Russian Train Bombing Linked To Krygyz Native

[SEE: Ten killed, almost 50 injured in St. Petersburg metro blast]

GKNB: The explosion in the St. Petersburg subway was made by a native of Kyrgyzstan



Explosion in the St. Petersburg metro occurred on April 3 on a stretch between the stations “Technological Institute”  and “Sennaya Ploshchad”. According to , an improvised non-shell explosive device with a capacity of 800 grams to 1.5 kg on the scale of the TNT equivalent worked. Most likely, it was laid in a bag left next to the doors of the car. Official authorities said that this is a terrorist act. GKNB Kyrgyzstan at 11.00 confirmed that the suicide bomber was a native of Kyrgyzstan, now a Russian citizen. From other sources it became known that the 23-year-old native Osh was born on April 1, 1995. When he received Russian citizenship, it is not known. It is also unknown whether he had any relation to the “Islamic state”.

“We are in close contact with the FSB of Russia,” the State National Security Committee concluded.

How many injured

  1. According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, 11 people were killed.
  2. The EMERCOM of St. Petersburg published a list of 51 people hospitalized after the explosion in the metro.
  3. The names and names of four women in hospitals have not yet been established (at 6 am Moscow time).
  4. The four victims are in extremely serious condition.
  5. Among the victims – one minor, born in 2001.

Almost all the wounded received barotrauma, their internal organs were damaged, amputated or fractured limbs, many craniocerebral injuries and burns, mostly faces and heads, writes .

Are there Kyrgyz people among the victims or suspects?

According to the Kyrgyz embassy in Russia, there are no Kyrgyz among the dead as a result of the explosion . So far there is no information on whether there are citizens of Kyrgyzstan among the victims.

President Almazbek Atambayev has already expressed his condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As early as 9:00 the SCNS found out whether the alleged suspect could be a citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

What is known about the suspects?

First, the source of the publication “Fontanka” called the alleged suicide bomber of the native of Kazakhstan, 22-year-old Maxim Aryshev . The MFA of RK reported that it verifies this information and added that it can not be a suicide bomber, since among the dead his body was not found.

As reports with reference to the press service of the consulate, a telephone call from Irina Arysheva from Almaty came to the Consul General of Kazakhstan in St. Petersburg, which reported that after the information about the explosion appeared, her son, a 20-year-old Maxim Aryshev, a third-year student at the St. Petersburg University of Economics. “ However, Maxim Aryshev does not look like a young man, whose photo is distributed on the Internet.

ГКНБ: Взрыв в питерском метро совершил уроженец Кыргызстана

Representatives of the group of independent investigators Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) told RBC that Aryshev is probably not a terrorist, but one of the victims of the terrorist act.

“Вести.ру” referring to the public on social networks write that the suicide bomber could be Kyrgyz Akbarzhon Jalilov . Fontanka writes that Jalilov has been living in St. Petersburg for more than six years and is a Russian citizen. On Jalilov sent an orientation, is also being searched for his car Daewoo Nexia.

The Russian “Fifth Channel” writes that Jalilov “put in motion an improvised explosive device in the subway train that left the station” Sennaya Ploshchad “in the direction of the station” Technological Institute. “And he, as follows from the conclusions of the operatives, A self-made bomb at the station “Ploshchad Vosstaniya”.

Jalilov, according to the newspaper, has been living in St. Petersburg for more than six years and is a Russian citizen. On Jalilov sent an orientation, is also being searched for his car Daewoo Nexia.

ГКНБ: Взрыв в питерском метро совершил уроженец Кыргызстана

The rest of the Russian media reported until this morning that the terrorist was a native of Central Asia, but it is not known from what country he is. The suspect, according to various sources, is 20-23 years old.

No organization took responsibility for the attack. But Kommersant, referring to its sources, said that the terrorist attack may be related to the “Islamic state.” How many people were preparing the attack is unknown.

“The information about the preparation of the terrorist attack was provided by the Russians, who collaborated with the banned terrorist organization ” Islamic State “and detained after returning from Syria, he knew some of the participants in the sabotage group sent to Russia, but maintained only telephone communication with them.” The intelligence services officer was in the lower hierarchy Militants, explained the source of the newspaper.Having determined the mobile numbers of the alleged terrorists and punching them, the operatives found out that all the SIM cards were They are dislocated in the markets and are not attached to real people, so they were forced to limit themselves to listening to the negotiations of militants, hoping eventually to find them themselves or at least to find out the details of their intentions, “the newspaper writes.

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