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One of Libya’s Govts Wants New Weapons For Those Given To Syrian Terrorists

A Libyan Rebel hold a Kingdom of Libya flag as His Rifle Fires Another in Ras Ajdir border the air at location are on the border With Tunisia

The Prime Minister, Abdullah al-Thani, who heads the only Libyan Government (among both established) is recognized abroad called on the international community to provide more assistance to Libya. This inter warning that Libya may, forward, serve as’ base key militants – jihadist – Islamic on the doorstep of Europe.

Al-Thani is seeking to remove the existing arms embargo to be able to combat the militias in Libya who are defying his authority.

Therefore he wants the international community to cooperate with Libya to stop terrorism and the actions of extremist elements. This is where the Army of Libya reached a situation where you need help specific to confront the militias and the bodies of potential terrorists.

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Libya’s Civil War To Be Decided On the Sidewalks of Malta?


Maltese government caught in middle of internal Libyan dispute; consultations ongoing

malta independent

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Maltese government has been caught in the middle of a dispute between different factions in Libya which has spilled over to Malta and led to a protest in front of the Libyan Embassy in Malta.

In a press statement this afternoon, following a protest that was held in front of the Libyan embassy this morning, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Malta has acknowledged the legitimate government of Libya, the one elected democratically and which holds its parliamentary sessions in Tobruk. Meanwhile, the General National Congress has reconvened in Tripoli and it is also demanding that it is recognised as the official government. Both parliaments have their own Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The European Union and United Nations have declared that the akwnolwedged government should be the one of Tobruk. The United Nations is making an attempt to host a conference with representatives of both parliaments in a bid to find a solution, the ministry said.

In the absence of a Libyan ambassador, the Maltese Government was acknowledging a Charge D’Affairs which was not contested by either side, but subsequently, the government in Tripoli informed the Maltese government to remove the Charges D’Affairs and give accreditation to a representative from the government in Tripoli. The local government also received a Note Verbale from the Tobruk government not to acknowledge this representative and instead sent its own diplomat. The representative of the Tripoli government is occupying the embassy and does not want to make way for the diplomat sent from Tobruk.

Faced with this situation, the government consulted with the European Union and other Foreign Ministers. The Maltese government sould like to see the two factions reach a solution without being entangled in Libyan internal situations. However, the situation is not easy to resolve and the government is therefore holding meetings to reach a solution without there being more conflict between the two sides.

The government said the situation is developing continuously and both the ministry and the police are in contact for a peaceful settlement of the dispite.


A small group of Libyans gathered outside the Libyan embassy in Balzan  this morning in what was a peaceful manifestation. As time goes by, more and more Libyans turned up outside the embassy until they all left at about noon.

The Libyan protestors are demanding that the current ambassador evacuates the embassy and leaves Malta within the next 72 hours.

The protesters left the embassy but said they will return tomorrow.

Police officers were also on site. Barricades were erected to protect the embassy building.

The protesters said that the Libyan ambassador should leave the embassy building to be replaced by his successor, who has already been named by the Libyan Tobruk government. The “new” ambassador is already in Malta and is presently staying in a leading hotel.

One of the protestors told The Malta Independent that the Tobruk ambassador has been recognised by the Maltese government. Together with the help of officials from the Maltese government, he is trying to persuade the other diplomat to leave the embassy peacefully, the protestor said.

The Malta Independent has called the Libyan embassy in an effort to speak to the ambassador, but we were told that he is not available today. We asked to speak to another representative but we were told that no-one was available.

A spokesman for the Maltese government said that it is monitoring the situation but was not in a position to comment any further.

It is not the first time that Libyans living in Malta have gathered outside the embassy to protest.

During the uprising against former leader Muammar Gaddafi, many Libyans used to meet outside the embassy to express their support for their fellow countrymen.

Photos Jonathan Borg, Footage Paul Jones

radical transformation of the security orientation in Europe and the West


Paris towards militarization, Europe to follow

failed revolution

The process already started

globinfo freexchange
Another attack at the heart of Europe, another opportunity for the implementation of the new conditions. We are watching the radical transformation of the security orientation in Europe and the West. Years of wars and destruction in the Middle East caused by the military-industrial-security-financial complex, managed to bring “asymmetric wars” inside the US and the European soil.
From PressTV:
France’s defense minister has announced that more than 10,000 troops will be stationed across the country to ensure security after the recent terrorist attacks in the country’s capital city of Paris. […] France’s such use of army to establish security in the country is unparalleled in recent history. France Prime Minister Manuel Valls estimated earlier on Monday that the number of military troops will be around 8,500.” (
From BBC:
Home Secretary Theresa May, speaking after chairing a meeting of UK government emergency committee Cobra, said security had been increased at the France/UK border – notably at the Eurostar rail terminal in Paris and the Channel Tunnel entrance at Calais. UK border staff had ‘intensified checks on passengers, on vehicles and goods coming from France’, she said. The move was a ‘precautionary’ measure and was not as a result of any specific intelligence, she added. Armed patrols have also been increased at St Pancras International station, the Eurostar terminal in London, British Transport Police said. The UK terror threat level remains unchanged at ‘severe’, meaning a terrorist attack is ‘highly likely’.” (
It would be probably interesting to focus on the statements of the French PM, Manuel Valls, that “If 17 people die, this means mistakes have been made,” and “There was a failing, of course… That’s why we have to analyze what happened,” (
Interpreting his words, Valls is actually targeting the security sector, presenting the state as an insufficient mechanism to run it. The economic crisis that hit eurozone struggling to recover after all these years, is actually a very convenient situation towards the propaganda on the “necessity” of privatization of the security forces. The second target, is the promotion of further justification of increased interceptions in the name of “national security”. Indeed, David Cameron already made statements on this matter:
From Guardian:
Britain’s spying agencies need more powers to read the contents of communications in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, David Cameron has said. The prime minister’s comments suggest a Conservative government would bring in new intercept legislation in 2016 to make sure there is no form of communication that cannot be requested with a warrant signed by the home secretary. […] Speaking in Nottingham, he said the intelligence agencies need more access to both communications data – records of phonecalls and online exchanges between individuals – and the contents of communications. This is compatible with a ‘modern, liberal democracy’, he said.” (
Only a few months ago, the new situation has been described by the article Globalized wars: Anyone can fight against anyone. A key paragraph from the article that “ISIS fighters’ threats concerning potential attacks in Western countries serve perfectly the plan, which is to transfer the wars from borders to urban centers. Indeed, since a citizen of any Western country, attached to the ISIS or other extremist groups, is determined to die in a bloodbath at the heart of this country, the protection of borders has no meaning, and citizens start to wonder about the ability of the nation-state to protect them.“, shows that the new conditions are promoted indeed very fast.
Why now? It we go further, we should include the scenario of the preparation for the desirable conditions on the prospect of a European Leftist rise. Far-right perception, which is that we have to deal actually with a war between the Christian and the Muslim world, is often adopted by the mainstream media indirectly, embodied inside the narratives of terror and fear. The establishment is trying to build a scenery of constant terror and shape a pre-determined situation, so that it would be very difficult to change, even in the case that the Left will manage to rise to power in many European countries.
Actually, we have to deal with a gigantic provocative operation. It shouldn’t surprise us because we live in a globalized, increasingly interconnected world. History shows that the far-Right was used by the big capital to impose its interests, especially in difficult times. Now, it could be proved very useful for this “transportation” of the conflict theaters from borders to urban centers, with the help of the narrative about the supposed “clash of civilizations”.
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga described it once: “Maroni should do what I did when I was Minister of the Interior. University students? Let them do what they want. Withdraw the police from streets and universities, infiltrate the movement with provoking agents ready for anything [“agenti provocatori” is the Italian term] and let them devastate shops, put fire to the cars and put cities to the sword for ten days. Then, strengthen by people’s support, the sound of the sirens from ambulances will have to overwhelm that from the police and carabinieri [italian military police]. Law enforcement officers should pitilessly beat the shit out of protesters and send them all to the hospital. They should not arrest them since the courts would free them immediately, but they should beat them savagely, and they should beat savagely as well those teachers that incites them: not old professors, just the young school teachers.” (
The hypocritical leaders who were posing in the front line of the Charlie Hebdo march, didn’t bother to refer on the everyday suicide attacks in Iraq who kill dozens of innocent people almost in every day basis, probably because this is a routine situation there, or, maybe because of their huge responsibilities about this situation. But the “Iraqization” of Europe would be a very convenient pretext for the extreme militarization of the big urban centers, under the tolerance of the people, simulating an authoritarian regime. This is actually the process for the enforcement of Feudal globalization, using terror as a key tool.
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“Training” societies in tolerating interceptions

Some politicians like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush adopted this perception later and tried to establish Western-type democracies based on this concept of Negative Liberty, maintaining also the “fundamentalism” of the big, mostly American, corporations and banks. They applied a massive violence in other countries (Iraq, Yugoslavia, Somalia, etc.), bringing another bloodbath through a different way. At the same time, they imposed progressively, new measures of repression and restrictions of civil liberties in Western democracies in the name of protection against terrorism, thus verifying Berlin’s warning. Governments used propaganda and tactics based on human psychology and therefore, the belief that interceptions and repression measures are inevitable was inserted inside the Western neo-rationalism, as an excuse to secure Western societies from terrorist attacks. […] The concept of Liberty itself tends to disappear permanently inside increasingly militarized societies of private armies.