Israeli War Criminals in Jenin & Lebanon

The right place for the war criminals is jail. Leaving war criminals free is a big threat against the  security of the international society, and they are a grave danger to their own societies. The International lebanon_aCriminal Court was established to deal with exactly these criminals. Let us work together to bring these criminals to justice. Let us work together to push the International Criminal Court to fulfill it’s duties and to play an active roll in ridding the planet of this grave kind of criminality.

Here are some more names of Israeli soldiers who participated in war crimes during “Operation Defensive Shield”  from April 3 to 21 of 2002 in Jenin. The former OC Central Command, Maj-Gen. Yitzhak Eitan gave awards to these criminals for their war crimes and crimes against humanity in Jenin, which left large sectors of the Palestinian population of that city homeless, and where about 500 were massacred by the IOF. These Israeli war criminals received an appreciation medal from their regional commander for the crimes which they committed.
Colonel Fuad Halhal, the IOF officer in Jenin during during “Operation Defensive Shield”, a former Military officer in Hebron, a druze.

Fuad HalhalMaj. (res.) Baram Segev.

Senior Warrant Officer Richard Awizrat.

Capt. Tomer Tsiter

Sgt. Shenior Alfassi

Sgt. Ron Margalit

Maj. Nimrod Aloni

Capt. Alon Madanes

Capt. Ron Vardi

Capt. Kfir Cohen

Capt. Ofir Levy

Anyone having additional information about these individuals, please email me.

Here are some names of Israeli war criminals who participated in the Major General Yishai Barso-called “second war” against Lebanon in 2006. These criminals were awarded for their crimes by the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, and Maj.-Gen. Yishai Beer, the former President of the Court of Appeals of the Israeli Forces and now a lecturer at Hebrew University in the occupied Jerusalem.

Col. Miki Edelstein Nahal Brigade Commander.

Yehuda David from Nahal Brigade’s Battalion 931, he also participated in “Operation Defensive Shield” in Nablus in 2002.

Lt. Erez Ramati, Nahal Battalion 931. Ramati, 31, from Kochav Yair, is still the doctor of Battalion 931.

Staff Sgt. Michael Hibner, Nahal Battalion 931, death squad unit.

Staff Sgt. Amichai Avraham, a combat soldier from the elite Egoz unit

Staff Sgt. Steven Friedland, born in Houston, Texas, made aliyah to Jerusalem staff-sgt-steven-friedlandwith his family in 1995. He participated in the second war against Lebanon in 2006 and he received an award “citation of valor” as a recognition for his service in the Second Lebanon War crimes.
Friedland completed his military service in the IOF in October 2007 serving as a commander and teacher for the Intelligence unit. Currently, he is in Melbourne, Australia working for the Masorti (conservative) movement.

Maj. Ro’i Klein.

Sgt. Avichai Yaakov.

Capt. Hanoch Daube.

sergeant-yoni-binyamin-asraf_aLt. Anton Syomin.

Sergeant Yoni Binyamin Asraf, served as a gunner in the reconnaissance battalion of the Paratroop Brigade during the war in Lebanon.

Sergeant (res.) Rotmensch, 23, is from Beit Aryeh.

Sergeant (res.) Eliran Iluz, 24, is a resident of Even Yehuda.

The Israeli Death Squad war criminals
Nitai Okshi, a company commander who murdered several Palestinians at the Israeli concentration camp checkpoints surrounding Gaza

Major General David Ben-Ba’shat, Israeli Navy Head of Public Relations, department of the IDF Spokesman

Lieutenant Colonel Ofer Vinter (or Winter), is the commander of the lt-erez-ramatireconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade, which has been at the forefront of the IOF offensive activity in the Gaza Strip in the past few years.  Winter is a war criminal who operated in Gaza in 2004. He headed the worst of Operation Orange Iron in the Al Namsawi neighborhood in Khan Youniss were a quarter of a million citizens suffered from electricity and water shortages. Four bulldozers razed houses and shelters in the camp, forcing several families to gather near the hospital. In December 18, 2004, the forces of Lieutenant Colonel Ofer Vinter and tanks supported by helicopter gunships rolled into Khan Yunis refugee camp and israeli-lebanon_second_warkilled six Palestinians. Lieutenant Colonel Ofer Vinter and his troops also participated in operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The war criminal commander Ofer Vinter also participated in dozens of infiltration operations to murder civilians on Palestinian territory. Winter is a illegal colonist who studied at the  academy which was established in the illegal colony of Eli in the northern West Bank at the end of the 1980s. Winter is suspected to be a German citizen.

If you have any more information about these individuals, or about others involved in any way in perpetrating grave crimes against Palestinians, please Email me.