An Anticipated State of Lawlessness Creates A Perceived “NEED” For Assault Weapons

The US media is not prepared to discuss the primary reason that the majority of Americans feel the need to own guns, especially high capacity, high power weaponry.  The press would prefer to incite political anarchy around the latest mass-shooting and the concept of  “lone wolves” and “gun nuts”.  The majority of people who demand their Second Amendment Right, including owning weapons that are defined as “assault weapons”, expect to NEED such weapons in their immediate futures.  The United States could shortly experience the complete breakdown of order, either in the form of total economic disruption (for a number of reasons), or military disaster, which would bring about a state of lawlessness in the Homeland.  Whatever the nature of the threat, or the perceived threat, gun owners expect to need their guns, to take “home defense” to the next level, until the laws of the US Constitution are restored.


Until this expectation of imminent lawlessness is alleviated, passion for assault weapons will prevail.

2 thoughts on “An Anticipated State of Lawlessness Creates A Perceived “NEED” For Assault Weapons

  1. Irritating to see the false “Assault Weapons” term keeps being allowed by folks who know better. NO ONE can buy
    any “Assault Weapons” at the local gun shop or hardware store. Real ones are full auto and after the citizens
    abandoned their 2nd Amendment rights in 1934 only the Elites have then,,,,us serfs are denied…or ALLOW
    ourselves to be denied.

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