US Targets Peacemakers While Pakistan Battles American-Taliban

US Targets Peacemakers While Pakistan Battles American-Taliban

By: Peter Chamberlin

Is it really necessary that we let Bush and Cheney destroy another innocent country before they pretend to leave the stage after Nov. 4? Does this Nation, which fancies itself as a great defender of freedom and democracy, intend to allow them do to our ally Pakistan what they have done to Iraq and Afghanistan? If we do not feel extreme shame for what is being done in our names there then perhaps it is true that we are something less than human, merely thinking cattle.

It sickens me to see the terror and slaughter being rained down upon the heads of our Brothers and Sisters, the Pakistani people. The hotel terror bombing is merely the latest and greatest act of violence, coming after Predator attacks, kidnappings and assassinations, all are just a portion of our gifts to the people of Pakistan. It is not a people-to-people kind of gift, but something that only a corrupt failing government would do. How can the American people restrain this runaway Leviathan? How do we get between this Beast and the Pakistani people?

In the Marriott terror-bombing, which immediately became known as “Pakistan’s 911” because of the unusual evidence which points to foreign sources, the people and government were given notice of their vulnerability to terrorism.In this suspicious bombing, as in all these Oklahoma City type bombings, the government almost immediately blames “al Qaida linked groups.”A new group, Fidaeen-e-Islam [translated as “Freedom Fighters of Islam” or “Guerillas of Islam”] also linked to A.Q., claimed responsibility.

This effectively ties this bombing, like the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, to the “official” US version of events. All attacks linked by association with al Qaida are immediately tied to their Pakistani patron, “public enemy number one,” Baitullah Mehsud.

Mehsud is the perpetual enemy denounced at every opportunity by US and Afghan officials, particularly when discussing reasons to invade Pakistan’s FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). In reality, contrary to government charges, US forces never seem to target Baitullah Mehsud or his terrorist associates with their premier tool for targeted assassinations, the Predator terminator-drone.

Pakistan is now furiously engaging the US-linked terrorists of Baitullah Mehsud’s ally Maulana Fazlullah (“Radio Mullah”) in the Swat Valley region. The US is not participating in this fight to eliminate the enemies of the government and the people of Pakistan with its Predator terminator drones.The last known US incursion into the Swat battle zone was the disastrous attack upon the Gora Prai outpost on June 10, which killed 11 Pakistani troops.On that fateful day, the US drone was called-in to support troops that had allegedly been attacked by Mehsud’s forces.Other reports claim that the US forces tried to seize the Pakistani outpost, which is the high point overlooking the area and the main Kabul to Peshawar Highway, but were repelled.Were the militants using American air power to eliminate their Army opposition, or were the militants being used by the US as an excuse to set Pakistan up for the kill?

This fierce battle near the legendary Khyber Pass will determine the fate of US supply routes into Afghanistan.This is not the war or the location that the American side wants Pakistan to fight in.Until Pakistan turns its guns one-hundred fifty miles to the south, pointed at the heads of the local Taliban leaders who have been supporting Army peace efforts, signing treaties with the government, it won’t be in compliance with US demands.

The following information on the most recent Predator attacks confirms the US focus on pro-government Pashtuns:

“‘All the militants that the Pakistani Army is fighting in FATA – how come America never targets them’ with missile strikes? Ikram Sehgal, editor of Defence Journal, asks.

While the targets of the missiles fired from American drone aircraft are not confirmed, reports suggest that there is indeed a divergence between who America is targeting and who Pakistan would like them to target…

Similarly, the US appears to be targeting Taliban leadership long ignored by Pakistan – something it ‘never did before,’ says Ahmed Rashid, author of ‘Taliban.’”

In a series of Predator attacks since early August, the targets have been the associates of pro-government “Taliban,” like Waziri leader Maulvi Nazir, or old jihadists Jalaluddin Haqqani and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (who were formerly aligned with the US against the Soviets). The town of Wana in S. Waziristan is the epicenter of the recent Predator incursions into Pakistan, which have been targeting the local leaders who are friendly to the government. These are the guys who want peace, the ones who recently joined and raised a militia of 20,000 fighters, vowing to repel any invading forces, standing with the Army to defend Pakistan.

This is the problem – the US is waging war with the Pakistani government’s decision to negotiate peace.To that end, American Predators are terror-bombing the most reasonable locals, turning entire families towards the path of retribution. Local networks and agents of foreign intelligence services are attacking government forces and sowing terror among the civilian population, while attacking the Shiite minority trying to ignite a sectarian war.

This is the “tickling” referred to recently by CIA Director Michael Hayden, the means to prod the peaceful locals into taking-up arms and reacting violently.Every terrorist act and the way it is reported by the Western media is intended to provide the justification for a major escalation of military action.

Fifty-three people died when one of these dark players “tickled” the citizens of Islamabad by dumping an extremely powerful bomb into the Marriott hotel entrance.

It has been reported that Pakistan’s new government had intended to break Ramadan that evening with a feast at the hotel, but changed locations after receiving a warning. If the object of the attack was to decapitate the government, then this attack with an extremely powerful, extremely sophisticated bomb was an act of war that probably required state support from one or more foreign governments.

A series of editorials in Pakistani newspapers are laying the blame for the hotel bombing and sponsorship of TTP (Tereek e-Taliban Pakistan) the “local Taliban” on the CIA and the Afghan, Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies.

“General Kayani Must Not Blink and Pakistan’s Taliban Are CIA” Islamabad accuses US of backing terror against Pakistan

Indian RAW attacks Pakistan through proxy Mehsuds TTP

“In repect of Pakistan Political Analysts and Intellectuals”

Another Terrorist Attack in Pakistan by U.S and India

These revelations started surfacing when Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani confronted Washington about CIA sponsorship of the terrorist group, in response to US charges of ISI (Pakistani intelligence) complicity with the Taliban.

But the newspapers of Pakistan are slow to catch-up to the accumulated wisdom of local citizens, who are unfortunate enough to live in the “wild west” zone of conflict.I have been contacted by various concerned Pakistani readers of some of my previous articles about the reality of America’s terror war in that region.

These assorted witnesses who have come forth have witnessed the growth of the ongoing American psy-op there for several years, as the neocon war next door was pushed into Pakistan itself, through the introduction of “new Taliban” forces into the local fight. This group has always enjoyed the best weapons, communications gear, training, financing and satellite-accurate intelligence on Pakistani troop positions. The US command has repeatedly refused to target Mehsud when given exact coordinates, even allowing him to conduct an open press conference with Western media.

Their testimony follows with this note from “Haq,” the man who did a lot of legwork for me, connecting me with retired Lieut General Ayaz Ahmed:

“If I were in the Nobel Prize Committee, for your article, I would have given you 100% marks. You, by writing such a splendid article ‘Tickling’ has won the hearts of those Pakistanis who have read it and those who will read it. I know revered air force and army generals. As per your desire, I am relaying your article to the generals, friends and politicians.

You have made my day. If you were here I would have given you a dinner and loaded you with garments of rare flowers. We, Pakistanis, have very few friends in the American media. You stand out like the morning star. Please continue writing such splendid pieces and earn our gratitude.

Thank you again,



Lieut General Ayaz Ahmed.

“Firstly, let me clarify, the phrase Taliban has been coined by the
CIA, to give the Afghan freedom fighters a bad religious extremist bad
connotation. The fighters in Afghanistan are freedom fighters pure and simple.
They are fighting the invaders i.e. USA and their toadies. They are
mostly Afghans with a smacking of foreigners, mostly Muslims from all
over who had been encouraged and brought to Afghanistan by the
Americans when they wanted the Soviets out. Some of the foreigners
have stayed on because their own countries have disowned them. So
they too have joined the Afghans in fighting the invaders as they
have no other option. These operate purely in Afghanistan.
Occasionally, when too much pressure builds up on them, they slip
into the wild areas of FATA for temporary refuge.

Those, this side of the border in FATA and the settled
areas, are basically Indian and CIA trained and funded Indians as well
as Afghans and some misguided Pakistan nationals. They are basically
following the directions from RAW and CIA. Their task is to
destabilize the Law and Order situation in Pakistan, damage the economy
and thus bare Pakistan Government to US manipulations. Thereby the US
aim to convince the West that Pakistan govt is unstable and there is
risk of its nuclear assets falling into the hands of extremists, and
therefore must be removed by force for the ‘safety of the world’.

Re Targets. Since most of the terrorists in FATA are American agents,
they are not targeted by the US forces. Only those elements in FATA
are targeted who are friendly to Pakistan and want the American
influence out. Even when Pakistan asks for satellite info re the
miscreants in FATA, so that we take them on, the Americans do not
provide the information. In fact in some cases they have been informing the
Terrorists in FATA of the Peccary convoys for ambushes.
So much for the ally of allies of US!
Yes the US is also hitting Beitullah Mahsuds opponents too, as he is their man.

I have been saying that the trouble in this region started after the
Americans came. It will go away only when the Americans are driven out.

I hope this answers your questions.”

Here are two more representing the Pakistani Army point of view:

“ To stress the point that the ISI is not subservient to CIA, let me quote one instance I know personally.

When one of the Director Generals was posted in, the sitting CIA boss in Islamabad came to visit him, and during the course of talks praised some of the officers of the ISI. When he left, the DG ISI immediately fired all those recommended by the CIA boss. After a few days, the CIA buffoon came again and named a few other officers as doing a good job. The moment he left, the DG fired those officers also. The fool of a CIA fellow did not even know the fate of the officers he had recommended the last time!

The man was recalled to America and replaced!

So much for CIA’s control on ISI.


ISI is the best professional SS organization in the world toady. The CIA is not only totally ill informed, it deliberately misleads its country, and is the cause of most botch ups in the history of SSs.”

Here is another from a 3 star general.

“ I fully agree with your assessment.

As for Peter’s view, no, the ISI was never taking orders from CIA. In fact that is one reason why the CIA is trying to do down ISI, and show it up as a rogue org. If there is any rogue org in the world today, it is CIA, which is above government orders. That is primarily because it generates its own funds through drugs and the mafia connections. At times it actively undermines the government’s writ in the US and abroad.”

“I am delighted Peter, to read such candid and true views, very difficult to believe that there are still brave people like you, to call spade a spade. I fully endorse the marks of my friend. Please organize support for the betterment of humanity we need to act now and act fast if we have to save the peace in the Global Village.

Best Regards

The very best wishes”

“My fear is that, with the U.S going for unilateral strikes, is an extremely unwise move, and whatever the purpose and aim, this action will backfire and badly.

It is true that the unknown factor in this situation will be the people. With bomb blasts having become a routine affair here, well that is going to take its toll.

What scares me really is the fact that the Mullah’s will eventually take over..and the Americans are helping though unwittingly, to speed up the process. The clerics’ interpretation of Islam is very different than what it really is..and being a woman living here, is a scary thought.

So whatever they think they can achieve here, will not be possible..unless of course they blow the whole country to kingdom come !

Keep up the good work. It’s not a matter of taking sides..but of speaking the truth.

Regards and best wishes,”


Here are a couple from a from a very reasonable sounding young radical lawyer:

“I’m a 29 year old lawyer from Pakistan. I’m deeply conservative ( Extremist, Alqaeda, Talibani, Terrorist to your government) yet vehemently anti-taliban and pro-peace. I may be anti-Israel, anti-India and definitely anti-US “POLICY” but definitely not against your country. Having visited your great country in my childhood, I can say that the ordinary “average joe” Americans are by nature courteous, loving, and above all, fair people. However, by reading your article on the CIA, I must say I’m scared to death of what these remorseless murderers are up to. Yesterday’s Marriott hotel blast bears all the hallmarks of a CIA-RAW terrorist operation. In my opinion, a case is slowly being made to capture Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Our Nukes are exclusively anti-India and solely meant to protect our territorial integrity, however I do feel that nuclear weapons imperil security not guarantee it. I’m, for all intents and purposes, a supporter of a nuclear-free South-Asia but your Government’s legalized “nuclear proliferation” to India and Israel is promoting a new arms race in the region. This is a recipe for a monumental disaster which could end up over-seeing a genocide of 2 billion people just for the sake of wealthy psychopathic Neo-Cons’ lust for more power, money and of course, us unfortunate Muslim country’s natural resources. Sir, I ask you, can’t we, for the sake of love of God and humanity, peacefully co-exist, live and let others live? Can’t we? Why must we die for no fault of ours’- both you in the West and us in the Muslim world. Just for a moment, forget who we are and where we come from. Can’t we, while keeping our reservations about each other in a dignified and civilized way, learn to appreciate each other’s faith and way of live and live peacefully as HUMAN BEINGS? Is this too much to ask?
Self-accountability, tolerance is the way to go. Again, I must thank your article and calling Pakistan a friend.

Best regards,”

“Thanks for the reply. When we talk about terrorism, it is not only perpetrated by your government but ours as well. Our so-called democratic leaders are actually uneducated feudal lords and corrupt military elite who terrorize innocent citizens for the sake of making a few dollars and I’m doubly ashamed of my government’s wrong doings as well. This whole war on terror bullshit is nothing but an excuse to making lots and lots of money at the cost of human dignity and life. We need to defeat it. War is not the solution. Only negotiation is. It has happened in Ireland, South Africa and in many other countries. We can also do it provided we have the will to do it. Once again many thanks for speaking the truth.

Best regards,”

The point is this, the Pakistani people know the truth about American intentions for them, shouldn’t we as well? It is vital that we make the American people understand what is being done to innocent people who have been allied with the terror war.The “Taliban,” or those Pashtun defenders who have been labeled “enemies” of the United States, like the Afghans and Iraqis before them, are defending themselves from US invasions and terrorism.

Instead of supporting Bush as he launches another full-scale terror war into Pakistan on the pretense of “winning” in Afghanistan, we should be stopping all Bush’s aggression.The Bush neocon war plan is doing to America and to the world the same thing that his economic polices have done to the American and world economies.

If the US pulled-out of these countries and stopped trying to “tickle” them into submission then there would be peace.Since real peace is not something Bush and Cheney are after, then this is something that must come from the people themselves.Will anything aggravate America’s conscience enough to motivate the people to take this stand?Perhaps if the angry Americans who are protesting Bush’s economic failure would only join together with the angry protesters of the failed war then we would form an unstoppable force.

Will the people ever sue for peace?

Video of Marines’ arrival at Marriott secured

Video of Marines’ arrival at Marriott secured

Presence of undercover FBI/CIA agents, US Marines suspected

Wednesday September 24, 2008 (1032 PST)

ISLAMABAD: The intelligence agencies probing the Marriott blast suspect the presence of under cover FBI/CIA agents in the hotel a few days before it was reduced to rubble by the most horrific terrorist attack in the capital`s history.

The authorities are trying to ascertain the reason for the terrorist attack at the Marriott, Islamabad and whether it has any connection with the stay of American Marines and CIA/FBI agents there.

While sharing the names of the two US marines, killed in the same attack, Roel Rodriguez and Mathew Vryany, the source disclosed that the video recording of the September 16 arrival of a dozen Marines along with a truckload of steel cases has already been secured. The video proves that the steel cases were shifted inside the hotel without checking as has already been reported by The News.

The hotel record also shows that most of these Marines, suspected to be undercover CIA/FBI agents, had already left the hotel before the D-day. Two fresh Marines, again suspected as US spies, arrived in the hotel on the 19th of this month and left on the 20th several hours before the terrorist attack shook the whole world.

The source revealed that both the Marines stayed in the rooms at opposite directions of the building. “One stayed in room 444, located at the right corner of floor 4, while the second officer resided in room 340, located in the extreme left corner of floor 3”, the sources said.

It is worth mentioning here that Ansar Abbasi, Editor Investigation The News, who broke the news, has raised the question of whether the hotel was used by the US spies. But the American authorities denied the report. While, the owner of the hotel, Sadar-ud-Din Hashwani had denied that the hotel administration had been receiving threats from terrorist outfits not to provide space to the American spies.

The US embassy insisted the activity witnessed was a team of support personnel that often precede or accompany certain US officials. However, the government authorities probing the matter have already got most of the facts ascertained as mentioned in The News story.

The US embassy spokesperson, however, when asked if the US embassy had hired several rooms in the Marriott Hotel for years, said in his written reply that the US embassy has been a frequent customer of the Marriott Hotel for many years.

About the Marines and the steel cases which were reported to have been shifted to the hotel between the night of 16 and 17 September and whether these Marines and the suitcases were in the hotel on the day of the blast or evacuated before, he said, “A team of support personnel often and routinely precede and/or accompany certain US government officials. They often carry communication and office equipment required to support large delegations, such as high-level administration officials and members of the US Congress.”

The US embassy spokesman had confirmed that the Marriott rooms, which were in use of the US officials, had the communication and office equipment, which were transported for use by Admiral Mullen.


Pak Tribune

The Israeli lobby and the Iraq War

Connecting the dots: IRAQ & PALESTINE

The Israeli lobby and the Iraq War

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Over 80% of Iraqis want the US to leave Iraq and 60% support attacks on US soldiers and mercenaries (aka “contractors”). A large majority of the US public also want withdrawal (not redeployment and not the fake “winning” strategies of politicians who are always behind the curve).  Get out of Iraq is what most of teh world wants the US to do.  Polls show Bush with the lowest approval ratings ever (in the twentys).  Some call it Bush’s war but is there it is also becoming clearer (at least on the internet though not in mainstream media) that the war was conceived, planned and managed by a neoconservative cabal that has taken full control of the US executive branch.   Their inspiration is the right wing elements in Israel and their goal is nothing short of subverting the US 100%^ serve what they perceive as Israeli interests.  There is overwhelming evidence of an organic links between the war on Iraq and the war on Palestine (evidence suppressed in the media by those who believe Israel must continue to dominate and oppress Palestinians and deny their internationally recognized rights including the right of refugees to return to their homes and lands).

To me the most interesting misinformation disseminated both among some in the left and the right is that US foreign policy in Iraq and in supporting Israel’s destruction of Palestine are merely related to US “strategic interests.” They may differ in their formulation of the main US “interests”, but you hear the same argument from leftists like Noam Chomsky and Stephen Zunes and rightists like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.  This mistaken notion in fact was pushed and articulated by the Israeli lobby and Israeli apologists in the media for decades well before neocons and some leftists adopted it.  The Israeli lobby in Washington was never monolithic and new that to be effective it had to get into both major parties in the US.  The lobby knew that the best way to advance closer working relationship with the right would be that Israel is a good and willing “tool” for advancing US interests.  Such a formulation helps deflect criticism from patriotic Americans who worry about the growing influence of this lobby.  On the other side, left leaning Zionists wanted to work with a democratic left that occasionally complained  about “US Imperialism” and corporate interests.  In that case, it was easier to claim Israel helps US public interests or that Israel is a democratic ally.  When push comes to shove, even Zionists on the left would deflect any critique of the Zionist lobby claiming that criticism should be solely directed to the masters (corporate or other elites) who merely “use” Israel as a tool.

Senator Fullbright, Congressman Paul Findley, Jesse Jackson, Admiral Moorer, Jeff Blankfort, Alison Weir, and hundreds of others have articulated in books and articles why the Israeli lobby’s formulation (whether cast in left or right angles) is at best misleading and at worse false and dangerous.   Clearly, those conscientious critics come at it from very different angles.  Some argued that elites and those in power in the US can and have used Israel occasionally as a gopher but that this was a net loss for US elite interests.  Israel’s role as intermediary in the Iran Contra scandal is now well known even though at the time, congressional record referred simply to a “third country”.  It is also well known that Congressional prohibition on assassination and other basic human rights violations by US forces are “bypassed” by the executive branch relying on Israel to do so.  But could such tasks have been accomplished by other puppet countries even cheaper and without hurting US interests in the Arab and Islamic world?

Other critics argued that the US showed it was very adept at finding other puppets when they need them: after the fall of the Shah’s regime in Iran, the US supported Baathist Iraq and Saddam Hussain.  And this was very profitable since most of the money for Saddam did not come directly from eth US but from US other puppet regimes in the oil rich Arab Gulf States.   But then Saddam wanted to support the Palestinians and wanted to build a strong country (the rest as you know is history).   They argued that history shows that the return on investment simply would not bode well for the disingenuous argument of people like Noam Chomsky that Israel is simply a wholly owned subsidiary of US imperialism.

Yet other critics pointed out to the alienation of 1.3 billion Muslims and hundreds of millions of Christians engendered by US support of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Christians and Muslims.  Clearly this can’t be in the interests of any segment in American society.  Two thirds of the nine million Palestinians are now refugees and displaced people.  Defending this indefensible behavior is difficult.  Supporting it with billions of taxpayer money and US diplomatic and military power is even more difficult.  So a concerted media campaign and strategy was needed to create the illusion that
Israel is a strategic asset to US “interests”.

The elephant in the room that is being hidden by this fig leaf is same pervasive Zionist lobby in the US that has pushed the argument for the fig leaf.  According to Haaretz, Israel was really the only country to whole-heartedly push for the war in Iraq.  Since the Israeli lobby is the most powerful foreign lobby in the US and is rated as among the top 5 most powerful lobbies in DC overall, it would be a legitimate question to ask what this lobby was doing in the months and years leading up to the Iraq war and what (if any) influence does it have.  I think even a cursory review of the articles written in newspapers or “studies” done by think tanks would be sufficient to answer that question. Israeli apologists in these influential think tanks and in major editorial and columnist positions in mainstream media pushed for the war.  But there were few Israeli apologists who either stayed silent on the war or even opposed it.  This latter group became active in the anti-war movement but wanted to make sure that there is no linkage between Iraq and Palestine.  They reacted vociferously and sometimes violently when writers brought up the role of the Israeli lobby and its extensions in pushing for the war on Iraq.

There are attempts to hide the evolution and increasing strength of this lobby in the US (and before that in British imperial designs in the Middle East). So let us review a few example of how this lobby operated over the years and even challenged imperial interests on some occasions.

1) In 1930 after career British diplomats issued a governmental backed white paper suggesting tying Jewish immigration to Palestine to Palestinian economic interests not just the Yishuv capacity, all hell broke lose.  Weissman and other British Zionist mobilized their forces en masse and the effort succeeded in reversing this policy quickly (well discussed in Tom Segev’s excellent book on this period).

2)  When there was strong sentiment in the US to help European Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, the Zionist lobby both in Britain and the US lobbied to limit Jewish immigration to the west and keep the door open only for one destination: Palestine (see Naeim Giladi’s book “Ben Gurion Scandals” and Lenni Brenner’s “51 Documents: History of the Nazi-Zionist collaboration).

3) When the State Department, the Pentagon, and all major career diplomats in the US stood against support for establishment of Israel, President Truman explained his decision to his cabinet (privately) very clearly as relating to the lobby and voting adding that “I have no Arab constituency” (Truman papers and many history books).  The US went on to twist the arms of other countries to support partition and imposing of a Jewish state on Palestine.
4) When Israeli forces attacked the USS Liberty in International waters in 1967, the white house aided by Congress pushed the Navy to hide the facts.  Senior Navy officers (and all survivors of the attack) were angry but could do nothing in the face of a consorted media silencing campaign.   Even in 2003 when new evidence emerged little is reported on it (see

5) When George Bush 41 received a barrage of media questions in a Press conference in 1991 (after Baker earned the ire of the lobby by suggesting linking expending in growing settlements with foreign aid), Bush uttered his famous line“I am only this little guy in the white house …. there are these thousands on Capital Hill…” so much for the grand leader of the Military/Industrial complex.  Bush and Baker backed down and building went on to increase the number of  colonists/settlers on occupied Palestinian areas from <200,000 in 1991 to over 450,000 in 2000. This was the main reason for collapse of the peace process and increased resentment and anger in the world.

6) President Clinton brought to high office people who were previously employed by the various Israeli lobby groups. Dennis Ross who worked for WIMEP then appointed as US Envoy to the Middle East and then returned to work for WINEP (see   Martin Indyk worked for AIPAC and to my knowledge is the only lobbyist for a foreign country ever appointed ambassador to that same foreign country.   These folks and many others made clear their interest in merging US policy and Israeli policy.  Thus it was not surprising that Clinton issued assurances saying that if the Camp David meetings fail, no one will be faulted.  But even as negotiations continued in Taba, Ross, Clinton, and Indyk blamed Arafat.   The Clinton administration under influence of these lobbyists continued to support aggressive policy in Iraq and tried valiantly to thwart the International community (and US businesses) who pushed for letting go of the sanctions that were killing 6000 children every month.

7) When GWB 43 appointed people like Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Douglas Feith, and Richard Perle to high offices, there was no questioning the affiliation of those folks to the Zionist lobby.  Cheney was for example in the board of the so called “Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs” (JINSA).  Perle and Wolfowitz were active in Zionist think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute.   Those are the folks who pushed for war on Iraq and their paper records show their rationing includes supporting Israel ( ).

There is a myth that weapons and oil industries support Israel.  The fact is that most of the time Israeli/Zionist interests and those interests of weapons/oil companies are completely divergent See
In fact many argue that without the lobby, there would not be support for Israeli colonization nor for an illegal and illegitimate war on Iraq and certainly not from companies that are suffering because of this close relationship.  Israel in fact is now directly competing with US Weapons manufacturers in exporting high tech weapons (most of it made possible by US transfer of military technology and money to Israel).  Congress and the White House frequently have had to interfere to protect Israel from any repercussions by its violations of US and international laws regarding proliferation, arms export, use of arms against civilians etc.

There were rare times when the lobby was not as powerful in pushing the myth of equivalency of US and Israeli interests.   In 1956 President Eisenhower listened to career diplomats and US elites, and pressed for Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza and Sinai despite rumblings from Congress (itself influenced by the lobby). But any such minor resistance vanished after 1967 when the lobby pushed the idea that US weapons in Israeli hands are keeping the Soviets/Communism out of the Middle East (a lie because communism could never get a hold in Arab society).  Now do not misunderstand anything I said.  It is misleading to say that Israel rules US foreign policy.  But it would be even more misleading to ignore the central role of this lobby in shaping US foreign policy in the Middle East and in building support by various means.  Nor would it be fair to ignore the PR aimed at exaggerating the “strategic use” argument to outright misinformation about threats and responses to promoting a particular and false view of Christianity (“Christian Zionism”).  For those of us interested in freedom and equality (i.e. human rights), it is simply not correct to try to ignore history and facts and accept the language of our oppressor.  It is playing into both Zionist and Imperial hands by accepting their claim that the reason for support of Israel (and for the war on Iraq) is a “strategic relationship” directed to serving only US elite interests (oil, military, and other corporate interests).

The hypocrisy in US foreign policy is now visible to most people around the world and even here in the US with a self-censoring media it is hard to avoid it.  Take this simple Israel has WMD, has violated 65 UN Security Council Resolutions and was shielded from 35 others by a US Veto (because of the strong lobby), discriminates against people based on religion and the US supports it.   Iraq violated very few UN SC resolutions by invading Kuwait and the US bombed Iraq to a pre-industrial age (destroying water purification, sewage, electrical, transportation and other critical facilities), subjected it to sanctions (even after the withdrawal from Kuwait) that killed over 1 million civilians, and then bombed and occupied Iraq intending to build 14 permanent military basis in Iraq and installing a new Israel-friendly regime!! Is it any wonder that people ask why we have such hypocrisy and question the given answers formulated in Tel Aviv.  After all, Iraq will continue to be a magnet of resistance fighters pouring in from other Arab and Islamic countries as long as Israel is supported in its continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians (i.e. As long as this hypocrisy is evident).

Some democrats believe the attack on Iraq was for corporate profits.  Some republicans believe it was WMD, defeating terrorism, and most lately bringing “democracy” and freedom.  Many US TV and newspapers consider a discussion outside this permissible duality as taboo.  But people are getting facts about the Israeli lobby from international media, books, and most importantly the Internet.  This explains why an increasing number of democrats, republicans, greens, and independents in the US asking some serious questions that go beyond this duality that misses so much.  More people are realizing that without explaining the role of the Israeli lobby in pushing for this war, the story would be very incomplete at best and misleading at worse.

Many within the lobby are also finally seeing the light and leaving that destructive work.  Thousands of Jews are now openly speaking about the destructive power of the lobby.  The ground is shifting as Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others who believe in human rights and do not support Zionism join hands not only to point out the elephant in the room but also to take the old elephant out of the room and to an overdue retirement.

Fiat Government By Presidential Proclamation

Fiat Government By

Presidential Proclamation

Jim Kirwan

Democracy is a time-consuming affair because the governed need to be involved in every major decision; this was designed to take place in open hearings throughout the congress, with input being filtered from the pubic through their ‘representatives. Not any longer! Since we became a fascist police state, all of that has become passé.

Apparently all that is needed is for the Dictator to give a televised lecture, followed by immediate action from the congress that is totally out-of-sync with the population-then everybody in Washington gets to go home and campaign to get re-elected to the same do-nothing jobs all over again!

What happened to holding open hearings, the presentation of the “facts” behind the supposed “needs”! Listening to our resident alcoholic leader, even though he appeared to be semi-sober tonight; hardly constitutes proof of anything as the man is a congenital liar, a proven international criminal and perhaps the single most disastrous president the Republic has ever had.

The point being: just because Bush says something does not mean that there is any truth whatever to his statements-he’s lied too many times about everything he’s gone to the microphones for. Have we no collective memory at all! This is not a national TV game show where a topic can be trotted out, without national discussions, and then “voted on” within 24 to 48 hours, before we leap to the next crisis! Is this a nation with depth or a circus that’s trying to run a side-show on television. The ramifications of this potential

crime that we’re watching unfold on television is just too great to by-pass the congressional requirement for sober and intelligent partisan debate: partisan because ostensibly not everyone in the country agrees with our very own idiot leader: hence there ought to be discussions as to the veracity of his view!

“Bi-partisanship (everyone in government’s favorite term of late) is government-speak for one-party rule, because it cannot symbolize anything else. What by-partisanship stands for is the death of a true democracy and the end of the Republic-it has nothing to do with coming to the best decision on any topic that is treated to this misconstrued concept of governance!

The list of government miscalculations and outright colossal failures should have automatically disqualified anyone from the sitting administration, or the congress; and especially the heads of the SEC, the Treasury, or the FED to speak on behalf of “what should be done to fix this problem,” if there is indeed an urgent crisis: as this has not yet been proven.

So what’s the rush all about, could it be tomorrow’s demonstrations on Wall Street, complete with pitchforks and torches: “There is no central group organizing this event. But as the call to action that began circulating Monday afternoon noted, “Do whatever you can ­ make and distribute your own flyers, contact all your groups and friends. This crime is without precedence and we can’t be silent! What’s the point of waiting for someone else to organize a protest two months from now, long after the crime has been perpetrated?”


When: 4pm Thursday, September 25!

Where: Southern end of Bowling Green Park, in the plaza area

What to bring: Banners, noisemakers, signs, leaflets, etc.

Why: To say we won’t pay for the Wall Street bailout.” (1)

There is so much more about all of this that the public is not being told, and so much more that will radically alter everything else in our lives: We cannot afford to trust the congress, the courts or the administration to level with us on this one: because this is a FUNDAMENTAL change in the way everything is done by government, to the people they are supposed to be protecting.

There is a huge amount of history here that is being ignored: these knuckle-draggers have been “in-charge totally” for the last nearly eight years, and they broken virtually everything in our way of life: they’ve desecrated the constitution suspended the entire Bill of Rights, spied upon us since seven months before 911, declared two unilateral and illegal wars, bankrupted the nation and passed their debts down to at least the next five generations!

“The U.S. government has been turned into an engine that accelerates the wealth upwards into the hands of a few. The Wall Street bailout, the Iraq War, military spending, tax cuts to the rich, and a for-profit health care system are all about the acceleration of wealth upwards. And now, the American people are about to pay the price of the collapse of the $513 trillion Ponzi scheme of derivatives. Yes, that’s half a quadrillion dollars.” (2)

What does it take for Americans to finally say: “Hell No I’m not going to take this anymore!” Where’s the anger, where’s the outrage: these inhuman incompetent politicians blindsided the nation with this bogus ploy to steal the way profits and losses are divided, along with any remaining semblance of integrity at any level of this thoroughly corrupted criminal-enterprise that masquerades as what used to be the government of the United States of America.

Do you not know a con-game when you see one; are you so brain-dead that you have forgotten that the only people to blame for all of this are the same people that are demanding that you give them everything else they now say they “must have immediately!” These people are not professionals, they’re criminals-all of them- can you not see that! You sit there night after night and passively swallow their brand of Kool-aid, as though it was the only drink in the world: WHY!

These are the same people that lied to you about Weapons of Mass Destruction, about 911, about spying on us all: they have also lied about the costs of everything they’ve undertaken to ‘accomplish,’ and we let them get away with it.

The USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act was rushed through, just like this nightmare, and look what that piece of trash has wrought: have YOU read it! That gives the government the right to empty your bank account without any proof of any wrong-doing on your behalf. And if that wasn’t enough they then added Patriot Act II, neither was read by the criminals in congress, they just did as they were told and passed it; in terror no doubt of what the Dictator was saying might be true. Cowards have no place in government, and this most recent crop of cowards is not willing to protect the public any more than were the previous cowards that have consistently failed us all, miserably!

A people no longer willing to stand up for themselves has no business calling themselves either free or independent, because the truth is they are cowards that deserve neither the freedom they say they seek, nor the security they obviously believe their silence will buy them! Burn up the phone lines and do something visible this time, because you’re running out of time alright: but it doesn’t have to do with revamping the rules of finance; rather this is about whether or not you will have a future at all.

Remember the Income tax, that too was supposed to be “temporary,” just like this ‘adjustment is supposed to be ended within a very short time.’ If you believe that then you deserve these creatures! Just look at McCain and his most recent dodge to avoid a debate: “Too important to hold a debate,” well if it’s that important why didn’t he or Obama leave the senate, and take their chances before deciding to run for president? If ever there was a NEED for a debate then it ought to be now: ON THIS TOPIC! Yet both these half-baked fools have decided to “do what’s best for the country” (translation: capitulate to the direct orders of the Dictator and his owners), and get this “deal” wrapped up quickly- so that the money begins to flow unimpeded back into the overstuffed pockets of all their favorite sponsors!

None of those “in-charge” gives a damn about ordinary Americans, except to force us to pay for all of their totally obscene mistakes: that’s all you and I are good for-to bail them out- even if it bankrupts us all!

1) Get out the pitchforks and lighted torches http:// torches-protest-at-wall-st-this-thursday-at-4-pm/

2) The Double-Standard is Stunning