. (Alison Weir

‘Russia, Israel and Media Omissions’). But it would be wrong for American goyims to believe that the Israeli oligarchs in Russia were anything like as mendacious and murderous as America’s ziocon traitors. Sure, Russia’s Zionist traitors are a lot richer than their American neocon counterparts but America’s Zionist traitors are far more professional when it comes to lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering.The Israeli owned media in America has also been keeping quiet about another dirty secret they know about what their fellow countrymen are doing in American politics. “For years, the neocons’ push for war against Iraq was largely uncovered by the US media. For even longer, the neocons’ close connections to Israel have gone largely unmentioned in mainstream American news reports. As a result, very few Americans know to what degree many of those responsible for the tragic US invasion and occupation of Iraq have been motivated by Israeli concerns. The omission in coverage of Iraq has been profoundly disastrous, both for the Middle East and for Americans. In fact, it is quite likely that only history will show the true extent of this disaster. It is deeply troubling to see the same kind of omission occurring on Russia.” (Alison Weir

‘Russia, Israel and Media Omissions’). The Israeli owned media in America doesn’t want American goyims being worried about the loyalties of the Israelis who have forced American administrations into adopting Zionist policies from the Ford administration onwards.It is commonly appreciated that it is not politically kosher to explore the thesis concerning Jewish world domination. But, given Zionists’ control of America and Britain, and the Zionist takeover of Russia, what other theory fits the facts so precisely?If a leftist Israeli historian such as Benny Morris, a “paragon of dispassionate Israeli scholarship” argues, “The Arab world as it is today is barbarian,” and believes that Islamic and Arab culture is “a world in which human life doesn’t have the same value as it does in the West,” and that Palestinians are barbaric, “a very sick society,” and should be treated “the way we treat individuals who are serial killers. . . . Something like a cage has to be built for them.”” (Kathleen Christison


‘American Jewish sensitivities to criticism of Israel’) then what does this say about the utter barbarity and depravity of the more extreme Zionists in the illegal Zionist state in Palestine?Christison concludes, “Morris’s blunt soul-bearing has lifted the last barrier of propriety to the open expression of raw Arab hatred. One longs for some gigantic outcry of opposition or disgust over this confession of deep bigotry, but there has been none. Except for a few letters to the editor of Ha’aretz from American Jews, the interview has aroused little attention in the Jewish-American community: no denunciation, no shock, little or no discussion on any but the most progressive Jewish e-mail lists. You have to assume that, however awkward Morris’s blunt language may be, he is speaking for a large segment of American Jews who say they oppose the occupation, say they hate Sharon, say they hate Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, but who do nothing about any of these things and who in the end would not grieve, either for the Palestinians or for the Jewish soul, if Israel wiped the Palestinians off the map.” (Kathleen Christison

‘American Jewish sensitivities to criticism of Israel’).What makes all of this amusing is that in the over-industrialized world, liberals, leftists, greens, and progressives, regard the use of such phrases as Zionist world domination or Zionist controlled media as having no relationship to empirical realities. But what this chorus of denunciations indicates of course is the pervasiveness of Jewish world domination. Liberal/lefty/greenie/progressives seem to be suffering from Zionist indoctrination almost as much as, right wing Christians i.e. the people they disdain for supposedly suffering from political naivety.Thankfully Russian president Putin managed to wrested a lot of control away from the Jewish oligarchs in Russia, something that George Bush wouldn’t even contemplate doing in America.


How could Jews acquire World Domination?Jewish world domination is a remarkable feat. Many find it difficult to understand how 14 million jews could control 6 billion non-jews. Perhaps if the issue is taken stage by stage it should become more comprehensible.Firstly, Jewish power to control America has built up slowly since the second world war. At first America’s Jewish lobbies seemed to have no desire to try and control American policies on a day to day, policy by policy basis. The power of the Jewish lobby to force American administrations into adopting policies that were beneficial to the Jewish state in Palestine but detrimental to American interests was used sparingly. The most blatant example of this came in 1973 when Arab armies were gaining the upper hand against the illegal Jewish state in Palestine. President nixon had to decide whether he would intervene and on which side. After all, America relied on Arab oil just like the rest of the world. According to the oil theory of politics this decision should have been a no brainer. Firstly, Arabic/Islamic countries had vast quantities of oil while the Zionist state had none. Secondly, there was nothing that the Zionist state could do for America that one or other of the American sponsored Arab/Islamic dictators could not do. Thirdly, geopolitically, America also needed to lure Arab countries from the clutches of the Soviet empire. And yet, Nixon choose to support the Zionist state. “When Israel faced defeat before the united armies of Egypt and Syria, Sec. Of State Henry Kissinger ordered America armaments flown into the Israel-occupied Sinai Peninsula, giving Israel a pivotal advantage against her Arab foes. The ensuing Arab outrage produced the great oil embargo of 1973, sending the U.S. into a debilitating recession for the better part of a decade.” (Mark Green with Wendy Campbell


‘Exit Neo-Conservatives, Enter Neo-Liberals’). In other words, the Zionist lobby was powerful enough even in the 1970s to force America into supporting the illegal Zionist state in Palestine even though this meant massive oil price rises that seriously damaged the American, and the global, economy and could have permanently alienated the Arab world pushing it further into the arms of the Soviet Union.Since the second world war, Zionists have acquired more and more of the American media until they are now its dominating force. They have majority control, verging on a monopoly, over the American media. As a consequence, they are able to pump out Zionist propaganda to tens of millions of Americans who, not surprisingly, have come to support the Zionist media’s views on the Middle East.Secondly, Israeli lobbyists in America fund both American political parties and thereby control the American congress. The Republican and Democratic parties are simply the international branches of the Likud party governing Palestine.

Thirdly, Jews in America would not have such enormous political power without the support of non-Jews – some are shabbat goys who work for Israeli owned companies while others are the victims of Zionist indoctrination i.e. Zionization. In the late 1970s the Israeli neocons set out to win mass support for the Republican party by winning over America’s so-called Christian moral majority. In general, it can be argued that if one group of people manages to persuade a second group of people to follow their ideas then plainly the first group is in a dominant position over the second group. And this is exactly what has happened in America. Zionists have managed to persuade, or financially entice, non-Jews to uphold Zionist values.

Most commentators look at the size of America’s Christian movement and put 2 and 2 together to make 23. They conclude that Christian evangelicals are the country’s dominating political influence. It is true that Christian evangelism has grown considerably in political power since the 1970s but the particular strain of evangelism that has flourished has been one which has been groomed, supported, and financed, by the Zionist lobby because it promotes Zionist objectives. The Jewish neocons succeeded in transforming the Republican party into a popular political party which supports Zionist values. Much more critically, if Christian evangelists really dominated American politics they would concentrate on pursuing domestic campaigns to turn America into a Christian state i.e. ending the constitutional separation of church and state in America. But this is not the case. Christian evangelists give absolute political priority to the racist Zionist state in Palestine even over campaigns concerning domestic issues. Christian evangelists spend more time, effort, and money, campaigning for total Jewish control over Palestine than they do in campaigning for a Christian control over America.

Zionists in America are implacably opposed to the abolition of the separation between church and state and have deterred American Christians from campaigning to create a Christian state in America – while at the same time using American Christians to promote a racially pure, Jewish state in Palestine where there is little separation between church and state. In other words, in the power battle between America’s Zionists and Christian evangelicals, the former are plainly more politically powerful than the latter. In america, the continued constitutional separation of Christian churches from the state symbolizes the dominate position of the Zionist lobby over Christian evangelism.

America’s Christian evangelists are better described as de-Christianized Zionists. Firstly, they believe in the Jewish god of revenge rather than the christian god of forgiveness: they believe in the old testament more than they do the new testament with the exception of the book of revelations. Secondly, they give priority to a Judaic state in Palestine rather than a Christian state in America. Given that these victims of Zionist ideology are more concerned about foreign, rather than domestic, issues they could be referred to as de-Americanized, de-Christianized Zionists. America’s political leaders are not true Christians or even true Americans but Zionist traitors who use Christianity to win elections solely in order to promote foreign policies supporting the illegal Zionist state in Palestine.

Fourthly, in the early 1990s a group of American politicians, who happened to be Jewish, wrote a book entitled ‘Project for a New American Century’ in which they advocated new policies for the Jewish state in Palestine that would undermine what little political power that America has over the Jewish state. In general, when politicians in one country write books advocating policies to boost the powers of a second country over their country then this is treason. The Jewish authors of the PNAC are traitors to America. The ‘Project for a New American Century’ is better understood as an updated version of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

Fifthly, much more remarkable than the Jewish take-over of American politics which happened over a period of many decades, was the Jewish take-over of Russia in a way which is remarkably similar to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Because they possessed vast fortunes from the usurpation of virtually all of Russia’s natural resources, they were able to take control of the Russian media and use it to persuade tens of millions of Russians to vote for Boris Yeltsin who was virtually on his death bed – indeed, the day after his election he suffered a heart attack and took no further part in politics.

America is the world’s only hyperpower. But Israelis control America’s media and political system which ipso facto makes them the world’s rulers. The Zionist state in Palestine is not an American colony since there are few Americans in the Knesset or in Zionist administrations. On the contrary, America is a colony of the Jewish state in Palestine because there are so many Jews in American politics and American administrations.