Taliban Fucked With the Wrong Family—It cost them 25 terrorist creeps

An Afghan mother claims to have killed 25 Taliban militants and injured several others after she found her son, who was a police, dead in a fierce gun battle with the insurgents at his check post in western Farah province.

“Reza Gul” the Afghan mother who rushed to take revenge of her son’s death stood behind an armament and claimed the lives of 25 insurgents.

Woken up by the gunfire, Reza Gul told TOLOnews that she had no other option but to pick up a weapon after she found her son, who was the in charge of an outpost, dead in front of her eyes.

“It was around 5 a.m. when my son’s check post came under the attack of Taliban,” Gul said. “When the fighting intensified, I couldn’t stop myself and picked up a weapon, went to the check post and began shooting back.”

Few minutes later, Gul was not alone when she found her husband, daughter, youngest son and daughter-in-law holding weapons and accompanying her in the fight against the insurgents.

“The fighting was intensified when we reached the battlefield along with light and heavy weapons,” said Seema, Gul’s daughter-in-law. “We were committed to fight until the last bullet.”
The fighting lasted several hours with 25 insurgents dead and many others wounded, she added.

“We started a kind of family war against the Taliban,” Fatima, daughter of Gul said, adding that she was personally preparing bullets for her father and mother to fight off the enemies.
Gul’s husband Abdul Satar stated they were ready to sacrifice the entire family, but not allow the Taliban to get closer to the check post.

“My young son who was a police officer was killed in front of my eyes,” Abdul Satar said. “I pulled aside his dead body and started fighting to defend my soil to prove that this is the soil of Malalay, the hero. I was committed to give up my life, but not my son’s check post.”

Sardar, the youngest member of the family, also participated in the battle by preparing bullets for his father.

“Taliban are foreigners, they are servants of Pakistan, if they attack 100 other times, I will continue to defend my country and will shed their blood to not let them dare to enter my village” the little fighter added.

“We are proud of the bravery of this family and this is a saga that will be remembered for long by police and residents of Farah province,” said General Abdul Razaq Yaqubi, the Police Chief.

Racist Provocateurs Brutally Murder Another Black Youth In Ferguson

Only “Wahhabicized” Qurans Allowed In the Kingdom of Head-Choppers

Saudi Arabia seizes copies of the Quran with ‘errors’

al arabiya

Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance, Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh. (Photo courtesy of alyaum.com)


Saudi authorities have seized copies of the Quran with printing errors, showcasing misinterpretation in the content related to other religions and sects, Saudi media reported on Wednesday.

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance, Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh told al-Watan newspaper that those copies were printed outside the kingdom and were being distributed in mosques by well-wishers.

“We have noticed that some copies came from outside printers, from some Arab and Islamic countries. Some of those copies were not carefully produced and were commercially brought into [the kingdom] and distributed by well-wishers in some mosques without knowing and they think that every copy is flawless,” al-Sheikh was quoted as saying.

He said some verses had “errors” some religions and sects and highlighted the need for spreading awareness and stressing that “not every copy ot the Islamic holy book is safe.”

He said some of the copies were found near Makkah’s Grand Mosque.


police shooting of Tamir Rice

Demonstrators block Public Square in Cleveland, during a protest over the weekend police shooting of Tamir Rice, on Nov. 25, 2014.

Cleveland police released a surveillance video that shows a 12-year-old boy, Tamir Rice, being fatally shot by an officer seconds after he arrived on the scene. VPC

Zionist Brutality Repellent To Civilized People

Israel’s Horrible Strategy of Retribution

ideal media

The Irritated American

Israel's Horrible Strategy of Retribution

Ben Gurion: where is your modern-day equivalent? (PHOTO: file)

It’s very simple. It’s a cycle that goes round and round and round without end.

And Israel seems to like it that way.

If they didn’t, they’d cease engaging in the enraging behavior that has become their modus operandi for decades now.

Not once in all the years and years of peace brokering attempts by third parties has Israel ever stopped settlement building and expansion in the Occupied Territories–that is, the West Bank. This despite the begging and imploring to do so by any number of American presidents and leaders from around the civilized world.

Yet it doesn’t stop. There is no shortage of space in Israel “proper”– that is, the land that has been claimed by Israel as its official boundary .  .  . and that any Palestinians who lived in (and then fled from) those boundaries prior to the formation of the state in the 1940’s have no claim, regardless of house keys, land deeds, money paid, etc.

Yet despite this lack of anything near overpopulation in Israel, the religious right and “Hilltop Youth” in the country are determined to expand the country…heading out into the West Bank and building homes in isolated areas on strategic hilltops, and expanding existing illegal settlements to encroach even further into ancient Palestinian properties, farms, orchards, and the like.

And since the political leadership is petrified of the religious hardline in a country founded upon religious identity, this illegal expansion is rarely confronted. Thus, Palestinian property is encroached upon, orchards stolen, farms bulldozed–all for no purpose but for the excitement of religious adventure and reliving biblical tales.

Creating, with each stroke, hordes of displaced, naturally enraged Palestinians. Most of the rage has little to do with Israelis being Jewish–they could be Hindu, they could be Buddhist, they could be Christian, they could be Muslim: the rage is about theft, of about displacement, of being treated like dirt in your own land by folks who have no ethnic, genetic connection to the land but for their belief in religious scripture.


Over the past week, a horrible and disgustingly bloody attack was unleashed in Israel by vengeance-minded Palestinians, who attacked worshippers in a synagogue with handguns and meat cleavers.

The point is this: an awful and law-violating retribution is being wrought against the families of the attackers .  .   .  mothers, fathers, little brothers and sisters in elementary school, and the like. It’s a policy brought back into vogue despite the fact that it is a clear breaking of International Law: demolishing the homes that the attackers (shot dead on the spot) lived in– with bulldozers and wrecking equipment, and leaving those completely innocent relatives homeless as punishment.

This is a draconian form of vengeance that Israel formally ceased ten years ago, considering it far too severe, unjust, and completely counterproductive. All it does is instill a murderous rage in a whole new group of people, and radicalizes them. If these innocent family members didn’t hate Israel prior to the razing, you can be sure that they will be hellbent on rage and revenge afterwards. It’s as certain as 2 + 2= 4.

When Israel conducts military operations in the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian people suffer incredible percentiles of collateral damage. The number of women and children who die (in addition to militants)  from shelling and air and rocket attacks are outrageously disproportionate to the tiny casualties on the Israeli side. When Israel commits crimes against innocents, there is no Palestinian military allowed to exist–thus, nobody can go into Israel to kill the killer, and then make the killer’s family homeless by demolishing the family dwelling.

Instilling this sense of extreme rage, injustice, and total military impotence in a people is formally and officially the Manufacturing of a Terrorist. There are no two ways about it.

Once upon a time, Israel understood this. They grasped the concept, and put the practice to a stop ten years ago.

Now, after the synagogue attack last week, and a couple of similar attacks in September and October, Israel has been attacking innocent families once again after killing perpetrators on the spot of the original crime.

This has got to stop, in the name of humanity and all that is decent. All it does is give Israel the reason they’re looking for to stay in the West Bank–for “security reasons.” It doesn’t deter terrorism; it multiplies it exponentially.

David ben Gurion, founder of Israel and it’s first Prime Minister, said to Nahum Goldmann, the president of the World Jewish Congress:

If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country … We come from Israel, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?

Someday, another wise Israeli leader with that level of understanding will come around and solve this conundrum with this kind of empathy, purging of national guilt with a sense of a new beginning, and finally conciliation. We desperately need him–sooner rather than later.

Preston Clive

Ukraine Nationalizes Russia-to-Europe Diesel Pipeline, Russia Promises To Shut It Down

Ukraine court upholds nationalization of Russian pipeline


RIA Novosti / Alexandr Maksimenko
RIA Novosti / Alexandr Maksimenko

The Ukrainian Supreme Commercial Court of Appeal has upheld the nationalization of 1,433 kilometers of pipeline through the country which it says was illegally registered in the name of a subsidiary of Russia’s Transneft.

A spokesman for Transneft, Igor Demin, told TASS that the company intends to appeal the decision, and added that it will lead to a decline in the transit of product, and “the pipeline asset will turn into a pile of iron.”

The nationalization primarily concerns the Samara of westerly direction pipeline, which is owned by part of Southwest Transnefteprodukt, a subsidiary of Transneft. The company also owns a part of the Grozny-Armavir-Trudovaya pipeline which is currently out of service.

Ukraine and EU countries get Russian diesel fuel through these pipelines.

In October, the President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev said the company wouldn’t pump oil through Ukraine towards Hungary if the government went through with the nationalization of the pipelines. He said if that were the case Transneft would pump preservative solution into the pipes.

Viktor Orban’s “we will not be a colony” Speech

Viktor Orban speech, Budapest, 15.03.2012

The political and intellectual program of 1848 was this: we will not be a colony! The program and the desire of Hungarians in 2012 goes like this: we will not be a colony!

Hungary could not have stood against the pressure and things dictated from abroad in the winter of 2011-2012 if it were not for those hundreds of thousands of people who stood up to show everyone that Hungarians will not live as foreigners dictate it, will not give up their independence or their freedom, therefore they will not give up their constitution either, which they finally managed to draft after twenty years. Thank you all!

Don’t be misled if tomorrow you will read in the international press that there were only a few hundred people here in the square and even those who were here, rallied against the government.

As things stand, we have not been as strong as we are today for long decades.

As things stand today we are enough in numbers and in our resolve to fight for a free Hungarian life also, after fighting for our liberties.

Freedom for us means that we are not inferior to anyone else.

It means that we also deserve respect.

Freedom also means that de decide about the laws governing our own life, we decide what is important and what isn’t. From the Hungarian perspective, with a Hungarian mindset, following the rhythm of our Hungarian hearts.

Therefore we write our own constitutions. We do not need writing-lines, nor do we require the unsolicited assistance of foreigners wanting to guide our hands.

We are more than familiar with the character of unsolicited comradely assistance, even if it comes wearing a finely tailored suit and not a uniform with shoulder patches. We want Hungary to revolve around its own axis, therefore we are going to protect the constitution, which is the security for our future.

We have to ask and to respond to the biggest question. Will we submit ourselves to being at the mercy of others until death or will we rely on the virtues which make Hungarians Hungarians, which make sovereignty sovereignty and history history. Will we opt for the fate of a colony or for a Hungarian existence made up and made complete according to the best of our knowledge?

There is one thing that no one can question. Our freedom fights always meant a step forward for the world. They meant progress because we were right. We were right even if everyone denied this.

In 48 we said that we should tear down the walls of feudalism and we were proven right. In 56, we said we have to crack, we have to break the wheels of communism and we were proven right.

Today also, they look at us with suspicion.

They looked at us like this in 48-49, when Europe became silent, silent again, but then the feudalist world disintegrated all around Europe and strong nations were born in its place.

They looked at us like this in 56, but the communist tyranny, that we drove the first nail into, finally collapsed, allowing Europe to reunite again.

European bureaucrats look at us with distrust today because we said: we need new ways. We said we have to break out of the prison of debt and we also declared that Europe can only be made great again with the help of strong nations. You will see my dear friends that we will be proven right yet again.

It was not the feudalist vassals who caused the demise of feudalism, nor was communism destroyed by party secretaries. The rule of speculators will not be terminated by them or by bureaucrats, nor will they come help save the ditched carriage of Europe.

It is not going to be them, but instead it is going to be European citizens living off the fruits of their personal efforts. Because their world has to come. If it doesn’t, then the days of Europe are over.

The Youth of March also saw, what many in Europe today refuse to see, that financial independence is a precondition for freedom. This is why they had to include the indispensable demand for a National Bank on their 12-point list.

Although the Youth of March were not board members or bankers, they fully understood the weight of the issue of a national bank. They knew that an independent national bank is not one that is independent from its nation. An independent national bank is one, which protects the national economy from foreign interests. They knew and we also know well that anyone with common sense will not entrust the neighbours with the keys to the pantry.

Our Lithuanian, Czech, Latvian, Slovenian and Romanian friends have all stood up for us. Not only did they stand up for us, they also came, our Lithuanian and Polish friends are here to celebrate with us.

Glory to Lithuania!

God bless Poland!

We also have with us the silently abiding Europe of many tens of millions, who still insist on national sovereignty and still believe in the Christian virtues of courage, honour, fidelity and mercy, which one day made our continent great.

There are people, there are many people who still remember 56 and think that “you Hungarians were right”. We are capable of standing our ground against the injustice of stronger empires. This is why we are respected by those who respect us. This is why we are attacked by those who are against us.

We understand that Europe has a lot of problems. The clog wheels are creaking, muscles and tendons are flexing.

But as a thousand year old European nation we have one demand. We demand equal standards for Hungarians. As a European nation we demand equal treatment. We will not be second class European citizens. Our rightful demand is to have the same standards apply to us, which apply to other countries. We have learnt that the recovery of Europe and Hungary are inseparable from each other. Any time Europe found itself in distress, the fate of Hungary also took a turn for the worse.

We are not happy, but we understand that European unity is not a unity of saints, but we will not sit and watch idly, if any political or intellectual trend tries to force an unholy alliance on Europe.

Europe cannot surrender and give in; the feeling of belonging together may not weaken it any more. This would lead to the defeat and to the demise of Europe. This is why Europe cannot leave whole countries by the roadside.

If we don’t act in time, in the end, the whole of Europe can become a colony of the modern financial system.