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McConnell Wants Pelosi To Provoke China, By Going To Taiwan

“McConnell has never seen a war he didn’t like. When it comes to hawkishness and reckless bloodlust, Pelosi and Mitch are opposite sides of the same coin…they join hands for every war and argue publicly over a handful of issues. This is the state of American Democracy.”

McConnell says Pelosi would hand China a win if she sacks Taiwan trip after complaints

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will provide China a “victory of sorts”​ if she backs off from an expected trip to Taiwan.

The Kentucky Republican was asked about the speaker traveling to Taiwan amid China’s threats and said there are other matters beyond the trip that should be discussed.

“If she doesn’t go now, she’s handling China a sort of a victory of sorts,” McConnell said at a Senate Republican leadership news conference on Tuesday.

Instead, he said the emphasis should be on making sure that the “weapons systems that they actually have meet the threat that they might actually have to endure. And that requires I think a good deal more emphasis on Taiwan defense than we’ve had.”

China, reacting this weekend to a possible visit by Pelosi later this summer, escalated its warnings to the US — even a possible military response.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Monday said: “We are seriously prepared.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked about the speaker traveling to Taiwan amid China's threats.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked about the speaker traveling to Taiwan amid China’s threats.
Bloomberg via Getty Images
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will provide China a "victory of sorts"​ if she backs off from an expected trip to Taiwan, according to Mitch McConnell.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will provide China a “victory of sorts”​ if she backs off from an expected trip to Taiwan, according to Mitch McConnell.
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Asked what that meant, he responded, “If the US side is bent on going its own way, China will take strong measures to resolutely respond and counteract.”

“The United States should be held responsible for any serious consequences,” he added.

Amid the heightened tensions, Taiwan’s capital Taipei staged air raid drills and the country’s military conducted joint air and sea exercises that involved the mobilization of tanks and troops on Monday.

Sirens blared throughout the city as people took to shelters and shops closed.  ​​

China has been adamant about the U.S. not getting involved in Taiwan-China affairs.
China and its Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian have been adamant about the U.S. not getting involved in Taiwan-China affairs.
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“In recent years, Chinese military planes have frequently harassed Taiwan, and the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out in February this year,” Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je told reporters, ​referring to fears that Beijing could follow Moscow’s example and invade Taiwan.

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“All these things make us understand the importance of being vigilant in times of peace and we need to be prepared if there is war.”​

Liberals and Conservatives Find Unity In Distrust of Mainstream Media

“With this poll, we see confirmation that the majority of the American people do not trust corporate media, 85%. We the People have learned to see through big media’s claim that they are the defender of Democracy, when it is now obvious that Big Media’s purpose is to manipulate Democracy, as the path to subverting real Democracy at the polls. Corporate control of the American electoral process through money and the media demonstrates most clearly that America is NO LONGER a Democracy, it is just another authoritarian dictatorship…complete totalitarianism is next.”

A deeply polarized America is united in its ‘disdain and distrust’ of the media: Trey Gowdy

A Gallup poll from early July showed a majority of Americans don’t trust print or television media

“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy credited the media for managing to unite the country against them in a deeply polarizing political environment, citing a Gallup poll that found that 85% of the country has lost faith in print and television media.


TREY GOWDYI want to congratulate the media, they have managed to do that which seemed impossible. A pandemic could not do it, natural disasters can’t do it, war can no longer do it. But the media has done it. In a country rife with vision torn asunder with political fights, the media has brought about a glimmer of unity. The media has united the country in believing that the media is untrustworthy, unfair, and biased.

Disdain and distrust for the media cross geographical and generational and ideological boundaries. In other words, having no confidence in the fairness of media may be the single most unifying thing we have going for us. And when everyone thinks you are wrong, that should be cause for self-reflection, but not for the media. They don’t blame themselves, they blame you and the internet and lack of diversity, except of course, a lack of political diversity. The public does not trust media and believe that media is fair, because the media is not fair. It’s not complicated. The media doesn’t speak truth to power, the media tries to influence whose in power. The media isn’t a societal referee, it’s an active participant in the contest.

 A country and a culture cannot survive without fairness. We need… an impartial, neutral detached judge… Americans know fairness is a virtue. And we salute the humility of those who can call the game without trying to influence the game. 

If 90% of Twitter Users Are Opinion-Influencing Spambots, Then Twitter Is Military-Grade Brainwashing Weapon

“What this means, of course, is that Twitter, along with the rest of Big Tech, is little more than a social engineering tool to manipulate and brainwash the masses into believing the scripted reality that psychopaths are using to maintain control.”

‘90% Bots’: Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Is a Military Grade Psy-Op To Brainwash the Masses

Based on his assessment, Musk alleges that up to 90 percent of Twitter’s entire user base is fake. This situation has obvious implications for the valuation of the company. If most of the users are fake, advertisers will be far less interested in spending money to place ads on the platform. But the implications of the bot count don’t stop there and reveal much about the true, inner workings of Big Tech.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is likely behind the AI bot front on Twitter. Now that we know Twitter is controlled by spam bots, its not a stretch to assume the same spam bots are also likely present on Reddit, Facebook, Instragram, YouTube and TikTok.

After all, it’s no secret that the powers that be are conducting military-grade psy-ops on the public,” writes Vince Quill.

All of us have at one point or another encountered bots, sometimes it was obvious, other times not so much, but 90% of the users being bots is just beyond the pale.

Twitter’s bot check sample size was only 100 users, Musk reveals

What this means, of course, is that Twitter, along with the rest of Big Tech, is little more than a social engineering tool to manipulate and brainwash the masses into believing the scripted reality that psychopaths are using to maintain control.

If Musk can prove that Twitter is mostly fake, he will likely be able to purchase the company for a much cheaper price than his initial bid. But most importantly, the revelations that come out of this fiasco has exposed Twitter for the fraud that it has long been.

NewsTarget report: On May 13, Musk tweeted that he was going to take a random sampling of users to try to come up with an estimate for the number of bots on Twitter. The sample size he used was 100, which is apparently what Twitter uses internally for metrics purposes.

Twitter legal just called to complain that I violated their NDA (non-disclosure agreement) by revealing the bot check sample size is 100!” Musk wrote. “This actually happened.

According to Twitter, less than 5 percent of its platform is bots, but Musk believes otherwise. Who is correct? And more importantly, will the full truth ever be revealed, leading to justice on the matter?

So far, Twitter has failed to produce any actual evidence to back its claim that less than 5 percent of the platform is fake. And Musk still wants to know: Where’s the evidence?

The United States Could Not Win and Will Not Fight a War Against Russia

The United States Could Not Win and Will Not Fight a War Against Russia


(Adapted from a Twitter thread posted July 1, 2022)

I continue to be convinced the US/NATO could never win and will never fight a war against Russia in eastern Europe – unless the #EmpireAtAllCosts death cult somehow seizes the reins of power, in which case, it will become the biggest catastrophe in US military history, and very possibly result in a civilization-ending nuclear war.

For me, one of the most intriguing aspects of the unprecedented levels of propaganda beclouding the ongoing Ukraine War are the incessant claims, from the very beginning, of the alleged strategic, tactical, and logistical ineptitude of the Russian military.

The theme of the bumbling Russians was clearly preconceived and coordinated, and commenced in earnest within the first 24 hours of hostilities. CIA/MI6 fronts like OryxBellingcat, and the war-mongering Kagan family propaganda mill The Institute for the Study of War have pumped out this narrative so relentlessly that it has now been almost universally enshrined as “received wisdom” in the western state-controlled corporate media and among large numbers of clueless, arms industry-compromised former generals – even to the point of entering into the body of assumptions embraced by many “experts” who I expected to be more discerning.

It has given rise to countless evidence-free myths, from the #FakeNews downing of two IL-76 jumbo transports packed with Russian paratroopers, to the persistent meme of thousands of Russian tanks and armored vehicles allegedly abandoned for mechanical breakdown, lack of fuel, or other logistical failures.

Ilyushin Il-76

One of the more inexplicable narratives included in this disinformation package has been the allegation that Russian troops are poorly trained conscripts who are thrown into the meat grinder with antique weapons, little ammo, and so little food they are literally starving.

These tall tales are then woven back into the main strand of the narrative: the Russian army is a disorganized mob of demoralized “orcs” whose only real talent is plundering household appliances, raping young women, and randomly gunning down old folks on the streets.

Attached to this constant refrain are repeated comparisons to the allegedly incomparable professionalism, organization, training, and weaponry of US/NATO forces.  The implication is that any undersized company of exceptional American soldiers would be more than a match for an entire oversized battalion of incompetent Russians.

I’ve concluded this unrelenting narrative must have as its aim the persuasion of the general public and policy-makers in NATO countries that western militaries are so vastly superior to their Russian counterparts that no one should entertain reservations about making war against them.

Connected to this theme is a recurring baseless assertion that the Russian nuclear arsenal is in a state of total disrepair, and that, were nuclear war enjoined, very few Russian missiles would even make it out of their silos, let alone fly long enough and straight enough to then be summarily dispatched by the fictional impenetrable American missile defense shield.

In other words, we have virtually nothing to fear from the bumbling Russians – that “gas-station masquerading as a country” – as the late Fighter Ace in Reverse John McCain was fond of saying.

And thus we continue to hear calls for immediate NATO intervention into the war; the establishment of a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine, and “boots on the ground” to teach the amateurish third-world Russian army a lesson it will not soon forget.

Never mind the numerous reports from western mercenaries and foreign legion volunteers who managed to escape back to their home countries after very brief and terrifying “tours of duty” in Ukraine, all of whom relate similar accounts.

They talk about encountering overwhelming firepower for the first time in their military careers, and they soberly warn anyone else thinking of embarking on a “safari” to kill Russians that it was “nothing like Iraq” and they feel very lucky to have made it out alive – often without ever firing their weapon, nor having even seen a Russian soldier.

Russian “Grad” rocket artillery striking Ukrainian troop positions.

Never mind also the fact that, to my knowledge, there are few if any conscripts among the Russian forces fighting in Ukraine, and few if any reports in Russian independent media sources of demoralized, under-supplied Russian battalions in any theater of the war.

Quite to the contrary, every indication I have seen suggests that Russian morale is sky high, both among the soldiers doing the fighting and the Russian public at home.  To be sure, there have been Russian casualties – they are, after all, going up against what was, on February 24, 2022, the largest and best-armed land force on the European continent (outside of Russia).

(Data Source: Global Firepower – Military Strength Comparisons)

Best estimates are ~5000 Russian Federation KIAs (killed in action) plus ~8000 of their DPR / LPR (Donetsk People’s Republic / Lugansk People’s Republic) allies, or ~13,000 KIA in total.

These numbers pale in comparison to the western propaganda “think tank” fantasies of ~100k total Russian casualties, including 35k – 50k KIAs, which, were it true, would be unmistakably reflected both in the morale of the army itself and the public at home – and it clearly is not.

Nor is any of this manufactured narrative consistent with the desperate and incessant Ukrainian appeals for massive replenishment of lost heavy weaponry, air-defense systems, and ammunition, as well as the total mobilization of poorly trained and equipped “territorial guard” troops and expansion of the conscript window to include boys, old men, and now even women.

On the other side, Russian troops are regularly rotated off the battlefield, rested and refitted, then returned to the front.  Russia has deployed ~15% of its total professional force, has not ordered a general mobilization, and has approximately the same number of soldiers in the theater that they started with (175k – 200k).

So I leave the reader to judge the facts of the matter in terms of Russian military ineptitude and massive logistical failures.

And with that preface, let’s turn to the primary question: could NATO fight and win a war against the Russians on this same battlefield?

My answer is an emphatic NO – for three distinct but equally disqualifying reasons:

1) There is zero persuasive evidence that NATO soldiers, weaponry, training, logistics, and command are superior to that of the Russians.

2) Sufficient NATO forces could NEVER be assembled, equipped, and sustained to defeat the Russians in their own backyard.

3) The very attempt to concentrate sufficient US forces in the region in order to take on the Russians would very likely result in the disintegration of the global American Empire and its massive network of overseas bases – thereby rapidly accelerating the already-in-progress transition to a multipolar world.

As to point #1 above, it bears repeating what I have argued multiple times in recent weeks: this war has seen the Russian military quickly evolve into a battle-hardened and quick-to-adapt fighting force.  The US has not faced such a force since World War II.

Many believe the US is a “battle-hardened” force. This is utter nonsense. Of the many thousands of troops currently manning US combat units, only a minute fraction has experienced ANY battle whatsoever, and NONE have experienced high-intensity conflict such as is taking place in Ukraine.

Indeed, I submit that one of the inadvertent and unforeseen byproducts of this war is that, even as the NATO-trained and equipped Ukrainian army has been devastated, the Russian army has been transformed into the single most experienced army on the planet.

Needless to say, this is NOT what US/NATO strategists intended to achieve. But it does explain why we now see them doubling-down on efforts to prolong this war – both to (hopefully) degrade Russian capabilities, and to buy time for themselves to determine what to do next.

You see, if NATO had to go to war today against Russia, and all their troops and equipment could be magically teleported to the battlefield, they simply could not sustain high-intensity conflict for more than about a month, as this excellent analysis persuasively argues: The Return of Industrial Warfare.

The zealous disciples of indisputable American military supremacy will undoubtedly reply:

“Overwhelming American air power alone would devastate Russian military capabilities in a matter of days; a couple weeks at most.”

The average Call of Duty warrior believes such nonsense, but I’m confident very few in the Pentagon harbor such delusions.

To the contrary, they understand perfectly well that Russian best-in-class air defenses would shred attempted US/NATO airstrikes. It would be a stunning massacre, the results of which after even the first 48 hours would see wiser heads calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Not only that, but even attempted, but catastrophically failed NATO airstrikes against Russia would result in a massive series of counterstrikes against NATO bases and warships at distances never seen in previous wars. It would be a no-holds-barred affair.

Staging areas in Poland and Romania would be hit first and hardest, but strikes would very likely range over all of Europe and the Mediterranean. Russian missiles and submarines would sink several ships within hours, including, almost certainly, a US carrier.

This, of course, is the nightmare scenario – one which very conceivably risks an escalation to nuclear war.

But it also assumes that Russia would stand by idly as NATO concentrated forces in the region sufficient to launch a war in the first place.

In my estimation, the Russians would NOT sit back and watch the US/NATO methodically conduct a Desert Storm-style buildup over the course of a year (or more) – which is how long it would take to assemble a force large enough to launch a war against Russia.

Just as they preempted Ukrainian designs to retake the Donbass and Crimea, they would likewise strike NATO forces long before they reached a level of strength sufficient to conduct operations against Russia.

One final observation on this whole notion of the US/NATO making war against Russia:

People neglect to consider the fact that US forces are dispersed all around the world, in over 750 foreign bases of varying sizes and strategic importance.

US Overseas Military Bases

In other words, most fail to appreciate the fact that US military might is highly diluted, and the only way to possibly concentrate a force sufficient to take on the Russians would be to literally evacuate almost every significant US base on the planet.

Japan, Korea, Guam, Syria, Turkey, multiple African nations, etc. A massive power vacuum would be created all around the world, and would constitute an irresistible temptation for “hostile powers” to exploit.

It would spell the end of American global empire and hegemony.

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