Dissecting the Anti-Pakistan Psyop


Dissecting the Anti-Pakistan Psyop

By: Peter Chamberlin

Another anomaly in the “war of [mistakes] terror” may have been solved.The unfolding story about the anti-Pakistan psyop revolves around Britain’s MI6 and the “Pakistani Taliban.”

What exactly were Mervyn Patterson and Michael Semple doing in Helmand?At the end of December, 2007 the European diplomats were arrested and evicted from Afghanistan for “talking to the Taliban.”News reports after the fact reveal that the two diplomats were actually agents of British MI6 secret service, sent to strike a bargain with top Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah or his younger half-brother Mansoor.The negotiations are alleged to have begun in early summer, according to the British press.

But the operation began much earlier than that, in March, when Mansoor Dadullah was released on March 19 in a prisoner exchange for Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo, who was being held by feared Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah.

Again, according to the British press, the whole attempt at turning Mansoor began in an operation tokill his brother.The recruiting attempt began with that prisoner exchange which freed Mansoor. He was tracked from Quetta back to Helmand where British Special Forces killed Mullah Dadullah on May12, 2007, using the latest technology (Predators) to follow his satellite phone signal.Either they supplied him the phone or they simply tailed him from Helmand to Quetta, where they managed to pick-out his the satellite phone.

The evidence that the operation began with the prison release of Mansoor is only circumstantial, that being that it was the Western negotiators who introduced him into the equation(the Taliban leader didn’t mention Mansoor in the initial contact, naming only Taliban spokesmen Mohammad Hanif and Abdul Latif Hakimi) and the British press admits that Mullah was killed by successfully following Mansoor.

A voice recording of a man claiming to be top Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah has said an Italian journalist captured by the militants has confessed to spying for the British military…Apparently referring to the detentions of two Taliban spokesmen, the man in the recording also accused the Western media of bias.

“They give one-sided freedom to media. We don’t give a one-sided freedom to media. The media should be all free or should be banned totally.

“No one can accept … that the Taliban journalists be in prisons and their journalists be free.”

The hold-up to introduce the Mansoor operation into play cost Daniele Mastrogiacomo’s driver, Sayed Agha his head.

RAI-1 channel beamed images of Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo, his driver Sayed Agha and his interpreter Ajmal Naqshbandi, kneeling blindfolded before gun-wielding militants.More..
It then showed Agha being beheaded

Ajmal Naqshbandi

Ajmal Naqshbandi worked as a guide for visiting reporters

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Mastrogiacomo was freed to celebrate his life and mourn the brutal death of his friend.The American and British military geniuses who conceived the Dadullah ploy rejoiced at the success of their devious diversion and celebrated before the fact the coming fate of Mullah Dadullah.

On May 10 2007 ,Tony Blair announced that he will formally step down from his post on June 27; no reason is given.

On or about May. 11,British military begins talks with Afghan “civilians” (read:Taliban).

Dadullah was killed by a British commando attack two days later, on 13 May 2007.

The British were arrogantly intent on reviving their colonial skills at dealing with and against the local tribes (See The Legendary Fighters of Waziristan), so they apparently sought-out Mullah Dadullah in an attempt to replicate his successful negotiations with Pakistan.The Taliban chieftain must have balked at negotiations with “slaves of America,” (meaning the British or the Afghan puppet regime), since he termed such negotiations as “impossible” in an interview with Al Jazeera given at about that time.Even though negotiations with the Taliban’s old friends in Pakistan was acceptable to him, it was beyond the pale to suggest to the old mujahedeen veteran negotiating with the back-stabbing Americans and Brits.

Even though he was known as a ruthless killer and a charismatic militant leader, reaching Dadullah seemed feasible to the Brits, after all, he had just signed a truce on September 24, 2006between the Pakistani Army and the local Taliban. Mullah Omar had sent one of his most trusted and feared commanders, Mullah Dadullah, to ask local militants to sign the truce.

“Had they been not asked by Mullah Omar, none of them were willing to sign an agreement,” said Lateef Afridi, a tribal elder and former national assembly member. “This is no peace agreement, it is accepting Taliban rule in Pakistan’s territory.”

“An Interior Ministry statement said Dadullah was killed in fighting with security forces in Helmand’s Girishk district on Saturday night.”

The Western powers missed a grand opportunity to excise the real “al Qaida” Wahabbi fighters from Pakistani territory, when they failed to see the significance of the Pakistani/Taliban accord created by Mullah Omar.Thousands of “al Qaida” Uzbeks were entrenched in Waziristan, waging war against the local populace to enforce their version of “Shariah” law, and instigating war against the Pakistani Army.The treaty signed by Dadullah stopped the anti-government warfare and later inspired local tribal leaders to raise “Lashkars” (militia forces) to fight against the “al Qaida” and to expel them from the region.

Instead of supporting Pakistan’s efforts and bringing peace to the Afghan Taliban’s troublesome rear areas by building on the division that was opening-up between the actual “al Qaida” terrorists and the local Pashtun tribal militias, Bush and Cheney chose to use the Predator and terrorist attacksas a tool for closing the gap between the battling groups, in order to wage war upon the Pakistani government for defying their orders.

On the night that Dadullah was killed, May 13, 2007, fierce fighting broke-out between the Pakistani and Afghan (or coalition) forces:

“early Sunday when the Pakistani army attempted to position their forces in mountains in Goyee area of Jaji district of the south-eastern Paktia province, General Zahir Azimi, Afghan defence ministry spokesman told a press conference.”

This killing of Afghans by Pakistani troops outraged the local tribesmen, who began to marshal tribal defenses to defend against the aggression.

May 15 Mansoor replaces Dadullah as new Taliban commander.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the local “Taliban” were busily engaged in inter-tribal warfare, to expel Uzbek/”al Qaida” criminals from their midst.

On 15 May 2007 a powerful bomb ripped through a hotel Peshawar has killed at least 24 people.

“The Marhaba, is popular with tribal visitors from Afghanistan.”

Onmay 18, 2007 four policemen were seized in Islamabad at the Red Mosque (Lal Masjid).

The relationship between the European spies and Mansoor Dadullah developed throughout the year.

On July 24, Abdullah Mehsud was killed near Quetta.

On Oct. 18, 2007 Benazir Bhutto returned to Karachi, to be greeted with a massive suicide bomb attempt on her life. “Al Qaida” was blamed for the blast.

November 3, 2007, President Musharref declares a national emergency in Pakistan.

On 13 Dec 2007 Britain is understood to have given the green light to President Hamid Karzai to undertake talks with Taliban militants as part of a long-term strategy to bring peace in Afghanistan..

December 14, 2007, the formation of the Taliban Movement of Pakistan (TTP).

December 16, Musharref lifts the state of emergency declared on Nov. 3.

On 26 Dec 2007 Karzai orders the arrest of the British agents.

On December 27 Benazir Bhutto was killed,

Dec. 29, 2007, Taleban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed read to AFP over the telephone a statement issued by Omar that said Mullah Mansoor Dadullah was sacked

“because he disobeyed orders of the Islamic Emirate’ of Taleban.”

What was the order that Mansoor failed to follow?Was he cast-out for dealing with the Brits, or for blowing the deal with the Brits?Or was he shunned because he ordered the assassination of the popular female Pakistani politician on orders from some shady higher authority?

Riots and killing broke-out across Pakistan after the murder of Bhutto, turning into an opportunity for the British-influenced TTP to begin a new wider campaign of terror in FATA and North West Frontier Province.

7 January 2008:

“Gunmen stormed the office of Taleban commander Maulavi Nazir in Wana on Sunday night and killed three of his supporters and wounded four others, officials said.

They said five people were killed in the nearby Shkai area in another attack on the office of Commander Khanan, who is loyal to Mullah Nazir.

Officials say they suspect the attackers to be Uzbek militants, who are opposed to Mullah Nazir”.

The wave of terror expanded to the major cities:

10 January 2008 “A suicide bomber killed at least 22 people and wounded another 60 when he hurled himself at policemen standing outside the high court in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore this morning.”

The Sararogha Fort raid occurred on 15-16 January 2008 when several dozen Islamic militants overrun a paramilitary fort in South Waziristan,

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[The last half of the video discusses the economic problems, “less than dollar a day wages,” that drive desperate people into seeking radical, non-conventional solutions to their lives, such as joining militant groups.Here is where Obama’s plan of economic pay-offs and incentives might find a lot of “reconcilables.”]

On Jan. 29 the CIA launched its Predator war upon Pakistan.

Feb. 11, 2008 Mullah Mansoor Dadullah, a senior Taliban figure, has been wounded and captured along with five lieutenants by Pakistan’s Frontier Corps, the Pakistani military reported.

Mansoor Dadullah arrested near Quetta Feb. 12, 2008

It is thought Mansoor may have been double-crossed as part of a deal between the hardline “neo” Taleban in Pakistan, and local security forces.

“[Semple] had become close to tribes in northern Afghanistan during the Taliban’s rule in the late 1990s.Semple has a Muslim Pakistani wife.”This places him in a good place to recruit Northern Alliance and Uzbek fighters for a destabilizing mission into Pakistan, under the guise of a new insurgent group like the TTP (Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan), which formed later in December.Mullah Dadullah had attended the promotion ceremony of Baitullah Mehsud to Taliban commander and brokered the truce between Mehsud and the Army September 24, 2006.

The deal that the British were offering was to employ Dadullah and all 2500 of his fighters, some as militia-type forces, others for honest labor on non-opium projects.While this was going on the British were waging a psyop to disorient the local Taliban and to turn them against each other, through hired spies, they were devastating the local cadres, causing everyone to mistrust their comrades.Were Dadullah’s fighters being sent into Waziristan to target Pakistani leaders, to start the same process of sowing mistrust?Had the Brits hired these guys as an army of mercenary spies?

Are the Brits part of the same coalition who is funding the TTP?Did the TTP launch its offensive in reaction to British treachery, or led into the escalation by British influence?Considering the long-range meddling that preceded Bhutto’s assassination, it is probable that the offensive was just another manipulation by the Brits and their financial backers (the invisible financiers who produce the whole show).

In most cases of recent Sunni militant groups associated with the name “al Qaida,” the Saudis and their Gulf State friends have proven to be the secret sources of operational funds, command and control, just as it has been since the jihad in Afghanistan began in 1979.Between the radical militant groups linked to “al Qaida,” and the radical Wahabbi madrassas that pump-out new “Taliban,” Saudi Arabia (Pakistan’s other “best friend”) is also slowly cutting the Nation’s throat.Pakistan’s “friends” will be the death of her yet.

Was the Taliban split that was being staged a mirror image of the British/American “split” over Afghan policy that initiated the whole process of revelation and shakedown in late December.Was Mansoor busted by Mullah Omar on December 29 because the operation was exposed, or because of the assassination of Benizir Bhutto on the 27th?The idea of exposing the plot to the media told the Taliban that they could not even trust their leaders.

June 10, 2008, American Predator attacks Pakistani outpost at Gora Prai, resulting in the deaths of 11 paramilitary troops of the Frontier Corps.

July 8, 2008, the Indian embassy in Kabul is bombed, killing the military attaché, Pakistan is blamed for the attack.

July 11, 2008, Nine Pakistanis hurt in fire from Afghanistan

WANA, Pakistan (Reuters) – Seven Pakistani soldiers and two civilians have been wounded by firing from inside Afghanistan in the latest incident along the border between the uneasy U.S. allies… “About 60 rounds fell in Angoor Adda,”

On July 12, 2008, after a strategic meeting between US and Pakistan military leaders, an open rift was exposed between the two sides for all the world to see, at that time, the Predator war against Pakistan went into high gear (See: US/Pakistan Showdown/Throwdown July12).

August 18, 2008, Musharref’s resignation is accepted by the National Assembly.

Sep 6, 2008, the scandal-ridden widower of Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari (“Mr. Ten Percent”) is given the job of playing Pakistan’s president, for the next act of the deadly psycho-drama.

The war being waged against the Pakistani government since then is an even greater staged event.Pakistan is being dismembered by the concentrated application of fear and tension through repeated Predator and terror attacks upon groups of citizens, local madrassas and government forces.The people doing this in Pakistan are the same people who were doing it in Afghanistan.Whether this dismemberment, primarily by way of the TTP movement, is a product of a British psyop or a combination of US and British spies carrying-out a great play act together is immaterial; the important thing for Pakistanis to realize is that their so-called “friends” have built a hostile force in their midst.Cooperation with America or Britain, to eliminate the terror that so many people have worked so hard to create is suicidal.

President Obama claims to want to turn the situation around in “Af-Pak.”If he is serious about this claim then the first thing he will do is put an end to the ongoing psyop against Pakistan and take control of targeting for the Predator flights away from the CIA, or any other western agency and offer it to Pakistani Army Gen. Kayani.If Pakistan wants to use these air assets in a war against the militant network, then that should be their decision to make, not ours.

Last Friday, President Obama basically embraced the British plan for negotiating with the Taliban, which basically entails bribing them into “reconciliation” (the latest euphemism for ceasing hostilities). The process is focused on finding the reconcilables and separating them from the unreconcilables, in order to totally eliminate the uncooperative groups. The American counter-insurgency tactics rely on proxy forces to carry-out the violent prodding that is meant to discover the true natures of the targeted leaders, the “tickling” referred to by previous CIA captain Michael Hayden.It is the underhanded spy agency tactics chosen by the previous administration which have prolonged both the Iraq and the Afghan wars; why should the goons they placed in charge now be trusted to run the new front in Pakistan?This can no longer be the CIA’s war.

Asia Times senior correspondent Syed Saleem Shahzad gives the following assessment of the British plan of divide, buy and conquer, and the resultant US/NATO “split” over the issue:

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The process described in the video could possibly work, if the underhanded moves are stopped and Pakistan and the Western powers are on the same page.If NATO honors the “red line” commitment made by Ambassador Holbrooke, to not send NATO troops across the Durand Line and lets Pakistan call the shots for where and when American airpower will be brought to bear, then the war in Pakistan might be won, as a realistic first step towards halting Afghanistan’s downhill slide.But winning this war by anyone’s measure first requires a complete break with the Bush/Cheney policies that wrecked it.

The Taliban ruse is based on the “Al Qaida” ploy, set in stone at the beginning of the “war on terror” (which has now allegedly been downgraded).“Al Qaida” is an invention of the Bush/Cheney cabal.It never existed before 1999-2000.The bin Laden group, which has been dubbed “al Qaida” is a CIA fabrication, used as a conflict generator/force multiplier.The incident that began Bush’s terror war was also a manufactured event.

The purpose for creating this international militant army was to bring-about the “clash of civilizations.It was to serve as a self-perpetuating recruitment mechanism, funded by international trafficking in weapons and drugs.By perpetuating a false version of Islam based upon a worship of violence and jihad, then committing widespread violence, atrocities and crimes against the human race, the “Islamic” terror generator seduced thousands of young Muslim men into serving Shaitan.

May Allah guide you, Pakistan, in this hour of temptation.If you accept America’s billions to fulfill the contract of waging total war upon the Pakistani citizens of the Frontier Region then you will be selling your souls to Shaitan, while cutting your own throats.But if you choose to wage war against the “epicenter of terrorism” that you have allowed the United States to create in your western regions, then you will have no choice but to accept a gracious hand if it is offered, especially if it is overflowing with the overwhelming technological force that you will need for the task.

It’s Pakistan’s call to make.


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