Retiring Pak Army Chief Sharif Becomes Saudi’s Commander of Global Islamist Army

[This is an unexpected cross-armies military appointment which should probably alarm the free-thinkers of the world, who are watching this element of the geopolitical puzzle play-out, unless it meshes with the Trump anti-Islamist plans.  Pak General Sharif was the architect of Pakistan’s anti-Taliban (TTP only) sweeps and would represent an excellent candidate for sweeping ISIS from the Middle East, if that were the true mission of the Saudi’s Islamist Army, a.k.a., “Decisive Storm”.  As the Saudi Decisive Storm crusade has played-out in the real world, so far, the Saudis have hired an army which is probably more mercenaries than “Jihadis,” killing and dying to save the Saudi’s ass in Yemen.  Other than that, gun-running to ongoing Saudi wars in Syria and North Africa have probably been the army’s primary function up until now. 

What a freaking mess!  Good luck to Trump in this whole thing.]


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EXCLUSIVE: Raheel Sharif to become the Army Chief of an unprecedented military force

daily pakistan

ISLAMABAD (Saeed Chaudhry) – General (r) Raheel Sharif has accepted to take the command of Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) on certain terms.

Gen (r) Raheel has gained worldwide popularity due to his remarkable counterinsurgency tactics that helped reduce violence in the country to its lowest level since 2006 with an overall decline of 70% in terrorist attacks under his tenure.

Sources have confirmed to Daily Pakistan that the former army chief has expressed his willingness to take the charge of the 39-nation military alliance, IMAFT, only if he is also empowered to play the role of an arbitrator between the belligerent groups in the Middle East. Gen Raheel has clearly refused to command a force which fights for a single country.

Meanwhile, Iran has also assured to accept Pakistan’s role in mediating Yemen crisis if the general takes IMAFT’s command with an authority of arbitrator.

Iran, through its consulate in Pakistan, sent a letter to the ex-COAS and assured that it will not only cooperate with Pakistan in controlling the Yemen crisis but will also bring the Houthi rebels on negotiating terms if he takes the command of this Islamic military alliance.

Sources add that General Raheel Sharif had expressed his willingness for the arbitration during his meeting with Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, while Turkish leadership has also been conveyed the development in this regard.

The proposal was first presented to Gen Raheel by Saudi Arabia and then similar requests were made by Iran to Pakistan’s foreign ministry as well. However, the general will only accept the offer if he is also allowed to mediate between the warring groups.

Founded by Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud on December 15, 2015, Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) is based at a joint command centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The creation of this 34-nation alliance was first announced by Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Miner of Defense, on December 15, 2015. By March 2016, this had risen to 39.

It is an inter-governmental military alliance of Muslim countries in the world united for military intervention against ISIL and other anti-terrorist activities across the Middle East and other countries.

Besides Pakistan, the members of this Muslim military alliance include: with Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey, Bahrain, Bangladesh, UAE, Libya, Malaysia, Egypt and Jordan.


2 thoughts on “Retiring Pak Army Chief Sharif Becomes Saudi’s Commander of Global Islamist Army

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  2. The Daily Pakistan is owned by an anti-Islamist and pro-West secularist family and is linked with CIA propaganda machine.

    There is nothing about being ISLAMIST among the 57-Muslim nation-states run by agents of the former British, French, and Dutch colonists.

    Everything started by Saudi ‘royals’ is more Zionist/Jewish than Islamic. Furthermore, if Iran or Hizbullah are not participating in the new ISIS – it means it is another Western plan to destroy more Muslim countries to protect its bastard child Israel.

    Gen. (ret) Raheel Sharif is a professional soldier with no political aspirations. He established a ‘special place’ within US Military Establishment. However, he wouldn’t be the first Pakistani senior military officer to lead an Arab force. In the past, former military dictator Gen. Zia-ul-Haq as Brig-Geneneral lead the Black September massacre of Palestinians for Jordanian King Hussein, the most popular Arab leader in Israel.

    Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey, Bahrain, Bangladesh, UAE, Libya, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Jordan are all run by pro-West oligarchs, and anti-Shi’ite creep.

    Last year, Gen. Raheel Sharif paid a 5-day visit to the United States. This was his second visit to the US since he was appointed head of Pakistan Army. During his current visit, the 4-star General made history. He was invited to the White House – an honor no other foreign army chief including Israel has received. Gen. Sharif was also invited to the Capitol Hill to address two Congressional Committees; intelligence and armed services – another unique honor……

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