The World Must Die So That Israel Can Be Saved

The World Must Die So That Israel Can Be Saved

By Peter Chamberlin

23 May, 2008

Bush has failed to fulfill his divine mission, to secure the safety of Israel for all time. For a true believer in Christian-Zionism, it must be gnawing at his soul like some giant rat hollowing-out his insides. How can Jesus ever return if Bush can’t make Jerusalem safe enough for all Jews to return to? If Bush can’t clear the way for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, then where will the messiah sit while he is destroying the earth and most of the Jews with it? (See: “Lobbying for Armageddon”)

Bush has followed his obsession with making the Middle East safe for Israel down every conceivable twist and turn, looking for adequate justification to unleash Armageddon upon the region. He could not overcome Israeli civilian reluctance in 2006 to taste the rain of Hezbollah’s sweet retaliatory revenge of thousands of missiles. No amount of neocon machismo or camaraderie could convince the Israelis in 2006 that American bombers would back them up if Israel escalated its all-out fight to eliminate Hezbollah and Hamas into Syria and Iran.

Again, in the recent uproar in Lebanon, Bush the deliverer could not convince Israel to follow through with the planned air assault on Lebanon in the multi-stage plot to restart the war with Hezbollah, Neither could he persuade them to carry-out the plan to assassinate Hezbollah leader Nasrallah, on April 25.

As a result of the Israeli government’s reluctance to order attacks which would bring massive retaliation upon Israeli citizens, Bush has apparently realized that if he is to eliminate the enemies of Israel in the time allotted him, then he will have to take the bold actions required to protect the “Chosen People” from reasonable retaliation which they bring upon themselves. Towards this end, Bush has employed his loyal Democrat “blue dogs” (three Zionist Jewish Democrats and two Lebanese-Christian Republicans) to introduce legislation that is, in effect, the early stages of a Lebanese war resolution.

House Resolution 1194

“Urges the United States Government and the international community to immediately take all appropriate actions to support and strengthen the legitimate Government of Lebanon under Prime Minister Fouad Siniora;

…prohibit all air traffic between Iran and Lebanon and between Iran and Syria;

every country controlling possible transit routes from Iran to Lebanon to impose the strictest possible controls on the movement of Iranian vehicles, airplanes, and goods. [which also happens to be Olmert’s second option for blockading Iran “Olmert to U.S.: Impose naval blockade on Iran”

“Olmert proposed two possible courses of action: first, a naval blockade of Iran using the U.S. fleet to limit the movement in and out of Iran of its merchant ships…The second option Olmert proposed was to place limitations on Iranian aircraft, business people and senior members of the regime at airports throughout the world.”

Strangely enough, even though the resolution on Lebanon is intended solely to enforce Israel’s wish list for America’s military, in the minutes of the short forty minute debate on the House floor,
: Israel was never blamed for any of the problems of the besieged Lebanese democratic state, not even by the two lone opponents of the resolution, Kucinich and Ron Paul. Kucinich, champion of underdogs, did object to the “25 years” of suffering which had been unleashed upon the people of Lebanon, but he never laid the blame for this outrage on its perpetrators, Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon, or their successors. The Lebanese resistance forces (Hezbollah) which were spawned by Israel’s bloodthirsty invasion which began on June 6,1982 and their Syrian counterparts are blamed for every act of terror and aggression that is committed there by Israel, America and Saudi Arabia.

Rep. Gary Ackerman referred to the things we are doing in Lebanon as “the equivalent of a rape,” but he was practicing typical Zionist double-speak, when he attributed the evils wrought by American and Israeli mischief to the opposition forces, who were merely defending against our multiple rapes. He waxed poetic in defense of hypocritical American/Israeli aggression that is always blamed upon the victims or their supporters:

“Let us speak out for freedom, speak out for freedom in the case of a people who are under siege [by us], who are in the throes of having their duly elected government taken away from them by terrorist organizations and rogue regimes [who work for us].”

According to testimony on H. Res. 1194, by Rep. Kucinich,

“David Welch, who went to Lebanon…to basically make sure that the government took a hard-line position and that it would forestall the possibility of any dialogue. And then one of the clients of the United States, or so-called clients, basically escalated the situation by taking on the issue of disarmament of Hezbollah.”

The Americans, the Israelis and the Saudis, through Welch, created their own rogue paramilitary (terrorist) forces. According to former head of Israel’s intelligence, Aaron Zeevi Farkash:

“Israel has given Lebanese Forces (of Samir Geagea) men the best training and they will appear in any future confrontation. Lebanese Forces fighters will hold on much longer in Hezbollah’s faces, but eventually they will be defeated.” (“Nasrallah Ruined 3Yrs of Arab, Foreign Intel Efforts.”) lb/NewsSite/

America built the terrorist militias of Saudi front man Saad Hariri’s Future Movement, the destabilizing forces who clumsily tried to provoke Hezbollah into taking over, so that Hezbollah would be responsible for all of Lebanon, justifying the use of the same brutal tactics there that Israel uses in Gaza.
 The wisdom of Nasrallah is apparent in his decision to restrain the resistance forces, refusing to fall into Bush’s trap, by refusing the bait.

In order to reward Saudi loyalty in this affair, for assisting in terror attacks upon Lebanese targets, Bush handed the keys to the nuclear power club to the royal family, along with an oath to:

“protect their energy infrastructure against terrorism, as demonstrated by the unsuccessful terrorist attack against the kingdom’s Abqaiq plants in February 2006…safeguarding the kingdom’s energy resources by protecting key infrastructure, enhancing Saudi border security…”
[Thus setting the stage for a repeat of the “al Qaida” attacks upon Saudi oil facilities in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia]

Israel, for their part, has donned its favorite persona of the innocent victim, suffering from America’s Machiavellian policies, as it blames the US for its conflict with Syria. This attempt to distance the ruling party from the consequences of their actions in Lebanon and the rest of their besieged neighbors is Israeli sleight of hand, masquerading as diplomacy. The new improved Zionist spokesmen are sounding the same alarm in the face of losing control of the Americans, “Israel is the victim, everything is either America or Iran’s fault.”

Seeing the rising American backlash to their grand war plans for us, the Zionists have decided to try to “cut bait and run” away from the neocon gambit. Israel has hired Bush to go it alone, as they prepare to return to their favorite time-tested new/old tact, that of the Zionists finishing their theft of the mantle of Judaism, by pretending to be a “light unto the nations,” in pursuit of their new world order. Even their American spokesmen, the neocons, have begun to turn against the Israel Lobby, which has been exposed in its manipulations of American government. (See: “We Are All Mearsheimerites Now”)

Olmert’s careless exposure of the web of connections between Israeli politicians and the deep pockets of Jewish American benefactors reveals the river of Jewish-American money that flows through both American and Israeli governments, controlling the lethal actions of each. It is this critical grand exposure that cannot be allowed to happen under any circumstances. However this all works out, it is a certainty that the ruling international financial elite will put a stop to anything that will expose them. (This is why the key to stopping the terror war is to threaten exposure of the ruling cabal. When it becomes impossible for them to pursue their goal of a regional Middle East war from the safety of their dark lairs, they will change their plans.)

Under the cover provided by imaginary “good faith” negotiations with half of the Palestinians and equally illusory negotiations with Syria over the Golan Heights, Olmert is able to spin his own reputation and obfuscate the reality that the Zionist controllers cannot allow to be revealed.
 In the midst of this spinning maelstrom of deception the Zionist settlers annex more Palestinian land to build another 300 homes for the “Chosen People” on the West Bank.
 These new projects represent but a small portion of the explosion in settler (colonizer) building that has taken place on Palestinian land since Annapolis created the impression that Israel was becoming reasonable.

In the end, this is what it is all about, Zionists exercising what they believe is their “divine right,” to use whatever force is necessary to mercilessly evict the Palestinians from their own homes and sweep them off “Israeli land.” This is also the root of the Lebanese problem that Bush wants to turn into World War III, Zionists plotting to seize the lands they call “Eretz Israel.” This is the part of Zionism’s lies that takes hold of the Christian Zionist movement in America, forcefully creating a restoration of Biblical Israel, the stuff that fuels Bush’s darkest nightmares and delusions.

The military leaders of our beleaguered forces should follow the example of the Lebanese Army as it cooperated with the opposition forces, and begin to undo Bush’s acts of aggression as they are called upon to pull new triggers for him. It is both disgraceful and shocking to see our President and Vice-President crawling on all fours before their Zionist masters, searching for the right trail that will lead to total war on Israel’s enemies! They lust to embroil the world in world war to complete their failed war plans, believing that the survivors will respect them for their wisdom in the end of all things. They have to complete their plot for total power before someone else gains the power to hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.

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