Russia says Ukraine blocking gas transit to Europe

Russia says Ukraine blocking gas transit to


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin informed European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso on Tuesday that Ukraine was blocking the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin informed European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso on Tuesday that Ukraine was blocking the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe.

Gazprom gave the go-ahead at 10:00 a.m. Moscow time (07:00 a.m. GMT) on Tuesday to resume gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine, but Europe has not received any gas.

“The prime minister informed the European Commission president that Russian gas, supplies of which have been partially resumed, cannot enter Ukraine’s gas transit system, which is closed,” a Russian government spokesman said.

Barroso expressed a willingness to discuss the problem with the Ukrainian government.

“We have informed the European Commission that we have no real possibility of shipping gas,” Gazprom’s deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev said during a phone conference with foreign media.

“We get the impression that Ukraine was not planning to comply with its commitments under the agreement signed and open its network for gas transit,” Medvedev added.

He also accused Ukraine of failing to provide Russian monitors with access to underground gas storage facilities and control stations, a requirement fixed in a trilateral gas monitoring deal signed on Monday by the European Commission.

The Commission’s Energy Spokesman Ferran Tarradellas Espuny said on Tuesday observers had still not received full access to monitoring stations in both Moscow and Kiev, and urged the resumption of gas supplies to Europe as soon as possible.

A source in the international monitoring commission said Russian gas intended for transit to Europe could not enter Ukraine’s pipeline network because the taps were turned off.

Another source close to the Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz said that Gazprom had failed to provide sufficient volumes of gas to allow transit to Europe via Ukraine’s network, Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency said.

Naftogaz spokesman Valentin Zemlyanskiy cited Russia’s “unacceptable transit conditions” as the reason for blocking its natural gas supplies.

Earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko ordered controls on Ukraine’s gas transportation system to be tightened following the resumption of gas transits to Europe from Russia. He also sent a corresponding letter to the country’s interior ministry, security council, and emergencies ministry.

“Due to the resumption of natural gas supplies to Western Europe by the Russian Federation, I am requesting you, within your competence and the existing legislation, to take measures to prevent unexpected situations arising on the Ukrainian gas transportation network,” the letter said.

The EU gets some 25% of its gas from Russia – 80% of which passes through Ukraine.

Gaza clinics destroyed by raids

Gaza clinics destroyed by raids

By Donald Macintyre

Israeli warplanes have attacked two fully equipped medical clinics in Gaza, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, the Christian organisations which fund them reported yesterday. The Catholic relief group Caritas said its clinic in the al-Meghazi area of Gaza had been “completely destroyed” by a missile on Friday, and that 20 nearby homes had been damaged. Because local families had already fled their homes, no one was hurt, Caritas said, but equipment worth $10,000 (£6,700) was lost.

Twenty-fours later, another clinic funded by Christian Aid was also demolished in an air strike; it followed a telephone warning to the building’s owners to leave within 15 minutes. Janet Symes, Christian Aid’s head of Middle East Region, said the clinic had “standing room” only for mothers bringing their children for check-ups when she visited it last year. She added: “Now the whole clinic lies in ruins.”

Little more than a sixth of the 1,200 Egyptian hospital beds being reserved for injured Palestinians have been filled, despite estimates that more than 4,000 have been wounded. With a World Health Organisation report saying that Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital remains “overwhelmed”, the dangers of evacuating

patients through southern Gaza have severely reduced the flow of patients to hospitals in Egypt. The Red Cross has decided to keep its evacuations under review after one of its lorries was shot at by Israeli troops.

Advantages of slaughter

Advantages of slaughter

There are a few advantages coming out of the slaughter:

  1. Jewish apologists no longer have any possible ammunition to argue against academic boycotts, as the Israeli version of a boycott is a bomb dropped on a university or school.
  2. There is nothing bad you can say about Israel or Jewish support for Israel, no comparison you can make to the worst holocausts in history, that can live up to the blood-dripping from-the fangs evil. Israel and the Jewish people – and Jewish support for the Palestinian holocaust puts the full blame on the Jewish people – are as evil as it gets, and everybody knows it.
  3. I’ve been called an anti-Semite for daring to speak of Jew-controlled politicians and Jew-controlled media. No more of that. I blame the crypto-Zionist ‘progressives’ for much of the horror, all because they couldn’t accept the truth about Jew control and wanted to show off how ‘progressive’ they were. When every mainstream media outlet and every major politician spouts exactly the same made-in-Israel words, words that are patently bullshit, which everybody knows are patently bullshit, and in direct contradiction to the knowledge and understanding of the vast majority of the population (less vast, of course, where decades of Jew-controlled media malfeasance have misled the people), there is only one possible explanation: Jew control. Let’s shout it, unapologetically, from the rooftops. I await the abject apologies from everybody who has accused me of being an anti-Semite.
  4. Sanctions, divestment and boycotting are now commonly discussed, and millions of people are now newly politically aware, and mobilized, on the issue. The demonstrations in Europe were amazing and, again, highlight Jew-control, as the Jew-slave politicians are so obviously out of line with their electorates. One would hope that the mass realization that both the mainstream media and all major politicians have been bought and paid for by World Jewry would lead to a further realization that these lying Jew-slaves need to be replaced, pronto.
  5. We’re witnessing the death of the Chomskean lie that all political evil flows out of the United States. While the Bush Administration, in its death throes, has managed one final embarrassment to the United States (one for which Americans will be paying for decades), this one is entirely to be blamed on Israel and World Jewry. Again, while acknowledging the evil of the United States in blessing this monstrosity, everybody knows who is really to blame.

We can’t forget that the slaughter is encouraging a deep examination of the psycho-killer psychology of Israel and World Jewry, which, just as in the case of many psychopaths, is tinged with self-righteousness. An example of the new analysis is Gideon Levy:

“You can’t have it both ways. The only ‘purity’ in this war is the ‘purification from terrorists,’ which really means the sowing of horrendous tragedies. What’s happening in Gaza is not a natural disaster, an earthquake or flood, for which it would be our duty and right to extend a helping hand to those affected, to send rescue squads, as we so love to do. Of all the rotten luck, all the disasters now occurring in Gaza are manmade – by us. Aid cannot be offered with bloodstained hands. Compassion cannot sprout from brutality.

Yet there are some who still want it both ways. To kill and destroy indiscriminately and also to come out looking good, with a clean conscience. To go ahead with war crimes without any sense of the heavy guilt that should accompany them. It takes some nerve. Anyone who justifies this war also justifies all its crimes. Anyone who preaches for this war and believes in the justness of the mass killing it is inflicting has no right whatsoever to speak about morality and humaneness. There is no such thing as simultaneously killing and nurturing. This attitude is a faithful representation of the basic, twofold Israeli sentiment that has been with us forever: To commit any wrong, but to feel pure in our own eyes. To kill, demolish, starve, imprison and humiliate – and be right, not to mention righteous. The righteous warmongers will not be able to allow themselves these luxuries.

Anyone who justifies this war also justifies all its crimes. Anyone who sees it as a defensive war must bear the moral responsibility for its consequences. Anyone who now encourages the politicians and the army to continue will also have to bear the mark of Cain that will be branded on his forehead after the war. All those who support the war also support the horror.”

Self-righteousness is the defining characteristic of Zionism (just read anything by Dershowitz; it is almost funny). They won’t be able to get away with it any more.

The final advantage of the slaughter is that people are finally considering what is to be done to Israel to punish it for what it habitually does – another advantage of the slaughter is that the entire history of Zionism is being reanalyzed as part of a pattern of psychopathic murderous compulsion – and stop it from reoffending.

A note of caution. The lite Zionists are gearing up to protect Zionism by ensuring that the sanctions on Israel amount to no more than ineffective boycotts (especially so as boycotting Israel is illegal in the United States). They will purport to be outraged, and purport to be dealing with the problem, all the while doing what they always do – protecting the project of Greater Israel which they all secretly support. We can’t let them get away with this. We now know that Zionism is an incurable violent psychological illness, and Israel will not stop murdering. Zionism has to be stopped. Permanently. The only way to accomplish this is to make a Jewish state in the Middle East impossible. We need to be figuring how to do this in the most humanitarian way, while acknowledging that there will inevitably be millions of Jewish refugees. As terrible as that is, Israel and World Jewry have made it necessary.

Zionists Have to Learn That Killing Hundreds of Children Makes the Humane World Hate You

Israel feels hurt by global condemnation
Tue, 13 Jan 2009 11:46:09 GMT

An Orthodox Jew blows his Shofar, as Israeli artillery shells Gaza. The high number of casualties in the densely-populated strip has provoked indescribable condemnation of the Israeli operation.

Israel’s foreign minister expresses Tel Aviv’s grave concern over “a wave of anti-Semitism” sparked by the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

In a statement released by her office on Monday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni expressed “Israel’s concern about the current wave of anti-Semitic attacks in various parts of the world.”

Israel’s 17-day-old offensive in the Gaza Strip has so far claimed the lives of at least 919 Palestinians, while some 4,100 others have been wounded.

UN figures show that the majority of casualties and injuries are civilian.

The operation has sparked widespread outrage around the globe, with many people and leaders condemning the Israeli acts and urging for an immediate halt in bombardment of the densely-populated strip.

“We have received with great concern and revulsion many reports of physical, moral, verbal and other manifestations of anti-Semitic attacks towards Jews and Israeli citizens in many parts of the world,” read the foreign ministry statement, according to AFP.

Tel Aviv launched Operation Cast Lead on Dec. 27 to put an end to rocket attacks against southern Israel.

At least 10 Israeli soldiers have been killed by resistance fighters in Gaza, while three Israelis have died in retaliatory rocket attacks by the Hamas movement.

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Thursday, calling for an immediate end to the ongoing crisis. Both sides, however, have rejected the resolution.

Hamas, the democratically-elected ruler of the impoverished Gaza Strip, demands a cessation of an 18-month Israeli blockade on the coastal enclave — home to some 1.5 million Palestinians — before its fighters suspend retaliatory rocket attacks.

Eliyahu advocates carpet bombing Gaza

Eliyahu advocates carpet bombing Gaza

May. 30, 2007

All civilians living in Gaza are collectively guilty for Kassam attacks on Sderot, former Sephardi chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu has written in a letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Eliyahu ruled that there was absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza aimed at stopping the rocket launchings.

The letter, published in Olam Katan [Small World], a weekly pamphlet to be distributed in synagogues nationwide this Friday, cited the biblical story of the Shechem massacre (Genesis 34) and Maimonides’ commentary (Laws of Kings 9, 14) on the story as proof texts for his legal decision.

According to Jewish war ethics, wrote Eliyahu, an entire city holds collective responsibility for the immoral behavior of individuals. In Gaza, the entire populace is responsible because they do nothing to stop the firing of Kassam rockets.

The former chief rabbi also said it was forbidden to risk the lives of Jews in Sderot or the lives of IDF soldiers for fear of injuring or killing Palestinian noncombatants living in Gaza.

Eliyahu could not be reached for an interview. However, Eliyahu’s son, Shmuel Eliyahu, who is chief rabbi of Safed, said his father opposed a ground troop incursion into Gaza that would endanger IDF soldiers. Rather, he advocated carpet bombing the general area from which the Kassams were launched, regardless of the price in Palestinian life.

“If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand,” said Shmuel Eliyahu. “And if they do not stop after 1,000 then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes to make them stop.”

In the letter, Eliyahu quoted from Psalms. “I will pursue my enemies and apprehend them and I will not desist until I have eradicated them.”

Eliyahu wrote that “This is a message to all leaders of the Jewish people not to be compassionate with those who shoot [rockets] at civilians in their houses.”

Who will save Israel from itself?


Who will save Israel from itself?

The Israeli government’s justifications for the war are being scrutinised [GALLO/GETTY]

One by one the justifications given by Israel for its latest war in Gaza are unravelling.The argument that this is a purely defensive war, launched only after Hamas broke a six-month ceasefire has been challenged, not just by observers in the know such as Jimmy Carter, the former US president who helped facilitate the truce, but by centre-right Israeli intelligence think tanks.

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, whose December 31 report titled “Six Months of the Lull Arrangement Intelligence Report,” confirmed that the June 19 truce was only “sporadically violated, and then not by Hamas but instead by … “rogue terrorist organisations”.

Instead, “the escalation and erosion of the lull arrangement” occurred after Israel killed six Hamas members on November 4 without provocation and then placed the entire Strip under an even more intensive siege the next day.

According to a joint Tel Aviv University-European University study, this fits a larger pattern in which Israeli violence has been responsible for ending 79 per cent of all lulls in violence since the outbreak of the second intifada, compared with only 8 per cent for Hamas and other Palestinian factions. Indeed, the Israeli foreign ministry seems to realise that this argument is losing credibility.

During a conference call with half a dozen pro-Israel professors on Thursday, Asaf Shariv, the Consul General of Israel in New York, focused more on the importance of destroying the intricate tunnel system connecting Gaza to the Sinai.

He claimed that such tunnels were “as big as the Holland and Lincoln tunnels,” and offered as proof the “fact” that lions and monkeys had been smuggled through them to a zoo in Gaza. In reality, the lions were two small cubs that were drugged, thrown in sacks, and dragged through a tunnel on their way to a private zoo.

Israel’s self-image

The claim that Hamas will never accept the existence of Israel has proved equally misinformed, as Hamas leaders explicitly announce their intention to do just that in the pages of the Los Angeles Times or to any international leader or journalist who will meet with them.

With each new family, 10, 20 and 30 strong, buried under the rubble of a building in Gaza, the claim that the Israeli forces have gone out of their way to diminish civilian casualties – long a centre-piece of Israel’s image as an enlightened and moral democracy – is falling apart.

Anyone with an internet connection can Google “Gaza humanitarian catastrophe” and find the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Territories and read the thousands of pages of evidence documenting the reality of the current fighting, and the long term siege on Gaza that preceded it.

The Red Cross, normally scrupulous in its unwillingness to single out parties to a conflict for criticism, sharply criticised Israel for preventing medical personnel from reaching wounded Palestinians, some of whom remained trapped for days, slowly starving and dying in the Gazan rubble amidst their dead relatives.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has flatly denied Israeli claims that Palestinian fighters were using the UNRWA school compound bombed on January 6, in which 40 civilians were killed, to launch attacks, and has challenged Israel to prove otherwise.

War crimes admission

Additionally, numerous flippant remarks by senior Israeli politicians and generals, including Tzipi Livni, the foreign minister, refusing to make a distinction between civilian people and institutions and fighters – “Hamas doesn’t … and neither should we” is how Livni puts it – are rightly being seen as admissions of war crimes.

Indeed, in reviewing statements by Israeli military planners leading up to the invasion, it is clear that there was a well thought out decision to go after Gaza’s civilian infrastructure – and with it, civilians.

The following quote from an interview with Major-General Gadi Eisenkot that appeared in the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth in October, is telling:

“We will wield disproportionate power against every village from which shots are fired on Israel, and cause immense damage and destruction. From our perspective these [the villages] are military bases,” he said.

“This isn’t a suggestion. This is a plan that has already been authorised.”

Causing “immense damage and destruction” and considering entire villages “military bases” is absolutely prohibited under international law.

Eisenkot’s description of this planning in light of what is now unfolding in Gaza is a clear admission of conspiracy and intent to commit war crimes, and when taken with the comments above, and numerous others, renders any argument by Israel that it has tried to protect civilians and is not engaging in disproportionate force unbelievable.

International laws violated

On the ground, the evidence mounts ever higher that Israel is systematically violating a host of international laws, including but not limited to Article 56 of the IV Hague Convention of 1907, the First Additional Protocol of the Geneva Convention, the Fourth Geneva Convention (more specifically known as the “Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 12 August 1949”, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the principles of Customary International Humanitarian Law.

None of this excuses or legitimises the firing of rockets or mortars by any Palestinian group at Israeli civilians and non-military targets.

As Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur, declared in his most recent statement on Gaza: “It should be pointed out unambiguously that there is no legal (or moral) justification for firing rockets at civilian targets, and that such behavior is a violation of IHR, associated with the right to life, as well as constitutes a war crime.”

By the same logic, however, Israel does not have the right to use such attacks as an excuse to launch an all-out assault on the entire population of Gaza.

In this context, even Israel’s suffering from the constant barrage of rockets is hard to pay due attention to when the numbers of dead and wounded on each side are counted. Any sense of proportion is impossible to sustain with such a calculus.

‘Rogue’ state

Israeli commentators and scholars, self-described “loyal” Zionists who served proudly in the army in wars past, are now publicly describing their country, in the words of Oxford University professor Avi Shlaim, as a “rogue” and gangster” state led by “completely unscrupulous leaders”.

Gazans inspect the damage after an air strike hit a mosque [GALLO/GETTY]

Neve Gordon, a politics professor at Ben Gurion University, has declared that Israel’s actions in Gaza are like “raising animals for slaughter on a farm” and represent a “bizarre new moral element” in warfare.

“The moral voice of restraint has been left behind … Everything is permitted” against Palestinians, writes a disgusted Haaretz columnist, Gideon Levy.

Fellow Haaretz columnist and daughter of Holocaust survivors, Amira Haas writes of her late parents disgust at how Israeli leaders justified Israel’s wars with a “language laundromat” aimed at redefining reality and Israel’s moral compass. “Lucky my parents aren’t alive to see this,” she exclaimed.

Around the world people are beginning to compare Israel’s attack on Gaza, which after the 2005 withdrawal of Israeli forces and settlers was turned literally into the world’s largest prison, to the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Extremist Muslims are using internet forums to collect names and addresses of prominent European Jews with the goal, it seems clear, of assassinating them in retaliation for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Al-Qaeda is attempting to exploit this crisis to gain a foothold in Gaza and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria, as well as through attacking Jewish communities globally.

Iran’s defiance of both Israel and its main sponsor, the US, is winning it increasing sympathy with each passing day.

Democratic values eroded

Inside Israel, the violence will continue to erode both democratic values in the Jewish community, and any acceptance of the Jewish state’s legitimacy in the eyes of its Palestinian citizens.

And yet in the US – at least in Washington and in the offices of the mainstream Jewish organisations – the chorus of support for Israel’s war on Gaza continues to sing in tight harmony with official Israeli policy, seemingly deaf to the fact that they have become so out of tune with the reality exploding around them.

At my university, UCI, where last summer Jewish and Muslim students organised a trip together through the occupied territories and Israel so they could see with their own eyes the realities there, old battle lines are being redrawn.

The Anteaters for Israel, the college pro-Israel group at the University of California, Irvine, sent out an urgent email to the community explaining that, “Over the past week, increasing amounts of evidence lead us to believe that Hamas is largely responsible for any alleged humanitarian crisis in Gaza”.

I have no idea who the “us” is that is referred to in the appeal, although I am sure that the membership of that group is shrinking.

Indeed, one of the sad facts of this latest tragedy is that with each claim publicly refuted by facts on the ground, more and more Americans, including Jews, are refusing to trust the assertions of Israeli and American Jewish leaders.


Even worse, in the Arab/Muslim world, the horrific images pouring out of Gaza daily are allowing preachers and politicians to deploy well-worn yet still dangerous and inciteful stereotypes against Jews as they rally the masses against Israel – and through it – their own governments.

What is most frightening is that the most important of Israel’s so-called friends, the US political establishment and the mainstream Jewish leadership, seem clueless to the devastating trap that Israel has led itself into – in good measure with their indulgence and even help.

It is one that threatens the country’s existence far more than any Qassam rockets, with their 0.4 per cent kill rate; even more than the disastrous 2006 invasion of southern Lebanon, which by weakening Israel’s deterrence capability in some measure made this war inevitable.

First, it is clear that Israel cannot destroy Hamas, it cannot stop the rockets unless it agrees to a truce that will go far to meeting the primary demand of Hamas – an end to the siege.

Merely by surviving (and it surely will survive) Hamas, like Hezbollah in 2006, will have won.

Support for the war remains high in Israel[GALLO/GETTY]

Israel is succeeding in doing little more than creating another generation of Palestinians with hearts filled with rage and a need for revenge.

Second, Israel’s main patron, the US, along with the conservative Arab autocracies and monarchies that are its only allies left in the Muslim world, are losing whatever crumbs of legitimacy they still had with their young and angry populations.

The weaker the US and its axis becomes in the Middle East, the more precarious becomes Israel’s long-term security. Indeed, any chance that the US could convince the Muslim world to pressure Iran to give up its quest for nuclear weapons has been buried in Gaza.

Third, as Israel brutalises Palestinians, it brutalises its own people. You cannot occupy another people and engage in violence against them at this scale without doing even greater damage to your soul.

The high incidence of violent crimes committed by veterans returning from combat duty in Iraq is but one example of how the violence of occupation and war eat away at people’s moral centre.

While in the US only a small fraction of the population participates in war; in Israel, most able-bodied men end up participating.

The effects of the latest violence perpetrated against Palestinians upon the collective Israeli soul is incalculable; the notion that it can survive as an “ethnocracy” – favouring one ethnic group, Jews, yet by and large democratic – is becoming a fiction.


Who will save Israel from herself?

Israelis are clearly incapable. Their addiction as a society to the illusion of violence-as-power has reached the level of collective mental illness.

As Haaretz reporter Yossi Melman described it on January 10, “Israel has created an image of itself of a madman that has lost it”.

Not Palestinians, too many of whom have fallen prey to the same condition.

Not the Middle East Quartet, the European Union, the United Nations, or the Arab League, all of whom are utterly powerless to influence Israeli policy.

Not the organised Jewish leadership in the US and Europe, who are even more blind to what is happening than most Israelis, who at least allow internal debate about the wisdom of their government’s policies.

Not the growing progressive Jewish community, which will need years to achieve enough social and political power to challenge the status quo.

And not senior American politicians and policy-makers who are either unwilling to risk alienating American Jewish voters, or have been so brainwashed by the constant barrage of propaganda put out by the “Israel Lobby” that they are incapable of reaching an independent judgment about the conflict.

During the US presidential race, Barack Obama was ridiculed for being a messiah-like figure. The idea does not sound so funny now. It is hard to imagine anyone less saving Israel, the Palestinians, and the world from another four years of mindless violence.

Update: In a further challenge to the democratic process in Israel, on January 12, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the Central Elections Committee had voted overwhelmingly to bar Arab-led parties from participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Also, there are reports that the claim that extremist Muslims are using the internet to collect names and addresses of prominent British Jews in order to attack them, might in fact have been a hoax.

Gaza now Israeli weapons testing lab?

Gaza now Israeli weapons testing lab?
Tue, 13 Jan 2009 12:11:25 GMT

Israeli soldiers prepare their tanks on the Israeli side of Gaza border before rolling into the coastal sliver. Medics say the army might be testing new weapons in the densely-populated Gaza Strip.

Israel has turned Gaza into a research laboratory to test out its new “extremely nasty” weapons on Palestinians, a medical expert says.

After working for 10 days at the Shifa Hospital in the war-torn Palestinian territory, Dr. Mads Gilbert, a member of a Norwegian triage medical team in Gaza, blasted Israel for conducting experimental military work in the impoverished strip.

“There’s a very strong suspicion I think that Gaza is now being used as a test laboratory for new weapons,” Gilbert told reporters at Oslo’s Gardermoen airport upon his return home on Monday.

Dr. Gilbert said the kinds of injuries he and his colleague Erik Fosse had seen during their ten-day aid work in Gaza had proven that Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME) was being used in the embattled territory.

DIME, which is an experimental kind of explosive, is believed to have strong biological effects in those who are hit by the “low lethality” weapons.

Survivors close to the lethal range may have their limbs amputated as their soft tissues and bones are shredded to pieces. The victims may also subsequently contract cancer from the micro-shrapnel embedded in their body tissue within just four to six months.

“This is a new generation of very powerful small explosives that detonates with an extreme power and dissipates its power within a range of five to 10 meters (16-98 feet),” said Gilbert.

“We have not seen the casualties affected directly by the bomb because they are normally torn to pieces and do not survive, but we have seen a number of very brutal amputations… without shrapnel injuries which we strongly suspect must have been caused by the DIME weapons,” he added.

The weapon “causes the tissue to be torn from the flesh. It looks very different (from a shrapnel injury). I have seen and treated a lot of different injuries for the last 30 years in different war zones, and this looks completely different,” said Fosse, 58.

“If you are in the immediate (vicinity of) a DIME weapon, it’s like your legs get torn off. It’s an enormous pressure wave and there is no shrapnel,” he explained.

Israel had also used the weapon in the 2006 war with Lebanon and previously in Gaza.

“We are not soft-skinned when it comes to war injuries, but these amputations are really extremely nasty and for many of the patients not survivable,” he added.

Following reports on the use of suspected chemical weapons in Gaza, the United Nations Human Rights Council decided to dispatch a fact-finding mission to investigate human rights violations committed in the territory.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said on Tuesday that “Accountability must be ensured for violations of international law,” suggesting that the Council consider a mission to assess violations committed by both sides in the conflict.

The latest casualty figures according to Health officials have topped 940 since the operation began on 27 December, while some 4,400 others have been wounded.

Senior United Nations officials have expressed grave concern about reports that over 40 per cent of the Palestinians killed in the Israeli offensive, and almost half of the wounded, are women and children.

The new report comes on top of earlier reports which revealed the Israeli military had used controversial white phosphorus shells on Gazans.

The Times said on Thursday that it had identified stockpiles of M825A1, a US-made White Phosphorus munition, from high-resolution pictures taken from Israeli artillery units on the Gaza border.

A phenomenon characteristic of the chemical — also known by the military as WP or Willie Pete is that it can burn through flesh to the bone and leave bodies “entirely shriveled with black-green skin.”

Earlier last week, Gilbert’s team, told Press TV that medics had found depleted uraniumin some Gaza residents.

The reports of profound human sufferings come as Israel continues to reject the fact that it has imposed a humanitarian crisis among the battle-hardened 1.5 million population of Gaza.

Gaza and the rise of the Fourth Reich

Gaza and the rise of the Fourth Reich
Thu, 01 Jan 2009 16:59:01 GMT
By Hedieh Ghavidel, Press TV, Tehran

Protestors hang a doll symbolizing a wounded Palestinian child on the barbed wire protecting the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut during a protest on December 28, 2008 against the deadly Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip.

One would think that a people who have historically been on the receiving end of heartless treatment would have chosen to shun such techniques rather than to embrace them.

Ironically, Israel has become the Fourth Reich, dealing with basic human rights and dignity in a brutal and arrogant manner, much as their unexpected mentors taught.

The Nazis would be proud and yet horrified that the evil torch of their methods is being carried onward by some of the very people they sought to repress.

What happened to the Jewish people was unarguably hideous and despicable, but not less than what they are perpetrating upon the long-suffering Palestinians.

For many, the word ‘Palestinian’ has come to be equated with ‘terrorist’. What the world forgets is that for decades after the creation of Israel, the Palestinians patiently and non-violently awaited the world to recognize them in the same manner.

A people who have virtually claimed World War II as theirs have conveniently forgotten that other countless millions died in that inhumane conflict that ultimately aimed to conquer and subjugate the entire world, to eliminate free-thinking and the right of dissent, and to slaughter like animals any individual not meeting Aryan ideals.

Many cultural atrocities and massacres have happened throughout history, and are indeed happening at this moment, but none have been given a title or have been used as a breast-beating excuse to commit the very same crimes against decency.

Excluding Israel’s few but powerful allies, many countries in the world view Zionists as bullies, murderers and land-thieves.

The title of ‘settlers’ given to Israeli land-thieves is a very appropriate one. It is the same designation given to those in America in the 1800s who progressively murdered their way across stolen native land while claiming a manifest destiny from God in doing so.

The German philosopher Hegel once said that history teaches that history teaches us nothing. While the Berlin wall has come down, Israel puts one up, and the hypocritical governments who purport to be democracies and to advocate human rights make mild and symbolic protests while allowing crimes against humanity to continue.

When some Israeli students of conscience were conducting a protest at the illegally fenced-off road in a show of support for Palestinian rights, fully-armed Israeli soldiers stood ready at the other side of the fence with their weapons trained on protestors.

Some student hotheads, not content with a peaceful demonstration, shook the fence and threw some rocks. The soldiers responded by opening fire on them. Despite being reported and televised, this incident has somehow disappeared from the media.

When a government is willing to have its own children shot for daring to question its illegal acts, it is no longer a mystery why this government would not give a second thought to cutting off Gaza from the rest of the world, why it has no qualms about starving its inhabitants and depriving them of the basic necessities of life, why it does not flinch at massacring thousands of Palestinian innocents.

It is the cause of wonder how a tiny strip of land considered holy by many faiths can become the site of such unholiness.

Polls show that the Israeli public demands harsher military measures against Gaza and there is increased support for political parties determined to level the coastal sliver and wipe out any traces of life there.

When even the many Jewish voices raised in protest against this crime are drowned out by the roar of the less compassionate and more powerful, one cannot expect to ever see compassion from the Fourth Reich for the plight of the Palestinian nation.

When Israel and Hezbollah play their cards

When Israel and Hezbollah play their cards
Sun, 11 Jan 2009 15:20:33 GMT
By Press TV

A Lebanese protester wears a head band with the Arabic words ‘Al-Kassam brigade’ as she shouts pro-Hamas slogans during a demonstration against the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on January 1, 2009. Israel has so far waged two wars on Lebanon.

It is perhaps the impotence of Arab governments that has infuriated the Arab street and has directed all eyes toward Hezbollah. What was once a defensive force that twice expelled Israeli invaders from Lebanon, is now seen as the only capable protector of Arab dignity. Although one chooses faith freely, the notion that Hezbollah has unwillingly become the answer to the cries of the Palestinians is not divorced from reality.

Israel has brought a new war upon the Arab population, one that is a continuation of its sixty years of oppressive policies against the Palestinians. This time it says its war is directed at completely destroying Hamas, a group elected by the Palestinians to bring an end to the Zionist occupation of their ancestral land.

But Hamas can neither be destroyed nor deterred. It cannot be destroyed because bombs only kill people and not movements. Hamas cannot be deterred because the culture of martyrdom steps outside of the rules of deterrence. Therefore, Hezbollah needs not intervene to save Hamas. What it can do is to prevent an escalation of violence by protecting the overall sphere of resistance.

An example from the past can easily shed light on the influence and role Hezbollah can play. Some four decades ago Egypt was under the strategic umbrella of the USSR but found in the Yom Kippur War that it lacked the full support of its protector.

In an intense midnight session on October 23, 1973, after the Soviets had bluffed that they would militarily intervene if the United States did not prevent Israeli solders from destroying the trapped Egyptian Third Army, the then US secretary of state Henry Kissinger managed to convince Egypt to abandon its old protector.

The US convinced Egypt to leave the Russian sphere by calling the Soviet bluff and by resorting to Cold War one-upmanship. The USSR, which did not want to “unleash the Third World War” just to keep Egypt under its strategic umbrella, backed down. Egypt realized the weakness of its protector and with the signing of the Camp David Accords in 1979, it officially switched protectors and became the second largest recipient of US aid — after Israel.

The dynamics between Hamas and Hezbollah are quite different, however. That is, Hezbollah is not the protector of Hamas. But they both share a bond in resistance and draw their inspiration from the Islamic Revolution. If Hezbollah is able to settle the Gaza conflict, it will be a warning signal to all Arab governments. That is, they too must either join the sphere of resistance or stay under the umbrella of a protector that might no longer be able to serve their interests.

While an increasing number of commentators believe that the current conflict is a prelude to an Israeli war against Hezbollah and Iran, contrary to popular belief, Lebanon will not be bombed in the way it was in 2006. From the perspective of a realist this is how such a confrontation could pan out:

1. Israel, content with world inaction against it, provokes Lebanon in the hope that Hezbollah retaliates.

2. Hezbollah gives Israel a 24-hour deadline to completely pull out of Gaza.

3. Israel replies by threatening to obliterate Beirut if Hezbollah gets involved.

4. Hezbollah says that it would hit Tel Aviv if Beirut is to be hit.

5. Israel turns to Iran and says that if Tel Aviv is hit, Tehran will be bombed as well.

6. Iran sends a note to Washington and warns that should Tehran be hit, US interests in Qatar and from Kuwait to Kabul would be targeted; many years of ‘American progress’ in Iraq would be turned on its head over night.

7. Iran is seen as the major power opposing the US and Israel and thus gains the logistics to bring major changes to the US sphere of influence. American satellite states such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt decide to no longer show their full support for Washington’s plans.

8. Tehran warns US President-elect Barack Obama in a direct message that America would see fundamental ‘change’ in the form of an escalation in the Middle East conflict if outgoing President George W. Bush is not put on a short leash.

9. After studying the stakes, Washington tells Israel to pull out of Gaza immediately and shelve its plans to open new fronts.

From a realist’s perspective, this scenario is plausible. Of course, to scare everyone off, the Bush administration would initially present itself as an irrational actor. Amazingly, however, Bush is rational in his own way. For Washington at least, the war on Iraq was rational and where Bush failed was in the occupation plan. Moreover, the fact that he has not yet attacked Iran could be interpreted as a sign that Bush has an extent of rationality. This is both his greatest weakness and strength since when presented with the prospect of an unprecedented escalation of the Middle East conflict, the White House will back down, and with it, so must Israel.

But what if we consider another hypothesis — that the US does not back down and instead gives Israel the green light to strike Tehran. How many seconds would it take for Iranians to put on their war shoes? How many minutes before Iranian missiles target US military bases in the region? How many hours would it take to close the Strait of Hormuz? How many years to bring Iraq back to status-quo? And yes, the current weakness in Tehran is that oil is cheap, but so are the prices of stocks on Wall Street. In the event of a full scale war with Iran, the US economy may even be pushed to the point of no return.

US military expert Anthony Cordesman has published an account of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict titled Preliminary Lessons of the Israeli-Hezbollah War. The report attracted enormous interest in the Pentagon and has been studied by military experts of the highest caliber. A comprehensive analysis of the findings carried out by Alastair Crooke — director of Conflicts Forum and a former EU mediator — and Mark Perry, who has served as adviser to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, suggested the following as its last and most important conclusion:

If the United States launches a military campaign against the Tehran government, it is likely that America’s friends will fall by the wayside, the Persian Gulf Arab states will tremble in fear, the 138,000 US soldiers in Iraq will be held hostage by an angered Shia population, and Iran will respond by an attack on Israel. We would now dare say the obvious – if and when such an attack comes, the United States will be defeated.

In light of their non-stop torment of the region, the US and Israel may not be doing justice to themselves by making Gaza the scene of world confrontation. In addition, due to its defeat in 2006 against Hezbollah, the word Israel no longer conjures up the image of Israel being an undefeatable force. The recent UN adoption of Resolution 1860 also bears testimony to the inability of the United States to fulfill its pledge to provide unrelenting support for Tel Aviv. Although Hezbollah and Tehran do not seek war, the reality is that if either Israel or the US chooses to move into the streets of Lebanon or Iran all hell will break loose; the world would never be the same.

MP Zahalka: Israeli military abducting as many Gaza youth as possible for information

MP Zahalka: Israeli military abducting as many Gaza youth as possible for information

ImageNablus / Amin Abu Wardeh – Hundreds of Palestinians have become the captives of Israeli forces during the current military operation in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset and head of the parliamentary assembly, Dr. Jamal Zahalka, said Friday that the detainees were moved to a military camp northwest of the Israeli city of Beerseba.

Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Defense Minister, established the detention camp last Sunday.

When PNN first reported the story last week there were approximately 500 Palestinians in four detention camps throughout the Strip, however they have now been moved outside.

Zahalka noted that “most of the detainees are civilians, according to Israeli law.” He said, “The detainees from the Gaza Strip were not considered prisoners of war because they are not part of the regular army.” When the Israeli administration withdrew its settlers and military from inside the Gaza Strip in 2005, it enacted its own law that this meant that the occupation had come to and end. Under international law and the United Nations, the Israeli state remained the occupier. It is through the Israeli law that the status of the Palestinians taken from the Gaza Strip was established.

Zahalka said that hundreds of families in Gaza who have been searching for their children do not know whether the Israeli army took them or they have been killed. He appealed to the Red Cross and Barak to disclose the names of the imprisoned Palestinians so that families can know the fate of their children.

The MP pointed out that Israeli soldiers are trying to capture the largest possible number of young people in the Gaza Strip in order to obtain information from them through coercion and torture. The Israeli administration is also using extortion and people as bartering tool with the Hamas government, despite the fact that the Israelis have imposed a news blackout on the subject.

There was limited footage shown of an Israeli soldier gingerly leading a row of bound Palestinians that was shot by embedded camera crews. Those are the foreign journalists who were “allowed into the Gaza Strip,” but only in the areas of Israeli ground troops. Foreign journalists are still banned by the Israeli administration from being among the people of the Strip. Another Palestinian journalist, Ala’ Murtaja, was killed last night when Israeli forces targeted a home in Gaza City’s Al Zeitoun neighborhood.

Information that is available indicates that there are hundreds of Palestinians who have been taken from Gaza during this period of attacks. The majority of them are over the age of 16. Again, Zahalka reiterated today, these Palestinians are not being treated as normal prisoners of the occupation of which there are 11,000.

Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men

Gaza Residents: IDF Troops Posing As Hamas Men

After tries at several links to this story which was copied and pasted on several sites on the web, it was clear it had been replaced with another story (Obama: Gaza war underscores need for immediate Mideast solution). The original was still available in Google cache however.

Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men

By Amira Hass

.The testimonies of Gaza Strip residents are revealing new details about the Israel Defense Forces’ mode of operation there. In the past two days, Beit Lahia residents forced from their homes said soldiers were posing as members of Hamas‘ armed wing while advancing on the ground

.The daily pauses in bombing allow Gazans to meet with the displaced – most of whom are housed in an UNRWA school – and hear their stories

“.Gaza resident S. told Haaretz he heard several people say they saw armed men wearing the uniforms and symbols of the Iz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, who “called out to each other in Arabic, as if they had caught a collaborator, and then, with the element of surprise, went into the houses

.A Gaza radio station warned that troops posing as locals were driving a vehicle normally used by paramedics. Residents said the radio broadcaster listed the vehicle’s license plate number and color

.Haaretz has also learned that one of the army’s methods for evacuating a home is to fire a missile toward its upper level. That is how B.’s house in Sajaiyeh was destroyed. It was bombed just a few minutes after a missile struck and 40 shell-shocked family members walked out of the house

.The IDF has also forced at least 40,000 people to leave their homes in agricultural and border areas. In Rafah, most of the 20,000 people removed from their homes were lodging with relatives and not in UNRWA facilities

Yemeni Lawyers Union forms legal team for trial of Zionist leaders

Yemeni Lawyers Union forms legal team for trial of Zionist leaders

Written By: Abdul-Aziz Oudah

The Yemeni Lawyers Union intends to file a formal case with the International Criminal Court against Israeli officials on charges of genocide for their attacks against innocent civilians in Gaza.

A statement signed by 11 lawyers, mostly human rights activists and law experts, including the head of the Yemeni Lawyers Association Abdullah Rahjeh, will seek to indict seven Israeli officials involved in the killing of children, the elderly and the handicapped.

The statement explained that the Zionist Prime minister, Ehud Olmert, the Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and the army Chief of Staff Ehud Barrack are directly responsible for the massacre.

In a related issue, the civil society coordinator for Palestinian support welcomed this initiative by lawyers. Deputy Coordinator for the lawyers Dr. Amen al-Atrash said that the lawyers initiative is a qualitative step, and a practical call for the trial of Zionist war criminals. He added in a press release that the Yemeni lawyers’ stance supports Yemen’s steady support of the Palestinian cause.

On the other hand, a source at the Foreign Ministry denied Israeli allegations that Yemen provides Hamas with long range Chinese missiles, adding that it is illogical to think that Yemen could smuggle these missiles across the borders of several countries.

The source questioned Israel’s groundless allegations against Yemen, including that it provides missiles, saying perhaps they are using it as a justification to commit massacres against the Palestinians. He argues that their allegations result from Yemen’s clear stance against Zionist aggression in Gaza.

The Zionist newspaper the Jerusalem Post mentioned in its latest report that weapons smuggled to Gaza come from Yemen, passing through Eritrea, Sudan, northern Egypt and finally to Gaza.

The newspaper quoted a security spokesman as saying that the grad katiocha missiles launched from Birr Saba’ last Wednesday were Chinese made, and smuggled through the Sinai. The paper said that Defense Ministry officials have claimed the missiles have a 40 km. range. They are similar to the Soviet 122mm rocket; however they are also more complex weapons than the Iranian grad katiocha rockets. The source did not mention if they were widely used during the second Lebanese war.

A defense source told the paper that the missiles were smuggled to Gaza through an opening in the border between Egypt and Gaza, adding that despite the border closure, Hamas continued to smuggle long range missiles through a tunnel under the Delphi crossing. The source added that the missiles were bought by either Iran or Hizbullah, and shipped through the Sinai.

California to Issue IOUs?

California to Issue IOUs?

By Nannette Miranda

California has been operating for 61 days without a new budget. State officials say California’s financial situation is so serious that taxpayers may receive IOUs instead of refund checks on state taxes.

Hoping to get her state income tax refund as soon as possible, Akisha Marshall is getting a jump start on her filing. The single mom depends heavily on her refund.

“It’s just like a job check,” said Marshall.

Last year, 2.7 million people got their state refund in February, totaling $2 billion. But Marshall and other Californians may have to wait for their refund this year. The state will run out of cash next month. And it is at the point where the Controller will have to issue IOUs to pay the bills, including state tax refunds.

Story continues

Olmert brags about Israeli veto over US policies.

In a speech Mr Olmert gave in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, he recounted how he had “shamed” the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by forcing her to abstain from the UN Security Council Resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, a resolution that she had helped steer towards a vote.

Israel’s Arab political parties banned from upcoming election

At a cabinet meeting on Sunday, the Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert said: “Israel is nearing its goal [of changing] the security situation in the south so that our citizens can experience security and stability in the long term. We must not, at the last minute, squander what has been achieved in this unprecedented national effort that has restored a spirit of unity to our nation.”

Absent from that spirit are Israel’s Arab political parties and as a consequence they have been banned from Israel’s upcoming elections, The Associated Press reported.

After the 27-member Central Elections Committee reached its decision, Member of the Knesset, Ahmad Tibi, from the United Arab List-Ta’al told MK David Tal (Kadima), “You went to war as an elections campaign strategy. Every vote for Kadima is a bullet in the chest of a Palestinian child.” The Balad chairman, Jamal Zahalka, told the Kadima member: “You drink Palestinian blood. You are a racist.”

Mr Tibi later told the press in response to the decision that “this is a racist country. We are accustomed to these types of struggles and we will win,” Ynet said.

In a speech Mr Olmert gave in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, he recounted how he had “shamed” the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by forcing her to abstain from the UN Security Council Resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, a resolution that she had helped steer towards a vote.

Mr Olmert made it clear that Israel would find it completely unacceptable for the United States to vote in favour of a resolution that Israel opposed.

“In the night between Thursday and Friday, when the secretary of state wanted to lead the vote on a ceasefire at the Security Council, we did not want her to vote in favour,” Olmert said.

“I said ‘get me President Bush on the phone’. They said he was in the middle of giving a speech in Philadelphia. I said I didn’t care. ‘I need to talk to him now’. He got off the podium and spoke to me.

“I told him the United States could not vote in favour. It cannot vote in favour of such a resolution. He immediately called the secretary of state and told her not to vote in favour,” AFP reported.

Whether it was Mr Olmert’s intention to indicate that the government of Israel dictates US policy, or whether he was reminiscing about the special relationship he has enjoyed with Mr Bush, or whether he was signalling to the president-elect Obama Israel’s expectations for the future, was unclear.

An editorial in The Jerusalem Post with the headline “Israel goes it alone,” clearly expressed Israel’s current disdain for international opinion.

“The world must be wondering, 17 days into Operation Cast Lead, why it is taking so long for Jerusalem to cave into pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza. From the UN Security Council, that renowned bastion of international probity, and the constellation of Muslim, Arab and non-aligned states to our unwavering European allies, the international community – and much of the media – wants Israel to stop fighting.

“We Israelis can hear these erstwhile friends in Europe and the media saying: ‘Everybody is wrong, and you alone are right?‘ ”

And that indeed was the editorial’s conclusion: the rest of the world is wrong; Israel is right.

“Israel would have preferred to act with the support of those who claim to back our right to self-defense. In a cynical world, Israel must press ahead without it.”

In the International Herald Tribune, Ethan Bronner reported: “Israel, which is often a fractured, bickering society, has turned in the past couple of weeks into a paradigm of unity and mutual support, and people are feeling unusually good about one another. Flags are flying high. Celebrities are visiting schoolchildren in at-risk areas, soldiers are praising the equipment and camaraderie of their army units, neighbours are worried about families whose fathers are in reserve duty. Ask people anywhere how they feel about the army’s ban on journalists going into Gaza and the response is, ‘Let the army do its job’.

“It is true that with more than 900 reported dead in Gaza, many of them civilians, there are voices of concern that the war may be outliving its value. Worry over the risk to Israeli troops and even steeper civilian casualties as the ground war escalates have produced calls to declare victory and pull out.

“But that is still a distinctly minority view. Polls show nearly 90 per cent support for the war thus far, and street interviews confirm that Israelis not only favour it but do so strongly. The country’s leaders, while seeking an arrangement to stop Hamas’s ability to rearm, do not want a face-saving agreement. They want one that works or they want to continue the war until Hamas has either lost its rockets or its will to fire them.”

Meanwhile, reporting for The Independent from Gaza City, Fares Akram described the anguish of those, including himself and Alaa his wife who is nine months pregnant, as they are now forced to flee their homes.

“I used to say we would never leave our home, but when you see everyone else on the move, how can you stay? Barely a week since my father was killed by an Israeli air strike on our small northern Gaza farm as the ground invasion began, we were facing another terrible dilemma. I thought of the Samouni family, killed last week while sheltering in a house together, and decided we had to go.

“I took Alaa’s jewellery, my laptop and phone, my notes and papers, and some clothes. My mother, sisters and their children drove away to take shelter at my sister’s house. I walked with the people in the street.

“Leaving your home like this is pitiful; you feel almost ashamed. But there’s no mercy with the Israelis in this operation. Previously, they weren’t so harsh on civilians. But now, although they say they target Hamas, it seems they target anyone.”

The Israeli historian, Illan Pappe wrote: “The Palestinians in Israel have shown their solidarity with the people of Gaza and are now branded as a fifth column in the Jewish state; their right to remain in their homeland cast as doubtful given their lack of support for the Israeli aggression. Those among them who agree – wrongly, in my opinion – to appear in the local media are interrogated, and not interviewed, as if they were inmates in the Shin Bet’s prison. Their appearance is prefaced and followed by humiliating racist remarks and they are met with accusations of being a fifth column, an irrational and fanatical people. And yet this is not the basest practice. There are a few Palestinian children from the occupied territories treated for cancer in Israeli hospitals. God knows what price their families have paid for them to be admitted there. The Israel Radio daily goes to the hospital to demand the poor parents tell the Israeli audience how right Israel is in its attack and how evil is Hamas in its defence.

“There are no boundaries to the hypocrisy that a righteous fury produces. The discourse of the generals and the politicians is moving erratically between self-compliments of the humanity the army displays in its ‘surgical’ operations on the one hand, and the need to destroy Gaza for once and for all, in a humane way of course, on the other.

“This righteous fury is a constant phenomenon in the Israeli, and before that Zionist, dispossession of Palestine. Every act whether it was ethnic cleansing, occupation, massacre or destruction was always portrayed as morally just and as a pure act of self-defence reluctantly perpetrated by Israel in its war against the worst kind of human beings. In his excellent volume The Returns of Zionism: Myths, Politics and Scholarship in Israel, Gabi Piterberg explores the ideological origins and historical progression of this righteous fury. Today in Israel, from Left to Right, from Likud to Kadima, from the academia to the media, one can hear this righteous fury of a state that is more busy than any other state in the world in destroying and dispossessing an indigenous population.”