Kyrgyz interim gov’t approves Turkey’s military aid

[Here we have Turkey opening the door to the new Kyrgyz government, but in these days, we still don’t really know where the Turkish government actually stands, as it straddles the fence between east and west.  Turkey and Russia are doing a strange and dangerous dance in Kyrgyzstan and throughout central Asia, opposing America’s Nabucco plans in Nagorno-Karabakh, infuriating the United States with counter-ideas on Georgia and Iran.  We face a future marked by either momentous calamity, such as mankind has never witnessed, or else limitless opportunity for real meaningful change.  The choice is for all mankind to make, not just for the twisted minds of the world’s elected leaders.]

Kyrgyz interim gov’t approves Turkey’s military aid

BISHKEK – Daily News with wires
Kyrgyz interim leader Roza Otunbayeva (L) meets hands with EU Special Representative for Central Asia Pierre Morel (R) in Bishkek. AFP photo.

Kyrgyz interim leader Roza Otunbayeva (L) meets hands with EU Special Representative for Central Asia Pierre Morel (R) in Bishkek. AFP photo.

Kyrgyzstan’s interim government approved on Friday a 2009 deal signed with Turkey to get military aid from Turkish Armed Forces, Anatolia News Agency reported.

Kyrgyz Defense Minister Ismail Isakov said that Kyrgyz government unanimously approved the agreement signed in December 2009. Turkey’s military aid is worth $800,000. Turkey’s military aid will go to Kyrgyz national guards and border units.

Meanwhile, a senior adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama said Friday that Washington will ensure greater transparency in the supply of aviation fuel to a key U.S. air base in Kyrgyzstan, where the previous government often was accused of corruption.

Perceived improprieties over a fuel supply deal with the Manas base, which Kyrgyz prosecutors believe financially benefited members of the recently ousted government, have severely dented the standing of the United States in the impoverished Central Asian nation.

Kyrgyz prosecutors say that companies owned by a son of deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev avoided almost $80 million in taxes on aviation fuel sold to Manas base, which acts as a key refueling point for warplanes flying over Afghanistan and a major hub for combat troop movement.

Clarifying the procedure of how fuel is purchased would help eliminate speculation about activities at the base, White House official Michael McFaul told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from the Kazakh capital, Astana.

The U.S. hold on the base came under threat again last month after Bakiyev was ousted in a violent uprising and a provisional government took charge. The interim government has the right to ratify intergovernmental agreements until the parliamentary elections in the country.


Turkish army strikes PKK targets in Iraq

ANKARA – Agence France-Presse

The Turkish air force has struck the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, hideouts in neighbouring northern Iraq after an attack inside Turkey left two soldiers dead, the military said late Friday.

“After detecting that anti-aircraft fire was opened on (Turkish) helicopters from various positions across the border, the air force fired on those positions” for an hour Friday afternoon, the army said in an online statement. “It has been observed that those positions were destroyed,” it said.

The operation against the PKK, which has rear bases in Iraq, began after a group of about 25 PKK members attacked a military unit near the border village of Daglica Friday morning, killing two soldiers.

The statement confirmed that at least five PKK members were killed in the ensuing clashes. “Operations in the region are continuing and it is believed that the losses of the terrorists are higher,” it said.

The Turkish army has staged a series of air raids against PKK targets in northern Iraq since December 2007, often with the help of U.S. intelligence, and in February 2008 carried out a week-long ground incursion.

Top analysts say Greek crisis going global

[European countries, like every nation which has been conned into playing along with the neo-liberal policies of  alleged “conservative” Ronald Reagan, cannot avoid economic collapse.  The inner contradictions built into Reagan’s ticking time-bomb, known as “neoliberalism,” will eventually cause the economic system itself to self-implode.  In addition to its hallmark of “interventionism,” you have policies of unwarranted massive tax cuts (which favor the rich), privatization programs (which gives efficient working  government programs over into the hands of wealthy investors to cannabalize and bankrupt), draconian social cuts (which always add to societal agitation) amid massive military increases.

This is a formula for failure of the system.   The anticipated result of following this formula for failure, is a massive redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle class into the bank accounts of the already super-wealthy and creation of an American military dictatorship

The only solution is to let the system fail as quickly as possible, without wasting valuable resources in a vain attempt to avoid failure.]

Top analysts say Greek crisis going global

BOSTON – Bloomberg

Pacific Investment Management Co.’s Mohamed El-Erian and Loomis Sayles & Co.’s Dan Fuss said the European debt crisis may spread across the globe because of investor concern that governments have borrowed too much to revive their economies.

“After morphing into a regional dislocation, the Greek crisis is now going global,” El-Erian, the chief executive of Pimco, said on Thursday in an e-mail. El-Erian shares the title of co-chief investment officer of Pimco with Bill Gross, who runs the world’s biggest bond fund.

Fuss said the euro crisis had reached a “critical” point. “It’s a liquidity issue, so it’s not just over there, it’s over here,” he said in an interview.

“The transmission mechanisms for this latest round include disruptions in European inter-bank lines, a flight to quality, and market illiquidity,” El-Erian said.

Amid protests, Greece’s parliament approved on Thursday austerity measures demanded by the European Union and International Monetary Fund as a condition of its 110 billion euro ($139 billion) bailout.

Europe’s debt-ridden nations have to raise almost 2 trillion euros within the next three years to refinance maturing bonds and fund deficits, according to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch data.

“The issues in Greece are a global issue,” Axel Merk, president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments, said in an interview. “The recovery priced in that access to credit is available, and cheaply.”

Nations facing huge bills:

Italy faces the biggest bill, followed by Spain. Greece needs 152.6 billion euros, while Portugal and Ireland each have to raise about 80 billion euros, the data show.

“There may well be some defaults. If not Greece then some other nation,” Merk said. That’s “hitting the banking sector particularly hard.”

“If Merkel and Trichet don’t solve this, if they don’t work together, this could potentially mean the dissolution of the euro,” Ron Sloan, chief investment officer at Atlanta-based Invesco Ltd.’s U.S. core equity team, said in a telephone interview, referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Sloan added that there is a danger the debt crisis could spread to municipal debt issued by U.S. states that are struggling to balance their budgets.

“It’s the whole issue of risk appetite again,” he said. “If the euro sinks individual U.S. states will be the next step.”

The U.S. federal deficit is forecast to reach $1.6 trillion this year, or 10.6 percent of the economy, making it the biggest by that measure since World War II.

Welcome To the Machine

A masterful video collage, with absolutely the correct message.

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Tajikistan requested the OSCE to resolve the problem of delay Tajik goods in Uzbekistan

[The impeding of rail traffic into Tajikistan threatens the viability of the American-planed NDN (Northern Distribution Network).  Is this action really the work of the Uzbek government or is it another chess move by Putin?  It seems that the enigmatic Russian leader has given us another piece to the puzzle.  US plans for the former CIS countries are being countered by rising threat levels or violent actions, even while reciprocal acts of counter-violence are occurring almost daily in Russian regions.  This may turn-out to be the most dangerous game that the Americans and Russians have ever played.  Yet, on the other hand, within the game itself we see the seeds of a possible solution to the whole mess, coming from the Russian side–SEE:Ending the “End Game” In GeorgiaIn my opinion, the entire global “great game” would be ended, if everyone involved simply stopped playing.  Much like the outcome of the movie “Wargames,”

“A strange game.  The only winning move is not to play.”

This is the bizarre place we find ourselves in today.]

Tajikistan requested the OSCE to resolve the problem of delay Tajik goods in Uzbekistan

May 8, 2010, 12:38
CA-NEWS (TJ) – Tajikistan, appealed to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Kazakhstan, the presiding officer in this institution, to take “active and effective measures” against Uzbekistan, in which delayed railcars with shipments for Tajikistan.

“Representative of Tajikistan once again appeals to the OSCE and Kazakhstan take the chair as part of its mandate, active and effective steps to meet the exercise of the OSCE principles and commitments in the field of transport security and the free border crossing,” – said the Permanent Representative of the Republic, Ambassador Nuriddin Shamsov permanent meeting Council of the Organization in Vienna. The statement published on the website of the Embassy of Tajikistan in Austria.

According to the diplomat, “despite the unilateral efforts of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan to carry out friendly consultation to discuss a wide range of issues of bilateral relations, the situation remains unchanged. “The Uzbek authorities continued to impede the transit of goods into Tajikistan through the railway station Amuzang”, – he said. According to him, now in Uzbekistan are delayed more than 2 thousand railway wagons with goods (fuel, wheat, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, machinery, equipment, etc.) for Tajikistan.

Shamsov noted that due to delays cargo Tajikistan continues to face huge economic losses, which exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars. He recalled that the Tajik businessmen have already appealed to the international community to resolve the situation, which “will have negative consequences for the republic’s economy, social welfare and health, investment climate”.

The Curious Timing of the Terrorist Attacks: It’s Almost Like They’re On Our Side

The Curious Timing of the Terrorist Attacks: It’s Almost Like They’re On Our Side

by Scott Creighton

Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, Nov. 2008

As has always been the case since 2001, the bungling blasters who end up attacking our freedom rarely do so when it isn’t of the utmost convenience for the White House.  This latest example, connected to the Waziristan area of Pakistan, holds true to that formula.  One might start wondering if all these “terrorists” are actually on our side.

Now, I say “since 2001″ not because what they did wasn’t convenient for the previous White House. In fact, the Patriot Act was sitting waiting to go, the plans for invading Afghanistan were dropped on Bush’s desk on Sept. 9th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld had just announced 2.3 trillion dollars was “missing” from the Pentagon, and old ‘Lucky” Larry Silverstein had just secured his billion dollar insurance policy on the Twin Towers right before the event. Not to mention the fact that the Bush administration was already at a terribly low approval rating or the fact that Cheney and the other neocons had called for “a Pearl Harbor type event” to set in motion all of their foreign and domestic policies which they spelled out in a paper called “Rebuilding America’s Defences” in 2000.

The distinction I am making is that compared to the most recent Keystone Cops type terrorist acts (Umar Fizzlepants and the Times Square parker), the terrorist of the old Bush administration were actually able to carry out their attacks and at the same time, defy laws of physics and scientific research while doing it.  The 9/11 terrorists were able to knock down 7 buildings with 2 planes and at the same time bring Building 7 down at free-fall acceleration after having been hit by no plane, from office fires alone (first time in history that happened. talk about your overachiever terrorists)…. and after doing all of that, they were able to hit the most heavily guarded building in history with a plane being flown by a terrorist who couldn’t fly a Cesna. Then the anthrax terrorist was able to create a weaponized anthrax strain in 3 hours or so when experts in the field say it would take a thousand hours to do it in their highly specialized lab.  Amazing accomplishments for our terrorists back then…

Back in the old days, they defied the laws of physics… now they can’t even make a simple bomb.

Let me get back to the point… just before Umar Fizzlepants (also somehow allowed to get on a plane while the Feds knew he was dangerous, just like Faisal Shahzad) put on his “one show only Sparkler of Doom” production, President Obama had given authorization to attack targets in Yemen, a nation we had not been at war with.  Varying reports surfaced about whether or not we aided the dictator in Yemen with intel or if we had actually used our weapons. The truth of this matter is still kind of hazy.  But just as those stories were coming out, lo-and-behold, Umar Fizzlepants steps up to the plate and sparkles a validation of President Obama’s attack on Yemen.  By the way, that U.S. attack in Yemen killed many civilians and children as well. But suddenly it was ok because Umar Fizzlepants showed up.

Now we have Faisal Shahzad’s attempted vending cart massacre… the story here is (I mean, AFTER the story that it wasn’t terrorism and AFTER the story it was just a car fire and AFTER the story that Pakistan had nothing to do with it) that Shahzad is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan. Specifically that he was trained in Waziristan.  Well, that couldn’t be convenient for the Obama administration could it? Let’s take a look.

When the latest apparent U.S. drone strike was conducted this week against militants in Pakistan, the obvious question appeared to be: Did the United States get a “big fish” in the Taliban or al Qaeda organizations?

But a U.S. counterterrorism official says that’s now the wrong question to ask, and chances are those hit were not major players. He wouldn’t discuss the specifics of the latest strike, but with the official backing of his bosses, he sought to explain how U.S. strategy has changed in the crucial effort to attack targets inside Pakistan with missiles fired from drones.

The plan now is to attack a broader set of terrorist targets far beyond the original effort to strike and kill top al Qaeda leaders, the official said.  CNN

You see, we are asking the wrong question. We have to stop thinking in terms of targeting known Taliban or al Qaeda fighters. Instead, we have to look at the bigger picture.  Faisal Shahzad wasn’t a known terrorist or even a fighter in Pakistan. In fact, his family is known in the community as being “apolitical”… but see, you never know.  Someone who LOOKS innocent, may in fact be the most dangerous terrorist since Umar Fizzlepants. And therefore we must rethink all those “innocent civilians” the drones have killed in the past. Are they REALLY innocent?

The vast majority of the deaths (from the 44 drone strikes of 2009), around 700 according to one estimate, have been innocent civilians. With such a massive civilian toll and so little to show for it, it is no wonder that Pakistani people have been up in arms over the continued strikes.

But US officials have rarely commented on the drone strikes, except on those rare occasions when they actually kill someone meaningful, and seem completely ambivalent to the hundreds of innocent people killed in the meantime. The ultimate example of this was June 22-23.

On June 22, the US struck at a house officials called a “suspected militant hideout,” burying a few locals inside. When others rushed to the scene to rescue them, they launched another missile, killing 13 apparently innocent Pakistanis. When they held a funeral procession on June 23, the US hit that too, ostensibly on the belief that Baitullah Mehsud might be among the mourners. He wasn’t, but the attack killed at least 80 more people.  AntiWar

There were two separate drone attacks in Pakistan on April 23rd and April 25th.  The combined death toll was over 13 with others wounded. No al Qaeda leaders were reportedly killed in the strike. These kinds of attacks are not being well received by the people of Pakistan nor the government.

The United States, struggling to stabilize Afghanistan, stepped up its missile strikes in Pakistan’s northwest after a Jordanian suicide bomber killed seven CIA employees at a U.S. base across the border in the eastern Afghan province of Khost in December.

Most of the attacks this year have been in North Waziristan.

U.S. ally Pakistan officially objects to the drone strikes, saying they are a violation of its sovereignty and fuel anti-U.S. feeling, which complicates Pakistan’s efforts against militancy. Reuters

Now consider this; a great number of dead civilians in Waziristan, in a country we are not at war with, starts to ferment and anger within the Pakistani people as well as the government, and along comes the SUV parker to confess that he in fact got his training…. in Waziristan…

U.S. officials quickly cast doubt on the claim, but the arrest of a Pakistani-American in New York who allegedly has admitted to being trained in the group’s heartland in Waziristan has given it new credenceAP

(Now remember… the only source we have as to what he “confessed” to is an Obama administration official)

I mean, you just don’t get better timing than that. Well, unless of course you just happen to have invasion plans drawn up for Afghanistan, you want to help UNICAL with their Trans Afghan Pipeline, you just happen to announce 2.3 trillion missing dollars the day before Sept. 11th (the biggest news story in history),  you just killed some 23 kids in a different nation we aren’t at war with, or of course if you want to pass the Patriot Act and a few congressmen and reporters aren’t towing the line ….

But aside from THOSE examples, you just don’t get better timing than that, do you?

You know, sometimes I just wonder if all those “terrorists” aren’t doing the best they can to support the imperial agenda of whatever administration we get in the White House. It’s mighty nice of them to help us with the Global War on Terror ain’t it?  I mean, without all those “terrorists” stepping up to the plate just when the White House needed them the most, where would the Global Free Market Wars be now?

Makes you think, don’t it?