The Supply-Side Plot to Overthrow the Welfare State

The Supply-Side Plot to Overthrow the Welfare State

By: Peter Chamberlin

The American “conservative” movement, as seen in the friends and allies of the Heritage Foundation is the vanguard of the New World Order.They rally around the cherished ideas of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher as the centerpiece of their movement.“Supply-side economics,” the popular name for the concept accredited to the pair of charismatic leaders, is hailed as a great success, because of the new “robust” economy which it has allegedly produced.The key to any disinformation movement is the acquisition of the skill to say “black” is really “white.”In reality, the “robust” economy is circling the drain, even as you read these words.

A sturdy partner to Heritage in this movement to remake America into a new fascist society, is Hillview College, a primary incubator for producing new generations of young conservatives.This month’s edition of “Imprimus,” Hillview’s monthly newsletter is a transcript of a speech of British arch-neoconservative John O’Sullivan, Executive Editor of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Mr. O’Sullivan’s speech was a lovefest, celebrating the near demi-god status of “Lady Thatcher,” Reagan’s sturdy shrewish partner in decimation.

John O’Sullivan


Statue of Margaret Thatcher at Hillsdale College

Margaret Thatcher: A Legacy of Freedom

“I was already a ‘Thatcherite’ of the first hour.

Reaganism and Thatcherism are the same Anglo-American conservative philosophy of

Lady Thatcher’s own tribute to the President: “Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot.

[this should have read without firing a shot with our own hands]

‘Ordered liberty’ applied in somewhat different national circumstances.”

[“A concept in constitutional law that the due process requirements applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution do not incorporate all the provisions of the first 10 amendments (the so-called Bill of Rights), but only those measures essential for the preservation of a scheme of “ordered liberty.” All that is meant is that due process contains within itself certain minimum standards which are ‘of the very essence of a scheme of ordered liberty.’” 332 U.S. 46, 65 n. 28 quoting 302 U.S. 319, 325.

“A loosely used term, diversely applied in scholarly literature and judicial opinions, “ordered liberty” suggests that fundamental constitutional rights are not absolute but are determined by a balancing of the public (societal) welfare against individual (personal) rights. In this dialectical perspective, the thesis is “order,” its antithesis “liberty”; the synthesis, “ordered liberty,” describes a polity that has reconciled the conflicting demands of public order and personal freedom.”]

O’Sullivan continued:

“Loss-making industries were closed down or reduced in size. Manufacturing industries shed labor

Privatization transformed inefficient state-owned industries into dynamic private sector enterprises.

Two-thirds of Britain’s state-owned industries were sold to the private sector, resulting in more efficient industries and wider capital ownership.

[but with much less industry]

Privatization expertise became one of the City of London’s most profitable services over the next two decades..

Her message was one of ordered liberty…in a wider commonwealth of English-speaking peoples.

The “ordered liberty” of “Lady Thatcher” and Ronald Reagan, that O’Sullivan was referring to was that of re-programmed societies composed of millions of re-programmed minds which were produced from the mind-control experiments practiced by the City of London’s Tavistock Institute. Sigmund Freud was considered to be the prophet of Tavistock’s proponents of “scientific dictatorship” which emerged from the immoral morass of the Frankfurt School in Weimar Germany. These were the psychologists, social scientists and economists who claimed the right to plan mankind’s fate.The movement founded by these intellectuals, introduced the world to the corrosive concept of “relativism,” the revolutionary idea which stated that there were no absolute values.The poison they produced was effectively used to wage war against the people of the United States and the world, who were targeted for economic and psychic destruction.

There at the Frankfurt School, the union of Marxism with psychotherapy and social sciences produced “cultural Marxism,” the evil twin of “neoconservatism.”Through the application of Hegel to the American political process, using the “shock doctrine,” they perfected the black arts by bouncing people’s lives back and forth between the two radical doctrines (which were both manufactured by the same group of controllers), a new radicalized nationalist ideology was forged out of a contagion of fear, through the “strategy of tension” and the contamination of the American national psyche with the false psychology of “learned helplessness.”Our minds and our economic well-being were targeted with destruction, so that they would then have the opportunity to reshape us in the image that suited the plans for world domination.

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