Kyrgyzstan violence: UN official accuses outside groups of planning attacks

Kyrgyzstan violence: UN official accuses outside groups of planning attacks

Uzbek refugees in KyrgyzstanUzbek refugees crowd around an armoured vehicle with Kyrgyz soldiers in the southern city of Osh while waiting to cross the border into Uzbekistan. Thousands of refugees have fled Kyrgyzstan’s ethnic violence in the past week. Photograph: Associated PressThe UN said yesterday there was strong evidence the ethnic violence that gripped southern Kyrgyzstan since last week, forcing tens of thousands of Uzbeks to flee, was orchestrated and planned in advance.

Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN high commissioner of human rights, said the riots, which began in the southern city of Osh, were provoked by shadowy outside groups. The official death toll was last night put at 174 with 1,800 injured. But aid agencies said the actual figure was much higher.

“We have strong indications that this event was not a spontaneous inter-ethnic clash – that it was to some degree orchestrated, targeted and well planned,” Colville said, speaking in Geneva. He said other “agendas” had initially driven the conflict, which spread rapidly from Osh to the neighbouring town of Jalal-Abad and surrounding areas.

Men wearing balaclavas and carrying guns carried out five simultaneous attacks in Osh last Thursday night, Colville said. One raid was on a gym known to be the haunt of a criminal gang and was guaranteed to provoke a reaction, he said. Other UN officials suggested there had been indiscriminate killings, including of children, and rapes based on ethnicity.

Colville’s diplomatically phrased remarks appeared to support the contention by Kyrgyzstan’s interim government that the country’s ousted president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, had a hand in the violence. Bakiyev, whose son Maxim was detained in Britain on Sunday after arriving in a private jet at Farnborough, Hampshire, has denied any involvement.

Osh remains under strict curfew. The streets were largely deserted yesterday evening, with small groups of Kyrgyz men manning barricades or squatting outside blocs of Soviet-era flats. Burnt cars lay in the road. The town’s Uzbek areas had been systematically wrecked.

Along one Uzbek alley someone had daubed on the wall: “Death to Uzbeks!” They had added a fist – with a finger pointing upwards. Buildings painted with “KG” or “Kyrgyzstan” had been left untouched. The destruction appeared to have been carried out along strict ethnic lines.

However the situation in Osh and Jalal-Abad appeared calmer than in recent days, though several areas and outlying villages remained tense. At Osh airport nervous Chinese civilians waited for a flight to evacuate them home. Kyrgyz soldiers escorted arriving passengers past a nearby Uzbek village – a no man’s land of ruined farm buildings and deserted houses. Snipers had shot at several vehicles, making the short journey into town extremely hazardous.

Little international aid appeared to have got through to Osh airport. But UN relief agencies said they were sending emergency supplies to more than 200,000 Uzbeks who have been displaced.

Tens of thousands of Uzbeks are currently camped on the border with Uzbekistan, a short drive from Osh.

Speaking in Bishkek, the capital, Kyrgyzstan’s interim leader, Roza Otunbayeva, said her government – which took power in April – had been incapable of dealing with the rioting.

“We had a demoralised police force. We learned we have a weak army in Kyrgyzstan. The scale of the crisis was so huge and so rapid that we could not respond adequately,” she said, adding that none of Kyrgyzstan neighbours had offered to send peacekeepers.

She said Kyrgyz youths who took part in the attacks against their Uzbek neighbours had been “manipulated” by outside forces. She also said Kyrgyzstan would ask Britain to extradite Maxim Bakiyev, whom she accuses of terrorism and money laundering and of unleashing the unrest. “We are very grateful to Britain for detaining him,” she said.

In AfPak, Nothing Is As It Seems–After LSE Report, Taliban and Pak Army Enemies Again

[This report is about as believable as yesterday’s report about Qari Zafar getting killed once again.  Lame stunts put together by the Afghan Taliban and the ISI will not convince the world that the London School of Economics report is not mostly factual.

In a side note…what is the significance of the fact that the source of this report (which justifies treating the Pak Army as an enemy) is also the British school which produced Omar Sheikh?]

Dozens of Pakistani troops ‘captured by the Taliban’

Pakistani soldiers The Pakistani army is often atttacked by the Taliban on border areas

The Afghan Taliban says it has captured dozens of Pakistani soldiers after attacking their checkpoint in a cross-border raid.

Pakistani security sources confirm some troops are missing.

The Taliban says it is holding up to 40 Pakistani troops after its raid in the Mohmand tribal area on Monday.

Afghan officials said eight soldiers had been handed over to the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad, but Pakistan’s army said it had no knowledge of this.

Checkpoint ‘over-run’

The BBC’s M Ilyas Khan says that while attacks by the Taliban on border check posts are relatively routine, it is unusual for Pakistani soldiers to be held by the militants in Afghanistan.


A Taliban spokesman told the BBC that it was in fact holding Pakistani troops on both sides of the border after Monday’s attack.

It said 30 soldiers were being held in Afghanistan and 10 in Pakistan.

The Taliban says it captured the soldiers after over-running the checkpoint.

Local officials in the Mohmand area confirmed to the BBC that about 40 soldiers were unaccounted for.

Pakistani security sources said on Monday an undisclosed number of troops were missing.

An Afghan army commander in Jalalabad told the BBC that 10 Pakistani soldiers had been handed over to the Pakistani consulate, although the Pakistani army said it was not aware of this.

‘Baseless propaganda’

Meanwhile, the Afghan Taliban have dismissed the findings of a report which says Pakistan’s intelligence service had a direct role in supporting the insurgents.

Taliban militants in Pakistan The Taliban remain strong on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border

In an e-mail sent to the BBC, the Taliban said the report was “baseless propaganda”.

The report, compiled by a London School of Economics scholar, said Pakistani intelligence provided funding, training and sanctuaries to the Taliban on a much greater scale than previously thought.

“The Islamic Emirate considers this report of the London School of Economics as merely baseless propaganda,” the letter said.

The Taliban have also denied reports that their fighters hanged a seven-year-old boy last week on charges of spying in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

“After a full investigation by the Islamic Emirate leadership, it became clear that no event of execution had taken place,” a Taliban statement said.

The Taliban criticised journalists for misreporting the event.

Obama Looking To Interfere With Chinese-Pakistani Reactor Deal

US wants China to clarify Pakistan atomic reactor deal

US President Barack Obama. — File photo

WASHINGTON: The United States said Tuesday it had sought clarification from China on the sale of two civilian nuclear reactors to Pakistan, saying the deal must be approved by the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

“We’ve asked China to clarify the details of its sale of additional nuclear reactors to Pakistan,” State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters.

The Financial Times reported in April that Chinese companies will build at least two new 650-megawatt reactors at Chashma in Punjab province.

“This appears to extend beyond cooperation that was grand-fathered when China was approved for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG),”Crowley added.

“We believe that such cooperation would require specific exemption approved by consensus of the NSG, as was done for India.”

The 45-member NSG, which controls the export and sale of nuclear technology worldwide, has granted a waiver for India, a nuclear weapons state that has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

In April, an expert quoted by The Financial Times said China likely felt emboldened to go ahead with the deal after the United States signed a civilian nuclear agreement with India in 2008.

The agreement facilitated nuclear cooperation between the two states despite India’s refusal to sign the NPT.

Provisional Government: The real reason for the tragedy – is a terrorist sabotage

Provisional Government: The real reason for the tragedy – is a terrorist sabotage


The Provisional Government of Kyrgyzstan has once again appealed to his people and the world community. “Against us was used sophisticated weapons of mass destruction – the organization and provoking large-scale inter-ethnic conflict” (published the full text of the address).

Appeal of the Provisional Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to the people of Kyrgyzstan and the international community

In these tragic days, hundreds of our compatriots have been victims of hatred and fratricidal madness. Spurred on by provocateurs, thousands of people were involved in riots and looting, murder and violence.

The whole country from children to seniors mourn with the relatives of the victims. Now there is no Kyrgyz or Uzbek family, which did not affect this grief. The reason for what happened – it is unrealizable desire of former rulers to return to power. For years, they suck energy out of our people and destroying the protective mechanisms of the state – education and healthcare, police and the army, economy and culture. Leaving behind the wreckage of the state apparatus, they are trying to turn the country into the deserted and scorched desert.Members of the “family” all over the world promised to drown people in blood, and we saw how they do it.

Against his people, his fellow neighbors, against his own country, they sent dozens of mercenaries, hired hundreds of agents provocateurs to carry out the criminal intent to drown in the blood of their former homeland. Now on their conscience are already hundreds of victims and the worst – interethnic confrontation fraternal peoples. We are dealing with a new kind of terrorism, are not only used explosives and weapons, but also the horrific news of provocation. In fact, we have been used against modern weapons of mass destruction – the organization and provoking large-scale ethnic conflict.

The real reason for the tragedy – a terrorist sabotage, planned and implemented expelled from Kyrgyzstan, representatives of the deposed royal family.

We, the people who assumed responsibility for the country at this difficult time, ask the whole nation and every family in which there are fatalities and injuries to apologize for not having been able to protect you from this trouble. Yes, we have only two months in power. Yes, against us threw disparate resources are squeezed out of the country’s bloodless. Yes, we were forced into the most difficult days to be alone with the enemy. But this does not relieve us of guilt for what happened.

And we intend to redeem it. We promise you that will find and punish the instigators and organizers, wherever they are hiding. We will immediately proceed to the investigation of their crimes, let the people of the results of the relevant committee. We will provide all necessary assistance to the victims and bereaved families. We will do everything to restore normal life in the regions that are subjected to violence and destruction.

We call upon all citizens of Kyrgyzstan with a firm conviction that a terrible tragedy there is no hatred of one nation to another. We saw that the criminals were killed and robbed people, regardless of nationality. Meanwhile, thousands of our fellow citizens rescued from harm and harassment of their neighbors, friends and even strangers, gave them shelter and assistance, unselfishly gone with them food and water.

Hundreds of thousands of Kyrgyz citizens from all regions, towns and villages of the country close to my heart took this mountain. They responded to him not only with words of sympathy, but also help. Hundreds of people voluntarily come to the recruiting center to stand in order Defenders of the Fatherland, or sign up to the people’s militia. From all over the country went to humanitarian assistance to the affected regions. The vast majority of Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, and others perceived the events in Kyrgyzstan, as a common tragedy.

We know that as long as criminals are caught and not punished, they will not rest. Today in Osh and Jalal-Abad region the situation normalizes. But preparing new provocations, including those in other regions of the country. The representatives of the ousted “Families have announced to our people and terror are ready for any provocation.

We urge everyone to be extra vigilant, Kyrgyzstan’s not succumb to provocations. Each of us must stop those who wittingly or unwittingly spread panic and provoke inter-ethnic discord, inciting conflict.

Law enforcement agencies, national security forces, our army in those days and until the elections are always held his service in the enhanced mode. It should provide an opportunity for political activities, which finally restored the country to a legitimate state power.

No member of the Provisional Government did not cling to power and is ready to go at any moment. But we understand that in the circumstances of other forces that can quickly obtain sufficient confidence of the people and restore order in the country, no. There are no miracles, that would not have promised and did not say this or that policy. We do not consider ourselves perfect or the only possible government, but believe that such an ideal government now and can not be. “The horses in midstream is not me.” And all attempts to force pressure or any other violent means to remove the existing format in a temporary power, are disastrous for the country and lead to chaos.Now “Family” just waiting for a chance to start a new attack against the people of Kyrgyzstan.

Stabilization is possible only through political issues: the referendum and parliamentary elections. The Provisional Government intends to declare elections immediately after the referendum on the draft Constitution. They will be appointed at the earliest possible date under the law.

Any efforts to disrupt the referendum – is the way to chaos, delaying the decision of political issues. Responsible politicians and the people of Kyrgyzstan do not need. The early elections – the only way to stability, an end to provocations and hostile acts.

The Provisional Government was taking all stronger measures to combat waged against our people’s war. We are deeply grateful to all citizens, residents of all regions who in these difficult days, introduced its mite in fact, to stop the bloodshed and prevent the spread of the conflict and help the victims. We are grateful to our partners in the CSTO, primarily Russia, with the understanding otnesshimsya to our problems and decided to provide material support to overcome the conflict and stabilizing the situation and provide humanitarian assistance. For us, road care and attention displayed by the people of Kyrgyzstan to the UN, the SCO countries and the European Union and other nations of the world. We are especially grateful to our brothers – the Uzbek people and President Islam Karimov for their wisdom and exceptional support for our trouble.

We call on the world’s political, information and expertise to understand and balanced assessment of what is happening in our country.Speculation on this tragedy is not appropriate at this time. Our people are experiencing the tragic pages of its history. We are fighting for democratic rights and meet fierce resistance from representatives of the former government. We are on the complex, sometimes sacrificial way for the realization of people’s right to free and open choice of their future.

In these difficult days we are faced with a common disaster, but with the support of all citizens of Kyrgyzstan, we will achieve victory over the forces of evil and chaos. And how difficult was not the way to a better future, together we will overcome it.