Undamming the River of Hypocrisy

Undamming the River of Hypocrisy

By: Peter Chamberlin

We have to develop a dual track approach in our fight against America’s war for Israel. We have to be faithful to our usual frontal assault upon Zionist imperialism, where we call a fascist a fascist, while we develop a separate more discreet approach, where we try to break through into the mainstream press, by tailoring our words and our arguments to fit within the politically correct medium.

We box ourselves in, whenever we frame our arguments or questions using questionable or unsettled terms. If our intention is to nail the monsters that run this war, then we must resist the urge to ask all-encompassing questions that we think will vindicate our most complex theories in one fell swoop. We need to keep our questions separated. If we seek to get questions into the national media to generate antiwar opinions, but they are based on unanswered questions (911 theories) or unresolved debate (anti-Zionism), then we are providing an escape clause with our queries. No matter how pointed such a question might be, it will not penetrate and it will not get answered.

If our intent is to prove Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks, to bolster our case about an Israeli takeover of American foreign policy, then our argument requires us to first disprove the official version of the attacks before we can address our central point.

If we fight the war for Israel by the racist plan to ethnically cleanse all Arabs from the coveted land, then we might eventually prove our point, but at what cost, and how much longer would it take? How will fighting ideas of racial or ethnic supremacy block ongoing war plans for Lebanon and Palestine? If we see the victimized Palestinian people as brothers and sisters in resistance to Zionist plans for the world, then we know that we have to speak-up for their cause now, here in America, knowing for certain that their cause is our cause. They are on the frontline in the American/Israeli war against the world. We are on the frontline of the moral battle for our nation’s soul.

We have to outthink them, by seeing the American/Israeli plans for what they are and then planning around them. If their plans are to inflame the Islamic world, in order to ignite a holy war between Christianity and Islam, then we must unite with peaceful Christians and Muslims to wage global peace. Their plans for world conquest begin and end with the Zionist domination of the US Congress. There, “hate laws,” based on the new premise that anti-Zionism is “anti-Semitism,” are fought for, to prevent criticism of their Israel-centric plans, while they kill the Bill of Rights.

The State Dept. report, “Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism,”http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/102301.pdf lays out the official US government position:

“Anti-Semitism only applies to Jews; criticism of Zionism or Israeli policy promotes prejudice against all Jews; criticism of Israel as barbaric and unprincipled associates negative attributes with Jews; claims of dual loyalty, and undue influence on government policy and the media is classic anti-Semitism; reinforcing the notion that the Jewish state is one of the sources, if not the greatest source, of abuse of the rights of others, or comparing contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis [even if it is true] encourages anti-Semitism.”

The report inadvertently gives a partial explanation of the global upsurge of anti-Semitic incidents, by pointing-out the rise in international reactions to Israel’s brutal invasion of Lebanon in 2006. If telling the truth about Israeli actions validates certain verboten claims about controlling governments and the press, or for daring to describe brutal policies as “fascist,” then it is not anti-Semitic to say so. Telling the truth about Israel’s war, or our own war for Israel, is the path to peace and sanity.

In the end, we will either overcome the anti-Semite strategy, or be overcome by it, as it buys the time necessary for them to kick-start the real war for Israel. I believe that Zionist attempts to control national debate by creating an anti-Semitic scare will be self-defeating, serving to eventually alert more people to the true evil we face. Just as the mendacity and the attempts at imperial overreach alerted Americans to the true nature of the neocons, the same bold missteps by the Zionist masters of deception will have the same effect.

America boxes itself in with the angry sea of implacable enemies that it creates. This is our strategy in the war on terrorism, but it came from the Likud Party of Israel. It uses front groups to cause resistance to blow up around us, as a way to find potential resisters. This mirrors past American political manipulations in Europe (and elsewhere), where we created militant right-wing groups to stage political assassinations and “false flag” attacks upon left-wing opponents, to ignite conflicts where political enemies (resistance) can be identified. (See:Gladio- Death Plan for Democracy) http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=24805

This is the cornerstone of our aggressive foreign policy.

In Iraq and Afghanistan the United States followed this policy by creating death squads and militias, based on religion and tribal loyalties, to fight their neighbors under American direction, on the American payroll. As local defenders took to the streets to resist the occupation forces, American air power was used to eliminate entire neighborhoods where the resistance was taking place. This phase of the war is meant to be a catalyst for bringing out those who would never submit to American/Israeli domination, so that they could be targeted and separated by massive walls. This policy is key to the unfolding Israeli/American conflict planned for Lebanon.

This plan was perfected in Palestine, where it was used successfully to divide the Palestinian people and to splinter the Palestinian Authority. Gaza became a free-fire Zone, while the West Bank was freed-up for settlement expansion. A combination of bad faith diplomacy and the liberal use of military firepower, was successfully used to gain land for Israeli expansion and a constant flood of American weaponry to use in taking it. In Lebanon, the country remains destabilized and divided, while Israel goes forward with its plans for all the land up to the Litani River and all that wonderful water.

The United States has incorporated the strategy and tactics from Israel’s war on terror into our own, with the same results, the Muslim world is rising up in self-defense against us. We have destroyed every friendship with the Muslim world, by pursuing a strategy to violate their societies, to what end?

What is the unspoken objective of prosecuting a war in this foolish manner? If the plan is still for some sort of victory, it will require a massive military response to quell the opposition that we continue to generate.Here the true believers in the “shock and awe” doctrine will once again have a chance to impress the locals with a demonstration of their power, only this time, they will get to play with the nukes.

Has the secret plan always been to identify the democratic opposition to US aggression in the Middle East, or has this situation actually the result of a series of mistakes, or as a result of misdirection? If the answer is that the real war plan has always been to eliminate the millions of civilians who stand between the US and world domination, then it becomes plain that our government will be remembered as history’s worst.

In the face of Bush and Cheney’s obvious determination to escalate the war beyond anyone’s control, while the power remains in their hands, the whole world waits to see an American uprising of sorts, to separate our government from Israel. The entire world is watching to determine whether our entire nation is corrupt, whether our so-called “Christian nation” serves the cause of Christ, or the god of hypocrisy.

Our task then is to awaken the dormant consciences of the American people, with appeals made to either patriotism or religious belief. The shock of the monstrous plans of our elected leaders must be great enough to compel millions to action to save this Republic from the corruption that we have given free rein to. The river of hidden truths that are backing up behind the dam of political correctness will wash away the countless cover-ups that are buried within the rubric of the “official version of events.”