ISIS Morons Play Dress-Up In Mosul Siege, revealing total lack of fashion sense

In one image, a fighter forgot that not shaving his facial hair off would be a problem as he attempted to dress as a woman to flee

ISIS fighters dress as WOMEN with make-up to flee Mosul


3 thoughts on “ISIS Morons Play Dress-Up In Mosul Siege, revealing total lack of fashion sense

  1. Um…I am talking about the picture that you posted. It is fake. Here’s one I made up quickly in 10 minutes… as for my credentials. I don’t have to prove anything to you, but I will endevour to. My blog site was designed totally by me. Some items are not mine. Some are. I didn’t use templates but made the whole thing up myself. I don’t really know if that’s convincing enough but short of sending you my degree’s that’s all I can do. There are truths on both sides of the fence. I call out fakery when I see it is all. I am not refuting that these men dress up as women to get out of hot spots. The pictures you sent me look bona-fide. Cheers :)–[Ok, thanks for the comment…amaezing blog.]

  2. I am a computer engineer and Photoshop designer. This is so obviously a ruse and made to look real. The markings on the face have been painted in. The originator of this Photoshop picture clearly has an agenda. Fooling others marks them as fakery…have a good day. And to stuartbramhall…you are as bad for being gullible and posting this fakery on your site without doing your research. Another copy/paste job. It’s little wonder we have fake news. Now we have fake bloggers. Cheers. :)–[This photo was one of several posted by Brit. Daily Mail. Many other sites feature photos of jihadi terrorists dressing in women’s clothing to escape a closing net. Maybe the one is photoshopped, but I am not qualified to be able to spot fakes, so I do the best I can. How do I know that you are not a fake expert?–ed.]
    terrorists in drag

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