The Peace Pipeline


The Peace Pipeline

By:  Peter Chamberlin

Obama is a flexible puppet in the empire-builders hands, readily facilitating the decades-old scheme to seize control of the former Soviet satellite nations and all of their vast energy resources.  But, unlike Bush and Cheney, he seems to have a strong sense of conscience that is occasionally revealed on his face as a furrowed brow or clenched lips, whenever he is taking another immoral step for Empire, which carries a heavy human toll.

If this guilt for the actions he is taking is real moral guilt and not more stage-acting, then it is his weakness, that could potentially be exploited to compel our President to create actual change.  He has a lot of fresh blood on his hands for the decisions he has made so far, but even more because of the ones he has resisted making.

The fresh blood of several hundred Kyrgyz citizens is merely the freshest blood to stain Obama’s hands, wafting upwards into his face, filling his nostrils with the warm stench of mortal wounds.  Maybe the disgust he feels can linger in his brain long enough to interfere with his programming.

The pipeline project and the accompanying psychological warfare program intended to bring it about is directly responsible for both the “colored revolutions” of Central Asia and the terror attacks upon Russia.  These things are all part of the process of exporting democratic-revolution.

The depths of the treachery involved in putting together this plan to take control of former Russian territories is unfathomable to most of us. The twisted machinations used to carry it all out are unbelievably complex, even so, it all threatens to fall apart over the Kyrgyz fiasco.

If things unfold as they seem to be heading, then we are very likely witnessing a replay of the Georgia/South Ossetia conflict, with Obama replacing Bush in the paradigm of the latest confrontation with Putin.  The outcome will seal the fate of the planned Northern Distribution Network, and with it, the outcome of the Afghan “exit strategy.”  In truth, the world will see that the only real need for the northern supply route is to carry the Afghan war deep into former Russian territory.  It will also see that carrying the war into Central Asia is the real reason for prolonging the Afghan war.  Obama has rolled the dice on this scheme and it may have come up “snake eyes.”

If this prediction holds true, then our president of change will either have to settle-up, or double his bet—and the United States has little of the needed economic, military, or psychological capital needed to double our present enormous American commitment to the plans of conquest.  Maybe the obstacles to the plan that have arisen in Kyrgyzstan (coupled with the repellent thought of anticipated new waves of death) will motivate Obama to side with the people over the puppet-masters, who pull his strings.  It is a long shot, but it remains a realistic hope.

If America had a president of the people, then he would turn this into a true moment of change.  The great change that we all so desperately need at this time is an end to the pipeline wars.

This means that the contest to control the gas and oil must end here and now, to be replaced with a more peaceful path of mutual cooperation.  The competition between two blocks to control this resource must be replaced by a consortium of all nations, under an international treaty, to build “Peace Pipelines,” to bring these vital resources to the world and to return the profits from the gas and oil to their rightful owners, the people of the “Stans,” and to those nations that supply the access routes.

The people of the world need what the people of Central Asia have to sell.  It is up to the real leaders and statesmen of the world to ensure that this transaction comes about in a peaceful manner, not it the dog-eat-dog struggle that has engulfed and bankrupted the entire world.