Hazara Power Line Protest Bombed In Kabul By Former Pakistani Taliban, a.k.a., “ISIS”

[The fact that the group known as ISIS has so much money behind them that they operate by buying-out local militant armies (like the TTP Taliban in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda In Iraq, and the remnants of Iraq’s Army and Republican Guard, in Libya, in Indonesia, in Bangladesh), this is concrete proof that ISIS cannot possibly be operating on oil-smuggling, kidnapping and bank-robbing.  The armies of ISIS can only be funded with billions of dollars, coming from the Arab monarchies.  NO ONE ELSE could fund such an enormous militant payroll besides the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, the Emirates or Qatar.]

61 killed, 207 wounded in Kabul suicide attack



A high-ranking Afghan security official has confirmed that Daesh was behind the deadly Kabul attack that claimed over 60 lives and wounded more than 200 on Saturday.

According to the official the attack was organized by a Daesh member by the name of Abu Ali who is a resident of Achin district in Nangarhar.

Daesh also claimed responsibility on social media for the attack. The message posted in English and in Arabic said “two Daesh fighters detonated their explosive belts amid a Shiite gathering in the Dehmazang area in Kabul, Afghanistan.”

According to Afghan officials, there had been three bombers in total but security forces were able to kill the third bomber before he could detonate his explosives.

Minutes after the attack, President Ashraf Ghani denounced the deadly bombing and said it was an act of terrorism; however social media users blasted government for the incident.

A few minutes after the attack, Ghani’s deputy spokesman wrote in a Facebook message that the president was shocked over the attack, but the post draw strong reaction from social media users with many blaming a security lapse by government forces for the incident.

“Why don’t you (government) act instead of offer verbal sympathy,” one user said.

Saturday’s attack was the first of its kind at a peaceful demonstration. The suicide bombers joined thousands of Afghans before detonating their explosives in a crowded spot at the Dehmazang Circle.

Demonstrators had gathered from early Saturday at the rally in protest over government’s planned route of the 500kV power line project through Salang to Kabul.