Dallas PD HQ Comes Under Assault By Lunatics In Armored Van, Using Automatic Weapons and Pipe Bombs


RAW VIDEO:  Shows long-range footage of the assault on Dallas PD.  Notice the inside of the armored Chevy window van light-up with gunfire, whenever officers approach the suspects.

Bag explodes outside Dallas police HQ

Shots fired from armored van at Dallas police headquarters

dallas morning news

Police have blocked access on Interstate 45 while SWAT personnel work to arrest a gunman suspected of firing shots at Dallas police headquarters. The truck at right was not involved in the pursuit.

Police were continuing to negotiate with a man in an armored vehicle after he opened fire on Dallas police headquarters and led dozens of squad cars on a chase that ended in Hutchins.

No injuries had been confirmed, though the gunman told police negotiators that he had been wounded.

The man has identified himself as James Boulware, 50, who has a history of family violence and blames authorities for his losing custody of his son, Dallas police Chief David Brown said.

However, authorities cautioned that they have not confirmed the man is who he says he is.

Brown said explosives were found in at least one of four bags outside Jack Evans Police Headquarters south of downtown. The device that was found was described as a pipe bomb.

One of the bags exploded when a bomb squad tried to use a robot to move it, police spokesman Maj. Max Geron said.

The gunman also has threatened that he has explosives in the van, which has gun ports built into its sides.

Police were evacuating nearby residents who live in the South Side on Lamar apartments across the street from the headquarters.

One witness reported that shots had been fired from an elevated position, possibly from the South Side apartments. At least one window at the headquarters building was shot out.

Brown said there had been no confirmation yet of witness reports that there might have been as many as four people involved in the attack on Dallas police headquarters, nor that one of them might be on the loose after being unable to get back into the vehicle.

Additional security was implemented at other Dallas police facilities, and officers were urged to check them for suspicious packages or devices.

The incident began shortly before 12:30 a.m. Witness video showed officers firing on the vehicle as it rammed one of their vehicles and drove off.

After a chase that included a convoy of squad cars, the gunman’s van was surrounded along southbound I-45 near Dowdy Ferry Road. The highway was shut down, and people were ordered to stay away from the area.

Alexis Trejo said he was parked behind a McDonald’s on the other side of I-45 about 12:45 am when he heard helicopters overhead.

“I didn’t think much until we saw lights, then we just hear a bunch of gunshots,” he said.

Other people gathered in the parking lot of the McDonald’s said they heard gunshots just before police shut down the highway.

Shortly after 4 a.m., it was reported that the gunman had cut off negotiations with police. About 4:30 a.m., gunfire was heard again near the vehicle, but the indications were that police shot to try to ensure the vehicle was disabled.

The FBI and ATF are assisting with the investigation.


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