Former ISI Chief Pasha Now Coordinating Spy Works for Emir of UAE

Regional Chief Shuja Pasha Designated in U.A.E. Secret Agency

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Shuja PashaDubai, Islamabad: Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (IS) retired Lieutenant General Shuja Pasha, who had joined U.A.E. service agency few months’ backs has been designated as Regional Chief of the service agency. Similarly after retirement, Brigadier Retired Azmat Hayat of counter terror department of ISI has been endowed with responsibility.

After retiring from Pakistan’s intelligence agency, Hayat joined U.A.E. secret agency.  Retired major general Nusrat Naeem is also now part of the U.A.E. agency services.

Lieutenant Pasha had served ISI for quite a long span. He was the ISI head during the period when Bin Laden incident took place. The American forces state to kill Osama and thrown his dead body in sea.

After retiring from his chief post, he was offered services from one of the country’s intelligence agency; keeping in view Pasha’s extended experience.  The retired ISI officer accepted to work for the team.

For decades, Russia, America and China have been engaged in plotting several controversies. Hiring of former ISI general Chief in the agency is highly questionable.

The retired ISI man could have entered politics and played his role. Instead, he chose to serve the foreign agency. Thought provoking questions is, would our country’s internal affairs remain disclosed to the foreign elements when the former intelligence team is committed to serving them?