Brit SAS Ordered To Kill 200 British Jihadis Now Before They Leave Iraq

‘Kill them before they come home’ 200 Brit Jihadis on SAS kill list


SAS units in Iraq have been handed a “kill list” of at least 200 British jihadis.


by Patrick Williams

They are on a mission to kill or capture the fanatics before they can return to establish terror cells in the UK.

The list includes at least 12 bomb-makers who studied electronics at British universities.

They are now regarded as some of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet.

Special forces have been told to “use whatever means possible” to stop them leaving Iraq.

Tank firing at Mosul in Iraq GETTY

DEADLY: The end of ISIS in Iraq is getting closer

The SAS have been warned the operation could be the most important in the regiment’s 75- year history and that success is vital to keep the UK safe.

“The race is now on to kill or capture those who are left”

Senior source

Any British jihadis captured alive will be handed over to the Iraqi authorities, tried and possibly executed if found guilty of terror offences.

The order was issued after intelligence suggested hundreds of British terrorists are attempting to return to the UK.

One senior source warned: “Foreign fighters serving with IS have been told to return home and carry out attacks.

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NO RETURN: Jihadis will have no place to call home once the war is over

“We know there are hundreds of Brits who went to fight in Iraq and Syria, a lot have been killed but there could be up to 700 still alive.

“The race is now on to kill or capture those who are left.”

The SAS have been told to focus on targeting 200 senior Islamic State members who pose a direct threat to the UK.

It is understood that the British and US special forces have a series of hunter-killer teams under orders to eliminate the high-value targets.

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INSIDE THREAT: Intelligence agencies warn ISIS Brits will try to return

They are based at the HQ of the US Joint Special Operations Command near Baghdad.

Iraqi and Kurdish forces have closed in on Mosul – the headquarters of IS in Iraq – and are expected to capture the city within weeks.

The Iraqis have been advised by members of the SAS and US special forces throughout the campaign.

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DESPERATE: Special Forces will do all they can to stop the warriors of terror

MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, the government’s secure listening service, believe the British jihadis will try to return to the UK once IS has been defeated in Iraq.

They fear the Islamist killers could attempt to carry out a wave of Paris-style massacres.

The kill list has been drawn up from intelligence provided by MI6 and CIA agents operating inside towns controlled by IS.

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WAR: The fight with ISIS is a deadly conflict

Mum-of-two Sally Jones, who converted to Islam and uses the name Sakinah Hussain, is one of the top names on the list.

She vowed to behead Christians with a knife and is known to be active in Islamic State’s recruiting team.

Sources said that Jones, from Chatham, Kent, is regarded as a senior figure within the group and her links with the UK make her a major threat.

Hundreds of British nationals left the UK to fight in Syria as part of the Islamic State group and at least 60 have been killed.