Obama To Disarm Disabled SS Recipients with “Representative Payees” As “Mental Defectives”

Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security


US-POLITICS-CONGRESS-GUN VIOLENCERelatives of gun violence victims and gun control advocates held a news conference in Washington on Dec. 10, 2014, two years after the Sandy Hook shooting, to urge lawmakers to expand background checks. (Saul Loeb / AFP/Getty Images)
By Alan Zarembo


Seeking tighter controls over firearm purchases, the Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, a move that could affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others.

The push is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws regulating who gets reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, which is used to prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the country illegally and others.

A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.”There is no simple way to identify that group, but a strategy used by the Department of Veterans Affairs since the creation of the background check system is reporting anyone who has been declared incompetent to manage pension or disability payments and assigned a fiduciary.

If Social Security, which has never participated in the background check system, uses the same standard as the VA, millions of its beneficiaries would be affected. About 4.2 million adults receive monthly benefits that are managed by “representative payees.”

The move is part of a concerted effort by the Obama administration after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., to strengthen gun control, including by plugging holes in the background check system.

But critics — including gun rights activists, mental health experts and advocates for the disabled — say that expanding the list of prohibited gun owners based on financial competence is wrongheaded.

Though such a ban would keep at least some people who pose a danger to themselves or others from owning guns, the strategy undoubtedly would also include numerous people who may just have a bad memory or difficulty balancing a checkbook, the critics argue.

“Someone can be incapable of managing their funds but not be dangerous, violent or unsafe,” said Dr. Marc Rosen, a Yale psychiatrist who has studied how veterans with mental health problems manage their money. “They are very different determinations.”

Steven Overman, a 30-year-old former Marine who lives in Virginia, said his case demonstrates the flaws of judging gun safety through financial competence.
State police lead students from Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., after a shooting. The Dec. 14, 2012, shooting at the school left 26 people, including 20 children, dead. (Shannon Hicks / Newtown Bee)

After his Humvee hit a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2007, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and a brain injury that weakened his memory and cognitive ability.

The VA eventually deemed him 100% disabled and after reviewing his case in 2012 declared him incompetent, making his wife his fiduciary.

Upon being notified that he was being reported to the background check system, he gave his guns to his mother and began working with a lawyer to get them back.

Overman grew up hunting in Wisconsin. After his return from Iraq, he found solace in target shooting. “It’s relaxing to me,” he said. “It’s a break from day-to-day life. It calms me down.”

Though his wife had managed their financial affairs since his deployment, Overman said he has never felt like he was a danger to himself or others.

“I didn’t know the VA could take away your guns,” he said.

The background check system was created in 1993 by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, named after White House Press Secretary James Brady, who was partially paralyzed after being shot in the 1981 assassination attempt on President Reagan.

The law requires gun stores to run the names of prospective buyers through the computerized system before every sale.

The system’s databases contain more than 13 million records, which include the names of felons, immigrants in the U.S. illegally, fugitives, dishonorably discharged service members, drug addicts and domestic abusers.

State agencies, local police and federal agencies are required to enter names into the databases, but the system has been hampered by loopholes and inconsistent reporting since its launch.

The shortcomings became clear in the wake of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, in which Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people. Cho had been declared mentally ill by a court and ordered to undergo outpatient treatment, but at the time the law did not require that he be added to the databases.

Someone can be incapable of managing their funds but not be dangerous, violent or unsafe. They are very different determinations. – Dr. Marc Rosen, Yale psychiatrist

Congress expanded the reporting requirements, but Social Security determined it was not required to submit records, according to LaVenia LaVelle, an agency spokeswoman.

After 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, 20 children and six school staffers in Newtown in 2012, President Obama vowed to make gun control a central issue of his second term.

The effort fell flat. Congress ultimately rejected his proposals for new gun control legislation.

But among 23 executive orders on the issue was one to the Department of Justice to ensure that federal agencies were complying with the existing law on reporting to the background check system.

One baseline for other agencies is the VA, which has been entering names into the system since the beginning. About 177,000 veterans and survivors of veterans are in the system, according to VA figures.

The VA reports names under a category in gun control regulations known as “adjudicated as a mental defective,” terminology that derives from decades-old laws. Its only criterion is whether somebody has been appointed a fiduciary.

More than half of the names on the VA list are of people 80 or older, often suffering from dementia, a reasonable criterion for prohibiting gun ownership.

But the category also includes anybody found by a “court, board, commission or other lawful authority” to be lacking “the mental capacity to contract or manage his own affairs” for a wide variety of reasons.

The agency’s efforts have been criticized by a variety of groups.

Rosen, the Yale psychiatrist, said some veterans may avoid seeking help for mental health problems out of fear that they would be required to give up their guns.

Conservative groups have denounced the policy as an excuse to strip veterans of their gun rights.

Republicans have introduced legislation in the last several sessions of Congress to change the policy. The Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, now under consideration in the House, would require a court to determine that somebody poses a danger before being reported to the background check system.

Social Security would generally report names under the same “mental defective” category. The agency is still figuring out how that definition should be applied, LaVelle said.

About 2.7 million people are now receiving disability payments from Social Security for mental health problems, a potentially higher risk category for gun ownership. An addition 1.5 million have their finances handled by others for a variety of reasons.

The agency has been drafting its policy outside of public view. Even the National Rifle Assn. was unaware of it.

Told about the initiative, the NRA issued a statement from its chief lobbyist, Chris W. Cox, saying: “If the Obama administration attempts to deny millions of law-abiding citizens their constitutional rights by executive fiat, the NRA stands ready to pursue all available avenues to stop them in their tracks.”

Gun rights advocates are unlikely to be the only opponents.

Ari Ne’eman, a member of the National Council on Disability, said the independent federal agency would oppose any policy that used assignment of a representative payee as a basis to take any fundamental right from people with disabilities.

“The rep payee is an extraordinarily broad brush,” he said.

Since 2008, VA beneficiaries have been able to get off the list by filing an appeal and demonstrating that they pose no danger to themselves or others.

But as of April, just nine of 298 appeals have been granted, according to data provided by the VA. Thirteen others were pending, and 44 were withdrawn after the VA overturned its determination of financial incompetence.

Overman is one of the few who decided to appeal.

He is irritable and antisocial, he said, but not dangerous. “I’ve never been suicidal,” he said. “To me that solves nothing.”

More than a year and a half after Overman filed his challenge, the VA lifted its incompetence ruling, allowing his removal from the background check system before the VA ever had to determine whether he should be trusted with a gun.

Overman, who hasn’t worked since leaving the military, said he and a friend are now thinking of opening a gunsmith business.


Japan Protests Russian Island Modernization Projects

[SEE: Japan protests Russian minister’s visit to disputed isle]

shikotan islandKuril Islands dispute, Shikotan

Veronika Skvortsova: Healthcare in the Sakhalin region in recent years made a huge leap

ФедералПресс  FederalPress

2cf6d89817The Minister visited the new hospital
The Minister visited the new hospital
More on the topic
Russian Minister of Health visited the hospital on Shikotan
On the island of Shikotan opened a modern hospital
Health Minister visited the island region with working visit

Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk immediately went to the Kuril Islands, where they visited the hospital recently opened in the village Krabozavodskoe (Shikotan Island). Public health institution was built in the framework of the federal target program of social and economic development of the Kuril Islands. The new hospital has all the necessary facilities: an operating unit, delivery room, the offices of ultrasonic and functional diagnostics, x-rays, physiotherapy, clinical diagnostic laboratory, physiotherapy and x-ray rooms. Details – in the article “FederalPress.”

“This is a modern hospital. It’s small, intimate, made for the needs of the population. Everything is very well thought out, “- said Veronika Skvortsova. The minister also stressed that “in the health of the Sakhalin region in recent years made a huge leap, it is a very good account of all the regions of Russia – are significantly reduced mortality observed population growth.”

In addition, the Minister visited the opening of radiological building in the Sakhalin regional oncologic dispensary. “This building – one of the best in the country. He gathered all the advanced technology that is in the world. Analogues of some machines, I saw only two federal centers, “- said Veronika Skvortsova. The new equipment should help to improve the efficiency of detection and treatment of cancer – now in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, only 48% of diseases detected in the first and second stages. According to the Acting Governor of the region Oleg Kozhemyako, now solved the question of whether to establish a special additional payments to doctors who detect cancer in patients in the first and second stages. In addition, it planned to equip the clinic of the island region with the necessary equipment.

f6271e6a69Positively assessed the Minister of Health and the measures that the Government of the Sakhalin Region takes to address the shortage of skilled personnel in the health sector. The region runs a program to attract doctors from other Russian regions. Last year, the South Kurils arrived two doctors in this – four. Coming to provide comfortable housing.

“In addition, today we have in effect a decree according to which health care workers in the Kuril Islands after three years of work can privatize housing office. For other areas the term – five or seven years “- said Oleg Kozhemyako. According to the acting head of the region, all the young doctors coming to work on the island will receive municipal supplement of 10-15 thousand rubles, depending on the area. “A whole series of measures to address the medical staff. I think in a few years we’ll take her sharpness, “- he added.

Another significant step towards solving the personnel problem – the creation of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk base chair Vladivostok State Medical University in the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Government of the region and the university. According to the document, the signing ceremony which was attended by the head of the Ministry of Health, the Department will begin work in 2016. For two years, students will be acquainted with the theory of Vladivostok, and the rest of the course of study is planned on Sakhalin.

“Education will be our teachers in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We certainly will attract the best professionals and medical institutions of the region “- said the rector of Vladivostok State Medical University Valentin Shumatov.

In addition, during his visit to Sakhalin, Veronika Skvortsova said that the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the regional government intends to work towards a regional sanatorium zones based on natural sources available on the islands, reports Tass. Oleg Kozhemyako clarified that at the international economic forum in Vladivostok, the regional government intends to present the plans to build the Kuril Island of Iturup and recreation complex “Green Lake”. The project will be implemented as a priority development area. It provides for the construction of the hotel on 132 places with the necessary infrastructure. His cost of the project at the 2014 price of 2.4 billion rubles.

Summing up his visit to Sakhalin, Veronika Skvortsova said that the region “is developing a rapid pace.” The minister identified the priority areas of work for the health system is to identify cancer, first aid and vaccinations, especially in the counter flu.

Help “FederalPress”:

The federal budget for the construction of the hospital was sent to 470 million rubles from the regional – 238 million. The hospital was built 2.5 years, construction was completed in December 2014. The complex includes a clinic for 50 visits per shift and inpatient unit with 25 beds.
Staffing hospital staff: doctors – 76.2%, nurses – 78%.

Photo from the governor and the government of the Sakhalin Region

Clinton’s General Wesley Clark Calls For Mass-Arrests of “Radicalized Youth”

Ex-NATO commander suggests WWII-style camps for radicalized Americans


Military photo portrait of Wesley Clark. © Wikipedia
Retired US General Wesley Clark suggested that radicalized youth in America and other Western nations should be segregated the way Nazi sympathizers were held in camps during World War II.

America and its allies need to get tougher on young men, who may become radical Islamists, said Clark, who is best known for leading NATO troops during the Kosovo war. The former Democratic presidential candidate made the comments in an interview on MSNBC in response to the shooting at a recruitment camp in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that left four Marines killed.

“We have got to identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized. We’ve got to cut this off at the beginning,” the retired general said. “I do think on a national policy level we need to look at what self-radicalization means because we are at war with this group of terrorists.

“In World War II, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put him in a camp, they were prisoners of war,” he said. “If these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they are disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine, that’s their right. And it’s our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.”

Clark added that “not only the United States but our allied nations like Britain, Germany and France are going to have to look at their domestic law procedures.”

The suggested heavy-handed solution that implies punishing people not for criminal acts but for upholding radical beliefs came in contrast to Clark’s earlier criticisms of the excesses of the Bush administration response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, such as the torture of terror suspects.

He also spoke against “the politics of fear” in dealing with the threat of foreign fighters coming home from Middle East conflicts.

The interview sparked outrage on social media, which the former general called “blogosteria” on his Twitter account. He reiterated that “US Citz who choose #ISIS are spies, enemy combatants or both. Govt should separate them from the rest of us.”


Prosecutor Uncovers MIT (Turkish Intelligence) Truckloads of Weapons For ISIS

Prosecutor says weapon-laden MİT trucks made 2,000 trips to Syria

todays zaman

Prosecutor says weapon-laden MİT trucks made 2,000 trips to Syria

Syria-bound trucks operated by MİT were searched in January 2014 after prosecutors received tip-offs that they are illegally carrying arms to Syria. (Photo: DHA)

A pro-government prosecutor who was appointed to the case regarding the alleged transport of weapons and munitions to Syria via trucks belonging to Turkish intelligence filed for a verdict of non-prosecution regarding the case and admitted that weapon-laden trucks made 2,000 trips to Syria, according to the lawyer of one of the defendants of the case.

Lawyer Hasan Tok, the legal counsel for former Adana Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Col. Özkan Çokay, who was at the scene when trucks belonging to the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) were searched in January 2014, said that Prosecutor Ali Doğan stated in court that trucks owned by MİT made at least 2,000 trips to Syria.

Doğan is a known government loyalist and filed for a verdict of non-prosecution regarding the investigation into the trucks after he was appointed to the position of Adana chief public prosecutor. According to Tok, Doğan had asked the defendants in a previous hearing, “2,000 trucks have passed [into Syria] why was this one specially chosen?”

“We didn’t know there had been 2,000 trucks passing into Syria, may God bless Ali Doğan,” said Tok.

Ali Doğan’s reference to 2,000 trucks echoes an alleged statement by MİT head Hakan Fidan in which he said he “sent around 2,000 trucks [with] equipment” to Syria after General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler complained that the region needed arms and ammunition to be saved. A voice recording was published online in March 2014 of a top-secret conversation between then-Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Fidan and Güler, revealing Turkey’s clandestine effort to aid certain groups in Syria.


Prosecutor Takçı: someone had sworn an oath to get us convicted

Aziz Takçı, one of the four prosecutors involved in an investigation of trucks belonging to the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) that were allegedly carrying weapons to radical groups in Syria, said in his defense statement to the Tarsus Second High Criminal court regarding the investigation of the MİT trucks, “Someone [in the government] had already sworn an oath to convict us [prosecutors investigating the MİT trucks]. We also know that some people [within the government] were pressuring the HSYK [Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors], saying, ‘Why aren’t the detentions [of prosecutors] happening sooner?’” said Takçı in his statement to the court, according to GriHat news portal.

Turkey has wanted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad removed from power ever since an uprising that started at the end of 2011 turned into a fully-fledged civil war in the neighboring country. Assad is a member of the Nusayri (Alawite) sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, whose members are a minority in both Syria and Turkey.


Prosecutor: trucks were full to the brim with weapons

Describing the events that unfolded on Jan. 19, 2014, when trucks later found to belong to MİT were stopped in the Ceyhan district of Turkey’s southern Adana province en route to Syria, Takçı said: “When I went to the scene there were two trucks. A few stubbly bearded men, claiming to be MİT operatives, were shouting, swearing. As I had gone to the scene of the search, I had to look at what was there. [The trucks] were full to the brim with weapons…155mm [howitzer] shells, anti-aircraft munitions; I also saw munitions of different types and sizes.”

“I told the gendarmerie [present at the scene] to record these items, what else can a prosecutor do? Then out of nowhere, the chief public prosecutor of Adana, the chief police officer, and Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş [all] came to the scene with 400-500 riot police. The governor told me that Prime Minister [current President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan had called him and had said, ‘These trucks belong to MİT, we sent the weapons and ammunition. The prosecutor must leave the trucks, we are going to lay the [necessary] legal framework,’ several times,” said Takçı.

“In the meanwhile, Hüseyin Avni Coş was saying that he was going to obstruct this [investigation] even if it would mean his death. I told him, Mr. Governor, you don’t need to say such things. The state has laws. No one needs to die, if [as you say] the Prime Minister [Erdoğan] has called. Then I asked him to present me a [official] document with only a few sentences, which I could sign, and told him repeatedly that if the individuals who claimed they were MİT operatives gave their IDs, they could be released,” said Takçı.

Takçı said that after he had the license plate of the vehicle carrying the people claiming to be MİT operatives checked, he found that it belonged to suspects known to have affiliations with al-Qaeda. “Al-Qaeda is recognized as a terrorist organization by the Supreme Court of Appeals. It [Al-Qaeda] is on the ministerial cabinet list and the world’s list [of recognized terrorist organizations],” he said.

MİT agent double-crossed Syrian colonel, while I’m being charged for espionage

Takçı also said in his statement to the court that MİT operative Önder Sığırcıklıoğlu, who sold out a Syrian colonel who had defected to the Free Syrian Army from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) controlled by Assad for $100,000, was absolved of espionage charges while he was being charged with espionage for investigating the trucks.

Three MİT officials, including Sığırcıklıoğlu, were arrested in 2012 for allegedly abducting Col. Hussein Harmush, one of the most senior Syrian military officers to have defected to the opposition Free Syrian Army, from a Turkish refugee camp in the southern province of Hatay near the Syrian border and handing him to pro-Assad forces in Syria for $100,000.

As the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office had formally charged five suspects, one of whom was a MİT regional official, for their supposed role in handing over Harmush to Syrian security forces, it appeared that MİT was deeply involved in the abduction. The suspects were sent to prison, where they face charges of political espionage.

Takçı: you don’t have to be a prosecutor to know that the case can be linked to terrorism

Stating that there is no need for suspicion and that only a shred of doubt is enough for public prosecutors to act, Takçı said: “They [prosecutors] are asking me why I took [members of] the law enforcement agency with me. Who am I supposed to undertake the investigation with as a public prosecutor? Of course, with members of the law enforcement agency. Moreover there is talk of a truck full of weapons.”

“Who can carry a truckload of weapons? You don’t have to be a public prosecutor to know that such a crime is being has the suspicion of being [affiliated to] terrorism,” he said.

Even if undersecretary to MİT had come, he’d have to prove his link to trucks

Pointing out that, after he had ordered the trucks to be stopped and searched, another vehicle carrying individuals claiming to be MİT agents came to the scene, Takçı stated that the newly arrived operatives started to argue with gendarmerie personnel at the scene, demanding the search be stopped, even using curses insulting Takçı’s mother. Takçı said, “I wanted to see their identification, but they refused, so I told [the gendarmes] to keep them under control while the search was going on.”

Admitting that one of the operatives had later complied with his request to show identification, Takçı emphasized: “The people in civilian vehicle, which came later, these weren’t the people in the trucks. I have to be frank: Even if the undersecretary of MİT had come, he would have had to make his connection to the trucks very clear.”

Takçı: Drug smugglers are convicted, while weapons smugglers are to be released

Even if the trucks were proven to belong to MİT, as the prosecutor, he would have had to collect any evidence before it was lost, Takçı explained, adding: “A MİT operative was caught in Van [province] with a substantial amount of drugs on his person, no one said to him, ‘Oh, you’re a MİT agent, [sorry].’ The evidence was put forward, and he was detained, arrested and later convicted… Those who are caught smuggling 50 kilograms of drugs are to be convicted, while those who are caught smuggling three trucks worth of weapons are to be let go? What a country to live in!

Takçı: Legal decisions influenced by ruling party are most dishonorable

“Is this [government] always going to remain? Is there always going to be this ruling party? In the future, the political landscape will change and another party will come [into power],” he remarked, continuing: “The [new] ruling administration will come and say to me: ‘Why did you not see these pieces of evidence? Why did you allow this car to leave? Come and account for your actions.’ Are we to change our decisions based on the political party in power right now? I consider this to be dishonorable. If a judge or a prosecutor renders a decision according to the [views of the] current political party, then that person is the most base, most parasitical, most dishonorable person there is, as I would be, if I had let my actions be influenced by the party in power.”

Prosecutor Karaca: Site where weapons were dropped now an ISIL base

Another of the four prosecutors involved in the investigation, and currently under arrest, Ahmet Karaca, said in his defense statement that, before the investigation into the trucks belonging to MİT had begun, an investigation into rocket warheads found in the province of Adana was already underway, adding: “The driver of [one of] the trucks said, ‘I’ve taken 2 loads like this before. I deposited them at the same spot,’ and the place he indicated, close to the Turkish-Syrian border, is, unfortunately the place where the terrorist organization [the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL)] now holds camp.”

A total of 935 rocket warheads, manufactured in Adana and Konya provinces, had been seized from a truck in the southern province, then-Governor of Adana Hüseyin Avni Coş told media in 2013.

Pointing out that 85 citizens had lost their lives in terrorist attacks between 2012 and 2013, and that the investigation into the trucks is now open to the public, Karaca stated, “Those trucks were full to the brim with weapons.” He expressed his grief at being persecuted for simply performing his duty, stating: “If you find one piece of evidence linking me to crime, I’m willing to serve time without even the need to submit a defense. Send me [to jail] and I’ll go without blinking an eye.”

Provocative US Surveillance Flight Brings Chinese Navy To S. China Sea, Practicing Landing Operations

[The Chinese play by different rules than Russia, making Obama’s meddling and provocations in the S. China Sea even more dangerous than in Ukraine, with even more unpredictable reactions.]

Chinese hovercraft

China stages massive military drill in South China Sea


Chinese Navy practice landing s china sea

The Chinese Navy has staged a large-scale amphibious landing drill in the South China Sea amid heightened tensions in the region, China’s state Broadcaster CCTV reported on Monday.

According to CCTV, the drill involved a landing brigade, marine corps, amphibious forces and navy helicopter units.

Chinese media reported “Bison class” amphibious hovercrafts were deployed during the drill for the first time.

The hovercrafts can carry three heavy tanks, or ten armored vehicles with 140 soldiers on board, CCTV reported.

Reports of the drill followed a seven-hour surveillance flight by the new US commander of the Pacific Fleet over the South China Sea, particularly over the West Philippine Sea, on board one of America’s newest spy planes.

The CCTV report did not identify the specific area of the drill.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Japan emphasized China as a threat in escalating regional tensions in this year’s annual defense report.

The report raised concerns over China’s recent reclamation work in the South China Sea, saying it had escalated regional tensions.

Territorial disputes involving China, the Philippines and several others have flared on and off for years, creating fears that the South China Sea could spark Asia’s next major armed conflict.

Qatar Minister Bypasses Baghdad, To Mediate Between Kurds and ISIL In Erbil

“Qatar is supporting Islamic State”, Iraqi MP claims

Qatari Foreign Minister visits Erbil on Monday

BAGHDAD – There is concern within the Iraqi central government that Qatari diplomats are making a direct trip to Erbil without visiting Baghdad officials first.

State of Law MP Aliyeh Nousaif claims that the Qatari Foreign Minister has violated diplomatic protocol by visiting Erbil directly and treating the Kurdistan Region President as the head of an independent state.

“Massoud Barzani is acting like the president of an independent country against the central government in Baghdad,” she said.

Qatari Foreign Minister Khaleed bin-Mouhammed al-Atiyyeh visited Erbil on Sunday 19th July to meet with senior Kurdish officials including President Massoud Barzani.

Aliyeh released which expressed his concerns, saying that the Qatari foreign minister violated international and diplomatic principles by visiting the region directly and neglecting officials in the capital.

Furthermore, Aliyeh accuses the Qatari government of supporting Islamic State (IS) and promoting the division of Iraq.

PKK Calls ISIS Turkish Intelligence Agents In Different Clothes

[SEE:  Kurdish Socialist Rally Bombed In Turkey, Near Kobani ]

“No longer possible to distinguish ISIS members from the Turkish intelligence agents.”

PKK Blames Turkish Government for Suruc Attack


Blast kills at least 28 people

The explosion happened during a demonstration

SURUC – The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in a statement blamed the recent suicide attack in Suruc on the Turkish government.The KCK, the executive council of the PKK, accused the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of creating the Islamic State threat in Syria and Turkey, and that it was ‘no longer possible to distinguish ISIS members from the Turkish intelligence agents’.

According to the PKK the AKP government supports ISIS in order to undermine the Syrian Kurds in Syria. “As a result of this policy, the border between Turkey and Syria became a haven for ISIS and gangs from all over the world used this border for logistical and mobilization purposes,” the PKK said.
“It is obvious that responsibility for this massacre is of the Turkish state that unrestrainedly commits massacres on the basis of animosity towards Kurds,” the PKK added.

The PKK finally called on the Kurds and democratic powers to enhance the struggle against the AKP government.

Selahattin Demirtaş, co-chair of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) called on Kurds on Monday to provide for their own security and also blamed the Turkish government for the attacks.

The Kurdish leader called on people to protest the massacre in Turkey everywhere.

At least 28 civilians were killed in suicide attack in the town of Suruc on Monday morning.

Turkish officials suggest the attack was carried out by the Islamic state.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned the bombing.

Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan condemned the “despicable” incident on Twitter, saying such terrorist attacks on Turkey’s integrity and peace would never reach their goal, the Daily Sabah reported.

NATO Trains 1800 Man International “Tripwire” Force In Ukraine

“The international troops will be practicing…reactions to being ambushed.”

1,800 troops from 18 states: NATO launches biggest ever drill in Ukraine


© Stringer
NATO has brought together 1,800 troops from 18 countries in block’s biggest ever exercise on Ukrainian soil. Moscow has warned that the wargames may undermine peace process in eastern Ukraine.

The US-led exercises, which see annual Saber Guardian and Rapid Trident drills combined, were launched on Monday near the city of Lvov in western Ukraine and are scheduled to continue until the end of July.

“Multinational exercises have been conducted in Ukraine since 1995, however it is safe to say that this is the largest multinational exercise held in Ukraine to date,” Don Wrenn public affairs public affairs specialist for US Army Europe is cited by Newsweek.

Besides Ukraine and the US, the troops from Germany, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as non-members Serbia, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan are participating in the exercises.

The international troops will be practicing casualty evacuation and first aid, reactions to being ambushed, training to identify improvised explosive devices and perform simulated outpost operations, he said.

“It is not anything to do with the political situation. This exercise was planned ahead of time. Countries were notified that it would occur and we can’t directly connect with the situation going on,” Wrenn stressed.

© Stringer

Russia must be assured that Ukrainian accession to NATO is ‘unrealistic’ – Italian FM

However, during the flag rising ceremony, Ukrainian forces commander, Oleksandr Syvak, said that the war games “display a broad support for Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and sovereignty,” UPI reported.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned that NATO drills in western Ukraine threaten the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the east of the country.

NATO’s actions are fueling “revanchist moods among the ‘party of war’ in Kiev, which jeopardize the outlined progress in the peaceful settlement of a deep internal crisis in Ukraine,” the ministry said in a statement.

Moscow has called the drills “a clear manifestation of the NATO’s course of unconditional support for the current policy of the Kiev authorities in the south-east of Ukraine, which leads to civilians dying on a daily basis in the region.”

© Stringer

NATO to hold biggest military drills in decade, Russia welcome to observe

Over 6,500 were killed during 15-month-long conflict between Kiev and the rebels in the south-eat of Ukraine.

The fighting broke out in April 2014 after the new Ukrainian government sent its troops to Donbass to quiet the local population, which refused to recognize the violent coup in the capital.

Despite NATO leaders vocally urging the fulfilment of the Minsk peace deal between Kiev and the Rebels, the bloc “isn’t only reluctant to acknowledge the explosive character of such exercises, but significantly increased their scope and the number of troops involved in comparison with similar drills last year,” Russia’s foreign ministry stressed.

Georgia and Kosovo—A Single Intertwined Crisis

Georgia and Kosovo: A Single Intertwined Crisis


August 25, 2008

US hurt native Americans more than Confederacy hurt blacks

US hurt native Americans more than Confederacy hurt blacks

the state

Kurdish Socialist Rally Bombed In Turkey, Near Kobani

An explosion hits the Turkish southern town of Suruc and killed scores of civilians on July 20. Photo: Rudaw
An explosion hits the Turkish southern town of Suruc and killed scores of civilians on July 20. Photo: Rudaw

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — At least 27 people were killed and 100 others wounded by a suicide bomber who detonated himself in a crowd of students on Monday in the southern Turkish town of Suruc, a local official said.

According to a Rudaw reporter at the scene, scores of dead bodies were strewn across the explosion site, the cultural center of the Socialist Students Federation. The Turkish government said 27 people were killed, but other death tolls vary as details emerge. Ismail Kaplan, an official in Suruc with the People’s Democratic Party, said at least 50 people had been killed by the blast.

The explosion took place during a press conference held to announce the federation’s plans to help rebuild the war-torn town of Kobani in the ethnically Kurdish region of northern Syria known as Rojava.

The border town of Suruc, known to Kurds as Pirsus, is a 25-minute drive north of Kobani.

Kobani was the scene of months of fierce battles between Kurdish groups and the Islamic State. Many residents who fled the violence resettled in Suruc.

US Coalition Airdrops Cartoons To Lift Spirits of ISIS Fighters Stuck In Raqqa

US-led coalition pounds ISIS-stronghold of Raqqa with leaflets


The Syrian stronghold of Islamic State, Raqqa, is to witness the arrival of freedom in the form of four gunmen slaughtering everyone in their wake, leaflets allegedly dropped by US-led coalition planes imply.

4 kurds in raqqa

The propaganda leaflets were reported to have been dropped on the city on Sunday, a resistance group called ‘Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered’ reported. They depicted four fighters wearing insignia of the Kurdish militia walking down a road with dozens of blooded bodies of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters lying down on sidewalks. The cartoonish picture has two words in Arabic saying “Freedom will come.”

meat grinderThe US-led coalition fighting against IS already dropped propaganda leaflets to IS-held areas. One of them showed IS recruiters tossing young Arab men into a meat grinder.

The act of physiological warfare comes as fighters of Kurdish militia advanced as close as 50km towards Raqqa from northern Syria, AP reported.

The gruesome cartoons used by the coalition are a far cry from the brutality IS itself uses to promote their cause. The militants regularly release videos of executions of their captives. On Friday it published a video showing beheading of a Syrian army officer by a teen fighter.

The air campaign over the weekend also bombed several targets, including tactical units, tunnels, buildings and weaponry in six Iraqi cities, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement on Sunday. Six of the strikes were delivered in Ramadi. In Syria, the coalition conducted eight strikes around Hasakah and a ninth in Raqqa.

The militants on Friday carried out truck bombing of a crowded market in Iraq’s eastern Diyala province, killing 115 people. On Sunday, a series of bombings killed at least eight people and injured some two dozen others.