What Became of Western Morality?

What Became of Western Morality?

On the last day of the old year, two Israelis, Jeff Halper who heads the Israeli peace movement ICAHD and Neve Gordon who is chairman of the department of politics and government at Ben-Gurion University, asked, “Where’s the Academic Outrage Over the Bombing of a University in Gaza?” [  http://www.counterpunch.org/gordon12312008.html]

“Not one of the nearly 450 presidents of American colleges and universities who prominently denounced an effort by British academics to boycott Israeli universities in September 2007 have raised their voice in opposition to Israel’s bombardment of the Islamic University of Gaza earlier this week,” report Halper and Gordon. They note that Columbia University president Lee C. Bollinger, who has in the past ignorantly insulted Islamic representatives, “has been silent.”

It is the goyim moralists who are silent, not the Jews. It is the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, not the goyim media, that provides reports of Israel’s abuse of Palestinians. Gideon Levy’s “The Neighborhood Bully Strikes Again” was published in Haaretz (29 December), not in the goyim press. Levy’s words–“Once again, Israel’s violent responses, even if there is justification for them, exceed all proportion and cross every red line of humaneness, morality, international law and wisdom”–are not words that can appear in American print or TV media. Such words, printed in Israeli newspapers, never reach the goyim.

The extent of Americans’ ignorance is breathtaking. Israel has the Palestinians jammed into tightly controlled ghettos known as Gaza and the West Bank. With Egypt’s help, Israel controls the inflows of food, medicines, water, and energy into Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza are not permitted to enter Israel or Egypt. Last week a humanitarian ship bringing food and medicine was rammed by Israeli gunboats and turned away.

In the West Bank Palestinians are walled off from their fields, jobs, medical care, education, water, and from one another by endless checkpoints, roads for “Jews only,” walls, barbed wire, and machine gun towers. Palestinians are being evicted from their towns house by house, block by block.

Israel’s slow theft of Palestine is illegal under international law but protected by US “diplomacy.”

The Palestinians are no more of a threat to Israel than Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were a threat to the Nazi state. Yet, everywhere in America–Congress, the executive branch, the print and TV media, the universities, evangelical Christian institutions–there is the belief that Israel is on the verge of annihilation by Palestinian terrorists. This ignorance, so carefully cultivated by the Israel Lobby, turns genocidal aggression into self-defense.

It fools Americans, but it doesn’t fool Israelis. The Israelis have always known that “self-defense” is a cloak for a Zionist policy of territorial expansion. The policy is controversial within Israel. Many Israelis object, just as many Americans object to President Bush’s illegal wars and violations of US civil liberties. Many Israelis give voice to their moral conscience, but they are overwhelmed by vested interests.

Karl Marx declared morality to be merely a mask for vested interests. The writings of Marx and Engels are scornful of good will and moral ideals as effective forces in history. The Israeli state epitomizes Marx’s doctrine that power alone is the effective force.

Many American conservatives share the Israeli state’s belief in the efficacy of power. Conservatives who turned against Bush’s wars did so because the US was not brutal enough. They turned away from Bush’s long inconclusive wars in the way that fans desert a losing team.

Americans used to say that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” but this hasn’t been the case for US and Israeli aggression. The success the two regimes have had in instilling fear into their populations is part of the explanation for the impotence of morality. Another part of the explanation is that vested interests are a powerful constraint on morality.

Consider the case of Lee Bollinger. Columbia University is dependent on Jewish money, faculty and students. If Bollinger were to take a stand against Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians, he would be denounced as an anti-semite. Presidents of competitor universities would not come to his defense. They would pile on in hopes of recruiting Columbia’s top faculty and students and redirecting the flow of financial resources from Columbia to themselves.

An American newspaper or TV network that took a stand against Israel’s abuse of Palestinians would be confronted with an advertising boycott organized by AIPAC. American politicians who criticize Israel go down to defeat by Israel Lobby money.

Hegel gave too much emphasis to ideas, Marx too much to material interests. Both forces operate in the world. There are times in history when revolutionary ideas shatter material interests. Other times the two coexist in a balance of power. In other times material interests prevail over morality.

We are living in the latter time. Financial interests, the military-security complex, and the Israel Lobby are the powers that rule America. They are buttressed by neoconservatives and Christian Zionists and by the patriotic hubris that America is the main force for good operating in the world. The evils America commits are dismissed as necessary to the service of good. The destruction of Iraq, for example, is justified as “bringing freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people.”

A number of commentators, including myself, predict a decline in America’s economic power. As this occurs, Israel will have to abandon its policy of violence. With the accumulated hatred that its policies have fomented, Israel will be vulnerable.

The world will need to remember that although Israel is a Jewish state, it is a state whose policies many Jews find objectionable, just as a majority of American Jews oppose President Bush’s wars of aggression in the Middle East and his unconstitutional policies at home. We must not confuse Israel’s Zionist government with world Jewry, just as we must not confuse the American people with the war criminals in the Bush Regime.

Consider, who do you trust with your civil liberties, the US Department of Justice or the ACLU’s phalanx of Jewish attorneys?

We must avoid the mistake that was made by blaming the German people for Hitler. It was the aristocratic German military that tried to remove Hitler. In contrast, Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blocked the attempt to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Pelosi is a discredit to California, but shall we blame all of America for Pelosi’s defense of war criminals? How can we do so when US Rep. Dennis Kucinich courageously read out the articles of impeachment on the House floor?

Are all Americans guilty because Kucinich did not prevail?

“Hasbara,” Hebrew for Disinformation



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Hasbara refers to the propaganda efforts to sell Israel, justify its actions, and defend it in world opinion. Using contemporary euphemisms, it is Public diplomacy for Israel, or using a pejorative interpretation, then it is apologia. Israel portrays itself as fighting on two fronts: the Palestinians and world opinion. The latter is dealt with hasbara. The premise of hasbara is that Israel’s problems are a matter of better propaganda, and not one of an underlying unjust situation.

The techniques utilized

  • Smearing/defaming critics of Israel, aka, attacking the messenger. This is even the terminology found in the Hasbara Handbook
  • Selective discussion of issues
  • Framing of issues, and setting the terminology used in discussing Israel
  • Harassing media about its coverage, aka, flak
  • Challenging the portrayal of an alternative narrative, and attempting to keep the zionist narrative as the dominant one.


Hasbara Campus Manual

The Hasbara Handbook: Promoting Israel on Campus, is now available online. And this is an interesting admission (page 31 onwards):

Propaganda is used by those who want to communicate in ways that engage the emotions and downplay rationality, in an attempt to promote a certain message.

The manual goes on to describe seven propaganda techniques:

  1. Name calling: through the careful use of words, then name calling technique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol.
  2. Glittering generality: Simply put, glittering generality is name calling in reverse. Instead of trying to attach negative meanings to ideas or people, glittering generalities use positive phrases, which the audience are attached to, in order to lend positive image to things. Words such as “freedom”, “civilization”,…
  3. Transfer: Transfer involves taking some of the prestige and authority of one concept and applying it to another. For example, a speaker might decide to speak in front of a United Nations flag, in an attempt to gain legitimacy for himself or his idea.
  4. Testimonial: Testimonial means enlisting the support of somebody admired or famous to endorse and ideal or campaign.
  5. Plain folks: The plain folks technique attempts to convince the listener that the speaker is a ‘regular guy’, who is trust-worthy because the are like ‘you or me’.
  6. Fear: See fear.
  7. Bandwagon: See bandwagon.

The examples given are very interesting, and worth reading.


  • Habara Handbook: Promoting Israel on Campus“, World Union of Jewish Students, March 2002.
  • Fadi Kiblawi, Israel’s Campus Concerns, The Palestine Chronicle, Oct. 23, 2003. Quote: “The Hasbara Handbook prescribes fascinating instructions on attacking the messenger and avoiding the message at all costs ‘in ways that engage the emotions, and downplay rationality, in an attempt to promote’ their cause. In a section entitled ‘Name Calling,’ Israel’s Jewish Agency writes, ‘Creating negative connotations by name calling is done to try and get the audience to reject a person or idea on the basis of negative associations, without allowing a real examination of that person or idea.”
  • Conal Urguhart, Israel uses TV show to find its best spin doctor, The Guardian, Nov. 27, 2004.
  • Gary Rosenblatt, “Hasbara’ Goes Prime Time“, The Jewish Week, December 3, 2004.
  • Hilary Leila Krieger, Expert: Israeli PR improving, but…, Jerusalem Post, December 16, 2004. Interviews Frank Luntz during the 2004 Herzliya Conference.
  • Gary Rosenblatt, “Inside Israel’s Image War“, The Jewish Week, January 19, 2007.

Kill The Madness – Not The People

Kill The Madness – Not The People

Jim Kirwan

For just over sixty years the world has been living in a nightmare because of a criminal conspiracy between the global-criminality of the Rothschilds and the corporation that is the United States. All that has been done with regard to Israel, in this diabolical fraud has been based on lies and on the private interests of the Corporatocracy in the hidden-hands of the Zionist-Illuminati that can never be satisfied; regardless of how much this American sponsorship might cost the people of this country and the world.

Yesterday, a breakthrough of sorts was announced; which if true could signal the first real Beginning-of-the-End of Israel’s barbaric policies and of the Bush Doctrine of 2002.

“Turkey and Syria have described the Israeli campaign against Gazans as a ‘holocaust’, calling for an immediate end to the ‘massacre’.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan held talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday to discuss ways to stop the “massacre committed by Israel” on Gaza Palestinians.

Following the meeting the two leaders jointly said that it was “essential that Arab and Islamic countries intervene to force Israel to immediately halt this holocaust against an unarmed population,” the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported.

More than 399 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Israeli attacks against Gaza – now on its sixth day -, and some 1,925 others are reported wounded.

Abandoning mediation between Tel Aviv and Damascus following the Israeli onslaught, Erdogan began a four-nation tour of the region to discuss ways to halt Israel’s attacks that have killed and wounded more than 2300 Palestinians since Saturday.

The Turkish premier’s tour will next take him to Egypt on Thursday and Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Meanwhile, a draft proposal for condemning the Israeli campaign on the Gaza Strip was rejected by the United Nations Security Council, despite international calls for a UNSC resolution on the issue.” (1)

What makes this announcement so important is that for the first time the key corrupted Arab governments are beginning to listen to their people, and to the outrage of the wider world. ‘America’ needs Turkey far more than Turkey needs us. The same is true of Syria, if the truth were to be told, yet both these countries and Egypt as well as Saudi Arabia; have all been routinely chewed on and threatened by the savagery of the incestuous relationship between the Rothschilds, and America as well as Israel, which are both subservient states controlled by Rothschild’s Illuminati.

Turkey is a major military power in the region and Syria is not a state to be trifled with when push comes to shove. Egypt is also a military force in the region and Saudi Arabia for its size is armed to the teeth. If that foursome decided to align themselves with the prisoners inside Gaza and the West Bank: In direct opposition to Israel and the aging and overstretched US military machine-things just might ‘change’ inside the madness that has only become more intolerable over the last six decades.

This could be done without spreading the destruction to the next level which would bring in China, Pakistan, India and Russia; all of whom are also nuclear powers-which is why the US and Israel might have to listen to the neighbors of Palestine, and to those that have given refuge to millions of those made homeless by the combined aggressions of the US and Israel over the last sixty years.

For any state or person to have any credibility in the world; history matters. Whenever anyone applies for a job, the applicant’s resume (their personal history) is of primary importance. Why is the same thing not true for those that employ the applicants, or for the governments that dictate terms to so many millions of people the world over that these criminal-enterprises, masquerading as governments, supposedly represent? Instead the governments and corporations that are in control keep everything they do a secret; and what they reap in Corporate Welfare and government giveaways is only just now beginning to surface. Of course the bulk of the money they use to do all this comes directly from the pockets of the working poor. Did you know that the top 200 corporations pay no taxes at all? And when some of the elite’s do get bailed out they use that money to enrich themselves, at the public’s expense. (2)

The USA has invaded other countries over 200 times in the last 235 years. We currently have military bases in 120 of the 130 nations in the world today, and yet together with Israel we comprise perhaps the most ruthless aggressive force on the planet today: not on behalf of “freedom & democracy” but on behalf of the global Corporatocracy and the Illuminati whose interests are exactly the opposite of over ninety percent of the people living in the world today: This is the “Madness” that must be killed!

What has ‘Israel’ done to deserve so many of the tens-of-trillions of dollars over the last 60 years that they have stolen from the households of American citizens? Nothing!

Israel tried to sink the USS Liberty. Their agents have been involved in espionage and spying for fifty years, and all manner of criminal actions against US citizens. The Mossad [Israel’s CIA] is allowed to kill Americans in America without fear of prosecution-another cozy little back-room deal that most Americans know nothing about. They have blackmailed several US “presidents’ and they have totally enslaved the US congress and almost every major political force within the US. Now, with Obama’s potential appointments they will all but take over this country’s entire political agenda. We might as well disband the congress and move the “White House” to Tel Aviv; because that is what we’ll have for “our government” once Barack takes office. This ‘relationship’ between Israel and the US must be terminated with extreme prejudice, or else the Zionist parasite will kill its American host long before the first term of Obama comes to a conclusion.

“Let us get one thing perfectly straight. If the wholesale mutilation and degradation of the Gaza Strip is going to continue; if Israel’s will is at one with that of the United States; if the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and all the international legal agencies and organizations spread across the globe are going to continue to sit by like hollow mannequins doing nothing but making repeated “calls” for a “ceasefire” on “both sides”; if the cowardly, obsequious and supine Arab States are going to stand by watching their brethren get slaughtered by the hour while the world’s bullying Superpower eyes them threateningly from Washington lest they say something a little to their disliking; then let us at least tell the truth why this hell on earth is taking place.

The state terror unleashed from the skies and on the ground against the Gaza Strip as we speak has nothing to do with Hamas. It has nothing to do with “Terror”. It has nothing to do with the long-term “security” of the Jewish State or with Hizbullah or Syria or Iran except insofar as it is aggravating the conditions that have led up to this crisis today. It has nothing to do with some conjured-up “war” ­ a cynical and overused euphemism that amounts to little more the wholesale enslavement of any nation that dares claim its sovereign rights; that dares assert that its resources are its own; that doesn’t want one of the Empire’s obscene military bases sitting on its cherished land.

This crisis has nothing to do with freedom, democracy, justice or peace.”(3)

In fact Hamas, Hizbollah, or even Fatah would not exist were it not for the ruthless savagery of the Zionists that are trying to resurrect the Fourth Reich as the unfinished Zionist state of Israel. Now with the possibility of a revolt among neighboring states: Both against their former roles in turning a blind-eye on US-Israeli aggression, as well as finally having had enough of the threats and intimidation from the US and Israel-perhaps the time has come for the slaves to revolt across the region and possibly the world, against this Palestinian Holocaust that is entering a final phase?

South Africa was forced to end Apartheid because of international sanctions. The US was defeated in Vietnam because the public learned about what was really going on in that war-torn far-eastern nation, at the hands of the same corporatocracy, the same international financial cabal run by the descendants of the Rothschilds and the Illuminati. Yet in every case when these crimes against the poorest of peoples are committed; the follow-up is canceled investigations are whitewashed, and “the game goes on” to the next victim state. If we do not stop this madness now-then we shall have no reason to complain when they come for us in America in 2009-because that is the game plan behind Full-Spectrum Dominance (4)

Here is what is meant by ‘Killing the People’

“Strip away the current symbols and language of the victims of our selfish and devastating whims and you will find the simple, impassioned and unaffected cries of the downtrodden; of the ‘wretched of the earth’ begging you to cease your cold aggression against their children and their homes; their families and their villages; begging you to leave them alone to have their fish and their bread, their oranges, their olives and their thyme; asking you first politely and then with increasing disbelief why you cannot let them live undisturbed on the land of their ancestors; unexploited, free of the fear of expulsion; of ravishment and devastation; free of permits and roadblocks and checkpoints and crossings; of monstrous concrete walls, guard towers, concrete bunkers, and barbed wire; of tanks and prisons and torture and death. Why is life without these policies and instruments of hell impossible?

The answer is because Israel has no intention of allowing a viable, sovereign Palestinian state on its borders. It had no intention of allowing it in 1948 when it grabbed 24 per cent more land than what it was allotted legally, if unfairly, by UN Resolution 181. It had no intention of allowing it throughout the massacres and ploys of the 1950s. It had no intention of allowing two states when it conquered the remaining 22 per cent of historic Palestine in 1967 and reinterpreted UN Security Council Resolution 248 to its own liking despite the overwhelming international consensus stating that Israel would receive full international recognition within secure and recognized borders if it withdrew from the lands it had only recently occupied.

It had no intention of acknowledging Palestinian national rights at the United Nations in 1974, when ­alone with the United States-it voted against a two-state solution. It had no intention of allowing a comprehensive peace settlement when Egypt stood ready to deliver but received, and obediently accepted, a separate peace exclusive of the rights of Palestinians and the remaining peoples of the region. It had no intention of working toward a just two-state solution in 1978 or 1982 when it invaded, fire-bombed, blasted and bulldozed Beirut so that it might annex the West Bank without hassle. It had no intention of granting a Palestinian state in 1987 when the first Intifada spread across occupied Palestine, into the Diaspora and the into the spirits of the global dispossessed, or when Israel deliberately aided the newly formed Hamas movement so that it might undermine the strength of the more secular-nationalist factions.

Israel had no intention of granting a Palestinian state at Madrid or at Oslo where the PLO was superseded by the quivering, quisling Palestinian Authority, too many of whose cronies grasped at the wealth and prestige it gave them at the expense of their own kin. As Israel beamed into the world’s satellites and microphones its desire for peace and a two-state solution, it more than doubled the number of illegal Jewish settlements on the ground in the West Bank and around East Jerusalem, annexing them as it built and continues to build a superstructure of bypass roads and highways over the remaining, severed cities and villages of earthly Palestine. It has annexed the Jordan valley, the international border of Jordan, expelling any ‘locals’ inhabiting that land. It speaks with a viper’s tongue over the multiple amputee of Palestine whose head shall soon be severed from its body in the name of justice, peace and security.” (3)

If people want to begin to make a real difference then they must stop buying anything that advertises on the propaganda arm of the US government: otherwise known as the lame-stream media. Then call up the stations and tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing: Remind them that at Nuremberg the media went on trial right beside the Nazi’s and the German military!


1) Israel Attacks, holocaust of Gazans


2) Banker Buys $37 million Apartment After getting $25 Million Bailout


3) If Hamas Did Not Exist




British telecom firm severs ties with Israeli counterparts


British telecom firm severs ties with Israeli


UK’s FreedomCall informs Israeli company of decision via email, blames Gaza operation

Meir Orbach

British telecommunications firm FreedomCall has terminated its cooperation with Israel’s MobileMax due to the IDF operation in Gaza.

“We received an email from the British company informing us that it is severing all ties with us and any other Israeli company following Israel’s strike in Gaza,” said CEO Raanan Cohen.

“We weren’t expecting this from them and there was no prior warning. I don’t intend to appeal to them or answer the letter.”

The email from FreedomCall said, “As a result of the Israeli government action in the last few days we will no longer be in a position to consider doing business with yourself or any other Israeli company.”

MobileMax, established in 2004, produces a program providing cellular phones with inexpensive international service.

Reflections on the Israeli holocaust in Gaza

Reflections on the Israeli holocaust in Gaza

Khalid Amayreh


2 January, 2009

The virtual holocaust Israel is now waging against the Gaza Strip is taking its toll on innocent civilians. The shocking scenes speak for themselves. The gruesomeness transcends reality; it exceeds by far the most eloquent of words.

Gaza-2008-9 is very much like Dresden-1945. And as Dresden was annihilated by the RAF toward the end of the Second World War, the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza are being decapitated and thoroughly terrorized by the Israeli army, the Wehrmacht of our time.

But there is obviously a fundamental and conspicuous difference between Gaza and Dresden. Dresden was targeted by the allies as an act of sheer vengeance and revenge for what the Nazi war machine had done, including German attacks on London and other British cities.

But Gaza committed no crime against Israel. To be sure, the opposite is quite true. Have we forgotten that the bulk of the Gaza victims, who are being annihilated with the Zionist war machine, happen to be refugees and their children and grandchildren uprooted from their towns and villages across the borders inside Israel?

In 1948, Israel uprooted them in wave after wave of genocidal ethnic cleansing, and ever since has been trying to liquidate them by bombing their homes, killing their children, bulldozing their farms and lately by trying to starve them to death.

And now, the six-decade reign of terror and death is being culminated with an aerial holocaust, all for the purpose of displaying “Jewish power” and “heroism.”!!! Well, what heroism is there in having the state-of-the-art of the American machine of death rain missiles and bombs, including Bunker Busters, on unprotected apartment buildings, mosques, streets, pharmacies, college dormitories? This is not heroism; it is a sheer act of cowardice.

The Nazis ganged up on defenseless people more than six decades ago, but they at least didn’t claim to be carrying out heroic acts as self-absorbed and gleeful Israeli leaders are doing now.

In truth, Gaza is being crucified because it refuses to succumb to the cruelty and supremacy of the “holy tribe,” because it refuses to die quietly and continues to cling to life and look forth for a better tomorrow, because Gaza is saying “give me freedom or give me death.”

The Nazis of our time want Gaza to die quietly, or at least as quietly as possible. Israeli behavior leaves no doubt as to the diabolical designs of the Judeo-Nazi entity.

But the Israeli military and political establishments don’t want to appear before the world as they really are, as Nazis par excellence who think, behave and act like the Nazis. This is why they are trying to cover up their crimes with a frantic campaign of fabricated lies.

But Nazis are Nazis even if they have Jewish names and pretend to be the victims. In the final analysis it doesn’t matter if Nazis call themselves “chosenites” or “master race” or “ubermenschen,” or even “victims.”

Sowing hatred

Israel is not only wreaking death, terror and havoc on defenseless Gazans. It is also implanting sowing hatred, a lot of hatred, in the hearts and minds millions of people who are watching Israel decapitate Gaza.

This is undoubtedly going to be one of the lasting aftereffects of this madness.

The gruesome and phantasmagoric images which hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims and others around the world are watching on their TV screens around the clock are a sure prescription for decades of hatred and sullen enmity toward Jews throughout the Muslim world.

Arab and Muslim children won’t have to read about Israeli Nazism in their textbooks. They are watching it live on their TV screens.

Let it be clear to all and sundry. Israel is telling an entire generation of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims that they either surrender to the Jewish Third Reich or become “terrorists.”

They will become “terrorists” and be it as it may.

Surely, the pornographic slaughter will eventually boomerang on Israel and regretfully on Jews. Unfortunately, many innocent Jews will pay the price just as mostly innocent Palestinians are paying the price, with their lives and the lives of their children and beloved ones, for the brutal ugliness of the Zionist mindset. In the final analysis, anti-Semitism is manufactured in Israel, not in Damascus or Cairo or even Gaza.


Israel says its aim is to destroy Hamas. Well, there is no doubt that Israel possesses the
military ability to destroy the Hamas government. Israel, after all, is a military superpower which also happens to be more or less in control of the politics and policies of the United States and to a lesser extent the governments of Europe.

However, destroying Hamas’s government is one thing, and destroying Hamas the movement, is quite another.

Hamas has hundreds of thousands of supporters in occupied Palestine s well as tens of millions of sympathizers across the Arab and Muslim world. These will not disappear even if the Gaza governments does.

The ongoing huge demonstrations in solidarity with Hamas, now flooding the Arab world, shows that Hamas is more, much more, than a local nationalist-Islamic movement that can be eradicated by Israeli firepower.

Yes, Hamas has obviously been hit hard. But the movement is by no means about to die or even get weaker. In fact, there are many indications that Hamas will get stronger, at least in terms of popularity and stature.

The American puppet regimes in the Arab world may not like Hamas. Some of them may even be gloating over the Gaza calamity.

However, Hamas is definitely winning the hearts and minds of the Arab masses from Casablanca to Bahrain. This may not yield tangible benefits immediately, but the long-term gains are absolutely certain, and this is exactly what Hamas is seeking.

Well, let us suppose for the sake of argument that Israel succeeds in “terminating” the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip as Israeli leaders have been saying. Would this end the Islamic resistance to the Israeli occupation? Would this allow Israel to liquidate the Palestinian cause by imposing a “peace settlement” on the weak Palestinian Authority?

Nay, this won’t happen at all, because Hamas, whether we like or not, represents and encapsulates the spiritual essence of the Palestinian people and their yearning for freedom and justice.

More to the point, the contemplated elimination of the Hamas government by Israel would eventually be proven to be one of the stupidest Israeli misdeeds ever.

First of all, it would free the resistance group from the burden of government and allow it anew to carry out more ferocious attacks against Israel without having to worry about the bombing by Israel of buildings and security headquarters and hospitals.

In fact, Hamas had never wanted to be in government let alone form one. Hamas all along had wanted to be in a position to influence any Palestinian government, but not to be in the driver’s seat itself.

However, the outcome of the 2006 elections imposed the burden of government on Hamas especially after Fatah refused to join Hamas in forming a government of national unity.

So, in a certain since, the disappearance of the Hamas government in Gaza would be a bless in disguise for Hamas.

Remember these words very well. Because the conflict with Israel is not going to end in ten years or twenty or even fifty years.

Do we live on the same planet?

Do we live on the same planet?

William Bowles

Bombs fall as an explosion is seen after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip January 1, 2009.

Jan 2, 2009

Apparently not, well not if you listen/watch the BBC or read the corporate press, not that creating a world that doesn’t actually exist is anything new, it’s just that the actions of Fascist Israel has stretched our credulity to its limits, thus the media have been forced to stretch their lies to the limit.You have to ask yourselves how the hell do they get away with it?

The answer is simple: it’s racism, pure and simple. Palestinians are less than human, thus eliminating them is as easy as eliminating vermin, and the actions of Fascist Israel are backed up with their words; Palestinians are “vermin”, “cockroaches”, “Palestine is finished” and so it goes.

If anybody harboured any illusions about the settler state of Israel, surely now those illusions must shattered as surely as the shattered bodies of Palestinian children are.

The question is, what can we do about it when we have a complicit government and a complicit media ganging up on our consciousness?

The BBC for example, ably assisted the Israeli Fascists when it gave Tzipi Livni, Israel’s foreign minister airtime (courtesy the British taxpayer) by broadcasting an interview on 1 January, 2009 in which she said (several times) there is “no humanitarian crisis” in the Gaza Strip. No alternative view was presented to the listener.

At the bottom of the propaganda blitz there sits one simple lie: Hamas rockets, and who broke the cease-fire, and surely, without those ‘Grads’ they would have had to be invented. Now you can argue that Hamas is playing right into the hands of the Israeli Fascists by being David to Israel’s Fascist Goliath by shooting off its feeble rockets but I ask you, in the same situation what would you do? In any case, it would have made no difference, any more than it has over the past sixty years?

“On November 12 the paper’s Jerusalem reporter, Isabel Kershner, wrote: “At least six Palestinian militants were killed in a clash and an Israeli airstrike on Nov. 4 after an Israeli force entered Gaza for the first time in five months”” — Source: The New York Times, 13 Nov, 2008


Israel Defense Forces troops yesterday killed a Hamas gunman and wounded two others in the first armed clash in the Gaza Strip since a cease-fire was declared there in June. […] An Israeli army spokeswoman said troops had entered the territory.” Ha’aretz, 5 November, 2008

(For more on the who broke the cease-fire, See ‘NY times: Who Ended the 6 Month Cease-fire in Israel/Palestine?’

The creation of the ‘victim state’

israelis-under-fire.jpgVictims? Israelis in the port city of Ashdod evacuated a building hit by a rocket from Gaza on Thursday. Photo: Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times

Even the photo the NYT chose to use of (an uninjured) Israeli girl reinforces the illusion. But in reality it is the actions of the Israeli state itself that has put the lives of its own citizens in peril, making them literally cannon fodder.

Unique in history, the creation of the Israeli ‘state’ by the Western powers in 1948, was merely the continuation of US/British colonial policy in the Middle East only now using the ‘victim’ as the wedge (and willing pawn) with which to divide the Arab anti-colonial movement, a ploy that in part, played on the alleged guilt of the Europeans following WWII.

“How easy it is to snap off the history of the Palestinians, to delete the narrative of their tragedy, to avoid a grotesque irony about Gaza which – in any other conflict – journalists would be writing about in their first reports: that the original, legal owners of the Israeli land on which Hamas rockets are detonating live in Gaza.That is why Gaza exists: because the Palestinians who lived in Ashkelon and the fields around it – Askalaan in Arabic – were dispossessed from their lands in 1948 when Israel was created and ended up on the beaches of Gaza. They – or their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren – are among the one and a half million Palestinian refugees crammed into the cesspool of Gaza, 80 per cent of whose families once lived in what is now Israel. This, historically, is the real story: most of the people of Gaza don’t come from Gaza.” — ‘Why Bombing Ashkelon is The Most Tragic Irony’ by Robert Fisk, the Independent, 30 December, 2008

Lest we forget Israel was settled by Europeans whose connection to the Middle East was tenuous at best and based on the ideology of Zionism, also a European (white) imperial creation supported by British imperialism with its eye on the prize — oil and a passage to India.

Thus the (white) Jews of Europe became the willing victims of imperial design, a classic case of fleas on a fleas back, only too willing to beat up on the Arabs in the name of being the victim because along with their European brethren, they were, and are at heart, white with all that it means.

The destruction of Gaza therefore is the only logical conclusion of the actions of a racist, fundamentalist, fanatical and clearly Fascist state, the so-called ‘chosen people’. After all, where else could it go? Do a deal with the Palestinians? Two-state, one-state, any Palestinian state? Forget it! In the words of the Israelis themselves the destruction of Gaza was planned months ago, long before Hamas allegedly broke the cease-fire.

And with the West’s state/corporate media pushing the Israelis line of being the ‘victim’ of the ‘cockroaches’, success was assured, the Israelis could slaughter with impunity. Goebbels would be proud of them, this was the biggest lie of them all!

Israel, armed to the teeth (the fourth largest army on the planet) by its master (whatever those who say that it’s the tail wagging the dog) the US, without whose blessing the Israeli state does nothing.

The lies are necessary because our rulers fear us much more than they fear the Palestinians

Bombing Refugee Camps in Gaza Instead of Paying the Refugees Reparations

Bombing Refugee Camps in Gaza
Instead of Paying the Refugees Reparations

The news keeps reporting that the Israeli air force bombed refugee camps in Gaza.

Did you ever wonder how those refugee camps got to be in Gaza? Cont’d . . .

I mean, where are they refugees from? There didn’t used to be refugees in Gaza, before 1948, after all. The grandparents of today’s refugees were living in their own homes, which their ancestors had lived in for centuries if not millennia.

After Germany created Jewish refugees in WW II, it was made to pay reparations to the victims, right?

Israel hasn’t paid a dime to any of the Palestinian families it expelled in 1948, [pdf] which is itself a violation of international law.

Palestinian refugees created by Israeli military actions, 1948.

Update: Israel continued to bomb Gaza on day 7 of blitz. The airstrikes continued Friday morning.

Israel has killed 37 children and 17 women since it began its bombardment last Saturday. About a fourth of the over 400 persons killed are estimated to be obviously civilians because they were children or women; the proportion of the civilians killed is likely actually higher because a lot of the men are probably noncombatants, too. Likewise, large numbers of the over 2000 Gazans wounded have been innocent civilians.

Gazans are facing starvation and death, according to UN humanitarian chief John Holmes. The power plant has been knocked out, making it impossible for the hospitals properly to treat the over 2000 wounded in the airstrikes, or indeed, for patients needing oxygen & etc. to get it. Hospitals have resorted to generators, but they run on fuel, which is in short supply and many Gazans are without electricity. Some 20,000 a day are not getting the UN wheat rations and other foodstuffs on which they rely, given that Israel long ago destroyed their economy. That is, there is real and increasing hunger in Gaza, 50% of the population of which is children.

Tzipi Livni said the purpose of the operation was to weaken Hamas.

Wasn’t that the purpose of all those assassinations carried out by Ariel Sharon in 2003-2004? Didn’t they assassinate Sheikh Yasin and Rantisi & etc. then? Did Hamas disappear? If Livni and Ehub Barak think that aerial bombardment is the right way to deal with a group like Hamas in a place like Gaza, they are just as out of touch with reality as George W. Bush.

posted by Juan Cole @

Old War Vet Reactivated for Iraq (Harbinger of Things to Come?)

War Vet, 50, Stunned By New Deployment

Former Soldier Last Served During 1st Gulf War

A veteran who has been out of the military for 15 years and recently received his AARP card was stunned when he received notice he will be deployed to Iraq.Video: Gulf War Veteran Will Head To IraqThe last time Paul Bandel, 50, saw combat was in the early 1990s during the Gulf War.”(I was) kind of shocked, not understanding what I was getting into,” said Bandel.

In 1993, Bandel took the option of leaving the Army without retirement and never thought he would be called back to action.

“Here he’s 50 years old, getting his AARP card, and here he’s being redeployed with all these 18-year-olds,” said Paul’s wife, Linda Bandel.”I can understand, say, ‘Here, we have this assignment for you stateside. Go do your training,'” said Paul Bandel. “But, ‘Hey, here’s a gun, go back to the desert.'”Involuntary recall allows the military, regardless of age or how long someone has been out of service, to order vets back into active duty.”Anger’s not the word. I was more concerned about the financial impact it’s going to do. My pay’s probably cut in half,” said Paul Bandel.”Right now, I’m just in disbelief because it’s like the disbelief that this could be happening 15 years after being out of the military. It’s like a dream or a nightmare,” said Linda Bandel.The veteran is dusting off his old uniforms and torn between his duty to his country and obligations as a grandfather.”I certainly never thought I’d be going back there at this point in my life,” said Paul Bandel.The last missile system the veteran was trained to operate is no longer used by the military.Calls to the Army and the Pentagon about how many men and women in their 50s are being called back to duty were not returned Wednesday.Paul Bandel will be deployed overseas until 2010. His wife plans to move in with her elderly parents until his return.

Copyright 2008 by WSMV.com.

Oh, the Terror!!!

Another terrorist “missile” pounds the

Jewish State.


An Israeli police officer stands guard next to the remains of a rocket that landed just outside the southern town of Sderot January 1, 2009. Israel killed a senior Hamas leader in an air attack on his home on Thursday, striking its first deadly blow against the top ranks of the Islamist group in a Gaza offensive that has claimed more than 400 Palestinian lives. Hours before the killing, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel was fighting Hamas with an “iron fist”, his words backed by a series of air strikes in the Gaza Strip but challenged by rockets that have killed four people in southern Israel. REUTERS/Baz Ratner (ISRAEL)

PTA orders blockade of political webpages, discussion forums

PTA orders blockade of political webpages, discussion forums

PTA Notification (Click to enlarge

PTA Notification. (Click to enlarge)

The News, Friday, January 02, 2009
By Urooj Zia, Karachi

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued directives in the last week of December to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ordering them to block a list of six webpages on the grounds that they were “harmful for the integrity of the country.”

The directive came on the orders of the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) for the Evaluation of Websites. The IMC constitutes representatives of the Ministry of IT, PTA, Ministry of Interior and Cabinet Division. Its charter is to monitor and block blasphemous, pornographic, and anti-state or anti-Pakistan sites.

Three of the six webpages on the list issued by the PTA, however, are from dictatorshipwatch.com, a website set up after November 3, 2007, when then-President Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf implemented a state of emergency in the country. One webpage is from makepakistanbetter.com, a social and political discussion forum. The fifth page is from friendskorner.com, a general discussion forum, while the sixth webpage is a node from buzzvines.com. Most of the blocked webpages contained articles which claimed to provide information about Punjab Governor Salman Taseer’s “history”; others had pictures of members of Taseer’s family at lavish parties thrown recently at the Punjab Governor House.

None had blasphemous material, or anything which could even remotely be construed as “anti-Pakistan,” unless criticism of one person is considered an act of treason. The PTA circular, issued on December 26 by Enforcement Coordination Director Yawar Yasin, however, called for the immediate blockage of these pages. An email was sent out on December 29 to ISPs by Muhammad Shafiq, PTA Zonal Director (Enforcement) at the Authority’s Rawalpindi zonal office. The ISPs in question were directed to comply with these orders immediately and send a report to Shafiq by 3 pm the same day.

Meanwhile, the move to block political websites and webpages has been lambasted by ISPs as well as internet users, many of whom have, on various online discussion forums, compared this act with those under the military dictatorship of Gen (retd) Musharraf.

“While these webpages have been classified as ‘harmful for the integrity of the country,’ I don’t believe this is the correct classification. PTA as a regulator should not be involved in pushing or blocking political agendas and should clearly rise above political party favours and bias,” the CEO of a Lahore-based ISP said. “We feel that the criteria of blocking should be clearly defined and should not side with any political party.”

“This is a very repressive step and ISPAK condemns this act,” Micronet Broadband CEO and Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) convener Wahaj us Siraj told The News. “The IMC has no mandate to block political web sites. The PTA apparently has less say in it and just conveyed the directive of the IMC to the ISPs.”

New Book Documents the Bush Administration’s 269 War Crimes

With a Foreword by former Nuremberg prosecutor Benjamin B. Ferencz, the book George W. Bush, War Criminal? The Bush Administration’s Liability for 269 War Crimes by Professor Michael Haas has just been released by Greenwood Press.

Based on information supplied in autobiographical and press sources, the book matches events in Afghanistan, Guantánamo, Iraq, and various secret places of detention with provisions in the Geneva Conventions and other international agreements on war crimes. His compilation is the first to cite a comprehensive list of specific war crimes in four categories—illegality of the decision to go to war, misconduct during war, mistreatment of prisoners of war, and misgovernment in the American occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Haas accuses President Bush of conduct bordering on treason because he reenacted several complaints stated in the Declaration of Independence against England, ignored the Constitution and federal laws, trampled on the American tradition of developing international law to bring order to world politics, and in effect made a Faustian pact with Osama Bin Laden that the intelligence community blames for an increase in world terrorism. Osama Bin Laden remains alive, he reports, because Bush preferred to go after oil-rich Iraq rather than tracking down Al Qaeda leaders, whose uncaptured presence was useful to him in justifying a “war on terror” pursued on a military rather than a criminal basis without restraint from constitutional checks and balances.

The worst war crime cited is the murder of at least 45 prisoners, some but not all by torture. Other heinous crimes include the brutal treatment of thousands of children, some 64 of whom have been detained at Guantánamo. Sources document the use of illegal weapons in the war from cluster bombs to daisy cutters, napalm, white phosphorus, and depleted uranium weapons, some of which have injured and killed American soldiers as well as thousands of innocent civilians. Children playing in areas of Iraq where depleted uranium weapons have been used, but not reported on request from the World Health Organization, have developed leukemia and other serious diseases.

“Bush’s violations of the Constitution as well as domestic and international law have besmirched the reputation of the United States,” Haas writes. “In so doing, they have accomplished a goal of which the Al Qaeda terrorists only dreamed—to transform the United States into a rogue nation feared by the rest of the world and loved by almost none.”

“One reason for the adoption of the Third Geneva Convention,” according to Haas, “was a revulsion against German-run interrogation camps during World War II.” Yet, he writes, “Bush’s order to set up interrogation camps in Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantánamo, and other secret locations “is directly contrary to the Geneva Conventions.” Nevertheless, Haas notes that Nazi Germany’s war crimes were wholesale offenses, whereas the scope of Bush’s crimes is retail, affecting fewer (a few millions) of innocent persons.

In view of the vast number of war crimes, Haas recommends a truth commission with the aim of educating the world on the nature of war crimes. He feels that stopping war crimes is a more important objective than prosecuting the offenders, some of whom may be brought to justice in foreign courts if they travel abroad.

The author, Michael Haas, has written over thirty books on government and politics in his academic career as a political scientist at Northwestern University, Purdue University, the University of Hawai`i, the University of London, the University of the Philippines, and several colleges and universities in California. He lives in the Hollywood Hills. His next book, now in preparation, will be entitled Barack Obama’s Multicultural Hawai`i.

For International Orders,
click here.

Did You Know 200,000 Vets Are Sleeping on the Streets?

Did You Know 200,000 Vets Are Sleeping on the Streets?

By Aaron Glantz, New America Media

America’s promise to “Support the Troops” ends the moment they take off the uniform and try to make the transition to civilian life.

SAN FRANCISCO – Roy Lee Brantley shivers in the cold December morning as he waits in line for food outside the Ark of Refuge mission, which sits amid warehouses and artists lofts a stone’s throw from the skyscrapers of downtown San Francisco.

Brantley’s beard is long, white and unkempt. The African-American man’s skin wrinkled beyond his 62 years. He lives in squalor in a dingy residential hotel room with the bathroom down the hall. In some ways, his current situation marks an improvement. “I’ve slept in parks,” he says, “and on the sidewalk. Now at least I have a room.”

Like the hundreds of others in line for food, Brantley has worn the military uniform. Most, like Brantley, carry their service IDs and red, white and blue cards from the Department of Veterans Affairs in their wallets or around their necks. In 1967, he deployed to Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division of the U.S. Army. By the time he left the military five years later, Brantley had attained the rank of sergeant and been decorated for his valor and for the wounds he sustained in combat.

“I risked my life for this democracy and got a Bronze Star,” he says. “I shed blood for this country and got the Purple Heart after a mortar blast sent shrapnel into my face and leg. But when I came back home from Vietnam I was having problems. I tried to hurt my wife because she was Filipino. Every time I looked at her I thought I was in Vietnam again. So we broke up.”

In 1973, Brantley filed a disability claim with the federal government for mental wounds sustained in combat overseas. Over the years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has denied his claim five separate times. “You go over there and risk your life for America and your mind’s all messed up, America should take care of you, right,” he says, knowing that for him and the other veterans in line for free food that promise has not been kept.

On any given night 200,000 U.S. veterans sleep homeless on the streets of America. One out of every four people — and one out of every three men — sleeping in a car, in front of a shop door, or under a freeway overpass has worn a military uniform. Some like Brantley have been on the streets for years. Others are young and women returning home wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan, quickly slipping through the cracks.

For each of these homeless veterans, America’s promise to “Support the Troops” ended the moment he or she took off the uniform and tried to make the difficult transition to civilian life. There, they encountered a hostile and cumbersome bureaucracy set up by the Department of Veterans Affairs. In a best-case scenario, a wounded veteran must wait six months to hear back from the VA. Those who appeal a denial have to wait an average of four and a half years for their answer. In the six months leading up to March 31st of this year, nearly 1,500 veterans died waiting to learn if their disability claims would be approved by the government.

There are patriotic Americans trying to solve this problem. Last month, two veterans’ organizations, Vietnam Veterans of America and Veterans of Modern Warfare, filed suit in federal court demanding the government decide disability claims brought by wounded soldiers within three months. Predictably, however, the VA is trying to block the effort. On December 17, their lawyers convinced Reggie Walton, a judge appointed by President Bush, who ruled that imposing a quicker deadline for payment of benefits was a task for Congress and the president-not the courts.

President-elect Barack Obama has the power to end this national disgrace. He has the power to ensure to streamline the VA bureaucracy so it helps rather than fights those who have been wounded in the line of duty. He can ensure that this latest generation of returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan does not receive the bum rap the Vietnam generation got. Let 2008 be the last year thousands of homeless veterans stand in line for free food during the holiday season. Let it be the last year hundreds of thousands sleep homeless on the street.

Politicians sponsoring terrorism with foreign support: Rane

Politicians sponsoring terrorism with foreign support: Rane

Saturday, 06 December , 2008, 19:23
Last Updated: Saturday, 06 December , 2008, 19:27


Mumbai: Suspended Congress leader Narayan Rane on Saturday hit out at his rivals within the party, saying some Indian political leaders were supporting external forces and financing terror activities in the country.

“The government must conduct an inquiry into this aspect and if required, I can provide evidence. I am making this statement with full responsibility,” Rane told a packed media conference at his residence here. He said that these political leaders not only financed terrorists but also provided them safe haven in the country.

Ashok Chavan to be Maharashtra CM, Rane furious

He, however, declined to name any leaders or parties, saying: “When the right time comes, I shall provide all these details.” He also alleged that Congress leaders were only interested in making money and had no regard for public sentiments or the development of the country.

His allegations came after he was suspended from the party earlier in the day for indiscipline. He was critical of the party leadership for ignoring him while choosing Ashok Chavan as the next Maharashtra chief minister.

Vilasrao Deshmukh resigned as chief minister earlier this week, taking moral responsibility for failing to prevent the November 26 terrorist attacks here.

Chidambaram admits lapses

Detailing his version of the political developments in the past two days, Rane said that a conspiracy had been hatched in Varsha, the official residence of the chief minister, to keep him out of the post “at all cost”. “Deshmukh, along with state party president Manikrao Thakre and Mumbai party chief Kripa Shankar Singh, with the backing of some industrialists, conspired to prevent me from becoming chief minister, though 48 legislators had proposed my name – as compared to 32 who supported Chavan – to the party’s central observers,” Rane said.

“With this kind of support, my name was due to be announced, it was stopped at the last minute,” Rane claimed. He warned that if his political rivals continued to make baseless allegations against him, he would be compelled to show his “strength” in the party.

Chhagan Bhujbal to be Maharashtra deputy CM

“Even at this juncture, I can block the new government from taking office. I can prove the support I enjoy among the legislators. I can approach the state governor and bring to his notice that (chief minister-designate) Ashok Chavan does not enjoy majority support. “However, keeping in view the grim situation confronting Mumbai and the state in the wake of the terrorist attacks, I shall not take this step,” Rane declared.

Continuing his attack on Deshmukh, Rane read out what he said were official government records proving that the outgoing chief minister had been involved in a number of land scams. He threatened that he had gathered “so much evidence against Deshmukh” that he could expose a new scam every day.

Shiv Sena urges president to dismiss Maharashtra govt

“They were scared that if I become chief minister, all their scams along with several industrialists would be out in the open. That’s why they had decided even before the legislators’ meetings with the central party observers that I should not be allowed to become chief minister at any cost,” Rane said.

Welcoming his “expulsion” from the Congress, Rane regretted that the party did not want honest and capable persons. Despite persistent questioning, Rane declined to reveal his future course of action, and laughed off suggestions that he was “offered” plum posts by the Congress as well as other parties.

Responding to a query, he asserted that he had never uttered a word against Congress president Sonia Gandhi nor insulted her political advisor Ahmed Patel, as alleged by his rivals. “I hold her and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in great esteem and have great respect for them,” he said.

Bush Demonstrates His Idiotic Mendacity Once Again

Palestinian boy in front of destroyed house in Gaza, 3 January

The UN has warned of a growing humanitarian crisis

President Bush has blamed the violence in Gaza and southern Israel firmly on Hamas, after a week of Israeli air strikes and Palestinian rocket attacks.

Mr Bush, who has just weeks left in office, said Hamas was a terrorist group dedicated to destroying Israel.

[When Israeli troops broke the ceasefire to implement the long-awaited plan of extermination, the lying press reported it as “self-defense,” as usual. Who is terrorized more, the colonizers harassed by model rockets in Sderot, or the Gaza families who witness the shredding of their families by Hellfire missiles?]

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Livni slams ‘flagrant violation’ of truce as Qassams

hit western Negev

By Avi Issacharoff

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said on Wednesday that Israel could not put up with “flagrant violations” of the cease-fire agreement with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, after dozens of Qassam rockets hit Israel on Wednesday.

The rocket barrage came a day after an Israel Air Force strike in the southern Strip killed at least five militants and wounded several others.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the rockets, but vowed interest in maintaining the five-month old truce.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that “Israel is committed to the cease-fire agreement,” but will continue to do whatever it can to foil attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

After praising the Israel Defense Forces troops for thwarting an imminent attack, Barak said that “we are all taking advantage of the relative quiet to bring back [the abducted IDF soldier] Gilad Shalit.”

The group blamed Israel for operating in Gaza with the intention of thwarting Palestinian reconciliation efforts, and said it had asked Egypt to help return calm to Gaza’s border with Israel.

None of the rockets fire on Wednesday caused any damages or injuries. Two of the rockets exploded in the northern Negev city of Ashkelon, one struck a kibbutz in the western Negev and six others were located in open fields.

Also on Tuesday, IDF soldiers killed a Hamas gunman and wounded two others on Tuesday in the first armed clash in the Gaza Strip since a cease-fire was declared in the territory in June, Palestinian medics said.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said troops had entered the territory to destroy a tunnel which Gaza militants had dug under the border to try to abduct soldiers.

Friday November 28, 2008 20:24 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC News

Although early reports stated that one Palestinian had been killed during an Israeli occupation forces invasion on Friday, medical sources confirmed no deaths – although three Palestinians were seriously wounded.

Mu’awiya Hassanain, the head of emergency services in Gaza, said that three young men were wounded by Israeli occupation forces tank shells during an invasion of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military confirmed the invasion, stating that its troops were on a “routine patrol” along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel when they saw what they said were Palestinian resistance fighters near the border. They then launched an invasion and fired tank shells at Palestinians near the border.

National Guard Soldiers to Usher in New Year at Times Square

National Guard Soldiers to Usher in New Year at Times Square

By Kurt Nimmo

Later this evening as the newfangled Times Square Ball descends in Manhattan, you may see New York National Guard soldiers patrolling with the NYPD as you watch on television. “Under orders from New York Governor David Paterson, members of the New York Army and Air National Guard will conduct additional security missions and stand ready to respond to city authorities if a man-made or natural emergency occurs,” reports Jim Kouri, who is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Short of a hurricane, blizzard, or al-Qaeda bio attack — all extremely unlikely — the presence of armed soldiers on the streets during the celebration has an obvious purpose: to get you accustomed to soldiers working with the police.

Earlier this month, the U.S. military announced it will place 20,000 troops on the streets of America by 2011. “But the Bush administration and some in Congress have pushed for a heightened homeland military role since the middle of this decade, saying the greatest domestic threat is terrorists exploiting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” the Washington Post reported on December 1. “The Pentagon’s plan calls for three rapid-reaction forces to be ready for emergency response by September 2011. The first 4,700-person unit, built around an active-duty combat brigade based at Fort Stewart, Ga., was available as of Oct. 1, said Gen. Victor E. Renuart Jr., commander of the U.S. Northern Command.”

The Pentagon plans to include the National Guard and reserve units in this effort. “All would be trained to respond to a domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high-yield explosive attack, or CBRNE event, as the military calls it.”

In October, the Department of Defense announced it was assigning a full-time Army unit to be “on call” to facilitate military cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security. On October 1, the Army Times reported Northern Command’s deployment of the Army’s battle-hardened 3rd Infantry Division 1st Brigade Combat Team, ostensibly to respond to a natural disaster or terror attack.

According to Bert B. Tussing, director of homeland defense and security issues at the U.S. Army War College’s Center for Strategic Leadership, the long standing Pentagon plan “breaks the mold” by assigning an active-duty combat brigade to the Northern Command for the first time. Although Mr. Tussing did not mention it, this plan also breaks the Posse Comitatus Act that forbids the military working with law enforcement.

“The National Guard’s 2nd Civil Support Team, a full-time, rapid-response element that detects chemical, biological or radiological hazards, also will provide a detachment in Manhattan to support the New York Police Department,” Kouri continues. “The 22-man detachment, based at the Scotia Air National Guard Base near Schenectady, NY, has worked with New York City police for counterterrorism support operations since the unit’s formation in 2000, according to police officials.” In other words, the unconstitutional deployment was on the agenda well before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

In addition to parading uniformed and armed soldiers on the streets, the New York National Guard will provide liaison officers to New York’s emergency management office and the New York City Police Department, according to Kouri, again a direct violation of Posse Comitatus.

Predictably, the New York Times and the rest of the corporate media are ignoring this report based on information obtained by the 14,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police.
Don’t be surprised if you see soldiers toting carbines mingling with the revelers later this evening. It is all part of a psychological warfare campaign to get you acclimated to the incremental presence of troops on the streets and the implementation of a police state.

Ex-mayor killed in Caucasus attack

The same town where the last guy was gunned down.

Ex-mayor killed in Caucasus attack

Pagiyev resigned last week from his post as the region’s deputy prime minister [AFP]

A former mayor of the provincial capital of North Ossetia has been shot dead in his car by unidentified gunmen.

Kazbek Pagiyev died of multiple gunshot wounds in Wednesday’s attack in Vladikavkaz, the Russian interior ministry said.

The assassination comes weeks after his successor in the post was also killed, police said.

Pagiyev’s driver died in the shooting.

Pagiyev, who stood down as deputy prime minister in North Ossetia last week, had previously served as the mayor of Vladikavkaz.

He was replaced by Vitaly Karayev, who was killed by an armed man last month.

Provinces in Russia’s north Caucasus have been troubled by unrest linked to fighters based in the neighbouring province of Chechnya, a police crackdown on clan rivalries and internal power struggles.

Ukraine steals European gas


[Two reports, same title…one credits russiatoday.com, the other, rt.com.  Russia Today is now RT.]

Ukraine steals European gas

No choice

As Gazprom has vowed to maintain supplies to Europe in full, its gas will be entering Ukraine for the foreseeable future, at least until the Nord or South Stream is opened.

One major pipeline – bringing gas to Ukraine – passes through the town of Kursk, while a larger one – taking gas to Europe – operates in Voronezh (see picture).

Meanwhile, German gas company E.ON Ruhrgas has taken precautions in case supplies of Russian gas are hampered. Its press secretary Helmut Roloff said that the company has agreed on additional gas supplies from Norway in case of emergency. Nevertheless, on Friday, they received all the gas they had ordered.


Ukraine steals European gas

Ukraine has started siphoning off Russian gas bound for European customers, according to Russia’s energy giant Gazprom. This follows the cutoff of gas supplies to Ukraine on January 1, after the two countries’ gas companies failed to agree on a price for 2009.

“Ukraine has cynically announced it’s siphoning off gas from the export pipe. Dispatchers in the Balkans say the region is already suffering from Ukarine’s actions. Gazprom believes the Balkan states need to use the Energy Charter signed by Ukraine to protect themselves. This charter says no contract disputes should affect supplies provided by a transit country,” stated Gazprom’s Deputy CEO Aleksandr Medvedev.

Earlier on Friday the company’s spokesman Sergey Kuriyanov said that Ukraine is avoiding negotiations with Gazprom. He noted that Ukraine’s Naftogaz has promised to pay $US 1.5 billion by January 11.

“But there will still be an outstanding debt of $US 614 million. Therefore, we plan to increase the transit level of gas through Belarus,” Kupriyanov said.

Ukraine, however, has denied it is siphoning off gas from transit pipes.

Also, according to Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko, Russia has asked the EU parliament to hold a special meeting to discuss the issue of Russian gas transits via Ukraine.

“Gazprom representatives are ready to head to Brussels, and all European countries, to fully inform them about the dispute between Gazprom and Ukraine’s Naftogaz,” he said.

Earlier Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov said that independent auditors are being blocked from checking whether gas supplies to Europe are being hindered.

“We don’t have an effective gas delivery contract with Naftogaz now. Naftogaz is currently obstructing the operators of RosUkrEnergo and is not letting them extract the gas from underground facilities which they have,” said Kupriyanov.

There is still no contract signed between the two countries and debts must be paid in full before another can be signed. The Russian energy company has also calculated over $US 600 million in penalties Ukraine owes.

Gazprom’s overall supply reduction amounted to 90 million cubic metres a day, which is roughly Ukraine’s consumption.

Prices don’t meet

Both Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko have appealed to Russia not to cut gas supplies to the country and to continue talks. They’ve also named the price their country is prepared to pay for the gas: $US 201 per 1,000 cubic metres.

Gazprom, though, wanted a higher price – $US 250 per 1,000 cubic metres – which is almost half the market price. Ukraine turned down this offer. A statement by Gazprom followed that it would now sell gas to Ukraine at the market price of $US 418.

“Ukraine didn’t accept the preferable gas price we offered – which was $US 250 per 1,000 cubic metres,” said Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller. “So starting from January 2009, Gazprom will deliver gas to Ukraine at a market European price.”
As Europe depends on Russia for about a quarter of its gas supplies, and the fact that 80% of their supplies pass through Ukrainian pipelines, it is watching the ongoing conflict closely.

After Russia had announced a new gas price for Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko said it would be “logical” that transit costs should go up too. The Ukrainian leader said that talks with Russia are to be resumed shortly with the final agreement to be reached by the time of the Orthodox Christmas, January 7.

A Ukrainian delegation has set off on a tour of Europe, which aims at informing the European Union about the gas situation and to provide guarantees that the gas will be transported across Ukraine as normal. Also, Ukraine’s president Yushchenko has sent letters to the leaders of eight countries and to the European Commission to explain his reasons of the gas dispute.

Earlier Ukraine had threatened to confiscate Russian gas passing through the country, refusing to guarantee supplies to Europe as Russia promises to stop gas supplies to Ukraine due to debts. Gazprom called Ukraine’s reaction ‘blackmail’.

Zbigniew Brzezinski to Scarborough: “Stunningly Superficial”

The old gray fox nails Scarborough as “stunningly superficial,” for regurgitating the Zionist lie that Arafat walked away from the Oslo accords negotiations.  The video runs out of time as Zbig was preparing to explain that Ariel Sharon ignited the second intifada when he took troops to the the Temple Mount

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Think They Can See the Revenge From There?

Sderot (on Flickr)


Israelis look out towards the northern Gaza Strip from a hill near the southern town of Sderot during an air strike January 1, 2009. Israel killed a senior Hamas leader in an air attack on his home on Thursday, striking its first deadly blow against the top ranks of the Islamist group in a Gaza offensive that has claimed more than 400 Palestinian lives.    http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3258/3156156009_6156de46e0.jpg?v=0


Bombs fall as an explosion is seen after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip January 1, 2009. Israel killed a senior Hamas leader in a separate air attack on his home on Thursday, striking its first deadly blow against the top ranks of the Islamist group in a Gaza offensive that has claimed more than 400 Palestinian lives.   http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3133/3156989624_2bc37a1a25.jpg?v=0